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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  April 13, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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grandmother i love you, i'm thinking about you. and because they don't have their own memory, you can help them remember. >> zach is still working to produce more of the devices to help those who suffer from alzheimer's to help them actively remember what they so desperately don't want to forget. >> and music is such a trigger of memories. what a great idea. time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. hey. >> good morning. thanks so much. you guys have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. >> you too. happening now in the "newsroom," donald trump at war with the rnc. >> i know it is stacked against by by the establishment -- -- captions by vitac --
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and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. zrump, billionaire, political flame thrower, family man. but nothing compared to the heat and friction between him and his own party's leader. the gop top boss firing back. as trump steam rolls towards tuesday's all important primary in new york. according to a new quinnipiac poll trump has more support than both of his rivals combined and he could win his first outright majority. michelle cos ski is here with more.
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zbl i think the most heard phrase was stacked against me. over and over again. he also threw in "make america great again" and don't forget "so presidential." we got to see trump in a different environment. not yelling. extremely calm. talking about his relationships with his family. the look on his face when for the most part he let his kids do most of the talking. and how often do you hear donald trump described as selfless? >> you don't think the rnc wants you to get the nomination? >> no i don't think so -- >> reporter: republican front runner donald trump calling out the national committee tuesday night, accusing them of conspiring to keep him from clinching the gop nomination by denying him delegates. >> i won louisiana, i won it easily. >> the popular vote he got more delegates. >> i won the popular vote and because of all the shenanigans. >> you call them shenanigans, those are the rules -- >> i know the rules very well. but i know that it's stacked
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against me by the establishment. >> trump ale alleging the republican party is 100% controlled by the rnc and that rules were changed to stop him. >> they changed the rules a number of months ago. >> about eight months ago. >> well it's not very long ago. >> well you had a lot of time -- >> -- they saw how i was doing and they didn't like it. >> the trump family later joining the candidate on stage. trump's daughters taking on critics who say their father is disrespectful to women. >> he always taught me that there wasn't anything that i couldn't do. and i don't think that is the message a father would relay to a daughter who he didn't believe had the potential to accomplish exactly what her brothers could. >> both pointing to their upbringing as evidence of a equal opportunity father and business mogul. >> my father since i've been a little girl has always inspired me and so much faith in me to be the best i can be.
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>> trump admitting that when it comes to debates his family sometimes wishes he would lighten up. >> they are always saying be nicer on the debates. >> wait a minute, they are coming at me from all these different angles. how can i be nice? melania in particular would say be nicer in the debates i said i can't do that i have to win first. >> there also comes a time where you have to put the hammer down. there comes a time where being nice or trying to do all this stuff. you know when people are laughing at your face you have to actually fight back. and that is what important about what he does. >> trump's wife melania pushing her phusband to act more presidential. >> how would you like him to be different? >> just to use nice language. better language. not all the time. sometimes i dupree with him. >> somebody yelled out -- >> and he repeat it. >> you were upset with that. >> yes. i was thinking just don't repeat it because next day the press all they will talk is about the word.
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unappropriate word. and that was correct. >> on changing his tone trump says he can switch it up any time. >> it is easy to do it. s easier to do than the way i behave right now. >> so why not? >> because i have two more people i have to take out. >> when it comes to the retweeting that sparked trump's recent war of wives last month with ted cruz, trump says yes it is all his own doing. >> during the evenings al 7:00 or so i will always do it by myself. >> do you ever want to say put the mobile device down? 2:00 a.m. and still tweeting. >> if he would only listen. i did many times and i just said okay do whatever you want. he's an adult. he knows the consequences. >> right. >> reporter: but it is the special bonds they say they all have with their father that trumps it all. >> he's always had so much love for us and the whole family. amazing guy. maybe my best friend in the
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entire world. >> and the trump family was always going to be very controlled, perfectly poised and ready. that was not unexpected. i think there were some little moments in there. i think it was interesting to hear trump describe how trump tweets are born exactly. how do they get out there into the world. >> he just shouts them out. he shouts them out to the young ladies in the office. now we know. >> michelle kosinski, many thanks. setting aside donald trump's conspiracy theory the republicans may indeed face a nominee battle at the convention. simple math, no one may accumulate all the delegates required to clinch the nomination and hence the guessing game on who's name could enter the discussion. phil mattingly with more. good morning. >> reporter: less than a week from the primary and none of the candidates are actually in new york. donald trump, ted cruz in pennsylvania. kasich in maryland. and it's all about the delegates. all about the math. those are the next primaries up
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and all of those candidates trying to work towards more delegates as they try and get to that convention where they currently stand. now carol, gop operatives need to get used to these three candidates. at least that is what paul ryan says yesterday. he is no longer and never will be a option for a republican nominee. take a listen. >> does mean we could see someone like scott walker, marco rubio or jeb bush -- >> i'm not going to foreclose anybody's option. you have to be one of the candidates running for president. who ran for president. it is not going to be me. >> so to be very clear, you are not running for president. >> yes. that's o to be very clear. thank you. >> seriously, paul ryan's not running for president. but he did leave the door open to more or less anybody who has run for president during the cycle. marco rubio narrowing that list a bit. saying he thinks this. >> i've been pretty clear they want the republican nominee to be a conservative.
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and in my view at this moment of the candidates that are still actively campaigning, the only one that fits that criteria is ted cruz. >> so marco rubio appearing to throw his support behind ted cruz and also appearing to narrow the options down to three candidates that are still running. here is the reality carol. as e with move towards that open convention which looks more and more likely every single day, republicans who have thought that some white knight would come in that paul ryan or mitt romney or somebody else are left scratching tharg heads. over the last couple of months i've had phone calls, e-mails, text messages of republican operatives trying to sketch out these plans to get to cleveland and then insert a candidate of their choosing. that is mistake on two levels. first it grossly over states the power they have in the current republican party and second, you have people like paul ryan who just simply not interested in. that's why these three candidates left over are probably the only three options at least at this point, carol.
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>> so ted cruz is trying to turn the tables on donald trump, offering up a new nickname for the donald as the gop front runner continues to trash the gop delegate system. >> donald is a very sore loser. he doesn't handle losing well. he is scared. donald loves to call people a loser. donald wakes up at night in cold sweats that people will call him losin' donald. >> cruz isn't the only one with harsh words for mr. trump as trump continues to slam colorado's system as rigged. reince priebus fired back in a tweet reading "nomination process known for a year and behind. it is the responsibility of the campaigns to understand it." . complaints now. give us all a break. >> i'm joined by two of our cnn political commentators.
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kayleigh mcenany and amanda carpenter. cnn political analyst and editor for the atlantic, ron brown stein is also heris also here. >> -- the idea that the system is specifically rigged against trump seems to me kind of absurd on its face. on the other hand there are aspects of this process that don't look so strong, don't look so good in the glare that they are now getting on publicity. i don't think it is a rigged system but in certain places it is it has been a -- system. and the idea that in colorado a state as important as colorado. >> a swing state. >> one of the last two swing states is picking its republican delegates with 5,000 people instead of 500,000. you really do wonder whether some of these caucuses and
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conventions are being run to a standard that can withstand the scrutiny they are now getting in a year where every delegate matters. >> i know mr. trump say the system is rigged but he's winning. why is he complaining? >> because if one million people weren't disenfranchised in colorado he'd be winning by far more. and i agree reince priebus is in a tough situation. but to tweet out give us all a break? he's not just telling donald trump that. he's telling the millions of voters who have said we don't like the rules. in fact we think whoever has the most delegates going into the convention should be the nominee. every exit poll conducted has said that so far. so when he says give us a break. it is not just donald trump give us a break. it's republican voters the people i'm supposed to enfranchise and empower give us a break. >> the two people who are happy with the process is the ted cruz and maybe john kasich.
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senator cruz really does appear to be eating this up. he keeps saying he's won 11 contests in four states. 11 contests and four states and you're thinking what? because he's claiming victory for colorado's delegates in each district as well as the states -- right? >> you do have to work the map. i do think donald trump views this as the national election. he would prefer just a national framework and everybody played by a straight system but the truth is you have to compete in every district and have operations in every state. donald trump hasn't set up these field offices and that is why you are seeing cruz come in and claim delegates. when the rnc did set the calendar a year ago they did try to rig it so that well-funded front runner like a jeb bush would compete very well. that back fired enormously. no one saw donald trump coming with this national attention.
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it actually helped donald trump. so he just looks like a sore winner. he's leading. he should act like it. but what's going on is that he's afraid he's not going to close the deal. he's the biggest deal maker we've ever seen. he's not closing the biggest deal of his life and he's scared. >> that is the biggest part of all of this. trump is preemptively setting up an argument for the case that it was stolen from him in case he doesn't get over the top. but the goal at this point is to get over the top and if you finish short of the 1237, he will need some unbound delegates to come to him who tend to be party people and i've got think they are going to be more concerned about lining up behind someone basically accusing the party to conspire against him -- >> the weirdest image to me was when donald trump was speaking in front of hundreds of supporters and he was telling that the system is rigged against them. so i didn't know -- that was the purpose of that. >> because it is important to expose the way the establishment
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is running this. >> in colorado -- >> what does he want? >> he's not insulting delegates. let's be clear here. he's saying the party official, the leaders in colorado designed a system to take votes from the people. and it is very important to expose that because you look at exit polls and the majority and every state has said they feel betrayed by the republican party. they feel this party has done them wrong. and by exposing some of the wrongs that have been done like in louisiana where the trump delegates were invited to a meeting to decide who went to the committee. like in tennessee where the party leader looked at him and say yes these are seven delegates i want to empower and reneged on that promise. it's important to expose in this. >> so mind blowing, they do have to learn the rules and abide by the rules. donald trump we talk about is a candidate who doesn't play the rules. he doesn't play the rules. he doesn't learn the rules and kpbs about them when he can't win by them. >> donald trump support was
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growing beyond the 40%, this would be a lot less relevant but he's not taken that second leap that we've seen flun front runners in the past. it isn't happening. and it's hand tohand combat for every last delegate and -- >> have to leave it there. thanks to all of you. our special town hall series with the republican candidates and their families wraps up tonight here in new york. ted and heidi cruz take the stage. anderson cooper is the moderator, starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern. still to come in the "newsroom," why bill clinton says hillary is better prepared to be president than he was. eree the food even more. i feed it to yoshi because there are no artificial colors, preservatives and it's made with real chicken. i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa.
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one day before hillary clinton and bernie sanders face-off at the cnn debate sanders is sharpening his attacks, taking aim at what he calls clinton's krblt gap but
6:20 am
the new york "daily news" does not agree. the new york tabloid just endorsed clinton. her experience something bill clinton touted last night. >> she was the most popular political figure in america. now the republicans are worked hard for four years to change that. i don't blame her. they just don't want to run against her. i wouldn't either. she's more qualified to run for president this time than i was when i ran because of the trouble around the world. >> we await another endorsement from senator sanders. that will happen later this hour but let's get more now from cnn's chris frates. good morning chris. >> i'll tell you bernie sanders campaign continues to hammer away at hillary clinton. this time taking a swipe at her credibility after one of her attacks on sanders was rated mostly false by a fact checker in the latest swipe comes after
6:21 am
sanders spent days questioning clinton's judgment and qualifications. just yesterday criticizing her for the iraq war vote. >> secretary clinton was then a united states senator from your state, from new york state. she heard. she listened to the same arguments from bush and cheney. her judgment was faulty. she voted for that disastrous war. >> clinton's not concerned the attacks will hurt her with democrats but she's worried that sanders is manufacturing bullets that republicans will fire at her in the fall. it is another sign that clinton, who leads sanders by double digits in some new york polls is focusing on the general election. she left the campaign trail yesterday to fund raise in florida. and is increasingly attacking republicans. she returns to new york with a
6:22 am
fresh endorsement from the new york "daily news." senator sanders won the support of the jeff merkley. the first sitting senator to endorsement sanders. and later this hour sanders is expected to announce another endorsement at the press conference in brooklyn, carol. >> so he's making a big deal of this endorsement that comes out in about 20 minutes or so. so who do you expect it will be? >> we are hearing maybe another union. maybe the subway union. we're trying to susz that out. we haven't confirmed yet but we're sticking around the get the news first. >> thanks so much. so hillary clinton, she's basically owning new york at the moment. not only is she up by double digit in the polls but that endorsement from the daily news is glowing. the tabloid writing clinton is unsparingly clear eyed with
6:23 am
what's wrong with america while holding firm to what's right with america. a globalist --. who was far the wiser about the use of american pow having served as secretary of state and seen the consequences of the war in iraq. so let's talk about that in more with clinton supporter and former michigan governor jennifer gran holm. also joined by senior adviser for correct the record -- oh that's your title jennifer. sorry about that. you guys do so much. it is impressive. i'm also joined by nina turner, another impressive woman. a surrogate for bernie sanders and a former ohio state senator. welcome both of you. thanks for being here. so nina, the "daily news" calls senator sanders a fantasyist who's at passionate war with reality. ouch. as a bernie supporter that has to be tough to swallow.
6:24 am
>> not really carol. thank god they don't make the decisions. the american people do. folks want a leader that understand we need to make the impossible possible, just like the founding of this nation, making the impossible possible. the abolition of slavery. the impossible possible, women getting the right to vote. the impossible possible, fighting for civil rights and voting rights and making the impossible possible and that is really what sanders is standing up for so no it is not an ouch moment. it is just extreme what the new york daily had to say about senator sanders. >> well, you know, on that note jennifer, is there a danger that by hillary clinton saying up in of these ideas by bernie sanders is possible, is she in danger of making the democratic party a party of no? >> she's not saying that making college affordable is impossible. in fact she has a plan to do it. she's not saying that it is not possible to bring jobs back or to invigorate manufacturing here in the united states. she has a plan to do it. one of the reasons why the new
6:25 am
york "daily news" supported her is because she in fact has concrete plans, very specific plans. that is why they called her a super prepared warrior realist. >> i suspect nina that she will double down on bernie sanders interview with the "daily news," the one a couple of days ago where he didn't come off so well. >> you know, that is pretty much all she has. they have been very extreme when it comes to senator sanders. nator sanders has been a consistent champion for the working class and middle class people of this country even when folks may not have known he was working for them. he fill bust erds for 8 1/2 hours on the floor of the senate against the extension of the bush tax cuts for the wealth.
6:26 am
he had the good judgment to say no to the iraq war. consistency over convenience. did not support doma. consistency over convenience. when you have secretary clinton who works only when it is convenient. now it's convenient. tpp was the gold standard. now it is not so much. so you have senator sanders who fought against the bad trade deals that have taken away good middle class jobs from the folks in this country and exploit low wage workers over in other countries. he has been a consistent warrior for the people in this country carol and that is what people are looking for. a new type of leadership that will stand up and say enough is a enough and that the working class and middle class in this country deserve -- >> i'm just confused when you say about new leadership because bernie sanders has been in the senate an awfully long time. >> look at the millennial, day love him. they see in him the future. a person who will stand up even when it is not convenient. so now we have to take a page
6:27 am
from the millennial. the 20 somethings they know new leadership in when they see it in that he will not apologize and will not back down for yes saying healthcare is a moral right for this country. >> i would suspect that bernie sanders is going to continue to be on attack of hillary clinton in the debate. and you heard that the clinton camp is worried that the more attacks that come from bernie sanders the more likely it is that republicans will use those attacks against her if she becomes the nominee. >> yeah i think that it is something that both sides in a primary, and this is true on the republican side as well, that you have to be careful about putting ammunition into the ultimate opponent's hands by words that you use in a primary. personal attacks for example are really damaging because you don't want to see bernie sanders in an ad that is run by donald trump or ted cruz. i know that he doesn't want that
6:28 am
to happen either. but you just have to be careful in the tail ends of the campaign when you are feeling like you may be a little frustrated that you aren't winning that you end up giving the other side ammunition. >> isn't it too late for that? bernie sanders already called her unqualified. >> yeah, certainly things -- there has been water under the brinl that's been damaging. no doubt about it. that can be repaired and will be repaired i suspect when we're all united in the end. if bernie sanders somehow was able to win this, she would be a champion for him in the same way that i would hope that if she is able to win, he will be a champion for her. we need all of his people. and he would need all of her people. so in the end we have to be careful not to say things that will ultimately be too damaging in the general election. >> nina, do you agree with that? >> i do somewhat. but we have to admit it is not just a one way street in terms
6:29 am
of bernie sanders saying things about secretary clinton and comparing their record. her campaign has said an awful lot of damning things about him especially one that links him to deaths in sandy hook which is deplorable. so they have gone some places they should have not gone in terms of senator sanders 'record. >> thanks to both both of you. tomorrow night we have the fight between hillary clinton and bernie sanders moves to the debate stage. the first face too phase debate in more than five weeks. wolf blitzer is the moderate. only on cnn. still to come, mr. trump says the deck is stacked against him and he points directly to colorado as proof. i'll talk to the former head of the state's republican party next. (man) what i love most about tempur-pedic mattresses is that they contour to your body. it keeps us comfortable and asleep at night. can i take a nap now? (vo) change your sleep, change your life, change to tempur-pedic.
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russian fighter jets got extremely close to a u.s. destroyer twice this week. a third overflight at the more acceptable distance happened sunday. earli earlier there was shadowing of the destroyer. >> this was late yesterday when a russian fighter jet and military helicopter flew too close to the u.s.s. donald cook in that area. u.s. officials describing the u.s. navy encounter with the russians, as unsafe, provocative and potentially very dangerous. could have caused an incident. thankfully it did not. but what did happen is on these two overflights, one was so close to the deck of the donald cook that the navy had to halt flight operations on the deck
6:35 am
because of this russian flyover. and it was pretty interesting. because at the time there was a polish helicopter on the deck of the u.s. navy ship conducting routine training operations. those training operations involving the polish helicopter had to be halted. a lot of questions. was moscow trying to send a message? use the u.s. navy to send a message to poland? these encounters have happened before. most of them are safe but this time the u.s. navy very unhappy. potentially pressing we are told for a formal complaint to moscow. >> barbara starr live for us this morning. thank you. an extraordinary battle is brewing between the gop front runner and the republican national committee. donald trump again calling the system rigged in colorado. >> they change the rules a number of months ago.
6:36 am
>> the about eight monthing ago. >> they saw how i was doing and they didn't like it. >> trump is angry that all of colorado's delegates will go to cruz despite not a single ballot being cast by voters. colorado elects delegates in a complicated party meeting. a series of party meetings instead of appointing them based on a traditional primary or caucus. after more than a week of trump's complaints about the process in colorado, the rnc, the national rnc chairman reince priebus fired back writing it is the responsibility of the campaigns to understand the rules. complaints now? give us all a break. here to talk about this is ryan paul, the former republican state chair in colorado. good morning, sir. >> good morning, carol. it's good to be with you. >> nice to have you here. does donald trump have a point? >> he does not have a point. the process in colorado is transparent. it's fair. and the reality is we've used this process here in colorado to
6:37 am
elect our delegates going back all the way to 1912. so if he -- >> -- primary? >> well colorado did hold a brought primary in 1992, '96 and 2000 to bind and allocate the delegates but the process has been unchanged for over a hundred years. >> but they changed the rules eight months ago. >> they did not change the rules. colorado has never bound or allocated our delegates in connection with any poll taken at the caucus. this is a process -- >> so what were they doing eight months ago. >> the only thing they did eight months is they decided not to hold a non bindings preference poll in connection with the caucuses but we have never bound or allocated our delegates with any vote. that only happens at state and congressional district conventions. >> would you prefer that colorado held a caucus or primary like most other states
6:38 am
do? >> i would prefer it. because i think it engages a broader level of the electorate. but for donald trump to come back now to complain the process was rigged or corrupt or unfair is just quite frankly not true. is it hard? is it complicated? does it require building a strong campaign team? absolutely. but so does the presidency of the united states. it is complicated. it is hard. it requires a good team. and if donald trump can't manage as our republican senator has observed to figure out colorado's delegate election process, which is complicated and hard, how is he going to manage to figure out the presidency of the united states. >> here is the thing. donald trump is also accusing the national rnc of controlling the republican party in the state of colorado. how much of a say does the rnc have in how delegates are elected in colorado. >> the rnc does not control this process. again, the rules governing the election of colorado delegates
6:39 am
have been in place going back at least since 1912. and the process we follow this year is no different than every other year. the fact that donald trump did not have a campaign presence on the ground, he didn't show up to make his pitch directly to the delegates as ted cruz did. and he didn't build the kind of campaign organization needed to deliver the vote. for him to complain about the process afterwards when he didn't even show up is -- is just not appropriate. colorado's pros was fair and is transparent. >> let me ask you this. to the average voter out there, they look at the state of colorado and they see voters didn't cast a single ballot. they have really no say. this is the perception that voters outside of the state and perhaps some voters within colorado have. they have no say in who wins the primary in their own state. how does that democratic? >> well i've got news for you and for donald trump. we do not live in a direct democracy. we live in a republic.
6:40 am
and reelect representatives through a grassroots process beginning with neighborhood precinct caucus, county assembly, district conventions that every registered republican in the state of colorado is allowed to participate in. those delegates go to represent the interests of the republican party and voters in our state. and i understand the frustration that many voters feel because they didn't participate in the process. but there is a difference between not being able to participate and not choosing to participate. >> i will only say that this is the thing. that many voters are upset at establishment republicans. because they -- they accuse establishment republicans of wanting to control things and elect their own candidate, right? and doesn't this process give some credence to that fear? >> not at you will. i understand the perception or what donald trump and his folks are trying to argue. >> it is not just donald trump. >> but these rules have been in place for over a hundred years
6:41 am
and i understand the concern and frustration many voters feel. and my hope is that this creates the kind of incentive to bring back and restore the broad presidential primary that colorado did hold between 1992 and 2000. but to complain about. >> so you do think that donald trump has a point if that's your wish. >> no. his point and the argument he's trying to make is the process or the rules were changed. the rules were not changed. the process is fair. it is transparent. and it is a process by which every republican in the state of colorado could choose to attend caucuses. >> but you do -- you do prefer a more traditional route perhaps for lack of a better term, that there would be a primary in the state of colorado. >> i would like to see a primary that is allowed to bind and allocate the delegates. but the delegate election process itself, i'd like to see it retained. >> ryan cull, thank you so much
6:42 am
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defense officials say al qaeda is very active and a big threat in afghanistan. not only that, they have renewed their vows with the taliban. >> reporter: al qaeda are back and thriving. a big threat, finding save haven here according to afghanistan's defense chief. even u.s. officials here admit there is a lot they don't know and there could be hundreds of al qaeda core members here. they are very active. and working in preparing themselves. they are working behind other networks in giving them the support, giving them the
6:47 am
experience they had in different places. they are not talking too much. they are not making too many press statements. >> -- threat. >> yes. it is a big threat. >> reporter: a big threat they say because the taliban have again decided to get close to al qaeda. >> they are enabling the al qaeda. >> renewed partnership is what they used. >> and because as you know they need the fighters, they need the support. they need the experience and they need recruitment from other places and this is why they embrace them. >> arms were raised by 30 square mile camp found and obliterated by afghan and u.s. forces and a remote part of kandahar late last year. revealing al qaeda's true strength to afghan and u.s. officials. >> very sophisticated ties back
6:48 am
into al qaeda and a subset which is al qaeda and the indian subcsu subcontinent to find them in afghanistan caused a lot of concern. back to last year there were a lot of spell eintel estimates td within afghanistan al qaeda has probably 50 to a hundred all al qaeda members in afghanistan. at this one camp, you know, we found more than 150. >> pretty big gap in your knowledge. >> i think there is. there is not thousand of them i think but clearly in remote parts of afghanistan there are al qaeda leaders that we are concerned about and what they are capable of doing. >> and they are plotting still attacks against the west. >> absolutely. >> that is their core concern. >> that is. and they have made nose announcements and never backed off. >> one there is another spin off
6:49 am
and that has potentially enormous impact on the key tenet here. and that's to find some sort of diplomatic ore negotiated settlement with them. they are clear the u.s. and afghanistan that can't happen until the taliban renounce international terrorism but it seems the opposite is happening with this renewed partnership with al qaeda. they have in fact made a new deputy is a man called shi ra chicny. who they believe to be the leading facilitator. it seems they are getting closer together rather than further awart. although some --. there is a taliban expand in the territory they control here. there are fears that buys more space for al qaeda to potentially plot attacks outside of afghanistan and again find themselves safe havens here. 15 years after the u.s.
6:50 am
intervened to try and catch still to come in the newsroom, new details about the moments before an ex-nfl star was shot and killed. how fast is it? plenty fast. but it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast.'s how well you mow fast!'s how well you mow fast. even if it doesn't catch on, doesn't mean it's not true. the john deere ztrak z535m
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6:54 am
cnn has obtained new video of the fender bender that occurred right before will smith was shot and killed. smith's silver suv, you see it rear-ending a red hummer and speeds off. minutes later, smith is dead. police are using this footage in
6:55 am
their investigation. >> reporter: significant developments already in this case and there could be more information forthcoming at least an initial report that could tell us more about the body of will smith but it could also tell us a little more about the crime scene itself. the police officers have come out and said that will smith had a loaded handgun in his car. it was fully loaded. they didn't find any shell casings so it would imply that it wasn't fired but it does change the story and backs up what witnesses that night say they heard and saw, and that was that the two men, cardell hayes, the accused gunman and smith in the street arguing and they both claimed that they had weapons. remember, here in louisiana, they have stand your ground, plus, it's stronger than that. you also are not required to retreat. so it's possible that if in some way hayes perceives he was in threat of his life, a jury later might agree with it. we're a long way from that
6:56 am
particular point. meanwhile, will smith's father has been speaking about the loss of his son. >> his smile, his demeanor, his thoughtfulness for other people. i a raised a young man, a person that cared about other people. that was my job as a parent. did he kill my child? yes, he did. can i forgive him? yes, i can. but am i going to forget it? i'll never forget it. >> reporter: despite all of the changes in this case, it still has to be remembered that this is a tragic loss of a husband, of a father and of a man who was not just a hero on the sports field for many but also in his community. martin savidge, cnn. >> the next hour of "newsroom" after a break. a wrinkle cream that works in one week.
6:57 am
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7:01 am
and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. donald trump loves smash talk politics, especially when he's doing the smashing, but even his family admits that his harsh tone makes them sometimes squeamish. his wife and children joined him on stage. >> the colorado thing was very, very unfair and i thought louisiana was very unfair. i won law law. i won it easily. >> you won the popular vote. >> i won the popular vote. and because of all of the shenanigans that goes on -- >> you call then shenanigans but they are the rules. >> i know the rules very well and i know it's stacked against me and by the establishment i fully understand that. we had people out there and they weren't heard. in fact, today when it was announced -- the numbers were
7:02 am
announced, they put out something on twitter saying, we stopped trump. that was put out by the party in colorado. the point is, it was stacked against us. >> you don't think the rnc wants you to get the nomination? >> no, i really don't. >> and you think they are actively working against you? >> i don't see it. it's not like i have 15 miles of proof. certainly they should want to have a vote of the people of colorado. i would have won. >> okay. it's just one of the topics. cnn's michelle kosinski has more. good morning. >> good morning. it's a touchy, feely venue with their families. they really started out with the attacks on republican leadership. i think the most heard phrase we heard during this town hall was stacked against me. listen. >> republican party in colorado wanted cruz or maybe they wanted somebody other than trump. i don't think anybody really wants cruz. why would they want him?
7:03 am
there's no reason to want him. but the republican party wanted somebody other than trump. and you know, the funny thing, i am the only one that is going to beat hillary clinton. >> the attacks are saying that he's really the victim here and by doing that, it's kind of formidable and dangerous, that they are all out to get me and kind of boosting and sure to stress that. >> it was sort of a touchy, feely event and we got to meet trump's children, which we often don't see. >> it was funny how this came up, also and you're not going to get the hard-edged questions, necessarily, the journalists always bring it up, this is kind of the more fun things, family
7:04 am
dynamics. it's funny how this came up because they were asked, your young son barron, who wasn't present, do you monitor his social media. and then anderson cooper turned it around on trump's kids and said, well, are you guys monitoring donald trump's tweets? listen. >> are there some days you wake up and look at twitter and you think, really? >> it kind of makes him the person he is, honestly. it's so great not to see the sound bites, the traditional politician sound bites that you read too often. he's so authentic. he writes the tweets himself. he doesn't have a team of hundreds of hundreds of people behind him and that makes him the great candidate that he is. >> what about the retweets? >> the tweets are fine. the retweets get a little -- i really enjoy doing it but you see what is going on and there is some genius there. you will read some of the stuff, there is genius there. you have to find the right genius. but it is a powerful thing.
7:05 am
i mean -- >> as president, though -- >> no, i wouldn't be doing it. >> you wouldn't? >> or i would do it very little. it's different. right now, if i'm fighting one of my opponents, i can tweet out things or my feelings. >> do you ever want to say to him, put the mobile device down? >> if only he would listen. he's an adult. he knows the consequences. >> for the most part they laugh off the tweets and this is the kind of guy he is. it's donald trump being donald trump. that means he's genuine. we learn something, too, about how these tweets come into existence. where do they come from? how do they get out there and into the world? and in trump's own world, he says he simply shouts them out to the young ladies in his office. >> and they write down his shouts verbatim? >> he's shouting but not always meaning to tweet but didn't
7:06 am
sound like that. >> retweets admitting what he's wrong about retweeting. >> yeah. i think that was maybe -- >> as close as he's going to get. >> ted cruz honed his debating skills in college with the art of needling. it's something that appears to be perfected on the campaign trail. listen to senator cruz mock the anger over the delegate sweep in colorado. >> donald is a very sore loser. he doesn't handle criticism very well and he's crying and screaming and yelling and he insults people and curses at people and he attacks people. >> cnn's phil mattingly is joining me now. >> it's enough to drive donald
7:07 am
trump crazy, we've certainly seen his reaction over the last couple of days. and now in friendly territory. and 95 delegates at stake. the most recent coming out of quinnipiac, donald trump in great position. 55%. kasich and cruz combined are less than that. the map only gets better for him in the weeks ahead. rhode island, maryland, all areas where donald trump's team thinks the momentum can swing away from ted cruz. one thing they have been keeping an eye on is the possibility for an open convention. one person they won't have to be worried about, paul ryan. he has officially said he will not accept any nomination in cleveland and open the door to a few people who might. take a listen. >> does that seem like someone
7:08 am
like marco rubio or scott walker? >> you have to be one of the candidates who ran for president. it's going to be a new person. >> it's not going to be you? >> it's not going to be me. >> to be very clear, you're not running for president? >> that's very clear. thank you. >> even more donors paul ryan is officially ruling himself out. he's expected to tell his republican conference that same thing this morning, carol. but what he's saying is this. the metrics should be if you ran in the primary you should be in play. that opens the door to a lot more than the three currently running. if you talk to the trump campaign, their goal, period, is not to even reach that point, the magic 1237 number before the convention in cleveland. that means they are going to have a lot of work to do. a good map going forward, their only goal right now, keep them from that the 1237 number. >> phil mattingly, thank you so much. i want to bring our viewers out
7:09 am
to brooklyn because senator bernie sanders is expected to announce a surprise endorsement which i don't think is going to be a surprise because you can see transport workers union back there and i bet that's where the endorsement is coming from when bernie sanders speaks out, we'll take you back to brooklyn. let's talk about the republican -- i want to bring in our political panel. jeffrey lord and tom coleman. thank you to both of you. >> thank you. >> happy almost friday, carol. >> jeffrey, donald trump said he hadn't thought about whether he asked reince priebus to step down if he doesn't get the nomination at the convention. reince priebus fired back at mr. trump for saying that the system was rigged. do you think there is a next step for donald trump? >> well, i think there is possibly. i'm not sure what that would be. carol, you had a guest on a few
7:10 am
minutes ago who i believe was a former colorado republican chairman and it was very interesting to listen to him. he said the rules for colorado had been the same since 1912. well, i hate to say this and being accused of rigging the system and theft by former theodore roosevelt. it was so bad that he instructed his delegates finally not to vote -- to withhold all of their votes and form a third party and went on to listen to woodrow wilson in the fall. so to say, geez, we've had the same rules since 1912 only emphasizes donald trump's point, whether he realizes that or not. >> jonathan, this former state
7:11 am
chair said he did wish that donald trump had a point. i was confused by which way he wanted it. do you wish that colorado had more of a traditional system like in holding a primary or caucus and allowing voters to vote? >> is that for me? >> yes, that's for you, tom. >> you know, it really is up to the states. i will tell you this. virginia in the past has had the same kind of convention to select delegates that we might see in colorado. this year, they changed it so there was a direct primary where people could come in and vote. it's really up to the states. i would like to correct one thing that mr. trump said in that first clip, where he said he was the only one that could beat hillary. with all due respects, all the polls show that john kasich is the only one that can beat hillary. i think the record ought to be straight there. >> that is true.
7:12 am
many polls say john kasich would beat hillary clinton. polls show donald trump losing to hillary clinton. >> yeah. i would say with respect to governor kasich, he's exactly the kind of candidate that mitt romney and john mccain and all the way back to thomas c. dewey, they get out there and get trounced. donald trump is, i think, very much a reaganesque candidate and in ronald reagan's day, i remember this -- i may have mentioned this before, the famous december 1979 gallup poll that showed reagan beating and never be elected president and of course we know that's not to be true. >> i want to talk about marco rubio for just a second, if we can, because marco rubio endorsed ted cruz earlier.
7:13 am
i think he did it yesterday. and this is what he had to say. i want to let our viewers hear it. >> the republican nominee to be a conservative and my view at this moment of the candidates still actively campaigning, the only one who fits that criteria is ted cruz. >> it's not exactly a resounding endorsement, tom, but i wonder, why do you think that marco rubio did not endorse john kasich? >> it's really hard to know why people do endorsements and one thing for sure, endorsements really matter a lot. obviously, if rubio is going to go with the delegates to the convention, you would like to have those delegates switch to you. but as far as john kasich being out of the mold or in the mold, as jeff said, the fact is that john kasich 40 years ago went to the kansas city convention in support of ronald reagan against gerald ford, they lost. they didn't whine about it.
7:14 am
if there's ever been a conservative budget committee chairman, it was john kasich. and he's also showing that in the state of ohio. so i don't know if you're trying to tar him with a moderate position. the fact is, he's a conservative but he's a commonsense conservative. >> i'm going to interrupt you for just a second, tom, because i want to take our viewers back to brooklyn to bernie sanders can announce his endorsement. let's listen. >> grateful to have the support of this fantastic union. thank you so much. as john said, everything that i believe and that is, at a time when our middle class is disappearing, when we are seeing almost all new income and wealth going to the top 1%, when we have the most unequal distribution of wealth and income of almost any major country on earth, john is right. it is too late for the same old,
7:15 am
same old establishment politics. we've got to stand together, take on the big money and trusts and make it clear that our government works for all of us, not just the 1%. [ applause ] and when we talk about the needs of this country, yes, together we're going to raise the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour so that nobody works 40 hours lives in poverty. yes, we are going to fight to do exactly what your union has done and bring pay equity for women workers all over this country who now get paid 79 cents on the dollar. yes, together we are going to end these disastrous trade agreements that have cost us millions of good-paying jobs. and by the way, have led toward
7:16 am
a race for the bottom where corporations say, you don't want to take a cut on your health care or wages, we're going to china. we're going to create trade policies that work for american workers, not just the ceos of large corporations. and, yes, as john pointed out, we -- although in this room that you don't have a great and growing middle class unless you have a great and growing trade union movement. and it is no secret that there have been fierce attacks against the trade union movement for the last number of decades. and in fact, you can argue that it is the trade unions of today that are the last lines of defense against a vicious corporate agenda that is working hard to destroy the middle class. and that is why i believe that
7:17 am
we need legislation that makes it easier for workers to join unions, not harder. and we have introduced legislation that's pretty simple. it says that if you are in a bargaining unit and 50% of the workers in that unit plus one sign a card saying they want to belong to a union, they get a union. [ applause ] and if an employer -- if the employer refuses to negotiate a first contract in a timely manner, that employer will be heavily penalized. and then we come to the issue of the work that the people in this room do. it is no secret to anybody in america, whether you're in the state of vermont or in new york city, that our infrastructure is crumbling and that means not just our roads which are
7:18 am
crumbling, not just our bridges, i was in flint, michigan, several months ago and what i saw there was unspeakable in terms of a water system poisoning its children but it's not just water systems. it's waste water plants but it is levees, dams, but it is also mass transportation and our rail system. and that is why i have introduced legislation and will implement as president a $1 trillion investment to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. >> we're going to step away from this bernie sanders. as you heard, the transit union endorsed bernie sanders' candidacy. i'll be right back with more after this. don't let dust and allergies get between you
7:19 am
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7:23 am
bernie sanders picking up an endorsement, this time from the new york transit union. it afounnounced its support for sanders moments ago. hillary clinton, they say, is a super prepared warrior realist that is cauldron tested. cnn chris frates is here to tell us more. good morning. >> good morning, carol. >> hillary clinton gets an endorsement from t"the daily news". >> bernie sanders botched his interview with "the daily news" and they even sent out that interview to everyone on their e-mail list in its entirety fumbling around trying to answer those questions about core issues to his campaign. this was a good day for hillary clinton to get that endorsement,
7:24 am
not unexpected, of course. >> he picks up the transit union, 64,000 members and retired members here in new york city. that's very good for him, particularly as he tries to do well in new york city. hillary clinton does very well among the minority communities. he's trying to get an edge with that union. and he also picked up a senator from oregon, senator murkley. hillary clinton, of course, has most of the democratic senators already locked down. >> should we hear a little bit about what he said at the big union endorsement moments ago? >> yes. >> okay. let's listen. >> okay. i apologize for that. it's probably my fault. i know that you have some from bill clinton talking about his wife. hillary clinton stepping away from the campaign trail in new
7:25 am
york and feeling very confident she's leading on the campaign trail yesterday. let's hear what he had to say. >> the only thing i really disliked about this campaign is whenever somebody endorses hillary, they get blasted on the e-mail, on the internet for being part of the establishment. it's a pretty big establishment now. i mean, it includes the congressional black caucus, planned parenthood, the human rights campaign, the league of conservation voters, several hispanic organization, most of the irish. i could go on and on. >> so there you have bill clinton kind of firing back against this idea that hillary
7:26 am
clinton is against the establishment. they are not concerned about these attacks or, frankly, the attacks of bernie sanders on her credibility, her judgment or whether she's qualified. they don't think that hurts them with democrats? they are worried, carol, that it gives republicans the ammunition they need in the fall to shoot at hillary clinton by using bernie sanders' own words. we have hillary clinton pivoting to the general election. >> chris frates, thanks for stopping by. bill clinton spoke last night at emily's list. stephanie is the former campaign adviser for howard dean's 2004 presidential campaign. welcome, stephanie. >> great. thank you for having me this morning. >> that's for being here. bill clinton said he's stick of people portraying hillary clinton as an establishment candidate. she's been around a long time. how can they not? >> well, hillary clinton has
7:27 am
truly been a champion for women and families really since her first job at the children defense fund. and so we are so proud to be supporting her at emily's list because we really do see a person who is immensely qualified, who has great plans to move this country forward and knows how to get those plans done. she also happens to be a woman and we actually think that's pretty cool. and we would like to see a woman president in the united states of america. >> bernie sanders, he's called mrs. clinton unqualified, lacking in judgment and a friend of big banks. i suspect those things will be brought up in tomorrow night's debate. how should hillary clinton respond to get rid of some of the baggage that she carries? >> well, what i'm hoping to see in the debate tomorrow night is a continuation of a discussion about issues to move this country forward. i have been so proud to be a democrat this year. when we look on the republican
7:28 am
side and see these debates and just the -- >> really? because we've heard things like liar come out of the mouths of democratic candidates, not qualified for president -- >> in the last week, last couple of weeks we're seeing from senator sanders a real shift in the language and it's disappointing and i hope that he'll return to the foam kus of issues and walk away from the insults that we've been seeing in the last week. democrats deserve better. >> he's also accused of not doing his homework and i believe she's called him a liar. >> he's taken a turn in this campaign and we've got to focus on the issues. the democrats have been so good about talking about what we need to do to move this country forward to deal with the gender wage gap. yet yesterday, senator sanders uses it as an opportunity to say she has a credibility gap? i mean, this is not the time to do this.
7:29 am
we need to look forward. there's too much at stake and we have to go up against these republicans who really want to tear down this country and build a lot of walls at it. >> do you worry that some of the attack lines that candidates are using will be used against whoever the democratic nominee ends up to be by the republicans? >> well, this is something that the republicans have been doing for 25 years. this has been 25 years of propaganda against hillary clinton because they've always known that she a force to be reckoned with and someone they've never really wanted to run against. unfortunately, senator sanders is cashing in on some of that republican rhetoric. but it's something that she stood up against for decades and i have no doubt that she'll be able to stand up against it. >> emily schriock, thank you. >> thank you. hillary clinton and bernie sanders move to the debate stage.
7:30 am
it's their first face-to-face debate in more than five weeks. wolf blitzer is the moderator. 9:00 p.m. on cnn. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses,
7:31 am
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7:34 am
the stage is set for tomorrow night's democratic faceoff right here in cnn. brooklyn may be bernie sanders' home turf but who has the home advantage? it's the new york senator versus the new york native. with me now, political
7:35 am
commentator and one of the moderators, errol lewis. >> that was raw space. it was like an empty sound stage in effect just last week. so everything you see there was put there. it was a gray box about seven days ago. >> and it looks beautiful now, right? >> it looks like an auditorium, absolutely. >> we can do it up like no other network, i must say. >> i'm very impressed by that. yes. >> so how do you prepare for this? because most people would think it would be a nerve-racking experience. >> a little less nerve-racking once you've done it and i've done a lot of debates for congress and city council and mayor, governor, i've been doing this for a long, long time. but a lot of the basics really don't change. there is a lot more at stake and a broader range of issues that we're going to cover but the basics don't change. just like with your show, time is the canvas that you're
7:36 am
drawing on. you've got two hours and you start backing out a couple of commercials and back out a couple of introductions and applause and the reality is, you don't have that much time. so you want to really try to frame every question -- it's like a word exercise to make sure you're asking the right question, that you've butt in the right facts and getting to the heart of the question and then you have enough information sort of in reserve that you can sort of spark and spur the discussion if the candidates start to wander a little bit. >> and this take as lot of thought and study and research. take us what you've been going through the past couple of days because you spent hours and hours and hours studying these issues and talkin with your cnn colleagues. >> that's right. there's a very impressive research team, a political unit here. and they've done an amazing amount of excavating of different statements and positions and statements from prior debates about where we are. so this has been a long conversation and just to take
7:37 am
one issue, something like bernie sanders which he does in every single speech, criticizing hillary clinton for her connections to wall street. okay. well, that's been a long, multimonth conversation. what actually has been said and where does the conversation stand right now? different corporations have been mentioned, fossil fuels. the first task is to figure out where are we in this discussion and then do we take another step in that direction and, if so, how do you word the question so you move the ball a little bit and try to bring out something new for viewers who maybe have not been following up until now and want to see something new as well as viewers checking in for the first time because we're only a few days from the new york primary. i assure you, there are many new yorkers who have not been paying attention to this up until now, now that the candidates are popping up on the local news broadcast. >> you're an old hand at this and this election is like no other election. how will this debate differ, do you think, than debates past? >> well, for one thing, we've
7:38 am
got social media, right? so we know that there will be a whole universe of people who are tweeting, who are fact checking, who are jumping into the conversation in effect while the debate is going on. so before the first commercial break, there will be a whoround fact checking by well-informed citizens out there, advocates who have a stake in this, the political camps themselves. it ratchets things up and occasionally -- i don't expect this to happen tomorrow but occasionally it becomes part of the debate that, you know, somebody catches something that is so relevant and so important that it actually has to sort of make its way onto the stage and into the conversation. the fact that that's even possible is something entirely new and we are trying very hard to make sure that is not necessary by doing our homework. >> errol louis, thanks for stopping by. >> thanks. still to come in the
7:39 am
"newsroom" -- >> did he kill my child? yes, he did. can i forgive him? yes, i can. but am i going to forget it? i'll never forget it. >> the father of a murdered ex-nfl star speaks out. new details into the investigation, next. and mouthwash.about mye but she's a dentist so...i kind of have to listen. she said "jen, go pro with crest pro-health advanced." advance to healthier gums... ...and stronger teeth from day one. using crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my... ...whole mouth feel awesome. and my teeth are stronger too. crest-pro health advanced... superior to colgate total... these 5 areas dentists check. this check up? so good. go pro with crest pro-health advanced. mom's right...again!
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7:44 am
minutes later, smith is dead. good morning. >> a lot more information now because they have now processed an executed search warrants on the car. now, originally law enforcement had said there was one gun that they had processeded it scene for 12 hours, recovered one gun. it was a .45 caliber handgun that they say cardell hayes got out of his car and shot will smith to death. that is true. but yesterday, in executing a search warrant on both vehicles, in cardell hayes' vehicle, who is you no the defendant, they also found another .45 caliber handgun fully loaded. they don't believe that one was used but also found in the victim's car, former nfl-player will smith, they found a .9 millimeter handgun fully loaded but they don't believe used because there were no bullet remnants at all.
7:45 am
now, take that and listen to the father of will smith speaking out at this point. >> why would he hit somebody and keep going in that does not make sense to me. he got out of his car. he may have gotten out with a big mouth but he did not get out with a gun. i'm going to miss his smile, his demeanor, his thoughtfulness for other people. i raised a young man, a person that cared about other people. that was my job as a parent. >> and we also have this morning an instagram from pierre thomas, a friend of will smith. he said, "i witnessed a close friend, teammate and a man that i thought of as one of my big brothers in the nfl shot to death over a fender bender.
7:46 am
why? i just don't get it." and now, let's look at the facts from what we know. they processed the scene, the body of will smith was half in and half out of the vehicle. if he had a gun in his hand, they would have taken that gun and we would have have heard about it. if the gun was in plain view, they would have taken it. there was a gun in will smith's car but they didn't know about it until they executed the search warrant yesterday. >> the suspect could not have seen the gun in the car because we don't know where it was. it could have been under the seat, right? >> exactly. exactly. >> which leads to a more complicated investigation. >> absolutely. >> for the prosecution. >> jean casarez, many things. still to come in the newsroom, lazy, entitled, spoiled? i talked to a group of college students about the accusations of entitlement and, boy, did they turn the tables on me.
7:47 am
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bernie sanders is holding
7:51 am
what some superintendent porters call in new york city. if you've never heard of the group, it makes sanders' young supporters cheer eefr louder. although not every young supporter is feeling the bern. i sat down with students from kent state university in ohio. we talked about what it is like to constantly be accused of entitlement. >> choose one word that describes the 2016 campaign. >> embarrassing. >> do you think the campaign candidates are being honest with you? you just expect politicians to lie? >> they tell us what we want to hear and do something else behind closed doors. >> they are just saying whatever they can to make us side with
7:52 am
them. >> would any of you be interested in a career in politics? oh, that's good. yes? >> i want to make impact but at the same time i'm learning the political games is a little rough and you can make changes on different scales. >> so how many of you feel the bern? bernie sanders? why do you feel the bern? >> i think that a lot of his opinions on different issues i agree with you. >> do you think he's a socialist? >> that's a difficult question. in some ways, it could be taken as they lean towards being more socialist. >> he doesn't explain where the money is going to come from. >> who are all of these young people supporting bernie sanders? >> i think he's sort of a socialist and generally the history in this country is that socialism doesn't work. >> what do you think donald
7:53 am
trump's message is? >> that's the problem. i don't know what his message is. make america great again? where did we go wrong in the first place? >> do you think america is great? >> we have a lot of improvements to make and i've seen things that work better. but i do think america is a great place. it's a place where you can speak your mind and you can do whatever you want to do. >> what would you say to people who say that your generation is entitled? >> maybe the way i get things is a little easier than what happened in the past but i still wake up every single day, work my butt off, i'm going to college full time. i'm going to go out into the real world and probably start at the bottom and work my way up. >> me personally, i'm not entitled because i've worked for everything i have. >> do you get tired of old people like me asking you that question? >> yeah, i do. live my life for a week. i don't even think my mom could live my life for a week. >> what would your mother say to that? >> she won't be happy if you put
7:54 am
that on air. >> what's most important to you once you get out of college? >> to know that i can wake up every single day and love what i do. >> i would be happy with a small house, a jeep, an inexpensive car. way nt to advocate for people or animals that don't have a voice. >> i would love to find a job so much that i don't care how much money i'm making. >> i came from divorced parents and it was rough and for me going to college, i'm paying out of pocket, i just want to be able to make enough money to support my parents when they get old. >> you think about that already? >> yes. >> i never thought about taking care of my parents. >> i have a question for you. >> okay. >> so when you hear us talk about these things and you hear us say, we don't have a set dollar amount, we just want to live comfortably and we want to take care of our parents, do we sound liken titled millennials to you? >> no, you got me there. you don't sound entitled one
7:55 am
bit. you sound very caring. i messed up my own line. i can't even say it. but wasn't that great? it was interesting, right? these kids are worried about taking care of their parents in their old age and their parents are probably no older than maybe 45? it was just interesting to me and they are so down to earth, too. they just care about being money, not making much money. that's their american dream. so my thanks to kent state students for sitting down and talking with me. i'll be right back. hese days. awards for rolling balls. awards for spelling words nobody uses. we get it. you're smart. they give awards for haircuts for dogs. awards for scientific theories. i've got a theory. nobody cares. but people care about cheese. cracker barrel has won awards for their delicious cheddar and they put that cheddar in a new macaroni & cheese. now, that's an award worth winning. and eating.
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tonight, the special town hall event wraps up. ted cruz and heidi cruz take questions. anderson cooper is the moderator. it starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern.
8:00 am
don't forget the democratic debate that takes place at 9:00 p.m. eastern. wolf blitzer will be the moderator. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. >> hello, everybody, i'm kate bolduan. >> and i'm john berman. delegate is at the root now of a practically unheard of situation in the presidential race. talk about a flat-out battle between the front-runner, donald trump accusing the republican national committee of conspireing, conspireing to keep him from winning nomination. he says the rules are stacked against him. >> it's stacked against me and by


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