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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  April 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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thank you so much for watching. we are counting you down to the democratic presidential debate. let's hand it off to anderson cooper 360 with chris cuomo right now. good evening. chris cuomo for our special predebate coverage. i'm in for anderson cooper, of course, and we are live from the brooklyn navy yard. in just about an hour, we are going to have the cnn debate, perhaps the biggest night for the democrats in the presidential race so far. just five days from the new york primary, which is more important than anyone imagined. the stakes could not be higher. >> announcer: right now new york matters more than ever in the presidential race. >> i was so proud to be a new yorker all those eight years i represented you, but i'm even prouder today. >> announcer: the democrats are taking this contest personally.
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>> i am very proud that i was born here in new york city. >> announcer: tonight the democratic candidates in their only new york debate, with their eyes on the second biggest delegate prize of the primary season. >> i need to win big here in new yo york. >> announcer: hillary clinton counting on the empire state to help her seal the deal. >> the sooner i can become the nominee, the sooner we can go after the republicans full time. >> announcer: bernie sanders aiming for an upset after a big string of wins. >> new york will help us make it to the white house. >> announcer: with this campaign marathon threatening to go all the way to the convention, the tone is tougher, and the tension is higher. >> under the bright spotlight here in new york, senator sanders has had trouble answering questions. >> secretary clinton appears to be getting a little nervous. >> announcer: now the stage is set for questions about the
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candidates' plans. >> i will be damned if we're going to be the american dream die. >> announcer: and america's future. >> new york values are really good for america energy the new york primary is just five days away. the democrats are in brooklyn, and they're getting ready to debate. ♪ and here we are, counting down to the big event. the debate hall behind me filling up with anxious democrats. hillary clinton will take the stage here, ahead in delegates and votes, and bernie sanders is in the hunt and hungry to close. he is basking in the glow of last night's massive rally in greenwich village, but also on the defensive for a supporter's
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comment at that event that touched off a storm, but the norm primary may come down to what happens here on the docks tonight. let's start a whip of what is going on with senior washington correspondent joe johns, covering the clinton campaign, joining us from just outside the hall. joe, i know you've been talking to your sources. what have you learned about how secretary clinton has been preparing for tonight? >> reporter: well, we do know, chris, she spent the day in chappaqua, new york, preparing for the debate. it's a shorter preparation than she's accustomed to. she usually likes to take a couple days to get ready. it's different this time, because this debate was put on the schedule very recently. they didn't have a lot of time. my colleague dan, tells me she has been able to fit in some debate prep between campaign
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events. so this is a situation here with hillary clinton. they say she's ready no matter what happens. we're also told there are some concerns on the campaign about whether or not bernie sanders is going to come after her, as he has on the campaign trail over the last several days. they tell me she's ready and prepared in the event he does. chris? >> interesting. of course, joe, as we see all the time talking about someone is different than talking to them. that is one of the beauties of confrontation we'll see tonight, and one of the familiar patterns we have seen established in these debates, the secretary usually deflects sanders' attacks, especially when they're of a personal nature. any indication she'll try to do something different tonight so she doesn't fall back to the only resource of saying, sounds good, but can't get it done? >> reporter: i have asked that question directly to a senior clinton campaign aide, and what they tell me is, in the first
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place, this was not a strategy to deflect or try to take the high road when bernie sanders was attacking. rather, they say, it was more of hillary clinton's political instincts. they say the question, of course, is whether he's going to come after her. all they will say is she'll be ready if he does. no indication about whether she's going to change strategy or attack bernie sanders on her own. >> all right. joe, one of the things people are wondering is tonight will she be going with a more exciting message, try to grab his base as opposed to deflate what he's selling. thank you, joe. appreciate it. we have phil mattingly, he's in the spin room. phil, good to have you, senator sanders is saying now he can win in new york. he qualifies it by saying we need a big turnout, but in terms of winning, what does that mean in terms of strategy tonight?
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>> tonight, according to tad devine, a senior adviser who i just spoke with, expect bernie sanders to be aggressive, aggressive in getting his own message out, but also in attacking hillary clinton, chris. that means speaking fees, that means ties to wall street. expect him to hit those issues early and often. if you talk to sanders' advisers, they're more muted in the expectations. they recognize this is secretary clinton's home turn and they've started to ratchet things back as they've seen the polling out. that said, tonight is a big moment for bernie sanders' campaign. he had a big rally last night. they're hoping to build off of that. eight of the last nine contexts bernie has won. this would be a huge, a monumental victory, but just doing well, that's the current expectation for sanders advisers, chris. one of the big introductions he got last night at the washington square park rally was from spike lee. he wasn't talking about a vermont senator.
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he was talking about bernie from brooklyn. there's an eyebrow raiser i'm wondering if you got any insight. this is all about new york city, about momentum, yet tonight we hear the senator will jump on a plane after the debate to head to the vatican to be part of a symposium on poverty and how to make a change. why do something so dramatic right now? >> look, this isn't a move any veteran campaign adviser would ever want their candidate to do just a few days before a crucial primary, but for bernie sanders, it was a simple decision, he said. he identifying so much so with what pope francis' positions are on economic inequality, on environmental advocacy, that this just made a lot of sense. clearly, taking himself off the campaign trail for 36 hours is something his team wasn't exactly thrilled with. most of them weren't even aware he was invited to visit the vatican. most of his team will stay in new york and continue to work on the ground, but this was an
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opportunity he just couldn't pass up. there is some fallout that this el think could be positive. a picture of bernie sanders nearby a pope who is so popular is something they will be happy to spread around, but he'll be back in the state on saturday for the final push. >> phil mattingly, thank you very much. let's go to cnn washington correspondent jeff zeleny. he's on the debate stage. he has more on what's about to unfold. jeff, the candidates are going to be taking the stage shortly. what are the campaigns saying about their expectations for tonight? what's the bar on each side? >> chris, they are, you can see the debate stage behind me right here. secretary clippen and bernie sanser are practiced at this the they've had eight debates so far. this is a different moment and different time. that's why the preparations have been slightly different. the clinton campaign is bracing indeed for a lot of sharp definite nilgz, sharp attacks from bernie sanders.
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at this point in the campaign, there are very few surprises. you've seen a laundry list of things that have been thrown out there. bernie sanders is very transparent, addressing some a,000 or so by our count. he goes through the laundry list from "wall street journal" reform for immigration, to fracking, to criminal justice reform, to point in politics. he is hitting secretary clinton one by one by one. they knows what's coming, but the clinton campaign will try to hold their fire a bit, but they are not going to sort of back down here. chris, one way you can tell what a campaign is doing, is by paid advertising. i'm told tonight the clinton campaign will start advertising based on the "daily news" editorial we've been talking about that made the clinton campaign argument that she's more prepared, that his ideas don't stack up. the confines of that editorial will be played out tonight if our viewers haven't read it, that will give you a backdrop of
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what's going to happen here, but tonight the sanders campaign realizes it's a moment for him to try to grow, to reach out to some people who may like what he has to say, but are not confident he can win. chris, it's so important we are here in brooklyn, not that far from from the 84-year-old now vermont senator grew up. chris? >> that's exactly rite. jeff zeleny, with the debate on the docks. the easy part is for the candidates to be ready for tonight. getting this all organized, getting this all done in just a matter of days when the campaigns finally decided to do this, that's been the challenge. the final preparations are going on as we count down to the pivotal moment. in both parties unlike any others. next, the history, at times the battle history, these two have had when they debate, as well as a conversation with some of the
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best political minds in the business. what does each of the people on your screen need to do tonight? what happens here could make the difference in the all-important new york primary. stay with us.
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[liquid dribbling] do you sell high-end champagne? in the back. [beep, beep] [cork pop] have a good night. the new water-resistant galaxy s7 edge. sides in the democratic race for president. tonight is a big deal, could be the momentum swinging difference in the new york primary.
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look behind us now. less than an hour before the big debate. the room is filled with anxious democrats, whether they're sanders, clinton, whether they're both in the case of some of these democrats. they're sitting down, last-minute preparations. one of the reasons that there's so much energy tonight is because what has been happening out on the trail. this race has changed, and these two candidates are now more than ever going at it. >> i really don't think these kinds of attacks by insinuation are worthy of you, and enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it directly. >> secretary clinton, you're not in the white house yet. >> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> i am very gland, anderson, that secretary clinton has discovered religion on thus issue. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and
5:16 pm
your campaign have been carrying out. >> o. -- >> excuse me. >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> that is the nra position. >> can i finish please? >> it's quite amusing to me. >> you know what? that is when they were keeping it nice. in the last few days, it's changed in material fashion. let's discussion. nia-malika henderson, we have analyst and senior editor at "the atlantic" ron brownstein, and gloria borger, and pro-clinton super-pac ver paul begala, and van jones. and donna brazil and bill press. man, there's no time to talk about anything. you people have to stop insisting on these intros.
5:17 pm
. >> who is chris cuomo? >> man, i'm going to have to start going by a symbol. brother of the current one as the governor likes to say. there is no question the race has changed the in my lifetime, a new york presidential primary has never mattered. so what is the calculus on both sides right now? what are you hearing? >> i think sanders is going in essentially for the kill. it was a surprise early on he was going to play sew heavily in new york. but you see from the clinton campaign some worry that it could be closer than that. just machines ago, they sent out some talking points, saying tonight on this stage bernie sanders will have to answer for the "new york daily news" interview a few weeks ago. >> the pushback on that -- that was a jump interview to set up the endorsement of hillary clinton. they were unfair to me, they
5:18 pm
took me out of context. is that fair? >> well, and i think thinks wife jane sanders called it an inquillsition. >> but is it fair? >> i think is his criticism fair of it? >> yes. >> no, i think he wasn't prepared for the interview. and it's oftentimes you go into an interview and a paper can release the transcript like that. >> on the other side, ron brownstein -- though last night you should have seen him at the bernie sanders event. he had a hoodie on, he was walking around. i thought he was there to make a buy. [ laughter ] . >> he was there covering the event. >> you didn't have to. [ laughter ] >> exactly right. it was the ambience preside bba. you always have she'll be the presumptive nominee, that will mean she would have already reached the number of pledged delegates. what does that mean? >> that's not going to happen.
5:19 pm
very unlikely that either of them reach the number of pledged delegates. the reason are that super-delegates are a big part of the puzzle. they're 15%, as donna has corrected some el, of the total. to get there on pledged delegates alone, you would have to win about 60%, which is an unrealistic standard. this is a situation where you obvious get to where the grooves are pretty deeply cut. the sanders support is pretty he's very competitive among white voters outside of the south. but she is continuing to dominate among african-american voters. she's won latinos in most states, and the past that we are on is rocky for her but probably still enough to get there. he's the one who has to change the dynamic. if not here, where it's unlikely, then in a couple other big states down the road >> tell me something, donna.
5:20 pm
why would people favoring clinton make this statement that i think we're going to get it done before we get to a convention? why set yourself up to have to win some 56, 57% of pledged delegates? why make the bar that high? >> first of all, we outlawed seg be base after 1964, but for the democratic party after 1984, there's no segregation of pledged or unpledged. we often vote like most voters. we will not overturn the will of the voters. at this point in the race both candidates should be focused on one of the largest prizes until we get to california. 247 delegates, they're at stake tonight. not just super-delegates, but the pledged delegates, and there are more. chris, these what i tell people. if you try to take super delegates out of theport, it's like taking the roux out of
5:21 pm
gumbo. it's just soup. we're part of the prize. >> what you're left with is the meat and potatoes, and that's what people are fighting on. they're saying people have been divorced from the system -- >> they're not divorced -- you know -- >> separated? not talking to each other? >> before you get to the super delegates, or even the delegates, you've got to get to the votes here in the state of new york. what we're going to see on the stage tonight is hillary clinton making the case that bernie sanders is not only unprepared for the presidency, but he's a risk. it's risky for him to become president. he's going to make the case that if you look at her record, as you said, a resume doesn't say everything, he's going to say look at her resume and look at her judgment, and she does not have the judgment to be president of the united states. and i think, you know, bernie sanders has a lot of high stakes here tonight, because he has to narrow this gap. i would argue he needs a big one somewhere. i don't think he's going to get
5:22 pm
it here in new york, but he needs to bring his voters out. >> all right. >> that's what this debate can do for him tonight. >> speaking of, it's not just the person speaking, it's the audience. i know new york. you've got some of the best grass-roots organizers here. you have the working families party who gave your brother fits. >> gave him all they could handle, and they were not organizing as they are now. they have redoubled efforts. >> and they are for bernie sanders. they have a lean and hungry work. the transit workers here. >> 60 thousands. >> they have a lean and hungry look. they folks believe they can pull off another michigan miracle in new york. they're not joking. when el saw who bernie sanders with a pull to his side in new york city, this is going to a real war on tuesday. >> on the other side, paul, you have people looking at the calculus saying, look, we know that bernie sanders has the stardust on him, but he doesn't
5:23 pm
have the more votes, and the 200-plus delegate lead of pledged delegates and the money advantage, and the grooming. is that where the campaign -- is that where the campaign is headed? just let him talk, let him say he's the new one, we know what works in the end? >> it ought to be ideas. for analysts like me, it's actually 2.4 million voters that hillary exceeds. >> i was baiting you. >> but she's crushing among voters, among pledged delegates. if there was a fourth category, she would be leading that, too, but what she wants and needs is to get it back to ideas and issues. i think bernie is going to come out with a blowtorch. >> i do, too. >> that's not hits brand, but i think he'll be goaded into doing that. how does she respond? that's what i want to see. >> bernie comes out and says dream big, you've got to hope, you have to shoot for the moon,
5:24 pm
that's what we have to do. no more incremental change and hillary clinton is put in the position of saying, sounds good, but he can't get it done. that's deflating, yet the flip side is bernie sanders is getting asked how do you deliver on these promises? the math is not so great when we add it up. where is the balance for him to make advantage? >> first of all you're excited, because new york counts for the first time -- >> in my life. >> wait. wait for california, baby. i'm excited, because for the first time that i can remember, california is going to count in the primary. so, look, here's the deal. it is true, bernie is the inspirational one. that's why so many young people are voting for him. you know, dream big, go for the moon, right? and he says, hope and hillary says nope, and i think that's been working against her. but i think bernie has been specific, and he'll be more tonight about how to get things done. he's got to plan for how to
5:25 pm
break up the banks. >> why didn't he lay it out to the daily news then? >> if you read the transcript -- >> owner i did. >> i did, too. the persons screwed up in that interview were the people from "the daily news." they said, well, why don't you through it through the fed? he said i don't think the fed has the authority. we should do it through legislation or the department of the treasury, the treasury secretary under dodd/frank, and that's hillary clinton's position. >> they asked do you think that the chairman has the ability to do it? he said, i don't know. >> his first thing was do it through legislation, or the secretary of the treasury, and that was the right answer. >> bill press, thank you very much. we have set the table, but we still have to eat. we'll have much more with this panel ahead, and we'll speak with top clinton and sanders advisers next. counting down. less than 35 minutes.
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all right. we're here in brooklyn. the debate less than 30 minutes away, just a few ticks of the clock, as you can see right down there. the big question in the room as it continues to fill is, will tonight be different? are we going to see a different sanders? a different clinton? let's ask the people who know. jeff weaver is joining us now. can you hear me? >> i sure can. how are you? >> all right. jeff, good to have you here. the big question you need to answer is -- are we going to see a different senator sanders? is he going to be more aggressive? >> well, chris, i think what people know about bernie sanders, if anything he's been consistent during his entire career. i think you'll hear him focusing on the big issues, issues like trade, fracking, corrupt campaign finance system, and i think you'll hear a lot of contrast between the candidates.
5:31 pm
>> another big mystery we've been dealing with tonight with bernie sanders is why, with all this momentum and this huge moment he could have in new york, is he leaving and going to italy? >> well, he's going because he was invited to come to the vatican to speak at a conference on the issue of moral economy, an issue that transcends politics, an issue that's been the work of boyernie sanders' life. when the invite came, it was an invitation he felt he wanted to accept immediately. he does have momentum here in new york and across the country. the secretary has also left new york in a couple times, going to high-dollar fund-raisers. so i think it's a better use of time to go to the vatican than big-dollar fund-raisers around the country. >> let me ask you something, and i'll let you go. >> sure. >> you know about the
5:32 pm
controversy surrounding what the doctor said at the big rally last night, using those ugly words, were they meant directed towards hillary clinton or not, speculation about supporters of bernie sanders putting out super delegates names. there seems to be a tinge of an ugliness, are you going to take ownership of it and try to control? >> as you know, chris, the campaign spoke out forcefully against dr. song's remarks on twitter and the media. they were inappropriate, insensitive, they have no place in our political dialogue. we have told the people interested in lobbying super delegates they should be helping us lobby voters in states that have yet to vote. that makes the most sense. we have run a civil campaign and will continue to do so. >> jeff weaver, thank you very much. appreciate it. good luck to you tonight. all right.
5:33 pm
let's get from the other side, what will be hillary clinton's setup as she enters in and how will she deal with whatever comes from senator sanders? joel benenson, a top, top adviser for hillary clinton joining us this morning. good to see you, joel. i don't know if you can hear what jeff weaver was saying, but there's urgency, momentum on the sanders side and it's time to draw sharp distinctions. what does that mean to your ears? and how will it be dealt with by the secretary? >> i think since we got to new york, we know that senator sanders has not stood up against the scrutiny. his interview with the daily news was considered disastrous. and he's gotten more aggressive on the stump. there's been a different attack every day. we're expecting him to be aggressive tonight, but we want to have a debate on the issues. we think there are clear contrasts here. hillary clinton is a progressive who likes to get things done and
5:34 pm
make a real difference in people's lives. i think she's going to make that case forcefully tonight, that she's the one with real plans to produce real results that add up. and senator sanders' plans, whether it's health care or even his ability how to break up banks, his plans just don't add up. is there a change of the game tonight in terms of avoiding the pitfalls of senator sanders saying dream big and talking about imagination and inspiration, and hillary clinton consistently put into a position where she has to say that sounds good, b it can't get done. that's a bit of a downer when an audience hears it. is there something that will come out of her tonight that's more geared towards excitement? >> i think what's exciting for people is a candidate who actually has plans that can work, that can get done, so you can make improvements in their lives. when you talk about breaking down all the barriers that are holding people back right now, holding them back economically,
5:35 pm
and building ladders of opportunity so every american can share in the promise of america, hillary clinton has actual plans to do that. look, there's a reason she's won almost 2.4 millions votes throughout this campaign than senator sanders, because she's making promises she can keep based on real plans that will make a real difference in people's lives and that's the case she'll make again tonight for people. the difference between campaign and poetry and governing and prose. good luck to you tonight, sir. >> thank you. we're counting down, just 24 1/2 minutes away from the big debate. everybody believes in this room turin it matters more than it has before. what are we going to see? more from our panel when we come back. wwhen systems can help sense your surroundings.
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less than 20 minutes from the big cnn democratic debate here on the waterfront in brooklyn. everybody here describing it in
5:40 pm
just two words -- high stakes. joining us, someone right now who has a lot to see happen tonight, has to manage this entire process, the head of the national democratic committee, congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. good to see you. what is your expectation tonight in terms of tone? there's been a change in the state of play in this race. it's gotten edgier, away from what you said you wanted. so how about tonight? >> well, i do expect it to be a little more intense, which is okay. the stakes are not only high, but you have a lot of passion on both sides, and we want to make sure and i'm confident we will see a robust and substantive debate like we've seen from the previous eight, and certainly in contrast from the republicans who are in utter chaos and seem to be bickering and backstabbing, and not having a
5:41 pm
discussion about where this country should go. do you think the issue of super delegates needs to be defended, this understanding that people are being divorced from the process? do you think that applies on your side as well? >> i don't think. i think there's a few important things to keep in mind. we have not had unpledged delegates decide the outcome of our nomination since they've been in existence, which was way back to 1984 when i graduated from high school. so it's been a long time. we also, after 2008, had the change commission appointed by tim kaine chaired by congressman clyburn of south carolina, my colleague, and we actually shrunk by several hundred the number of unpledged delegates precisely because we wanted to include the participate of party leaders and elected officials in the trenches for many years, but also make sure they were not ability to ultimately very likely interfere with the outcome on who selects the
5:42 pm
nominee, who should be the pledged delegates who are the results of voters casting ballots. >> chairwoman wasserman schultz, i know you're ain't to get into your seat. we got you outside, and that wasn't night, and know that it wasn't my decision. >> that's okay. thank you. >> it's nice down here, but it is on the water. early this morning on "new day" 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. -- >> i was there this morning. >> we heard from the chairwoman, and she said i think we'll have a primpive. that's a term of art. but you have to say both? >> i don't think someone will -- i was going to ask donna before, has anyone gotten there on pledged alone since the super delegates were implemented? one thing we'll see tonight is the democratic party is moving, changing, and i think van would
5:43 pm
agree. bernie sanders is wins 70% of voters under 30, responding to an agenda that most leaders would consider unrealistic. tuition-free college, but hillary clinton has been forced to adapt. she's moved to the left culturally and expanded her ambitions on the economic side. the question will be if either of them are the nominee, if either win, how do you go forward with that agenda, the stalemate in congress, the gap between what they are promising and what seems achievable appears to be getting wider. >> it depends on who you're running against and what the congress looks like. there's a lot of piano emwho say, for example, if either trump or cruz are the nominees, the democrats could well, you know, have control of the entire congress at certainly point. i'm not so sure about the house, but i think you're making the hillary clinton argument, which is that her experience shows that what bernie sanders wants
5:44 pm
is completely undoable. >> but i think she has to respond to it. >> but to chris' point -- >> i think a quick -- >> make it quick so we can go to break. >> the double appeal here. they love his aspiration, but there's a darker antipathy with hillary clinton. he needs to come out -- that aspiration is a good thing. he needs to stick with that message, getting away from the small ball against hillary clinton, and keep that coalition positive. >> but it's hard to do that when the ring is right there, and you're trying to reach for it. a quick break, and when we come back, now just 15 1/2 minutes under this big debate. we'll end up with the panel and get some predictions. enough of these basic opinions. let's get some real dispositive stuff, when we come back.
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5:49 pm
i think we'll see a lot of what we have seen, talking about his platform. he as going to be talking about his dreams for america single-payer health care, tuiti tuition-free college, minimum wage, go down the list, and probably a bit about wall street and cracking down on the big banks. >> who's got a prediction of something we haven't seen? >> i think he'll be very specific about raising hillary clinton's paid speeches, including her paid speeches to verizon -- or paid speech to verizon, which now is having its own labor dispute. i think he's going to ask for the transcripts again. i think he's going to get more specific. >> as hillary clinton asked for his tax returns? >> as we say in the catholic church, it takes a lot of chutzpa to do that.
5:50 pm
>> and very good a using debates to introduce new lines of attack that have often caught senator saurnd off-guard. >> give me something. >> i don't know. i don't know if it will be on guns tonight. that's been sort of a different tack on that with the sandy hook parents, something like that, we'll have to see, but he's on which not been prepared when she does that. >> she's -- she's not heading into a good period of primaries that are closed primaries, democrats only, large african-american populations. i think she's going to be very aggressive tonight. she knows she's at a pivot in the race before we get to may. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders will stand out and say the america that donald trump is showing us is not the america that we are and nor will we ever become that america. she's going to denounce donald trump tactics. >> see what donna brazil did?
5:51 pm
i asked is give me something we haven't seen, and she went right to it. >> bernie is on defense on the specifics. he came here, stepped in it, and wasn't able on a newspaper interview to deal with the specifics of the core of his agenda. he's on national tv tonight. he's got to convince people he's thought this stuff through. that's the lens through which he'll be seen through the lens of people who haven't made up their mind. >> thank you all, you make us better every time you're on. thank you for helping us prepare for tonight. it matters tonight. this is the cnn democratic debate. they haven't been face-to-face for over five weeks. now we have new york next tuesday. nobody expected it to matter. you have the momentum right now that bernie sanders says is his. who do you think comes out on top tonight? give it to me quick, donna.
5:52 pm
>> the democratic party. >> look at my finger. look what happened? low energy. [ laughter ] >> bernie had a great day yesterday, a good night tonight, goes off to rome e. gets the pope's blessing. >> bill comes back strong at the end. this is what we've been waiting for, the democratic debates starts? just a moment. actions speak louder.
5:53 pm
something we'll show you. through small things, big things, and spur of the moment things.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
[ applause ] we're live at the greenhouse. at the brooklyn navy yard in brooklyn, new york, for the cnn democratic presidential debate. we've come to brooklyn just five days before the new york presidential primary, a very important contest for the democrats with an enormous number of delegates at stake. we want to welcome our viewers
5:57 pm
in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer, and i'll moderate tonight's debate. joining mess errol lewis, with time warner, or partner in this debate, and chief political correspondent dana bash. brooklyn has personal meaning for the candidates who both have been new yorkers at one time or another in their lives, so ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome the candidates. senator bernie sanders of vermont. [ cheers and applause ] former secretary of state hillary clinton. [ cheers and applause ]
5:58 pm
ladies and gentlemen, the democratic candidates for president of the united states. now police continue to stan for our national anthem sung by morgan james. ♪ o say, can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? ♪ ♪hose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪
5:59 pm
♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? ♪ ♪ and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ ♪ and the home
6:00 pm
of the brave? ♪ [ cheers and applause ] thank you, morgan james. secretary clinton and senator sanders, you can move to electric earns. i'll guide the discussion. you'll also get questions from dana bash and errol lewis. timing lights will signal when your time is up. both candidates have agreed to these rules now, opening statements you'll each have two minutes. let's begin with senator sanders. >> wolf, thank you