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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  April 15, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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this week. time for "newsroom" with carol costello. it's her favorite day. >> it is. >> here it is. give us the stock line. >> happy friday, all of you. have a great weekend. >> you, too. >> "newsroom" starts now. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. the gloves come after and the democrats throw down. >> you know, wait a minute, wait a minute. >> that's just not accurate. >> wait. i have stood on the debate stage. >> well -- >> anger and resentment boil over at the cnn debate. remember the is a civility and graciousness of earlier showdowns? trampled under foot and hillary clinton and bernie sanders race towards two state all-important primary in new york. bitter accusations over integrity, gun vileans and even the minimum wage and a flurry of punches in a fight never expected to reason these final rounds. cnn commentators and guests here to break it down. begin with john berman who had a front-row seat.
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good morning. >> good morning. this is what it looks like when two people are sick of each other and on the same stage together, again and again and again. both candidates up there trying to end this campaign somehow, anyhow, on what was the highest stakes debate yet. >> reporter: you want contrast? >> i do question -- her judgment. >> reporter: you want contentious? >> describes the problem is a lot easier than trying to solve it. >> reporter: you got brooklyn. a high-tension, high-drama debate befitting the high stakes of the moment. from the start bernie sanders blasted hillary clinton's judgment. >> i question a judgment which voted for the war in iraq and i question her judgment about running super pacs. >> this is a phony attack that is designed to raise questions when there is no evidence or support to undergird the insinuations that he is putting forward in these attacks. >> thank you, secretary.
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>> reporter: but nearly every sanders salvo was met by a clinton call for specifics, including his suggestion that she is in the pocket of big banks. >> when millions of people lost their jobs and their homes and their life savings, the obvious response to that is that you got a bunch of fraudulent operators and that they have got to be broken up. that was my view way back, and i introduced legislation to do that. now, secretary clinton was busy giving speeches to goldman sachs fo $225,000. >> we cannot come up with any example, because there is no example. and -- it's always important it may be inconvenient, but it's always important to get the facts straight. i stood up against the behaviors of the banks when i was a senator. i called them out on their mortgage behavior. >> secretary clinton called them out. oh, my goodness. they must have been really crushed by this.
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and was that before or after you received huge sums of money by giving speaking engagements behind them? >> reporter: speeches for which hillary clinton still says she will not release the transcripts. >> let's set the same standard for everybody. when everybody does it, okay, i will do it. >> reporter: the brooklyn brawl ran so hot at times the fighters needed to be separated by the ref. >> i am sure a lot of people are very surprised to learn that you supported raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> you know, wait a minute. wait a minute. >> that's just not accurate. >> i have stood on the debate. >> that i -- >> senator sanders. >> excuse me -- >> secretary, please. section. >> when i talk -- >> secretary, if -- >> the viewers, if you're both screaming at each other the viewers won't be able to hear either of you. >> i have said from the very beginning that i supported the fight for $15. i supported those on the front
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lines of the -- it happens to be true. >> well, i think the secretary has confused a lot of people. i don't know how you're there for the fight for $15 when you say you want a $12 an hour national minimum wage? >> reporter: then there were decisions about contrition. clinton offering an apology of sorts for the 1994 crime bill her husband signed into law. >> i'm sorry for the consequences that were unintended and that have had a very unfortunate impact on people's lives. >> reporter: but sanders when pushed with no apology for his positions on gun control. >> i don't believe it is appropriate that a gun shop owner who just sold a legal weapon to be held accountable and be sued. >> reporter: including no apology to families of victims of sandy hook who have criticized his opposition to have lawsuits against some gun seller. >> i don't think i owe them apology. they have the right to sue and i
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support them and anyone else who wants the right to sue. >> this was also the loudest debate, figuratively and literally. the crowd and candidates themselves loud. loud in shorp contrast on the issues and also on styles and goals with bernie sanders talking about dreams and hillary clinton really talking about doing. >> i think that new york audience helped, too. right? very loud and raucous driving the decibel level up onstage. >> indeed. >> thank you very much. perhaps the daily beast had the headline. bernie sanders and hillary clinton turn up the volume to 11. wolf tried but volume up all night long. what a difference from past debates. >> i think the secretary is right. and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me, too. me, too! you know, wait a minute. wait a minute. >> that's just not accurate. >> wait.
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i have stood on the debate stage with senator sanders eight prior times. >> excuse me. >> secretary, senator, please -- >> if we can raise the minimum wage in new york or seattle -- let's do it. >> if you're both screaming at each other the viewers won't be able to hear either of you. so, please, don't talk over each other. >> i was pleased -- >> so you get the idea there. perhaps a tweet from former obama adviser dan pfeiffer says it best. bernie sanders is annoyed he is losing the campaign. hillary clinton is a no annoyed hasn't lost yet. and with us, a bernie sanders surrogate and washington director of and a deputy communications director fo for hillary for america welcome to all of you. >> thank you. >> former congress han john dingell tweeted, old guy who yells is sick of listening to old guy who yells a lot.
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end quote. you can see john dingell's up there, too. looking back, ben, was sanders, who needs to broaden his base, too sarcastic? >> i don't any anyone will accuse him not having enough passion in what he believes in. the question is whether people believe in the vision that intensity is all about. from my perspective, if you define the debate you win the debate. what happened on the minimum wage, happened on expanding social security, breaking up the big banks. brooklyn became bernie's battlefield and i think he won the battle. >> interesting. christina, i'm sure you'll disagree with ben but i'll ask the same question of your candidate. hillary clinton laughs a lot when sanders attacks her. what happened to the classy democratic party? >> well, you know, this is new york. this is the rough and tumble primary of new york. and hillary was very proud to serve in new york as a senator eight years and knows new york politics.
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a very loud, boisterous crowd engaged and hillary yelled, i love brooklyn. she's used to this kind of politics. she enjoys campaigning in new york, because, you know, in new york, people are just not interested in rhetoric. they want to know your track record and they want to know that you have real plans to make a difference in their lives, and i think we saw as we came into new york that senator sanders has a very, very disastrous meeting with the "new york daily news" and wasn't able to explain his plans going forward. new yorkers demand more than that and saw last night hillary was able to continue to lay out the plans she has to really make a difference in issues people are concerned about today. she really enjoys debating and enjoyed it last night. >> we'll get into the issues, just ask this next question to peter. nasty does get attention, i hate to say it. nice, not so much. maybe the new democratic nasty party it fest is weirdly good for the party? >> to are fair, pretty substantive. hot but substantive, and not
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like you saw some of the republican debates which were really simply insults. a pretty substantive debate and i think what's interesting is that you have two different visions where the democratic party should go. bernie sanders is essentially laying out a more radical shift with not only the clinton but also the obama administration in moving the democratic party to more of a european social democrat democratic-style party and hillary clinton moved to the left has some dna of her husband's 1990 policies both domestic and in foreign policy. useful in laying those that division. >> christina, one thing that did come out, that bernie sanders attacked hillary clinton over not releasing her transcripts of those speeches she gave to goldman sachs. she came back with, okay. why don't you release your tax return? and bernie sanders says, sure. release it today. did that backfire on clinton? >> no, i don't think so.
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it's interesting of a thing. whenever senator sanders leaves a policy debate like on wall street he attacks her personally. we saw at the campaign went on, ed trl boards around the country and analysts, economists like pawing krugman looked at these candidates wall street plans to how to hold it accountable and deemed hillary had the toughest most comprehensive plan. once that happened and he lost the policy debate he attacked her personally saying she had to release her transcripts inplies she was beholden to the industry, which is absolutely not true. last night when asked to give a single example of that being the case he couldn't name one. i think then he turned around and started attacking her personally on transcripts, and she saidy a want to be held to the same standard as everyone else, and actually there is a basic standard of transparency in presidential races that candidates release their taxes and senator sanders hadn't done that. hillary has actually released her taxes for every year since
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1977 and the last eight years are on her website. >> well, senator sanders said he would release at some point today. we're eagerly awaiting them. ask you this question and christina brings up a good point. when bernie sanders was asked directly by dana bash to illustrate one example how hillary clinton supported any piece of legislation that supported big business or the big banks, he couldn't come up with one. you'd think he'd have that in his back pocket ready to go? >> i think he actually -- one area where he didn't quite go far enough at explaining the contrast he was drawing. what he was saying, if you listened to him, after the financial crisis i supported breaking up the big banks and secretary clinton was giving paid speeches. what he meant was, she wasn't supported breaking up the big banks. that was the acid test moment. when the crisis happens, do you support breaking up the giant banks that helped take down the financial system or not? that's the moment that secretary clinton did not come out in favor of doing that. that's the contrast he was
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drawing. there are lots of other issues secretary clinton and sanders differed on financial regulation, like the bankruptcy bill that protected rights of wall street banks to strip the assets of those declaring bankruptcy but trying to focus on the central question whether the banks were too big to fail then, whether they're too big to fail now and whether they should be broken up. >> and peter, i'll ask you this question as the neutral party here. did bernie sanders outline a plan to break up the big banks? that was the big rub about his daily news interview. right? he couldn't articulate how to go about doing that. did he do that last night? >> no. i don't think bernie sanders has answered that question well enough, and i think it's in some ways in keeping with the kind of candidate he is. he is more of an aspirational candidate in terms of laying out big themes for a different kind of vision of where america wants to be. that's actually valuable because a lot of value, shifting the debate inside the democratic party, but when you get into the substance, the kind of more
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wonky detail, that's where i think he's weaker, both on domestic and foreign policy and that's where hillary clinton who i think is less inspiring speaking in broad strokes tends to be stronger. >> i have to leave it there. thank you all for joining us. by the way, bernie sanders is on his way to vatican city. a live report out of rome in about 15 minutes. still to come in the "newsroom," donald trump never one to hold back, but is he sounding more presidential? is it on purpose? does he need to? we'll talk about that, next. (vo) when i first took jake home we ate anything. until i decided we both needed to eat better. now jake gets purina cat chow naturals indoor
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liberty mutual insurance. donald trump poised to steal the spotlight from the democrats this morning. the "new york post" endorsing the real estate mogul calling him "an imperfect merger carrying a vital message." the paper also says the republican nominee, as the republican nominee trump needs to soften his tone, become more presidential. in today's "wall street journal" trump may look to broaden appeal
6:18 am
with voters blasting the political elite writing in part "let me ask america a question. how has the system been working out for you and your family? i, for one, am not interested in defending a system that has for decades served interests of political parties at the expense of the people." phil mattingly joins me now with more. >> a lot of question amongst party officials how far is donald trump going to take his fight as it relates to donald trump's campaign? first the republican national committee setting rules on these delegates. this was a broad side in the "wall street journal" this morning escalating this fight to a level we haven't seen before and that raises two major potential problems for the campaign. first and foremost, should we get to an open convention in cleveland, a lot of the delegates that donald trump is criticizing now will need on his side in a second or third ballot. the bigger issue perhaps is this. the republican national committee has a lot of data infrastructure and donor infrastructure donald trump needs in a general election having a lot of officials
6:19 am
scratching their heads. still, when you talk about what the trump campaign wants to do, what their plans are, corey lewendowski put it simply this morning on "new day." >> come the day of the convention, donald trump's going to have more than the 1,237 delegates required win on the first ballot. >> on the first ballot. that means not an open convention and the reason they're saying this is, really this, carol. they have a pathway for it obviously starting here in new york and going straight through. but they need to win a lot, and they know if they don't win a lot and they get to that second or third ballot they are in big trouble. >> phil mattingly reporting live. thanks so much. joinings me now to talk about the republican side of things larry sabado. good morning. trump says he can appear presidential, pivot at a moment's notice and appears he's trying do to that right now. moment has arrived.
6:20 am
can he do that? >> well, can you do it at certain moments. you know. the problems are twofold. first, to appear presidential you actually have to be presidential. there have to be characteristics in you that emanate and convince people on their own that you're presidential. the second problem, carol, is, there's this little thing you're familiar with called videotape. it lives forever. and donald trump has created lots of bits of videotape that i think most people whatever their political inclinations would appear not presidential. >> i'm laughing because you said videotape. it's digital now, larry. >> i'm sorry. you know, i'm old, a couple dkas behind. >> so am i. thought i'd jab you a little. donald trump is trying, and i'm grog to give viewers examples of that. for example, he did not comment on michelle fields after corey
6:21 am
loewendowski was cleared of assault charges. met with megyn kel pip the "new york post" called that in its cover story and railing against the gop machine, is all of that enough, to trump what's on videotape? >> i doubt it. you know, he can spin it that way. also, truces are broken, carol. you know, looking at the last six months or so, i'll be surprised if -- if trump's truces with, whether it's megyn kelly or any groups of individuals actually lasts. >> okay. so i want to touch on ted cruz just a minute, because he did not get a great reception at the new state gop gaala last night better reception on the jimmy fallon show which also boasts a new york audience. here's a clip. >> and people are still mad. they're mad at you for saying
6:22 am
they have "new york values." what did you mean by that? >> look, donald, i'm not going to pander to new yorkers. i love new york city. it is the greatest city in the world with the best-looking audiences in the entire world. [ applause ] >> okay. see? so he's trying to become more likable. showing he can be funny but still has this big likability problem and it's costing him. in a fox national poll, cruz loses to trump 45%-27%. red state suggesting more appearances on comedy shows like the jimmy fallon show. so will that help ted cruz? >> look, humor is a, a good weapon for candidates, and it's surprisingly little utilized. i'm always surprised candidate don't use humor more to neutralize some of the negative itty. by the way, cruz people close to him tell me he has a good sense
6:23 am
of humor that shows up privately quite a bit. the problem it's an angry year especially on the republican side. so it's hard to be humorous and angry simultaneously, though maybe he can pull it off. >> you never know. so here's a question. if trump becomes more presidential, and cruz, you know, doesn't become more likable, what happens to john kasich? >> well, he could try to be both, i guess. sounds like a variety show, in the works there. you know, they could all have segments and be themselves, maybe. look, you know, we tend to think these things matter a lot. i tend to think that the -- the pudding is set, and it's just going to have to be eaten in time for the republican convention, and will be. whether one of these candidates can actually get 1,237 on the first ballot is the only question that matters. >> all right. larry sabado thanks for being with me this morning.
6:24 am
donald trump's bid to be more presidential may hit a hurdle later this morning thanks to six former contestants from his hit show "the apprentice." live pictures from new york and including the winner of the fourth season will denounce what she say is trump's campaign of "sexism xenophobia, racism, violence and hate." trump hitting back hard against the six, calling them, in his words, failing wannabes, who just want to get back into the spotlight. we'll keep you posted. still to come in the "newsroom," bernie sanders taking a break from the campaign in new york, scheduled to speak today in vatican city hoping for a live visit with pope francis. and coming up, wolf blitzer talking to the heads of the national republican and democratic committees. i'll be prit back. (man) what i love most about
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. senator sanders is scheduled to take the stage in vatican city in a few moments. the jewish democratic presidential contender is visiting the heart of the catholic church to deliver a speech on morality and the economy. just four days away from the crucial new york primaries. some people are actually wondering why. >> you know, there's a big primary in new york on tuesday. bernie is headed to the vatican tomorrow to make a speech. going all the way to the vatican to make a 15-minute speech and the pope isn't even going to be there. why he's doing this, even people running his campaign don't know. maybe he want to get in good with god since they'll probably be meeting soon, but -- >> oh. that was just awful. rough. ben wedeman joins us live from
6:30 am
vatican city. >> rorter: senator sanders arrived in rome and is going directly from the airport to the vatican city. at the top of the hour has exactly 10 minutes to present hit topic. his topic is the urgency of a moral economy. now, this is part of a conference that's focusing on the changes in the global economy in the last 25 years. it's organized by the pontifical academy on social sciences. now, in that -- in those ten minutes of remarks, it's expected that senator sanders will address familiar themes, such as the inequality of income, the need to put people before profits and, of course, these are themes that are a favorite also of pope francis in the past has called unfettered capitalism the dung of the devil. vatican officials stress, however, that senator sanders will not be meeting with the pope, and the pope isn't in any
6:31 am
way participating in this conference. even though, of course, senator sanders had said he very much wants to meet pope francis, a man he has said he greatly admires. none the less, we can't rule out the possibility that given this, that this is a pope who likes to do the unexpected, that, in fact, he may, indeed, meet with senator sanders, but an endorsement, however, carol, is highly unlikely. >> well, the pope has dipped his toe into american politics. so -- so would he want to stay away completely from actually meeting with a candidate who's running for president in the united states? >> reporter: well, as i said, even though officials here say that that's not going to happen, we've also heard from vatican officials that when it comes, certainly to the issues of income inequality, and the morality of the economy, that
6:32 am
they see very much eye to eye. at same time, however, on things like same-sex marriage, contraception and abortion, they differ quite dramatically, but at this point, it would be something of a break with protocol if the pope were to actually meet with bernie sanders. >> all right. ben wedeman live from vatican city. thanks so much. bernie sanders slammed wall street repeatedly in thursday's cnn debate again pushing for hillary clinton to release transcripts of her speeches for goldman sachs. but when called on by cnn's dana bash to name one instance where clinton's ties to wall street influenced her policies, he could not. >> you've consistently criticized secretary clinton for accepting money from wall street. can you name one decision that she made as senator that shows she favored banks because of the money she received? >> the obvious decision is when
6:33 am
the greed and recklessness and illegal behavior of wall street brought this country into the worst economic downturn since the great recession, great depression of the '30s, when millions of people lost their jobs and their homes and their life savings, the obvious response to that is that you got a bunch of fraudulent operators, and that they have got to be broken up. that was my view way back and i introduced legislation to do that. >> you can tell, dana, he cannot come up with any example because there is no example. >> so we're at the same dead end. clinton won't release her transcripts and sanders won't outline his plan if he has one to break up the big banks. joined by the author of "the essential bernie sanders and his vision for america and former outside adviser to president obama robert wolf. welcome to you. >> nice to be here. >> jonathan, can you think of a
6:34 am
single piece of legislation that hillary clinton was supporting that would point to her love of big banks in wall street? >> yes, i absolutely can. >> you came prepared. bernie sanders did not. >> if you watched after the debate they talked about this very thing. i'm a labor movement activist doing this work many years political lobbying. in 2001 a thing calmed the bankruptcy bill, essentially a bill supported by the credit card industries. what it did, take away from millions of hard-working americans the ability to file bankruptcy. read from elizabeth warren, a great standard, someone who's neutral in this race. >> her middle name is let's break up the big banks. >> from her book "the two income trap" spring of 2001 the bankruptcy bill re-introduced in the senate essentially unchanged from the version that president clinton vetoed the previous year. this time freshman senator hillary clinton voted in favor of the bill. the bill was essential lly the same. what changed? campaigns cost money.
6:35 am
that money wasn't coming from families in financial trouble. senator clinton received $140,000 in campaign contributions from banking industry executives in a single year making her one of the top two rezip yents in tcipients ind it goes on. this was a major bill that hurt millions of working family, the very people bernie defends and hillary clinton is not it in support of because of the huge amount of money that comes from wall street. >> robert? >> listen, an incredibly disappointing week for senator sanders. the "daily news" article was clear. number one platform talking about breaking up the big banks and the truth is, he doesn't understand dodd-frank. unlike secretary clinton he has not been able to discuss actually the living wills or the resolution authority. he really didn't understand the role of the fed. so it's clear to me it's great to say, break up the banks, break up the banks. it's great populace rhetoric, but if you don't actually understand how to do that and what the banks have done and how
6:36 am
important, by the way -- we should be clear. banks are important to this country? okay. without the financial services, important to do lending, to do loans. so it's nice to have -- >> fool a lot of people. >> nice to be an anti-business populist, but at -- >> can i just finish, please? it's nice to be anti-business but we need banks to be successful in this country. >> breaking up the big banks, bernie sanders said maybe the banks should figure what to sell off not sure in the government should step in and break up the bi banks. is that his -- what's his plan? >> i know. that's just a secondary -- after the "daily news" -- go ahead, paul. >> finish. go ahead. >> no, no. more of the same. he really doesn't have any policy. >> i want to point out bob shifted the subject changed the subject after i pointed out in fact a major piece of legislation. >> he's a political guy. >> it's all right. i want to point out that it's on the record that hillary clinton has received wall street money and has influenced her vote. stop the nonsense. >> no, no. i'm talking about bernie
6:37 am
sanders's plan. >> i'm coming back to that. >> i think you answered that question very well first off. >> let me interrupt you. i wand to -- underline and underscore. >> okay. >> that influenced her vote. she voted for a bankruptcy vote that hurt millions of people. bob was the chairman of ubs bank the american version of the bank. >> president of the -- i'm also obama's three-time presidential appointee. so if you want to hit me, we should also -- you're also hitting obama. that's fine. >> no. i'm going to ask you a different question which is when bernie said the government shouldn't come in and tell a bank how to break itself up. the fed and treasury should set the standards say here the how big you are. as a business, wouldn't you prefer as the head of a bank to say, okay. that's the law. it's our job to fig ter out. you don't want the government coming in saying go sell this unit. isn't that a fair -- >> let me ask a question from an outsider not an expert in banking. >> thank you, please.
6:38 am
>> you're going to leave it up to the banks to decide how to downsize? really? would you do that? as a -- as the head of a -- >> the only one on this panel and on the stage last night there over the lehman weekend. it was clear that during the lehman crisis and the aig crisis, by the way senator sanders does not realize his policy would no include aig nor lehman. they are not bank-holding companies. the idea that secretary clinton brings in the shadow banking systems that is the essence of their difference. okay? secretary xln not saying she wouldn't break up the big banks, secretary clinton isn't saying that. saying there's more of the big banks that have to be regulated and a big difference. goes to the point of the "daily news" article. i happened to have read that interview. not that i read that paper. the biggest platform he doesn't understand the intrintricacies.
6:39 am
they will work with that bank to make sure they understand what assets they may need to sell or may not need to sell. citibank passed a living will test because they actually ridded some assets that were deemed too risky to manage. yes, there is going to be, unfortunately whether we like it or not, the private sector is going to be in a regulated environment with banks, and banks are going to have to work with the regulation. >> okay. last word, jonathan. >> let me back up. the first thing is, all that thing about the "daily news" article debunked by lots of people including the "new york times," the roosevelt institute. bernie knew what he was talking about and very much in line. i think bernie and other people's position is regulators should set the standards and the banks go in. you don't want the government saying, go sell out a, b, c unit. you want to figure that ut 0. >> the truth is since 2008 there is an intersection between public policy and the private sector of the banking, and we
6:40 am
work more hand in hand. sure, we would like to dodd-frank to be more principle-based but it's ruled-based. we have to work with the rules and those rules are set by the fed. yes, idealistically i'd love to actually determine everything i'd live to do but that's no longer the case. >> that was bernie's position. i want to make clear. the government should not tell the banks what to do. >> i wish we could go on. fascinating conversation. i could listen to you forever but must end it now. >> thank you, carol. >> thank you both. still -- you're still friends. still to come in the "newsroom," new video of nigeria's missing schoolgirls rekindles international hope and outrage, too. the actions government officials are now taking to bring these girls home.
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new cnn reporting is re-igniting efforts in nigeria to bring home more than 270
6:45 am
kidnapped schoolgirls. stirring hope and anger at the failure to rescue the girls abducted by boko haram two years ago. the outrage prompting the nigerian senate to negotiate where they stand. >> reporter: it's the glimmer of hope parents have been waiting for. [ speaking in foreign language ] a video showing 15 of the girls sent to negotiators by captors as proof of life. cnn obtained the video from a person close to the negotiations to get the girl s release and w shared it with parents of the missing girls, but these young women in the video are only a handful of the girls abducted now two years ago. april 14, 2014, 276 schoolgirls taken in the night by boko haram gunman. a few dozen escaped, but since then, there's been only silence.
6:46 am
despite the global campaigns of "bring back our girls," two years later, they remain missing. facing heavy criticism, nigeria's government remains under pressure to bring them home. >> believe that the girls are alive, but probably based on security they hey not -- you cannot get them in one group. they might have been dispelled into several cells. [ chanting ] >> reporter: in nigeria's capital, supporters and families of the missing marched to mark the slum olemn anniversary. among them, a mother, whose daughter was one of those kidnapped. they showed our story and she broke down in tears saying she recognized the girls. >> i saw the girls, and -- they are the girls. i recognize them, because we are
6:47 am
in the same -- area with them. so i recognized them. >> reporter: it's the first sighting of the girls in nearly two years and after an agonizing wait, families of the missing home the video is not yet another false lead. >> we believe that these girls will be found, and very soon, too. and returned to their families. >> reporter: two long years and counting. for the families of these young missing women, their return can't come soon enough. for cnn. >> unbelievable reporting. still to come in the "newsroom," candidates playing fast and loose with the facts in the debates last night. how accurate on gun control and the minimum wage?
6:48 am
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6:52 am
an unusual event right now in new york city. i told you about it earlier in the show. a group of the people who appeared on the apen tris, donald trump's show are speaking out today and condemning a trump presidency. this is one of them moments ago. >> good morning, america. first let me thank dr. pinkette for his leadership and bravery. it's a bold and big thing to bring us together and share this message and i salute you. america is at a tipping point in its demographic identity, social contract and fear of economic dislocation.
6:53 am
into that void and vacuum of uncertainty and fear has stepped mr. trump. stoking the flames of our worst demons to the chagrin of our better angels and cherished ideals for a more perfect union. as a citizen, patriot and leader, it is my duty to use my small platform to speak the truth. arouse our collective conscious and channel the best version of america that i know is within us all. as one nation, under god, indwizable, with liberty and justice for all. this is no time to run or be silent. it is my turn to stand tall in the breach and speak loudly at the pres tcipice of far itscism. as president clinton said, there is nothing wrong with america that can't be fixed by what's right in america. i believe that in my soul. let us choose kennedy over
6:54 am
kardashianism each and every time. that is why i defiantly stand up. why i defiantly speak out, and why i defiantly stand before you today. martin luther king junior once said the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. this is one of those times. trump has created a toxic eco system in our political discourse. trump has appealed to the lowest common demnominator of fear. and this mix is never the path to american progress. mccarthyism, jesse helms or governor wallace standing in the schoolhouse door. trump does not have the temperament required on the world stage with volatile regimes in iran, north korea,
6:55 am
and the threat of isis. you don't get into a fist for fist boxing match in 2016 global politics. trump's proposals are rooted in fantasy making mexico pay for its own wall, getting china to do all the bidding based on threats, retreaties because he said so, really? and he's simply a smarter negotiator? trump has taken key air time from substantive candidates like kasich. and had others join him at the bottom by building a wall instead of bridges. either you're draining the swamp in america or filling it. that swamp is intolerance and hate, and i believe that trump is filling it. trump is not the candidate for america. words matter.
6:56 am
and you incite violence when you cajole -- >> you get the gist. donald trump has responded. he calls this group a group of failing want to bes, and he goes onto call them losers. we'll have more on this in the next hour of news room. also bernie sanders is in vatican city. his supporters are there no welcome him. as you can see, this is in rome. they're wearing shorts with rome is berning on them. that's in the next hour of news room which starts after a break. they sato make a sunscreenle... you can apply to wet skin. a wrinkle cream that works in one week.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
york. >> i do question her judgment.
7:01 am
i question a judgment which voted for the war in iraq. >> his core issue, breaking up the banks. when asked, he could not explain how that would be done. >> i will do it. i am going to release all of the transcripts. there were no speeches. >> it's great to be back in new york. >> god bless the great state of new york. >> the people in the towers who helped rescue each other, those are those of new york values. >> i will admit to you, i haven't built any buildings in new york city, but i have spent my entire life fighting to defend the constitution and the bill of rights. another busy political day. good morning to you. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. anger boils over and accusations fly fast and furious at the cnn democratic debate.
7:02 am
>> wait a minute. wait a minute. >> that's just not accurate. >> i have stood on the debate stage with senator sanders the entire time. i've said the exact same thing. >> senator please. >> we can raise it to $15 in new york or los angeles. >> remember the civility and graciousness of their earlier show downs? it's trampled under foot as they race toward the primary in new york. more of the fire works now. >> if we can raise it to new york or los angeles or seattle, let's do it. >> if you're both screaming at each other, the viewers won't be able to hear either of you. ♪ >> does secretary clinton have the experience and intelligence to be a president? of course she does, but i do question her judgment. >> president obama trusted my judgment enough to ask me to be secretary of state. >> do you regret your advocacy for the crime bill?
7:03 am
>> my husband has apologized. he was the president that signed it. senator sanders voted for it. >> secretary clinton called them out. oh, my goodness. they must be really crushed by that. >> my question was about the transcript of the speeches to goldman sachs. >> when everybody does it, i will do it. >> secretary clinton, everybody else does it, she'll do it. we'll release our taxes. jane does our taxes. we've been a little bit busy lately. you'll excuse us. >> you know, there are a lot of copy machining around. >> unfortunately i remain one of the poorer members of the united states senate, and that's what that will show. >> if senator sanders doesn't agree with how you are approaching something, then you are a member of the establishment. >> interesting comment, but you didn't answer the question. >> i did. >> no, you didn't. my -- >> i think we're going to win this nomination, to tell you the truth. >> i love being in brooklyn. this is great. >> it was just that kind of night.
7:04 am
cnn joe johns had a front seat. he's with us with more. >> reporter: one of the other flash points was about the 1994 crime bill. one of the issues that causes problems for post of these democratic candidates because it's seen as contributing to increased incarceration of african american men. activist groups have been hammering the issue. a problem for clinton because she supported her. her husband signed the bill as president. she also in 199 6 was caught on camera buying into super predators. that doesn't help her, and it's a problem for bernie sanders too, because he voted for it while he was a member of the house. so this all came up in the debate last night and sanders was on the attack. he didn't get asked about his vote until after the debate when cnn's jeff zeleny raised it. listen. >> i supported the crime bill. my husband has apologized. he was the president who actually signed it.
7:05 am
senator sanders voted for it. >> what about you, senator? >> i'm sorry for the consequences that were unintended and that have had a very unfortunate impact on people's lives. i've seen the results of what has happened in families and in communities. >> senator sanders, earlier this week at the apollo theater you called out president clinton for defending secretary clinton's use of the term super predator in the 90s when she supported the crime bill. why? >> because it was a racist term and everybody knew it was a racist term. >> in retro protect, it led to a lot of awful things. you can't see in prretrospect. if i had voted the other day, she would say you had an opportunity to calm down a deal with domestic violence and vote for the violence against women act. i don't think you can look at it like that.
7:06 am
what i do know is that bill has caused disastrous problems in m mass incarceration, and we need to radically reform a broken criminal justice system. >> reporter: so unraveling all that, the bulk of the criticism has been directed at the clintons, but it's also true that bernie sanders voted for it too. >> all right. joe johns, thank you so much. joe johns reporting live. we'll take you out to vatican city because bernie sanders is speaking before a conference. he's hoping to meet with pope francis. that appears unlikely at the moment, but you never know. we're awaiting bernie sanders to speak. he has supporters standing outside waiting for him to pop out, and they're wearing t shirts that say rome feels the bern. let's go back to the debate. it was interesting how many other people were on the stage besides sanders and clinton in spirit. barack obama's name was invoked
7:07 am
45 times. we counted. here's an example. >> the people of new york voted for me twice to be their senator from new york, and president obama trusted my judgment enough to ask me to be secretary of state. >> the idea that i'm bringing forth, i have to admit it, you know, it wasn't my idea. it was barack obama's idea in 2008. >> i have laid out a set of actions that build on what president obama was able to accomplish. >> i know you keep referring to barack obama all night here. >> so you get the picture. with me now, a hillary clinton supporter and the author of the book why bernie sanders matters. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> nice to have you here. bernard, why invoke president obama so many times on that stage? >> well, he's incredibly popular. why not? new york is a president obama
7:08 am
town. i think hillary clinton is absolu absolutely right. when bernie sanders questions hillary's judgment, you question barack obama's judgment and also the judgment of voters who 55% of voted for her when she ran the first time and when they got a second look in 2006, she got the support of 67%. i think the dakota hebate had a contrast between them them. it's reality over rhetoric and one of doing over just talking about stuff, and each and every time when it comes to bernie sanders, he's great on hurling out platitudes and sarkism, but when it comes to specifics and policies and proposals, and actions, whether those are to back up his claims against hillary clinton or to back up the actions he plans on taking as president, they're devoid and not there. hillary clinton came out as very presidential. >> harry, do you agree? some analysts agree that bernie sanders was too sarcastic
7:09 am
because he has to bring people in and sarcasm often doesn't work. >> bernie went full brooklyn on her last night. he can't help himself. he is who he is, and one of the lovable things about sanders is he doesn't change. everybody might want him to be a little more softer and smile more, but that's not what bernie is. bernie has reach that is far beyond brooklyn, and i think that's one of the things we're going to see in this election is that he has a lot of roots and connections in the farming community in upstate new york in the manufacturing community, and i think it's -- that the vote on tuesday which really is totally up in the air, is going to surprise a lot of people. and the one who really has a lot to lose is hillary clinton, because if sanders prevails on tuesday, then she's really in trouble. >> so do you believe that, bernard, that the race is getting ever closer here in new york state even though every poll kind of doesn't show that?
7:10 am
>> i don't think so. i think bernie sanders, frankly, is becoming increasingly desperate and negative. i think he's brought an important voice, but i think the more time has gone on, i think he realizes the nomination is out of reach. he has 40 % of the vote, but hillary clinton has 60 % of the vote. the idea that he can somehow win in new york and claim the nomination is basically fantasy, and i think with that in hand, he is becoming incredibly divisive and negative which i think does not do him well or his movement well, and i think ultimately can harm the party. i feel like while he's done a great job bringing critical issues to the fore, i think he needs to tone down the rhetoric and he needs to recognize that hillary clinton is going to be around. >> i think both sides have become nasty. i think hillary clinton has thrown a few bombs at bernie sanders as well. so he's not alone in his attacks. someone said bernie sanders is
7:11 am
annoyed he is losing the campaign. hillary clinton is annoyed he hasn't lost yet. is there truth to that? >> absolutely. i think the entire political establishment is shocked that sanders is still in the game. i think bernie sanders himself is still shocked that he's still in the game. i'm not a sanders supporter. i am his biographer. his entire career he has surprised opponents, and i think that nobody knows what's going to happen on tuesday. i think that he has a whole lot of momentum. he has won six of the last seven contes contests. he's not kind of a fluke at this point. he's real competition. >> he is real competition, bernard, and he could pull a michigan surprise in new york state. you never know. >> i doubt that's going to happen. i think he will get a number of votes, but i think hillary clinton is going to prevail and as we get toward may, we'll need
7:12 am
to focus on donald trump. and i think hillary can draw contrast versus someone who can reach across the aisle and bring people together. bernie sanders is so far outside and positions himself as wants to tear down everything and blow up the entire organization, how is he going to work across the aisle to put it back together? we need one with the ability to work together in common to solve problems. >> let me ask you both about this, you're seeing the square there. that's vatican city, and bernie sanders is going to speak before this vatican conference. he's hoping to meet with the pope. those are actually bernie sanders supporters. see them? bernie, bernie, bernie. he may be coming out right now. let's just watch for a second. okay. so bernie is just arriving.
7:13 am
take the banner down, please. >> okay, you see people in rome, some excited to see bernie sanders coming to deliver his speech. he's hoping to meet with pope francis. don't know if he will. harry, why did bernie sanders take a break to go to vatican city? >> that's a great question. i think that sanders, honestly, feels a kinship and a camaraderie with the pope, and they're speaking the same language, except that the pope is talking about global matters of income inequality and climate change, and that's in bernie sanders' wheel house. he sees a true comrade, and i
7:14 am
don't know, you're invited to the vatican. you say, okay, i'll show up, and i think that it plays well in this country. i think that if hillary clinton had been invited, i think he'd have gone to rome. it just shows very very well his strength and that he can be above politics some of the time. >> all right. i have to leave it there. bernard and harry, thanks so both of you. coming up this afternoon wolf blitzer will talk to the heads of the democratic and republican national committees. still to come is trump changing his tune? the endorsement calling on him to act more presidential. (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating and cooling systems so reliable. if there's a breaking point, we'll find it. it's hard to stop a trane. really hard.
7:15 am
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7:18 am
this morning the new york post is using the presidential sale seal of approval to donald trump. they said he can live up to make america great again, but only if he becomes more presidential as a nominee. that comes as corey lewandowski
7:19 am
koms out and won't be charged. phil mattingly is here with more on that. >> well, corey lewandowski has made clear with the legal cloud lifted from his head, he's ready to move on, and that means no apology. >> apologize or no? >> look, again, i reached out and provided my phone records to show that, and never once at any time in this incident has she contacted the campaign directly. that's the disappointing part. she had the opportunity to clear this up. if she wanted too much conversation, she could have reefed out to me or the office -- reached out to me or the office. that never took place. >> if you look at the endorsement from the new york post or "the wall street journal" op ed, and then you look at this the, legal cloud leaving the head of his campaign manager. now donald trump is in a state he's expected to do well. 95 potential delegates on the
7:20 am
table. he and his team have kind of turned a corner, or at least if you talk to them, they say it, and they believe they're heading into an area where not only where they'll do well in new york but also a good map in the weeks ahead to pick up a lot of delegates and perhaps turn around the narrative that their campaign is in trouble and set themselves on course to reach the necessary delegates we keep talking about before they get to the convention in cleveland. >> all right. thanks to much, phil. i want to dig a little deeper on that new york post endorsement of donald trump. it writes should he win the nomination, we expect him to pivot in his manner. he needs to be more presidential, better informed on policy, more self-disciplined and less thin skinned. here to talk about that and more, jeffrey lore, trump supporter and brent bozel, supporter of ted cruz. welcome to both of you. >> jeffrey, so the post endorses
7:21 am
trump but says all that stuff about him? that's kind of odd. >> you know, the new york post is in a better place with donald trump than they were when rupert murdoch tweeted that he should get out of the race. now they have endorsed donald trump. i think it's quite a change. >> how do you endorse a guy that needs to be better informed on policy and more presidential? >> you know, i really do think donald trump has grown a lot as a candidate. i think he'll get better. basically it's his message that's resonating with people, and that's what's given him this rocket fuel in the polls and i think will continue to do so. >> brent, i think the new york post couldn't endorse senator cruz because he said that about, you know, new york values, and i don't think that would have been smart of the post to put on their front page. >> well, the first thing i want to say is hi to my friend
7:22 am
jeffrey to invite him to come back from the dark side. [ laughter ] >> look, you would expect a local paper to endorse a citizen of new york. that doesn't surprise me. but it did come with a qualifier because people sense this -- i used to think that one of these days we were going to see that presidential donald trump emerge. i don't think we're going to anymore, because i see that his happy place is always to whine about every little thing, including those things can which do in the exist like colorado where he will not stop whining about the fact that ted cruz followed the rules and he chose not to. >> but here's the thing about mr. trump appearing more presidential because he appears to be doing just that. he wrote an op ed in the wall street journal that was well thought out. even the statement about corey lewandowski didn't have any slams against michelle fields.
7:23 am
in fact, it says corey lewandowski is gratified by the decision and appreciates the thoughtful consideration and professionalism by the palm beach state attorney. that's not really trump like, really. >> i do think in a sense there's two donald trumps. there's the showman and there's the thoughtful guy that built this globe straddling empire. i think he really is an exceptional executive. he's got more executive experience than some governors. i think that there's nothing unusual about this. this is the side of donald trump that i've seen as long as i've known him. >> brent, how do you feel about that? >> well, i think it's calculated. i think that he is what he thinks he needs to be at the moment. everything he's been in this campaign is different than what he was a year ago, including what party he belonged to. so he would come out with a very good, professional, you know -- you're shocked about the fact
7:24 am
that he came out with a reasonable press release. this is my point. because all you see is him just whining and snapping and belly aching and complaining. so one time he acts presidential, we're all shocked. >> well, the thing is, jeffrey, all that stuff from when mr. trump was perhaps not abouting presidential is -- acting presidential is on tape. you can't erase what happened in the past because words do matter. >> that's right. and i was going to say, if his opponent winds up being hillary clinton, there's plenty of videotape there to go around from the 1990s, i must say. i'm looking forward to it, and i'm sure he'll be as presidential as ted cruz will be vice presidential. >> would ted cruz really be donald trump's -- [ laughter ] >> look at that. >> that's a cheap shot. how dare you? >> we'll leave it there.
7:25 am
thanks to both of you. still to come, two candidates come out swinging in last night's brooklyn brawl, but was new york the winner? the heirloom tomato.
7:26 am
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7:28 am
7:29 am
and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. it was a new york state of mind in the cnn debate hall last night as the daily beast put it, bernie sanders and hillary clinton turn up the volume to 11 in brooklyn. wolf tried to tone it down, but you'd be forgiven for thinking
7:30 am
the nod was broken with cheers and boos as candidates talked about issues that new yorkers are passionate about like israel, gun control and more. >> you have a right to defend yourself. that does not mean that you don't take appropriate precautions. >> there comes a time -- there comes a time when if we pursue justice and peace, we are going to have to say that netanyahu is not right all of the time. if a gun shop owner sells a weapon legally to somebody and that person then goes out and kills somebody, i don't believe it is appropriate that the gun shop owner who just sold a legal weapon to be held accountable and be sued. >> we hear a lot from senator sanders about the greed and recklessness of wall street, and
7:31 am
i agree . we have to hold wall street available. what about the gun manufacturers and dealers in america? >> let's talk about that. with me now, jamani williams and charles blow. welcome to both of you. >> thank you for having us. >> jamani, this was your district. the crowd was into this. it must have been incredible to be in the audience. >> not my district by my burro. it was like a sporting event with the action going on. i heard hisses as well. i think brooklyn won the debate, but i think the one thing i came away with is i'm happy if any one of them get it over the republicans. each of them are better than any of the republican candidates? >> you're not going to take a stand. >> i've been feeling the warm, not the bern yet. gun control is a big issue for me. and gun violence, in particular. there's two buckets.
7:32 am
gun control and supply and demand. and i think bernie has been good on deals with the demand and the issues that cause the violencvi. i'm hoping he'll be clearer on the gun control issues. >> are you disappointed you can't sue gun control manufacturers right now? >> all the issues i've had have given good explanations of what he's saying. it doesn't can come across publicly. he does support suing if someone walks in and buys 6,000 rounds or if there's dealers that are violating the law. those are conversations i've had privately which i believe. my hope is that there come across so people can understand his stance. >> charles, why does bernie sanders not support people's right to sue gun manufacturers. >> that's the problem. you can't say it in a private conversation. saying it when you're on a debate stage a couple days
7:33 am
before new york state primary, a state in which -- that has pretty strict gun laws and a state in which many of the guns used in gun violence in this state come from out of state, states that don't have strong gun control laws. that's a problem. that's the moment that you say it. >> why doesn't he say it? >> i have no clue. >> if you listen to it, he actually did kind of say it, but it's unbetween other things that are parsed out. so it's frustrating to me. because i want to fully embrace the bern, but i'm hoping he says it publicly before tuesday, otherwise it's a difficult situation that people like me who really are passionate about gun violence are putting. again, the demand which is another bucket that people need to talk about, what's causing the violence in the communities, the resources needed. he's good on that part. and i think i feel his message more on that end. >> last night was an incredible
7:34 am
deflection. i'm stead instead of dealing with straw purchases, the idea that he dealt with what if i sell one gun shop owner sells one gun that's legal to one person. that's not what we're talking about, and he knows that well. what we're talking about is there are categories of guns that are specifically manufactured to kill other people. there's no other reason to have them. and there are gun shop owners who have been traced back to those particular shops where they've been selling massive amounts of guns that are part of the gun trafficking trade. that's what people are talking about when they say we need to deal with these problem people. and he didn't say any of that. he got around a one person one gun thing. bernie sanders knows better than in a. >> bernie sanders is in vatican city. he's going to talk about the conference and hopes to meet with pope francis. charles, do you think that will resonate with new yorkers?
7:35 am
in the primaries, it's a couple days away. >> first, i think he'll get a lot of press. press is always good for bernie. the more people know about bernie, the more they like him. do i think it's the smartest move? i don't. i think when you take a foreign trip like that, you do it to build your portfolio, to expand your resume and say not only do i know a lot about domestic issues which i am passionate about, i am also a world leader who can talk about world issues. if you take the world trip and you still talk about the domestic issue that you've been hammering for months now or in bernie case, 30 years, then it doesn't expand the resume. i don't know if it's the smartest move for him in this particular form. >> although when the pope came to new york city, new york loved him, so why not? >> yes, they did. i think charles is saying it right. it's a mixed bag. my preference would have been that he stayed here and talked about some of the issues that i
7:36 am
think he needs to expound upon like the gun control issue, but it is a presidential move to do something like that. i'm not sure if it's the best thing to do before a primary, but there's benefit that can come from talking about world issues on the world stage. >> last question. who won the debate last night, charles? >> there wasn't a knockout punch. it was a ruckus and fun to watch. it was kind of heated. it's very brooklyn. but no knockout punch. and i think bernie needed a knockout punch. the new cnn poll, i think hillary is up 17 points or something. that's a lot to close up in a few days, and to do that, you really need a moment where people say -- that you can say, she lost here because he really outflanked here and now i see why it is him, not her. that didn't happen. the ground did not shift in that way last night. >> you're still not feeling the bern. you're just warm. >> i'm hoping we have time to
7:37 am
change it. it was a good battle. i would say i think brooklyn won and new york won. errol lewis won. >> and dana bash was fantastic, and wolf. >> i have to go with the hometown kid. >> i understand. >> i think there's some time, and i'll say he's much closer than people, even the gap in new york, even now is closer than many people expected. >> thanks for stopping by. i appreciate it. still to come in the news room, trump takes a dose of his own medicine. exapprentices tell the donald he should be fired.
7:38 am
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trump's next employee, but today six former contestants from his hit show are coming out swinging against donald trump saying it's a campaign of racism, violence, and hate. brian stelter joins me now with more on that. and they came out swinging. >> they did. these are contestants from son-in-law of tthe early seasons. here's what was said at the press conference a few minutes ago. >> we stand united as former candidates on the apprentice, not to denounce donald trump the man but to denounce donald trump the presidential candidate's message. >> trump has created a toxic eco system. he has appealed to the lowest demon denominator of fear, racism, and divisiveness in our populous, and this mix is never the path to american progress. >> donald trump is validating people's hate and his bigotry in a way that i truly believe has
7:43 am
the potential to tear this country apart. >> so six of these former contestan contestants, media savvy. trump has responded. he's calling them want to bes and failures. he's part of his statement. he said they want to get back in the limelight like they had when they were with trump. total dishonesty and disloyalty. others are supporting him. pierce morgan, it's interesting, i think about how the celebrity apprentice helped teach trump television skills and make him a better presidential candidate, but there's a downside. some of the former contestants not happy with his rhetoric. >> i don't know how much it will hurt donald trump, frankly. i mean, we'd have to ask better political minds to know about that. >> teflon don, but it's interesting about his candidacy,
7:44 am
and to have it coming from people on the show, it's potent. i think some people who watch the show who might remember the contestants will be interested to listen to them. >> they said they're attacking his message as a candidate, not the man. >> the best quote i heard was one of them saying we went kennedy, not kardashianism. presidential rhetoric, and not reality show. there's a double edged sword to him being a reality star. there's a downside as well. and for now it's only six. we'll see if maybe other former contestants come forward, but there are dozens who haven't said anything about donald. >> thank you so much. still to come, hillary clinton and bernie sanders both agree on raising the minimum wage, but that did not stop them from going after each other at last night's debate.
7:45 am
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all right. we want to bring you back to rome. we understand that senator
7:49 am
bernie senators has either finished speaking or he's in the process of speaking. we got bullet points of what he was speaking about. it's all about income inequality. at one part bernie sanders will tell the people in attendance if we let the quest for profits dominate society, the fast inequalities of power and wealth lead to margin alization the market economy fails us. we got a statement from pope francis. the senator was hoping to meet with pope francis. pope francis released a statement apologizing for not being able to meet with senator sanders saying i realized today was going to be very complicated because of my other trip. today i confirmed the situation and would like to apologize for not being able to attend. the pope is going to the greek island to pray for the immigrants coming -- migrants from the middle east. so we'll keep you posted on
7:50 am
that. we have bernie sanders speaking, but we're not fast enough to turn that for you just yet. we'll have it soon. let's talk about the minimum wage. higher minimum wages are becoming a reality in some parts of the country. at last night's debate, clinthi clinton said she'd always been fighting to expand the minimum wage to $15. >> if you look at it, we move more quickly to $15 in new york city more deliberately toward $12, then to 15. that's exactly my position. it's a model for the nation, and that's what i'll do as president. go as quickly as possible to get to $15. >> i am sure a lot of people are very surprised to learn that you supported raising the minimum wage to 15 an hour. >> you know, wait a minute. wait a mip ounute. >> i have stood on the debate stage with senator sanders eight prior times.
7:51 am
i've said the exact same thing. if we can raise it to 15 in new york or los angeles or seattle, let's do it. ? >> if you're both screaming at each other, the viewers can't hear either of you. >> the pictures you were seeing were from vatican city. we think bernie sanders may have been in there. i couldn't see him. there he is. you can see him leaving. this workshop right now, you can see there are supporters there cheering on bernie sanders. and, you know, we assume they're american visit sors to roors to. you can hear them chanting his name to the candidate's delight. we talked to bernie sanders' campaign manager. he said the visit contrasts him to hillary clinton and brings more light on the fact of global wage inequality around the world. let's listen for just a second.
7:52 am
[ chanting bernie ] >> all right. quite a scene in rome as bernie sanders leaves this vatican workshop. alison is here to talk about the minimum wage. bernie sanders is in rome to
7:53 am
talk about income inequality. so this visit fits in with his message. >> it does, and this is his appeal to his supporters. are these inequities he's talking about, especially when talk about wages. before we got to the video of him being a rock star at the vatican, we showed the fiery exchange between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the way hillary clinton answered it is she has been a supporter of minimum wage 15, forever. that's not necessarily entirely true. as much as the fact that yes, hillary clinton does support a higher federal minimum wage, it hasn't always been for 15. in november she proposed a 12 minimum wage, and bernie sanders called her out saying wait a minute, you preferred that back to the states. she said yes, i support a higher federal minimum wage, but leave it up to the states to raise it to 15. that's what they've been doing for over a year. we saw it in california and new
7:54 am
york. she stood by governor cuomo with that -- >> i think i hear senator sanders speaking in the let's try to listen here. >> the economy. in my country and around the world, we are seeing a hand full of very, very wealthy people become wealthier while most people are becoming poorer. in fact, the top 1% of people on this planet now own more wealth than the bottom 99%. that's, to me, unacceptable. it's unsustainable. it is immoral, and together we have got to change that. and i have been normalenormousl impressed by pope francis speaking out and his visionary views about creating a moral economy, an economy that works
7:55 am
for all people, not just the people on top. and what he has said over and over again, we cannot allow the market just to do what the market does. that's not acceptable. we have got to engrain moral principles into our economy. and there is no area where that is clearer than in the area of climate change. the greed of the fossil fuel industry is literally destroying our planet. the scientists are virtually unanimous. climate change is real, and it is caused by human activity. it is already causing devastating problems all over this planet. and whether the fossil fuel industry likes it or not, we have got to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy, and what pope francis has told us over
7:56 am
and over again is we have the wealth to do that. we have the technology to do that. we have the know-how to do that. but we have got to confront the greed of people who are so much more concerned about their own billions than the future of the children and the future of our planet. so i am just so excited to be here, so proud to be here with other like-minded people who are trying to do our best to create a moral economy. jeff, where are you? >> right here, in front of you. >> i want jeff -- >> senator, will you see the pope? >> jeff, the moral economy, jeff, where's jeff in. >> will you see the pope? >> jeff wanted to say a few
7:57 am
words. >> just, i want to say how thrilled the participants are today to have senator sanders and hear his powerful words today. all day we've been discussing the enormous crisis of inequality of income, the injustice of the world economy because we've been reflecting on 25th anniversary where pope john paul the second warned us of these things if greed and power is let out of moral control, we lose. senator sanders has been making this point again and again, every part of my country and around the world, and i can tell you because i've been with the participants, how thrilled the many of the leaders of this church and many of the participants from around the world are to welcome senator
7:58 am
sanders here. >> are you going meet the pope? [ indiscernible question ] >> i believe that the pope -- [ indiscernible ] >> in trying to create a new vision for the people of our country. what he is saying is that we cannot continue to go forward when so few have so much and when dwrepreed greed is such a e force throughout the world. i have long been a supporter of the economic vision of pope francis, his views on climate change have played a profound role. let me tell you, i'm a member of the senate committee on the
7:59 am
environment. he has played a profound role in turning many people's minds around about the urgency of the moment in terms of dealing with climate change. so when i received this invitation, i know it's taking me away from the campaign trail for a day, but when i received this information, it was so moving to me that it was something that i could just simply not refuse to afettend. >> do you think it will help you with the catholic vote in new york? >> thank you. >> you can see senator bernie sanders, pretty much a rock star. ben we'dmdeman is there. who are all the people there? >> reporter: we understand it's a collection of journalists and people here, tourists, residents of rome, americans who have come to express their support for
8:00 am
bernie sanders. so it's a mix of people, but, of course, he's saying what we heard him say during this conference on the changes in the global economy in the last 25 years, stressing as was the topic of his paper, the urgency of a moral economy. >> all right. ben wedeman reporting live from rome. thanks so much. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. hello, everyone. i'm john berman. kate is off today. what you've just been watching is something really, really interesting. bernie sanders at the vatican. hopefully we'll have pictures of what just happened. bernie sanders just spoke to a group at the vatican. this is sort of a think tank there. he was invited or


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