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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  April 16, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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to awesomeness! to watchathon!! big is back. xfinity watchathon week starts april 18. the greatest collection of shows free with xfinity on demand. it was a lovely meeting. he's an extraordinary man. >> bernie sanders glowing possibly after meeting with the pope. that meeting coming hours before the holy father flew into greece and returned to the vatican with 12 syrian refugees. >> the republican system is rigged. >> it is not surprising when a candidate loses 11 elections in a row he's unhappy about it. >> a lot of times this campaign
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reminds me of ""sesame street."" >> donald trump at the top reiterating his claim that the gop nominating system is rigged, as the battle for the gop nomination moves to his home turf. >> this was her specialty. this was what she was trained to deal and love. >> and a rare tiger attacks and kills a zoo worker in florida. what ear learning about the woman who was called the tiger whisperer by her colleagues. >> you are in the cnn newsroom. we're always so grateful for your company. i'm christi paul. >> and i'm victor blackwell. the next big delegate prize in the race for the white house is in new york on tuesday. we go to syracuse new york, where donald trump will speak
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today. but we're going to start with you, anna. this could be similar to what we saw in colorado. this is what donald trump claims the rnc and the other campaigns refute, but this is what donald trump claims is rigged. cruz just says he's playing the game well. >> that's right. victor and christi, this convention is about to get under way. the expectation is ted cruz will have a very good today. almost half of the state's delegates here in wyoming were elected at the county conventions, which happened back in march. so far ted cruz has won the majority of those. i want to show you the break down we have here in wyoming so far. ted cruz winning 9 of the pledged delegates, marco rubio picked up one because the county conventions happened before he dropped out of the race, donald trump picking up one of those delegates and one is
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unplumbinged and wyoming is a state where they don't have formally declare support for a candidate ahead of time. today 14 more delegates will be selected. the question is will this be a ted cruz clean sweep? both the trump and kasich campaign suggest that's what they are expecting. and trump again today criticizing this system, that the way wyoming picks its delegates he called rigged. and again went after the ted cruz campaign, essentially saying they're exploiting the system. listen. >> i don't want to waste millions of dollars going out to wyoming many months before to wine and dine and essentially pay off all these people because a lot of it is a payoff, you understand that, they treat them, they take them to dinner, they get them hotels. the whole thing is a big payoff. it has nothing to do with democracy. i've understood this for a long time. i never said anything because frankly i wasn't involved in
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politics except on the other side. >> they are saying they took the time to study the way the process works. wyoming says this is the way they've been electing a delegate for decades, they haven't done anything differently this year. ted cruz will be the only candidate speaking to the state convention here in wyoming today. sarah palin was supposed to represent donald trump's campaign. they have since cancelled her appearance here and it's still unknown exactly who might speak on behalf of trump. and governor otter, who is a kasich supporter, will be addressing the crowd. we'll be watching to see how the delega delegate breakdown goes here in wyoming. >> let's turn now to chris. you're in syracuse. donald trump staying focused on his home state, trying to get
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above that threshold to take all 95 of new york's delegates. >> that's exactly right. we're getting ready for a big rally here in syracuse but donald trump continuing to bang the drum this and complain about the gop process. he took to the pages of the wall street journal earlier this week and has been hitting it hard on the campaign trail. >> they changed the system. they said they didn't change. they went to a deal where the bosses pick the delegates and the people never got to vote. and the people in colorado didn't know their vote was being taken away from them and you have some angry people in colorado right now. >> and the rnc is hitting back saying the candidates have known about this process. it's the same process that
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abraham lincoln went through to get the nomination. ted cruz taking a little bit of joy in this and criticizing donald trump for complaining so hard about in process. >> it is not surprising when a candidate loses 11 elections in a row that he's unhappy about it and so he complains. and that's fine. >> cruz predicting he'll add a 12th victory today in wyoming. as we just heard from ana, he's hoping to do the same thing in wyoming which he did in colorado, which is to beat donald trump on the inside convention game. donald trump focusing on his home state of new york. it's no surprise why ted cruz is going to be in wyoming and not new york today. one of the most recent polls showing donald trump ahead here. john kasich is in second place with 25%, ted cruz coming all the way into third place with 16% support. so ted cruz a lot of ground to make up here. in fact, if donald trump could do well here, he could win
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statewide by more than 50% and do more than 50% in all the congressional districts he has a shot of taking all 95 of those delegates and trying to get closer to that magic number of 1,237 and wrap this up. >> approaching that time where donald trump will walk out on that stage in syracuse. chris, thanks so much. >> let's talk more about this with jeff dewitt. good to have you here. because of delegate conventions like this, we heard donald trump there, the system is rigged. what do you say about maybe people say do your homework and maybe we should have seen this coming? >> it's not even about doing homework. the system is very rigged and the political insiders and donor class really want to control who the nominee is. they have gotten behind ted cruz now and are handing him these
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victories. the only states that ted cruz can win are the states where the party bosses get to choose the delegates. when ted cruz goes around now and takes credit for a big win where the party bosses hand him this insider deal, it's gross. it's the political equivalent of a dunk guy in a bar bragging about kissing his sister and it's disgusting. when they say it's the way we did it in 1864, things have changed since then. the gop said they were going to change and promised this year they were going to listen to voters. donald trump is going around, winning with voters. >> take a look at florida. donald trump got 40% but that was a winner-take-all state.
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people might argue he's only complaining when it doesn't suit him. >> well, again, donald trump is leading ted cruz by millions of votes and the states where he's winning are where voters have a choice. ted cruz cannot win in these states. look at new york coming up where voters have a choice. >> if ted cruz can't win and let's look at the numbers here, trump is going to gain an awful lot more number of delegates in new york than he would in wyoming certainly. >> yes. >> so with that said, what are we going to see him doing moving forward, trump? when we're looking at new york and that's where his focus is but beyond new york, let's say he wins and he doesn't worry about wyoming or colorado or north dakota as we've seen in the past, we're heading into pennsylvania. is he going to change his strategy at all or is he sticking with this system that is rigged verbiage? >> we obviously have to play
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within the rules that are set out before us. it stinks when the rules change in the middle of the game. we have to keep moving forward and taking this to the people and winning with voters. luckily there are enough states coming up that we should do just fine, especially with the over 170 delegates in june, in california. a lot of that might come down to that and we're going to do very well there. so we can win by taking it to voters. but just to see the insider game. a month ago ted cruz was criticizing donald trump when donald trump had asked the crowd to take a pledge, they would go out and vote to support him and he criticized that. now ted cruz is having the wyoming delegates sign a piece of paper, he wants them to sign, that they're going to stay with them for each and every vote. i hope people go back and play his comments a month ago where he talked about how terrible that was and now he's going further. >> and donald trump seems to
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have not have gone third party and that seems to have gone by the wayside now as well. >> i don't think it gone by the wayside. right when he did that prks right when donald trump signed the pledge is within a week of when the gop cancelled the colorado vote. the typical way they can shut down a candidate like a donald trump in the past is by shutting off the money spigot. what's killing the strategy is donald trump is self-funding so he can keep moving forward. so they're in panic mood doing these insider rules. we don't have a shot, the insiders run it. >> we know because sarah palin has been pulled. we'll see who speaks in wyoming. >> thanks for having me. >> we're following breaking news out of greece this morning. pope francis is on his way back to the vatican. with him on the plane, 12 syrian
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refugees, six of them children. it's a remarkable gesture. it marked the end of a trip when pope paul highlighted the refugee crisis. at the end of the visit we were told he was moved to welcome 12 of those refugees to this camp on to the plane and flew them back to the vatican city. >> let talk more about pope francis because before he traveled to greece, the pope met can democratic president bernie sanders. sanders described the conversation to ben wedeman, as well as his plans for tuesday's primary vote in new york. >> it was a lovely meeting. i enjoyed speaking with him. >> and what did you discuss?
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>> i wanted to let him know how appreciative i was in the role he's playing across the world, of raising consciousness about the massive wealth inequality. the top 1% now own wealth greater than the remaining 99%. and we are moving, in his word, in a suicidal direction as far as the climate. >> we it 27,000 out at washington square park. we're going back to do another rally i think tonight. we're going to be working very hard for the next few days. we'll have talked to over 100,000 people in upstate new york, in almost every borough in the city of new york, we have been working very, very hard.
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but i did feel getting this invitation from the vatican, given my enormous respect to the pope is something i could not refuse. >> 8 p.m. tonight is his rally round table. >> we have much more ahead in the newsroom. we're following look at this, these wicked storms in oklahoma, trn torrential rains, tornadoes overnight. now the region is prepping for another round of severe weather. also out of maryland, a firefighter responding to a call at a home. hooves gunned down, killed, two others shot as well. some are asking if this was an ambush. we'll address that. plus her colleagues called her a tiger whisperer. what we're learning about the zoo keeper who was attacked and killed by a rare tiger. >> this particular keeper, this was her specialty. this is what she was trained to
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deal and loved, loved tigers.
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what led up to this attack? that's exactly right, victor. we're hoping to find information of what happened before the attack in a few moments. we've talked to some experts who told us it's extremely difficult exactly what may have triggered the attack, whether or not the tiger may have been responded to the stress or whether it was
7:19 am
simply being playful and not knowing its own strength. either way what happened here is heart breaking. tragedy at the palm beach, florida zoo after a rare tying are killed its handler. it happened at the night house where the big cats are fed and sleep. stacey konwiser was preparing for a tiger talk, an informational vent for visitors when something went wrong. >> this is a tiger that was very familiar with stacey, and she was very familiar with the tiger. >> no visitors were ever threatened but the zoo was evacuated. getting to the victim was not easy. the animal was tranquilized and they had to wait for the drugs to take effect before reaching stacey konwiser. >> officials at the zoo where
7:20 am
her husband also worked as a trainer said konwiser had lots of experience handling the tigers and did not do anything unusual as she worked in the enclosure. >> the love that she has for these animals, you don't get into this business without the love for the animals and understanding the danger that's involved even more. >> officials have not identified which of the four iendangered tigers attacked konwiser but they say it's a 13-year-old male. the condition of the tiger is unknown, the zoo only saying it's contained. >> it's a powerful animal. if they get ahold of you, there's nothing you can do to let them go, i don't care how strong or big you are. >> in 2007 a siberian tiger named tatiana escaped her open air enclosure at the san francisco zoo and attacked three people. one 17-year-old boy was killed. the tiger shot dead by police after the mauling. in 2003 the entertainers siegfried and roy were
7:21 am
performing in las vegas were their white tiger, montikore. halfway through he lunged and bit him in the neck, dragging him around. >> the zoo is set to give a press briefing in the next few moments. we'll find out the condition of the tiger and what the zoo plans to do for him, whether they are going to transfer him somewhere else or worse. >> thank you. and this morning, trying to figure out how a call for help led to people being shot. a firefighter, john ulmschneider responded to a call and when he
7:22 am
got there, he was shot. have you gotten any word of a motive here? >> investigators believe that the firefighters were not targeted by this person who opened shots. this all unfolded at 7:30 last night, one firefighter is dead and another is critically injured. >> there was only gun fire from the resident of the home directed at public safety after public safety got into the residence. the situation immediately became calm and no police officers fired any weapons. it was simply the resident inside. after several rounds were fired and i think they realized it was public safety, that's when the confrontation ended. >> a family member called -- made the initial 911 call to call about a medical emergency about the relatives. when the two firefighters showed
7:23 am
up, they tried to make their way inside when there was no response. that's when the person on the other side of that door opened fire. one of those a 39-year-old, 13-year veteran of the prince goerges county ems. the other officer, a 19-year-old volunteer, he was taken to the hospital, a trauma center where he underwent surgery. he's listed in critical condition but was listed as stable and is expected to live. the captain of the police officers said as soon as he realized it was first responders, he stopped shooting. when we get more information, we'll bring it back to you guys. >> nick valencia, thank you. >> thousands in japan already in clean-up mode from the first earthquake. a second powerful tremor shook there overnight. we're taking you live to japan for a look at the damage and what the big struggle is right now. ng)
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united airlines is cancelling all of its flights out of denver international airport today because the current forecast calls for 9 to 16 inches of snow. yes, in mid april. united is offering to change
7:28 am
free waivers or refunds and they plan to resume operations on sunday. >> talk about severe weather, what would you do if you saw this thing? this is what was going on in the texas panhandle. storm chasers captured this twister winding through oklahoma. three tornadoes touched down in that area yesterday. and circque du soleil. the group said it strongly believes in diversity and equality for every individual is and is opposed to discrimination in any form, unquote. >> kensington palace shared a photo of the royal couple on twitter sitting on the same bench where william's mother,
7:29 am
diana, sat during the trip with prince charles in 1992. now, the image became an iconic symbol of the breakdown of their relationship. the bench is now nicknamed lady di's chair. >> a second powerful earthquake shook japan overnight and now parts of the country are, as we're told, swaying every hour with strong aftershocks. we'll go live to rescuers who are frantically trying to dig survivors out of that rubble. ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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which could be severe. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and any medicines you take. taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase your risk for low blood sugar. common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, and indigestion. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney failure. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. let's get to japan now together. a massive rescue effort is under way after another earthquake rocked the country's southwestern region. the yesterday struck yesterday in the city of kumamoto. 7.0. at least 32 people are reported
7:33 am
dead as of now. hundreds have been evacuated. the biggest concern, though, at the moment are the scores of people feared trapped beneath piles of debris. cnn's matt rivers has just arrived in kumamoto near the relief center. matt, what are you seeing? what is the most urgent need? >> reporter: we did just arrive. can you see some of the damage but a lot of it you can't see. the electricity for the prefecture is out for entire area. the only light from generators for rescue crews going through the rubble here. dozens and hundreds of homes are destroyed. and the fear is that there are people trapped under the rubble. 32 people killed as a result of this latest earthquake that happed around 1:00 a.m. local
7:34 am
time here, but that was on the heels of a first earthquake that happened on thursday here local time that killed nine people. and so this town, this community reeling right now. they are getting assistance. japan's self-defense force has sent 25,000 troops that will be arriving, all of them here by sometime tomorrow to begin to really go through these homes to try and save the people that they can. i'm at a rescue shelter right now. there are several set up around the city. some people are here because they don't have homes to go back to because they've been destroyed, but most of the people here are here because they are too scared to go home because the big fear right now is that maybe there's going to be another aftershock that could make this terrible situation that much worse. >> all right. matt rivers, we appreciate it so much. thank you. >> and i want to show you a moment here.
7:35 am
look at this little baby. this moment this baby was rescued. we do not know the condition but look at how frantic they are. and the baby looks okay. but look at what people are dealing with there, these moments that have just collapsed and the biggest fear as people try to dig other people out of the rubble and of course night has fallen and wishing all those people the very best of luck but again 7.0 after a 6.2 and more than 160 aftershocks being felt there. >> and storms to come. rescuers have a lot of work on their hands. >> all right. clock ticking down now to the new york primaries. let's look at the democratic side of the aisle. tonight bernie sanders will be at a campaign event in brooklyn, back to his visit from the vatican city where he met with pope francis and attended a
7:36 am
meeting about the economy. let's bring in bakari sellers, and charles chamberlain, executive director of democracy for america and a bernie sanders surrogate as well. good morning to both of you. i want to start with charles and the release of senator sanders' taxes yesterday. about $206,000 income compared to $28.3 million for the clintons in that same year. i wonder, without any big, bold headline here from the returns as it relates to sanders' income, why wait so long? why drag this out for as long as he has? >> that's an interesting question. i would argue it's probably less about dragging out and more about getting around to it. when you're campaigning and all over the country, there's a lot of things you're doing. tax day wasn't until the 15th.
7:37 am
so getting it done by the deadline is the key. i think what's really awesome about seeing this report is how starkly the contrast is here. bernie sanders made less money last year than hillary clinton made from one single speech to goldman sachs and we know she made a lot more than one speech. over 39 speeches to financial institutions over the last would you mean of years. this says something about the candidates. there's nothing wrong with making a lot of money but when you do it to big business, i think it says a lot here. >> the clintons made more than 100 times what the sanders made in 2014. let's put up the information about the fund-raiser last weekend. for a couple to sit at the head table at this george clooney fund-raiser for hillary clinton, they would have to donate
7:38 am
$353,400, which is about 150% of what the sanders made in all of 2014. this is not the millionaire candidate to run for office. we know it costs a lot to run for president. but when she makes so much more than her opponent and income inequality is such a central, crucial part of this race, does this disparity damage her central message? >> i mean, not at all. first and foremost bernie sanders released one tax return. this has been a requirement by the media and everyone watching for the past number of years where presidential candidates release their tax returns so i'm waiting on bernie sanders to release more than just one. many people are waiting for him to release many, if not all, for most of the decade. this was a fund-raiser for not just hillary clinton but for the dnc as well. and we learned from a requested
7:39 am
asked by dana bash why isn't he raising any money for the dnc? thank god we have somebody out there trying to help us win on the local and state level, where these funds will go. and lastly, i hate and reject this insinuation that bernie sanders and his camp have been making since the beginning of time that somehow since hillary clinton spoke to goldman sacs or talked to financial institutions, she's been compromised. bernie sanders was asked to name one situation where she's been compromised and who could not. this insinuated character attacks are not good. >> a clinton supporter who won her seat in new york in the senate there was asked by chris cuomo if secretary clinton should release the transcripts of those speeches. here's what she said. >> i think she will. i think she's been clear that
7:40 am
she's going to and, yes, i would. i post my taxes online. i was one of the first senators to do that. i like transparency and accountability and i know hillary does as well. i think she cares deeply about openness and transparency and i think she will release those speeches at the appropriate time. >> is this a supporter who is off message or is this the first of what may be more hillary clinton supporters calling for her to release these transcripts? >> i don't think she was calling for her to release them as much as she was saying she might release them or may release them. >> that's not what she said. what she said is that she should release them, i would release them. we just listened to the sound bite. she's not saying she might. >> i mean, listen, the fact of the matter is if hillary clinton releases these transcripts, she's does. the overarcing point i'm making with you this morning that this is some new requirement that all
7:41 am
of a sudden because you're running for president, release the speeches that you're given. this has never done for any other candidate for office. there's john kasich, there's donald trump who has given speech toes wall street and this is not asked for them. an even handed approach is what we're asking. >> we're out of time. christi, back to you. >> out of greece, an unprecedented move by pope francis after speaking to a group of refugees who fled the violence of the war in the middle east, he took three families back to the vatican with him, 12 people, six children. we're getting more on this extraordinary action live from greece. stay close. where world-class chefs meet top-notch nutritionists.
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>> an incredible moment in greece just before the pope is due to head back to the vatican. a surprise announcement -- he's bringing back with him three muslim refugee families, including six children. it was part of an emotional trip highlighting europe's migrant crisis. the young girl fell to her feet sobbing as she greeted pope francis. we go live to lesbos, greece. a lot of people are wondering if that little girl is one of the six there's on the plane. was this decision to take these families, do we know, random? did it happen in the moment? was it preplanned?
7:46 am
>> i don't believe this was a spontaneous decision. the families seemed to have been screened, they were notified early this morning. that little girl in that video is not one of the children that is going with the pope. what we understand from the vatican is that these are three syrian families, two from damascus, and there are six children between them and all of them will be taken to the vatican. the vatican will be responsible for their legal status, their asylum, and will house them in the vatican at least temporarily. now, it's likely this was something that's been in the works for weeks and perhaps the most important part is that the families landed in the island of lesbos weeks before the agreement between turkey and the eu. this is an important legal status because it means they are not eligible to be deported back to turkey, which so many who
7:47 am
arrived after march 20th are. >> atika shubert, what a story this morning. thank you. >> the funeral for the ex-nfl player who was shot and killed after a traffic accident, that is today. but now the suspect's attorney is going on the offensive. he's accused of new orleans police department of nice conduct and now wants nemov the case. >> if you're looking for a little excitement on your next business trip to san francisco, here's quick way to get your adrenaline soaring when you're off the clock. >> i'm benjamin augustine, i'm instructor at an indoor sky diving facility. we simulate the actual freefall.
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. former nfl player will smith will be laid to rest in a private funeral service today. the former captain of the new orleans saints was gunned down last night, remember, over what is believed to be a fender bender. police say cardel hayes shot smith several time and shot smith's wife in each leg. now his lawyer is raising questions about the investigation after police discovered two more guns a few days later. the attorney is now demanding officers recuse themselves from the investigation, calling the department incompetent.
7:53 am
legal analyst and criminal defense attorney joey jackson with us. good morning to you. let me ask you how lickly is it that -- likely is this that they will recruise themselves from the case? >> good morning, christi. it's not likely at all. you can make the case that there is a relationship especially with a person of notoriety. you can investigate that in court. that's the way you resolve it and you allow a jury to make their own determination as to whether there was proper conduct, was there misconduct or any incompetence.
7:54 am
so i don't. >> hayes' attorney claims each committed justifiable homicide under louisiana's stand your ground law which allows anyone who feels in danger of losing his life to use deadly force. how strong a claim do you think this is based on what we know? >> what happens is before you get there, you have to really look at whether self-defense is applicable. when you look at that, the question is be asked is did the force i use, is proportionate to any throat posed? and number three, did you act reasonably? stand your ground means you retreat. in the event of imminent danger,
7:55 am
can you stand that ground and why did you need so many shots? and number two, were the shot indeed to the back? and if so, how justifiable were you? the defense will argue that's no matter. you can get a gun and in a split second you can take somebody's life and i simply beat him to the punch and in light of me beating him to the punch doesn't mean i was any less justified whether they were to the bark or mont or not. >> does this if the investigation proves that smith escalated the incident, if it does, will that change the course of the investigation? >> not the course of the
7:56 am
investigation. the investigation is to uncover surveillance lance, within es - >> joey jackson, always appreciate seeing you. thank you, sir. >> thank you, christi. we appreciate seeing you as well. make great memories today. >> there's much more ahead in the next hour. just days before voters go to the polls, governor -- and is the race closer than the latest polls show? new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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xx. good morning, everyone. it's 11:00 on the east coast. i'm fredericka whitfield. dramatic pictures coming in from japan. heavy rains and winds are making rescue efforts very difficult and powerful tremors continue to rock the region. also pope francis meeting with migrants from ee


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