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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  April 16, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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all right, hello again, everyone. thanks for joining me, i am fredricka whitfield. the republican battle for delegates is taking place on both sides of the country today. moments ago ted cruz speaking at the wyoming republican convention. and the texas senator is the only presidential candidate in that state, and it is likely paying off for him. cruz is expected to take most if not all 14 delegates up for grabs today. let's get to cnn's ana cabrera at the wyoming convention with more on cruz's possible sweep of wyoming. ana, is it as simple as show the facetime and you win the majority of support? >> reporter: it is not that simple, fred, but pressure is definitely on the cruz campaign. i can tell you there are more ted cruz signs than cowboy hats at the wyoming state convention.
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you get the sense he has a huge contingency of people that are supporting him, talking to those who have been in the hallway just outside the convention hall. they're big ted cruz and loyal ted cruz supporters. i want to give you a little more perspective. there are more than 60 delegate candidates that want one of the 14 spots you mention to go on to the rnc. when you look at the list, two-thirds of them approximately have pledged their support to ted cruz. six of those candidates pledged support to donald trump. zero for john kasich. and the remaining are unpledged delegates. wyoming is one of those states that can send unpledged delegates to the rnc. so there's a little bit of a movement to try to get as many of the unpledged delegates elected to give wyoming a little more power when cleveland rolls around, and when they'll be electing delegates on the convention floor because this is one of those elections where they're expecting every delegate vote to count, fred. >> all right.
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also important to mention that cruz in wyoming is not spending time in new york. what does that mean? >> reporter: donald trump and john kasich campaigns have said they see the east coast contest being their territory and the place where they're planning to pick up votes, so ted cruz has focused his efforts in the states where one, he had a good ground game, and perhaps other candidates haven't had as much of a well organized campaign like wyoming or colorado where they elect delegates to the convention process instead of open primary or open caucus. so again, it is strategy for each campaign. cruz isn't doing as well in the polls on the east coast. donald trump, john kasich are leading in those areas, that explains why they're there and he is here today. >> simply put. thank you so much. ana cabrera in casper, wyoming. let's shift focus to the
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democrats, bernie sanders heading back to the u.s. after attending an economic conference in vatican city. we are hearing that sanders had an impromptu meeting with pope francis. the senator told cnn's ben wedeman it was, quote, a great honor to meet the pontiff. he will be campaigning in brooklyn later today after he returns to the states. meanwhile, hillary clinton is looking ahead to california. she has a full day of campaign events scheduled in los angeles, including a fund-raiser at george and amal clooney's house in studio city. such a high profile event doesn't come without controversy. sarah sidner is in los angeles. tell us about it. what's going on. what's the dust up? >> reporter: certainly hillary clinton has come here to fund race, but between the two mega fund raisers, five hour drive from los angeles, they saw protests from bernie sanders supporters, 100 people showing
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up and complaining about the amount of money it would take to sit down at the table with hillary clinton. we're talking a lot of money here. 33,000 per person if you just want to go to the event there in san francisco. and similar money to go to the clooney event here in los angeles and studio city at his home. if you wanted, by the way, to sit at the table, be with the clooneys and clintons, that would cost you more. you have to bring in a check or fund raise $353,000. that's what a lot of folks are complaining about. i want to mention where she is now. this is not a fundraising event. this is for students and community leaders and community members of a community that has gone through quite a bit. this particular college, los angeles southwest college, was built after the watt uprising, after the riots here, built to try to help the underserved and educate those that wanted to lift themselves up. remember if you look back in
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history, things are looking similar. in 1965, two white police officers coming after a black motorist they thought was driving drunk. then there was a fight, people saw it and reacted and it exploded into riots. this place built to calm tensions and create a space where people who are not making enough money, not getting the jobs had somewhere to go to try to lift themselves up. so hillary clinton is coming here to talk about wage disparity, talk about breaking down all of the barriers to try to lift yourself up here in the united states. interesting sort of difference between this crowd and the crowd that will be at george clooney's house. >> quite a contrast. sarah sidner. thank you so much. thursday's democratic debate was definitely one of the most heated we've seen so far between clinton and sanders. but not just on the stage. cnn contributor julian sell sar was in the crowd and also joined
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by democratic strategist matthew lip man. julian, you wrote an op-ed for you said tensions on the stage were nothing compared with the tension in the crowd. i sat next to one sanders supporter who sat with his tattooed arms crossed and head angrily shaking when clinton said anything. in his mind, it was clear there was nothing clinton could do or say that was right. julian, almost sounds almost like a sporting event. you have teams and you have fans and they're going to applaud their team. what was so markedly different to you in this crowd at a political event, this democratic debate? >> there's a history where there's many primaries, like in 1968 or 1980 where supporters of different candidates go so far apart, they can't see any virtue in the other. that was certainly the
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atmosphere that i was feeling, you know, the sanders supporter that i mentioned would not even stand up when hillary clinton was making statements about policies clearly, the same attitude vice versa. it was a snapshot, a moment in brooklyn. i think it reflects some of the bigger tensions brewing within the democratic party as a result of this very competitive campaign. >> matthew, how do you see that potentially translating, what does it evolve to when eventually only one person gets the nomination. the disappointed fan or supporter of the other candidate, do they kind of let it go and eventually gravitate toward the person that gets the nomination or do you see this is the makings of a big problem potentially up ahead? >> julian would be pleased to note, i am a hillary supporter, i see virtue in the sanders campaign.
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i think obviously that hillary will be the nominee. i think a lot of the sanders supporters will gravitate toward hillary, but fredricka, also a lot of republicans i think will gravitate toward hillary. remember about a third of republicans won't vote for trump if he is the nominee. i think hillary will attract some republican support and i think when people see that contrast between hillary and trump and cruz, she will attract those sanders supporters. >> julian, there are many who say you know what, these differences between the candidates actually makes each of them better, that neither one can presume anything. so is that kind of a silver lining that potentially can come from the dynamic on stage during the debate and dynamic you saw within the crowd? >> i'm a believer in the competition that has gone on. it made both candidates, made hillary clinton stronger, creating incentives for her to deal with important issues that might not have been on the
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table, but this won't happen automatically, even with the republican nominee being trump or cruz, i think both democrats have to work hard like in 2008 to create a viable, strong coalition after a very heated primary. >> and matthew, you talk about your candidate, hillary clinton would be supportive if she were not to win the nomination, she would be supportive of bernie sanders, the democratic process. when you see the images we showed earlier with sarah sidner in los angeles and san francisco last night, you see people who were clearly bernie sanders supporters, they said so and they are protesting the large fundraising events that hillary clinton is attending there in los angeles tonight, in san francisco last night, it doesn't look like or maybe you tell me what you see, it doesn't sound like from what they're saying they're willing to see any
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positive attributes of the other democratic candidate, if she ends up being the nominee. >> listen, we're in a tough primary fight. obviously sanders supporters are enthusiastic. i think it is terrific. i don't think there's any question, what hillary is doing, raising money not just for herself but the democratic party to get democrats elected. if you support causes that sanders and hillary support, in that general election you would want more democrats to get elected and you would want that democratic candidate to get elected. yes, hillary would support bernie if he is the nominee. but hillary has 2.5 more million votes than bernie, i expect her to win new york. >> you don't feel like anything could happen, when you see the crowds that turn out for bernie sanders, you don't think she or her campaign feel like they're sweating it at this point? >> no. you know what, fredricka, i actually don't. she's up by 2.5 million vote
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now. new york is next week. up 10 to 17 points in the polls. we talk about sanders could pull it out somehow, but the truth is he can't. at some point, the sanders supporters should move over to the hillary campaign. >> matthew lip man, julian sal certificate, thank you. we are days ahead of the new york primary. don't miss cnn coverage all day tuesday. we will be right back. but she's a dentist so...i kind of have to listen. she said "jen, go pro with crest pro-health advanced." advance to healthier gums... ...and stronger teeth from day one. using crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my... ...whole mouth feel awesome. and my teeth are stronger too. crest-pro health advanced... superior to colgate total... these 5 areas dentists check. this check up? so good. go pro with crest pro-health advanced. mom's right...again!
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welcome back. getting new details about syrian migrants taken in by pope francis on his trip to a migrant camp in greece. families that got to go back to rome were chosen in a lottery type process. the group of 12 including six children, and they were picked from the camp which holds those considered the most vulnerable refugees on the island. we are learning more about the meeting between pope francis and
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senator bernie sanders this morning. before the pope left on his trip to greece, ben wedeman is on the phone from rome. there you are in front of a camera. ben wedeman. tell us about how the meeting came about? >> reporter: well, this was a meeting that wasn't supposed to take place according to vatican officials but in fact it did in the early hours of this morning right before pope francis left for greece. but exactly what happened depends who you speak to. somebody in the sanders campaign suggested it was the pope that asked to meet with bernie sanders but the pope himself when returning to rome this afternoon told reporters on the plane that in fact it was bernie sanders who seemed to door stop him. they greeted one another. the senator told me he told pope francis what a great admire remember he was of his work
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regarding income inequality, climate change, what not. when i asked the senator what the pope said to him, he said ask the pope. the pope is now saying that essentially it was just a handshake greeting, common courtesy in the words of pope francis who seemed to be trying to avoid accusations that he is getting involved in american politics by suggesting that anybody who is doing so is suggesting he is trying to stick his fingers into the american pie, my words, not him, should see in his words a psychiatrist. >> oh my. all right. what a moment, nonetheless. ben wedeman in rome. appreciate it. bernie sanders is live on "state of the union" to talk about the incredible journey to the vatican and meeting with the pope. starts 9:00 a.m. eastern. we will be right back. we asked e when they thought they should start saving for retirement.
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. donald trump's campaign has been criticized as one big reality show that's often an illusion to his run for 14 seasons as the star of nbc's "the apprentice." six former stars held a news conference to denounce his run for president. didn't take long for trump to
10:22 am
fire back, releasing a statement saying how quickly they forget, nobody would know who they are if it weren't for me. six failing wannabes out of hundreds of contestants. so sad, he said. joining me now, two of the former apprentice stars, marshawn he have ons, was on season four, kwame jackson, runner-up in season one. joins me now from new york. good to see you both. >> thank you for having us. >> let me begin with you. this was a concerted effort, tough decision for a number of you who were on "the apprentice" to say collectively we don't like what is happening here with the trump campaign. how did it come about? >> well, it was a tough decision in the sense it was a sad decision. i along with hundreds of thousands of people applied to be on the apren disbecause we were inspired by a vision and
10:23 am
visionary. this was a sad decision. i felt this was not just about opportunity. i did "the apprentice" because it was an opportunity, but also did it with a sense of duty and as a woman of color for what it means to be a successful business woman on television. what this was about for me and the rest of us, we felt as though our affiliation may be a sign that we agreed with donald trump's statements. people have been asking for a long time, we have spoken out individually, but this came together because we decided racism is not okay to go unanswered. that sexism is not okay to go unanswered. we came together, saying we wanted to speak collectively. we got a lot of back lash from it. >> what has been the response since you did that collectively yesterday? >> well, the response has been twofold. one from the public, definitely from trump supporters who were not pleased. they said we were seeking an
10:24 am
additional 15 minutes of fame. i think some of the former apprentice candidates that didn't stand with us or in agreement have decided to find their voice, said we misused our platform, that we should be loyal and grateful. i think it is interesting. both of them say the same thing that donald trump said, calling us wannabes. kwame went to harvard and georgetown, had a platform before the show and after. he said be careful about speaking out against me. >> at what point did you hear that. >> he said it in an official statement, calling us wannabes to be careful what we are saying or else. i had someone on my twitter feed saying i should be careful, we carry guns. >> you're getting personal threats. >> absolutely. >> as a result of. >> absolutely. i think that's where donald trump doesn't realize his statements do matter. that people do listen to what he is saying. those are the type of
10:25 am
statements, you tell people to be careful about their speech and you're running for president, those are the types of things you hear leaders who are dictate ors say, people that lead gangs and cults, this idea that you should not be disloyal, help the hand that helped you. i don't believe hand feeds me. i believe we are all grateful for the opportunity but i am not trump made, i am god made. i think we don't assimilate to the religion of donald trump. >> kwame, what were gains or perhaps risks that you assessed before coming out in this very big way yesterday with your very carefully crafted comments about how you assess donald trump and his campaign. in your words, kind of poisoning the landscape. >> fredricka, number one, thanks for the opportunity. in terms of assessing the gains and risks, i have been a vocal krit being of donald trump well
10:26 am
over donald trump for over nine months, talking about a toxic ecosystem, long before folks were talking about it. inciting a system of violence. i have been out in front on this really since i started to recoil from donald trump, which i recall that 2008, 2009 time when he led that birther movement. he did something that i could not be part of any more. it was those with sterling resumes, asked for credentials and transcripts to prove they should be here. what he did with president obama caused me to recoil back then. then we saw this drum beat create its own wave over time of violence, bigotry, sean oh phobia. i stood out front early on. yesterday we decided to come out as one, in unison. one voice. many of us have been speaking
10:27 am
out a very long time. >> do you feel like it is potentially too late given the gains he made on the campaign trail, being out front. collectively you felt your message would be impactful, are you concerned it is too late in the game to stop the support you all want to act. >> i don't think anybody in america saw this ship take off the way it has. this cancer metastasized. this trump cancer metastasized. the level of support and level of vitriol and venom spewed has grown, the fact that peopleville gone into it. i think it took us all by surprise. we were speaking out individually for months and months, this is the first chance we had to come together in unison in particular before the new york primary with all of the delegates at stake. in a way it is strategic, at the same time we have been voices in
10:28 am
the wind a long time. but there's always power in unity. >> you think there is power in numbers. >> there is. i want to invite more people not to be afraid. so many said thank you for speaking out things we feel. millions of us that feel this way. it is never too late to speak out for what is right. we don't need to be afraid, don't need to submit to this culture of violence. it is not too late until we have a new commander in chief. >> we will leave it there. thanks to you both. appreciate it. we saw another side of the gop candidates this week. we are talking about their spouses. >> and we need to protect our children. >> so we need to grow them and support them. >> great joy would be doing something for kids. >> what is ahead for the first ladies to be? we will talk about it next. mans once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together...
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this is the pursuit of perfection. this week it wasn't just the presidential candidates in the spotlight, their families also shined on center stage. >> what is a first lady, i said well, it is the wife of the president. care line never heard an answer like that, she said oh, mom, come on. let me ask again, what is a first lady. what are you going to do. i would love to do something that focused on something for young girls, self esteem and leadership in the world for women and i would work very hard to ensure every child in this country had a fair and equal opportunity at quality education. >> i grew up without social media. it was one way better, i see a lot of bullying going on, we freed to protect our children and watch over them. >> do you ever want to say to him put the mobile device down?
10:33 am
it is 2:00 a.m., you're tweeting. >> if he would only listen. i did many times. and i just say do whatever you want. he's an adult. he knows the consequences. it is amazing every day, our son is ten years old and everything is different, and every day it is something special, and it is unconditional love and i enjoy every day. i love being a mom, a very special time. i'm at home and raising him, teaching him values and morals, preparing him for adult life, sooner or later he will have wings to fly. >> pasta and sauce is a big family favorite. >> have you ever had meat in it? >> meat and meatballs. >> there's meat and gravy. >> is that an italian thing? >> it is a real thing. >> all right. sometimes it is gravy, sometimes it is sauce, always popular.
10:34 am
homemade mac and cheese. i do a lot of veal dishes. anything on the grill. i am the grill master in the family. >> governor, can you cook? >> oh, no. >> i advocate for things that help our young people because i believe our young people are our most precious natural resource, we need to grow them and support them. it has been things like fitness and wellness, it has been after school programs for kids in at risk neighborhoods, it has been the anti-human trafficking efforts because that's been a big problem. i never realized that until i became first lady. it is a long hall, a lot can happen. and it is not just something you want to start, you know, running at the beginning. it takes awhile to build up momentum, you want to do things right like john was saying earlier, you don't want to get attention for the wrong reasons. >> joining me, cnn ana navarro,
10:35 am
and kate anderson brour. good to see you both. i think everyone agrees that spouses taking center stage did humanize all of the candidates. i wonder, ana, if there was a particular spouse that stood out to you that the candidate best benefitted from. >> you know, i think they all benefitted it. after watching three town halls. i know bill clinton, met jane sanders. i don't know how many people in america are feeling the way i do, but i think i like any of the spouses better than i like any of the candidates. it was wonderful to see these folks who are not espousing policy issues, who are not pushing an agenda, who are not trying to score points. they're being supportive family members whose family is running for office.
10:36 am
they're not recruited, they're not the ones on the ballot, but they get just as much scrutiny as anybody on the ballot. certainly it is a package deal. when you get to the white house, you're going to see a lot of the first lady or first husband. you're going to see a lot of the kids, see a lot of the pets. you better like them, folks. >> but kate, all right. so they're not pushing an agenda, but similar to what you heard heidi cruz said, her own daughters were saying come on, what are you going to do, what does a first lady really do. so people will in their minds still kind of, you know, assign expectation or hope to learn about what any number of these first ladies or first spouses, especially since we have one that could be the first man potentially, with the characteristics of people and how they would make that
10:37 am
position look good. there is a certain i guess standard that americans have about what that first person would be like. >> absolutely. hillary clinton obviously overstepped that in the white house when she had her office in the west wing which she later regretted having and told laura bush she wished she hadn't had. we don't allow the first lady to take serious policy positions. i thought it was interesting in "house of cards" when claire takes up gun control, that's not something you would see a first lady do. what you hear from melania about being a mother reminds me a lot of michelle obama and this mom in chief idea and americans like that idea. i think melania would be more like jackie kennedy in a lot of ways, too, it will be about glamour if donald trump is elected, and she sees herself in that kind of model, the jackie kennedy, raising her son baron is important to her. heidi cruz is interesting, she had a huge career before she
10:38 am
gave it up and started to work on her husband's campaign. i think she might be a little more like a hillary clinton, but none of these women will take it as far as hillary did, because that hurt her and let to the '94 mid term election loss for democrats in the house. so it was something she later regretted. i don't think we will see any of these women take up serious policy positions. >> i actually don't agree with that. i know jane sanders some. i can tell you she is bernie sanders' probably closest adviser. she is a woman who can talk policy. i think we are seeing the modernization of the role of first lady. and i think what any of these women have to do, what we as american voters have got to let them do, support them doing, is being comfortable with who they are and the role they want to play. >> i agree with that. >> some might be more of a supporting spouse, some might
10:39 am
have policy issues they want to espouse, but the idea that we don't allow first ladies to push policy. >> i don't think they were pushing policy. >> we have seen a lot of that lately. >> 2016, is part of that question, you know, that voters are hoping to be able to peel back a little bit of the veil of who any of these spouses might be. this is a sample of what heidi cruz had to say on stage. let's listen in. >> what people have gotten the impression he is not likeable is because he has been in environment of a congress with 11% approval rating from the american people. there are a lot of people who haven't been solving the issues of the day, and these are big issues, they're hard, it is not going to be solved overnight. ted is trying to advance the ball and he's not afraid to call it as it is, call things as he sees them and to move things
10:40 am
forward. >> perhaps all of the women exemplified an independent woman, mother, and one who also is conscientious of, you know, the profession outside the home. you see her with her daughters on her lap, very poised, very together. but at the same time people know the credentials she brings as a business woman. it is hard to separate the two in some cases. is that meaningful, any less or more so for people? >> i mean, in an ideal world, i agree with what you're saying. i think it would be great for us to accept that first ladies, they're all very intelligent. if you look at history, that hasn't necessarily been the case. betty ford, was outspoken about issues and it hurt her husband in the election. but so i think if we look at the past, we haven't accepted first ladies being incredibly vocal about issues. you're right, someone like heidi cruz would try to get involved
10:41 am
in something that matters to her, and jane sanders, but there's a certain threshold. buy one get one free clinton model was something that didn't work for them so well. >> i wonder for the sake of equal time, could then show melania trump and her composure on stage and that of karen kasich. can we take a peek at that? >> he treats everyone equally so if you're a woman and he attacks, they attack him, he will attack back, no matter who you are. we are all human, and he treats them equal as men, so i think that's very important. he doesn't make a difference. and he encourage everybody, you are a man or a woman. >> i couldn't be prouder of john. i have always been proud of him, but i am super proud of the way he has run this campaign and behaved and i am proud of the way people react. everywhere i travel, people say we are proud of the way your
10:42 am
husband has behaved. >> ana, don't these women make these guys on stage, these men on stage look better, sound better? aren't they all more appealing as a result? >> i think they make them be better. you know, we all know that having a supportive spouse can make a huge difference in a person's life, in a professional person's life. i think these three women we saw in the town halls shined, fredricka. i think they were poised, eloquent, supportive, likeable, softened the hard edges of the guys. all three have hard edges. all of them have awkward angles, some demagoguery, some aggressiveness to them that all of the women showed a completely different angle to the politicians that we have seen. we've seen a lot of nastiness in this republican primary. what we heard from the three
10:43 am
women was who the men are at home. who the men are as husbands and fathers. i thought it was fascinating and like i said to you, i like any of the spouses better than i like any of the candidates. i'm ready to go for any combination of spouses now. >> we will see what happens. thanks so much, ladies, appreciate it. we'll be right back. and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase. six is greater than one changes everything.
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police in maryland are trying to find out how a call for help led to a firefighter killed on duty. nick valencia has more. >> reporter: friday night, they respond to call of a medical emergency from a resident concerned about a relative. >> they knocked on the door and received no answer so they begin to force entry so they can render care. >> reporr: as they try to open the door, they're met by bullets, both first responders are hit. the family member that made the 911 call is also wounded during the shooting. >> sadly fire paramedic john ulmschneider succumbed to injuries. >> reporter: he was a 13 year veteran of prince georges fire and ems department. kevin swain was rushed to the shock trauma unit in baltimore and underwent surgery and is expected to survive. >> the relationship and
10:48 am
circumstances behind the shooting are unclear. >> reporter: investigators are unsure exactly why the shooting unfolded. so far there's no indication the firefighters were targeted. police say the man accused of firing the shots is cooperating with investigators as they try to figure out what happened. >> thankful for your thoughts and prayers in this difficult time as we prepare to honor the life of one of our firefighter paramedics. >> just awhile ago that one of the local fire departments said they went to the hospital to see 19-year-old kevin swain and his message to everyone was to say he is all right. for the person alleged to fire the gunshots, he is in police custody but yet to be charged. fred? >> is there any leaning of accident or something else? >> when we heard from investigators, they said the firefighters weren't targeted. as soon as this man had the gun that fired the shots saw they were first responders coming in the door, he stopped firing. they took that person in custody. the family member that called
10:49 am
911, they're also in custody being questioned. >> terrible sequence of events. thank you so much. a cnn report triggers new action in the search for more than 200 school girls kidnapped two years ago by the terrorist group boko haram. our exclusive report next. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. ♪usic: "sex machine" by james brown ♪ ♪ ♪
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(dad laughs) wow, you're laughing. that's not the way the world works. well, the world's changing. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab. new outrage in nigeria over the plight of more than 200 girls kidnapped from their school dorm in the a town by boko haram militants two years ago. demanding security officials brief them on the case following cnn's reporting of the first proof of life individual joe showing 15 of the missing girls in boko haram custody. cnn senior international correspondent bringing us this exclusive report. >> reporter: it's the glimmer of hope parents have been waiting for. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: a video showing 15
10:52 am
of the chiba girls, proof of life. cnn obtained a video from the person close to negotiations to get their relief and we showed it with the parents of the missing girls, but these young women are only a handful of those girls abducted now two years ago. april 14, 2014, 276 schoolgirls taken in the night by boko haram gunman. a few dozen escaped, but since then, there's been only silence. [ chanting ] despite the global campaigns of "bring back our girls" two years later, they remain missing. facing heavy criticism, nigeria's government remains under pressure to bring them home. >> belief that the girls are alive, but probably based on security they might not be -- you can't get them in one group.
10:53 am
they might have been dispelled into several groups. ♪ >> reporter: in nigeria's capital, supporters and families of the missing marched to mark the solemn anniversary. among the demonstrators, this woman, her daughter one of those whose daughter was kidnapped. she broke down in tears saying she saw the girls. >> i saw the girls. i saw them, because we are in the same area with them. so i recognize them. >> reporter: it's the first sighting of the girls in nearly two years, and after an agonizing wait, families of the missing hope the video is not yet another false lead. >> we believe that these girls will be found and very soon, too. and be returned to their families. >> now joining us live from
10:54 am
nigeria. nema, the families of the missing girls want answers and action from the government. is there a chance they will get that when they meet with these senators next week? >> reporter: the senate is co-sponsoring the bill. a concern for a long time had been while the nigerian government in theory was pursuing two avenues, the military solution going into these areas, clearing boko haram out, which has had some success, but the ultimate success of bringing the girls home, a negotiated solution. the worry is the military has been allowed to look only at the negotiated solution. this is what senators want to hear from security chiefs. are you taking the negotiateded solution as seriously as you're taking the military solution? they feel they owe it to the family, they are elected representatives of the nigerian
10:55 am
people and specifically the chiba families made it very, very clear the government needs to be held account. it's now been two years and also a huge concern about the fact that the school wasn't even rebuilt, fred. this bill has only now made provision for that burnt out school, which has been haunting these villagers for the last two years, almost as a monument to that tragedy, it had still not been rebuilt. so at the very least that will go some way to giving the villagers a sense that something is finally being done. >> uh-huh. and then nema, you obtaineds this video, it's the understanding of many that the government may have been in position of this proof of life video since january. is there any way of knowing what investigators have done while, you know, examining this video? when you look closely, you know, you see this -- this wall and there's even writing on the wall and many times, you know, investigators will try to dissect every square inch, or, you know, millimeter, you know, of an image to see if they can
10:56 am
place that image, and then conduct some sort of comprehensive search. are you hearing anything from investigators from the government that they have done that with this kind of material? or are doing it? >> reporter: well, they say they're working -- that they are working to validate it still, but it's now been three months, as we understand it, during which time it's been in their hands. in you listen to the way that it's worded, the questions are worded in the video, it really tallies with what we've been hearing from sources. perhaps they didn't need to look too deeply into this video because the video was responding to specific concerns they had from a previous video that wasn't dated and wasn't so specific in both the names of the girls went by at home, aliases and official names on their birth certificates in the school retgistrar. this isn't where they're waving a flag saying this is all about the ideology. this video seemed almost
10:57 am
transactional, and something a lot of people are taking away as really reading -- as really being an illustration of the seriousness, perhaps, of this group holding the girls in terms. negotiation, fred. >> thank you so much. powerful reporting. appreciate it. we'll be right back after this.
10:58 am
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