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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  April 17, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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look at this. we're starting with this breaking news this morning. deadly 7.3 earthquake in ecuador. nearly 70 killed and rescuers are scrambling to look for
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people. >> trying to pull people out of a crushed car is what you're looking at there. the government has sent 10,000 soldiers and 35 police officers to these affected areas and officials say the death toll is expected to go up. that's just one of the things we're covering today. so grateful for your company, as always. i'm christi paul. >> and i'm victor blackwell. >> we look at this. we're wondering how bad this one is, comparatively to what we were talking about just yesterday in japan. actually this week, as we've seen. this is the third major earthquake we're talking about in a matter of four or five days. >> that's right. christi and victor, this earthquake is about 15 times stronger than the earthquake in japan, but with marked differences. especially when it comes to the resilience of this country having to cope with a natural disaster of this magnitude. we're talking about a populated area versus a sparsely populated area.
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let me show you the details. this is the epicenter of the ecuador 7.8 earthquake, very sparsely populated area, not much activity across the epicenter where the 7.8 magnitude actually occurred. when you compare that to japan, these tall columns representing a more pdensely populated area. japan is also susceptible to earthquakes so they can prepare and are more resilient to these types of natural disasters compared to ecuador. 7.8 in ecuador. it all formed on this ring of fire where continents collide. this is where we see about 90% of the world's active earthquakes and also about 450 volcanos live within that ring of fire which, by the way, is connected between japan, the pacific and on to the other side
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of the world near ecuador. victor, christi, back to you. >> jeff van damme, we appreciate it. the death toll now at 41 in japan after the recent quakes there. more than 100,000 people are in shelters. and the seismic activity continues in the area with no signs of stopping any time soon. cnn's matt rivers is live from kumamoto, japan. matt, be a little more specific about where you are there. and what are you seeing around you? >> reporter: victor, we're in one of the harder-hit neighborhoods here. it is a block by block thing. this was a two-story house that got completely decimated by the earthquake that happened saturday. two earthquakes happened, one on thursday, 6.2 magnitude and then another on saturday, a 7.0 magnitude. really that's just an incredible amount of force for any
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neighborhood to take, for any buildings to take. it's not just houses. this was a two-story office complex. you can see right here, this was a support beam. this was in the ground up until a couple of days ago, and it kicked right out and the building came down on top of it. incredible amount of damage here. kind of thing that japan does see every now and then. for people we talk to, not something they could ever get used to. >> all righty. what more are you learning this hour about rescue efforts, especially there? it gets dark and there's no electricity. what are the resources available? >> reporter: that's right. there are a lot of resources available. it rained a lot during the day yesterday making rescue efforts very difficult. it was sunny during the day, so they were able to make some progress. we're heading into the evening hours. that always makes things more
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difficult. authorities do think more people remain trapped amidst rubble like this. authorities have their work cut out for them over the next 12, 24, 36 hours as they try to find any survivors that might still be out there. >> matt rivers live for us in kumamoto, japan. matt, thank you so much. let's get you your daily dose of politics here. gop race, new york primary tuesday. ted cruz proves his team has a stronger ground game in wyoming, snatching up all 14 delegates in the state. and donald trump, front-runner, continuing his attacks on the delegate process. at a rally in syracuse, new york, look what he said. >> the system is rigged. it's a bad system. they have to do something about it. republican national committee, they better get going because i'll tell you what, you're going to have a rough july at that
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convention. you better get going. and you better straighten out the system. because the people want their vote. >> let's talk to cnn political commentator and anchor erol lewis. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we just heard that trump promise a rough july for the gop convention. how do you take that? is it a warning, a threat? >> it's a negotiation, christi, honestly. and, you know, you know that part of negotiation is threats and warnings and maybe getting up and acting like you're going to walk out of the room. the reality is that donald trump has got to come to terms with this organization that he wants to become the head of. the president of the united states is also basically the head of his or her party. and so if he wants to be the head of the republican party, will he have to learn how it works, how it operates. not simply kind of complain from the outside. the fact that he has been
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missing out on delegates that he might well have been able to capture because he didn't understand the rules is a sign, number one that, yeah, there's a problem. but it's not as if this is some sort of illegality that's going on. it is intentionally, in fact, complicated in many cases. if you want to be president, you've got to learn how the thing works. there's no getting around t it's a shame really. i can tell you here in new york, where we have some pretty awful rules when it comes to voter registration and so forget, he could have done something to change it and it would have benefited him. i understand he's a first-time candidate. he could do everybody, including the paefrt, a real favor by learning the rules and then fighting to change the lrules a opposed to simply complaining. >> west virginia votes in may. donald trump is expected to win. it's delegate selection process has been called intentionally complicated, even favoring people whose names begin earlier
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in the alphabet. people are saying what is that about? does trump have a point here regarding certain rules and things not being on the up and up? >> when you say not on the up and up, the point is very well taken. to the extent that people expect they're going to cast a vote and the party will simply reflect what their votes really meant in the exact proportion, that really intends not to be the way that it works. now if you want to change it, if you want to change this organization -- keep in mind, political party, to a certain extent, is a private organization, you have to get involved. some places have caucuses, some places have primaries, some have conventions. who gets to go, who gets to join, what the registration dates are. it can get very complicated. instead of complaining about the places where he doesn't think he got treated as well as he should have, i think a much broader discussion is very much in order and, frankly, i hope donald trump makes that happen.
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again, not just with the sort of sharp complaint to try to gain an advantage for himself personally but for the organization and the country as a whole. >> you cannot dismiss the fact that he's bringing up things that most likely need to be talked about. errol louis, thank you for being here. and errol will be with us throughout the morning. thank you, errol. >> thank you. new york primaries all day for you on tuesday. much more for you on "new day" this morning, including this. ♪ >> why bernie sanders' supporters showered hillary clinton's motorcade with 1,000 single dollar bills. plus why the man who fatally shot two firefighters, one of them dead, has been released without charges. also another close call over the baltic sea.
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what is behind those close encounters and how much of a threat are they?
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3:14 am
fund-raiser. bernie sanders held an event in the same area, handing out $1,000. >> it wouldn't get you close to getting in. single tickets cost $400,000. to sit at the big table, $353,400 per couple. if you think those prices are ridiculo ridiculous, you're not alone. here is the dinner's host. >> let me start with dinner you co-hosted friday night. big fund-raiser you had planned for later tonight. do you look at how much is being raised? $353,000 to co-host a couple to be a co-chair. do you look at it yourself and think that's an obscene amount of money? >> yes. i think it's an obscene amount of money. i think -- we had some protesters last night when we pulled up in san francisco. they're right to protest.
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they're absolutely right. it is an obscene amount of money. the sanders campaign, when they talk about it, is absolutely right. it's ridiculous that we should have this kind of money in politics. i agree. >> joining me to talk about this, democratic strategist and bernie sanders supporter, and miami beach attorney and hillary clinton sanders, philip levine. philip -- i'm sorry, mayor levine, i want to start with you. when you have this weekend the release of the sanders tax returns showing that the clintons made 100 times what the sanders made in 2015 and this $353,000 per couple fund-raiser, does it help to have george clooney pointing out how ridiculous these numbers are? >> he's being nothing but honest and i applaud him. secretary clinton and bernie sanders both agree we need to
3:16 am
repeal citizens united. there's too much money in politics. that was an extensive fund-raiser at george clooney's home. secretary clinton has many low donor, $25, $50 per person as little as possible all across the country. we'll be having them in miami coming up. i would say secretary clinton agrees with george clooney. i'm sure senator sanders agrees with george clooney. we need a sproem court nominee that will repeal citizens united and take as much money out of politics as possible. you won't see any argument here. >> i'm going to use the number that many who have follow this had race are familiar with. 27. $27, the average amount donated to the sanders campaign, as the candidate has said many times. he has a new ad out. $27 is the name of it. let's watch a bit of it. >> the average donation given to bernie sanders. >> $27.
3:17 am
>> to make college tuition free. >> for better care of our veteran. >> for women's rights. >> to make wall street corporations pay their fair share. >> to keep us out of unnecessary war. >> for the poor. >> for the rich. >> for all of us. >> give 27 to transform america. >> i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >> obviously calling this $27 to point out the disparity between the amounts given to the sanders campaign, no super pac, and that given to clinton at the fund-raiser this weekend. the timing is clear. there have been criticisms about senator sanders in not fund-raising for democrats to push through this political revolution he's calling for. this fund-raiser this weekend was not just for hillary clinton. it was for democrats. does he not need to do more to get the members of congress elected to push through this agenda that he's opposing? >> let's dispel the myth right
3:18 am
away. he has gone around with chuck schumer, raising money for democrats. chuck schumer has gone and campaigned for him. he is raising money right now, more progressive congressional candidates. they're not endorsed by the dnc. >> to split money between him and three people. >> not exactly. he has a separate fund. to get back to that point, the democratic party changed its motto. it used to be the people's party. it's become the rich people's party, unfortunately. democratic party has prioritized candidates that can raise money. they want to be in this arms race for gop. the problem is that we're not winning. if we were winning, if we were electing leaders instead of fund-raisers into congress, maybe we would find ways to compromise, like bernie sanders does, compromised with republicans more than any other democrat in congress, passed
3:19 am
more legislation than any other in congress. instead those who lack the leaderships to get things done like over turning citizens united. bernie sanders is just proving that you don't need to have these obscene fund-raisers to prove you have a people's party campaign. this will carry out the next 10, 15 years. we don't need to be the republicans and play it that way. >> i want to know from the two of you, how deep is this divide? we saw a quite contentious debate. asking if what we're watching in the clinton/sanders race is more like the clinton/obama 2008 race, where many clinton supporters said they would not support obama if he won the nomination which they eventually did, or if it's like the carter
3:20 am
year where he went to the convention and lost. former carter aide said i think it's more like kennedy/carter. bernie's message is resonating with the base. he has a huge following. if he stays in the race past the time he's the inevitable nominee, it can hurt her in the same way kennedy hurt carter. mayor levine, your thoughts? >> i think senator sanders, assuming secretary clinton will get the nomination, i believe he will bring his people to secretary clinton's platform and support her. it's good for the nation, the democratic party. the math is the math. as far as the rules go, which are established many, many years ago, secretary clinton is way ahead. on tuesday, we're going to find that she's going to clinch, to a large extent, this nomination. i really believe and have faith in senator sanders. >> 15, 20 seconds to wrap it up. >> funny thing is after that election, we changed the world. the country was more conservative in the '80s. we created super pacs. now the country is much more
3:21 am
progressive. the spaert 70% more progressive, which is why sanders is the best candidate which is why we need those working class voters that clinton won't be able to get because trump will take them. we need to bring it back to the people's party. >> people want to change the rules when you're losing the game. >> no, we're not. you guys are not going to hit the magic number. >> bernie sanders is live on "meet the press" here on cnn. love these conversations. christi? we're getting word now from an official in south korea about what he thinks about donald trump's comments about arm iing south korea and japan. wild-caught alaskan salmon.
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an overnight shootout in alabama puts an officer in the hospital and the gunman is dead. the suspect shot himself. it happened just after midnight. police aren't clear what happened at this point. we have just learned that the officer is expect tobd released today. no charges will be filed in the shooting of a firefighter. a 13-year veteran. police released shooter yesterday after questioning and
3:26 am
is not revealing why. police say a volunteer firefighter and the gunman's brother were initially called for help were also shot. officials in flint, michigan, have a proposal to help clean up lead-contaminated water, asking residents to flush the water lines. a new proposal wants residents to turn the water on full force for five minutes a day every day for two weeks to clear the lines. they say there will be no cost to residents for the extra water used. two california teenagers swept out to sea were with a group of friends at the beach in vallejo yesterday afternoon. a large wave hit, the two were separated and more than a dozen rescue swimmers, rescue boat and jet skis tried to find the two but were unsuccessful. >> it's because of these violent waters. and it's unfortunate but folks come out here, and they don't understand how violent and how
3:27 am
difficult the conditions are out here. >> the other teenagers in that group were able to swim to shore safely, and they were listed in stable condition at a local hospital. think about it. three major earthquakes in four days. the latest overnight in ecuador, 7.8. we'll update you on what's happening there this morning. plus, russia's top battle over u.s. aircraft. second close call in a few days. so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa! you're no son of mine! or perhaps it's time to seize the day. don't just see opportunity, seize it! (applause)
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can you imagine being in that mess? a powerful earthquake hit ecuador this morning. >> at least 77 people are dead. nearly 600 injured as this quake toppled buildings. you'll see the pictures in a moment. rescue effort helping to dig people out from under the rubble that's been left behind. let's go to japan now, where they're still feeling aftershocks after two major quakes that hit that country during the last two days. at least 41 people are dead there. bad weather hampering search and rescue efforts and thousands of people are taking refuge in
3:32 am
shelters after the warning of more building collapses. another close encounter between russia and the u.s. military in the baltic sea. this time, a u.s. reconnaissance plane was barrel rolled by a russian jet in true "top gun" tactic style we're told. western media reports about su-027 flying dangerously close to american rc-135 in skies in baltic seas are not consistent with reality. all of this comes after russian jets flew within a few feet of a u.s. military ship in the same region earlier this week. now cnn senior international correspondent matthew chance is with us along with -- matthew, i
3:33 am
want to start with you. russia's reports that this is not consistent with reality. what does that mean? >> reporter: this is a response to the media reports, pentagon statement, of course, we've been reporting quite a lot, that this russian su-27 fighter jet did a barrel roll in very close proximity to that u.s. reconnaissance plane, coming within 50 feet of it as it flew in international waters. what the russians are saying, look, we simply identified an aircraft flying at very high speeds toward the russian border. we sent out an intercepter plane to identify it. when we did that, the plane then turned back. so, they're not acknowledging that there was any kind of dangerous maneuver that took place on the part of the russian pilot. of course, they're saying, look, this took place in international air space. what they always say, and they've said it again now, our planes do not violate international law in neutral air
3:34 am
space. they've made that statement again today. >> all right. general, i want to ask you, are these incidents -- well, what do they mean from russia? especially since we know that russia and the u.s. signed this agreement. the incident at sea back in 1972, to prevent this kind of thing. is russia now saying we don't agree with that anymore? >> well, they're certainly violating it, as we saw from the film taken off the uss david cook the other day, christi. there are a couple of issues at point here. first of all, russia has been conducting these show of force at an ever-increasing rate over the last several years. defense and european financial network has reported they did over 400 of them in 2014. it was close to 500 in 2015 and this year, alone, they have really upped the ante in the numbers they've been conducting.
3:35 am
most of them have been conducted recently and the last several years in the areas of the baltic sea. they are very upset with the increased presence of a coalition, nato and u.s. forces in the baltics. and see their area of as an area of interest. with regards to the sea agreement in 1972, that was put in specifically because there was an incident just like this where a russian fighter conducted a show of force over u.s. aircraft carrier and then accidently sucked in water and crashed and the pilot died. it wasn't until 2008 that russia actually released the film of this incident and released any obligation to it. almost 30 years between this event and when they released it. this is exactly the kind of thing they're doing. the incident and sea agreement prevents these kind of attacks, show of force and tries to keep
3:36 am
forces away from each other. there are several points of that incident and sea agreement to say let's not do these things to keep safe. >> matthew, you just read that the same from the defense ministry in russia. what sense are you getting from them that these encounters are actually going to halt? >> i don't think we're getting any sense that they're going to halt. quite the opposite, in fact. yes, it's international waters, international air space. but the baltics, the russian seas, whether you agree with it or not, see it as their own backyard. they're trying to send a message, look, you can come on your patrols and air space and in these waters but you're going to be met with this bristling spops. it's a reminder to nato, the west and the united states in this case that they're not going to be able to operate in this
3:37 am
area anymore without the russians taking note. and, obviously, they're doing that in sometimes very aggressive way. >> general hertling and matthew chance, thank you very much. cnn is inside north korea with reaction from officials to donald trump's comments about potentially arming japan and south korea with nuclear weapons, an exclusive report. we'll have that for you. speaking of donald trump, is social media banter compared to other candidates? you might be surprised by what we found out. the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ at our retirement plan today. not now! i'm cleaning the oven! yeah, i'm cleaning the gutters! well i'm learning snapchamp!
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more criticism. >> trump suggests other countries should arm themselves with nuclear weapons. north korea leader says that idea is absurd. >> reporter: few north korean officials understand american politics like the long-time diplomat and former ambassador, deputy director general of the institute of international studies. pyongyang think tank monitors events and reports back to leadership. we're not really interested in the u.s. election, he says. we don't care who becomes the next u.s. president, whether republicans or democrats take power has nothing to do with us. u.s. politicians have always had a hostile policy against north korea. state media doesn't cover details of the u.s. presidential campaign. the average person wouldn't even
3:42 am
recognize any of the candidates. in recent months each has spoken out against north korea's nuclear and missile programs. republican front-runner donald trump shocked american allies in asia when he suggested that south korea and japan could arm themselves with nuclear weapons. >> north korea has nukes. japan has a big problem with it. maybe they would, in fact, be better off if they defended themselves. >> with nukes? >> include iing with nukes, yea >> reporter: what is north korea's response? donald trump's remarks are totally absurd and il logical. the u.s. tells us to give up our nuclear program. he's preparing a nuclear attack against us and on the other hand would tell its allies to have nuclear weapons? isn't this a double standard? pyongyang hasn't officially reacted to trump's response. scolding president obama for
3:43 am
nuclear u.s. policy. even in a country known for rhetoric, he believes trump's ideology is dangerous. trump's remarks give us a deeper look at america's hostile policy against my country, he says. simply put, america's hostile acts against us are making the situation on the korean peninsula worse. he warns a policy like trumps would only escalate north korea's nuclear arms race. >> let's talk to will ripley about this. good to see you this morning. north korea likely doesn't want any of their enemies to have nuclear arms. that's not anything that anybody would be surprised by. but do you think that they would criticize the idea, regardless of who said it? do you believe that they really are not watching this u.s. campaign and the way it's playing out? >> the vast majority of live here in pyongyang and other parts of the country certainly aren't watching simply because they can't. they don't have action toes outside media in any form. government officials themselves,
3:44 am
while they claim they don't care about the u.s. election, of course the outcome of the election and policies affect them tremendously. the united states has been one of the main forces pushing for these new heightened sanctions that china says could really start to hurt some of the slow economic growth that this country has seen within the next six to 12 months. china saying things could start hurting quite a lot here in pyongyang. they want some sort of dialogue with the u.s. they proposed peace talks with washington last year but washington rejected the proposal because north korea said they would not consider, under any proposal, even if a deal was reached, giving up their nuclear program. christi? >> will ripley, thank you for your report. coming up on quarter to the top of the hour. looking ahead to the next hour, supreme court takes the case of president obama's executive order on immigration. is his legacy on the issue in jeopardy? why president obama is
3:45 am
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let's turn now to sr. media consultant brian seltzer,
3:49 am
joining me now. trump comes to mind first but all the candidates are doing their best to use the platform. >> that's right, and sometimes bernie sanders is as big as trump is. some of the very negative messages on twitter, his critiques, attacks against opponents and journalists are most popular, viral messages on twitter. on facebook, he is a kinder, friendliyer candidate. he doesn't post those negative messages as often on facebook as he does on twitter. he has learned maybe what platforms are best for each kind of message. >> interesting. >> cnn has a new exhibit here at the museum -- i'll be broadcasting "reliable sources" there this morning. my favorite fact that i learned on one of these screens is that there are different emojis for different candidates. those little symbols you can use
3:50 am
in text messaging. it would seem campaign messages are so 2012. the most popular emoji for bernie sanders is the fire emoji for the slogan "feel the bern." most popular easement moji for trump is a train. why the train? "get on board the trump train." i thought it was interesting that we're at the point where you can communicate with slogans, pictures or even with text message symbols. >> the economy of characters on twitter when you only have 140, you have to get it in one character. >> exactly. >> let's talk about donald trump. it's the second sunday in a row when he's not making the rounds on any of the sunday talk shows. is he now a bit more cautious after, you know, the problems that he had a couple of weeks ago? >> i think we are seeing a more cautious approach by the trump campaign, which is really interesting. he appeared on sunday shows pretty much every sunday throughout this campaign. i went back and looked
3:51 am
throughout all the months. only a couple of sundays he decided not to appear on one of the big sunday talk shows. this is the second week in a row. it's worth sort of noticing what's not happening. overall, he has been granting fewer interviews than he did earlier in the campaign. maybe because he's trying to run out the clock before the new york primary. he is doing so well ahead of tuesday's primary perhaps he thinks there's only down side to giving interviews. he is getting a lot of media attention without having to give interviews. you played a clip in the last segment talking about north korea, nuclear weapons. that was in a sunday interview two weeks ago. he may have regretted two of those comments and hasn't done sunday tv shows two weeks in a row. >> when it was quite ease toy
3:52 am
get donald trump on the phone or in person. brian stelter, looking forward to the show today. >> thanks. >> be sure to watch "reliable sources" later at 11:00 am eastern here on cnn live from the newseum. we are following two powerful earthquake thousands of miles apart here. first, unbelievable images coming to us of destruction in ecuador. trying to rescue people from a crushed car. we'll give you the latest ahead. in japan, as aftershocks are still hitting that area, residents return to the rubble of their homes. we'll talk you there live. this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree?
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cnn debate slamming demoatic rivals and imperson ating another one of our analysts. >> errol louis, let's get to your moment. >> we now have some black issues and for that we turn to our black moderator, errol louis. >> yeah, candidates it's time for the black question and they asked me to do it so i'm going to do it real good. secretary clinton, you supported a crime bill. do you regret this decision? >> i'm laughing to give myself time to think about how to answer this question. >> all right, errol.
3:57 am
what did you think? >> you know, just to set the scene, my wife and i had been at a dinner party and we sent the babysitter home and were kind of unwinding and turned on the television and this came on. i thought it was fine. it's all in good fun. it made me look ridiculous and for that, i guess i would have to thank them. >> do you have a moment when you look up and you're thinking, wait a minute. they're talking about me. >> you know, my wife and i noted they got the suit right, they sort of got the tie right. in fact, i took a picture, a snap from the clip you just played and it's now my twitter picture. >> nice. >> i'm using it as my i.d. >> aside from spoofing you with the black question, and take on this brooklyn brawl, as it's called, between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> secretary clinton, we'll start with you. you recently stood by governor cuomo as he signed a $15 minimum
3:58 am
wage into law. so, do you no longer think it should be $12? >> wolf, i have said from the beginning it should be a combination of 12 and/or 15. >> no. no, you didn't. you always said 12. >> and 15. no, i said 12 and/or 15. >> that's not true. >> yes, it is. >> no, no, no, no. >> yes, it is. yes, it is. can you feel that bern? can you feel that bern? >> this is funny, slapstick. however, as you reach back to the 2008 primary, the impact of the snl spoofs, they are real when it comes time to vote. >> obviously, having been through many, many hours of preparation and the two-hour debate itself, that wasn't a bad summary, if you wanted to show an 8-year-old what was going on in that debate. something close to that happened, really, even on that question. the reality is here in new york,
3:59 am
that minimum wage they're talking about, we have six different rates that will be in effect. upstate is different from downstate, suburbs, some sort of phase-in at a different time schedule. so, you know -- and the nastiness. they really did sort of go at it. just having them slap at each other that way. it's not completely wrong. that's what makes it funny. >> let's talk about one other big moment on snl that people are talking about. seinfeld reunion of sorts, julia louis-dreyfus with larry david, poking fun at bernie sanders. >> so, listen, you've been pretty vague in the past. exactly how are you going to break up the big banks? >> you mean the big bank breakup? >> yeah. >> you break them up. >> how? how? >> i'll go to the big banks once i'm president, i'll sit them down and yada, yada, yada,
4:00 am
they'll be broken up. >> what? no. no. you can't yada, yada at a debate. also, you yada yada'ed over the best part. >> no. i mentioned the -- >> you don't realize how much of this is political humor. >> thank you, errol. and thank you for starting your morning with us. next hour starts now. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. good to be with you. we begin with breaking news out of ecuador this morning. deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake has rattled coastal towns. you are seeing the aftermath right here. look at this video. the moment the quake struck


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