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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  April 17, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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>> what? no. no. you can't yada, yada at a debate. also, you yada yada'ed over the best part. >> no. i mentioned the -- >> you don't realize how much of this is political humor. >> thank you, errol. and thank you for starting your morning with us. next hour starts now. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. good to be with you. we begin with breaking news out of ecuador this morning. deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake has rattled coastal towns. you are seeing the aftermath right here. look at this video. the moment the quake struck.
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let's listen. >> just frightening there, the sound of everything rattling inside that supermarket. it keeps getting louder and louder. more than 70 people are dead and nearly 600 are injured. >> rescue crews are scrambling to look for survivors under the rubble here. you can see the video. i think we have it coming up. if not now, in a moment. bridge collapse smashing everything under it. the death toll is expected to rise. seismologist susan huff joins us on the phone from pasadena. in terms of magnitude, tell us the severity of this quake compared to what we saw in japan last week. >> so, this was a 7.8 which is quite a bit bigger than the magnitude 7.0.
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along the ring of fire, it's not nearly as bad as the biggest earthquakes can be. it was also relatively shallow, which makes the shaking stronger near the surface. >> i think a lot of people are looking at this, susan, and thinking okay, we're talking about three major earthquakes in a matter of four days. both of these countries part of that ring of fire. do these back-to-back quakes indicate to you any unusual seismic activity? >> yeah, no. there could be a physical link between earthquakes like this that we don't understand. as far as we understand, there is no physical link. you have earthquakes popping off all around the globe all the time. and sometimes you'll get two or even three fairly close together. >> after the earthquake on friday, it was continued. we saw some aftershocks, even that 4.0 the day before.
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now this in ecuador, the earthquake in tonga. should we expect more moving forward? >> we live on a dynamic planet. we always have to be prepared for earthquakes, especially in some regions. as far as we know, there is no link between earthquakes across the pacific. within japan, that is a very active sequence that's going on. so, locally, you can certainly get more earthquakes after that type of activity. >> we talk about 7.8, susan, just wondering if that would be indicative of more or less -- does that tell you anything about the aftershocks and what is to come when you're talking about something as strong as a 7.8? >> sure. we know that earthquakes beget earthquakes. after a big event we expect aftershocks. on average the largest aftershock on a 7.8 will be close to a 6.8.
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if that's shallow and close to a city, that could be damaging in its own right. in japan, they're having a very active sequence. so, you have the possibility of aftershocks and even subsequent larger earthquakes. >> all right. susan hough, we certainly thank you for your time this morning. let's talk about japan now. 41 people are dead after the recent quakes there and more than 100,000 people are in shelters. seismic activity continues in that area. no signs of letting up yet. cnn's matt rivers is live from kumamoto, japan. earlier, you were giving us a look at some of the destruction around you. are these communities fully evacuated? we know in some areas the evacuations continue. >> all right. at this point, all these neighborhoods here that have really been affected are completely evacuated. that's kudos to the authorities
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here in japan for recognizing after thursday's earthquake -- remember, we had two earthquakes here, one on thursday and another on saturday. after thursday, upwards of 90 to 100,000 people were evacuated from this area. and people we were talking to here throughout the last two days, oddly enough, are actually happy about the fact that they had that first earthquake because, in their view, because of the mandatory evacuations, that left -- that brought people out of this area, which meant that when the larger earthquake happened saturday, the more destructive one, there were less people in harm's way. and in the view of people we spoke to, it might have saved lives. >> matt, there were concerns yesterday when we were live in japan with some of the reporters there about the rain that was coming, the weather that was coming. how has that affected the rescue efforts there? and what are they like there this morning? how much progress is being made? >> yeah, it hasn't -- yeah.
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and it hasn't made anything easier. thankfully, during the day today it's around 8:00 at night local time. during the day today, we got clear skies and sun. but that was a huge contrast to what we saw yesterday, which was high winds and rain. that definitely made rescue efforts that much harder. there are reports still of people trapped. and so that is something, thankfully -- hopefully, if the weather holds up, rescuers will be able to hopefully find survivors. >> matt rivers in kumamoto, japan, for us. thanks so much. politics now and the new york primary is just two days away and, as republican presidential front-runner donald trump lashes out at what he calls a rigged system, he says he's still confident in his chances. >> in our system they're not even voting. the bosses are picking the
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delegates. and it's a very bad thing. despite all of that, do you know who is going to win? we're going to win. we're going to win, despite all of that. >> and the democratic side, a colorful protest by bernie sanders' supporters. take a look. we'll have the video for you here in a minute. this is part of t but on her way to a fund-raiser hosted by george clooney last night, hillary clinton's motorcade was showered with 1,000 $1 bills. this say protest against what they call the absurdity of campaign finance laws that hosted that fund-raiser. george clooney, what's interesting, he seems to agree. >> yes. i think an obscene amount of money. we had some protesters last night when we pulled up in san francisco. and they're right to protest. they're absolutely right. it is an obscene amount of
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money. the sanders campaign, when they talk about it, is absolutely right. it's ridiculous that we should have this kind of money in politics. i agree. >> for the latest on both races, let's go to kristen holmes, who joins me now. donald trump is warning that the gop leaders will potentially have a rough july. let listen to this. >> so the system is rigged. it's a bad system, dirty system. we're going to do something about it. maybe that will take place the next time around, meaning in four years. but the system is a bad, bad system. and they've got to do something about it. the republican national committee, they better get going, because i'll tell you what, you're going to have a rough july at that convention. you better get going. and you better straighten out the system because the people want their vote. the people want to vote. and they want to be represented
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properly. > >> suggesting a rough july, riding this message, seems to be, up till the vote on tuesday. he has a busy sunday to continue to make that message. >> exactly. so because donald trump is poised to win the empire state by a huge margin, latest poll has him up by 29 points. he has 54%, which means he could sweep all 95 delegates here in new york. and to ted cruz in third place with 16%, to give you an idea of where everyone is on the playing field. because of this, it has given him more room to stop slamming his opponents so much and go after the system, as we just heard. this is not the first time that he has done that. he has also said that -- he predicted that there would be protests in cleveland during the convention if he was denied the nomination, even if he didn't reach that pivotal 1237 delegate number. he said there would probably be protests in the street during that time. as i mentioned, he is ahead 29%.
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he is not taking anything for granted. he has three events, very busy day. he will start off speaking in staten island for lunch, joined by the head of the veterans police association there. as you know, in most of his rallies, he mentions the nypd, especially here in new york, first responders on 9/11 as well. he will go to his alma mater, do a walk through there. we will see pictures from that even though the press will not be there. he wraps everything up at a rally in poughkeepsie. keekd expect to hear more rhetoric about how the process isf rigged and how he hopes to get it fixed. >> bernie sanders on his way back from his trip to the vatican and we're hearing the context behind the central theme of his campaign. >> we grew up in a -- my dad, my
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mom and my brother, larry, grew up in a small 3 1/2 bedroom apartment. and the major -- the major problem of our family was constant tension that existed between my parents over money. >> so now to some context to support the central theme of this income inequality problem across the country. something we really have not heard, something this poignant from him leading up to this. >> exactly. most people who listen to bernie sanders, his supporters, told me they feel moved when he speaks about income inequality in a more general sense, talking about banks, wall street and how everybody deserves an equal playing field here. i do think this gives some context, a more personal side of sanders here. he went on to say that this father was from poland and he was happy just living in an
4:12 am
apartment, but his mom had always dreamed of having a house and she died before she was able to realize that dream. so, i think that this gives people a little bit of insight into where his ideas come from, where it stems, and gives them another layer to sanders. >> kristen holmes, thanks so much. >> thank you. up next, families in flint, michigan, are told to turn on their faucets, leave the water running. the expensive tactic that might help lower pollutants in the water system. who is left holding this bill? also a close call in the air. russian fighter jet barrel rolls over u.s. aircraft. details on russian's dangerous game that's escalating in the skies. it's a clear, taste-free daily supplement.... ...that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer. benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. find us in the fiber aisle.
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15 minutes past the hour now. national political commentator for u.s. radio networks and donald trump supporter, scottie knell hughes. i wanted to ask you about these two things -- this one thing coming in here. two big delegate wins. trump won the primary. cruz collected more delegates in the district conventions. delegates are overriding the people's votes? >> not at all, christi. it's a losing day in the trump losing streak. it's better than just georgia, kentucky, oklahoma, north carolina, republicans are caucusing, gathering, meeting and lining up behind ted cruz and his message of jobs, freedom and security. >> steve, i want to ask you about this. what if it were the other way around? what if cruz had won georgia's
4:17 am
primary and trump collected all the delegates? >> i have never heard ted cruz whining about the system or the organization at any point, even when donald trump had whatever undo advantages he had. this is about members of the republican party. these are the people who work hard every day. they're caucusing. they're meeting. they're gathering. these are people who knocked on doors, made phone calls. what donald trump and his supporters want is to get a bunch of people to stop by ten minutes on the way to the voting booth on the way to work. being a member of the republican party requires more work than that, going to these caucus meetings and working hard to become delegates to go to cleveland. that's how we're going to beat hillary clinton, by the way. >> scottie, the point he's trying to make -- it's one that errol louis made a little earlier in the show. had donald trump -- he would have captured more delegates,
4:18 am
actual ly, errol louis, said, hd he understood the process. >> let me say to steve, i don't remember saying we, the people of the republican party, members of the republican party. i remember it saying we, the people. that right there -- the fact that, steve, you sat there and discounted the people, the popular vote. >> this is the republican party, private organization. >> i'm sorry, let scottie talk here for a second. i want you both to be heard. that's not helping. so, go ahead, scottie. >> thank you. the people elected donald trump, the republican party are the ones putting their establishment candidates in. we sit here and talk about these delegate counts. mr. trump is not sitting there, discounting it. he's applauding the folks to running for delegate and being elected by people. the majority are being elected to represent mr. trump. we're talking about these at-large delegates, super delegates of the republican party that are being appointed by the establishment within those state parties that are what we call the trojan horses
4:19 am
going into the convention. i find it absolutely delirious of these cruz supporters that don't believe they're not being used to get a third nominee from the floor. they believe they're going in to cleveland with their delegates being more loyal than trump supporters, then they need to wake up from their dream and realize they're just being used as a vehicle to broker this convention and broker our republican party. >> steve, go ahead. >> here is the reality. the reality is that on the ground, real republicans are working hard to galvanize behind ted cruz because of his clear messaging. they resent the fact that donald trump continues to refuse to debate ted cruz on the key issues important to republicans. they're still angry he will not release his tax returns like hillary clinton and bernie sanders and ted cruz and john kasich have done. they want to get behind the candidate that can beat hillary clinton. trump supporters should understand something. this is the kind of organization it's going to take to beat hillary clinton. if donald trump is afraid to fly out to wyoming and ask the
4:20 am
voters of wyoming delegates -- he won't even go there, give them the benefit of a visit. how is he going to beat hillary clinton? >> two more things to get to. scottie, this is for you. north korean official is talking now this morning -- we're finally learning -- or hearing from them with will ripley. he sat down with one of them and told them about donald trump's comments regarding a nuclear asia. let's listen to what this north korea official had to say. >> reporter: donald trump's remarks are totally absurd and il logical, he says. the u.s. tells us to give up our nuclear program. he is preparing a nuclear attack against us and on the other hand tell its allies to have nuclear weapons. isn't this a double standard? >> scottie, are you confident in the foreign policy message that donald trump touts? >> absolutely. just because he is not sitting there and cozying up to north korea, i don't think we need to criticize him. all he is doing is saying we need to make sure that those
4:21 am
around north korea are dealing with north korea, talk about it. remember, we're still on a cease fire from 1953 with north korea. >> japan and south korea have both come out against what he said about protecting themselves. >> that's great. that's possible. how else do you deal with someone as insane as the leader of north korea? fine, we're not going to sit here and personally going to go in there after north korea, which we're not going to do. >> steve shall i want to give you one last word here. listen, cruz has no public events in new york today. a lot of people are noticing this. has he given up on new york? >> no. ted cruz has been campaigning hard across new york from bronx to queens, staten island. brooklyn and all the way up to albany and buffalo. he is campaigning hard today in his own way. we will campaign hard again in new york tomorrow right through the primary. let's see if on tuesday donald trump gets over 50% new york.
4:22 am
if he doesn't, it's time for him to go. >> ted cruz only got 44% in texas. that is absolutely absurd. >> in the field of, what, ten candidates? >> the percentage and we will look and see what it is on tuesday when it all happens. scottie nell hughes, steve, lonegan, thank you for being with us. it's like a scene from the movie "top gun." did you see that? in this case, russian jets barrel rolling a u.s. plane. plus, two firefighters shot while responding to a call. one of the firefighters died. now we're hearing that the person who shot them will not face charges. more on that.
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an overnight shooting in alabama leaves an officer in the hospital and the gunman dead. there's no word on what caused the shooting. the officer is expected to be released later today. firefighter was shot as he entered. a 13-year veteran. police aren't releasing why they released the shooter yesterday, after questioning, but police say a volunteer firefighter and
4:27 am
gunman's brother, who initially called for help, were also shot. officials in flint, michigan, have a new proposal to help clean up lead-contaminated water there, asking residents to flush the water lines. the proposals call for residents to turn their water on full force for five minutes a day to help clear the lines every day for two weeks. the epa said there will be no cost to residents for the extra water use. the search has been called off for two california teens swept out to sea. the two were with a group of friends at a beach in vallejo yesterday afternoon. a large wave hit and they were separated. more than a dozen rescue swimmers, jet skis and boats tried to find them but unsuccessful. the other teens hit by the wave were able to swim safely back to shore. taking up the case of president obama's executive orders on immigration. what does this mean for the president's legacy on the issue? also, president obama teaming up with nba star stephen
4:28 am
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clashes over immigration legislation are about to come to a head, hearing arguments about protections established by president obama's administration. >> in november 2014, the president unveiled executive actions meant to bypass congressional inaction and create a program to help millions of undocumented immigrants gain legal status. a federal court blocked it from going forward in federal court last year. tomorrow the court will hear from 26 states and the house of
4:32 am
representatives, challenging that action, possibly affect the more than 4 million undocumented immigrants. cnn supreme court analyst joins me. what exactly are the states fighting? >> over a year ago president obama unveiled what he hoped would be a second piece of the second term, these immigration actions. they were supposed to shield millions, potentially, from deportation. but what has occurred now is texas came in and challenged it. the court ruled in texas' favor and the programs are blocked. the administration comes forward and says, look, we have broad authority here. we can decide and prioritize how to enforce immigration. and the states come back and say, you might be able to prioritize, but what you can't do is change the law. and they feel like in this instance, the president went too far.
4:33 am
interestingly enough, at court tomorrow we'll hear arguments for the gop-led house of representatives and that lawyer will say, you took this to congress. it didn't work. now you can't step in and try to change the law. only congress can do that. >> so, this is a court with eight justices, after the death of justice antonnin scalia. how does that vacancy impact the case? >> when the court is split 4-4, it basically automatically upholds the lower court opinion. here, this preliminary injunction is inlace and these programs were blocked from going forward. if the court is split 4-4, then the programs will remain blocked. but there's an interesting twist in the case, because the court may never get to the issue of immigration. there's a big threshold question on whether or not texas and the states have the legal right or the standing to bring the case
4:34 am
in the first place. if the supreme court rules on that standing issue, it could dismiss the case, the programs would be allowed to go into effect and the court would have rule ed but never really touche on the bigger issue of immigration. oral argument also see how much that issue of standing means. >> this could impact millions of people across this country. many will be watching it closely. we know you will be, too. arian de vogue, thank you very much. >> thank you. let's continue talking about this with legal analyst danny ceveau. i want to diagram a little deeper here and ask, do states have legal standing to sue based solely on what they disagree on legally and politically? >> it's an important question, and a question this court has to resolve, because the effect
4:35 am
would be if state does have standing to challenge federal policy any time they feel like it, the result would be a deluge of cases from states who don't agree with federal policy. historically, federal law is the supreme law of the land. but the states are now arguing that we have the right to be in court because when you, federal government, make these policies, you impose costs on us. for example, when you allow undocumented immigrants to stay in the country, we now have to pay for giving them driver's licenses. the issue becomes, is the mere fact that texas may have to spend some more money, does that result in sufficient interest in the outcome to allow texas into court as a litigant to begin with? >> states are arguing that the action was unconstitutional. i know you've read through everything. do you see anything in that executive action that would
4:36 am
suggest unconstitutionality in some regard? >> at first blush, historically, when the federal government makes policies, especially in immigration -- because the federal government has the sole power. there are some state and federal policies that overlap. when it comes to immigration, the federal government is the supreme law of the land. but they're making an interesting argument that at least a trial court and lower aappellate court agrees with. remember, there are several states filing suit. in texas' case, the idea is that because texas has to spend more of texas' money on these driver's licenses for undocumented persons, therefore that is something that gives them the right to challenge this federal policy. but the far-reaching implications are huge, which is why the supreme court should and
4:37 am
hopefully will reach a majority, one way or the other, on this case and not deadlock. >> right. >> because this is an issue that must be resolved going forward. >> ariana talked to the issue of gridlock there. what happens if the supreme court does rule in the state's favor? >> procedurally what happens is this. if the supreme court ties, then the lower court opinion stands. it's sort of a wash. so, you need that majority opinion to make some kind of decision. if you're deadlocked you take away the supreme court's power to even rule on the lower court case. but practically speaking, the supreme court has every incentive to deal with this issue. after all, the supreme court is a federal court. if they reach a conclusion that allows any state to sue any time it disagrees with federal policy, then ultimately those are cases that are going to filter up eventually to the supreme court. so, even though this case may be
4:38 am
dismissed without ever reaching the underlying immigration issue, it may only deal with that threshold standing issue, it is nevertheless a critically important issue for federal courts to decide. after all, it decides who allows them in the door of the courthouse to sue. >> to start with of the danny cevallos, thank you so much for your expertise here. ahead on "new day," close call between a russian jet and u.s. aircraft over the baltic sea after russian jets buzzed a u.s. navy destroyer. what is behind all of this?
4:39 am
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this morning, another close call in the baltic sea. this time a u.s. reconnaissance plane was barrel rolled by a russian jet in true "top gun" style. >> su-207 flying dangerously close to u.s. rc-135u in skies of baltic seas are not consistent with reality, russia's defense ministry says. >> reporter: u.s. officials still furious over the buzzing of an american navy sheriff's deputy by russian combat jets. america's top diplomat calling the incident in the baltic sea
4:43 am
reckless, provocative. >> under the rules of engagement, that could have been a shootdown. people need to understand that this is serious business and the you state -- you state is not go be intimidated. >> in wave after wave, buzzing the uss donald cook. >> no margin for error, right? >> that's correct. you are talking feet. we're not talking yards or miles. we're talking feet. and basically if this pilot sneezed or looked a different direction and the plane went another way, bang, it could have hit the ship. >> reporter: the russian jets were not armed. russian officials are defending their actions saying these fly-byes are in accordance with international rules but analysts say we're in a very dangerous period. >> it's absolutely the worst it's been since the end of the cold war. >> reporter: uss cook was operating in international waters 70 miles off the russian
4:44 am
territory of keliningrad. that likely got underneath vladimir putin's skin. >> the most advanced radar capability in the fleet of the united states navy. it can detect missiles but also shoot down missiles. this is probably what irritated the russians not only that it was operating out in the sea but close to their shores. >> reporter: putin is being as aggressive as ever, using his ramped-up military to threaten his neighbors, provoke the u.s., pushing the envelope all with a clear message, we must be respected. >> putin's narrative is one of strength. at home get up off our knees. internationally, we are capable of standing up to the united states and others. >> reporter: u.s. officials are now worried about a possible intelligence breach. during those fly-byes, this helicopter came very close to the uss cook.
4:45 am
it was probably taking high-res pictures of the radar, weaponry and communications on board to give to russian commanders and defense contractors. brian todd, cnn, washington. bernie sanders live on "state of the union" today along with governor john kasich. >> candidates sitting down with dana bash, giving us a preview of her interview, next. d start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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two presidential candidates
4:49 am
are on cnn "state of the ofof t today. dana bash is taking over hosting duties today and joins us now. dana, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> and governor kasich is picking up a key endorsement. what have you learned? >> well, he is going to be endorsed by the republican governor of nevada, brian sandoval. now, that is a state that has already voted, but he is, brian sandoval, is an important national figure for all republicans but also the kind of brand that john kasich is going for, kind of the maybe more compassionate conservative. he is somebody who appeals to a latinos and others who kasich says he's trying to bring into the fold. but the other fascinating part of our discussion, i think, is obviously we've heard donald trump going hard after the republican national committee,
4:50 am
saying that the system is rigged. well, john kasich is obviously running in the same race, and he has quite a different take on it. listen to this. >> donald trump is on a tirade against the republican nominating system. he says the system is rigged, the vote is no longer a vote. what do you think? do you think the system is rigged? >> well, i don't know -- no, i think it's the way it works. you know, it's like saying i made an 83 on my math test, so i should get an "a" just because i think it's rigged that you have to make a 90 to get an "a." i mean, come on. act like, you know, like you're a professional. be a pro. >> so he clearly dismissing the idea of donald trump whining about the system. and, look, i mean, it's probably a different kind of situation -- it is a different kind of situation, victor, for john kasich because he hasn't won the number of delegates. he hasn't won the number of
4:51 am
states that donald trump has. and so he's hoping that the delegate process in cleveland actually helps him because the process is going to be based on the votes of the delegates, not so much necessarily the votes of the popular primaries and caucuses if there is an open and contested convention. >> that is kasich's only shot at this point. >> exactly. >> let's talk about bernie sanders. he will be joining you live this morning. what are you going to discuss with him? >> so much to go over still from our red-hot debate this past week in brooklyn. the brawl in brooklyn. you know, a lot to kind of unpack about what he said, what he didn't say about his positions, about hillary clinton's positions and some of the accusations that he's made against her. he also just returned from the vatican, left the campaign trail and got some headlines for a surprise meeting with pope francis. and then there's also this, you
4:52 am
know, fascinating situation with george clooney who is a clinton supporter, who is talking about the fact that maybe it's not such a great thing to have all this money in politics even though it's not just a clinton supporter, victor, he's somebody who helped raise money for hillary clinton in the past, what, 48 hours. so i'm sure bernie sanders is probably going to have some fun with that. >> looking forward to it. dana bash, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> do not miss bernie sanders and john kasich on "state of the union" this morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern right here on cnn. christi? next, nba superstar steph curry teaming up with president obama in a new psa to help other people. we'll have details on that. and the injury that he's suffering right now may keep him out of his next game. vent new pn your account in seconds. and once you find it, you can switch it right on again. you're back! freeze it from discover. get it at
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all right, the nba playoffs under way, 16 teams work for their shot at the title. >> yeah. andy scholes has more in this morning's "bleacher report." many things were going on in that moment. we don't have time to detail all of them. andy, good morning. >> good morning, guys. you know the warriors are the overall favorite to win it all again this year. and game one with the rockets went as many expected it to go. warriors leading it wire to wire, blowing out the rockets. steph curry had another dominating performance. he was getting it done on both ends of the court. here, look, steals the ball from james harden and the over-the-shoulder pass. he only played 20 minutes as the warriors won 104-78. now, curry only played 20 minutes because in the second quarter he tweaked his ankle.
4:57 am
now, curry tried to come back in the game, even begged his coach, steve kerr, let me back in, but kerr would not allow it. curry questionable now for tomorrow's game two. now, curry, very active in the bay area community. when president obama honored the warriors at the white house earlier this year, he encouraged a psa calling to mentor youth. now, that psa aired for the first time yesterday. here's a look. >> this looks good. you don't need this little clip art over here. so let's take that out. incredible dancer. i don't know if people are going to believe you. are you sure you want to do that? >> yeah, set me up. >> the first time i saw the white house was in 1984. i had just graduated from college. i was working at a community organizer out of the harlem campus and city colleges of new york. release. make sure it's on your
4:58 am
fingertips. >> maybe i should shoot lefty. >> you can try that. >> one shot at this. >> this psa is great for so many reasons, guys. and i have a question. like when you play connect four against the president, do you have to let him win? >> i was just thinking the same thing. >> no. >> whether genuine or -- >> no, you don't have to let him win. basketball, i think you have to let him win. >> i found it funny that president obama was giving steph curry shooting tips when curry is arguably the greatest shooter of all time. >> you're not going to get invited to the white house. >> that one time was enough. >> one more than me. >> thank you so much. all right. thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> "inside politics with jong kin" starts now.
4:59 am
wait a minute. wait. >> the democratic debate gets feisty. >> i do question her judgment. >> president obama trusted my judgment enough to ask me to be secretary of state for the united states. >> new york is a giant prize. bernie sanders needs an upset. plus donald trump is poised for a huge win. so why is he complaining? >> it's a rigged system, folks. the republican system is a rigged system. >> and why this? >> i do not want nor will i accept the nomination for our party. >> paul ryan rules out a convention surprise. "inside politics," the biggest stories sourced by the best reporters now.
5:00 am
welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thanks for sharing your sunday mor morni morning. the new york primary matters big time. three big questions as we gear up for tuesday's critical voting. number one, will donald trump swe sweep up ought of the delegates and turn back his focus to winning after whining about republican rules? >> what's going on with our party, we've got to give the vote back to the people, folks, because it's no good. it's all -- it's all rigged. it's a rigged deal. >> question two is related to that. can the republican party chairman keep the peace in a fractured party bracing now for potential convention chaos? >> i know there's drama. i know there's going to be work to do. i get it. i'm not, you know, oblivious to the world that i live in. >> he gets it. and question three, after a testy final democratic debate,


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