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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  April 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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donald." she was learning english. it turns out his ancestors changed the family name to trump. when john oliver heard the original name, everything old is new again. >> this is true. drumpf. >> jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> anderson starts now. good evening, thanks for joining us. the battle for new york and one new yorker's escalating war with his own party. that new yorker donald trump poised to win tomorrow's primary and win it big, speaking tonight in buffalo. for days now he's been railing against the republican party against party rules, the party chairman and even against the way the convention in cleveland is being presented. he says it will be boring. he might dump priebus if he gets
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the chance saying a lot of things that will make big headlines. and then there's bernie sanders speaking tonight. closing the gap nationally with hillary clinton and suggesting he will outperform the new york polling. speaking of which, breaking news in a new nbc news poll. large majorities of voters saying they could not support either donald trump, ted cruz on hillary clinton in november. we begin in buffalo with the trump campaign and cnn's jim a cass to. the fight between trump and the rnc is gaining momentum. what's the latest. >> that's right. donald trump continued that fight with the rnc just a few moments ago he said that the system for awarding delegates to candidates in the race for the white house on the gop side is a rigged system. he said it is crooked. he was talking about these recent state party conventions held. had he said the vote was taken away from the people of colorado. he's not backing down from this line of attack at all.
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i talked to a trump source earlier today who said the rnc is running the risk alienating millions of voters if he gets there in cleveland. he's just short of the delegates needed to clinch the nomination. but somehow denied that nomination because of some become room deals. that will backfire terribly on the rnc. >> we're also in the final 24 hours now before the new york primary u tomorrow. how does the campaign feel about their chances? >> well, we heard earlier today donald trump say he doesn't want to believe what he's seeing in the polls. he's doing so well. he's poised to really run the table here in new york and potentially sweep all of these delegates. we should point out he has no official events on the schedule tomorrow except for his watch party at trump tower tomorrow night. but i will tell you this is one fired up crowd here.
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and donald trump has been riding this issue of new york values, that comment made that donald trump has hit time and time again. in talking about the bravery of the first responders on 9/11, trump had a small gaffe. he referred to 9/11 as 7/11 so some kricritics might seize on that. he's poised to win very big here in the primary. and then really the calendar is really in his favor. next week he's in the northeast. and those states show donald trump pretty far ahead. he could put serious distance between them and have some of that leverage he's looking for. that will take some form over the next couple weeks. >> jim, thanks very much. what happens tomorrow could have a major bearing on what happens on every step to cleveland.
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winning it all is neither simple or easy. john king is at the magic wall to break it down. 95 delegates at stake in new york. with all this debate about the rules, any argument over how they will be divvied up tomorrow. >> new york's rules are complicated, but not unlike other states. let's take a lock at the rules first. 95 delegates at stake u. he wants to win them all. 14 go to the statewide winner. otherwise below 50%, they go up por pronationally. that's three for each of the 27 districts. that's one of the reasons dths d donald trump is up in buffalo. if you get 50% plus 1 in a congressional district, you get all 3. 49% or below that, you get 2 and the second place receives 1 delegate. watch as we are counting the
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volts to see if he can win 50% statewide, but can he win 50% in all of the 27 congressional districts or is that how they pick up a few by knocking trump below 50 in a handful. >> it is important for him to win it big. >> it's hugely important. what's he been complaining about? the state conventions. either first time conventions or second and third steps to the process where cruz has been beating him. donald trump is still ahead by 200 plus delegates. but ted cruz is catching up slowly in place like wyoming and e getting delegates that would be for ted cruz on the second or third ballot. donald trump knows he needs to win on first ballot. if he wins big, this is what donald trump winning 75% of the vote. he put the momentum behind him and make u a statement.
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>> in addition to 95 delegates, the results could have a bigger influence. imagine he wins 75% or more. this is 75%. see the line? that's 75%. if donald trump can end the month at this line or perhaps even past it a little bit, then it's conceivable. out in the rest of the calendar, he can get to 1237. if donald trump ends on this side of the line, pack your b s bags. we're going to have an open con vngs. >> i want to bring in the rest of the panel. former rnc chief of staff and plolitical commentator who has been a trump supporter from the beginning. . no one even thought he would
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enter the race. predicting not only he would enter but he'd do well. especially given the surrounding states coming up. >> as donald trump might say, it would be huge. it resets the narrative and resets the math. the narrative because he lost badly in wisconsin. then took a bad situation and made it worse with his own gaffes. and the math would mean that he could potentially if he won big, as john was talking about, he could potentially set himself a narrow path to get the 1237 number before the convention. what it won't do is get ted cruz out of this race. but it certainly would turn around the shape of the campaign right now as far as the folks inside the trump campaign are concerned. i spoke with someone today who said, look, this is really
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important for us to win big. if he doesn't win big, i suppose that gives cruz ammunition and kasich ammunition to say he's stumbling in his home state even if he wins. >> expectations for trump has gotten as high as they can get in new york. there are analysts that think he could win all 95 delegates. nobody is giving cruz or kasich a chance. if trump falls short, it's more about the delegates. we'll pay attention to the margin of the vote. if cruz surprises and he wins 15, 20, 30 delegates that would be a significant vukt ri. if he carves out some of the rural districts and does well. but i don't think momentum is having a big role in this race. this race is about demographics. there are some states that are trump states and some states
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that are now cruz states based on the rules and the geography. you look at the math and almost point to them. so assuming trump does well in the northeast, this race is going to come down to two states. indiana and california. those are the states to watch that will decide this. >> his political argument about fairness is proponents call it whining. he knows what he's doing. he's trying to create an environment where it's impossible to get away. he expects to win big tomorrow. if cruz can't compete, donald trump wants you to end the month looking at the math. but i'm winning across the country. i'm winning in a lot of places. i have momentum now. how can you take this away from me. >> ted cruz campaigned in new york, but right now he's in maryland. he's been out of new york an awful lot. what does that tell you? >> he's doing his best to get as
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many delegates in the places he can. they realize new york is not going to be their state. surrogates keep pointing to the 50% number. it's interesting that he needs to get o over 50% to get the maximum amount of delegates. he needs the 1237 to get the nomination outright. trump surrogates have been saying we can win as a plurality. we don't have to get a majority. . throughout this race donald trump has not gotten a majority in any of these contests. he needs to show he can get a majority somewhere. his home state is the only place he can do that. >> is new york naturally donald trump country? >> sure, this is his home state. >> new york city is different than upper new york state. >> he dominates the national media right now, but it used to be that donald trump only dominated the media markets in new york and page 6 on the "new york post." now he has the entire country. . there are areas where cruz can
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perform strongly. if you look at the upstate new york congressional districts that have a conservative profile, he can do well there. john kasich, who will finish second in the percentage tally, he could do well in places like westchester county. even some of the areas of suffolk county. this is a state perfectly situate d for donald trump. you look at the crowd tonight he has in erie. that's not a new york city type area. that's blue collar, a little more population. it's the exact type of population that feels they have been disenfranchised from the process and donald trump is the perfect vehicle for their frustrations. >> looking at john's map, you can see the delegate county that marco rubio has a bunch of delegates. what happens to those in the first round? do they have to vote for rubio? >> it goes by state rules. so for instance, marco rubio won 22 delegates in puerto rico.
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if the state party says we are keeping them bound when the roll call is rolled, they will vote for marco rubio and won't be counted for the people likely placed in nomination. >> it depends on the states. >> those are votes not really for donald trump because he has to get to 50% on the first ballot. >> new york, to kevin's point, there's a risk in those expectations. you're very confident. you think he's going to get all the delegates, don't you? >> yeah, i think he's going to do very well. it's his home state. the think i find very interesting here. if donald trump or the republican nominee, i have no doubt he would carry ted cruz's home state of texas. if ted cruz were the republican nominee, i have serious doubts he would be able to carry donald trump's state of new york. i'm not sure he would carry pennsylvania. donald trump is uniquely positioned to do well in the midatlantic and northeastern united states. to be perfectly candid, they
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said ronald reagan couldn't win these states. it turned out to be moderate republicans that couldn't win these states. reagan won them twice. bush 41 ran for the so-called reagan third term, he won pennsylvania. beyond that once bush was on his own, pennsylvania has been a democratic hands ever since in terms of presidential elections. so donald trump is exactly the kind of candidate that can appeal in these areas. that's important to elect iing republican president. >> much more to talk about tonight including a look at ground war for delegates. we'll show you how the arm twisting works and the convincing works who went in supporting one candidate and now support another. also bernie sanders speaking to support irs. new polling suggests an already close race could be tightening. >> what working people are telling me is they cannot make it. it's more than the cloud.
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oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear? donald trump speaking in buffalo. we have been talking about his beef with the republican party over rules allowing a loser a second shot at the delegate from that contest. those rules at making the most of them are driving him up a wall. that's pretty clear. what's also clear is that the party has little patience for his complaints say iing he shou
5:18 pm
have known how the system works. the rules have been in place for a long time. as interesting as all the back and forth has been, we thought you'd also like to see up close what all the fuss is about. how it works. gary tuckman takes us straight to the frontlines in the ground war for delegates. >> reporter: katie frost has just been elected as a ted cruz delegate. dale jackson will also be going to the national convention. but as donald trump delegates. however, as the two of them sign papers officially committing themselves to trump, they have also committed themselves s to abandoning trump for ted cruz as soon as possible. so why and how is that happening? >> congratulations to katie frost and dale jackson. they will represent us at the national committee. >> reporter: this is the republican convention in the third district of georgia south and west of atlanta where many donald trump supporters say the fix was in. >> you might say it wasn't derped before we got here. but that's not true.
5:19 pm
>> reporter: donald trump won the georgia primary in march and won georgia's third congressional district. so he gets two delegates. ted cruz, who came in second, gets one. and this is the day that more than 200 active republicans from the district elect the actual people who will be those delegates. sounds simple enough, but things were not so simple early in the day when it came to selecting the trump delegates. listen to what denise says at the end of this exchange before she was selected as a trump d l delegate. >> what campaign did you work for? >> i worked for a lot of campaigns. you're asking do i support ted cruz, and i do. >> then the other winning trump delegate was asked if he supported ted cruz. >> i support limited government, conservative principles. >> clear evidence he supports cruz was easy it find. fliers were passed out that said vote for ted cruz delegates and
5:20 pm
listed the names dale jackson. this man is a trump supporter. >> the voters voted the majority for donald trump. and knowingly sending ted cruz supporters up there is wrong. >> he and other trump supporters might not like it, but it's totally within the rules. ted cruz's campaign knows how to play them. aggressively recruiting supporters to turn out for the conventions held in congressional districts throughout georgia. dale jackson and denise are obligated to vote for trump. but if it goes back the first ballot, bye-bye trump. >> what will it be like voting for donald trump and ted cruz will most likely still be fighting for president of the united states? how will that make you feel? >> that's the rules. i will follow the rules. >> how will that make you feel? >> i know there's going to be a second ballot. >> rules are rules. donald trump will get two votes from these newly elected
5:21 pm
delegates. but if the the voting goes into a second round, they will do the political e equivalent of leaving donald trump at the altar. do either of you have any ethical issues at all with not voting for donald trump after the first ballot? >> absolutely not. >> no. >> it's fascinating to see this. do the trump delegates who are cruz supporters say they will support his campaign if he does get the nomination? will they support his campaign? >> they are obviously not fans of donald trump, but they do not want hillary clinton to become president of the united states. so donald trump gets the nomination, they are loyal republicans. they will follow the republican flag. >> gary tuckman, thank you. back with our panel. mike, you're the expert. trump supporter saying this, i can understand if i was a trump supporter saying that just seems unfair. donald trump is supposed to have two delegates who are his
5:22 pm
supporters. those are going to vote in the first round. >> they were competing in a primary to get those bound delegates. that's what they are competing for. the bound delegates. >> how did they get elected to represent donald trump? >> that's up to the state party. there are rules to elect the people. these rules have been known since last year. over a year ago when the rnc rolled out the rules chrks were by state. these are every single state party rules. >> when people say ted cruz has a better ground game, what can ted cruz put out more cruz supporters to become or massive numbers. some of those are going to get picked as trump delegates. >> two things will help. an organization that was on the ground way before any of this started. the very beginningover the campaign, that helps you to know the local people and the people work at the county party and want to be a delegate. the second thing is he has an
5:23 pm
organic advantage. the local people tend to be ted cruz supporters from the beginning. they are likely to go to the convention and happen to be ted cruz supporters from the start. >> gary tuckman, that's a fantastic piece. these are not your party insider types. these are grass roots activists. these are people that put up lawn signs and work and go door to door to get signatures. this is your grass roots republican party activists. >> they are the ones that show up for the meetings where delegate is going to be elected. where somebody who may be a trump supporter and just coming to the process, they are not going to go to that delegate meeting. >> the idea that this is inside in washington instead, this is taking place out in districts and counties across the country. >> jeffrey lord is a trump supporter. does it seem beneficial to you? he got more delegates than he actually got in the popular vote. but he didn't complain about that in georgia. when it doesn't go in favor,
5:24 pm
understandably, he does. do you think that's unfair, that system? >> yeah, i do think the system is unfair. this is the problem. let me just read you a couple lines here. quote, i went before the people and i won. now the national committee and a portion of the convention, which is made of majority by the aid of delegates not elect ed by chosen by the national committee, are trying to cheat me out of the nomination. they can't do it and it makes no difference. it's not me they are cheating, it's the rank and file of the republican party. that's not donald trump. that's theodore roosevelt in 1912 making the same acquisition that donald trump is making now. we know it doesn't end well for republicans in 1912. teddy ran as a third party candidate, split the vote and wilson went into the white house. i would just caution here that this is a mammoth black eye for the cruz campaign and republican party if they continue on like this.
5:25 pm
when we get to rules challenges, credentials challenges, if these delegates were supposed to be trump delegates are not representing the people their voters elected, there's going to be a big problem. >> john? >> look, gary tuckman's piece expose os that it's the rules. you can understand why trump is saying i'm outraged. this is the way it is. we just never have the point at we're getting closer. ron paul did this to mitt romney. the people outhustled mitt romney. >> the convention you have to have won the majority. >> the majority of the delegates in eight states. the romney campaign realizes it was going on to the nomination that ron paul was going back and getting more delegates in all these states. we're still going to be the nomination but we don't want a floor fight. they passed this rule. >> if donald trump had had more organization and aforethought and as he should have known what
5:26 pm
the rules are, he could have put in, gotten people to go to those meetings where delegates would be selected and his people would have competed? >> the feeling inside the trump campaign and we were all covering it, was this was going to be wrapped up by now. they didn't need to do this. it's always the way it happened. they wouldn't need to do this. they could have looked at recent history. mitt romney, massachusetts, lost delegates there. so it has happened. but i think there was a sense we're going to be done. we don't need to do this kind of work. and in fact, after he won some state, he actually fired people who worked in the states and moved on. so it was a strategic decision that the trump campaign made. >> while ted cruz was saying how great donald trump was, he's got all these people working. >> take the nomination away if this played out the way cruz suspected it would.
5:27 pm
but to give trump a little bit of credit, he is shining a light on something that has been known and true for a long time now. both parties nomination contests are not purely democratic. my vote in washington, d.c. or someone else's vote in montana does not equal the same number of delegates. but the person that has benefitted more from the system than anyone so far is donald trump. so 37% of the popular vote, won 45% of the delegates. so it's unfair for everyone in the same way. >> to be fair to those people who are cruz supporters, they are the republicans who show up for the meetings. they show up talking about electing the county commission. they are republicans in their community. the challenge for donald trump is the good part is he's bringing in all these new voters. the bad part is the voters are not parking lot of the process. they are not the familiar faces. they earned because they have done all the trenchwork.
5:28 pm
>> a lot more ahead. we'll dig into the democratic race. bernie sanders speaking at a rally in queens, new york u. also new polling on what voters think of sanders and hillary clinton as both turn up the heat on the eve of the new york primary. ♪ ♪ it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. so you don't have to stop.,
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breaking news, large majority of registered voters say they could not support donald trump, ted cruz or hillary clinton in november. that's one piece of the backdrop in the eve of the new york primary u. the democratic candidates making their final push in a state they both consider home. bernie sanders speaking now at an event in long island. . . 247 delegates at stake tomorrow. the most in any primary contest so far. senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny joins me with the latest. a big turnout at his rally over the weekend. what's it like there? what's the latest? >> he's attracted tens of thousands of people across new york. the rally yesterday in brooklyn
5:33 pm
in a neighborhood park near where he grew up attracted 30,000 people. a smaller crowd tonight, but still several though people out listening to senator sanders make one final pitch to new yorkers here. he's been speaking for nearly an hour. he's about to lose his voice, but he's going through a litany of reasons he believes that americans, that democrats should give him a chance to think big. he's hitting hillary clinton hard on wall street speeches and health care. no new ground here, but really giving a final pitch to why voters should come out for him tomorrow. >> anderson, they are optimistic. they have seen this enthusiasm in crowds across new york city and the state for the last two weeks as he's been campaigning. new york has a closed primary. that means all of the independent voter who is helped him in other states cannot vote
5:34 pm
for him tomorrow. they have to be registered democrats. that's why they believe that new york is much heavier lift than some other states. they are hoping for a strong night. but they are realistic about what their chances are here. the clinton campaign conversely is optimistic. but it's still difficult to poll this city. watching turnout tomorrow is so important. >> jeff zeleny, thank you so much. hillary clinton leading in the polls heading into tomorrow's primary. she's been stumping hard in the state. now calls the state home. over the weekend supporters mocked clinton by tossing dollar bills at her motorcade. political correspondent brianna keilar joins me with more on the clinton campaign. you were with during an event this afternoon. what's the latest with her? >> her closing against bernie sanders had to do with his position on guns, his college
5:35 pm
plan and whether it's realistic. and also women's issues and his commitment to them. this was a big women's event that she held in mid-town manhattan. they are also sensitive to this incoming that you mentioned. bernie sanders casting her as too close to wealthy donors and to wall street. to that point, you saw the bernie sanders campaign file a complaint letter with the dnc about hillary clinton's joint fundraising effort with them. this does build a general election war chest. there are benefits to hillary clinton for this, but the sanders campaign was saying this is not on the up and up. she's benefitting in a way she shouldn't. after that, we saw the clinton campaign manager get on a hastily arranged phone call with reporters and really try to tear apart what bernie sanders was saying. saying she's ab sloutly following the rules on this and casting bernie sanders as desperate as the race here is slipping out of his hands.
5:36 pm
that was basically his words. you have seen what donald trump is saying. he's trying to brand hillary clinton as crooked and it's cloer that the clinton campaign is worried that could stick as well. >> she's been leading up to tomorrow's election. how confident is the campaign numbers going to hold up? >> he saw 17-point spread. i think it's very clear that they shi she's going to be victorious. with each of these races as it becomes a tougher climb for bernie sanders, they are trying to cast his path to the nomination as really impossible. to that point, we heard his campaign manager say iing that with this coming of new york where they are expecting to be victorious, they think bernie sanders will have a, quote, steep and close to impossible path to the nomination. they believe the math of the primary is become iing
5:37 pm
overwhelming. >> thanks very much. clinton's lead nationally is shrinking according to a new poll. talking nationally. we'll have those numbers next. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ♪ ♪
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bernie sanders just wrapping up his rally in queens, new york. he's trailing hillary clinton by double digits in multiple polls. according to a new poll, clinton has 50% to sanders 48%. well within the margin of error. just a month ago in the same poll, clinton led by 9 points. back now with gloria borger and john king. thank you for being with us.
5:42 pm
tomorrow is a pivotal race for bernie sanders and hillary clinton. there's a lot riding on it. both say it's their oklahoma state. >> healthcare health care has lost 7 of the last 8 contests. we're not talking about math now. we're talking about losses. and she really wants this win and she wants to win it big. it would certainly help her with her math, but this is proportional. if hillary clinton wins, she keeps winning in states that look more like the democratic party. and bernie sanders keeps winning in states that don't. and he often wins with independents. if he's going to be a creditable candidate in the future, he has to start winning with democrats. and this is a race that will show you whether he can.
5:43 pm
>> let's think about what you said. in a tie with hillary clinton. a long time independent, now self-described socialist democrat unknown on the national stage six months or a year ago. a statistical tie with hillary clinton. that is astounding. yet it means everything, but at the moment it means almost nothing. we're in the state by state phase of the campaign. if it he can start winning, if he can upset her in new york and pennsylvania, then he can say i'm in a national tie with her and i prmpl better than her against donald trump in november, that could be something that he could use as a weapon. but only if he can start to win with african-americans and latinos. he has to do that in new york and again in maryland and again in delaware. pennsylvania is a wider state, but you have the substantiates in the philadelphia. he has to prove he can beat her
5:44 pm
in the big states. if he does that, wow. >> if he comes close in new y k york, the brutal honesty of the math of this race is that absent some earthquake, sanders blow ing her away or beating her in new york and truly changing the momentum of the race we know the demographics. just like in the republican primary and point to the places he's going to do well and she's going to do well. if hillary clinton, if she wins this nomination, she will have worked harder and endured more to win a major party nomination than just about anyone ever. think about it. 2008 and 2016.
5:45 pm
>> spending a lot more in new york than anticipate d or wante to. >> $40 million a month. a front runner who has the math locked up has never had to deal with an insurgent with that much money hitting her every single day. >> the sanders campaign has been down playing the need for a win in new york. essentially saying it's less about the popular vote and more about the delegates. >> michigan and wisconsin looked like america and bernie won both of them. he's won a couple good blue states. what john said is it is astounding. whatever happened to the inevitability and she's got the nomination wrapped up. the fact that it's statistical tie nationwide. >> is this a flashback? i remember having this conversation of what happened? she was the candidate then. >> yes, and we know what
5:46 pm
happened. in new york, i think that what the sanders campaign is recognizing is the reality. this is hillary country. she lives there, elected senator from there twice, it's a closed primary. if independents wanted to vote they had to do it last october. i'm not saying it's rigged, but the deck is stacked against bernie sanders. if he comes within 10 points, it's a win. if he wins it, it's an actual win. >> i want to play something that george clooney said. clooney held a fundraiser and raised $15 million for her campaign. bernie sanders was critical of it. here's a little about what he had to say yet on "meet the press." >> it's an obscene amount of money. we had some protesters when we pulled up in san francisco.
5:47 pm
they are right to protest. it is an obscene amount of money. the sanders campaign when they talk about it is ab sloutly right. it's ri doik dick louse we should have this kind of money in politics. >> the money is not just going to secretary clinton but it's going to senators trying to take back the congress. you can understand why for sanders supporters it wrangles. >> what's your price? >> i'll show up for a big mac. a number one meal is fine for me. >> the point is that not all the money went to hillary clinton. all the money was for hillary clinton's campaign plus the majority of it went to down ballot candidates, senate candidates, house candidates and state parties. i think that's a really important point, even though the
5:48 pm
sanders campaign or supporters are denigrating it a little bit. which i think doesn't bode well for a candidate who is looking to lead the democratic party and saying that the democratic party is corrupt. the issue they need to think about is if bernie sanders doesn't help down ballot candidates, he is going to get to the white house it's going to be a really lonely and irrelevant political revolution if he doesn't have delegates to help him. >> as a party official, the democratic party has a joint committee agreement with bernie sanders and hillary clinton. that is technically what you do as a party you have an agreement. it's not a binding agreement. you don't have to raise money for the party. no one is telling you to raise money for the party. hillary clinton is taking advantage of that agreement. because legally you can raise a
5:49 pm
lot more money and $33,000 goes to the democratic national committee. 2007 goes to the candidate. >> $10,000 to state parties. >> i have worked on campaigns where we had no money. i'm happy to see someone out there raising money for the democratic party whether you're run ining for mayor, city counc. >> the republicans do this as well. this is not -- everybody does this in politics. >> we're missing the point, which is bernie sanders is doing it without a super pac. >> but he's not helping anybody. >> let me finish. without all these special parties. i'm the only former state chair sitting on this panel. i want to tell you that money that goes to the state parties, follow the money. a lot of that money is going to be siphoned off.
5:50 pm
>> we'll hear a lot more on the politics coming up. clinton and sanders both have roots in new york. sanders back to his childhood in brooklyn. we'll take you to sanders' neighborhood, next. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®. it's more than a nit's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network,
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both hillary clinton and bernie sanders can lay home court advantage in the primary. he was born and spent his formative years. randy cay spoke with some of the people who knew him way back when. >> deep in the heart of brooklyn, you'll find the neighborhood of madison where bernie sanders was born and raised. this is the building where he grew up. >> e had lived in a three and a half room apartment, very cramped apartment with his mother, father and older brother larry. >> sanders' father was a polish immigrant who settled in this neighborhood. it was working class back then and heavily jewish. here he and his wife raised their two sons. >> his father struggled to make a living. that shaped bernie's thinking. the 1% and 99%.
5:55 pm
when bernie was 8 years old, he identified with the 99%. >> by the time he was in high school, his political education began. still in his early teens, he started going to meetings of college democrats with his older brother larry. >> i brought things into the house. but i think i'm glad of that. >> at his high school hangs a crowded wall of distinction. two famous judges, rock and roll hall of famer carol king and senator bernie sanders. >> here is bernie sanders' yearbook picture. he was the captain of the track team, captain of the cross country team, reporter for the
5:56 pm
school newspaper, class president and on the bottom it actually lists what their intention is post high school. his was to go on to college. >> he did go on to college. here at brooklyn college before transferring to the university of chicago. his high school friend steve slaven was also his college roommate. >> we had an illegal sublet. we paid i think it was $80 a month. we lived largely on ice cream and spaghetti. and bernie was the cook because he knew how to boil spaghetti. >> his roommate also still remembers sanders' thick brooklyn accent. >> it seems to me that his brooklyn accent is much more extreme than it was when we were living together. >> back at sanders' old apartment building, another resident said she became a sanders supporter after
5:57 pm
discovering their common routes. >> it's cool he grew up in this building. out of all the buildings in brooklyn, it's really different and an honor. >> thank you all very much. >> a hometown connection that clearly has some brooklynites feeling the bern. a lot to get to in the next hour. how donald trump is spending the last day. we'll hear from a governor who endorsed john kasich and the latest in the races, coming up next. sir, this alien life form is growing at an alarming rate. growing fast, you say? we can't contain it any long... oh! you know, that reminds me of how geico's been the fastest-growing auto insurer for over 10 years straight. over ten years? mhm, geico's the company your friends and neighbors trust. and deservedly so. indeed. geico.
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