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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  April 19, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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we are just hours away from the crucial new york primary. 95 delegates are at stake for the democrats. stay with cnn for all the latest. that's it for us. "early start" begins now. the battle for new york is here, folks. the fight over delegates now critical as voters head to the polls today in the race for president. state of disaster. deadly flooding in texas. the damage done and where the rain strikes next. supreme court glitch. justices divided on president obama's plan to shield millions of immigrants from deportation. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. it is tuesday, april 19th.
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no more waiting. the new york primary is now. the frontrunners on both sides are hoping for the days when they had all the momentum. on the democratic side, hillary clinton trying to fend off bernie sanders. both candidates campaigned late into the night. >> we win when the turnover is high. we lose when the turnout is low. >> come out and vote tomorrow. i will work hard for you. thank you. >> what a competitive race it has turned to be in new york. cnn's jeff zeleny has more from the rally in queens. >> reporter: john and christine, bernie sanders wrapping up after two weeks of campaigning across the state. he has gone from borough to borough across the state of new york rallying supporters to his side. trying to make one last victory here in new york a chance for
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him to erase the big lead that hillary clinton has in delegates. this has been something of an extraordinary two weeks. both candidates have strong ties to the city and state. bernie sanders born and raised in brooklyn. he has attracted tens of thousands of people everywhere he goes. by our count, he appeared before 100,000 people over the past two weeks. hillary clinton has been campaigning as she is running for mayor. she has been going store front to store front on the subway. this election today is going to be a pivotal moment in the primary race. hillary clinton with the large lead, but bernie sanders believes this is a place where he could make up delegates. if bernie sanders were to win here today in the new york primary, it would in fact upend this race. hillary clinton has a strong lead in delegates, but sanders has momentum on his side. he won the last eight of nine. this could not be more critical with the importance of the race going forward. bernie sanders pledged to go to
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the convention in july. a win here in new york would make that more possible. a hillary clinton win would begin to set in reality mathematically, at least, that she cannot be defeated. all eyes will be on turnout across the boroughs of new york city and across the state as well. vermont, where sanders has lived for years is close to upstate new york. the new york primary is important on the long road to the white house. john and christine. >> thanks, jeff zeleny. i'm having a hard time placing that background music. if you know it, tweet us. it will dominate our thoughts. >> i was thinking the same thing. we have to text jeff zeleny. let's bring in tom lobianco. in just a matter of hours, tom, new yorkers are going to the polls in a tight contest. you have to be a registered voter to go to the polls in new
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york. the last second are inspired by the voters. these are people who have a history with their party in many cases. let's talk about donald trump. listen to what he said at a rally here. >> tomorrow we're going to show ted cruz who hates new york -- hates new york. when you look at that debate and see the way he talked about us and new york values, here's a man that turned down sandy money for the state. no new yorker can vote for ted cruz. >> will trump stop that delegate advantage? he had been adding on the delegates, ted cruz over the past few weeks. will trump change that today? >> i want to hop back to the first question. that was muze playing in the background. >> thank you, tom. >> always here to help with the political insights.
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>> the important information around the campaign. >> you know, what is important here for trump tonight and cruz is that 50% mark. you know, trump has been incredibly strong in new york. the new york republicans, closed primary. true new york republicans have been above 50% for trump. so if you are cruz and kasich, your benchmark is knocking him out. anti-trump 50%. if you can keep him at 49% and keep him from taking all of the delegates. no one is expecting cruz or kasich to win new york. it's his town. >> kelly conway says ted cruz will get more than zero delegates. setting the bar high for cruz.
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there was big news overnight with the trump campaign. we have known for a few weeks that paul manaford was brought in to man the strategy. now the first tangible signs of it. the guy who had been running the field operation up and quit. what's going on? >> you have a major shift in the campaign. this has to do with corey lewandowski. jeremy diamond heard about this last night and got some information. the field director is one of corey lewandowski's people. what's happening is, i don't know if you want to call them consultants or political insiders or whoever. you had paul manaford with the focus on delegate strategy. they know they have to win there. that's how the nomination is made. that's how you become the
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republican nominee. you brought on rick wylie. the former campaign manager for scott walker. obviously, this is a big shift away from the trump -- people who put trump here versus the people who could put trump in the white house. >> ultimately, it is not very surprising. you are talking about a different strategy. before it was harnessing his brand and energy with the popular vote. now it is about hunting for delegates. >> absolutely. he can't just fly in and do a rally outside a state party meeting in florida, for instance. that doesn't work on those guys. it works to rally on a massive level. that's worked so far. you need people who understand the game who have relationships and have some respect inside the party. at the end of the day, this is the republican party nominating
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process. he as to win interest. >> it means that corey's people are leaving and paul's people are coming in here. you are seeing a campaign change among the personnel. >> meantime, ted cruz is focusing on maryland. if he is going to get somewhere north of zero delegates in new york. >> maryland votes over a week from now. maryland is a battle ground. maryland is going to have an out sized voice as the nation is looking to maryland to decide, do we nominate donald trump and hand the election to hillary clinton or do we unite behind the cruz campaign and beat hillary clinton. >> that maryland primary is next tuesday with a bunch of other states. you have a super tuesday strategy coming up for him.
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>> i grew up in towson. i don't think i ever heard any presidential candidate refer to maryland as a battle ground. it matters. this is how remarkable this phrase is. those of us who are political junkies have never seen this before. this is remarkable. you have to win. there is a big tuesday coming up. we have maryland, pennsylvania, new jersey's on the 26th. i might be wrong about that. >> june 7th for new jersey. >> okay. rhode island and delaware. the mid-atlantic grouping. there are tons of delegates at play. in all reality, this looks like on the republican side and democratic side, they will fight to the conventions. this is remarkable to have. >> the political reporter full employment act, if you will. tom lobianco.
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we thank you and thank muze. thank you all for that. nine minutes after the hour. at least five people killed if record-breaking floods that hit the city of houston. all of the reported deaths are from vehicles that drove into the high waters. at least 10,000 homes flooded in harris county alone. crews performed 1,200 high water rescues. you can see this man frantically trying to swim to a rescue boat. crews had to save horses that were stuck in the rising waters. wow. officials say this is the worst flooding since tropical allison in 2001 that killed 41 and caused $5 billion in property damage. >> is the worst over for houston? let's bring in meteorologist pedram javaheri. >> i think the worst is over for a lot of the areas, but there is plenty of rainfall in the forecast. i'll show you how this
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transpired. the omega block developed. a pattern that resembles the greek letter with the system over the center of the country. this pattern tapped into tremendous moisture off the gulf. this storm will begin to move. not fast enough to remove the moisture from the forecast. look at monday afternoon across texas and early morning hours as well. up to 17 inches west of houston coming down in a matter of a few hours. in the town of hockley with 17 inches. an credible amount of rainfall. thunderstorms are regenerating around houston. up to 2 to 4 inches which you see with the yellow and oranges and potentially up to 6 inches in the next 2 to 3 days. cincinnati, 81 degrees. nashville, 82. chicago in the low 60s. in new york, 70 by this
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afternoon. guys. all right. breaking news out of afghanistan. the taliban is claiming responsibility for a blast that rocked central kabul during the morning rush. a number of people were killed and getting reports that more than 200 people were injured. afghan officials say a suicide car bomber targeted the security office. several witnesses reported hearing gunfire after the explosion. the blast was heard near the u.s. embassy. the compound was not effected. this is a very large explosion. more than 200 people injured. no word of the exact number of deaths. if 200 people are injured, there will be a toll in the terms of those killed. the taliban claiming responsibility. at one point, word of gunmen still on the loose. chaotic situation. we will get more information as it comes in. time for an early start on
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your money. the dow jones industrial average broke through an important milestone yesterday crossing 18,000 for the first time since last july. get this, at the low point hit in february, remember the dark days in february, dow down 15,000. that means this bounce is an incredible run of more than 16%. if you bought stocks in february, you are now up 16%. three factors pushing stocks higher. rebound in crude, subsiding fears of the u.s. recession and no interest rate hikes. the next number is 18,351 is the all-time high for the dow. that was hit last may. what is also encouraging is stocks and oil are drifting apart. crude fell yesterday. futures are flat this morning. oil is up slightly. >> like the gweneth paltrow
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effect. >> the analogy i never heard. >> the uncoupling is upon us. president obama's plan to shield millions of immigrants from deportation. the supreme court is voicing their concerns. we'll tell you about it next.
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supreme court must now decide if president obama issues on the illegal immigration and deportation is legal. we get more this morning from cnn's pamela brown. >> reporter: good morning, john and christine. this is a case that could very broad implications for the relationship between the president and congress. it could impact millions of people in the united states. you could feel how high the stakes were inside that courtroom during the 90 minutes of oral arguments. the justices seemed divided
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along ideological lines over immigration and this question of whether the president has the authority to shield 4.3 million undocumented immigrants from deportation and give them work benefits that come with social security and medicare benefits. the conservative justices seemed to side with the states. this is executive overreach. at one point, justice kennedy says the president is coming up with the policy and congress is executing it. that is upside down. the justices seem concerned with the language in the memo saying this would give the undocumented immigrants lawful presence. how can that be if they're in the united states in violation of the law? on the other hand, the administration says the program would give them a tolerated presence in the united states and the liberal justices seemed to side with the administration on this notion that there are 11
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million undocumented immigrants in the u.s. and the president is giving discretion under the constitution to manage. if there is a 4-4 split, that is bad news for the obama administration. the lower courts ruling would stand and programs would continue to be blocked. another issue is standing if the justices stand that texas and other states didn't have standing to bring this lawsuit. that would mean the programs would go into effect. texas contends that it has to spend millions of dollars subsidizing driver's licenses. we expect to find out what the opinion is later in june or july. thank you. >> in a few hours, president obama heads to saudi arabia. tension rising over how to battle isis and a controversy
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bill over september 11th that's being discussed in congress. details next. ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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president obama heads to saudi arabia today with relations between those countries strained at best. the saudi regime is dealing with plunging oil prices for coffers. civil war raging along three of the borders. now a bill in congress to allow the 9/11 to sue the saudis. that is a sticking point with the long time allies. let's bring in cnn's nic robertson.
1:26 am
nic, you said the president wants to get there and not oversee a divorce, but deescalation in the estrangement between these two. >> reporter: they are willing to pull out $750 billion of investments in the united states. that is the tip of the iceberg. something growing for a long time. go back to 2002, president obama's speech in chicago before he became president, talking about saudi arabia about a so-called ally. he came into office, there were great expectations in the region here. after the arab spring, the united states and president obama ditched his allies in the region. did not support them enough like the egyptian president who was forced from office. that was bad. things got much worse with the
1:27 am
iranian nuclear deal. saudi arabia sees iran as a huge issue and a huge enemy in the region. tensions are really bad. on the one hand, we have president obama laying out why it would be bad from a united states perspective to open up this 9/11, 28 pages issue. the saudis have their own point of view. this is what president obama said. >> if we open up the possibility that individuals in the united states can routinely start suing other governments, then we are also opening up the united states to being continually sued by individuals in other countries. >> reporter: so with all these other issues in the background, it's a sensitive and difficult issue for president obama arriving here at this time. he wants to achieve stability in the region. the saudis for all the
1:28 am
estrangement wants to buy security in the region. they are the largest on defense and spending. all of this is a difficult balance. so what we're hearing from president obama in advance of arriving here in tamping down the issue, but walking into a hotbed of issues. >> where i am here, the focus on the 28 pages. remind the viewers what the relationship and role of saudi arabia and the 9/11 revealed. >> reporter: we don't know precisely what is laid out within the 28 pages. the question remains is there a smoking gun in the pages that say the saudi arabia government somehow had a hand or knowledge in helping the 15 of the 19
1:29 am
hijackers to perpetrate their terrible acts on 9/11? that's the question. we don't know the answer. of course, saudi officials are at issue with that. there are questions that raises that as a possible question. >> what are the roles of rich pople, of charities or other kind of support. nic robertson, thank you. just a few hours from now, voters make their choice in the race for president here in new york. this is a critical primary election. both frontrunners want big days. will they get them? that's next.
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the battle for new york. it has arrived. voters head to the polls in a few hours. a critical primary election for both democrats and republicans.
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we'll break it all down now. welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it is 34 minutes pat the hour. the new york primary is today. polls open in a bit. the frontrunners on both sides are hoping for big wins to return them to days long ago when they had momentum. on the republican side, donald trump ahead in the polls. he needs a landslide finish to sweep new york delegates denying them to cruz or kasich and perhaps clinching the nomination before the convention. trump's national field director handing in his resignation. cnn's jim acosta was at the final new york rally last night. we go there with him. >> reporter: john and christine, donald trump is sounding confident about his chances in the primary.
1:35 am
he says he doesn't want to talk about the polls that show him out in front of cruz and kasich. trump at the rally in buffalo fired off on the comment about new york values. he went after the rnc and system for awarding delegates to presidential candidates. trump said that is a rigged system. here's what he told the crowd in buffalo. >> let me tell you a couple of things and why tomorrow is important. the system is rigged. it is not meant for a guy like me who is not taking money from special interests. i'm self funding my campaign. i came up here. i pay for it to come up here. it's a rigged system. just like so much else in government is rigged. i've never seen anything like it. when you have a colorado or a wyomi wyoming. in the case of colorado, they
1:36 am
were supposed to vote. they said there were no changes. there were. people saw i would go great in colorado. all of a sudden in august, they changed the system. they took the vote away from the people of colorado. >> reporter: debt bite the set backs, donald trump is poised to pull off a clean sweep of the 95 delegates at stake. the calendar is favorable. coming up are the northeastern states like connecticut and maryland and delaware. john and christine. >> we'll continue to name that tune. if you know the song playing behind jim acosta, e-mail us or tweet us. let's bring in tom lobianco. tom, the big news for donald trump is the campaign shakeup in the trump ranks.
1:37 am
stuart jolly up and quit. what is the significance of that? >> this is a big move away from the -- i don't know if you want to call it the first half of the trump campaign, but the first chapter with the focus on the corey lewandowski team. it is our understanding the lewandowski -- jolly was close to lewandowski. he had a big shift. look at what trump said about the crooked system and rigged system. everything he's been saying. he is on a two-track approach to this right now. on the one hand, in public, he says it is crooked and rigged. they are stealing this from me, et cetera. what is happening behind-the-scenes, he's playing that game because he has to because the nominating process has not changed and doesn't look
1:38 am
like it will change. at least not in a dramatic way. the shake up, getting rid of jolly. not getting rid of, but resigning. the move to paul manaford, the move from the contested 1976 convention. bringing on rick wylie from the scott walker campaign. trump people are hoping they can turn this around. >> let's talk about the democrats for a second. we had another big rally last night from bernie sanders. i think he was in buffalo. >> yes buffalo. >> he is spending time in new york city. >> i don't know if bernie. donald in buffalo. bernie was in queens. >> let's listen to what he said. >> it is important because there are a lot of delegates at stake.
1:39 am
>> he had a lot of energy. he is talking about the delegates at stake. it is true for him. he wants to try to close that gap with her. >> absolutely. look at that pledged gap right there. 225 or so. you know, if he can start to show he's closing that, he can make a better case to the super delegates. she is clearly beating him. he can win in july. >> she's dramatically beating him with super delegates. it's very clear. >> ted devine has been on our air saying a few things saying neither side gets over the line with pledged delegates. you need to rely on supers. that's an important thing if that comes true. then it makes it an inside case. not unlike what is happening with the republicans. you have to play to the party e.
1:40 am
that helps them. that explains the bernie push behind-the-scenes. it is interesting. the similar tactics. the sanders thing is doing the same thing, approaching the super delegates, party leaders, congress members, senators, people who are naturally in clinton's camp. it is unclear why or how they would sway his way at this point. if he can close that pledged delegate gap and do well in new york, i don't think there is any expectation that he actually beats clinton. if he can keep it close, that probably helps his case long term. >> probably. the problem with the delegate map, it is proportional. if he wins by one point, they end up with the same delegates. she gains. she increases that spread and makes it that much more difficult to close it the week
1:41 am
after. we were looking at the republican map. the democrats are the same way. it all happens before you move back out west which is more bernie sanders territory. >> absolutely. you know, the mid-atlantic focus we have coming up in about a week is very fascinating. pennsylvania is the place that looks like it will go strong for clinton. you know, take a look at maryland. maryland's possibly clinton country. look for a strong turnout. i have not seen any polling from maryland yet. you know, what's happening right now, bernie needs to find way to keep the momentum going. new york can take the air out of the tires at this point, frankly. >> that's what the stakes are for campaigns. tom, thanks. we have breaking news out of
1:42 am
afghanistan this morning. taliban claiming responsibility for a blast that rocked central kabul during the morning rush. at this point, afghan officials say receiseven people were killd 300 injured. a suicide car bomber targeted the government security office. additional gunmen in the area and two more thought to be on the run. this is thought to be an ongoing situation. a car bomb. seven dead and more than 300 injured. the blast was heard near the u.s. embassy. the compound was not effected. 42 minutes past the hour. what letter great do you give the economy? a new etrade survey, one america with two economies. the finances are fine, but worried about the future. 52% of the americans give the economy a "c" letter grade.
1:43 am
another 15 say it is a "d" or an "f." these are people with $10,000 in an online brokerage account. when we asked the same question to economists, they say it is a "b." stocks are up 200% since the recession. unemployment is low. jobs are added. gas is cheap. americans are not feeling those headlines. they are feeling stagnant wages and college educated children with low paying jobs and change economy taking away good paying jobs. it is quantifies the voter anger in the primaries. 43 minutes after the hour. deadly flooding in texas. we'll show you the damage done. remarkable pictures. we will tell you where the rain strikes next. they'll always be our babies.
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at least five people have been killed in record-breaking floods in the city of houston. all of the reported deaths are those that drove in high waters. crews performed more than 1,200 high water rescues. you see this man frantically swimming to a rescue boat. crews had to save horses stuck. >> is the worst over for houston? let's bring in meteorologist pedram javaheri. >> still plenty of wet weather left for houston. let's show you what happened on monday west of the city. 15 to 17 inches of rainfall came down in just a few short hours. you take the surface area of the
1:49 am
city of houston. bring down the 17 inches of rainfall. that equates to 240 billion gallons of water. filling 350,000 olympic size swimming pools. that tells you what happened over the region. we know hundreds of flights canceled from houston airports and delays over 100 in the region. with houston being a flat city, the moisture were to come down over soil, it would be absorbed on a large scale with a lot of concrete and water absorbed and it becomes instant runoff. that leads to the water rescues as what we saw. more thunderstorms forecast this afternoon in houston. thanks, pedram. the state of utah taking on the porn industry. the governor is declaring pornography as a public health hazard leading to society harms.
1:50 am
it doesn't ban pornography in the state. the second bill is enforcement clout. it requires computer technicians who find child porn in the workplace, must report it immediately. pearl jam, the latest act to boycott the state of north carolina because of the lgbt bathroom law. the band was scheduled to perform in raleigh, but backed out. boston, the band, cancelling three north carolina shows in may. joining bruce springsteen and ringo starr and cirque du soleil. >> the nba says at this point they will not change the all-star game. there is no decision on the all-star game. the sponsor of the similar bathroom law in tennessee has decided to kill the bill for a year to further study the issue. the measure would require students in public schools to use restrooms relating to the
1:51 am
gender at birth. i can tell you. the threats from companies of the states trying to put in these laws is significant. the dow, points away from a record high. will stocks get closer today? we will get an early start on your money next. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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president obama heads to saudi arabia today with relations between the two countries strained at best. the saudi arabia regime dealing with plunge oil prices and a civil war along the borders. now a bill in congress is a sticking point between the u.s. and saudi arabia. we will go live to riyadh right now and bring in cnn's nic robertson. this visit is coming at a
1:56 am
precarious time. >> reporter: it is. president obama is coming here and meeting with the gcc. gulf cooperation council. bahrain, qatar, kuwait and ahman. there is a huge feeling of animosity in saudi arabia because the iranian nuclear deal. that is cause for concern. the problems between two the countries are deeper. particularly, president obama, as far as the saudis are concerned, is not seen as a president who is really looking after their regional interests. this issue of the 9/11 papers, the 28 pages is coming at a very, very difficult time. president obama while he is here, wants to get saudi support and gulf support for security stability in the region and bring an end to the war in syria and bring an end to the fighting in yemen. the saudis for their part think
1:57 am
the united states has left them out in the cold. they are ramping up defense and security here massively. so you have real almost divergent interests. this explains to some degree the saudis reacting to the bill. you pass that bill and we're going to withdraw $750 billion of investment in the united states. president obama will have a very tough time with tensions already and this on top when he gets here. >> he had words in interviews that were tepid at best. we will see what happens. nic robertson, thank you. let's get an early start on your money. dow rallied above 18,000 for the first time since last july. futures are higher. big bounce for the dow. 350 points from a record high. oil prices are rising. stocks in europe also higher.
1:58 am
a big rebound in tokyo overnight. more trouble this morning for blood testing start-up theronos. and the u.s. attorney's office in california with an ongoing probe by the centers of medicare and medicaid services. this company is valued at $9 billion and billed as disrupter in medical service. in october, a report called the technology and testing under scrutiny. the sec declined to comment. shares of netflix will dive this morning despite strong quarterly results. it has 81.5 million subscribers worldwide.
1:59 am
42% of subscribers are outside of the united states. netflix lowered growth forecast for the year. it announced last month prices would rise by $2 a month. it will do that gradually. and amazon is launching a monthly subscription to prime which will compete with netflix. >> netflix is adding and adding and profits are not going up. that's a real issue. how do they become successful? "early start" continues right now. >> the battle for new york. it is today! so many delegates at stake. such a pivotal day for candidates in both parties. and devastating flooding in houston. and justices appearing divided on president obama's plan to shield millions of
2:00 am
immigrants from deportation. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it is tuesday, april 19th. 5:00 a.m. in the east. big day today. no more waiting. the new york primary is now. very soon. polls open in a bit. the frontrunners on both sides are hoping for big wins to return them to the days of yore like four weeks ago with the momentum. hillary clinton trying to fend off bernie sanders. both candidates campaigning late into the night. >> we win when the turnout is high. we lose when the turnout is low. >> come out and vote come. i will work hard for you. thank you all very much. >> we have jeff zeleny with more from sanders closing rally in it queens. >> reporter: john and christine, bernie sanders wrapping up his final rally after two strong weeks of


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