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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  April 19, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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right? thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. no new yorker can vote for ted cruz. if i'm the nominee, we win the general election. >> if i'm the only one that can win in the fall, how do you pick somebody else? >> i don't think there's been a more important consequential election in quite some time. >> if we get a large voter turnout, we're going to win here in new york. hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. new york, you're on the clock, my friends. right now the state is the center of the political universe. new yorkers are heading to the polls as we speak, and i do not think it is overstating it to say that new yorkers -- new york's results tonight have
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never mattered so much. >> big drama, big stakes, a big batch of delegates. hillary clinton claims a win could clinch the nomination. bernie sanders is hoping that a huge turnout will lead to a dramatic upset. donald trump, he wants a sweep of delegates in his home state. here you see him voting just a short time ago at a synagogue here in new york city. his own congressional district hearing from some sources could be an issue. but a big part of the drama is coming from within his own campaign with reports of a shake-up. let's begin with cnn's jason carroll live in staten island where real vogte ervoters are c real votes. jason? >> reporter: that's one good way of putting it, john. we're in the toad hill section of staten island. very affluent section of staten island. a strong number of trump supporters here. some of them coming out to vote here, casting their votes at staten island academy. you talked about some of the drama. what would a primary day be like
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without last-minute drama. there's been a bit of a shake-up at the trump campaign. he has a new political director, new campaign manager, convention manager. also his national director of field operations resigning yesterday, so you do have a bit of a shake-up there. going forward the hope is that he's going to have a better ground game going forward, better than what he had in the past. as you know, very upset over those losses in places like wyoming and colorado. in terms of his ground game here and the state of new york and doing very well polling, way ahead of ted cruz, polling way ahead of john kasich, a big win would give him that momentum going forward to pennsylvania where he's also polling way ahead of the other two candidates. john? >> all right. jason carroll, live in staten island. let the river run. obscure film reference. >> i love your obscure film references that no one gets. just kidding. let's turn to the democratic side. our chris frates is in brooklyn, home base of the clinton campaign. birth place of bernie sanders. chris, what are you seeing?
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>> reporter: hey, john and kate. we are here in brooklyn. you can see it's very busy behind me. folks checking in. if you take a little walk with me, you can look and see this doorway here, out the door around the corner. a little bit of a lull right now before lunchtime, but earlier this morning it was very, very busy. in fact, 1,150 people coming through already today to cast their votes here. almost all democrats. only about 65 republicans casting their votes. so a huge battleground for sanders and clinton. the battle of brooklyn happening right now. hillary clinton feeling pretty good going into today leading by double digits across the board here. she's hoping that she can take enough delegates home that she makes it almost mathematically impossible for bernie sanders to catch her. of course, sanders born and bred here in brooklyn, trying to make sure that he can upset hillary clinton and close that delegate gap. remember, no winner-take-all here in new york. he needs to win big by big margins to take as many of those
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delegates as he can and try to close that gap and get some momentum continuing on his side as he continues to challenge hillary clinton. john and kate, it's just getting started here. polls close at 9:00. we continue to expect people to keep rolling in all afternoon long. back to you guys. >> proportional is a four-letter word for the sanders campaign. >> something like that. >> chris frates, thanks so much. want to go back to the trump campaign and the internal shake-up under way. the national field director, he quit. the role of the campaign manager, corey lewandowski, reportedly being reduced. joining us to discuss what's going on with team trump, tana gerts, a former contestant on "the apprentice." you have been with the campaign since the beginning. you worked closely with corey lewandowski and stuart jolly who ran the field operation as well. what's going on inside? >> well, you know, with paul manafort coming aboard, we have
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the same team, but we are more strategic. we are putting more emphasis on what ted cruz is trying to do with the delegate process, and we are making sure that mr. trump gets his votes and we get people to turn out, and we do not have any shady behavior going on at the convention. so we just have a really, really strong team that we're just -- it's just shifting gears a little bit, but there's been no internal turmoil that i have heard about and i have been with mr. trump in the campaign since the day he came down the escalator. >> so more strategic, tana, that's what you say. does that mean corey lewandowski's role is shrinking? >> no, not to my knowledge at all. i'm working with paul and his team on the delegate side, but also corey is very influential to get me to the states i go to to be a traveling surrogate with mr. trump. i have always worked with corey, have had a great relationship with corey.
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mr. trump has not said anything of that nature to me. >> so you said something interesting. you said there's going to be more emphasis on what ted cruz is doing in terms of gathering delegates. is that sort of an admission that up until this point ted cruz has been doing it better? >> oh, no, no, no, not gathering delegates, stealing, lying, and bribing people to become delegates. i'm sorry if i wasn't clear. >> stealing, lying, and bribing. >> that's pretty clear. where is the bribing? explain. >> oh, just, you know, people -- bribing people to be a delegate for him and what he'll promise them i do not know because i actually didn't have a recording device to hear the bribes, but i have seen it in action. i'm on the ground. i'm working very closely with paul, as i said, and his team, and we are leaving no stone unturned because i know for a fact that mr. trump cares about every single one of his delegates, and he's leaearned a these delegates.
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i'm just so excited because finally new york will have their voice in who they want to be the next president of the united states, and i can't wait for tonight. >> you say you have seen it in action though. this will be the first timewe have heard someone from the trump campaign say they have seen this bribing in action. give us some firsthand knowledge here. what have you seen? >> well, no, i mean what i have just seen is the corruptness, the rigged system that mr. trump talks about. i have seen it in action here in iowa. >> but tana, you stated several things. first of all, you have seen corruptness. i'm curious what corruptness looks like. you said you've seen the bribes in action but you said you don't have specifics about what was being offered. doesn't a bribe require something specific being offered? what was offered? if you're accusing them of bribing you should be able to back that up. >> well, once i talk to mr. trump about it and he says i'm at liberty to say these things, i will be more than happy to come back on your show and explain to you about what i saw and what i know is going on and
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the shadiness that ted cruz and his campaign do. mr. trump's campaign is on the up and up. we will not bribe people. we will not steal. they will not be dishonest, and we're going to get to 1,237 so all of this has been for nothing. >> but you have definitely seen a bribe occur? >> i have seen shady behavior. let's just call it that. and until we get the specifics of what actually transpired in the shady behavior that i have witnessed with my eyes, then i'll come back on your show and tell you more about that. but until i speak to mr. trump, i'm not at liberty to discuss this. >> all right. >> but i just wanted you to know that, you know, we are on the up and up and mr. trump does care about every one of his delegates. we will earn them. we will get them correctly, and we will see you all in cleveland. >> absolutely. you absolutely will see us in cleveland, tana. we can promise you that. we would love to have you on
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when you are at liberty to talk more about some of the things that you have said that you have seen and good luck today as voters head to the polls here in new york. tana, goertz, thanks so much. let's discuss this. andrew kurtzman is joining us. longtime new york political journalist. jackie kucinich is here as well, washington dhef for the daily piece. susan del percio, former aid to rudy giuliani and errol louis is here with us as well. we want to play a game but i think we should start where we just ended with what we just heard from tana goertz from the trump campaign. susan, what do you think of that? she says she has seen bribes and corruption with her own eyes in terms of the delegate game. >> it's amazing, just as donald trump is, in fact, making a turn and starting to get back on message, this kind of surrogate is exactly the problem that donald trump has and is making claims that really undermine donald trump's candidacy and what a lot of people have.
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she's basically saying she saw bribes but won't substantiate it. you should not be on anyone's air saying you saw something or claiming and then saying i need donald trump to say it's permissible? that is absurd, and it's that kind of surrogate that gets a candidate in trouble. >> it's a very specific charge with no specifics to back it up. >> it's very specific. >> that's why we pressed her on that. and to be clear she had no specifics. errol, let's move on and try to look forward a little bit here. donald trump will wake up tomorrow feeling -- >> feeling great. super, huge. awesome. >> this is the game part of the day. >> information, he'll be feeling that way even before he goes to bed tonight i suspect because all of the polls show him with, you know, 30-point advantages. what his campaign has claimed is they're going to sweep, they're going to get all 95 delegates that are up for grabs today. they may be able to do it. without getting into the weeds, if they can get over 50% of every congressional district in every state, they are going to have a really good night and they're going to try to turn the
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corner after five consecutive losses. this is his chance to reset as susan was talking about. it doesn't sound like everybody is necessarily doing that as well as they could, but the delegates should not be part of that. i think he's going to have a very good day today. >> play the flip side of that game then, jackie. the never trump people, they're going to wake up tomorrow feeling what? >> a little sad, a little sad. forlorn. >> good word. >> but they haven't really had a candidate that's been able to contest trump in new york. ted cruz has already moved on. john kasich is doing his best but he's just not catching on anywhere but the great state of ohio. i'm a little biased. but, you know, it really is -- they're looking forward to somewhere like indiana, frankly, way down may 3rd because that's somewhere ted cruz could come roaring back because of the demographics of that state. >> andrew, you're a little biased toward new york. >> guilty as charged.
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>> so at the end now of this republican race in the state, who is emerging the most bruised? who got the most beat up by the rough and tumble of new york politics? >> in the republican race, well, i think that donald trump has been -- you know, he hasn't campaigned particularly hard. he's had some very big rallies. he speaks to the press on his terms. but, you know, the other guys, they've been out pounding the pavement, right? rolling matzo and eating pastrami or whatever ridiculous things they're doing but they're acting strategically. trump is going to have a great night but, you know, i don't think he's going to sweep the delegates. you know, kasich is appealing to, you know, the rockefeller republicans. >> who are where exactly at this point in the republican primary? >> well, it's a shrinking demo, but they're there. >> may just be the rockefeller household at this point.
8:13 am
>> a lot of people in that household though. >> he's slightly ahead of cruz in the polls. this is a state that elected george pataki three times and not everyone is going to be comfortable with, first of all, with donald trump, and second of all, with someone so right wing as cruz. some delegates will accumulate to kasich there, and in terms of cruz, he's working like, you know, very, very right wing areas where they care more about ideology than about economic issue approximates. s. >> so as we're talking about the staff chanshake-up, susan your former bus, rudy giuliani, he said this. he said from the outside this is the type of thing that happens when an insurgent candidacy -- campaign becomes a national campaign. he pointed to -- he used reagan as an example. this is what happened with reagan. do you agree this is what happens? >> it absolutely does happen. and in trump's case it's that the campaign outgrew its
8:14 am
leadership team. frankly, you have to remember when he put that team together, he was at 18%, 20% of the vote. and those folks who joined in early who were the real true believers feel like, hey, what's with all these new people coming in? that is very typical on any level of a campaign. all of a sudden now you're coming in when our guy is winning? that creates a lot of internal friction. that's why you start hearing a lot of insider sources saying without names because they're afraid of retribution but that's what you're seeing right now, and it is fairly typical. >> guys, stick around because we have a lot more to discuss, a lot more games to play. >> more games to come. we'll be right back with that. reminder to all of you if you need a reminder, we are all new york all the time today on this primary day. cnn will have special coverage as the votes come in today and tonight. our special coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. eastern. breaking news in the san bernardino terror investigation. u.s. law enforcement officials tell cnn that hacking the shooter's iphone has, indeed,
8:15 am
produced new data, data that the fbi did not have before. >> this comes, of course, amid a battle that had been going on between apple and the fbi over iphone encryption. let's get to evan perez. he has all the details. this comes from your sources. what are you hear being what new information the fbi has been able to obtain? >> reporter: well, john and kate, this is really data from the phone that the fbi was not able to get from the icloud and from other sources that they were doing before they went to apple to try to get help. if you remember, that led to this legal confrontation between the two sides that was only resolved when the fbi was able to hire some hackers, some private sector hackers, to be able to break into the phone. we don't know a lot about what exactly this new data is, but this is sort of the law enforcement way of rebutting what apple had long said, which was that there was nothing useful in this phone, that there was -- really this is only about setting a precedent for the fbi to be able to get apple to build a back door into its devices.
8:16 am
we are told that this -- there were no big revelations. there's no indication of any contacts with an isis supporter or perhaps some other conspirator who was part of this plot, but even the lack of such data or the lack of that information really tells them a lot for these investigators because it tells them that perhaps there was perhaps nobody else, just this husband and wife carrying out this attack. they weren't using any kind of encrypted apps to communicate with isis overseas or someone in the united states. that's valuable for them to know. it simply helps them at least cross that off their list. we do know that the data is still being analyzed, the information is still being analyzed and, of course, this fight between apple and the fbi is not over. they are testifying at this hour on the hill and we know there are many more legal fights coming their way. >> you can be sure of that. any new information you can be sure is important information. evan, thank you so much. back here in new york, primary day. the stakes have never been
8:17 am
higher i think in a primary contest in this state. hillary clinton in a tough, tough battle with bernie sanders. she says she's not taking anything for granted in that. a win here could essentially wrap up the nomination. and inside the very messy delegate game. trump slamming a rigged system as ted cruz continues to line up supporters right under his nose. what does today's vote mean for that fight? our special coverage of the new york primary day continues. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and... ...even deep wrinkles. "one week? that definitely works!" rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena®. "see what's possible."
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decision day in new york. voters across the state heading to the polls this morning. hillary clinton hoping to close in on the nomination with a home state victory. bernie sanders, he wants to continue his winning streak and score what would be a major, major upset. he's calling on the tens of thousands of supporters that flooded to his rallies to show up for him at the voting booth. >> joining the conversation is professor tim neftali and angela wry. let the games tonight. angela, i don't know if you were listening to our fun games we were playing. >> i was. >> we will let you join in the
8:22 am
fun now. on the democratic side, let's discuss hillary clinton will be waking up tomorrow feeling -- >> relieved. i'm say relieved. i think that she is looking towards breaking bernie's eight-state winning streak and hoping that new york will help her to pull it off. so relief in one sense that she will have won new york but i don't think she will win by the mare ji margins the latest polls have suggested. >> angela rye is the only person who gets her own box here. she doesn't like us. >> i miss you guys. >> the bernie sanders question is this, scale of one to ten, if bernie sanders loses here in new york, he wakes up feeling how much pressure? >> you know, i think bernie sanders continues on. i really do. the pressure is on, sure, but bernie sanders has money, and he has a base of support that is still very enthusiastic no matter what happens here in new york. does he ve a map to victory?
8:23 am
not really. but the reason people drop out is because they run out of money and bernie sanders is in no langer of doing that. >> ever. >> $27. $27. >> exactly. >> so many $27. professor neftali, depending on which campaign angle you're looking at it from it will be a different answer, but from your perspective, every day this campaign continues on, what's the impact? >> one of the impacts is americans get excited about elections and they vote and that's a great thing, so that's great. the other impact is it's an effect on both parties. we've been seeing in the last 20 years that the parties, both republican and democratic party, have been getting weaker and we see it right now. you have insurgencies in both parties that are drawing a lot of attention. bernie sanders' movement shouldn't have happened. at least from the perspective of the democratic leaders. they assume hillary would win and it would be a coronation. i bet you if you ask bernie sanders, not now, but in a few years, did you really expect to
8:24 am
draw 28,000 people at prospect park or 27,000 at nyu? he'd say no. he was a fantastic iconoclast from vermont. what he tapped into was an unhappiness with the structure of the democratic party. same with trump. and to some extent cruz because cruz has been running against his own party from the beginning. so what's happening here is the parties are trying to adjust, to figure out how to be relevant, and that's exciting because that's going to shape the convention. >> as exciting as it may be historically, errol, part of the question is is bernie sanders starting to draw blood, create wounds that will not heal for hillary clinton if she ends up with the nomination? there's a campaign finance issue today, a letter from the bernie sanders campaign to the dnc talking about the hillary victory fund which is a joint operation. the dnc set this up so hillary clinton or any candidate could raise money along with the party in conjunction, get large donations for the party. what the sanders campaign is
8:25 am
accusing is they're using this device in funny ways to benefit the clinton campaign specifically. and there's some legal arguments to be made here. >> you look at the numbers, and i have read some articles and looked at some of the numbers. yes, the money does go to some of the state organizations. but then in some cases on the same day, a lot of that money goes right back to the clinton campaign. so what the sanders' campaign is suggesting that what they're really just trying to do is avoid the cap on contributions. for the joint committee you can make big, big contributions. they go to the state and they magically find their way back to the campaign and they say that's dirty pool, that's not supposed to work that way. they're not alleging that anything illegal happened, but it gets into the sanders' narrative about how the campaign finance system has to be changed. i would also though add that, if you think back to 1980, one of the most devastating ads that ronald reagan had when he defeated jimmy carter was from the primary season and there's ted kennedy, the liberal lion, respected in the democratic party, denouncing carter on the stump, one charge after another,
8:26 am
and they just showed that at the end and at the end a little picture of reagan saying, hey, you know what to do. some of what bernie sanders can, in fact, hurt hillary clinton if she makes it to -- >> you just impressed the professor right there. well done. >> you've got an eyebrow raise and a head not from naftali. andrew, what do you think? do you think a late hit, if you will, bernie sanders, they clearly think this is an important thing to put out there. clinton thinks this is a late hit and should, you know, get a yellow card. do you think it has an impact on the general? >> not that much of an impact because i think, first of all, a lot of things would come out in a general anyway -- >> that will be bigger. >> he's probably testing her mettle and in the long run it will make her stronger and prepare her for those attacks, but, boy, i can't fathom how this dynamic kind of occurred where she's been on defense the entire primary. i mean, does anyone even remember what the campaign theme
8:27 am
of her campaign is anymore? middle class? it's all about her fund-raising, goldman sachs, the speeches. it's a testament to her as a candidate and her campaign that she's still ahead even though she's been on defense the entire time. >> angela, last word from you. does what happened in new york tomorrow -- today i should say, does it stay in new york. is there a way what happens here continues on to next week where you have states that border new york, you have pennsylvania voting, you have maryland which doesn't border but it's close by voting, delaware as well. will this have a lingering effect and maybe create momentum for whoever wins here? >> i definitely think it will, but i also think to this point about this issue now that bernie sanders is raising, i think this also has the impact of following hillary clinton through the general. you cannot question a candidate in your party's trustworthiness. he just happens to be running in this primary and expect for it to end here. this is going to a crucial issue that's impacted her in every
8:28 am
poll that we've seen so far, and i think andrew is right it does say a whole lot about her resilience that she's still standing and still the front-runner. >> guys, thanks so much for joining us. andrew, jackie, errol, professor, angela, did i get everybody? i'm not sure but thank you regardless. >> thank you. coming up for us, bernie sanders and hillary clinton, as we're talking about it right here, engaging in fierce attacks in today's big primary. top officials from both of the campaigns will be joining us to duke it out. plus, while voters in new york hit the polls, ted cruz, he's in pennsylvania today. so what's he going to do? what's his message? can he line up delegates there? we're going to speak to a top cruz supporter, actually the brain behind the ted cruz delegate operation will come give us his secrets. that's coming up. t-mobile does data differently. so it can do more for your business. when work takes you across the globe, your unlimited data travels with you to 140 plus countries
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ted cruz has moved on to the next primary states, maryland yesterday, pennsylvania tonight. he's hoping to continue to sweep up delegates and stop donald trump from doing the same. >> trump has brought on fresh blood to try to turn around his delegate game, but he does continue to cry foul all the same about what he calls a rigged system and the corrupt rules in the delegate system that are working against him. our next guest is directly in the middle of that fight. ken cuccinelli is the former attorney general for virginia and is leading the cruz campaign delegation. thank you for coming in. >> good to be with you. >> how about these three words, lying, stealing, and bribing.
8:34 am
that's what we heard at the top of the show from tana goertz. she said she's seen bribing firsthand on the part of the cruz campaign and trying to win over delegates. what do you say? >> i call foul and bs. i was on opposite paul manafort of their campaign sunday, and he made similar allegations, and george stephanopoulos said name one example. he couldn't name a single example. their gestapo tactics include donald trump calling for violence in the streets. their team threatening intimidation of delegates at their hotel rooms, releasing their hotel rooms, death threats to the colorado gop chair. threats of frivolous lawsuits from manafort against individual delegates and about credentials. so they are doing these tactics while accusing others of doing them. we're just building a grassroots campaign that's built on ted's vision for greater opportunity and freedom, and it's inspiring
8:35 am
people to come out and it's you how we're winning. >> you're just asking people nicely to line up and support ted cruz? come on, i mean, the reason that they have you doing this is because you're good at it, lining up delegates. how are you twisting arms? i'm not saying there's anything illegal but there has to be some art to convincing these delegates. >> when you ask a question like that your bias is naked to everyone watching so let's get down to facts instead of your bias. >> i'm saying you play the game well. >> well, i appreciate that. that's not how you phrased your question. we are asking people nicely. you know what the goodies we're promising people are? they can have their constitution back. and they can have economic growth and a plan to actually execute it and a candidate who can go head to head and defend it. donald trump won't even debate these issues because he can't debate them. ted cruz has a plan to expand freedom, to create opportunity across america with a tax plan
8:36 am
that wipes out special interests' power. he has a plan to return security to this country, and we have a president where that's desperately needed to be improved. donald trump can't debate any of these things. those positions based on principle inspire people to come out. they inspire them not just to vote but to work and to make those phone calls and, yes, ask other voters nicely to come support ted cruz. >> so we agree. we agree. i'm glad about that. >> you both agree you're asking people nicely. >> oh, good. i'm glad we agree. >> when we spoke to tana goertz, she said she wanted to get clearance from donald trump because she saw tactics firsthand that pointed to corruption and to bribery and she would come back on this show and tell us, and what you're saying is you have no concern that she has any evidence of that. >> no. this is just more outrageous charges from the trump campaign.
8:37 am
you know, she doesn't have to get permission to talk about facts. she doesn't have facts. all they have is this banana republic, intimidate voters rhetoric that they've actually been using around the country, and, frankly, on live television, and it isn't working. frankly, it's ticking delegates off. if there's any not nice tactics going on here, the trump people are pushing delegates away from themselves and to us because of their, frankly, rough and unprecedent the gestapo tactics. >> i am going to use that move from so many times. >> which one? >> thank you so much for joining us. looking over your shoulder so you couldn't see it. ken cuccinelli, good luck with the delegate game. >> thank you so much. coming up next -- look over your shoulder, john berman, both
8:38 am
campaigns on the democratic side will be joining us live on what each has to do tonight to consider new york a win. this is cnn's special live coverage. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and... ...even deep wrinkles. "one week? that definitely works!" rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena®. "see what's possible."
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. our most advanced formula for joint health and comfort. cosamin -- proven by more research than any leading joint supplement. at this very moment votes are being cast across new york state. the democratic candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they are making their final push. >> let's talk more about this with chief strategist for hillary clinton's presidential campaign joel bennett joining us. great to see you again. >> great to see you. >> give us the number. give us the magic number for you guys. what is the margin you have to hit so sanders can't claim a moral victory? >> i don't think he can claim a moral victory when we win because his campaign said, he
8:43 am
said, this is a must-win state for them. there are no moral victories in politics. you have to win. you have to win politics. build your delegate lead. >> if it's like iowa, if you win by less than 1%, 2%, 3%, you can't tell me it's going to be a nice feeling around brooklyn headquarters tomorrow. >> i think winning at this point given the size of our pledged delegate lead is what we need to do here. we want to win so some breathing room. i think we'll do that. your count has us at 229 pledged delegates to our advantage, and anytime we build on that and take over 200 delegates off the map, it just makes the climb for senator sanders steeper. >> i want to get you to weigh in on what's really happened in the last 24 hours. sanders' campaign sending this letter to the dnc questioning the use of joint party campaign donor dollars, fund-raising dollars. and this is one of the lines from the letter saying that you guys have serious apparent violations of campaign finance law. that's a serious charge.
8:44 am
what do you say? >> i say the same thing that i said this morning, this is a last-minute, desperate charge coming from the sanders' campaign. it's a false attack. we've signed an agreement just like previous democratic nominees have, just like senator sanders has, and we live by those agreements, and the fact of the matter is that what happened in the last 24 hours and it's unfortunate, senator sanders has abandoned the kind of campaign he's going to run. he's dispatched his operatives. he himself is making charges here and running a more negative campaign every day because it's a state they put a marker on and said it's a must-win state and they know they're going to lose today. >> there are questions raised in this lawyer's letter which some campaign finance experts say, look, there is a gray area right here. apparently there are people being paid who raise money for hillary for america for the clinton campaign proper. they're getting paid by the victory fund and money that -- much bigger donations can go there. it seems to be a gray area. >> look, i don't know what the
8:45 am
gray area is. i'm not a campaign finance expert. i believe our campaign acts within and by the letter of the law. i think this is a kind of innuendo and insinuation that's just like what senator sanders has been doing in new york about hillary clinton and wall street and claims because if you take money or if you give speeches, you won't stand up to wall street, and when he was asked on the debate stage last week if he could name a single incidence where she was influenced by any money or took a stand in favor of wall street as opposed to against them on a debate stage standing next to her, he couldn't name it. it's really time to stop campaigns run on insin situatuad innuendos and run on issues. >> you have been in campaign for a long time -- >> are you saying i'm old? i'm saying you are young and you started when you were 5. are you concerned this could stick though? if it's desperate, if it's innuendo, all the things you say though, it's politics. >> i'll tell what you i'm really concerned about. when senator sanders got into
8:46 am
this race ted devine made clear he's running as a democrat, he's not running to be a spoiler or to be another ralph nader. i'm concerned we're getting into the final stretch here and senator sanders i understand he may be a little disappointed and frustrated. i think he has a decision to make here. is he going to run as a democrat or is he going to become a ralph nader when we face the stakes and the likes of defeating ted cruz and donald trump out there. is he going to help democrats not just win the presidency but up and down the ticket rather than say things and do things that are aimed at weakening the party and painting a broad brush against any democrat -- a broad bush against any democrat who is not with him or isn't in lock step with him on every issue. >> joel benensen thank you for being with us. we'll talk to you tomorrow. >> the next chapter of the joel benensen show. we'll speak live to the sanders campaign manager. he will be responding. coming up next. don't let dust and allergies get between you
8:47 am
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8:51 am
streak today. the new york native has won -- born and raised here, has won eight of the last nine contests, but hillary clinton is still ahead on the delegate count. >> and while there's a battle going on over votes and delegates in new york there's a new fight over campaign fund-raising and all of the rules. joining us to discuss the sanders campaign, manager jeff weaver. thanks so much for being >> he said his concern now. he invoked the name ralph new year's dayer. he's concerned it will be a ral ralph nader campaign. >> that's ridiculous analogy given that ralph nader was running in the democratic primary process. i don't know why the clinton campaign objects to having every
8:52 am
democratic voter across the country have an opportunity to have their say in this process. why are we going to cut out california, new jersey, and other states? why do those voters not get to have a say? >> it's this letter regarding violations of campaign finance law. what he says is baseless. it's ridiculous. and he says that this comes down to innuendo and tactics your campaign promised it would not take on at the beginning of your campaign. >> look. this is what they're doing with the joint fund raising agreement. they're getting big checks. most of the money goes to the dnc and instead, using the big checks of money that the hillary campaign could not receive because it's over the federal limit and use that to turn it into a low dollar fund raising program. it benefits the clinton campaign. >> doesn't it raise money in low dollar amounts for the victory fund? >> the victory fund. the first $2700 goes to the hillary clinton campaign. and then the rest goes to the
8:53 am
dnc. so if someone sends in a 200 contribution, it goes to the hillary victory fund. right? and let me tell you. bernie sanders campaign is funded by online donations and directly. you don't get $2700 online donations. you get $27. >> if this is such an apparent and serious violation of campaign finance law, why send this to the dnc? why not go directly to the fec? >> because of the deadlock, it's a dysfunctional organization. they would not render a decision on this until way after the campaign is long over and even then, it might be deadlocked. >> to respond to the suggestion that this is just campaign tactics and some folks describe it as a late hit that shouldn't be happening at this point in the game. >> the latest fec report came out from the fund raising committee and had more information. "the washington post" wrote some part of the story three months ago but didn't have the latest fec filings that just came out
8:54 am
and that's why we had this additional information. >> no late hit. >> the fec reports came out. i don't have any control over that. >> and is that a disappointment? >> we would like to win everywhere. but we have a path to victory. we have a path to get more pledge delegates in the secretary. it does not require us to win every state and no particular state that has to be a majority of states going forward. there's no must-win. >> you admit you could be further from the goal tomorrow and actually could go in the wrong direction overnight. >> since march 15th, the senator has cut the secretary's delegate lead by a third. she was way over 300 delegate lead and now down to 200. that lead is going to continue to go down as we go through the process. >> what is the margin where you guys claim moral victory here? what do you want to keep it to? >> we like to keep it low as
8:55 am
possible. >> what's low? double digits? single digits? >> talking about late hit. when you heard joel benenson talk about ralph nader, some think bernie sanders has every right to run as the clinton campaign but he is hurting hillary clinton in a way that she won't be able to recover from if she's the nominee. >> what about the hits on sanders? if he's the nominee, right? bernie sanders has the support of millions of people around the country. what about his 5 million in the general election? we all know is better than the secretaries. he polls much better against republicans than she does in almost every poll. >> thank you so much. good luck today. big fight. a hard fought battle here in new york. unusual. thank you so much. >> thanks, joe. >> voters are casting their ballots right now. as donald trump shuffles his campaign, a staff shake-up. we get word of it on primary day as spokesperson for the campaign
8:56 am
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hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield and welcome to "legal view." happy new york primary day. whew. for the first time in decades. the vote here actually matters. i want to put this into perspective. it was 1988 when i started in this business. god, that's embarrassing. state of new york had a me this- meaningful primary considering its place on the election calendar. 95 delegates at stake for the republicans here. 247 at stake for the


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