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tv   Wolf  CNN  April 20, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. hello. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. wherever you're watching from around the world, thank you very much for joining us. we begin with breaking news out of flint, michigan. right now, that's the city here in the united states left reeling from lead contaminated drinking water. at any moment, michigan's attorney general is expected to announce criminal charges filed against three people in the case. two years ago, the state of michigan decided to save money by switching flint's water supply from lake huron to the flint river and soon after the
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switch, residents began complaining that water had a bad odor. more than 50 lawsuits have since been filed since january. residents say they've had skin l lesions, depression, legionnaire's disease. covering it from the beginning. sarah, first of all, what do we know about the three individuals? the charges that are about to be filed. >> reporter: good afternoon, wolf. we know two people who worked for the michigan department of environmental quality will be charged with official misconduct, tampering with evidence, and also, neglect of duty. another person who works at the water plant, mike glassgow, charged with tampering in evidence and neglect of duty. i want to point out here, wolf, that one of the officials being charged at the state level.
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the michigan department of environmental quality officials is the person who we know through e-mails told the epa that flint had optimal corrosion control when it did not and know the corrosion control led to the problem reaching a problem here in flint. mike glassgow. the city official who worked at the power plants, i'm sorry, water plants. he talked in detail how he ended up altering one of the lead testing results in 2015 that would have raised concerns about the lead levels in the water here. he says that he was told by those two state officials who will be charged here today. he says he was told to do that. he also says he tried to raise concerns before the water was even switched but he was, again, told by state officials. those two state officials who will be charged today that those concerns will be going forward with the water switch anyway and
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those are the two people who made the decision not to use corrosion control here in flint. key pieces of evidence coming from him in the interview, wolf. i want to point out this is one of several investigations. the fbi is also investigating the governor's task force. release a report earlier this spring that also layid the blam on some of the people. governor schneidnider throughou because they are owed straight answers about how the flint water crisis happened. the governor has said from the beginning of this crisis that the state will vigorously pursue any evidence of wrongdoing and hold people accountable. now today we are expected to hear from the state attorney general. we'll also hear a little bit later from the governor who will be speaking. these are just three people of many people who have been accused in some way, shape, or
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form or being involved or having no information and not doing enough during this 18 month crisis where it's unclear at this point if more charges are to come against more people but we do know that these are people who were working here in flint. the most basic local level. even the state employees who are charged today. they are a jurisdiction with flint. we'll be looking ahead, wolf, to see if more charges may come from other officials up the chain closer to the governor's office because we all know a lot of the people here in flint truly believe this is a tragedy that could have been prevented if the governor had stepped in sooner. wolf? >> so on the scenes for us. let us know the attorney general showing up. we'll talk about what's going on and bring in jonathan turley at george washington university. and also, joining us, is congressman dan kildee who's representing flint, michigan.
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let me get your reaction from him. what do you think? >> i think it's a step in the right direction. it's a step towards justice for the people of flint to hold individuals accountable. i hope they continue the investigation and go up to the level of the folks who made the decisions to move in this direction and i hope that justice comes in another form. that it comes in the form of actually making it right for the people of flint. it's one thing to charge individuals and hold them individually accountable but the state of michigan needs to make sure they correct the mistakes these people made and make it right for the people of flint. >> let me ask jonathan turley from washington university. how serious are these charges? you read the document. how serious are they, jonathan? >> they're serious in the sense they can put these individuals away for five years or so. but this is not an easy criminal case to make. particularly against glassgow. i think that would be viewed as a winnable case based on the
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evidence we have before us. these defense attorneys are likely to suggest this is a show trial and we yank these guys out to make examples of them. to satisfy what is a legitimate public outcry but should ultimately be a civil liability case. having said that, you do have false reporting that was made. but these individuals insist that they misinterpreted the standard including the corrosive standard as to what constitutes that type of abatement. those are issues that the jury will have to deal with and they're fairly complex. this is not an easy criminal case by any means in my view. >> as you know, congressman, only yesterday, the governor of michigan, rick snider, said he would drink flint's water for the next 30 days to try to restore faith that they fixed this problem. is that good enough? >> no. and in fact, that won't restore any faith. the governor basically doing another public relations stunt does nothing to repair pipes. it does nothing to give health care to people who need it to
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deal with rashes. it does nothing to help these children overcome the developmental challenges with lead exposure and the government seems focused on building one thing and one thing only and that's his reputation. >> you want him to resign? >> i think he should step up and do his job, actually. he should go to the legislature and say we should fund all of what it will take to fix this problem. they keep talking about what they've committed. the legislature hasn't acted to improve the expanded medicaid which the state of michigan asked for, the president of the united states granted and the legislature won't act. public relations stunts have no currency for the people of flint, michigan. >> jonathan, you've looked at the laws. is this a possibility that charges could be against higher ranking officials and the governor himself? >> well, based on this standard used for this indictment, it could go up. the question is whether they'll stand up in court.
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you know, the issue is going to be how much the trial court will allow into evidence. there are things called motions eliminae. this is a type of ubiquitous or common problem that officials make bad calls all the time but you don't criminalize the decisions. they may be the subject of civil liability or political responsibility. >> yes? >> hold on for a moment. the attorney general of michigan. i want to briefly listen in to a statement. this is bill schuette making the announcement telling us about these charges. so let's just listen in very briefly. >> everybody all set? all right. well, good afternoon. my name is bill schuette and i have the privilege of serving as michigan's attorney general. thank you for coming. mayor weaver. i'm so pleased you're here and admire greatly your leadership
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here in the city of flint. on january 15th of this year, i initiated an independent investigation to determine what laws may have been broken in the flint water crisis. my job as attorney general is to enforce the law. and that is what i do. i've said this before and it bares repeating. that so many things went so terribly wrong and tragically wrong in flint. today, today, we are announcing we filed criminal charges in the flint water crisis against three individuals. we have filed charges against steven bush, an employee of the michigan department of environmental quality and michael prizbee, also of the michigan department of environmental quality. we charged each individual with
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three felonies. three separate felonies. first, we charged mr. bush and mr. prizby with misconduct in office. a felony. mr. bush and mr. prizby misled federal and local authorities, regulatory officials, and failed to provide safe and clean water to families of flint. when we prove these allegations, and we will, mr. bush and mr. prizby will face five years in prison for this count alone. we have also charged mr. bush and mr. prizby with intentionally, intentionally tampering with evidence of lead levels on certain water samples in homes of residents of flint. we allege and we will prove they altered test results which
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endangered the health of citizens and families of flint. this is a four-year felony. we have further charged mr. bush and mr. prizby with conspiracy. conspiracy to tamper with evidence and their joint agreement to conceal test results on flint water samples. this also is a four-year felony. we have charged mr. prizby with an additional felony of misconduct in office by authorizing an operating permit for the flint water treatment plant knowing, knowing that the plant would fail to provide clean and safe drinking water to families of flint. this, too, is a four-year felony. we charged both mr. bush and mr. prizby with two misdemeanors for violating michigan's safe drinking water act by failing to
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require anti-corrosive be added to the flint water system and by manipulating, by manipulating water samples by directing flint citizens to pre-flush their taps. these employees are the department of environmental quality and had to duty to protect the health of families and citizens of flint. they failed, they failed to discharge their duties. they failed in their responsibilities to protect the health and safety of families of flint. they failed michigan families. indeed, they failed us all. and i don't care where you live. mr. michael glassgow was working at the water treatment plant. we have charged mr. glassgow with felony tampering of evidence by altering and
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falsifying reports to the deq and the epa. we have also charged mr. glassglow with willful neglect of duty by failing to protect the health of flint families and violating his duties under the michigan safe drinking water act. i announce this investigation and i stated this was the beginning of the road back. a road back to rebuilding and restoring. a road back to rebuilding and restoring trust and confidence of flint families in their government. indeed, this is a road back to restoring faith and confidence in all michigan families in their government. while we're on the road back, and i know this will take some time, but in michigan, as i've made it abundantly clear, i've
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made it abundantly clear that our system of justice applies to everybody and it's n everybody. it's not rigged. known as above the law? not on my watch. our investigation and when it is completed will be thorough, it will be complete, it will be exhaustive. we will enforce the law. this flint crisis team that has been assembled, we will enforce the law. we will protect the victims, the families and citizens of flint, and we will hold each and every person, each and every person who breaks the law will be held accountable. we'll follow the facts without fear of favor and we'll go wherever the truth takes us and in this case, wherever the e-mails take us. these charges are only the beginning.
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and there'll be more to come. that, i can guarantee you. i want to introduce todd flood, the special council on the flint water crisis team. former skilled prosecutor doing a great job. todd, our special counsel. say a few words. >> you bet. good afternoon. my name is todd flood. i am the special assistant attorney general and i've been charged with the task of prosecuting and investigating this case. there is no "i" in team. to right is mr. arena and home bound here, mr. ellis and to my far left, mr. latent, prosecutor. with several more back home investigating this case today as we speak, and we will turn over every stone. we'll go down every rabbit hole.
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this is just the first wave. i'm not going to try this case in the press. i have an ethical duty not to do that and i don't want to be grieved before i start. so i won't try this case in the press. i can simply tell you that the public health, that's what the deq is charged, that's their purpose. that's what the law states and the public health that was violated. so we start today. we start today with the charges and we will continue to go through every single door. interview people. and i have the best team assembled to do that job. thank you. >> thank you, todd. let me turn it over next to andy rina. andy is the head. impeccable reputation. tough, skilled guy. andy? >> you bet. >> i'll be brief in my comments today. andy arena. the chief investigator. >> we'll continue to monitor the
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news. attorney general of michigan saying this is only just the beginning. only the first set of charges against individuals connected with the water contamination disaster in flint, michigan. and then you heard todd flood, the specialist, with the attorney general saying this is just the first wave. congressman dan kildee, a democrat of michigan and represents flint, michigan, is there. i suspect they have a lot of leads. they're going to go after other individuals who caused this disaster. >> i hope they do and we want facts to take them where they may lead to hold people accountable. i think the important thing about this prosecution is it makes the point that just because an individual may be involved in public service or holding a public office doesn't exempt them from culpability when they knowingly put individuals at risk. and when you think about the implication of this crisis, 100,000 people affected. 9,000 children under the age of 6. what the effect on their lives might be is almost too much to
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imagine. people do need to be held accountable. but again, i'll reiterate. the other part of this is we can help fix this problem. so while i see the need for there's nothing that will fix - this problem more than making sure that the people of flint have a chance to rebuild their city. >> you said $720 million that the federal government should appropriate to help the people of flint, michigan. where does that stand? >> we're continuing to push it. obviously, we've had some progress in the senate. in the house, we continue to press. my legislation would require the state of michigan and the federal government to jointly share the cost of the recovery of flint, michigan. we can litigate and argue about who caused this in the first place and at the end of the day, people of flint are american citizens and they are citizens of the state of michigan and particularly since the state is really at the center of this total failure. my view is that both the state
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and federal government have a responsibility to help fix the problem. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> jonathan turley, thanks to you as well. coming up, we move to the race for the white house. decisive wins in new york for donald trump and hillary clinton. but does it make their paths to the nomination a whole lot clearer? stand by. new information coming in. we'll be right back. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. (is committed to truth on thee plabel.d when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. learn more at
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life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. new yorkers. you've always, you've always had my back. >> trump, trump, trump! >> we've won another state. millions more votes than senator cruz. >> i'm so excited to share with you what america has learned and nothing to do with a politician winning his home state.
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>> the trump organization is complaining all the time about all of this and that. you know why? because they know they're not going to get enough votes. we're going to be deadlocked. >> when we stand together, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. >> i call on you to chart a new american journey forward. >> we can't be caught. it's impossible to catch us. >> we have the momentum and we believe we have a path toward victory. >> i can compete in pennsylvania in the general election. in michigan, in wisconsin! t t the. >> the nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight. >> hillary clinton and donald trump knocked it out of the park in new york yesterday. each scoring decisive wins in the state's primary. the numbers tell the story. top of the 60% threshold. captured at least 89 of the
10:25 am
states 95 delegates and three unassigned. hillary clinton fell just short of 60% but still beat senator bernie sanders by more than 15%. she nabbed 139 delegates. sanders, 108, putting her at roughly 1900 and 13 overall. we get to the full breakdown in a few minutes including the super delegates. trump's dominance in new york puts his delegate lead at 300 over ted cruz. but speaking of hershey, pennsylvania, this morning, ted cruz had this to say about the delegate race. >> the math is virtually impossible. donald trump is not getting to 1237. nobody is getting to 1237. the reason donald is so scared is the last three weeks and in particular the win in wisconsin put the nail in the coffin and made it clear donald doesn't get to 1237. he knows that which means this race is headed to cleveland. it's headed to a contested convention. and at a contested convention, i'll come in with a ton of
10:26 am
delegates. donald will come in with a ton of delegates and it will be a battle to see who can earn a majority of the delegates elected by the people. >> pennsylvania is one of five states that will vote next tuesday along with maryland, connecticut, rhode island, and delaware. with new york now in the rearview mirror, front runners hillary clinton and donald trump are out there on the campaign trail not taking anything for granted. chris frates is following the trump campaign for us in indianapolis, indiana. and donald jones with the hillary clinton campaign. a week after that, indiana. that's coming up. may 3rd. i think. do you know why he decided to go to indiana now, not pennsylvania or maryland, shall we say today? >> reporter: yeah. you're exactly right here. may 3rd is when they vote and it's no accident that donald trump's coming here right after the big win in new york. just last night, we heard from one of trump's senior advisors paul manafort who said if ted
10:27 am
cruz can't win here in indiana, he should get out of the race. the trump people really trying to make this a must-win for the ted cruz campaign. frankly, taking a page out of hillary clinton's play book who was arguing you might remember just yesterday that if bernie sanders can't win in new york, it's almost mathematically impossible for him to catch her. so they're taking a page from the play book and trying to make this a must-win . if you look at the demographics of indiana, there's not a lot of college degrees here and people with manufacturing degrees. it mays well for donald trump and you have to look at the math. 57 delegates at stake here in indiana and he has a shot at win or take all. if he can win though, 57 delegates, that goes a long way to getting the 1237. the magic number to clinch particularly because he's expected to do so well on the east coast next week but of course, this is going to be a batt battleground. just saying today they'll put $1 million in advertising against donald trump here. you might remember growth advertising against trump in
10:28 am
iowa, wisconsin, utah. and states that donald trump lost. so ted cruz does have a big ally in his corner here. and the other thing that trump is doing that's a little unusual for him is he's meeting with republican governor mike pence before this rally in the governor's mansion and chris christie today as well and that's unusual. he's supporting the republican power base. that's not something we've seen. mike pence has a tough reelection race of his own. he's not yet endorsed but said he's open to endorsing and meeting with all the candidates. in fact, ted cruz will meet with pence tomorrow as well. so you're seeing a little bit of a different approach from donald trump, wolf. >> reporter: chris, stand by. i want to bring joe into the conversation. joe, you're in philadelphia. hillary clinton is holding an event there today with the former u.s. attorney general eric holder. first of all, what's the sig
10:29 am
na significance of that pairing? >> >> reporter: this is an issue that has polled very well for hillary clinton in multiple states especially states with large african-american populations. new york just one example of that. south carolina, another example of it. now bringing eric holder into the mix bridges the last two democratic administrations. not just that administration that's currently in place of barack obama but also the administration of bill clinton. mr. holder, of course, was a deputy attorney general during that administration. he's a very strong supporter of what he's called sensible gun control measures. so eric holder sitting down with hillary clinton at an african-american church gets her a lot but it's important also to say that she has been pushing very hard on this issue of gun control in a variety of different ways and she's even
10:30 am
got an ad right now that's out featuring the daughter of the principal who died at sandy hook. the shooting spree in connecticut. so a lot going on there with gun control in philadelphia today, wolf. >> thank you very much. chris frates, thank you very much. a big delegate lead and several friendly states coming up next tuesday and a new campaign structure coming at the same time. let's bring in katrina pierson. national spokesman joining us live from dallas. thank you very much for joining us. mathematically, john kasich is out. he can't reach that 1237 magic number. ted cruz apparently can't reach it. nearly impossible for him to get to that 1237 number but their goal is to prevent donald trump from doing so. do you believe they have that chance? because they think if they can prevent h from getting the delegates on the first round,
10:31 am
they will get it on the second or third round. >> i don't think that's going to happen. as i said from the beginning and the campaign has said that mr. trump is going to reach 1237 prior to the convention. even when we're talking about delegates, wolf, the math is there. donald trump is the campaign that has won the most contests, has the most votes, and will have the most delegate going into the convention. and then it becomes a question of electability moving forward. donald trump is a first-time candidate who won 60% in his home state which happened to be the state of new york. then you have a sitting senator and a sitting governor who couldn't even break 50% in their home state. donald trump is the only candidate that has proven success in the northeast. going out west and even in the south. he is the only viable candidate and delegates are going to take notice. >> we noticed last night in his victory speech and it was a brief one. only 8 minutes donald trump spoke. he usually speaks longer than that, as you know. and he was pretty polite. he referred to senator ted cruz.
10:32 am
he didn't call him lying ted as he usually does. are we about to see a, quote, more presidential donald trump? >> well, sure. and we've seen speeches like this from mr. trump before. we are proud of mr. trump and his success in the state of new york. and just like you've seen, after the florida election, he stopped referring to marco rubio by his nickname. mr. trump will be focused on locking up this nomination and continuing to grow and build this campaign team so that we can be successful in november against hillary clinton and by that time, we will see a united party and a presidential donald trump that's willing to take that fight to the american public. >> he's in indiana today. we just have that report from chris frates in indianapolis. a week from coming tuesday. how do you think he's going to do there?
10:33 am
>> quite well. we want a margin to show the republican party and the country where the people are. and the people are for the outsiders in this election cycle. donald trump is the only outsider in this race. and we want to be successful. so of course he's going to be in indiana. we're looking really good with pennsylvania and those that are coming up and heading into california. we are leading in all the polls and we're just really excited. >> let's say donald trump doesn't get 1237 on the first round. let's say he gets close to 1200 or 1150. a lot more than cruz and certainly more than kasich but it goes to a second round and then half of the pledge delegates on the republican side. they're free to vote whatever they want. and that's the argument that cruz and kasich make saying if he doesn't get it on the first round, it's over for him. your reaction to that? >> i don't think that's the case. it's because we look at an electability issue. senator cruz has not won a single state that's going to affect the map electorally in november.
10:34 am
and when we look at 2012, mitt romney lost by 334,000 votes in just four states. new hampshire, florida, virginia, and ohio. mr. trump won florida and new hampshire by double digits. he won virginia and came in second to the sitting governor. donald trump is the only candidate with a viable path in november. >> katrina pierson, thank you very much for joining us. >> great, thanks. great to be here. just ahead, bernie sanders winning streak in the democratic party comes the a dramatic halt. does he have a path to victory? a key bernie sanders supporter about the road ahead after a huge loss in new york. stay with us. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever. entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto.
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senator bernie sanders insists he has a path to victory despite the resounding loss to hillary clinton in new york. congratulated on her win but if you think he's ready to throw in the towel, think again. >> next week, we will be competing in pennsylvania, connecticut, rhode island, maryland, and delaware. and we look forward to winning a number of those states. over the last 11.5 months, this campaign has come a very, very long way. we started off 60% to 65% points behind in the polls. a few recent polls had us in the lead. we believe we have a momentum and a path toward victory. >> joining us now is democratic senator jeff merkley of oregon. he was the first u.s. senator to
10:40 am
endorse senator bernie sanders and i think you're the only u.s. senator that's endorsed bernie sanders. you agree with him but realistically, be honest, he has a path to victory? >> he absolutely has a path. let's look back eight years ago and realize that barack obama lost new york by a larger margin than bernie sanders did. even though this is her home state and second time around and she was a sitting senator there and then as we look ahead, the margin right now that secretary clinton has is equal to only half of the votes or delegates selected in california. put some perspective on it. uphill climb, certainly. would love to be ahead but this is not an impossible path. >> next tuesday, five contests. the biggest one is pennsylvania. a new poll came out. and this is the monmouth university poll. look at this one. put it up on the screen. hillary clinton at 52%. bernie sanders at 39%. that would be another significant loss if it stayed like that. >> and not just very long ago in
10:41 am
new york, bernie was behind by 30% and he closed that doubt do down. that was her home state. i think there's a tremendous grassroots effort going on in pennsylvania. bernie's message that we have to change the paradigm in which workers get the short end of the stick is resonating. people understand we need something a little outside of the ordinary. a little more passion about restructuring our economy in a way in which they have the wealth to create. you have a big industrial one in pennsylvania and a lot of workers shipped overseas and so i think his message is going to be resonating there. >> we look at the exit polls and you know in new york show the secretary clinton won among women and non-whites and democrats looking for experienced candidates and won 75% of the african-american vote in new york and among the democrats, she captured 67% of the latino votes.
10:42 am
these other states that are coming up like pennsylvania and maryland, similar demographics as well. it could be another potentially brutal night next tuesday. >> it could be. but what we saw eight years ago as we saw president obama rebound from bigger loss than bernie had in new york in states where -- >> you think you could win it? delaware, these are the five states. >> i think we have seen a lot of surprises in which bernie has been underestimated and the enthusiasm of his team members. the willingness to turn out and election circumstances. rain or shine. and who basically say, look, there has been one super passionate voice about changing the economy so workers sharing the wealth create and that's been bernie sanders. he is not willing to put our workers into a direct competition with people who earn less than a dollar an hour. he understands how devastated manufacturing in our country is and i can tell you i come from a
10:43 am
working class neighborhood. i live in a working class neighborhood. people recognize that they have been squeeze for four decades, since 1975. we saw our parents go through the process of doing far better than their parents did and people anticipated as our wealth in the nation increased, workers continue to share in that. they haven't. we have to change that. >> she's ahead of pledge delegates but really ahead when it comes to the super delegates that the democratic party authorizes. 15% of all the delegates who gather in philadelphia, the democratic convention would be those super delegates. she's ahead by 400 plus to 40 or so for him. is it your hope that he can convince those super delegates to flip and leave hillary clinton for bernie sanders? >> i saw something interesting. almost every analysis shows if you set the super delegates aside, neither bernie sanders or secretary clinton are going to have the majority that they need. >> the rules say the super delegates are equal. their vote is just as
10:44 am
significant as the pledge delegates. >> you're a super delegate. >> yes, the rules also say the super delegates are not locked in. >> they could change their mind up until they vote. >> you could see this proceeds as it stays on the course as anticipated in which neither candidate has a majority of the delegates without the super delegates. you're going to see a lot of campaigning for those super delegates. a lot of effort to get them to come to one camp or another. i think the electeds are unlikely to switch positions. they've taken a public position and people are lucky to change. those who are not elected are in a better position to sit back and say, hey, i'm looking at this race and i'm looking at two highly qualified, by the way, that's important to emphasize. we are so blessed to have two really capable candidates and unlike the circus on the republican side. >> thank you. from oregon, thank you very much. up next, hillary clinton says victory is now in sight when it comes to her clinches
10:45 am
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hillary clinton's campaigning as one of five states holding primaries next tuesday. joining us now is the pennsylvania senator bob casey's hillary clinton supporters. thank you very much for coming? >> good to be with you, wolf. thank you. >> she did well yesterday in new york. were you surprised at how well she did? >> some of the polling seemed to indicate she was strong. i hope we can get a big win in pennsylvania. it seems like she's ahead but we'll work to the last minute to get the vote. >> the monmouth university poll has her at 50% and registered democrats can actually show up. does that sound realistic to you? >> she's got a lead. i think we have to assume as we go into all of these races it will tighten up. but she has a base there. she's always run strong in pennsylvania. she has personal roots there. president clinton, of course, has spent a lot of time there. i think the main thing that
10:50 am
she's talked about that a lot of our voters are worried about, wolf, and it's a problem that's been around a while is the lack of wage growth over the last couple of decades. >> bernie sanders talks about that too. they both talk about that. >> and i think she's got the best plan to deal with that. >> why does he do better in all the exit polls among younger voters who show up, the 18 to 44? >> well, i think in pennsylvania we've got a lot of college students who will be voting in this primary. >> huge crowd at penn state yesterday. >> look, i think hillary can turn that around in a state like pennsylvania. if not on primary day, i think by the general election. she is the only candidate that i've seen that has a plan i think that can work to make sure that we can help young people get through college with a -- a much less of a debt burden and to get through it without burdening their future. >> do you believe that senator sanders still has a path to the
10:51 am
nomination? >> i don't see it, and i hope that we can unify as soon as we can. i don't know what that means. >> his only hope, we just heard it from your colleague senator merkley of oregon, is that neither gets that absolute majority of pledged delegates and that the superdelegates decide he would be better -- you're a super delegate like all u.s. senators, that they decide when they actually have to raise their hand and vote at the convention in philadelphia that they will vote for him. >> well, i think hillary is going to be very strong at the convention no matter the kind of delegate. she's demonstrated. has more votes than senator sanders, but i also believe in a this prepares her well for a general election. we expect a tough general election in pennsylania, but her focus on the middle class, on raising wages, focusing on young people and their college burdens, i think all of that combines to make her strong general election candidate in pennsylvania. >> were you surprised how nasty it's gotten in recent weeks
10:52 am
between bernie sanders and hillary clinton? >> democrats have that propensity. i've been in four contested primaries in my state and know what it's like. we're also good at unifying and people will be together starting in pennsylvania after tuesday. i think hillary will win and then we've got to get ready for a general election. >> you think he should pull out and throw his support to her so she can gear up for a general election? >> it's up to him, you know, when he makes a decision like that, but the sooner that we can come together and unify, the better. >> you know pennsylvania. you know republicans in pennsylvania. it's a closed primary there as well. >> right. >> how is trump going to do against cruz and kasich next tuesday in pennsylvania? >> i don't know enough about their side. i try to focus on our side only. it seems like trump is ahead, but -- but i've been very impressed by the reaction that i've gotten when i'm going around the state campaigning for hillary. people understand the degree of experience she has. you know, when i was on the foreign relations committee, i worked clothesly with her on very you have to issues dealing with i.e.d. components coming in
10:53 am
from afghanistan that were really hurting our troops and i've worked with her on that and she's been someone focused on the middle class, raising wages, focusing on knocking down barriers to people that are trying to get into the middle class. >> good news for pennsylvania right now. a lot of ad money is going to be spent in the next few days getting the political commercials. >> appreciate that. >> i'm sure your state could use the funds. >> it always helps. >> senator kasich, thanks very much for coming on. >> wolf, thank you. new today, confirmation harriet tubman, an african-american who helped rescue thousands of slaves in had the 1800s will be the first woman to appear on paper currency in more than 100 years in the united states. the u.s. department of treasury official tells cnn a portrait of harriet tubman will appear on the $20. the back of the $10 is being redesigned as well. it will future a montage of leaders from the women's suffrage movement. the $10 bill will begin circulating in 2020. no word net on when the now $20
10:54 am
bill will be released. there you have it. up next, a highly anticipated party meeting in florida right now that could have a major effect on the republican race for president. we're going to tell you what's going on in hollywood, florida. stay with us. if you have medicare
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there's a new battleground for the republican presidential candidates and in a state that already voted last month. let's bring in our phil mattingly where the republican national committee is holding northern rules meeting. the chairman, reince priebus, says he doesn't want any rule changes made this week but is taking suggestions. is there some way that all three of these republican campaigns will have a presence there? i understand they are all involved. >> yeah. not only will they have a presence, john kasich will be here in person and a ted cruz adviser just confirmed he's making a surprise visit down here at 4:00 p.m. both will have private discussions with the rnc members here, and there's two real reasons why, wolf. all 168 rnc members are delegates. that means they will have a vote on the convention floor. some of them will not be bound by however their state decided to vote. that means they are free agents and these candidates wanted to talk to. as you mentioned to, one of the other crucial areas are the
10:59 am
rules. this woke they won't be deciding the rules of the convention, but they will be making recommendations as to what those rules will entail. we've seen a series of battles break out between the members on the direction of those rules. some concern that they allow the opportunity for a quote, unquote, white knight to come in, some worried they blocked donald trump entirely, a wild fight we're seeing playing out on the campaign trail, playing out behind the scenes here in florida. one thing that's very important to note, wolf, each of the campaigns giving impressive presentations. ted cruz's campaign manager finished a presentation where he said his pitch was entirely about the general election strategy, trying to convince these delegates here that their candidate can't just win the primary but is the best pick for the general. that might make all the difference should you get to a second or third ballot on that convention floor in cleveland. wolf? >> no indication that donald trump himself will make an appearance, is that right? >> not yet. a lot of chatter about the possibility, but he's certainly sending the new top tier of his team down here, paul manafort
11:00 am
and a new troupe of trump advisers will be here. >> i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in the "the situation room." the next continues next on cnn. >> all right. here we go. you're watching cnn beginning here with breaking news. three officials in michigan now facing felony charges in the investigation into the water crisis in flint michigan? the man who supervised the city's water treatment plant along with two state environmental officials. these are the first now to face criminal charges that have now been handed down in this investigation thus far. michigan's attorney general says there's more to could. let me promise you we're all over this story and we'll take you live to flint in a couple of minutes. first, forget brotdsway. that was so yesterday. new york setting the stage for the november general election making the road to the presidentialom