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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  April 22, 2016 2:00am-2:11am PDT

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stock. google's parent company missed forecasts. if the dollar value was lower, it would have crushed. that stock in your portfolio is down 6% in the early going here today. we will watch and see what happens. >> 42 years on jobless claims sglc. >> you are hearing about the economy. the lowest number in years and years. "early start" continues right now. ♪ >> mourning a music legend. prince dead at the age of 57. new tributes and celebrations as investigators try to figure out what caused the superstar's death. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm miguel marquez. it is april 22nd.
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5:00 a.m. in the east. an autopsy to find out what killed superstar prince. all night long around the world and especially in his town of minneapolis, fans are listening to music and paying tribute to the artist now and forever known as prince. what we are learning about his death and fans celebrating his life. ryan young joins us from his paisley park estates. >> reporter: christine and miguel, if you look behind me, you see the people who showed up at paisley park. we have seen hundreds if not thousands of people standing at the fence line paying respects to prince. we have seen several talking just about how this could happen to the 57-year-old. a couple stars are actually walking among the crowd here. one talking to me saying he didn't want people to know he was here. he wanted to pay respects to an artist and a man he says that is meant so much to the community. far beyond what people may actually know in terms of what he's done for other people. one of the things we know is
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prince was found here around 9:40 in the morning. he was found unresponsive in an elevator. a 911 call. the transcripts show there was trouble responding here because the person calling 911 did not know the address to the location. once ems arrived, they tried to do cpr, he was pronounced dead after being unresponsive. people are hoping for more information about what happened to prince. that may not happen as quickly as people may want it to happen. all across the city, all across the world, people have been paying respects to prince. that will continue over the next few days. back to you. >> ryan, thank you for that. look at this. this is just a few miles away in downtown minneapolis at the nightclub where prince filmed "purple rain." this is an all-night dance party in his honor. still, we're told, going on at this hour. cnn's kyung lah is there for us. >> reporter: christine and
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miguel, it seems all of minneapolis has come out to pay respects to prince in the only way he would want. a celebration of his music outside of the very club he helped put on the map. the first avenue club. what you are seeing outside is an enormous crowd. hundreds of people and they're packing the street out here in downtown minneapolis. they're actually waiting to get in. the doors have opened. this is an all-night into the early-morning dance party. we can hear his music blaring inside the club. there is no charge. everyone is being allowed in to dance the night and the day away to prince's songs. what we have seen outside the club are personal notes and flowers. people walking through rain to leave remembrances and notes about what various songs meant for them. for this city, he's more than just a musician.
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he is more than a star. prince is someone who never gave up on this town. he is their favorite son. he is a musician that helped unite the city in the 1980s and continued until today. christine, miguel. >> thank you, kyung lah. joining us to discuss prince's impact on music and legacy. brian stelter. good morning, brian. check it out. all six papers. even "the wall street journal," "new york times," and "usa today." he goes beyond the pop and music world. >> i cannot remember the last time this has happened. all of the papers and tabloids in purple. just amazing to see how far we have seen tributes. google changing its logo to purple yesterday. that is because we are talking about a one-of-a-kind, one in a
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generation artist. someone performing sadly right up until the end. i'm struck by the fact we have been hearing about his last concerts from atlanta last week. how his health may have taken a turn for the worse after the shows. if you don't mind, i'll read the review. this was this time last week. this is the "atlanta journal constitution." as he stood silhouetted against a purple light with the puff of hair and cane visible, the fans are bound to their feet as they are welcoming the messiah. for many, prince is a musical religion. he took his disciples to church. i can't think of many other artists described that way. taking the fans to church as being their messiah. we heard about that show, including from cnn folks who were there, who say it had a special feeling at the time.
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some suggesting he kind of knew this was a special performance and maybe he would not be performing much longer. a day or two after the performances in atlanta, he had a medical emergency. having to touchdown on the way home to minnesota. last weekend, he merged at paisley park. he wanted his fans to see him there. he came out last saturday and made a public appearance. that's when he said people's prayers might be premature. kind of foreshadowing and foreboding words at the time. >> you talk about going to church and taking his listeners to church. this is church and sex. this is a guy who could write words about important experiences that define and unite all people. he was sexy, he was weird, but he was cool all together. he was a really cool combination. >> he crossed every boundary
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there was. >> that point is really important. especially in the 1980s. what prince represented as a sex symbol. not necessarily an average sex symbol. someone who was able to kind of challenge and redefine identity norms and gender norms. think about the lyrics of one of the songs. am i straight? am i gay? he would go back and forth. and years later, talking about church and sex. he became a jehovah witness. he converted in the early 2000s. he was married twice. he always kept his private life very much private. this is a person who really actually drew a line between public and private life in a way that many other stars do not. feels like now we know everything about public figures. not prince. he was able to keep his private
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life private. >> he was so musically gifted being able to pick up instruments and play and compose his own stuff. you think of mozart and beethoven. this guy seems to fit right into the group across the board. >> dozens of instruments he played on various songs. i still find myself using the present tense while talking about him. you think about the dozens of instruments and hundreds of songs. i believe the number is 40 albums total. some of the songs have never been heard by the public. in a vault. unreleased. a lot of curiosity if they will be shared with the public in the future. just give you a look by the numbers. the films and various web sites and experiments over the years. at one point, he put his songs in the newspaper to distribute "the daily mail."
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in the 1990s, he had people sign up online future album. he was experimenting and trying new ways to control his music and release it to fans on his own terms. i think many other artists and musicians had been inspired by that. some of what we see now. beyonce. sort of follows a path that prince laid years ago. >> 57 is too soon. that's the thing. >> amazing. >> thank you, brian. this here is prince on stage with several music legends at his induction in the rock & roll hall of fame. he released 16 platinum albums in his career. he won seven grammy awards and oscar for "purple rain." he is back on top of the charts. the five most downloaded songs.
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"purple rain" and "little red corvette" and "when doves cry" as well as "kiss" and "let's go crazy." he signed a deal with tidal. one of the business moves he made to control his brand and business and catalog. ♪ now from black lives matter to the songs he wrote by freddie gray. we are breaking it all down next. "now my boyfriend wants to talk on sundays. just so many words." your boyfriend's got it bad. maybe think about being single until the start of the season. what if 30,000 people download the new app? we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million?
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