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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  April 24, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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sunday with us. the next hour of "new day" starts right now. take a nice deep breath. sunday morning, 7:00. i'm christi. >> i'm victor black well. breaking news overnight. high school prom shooting in wisconsin. the other in topeka, kansas, where four federal agents were shot trying to make an arrest at a motel. >> police say a shooter showed up at a high school prom and started firing at students leaving the building. officers patrolling the area in a parking lot reacted quickly. they fired at the suspect and were able to get that person into custody right away. we spoke to brandon irish a little earlier. he was dj'ing at the program at the time. listen to what he said. >> everybody was having a good time and i looked outside and i saw red and blue lights at that time. i went outside to see what was
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going on. at first i saw there was a person on the ground. i thought that they maybe got hit by a car. that was shortly taken back once i saw a cop kind of running around the school with his gun drawn. i knew that the situation was definitely greater than that. and at that time a number of law enforcement officers arrived on scene, and started to clear the area, and set up a perimeter. they got everybody inside the fieldhouse, put us into a corner. they probably had, i don't know, five to seven officers within the fieldhouse clearing the area, making sure nobody was inside there, keeping all the students safe. >> police say two students are now in the hospital. it's unclear if the suspect is one of those injured. it's also unclear if the suspect is a student or former student. also breaking this morning,
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four federal agents have been shot in topeka, kansas. it happened outside a motel while the agents were trying to make an arrest there. thankfully their injuries are not life threatening. it is not clear if they captured the suspect. the motel caught fire during the shooting and police aren't sure how it started. fire crews did work through the night to put it out. today, there will be more special tributes and honors for prince. a series of memorials, movie screenings, also a block party planned. the emotional words from tonight show host jimmy pa fap lon th-- >> he has been for the last four decades, 22-year-old in 1981, surprise performance at the after mattparty, tonight we wan
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to pay tribute to him by looking back at his performanceness on the show over the year and remembering what he meant to us. it was a lot. >> the show released this classic, "let's go crazy." >> it taps off an emotional weekend. the family received prince's remains and how the private memorial just yesterday. cnn contributor and close friend van jones was there, small intimate memorial at paisley, just the oh 20 of us, when he was alive, we felt like an army. now we feel so small. stephanie elam is outside the compound, and stephanie, i know that it's early there, but i think see some people behind you already. >> reporter: yeah, and that's despite the fact that it's pouring out here. good morning, christi and victor. if you take a look, you do see some people coming in and out. the rain has driven a lot of the folks away. the memorial continues to grow
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each day. hundreds of people coming through here at a time to drop off flowers, notes, artwork, anything they feel would express their love for prince, for the music he brought to the world. i talked to one woman yesterday who drove seven hours to be here for a little time before driving back home, because she had another commitment. but feeling that power. notes from people all around the world. i saw some from italy, who said thank you for his music. so the love for prince, the out pouring here is huge. and it's throughout the area, throughout the world, the lights turning purple everywhere, people looking at purple rain, showing purple rain in theaters, here, also different places in the country as well, you also have the same thing happening as far as target field opening up yesterday for playing his music,
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and remembering prinls and thank him for his style, his music and influence on so many other artists. yesterday, during that private ceremony, after it was done, some of the people who attended came out with these purple boxes. they were covered in purple cloth. and they handled them out to people who were outside here. inside, there was some prince memorab memorable, small things, but these people feeling really lucky to get that and have some connection to prince. >> oh, my gosh. yes, can you imagine how they'll treasure those. we know prince has no children. he is divorced. any indication who is making decisions as to what is going to happen where you are to the paisley park complex and to all of his music? >> reporter: right. that's what everyone wants to know. he does have siblings. he is not without family. so they are here, but what is
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not clear is what is going to happen to all of the reportedly thousands of songs that he has recorded, that maybe in a vault inside of paisley park. whether we'll ever hear that and what that could mean for his estate. we've seen this happen before with other artists when their music has come out after they have passed on, it has increased the value of the estate. at this point, it is not clear. we all know how private prince was. even when he was working with people, he asked them to keep it quiet. it will be one of those things where we have to wait and see, victor and christi. >> stephanie, thank you so much. i want to bring in now the woman behind prince's book, "21 knights," she worked with him, touting photographty, poetry, music. >> good morning. >> give us a hint, an idea of what it was like to work with him on this book. >> well, i was actually his
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publicist, not the co author. but it was really amazing. there is always a mystery surrounding him now. there was -- he was slightly mysterious back then, but once you were around him, you felt how magical he was. you know, the first time i met him was at a house he was renting, really a mansion, in l.a., and i, you know, walked right through the foyer, and he and i were standing face-to-face. we said hi to each other, and then we kind of scurried away. >> i would imagine that would be my reaction if i saw prince. it would be hi, and then run off for a second. >> yeah. i was like i don't know what i'm supposed to do. so but you know, later in the night, he didn't mingle at parties. it was celebrity filled party.
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but he performed around 2:00 a.m., and you know, i had two little kids at the time. and at about 3:00 in the morning, people couldn't believe i was leaving, i was going to bed. but then later on, they, you know, through the months, i would get calls from his personal assistant who would, you know, ask if i could get him courtside seats to the u.s. open. he was very interested in the willi william sisters and seeing them play. later on, i put on a concert on the roof of the ganza in new york city for him. i had ten days to do it. but i got it done, and it was a very private event, hot ticket. anybody who bought a ticket, you know, the money went to a charity, in minneapolis. >> that's what i think a lot of
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people are learning, how philanthropic he was, and didn't want credit for it. he just wanted to support these initiatives. i read about an exchange where you asked prince about some of his fashion choices and where are prince's jeans? does he ever wear a simple pair of jeans. >> yeah, i was at his house, and you know, i guess i would call it leisure ware is what he would wear. it definitely worked for him. we were having a little chat and i said do you even own a pair of jeans. and he said no. and i never asked why. because you know, it just -- i can't even imagine him wearing jeans, you know. he wasn't that person. but yeah, it was a funny exchange between the two of us. his show was really special. a lot of people still talk about that. i mean, i was four feet away from this, from the stage when
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he played "purple rain" live, and there was nothing like that in the world, seeing him in such a small venue. and you know, i managed to sneak a few of my friends in, and they still remember that show. and you know, still thank me for getting them in there to see him. >> how could you forget it? >> you never forget something like that. you know, when i went upstairs to the rooftop, he was outside talking to an associated press reporter, one of the rare interviews he gave and he was dressed for the show. he was holding his white guitar, and i looked outside and i thought to myself, i will never have this moment again. this is a once in a lifetime moment i'm having. >> it sounds amazing and you have some memories to treasure, some lighthearted and some you'll hold on and are pretty inspiring. kathleen, thank you so much for being with us this morning. >> thank you for having me.
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>> sure. north korea has released new pictures of its ballistic missile launch. they claimed the test was a success and kim jong-un gave the go ahead for the launch. north korea is saying it will continue with nuclear tests as long as the u.s. conducts joint exercises with south korea. former ambassador to south korea says this is a worrisome sign. >> i don't consider this a failure. i consider this part of the sort of head over heels by the north koreans to have a deliverable nuclear weapon and there a great deal to worry about. >> a u.s. official said they're watching north korea's activities, quote, very closely. also, when we come back, a billionaire conservative has some complimentary words for hillary clinton. some questions about if he would support hillary clinton over the gop candidate. but is this serious?
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14 minutes past the hour right now. a surprising bit of support for hillary clinton from conservative billionaire and political donor, charles koch, telling abc that clinton might be best suited, not one of the republicans running. let's listen. >> so is it possible another clinton could be better than another republican? >> it's possible. it's possible. >> you couldn't see yourself supporting hillary clinton, could you? >> well, her -- we would have to believe her actions would be quite different than her rhetoric. let me put it that way. >> all right, let's talk to maria cardona here with us, democratic strategist and political reporter. thank you for being with us.
4:16 am
what do you make of the comments? do they help hillary clinton? do they possibly hurt her? zmplts i don't think th >> reporter: i don't think they matter. look, i'll never say this ever, but i agree with him, absolutely, she will be the best choice on either side in terms of being the next president of the united states. but it very well could have been he said it because he thinks maybe it will hurt her with her base or going into the general election. but the fact of the matter is, she is focused on, number one, ensuring to continue to earn every vote, to get the democratic nomination, and then if she is so lucky as to get the democratic nomination, to focus on the prize, which is in november. this is i think what a lot of republicans are worried about. she is a strong contender. he speaks volumes, much less
4:17 am
about her, much more about the lack of real good candidates on the republican side. i think they underscore the disa rare, theci civil war, the mess that the republican party is in right you know and what are they expecting coming out of cleveland. a lot of republicans are really disappointed and depressed about the state of their party these days. i wouldn't blame them. >> social commentator and bernie sanders supporter joining us now as well. thank you for being with us. let's listen here to something that rosario dawson, a sanders surrogate had to say about a clinton super pac. >> we are really fending four or selves right now. we are literally under attack for not just supporting the other candidate. now i'm with monica lewinsky
4:18 am
with this. bullying is bad. she is actually dedicated her life now to talking about that. and now, as a campaign strategy, we are being bullied. >> what was your initial reaction to her invoking monica lewinsky's name there? >> well, i don't know if it was the best idea to invoke monica's name, but this idea that somehow that those of us who support bernie sanders and have been apart of this movement that we are somehow obligated to support secretary clinton, if she ends up winning the nomination, it really is sort of disrespectful and misunderstands the bernie sanders movement totally. it miss understands why we're involved in the process. if she wants our support, she has to come out and get it, and she has to show she wants it, instead of the condescending things going on. >> do you think bernie sanders' campaign should respond to what
4:19 am
rosario dawson said? >> look, she is a surrogate. i am a surrogate. you know, we say things. i don't know if the campaign will respond. i don't know if they have to. but i know this is a sentiment among bernie sanders supporters. maybe it wasn't articulated in the most artful way by rosario, but we feel a little disrespected, and remember, this is many ways a movement in the bernie sanders campaign going against a traditional politics, traditional establishment way of doing things. and so we feel sometimes like we are being told that we have to fall into line when actually, we're being -- we are a whole new crop of voters being brought into this. so i mean, i think that the clinton campaign needs to be kind of careful how it deals with us. >> maria, what do you say to that? do you think the bernie sanders campaign needs to respond to dawson's comments? >> i think it would be good for
4:20 am
them to respond, because i don't think she did her candidate any favors. i completely agree with amir that it is not something that should have been said. in fact, you saw it in the audience response. it was very tepid. it was like, oh, my goodness, i can't believe she went there. people didn't like it, and i think it will backfire. in terms of the whole bullying thing, it has to stop on both sides. there are reports on both sides of online folks being paid to go after the supporters of the other candidate. and that is wrong. i mean, i agree that things have got to be toned down. i can show you tweets that i have gotten, e-mails, bernie supporters that are just full of vial vitreal. >> we get it here. we have called for the bullying to stop for months, but at the
4:21 am
end of the day, for some reason, what do you say to the people that respond to it? because that seems to be what people respond to. >> well, i think that we need to underscore the fact that what's going on in the democratic party is not the prize, right? let's have this competition. let's have this very spirited debate, which is what we were focused on at the beginning, and then let's come together and keep our eyes on the prize, which is beating republicans in november. so i invite all of bernie sanders supporters to make sure that whoever comes out to be the nominee and at this point, it really looks like that person is going to be hillary clinton, and she is going to do everything that she can to reach out to bernie sanders' supporters. she knows she needs them. she wants them. she'll goes to do everything she can to make them feel welcome. it is a tough time. i was there in 2008. i was there with hillary clinton, and it's hard.
4:22 am
but at the end of the day, we came together and hopefully that will happen. >> i have 15 seconds. go ahead. >> she hasn't done anything like that so far, and those of us who do support bernie sanders are waiting to see, maybe some more moves for openness, transparency, some of the things we've been fighting for. if secretary clinton can speak about those things, then maybe we would be more likely to support her. right now, many in the bernie sanders movement aren't going to support her in the fall. >> amer, thank you for being here. the 911 calls have been released in the execution style murders of the eight family members in ohio. in just a moment, you'll hear the chilling audio. the manhunt is also growing. also, a find off the bermuda coast, possibly linked to the two florida teens that disappeared at sea last summer. see ya! we are outta here!
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a massive fire at an arizona construction site puts first responders in the hospital today. >> yeah, firefighters hands were burned, several police officers have been treated also for smoke inhalation. more than 100 firefighters worked to get the fire out. also a boat belonging to two teens that had been missing since last summer has been found. here it is. this boat was located 100 miles off the coast of bermuda. still carrying a cell phone and tackle boxes. they were lost in the storm last july, and still no sign of what happened to the two 14-year-old boys. there is blood all over the
4:27 am
house. >> okay. >> my brother-in-law is -- somebody beat the hell out of him. >> the investigation into the eight people killed in ohio. the manhunt going on right now. police trying to find who shot eight family members, all in the head. execution style. they said more than one killer may have targeted the family. this is piketon, east of cincinnati. a $25,000 reward is being offered leading to an arrest of a suspect. most of the victims were shot while they were sleeping, one of them was sleeping next to her four-day old baby. eight victims ranged from 16 to 44. all right, the race to convention is heating up between ted cruz and donald trump. senator cruz wins a big chunk of delegates in maine. trump's team is calling foul on that.
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31 minutes after the hour now. there have been two shootings overnight. one at a high school prom in wisconsin. police say a shooter showed up, started firing at students, leaving the building. police say two students are now in the hospital. the suspected shooter is in custody. the other shooting in topeka, kansas. four federal agents were shot while trying to make an arrest at a motel. a fire broke out at the motel. it's not clear whether the
4:32 am
suspect is still inside or has escaped. today, apecial tribute to honor prince, his native city in minneapolis, holding a series of memorials, movie screenings, performances, a block party. the first avenue block party has been going on since 1:30 this morning. the classic film "purple rain" in twin city theaters. the city still working on a public memorial for him. north korea has released new pictures of its new ballistic missile launch. they say it was a success and will continue with it. the u.s. officials say they are monitoring the situation closely. cnn cannot confirm the authenticity of the photos. donald trump supporters say their candidate is being denied delegates, after maine's gop convention awarded 19 of the 20
4:33 am
delegates to ted cruz. the lone exception is paul lepage. >> in the meantime, he is slamming donald trump over the recording. >> we've had enough phonies already. i'm beginning to wonder if donald's next book will be the art of the betrayal. what he is doing is he is laughing at the american people, and he is pretending to be something he is not. all right, let's look ahead to tuesday in the contest in the northeast. five states heading to the polls. they could potentially paint a clearer picture who will be each party's potential nominee. joining me now, jake tapper. good morning to you. >> good morning. so donald trump gained momentum
4:34 am
after his new york win, but obviously it will be difficult to reach 1,027, the number of delegates to earn the nomination. are we learning more about the plan to get there? >> well, we are, and we're also hearing a lot still from the trump campaign when it comes to complaints about the system. in fact, i spoke with donald trump, jr. for my show state of the union which airs at 9:00 eastern, and asked him about the plan going forward, given the fact that the trump campaign rails against the delegate system so much. take a listen. >> so you don't like it, i understand, you don't like the system, but what i don't understand, are you going to try to woo delegates and then try to change it or is your dad saying no, we're not going to do that? >> well, listen, i think we're going do what we need to win to a point. we want to win without having to do that. ted cruz has no chance of winning this without bribing the delegates. that's his game at this point, okay. he is mathematically eliminated,
4:35 am
but that's his game from day one, he is not an appealing candidate. he'll do this, he'll lose more states than mitt romney because i can't name one state that mitt won that ted can win. >> there you hear donald trump, jr. that what the cruz campaign is doing in their wooing of delegates, donald trump, jr. not ruling out that they would do similar things to get the delegates on board. let's look ahead to the democrats and bernie sanders on your show today. i mean, he lost new york by a greater margin than he hoped, of course. what does he have to do to regain momentum after this loss? >> i think he has to do very well in the states coming up. obviously five states on tuesday, as you know. in order to be able to overtake hillary clinton in these pledged delegates, he needs to really
4:36 am
have some victories especially the ones where he was racking up 70, 80% out west. he needs to deliver on that. that's going to be a tougher thing for him to achieve, given the fact that hillary clinton is polling so high in places like pennsylvania an other states, maryland, that are going to have their contests on tuesday. >> all right, jake tapper, looking forward to the show. >> thanks, victor. >> do not miss it, donald trump, jr., 9:00 a.m. eastern, right here on cnn. still ahead, remembering prince, the sports fan. you may not know how charitable he was. what he did to reward his local wnba team for a big win. of milln this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of the at&t network, a
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well, as dedicated as he was to the music, some are surprised to learn that he had time to be a sports fan, but he was a huge sportsma sports fan. he was watching games on a monitor off stage as he played guitar solos, holding up cards with the game scores on them. not just the nba, you know, minnesota link star joining us from minneapolis. we understand he was a wnba fan as well. >> yeah, he actually was, which i mean i was surprised about as well. >> so tell us about prince coming to the games and we understand there was a special invitation for the team after a
4:41 am
game. >> yeah, well, see, i don't know if it was planned or not, but he was at our game. no one told us before the game, which is probably the best idea, because i mean, who can focus if prince is there. >> yeah. >> so we kind of found out afterwards, when i checked my phone after the game, a lot of people were like prince was at your game. i was like what. he wasn't sitting front row or something. i think he was in one of the boxes. it was a great experience. >> after the game, we understand there was an invitation to paisley park? tell us about that. >> yes, so after the game, we were celebrating and everything and we're on top of the world. our gm comes in and tells us, hey i have a formal invitation for you. what is he talking about. prince has formally invited to you paisley park and also sent a limo to get there. it was like one of those limo buses or something like that. we were like what. we had former plans and though the went completely out the
4:42 am
window. once he invited us, that was our only plan for the night. >> no night club that compares, no after dinner party, nothing compares to paisley park. what happened once you got there? >> the whole ride there, we're asking each other, is this really happening? are we going to paisley park for a private concert. so we get there, and this is the part that makes me the saddest. we get there and we can't bring any phones, cameras or anything in. so i only get -- you know, we only have our memories of this. we had no photos, nothing. he had a little display up that said congratulations, champions, he put on a private show and put thought into doing this. it was just, it was a surreal moment. this is prince. this is not like, you know, just any like popular person right now. this is an icon. so i mean when we walked in, it was a surreal feeling. >> so we have of course talked about how he was a basketball
4:43 am
fan, him playing basketball, being pretty good. have you ever seen him play? >> i haven't, you know. i've heard the same stories you have. and i would love to have seen him play some games. i would have played to play against him. i played big against obama. to add prince to the list. >> all right, rene montgomery of the minnesota lynx, special memories, and all you have is the memories, notoriously private, did he not allow any photographs of the event. thanks so much for sharing that with us this morning. >> no problem. thank you for having me. >> all right, enjoy your sunday. prince's death has inspired fans to buy so much more music, now that you're hearing the hits on the radio, talking about them. his record sales have hit an all-time high. >> brian stelter breaking down the numbers for us. how much are we talking what now, three, four days after we
4:44 am
learned of his death. >> according to one source, the first day on thursday, more than 1 million songs were sold. billboards expecting his greatest hits to hit number one on the top 200. itunes this morning, 8 of the top 10, three days later, 8 of the top 10 are prince albums. partly because he controlled distribution of his music, you can't find it on spotify or other services, people are buying up so many of his albums all weekend long. >> so there is this legend, i'll call it, that prince recorded enough music to release an album a year for the rest of the century. any way to know if that's true? >> from all accounts, it is true. we don't know the exact number of songs, but enough people close to him have said the vault contains hundreds of unreleased songs. that will be the question going forward.
4:45 am
of course, he owned his recordings, always fought for control with the music label, and that inspires many other artists over the year. >> i'm just chomping at the bit to hear what he didn't release. >> the older songs are so rich. >> fantastic, yeah. listen, prince's performance with beyonce helped her career skyrocket, which she has done. the lyrics have people talking. what's going on. >> beyonce, very interesting, prince would have appreciated it, the way she surprised people with the new album, an hour long sort of movie on hbo to preview it and premiere it, and then in order to actually access the entire album, you have to go on a title, which is a streaming service that artists own. so beyonce and other artists have gravitated toward the service. that's the main place you can
4:46 am
find most of prince's music to stream. he was a supporter of title as well. so beyonce releasing the new album on title, and a lot of the lyrics, betrayal, goes into depth about feminism and black identity. this is a different beyonce than we've seen before. as you can imagine, the internet blew up when this was released. controlling her music and message is sorts of a reminder of how prince was doing it years and years, and actually decades ago. what he did is laid a path for many other artists in terms of controlling the way they release music. >> it is. what we're seeing is beyonce becoming very deafth at controlling appetite. the first video formation that was released on the eve of the super bowl. think about how long ago that was. then she announced the world tour. and then, well, where is the music.
4:47 am
here is comes this weekend. >> that's right. in order to access it, you have to pay for the streaming service. it won't be online any other place for a long time. even the hbo movie, this hour long movie she released last night, it will only be on hbo for one day and then you have to go find it on title. the way she is sort of using her power, her leverage as an entertainer to push them to what she wants, the message is interesting as well. she shows several of the parents of victims of shootings by police officers, as she also talks in-depth, as i mentioned about her own relationship, create a lot of intrigue, curiosity. even though at the end of the movie, she shows jay zee, and they want to listen over and over again to her new album. >> analyze, i'm sure. brian, we appreciate it. thank you so much. >> thanks. >> you can catch brian on reliable sources, 11:00 a.m.
4:48 am
eastern today, right here on cnn. that's where he'll be. he was one of the pilots that turned the tide of world war ii. >> an heroic navy dive bomber. we checked, it was fastest in kansas city and a few other places. verizon is consistently fast across the country. you wouldn't want to hear from the bloke who packs your parachute, "it's good over kansas." do you know what i mean? so that's, you know... anywhere else, splat. only verizon is the #1 network for consistently fast speeds. and now if you buy a samsung galaxy s7 edge you get one free.
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the stories told us all on warfare. >> changed the course of in the decisive mat battle of midway in the pacific the u.s. air miles per hour destroyed four japanese aircraft carriers, halting military's advance. one of the hero pilots was norman "jack" clees a kid out of kansas. a year before he avoided a runway collision. >> came up in the hour and the tower said unknown dust cloud, who the hell are you? >> reporter: it wouldn't be the last time dusty clees would fly in by surprise. >> suddenly the trap is sprung.
4:53 am
>> reporter: june 4th, 1942, u.s. pilots catch the japanese by surprise, not from midway island but from aircraft carriers like dusty's ship, the enterprise. >> navy planes from the decks of our carriers. >> reporter: dusty and his squad ron arrived while the japanese were loading bombs on board the carrier "kaga." >> i went up to 20,000 feet and i looked at the big red circle, the kaga so i dived down vertically. i already planned exactly where to put my bomb. the main bomb went down four decks below. >> clees pulled his plane up just above the ocean as the "kaga" erupted into flames. he napped and then joined another carrier the "hiryu." >> a bon fire that could be seen
4:54 am
ten miles away. >> reporter: clees received the navy cross and distinguished flying cross for his bombing heroics. >> i'm anything but a hero. >> reporter: he writes to the navy logbooks teen his girlfriend, jean, who he would marry soon after midway. he'd say no one had the good luck he had in his century of life. >> i figure god and his mercy has given me the ability to do certain things.
4:55 am
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ride police broke up a rally in georgia after fights between a pro-white group and number of anti-demonstrators. eight of the counter protesters were arrested as well as one member of the pro-white group who threw a smoke bomb at police. first lady michelle obama told graduates at jackson state university take a deep breath and rise above racism. >> she gave one of her final commencement addresses as first lady, that was on saturday, urging the class of 2016 to take their social activism to the wal lot box. she also warned that rights can be stripped away. >> we see it right here in mississippi, just two weeks ago, how swiftly progress can hurdle backwards. how easy it is to single out a
4:59 am
small group and marginalize them because of what they are and who they love. we have to stand side by side with all our neighbors, straight, gay, transgender, bisexual, christian, muslim, jew, native american because the civil rights is not just about african americans it's about all americans. >> president obama will give several commencements this year. one in minnesota and another at the city college of new york and a third at howard university in washington. >> let me just say that wasn't initially in the script and i was about to add that after you said it. somebody got on it. and added howard university. the new cnn original series "united shades of america" comedian bell travels across the country and in the debut episode he tackles the issue of race in
5:00 am
america. >> this guy said he was coming alo alone. why did i believe him? >> i'm going to let you know i'm wizard of the international keystone knights of the ku klux klan. >> reporter: don't you think it's hard to separate? >> catch the first episode in the series in a few hours "united shades of america" with w. kamau bell on cnn. >> thank you for sharing your time with us. >> "inside politics" with john king starts right now. donald trump says not to worry. >> at some point i'm going to be so presidential that you people will be so bored. >> reporter: but his new campaign manager tries to


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