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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  April 24, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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memories of music legend. i'll also be joined the next hour also by the daughter of james brown in the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts right now. >> happening now -- >> people are unsettled by globalization. >> president obama in germany trying to counter deep skept skepticism on a trade deal with europe. >> trade has brought enormous benefits to many of our countries and people visibly see a plant moving and jobs lost and the narrative develops that this is weakening rather than strengthening the position of order people. >> plus, donald trump's son on whether his dad is putting on an act. >> when i'm in a room talking, when i'm out here talking to you people i have to be different. >> what part of what we see is the part he's been playing? >> i think there's aspects of things he'll take things to a
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level they need to be taken to to draw attention to it. >> why one of the most influential republican donors in country says it's possible hillary clinton might be the best person for the white house. >> is it possible another clinton could be better than another republican? >> it's possible. it's possible. >> "newsroom" starts now. >> hello again, thanks for joining me. just two days away from another super tuesday primary and it could be the make or break moment for ted cruz and john kasich. done altd trump is hoping to increase his delegate lead, his campaign forecasting a softened tone and more presidential image in the coming days, 172 republican delegates up tore grabs in tuesday's primary. and stakes are particularly high for democrats as well with 384 delegates up for grabs. bernie sanders trails hillary clinton by about 700 delegates
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and 3 million votes. right now clinton making her case to voters in bridgeport, connecticut. won of the five states with primaries on tuesday. let's list rn in. >> this battle against the gun lobby. but we need to turn this into a voting issue. people need to really pay attention to how their elected officials vote and there needs to be an enormous outcry that we can do this consistent with the second amendment. please work with us, don't be intimidated by the gun lobby. and if you have -- if you have someone you know who has been killed or maybe used a gun to take his or her own life or maybe died in a tragic avoidable accident, then you know exactly
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why we have to make this a high priority for our country. but this gun violence knows no boundaries, no borders. i have held the hands and looked into the eyes of so many families, from columbine and aurora in colorado, to sandy hook in connecticut, and every place in between, i have been working with the mothers of the movement, women who have lost their children and so many other mothers who demand action. so i'm going to make this a centerpiece of what i do as president and together we're going to save lives and we're going to make it clear we cannot stand idly by and see 33,000 people a year die.
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now, i hope that you have paid attention to what the republicans who are running for president have been saying because -- everything i have just said they disagree with. i mean, really, they don't believe in equal pay. they don't believe in raising the minimum wage. donald trump says wages are too high in america. yeah. >> hillary clinton there in bridgeport, connecticut. certainly the issue of gun control has been a big one in connecticut. she spoke to that particularly following the years of sandy hook and now pivoting to an issue that would impact the country in another way, she's talking about equal pay, drawing a distension between she and the republicans thinking more of the race between she and perhaps the republican front-runner as opposed to her race against the other democrat, bernie sanders, let's bring in chris. let's talk about this. there has been a lot more of a
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concentrated effort on the behalf of hillary clinton's campaign with the rollout of a new ad saying her competition right now is donald trump. and the message behind a donald trump. >> that's exactly right. but it was interesting to listen to hillary clinton there talk about guns. she's in connecticut, sandy hook, huge there, a big issue. she has used that to define herself against bernie sanders a little bit. she's keeping one eye on bernie sanders, sanders being a vermont senator, and more pro-gun and drawing that distinction. then we saw her pivot to donald trump and making the case he doesn't want to see wage s because she's looking at the general election and she's on really friendly turf when voters go to the polls on tuesday. maryland, pennsylvania, rhode island, connecticut and delaware. those are all places where she's expected to do very well. and hillary clinton, she spent
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the morning campaigning -- one of her key constituencies, visiting african-american churches in philadelphia and her strength among that community, that's a big rrn why reason why she's leading sanders right now. sanders needs to win more than 80% of the remaining delegates at stake to win that nomination. clinton needs just about 30%. that's part of the reason she has the ability to start to pivot to the general election and taking on donald trump. in addition to that web ad we've seen, anti-trump web ad, she's been hammering trump on the stump. it's increasingly hillary clinton keeping an eye on november while tridsing to sew up the nomination against bernie sanders and tuesday will be a big test for her friend. >> big test indeed. thanks, check back with you. >> the republicans are also campaigning hard for votes ahead of the primaries and they are hitting one another even harder on the trail. ted cruz holding a rally in
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indiana. not one of the five states holding the primary on tuesday, however, the cruz campaign sees an opportunity to compete with trump in the state which votes on may 3rd. to clinch the nomination, donald trump will hold a rally -- next hour in hagerstown, maryland, one of the five states on monday which has a primary. he's been calling for cruz to drop out, saying he has no chance to win. let's go to jason carroll at the site of that trump event. you've been to a lot of these donald trump events. does this one look any different? does it feel any different? is the mood any different than the others you've attended and covered? >> well, i can tell you, it certainly feels like a lot of trump events we've been to in the past. what we can expect today what we've seen in past we can expect more of that name call and
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expect this crowd to hear lyin'ted cruz and talk about the crooked delegate system. earlier today, donald trump jr. spoke to jake tapper about that delegate system and talked about ted cruz and says the only way cruz can get delegates is to bribe them. >> ted cruz has no chance of winning this without bribing the delegate. that's his game at this point. he's mathematically eliminated. he's not an appealing candidate to the general election voters. >> reporter: cruz has said repeatedly that the trump team simply needs to do more of the homework and have a better ground game and called trump and his team a bunch of quote whiners going forward despite what the team thinks of the delegate system, both donald trump jr. and his sister will both be out on the trail trying to win over those delegates in the upcoming races.
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>> jason carroll, thanks so much. we'll check back with you from hagerstown, maryland. let's talk about this trump/cruz battle with our cnn spanl, historian and professor at princeton and ron brownstein, cnn senior political analyst. gentlemen, let's begin with you ron, another super tuesday of votes just two days away and trump is favored to sweep the five northeast states. will it be enough to get him to that crucial 1,237? >> not by itself. he is going to have a strong day on tuesday as he did in new york last week but he'll need further gains in noefr -- in may to get over the top on that first ballot. look, we've seen by this point in the race, the grooves are cut pretty deep in terms of patterns of support for remaining candidates. if you look at ted cruz, his biggest weakness has been, he has run consistently poorly among voters not ee ven gel cal
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christians. only carried them in wisconsin, most of the northeast states, around 10% or less among those nonevangelical voters. looking at the map, those are states across the northeast, pennsylvania, maryland, delaware, very small, relatively small evangelical population. he's in a very strong position but if you look at the trajectory he will have to do more, particularly in indiana. looks similar to missouri which was a dead heat. he may be able to get over the top on first ballot. >> is this an acknowledgement from ted cruz that he's not campaigning in one of five states today but going ahead to may thinking about the may contest in indiana? xbl yes, i think he's been quite clear what he's doing is not running to game the nomination on the first ballot. he's trying to win the nomination on the second or third ballot. this is about making sure trump does not go over the magic
12:11 pm
number to secure the nomination and at the same time, fighting these battles over the delegates so if there's a second ballot there will be people sympathetic to voting for cruz. he's aware the next round of primaries are not favorable for someone who is very much to the right on most issues. >> and it seems, ron, not even seems, ted cruz has said it, he continues to remain in it as does john kasich because the longer they are in to try to chip away and steal those delegates, even if they don't come out first, it makes it harder for donald trump to get 1,237. the road is becoming more clear? >> i think julian his point is exactly right. it's going to be tough for donald trump to get to 1,237. among the limited pool of
12:12 pm
uncommitted and unpledged delegates, i think, what you have from trump is fascinating, it's a two-front war, carrot and stick. you have paul manafort going down to the rnc and saying you can trust him if you turn over the party to him. on the other hand you hear language from his son on cnn today saying if he doesn't get the nomination, here are the kind of accusations you'll face and open fissuru you're going to face. if he does or does not obtain that nomination in cleveland. >> julian, ten seconds to punk wait that if you like. >> if this is kluclose enough wl see a crazy final of few weeksds through means that will shock a lot of americans. >> buckle the seatbelts as they say, right? thanks so much, appreciate it.
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>> tuesday is a big day, five states holding primaries, cnn will have complete coverage starting with new day at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. president barack obama playing strong defense against criticism of international trade deals. >> it's always tough, when we're in the heat of campaigns people naturally are going to worry more about what's lost than what's gained with respect to trade agreements, but i'm confident that we're going to be able to get this done. ♪ ♪ ♪ all kinds of people
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europeans are getting the hard sell telling allies to get on board with the trade deal. he's meeting with angela merkel imploring germans to get on deal
12:17 pm
with the trade accord. >> with respect to trade, i think what you're seeing around the world is people are unsettled by globalization. and although trade has brought enormous benefits to many of our countries that have been engaged in trade, althoh typically jobs that are produced from exports have higher wages and better benefits than those that are not involved with the export market, people visibly see a plant moving and jobs lost and the narrative develops that this is weakening rather than strengthening the position of ordinary people and ordinary workers. and it's forcing them to compete with low wage labor.
12:18 pm
that i think is what drives a lot of suspicion understandably of these trade deals. >> michelle kosinski joins us from germany, one of america's most powerful allies in europe. why is this trade deal such a hard sell? >> reporter: there's opposition in a number of countries over this. in a way the u.s. promotes it and make it sound like it's going to boost jobs and increase tradend be a great thing for both economies but there are people within each economy, even within each government who feel the way these things are formed tends to cater to corporate interest and where's the voice of people in putting these together. many feel they are formed in sigh kret and worry about a trade deal killing jobs. that has happened with other deals in the past although the white house says this has a lot of safeguards built in. but you do see protests in opposition out there. today there were some 30,000
12:19 pm
people on the streets of hanover against this deal. it's going to have a tough road ahead because of that level of opposition. especially in countries like austria and germany. >> and the president also addressed syria, didn't he today? to what degree? >> i mean, they had so many topics to start off with the president and angela merkel, they listed everything covered. every topic that could be discussed out there, all of these weighty subjects but syria is always going to be one of them. we've heard in the past the white house dismiss this idea of a no fly zone and that's something that's been called upon by other world leaders and by some within the u.s. government and it's been a subject of dispute even among presidential candidates, should there be a safe zone or no fly zone in syria along the border with turkey?
12:20 pm
the u.s. has balked at this, how are we going to enforce it. here's what president obama said himself about it. >> the issue surrounding a safe zone in syrian territory is not a matter of an idealogical objection on my part. it's not a matter of me not wishing i could help and protect a whole bunch of people. it's a very practical issue about how do you do it and who's going to put on a bunch of ground troops inside syria. and how do you let people in. and who do you let in and let out? and how is it monitored? >> i think that's one of the best descriptions we've heard from the president, on the difficulties of making something like that happen, even though others feel strongly that that is the right thing to do. on syria, the president stressed the importance of diplomacy in
12:21 pm
moving forward, forming a government, no military solutions. and that's really a strategy that he has stuck with throughout. fredericka. >> thank you so much. prince's remains have been cremated as hi family and friends hold a private ceremony to honor the legend. ♪ the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus on the e350 sport sedan. in the country have in common? many of them now call
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i'd like to see them, you got them wrirn down somewhere. >> no, man, i don't write them down. no have to. there's a big difference between you and me. >> prince the actor and that about his life, the iconic movie "purple rain." it has been playing on stations like mtv and vh1 throughout the weekend as people try to remember and pay tribute to prince. despite the rain, fans are gathering outside paisley park again today. it is behind those walls where a private memorial service was held yesterday for close friends and family of prince. cnn's ryan young is there. ryan, the memorial has been held. prince's remains have been cremated. so now what? >> you know, that is the big
12:26 pm
question right now. we were talking to several people who believe in next few months there will be some sort of musical treatment -- tribute but we don't know what's going to happen next. if you look here behind me, everyone is focused on the gates, if anyone is going to step out. we saw so many family and friends come out and talk to the people and hand them boxes and talk about their love for prince. this is continuing all the way down here you can see the fans lining the gate. you're talking hundreds and hundreds of people who have been coming for several hours despite the rain and cold temperatures. this is not like yesterday. everyone is still coming here to pay tremendous inspects to prince. we heard so many stories about the idea he is someone who did not leave the city. he decided to stay here in minnesota and people are taking that to heart. they are sharing stories about why they loved him. there was an all night dance party that lasted until 7:00 ast. people still have that enthusiasm about this moment in
12:27 pm
terms of the idea of celebrating his life. one of the things we do want to talk about, when people come out here they are looking to connect with others who love this artist. we are hoping there will be a larger tribute in the next few months because they want to get together and celebrate prince. you talk about the movie purple rain, they've been talking about and talking about playing in other locations and amc is playing it all across this weekend. you have those kind of moments where people are coming together and rallying around the superstar. there have been a lot of questions and people have stopped by and asked us, do we have information how he died. that has not changed. we know staff members called him around 8:30, 9:00 in the morning, could not get in contact with him. he rushed here and found him slumped in the elevator. that story has changed and neither has the love or outpouring of affection. >> still so sad and terrible. thank you so much, ryan frung
12:28 pm
young, appreciate it, pulling out cds and listening on their ipod, whatever they can do to just hear as much as prince as they can. the coverage continues throughout the day here on cnn and in the next hour james brown's daughters join me on their father's influence on the music legend and the connection between james brown and prince. at 5:00. kiss founder and front man gene simmons joins us with his memories of prince as well. we will be right back.
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birds eye. so veggie good. welcome back. this morning hillary clinton almost received an influential endorsement that she is now making clear she doesn't want. billionaire businessman charles koch, one of the two koch brothers said clinton may be a better choice than any
12:32 pm
republican running. >> is it possible another clinton could be better than another republican this time around? >> it's possible. >> you couldn't see yourself supporting hillary clinton, could you? >> well, her -- we would have to believe her actions would be quite different than her rhetoric, let me put it that way. >> and then in response clinton just tweeted this, not interested in endorsements from people who deny climate science and try to make it harder for people to vote and included a link to koch's interview. this is all ahead of a important five-state in primary. maryland is one of those states, 95 delegates up for grabs. let's talk about this with former maryland governor bobber lick. go ehrlich. >> what do you think about the koch brothers or one of them
12:33 pm
saying maybe hillary clinton would be the best one and then hillary clinton saying i wouldn't want his endorsement? >> this is a nonstory. i know you have to report it so i'm not critical of you or any news media outlet for that matter but this is a function of the frustration that a lot of folks from the right particularly the koch brothers and other conservatives have with donald trump and number of his positions. the kochs have been critical of him for a long time. i think it would be very, very, very hard to believe that koch brothers would support anyone other than the republican nominee. >> you think they are just teasing, toying with people. >> it's not toying, it's frustration. it's a profound sense of frustration, i think. >> okay. so heading into your primary on tuesday, are you getting a sense from voters whether they feel very clear who they want to throw their support or will the votes come as a result of
12:34 pm
borrowing your word, frustration? >> there's a lot of anger. >> there's a lot of anger on the right and left. >> but is it anger prior to seeing the candidates go after one another or new kind of anger and frustration about the tension building between candidates? >> lingering anger with the president, with the leftward drift of the country and losing four years and failure of republican leadership to confront this president, with all of the animosity of the primary, all the above. you're seeing it play out. it's a very tough time for partisans and party people, primaries either on the right or left, republican or democrat, everyone feels better once the nominee is chosen and can wear the same uniform again. for now, primaries are pretty ugly. >> who do you like? >> i like kasich. and every poll i've seen by the way, he beats hillary clinton straight up comfortably.
12:35 pm
but i'm going to support the republican nominee. >> and then when you say in a race against hillary he wins straight up but he's got to win these races in order -- >> that's a problem. >> well, but you're right, and that's the math obviously is in not in his favor right now. you have three possibilities and you've been reporting them. one is donald trump wins and he's the nominee. second, he comes close and has a compelling moral argument, i came very close, i'm a couple dozen short i should be the nominee. and third option is the one that the media i think probably wants because it's an open convention. he's relatively far apart from 150, 175 and in that case it's an open convention, anything can happen. you are going to be very busy if that's the case. >> i know. let's talk about the two out of those three scenarios. if donald trump comes close, do
12:36 pm
you believe he should get the nomination? when we say close, within 20 votes, 100? >> you ask hard questions, it's a sunday, i can't even think. >> why not. >> i will say this, i'm concerned like other conservatives -- not establishment types but some of his positions when he said on the other hand i will support the nominee. on the other hand you have a pretty good -- three hands. but pretty good moral argument, any candidate would if he is a couple dozen short, had the most votes and won the most primaries. that's a compelling case -- >> all right, then that third scenario, i know john kasich is your guy. if it's a brokered convention, are you even -- are you hoping for that or do you think that would simply be chaos? or healthy for the environment? >> all of the above. again, it's chaos but could be healthy if a stronger candidate emerges a candidate who has
12:37 pm
proven ability to attract more conservative democrats to win. i'm about winning, this is about winning the election. note maybe who's perfect and who your best candidate is. it's the most conservative candidate who can win. that's my test. i would hope that would be the test coming out of cleveland as well. >> okay, thanks so much, bob ehrlich, very good. enjoy talking to you. appreciate it. >> coming up, as we mentioned, five states are holding primaries this tuesday. it could be a make or break moment for the candidates, more on that when we come back.
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we're continuing to monitor ongoing manhunt in ohio where eight people were killed execution style. a news conference is expected in next hour. we'll take you there live. first, the critical role pennsylvania could play in the race, it's one of the five states holding primaries on tuesday and there are a whopping 189 delegates up tore grabs on the democratic side and republican side, 71. the delegate count isn't the only reason pennsylvania is considered a big prize. here's cnn's john king.
12:42 pm
>> reporter: that was hollywood, baby. it's a big state, battleground state, diverse state. you want to prove you can win in philadelphia and pittsburgh. you can win in the middle part of the state much more conservative and people think it is more like the south. this is more like the midwest and this is more like the east coast. it's a big complicated state. places that clinton won in 2008, white rural areas, bernie sanders is winning. places obama won 2008, hillary clinton is winning this time. watch tuesday night in pennsylvania on the democratic side if this map flips a little bit. ♪ bernie sanders needs to prove himself and come away with something like this, a 55/45 to
12:43 pm
pick up some delegates and just to prove i can win a big major industrial state. if this goes as hillary clinton expects it to go and add philadelphia and rest of pennsylvania to her total, not only does she stretch her delegate lead but look at the map. she won in ohio, new york, down here across the south. the math is difficult for bernie sanders and would send both a symbolic message and momentum message to bernie sanders, sorry, you can't catch me. we've not had a competitive republican presidential primary in pennsylvania for some time. in the central part of the state, maybe up here in the northwest for cruz. john kasich was born in the western part of the state. he has to do it here. donald trul p has proven he can win in the suburbs and trade message sells in places where you have former steel factories and erie and pittsburgh and
12:44 pm
scranton and reading and all allentown. can kasich and cruz pick off enough the delegates to slow his march to 1,237? what happens on super tuesday in pennsylvania is you win statewide, you're only winning 17 delegates. the other 54 are unpledged, they go to cleveland as unpledged delegates. these 54 could be critical in who wins the nomination which is why donald trump knows i might only get to 1210 or 1,220, he wants to win to go back to the 54 and say i won your state and won it big. you owe me your votes in cleveland. >> lots to learn there. thanks, john, king. >> cnn straight, house speaker paul ryan talks about why he is not running for president and how he compares to his predecessor john boehner and whether he thinks there will be another government shutdown. ♪
12:45 pm
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convention this july, many had hoped paul ryan would rise to the occasion and take the lead. in an exclusive interview with manu raju, the speaker explains why he has ruled out a run for president, for now. >> reporter: paul ryan has his
12:49 pm
hands full. 46-year-old house speaker is leading a deeply divided republican conference. he'll chair the contentious republican convention and he's trying to hold onto the gop's majority in the house. similar struggles brought down his predecessor, john boehner. >> i think i do it better. not to knock john. but i spend more time with all of our members on a continual basis. because i was a person that wasn't looking for this job, i'm trying to be responsible with the power that comes with this job and make members more empowered. >> reporter: the gop-led house is now faced with major issues. >> you guys are having a difficult time over here passing a budget. can you guarantee in the fall there will be no government shutdown? >> there will be no government
12:50 pm
shut down. we're actually getting some things done. >> reporter: with many republicans worried about trump or ted cruz as their nominee, ryan has given two high profile speeches and trying to set an agenda that the house gop can campaign on. only stoked speculation that ryan is running to be the gop nominee in cleveland. >> so you're considering a nomination. >> no i'm not. >> let me say it in clear english, no. >> how about clear german? >> nine. >> clear russian? >> niet. >> reporter: but ryan made clear to cnn that he's only talking about not running in this election? >> i don't think that far down the road. i made a decision in this cycle for 2016 not to run for president. i really believe that if you are
12:51 pm
going to be the nominee, you should run for the job. >> will you run for speaker in the next congress? >> i am planning on staying where i am. i want to take these ideas that we're developing and i want to execute in 2017. >> reporter: the biggest house gop majority in nearly 70 years could be in danger, in no small part because of the presidential campaign. ryan has been on a relentless fund raising drive tapping into a vast donor network raising over $23 million since becoming speaker last october. still, some of his conservative colleagues won't commit yet to voting for him for speaker. >> it's a long time in politics. >> reporter: on top of that, another challenge at home in wisconsin. a long-shot primary challenger is trying to gen up an tipthy on
12:52 pm
the right. right is more worried about trying to heal his fractured party. >> not everybody agrees on everything, but we're not focused on tearing each other apart. >> so you heard ryan say there will be no government shutdown, but right now he doesn't have enough gop votes to pass the budget. coming up, considered one of the most talked about shows on television. i'm talking about "game of thrones." it is the sixth season starting tonight. how does it stack up against other shows? we're going to discuss it next.
12:53 pm
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all right, i know it's really hot outside in some places, but just work with me here. there really is a chill in the air. that's because winter is coming. just a few short hours from now, hbo's "game of thrones" returns to your television screen. let's look at the preview hbo released to tease awaiting fans. ♪ >> i thought he was the man to lead us through the long night. but i was wrong. >> you would spill blood in this
12:57 pm
holy place? >> i spill more blood than the rest of us combined. >> who are you? >> no one. >> enticing and intense. "game of thrones." all right, let's bring in frank palota. this is -- this is like a cult following isn't it? either you're on board all the way or you're not. hbo just renewed "game of thrones" for a seventh season. this could be the show's last season? >> reports do have that. other reports are saying that they're reaching the finish line. there's only about 13 more hours after this season. if it was up to hbo, they'd have another 20 seasons. this is just the monster of television. i would take another 30 seasons easily. >> what is it about, you know,
12:58 pm
this show and its ability to kind of transport you to another place, another time? i mean, the imagination, you know, revealed here is just extraordinary. >> it's based on the george r.r. martin books. there is nothing like this show on television. and you compare it to other things. the finale had about 8 million viewers. it has won 12 emmys last year. but that number's not even fair. this is one of the most pirated shows on television. perfect example. i'm going to a bar in new york city tonight that's going to be packed solid to watch it. a sports bar, a different type of game, but still as much fun. >> it really is something. people who are on board with this, you know, we've heard
12:59 pm
countless tales of the real disappointment. that their stars, their favorite get kind of killed off. >> the biggest disappoint has been over the last season, and the end of the final season. john snow was actually, spoiler alert, stabbed to death by his own fans. but fans are saying he's going to be back. this is even gone as high as president obama who went up to someone on the show and said, he's not really dead, right? better not be. >> hooks you in. thank you so much. we know folks are going to be glued to their sets this evening. check out frank's latest report on the next hour of the "newsroom" starts right now. we're following breaking news out of ohio where we are expecting investigators to give us an update on the man hunt for the person or persons wanted for the cold-blooded murders of
1:00 pm
eight family members. nick valencia is in piketon, ohio with more. >> reporter: i just spoke to a state official on background. they tell me no arrest is imminent, but that they are advancing their investigation. we're expecting to get more information at a press conference about 30 minutes from now. we saw about a dozen agents take off in a specific direction. we're told they were following up on a lead. no people have been connected to this killing. they don't have a suspect or a motive related to this. the pain here is evident. everyone has a personal story, it seems, that we've come across of the rhoden family. they're described overwhelmingly as hard working people. that pain of what happened here friday morning was made all the more clear when we got our hands on 911 tapes. we want to play


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