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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  April 25, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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all right. here we go. top of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. this is how i see this today. the wild presidential election is an episode of "survivor" and donald trump's biggest rivals using his own advice against him. ted cruz and john kasich taking a page from "the art of the deal" joining forces to guarantee a convention circus. it's bombshell move, they're teaming up to stop trump from winning on the first ballot at a contested convention and focusing on the select upcoming primaries. ultimately the goal is this. a contested convention that
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would give them a shot at the nomination. >> after discussions with the kasich campaign, we made a decision about allocating resources, the time and energy and resources on the state of indiana. governor kasich decided to allocate his resources elsewhere. >> resources. i feel that it's very fair for me to be able to go to areas where i can spend my resources most effectively and the same is true for senator cruz. when's t what's the big deal? >> donald trump says it is quite a big deal. after wind of the plan, trump took to twitter saying this. wow. just announced lying ted and kasich are going to collude in order to keep me from getting the republican nomination. desperation. we heard from trump on shall i say a tear? hear from him in a moment. he was at a rally in rhode island. here he was. >> if you collude in business or
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if you collude in the stock market, they put you in jail but in politics because it's rigged system, because it's a corrupt enterprise, in politics, you're allowed to collude so they co colluded and i'm happy because it shows how weak they are. it shows how pathetic they are. it takes two guys, long-tell politician it is try do get together to try and beat trump and yet they're way behind and i said to myself, that's pretty bad. that's pretty bad. and here's the key. i've only been doing this for ten months. i'm not doing it for very long. kasich, we call him 1 for 41. i thought 38. he's won one race in 41 states. one! okay? states and islands. so i call him now -- i have a new nickname for him. 1 for 41. soon it's 1 for 46 or 7.
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he's going to collapse like a rock. lying ted cruz will lose so badly to crooked hillary. it will be one of the great defeats ever. >> nickname after nickname after nickname. i have cnn politics executive editor mark preston here. he went on to slam john kasich eating omelet this morning. tiny bites, tiny bites donald trump kept saying. when's the back story? when did this start? >> if you are to believe the kasich folks, they wanted it to start months ago and might have been smarter. >> why. >> might have been smarter to keep marco rubio in the race months ago in order to try to, you know, deny donald trump the 1,237 delegates. >> yeah. >> but the deal finally sealed last night and the reason being is that ted cruz in order to win the nomination outright would have had to win 100% of the remaining delegates which is an impossibility. >> right. >> john kasich well out of it at this point and throwing everything at them right now trying to win this.
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>> to go with "survivor" analogy, you're on this island or what have you and pledging your allegiances, the end of the day you want to win and stab somebody else in the back. am i wrong? >> no doubt. they announce the pac last night and going to basically disarm in certain states the try to help the other one and they basically go out and say john kasich is going to be -- >> vote for me in indiana, vote for me. >> vote for me. if they wanted to try to make this plan work, then they should go out and say that donald trump is bad for the country and bad for the republican party. brooke, after tomorrow night, after tomorrow night, there are only ten more primaries left. the clock is clicking. donald trump's expected to do very well tomorrow night and concerned he'll do well in indiana. >> mark, thank you very much. i want to stay on this here and talk more with ron naering, national spokesman for the cruz campaign and barry bennett for
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the trump campaign. gentlemen, nice to have you on. ron, to you first, i mean, just listen to donald trump in the last hour. his words. weak, pathetic, collusion. as i mentioned, you know, criticizing how john kasich was eating this morning. you heard all of that. talking about your guy. and john kasich. your response was what? >> well, you know, donald trump is trapped in the brand he's created for himself. the guy calling himself mr. flexible and mr. unpredictable and great negotiator. he is the most predictable person in the campaign. everyone knew how he would respond and typical to everybody which is in this really small, petty, you know, insulting manner and that's fine. that's part of the reason why the guy cannot get above 35%, 40% of the vote other than in the home state and the reason why donald trump is not on track to win this nomination is because he's not on track to win the majority support of the
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republican party either directly or through the delegates elected through the grass roots process in the entire country. donald trump is in further trouble today with a strategic decision that's been made part of the campaigns to align our resources and those areas very strategically to ensure that donald trump is not the republican nominee and save the country from a hillary clinton presidency. that's ultimately what this is about. saving the country from another four years or eight years of liberal leadership in washington. >> barry, is ron wrong? >> yeah. as usual, yes. totally wrong. first of all, i mean -- >> that's not nice. >> hey, look at what happens tomorrow night and tell me about 35% again okay? look at california 27 points ahead of your guy in california. i mean, this is ridiculous. okay? two weeks ago or last week, both candidates said donald trump will never get to 1,237 and now
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panicked he is getting there and going to get there with or without the strange alignment and kasich asking for people to vote for him in indiana. i don't know what that means. we'll do just fine. we're going to win. >> ron, can you jump in and explain it to barry's point and mark preston a second ago, a tad confusing if it is like john kasich out of cruz's way in indiana and saying today to vote for me in indiana, you can. might confuse the voters or the delegates. how does it help your camp? >> this is a very narrowly tailored specific plan that's been put into place here. because we recognize that no candidate's going to get to 1,237, no candidate gets a jrt of the delegates. donald trump can't do it. typically at this point in the process, the front-runner is consolidating the republican support behind him and why the late states don't have the impact. my home state of california not decisive and will be in this go
11:08 am
around and donald trump can't consolidate the base and alienated just about everybody on the planet except for the narrow base of support. and so, where we want to be is in a two-person contest and that's what this creates. effectively a two-person contest in places like indiana and other states going forward and if donald trump is so confident of victory, why does he burn so much energy just going after, you know, other people in this kind of petty way? we heard all week, didn't we, how presidential he was going to be and how he was growing and how he was growing his campaign. little did we know it would be the full employment act for washington, d.c. lobbyists. >> wow, wow. >> how presidential he was going to be and now right back into the petty -- >> let's let barry respond. i have a separate question for you. respond to that. >> well, you know, i love this talking point that they have that he can never get more than 35% or 40%.
11:09 am
happens to be 10% more than ted cruz on average. his negatives are so high can't beat hillary. the negatives 3 points higher than ted cruz's. crazy. lunacy. no one's buying it. that's why you have seen in the last ten days ted cruz's national polling numbers coming down 10 points. up 10 in california to up 27 points in california. this race is all but over. >> let's ask you. hang on, barry. throw the numberings out for a second. in terms of donald trump the man, this is a man who's said this is collusion, this is an allegiance that's weak and pathetic but this is a man that wrote the book "the art of the deal" and said everything is negotiable and produced a successful tv show alliance building. >> yeah. this alliance is an alliance of convenience not strategy. john kasich is out of money. report other day about million, million and a quarter on hand. he didn't have enough money to
11:10 am
fight in indiana. this is all saving face. he chose two states to focus which are both proportional states. >> barry, you're not answering the question. >> no sense. i think it is a stupid strategy. >> okay. ron, final -- >> getting in bed with the establishment yet again. >> ron, final word and then we have to go. >> here's what's going to happen. no candidate wins on the first ballot and at the national convention in cleveland. on the second ballot, you will see a massive drain of support away from donald trump. and ted cruz will be the republican nominee. that's what's going to happen. you can take it to the bank. >> ron and barry, anyone's guess at this point. thank you so much. tomorrow is a big day, though. we'll be here covering it and five states holding primaries tomorrow. cnn's special live coverage begins 4:00 eastern. next, she anchors one of the longest running magazine shows
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in history. deborah norville. what does she think? questions of the estate prince leaves behind. his investigators closer to learning how the pioneer died and what he was doing in his final hours. and a family killed in their own beds. execution style as they slept. who's behind this? a manhunt is under way. we have the details for you out of ohio. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb.
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what? now there's a new neosporin antibiotic that keeps her protected and minimizes scars. new neosporin plus pain itch scar welcome back. watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we donald trump in rhode island calling the rivals weak and pathetic. for trying to team up and stop him from clinching the republican nomination. there's no way for john kasich or ted cruz to reach the delegate threshold before the convention in july but it's possible for mr. trump and why they're trying to stop and honored to have sitting next to
11:16 am
me deborah norville, the longest sitting anchor on any daily news show. such a fan. >> thanks. >> thank you for coming by. >> crazy time in politics. >> especially waking up and seeing the news about this allegiance between kasich and cruz. and you' and your what 35 years from covering politics what do you make of all of this? >> nobody's seen anything like this and kind of a reality television campaign thus far and it's as though senator cruz and governor kasich took a page out of the "survivor" reality show. >> exactly what i'm saying. >> team up against the person on the island trying to get rid of. they're not getting donald voted off the island and may be able to try to stop the juggernaut from him getting the magic number of delegates. >> what do you make of the rise of donald trump?
11:17 am
senior adviser at the rnc meeting saying he's playing a role and thoughts of moving to the middle snagging the nomination. >> i wouldn't be surprised if that happens. >> you are not alone in terms of thinking that. >> i think it really dovetails with the rise of social media. there's sort of three watershed moments in political coverage. in the '20s, candidates into the homes. the voices anyway. in the '60s, we remember the video of john kennedy and richard nixon. >> sweating. >> brought the candidates into the home. and now you don't have the network bosses dictating how a candidate is going to be portrayed or when they're seen. the candidates are going directly. and donald trump has used social media to phenomenal success. and it's not i think -- it's not -- it is not a koicoinciden donald trump has 7.7 million
11:18 am
twitter followers. hillary clinton has 6 million twitter fol lers and certainly she is in the lead and the other two, because i did a moment ago, kasich with 308,000. and ted cruz has only 1 million. >> isn't that celebrity? >> hillary is a politician, too. >> around -- >> been around for a long while but you look at barack obama who no one had heard of to any large degree before speaking at the democratic convention in boston, social media helped him to connect and also data mining helped him use information in a way to win the presidential. >> historian professor of nyu sitting there saying, brooke, the way trump used twitter forever changing the game from here on out. >> yeah. >> let me pivot, though, to kelly ripa. she says she is going back tomorrow. everyone will be watching. listen. i'm a huge fan of both of those. >> advertiser, i would want to
11:19 am
be on the show that day. >> eyeballs on the screen. your response to all of this? >> well, you know, she's worked there for 20 years. >> yeah. >> respect is a beautiful thing. and i think when people feel disrespected as it's obvious that kelly did, they react in a way that maybe they wouldn't have in another situation. i don't think it would have been that difficult for abc to have handled it differently so kelly understands this is a change that we think is good for the company. >> "good morning america" full-time. >> absolutely. but we love you. we love the show and value you and by doing it the way they did, i think the inferred message she seemed to have taken i'm not as valuable as i thought i was and my guess is she would regret the way she responded because some of the coverage about the way she reacted in that meeting not terribly flattering, whether it's true or not, we don't know. >> looking at the headlines, deborah norville, "new york
11:20 am
post" calling her a diva screams sexism. psa, kelly is not exhibiting diva behavior. oprah defending her. blind sided is never good. i don't know who's in charge but somebody should have said this is going to happen. you shouldn't have read it in the paper, ever. >> yeah. >> she has a point. >> all about respect. when you treat people with respect, i wrote a book about respect. when you treat people with respect, it augustered back to you in a positive way and enabling them to keep the dignity. >> it is everything. >> it's not that hard. >> how many years have you been doing this? >> writing "chicken soup" books? tv stuff? since i was 19. 1978. >> asked jimmy carter the questions and written and talked about that. your big break. >> it was. >> of all of your years, what huge lesson could i learn from
11:21 am
and folks learning? >> anybody can learn this lesson, doesn't matter trying to keep a job for a long time, stay in a relationship for a long time, don't take the bait. there will be times to get into it with somebody, it's like a line from the disney song, let it go. sometimes you let it go. >> easier said than done. >> this too shall pass. >> yeah. deborah norville, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> we watch "inside edition" thank you, thank you, thank you. coming up next, this manhunt under way in ohio and beyond following this chilling murder spree, investigators calling the execution of 18 people sophisticated, preplanned, relatives of the victims are now being warned they, too, could be targets. who would have done this? why? new details in to cnn on that. plus, just when you thought the new england patriots deflaet-gate went flat, a new twist. a federal appeals court. donald trump, wait until you
11:22 am
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own your home. take control of your retirement today! right now there's a manhunt under way for the gunman who killed eight members of one family in ohio. the final autopsy is set for today but the youngest victim, 16 years of age. the more i read about this, the more details you hear, the more proof of how cold-blooded and calculating these killers were. all victims shot in the head at close range, most of them asleep at the time. and in one case, a newborn 4
11:27 am
days old spared laying beside her mother murdered. and a baby and a 3-year-old child. want you to listen to this relative describe the scene she discovered at a house picking up the phone and called 911. >> tell me what's going on. >> there's blood all over the house. >> okay. >> my brother walked in and said -- has beat the hell out of him. >> okay. >> there's blood all over. >> can you tell me what county that's in? >> pike county. >> pike county? >> and dragged them to the back room. >> i need you to get out of the house u authorities found marijuana grow operations in three of the four homes where the murders happened and haven't said if drugs were specifically connected to the deaths. with me now bounty hunter zeek unger.
11:28 am
arrest welcome to the show. when you hear execution-style killings, victims asleep, 4-day-old next to the mother, when's your gut tell you? >> tells me that it's well orchestrated and we have to figure out what the motive was. we have marijuana grows which as we know are very lucrative crops. the question is, were these murders committed while they were robbing these grow operations? we still don't know that. we don't know how many shooters. we don't know how many targets we have. all the things to be determined as the investigation goes on. you know, most of everyone were shot. why was one person beaten? was there a personal vendetta against this person and took everybody out so there's no witnesses? there's a lot to be investigated here. >> on the marijuana angle, ohio law enforcement leaked this same
11:29 am
county in 2012 to a major marijuana grow site with possible ties to a mexican drug cartel. if the murder, murder eaermurde ties to organized crime here, how's that change the strategy on the manhunt? >> well, basically, we would be looking at multiple targets versus one target. we can't assume. we have to investigate, you know, these investigations you can chase a red herring very easily and what you want to do is get the tacts in order and then go looking for the specific people who are involved. law enforcement is conducting a major investigation right now. we still don't know where the targets are. it's going to be a manhunt but we have to identify who we're chasing before we go after them. >> but what kind of person shoots all of these, what, eight people execution-style and spares the children? >> well, evidently, somebody had
11:30 am
a slight conscience. the question is why out of those people, why one beaten and the rest of them shot? it tells me that they either were trying to gain information from that person prior to killing them or that they had a personal vendetta with that actual person and everyone else was collateral damage so there were no witnesses. >> zeke -- >> three different locations. >> three locations and all grow locations. pot operations connected potentially, as well. thank you so much. we'll talk again. >> thank you. next, more on the breaking news on donald trump here. ripping his rivals for reaching a deal against him. so how would a supporter of kasich react to? voting for ted cruz? emergency landing prince's private jet made days before his sudden death. we now know why the pilot forced
11:31 am
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and unlikely alliance puts cruz and kasich on the offensive going after republican front-runner donald trump. they're teaming up to stop him from getting the nominations to clinch the nomination and appears kasich playing both ends against the middle and suspending the campaign in indiana and also locking up key support of indiana delegates. govern your kasich working the trail in pennsylvania. he was there this morning shaking some hands. eating little breakfast with
11:36 am
supporters. courting them ahead of tomorrow's primary. here he was. >> what is your name? do you have a name? i'll teach you about better nutrition. what do you leg press? i'm worried about steph curry. you are adorable. you are. where's my phone? i'm personally going to bring the flip phone back. i'm going to put her on the phone to invite her to dinner at the eagle tavern. prince? do they have anything on there? the bridge was push last night. are you an olympic athlete? one out of bounds and one in the waterment not my finest hour. i'm not giving up. >> is this collusion? >> what does that even mean? me? no. i'm not desperate. are you? are you desperate? i wanted bacon. but i -- i'm not having any.
11:37 am
it's not -- you're all still here. by the way, i'm having the time of my life. >> meeting and greeting folks in pennsylvania. having a little eggs for breakfast. you know who took note of that? donald trump. >> look at kasich. i don't think he knows what -- did you see him? he has a news conference all the time eating. i have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion. i'm always telling my young son, barren, i'm saying, always with my kids, all of them, children, small little bites. this guy takes a pancake and shoving it in his mouth. it's disgusting. do you want that for your president? i don't think so. >> tom john, chairman of the 7th district of indiana republican party and delegate to the national convention, sir, welcome. >> afternoon. >> you know, i wasn't planning
11:38 am
on asking you about how governor kasich eats but with donald trump criticizing it, i'm just curious if you'd like to comment on the state of play as his eating pancakes and eggs is under scrutiny. >> well, in all their different it rations throughout the campaign, it is the pot calling the kettle black. >> let's move on. let me just get your rea x to the deal. kasich and cruz, your guy is pulling out of indiana. >> well, that's my understanding is that he's allocating resources to oregon and new mexico because the places he has the best opportunity to succeed. and leaving indiana for senator cruz who apparently is better situated here. >> what's that mean for you as far as who you vote for may 3rd? >> well, if you're voting strategically in indiana, bellweather polling has the race at 37 trump, 31 for cruz and nearest margin and trying to
11:39 am
vote for contested convention or not to be a first-ballot victory for mr. trump, that would be mr. cruz. >> you will be voting for ted cruz? >> that's a strong possibility. i'll know when i go in the polling place. it is hard, obviously, supporting govern your kasich. i think he is the best person for president. >> is that difficult for you to say that you are strongly leaning toward cruz? >> we're in unprecedented times. the enemy of my enemy is my friend and i think that's where we are right now. whether officially, whether claiming it or not allied that they'll pull together delegates to get to the convention and see what happens there. >> okay. cruz is spinning this deal the way he did coming out today saying john kasich decided to pull out. here's the texas senator. >> last night, the john kasich
11:40 am
campaign announced they're pulling out of indiana. leaving this as a direct one on one choice for the people of indiana between our campaign and donald trump. >> so ted cruz says kasich's pulling out. how would you interpret that as an indianan? >> well, clearly, governor kasich is still in the race for president. as a hoosier, it means that we do have two principle choices of people playing here and voting strategically you should probably vote for senator cruz. >> okay. trump, he tweeted this lying ted cruz and 1 for 38 kasich, this is apparently the new nickname for the ohio governor, unable to beat me on their own so they have to team up, collusion. in a two on one. shows weakness and kasich just announced he wants the people of indiana to vote for him. typical politician.
11:41 am
can't make a deal work. what do you think about that? >> well, well, mr. trump forgets the fact that nearly 60% of the electorate or over 60% voted against him across all the primaries so far. so while he's leading in delegates, he is not leading the republican hearts and minds and so until he can manage to coa les a coalition over 50%, if others choose to come together in opposition to the campaign, that's their right. >> it is impossible for cruz and kasich to. >> that's correct. but that's been impossible for a while or at least highly unlikely and so they'ir campaig predicated on a convention convention and this is really just a one step further in admitting that and actually moving towards the idea of a contested convention and getting that it comes down to one thing which is who's the best
11:42 am
republican to win in november? that's really what the primary process is about, ensuring the best candidate to beat hillary clinton in the fall. >> thank you so much. appreciate your time. again, indiana, that's may 3rd. next, new development in the investigation of prince's sudden death. the news involves his private jet. we have that for you. also, tonight musicians in new orleans paying tribute to the superstar. jazz funeral this evening.
11:43 am
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11:46 am
it's been four days now but the news of prince's passing remains fresh. the tributes, they keep coming. he was cremated barely 24 hours after the autopsy and then a small private family and friends service held saturday. a public celebration is in the works and could be weeks before the world knows what happened, what killed him. meantime, i can tell you that the faa released the air traffic control tape from the emergency landing of a private plane right around the same time that prince was hospitalized. >> what's the nature of the
11:47 am
emergency? >> unresponsive passenger. >> male or female? >> male passenger. >> fans are still flooding his paisley park estate area, compound right around minneapolis. relatives, you see prince's brother-in-law behind the gate greeted fans and reportedly told them the star wanted to turn paisley park into a museum and the special treat for fans, gift boxes with t-shirts, momentos. and also nhl paying tribute. >> reach covered the globe like we have never seen before. please join the entire state of hockey in a moment of silence as we pause for the musical icon, minnesota very own, prince. >> there were all-night dance parties, limited showings of "purple rain" and music marathons and in the great city of new orleans, prince's music filled the air at the legendary
11:48 am
jazz fest just over the past weekend and tonight another tribute, a new orleans tradition. the second line. joining me now, an extraordinary jazz musician and an organizer, trumpet player james matthews that gave shorty his start. james, a pleasure. welcome, sir. >> thank you. that's james andrews. the big boss with the hot sauce. >> nice to have you on. thank you so much. could you just talk to me a little bit about what you all have planned for this evening? >> yes. we have a special tribute planned tonight for prince at the bar starting at 6:00 and we're going to do what we call a new orleans traditional jazz funeral and a second line and we get people to come out and pay their respects to the great one prince. and we're going to dance in the street and we're going to part like it's 1999 tonight in new orleans. >> tell me for people who don't know, the second line, what is that? and people can just join on in.
11:49 am
how it's a celebration. >> yes. it's a traditional new orleans culture down here in the big easy and what we do is when a special musician die, we have a second line jazz funeral where we play a lot of spiritual songs and then we break into when the saints go marching in and everybody join right in with family and friends. >> hmm. what are you playing tonight? >> we'll play all kind of stuff tonight. we'll play new orleans jazz. we'll play some "purple rain." some "when doves cry." all kind of stuff tonight by prince. >> i'm going to ask you to play if you will in just a second. >> i will. >> i understand, james, you were actually going to release white doves. you changed your mind. >> yeah. >> tell me why. >> well, we was going to release the white doves at the bar but the doves we have, they're trained to go back home when they finish the performance. so what happened was we decided
11:50 am
to cancel that with respect to the animal rights people. peta. >> got you. got you. probably a smart move. let's ask -- >> but we'll have a -- we'll have a candle light vigil tonight to light purple candles and white candles tonight. >> did you ever meet prince, james, or i know that there were tributes all through jazz fest? prince embodied jazz among so many other genres. can you tell me about the connections you had. >> i never got a chance to meet prince but my kid brother played with him last year and so i been to minnesota a lot of times playing up there at the first avenue club many times. so i always loved prince music and i loved how he stood up for the musicians and the industry and so many things he done that i'm proud. >> would you please, sir, play me little something? >> thank you. i'll see you all in the big
11:51 am
easy. ♪ ♪ t wait to start telling people how switching to geico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me, sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. sorry, they all look alike, you know? no worries. well, car's here, i can't save people money chatting at the baggage claim all day. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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shoah, ha ha.ew artist. show me top male artist. my whole belieber fan group. it's not a competition, but if it was i won. xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of billboard music awards moments, simply by using your voice. the billboard music awards, live sunday may 22nd, 8/7 central, only on abc. we are a long way from football season but the patriots may have to get by without their star quarterback for the first four games. a federal appeals court is reinstating the nfl's suspension of tom brady for, remember, defla deflate-gate two seasons ago. he and two others employees accused of letting air out of the footballs before the afc championship intentionally to
11:56 am
make them easier to catch. brady won an earlier ruling to avoid the suspension last year but in the decision the appeals court said the league commissioner goodell acted within the rules banning brady for the four games. news of today's ruling quick to reach the campaign trail and even donald trump quick to throw a lead block for the patriots qb. >> first of all, let's start by saying leave tom brady alone. leave him alone. >> with me now, criminal defense attorney, randy zellini. can brady appeal? >> this is where the fork in the road of could have and should he? he could go back to the same court saying, listen, three judges heard this. i want everybody to way in on this. supreme court. should he? fundamental problem by the time it gets to the next level of decision making he probably will
11:57 am
already have been served or serving the suspension so unless he moves for what's called a stay, it's kind of that horse will have already left the horn. >> okay. the nfl released a statement saying we're pleased the united states court of appeals and ruled today that the commissioner properly exercised authority under the collective bargaining agreement to act in cases of the integrity of the game. what was the lynch pin in the decision here? >> got to be the cell phone. break it down into practical levels. assume you go away on vacation. you leave your son or daughter at home. you hear rumors that there was a party at the house while you were away. you come home, confront your child saying, listen, was there a party? no. i'd like to see your cell phone. and your child takes a hammer and smashes the hell out of the cell phone. >> right. >> no more cell phone. how would you react in the face of such a response? >> i think my eyebrow would raise. >> consciousness of guilt. sometimes not what you do but
11:58 am
what you do afterwards that is so much more damning and if i'm a judge, i'm welcoming at, come on, your cell phone? all of a sudden destroyed? my, my, isn't that coincidentally. perhaps there was evidence in that phone that would have been a problem for you. >> yeah. could be it. could be it. randy zelin thank you. >> thank you. >> now to this. welcome back. our two. watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. the wild presidential election turned into essentially an episode of "survivor" as in the reality tv show and donald trump's biggest rivals using his own advice against him. you have now ted cruz and john kasich taking a page from "the art of the deal" joining forces to guarantee a convention circus. in this bombshell move, kasich and cruz are teaming up to stop
11:59 am
trump from winning the nomination on the first ballot at the convention. they're focusing on select upcoming primaries and ultimately the goal, a contested convention in cleveland to give them a shot at the party's nomination. >> after discussions with the kasich campaign, we made a decision about allocating resources. we decided to allocate time and resources and energy on the state of indiana. >> resources. i feel it's very fair for me to be able to go to areas where i can spend my resources most effectively and the same is true for senator cruz. when's the big deal? >> well, it is actually a big deal to donald trump. at a rhode island rally just a short time ago he slammed cruz and kasich for, quote, colluding against him. here he was. >> if you collude in business or if you collude in the stock market they put you in jail but in politics because it's a
12:00 pm
rigged system, bautz it's a corrupt enterprise, in politics, you're allowed to collude so they colluded and actually i was happy because it shows how weak they are. it shows how pathetic they are. kasich, we call him 1 for 41. i thought it was 38. he's won one race in 41 states. one! okay? states and islands. so i call him now -- i have a new nickname for him. 1 for 41. very son it's 1 for 46 or 7. i watch cruz this morning and he's all mixed up. losing so badly and under pressure he is a basket case and stuttering and stammering and he's saying, i want jobs and i want the economy and i want this and that. all stuff that i have been saying for years. and he's just starting to say it. he doesn't know anything about the economy. he doesn't know anything about jobs. he was a failed senator. he couldn't get anything passed.
12:01 pm
nothing. look at his legislation. he got nothing passed. and now he wants to be -- all he is is a guy that will go down and stand and filibuster for a day or two and the other senators all look, when's he getting off the floor, jim? >> so, how will the strategy of cruz and kasich work against trump? let's turn to cnn political director david challen. good the see you. >> hey, brooke. >> starting the week with this twist. you're calling it a hail mary pass. why? >> well, because, that's what you do as you near the end of a game and you're losing. right? i mean, you try to completely alter the trajectory by this long odds hail mary pass and that's what cruz and kasich are doing here. listen. they have both fully admitted and the math bears it out, they have no way to win the nomination. this is no longer a race of donald trump versus ted cruz versus john kasich of who's
12:02 pm
going to be the nominee. right now, it is a race of cruz and kasich trying to keep trump from 1,237 before we get to the convention. that is what the entire republican race is right now and i shouldn't just say cruz and kasich. it is also the entire never trump, stop trump wing of the establishment part of the party who's dedicated to spending money and trying to prevent trump from being the nominee. >> do we know how long this plan is cooking on the back burner? >> remember, brooke, about 7 1/2 weeks ago, right after the first big super tuesday, mitt romney gave that scathing speech. >> in utah. >> in utah, that's right. taking down donald trump. and trying to provide this very road map. if you recall, he was suggesting with marco rubio in the race, supporters of rubio vote for him in florida and supporters of his
12:03 pm
vote for kasich in the ohio and split the map and other conversations going on since that point between the cruz and kasich campaigns. but the cruz campaign never saw an advantageous deal for them still in the hunt to try to get to that magic number themselves of 1,237 with the reality that's not going to happen, the cruz folks were more inclined to sit around the table and figure out a deal for them to join kasich in the strategy. >> if donald trump is only one to reach 1,237 prior to cleveland, does it make indiana may 3rd sort of make or break for trump? >> you know, it's hard to pinpoint any one state and say -- >> okay. >> make or break. we all love to do it. it's a fantastic headline. listen. circle may 3rd on the calendar. indiana is a big deal. no doubt about that. but calling it make or break i think misses the point here. i think what it is is a moment
12:04 pm
that if trump wins indiana, especially now, that he is in a one on one race with cruz. right? obviously, kasich's name on the ballot. i'm sure some votes already recorded for him. but now that kasich is not going to advertise there and outside groups that support him not advertise there and it's really a cruz-trump matchup, if trump is victorious, that takes the wind out of the sails of the cruz effort. and the money's going to drift away and people are going to start thinking, this isn't achievable to take down donald trump. but to call it make or break i think is probably a bit too much because ted cruz and his closest advisers believe this is going to cleveland and that is now the campaign they're running, the one for the convention floor in cleveland. >> okay. may 3rd. circling it. david chalian told me to. thank you. >> sure. let's bring in cnn's chief
12:05 pm
political correspondent dana bash and gloria borger. first react to the reacting of donald trump, the words he used today. he was on a tear. saying such total weakness, talking about the collusion, this deal. pathetic. you know, even down to criticizing how john kasich eating his can paks this morning when he was in pennsylvania. gloria borger, what did you make of all of that? >> look. i think that in a way this kasich-cruz deal plays into donald trump's narrative. the word collusion is carefully chosen because it plays into the story line that this campaign is rigged against him. that these are two establishment figures who will do anything they can to try and keep him from winning. so it could potentially backfire against cruz and or kasich because it might make trump voters that much more inclined
12:06 pm
to vote and support donald trump. >> dana, do you think it's too late for them to try to do this? >> no. because as david just laid out, the this is not an attempt to stop trump so that one of them can win. the this is just to stop trump from getting the delegates before -- needed for the nomination before the cleveland convention. what i think is so fascinating quickly because i did a fair amount of reporting on this back in march when the discussions started and it was really a one way conversation. that kasich campaign, they were trying extremely hard to get the cruz camp to join forces and have a -- what they called then the split the map strategy and wanted it to be much more broad and the cruz campaign having nothing of it. they really didn't even want to engage. in fact, the cruz campaign manager didn't return the calls of one of kasich's top aides,
12:07 pm
john weaver. they enlisted mitt romney to try to play the go between. didn't go anywhere. because the cruz campaign thought we can do this. we still think we can get the nomination the old-fashioned way with or maybe the new fashioned way with the contest but then he was trounced in new york. spent resources there and time. >> game changer for cruz? >> i think it was a big part of it because it made it mathematically possible for ted cruz to get the nomination and imperative for them to make it mathematically impossible for donald trump to get the nomination. >> you know, and brooke, you know, now he's looking if you're ted cruz looking at the states tomorrow and saying this isn't naturally a best territory. >> exactly. >> so you're going to get be beaten. i think the question here is how are these kasich supporters going to go?
12:08 pm
you can't automatically assume that people who support kasich are suddenly saying, okay, i'll vote for cruz. >> we talked to an indiana delegate almost seemed like it was tough for him to say i think i might vote for cruz. >> right. >> quoting a n ancient proverb and self talk. it's okay. >> about half of the kasich supporters in recent polling saying they're going to go for cruz and 22% say they would go for trump. so, you know, it is not a slam dunk in any way, shape or form. it's a gamble but a gamble these campaigns particularly cruz believes that they have to take at this point. >> then there was the koch brother twists and poured millions and millions of dollars into the campaign of conservatives saying it might be possible to support hillary clinton. listen to this.
12:09 pm
>> so possible another clinton is better than another republican? >> it's possible. it's possible. >> you couldn't see yourself supporting hillary clinton, could you? >> well, her -- we would have to believe her actions would be quite different than her rhetoric. let me put it that way. on some of the republican candidates, we would -- before we support them, we have to believe their actions are different than the rhetoric of so far. >> after that, back and forth, hillary clinton tweeted, not interested in endorsements of people that deny climate science and try to make it harder for people to vote. dana, what did you make of what charles koch said? >> that it shows just how unhappy the establishment money people and it kind of sounds weird to use establishment and koch brothers in the same sentence because, you know, since 2010, they certainly haven't necessarily been that
12:10 pm
way. but in the donald trump world, that we're currently living in this 2016, it's more establishment and that it shows how much they don't necessarily want the choices in front of them, particularly donald trump. you know, hillary clinton can say all she wants she doesn't want their support. she probably wouldn't get it and what's most important is if they continue to sit on the sidelines and n a general election campaign. that would be very beneficial to hillary clinton. >> the plot thickens. dana bash, gloria borger, thank you. >> sure. >> five states with primaries tomorrow. super tuesday part 75. new details about the emergency landing that prince's private jet made days before the sudden death. we now know why the pilot forced that plane to the ground. also ahead, beyonce, addressing adultery and it seems
12:11 pm
cheating within her own marriage with this new album that's stunned the music world. we'll discuss that. and a family killed in their own beds execution-style as they slept. who could be behind this? a manhunt is under way. we'll be right back.
12:12 pm
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welcome back. watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. a manhunt for the gunman who killed eight members of a family in ohio. final aupt is set for today and the youngest victim just 16 years of age. i can tell you all of these victims were shot in the head. at close range. most of them were asleep. in one case, a newborn just 4 days old was spared as she lay beside her murdered mother. listen to this 911 call from a relative at a crime scene. >> you have to tell me what's going on. >> there's blood all over the house. >> okay. >> my brother walked in and said -- has beat the hell out of them. >> okay. >> there's blood all over. >> can you tell me what county that's in? >> pike county. >> pike county?
12:16 pm
>> yes. and they dragged him in the bathroom. >> okay. i need you to get out of the house. >> authorities also found marijuana grow operations in three of the four homes where the murders took place. but they haven't said specifically if drugs were connected to the murders. let's bring in anchor nancy grace. and when you hear the -- just gruesome, the execution-style, you know, victims were asleep. this one family, what is your gut tell you about this? >> drug related. if you look at the history, the recent history in pike county, which is pike in the city, 2012, a major and sophisticated grow site operation that law enforcement at that time said had links or suspected links to the mexican drug cartel. they don't play. another interesting fact. police do not release all the details but we know that the eight homicide victims were in three different homes.
12:17 pm
now, two of the homes were a mile from each other. the other not too far away. two could be walked between. this was an operation that occurred very synchronized and sophisticated. they left behind a 3-year-old, a 6-month-old and a 4-day-old sleeping next to its mother. this is planned. this is targeted. and why would you target three different groups of families all related? why? that's the question. >> and apparently one of the victims was bloodied and beat up in addition to the execution-style killings. >> what's interesting about that, brooke, to a layperson, to a civilian's eye, a gunshot head could look like he was beaten in the head and what suggests a beating did occur as you hear in the 911 call is blood around the house. does that mean that a beating
12:18 pm
occurred before the final death? we also know that all eight vicks were killed execution style gunshot wound to the head. it happened we can identify the time line between 11:00 p.m. when one of the victims had a job and left their job. and 7:30 a.m. all three families wiped out. >> the sheriff has talked to other, you know, surviving members of the family. last name roaden. here he was. >> i spoke with the family. very evident they were a target of the horrible crime. me and the attorney general spoke with them. i cautioned them that they were a target. i told them to be armed. >> told them to be armed. what, if you are a member of this family in pike county, ohio, what should they be doing? >> honestly? leave.
12:19 pm
leave. because if the mexican cartel is involved in this, we do know that there were grow sites, big marijuana grow sites on some of this property, i don't know that anybody can be protected 24/7/365. i'm telling you the truth. they should leave until the perps have been caught. >> nancy grace, thank you so much as always. >> thank you. >> you can watching weeknights 8:00 eastern. next, beyonce apparently taking on rumors of adultery of herself, her husband in the lyrics, uses a baseball bat. ♪ >> stunning release of "lemonade" has people talking about race, relationships, female empowerment. we'll talk about it all coming up.
12:20 pm
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♪ ♪ beyonce stopping the world once again dropping a visual album vie owe hbo over the weekend. the superstar covers everything from black lives matter to black girl magic, uplifting women of
12:25 pm
color and stylized music videos and the thing that everyone is talking about today, infidelity, cheating, rumors of her husband having an affair. beyonce tossing the wedding ring at the camera. with one final warning. ♪ ♪ this is your final warning ♪ you know i give you life ♪ if you try that [ bleep ] again ♪ ♪ going to lose your wife >> joining me now, senior editor for and commentator critic and writer, michaela davis. awesome to have you both on. this is a date saturday night. you and lemonade, done. >> i'm planning, no. this is the truth. last saturday when she dropped that one image of the promo with the blond corn rows and the fur -- next day, i was 125th
12:26 pm
street. i don't know why i was so moved by that image. it just triggered something ancient and wonderful and black girl and beyond black girl magic. i knew something, an event was coming. i didn't know why. >> wow. >> so it surpassed what i would expect. did you know what it was going to be be? >> i had no idea. i knew, like, after formation we were not getting bootyliscious. >> something changed. >> something -- >> radical. >> images. >> before we get to black girl magic and other themes, i mean, rip the band-aid off. there's rumors. is this -- would you see this as musical artistry or beyonce saying, yes, what you think of as a perfect marriage flawed? >> i think it would be hard to say -- call it a rumor with jay-z stars in it in the most --
12:27 pm
>> acknowledgment? >> acknowledgment. themes of range, revenge and fear. those are like shakespeare. >> what is she trying to tell us? >> she is alive, grown as, a marriage, a father, she has friends and gave us an epic -- >> unfaithful. >> all those intersections, right? so i think it's, again, i mean to say it's a rumor, would you star in a rumor? >> why is it untitled? >> you know, i think that this family is very strategic. and smart and deliberate about what they reveal and don't. you know? is there an implication that some of this is true of beyonce and jay-z or tina and matthew knowles? sure. would we look and say it's documentary about their lives? absolutely not. they're universal themes and so brave as to share a part of herself with the world while connecting to this -- something we have all experienced, all been cheated on and had heart
12:28 pm
break. >> pushing the lengths. when you see, it's a thousand paintings. 100 haikus and 11 really good songs. narratives in an art igsic way and i tweeted that i got response from, like, we have this prince-sized hole in our heart and then saturday came and she poured some sweet lemonade in that hole and gave us this feeling of that we move forward as artists, keep doing new things that are provocative and drove people insane. insane. >> she has for years and also what i've loved about her through the years is empowerment of women and here black women and a speech from malcolm x here. >> the person in america is america. most neglected is the black woman. >> what do you think this is
12:29 pm
about? >> that moment brought me to tears. >> you're getting emotional right now? >> watching it on cnn, that clip, that specific malcolm x quote i have used in term papers and essays since i was a kid and the biggest pop star in the world to share those words not with a girlfriend, not with a sister or the mom but with the world and experienced and super bowl and the wealth and the fame and the amount of love she gets from people of all creeds and colors did not protect her from being attacked, having the words and imagery used against her to suggest she was pro-police violence or anti-police in some sort of way. i mean -- >> urban terrorist with a baseball bat. so -- but she has transcended those kinds of attacks, i mean, that's what happens when you're an artist. you're brave. i feel like lemonade is a turning point for her. that this is a flash point where
12:30 pm
people will remember where they were when they saw it. and not in a way to compare it to "purple rain" but it was a moment where we saw prince's career shift and a lot of it was the same and musical and cinematic, it was autobiographical. this is similar in that pop culture way and saw an artist explore and expand and explode our head. >> i haven't really had time to really like drill down on what song i like. you know? i like the scene with the corn rows. >> yeah, yeah. when can we -- only sort of like a 24 hours only hbo and just title and then potentially itunes to see it? do we know? >> you can more chaus the album on itunes. you can stream it on title and access it hbo. >> hbo go. >> the mothers of the movement moment, too, oh my god, you will cry, laugh, cuss, get wine and
12:31 pm
call your girlfriends. >> i'm dying to see it. i'm saying teach college courses just on that video alone. thank you so much. as always. >> thank you. >> thank you. next, we have to talk donald trump calling his rivals weak and pathetic for teaming up to try to stop him from clinching the nomination. can this alliance work? he speaks live. live pictures there. also ahead, prince left behind an estate worth hundreds of millions but we still don't know if he left a will. find out what could happen to the mn man compound as his incredible musical catalog much of which the world has never even heard. that's next. ew gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them.
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. donald trump in rare form today refusing to tone it down at a rally in rhode island. he went hard after cruz and kasich for teaming up against him in a deal to abandon certain states to allow the other to collect more delegates. >> i wish i could have gone two days up to ohio. we would be upon and he would be 0 for 44. what is he doing? what is he doing, really? he is just a stubborn guy. that's all he is. he is like if you have a child, just says, i want it, mommy. i don't care, mommy. i want it, daddy. i don't care. i want it. that's all he is. >> trump talking about ohio governor john kasich at the end there. with me now s.e. cupp and chris kovac. s.e. to you first, react to
12:37 pm
trump's reacting to this allegiance between, you know, kasich and cruz and even, you know, scrutinizing governor kasich eating his breakfast this morning in pennsylvania. >> yeah. it was swift and startling and he did not mince words. i got the donald trump statement in my inbox this morning and i got to tell you, he slayed them. it was kind of impressive, frankly. and i think they opened themselves up to this kind of criticism and this kind of spin by sharing the playbook. right? you know, there's a point to be made they had to be open about this because to convince the outside groups, you know, not to spend money in various states they had to. they can't talk to the pacs directly but at the same time about to blitz you don't announce you're about to blitz. and then it doesn't also seem like they're on the same page, kasich and cruz. when kasich was asked by his
12:38 pm
supporters in indiana what they should do, he said, no, no, vote for me. i won't campaign there and doesn't make sense. i'm not surprised donald trump is making swift work of this and really sort of turning this to his advantage and using it to cement him or hone the message that these guys are desperate and it's really sort of the time for last options. >> you, i mean, listen, chris. trump is your guy. i imagine you agree in him with a desperation and cruz agreeing to pick up the phone to talk to the kasich folks after what i understand they've been calling him for a while to do this. what do you think trump's next move is going to be? >> obviously he'll try to use it to mobilize his base and it's an establishment plan and what i'm saying all along. i think it also reflects on the cruz campaign's thinking, there really -- they're making a
12:39 pm
sacrifice here by taking this allegiance with kasich and the sacrifice is in the cruz brand. when's it been all along? it's been ideologically pure conservative and anti-establishment. so now he's linking arms with arguably the most moderate of the 17 candidates that started this race, kasich. so that hurts his claim to ideological purity of the conservative nature and also it's an establishment kind of move to try to throw the race to the delegates in cleveland. and so, it doesn't look like a move that a conservative anti-establishment would do. so i think the cruz people know they're taking a real risk with the brand doing this. >> s.e. why were you shaking your head? >> i think that's a stretch. don't oversell it, secretary. it's working for donald trump. i think that's a stretch. look. donald trump, linked arms with governor chris christie and safely consider him establishment. none of that i think really matters.
12:40 pm
what ted cruz i think is conceding in the move is he can't get to 1,237 and out of options and that's the act, both kasich and ted cruz are banking on that second ballot at a contested convention. if they can't get there, they can't get anywhere. and donald trump is hoping to secure the nomination before that happens because donald trump knows if it goes to a second ballot, he is really in a bad spot and ted cruz completely outplays him. look. there's a lot of jockeying going on right now and a lot of stuff we have never seen before in politics. i can't think of another candidate who's made fun of the way another candidate has eaten before. that's -- you know, we're in -- >> tiny bites, tiny bites. i thought, wow. same time, chris, i need to push you on donald trump is mr. "art of the deal" and here you have the two, you know, rivals forming this allegiance. donald trump is the guy saying everything is negotiable. donald trump is a brilliant
12:41 pm
businessman. donald trump is someone that produced a tv series about alliance building. can you see my point? >> no. i absolutely can see your point. but, you know, there's a point at which when a president is negotiating with a foreign country then there may be some give and take and maneuvering to get the other side to deal but advertising yourself to the electorate and saying this is what i stand for, i think it hurts someone like cruz to then say, okay, i'm going to link arms with someone proamnesty and cruz claiming he is anti-amnesty on the immigration issue and i think it waters down the claim and making an alliance of convenience that puts ideology second and putts the policy position second. i take your point, absolutely. >> chris, s.e. thank you so much. we'll watch to see. donald trump expected to speak at a rally in mere minutes there from pennsylvania. we'll take it live when it begins in westchester. plus, talking about the
12:42 pm
sudden death of prince and leaving the questions including what happens to his paisley park estate. the music, his catalog that he left behind. we'll talk live to the lawyer that represented some of james brown's relatives in that messy legal battle that followed his death.
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
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12:46 pm
prince may no longer be with us but his empire will live on and make more money. think michael jackson, john lennon, bob marley. the estate is worth about $300 million according to an estimate we have seen and he owned it all. sales of prince songs went up, up, up after his death. tracking site business angle music says $1 million worth in the 24 hours after he died. we don't know if he had a will and the fate of the empire is a question mark. joining us is attorney levinson. thank you so much for being with me. on the note of prince's will, only those in the inner, inner circle know whether or not he
12:47 pm
had one. for the sake of argument, say he did not. what happens? because he had no kids. there is no widow. he had some full and some half sibli siblings. who controls what? >> well, if someone dies without a will they're dying intestate and the family, next of kin, inherits according to the priorities. >> how would you with your experience with the james brown estate, how would you compare that planning to what prince's could potentially be? >> well, i don't know -- no one knows whether prince had a will or didn't have a will which would make the estate administration a lot easier. but there's really nothing very complicated about a sbes state administration because he has from what i understand siblings and half sinlings and they would inheritly equally under minnesota law. >> he has this estate, studio, a vault full of music and who
12:48 pm
knows what else? much of it this catalog i have talked the folks saying it's perhaps possible that 70% of it hasn't been heard by the world. where do you start? >> well, you start off with an inventory of the assets and the music and the catalog of music is extremely valuable. probably more valuable after his death than before his death as was the case with mr. james brown. >> talk to me about how challenging that process was. >> with the james brown estate, very challenging. we're ten years into the litigation about james brown's esta estate. still going on. >> what was -- what has been the biggest challenge there? perhaps could be the case here in minnesota. >> in fairness, it is not -- it's not fair to compare the two. mr. brown had issues -- >> a lot of family. >> a lot of issues with family and children that did not agree. apparently prince did not have a spouse, did not have any
12:49 pm
children that survived him. his parents are deceased. so as to who's entitled, it is simple. whether they agree with how the estate should be handled and get along, that remains to be seen. >> and if people want to continue visiting the paisley park compound, i heard that perhaps it's planned to be a museum. who would decide that? >> first thing that the family needs to do is get together and appoint someone to be the legal representative of the estate. a personal representative to handle essentially what the executor would be doing if there's a will and make the decisions not in the air but on behalf of the beneficiaries or the heirs of the estate. >> i can only imagine, lots of fans would like to go to paisley park and, you know, pay their respects for years to come. louis levenson, thank you so much. next, donald trump, he isn't just hammering john kasich, he's
12:50 pm
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12:54 pm
here we go. politics and food now. john kasich's decision to team up with ted cruz to stop donald trump may have put governor kasich in the firing line for trump's unique style of ridicule. trump is not targeting kasich's policies, but his eating habits. governor kasich visited penrose diner in philadelphia today and really enjoyed his breakfast. the moment set the table for this reaction from trump today. >> you look at kasich, i don't think he knows what -- did you see him? he has a news conference all the time when he's eating.
12:55 pm
i have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion. i'm always telling my young son, baron, always with my kids, all of them, i'd say, children, small little bites. this guy takes a pancake and he's shoving it in his mouth. it's disgusting. do you want that for your president? i don't think so. he's eating today stuffing it -- i never saw -- bites this big. he's pushing it in with his -- i never saw a guy eat like this. i told my son, he was watching. he said, daddy, look. i said don't watch. little bites, little bites. >> that is where we are in terms of this race for president. we're talking about these candidates' eating habits. we're going to go there. i have david greco, owner of mike's deli where governor kasich visited just a little while ago here in new york, your
12:56 pm
food. i didn't eat lunch. >> i'm hoping you're hungry. >> we also have the owner of penrose diner in philadelphia where governor kasich ate breakfast this morning. first to you, bill, when you hear donald trump talking about the tiny bites and the pancake and the this and the that, what did governor kasich eat, were you there? >> yeah, i was here. look, i don't discriminate how anybody eats but the governor seems to be a pretty thick guy. i'd say his eating habits are just fine. i think he's got a great taste when it comes to choosing restaurants. >> i would imagine, not that you're biased whatsoever. >> not at all. >> nor would you be, david gr greco. you are the location where governor kasich visited. also trump being a new yorker. >> we have a trump sandwich, wee a hillary sandwich. things that happen in new york, we're on it. kasich is pretty cool. this is what he wanted to eat. >> did they say specifically? >> yeah. i tease id him ohio-style
12:57 pm
salami, pepperoni, provolone and a pickle. we don't do that in new york unless it's an american sandwich. then we put out our stuff and he went crazy. he ate the yankee stadium big boy, the michelangelo, a pole of pasta and then asked for pasta bajole. i think donald would eat like that also because people in our place recognize quality. >> of course, of course. there was much ado about when all of them rolled through new york and the jewish delis and coming to you, you know, this outnew yorkering one another. did they call you up and say we want to come to your deli? >> they were going to fordham and they had too many kids there, 5,000 kids that wanted to be at fordham. fordham kids called me, a kid named sebastian said, mr. greco, please help us. you can handle this. that's how it happened. we said okay, we'll take it on. we were waiting for hillary or trump to come.
12:58 pm
the week before bill came by and said it was too noisy in there. >> there were a lot of cameras in your place. >> i don't get irked. the cnn camerawoman was the sweetest one. >> we like to harry that. bill, what was it like this morning in there when kasich was eating his eggs and schmoozing. >> i feel bad for the guy, it's got to be tough to eat with a hundred cameras in your face. i think he took donald's advice, he was taking small bites. >> did the folks that were there eating breakfast, did they get the heads up or did all of a sudden this media circus and the governor of ohio roll in? >> you know, there was a bit of a heads up on social media last night so i think some people knew it was coming, so we had some extras coming in just to see him, a lot of his supporters. so it was actually a pretty neat thing. >> if you had donald trump coming into your diner, what would you feed him? >> from what i understand, donald loves his meatloaf, so
12:59 pm
i'm putting it out there to him right now. i'd love to have donald here. we have a great meatloaf and i think it's something he'd really enjoy. >> hillary clinton, what would you feed her? >> hillary clinton, we haven't done the research on her favorite yet, but i'd love to have her, donald and bernie all down here. we can have our own little debate and decide whether scrap roll or pork roll will be the best side. >> bill, thank you so much. finally, david, to you, looking back, because new york, the primary here played such a huge, huge role it hadn't in decades. just as a new yorker, what did you make of that and this whole race? >> i sensed that people were going to revolve around food, it always happens. donald knocking the guy taking big portions, you don't tell your chipper to eat small portions. the people come to eat manja, he tried to be a new yorker with us. hillary, i've never seen her eat a lot.
1:00 pm
>> can you imagine, though, the schedule they keep? >> you said it's hard to eat with people in your face like that. >> good for them. mike's deli, thank you very much. appreciate all of this. i see lots of people around here who will enjoy it and thank you for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. thanks, brooke. deal making afoot to try to hurt the author of "the art of the deal." "the lead" starts right now. senator ted cruz and governor john kasich forming a tag team to deny donald trump, but is all this wheeling and dealing just proving trump's point? an intense manhunt, methodical cold-blooded killings, eight people executed, shot in the head in four different homes. could marijuana lead us to the motive? plus, threat from below. north korea firing a missile from a sub, and threatening to test another nuke. why this launch could be