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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 25, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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schedule they keep? >> you said it's hard to eat with people in your face like that. >> good for them. mike's deli, thank you very much. appreciate all of this. i see lots of people around here who will enjoy it and thank you for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. thanks, brooke. deal making afoot to try to hurt the author of "the art of the deal." "the lead" starts right now. senator ted cruz and governor john kasich forming a tag team to deny donald trump, but is all this wheeling and dealing just proving trump's point? an intense manhunt, methodical cold-blooded killings, eight people executed, shot in the head in four different homes. could marijuana lead us to the motive? plus, threat from below. north korea firing a missile from a sub, and threatening to test another nuke. why this launch could be kim jong-un's most frightening yet.
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good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. at long last, factions of the republican party are uniting. well, at least two of the presidential candidates say they are. in a brazen act of political calculation, senator ted cruz and governor john kasich are announcing that they are strategizing together, trying to block donald trump from racking up enough delegates to win outright before the convention. kasich's team says they will leave indiana to cruz. cruz's camp says it will clear a path for kasich in oregon and new mexico. trump calls it the weak, desperate colluding of politicians, as usual. while already today there are some signs that this new partnership could easily fray. kasich saying that indiana voters still ought to support him. cnn senior white house correspondent jim acosta is live for us from west chester, pennsylvania, where trump is expected to speak any minute. jim, trump is expected to perform very well, win five
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northeastern states that vote tomorrow. >> reporter: that's right, jake, he's in pennsylvania right now. he just got on stage behind me. and donald trump, jake, is dismissing this deal cut by ted cruz and john kasich as an act of desperation. but the stop trump forces are looking at the numbers and arguing this deal actually might work. on the new political marriage of convenience formed by his two remaining rivals to stop his campaign, donald trump accused ted cruz and john kasich of being divorced from reality. >> it shows that they are just getting killed. >> reporter: leading in all the polls to sweep in the next round of states up for grabs tromorro, trump smells blood. he hammered the duo again inspect rhode island. >> if you clud in business or if you collude, they put you in
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jail. but in politics it's a weak system, it shows how weak they are, it shows how pathetic they are. >> reporter: but cruz says trump is sounding off for good reason. >> oh, listen, i don't doubt that donald trump is going to scream and yell and curse and insult and probably cry and whine some as well. that has been donald's pattern. >> reporter: arguing the name of the game is to deny trump the number of delegates needed to clinch the delegation, cruz and kasich are dividing up the map, with cruz focusing on indiana where he's stronger, while yielding new mexico and oregon to the ohio governor, territory better suiting him. >> we decided to allocate our time and energy and resources on the state of indiana. governor kasich decided to allocate his resources elsewhere. i think that made sense from both campaigns. >> reporter: the poll indicates cruz could borrow enough votes from kasich to deny trump a
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victory in indiana. kasich pushed back on the notion that he's on the ropes. >> no. i'm not desperate, are you? are you desperate? because i'm not. >> reporter: but he also seemed to spin his end of the deal with cruz just a touch, saying voters can support the candidate of their choice. >> i'm not going to go tell anybody how to vote. they can -- but look, this is a matter of resources. you know, we are running a national campaign and we want to apply our resources where we think they can be used most effectively. >> but i said to myself that's pretty bad. that's pretty bad. >> reporter: but the alliance seems to have emboldened trump who's come up with new insults for kasich. >> this guy takes a pancake and is shoving it in his mouth. it's disgusting. do you want that for your president? i don't think so. >> reporter: now, insults aside, a top official with the never trump movement said the plan worked up by cruz and kasich is
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long overdue, adding it can actually stop the gop front-runner. a top trump advisor tells me the deal could hurt the campaign in indiana but won't be enough to halt their march for that magic number of 1237 delegates. as you can hear behind me, jake, donald trump has just taken the stage here. no pancake references just yet. >> right. thanks for keeping us up to speed. jim acosta, thanks so much. to dig into this extraordinary development, i'm joined by representatives from the trump and cruz campaigns. thanks to both of you. chad, let me read to you the statement your campaign released last night. our campaign will focus its time and resources in indiana and clear the path for governor kasich in new mexico and oregon. now, the kasich campaign agreed in a statement but listen to governor kasich this morning. >> who should your supporters vote for in indiana? >> well, i've never told them not to vote for me.
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they ought to vote for me. >> seems to be a little mixed message there. kasich is telling indiana supporters to vote for him -- >> no, no, just to be clear, this is a resource allocation alliance. so essentially what you see is we're agreeing on where we're going to focus our time and resources. we're not going to ask cruz voters out in the west or elsewhere to vote for governor kasich either. so this is consistent with the original agreement. we respect -- >> it's about spending money. >> exactly. >> it's not about telling voters to vote for them. >> exactly. >> now, mr. trump is suggesting there is something unseemly here, but if the strategy of the cruz and kasich campaigns is to force a convention fight, isn't this the most extstrategic way do that? >> absolutely not. here's the deal, they're competitors of donald trump and they're teaming up to make this unfair. it doesn't make any sense. it's like asking your neighbor to vote for your competitor. i think it's silly. i agree with mr. trump, this is
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wrong. this is not the way politics is supposed to be duone. it's fight your own race. didn't governor kasich get his start 100 miles from indiana? why isn't he taking his campaign there and letting the people speak. i think it will back fire. >> this just shows that the trump art of the deal should know what the terms are. this is not a voter deal, this is a resource allocation deal. what we've done -- >> right, it's not about the voters. >> instead of responding to his own issues and trying to argue his case to the voters, instead he's taken to calling governor kasich names, making fun of how he eats food. it reminds me of what he said about carly fiorina's face. this is not running for third grade bully of the sand box, this is about voters choosing the next president of the united states and i think they see why donald trump is not that candidate. >> let me ask you because we've been hearing a lot about how mr.
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trump will try to be more presidential, more professional in the words of paul manafort but now he's insulting the way that john kasich eats pancakes? >> well, here's the deal. mr. trump is different at the rallies. paul was 100% right when he said he's a different person at the rallies. he is talking to his people, the american people who are going out and voting for donald j. trump, not what they're doing for senator cruz or governor kasich. the voters are at the rallies so he has fun, he talks different, his tone is different. when he's in a more serious setting, it's absolutely a different mr. trump. but his policies are still the same regardless of what his audience is. and if he wants to choose to talk about how he eats pancakes, that's his business but his beliefs and his policies are still 100% the same. these are just two grown men that have to gang up together to try to even win one state. the voters will decide and tomorrow will be a huge day for the trump campaign.
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i cannot wait. >> the voters will decide so trump should not be afraid of this. at the end of the day he should man up and win the votes. >> and he will. and he is. he's not afraid. >> that's a good point, jake. two-faced trump goes to the rnc just last week with his representatives and paul manafort says everything they're doing is all for show. that's the point we're trying to make. >> that is not true. >> we are tired of politicians telling you one thing and turning around and doing another. if his policies are the same, why won't he release the transcripts of the "new york times" sg times". >> he is. this is happening. >> he's afraid of what he says behind closed doors. >> tana, i'll come to you in a second because there are reports that senator cruz is vetting vice presidential candidates, including carly fiorina. is it possible that ted cruz might announce a running mate in the next few days or the next few weeks?
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>> any responsible future leader of the free world has to be looking at having a potential successor in a vice president, so the answer as we've confirmed before that he is vetting a number of solid candidates and certainly miss fiorina is absolutely one of them. she's one of the most talented business leaders of modern times. >> tana, what do you make of the fact that senator cruz is vetting a possible running mate. >> i think that's putting the cart before the horse. senator cruz is not even in the running and he should take his open advice he gave to john kasich and get out of the race. >> all right, thank you so much. forget bernie sanders, hillary clinton is already acting like the democratic nominee and focusing on her republican opponents. but sanders is not quite ready to let her pivot to the general election just yet. stay with us. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis
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welcome back. more now on our politics lead. democratic presidential candidates making their final pushes before another round of super tuesday tomorrow. a total of 384 delegates are at stake as voters will cast their ballots in five states.
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pennsylvania, maryland, connecticut, rhode island and delaware. secretary of state hillary clinton is gearing up for another rally in philadelphia after having a couple of other events earlier today, including this one in youngwood, pennsylvania, a couple of hours ago. senator bernie sanders will also have a rally in the city of brotherly love this evening but he may have some work cut out for him. let's bring in brianna keilar in the great city of philadelphia. clinton is polling ahead of sanders in the commonwealth of pennsylvania by 14 points, according to one recent poll. how does senator sanders think he's going to do tomorrow? >> reporter: he and his campaign, jake, think they're going to pick up a lot of delegates, but they're certainly not declaring victory and it may be telling that senator sanders, we are expecting tomorrow, is going to be in west virginia. so he is looking ahead even towards this state that won't -- where voters won't be going to the polls for another couple of weeks, even as sanders and clinton gear up for dueling rallies here in philadelphia.
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on the eve of primaries in five states, hillary clinton is taking aim at donald trump. >> donald trump says wages are too high in america and he doesn't support raising the minimum wage. i have said come out of those towers named for yourself and actually talk to and listen to people. >> reporter: clinton ratcheting up her attacks on the front-runner at a campaign stop in delaware. >> don't just fly that big jet in and land it, go make a big speech, insult everybody you can think of, then get back on that jet and go back to your country clubhouse in florida or your penthouse in new york. >> reporter: she's trying to position herself as the unifying alternative to trump. releasing an ad called love and kindness. >> america is stronger when we are all supporting one another. >> reporter: but as clinton looks to the general election, practically ignoring bernie sanders in her stump speech,
1:17 pm
sanders is fully engaged in his primary battle, hitting clinton in connecticut today. >> let me take a moment to talk about some of the differences between secretary clinton and myself. for a start, i am very proud to come before you and tell you i do not have a super pac. >> reporter: trailing considerably in the pledged delegate count, sanders pushed back on critics who say he can't catch up to clinton on cnn's "state of the union." >> i think we do have a path to victory. i think we have come a very, very long way in the last year and we're going to fight for every last vote until california and the d.c. primary. >> reporter: as clinton faces criticism from sanders, she's getting consideration from an unlikely place, conservative mega donor and billionaire, charles koch. he said sunday it's possible clinton could be better than the gop nominee. >> we would have to believe her actions would be quite different
1:18 pm
than her rhetoric, let me put it that way. but on some of the republican candidates, before we could support them, we'd have to believe their actions would be quite different from the rhetoric we've heard so far. >> reporter: but clinton was quick to respond, tweeting not interested in endorsements from people who deny climate science and try to make it harder for people to vote. meanwhile, jake, "the new york times" is reporting that the veepstakes is already beginning with the clinton campaign. campaign advisers are starting in on a list of about 15 to 20 possible running mates for hillary clinton. among them current obama administration secretaries julian castro and tom perez as well as tim kaine and mark warner along with senator elizabeth warren and former massachusetts governor duval patrick so a sign of how confident the clinton campaign is that they're going to clinch the nomination here.
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>> all right, brianna keilar, thank you. don't forget to watch tomorrow night for our super tuesday election coverage that starts at 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on "the lead." preplanned executions are how police are describing the murdsers of eight family members in ohio. new evidence may provide some insight into a possible motive. then marked for death? cnn speaks to a man who says he is on the u.s. kill list and has survived four drone strikes. is he a terrorist?
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and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. the national lead now, a manhunt
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under way in the execution-style murders of eight family members in rural ohio. their bodies found inside four different homes friday morning in the small town of piketon, ohio, about 90 miles east of cincinnati. each victim of the rhoden family has methodically shot in the head in what investigators are describing as preplanned executions. the youngest victim just 16 years old. the oldest, just 44. the killer or killers left three young children at the homes alive, including a newborn just 4 days old. another huge discovery, sophisticated marijuana growing operations inside three of the four homes, leading investigators to question whether drugs played a role in the motive behind the murders. nick valencia joins me in piketon, ohio. law enforcement has no idea at all who might be behind these murders? >> reporter: if they are any closer to catching whoever did this, they aren't giving us any indication. whoever did this remains on the run. people here are widely
1:25 pm
speculating that drugs played a role in the murders. on the road that leads to the crime scenes, we meet stan, the rhoden's neighbor. he says although he was home at the time of the shootings, he didn't hear anything. most people in this part of rural pike county prefer to keep to themselves. >> what does it say about the area, the community? >> nothing. we're all good people. this just happened to be a hiccup, that's all. i don't worry about stuff like that. >> reporter: while he may not be worried, plenty of people in piketon are, including a best friend of one of the victims. >> i've been telling my kids, you know, just be careful, watch over your shoulder and don't go far and let me know where you're at. i worry. i worry a lot. >> can you imagine if you lived in a small community and someone came in and killed eight members of a family, four different homes. >> reporter: ohio attorney general mike dewine has tried to comfort the locals, while at the same time keeping the details about the investigation close to his chest.
1:26 pm
he says for good reason. >> you don't want to tell the bad guys everything that you know. you want to keep them guessing. that's pretty much it. so much as i would like to inform everyone about everything, we're going to stay to process and we're going to talk about what we've done, but we're not going to talk about the results. >> reporter: over the weekend, about 100 friends and family of the victims gathered at a nearby church to find comfort. phil fulton is the pastor there. >> i cannot believe how anyone could kill a mother with her 4-day-old baby in her arms. that's out of my realm of thinking, that anyone could do that, how heartless. >> reporter: from outside appearances, piketon looks like your typical small town. nice place to live, nice place to raise a family even. but you don't have to dig deep to see its dark side. all you have to do is pick up a
1:27 pm
local newspaper and read the headlines. it was just a couple of years ago that authorities here discovered a major marijuana grow operation with ties to the mexican drug cartels. while authorities have not connected the murders to drugs, the discovery of a marijuana grow operation at the victims' residences is only fueling the rumors that the rhodens were connected to some bad people. people capable of this. >> there's blood all over the house. my brother-in-law is in the bedroom and it looks like someone has beat the hell out of him. >> with the killer or killers on the loose, many in this community are taking added precautions, especially members of the extended rhoden family. yesterday at a press conference a sheriff issued a startling warning to them. arm yourselves. jake. >> nick, thank you so much. also in ohio today, we learned the city of cleveland will pay $6 million to the family of tamir rice, the 12-year-old boy killed by police. the money settles a lawsuit filed by his family earlier this
1:28 pm
year. that day a 911 caller reported someone in a park waving around what appeared to be a toy gun. officer trainee timothy lomman shot rice just two seconds after arriving and getting out of his patrol car. dispatchers never told responding officers that the gun was likely a toy gun. it turned out to be a pellet gun. the terms of the settlement acknowledged for fault in rice's death. back in december a grand jury decided not to indict the officer. they called the event the perfect storm of human error, but not a criminal act. our buried lead now, today in kendall county, illinois, a lawsuit was filed against the longest serving republican house speaker in american history, dennis hastert. the suit demands more than $1.8 million to compensate for the alleged sexual abuse committed by hastert years ago when he was a wrestling coach. the civil suit comes as the
1:29 pm
criminal case against hastert comes to an end. on friday 41 letters were released testifying to the character of hastert. hastert pleaded guilty, as you may recall, to the criminal charge related to his trying to hide $3.5 million in hush money that he agreed to pay this same individual whom he abused when the victim was 14 years old, according to prosecutors. hastert will be sentenced wednesday. the letters, written by some very powerful people, asked for leniency. they were letters written after hastert admitted past wrongdoing but before the latest prosecution filing, so the nature of the charges, although not the details, were known before letters were written. hastert has not disappointed me in any way, wrote tom delay. he is a man of strong faith and great integrity. he doesn't deserve what he is going through. we all have our flaws, but dennis hastert has very few.
1:30 pm
one of those flaws is no longer prosecutable and that is to assault boys on the wrestling team he used to coach. these include intentional touching of minor's groin area and genitals or oral sex with a minor. a motel room with minors that violated the special trust between those young boys and their coach. speaking of which, former congressman john dolittle writes that hastert in congress was often referred to as coach and was a member's member. he always made sure that congress awarded members their annual cost of living adjustment. okay. so we'll put that in the list of hastert accomplishments, along with this, prosecutors say hastert took then 14-year-old individual a to wrestling camp and insisted he stay in his room in a motel where hastert touched him, quote, in an inappropriate sexual way. individual b told investigators as a high school freshman on the wrestling team, one day he found
1:31 pm
himself alone in the locker room with hastert who told him to get on a table and hastert sexually assaulted him. porter goss, on capitol hill many viewed hastert as mr. main street america. a rock solid guy with center of the country values. perhaps the speaker's greatest gift to the house was trust. steven reinbolt told his sister that hastert abused him throughout high school. the sister was stunned. she always thought hastert was like a father figure because she and her siblings had a difficult home life. one of the letters wrote i would be amazed if you would receive a bad word about denny hastert from any congressperson. based on these letters, that appears to be true. i suppose if one is going to commit sexual assault against children, if you get caught, it helps if you've been a member of congress. another north korea
1:32 pm
ballistic missile launch, this one from a submarine. why it may be the most frightening one yet. that story next.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. when is a ground troop not a ground troop? the president on saturday afternoon gave a pretty hard and fast no when asked about whether he would dispatch american troops to syria. >> it would be a mistake for the united states or great britain or a nation of western states to send in ground troops and overthrow the assad regime. >> apparently we were only supposed to pay attention to the very last part of that sentence, the one about overthrowing
1:37 pm
syrian president bashar al assad's regime. watching president obama this morning announcing hundreds more american troops heading to syria to fight isis. >> i've approved the deployment of up to 250 additional u.s. personnel in syria, including special forces, to keep up this momentum. >> barbara star is lir is live s from the pentagon. they're not combat troops and they're not boots on the ground? >> reporter: well, that's what the pentagon perhaps would like people to think but the reality, of course, is this. there are a growing number of very combat-capable u.s. troops on the ground in both syria and iraq. to get to isis fighters like these seen in a recent propaganda video, president obama is sending 250 additional u.s. troops into syria. most, special operations forces. the president says the u.s.
1:38 pm
troops will not have a combat mission. >> they're not going to be leading the fight on the ground, but they will be essential in providing the training and assisting local forces that continue to drive isil back. >> reporter: the additional 250 troops will join 50 already there, and it will be dangerous. military medical personnel are also deploying. >> any special forces troops that we deploy into iraq or syria are going to be combat-equipped troops. they may be in circumstances where they find themselves in harm's way because these are dangerous places. >> reporter: but the president has accepted the pentagon's recommendation that it's worth the risk. >> their expertise has been critical as local forces have driven isil hough key areas. >> reporter: the goal now, raqqah. isis' self-declared capital, the center of its so-called caliphate. the special operations forces will try to bring more sunni
1:39 pm
arab fighters into the mix who would be willing to help fight to get raqqah back. the u.s. will train arabs and kurds to spot targets for coalition air strikes. it will also accompany them onto the battlefield to offer realtime advice, but not go all the way to the front lines. and they will be able to gather critical intelligence, something james clapper, the director of national intelligence, welcomes. >> at any time you get ears and eyes on the ground, that's a good thing. >> reporter: and in iraq, another 200 u.s. troops, military advisers are also going in. they are going to help get the iraqi troops ready to retake the city of mosul there. also look for u.s. apache gunship helicopters and army long-range ground-based h howitzers to get involved. they are considered by many to be the most critical weapon
1:40 pm
of retaliation in the worst case scenario of nuclear war. missiles launched from submarines. which is why north korea's latest move might be the most alarming, especially to u.s. officials and especially to those who protect us on u.s. bases throughout the pacific. over the weekend, the hermit kingdom launched another missile, but this time it was a ballistic missile from a sub, which requires much more technical sophistication and advancement. i want to bring in jim sciutto. how serious is this latest test by north korea? >> this has been a military priority for north korea for some time. it's been marked by a series of failures. but as one official told me this weekend, with this test it's gone from a joke to something very serious. why a joke? let's look at these photos here n a previous attempt last year, it was a failure and the way that u.s. officials knew it was a failure is because they had to doctor the photos. how did they know that? because the flame plume coming out of the back of that
1:41 pm
sub-launched missile did not match its reflection in the water so such a failure that they in effect had to create a fake photograph showing success there. subsequent tests, one of them nearly sunk a north korean submarine, but this one in the words of another u.s. defense official was essentially successful, at least in the view of u.s. intelligence going forward. >> why is a missile launch from a sub more concerning? >> this is more concerning for a couple of reasons. a sub-launched missile extends the range of the missile so it could be short or medium range, but if you could float that submarine up to the u.s. coast or a port, it's clearly a much bigger threat but it's much more difficult to track. you can throw up all the missile defense you want to around north korea from south korea and there's already patriot missile systems there. they're talking about the so-called thad system, deploying that to south korea. you could box that in. but if you can get a subout from under that umbrella in effect,
1:42 pm
it takes away the effect of those missile defenses. >> what is the u.s. most concerned about with this test? is it that a north korean submarine will approach american shores or just more that we don't know about in terms of their capabilities? >> i think it's a combination. and it doesn't even have to get to the american shores because that sub could travel a lot shorter distance and still get in range, for instance, of japan, south korea, as well as u.s. bases in asia. there are a lot of potential targets there that worry u.s. officials. >> jim sciutto, thank you so much. marked for death, cnn speaks to a man who says he is on the u.s. kill list and he survived four drone strikes. plus investigators trying to close in on prince's cause of death, including a closer look at events that happened just days before. don'don't go to la, don't go to tokyo. live there. "come in, come in" when you airbnb, you have your own home. make your bed. cook.
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welcome back to "the lead." the president's weapon of choice to, as the military says, prosecute terrorists is the drone. prosecute is the administration's legalese for kill and drones do kill quite often in places such as afghanistan, searia, somalia,
1:47 pm
libya and pakistan. the identities of the people on the so-called kill list, a dossier of high-valued targets marked for death are classified. you can guess a few who are probably on the list like isis leader abu baker al baghdadi but one man is certain the u.s. wants to end his life and that they have tried and failed to do it four times. clarissa ward spoke with this man and she joins us from london. >> reporter: jake, malik jalal is adamant that he is no terrorist. pakistani tribal elder malik jalal is convinced he is on the u.s.' kill list. he is from the dangerous region along the afghan border. a one-time taliban stronghold that has born the brunt of the u.s. drone campaign in pakistan.
1:48 pm
>> translator: since 2010, there have been four drone attacks that occurred very close to me. in one of the attacks, the glass window in the back of my car was broken. in another attack my car was completely destroyed. >> do you have any evidence to back up your claim that you're on a kill list? >> translator: i haven't seen the list with my own eyes, but afghans who work as translators with the cia have td me that i'm on it. >> reporter: he told us that friends and family have been killed in strikes he believes were targeting him. he resorted to sleeping outside, away from his children, in case of another strike. he even moved to a different city. and eventually he decided to come to the u.k., to ask the government here to help him clear his name and to raise aware ne awareness about the impact of drones on his community. >> translator: i have come to the u.k. because the u.k. is close to america. whenever america attacks anyone, the u.k. supports them.
1:49 pm
>> a lot of people watching this will say if you are on a kill list, there must be a reason for it. how do you respond to that? >> translator: i would say that an elderly mother was attacked by drones. what sin did she commit? 120 to 130 children were killed. what wrong did these children do? the only sin of these people was that we wear turbans and in the eye of america, they see us all at taliban. >> reporter: under president obama the use of drones has increased exponentially, particularly in pakistan. according to the bureau of investigative journalism, at least 250 civilians have been killed since 2009, prompting a wave of protests across the country. jalal says he is not a terrorist and he does not support the taliban. he believes the only solution is to sp the drone strikes and start negotiations, with the hope that eventually he can go back home.
1:50 pm
>> translator: even in my dreams i see my house. i love my family and the people of the village and this love is always there, 24 hours in my heart. but the americans have forced me to leave. >> reporter: the rate of drone strikes has gone down dramatically in pakistan with just two recorded this year. cnn did reach out to the cia, which runs drone operations inside pakistan, to ask about mr. jalal's case. we were told simply that the cia does not comment on such matters. british authorities told us the same. but jake, it seems unlikely that mr. jalal is on this list of targeted terrorists if he was able to get a visa to travel here to the u.k. jake? >> interesting. clarissa ward in london, thank you so much. the obama administration said it will release a public accounting due to u.s. drone strikes in the coming weeks. we have yet to see that report.
1:51 pm
for the first time we're hearing from the pilot that was flying prince's private plane, the one that made the emergency landing less than a week before his death. his call for help as they suddenly changed course. that story next. the bud light party believes in change. that's why bud light has a new look...
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♪ ♪ purple rain, purple rain >> we're back with today's money lead. prince once again topping the charts as fans look to replay some of his greatest moments. sales of two prince albums spiked, hitting the top of billboard's 200 list. the very best of prince was
1:56 pm
number one. the "purple rain" soundtrack was number two. fans bought nearly 600,000 copies of those titles online and in stores. prince songs are the most popular online with more than 2 million downloads since his death last thursday. amc theaters have yet to release their figures after releasing "purple rain" the movie this weekend for some limited showings. the movie made nearly $70 million back when it was first released in 1984. prince was a meticulous businessman but it is unclear if he had a will. much of his music catalog remains unheard, locked up at his paisley park estate near minneapolis. a spokesman for prince would not say who gets control of his mega complex and the priceless musical treasures inside. meanwhile, we are learning some newetails about the days leading up to the singer's death. ryan young joins me from paisley park. investigators have been looking into the emergency landing that prince's made just a few days before his death.
1:57 pm
>> reporter: yeah, jake, this has been a big conversation. everybody is trying to put that timeline together to see exactly what happened to the superstar. we know six days before his death he did a show in atlanta and was then on a private flight back to here, to minnesota. then all of a sudden he had to make an emergency landing in moline, illinois. you can hear part of this recording for yourself. >> what's the nature of the emergency? >> an unresponsive passenger. >> was it a male or female maer passenger? >> male passenger. >> reporter: now, there's been a lot of talk about flu-like symptoms so people have been trying to figure out what happened to the superstar after they landed. we talked to someone who said they saw him saturday and after this emergency he walked into a music store and then talked about a party. people came here saturday night and they saw the superstar and he talked about the atlanta show, talked about more recordings that were coming out. and then he told everybody don't worry about me, save your prayers. don't believe everything you're reading so it seemed like he's
1:58 pm
okay. everyone they talked to said they never thought this was going to happen. >> ryan, we know families and close friends held a private ceremony over the weekend. what do you know of any plans to hold a public celebration? >> reporter: you know, this has been the big conversation throughout this area, because obviously people want to see this place turned into a graceland type memorial. thousands of people have been showing up over the weekend. the one thing they kept asking us do you think there will be a musical tribute. we were told there would be one. we're sure it would take massive planning but people are looking forward to it. as you see behind me, people are still gathering here. they opened the road back up but it hasn't stopped people from flowing in coming by to pay their respects to a man they loved so much because of what hement to the area. >> i hear there's a state senator who has an idea for a more lasting tribute to prince? >> reporter: they're talking about turning the state color purple.
1:59 pm
obviously you have the minnesota vikings at play in this area and they wear purple as well. but everyone who's walked out here, you see the purple. it's a stream of people wherever you go. when you go out to eat, everyone is wearing purple so they have really embraced this color. as you see the color around the world, they want this to remain a thing about minnesota. >> ryan young, thank you so much. the sports lead now. it could be the first time in a very long time that we start an nfl season without peyton manning or tom brady. a federal appeals court has ruled in favor of the nfl, reinstating brady's original four-game suspension imposed by commissioner roger goodell. this, of course, over the deflategate allegations made a couple of seasons ago against the new england patriots. that year would become another super bowl winning season for the pats, of course. brady played in all 16 regular season games last year after a federal judge wiped out that original suspension. be sure to tune into cnn tomorrow for our special coverage of the so-called amtrak or acela primaries. voters in connecticut, rhode island, pennsylvania, maryland
2:00 pm
and delaware all heading to the polls. coverage begins at 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on "the lead." that's it for "the lead." today. i'm jake tapper. i turn you over to mr. wolf blitzer who is right next door in "the situation room." i can see him right now. thanks for watching. now, splitting the donald trump's rivals teaming up in a new effort to deny delegates to the republican front-runner. ted cruz and john kasich announcing their plan to divide and conquer the remaining primary states. will it block trump from the nomination? food fight. donald trump now in an all-out war with his rivals calling them desperate and weak, even attacking john kasich over the way he eats. >> he has a news conference all the time when he's eating. i have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion. unab.