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tv   Americas Choice 2016 Super Tuesday 4  CNN  April 26, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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lyin' ted announced that he can't win by himself. >> if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee, if you don't want to see hillary clinton as the next president, then i ask you to join us. >> so he said, let me form a partnership. >> i don't tell voters what to do. it's up to them i would like to see an open conversion. ted cruz would like to see an open convention. >> it's called collusion, lks. >> we will have the future that we deserve, if we work together. i will stand up and fight for you. >> if you come out to vote, drag your friends and your aunts and uncles, coworkers, we're going to win here in pennsylvania.
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. five candidates, five states, the road to the white house narrows and makes its way through the northeast today. hundreds of delegates, where primaries are now underway. both hillary clinton and donald trump hoping to sweep these states. even though the delegates williwill be doled out proportionately. fighting for 172. there may be new cracks forming in the shocking stop trump alliance between ted cruz and john kasich. kasich will focus on orgegon, fund-raiser and holding meetings in indiana. he tells anderson cooper he won't usual his supporters to vote for cruz. >> you know, don't tell voters what to do. it's up to them. you also have resources in the campaign. they want to husband their
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resources in certain places, and we want to husband ours. >> governor kasich made the decision to pull out of the state of indiana, and to focus his time and energy in other states. we made the decision to go all in in indiana. >> our correspondents covering the high stakes states. let's start with jim acosta, live in philadelphia. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. the polls show donald trump is about to take a big lead toward the gop nomination today, as he is heavily favored to win all of the states that are up for grabs on this tuesday, and he is ridiculing the alliance formed by ted cruz and john kasich, saying this morning that it is already falling apart. here is what trump had to say earlier this morning on one of the morning shows. >> when i first heard about it, i said you've got to be kidding. they're not going to do that. it will make them look weak, it looks like collusion. it proves my word it is a rigged system twoch system two insiders, they want
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to rig the system. >> reporter: now, despite this cruz/kasich deal, the ohio governor still scheduled as you said, carol, to attend a fund-raiser in indiana, even though he has supposedly agreed to stop campaigning. a cruz official tells me that that is no big deal. they still see that arrangement between the two candidate as giving them the best chance at winning. as for the trump campaign, a source tells me this pact could have some effect in indiana, but not on the overall race or nomination. as for pennsylvania, where we are this morning, the trump campaign tells us they are mindful of the fact that the state has some pretty complicated delegate rules, so they have stationed volunteers at polling places across the state to hand out information on the delegates. carol, as you know, trump could win in a blow out and still lose delegates to cruz. that's an area they're trying to avoid. >> jim, reporting live in philadelphia. maryland, polls have been opened
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about two hours now. brian todd is there. he joins us from baltimore. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. a lot of even thnthusiasm here maryland. they had early vote are from april 14th through the 21st. record turnout for it. this is the mount washington, paper ballots here for the first time in a long time, because the state legislature wanted that. they passed that a couple of years ago. we're going to go downstairs here, because the rules say that we have to interview people outside the polling place. it's privacy issues. it's also they don't want us to get in voters' way, so in order to interview someone, we have to go out the door here. we're heading out the door. we've got an interesting story here. this is 18-year-old morgan hopson. you were kind of split you told
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me between sanders and clinton. why were you slit? >> i feel like sanders shares a lot of my ideals in terms of like economic policy, but i think hillary is more experienced in putting a lot of good policy into action. >> how exciting is it to be out here, first time you came out here with your younger sister and parent, how exciting is this in. >> it is exciting, especially in this election, which is a little strange one, but it's exciting, yeah. >> good luck, morgan. thanks for talking to us. it is a strange one. we've heard that all season long. this a hillary clinton strong hold around baltimore, even in maryland near washington. hillary expected to win this state pretty handedly over bernie sanders. donald trump should score well here. it could be a big day for both those candidates. >> i like that, morgan made it a family affair. that's awesome. brian, thank you so much. let's go to connecticut.
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>> reporter: i talk to the mod rat -- moderator, he says he isn't seen the biggest voter turnout, but he does expect it to pick up. it did pick up right before 9:00 when people headed to work. one thing to note that's interesting here in connecticut, registered republican, when you get in, you get the ballot, ben carson's name is on the ballot. i reached out to the secretary of state to ask about that, and i was told that the candidate has to be asked or has to ask, rather, to be removed from the ballot by march 21st, and the secretary of state said they reached out to the carson camp several times, haven't heard back, so his name is on the ballot. he could get votes, so we'll see if that happens in the state of connecticut. carol. >> all right, brynn. thanks so much. not many people think the cruz/kasich alliance will fly.
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donald trump tweeting this morning, quote, the cruz/kasich pact under great strain. joke of a deal is falling apart. very dumb. kasich says trump is just scared. >> i know it's like a bombshell to everybody. i heard what you said in this race, everything is always on changing, but look, i would like to is he an open convention. ted cruz would like to see an open convention. i think trump would not. he is afraid if he goes to an open convention, he has no chance of winning. >> trump appears unphased. slamming kasich's table manners. >> lyin' ted announced that he can't win by himself. he cannot do it. he is a joker. he cannot do it. you look at kasich, i don't think he knows what -- did you see him, he has the news conference all the time when he is eating. i have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion. this guy takes a pancake and he
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is shoving it in his mouth. it's disgusting. do you want that for your president? i don't think so. >> do i look like a president. how handsome am i, right? how handsome. >> okay, with me now, scottie hughes, a surrogate and come men tate for usa radio network. cruz supporter of the family leader. also john kasich supporter, and former republican, peter hukstra. peter, mr. trump says the alliance between john kasich and ted cruz is not working. so explain to me how you think it might work today. >> well, it's very straightforward, as john said in the lead up to this. both he and senator cruz want an open convention. governor kasich has said that he is not going to campaign in indiana. he is going to leave the road wide open for senator cruz in indiana.
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senator cruz said, hey, i'm going to leave the pathway wide open for governor kasich in oregon and new mexico, meaning that the expectation is that they're going to get more delegates pledged to eem each of the candidates each campaigned in all three states. they get more delegates. it means it will be harder for donald trump to get the 1,237. it's very straightforward. you don't need to read too much into it. >> okay, well, i know. it sounded complicated to me, though. but i get what you're saying. but bob, here is the thing. john kasich isn't telling his supporters to vote for ted cruz. so doesn't that kind of spoil what, you know, peter just said? >> well, i don't think it does at all. i think what it does is by kasich allowing ted cruz to campaign solo head to head against donald trump in indiana will be a good thing. the reason you see kasich and cruz wanting an open convention and trump not wanting an open
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con investigation is because trump is not a republican. he is not a conservative. people know that. people savvy to the process, they're never going to give the nomination to donald trump in cleveland. it becomes a delegate game. the delegate game is if we can stop trump from getting the 1,237 before cleveland, we have a great opportunity to win it in cleveland. >> you might have a good point, scottie, because where he is expected to win big in pennsylvania, i think about 54 delegates are unbound, so they could go to the convention and throw their support behind anyone they choose. >> of course these two want to go to a convention. that's the only chance they have at this point. the people have not chosen them to be the primary nominee of the gop. so it depends on who do you want to represent the people, or the politician, and donald trump has the majority of the delegates, the majority of the popular vote. he has the majority. he is winning in every single category. these two guys are looking for every last hope they can. here is what is interesting
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about this whole friendship between the two of them. i don't understand why kasich agreed to it. bro mance is falling apart. indiana is a winner take all by congressional district. oregon and new next co mexico. john kasich should be popular in indiana. all they did is take out his biggest contender, the biggest rival which was john kasich, and he fell for it. so it really talks about why the strategy within the kasich cam pa pain to agree to this, considering ted cruz skam to them, hey, get out of the state you have the best chance of winning. look at the other two states, where it's not the same type of proportion, you don't have the ground game. plus in oregon, the mailer that was put out by the state of elections there, just accidentally, well, the
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indicatikasich campaign, so the only information that went out was about donald trump and ted cruz to every oregon republican registered voter in the state. >> okay. >> that right there shows a little bit of a mishap that goes into ted cruz and donald trump's benefit. >> okay, so another question for you, peter. let's say john kasich is successful and he goes to the convention and somehow he becomes the nominee. won't the republican party be so fractured at that point that it will be impossible for governor kasich to win? >> no, i don't think so at all. i think that republicans after this convention are going to be united. they have, you know, they have more in common than what separates them. >> even if more republicans vote for donald trump in the primary? >> well, donald trump is get being 38 -- >> leaps and bounds over john kasich. >> he is getting about 38% of the popular vote at this point. he has 48% of the delegates, and you know, that way i agree with him. it is a rigged system.
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but no republicans will be united. we have more in common than what separates us. a conservative will drive economic growth, drive security and a much better president than either hillary clinton or bernie sanders. republican also come together, because there is so much at risk in 2016. >> so bob, i'll ask you the same thing. will republicans really come together if it's a contested convention and really ugly? won't voters be disenfranchised by the whole process? >> i don't think so. i think republicans will be united. agree with congressman on this. the greatest uniters is going to be hillary clinton as the nominee. it depends on the candidates, in particular, donald trump. everybody needs to act like the adult in the room. this is about winning for the future of this country. you're going to see the delegates. i don't think there will be a great heated contested convention. i think people will do it in a very adult and professional like
6:14 am
manner, in choosing the candidate. if ted cruz comes out of this as the nominee, i do believe people will unite quickly in order to beat hillary clinton. >> okay, so scottie, it won't be donald trump or ted cruz or john kasich that yunites the republican party. >> i agree with him. i love the fact that they are going to endorse whoever the top nominee, whoever the nominee is, which at this point is highly likely mr. trump. what happened yesterday, this bro-mance, it just strengthened mr. trump and it will be a turning point why mr. trump will get over the magic number by the time we get to the convention and it will all be a moot point. >> all right, bob, scottie, peter, thanks to all of you. still to come in the newsroom, read it and sweep. hillary clinton expected to win big today. but bernie sanders says he is
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today, hillary clinton tries to sweep five northeastern primaries and shut out sanders for the democratic nomination. clinton is favored to win big today, sanders is vowing to stay in the fight. >> we've got a path to victory and we're going to fight it to the last vote is cast. it is a narrow path but we do have a path of the we're in it until the end. i think that when you look at national polling, we're in virtually national poll and every statewide poll, bernie sanders runs a lot better against donald trump and other republican candidates than does hillary clinton. i think you've got super delegates there that say you know what, we need a strong candidate. we need a candidate that can beat trump, maybe bernie sanders is that candidate. >> the stakes are high, nearly 400 delegates up for grabs today, so let's get to cnn's
6:20 am
chris frates, outside of philadelphia in blue bell. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, carol. welcome to super tuesday, the quatro, trickling into the polls here in pennsylvania, 189 delegates at stake, biggest prize of all states going to the polls. >> you have an enormously important democratic primary. >> reporter: bernie sanders calling for his supporters to turn out. >> if you come out to vote, drag your friends your aunts and your uncles coworkers, we're going to win here in pennsylvania. >> reporter: 400 delegates up for grabs, hillary clinton could widen her delegate lead and effectively close the doors on sanders. >> i will stand up and fight for you. >> reporter: on the stump, clinton already looking past her democratic rival, and focusin f
6:21 am
on general election opponents. >> when i hear the rhetoric coming from donald trump and ted cruz, it is deeply troubling, because it is not only offensive, it is dangerous. >> reporter: the secretary of state is expected to win big. her likely clean sweep is forcing sanders to sat right his speeches contrast between them. >> the differences between secretary clinton and myself, secretary clinton -- secretary clinton. >> ready for him concede. >> i didn't say if he does x, y, z, maybe i'll support him. i said i am supporting senator obama. >> sanders argues he'll do whatever he can to keep a republican out of the white house, it is up to clinton to swayed voters to her side. if you want a sense of how clinton and sanders think they
6:22 am
will do tonight, clinton will be down the road in philadelphia, here in pennsylvania, she is leading bernie sanders in the keystone state. sander also have already moved on. that's no surprise, because he is not doing nearly as well, but as we heard, sanders note counting himself out, saying he'll take it to the end and he will have the money and support to do just that, carol. >> all right, chris, reporting live from blue bell, pennsylvania. it does not sound like sander also concede, even if he loses all five states, mathematically impossible, party unity, maybe not so much. robert wolf with me now. host of impact players for reuters on youtube. >> good morning. >> mrs. clinton leads by 2.7 million vote, all five primaries are closed. mr. sanders --
6:23 am
>> four. >> rhode island, yeah, okay. sanders has not won a single state with a closed primary. sanders has to win six out of ten delegates to deny her the nomination. >> right. 3 >> so what does bernie sanders want? >> so some of the things that we're not paying attention to here is not that just bernie sanders won't have enough pledged delegate, but hillary clinton won't. even if she wins the next five state, she will not reach based on the california primary, 475 delegates, tied in california right now and he keeps moving up. she will not reach -- >> is he shooting for an open convention? it is a narrow path. >> it is a narrow path for both of them to clirchl the nomination. >> narrow path for bernie sanders. >> rules are the rules. simple as that. half of the party is divided right now and don't forget, we have the majority of new -- new voter registrations, registrants
6:24 am
are independents. 43% of them are independents. people who would probably be democrats 20 years ago. >> is he shooting for an open convention? is that what he wants. >> we want reform at the d nc, think it is important, because they have a responsibility to voters, lobbyists should not be super delegates, there for -- >> it is not going to change, so he wants to change that going forward down the line? >> i don't know. i think we have to see how the numbers play out. i mean, if she wins the next five states by a wide margin, we might be having a different conversation. but again, california has the right to vote in this primary. they are 475 delegates, and they're tied in california right now. that's very important to keep in mind. >> okay, so mrs. clinton said bernie sanders, you should concede, like she did when she was running against president obama in 2008 or senator obama. but really, it was a whole different story, because secretary clinton knew she was going to run for president
6:25 am
again, right? bernie sanders is probably not going to run for president again. he is 74 years old. so he has to like get what he can out of this. so is it fair to mrs. clinton to continue saying, oh, he should do what i did back in 2008? >> a couple of things. first, let's talk about today. a great day for me, because i went to school in philly, i worked in connecticut. she'll do incredibly well today. the pledged delegates will once again add to her lead. let's first talk facts. hillary is winning. she 250 pledged delegates ahead. not only super delegates, up 700 pledged, and 2.5 million popular vote, she is not saying that he should concede. at the time that he decides to opt out -- >> no, she wants him to throw his support for her. >> and by the way, as a democratic party, that's the most important thing that we do unify. as you know, i was an obama -- >> why should bernie sanders,
6:26 am
because today's scenario is quite different than it was back in 2008? why shouldn't he stay in until the convention. >> he can decide what he wants. i don't think the secretary said you should concede. that's not accurate. what she has said is she was closer to obama on both delegates and votes, maybe even ahead of obama than bernie is to her. so at the right time, when there a unity ticket, they have more in common than they don't, and it's time that we unify. in my opinion, listen, if you win ohio, florida, pennsylvania, new york, massachusetts, as a democratic nominee, okay, you are the party's -- you are the party nominee. >> margins, too, we have to keep in mind, it's not winner take all. >> most important states, florida, ohio, the swing states. >> but again, isn't this bernie sanders' last chance to get his a have en da -- his agenda pushed forward?
6:27 am
>> listen, no question it's great what bernie has done to date, his rhetoric is working. he has gotten out the vote. i think it's incredibly exciting. but to win the election, we need them to come together and i'm hoping that bernie helps get out the vote. but listen, let's be clear. the secretary will have president obama, michelle obama, president clinton, the entire democratic party, hopefully all working together, to make sure we don't have a chance of getting donald trump as our next president. >> and i know bernie sanders doesn't want that, either. on the other hand, it appears that secretary clinton is at least trying to adopt some of bernie sanders' ideas, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> she hasn't agreed to that. she said $12 an hour. >> but still, she is talking about it, right. >> that's not accurate. she is part of the five for 15. but going from $7.25. >> isn't that a concession to bernie sanders, though? >> i think what we need to
6:28 am
seriously talk about is not just wins, because let's be frank, democrats are not winning. we're not winning the congress, not legislative caucuses, we're losing across the board. if it weren't for president obama, who a sensational candidate, we should be winning everywhere. how do we reform the democratic party. aside from your self-there are plenty of surrogates out there -- >> we're going to into a general election aunds want to talk about that. >> it is not just about the presidency. it is very important. but if we want to win across the board, we have to understand that the future of the party, the current members of the party, are bernie sanders supporters. those under the age of 50, independents, progressives, myself, i am a democratic, i work for the democratic party. guess what? i think it needs to be reformed. a lot of people believe there is too much time fundraising, rather than finding candidates that have ideas, know how to negotiate, have movements in the community. >> is this the time to reform
6:29 am
the democratic party. >> with all due respect, i think what she is doing for the party and for senator sanders is great, but she is talking about what was. let's talk about what will be. okay, there is a high likelihood -- >> she is talking about -- >> i'm talking about my fight you are and my friends' futures. >> there a high likelihood we'll have the presidency. >> really? >> 24 up for grab, disproportionate are republicans. i think actually, we feel pretty good there a good chance we take the senate. senate to senat senator scheimer will be the next senate leader. >> really? you heard it here first. >> go vote! >> that's the important thing. go vote. still to come in the newsroom, hillary clinton targeting donald trump, but not about his policies, but his plane. (man) what i love most about
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. hillary clinton poised to win big today. if she does, she will sharply refocus her campaign. clinton will increasingly take on donald trump. she gave us a hint of how she'll do that by painting trump as an out of touch rich guy. >> you don't just fly that big jet in and land it and go make a big speech, insult everybody you can think of. and then go back, get on the big jet, go back to your country clubhouse in florida or your penthouse in new york. >> but clinton is not exactly looking for loose change between the couch cushions. she and bill clinton earned $28 million in 2014. so is this the best way to take
6:35 am
on the gop frontfront-runner. richard blo richard bloom men blumenthal is with me now. >> thank you, carol. >> what do they want. >> getting results and achieves things and that's what hillary clinton will do. she knows what it takes to accomplish things. whether it's gun violence prevention or creating jobs and economic growth. so important for the country. and i think bernie sanders deserves a lot of credit for bringing into the electorate a lot of folks who otherwise might feel alienated and uninvolved, and i've stood shoulder to shoulder with him in the senate fighting for many of the causes he has espoused, social security, pay equity. but at the end of the day, and
6:36 am
in connecticut today, what will happen is a victory for hillary clinton, because she is on the side of working men and women. ordinary families. >> along those lines, you heard the sound bite i played of hillary clinton attacking donald trump and his big jet. the thing is, though, trump is connecting with blue collar whites, much more so than mrs. clinton is. is this really the best way to attack trump? >> as we come together, and i really believe we'll come together after the primary season is over, because the supporters of bernie sanders really are committed to working families and ordinary men and women, more and more, they will see that donald trump really isn't on their side. he is no the fightit fighting f hillary clinton is a change maker. she gets results, on issues like creating jobs. and accomplishing more to return
6:37 am
manufacturing to the -- >> but trump -- trump supporters would say they like the fact that he is a successful businessman, and that because he is a successful businessman, that will enable him to create jobs. >> not all business people are necessarily good governors. what is needed now is someone who can get results in washingt washington, d.c. break the gridlock. reach across the aisle to members of the other party, as i try to do everyday. we've tried to do, for example, to help our veterans, and hopefully have a new veteran's measure to increase their health benefits and other essential things that i believe hillary clinton is committed to do as well. and on issues -- >> so let me ask you this, though. because hillary clinton is a polarizing figure, right, especially among republicans. do you think she'll be able to
6:38 am
reach across the aisle and get things done if she becomes president of the united states? >> very definitely. in fact, when she was in the senate, that is exactly what she did. and members of the -- >> it was such a different time then. it is so much more different and so much more partisan than it was then. >> i've been in state government, state attorney general, fighting for the people of connecticut and i know what it takes is what hillary clinton has, which is the ability to focus on issues, on specific challenges, like creating jobs. and gun violence prevention. and campaign finance reform. tax reform. immigration reform. she is a change maker. and she knows how to get things done. whether you agree or disagree with her, you can have an honest conversation, and i've known her since we were in law school together almost 40 years ago. we were in the same class, along with bill clinton. and she has always focused on
6:39 am
results, getting things done. that's where i think her strength is. that's why she'll prevail today and in the general election. >> all right, senator richard blumenthal. polls open, who are the rust belt voters backing? jason carroll is finding out. jason. >> reporter: well, voters are weighing in on a number of issues, who is the best person to improve the economy and bring jobs back to the state of pennsylvania. and what do voters think of the deal between kasich and cruz i'll have the details coming up. intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena (dog) mmm, beneful healthy weand low-calorie... keeps me looking good. hey, i get some looks, i hear the whistles. (vo) beneful healthy weight, a delicious, low-calorie meal your dog will love.
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and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. pittsburgh, home of the terrible towel, the roethlisberger, not the quarterback, the sandwich. pittsburgh has reinvented itself after the steel industry collapsed. could that play a big role in who they back today? cnn's jason carroll in pittsburgh with more.
6:44 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, carol. how hard things were, and still are in some parts of the state. right now, we're in mount lebanon, an affluent suburb, few miles south of downtown pittsburgh, traditionally republican, but we're told a few democrats have moved into the area. it's starting to lean democratic. this man is not one of those people. this is john day. good morning to you. you have decided to cast your vote for john kasich. tell me about the decision-making process behind that. >> well, mr. kasich has done wonders in ohio. he is a politician. he has worked with, in congregation and washington. and it's really, this vote is my conscience. i have to vote for him, because i'm really kind of, first of all -- >> reporter: you're making a face. why? >> i'm not sure the two other leading candidates can deliver on what they promise. and i don't want them to deliver
6:45 am
on some of the things they promise. you have to compromise in washington. and -- >> reporter: you're also telling me you're voting for kasich, but don't believe he can go all the way. >> no, i don't, but my conscience until november. >> reporter: what do you think of the deal between kasich and cruz to stop trump. what do you make of it? >> it's interesting. if it works, it works. i i would be surprised if trump will not get the nomination. and if he doesn't, he probably might just run as an independent write in and he'll pull votes. >> reporter: trump polling very well in the state. kasich, the hometown native son, not polling as well. why do you think that is? >> oh, i think trump and cruz have had so much more coverage, and i'm sure they're better funded. but you know, that's one of those things. i mean, the media is definitely
6:46 am
following the show, and the show is trump and cruz on the republican side, mostly. >> reporter: i want to thank you very much for joining us. good luck to you. thank you very much again. again, when it comes to the race in general, clinton on the other side, way ahead in the polls when it comes to the 189 delegates up for grabs on the republican side as you know, carol, 71 delegates up for grabs, 54 unbound, which basically means they can end up voting for whomever they want. the trump campaign doing everything it can to improve its ground game here to make sure that the delegates are loyal to trump. carol. >> jason carroll, reporting live from pittsburgh this morning. thank you. still to come in the newsroom, f-22s on a training mission, but is it sending an unofficial message to russia? pp. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness.
6:47 am
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6:51 am
for the first time two $400 million american fighter jets land at a u.s. base in romania. just a quick hop away from russian territory. the f-22 deployment is officially part of a training exercise, but it also comes just two weeks after several russian warships in the baltic sea.u.s.- cnn senior international correspondent clarissa war is live with more on this. >> reporter: hi, carol. we're here on the black sea. this is an area that's becoming one of the most heavily militarized and hotly contested since russia annexed crimea in 2014. and with russia planning to spend more than $2 billion on
6:52 am
modernizing its black sea fleet before 2020, that's unlikely to change anytime soon. take a look. these air force pilots are preparing for a unique mission. they will be accompanying two u.s. fighter jets to romania, a nato ally on the black sea. it will be the first time america's fearsome f-22 raptor has landed there. an opportunity for the u.s. to show it is bolstering nato defenses on russia's doorstep. flying one of the two is squadron commander lieutenant colonel daniel lahowski. he explained what makes the f-22 special. >> a combination of stealth, super cruise, increased situational awareness that the aircraft provides us which all adds up to a unique asymmetric advantage on the battlefield. >> basically you're saying it is the best fighter jet in the world. >> aircraft is truly incredible and it is the best fighter jet in the world.
6:53 am
>> reporter: the technology is so advanced congress has banned their sale overseas. en route to romania, the jets must regularly be refueled, a delicate balancing act we got to see close up. a nozzle called a boom is lowered from the tanker. the jet then moves into place directly below it and the gas starts pumping. officially this is a training exercise to move u.s. fighter jets from a fixed space to a forwarding operating base but it's the symbolism that is important here. this is intended to be a show of force to an increasingly assertive russia. earlier this month russian jets repeatedly buzzed a u.s. navy destroyer in the baltic sea in maneuvers the u.s. called provocative and aggressive. since the annexation of crimea in 2014, russia has steadily built up its military footprint on the black sea unnerving many nato allies in the region. as romanian air force chief of
6:54 am
staff told us. >> increase the air activities, increasing the missions, increasing the training. these are the things we are seeing every single day, so we need to get ready for what's going to be. that's my concern, how it get ready for what's going to be next. >> reporter: and like many here, he hopes that the u.s. will continue its commitment to its nato allies whatever tomorrow may bring. and, of course, the russians see this very differently, carol. they see nato as the aggressors pushing up against russian borders. they have warned before that the situation here in the black sea is getting, quote, very dangerous, so it will be interesting to see how russia reacts to this latest move. carol? >> clarissa ward reporting live from romania this morning. thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," millions of americans in the midwest and the south bracing for scenes like this one as severe weather
6:55 am
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not the other way around. checking some top stories. dangerous weather headsing to the midwest and southern united states and it could spawn strong tornadoes and baseball-sized hail in some areas. millions of people could be affected with the threat beginning this afternoon and lasting well into the night. a man who claims dennis hastert sexually abused him has filed a nearly $2 million lawsuit claiming the former house speaker promised him hush money but never paid up. hastert has not been charged with sexual abuse, but he did plead guilty to structuring withdrawals for that hush money. hastert is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now. lying ted announced that he
7:00 am
can't win by myself. >> if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee, if you don't want to see hillary clinton as the next president, then i ask you to join us. >> so he said let me form a partnership. >> i don't tell voters what to do. it's up to them. i'd like to see an open convention. ted cruz would like to see an open convention. >> it's called collusion, folks. >> we will have the future that we deserve if we work together. i will stand up and fight for you. >> if you come out to vote, drag your friends and your aunts and your uncles and your co-workers. we're going to win here in pennsylvania. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. five candidates, five states, and the tricky math that could put the nominations within reach. donald trump and hillary clinton are hoping for a clean sweep of these northeastern states where voting is now under way.
7:01 am
the delegates will be doled out proportionally. every vote today counts. for clinton and bernie sanders, nearly 400 delegates are up to grabs. republicans will be fighting for 172 and there may be a few cracks forming inned shocking stop trump alliance between cruz and kasich. as you might remember, kasich will focus on oregon and new mexico and step aside for senator cruz in indiana. but there are mixed messages from the men and a resounding condemnation from the front-runner. here is what trump said about that alliance this morning. >> when i first heard about, it i said you've got to be kidding, they're not going to do that. that's going to make them look very weak. it looks like collusion and it proves my words that it's a rigged system. you see, it's a rigged system. these are two insiders. they get together, they want to rig the system. >> our correspondents are covering all the angles on this high-stakes day. let's begin with senior white house correspondent jim acosta in philadelphia. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning,
7:02 am
carol. you know what's lost in all of this talk about this alliance between ted cruz and john kasich? it is this, the polls show donald trump is about to take a big leap forward toward the gop nomination today as he is heavily favored to win all of the states that are up for grabs today. he is ridiculinridiculing, of c you mentioned this, alliance formed by ted cruz and john kasich saying this morning it is already falling apart. here is what he had to say earlier this morning in a tweet. we can put it up on screen. it says, quote, the cruz/kasich pact is under great strain. this joke of a deal is falling apart, not being honored, and almost dead. very dumb. now, as for trump saying it's not being honored, he's referring to this. that is because despite this cruz cl cruz/kasich deal, the governor is set to attend a fund-raiser later today in the state. i talked to a cruz official who told me they don't see this as any big deal and they still see this agreement as giving them
7:03 am
the best chance at winning. as as for the trump campaign, a source tells me they believe this pact could have some effect on indiana but not on the overall race for the nomination, and as for pennsylvania, carol, it's important to point out the trump campaign tells us they are mindful of the fact that this state has some pretty complicated delegate rules, so they have stationed volunteers at polling places across the state to hand out information on the delegates, how the process works. they're hoping voters use that information wisely, and keep in mind, you know, trump could win a blowout in the state, carol, and still lose some delegates to cruz. he's seen that happen in other states during the nomination fight. it's another scenario they're trying to avoid even though trump is poised to win very, very big today, carol. >> jim acosta reporting live from philadelphia. hillary clinton also looking to win big today as she tries to sweep all five primaries. chris frates is in bluebell outside philadelphia. >> reporter: good morning. it's super tuesday.
7:04 am
the quatro, the fourth election of this super tuesday election season. 400 delegates up for grabs today. almost half of them here in pennsylvania, and hillary clinton really looking to close the door on bernie sanders, and if you look at the map you can start to understand why. pennsylvania, delaware, connecticut, rhode island, maryland, all places where she does very well, strong minority community, strong african-american communities. that has been hard for bernie sanders to chip into. if you look at the polls here in pennsylvania and in maryland, she's leading by double digits, and you started to see her campaign adjust to that as well, starting to pivot toward the general election, taking on ted cruz, taking on donald trump. in fact, taking issue with trump's proposal to temporarily ban muslims from coming into the country. also saying that donald trump doesn't want to raise wages. maybe he should come down from his penthouse in trump tower or come away from his resort in mar-a-lago, florida, and talk to actual people and he would see this isn't true. she's starting to turn a little bit away from bernie sanders and
7:05 am
focus on november. sanders, for his part though, still taking on hillary clinton very strong, trying to contrast his views on minimum wage, on fracking, and continuing to just pound hillary clinton on her ties to wall street, on those six-figure speeches he got. really trying to cut that lead, but it's going to be a tough night for bernie sanders. in fact, if you want some sense about how these candidates feel about their chances today, take a look at where they're going to be tonight. if you have hillary clinton in philadelphia, she's doing very well here. hoping to celebrate a big win here. bernie sanders will already have moved on to west virginia, but he says he is staying in this until the end, carol. it looks like he'll have the money and support to do just that. back to you. >> all right. chris frates reporting live from blue bell, pennsylvania. let's head to maryland and cnn's brian todd at a polling station in baltimore. hi, brian. >> reporter: hi, carol. you know, the story here today in maryland is turnout, as it has been in so many straights throughout this election cycle. we're at a station in north
7:06 am
baltimore, maryland. it's been a steady flow of voters coming in here. they'll come in here, check in here. you cannot register same day here in maryland, so you have to tell them your party affiliation. you do that here with a photo id. they give you a ballot according to your party. you come over here and you cast your ballot by paper. that's a new development here in maryland, a new system that they've instituted this year for a little bit more transparency and just to enshush the accuracy of the count. once you do that, you put it in a scanner right there. it's tabulated and then sent to election board headquarters in baltimore county. turnout is key, carol, because this year in maryland as in delaware and some other places they have a strong early voting system. here in maryland they had the opportunity to vote from april 14th to april 21st. eight straight days of early voting potential, and it was a record turnout for early voters. hundreds of thousands of people turned out for that. they expect the same kind of turnout here on the primary day. the regular primary day, and it could be a big opportunity here for hillary clinton as chris
7:07 am
frates said to close the deal. she has strong support here in maryland. we've sampled more than three dozen voters as they have come out of the polling place. she has overwhelming support here in the baltimore area, at least in this precinct, carol. >> brian todd reporting live from baltimore. thank you. hillary clinton has widespread support among women and it appear mrs. trump will use that against her if both get to the general election. here is what mr. trump said on fox news. >> her whole life has been crooked, and you look at the foundation. the whole life. and the only card she's got is to play the woman card, and it may be good enough. >> and clinton is playing up her support among women. at a town hall she said if she is elected, her cabinet will be made up of women, 50% women will be in her cabinet. with me now connecticut governor daniel malloy. he's a democrat and he supports hillary clinton. good morning. >> good morning, carol. how are you? >> i'm good. so let's talk about what mr. trump said about women. he said that that's the only
7:08 am
card hillary clinton has, and it may be enough. what does he mean? >> well, you know, who knows what he means. i mean, i think you guys give him a lot of room to go. you know, sometimes i have a hard time interpreting what he's saying. we know that about 52% of the people who will vote in november will, in fact, be women. we know women do not support mr. trump. i suppose he's going to start calling them names and make comments about their appearance and maybe even question their religion. these are all things he's already done with everyone else, why wouldn't he do it with women? >> so the general election might be men versus women? >> listen, i think when you look at mr. trump's numbers and you understand how many voters he has turned off, it really is quite amazing. i understand he gets a decent percentage of republican votes, but he is unlikely, i believe, to grow a very substantially based on what he has said about
7:09 am
latinos, what he has said about muslims, what he has said about women, what he has said really about every group that he can divide and try to conquer. >> still his crooked hillary thing might stick, right? so with trump repeatedly saying that and hitting clinton -- >> can i just say something to you? you repeat what he says about hillary. he's not released his tax returns because he's saying they're being audited so that prevents him from doing that. this is a guy who has gone bankrupt a ton of times. this is a guy who has left investors on the street. this is a guy who doesn't really care about anyone he's in business with. the reality is he's driving around -- flying around in 20-year-old planes that are leftover from an airline that he drove into the ground. >> so in light of that, is it your hope that -- >> just a few things. >> yeah, just a few things. is it your hope bernie sanders will pivot and stop criticizing
7:10 am
hillary clinton so much and concentrate on the charges you just made against mr. trump? >> let me say this, that i think the democratic primary and the republican primary are worlds apart. i think the democrats have benefited from this contest. i think hillary is a better candidate than she was. i think senator sanders has raised a very serious and important issue. on the other hand, we see right now it's mo, larry, and curly contesting for the nomination that maybe none of them will get. maybe it will be a fourth candidate or a fifth candidate or maybe they'll reach back and grab somebody who only got a couple delegates in a contest early on. this is a very different situation. >> i know but on the subject, it seems like hillary clinton wants bernie sanders to be more on her side and to like stop it with so many attacks against her. but he doesn't appear willing to do that. >> listen, well, i want to be loved by everybody too, and i mean, i think it would be good for the democratic party to turn
7:11 am
the corner. i think this may be the night we turn the corner. if not, it's going to happen relatively soon. it's going to be a lot easier to bring democrats together than it is to bring republicans together. listen, we have disagreements within the party. i have my own disagreements with bernie on the nra and safe guns, but that's an issue and it's an important issue for me, but it's one we can overcome just as he may have some objections to some of the things that hillary has said. i will point out to you, if you want to get to $15 minimum wage, you have to get to $12 first. >> have to leave it there. governor dannel malloy . >> pennsylvania is a microcosm of america. pittsburgh is more midwest, very democratic, and then many of the points in between, they are rural and quite conservative. few people know the state better
7:12 am
than my next guest, mark schweiker, the former republican governor of pennsylvania. welcome. >> thanks, carol. >> so have you made your choice? >> i have. i like someone like john kasich. probably today we're going to see the donald win strongly, couldn't predict where john finishes. mooi sen my sense is in the second spot with cruz in the third spot. i think you're right about the inclinations of pennsylvania voters and pennsylvania's base in the geopolitical mark. but to a great extent the donald has defied polls right through this winter and spring, and my sense though in pennsylvania, the polls are correct that donald has strong numbers and trump will win. >> trump is going to win, it's predicted he will win big in pennsylvania. so why aren't you behind trump? >> well, i have my own inclinatio inclinations, my own assessment. >> can you share? >> well, it's not -- as someone
7:13 am
who has been a product of the system and enjoyed my time in political and governmental life, i just don't think it's a year where someone who was supported by the system, so to speak, where endorsements matter a whole lot, so i'm going to leave it to the people of pennsylvania and the republicans today. >> okay. so you're not going to endorse anyone but you're going to vote for john kasich. but going back to mr. trump, why don't you think he'd be a good bet for president of the united states? >> well, i'm more of a governor guy. you know, top executives have to make decisions and stick with them. experience counts, you know, whether it's on the domestic agenda or international scene. i think we all know what some of the international community is offering up as far as a potential of a trump presidency. so in my mind, you know, it's capacity, achievements, governmental and public policy success. i think while donald trump may be the nominee, i don't think he has the classic background.
7:14 am
>> right. so being the head of a business, a successful business, isn't enough to run the country. >> well, i do believe having business instincts counts, but in the political world, being comfortable with the role and the task of generating consensus goes a long way. you have to work with the legislature and another branch of government in the judiciary doesn't lap overnight. you have to have that overnight. >> you can't order people around and say do it now. >> it's the basic difference of an autocracy you see in business versus the democracy of running the government in washington, d.c. >> this pact between ted cruz and john kasich, will it work or is it just a crazy scheme? >> my sense is this morning that it's not working. you know, we shall see. the numbers ultimately decree if anything was effective, but it seems like, you know, cruz is in pretty good shape in indiana
7:15 am
anyway. we shall see how kasich does -- >> should john kasich have agreed to this partnership? >> well, my sense is -- well, i don't think he has any formal obligation to agree to it. i think there have been remarks that have come his way in pressure over the last couple months from the cruz folks to figure out how to work together. >> do you wish he wouldn't have done it, being a john kasich supporter? >> i didn't see the vitality of it, the reward of it. it strikes me as odd, kind of a -- to use a football metaphor, throw it down the field and see what happens. i don't think -- at this point when you look at the numbers and that magic 1,237 delegates that a donald trump needs, my sense is now he has an opportunity to secure it. we'll see what goes on between now and california, but i think
7:16 am
come july you would -- the trump candidacy is going to need to nail that down on the first ballot. after that all bets are off. >> so if trump does become the nominee, will you support him? >> i'll be good with it. >> you'll be good with it. okay. i'll leave it there. governor schweiker, thank you for stopping by. our super tuesday coverage will continue all day and all night right here on cnn. still to come in the "newsroom," clinton confident, sanders defiant, and today voters in five states have their say, but what will sanders supporters do if their guy doesn't go the distance?
7:17 am
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call for a free quote today. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. the so-called acela primary is under way. hillary clinton poised to win all five states but it could be close in connecticut and rhode island, but even if sanders wins both of those states it will be an uphill climb. if you ask sanders, he's in it all the way to the convention and he says that's a good thing. >> that debate is a good thing for democracy, for the democratic party. it gets more things into the process. it results in a higher voter turnout, and democrats win when
7:21 am
there is a high voter turnout. we lose when the turnout is low. with me now, former michigan governor jennifer granholm, a senior adviser with correct the record associated with tkt p.hi clinton. i'm also joined by jonathan tacini. hillary clinton was asked at a town hall if sanders should drop out of the race. >> if you're ahead in the vote, if you're ahead in pledge delegates -- >> i am ahead in the vote. i am way ahead in the vote. wait a minute. look, i have the greatest respect for senator sanders, but really what he and his supporters are now saying just doesn't add up. i have 2.7 million more votes than he has. i have more than 250 more pledged delegates.
7:22 am
we are going to work together, but i am ahead, and let's start from that premise while we talk about what happens next, okay? >> so, jonathan, how will hillary clinton's answer go over with bernie sanders supporters? >> well, i think we want to start with what bernie said in the lead up to this, we're in this all the way to the end, it's really good for democracy. there are a lot of states still to vote, oregon, kentucky, indiana. june 7th you have california and new jersey. and we think people should have a chance, all those voters, to go to the polls and express themselves for what kind of democratic party they want. that's a very good thing. there's no question that hillary clinton has a lead in delegates, but there is still a path, and we understand the math is hard for us to win the nomination, and it is good for democracy. i will also say that, you know, the clinton campaign's acting a little bit like the child arsonist in the house who lights a fire and points and says it's them, it's them.
7:23 am
we've conducted this campaign from the very beginning on an issue-based debate, and if you look back, any objective observer would say from the beginning of the campaign until now we've tried to debate the issues. the clintons have tried to undermine bernie, misrepresent his positions, and coming up to today, if you look at what bill clinton said about our people and wall street, the clinton campaign spokesman dissing our voters, it's not a way to come together. whoever is the nominee, if someone campaign is being quite negative where on the other hand bernie is trying to debate the issues. for example, let me give you an example, carol -- >> okay. i want jennifer to get into the mix here and give her thoughts on what you just said. jennifer? >> yeah, i appreciate that. and, you know, i think that most objective observers of this campaign would say that bernie sanders has done his fair share of attacking hillary clinton's credibility, and the point is you don't want to give in the general election donald trump bernie sanders' words.
7:24 am
you don't want bernie sanders appearing in a donald trump ad attacking hillary clinton. i think jonathan is right that people do deserve a right to vote and express themselves and she is the last person to say get out of the race. i do think debating on the issues is really important, and bernie sanders said even this morning, you know, we want to see a campaign that is focused on -- in the general election you want a democratic party focused on climate change, college affordability, health care, et cetera. she agrees with all of those things and she has specific plans to achieve them, so in the end we are going to be unified. >> i don't know than, that's what a lot of people say, that hillary clinton and bernie sanders share beliefs -- share the same beliefs. you know, there's just a little wiggle room in each issue, so what is bernie sanders shooting for? >> i respectfully disagree. bernie sanders has been for $15 minimum wage, something that hillary clinton has opposed. bernie sanders is for single-payer medicare for all system that will lower people's
7:25 am
health care cost by thousands of dollars. hillary clinton has opposed that. hillary clinton in a primary conversion now says she's against the transpacific partnership. actually the chamber of commerce president has reassured his people saying that's just a primary tactic. i'll give you one last one, campaign finance. just this week charles koch, the billionaire, said he could potentially support hillary clinton over a republican. if you join that with hillary clinton's continued refusal to release the wall street transcripts from her speeches to goldman sachs, that's a fundamental question about who is actually going to battle corruption and who will be -- >> let me get this straight. i want to know what jonathan is exactly saying. are you saying charles koch coming out and saying he could possibly vote for hillary clinton proves she has ties to wall street? >> what i'm saying is that that kind of approach, and if you take the wall street payments,
7:26 am
it says basically we have a moderate democrat who -- >> this is exactly the point. what you're suggesting is that she has got something to hide, and so prove it. >> it's clear that those -- bernie said from the very beginning, there's nothing wrong with running as a moderate democrat. hillary clinton has not wanted to do that because bernie has basically defined these issues and that's -- >> okay, jennifer, jump in here. >> yeah. i do want to jump in because, truly, the enemy here, john tna, i know you would agree with me, is the other side. i just found out this morning that donald trump was named by "the economist" as one of the top ten global risks right up there with the rise of al qaeda. come on. we have some serious, serious opposition in the general election, and we have to be unified. we have to come together and realize. i mean, we don't know what's going to happen tonight.
7:27 am
i think it's going to be closer in a couple states than people think it's going to be. we'll see what happens, but after tonight and after it becomes clear that she is going to be the nominee, hopefully she'll be able to reach out to bernie sanders supporters. he will be able to reach out to her -- out to his supporters and say, let us come together, because the big enemy is on our doorstep. >> we don't disagree -- >> i have to leave it there. jennifer grahn hnholgranholm, j tasini, thank you so much. win pennsylvania but lose lost of its delegates? it's process. i'll talk to a delegate about the wildcard process and what it could mean for donald trump.
7:28 am
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7:32 am
and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. there are two battles going on in the state of pennsylvania. one for the nominee and one for the delegates. when voters look at their ballots, for example, not only will the names trump, cruz, and kasich be on that ballot, but potential names of delegates will be on that ballot too. yes, they are elected by the people of pennsylvania. one of those names on the ballot is charlie girow, a republican strategist and co-chair for carly fiorina '16. he's a former reagan aide and ceo of quantum communications. he joins me from harrisburg, pennsylvania. welcome, charlie. >> great to be with you. >> so your name will be on the ballot today and people will vote for you to be a delegate to the convention, right?
7:33 am
>> that's how it works here. our delegates are not tied to the presidential contest here. historically all of our delegates were unbound. this year for the first time 17 will actually be required to vote for the winner of the statewide primary but the other 54 are uncommitted and unbound. >> so how have you been campaigning to be a delegate from the state of pennsylvania? >> a lot more campaigning this year, carol, than ever before because there really is rapt interest and attention being paid to these delegate contests. so i've had to actually send out some mail and go to meetings and say hello to voters. >> interesting. so have the candidates themselves called you or their campaigns? >> all of the campaigns have been in touch. at this point it's been kind of a soft sell but i suspect that after tonight when our delegates are elected, that sell will become a little bit harder. >> so who has been calling you the most? >> the trump people have called us several times. the kasich people have called us
7:34 am
as many times, and the cruz people have called once or twice. >> so if you become a delegate, how will that feel this time around? >> well, i have been a delegate before when these conventions were really more of coronations, carol, than conventions, so to be part of a contested nominating convention -- i was at the last one in 1976 as part of the reagan team -- is really exciting. i think it's good for the party. i think it's good for the process, and i think ultimately it's really good for the country. >> have you already decided who you'd support at the convention? >> i have told the voters in my district that i will vote for whomever wins my congressional district. i think i have that obligation to the voters, but if it goes to multiple ballots, carol, every candidate in pennsylvania has to have their judgment, their integrity, and their experience in play, and folks simply have to trust their judgment and their integrity. >> so let's say donald trump wins your congressional district, right. on first ballot you would throw
7:35 am
your support behind donald trump but not necessarily on the second ballot. >> not necessarily. quiet quite bluntly, that's the trouble for trump in the state of pennsylvania. he didn't do his homework well so he has relatively few candidates on the ballot this time that are pledged to him personally and personally loyal to him. candidates need that because there's no indication on our ballot, carom, l, as to whom th delegates actually support. >> some voters are upset by this whole delegate system. it's very hard to understand. they think it's like taking their vote away. so what would you say to them? >> i would say that there's going to be a very robust discussion about how delegates are selected after this 2016 cycle, and i would encourage every voter to be a part of that discussion because their voices need to be heard. >> all right. charlie gerow, thanks for joining me this morning and good luck. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. still to come in the "newsroom," the grandfather of
7:36 am
that murdered ohio family speaks out. new details he's revealing about the crime scene. next. (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there.
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7:40 am
united states postal service priority: you new details emerging after a family is murdered in southern ohio. the grandfather of three victims now speaking out bringing us new insight about the crime scene. nick valencia is live in piketon, ohio. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. leonard manly says that he's more angry than he is fearful for his life. as the local sheriff has indicated, he too believes whoever did this knew the rhoden family. here is what he's telling "the cincinnati enquirer" saying my
7:41 am
daughter dana is a loving person, a loving mother. you go anywhere, you ask anyone about my daughter, they will tell you the same thing. you ask about dana, they all tell you, i spoiled my girl. they would tell you her dad would do anything for her. the investigation goes on and they're bringing in more resources from neighboring counties. hundreds of deputies being brought in from neighboring counties to help with this investigation. this tragedy happened on friday morning. over the weekend 911 tapes released. want to play you a portion of that call. >> ma'am, ma'am. >> you've got to tell me what's going on. >> there's blood all over the house. my brother-in-law is in the bedroom and it looks like someone has beat the hell out of him. there's blood all over. >> can you tell me what county that's in? >> pike county. >> yes. and they dragged them in the back room. >> okay.
7:42 am
i need you to get out of the house. >> it doesn't get any easier to hear, carol. we're also learning more about the crime scene. there was four separate crime scenes, and at the first and fourth location according to the attorney general's office, there was no forced entry adding to that theory that whoever was responsible for these executions was familiar with the property, familiar with the family. attorney general office spokesman also telling me that one of those grow operations was an indoor grow operation. friends and family say that they did not know that the rhodens were connected to drugs, but certainly the speculation in this community is that these execution-style killings were drug related. carol? >> nick valencia, reporting live from piketon, ohio, this morning. still to come in the "newsroom," the wait is over. kelly ripa returns to "live qurti"live" after a highly publicized sick out, and she addressed it head on. we've created a new company. ♪ one totally focused on what's next for your business.
7:43 am
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7:47 am
years today thanks to falling iphone sales. the last time apple sales numbers looked this bad, they hadn't even launched the itunes store, and it would mark the first time in history that sales of the iphone have dropped. profits are down 18% with companywide sales down 10%. more than two-thirds of apple's revenues are tied to iphone sales. those are also down 18%. now, analysts are hoping the company's next phone, the upcoming iphone 7 could reboot apple sales. the drama is over. kelly ripa welcomed back to her show with a standing ovation. she actually had to settle the crowd down. listen. ♪ >> guys, guys, guys. guys, guys, guys, guys. our long national nightmare is over. please, sit down, please. please, be seated.
7:48 am
i am not -- i'm going to be completely honest. i'm fairly certain that there are trained professional snipers with tranquilizer darts in case i drift too far off message. >> ripa's sick out started after she said she was blindsided by news her co-haass michael strahan was leaving the show. cnn's senior media correspondent brian stelter has been covering this to the max. he joins me now. sounds like she's going to be okay. >> yes, although i would say abc still has its fingers crossed here in new york and in burbank. this whole dust up has given her a lot of attention, a ton of support from her fans, and has people in the business wondering if she will want to stay at abc when her considered contract is up. but for today it seems they have been able to get back to business. it is about respect in the workplace, as she said this morning. here is how she described it. >> i needed a couple days to gather my thoughts after 26 years with this company. i earned the right.
7:49 am
in that time i gained some perspective. i always speak from the heart. i didn't want to come out here and just like say something i might regret, so what transpired though over the course of a few days has been extraordinary in the sense that it started a much greater conversation about communication and consideration and most importantly respect in the workplace. >> so she was choosing her words very carefully there. even her outfit, dressed head to toe in red and the camera stayed on her even when she was talking to michael strahan. what all started this was michael strahan moving over to "good morning america," abc's flagship morning show. kelly ripa wasn't told until a half hour before the announcement was made and she felt that was disrespectful. she felt her show was being treated as a second fiddle and she wasn't being treated with the respect she deserves. you could say this is a bunch of $20 million a year hosts that
7:50 am
have nothing to complain about. that may be true, but there's also something about female tv shows and how they're treated by male tv bosses. that's why it's resonated so much, especially with women. >> she's a large part of the success. >> that's why she's paid $20 million a year. >> and not many people can maint an audience for as long as she does. so she does deserve respect because she's a leader of that show and she should be accorded that respect. that's what it was about, wasn't it? >> that's right. that's what it came down to. and that's why so many people sided with ripa over abc. we rarely see this play out in public though. we rarely see this kind of dispute happen first in the gossip columns and then on of course. she had a acknowledge a week's worth of rumors and stories written by people like me. she had to assume all the viewers were in on it. that's what we've seen in the past. sometimes the drama doesn't play out on air, the executives try
7:51 am
to hide it. that doesn't work in the age of tmz and "people" magazine. you have to address it publicly and that's what she did this morning. my sense from abc is they think they have moved past it but -- >> you're right, they did hand her more power and talent is often like -- treated like part of the furniture. you can like, you know, replace them at will. so this time she made sure they didn't think of her quite that way. >> i think she does come out looking stronger after this. tv is all about talent management. maybe in some ways life is all about talent management. >> that makes us sound like petulent children, as talent. so it's not talent management. it's just treating somebody as a human being. >> right. and making sure they have buy-in and investment and support. in this case when you're expecting someone to go out and put on a smile and pretend like everything is okay every day but you're actually treating them badly behind the scenes, that doesn't work very well. i think abc tried to do what was right. they had best of intentions, but
7:52 am
they know they misfired and that's what the executives apologized to her. >> brian stelter, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," millions in the midwest and the south bracing for scenes like this. severe weather set to spawn multiple tornadoes. he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so you know what he gives? for scenes like this. severe weather set to spawn multiple tornadoes. i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. feel me lois? i'm feeling you. boom! look at that pie chart. the ready for you alert, only at legalzoom has your back. for your business, our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here. once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? i spoke to my doctor and she told me about eliquis.
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all right. you see bernie sanders there on the streets of philadelphia. he is campaigning because, as you know, the state of pennsylvania votes today. he's been in a diner. people were taking selfies with him, and as you can see, he's attracting a crowd here on the streets of philadelphia. there's a big primary day rolling through the northeast. cnn will keep you posted all night long. checking some other top stories at 56 minutes past, dangerous weather heading to the
7:57 am
midwest. millions of people in the path of the storm with the threat beginning this afternoon and lasting into the night. outrage after a u.s. aid worker who was also the editor of bangladesh's first lgbt magazine was hacked to death in his apartment. the worker and friend who was also killed were openly gay and active in the fights for gay rights. an al qaeda affiliate is claiming responsibility. and this tuesday the olympic torch will start its journey from athens to rio de janeiro where the 2016 olympic games will be held. this time a syrian refugee who lost part of his leg in a 2012 bombing will be taking the torch through the refugee camp as part of the relay. donald trump sometimes loved, sometimes hated, and almost always imitated. jeanne moos looks at the presidential contender and his many, many pretenders. >> reporter: comedians are constantly impersonating donald trump. >> with the bigger hands.
7:58 am
>> huge. >> reporter: you know who else imitates the donald? the donald. acting presidential. trump loves doing imitations. >> rubio! >> reporter: whether it be marco rubio guzzling water or mitt romney choking. >> romney choked like a dog. he went -- >> reporter: sometimes his routines backfire like when he imitated a disabled reporter. >> i don't know what i said. i don't remember. >> reporter: or when he does accents. >> they say we want deal. >> reporter: for instance, a call center operator in india. >> i said where are you from? we are from india. great, that's wonderful. >> reporter: didn't go over so wonderfully with indian commentators. >> nothing but a cheap gibe. >> reporter: he's imitated hillary clinton. >> how are you? >> if donald trump can do a lame donald trump, hillary clinton
7:59 am
can do a lame donald trump. >> you know, this is a huge election. the one that's like, you're all losers. >> reporter: sometimes trump imitates with his hands rather than his voice. john kasich eating, for instance. >> he has the news conference all the time when he's eating. i have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion. >> reporter: one thing you rarely see trump eat, his words. >> bites this big! >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn. >> it's disgusting. >> reporter: new york. >> thanks for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan and welcome to super acela spring, may, april tuesday.
8:00 am
five states, you are now on the clock. voters right now are at the polls in five states along the eastern seaboard, connecticut, delaware, maryland, rhode island, and pennsylvania with time running out in both nominating contests. >> for the republicans, 172 delegates up for grabs. 172 key delegates all on the march to 1,237. as it stands now, donald trump is at 846 delegates. 391 away from the magic number he needs. ted cruz and john kasich, they essentially can't get there at all before the convention. >> and so for the democrats, 384 delegates are at stake today. hillary clinton now has a 253 lead over bernie sanders in pledged delegates. if you add in the superdelegates, that lead grows to a big 713. >> now, there is one twist today for the republicans. the biggest prize, pennsylvania, it will award 17 pledge delegates to the


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