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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 26, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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rights anding and everything else. >> he was such a bright man, you would hope, you would hope, i'm sure it would come out in time. thank you for being with me here on big super tuesday. let's toss it to jake tapper. "the lead" starts now. it's decision day in five states. can trump and clinton run the table? does the so-called pennsylvania loophole make or break donald trump? and whatever happened to that kasich/cruz pact? "the lead" starts right now. good afternoon, welcome to a special edition of "the lead." i'm jake tapper, super tuesday number four. if those are counting at home. could be the most decisive day so far in the 2016 election. awaiting first exit poll results. voters in five states,
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connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island, are all going to the polls today. at stake, for the republicans, 172 delegates. for democrats, 384 delegates. for donald trump, leading in all five states in most polls, a sweep would move him closer to locking down delegates needed to clinch the republican nomination and send a big message to ted cruz and john kasich. much more in my guest with trump campaign manager, corey lewandowski. a sweep for hillary could put hillary clinton get her within 90% of the 2383 delegates needed for the democratic nomination and all but close out any path to the nomination for senator bernie sanders. reporters are stationed up and down the states today. we begin with sara murray, trump headquarters in new york city. the trump campaign is confident
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tonight but a feeling they have something to prove here. >> reporter: jake, the trump campaign is poised for a big night. they know that. they feel like they are going to get good momentum coming out of states. they can clean up in all five. they are hoping momentum will carry them forward to some contests like indiana, where it's tougher for trump and they are hoping that winning big tonight and by continuing to end going forward they will be able to note this case donald trump is inevitable, there's no point in continuing to fight against him. they are trying to prove that they do have a ground game, they know how to do the work. pennsylvania is a key test. that's one of states that has tricky delegate rules, unbound delegates. they want to prove they can put in the work, that they can have a ground game and that they can win not just by voters going to polls but also in the delegate. >> sunlen serfaty has been
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traveling with the cruz campaign. she's at cruz election night headquarters in knights town, indiana. you've been talking to the cruz campaign. they're not confident about this evening. >> reporter: well, that's right, jake. cruz campaign is clearly bracing for what will likely be a tough night for them tonight. we saw senator cruz today in a round of radio interviews predict as much saying that, pointblank, likely today will be a very good day for donald trump. cruz offering a prebutle of sorts, saying the clutch of northeastern states that are voting today, cruz saying to remember, these are states that typically tended to vote farther left politically speaking. so, cruz in his campaign are focusing right now and almost exclusively this week right on indiana, a state that votes next week. and of course this state has grown in importance now, taking the most oversized important for the cruz campaign with the alliance with john kasich. so the focus now, the cruz campaign, get through tonight,
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then move towards indiana. >> phil mattingly covering the kasich campaign. phil, here we have another state, pennsylvania, that theoretically should be a good state for john kasich, right next to ohio, it's industrial state, but like wisconsin, like michigan, he's not expected to win it. how is the kasich campaign going to measure success this evening? >> a state where he was born, no less. pennsylvania is not a state they're expecting to do great, with unbound delegates, 54, they feel like they canake headway there. their focus is on maryland and the congressional district allocation, they feel like they can pick up delegates. it's a low bar but when they go into these races, if they grab a delegate here or there, as they did in new york, though donald trump had a dominant performance that keeps along the narrative of john kasich being the little train that could. keeps chugging along. but there's a top line point here. kasich campaign is looking at
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possibility of second place finishes in all five stated today. they believe that helps their narrative, that they pitched to future delegates, they are a better alternative than ted cruz, if donald trump is not the pick. so they want that. but one other number to keep an eye on. 24. that's how many delegates it will take john kasich to overtake marco rubio in total number of delegates. they're not going to get 24 delegates tonight but that's a number that being fourth place in a three-man race is something that stings the campaign. tonight another opportunity to pull delegates and surpass marco rubio and take that away from a narrative that continues to dog him on the campaign trail. yes. hopefully he can beat a guy that dropped out of the race two months ago. my panel of experts who will be with me for the entire hour. joining me now, donald trump's campaign manager, corey lewandowski. thanks so much more joining us. right now mr. trump's 400
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delegates short, a little less, of the 1,237 needed to win the nomination. how many delegates do you think trump will pick up? when do you think he will secure that magic number? >> well, i don't want to make a bold prediction but it's fair to say we anticipate a very good night this evening. last night we saw mr. trump have a massive rally in pennsylvania with 16,000 people. we hope for a good night there. we're also in rhode island. we've been in fifrn states having elections today, all in the last three or four days with massive turnout. we feel very good about our position tonight. what it comes down to is, after tonight, ted cruz mathematically eliminated from being the republican nominee on the first ballot. john kasich is mathematically eliminated. ted cruz and john kate should support donald trump so we are clearly focused on winning the republican and putting republican back in the white house so that we don't have four more years of hillary clinton or the terrible policies moving forward. >> corey, it's interesting, because mr. trump is expected to
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do really well this evening but you had senator pat toomey of pennsylvania tell reporters he voted for governor cruz, governor hogan of maryland said something negative about donald trump. you don't see elected office holds are who are republicans coming around to the cause, no matter how well he does with voters. what do you make of that? >> it's -- everyone gets one vote. we see thousands upon thousands turn out for mr. trump's rallies. in delaware friday, 900 people. this is what people want. the gop establishment and the political elites have run this country so poorly for the last 30 years the american people are standing up and saying no more. what you'll see tonight is in these five stated, like last week in new york, people are turning out in record numbers and supporting donald trump because shehe's the only candid that can win on a national scale. he's dominated in the southeast, won in the upper midwest, in the
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west, in the southwest. ted cruz is a regional candidate that can't do well. if our goal is to win the white house as a republican party you need a candidate that can win in all of these places. >> so the new convention manager, paul manafort, who has been brought on to the campaign, 4 appears to be trying to remake trump's image. there's a recording obtained by cnn, you hear manna for the telling behind closed doors, trump can and will change. take a listen. >> you understand he gets this. the part that he's been playing is evolving into the part that now you've been expecting. >> trump last night talking about john kasich -- >> and then you see him eating in the morning. i've never seen -- he's stuffing pancakes in his mouth like this. i'm always telling my boy, take
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small bites, little tiny bites. and yesterday he said, daddy, who's that guy on television. that's disgusting. did you ever see -- then they talk about presidential. i see, he's president, he puts pancakes this big in his mouth and shoving them in. this is not a presidential person. >> so any children watch, good advice, take small bites. but moving along, help us reconcile what man afoafort is saying. >> what you have, as you know, mr. trump when he goes to. aevent he speaks to massive crowds and wants to make sure they understand what his message is. his messaging in large crowds is taylor made to that large crowd. in a small audience, as you would anybody else, a different way that you speak to people in a smaller crowd. that's what paul was crying to get across. what you'll see tomorrow from mr. trump, detailed foreign
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policy speech in washington, we'll go out to indiana which coach bobby knight is joining us for. a massive, raucous crowd, something that many people on the channel have had the opportunity to see because you cover it well usually. again, what paul is talking about in smaller meetings, when donald trump is one-on-one with someone, he may not be having the same type of loud conversation. donald trump will never change. the motto of the campaign, let mr. trump be mr. trump. corey, as you know, a lot of reporting about the alleged drama behind the scenes of the campaign, politico's reporting that trump is frustrated with paul manafort's push to make him presidential, quote. trump became upset last week, that manfort was projecting an image for voters and would tone down the rhetoric. now trump is taking steps to
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return some authority to manafort's chief internal rival, campaign manager corey lewandowski. >> as you know, we have had a small campaign and done more in won more races, 22 races with the least amount of money spent and growing the team. paul is a big part of the growth. not just paul, but ken mckay and rick wiley and the rest of the team so we can grow be successful. in order for us to keep our eye on the prize, first to become the republican nominee, then ultimately get mr. trump elected president of the united states, we need to work together. that's exactly what we're doing. the media narrative there's a back and forth tug-of-war doesn't exist and i'm proud and honored to be part of the team that's growing so we can go forward and win in november. >> good luck tonight. thanks for joining us. next, pennsylvania the biggest prize tonight but the biggest wild card. how 54 delegates could make or
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welcome back to a special election edition of "the lead." final hours of voting under way in five states. biggest prize tonight, the great commonwealth of pennsylvania. on the republican side, 71 delegates at stake. 17 delegates go to the winner of statewide vote, but it's something of a mystery as to who will get the remaining delegates. that's because 54 delegates picked by congressional district and those delegates can ultimately side with whomever they want, even changing their minds until the convention. jason carroll is live at a polling station in pittsburgh on the western part of the state. what's the trump campaign doing to win over those potential delegates? >> reporter: i can tell you what we've seen on the ground, they upped their ground game in term of reaching out to some unbound delegates, 54 of them, something that we've not seen in the past, volunteers on the ground, some whom we have spoken to, handing out cards like this one. take a look at polling stations
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in district 18, on the back, three names, three names of three of the unbound delegates out of the 54 dedicated and loyal to donald trump. they want to make sure voters coming out supporting trump know which delegates are behind him. one of the names we've not heard mentioned enough of here is john kasich. as you know, he grew up 15 minutes from where we are. and most of the folks that have come out here have said yes, we like kasich, we like what he did in ohio. there's one kid back there in the green shirt, he's 9, he's a full-on kasich supporter. lots of them out there. but in terms of the voters many telling us, instead they're going to vote for donald trump because they feel like kasich can't take it all the way. some voters telling us not very happy with that deal that kasich struck with cruz. >> desperation. >> certainly an act of desperati desperation. i think they see the writing on
1:18 pm
the wall and after today, they're going to find the writing on the wall. only thing i'm worried about is that cruz might steal their delegates and that would be -- >> here in the state? >> yeah. that would be against the will of the people. >> reporter: as you know, jake, trump way up in the polls here in the state of pennsylvania. what he's hoping is that improved ground game. >> will not only win him the popular vote, it will winl him with 54 unbound delegates as well. jake? >> jason carroll, thank you so much. joined by panel. host of the bill press show, bill press, michael nutter, host of inside politics, john king, gloria borger, trump support somewhere cnn political commentator, kayleigh mcka nameny, democratic strategist donna brazile. did you hear anything from the interview we just did with corey lewandowski that raised your eyebrows? >> a fascinating moment.
1:19 pm
there's a story in politico suggesting that donald trump is mad at paul manafort and power's going back to corey lewandowski after some of it has been stripped away from corey lewandowski. mr. manafort is not happy with that story. he believes it has fingerprints of will lewandowski and roger stone, a mischief maker, associated with mr. trump for a long time. he's mad, taking it personally, it's about him and thinks it complicates the job of trying to reach out to the republican establishment and calm them down. talking about internal dissension in a trump campaign when he looks like he's going to win five states and make it near impossible to stop him. >> let's talk to a couple of pennsylvania voters. we have two here. you voted outside harrisburg. >> i did. >> are you concerned the ground game mr. trump has had or not had about delegates. we saw in that report they're trying to up the ground game.
1:20 pm
are you concerned about the ability to get these 54 unpledged delegates out of pennsylvania? >> based on my experience, i'm in the 4th congressional district, they have quite a good operation. we've got phone calls, we got pieces of paper, we got sites on the internet that said specifically of all of the delegates running, which were the three who were the trump delegates. they had a trump convention or a campaign headquarters, really at. i see the head of that, steve johansson has been out there all day, they're doing well with the stuff. i think they're doing much better. >> the other pennsylvanian we have, former mayor michael nutter. you're a hillary clinton supporter. she won, beat obama handily eight years ago in the pennsylvania primary by ten points. that's the ten i was looking for. tell me what about her ground game, how she's going to do in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. >> they're active, not only in philadelphia but across the state. good turnout as i understand it.
1:21 pm
obviously i voted already. thunderstorms in pittsburgh, concerned about that. and activity consistent across pennsylvania. expect a good night, good day for hillary clinton in pennsylvania. >> can we explain to our viewers how crazy this is on the republican side? if you win statewide you get 17 delegates but there are 54 the most sought after people in american politics right now. these uncommitted delegates. but you can't just go into your voting booth and say which is the trump one? >> doesn't give them -- >> it doesn't say. what trump people are putting out, i presume other campaigns are doing as well, is a list, you know, congressional district by congressional district who their delegates are because otherwise if you step into a voting booth, you have absolutely no way of knowing who you're pushing the lever for. >> as opposed to colorado delegates weren't voted on. i think donald trump will do
1:22 pm
well in the -- with the 54 delegates. cnn did a poll, 28% will support trump. if he could get 26 delegates in addition to 17, that is huge towards getting to 1,237. >> mary katharine, we're looking at results tonight. we have no idea what the results are going to be but nobody's predicting anything other than donald trump will likely win all five states. what point does this become silly for cruz and kasich? >> well, it doesn't -- well, kasich is the more silly one because he's got the thing where he's fighting to be third in a three-man race, he's now fourth. >> now fourth. >> but look, once they have gotten this far, and i think it was a forgone conclusion a while ago that they weren't going to make it to 1,237, idea was to get to the convention, you keep going to the convention. i don't think you make the decision to turn. the interesting thing is about the trump campaign being on a good streak here, and yet having this turmoil at the same time.
1:23 pm
generally you see a campaign that's doing extremely well at that moment, feeling good about themselves, patting each other on the back. perhaps the alliance, only alliance more troubled than kasich/cruz is lewandowski/manafort at the moment. >> bill, bernie sanders, not anticipated to have a great night but we don't know, he could win in a few states. what's the message to his supporters? >> i'm a great believer in jesse jackson, keep hope alive but it's getting hard somewhere harder to keep hope alive. the note of reality is, this is basically clinton territory. she's got a big momentum coming out of new york, these are 4 out of 5 closed primaries. she's won every closed primary, bernie has not won one yet. she's got the party establishment in every one of those states. so, i think realistically bernie would do well if he wins rhode island and comes close or upsets mayor nutter in pennsylvania. i think it's the most you can
1:24 pm
expect. >> donna, what are you looking for in pennsylvania and other four states. >> gloria mentioned the process of the republican side. they have a loophole primary, pick delegates and there's a presidential beauty contest. so good luck with that. also by cd. i love the republicans because their rules make you want to go back to grade school. what i'm looking for, we're in a final stretch. i'm hoping that we're in the final stretch. we have six weeks, 13 contests left on the democratic side. big delegate haul. last big haul until we get to california on june 7th. i'm looking for a vigorous conversation tonight in terms of who really has momentum, how far are we from getting this thing ended on the democratic side so we can sit back with popcorn, beer, wine, watch the republicans. >> tomorrow on "new day", donald trump and house speaker paul ryan tomorrow, starting at 6:00 a.m. on cnn. next -- counting down to the first exit poll results coming any minute
1:25 pm
now. and jane sanders challenged to release more sanders tax returns lays down a challenge of her own. >> what's interesting is we released 2014, secretary clinton hasn't released a transcript yet. why don't we wait and see what happens? >> the plot thickens. which candidate will blink first? i'll ask my guest, senator bob casey.
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hillary clinton 1,954 delegates and a strong showing will move her within striking distance of the democratic nomination. meanwhile, it's a critical night for bernie sanders. the vermont senatori acknowledging he has a narrow path to victory. donald trump tweeted this message to sanders, quote, bernie sanders has been treated terribly by the democrats, both with delegates and otherwise. he should show them and run as an independent. brianna keilar is live at the sanders headquarters. first, i want to get to jeff zeleny at clinton headquarters in philadelphia. how confident is the clinton campaign going into tonight? >> reporter: jake, the clinton campaign is confident that at this point in the campaign cycle, they have gotten to trust their metrics, got tonight trust their numbers of turnout, but listen, this is first, second, presidential campaign as you know too well. they are never fully confident until they win. but pennsylvania was such a good state for her, in 2008. they believe that the demographics will help her here.
1:31 pm
they believe that this is a night where they turn the corner, turn a page, not actually in the general election but for all practical purposes, mathematically speaking, setting bernie sanders aside. now, secretary clinton is campaigning in indiana today. that's a state that comes next week and are less confident about that, but for the collection of states voting today, tonight, everything they've looked across the board feel like they have will strong wins, certainly they believe in four states and think here in pennsylvania. which as you know has the biggest trove of delegates of all states tonight. >> brianna keilar live at sanders headquarters in huntington, west virginia. you saw trump tweeting that sanders should run as an independent. obviously, i'm sure the vermont senator suspects mr. trump might have an agenda there. you did speak to the campaign. what are they saying about their next steps after this evening. >> reporter: well, it sounds, jake, like they're going to
1:32 pm
continue as they have, and i think they understand the deck stacked against them, talking to sanders campaign. the state they seem most comfortable with, that they may have a shot at is rhode island. that's a tiny delegate prize. but they're looking beyond the states tonight, part of the reason why you see bernie sanders here in huntington, west virginia tonight. also looking west toward california and to oregon. really going into june, these final contests, and then going all the way to the convention. you've been hearing advisers of the campaign manager to bernie sanders saying, this is about securing the pledged delegates, but it's also about furthering hi agenda. they are not letting go of the idea that he's pushing towards the nomination. the math is very difficult, though, because even if you're looking at pledge delegates, bernie sanders would from here on out have to win 6 out of each 10 delegates. he would have to clear .6. that's a difficult thing to do.
1:33 pm
he'd have to outperform how he's been doing. he's showing no sign of changing strategy. i don't think that we're expecting to hear anything differently. you see all of the people here in huntington, west virginia, here to see him and listen to his message and coming from the sanders campaign feel that this is a situation where everyone should have a vote, everyone should be able to pick who they want, and they're going to give that to all of these democratic voters moving certainly beyond april and into may and june. >> brianna, thank you so much. joining me now, pennsylvania senator bob casey, he has endorsed hillary clinton. eight years ago, you endorsed barack obama. was a big deal, endorsements this year, pretty much going in clinton's favor, not as contentious. clinton's ahead of sanders by more than 700 pledged and super delegates. do you think if she does well, the race is basically over? >> i think it's very difficult at this stage, if she wins, as significantly as i think she
1:34 pm
can, i think she's going to win pennsylvania with a lot of cushion, and a lot of -- a big lead, but the math is difficult. but look, that's a decision that senator sanders has to make. >> and she refused to call for him to exit the race. take a listen to her. this is at a town hall last night. >> i would never tell him what to do, you know? nobody told me, i concluded after it was over in june that senator obama was going to be the nominee and i didn't want to hurt him. i didn't want to keep this going. so i stood up and said that it's over and i withdrew. it was the right thing to do. >> as you know, though, one of the whereins that a lot of clinton campaign officials have is that sanders and the rhetoric he's using is doing real damage to clinton, potentially damage that could last until november. are you concerned about that as well? >> i have some concerns but i also believe that, as a party, we've had fights like this before, we've unified. i think we will.
1:35 pm
i've had some personal experience as a state candidate. i had four primaries and two of them were much more contentious than this presidential and we were able to unify and win in november. that es what people are concerned about, getting to unity as fast as we can. >> there's an issue with you can secretary clinton disagree, the issue of abortion. she has said she wanted to overturn the amount so taxpayers would fund for abortions for poor women who can't afford them, you are anti-abortion. do you think of her as an extremist on this position? do you have a real issue with that? >> no, jake, i've known her a long time. i knew her in the senate, we served together and i got to know her bet when she was secretary of state. when the two of us had to work on contentious issues in the middle east and south and central asia, everything from pakistan through the middle east. and i saw her then as someone who was a consensus builder, always sought common ground.
1:36 pm
the same is on issues whether there is a divide within our country and the party. she's talked not only about getting to common ground but her record shows she can get there. >> donald trump talked about his ability, he thinks, to redraw the map. one of states he talks about is pennsylvania. do you think that he will bring enough white working class voters to the polls in november if he's the nominee, that pennsylvania could really be -- i say this especially to you, you are somebody who has been able to win over those white working class voters in between pittsburgh and philadelphia. >> i think, actually, hillary clinton's going to be the one who can win some of those vort voters back. you know the history of our state, you've got roots there southwestern pennsylvania used to be an easy region for democrats. now, outside of the city of pittsburgh and allegheny county, it's very difficult. my belief is that, by the end of the general election, i think she will be the nominee, of course. but by the end of the general election, she'll be able to get votes, especially southwestern pennsylvania both from
1:37 pm
conservative democratic men and women thatsome of us, even i in the last election, weren't doing as well with. i think she has real potential there. look, our state tends to be, as you know, 52-48 kind of state. >> right. >> we're going to have to work very hard to make sure any inroad that he or anyone else can pursue that we have to be able to block that. but i think she's the candidate that can do it especially she's spoken specifically on the number one economic issue, lack of income or wage growth not just over years but over decades now. by one estimate, jake, 40 years we've had 9% wage growth. that's hitting a lot of people in our state and across the country. senator why, always good to see you. tell everybody back in pennsylvania i said hi. coming up, harry reid weighing in on bernie sanders' chances in the race, that's next. and, if clinton runs the table tonight she could have 90% of the delegates she needs to win the nomination. would it, therefore, then be time for sanders to work towards
1:38 pm
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breaking news from washington, where senator minority leader harry reid weighed in on the democratic race and what he sees as next steps for senator bernie sanders. tell us about your conversation with north reid. >> reporter: jake, harry reid and bernie sanders have a close, personal relationship, several weeks ago when harry reid endorsed hillary clinton he called up bernie sanders, made a long, personal, emotional conversation, even when he discussed why he's supporting clinton over sanders. today when i asked him whether or not he's okay with bernie sanders saying in this race
1:43 pm
potentially until july convention, reid said he was okay with that. he said bernie should do what bernie wants to done when a colleague asked phim if bernie sanders has a path to the democratic nomination, he was candid with his assessment. >> senator reid, bernie sanders, do you think he has a path to the nomination. >> no, i do not. >> do you think he should shift his campaign to be more about unity? >> i have every confidence, it's the issue not him, it's the country. >> reporter: how senate democrats are playing this. there's no overt pressure campaign to get him to leave the race though folks are getting impatient. one reason why, they do not want to alienate bernie sanders' supporters. but watch for if hillary clinton continues to run the table and coming in weeks perhaps that pressure campaign will intensify, something we're not seeing at this point right now.
1:44 pm
>> thank you so much. bernie sanders needs to went a daunting number of delegates, 82% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination in every contest between now and june. panel's back with me. bill, as the bernie sanders supporter here, bernie sanders himself talked to chris cuomo about the path to victory. take a listen. >> it's a narrow path but we have a path and the idea that we should not contest in california, largest state, let the people of california determine what the agenda of the democratic party is and who the candidate for president should be is pretty crazy. we're in this to the end. >> first, i thank him for recognizing california. i think what bernie's saying makes sense. understand, i think van jones said this, bernie the candidate and bernie the cause. they're both important to him. i mean he wants to win. he also wants to shape the
1:45 pm
agenda of the party, going forward, which means particularly the platform. he wants to shake up the democratic party. he's talked about political revolution. the more delegates he has, the more likely he's going to achieve three goals, number one. number two, he believes, as i do, that as hillary clinton did in 2008, it's important to let v every voter in every state express their choice. i would say to people pushing pressure on bernie -- by the way, hillary is not -- just chill. let it go through and we'll see what happens. >> donna, bernie sanders said it's incumbent upon hillary clinton, ultimately, to reach out to his supporters, hillary clinton's basic response is, she's won more than 2.7 million votes than bernie has, has 250 pledged delegates more than bernie sanders. one point, assuming that clinton, after tonight, is on more of a track to win the nomination than sanders, what
1:46 pm
points w whose responsibility io to take the first steps to uniting the party. >> it takes a villagen it's going to take all of us. it's going to take not just senator sanders, secretary clinton, hopefully the president, vice president of the united states, everybody, becauses you know what? it's a very big tent party with a lot of passionate people, those who are not just with bernie but those also with hillary clinton. but i remember 2008, that was very contentious. you remember, too. >> absolutely. >> but we came together. we democrats, after a few beers, couple of hot dogs -- >> again with the beer reference. >> cocktail hour. cocktail hour. >> there are discussions inside the sanders camp about how to do this and how to approach this. bernie sanders is not somebody you go to and say, okay, senator this is what you have to do, he's at this point in this campaign where he feels he's done too well to concede but not well enough to win, and it's a
1:47 pm
hard moment for him. he's got to figure out how to keep his people on board and how to do it in an appropriate way. by the way, he's still sort of has to have enough influence, which he does, to have the impact he wants on the platform, at the convention. and that's what he's all about. telling hillary you've got to be for $15 minimum wage, no ifs, ands or buts. >> i agree with a big part of what bill said. i think after tonight, part of it is, go back to your message of chill, part of it is, for senator sanders, at some point you've got to chill as it relates to hillary clinton. all focus on the general election and let's unite, that's a process that everyone has a role and responsibility -- >> wow want them to dial back the rhetoric. >> yes, at some point. >> not today, not today? >> they'll reassess after tonight. he has to make that decision and then the campaign has to make a decision and supporters have to
1:48 pm
make a decision. it's a step by step process. at some point you have to make that pivot and it has to be authentic. >> i have to say, i do think that he has in the last week or so a -- >> dialled it back. >> particularly after new york, right. look, it's a primary, he has differences of opinions with her. but point made on the panel so often, little differences or little jabs on the democratic side, compared -- >> to the bloodlet. >> lyin' ted and little marco, come on. >> you know, you make a point. bernie sanders has been the most civil candidate in the race. he refused to go after her the e-mail situation from the get-go. 4 has avoided attacking hillary clinton and he deserves respect for being the most civil candidate in the race. >> everybody stay right there. what to look for tonight as the poll results come in. and the first exit poll results minutes away. you're watching a special et decision of "the lead."
1:49 pm
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♪ "dinner!" "may i be excused?" get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. welcome back to our special super tuesday 4 edition of "the lead." moments away from our first exit
1:53 pm
poll results in the five states heading to the polls tonight. closing thoughts from our panel. bill, one thing you're looking for tonight? >> i know we have said this many, many times, but i any tonight could be the determinative super tuesday. and after tonight we might very well see the nominees for both parties. >> mayer? >> secretary clinton probably takes 4 of the 5 states and much like bill, it's a definitive moment in the campaign. >> the margin for pennsylvania for both front-runners, if hillary clinton wins it big, it sends a message to bernie sanders. if trump wins big, he can say you have a morel obligation to vote for plea in cleveland. >> the margins more important for one party than another? gloria? >> i think -- i think the margins are very important in the republican party. right now in the democratic party, it's mathematically getting close to impossible for getting bernie sanders at this point. and i think that if, you know,
1:54 pm
to play off of what john was saying, if trump does really well in the state of pennsylvania and if his organization now is strong enough, so that he can get the commitment of a lot of those uncommitted delegates, i think he's well on his way to 1,237. >> before the convention? >> absolutely. >> interesting. >> trump's going to win all five states. the will he win by 20% margin? i think he will in 4 of the 5 states. >> what's the fifth state he's not going to get over 20%? >> maryland is questionable but i think he can pull it out for sure. >> i forgot to ask you, mr. mayor, fifth state, is that rhode island hillary clinton might not win? >> yes. >> mary katharine. >> my question is, it's a very good night for trump, whether the margins of victory translate into momentum for him. this is not a momentum race for him. he's not going to get 1,237 tonight. he has to deal with indiana and california. are voters influenced by margins
1:55 pm
tonight? >> how many of the 54 delegates donald trump wins in pennsylvania and, secondly, how many of the individual congressional districts does he win because you have uncommitted delegates saying i'll go with the district, and if that happens they are trump delegates as well. >> as a pennsylvanian were you concerned at any point about john kasich being from a neighboring state of ohio and from -- >> what concerned me, i got three phone calls in a day. here's the kick, recommending delegates, they said they were unaffiliated with the candidate. i collected, they were for kasich. >> jake, i'm looking forward three more hours, voters have an opportunity to cast ballots and watch cnn and we'll give you highlights. >> thank you so much. first exit poll results are minutes away. stay with us.
1:56 pm
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>> thanks for joining us today. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. i'll be back at 7:00 eastern. for more special coverage of super tuesday 4, i turn you over to mr. wolf blitz somewhere mr. anderson cooper. they're right next door in "the situation room." >> happening now -- a battle of the front runners. hillary clinton and donald trump each looking for a sweep in the northeast. will they run away with victories in all five states? >> forging ahead, one eye on today's votes and other on primaries to come, cruz, kasich, sanders plan, strategize, try to bend the math in their favor. pulse of the electorate. first exit polling starting to come in. in just a few moments, we'll show you data and what it could tell us about what the voters are thinking. >> i'm anderson cooper. >> i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."