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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  April 26, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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good morning and welcome to this very special edition of "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. it is wednesday, april 27th. it is 2:00 a.m. in the east. it was a huge night for the front-runners in both parties. a wicked huge night for donald trump, who swept all five states overnight and did it by huge margins. he got more than 55% in maryland, delaware, pennsylvania, connecticut, and rhode island. results that have trump ready to crown himself as the republican
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nominee. >> i consider myself the presumptive nominee, absolutely. [ cheers and applause ] >> senator cruz and governor kasich should really get out of the race. they have no path. honestly, they should get out of the race, and we should heal the republican party and bring the republican party together. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton dominated super tuesday but didn't quite sweep the board, losing rhode island to sanders by 12 points. for the very latest on the overnight vote count, i want to bring in cnn politics reporter mj lee. good morning. good night. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. you're right, john. this was a very, very big night for donald trump. he swept the board, winning all five states that held contests tonight. those states were connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania, and rhode island.
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and his win was so impressive not only because he won all of the states but because he won so decisively in all of the states. in two of the states, he actually won more than 60% or more of the vote. let's take a look at his margins. in ktd, he won 57% of the vote. delaware, 60%. maryland, 54%. pennsylvania, 56%. and rhode island, 63%. now, all of this means that he's taken a big step towards that magic number of 1,237 delegates. tonight, donald trump picking up 142 delegates, and here is where the delegate race stands now. trump now has 951 delegates, and cruz has 566 delegates. kasich is way beyond at 152 delegates. now, on the democratic side, hillary clinton also had a very good night. she won four of the five democratic contests that were
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held tonight. connecticut, delaware, maryland, and pennsylvania, losing just the state of rhode island to bernie sanders. now, in three of the states, she won by very healthy margins as well. in connecticut, you see here, maryland, 63%. pennsylvania, 56%. connecticut, she won by a 51% of the support. and then in rhode island, sanders won with 55% of the vote. now, with these victories, clinton also grew her delegate pile as well. on tuesday she picked up 214 delegates, bringing her to a total of 2,168. you can see sanders is a very far behind. now, both trump and clinton are clearly pivoting to the general election in both of their victory speeches. we heard some of what trump had to say. let's take a listen to what hillary clinton had to say about bernie sanders. >> whether you support senator sanders or you support me, there is much more that unites us than
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divides us. >> so clearly this is a hillary clinton that is now starting to reach out to sanders' supporters and saying, come on board to my train. >> very interesting. all right. mj lee, very big night. joining us to discuss all of this, mj sticks with us. she's our cnn politics reporter. ron brownstein, angela rye, and dylan byers, cnn senior media and politics reporter. the dream team, you guys, to unpack what happened last night. >> they would rather be dreaming and sleeping. that may be more accurate. >> maybe. maybe. but let's go with it. let's talk, ron brownstein, about donald trump and this coalition he has built of support. it was there in full force last night. he now needs 50% of the delegates from here on out to clinch the nomination. >> this continued what we saw in new york. it was an lute breakthrough night for donald trump. up until new york, he had not reached 50% of the vote in any
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contest. now he's reached it in six straight. not only was there depth of these victories as mj was talking about, the size of them. it was the breadth of them. he did better than we have seen him do in the exit polls in any state now. in new york, pennsylvania, connecticut, and maryland, those are now his four best states among women, among men, among republicans, among voters without a college degree, and they tie for his best state among voters with a college degree. so we saw many of the groups that had been resisting trump basically break toward trump. now, was this just a regional phenomenon, or was this really the beginning of the end of the resistance? we'll get a better idea in indiana, but it sure felt like the walls crumbling among the forces in the party resisting trump tonight. >> angela rye, does it feel like that on the democratic side of the rice? hillary clinton took four out of five. pennsylvania being the biggest. maryland, also impressive margins. we saw a concession statement, an e-mail from bernie sanders which was more consilliatory than we've seen before. he talked about running an
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issues-based campaign from here on out, amassing enough delegates to influence the platform did you didn't really talking about beating her anymore. >> i think part of what you're seeing, john, is a bernie sanders that we saw at the beginning. bernie sanders, the initial candidate, was one who was running an issues-based flat form, one that would strive to take the democrats a little bit further left from the outside in, no pun intended, as the independent there. but i also think it's really, really interesting that for a long time and given all of the rhetoric from bernie sanders' supporters on twitter, some of his surrogates, it was sounding like bernie sanders was in it for the real win. he won eight out of the last nine contests before tonight, and so it seemed like there was momentum on his side. the problem was the math never supported that momentum, math being the number of people who were voting for him. so tonight the reality set in that, yeah, it looks like hillary clinton was the front-runner that she'd always been touted to be. and this is going to make a
11:07 pm
bernie sanders the nominee very, very challenging. i think he is back to what he initially was striving for, and that is to influence the democratic platform at the convention and beyond. >> dylan byers, clearly a lot for these front-runners to celebrate last night. your headline from the action last night? >> my headline would be that this race is over, and the only reason we're not calling it over is the fact that, you know, the conventional wisdom has been upended so many times in this race, i think we have a lot of caution about declaring this thing over before it's over. but hillary clinton now is offensively the democratic nominee. it's nearly impossible to see bernie sanders, and even sanders is acknowledging that he wants to run an issues-focused campaign. he's really looking to advance his agenda at the convention, and i think even beyond. i think during the tenure of a hillary clinton presidency. and then on the republican side, you know, i think it's exactly the same thing. ted cruz obviously needs to win
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illinois. it's okay -- >> indiana. >> sorry, indiana. it's okay for him to lose the northeast if he had won the south, and he didn't win the south. so it's very hard to see now, short of, you know, a huge surge in both indiana and then california, how he can win this. >> you know, ron brownstein, you hear from ted cruz supporters is that the northeast and the eastern seaboard was always going to be fertile territory for donald trump. it's not just that he won. it's the margins. he didn't lose a congressional district. he didn't lose a county. he lot merely a handful of towns. a few towns in five states, ron. >> yeah, it was overwhelming. as we said, if you look at it, you look at it geographically, it was overwhelming. you look at it dem graphically, it was overwhelming. women, college-educated republicans, they have been the most resistant to donald trump, and he put up his best numbers anywhere among them. just as importantly, john, we saw the limits of the ted cruz campaign, you know, reaffirmed here. i mean ted cruz, the initial promise of his campaign was that he was not going to be rick santorum. he was not going to be mike
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huckabee. he was not going to be just a creature of evangelical krings. he was going to bring together those evangelical conservatives with economic conservatives. tonight, among voters who are not evangelicals, showing all three states with exit polls, was 16 points or less. 60% or less. he has now through the contest won voters who are not evangelicals in just one, wisconsin. that is a challenge. it's simply too narrow a base ultimately. on to indiana now, a do or die state for him, and it is similar to missouri but tougher in that evangelicals will probably be an even smaller share of the electorate than they were in missouri whereas you remember donald trump won by 2,000 votes in the end. so he's got to make a stand on terrain that is not ideal for him. but, again, it is because his coalition is ultimately been too narrow to truly challenge for the nomination at this point. >> it was interesting last night, hillary clinton talking about how we have to be dreamers and doers. you can hear her taking some of
11:10 pm
the progressive aspiration from bernie sanders and talking about how she can get things done. do you think that she will start to continue to tweak her language? does she need to continue to reach out to those bernie supporters as she pivots to the general? >> she absolutely has to reach out to bernie supporters, and i would honestly say she's got to do a whole lot more than reaching out. hillary clinton, earlier on in this primary season, said something to the effect of even if they -- even if you don't vote for me, i'm still going to fight for you, talking about the young people that bernie sanders overwhelming continues to get support from. she can't say that anymore. she needs this cadre of young people, millennial voters, to support her candidacy. it really is high time for that, and i think honestly the best person to help her do that is bernie sanders. it is clear that the folks who are her surrogates aren't necessarily the best folks to reach out to these folks. there are people on the bernie sanders campaign who can do that in different ways.
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part of it is because it's not the traditional ways of reaching out to young voters. it is all about antiestablishment, and it's really hard to say that or do that given the length of time that hillary clinton has participated in this political process, whether as first lady or as a senator or as the secretary of state during the obama administration. she's been a staple, and it's ironic to even say that because we know, of course, that bernie sanders is no spring chicken when it comes to this political process. he's been here a while too. but for whatever reason, she carries the establishment brand. >> all right, guys. stick around. there is a lot more to talk about this morning. what is donald trump going to say when he wakes up after his big win in five states? well, you could find out by watching "new day." he will be live on "new day." that begins at 6:00 a.m. eastern. also on new day, speaker of the house paul ryan who is warning the gop candidates not to wait until the convention to get their acts together, or it will be, quote, too late. >> will he announce his candidacy on new day?
11:12 pm
tune in to see. next, donald trump. he'll be the first to tell you he likes to win. and on this super tuesday, he did just that. we'll show you how he celebrated. >> look, i started off with 17. i'm down, now i'm winning and it's over. as far as i'm concerned. it's over. these two guys cannot win. there's no path.
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11:17 pm
vote. so an impressive vote haul for donald trump. it puts him at 988. that is his biggest lead to date over ted cruz. more than 400 delegates ahead of ted cruz and really just a little more than 250 or about 250 away from securing the nomination. joining us now is a donald trump supporter, former president of trump productions. as we predicted, he would be smiling. andy, your thoughts on last night's big wins for donald trump? >> this is very exciting. it seems like the dream has now become a reality. the american people over the past couple months have decided that donald trump is the candidate. he is the guy. and i think tonight we won over not only the american people, but the tv pundit class who has been doubting donald trump. and whether you were talking to a liberal pundit or a conservative pundit on tv tonight, they all realize that donald trump is going to be the nominee. then one thing on krus and kasich. they have this alliance supposedly, kind of this sad, last-ditch, pathetic alliance.
11:18 pm
and if you add up cruz's vote total plus kasich's vote total in every single state tonight, when you add them together, they don't even come close to donald trump. so you can have an alliance of these two weaker candidates, but together they're no match for donald trump. it's exciting. >> last night you think was the death knell of any kind of stop trump at a contested convention. you think last night solidified your guy's role as the nominee? >> i think that this cruz/kasich alliance was kind of a last-ditch effort. it speaks of desperation, and when the american people found out about it, they thought it smelled funny. it didn't feel quite right. then with the momentum coming out of winning five states with a 55% margin or better across the board, it's trump's. i think he's either going to get above 1,237 or be so darn close that the pennsylvania unbound delegates will bring him over the hump. so this is an exciting night. it's a big night. >> i want to ask you something about what donald trump said
11:19 pm
last night. he was talking about hillary clinton. he went after hillary clinton pretty hard. he said that if she were not a woman, if she were a man, she wouldn't even be getting 5% in the polls. why do you think he said that, and do you think that's an effective message for donald trump? look, he lost wisconsin, and he had all kinds of problems with statements and tweets, and things he had said about women. do you think that was wise for him to stay on stage last night? >> sure. so, john, when trump said that, it's important to, you know, give the context, which i'll do. trump came out to give his victory speech. it lasted, you know, 10, 15 minutes. then he asked for any questions from reporters. he sat there for almost half an hour answering questions from reporters after an election win, which you never see any other candidate have the courage or the boldness to do that. and the question that was asked was hillary clinton playing the gender card and calling donald trump sexist? and his response was to hillary clinton, calling donald trump sexist or whatever, maybe one
11:20 pm
day donald trump is sexist. the next day he's racist. but the american people are too smart for that. they read through it. they realize that donald trump is not a sexist or racist. he's got a good heart, and at the end of the day, the people are going to see that. so this micro-aggression politics that liberals try to play that we all need to be in a safe space, and we can't say anything that's out of political correctness bounds, that's not what donald trump is. he never will be. i think that's why the american people like him for that. >> what kind of candidate are we going to see going forward? are we going to see the tweaked team and these big decisive victories, that wind in his sails? what kind of different candidate trump are we going to see in the days ahead, do you think, or we won't? >> sure. great question. i think trump has been running this campaign like he runs his business, and he's been doing it in a smart fashion. he spent a lot less than all of his opponents. you look at jeb bush, who spent over $100 million down the drain. i feel terrible for his donors. i mean donald trump ran a very thrifty campaign, and now we're
11:21 pm
at the stage where he's the presumptive nominee. he's got to expand the tank. he's hiring more people. like paul manafort, he's getting us ready for a general election campaign. like any smart business person, when circumstances change, the team around you needs to evolve. that's a good thing, and i think the media thinks that is a sign of infighting. it's not. it's a business person preparing for the next step to win the general election. the team is evolving. and as far as donald trump the person, i think you're going to see the exact same person, somebody who is not going to, you know, back down from a fight and somebody who is going to stand up but more importantly talk about jobs because when it's trump versus clinton, trump is the only one who has run businesses. he's the only one who knows how to deal with china. hillary clinton hasn't run a business before. she's been in politics before -- >> she was secretary of state. she dealt with china directly as secretary of state. >> politically but not business-wise. that's correct. >> stick with us here for a minute. i want to bring back our panel,
11:22 pm
join . good morning. welcome to our big bunch of awesome analysis, the morning after the night of. >> what's your headline from tonight? >> it looks like a contested convention -- >> that's all you need from me? >> stick around, andy. we not to get some analysis. >> so we're on tv right now? >> you're on tv. >> big smile on your face. go for it, tal. pick it up from there. >> my apologies. go ahead. >> well, the conversation going into last night was sort of how close we would get to the finish lines. and i think coming out of last night, we saw we are getting close to the finish lines. and for all the talk of a contested convention and what delegates might do on a second ballot, it's looking like the first ballot might be more important. donald trump, no matter what he says, is not quite the presumptive nominee yet but he's gone a long way to make that a much more likely scenario. hillary clinton really has made the bernie sanders candidacy very difficult to sort of
11:23 pm
just -- not justify in the sense of continuing but justify in the sense of claiming a path to the nomination. so we really saw the front-runners make a big, big push towards the finish line in their respecktive primaries last night. >> with andy dean looking on, ron, i want you to explafin to e what has changed for donald trump over the last two weeks? what changed after wisconsin? yes, i know different states here in the east, you know, in the mid-atlantic, but it can't just be that. so why is he successful now where he wasn't before? have you noticed something different from him or his team? >> it's a great question. i think the geography is part of it. clearly the northeast is more favorable terrain in terms of the underlying demographics. but as we said, he performed much better in these states among the same groups. i mean he performed better among college graduates than he has anywhere else. he performed better among women than he has anywhere else. i don't know if there is a simple answer. i think it is a sense that the race is fading may be part of
11:24 pm
it. ted cruz has had very limited appeal in the northeast. he's been a very weak candidate there. this is where john kasich should have been a more effective competitor if he was going to be one. you have many of those white collar suburban voters across many of these states, and he simply did not step up to fill the space. so i think it is more a matter of trump expanding into the space, kind of that cruz and kasich were retreating out of than him dramatically changing his presentation. and, look, i mean that is an important dimension because if he does fall short of the 1,237, it's harder and harder given the weakness of this performance for cruz, much less kasich, to say, look, you should be turning to us. >> andy, before we let you go, your reaction to ron's analysis there. >> well, i think ron is spot on there. although this is like hollywood squares. this is great. >> we think the brady bunch, kind of. >> this is nice. i feel like shadow stevens.
11:25 pm
the thing i'd like to point out about ted cruz is that ted cruz came in last place, in third place in four out of the five votes tonight. so this idea that ted cruz can play a national candidacy is just turning out to be quite false. so i think that the fact that cruz came in third means that if we go to the convention with trump below 1,237, cruz, to me, just doesn't have the mojo or the momentum to try to convince people on the second or third ballot. so i think this was a huge night for trump in many different ways. he's got the momentum, and i think if you look at the pure numbers, he only needs 50% of the delegates left. and he's going to get to 1,237. >> all right. andy dean, thank you very much. now you can go. the rest of you, you need to stick around with us. >> i'll stay here all night. >> we'll take you, man. andy, stick around if you want. we have a lot more to discuss. >> coming up, the other big winner tonight, hillary clinton, who had a message for donald trump. >> now, the other day, mr. trump
11:26 pm
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man 2: it's not just security. it's defense. it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems. i'm a customer relationship my namanager with pg&, i've helped customers like plantronics meet their energy efficiency goals. so you save energy and you can save money. energy efficiency and the environment go hand in hand. and i love how pg&e's commitment to the environment helps a community like santa cruz be a better place to live. and being able to pass that along to my family is really important to me. just being together and appreciating what we have right here in santa cruz. see how you can save energy at together, we're building a better california. all right. hillary clinton, she won four out of five states overnight. now, a little bit earlier, mj
11:31 pm
lee, with her immense control over the powers of television, she played part of hillary clinton's victory speech. but we want to play a little bit more right now and try to see how and where hillary clinton is shifting her focus to the general election. >> and i applaud senator sanders and his millions of supporters for challenging us to get unaccountable money out of our politics and giving greater emphasis to closing the gap of inequality. and i know together we will get that done. [ cheers and applause ] >> because whether you support senator sanders or you support me, there's much more that y unites us than divides us. we all agree that wages are too low and inequality is too high, that wall street can never again be allowed to threaten main
11:32 pm
street. and we should expand social security, not cut or prief attize it. we democrats agree that college should be affordable to all, and student debt shouldn't hold anyone back. [ cheers and applause ] >> we democrats agree that every single american should and must have quality affordable health care. we agree that our next president must keep our country safe, keep our troops out of another costly ground war in the middle east. and we democrats agree that climate change is an urgent threat. and it requires an aggressive response that can make america the clean energy super power of
11:33 pm
the 21st century. and we democrats agree on defending all of our rights, civil rights and voting rights, workers' rights and women's rights, lgbt rights and rights for people with disabilities. [ cheers and applause ] >> so in this election, we will have to stand together and work hard to prevail against candidates on the other side who would threaten all those rights and pit americans against each other. they would make it harder to vote, not easier. they would deny women the right to make our own reproductive health care decisions. they would round up millions of hard-working immigrants and deport them. they would demonize and discriminate against hard-working, terror-hating
11:34 pm
muslim-americans, whom we need in the fight against radicalization. and both of the top candidates in the republican party deny climate change even exists. [ crowd booing ] >> now, the other day, mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote, woman card. [ crowd booing ] >> well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in! >> back now with our panel, mj lee, dylan byers, andy dean, ron brownstein, and angela rye. you heard, that was a good three-minute chunk from her speech last night. deal me in. is that going to be an effective strategy for her as she faces a general election? >> if nothing else, it is an offensive t-shirt line. i'm sure they're going to be
11:35 pm
selling t-shirts and bumper stickers, maybe even old school pins that say deal me in. maybe they'll throw a hashtag on it to get some of those young voters we talked about earlier. i thought it was a good line particularly given the line of attack that donald trump has been going down. if hillary clinton were a man, she probely wouldn't even get 5% of the vote. it's ridiculous. if hillary clinton were a man t probably would be no contest. her record of experience is very clear whether you agree with her decisions or not. we know we went down this whole rabbit hole really on qualifications earlier on with bernie sanders during this primary season. but her resume is just unprecedented. by far, she's the most qualified candidate in this race on either side. so for him to go down that line of attack is just really preposterous. i thought her response was very, very offensive. >> you know, dylan, without getting into the content of what she said there, i think the fact that she was saying it quite as strenuously as she was was
11:36 pm
interesting. you have been with us here a lot on these election nights and we've been talking about how many times hillary clinton has tried to pivot to the general election. it's almost like a broken record. again, and again, and again, and every time she's tried to do it, bernie sanders has come back and it sort of hurt the clinton campaign. but now, this time, does it feel different? >> yeah, it feels different. it feels different because she's so close to the finish line here. i think that she can finally successfully pivot. look, she still has to worry about bernie sanders. he's obviously going to go through june 7th. he's announced that he's going to go until the convention. so, you know, the campaign is going to have to continue to spend money and continue to be a concern for them. but, yeah, she's pivoting to the general election. i know you don't want to get into the substance of what she said here, but, you know, for donald trump to say what he said, when he's dealing with a negative rating among women in a general election contest that some polls have as high as 70%, you're talking about seven out of ten women in this country who don't want to see donald trump as president. i mean, you know, andy can talk
11:37 pm
all he wants about microaggression and political correctness. donald trump was the one who brought up this issue of gender and it's going to be a real issue for him in a trump v. clinton general election. >> that doesn't seem like microaggression. that seams like macroaggression. that seems like a real problem with women. >> i'll say a couple things about that. first, remember hillary clinton also has a gender gap, but it's not politically correct to talk about her gender gap. she has a major gender gap with men skprksz we're not on the air saying why does hillary clinton have a problem with men. if you look at the pure numbers, she does. i think donald trump when it comes to women, we're going to realize these are not one-issue voters. women, i think, are smarter than men and they care about the same things. jobs, national security, and i think if donald trump has the women around him in his company and also in his family like ivanka trump and melania trump out on the campaign trail, it's going to soften donald trump and show that he's a family man. i think women will like that.
11:38 pm
>> sorry. if i may, andy, i'm not making a moral point. i'm trying to make a practical point here. >> the practical point is with the negative ratings trump has among women to say nothing of minority groups, at a certain point it doesn't matter where hillary clinton's support is among men as long as she has democrats because how does trump run a general election campaign if he can't appeal to any of these minority groups and especially if he can't appeal to women? >> angela, you get your point in. >> okay. sure, i'll make this quick. >> andy, wait. >>. >> i'll be sensitive. >> you don't need to be sensitive. i'm not crying here. just a quick point for you. okay. you mentioned minuority groups, dylan, and you said women. so women are the majority in this country actually. it's not a minority group. i think the other part of this more directly to andy is the fact, plain and simple, you asked if hillary clinton had a man problem. she does, and part of the issue is one that we could actually just look at from a pure data
11:39 pm
standpoint. in 2008, hillary clinton was winning white men. she was doing very well amongst the same groups that now she can't win because there is a white male in the race running against her in this primary season. bernie sanders is now picking up those voters. hillary clinton is getting the voters that barack obama once had. so you're seeing these types of shifts. they're pure data, so it's not anything about political correctness or anything like that. it's not a man problem. i think, in fact, hillary clinton isn't the one that has the man problem. it's the men that have the problem supporting this potential woman candidate. that's the real issue, and those are the numbers. that's what the data says. >> we can't numbers and data without bringing in the demographic guru, ron brownstein. >> look, i mean if you look forward to a general election, it's possible to see some contrast that would work for donald trump against hillary clinton. it's possible to see him portraying himself as an outsider to her insider at a time when the political system is widely held in disrepute by many americans. it's also possible to see him positioning himself as kind of
11:40 pm
the tribune, the economic tribune of forgotten working class white america in small towns in pennsylvania and southern ohio and places like that. the problem he's got, though, is that that is not the way he is defined to much of the electorate. much of the electorate now sees him fundamentally as a candidate of cultural backlash, of white racial backlash against minorities, against immigrants, against muslims and also the problems he's got with women. one important statistic, it's possible in 2016, i think it's likely that minorities on the one hand and college-educated white women on the other will be exactly half of all the voters. 50% of all the voters will come from those two groups. and in the last cnn poll, donald trump's unfavorable rating among both of those groups was exactly the same. 82%. now, he is an agile political operator. he can be a disrupter, but that is a big hole to climb out of because the way he has been defined to those voters, i think, primarily is as someone resisting the cultural and
11:41 pm
demographic changes that america is living through. and as long as that is his primary definition, it is very hard to see how he can get to a majority of the electorate. >> andy, can you sum up in 15 seconds? >> sure. a quick response. i would say, you know, they point out all these negatives. donald trump has high negatives with this group or that group. i remember being on cnn back in the summer of last year when donald trump was announcing his candidacy, and they quoted all these same numbers. he has 75% unfavorables. over time, with the consistent message of job creation and business leadership, he won, and i think i'll do the same thing in the fall. is that 15 seconds? >> it was a little bit more, but we'll griff it to mj right after the break. coming up, for the candidates who came up short tonight, all they have left to do is look ahead to indiana. we will do the same.
11:42 pm
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11:46 pm
could do was look ahead to may 3rd and the indiana primary. >> the eyes of the nation are looking at this state at the cross roads of america. to make a decision for our country. do we want to support a campaign that is based on yelling and screaming and cursing and insults, or do we want to unite behind a positive, optimistic, forward-looking, conservative campaign based on real policy solutions to the problems facing america? [ cheers and applause ] >> that by the way was in the hoosiers gym where jimmy chitwood scored so many points so long ago. bernie sanders looking even further down the line, releasing this statement. the people in every state in this country -- don't roll your eyes at me. every state in this country should have the right to determine who they want as president and what the agenda of the democratic party should be. that's why we're in this race
11:47 pm
until the last vote is cast. that is why this campaign is going to the democratic national convention in philadelphia with as many delegates as possible. now, the next big step for both campaigns, indiana next tuesday, may 3rd. back with us, our panel, mj lee. you know, may 3rd is huge. indiana is simply huge, especially for the republicans. set the stage for us. >> that's right. indiana is a huge state. we've known that for a while, but i think especially after tonight, because trump did so much better than we even expected, there's so much at stake in indiana. remember, the delegates there are allocated similar to the way that they are allocated here in new york. it is not winner take all across the state, but it is winner take all by congressional district and then across the state as well. so this is a state where trump could win some delegates, and cruz could win some delegates. this is why we saw kasich and cruz announce this alliance earlier this week, right? they determined that cruz has a better chance of doing better than kasich in the state of
11:48 pm
indiana, which is obvious. so they put out the statement, you know, joint statement, saying, look, kasich is going to stay out, and cruz is going to go all in. but i think the question is, is that even enough to peel away enough delegates from trump, especially after tonight when he did so well? i thought there was a really interesting question in the exit polls tonight -- or last night, rather. we asked whether the voters voted for their candidate or voted for someone to choose their opponent. and in pennsylvania, connecticut, maryland, overwhelmingly republican voters said that they chose for the candidate that they wanted. so this effort for, you know, by kasich and cruz to try to get voters to vote for someone that they don't want to vote for just to stop trump, i just don't know that the polls bear out that that is working. >> tal, you heard donald trump say last night, it's over. it's over. it's probably better to say it's almost over, right? >> yeah, definitely.
11:49 pm
and to mj's point, that statistic absolutely, to me, was the statistic out of the exit polling that we saw last night. the idea that, you know, ted cruz and john kasich, after tonight, are both mathematically eliminated from being able to clinch this nomination just by winning states. you've seen bernie sanders for a while now be pretty much out of it, but he stuck to the issues. he's continued with his message. he's continued to have sort of a clear statement for his candidacy. ted cruz and john kasich have kind of fallen into a trap where they're making a pitch to the voters completely based on process. it's been amazing to me how much we've heard candidates themselves talk about, you know, picking up delegates and hanging in there until a contested convention. >> right. >> that is not compelling to voters. here's a very clear statistic. three-quarters of republican voters last night said we didn't want to vote against someone. we want to vote for someone. and ted cruz and john kasich have run away from that.
11:50 pm
>> tonight, last night, it's all one big primary pa loo za. stick for us. donald trump is going to appear on new day. he will discuss his super tuesday triumph. that's at 6:00 a.m. >> also on new day. speaker of the house paul ryan, who says he wants the republican candidates to get their act together before the convention. you know, paul ryan, for a guy who is not running is deeply involved in denying that he's not running. >> first, despite trump's super tuesday sweep, the gop may be heading to the convention without a candidate holding that magic number of 1,237. what do voters think the solution should be? we've got exit polling answers? it is so fun to look at exit polls. we've got them next. hall movie where he chael fights with the girl. the one where he gets rejected by the girl. even stream the one where he creates the girl. with unlimited data, you can stream all the anthony michael hall movies you want. i wonder what he's up to these days maybe he's shopping in an at&t store?
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♪ "dinner!" "may i be excused?" get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. republican primary voters in three of the states that just
11:55 pm
voted overnight, they were asked a simple question. if no republican candidate reaches the magic number of 1,237 delegates, how should the party pick a nominee? look at the results. essentially they all said give it to the person who wins the most votes. we're back with our panel right now, ron brownstein, let's start with you because i know you're anxious to go to bed very soon. >> strange concept. >> this will be an argument for donald trump if he doesn't get there. it's one of the reasons running up the margins in these states while he can is so important right now. >> right. strangely voters think that voters should be empowered to pick the nominee, right? that's kind of not a surprising result. but one important to remember. and i think what we saw -- i think the big headline from tonight was that donald trump for the first time began to do what we have seen previous front-runners do. until now, he has largely been a plurality front-runner. he won 38% of the total vote through new york. new york was the only state where he had won a majority of the vote. tonight he won a majority of the
11:56 pm
vote in every state that took part. and not only did he put up absolutely crushing numbers among his good groups like non-college whites where he had about two-thirds of the vote in all the state with exit polls, we also saw him put up his best numbers to date among the groups who have been the most resistant to him like women and college-educated republicans. so, yes, the calendar could turn in a more favorable way toward ted cruz in parts of may. this may be a regional effect, but it sure felt like the barriers of resistance falling down. on the other side with bernie sanders and hillary clinton, it wasn't so much that she put up new numbers, but she defended her advantage she's had all along among african-american voters and self-identified democrats in particular. and he has just simply run out of places he can win with his coalition focused on young people, independents, and to some extent those non-college whites both races had a lot more clarity and now we get six months of hillary clinton and donald trump banging on each other, which is something i'm
11:57 pm
sure every american is looking forward to at this moment. >> we know you'll be with us to look at all of the ins and outs. thank you for all of your help tonight. everyone else stay with us. we have so much more to get to at the top of the hour as we break down these super tuesday results and the new look of election 2016. no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. he's just happier when he's playing. but he's terrible. for the strength and energy to keep doing what you love, try new ensure enlive. only patented ensure enlive has hmb, plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. and its clinically proven formula helps you stay you. oh. nice shot. new ensure enlive. always be you. xerox personalized employee portals help companies! make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! human resources can work better. with xerox.
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