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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  April 29, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. big political events and news breaking left, right, and center this friday. within the hour the republican governor of indiana, mike pence, he's going on a radio show for what we're told is a significant announcement, and now sources tell cnn that that announcement, he will endorse ted cruz for president. this is an endorsement the cruz team really, really wanted. >> and in just a few hours donald trump, he's going to be
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trying to woo more insiders, this time in california. he's set to speak before the republican convention outside of san francisco, and this is after protests broke out outside a trump rally last night with more than a dozen arrested. let's get over to cnn's phil mattingly who is following this all for us. first, phil, to that endorsement, that cruz, let's be quite honest, he maybe needed. >> reporter: no question about it, kate. this isn't just because donald trump has had bob yby knight gog around with him in the state of indiana. mike pence has been a standard bearer. he's been under tremendous pressure to come off the sidelines and endorse ted cruz. the cruz team has been working very hard to get this endorsement. there's a good reason why. what mike pence represents in this state, what he represents to conservatism in general over the course of his house career and his time in the governor's office is really everything ted cruz has been talking about on the campaign trail, everything he's been attacking donald trump over on the campaign trail
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saying that donald trump does not represent the type of conservatism that mike pence practices and ted cruz espouses on the campaign trail. now, how big of an issue will this be in the race? i think that's the big question now going forward. one interesting element of this endorsement when it comes, it will be made on the radio show of the viindividual who became well known for prosecuting mike tyson for rape in the state of indiana. this is something carly fiorina actually just flicked at a couple minutes ago saying basically that donald trump was touting an endorsement of mike tyson. so, guys, to look at what's about to happen over the next couple hours, it will be very choreographed and a very big moment for a cruz campaign that needs momentum going into tuesday. >> donald trump is not in indiana today. donald trump, he's in california trying to woo republican delegates at the state convention. what's going on there? >> i think the trump campaign as you have seen over the course of the last couple weeks has started to evolve in their recognition of the importance of delegates beyond just winning
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the primary, and i also think the trump campaign recognizes and advisers have told me this a number of times, california will be where they expect to close out this race. 172 delegates at stake and a recognition that they need to win big there. obviously they need to win indiana first, but that they need to do the work on the ground, and one of the best kind of examples of them starting to get the picture on this was in pennsylvania just on tuesday locking up a majority, a solid majority of those unbound 54 delegates showing that the trump team when they put their mind and resources to it can have a ground game. up to that point, as you guys know very well, ted cruz's ground operation had bip whipped them in several states, north dakota, wyoming. trump realizes not only does he need a team on the ground, but the personal touch, him showing up has an impact as well, and 172 delegates at stake, donald trump knows california matters, guys. >> phil mattingly for us. great work. thanks so much for being with us. the big news from phil and
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others, that in just a matter of a few minutes the governor of indiana, republican mike pence, will endorse ted cruz for president. this with the indiana primary just a few days away, but the state's biggest newspaper is taking a somewhat different approach. >> i'd say so. in an explosive editorial "the indianapolis star" declared donald trump in their words a danger to the united states and the world. the paper also did not spare cruz either calling him ill suited to be president. in fact, "the indianapolis star" called all five candidates from both parties in the race right now disappointing. tim is the editorial director from "the indianapolis star" and he is joining us right now. thank you for being here. before we get to the editorial, get your reaction to this announcement that governor mike pence will be endorsing ted cruz. what do you make of it? >> it's big news. the governor is well respected among republicans in indiana still. he's had a tough couple of years
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in the general electorate, but it's a significant move for cruz. cruz is working the state very hard, as many have said, he has to win indiana on tuesday. polls showing him close but still behind. i don't know how much this will actually make in terms of voting, people coming out and voting for cruz on tuesday, but it does dominate the news cycle, and it starts to help him build some momentum in the state that he has to have. >> you get the sense this did not come easily for governor pence. it didn't come early, that's for sure. all the candidates were working him, and up until a few days ago, he had said he wasn't sure he was going to endorse. what do you think changed his mind? >> he's been getting tremendous pressure among conservatives, conservatives in the media, to make a choice, and we all expected him to line up with ted cruz. they have -- they share many of the same positions on social issues, for example, and ted cruz is seen as the most conservative, the true conservative in the race. mike pence is certainly conservative. it's not surprising that he's
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coming out in favor of ted cruz. it is a bit surprising given pence's own re-election issues that he is going to take a stand in the republican primary. >> so mike pence is endorsing ted cruz. you guys are anti-endorsing everybody in this editorial. i mean, we said it at the top, calling donald trump a danger to the united states and to the world. those are pretty strong words. >> they are strong words, but we do believe donald trump is a danger. he has shown over the course of the last few months an unwillingness to learn to dig deep into complex issues. he's shown a willingness to play one group of americans off of another. hen an utter lack of understanding of america's place in the world. >> quickly, if he is so dangerous, why then are you not endorsing ted cruz, the only other candidate seen as having a chance in indiana?
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it seems that the fact that you're not endorsing cruz may even be more of a slap against him. >> well, it's a slap against both. ted cruz has had a short time in the senate, but in the three years he's been there, he's made a lot of enemies as we saw with john boehner yesterday. ted cruz has shown an unwillingness, not an inability, but an unwillingness to work well with others. i'm not sure that's what we want in a president. >> how do you think it's going to go on tuesday? >> i think cruz may pull it out. it's going to be very close. the smart money last week would say that donald trump would win indiana. i think it's going to be very close on tuesday. >> which also means we're going to follow it very, very closely. >> indeed. >> tim, thank you very much. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> all right. so joining us now someone very importantly we should be talking about, donald trump's national campaign co-chairman and policy adviser, sam clovis. sam, thank you so much. it's great to see you. so let's talk about this endorsement that will be coming.
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governor of indiana, mike pence, endorsing ted cruz. donald trump on cnn just this week, he said that he asked governor pence for his endorsement. called him a great guy. says he's done a great job at governor. what happened? >> well, i'm not really surprised. i do think that if you take a look at the ideological alignment of mike pence, who did a great job in the house and i do acknowledge your previous guest, i do think that mike has had a tough row as a governor there. he's had a couple issues he's had to deal with, but he's also done a reasonable job on education reform and some other issues that we care a great deal about, and i'm not surprised though because i do think that governor pence and senator cruz are much more ideologically aligned on a lot of issues, and i do think there was a lot of pressure that came from the establishment, and i think money may, in fact, be behind this for re-election issues and a lot of other factors that are there.
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i don't want to accuse anybody of that, but i do think that that always comes down it seems that sooner or later filling those campaign coffers makes a difference. >> okay. there's a few things right there. >> right. >> you said you don't want to make the accusation that money was involved but us just kind of did. do you have any proof that money was involved? >> just the history of watching how these things evolve and, you know, we've seen the money transfer from the cruz pac over to carly's pac and some of the other factors. like i said, i do think that the ideological alignment is probably the best test here, john -- >> well, let's -- i want to -- let's explore that more, sam. you say the governor of indiana, popular in that state and influential, is more aligned with ted cruz than your account candidate. so how does mike pence differ from donald trump? >> i think mike pence knows ted
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cruz a lot better than he knows donald trump and i think it has a lot to do with it as well, their familiarity. and their mutual friends and their mutual contacts. mike pence has been in politics for a long time. mr. trump has not. ted cruz has been in politics for a long time. mr. trump has not. and i think that those -- i do want to touch on this ideological aspect because i think one of the things that we've seen and i've known for a long time is that senator cruz is ideological. he's an idealouge and he don't listen as well, you don't have the flexibility and this is one of the issues that i think people are starting to recognize. if he had a better message, he'd be doing better. >> are you saying that donald trump didn't want -- you guys didn't want the endorsement of
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mike pence? >> no. everybody wants the endorsement of mike pence, but i'm not surprised that he went with ted cruz. >> is donald trump conservative? is donald trump a conservative, sam? >> yes. and let me -- if you'll give me two minutes let me outline why i want to say this. if you are an intellectual conservative, and i fashion myself because i've studied russell kirk, read every word he ever wrote, i have studied conservative thoughts and, you know, the 17th century, these are the issues that i come down to. there are four pillars of conservatism. those are limited government, fiscal responsibility, strong national defense, and protection of cultural values. i would say that on all of those marks he has much better marks than the republican leadership that we have today. do we have limited government? no.
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have we done anything to limit government? no. do we have a balanced budget? no. are we heading toward a balanced budget? no. are we entertaining tax reform? no. do we have a strong military? no. we have sequestration. have we done anything to protect cultural values? obviously not. all those people who cloak themselves in conservatism have much worse marks than donald trump -- >> than why didn't a strong conservative, as you say mike pence, endorse donald trump? what's missing there? >> i think it's a matter of familiarity. i think they've known each other a long time, and i just don't think that people like governor pence, who are getting a lot of pressure from people they know, mutual interests, mutual contacts, the deep, deep establishment of the republican party who have known -- who know governor pence and have known governor -- or senator cruz for all these years, i think that pressure is what pushes people
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like governor pence to endorse senator cruz. i don't think it has -- we don't need to make too much of it. i do think that it's one of those endorsements that's there. we'd have loved to have had the endorsement, but we also have the endorsement of a lot of other people. take a look at jan brewer. you talk about a conservative, a rock rib conservative, that's john br jan brewer. >> thank you for joining us. >> you taught me how to use skype. dangerous. we could be with you almost any time. >> don't threaten that, we'll take you up on that. any moment now indiana's governor is going on a local radio program for that big endorsement announcement and the big question that is what does it mean for ted cruz in indiana. what does it mean for donald trump in indiana? and then that newspaper we just talked about called donald trump a danger to the united states, but not too nice to ted
8:14 am
cruz either. we'll get reaction to that from the cruz campaign, but more importantly, we'll talk about this big endorsement coming ted cruz's way from the governor of indiana. plus, bernie sanders, his sole supporter among his colleagues in the senate. he has some tough love really for the candidate. drop out if you're losing come june. what does it mean? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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breaking news this morning out of indiana. senator ted cruz set to secure a key endorsement ahead of tuesday's crucial primary. sources saying indiana's governor mike pence will throw his support behind the texas senator within the hour. let's bring in ron nehring, national spokesman for the ted cruz campaign. >> look at that smile. >> do you care to take a victory lap there, ron? >> ever since carly fiorina's joined the campaign, it's just been a tremendous bolt of lightning and we'll see what happens today in the great state of indiana. we're here in indianapolis for an event, packed house at the indiana war museum right now and we'll see what governor pence has to say on the radio. >> we know what governor pence is going to say on the radio. sources say the governor is going to endorse ted cruz. why don't you talk about the significance of that endorsement
8:19 am
to the campaign. >> i think if governor pence would make an endorsement in the campaign, we'll let the governor speak for himself, he's well respected as a conservative leader, a strong record in the united states congress before becoming governor of indiana, and i think that as we go forward, you know, indiana is going to play a very, very important role in this race. you know, donald trump had a good week last week. we won five races and now we're heading out to the west in more favorable territory. the state here is very, very competitive. that's why both ted cruz and carly fiorina are criss-crossing the campaign, campaigning really, really hard to earn the support of indiana, and then we move on to nebraska and then finally wrapping up the campaign on june 7th in california. >> ron, i don't know if you had a chance to hear sam clovis, our interview with him just before this. he said that they would have loved to have gotten pence's endorsement, but he said he wasn't surprised that pence is going to -- that he's supporting cruz, and he said he does not have evidence of it but suggests that money is normally behind
8:20 am
these things. he says the money flowing between the super pacs of carly fiorina and ted cruz, money is behind these things when someone is in a tough re-election battle like mike pence. your reaction to that? >> you know, the bizarre things that donald trump says are only sometimes exceeded by the bizarre things that some of his surrogates say, you know, on television. mike pence is a well respected conservative governor of the state of indiana. you know, sam clovis has no idea what he's talking about. just operating in some type of, you know, fact-free environment, and at the end of the day we'll see what governor pence has to say on the radio today, but what we see is that every time donald trump loses something, which has been with a fair amount of frequency, particularly in the five states that he lost leading up to new york, you know, they always have to blame somebody else. they always have to blame something else. donald trump never stands up and takes responsibility for his own failures. he has to blame the rules or the
8:21 am
system or the delegates or the party or the this or the that, and it's really unfortunate, and it's another reason why we cannot allow this guy to become the nominee of the republican party because he will get blown out by hillary clinton in november and take a lot of republican elected officials and candidates with him. >> when you guys lost six states in a row, new york plus the five northeastern states, you blamed geography, you blame the northeastern states. it's typical for losers to look at something to find something to blame. let's leave that aside. indiana, you got mike pence for an endorsement, you have been campaigning there hard he have day, working that state hard over the last several days. does it mean indiana is a must-win? >> well, you know, everybody wants to label this state or that state a must-win or can't go forward without it and so on. every state ultimately is important in this process. right now it's the people of indiana who more than anyone else in america who are focused on this contest and the choice between having the erratic
8:22 am
donald trump lead the republican party to defeat in november versus having a principled, prepared team in ted cruz and carly fiorina. that's the choice right now, and this is an opportunity for indianians to have a very, very powerful voice going forward. obviously this is a very important state in this process. comes at a critical time. yes, donald trump had a good week and a good time in new york and in the northeast. we won five contests leading up to that. it's been going back and forth, very competitive. now all eyes on indiana, and then we keep on moving further. >> folks say indiana is going to be competitive and could be really close. are you going to win it? >> everyone wants those type of predictions going forward. we're not going to -- >> we just want to get your level of confidence that you have in the state where things stand right now. we know you all do internal polling. you don't want to tell us about where you stand and where the trend lines lay right now, but we want to get your level of confidence right now. >> yeah, i understand your desire to get a prediction and i'm not going to make one. we're going to campaign very,
8:23 am
very hard. obviously we're on the bus all day yesterday, multiple events throughout the state. we have a very packed schedule between now and election day. we'll see what the governor has to say on the radio going forward. waef strong infrastructure not only in indiana but many of the states that are going forward as we wrap this campaign up finally on june 7th. so let's let the people of indiana decide. let's see what the governor has to say today and we'll continue to make our case to the people of indiana and the american people about the ditchfference between our ticket and the disaster donald trump would be. >> we see the future, at least within the hour. i can tell you what we think the governor is going to say. keep smiling though. thanks, ron. >> thank you. >> so indiana's governor was wooed by all three republican candidates in the state. all of them met with him, and it appears he is set to endorse ted cruz, but we will still see what he has to say. but why ted cruz? why now? and what is the impact? and he may be down.
8:24 am
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8:29 am
tim miller currently advising communication adviser for our principles super pac which is an anti-trump super pac. kayleigh, your reaction? >> everyone wants an endorsement, of course, but endorsements have been relatively meaningless in this election. we have seen governor healey endorse, governor la page in maine. the governor in indiana, as great a conservative as he is, is locked in a tough re-election battle. his approval ratings were lagging in november "the indianapolis star" was reporting on that and he's having a tough fight in his own race. >> wouldn't that mean you'd want to go with a winner. >> jim garrity, wouldn't that be a reason not to endorse? look, if he's endorsing and ness a tough race, if he's endorsing and he wants to be president in
8:30 am
2020, what does that speak to? >> well, if he wants to be president in 2020, i guess he's figuring any one of these folks will be one-term presidents. a point there. look, you'd rather have the endorsement than not have it. pence has his own political troubles. i think if he jumps on the trump train, there are a bunch of never trumpers out there. if you're a consistent conservative and you say forget everything i said about what i stand for, i really like this populist authoritarian guy, i think a lot of his supporters would kind of recoil. i don't think the trump folks who are wary of an establishment governor would jump on board the pence bandwagon and i don't think the pence supporters, they would wonder who is this guy? >> do you think cruz needed pence? there has been a lot the national review has written about this endorsement. what do you think the impact is? >> you'd much rather have it than not have it. in a way it's almost odd he waited this long. it's not like there's -- if you consider yourself a consistent
8:31 am
conservative, john kasich who is running to be the republican for people who don't like republicans, winning that "new york times" editorial board, and then you have donald trump who is a populist more than a conservative. it doesn't seem like that hard a choice for him. ultimately if you're ted cruz, you needed this endorsement, you need indiana. i'm not going to say it's the end of the campaign if he doesn't win. i'm just going to say if you have one of those cruz/fiorina signs, grab them and hold onto them because they could end up being collector's items. >> tim miller, you worked hard for this, right? you have been from heckling donald trump supporters saying you would do opposition research on people like chris christie who endorsed trump to directly targeting anyone who did not come out against him. essentially you have been starting to go after people who are sitting on the sidelines. explain. >> i think there's good reason to attack people that are sitting on the sidelines, and i think right here in washington where we are there have not been a lot of profiles in courage
8:32 am
from the republican establishment, and that's why this mike pence endorsement is encouraging, if a little late. and that's because what you're seeing is conservatives, grassroots conservatives, as jim pointed out, are aligning with ted cruz, and i don't know that kayleigh attacking them is really going to help trump so much. what you have seen from more establishment types like john boehner is kind of an acquiescence to donald trump which to me is crazy, and i think it's important for folks like us at our principles pac to put pressure on republicans to stand with conservatives and not throw in a towel for a guy who doesn't represent this party. >> i want to make a turn though. something else going on in trump land that i want to ask about. jay, i want you to weigh in on this. donald trump tweeted this morning about hillary clinton, and donald trump tweeted this. he tweeted crooked hillary clinton, perhaps the most dishonest person to have ever run for the presidency is also one of the all-time great enablers. great enablers. he's touched on this before,
8:33 am
enabling on the part of hillary clinton. what's going on now? >> well, donald trump has really stepped up his woman card criticism of hillary clinton and in a primary that does actually help him. a lot of republicans don't like the identify of identity politics and do think her husband is a predator with women and that she enabled him by standing by him as first lady. where it doesn't help him very much is in the general election. in the general election that brings in independent and democrat women which he has to pull some support from, and that's by far the largest group, single and unmarried women, and those criticisms turn them off. he's already under water with women overall and that includes republican, democratic, and independent women by 73 percentage points which is a really big problem if you're trying to win a general election where republicans have always
8:34 am
historically have trouble with women going all the way back to reagan and need to mitigate the loss of women democrats to less than 10 percentage points in order to win the white house. >> yeah, i don't understand, kate, this fantasy world that donald trump is in, that he has disastrous numbers with women and him and his supporters think it's going to help him to engage in demeaning attacks against women. at this point the only way he wins the general election is if somehow he manages to repeal women's suffrage between now and november. he just absolutely has no appeal and it's getting worse as the campaign goes on, not better, as women are tuning in. >> kayleigh. >> and here is the thing. donald trump has won women in 17 of the 25 states that cnn has done exit polls in. this is, of course, republican women. that being said, hillary clinton has done disastrously among young women and there's a reason for that. i have spent seven of the last ten years of my life on four different college campuses and i'm here to tell you young women resent the idea they need to carry around a pink woman's card. young women are very strong and
8:35 am
they care about different issues, care about jobs and student debt -- >> but do you like this line of attack? >> i do. i think it resonates with young women because here is the thing. young women resent when hillary clinton stands on a stage and tries to accuse bernie sanders of sexism when he refers to shouting. tries to turn a moment where he says excuse me into a sexist moment. she did the same to rick lazio. if you want to help women you don't do so by playing into gender stereotypes. you be a strong woman in those moments. attack senator sanders on his policies. don't try to engage in an ad hominem attack painting yourself as weak and him as the sexist, demeaning figure. >> i think you go a lot further attacking hillary clinton as a lousy, lousy secretary of state than for blaming her for what bill clinton did. >> we'll see if this is a preview of the future. we will see. kayleigh, jim, jay, tim, thank you. >> donald trump says if he wins indiana, it's over. >> it's over. >> but what is the new
8:36 am
endorsement from mike pence to ted cruz mean? what does it change? plus the only senator to endorse bernie sanders now making a case for bernie sanders to drop out before the convention. what does team sanders have to say about that? we're going to talk to his campaign manager. ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. t-mobile does data differently. so it can do more for your business. when work takes you across the globe, your unlimited data travels with you to 140 plus countries and destinations at no extra charge.
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trastep into america andn? canadas best value inns for free internet continental breakfast and instant rewards! at most of our 1,000 hotels. in just a few minutes, indiana's governor, mike pence, he's expected to endorse ted cruz for president. >> joining us to talk about this development and the big race in indiana, we're going to bring in indiana state representative and donald trump supporter robert morris. representative, thank you so much for being with us. you work in the state government. you work with governor mike pence. what affect will this
8:41 am
endorsement have, mike pence coming out in a few minutes to back ted cruz? >> each of us endorses the candidate that we believe is going to be best to run our country. i believe that donald trump is the best candidate to lead our country, and that's why i'm supporting mr. trump. >> what do you think the impact though of the governor supporting ted cruz will have? >> well, i think it's fairly interesting. as i walk my district and meet my constituents, most of the constituents are looking for mr. trump to win indiana this coming tuesday. you know, we have a number of outsiders, you know, the washington establishment. we have a candidate running for congress right now that's being criticized, liz brown is being criticized because she hasn't been elected long enough. she's running for u.s. congress. marlin, who has been a congressman for six years, he's being criticized as well because he hasn't been elected long enough. these people are looking to go to washington, d.c.
8:42 am
liz brown wants to make a difference out in washington, d.c. she's pledged term limits as well. >> but what does that have to do with governor mike pence? >> what it has to do with governor pence being elected for a long time in congress and being friends with senator cruz, i'm just trying to give you a correlation between the difference in what i'm seeing in my district. as i walk my district and talk to my constituents, about 75% of my constituents are going to vote for donald trump on tuesday. >> so ted krus has becruz has b the state very, very hard. ted cruz is basically camped out in indiana. he did this running mate gambit with carly fiorina there the other day. he's picking up the endorsement now. donald trump has been there, yes. do you wish you had him in the state a little bit more working the hoosier crowds? >> yes. he's been at the capitol a few times. he's going to be in ft. wayne this sunday. i've had a number of constituents that have called me and asking questions, how to get
8:43 am
tickets to memorial coliseum this sunday at 4:00 p.m., and it's been fun to meet mr. trump. i believe he's going to be a great leader for our state, and come november he's going to be mr. president. >> do you think -- do you think you can guaranee a win for donald trump in indiana on tuesday? >> i believe he's going to get all 57 delegates. he's going to get the 30 delegates because he's going to win the state, and then he's going to get the other 27 delegates as well because this is what the people want, and this is what us elected officials need to realize, that donald trump, you know, this past tuesday had a clean sweep. we have to listen as elected officials of what the people want. and like i said, i continue to knock on doors, continue to meet people at the supermarkets, the malls. they want donald trump to be the person in charge and to lead our country and i believe -- >> one quick question. one quick question. carly fiorina criticized donald trump for embarrassing mike tyson and the idea of mike tyson
8:44 am
supporting his candidacy. obviously tyson was convicted of rape in indiana. does that team up, does that make you uncomfortable at all? >> i think as we look at things and who mr. trump gets behind, bob knight, when i was at the pepsi coliseum got a standing ovation. he said i'm not involved in politics at all. as you guys get to know me, we've just been doing this interview a short time, i'm not going to bash any one person. if mr. trump believes mr. tyson did his time and he's a good person today, we got to recognize that. we need to stop beating up on people and look at the good qualities of people. i know that's your job as you interview, but mr. trump is the person that the people want in my district here in indiana. >> indiana state representative robert morris. we appreciate your time. we'll see what happens on tuesday. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me on your show. appreciate it. >> of course. thank you. all right. bernie sanders has one supporter in the senate, jeff berkeley.
8:45 am
now the one senator says if bernie sanders is still behind after all the votes are cast in june, he should get out of the race. we're going to get reaction from his campaign manager next. befork from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom?
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all right. new this morning, one of bernie sanders' key supporters, jeff merkley in the senate, says if bernie sanders is still losing after all the votes are cast in the june primaries, he says bernie sanders should get out of the race so that hillary clinton can have a clear path as she heads to the convention. >> let's discuss this right now. let's bring in sanders' campaign manager jeev weaff weaver. let's talk about merkley in a second, but first comes first, indiana has to vote first. how do things look for you guys. what does it mean for you? >> absolutely. the race is very tight there in indiana. the senator is spending a lot of time there. i think he's going to do extremely well in indiana, frankly. >> so, jeff, the wife of bernie sanders was on "new day" this morning and she said something that was very interesting and i was surprised by her answer. she was asked directly is the campaign, is the sanders' campaign reaching out to
8:50 am
superdelegates right now? is the campaign calling superdelegates and trying to sign them up, trying to get them to switch from hillary clinton to bernie sanders? she said no. you're not calling superdelegates. is that true? >> well, we're not but we're in communication with them on a constant basis. >> what does that mean, jeff? >> well, we have a newsletter which we send to superdelegates to update them on the status of the campaign, a periodic newsletter to keep super delegates informed on what's happening and moving forward. as we get further down into the process, our efforts the reach out will increase, certainly. >> but you don't think you need to be calling them? you don't think you need to be trying to at least lay the groundwork to flip them right now or prepare them to? should folks be reading into that? >> well, no. there's a number of undecided super delegates at this point
8:51 am
and we are more intense contact with them. let's just say that. >> does that mean telephone call? >> it may mean that, yes. %-p hillary clinton, we're not lobbying. >> you're not trying to flip them. you said your strategy is that at some point if you need to. >> the campaign has a long way to go. we have a bunch of states coming up. most look favorable for the senator if senator. if he passes the gap, that's the time to have those more intensive conversations. we've got to look at the general election polls that consistently show senator sanders does far better against all republicans as does the secretary and the unpledged delegates have to make a decision at the convention who they think is best able to retain the white house and help democrats up and down the ballot. >> emphasis on at the
8:52 am
convention. senator jeff merkley said if you guys were losing after california, you should drop out. what do you say to him? >> i'm not going to say anything to him. senator merkley is the supporter of the senators and he has his view and we certainly have senator sanders saying he's going to take it to the convention. he's a man of his word. >> you disagree with his assessment. you're not going to take the advice of senator merkley in this case, flat out, right? >> i'm telling you sanders has been clear he's going to the convention and i'm confident he will. >> that stands today. jeff weaver. great to see you. thank you very much. >> great to see both of you. thanks. any minute now, indiana governor set to enter the radio studio. right there in front of you to make a big endorsement announcement. it will be ted cruz. that's what sources say. what will it do for ted cruz in indiana? we'll discuss. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
8:53 am
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one-third of all children in the united states grow up without a steady father figure. in the african-american community, it's nearly half. sheldon smith was one of them. but today, he's a role model helping young dads like himself in his hometown, chicago. and that's what makes him this week's cnn hero. >> i grew up broke and i was hurt. but i was able to overcome all of those things. what i want for these young men is for them to be involved and engaged and in their children's life to get what i missed as a boy. a great father, someone who would be there for me and give me the advice i needed to be a
8:58 am
successful young man today. >> you can watch sheldon's full story at and while you're there, nominate someone you think should be a 2016 cnn hero. another story out of the windy city. if you need good laughs, second city comedy club might be the best place to visit. in the next episode, "anthony bourdain: parts unknown," the place that launched some of the most famous comedians. >> how is it that chicago has become the font of comedy? it's a gusher. >> it started with second city and then people came here to study. i would say 90% of people doing comedy right now came to chicago to study. >> paul jurowitz, the beginning of a glorious career. >> this is what i get. i feel like no one respects me anymore. >> second city opened up in old
8:59 am
town in 1959 and almost from the beginning established a probably unhealthy symbiotic relationship with the ale house. you know their name. john belusci. amy poehler. chances are if you're funny in america, you spent time here getting the [ bleep ] hammered out of you and the trade to kill. >> that should get you to want to watch. >> sound like cable tv. >> 9 p.m. on sunday. >> thank you so much. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. >> hi, i'm ashley banfield. this is "legal view" with the breaking news this hour. moments away from one big
9:00 am
endorsement in this presidential primary season. a picture on your screen may look quiet. not a lot of activity but when the pikes stamikes start firing everything fires up. this is a radio station in wibc. if you don't know it, you're going to. they're getting ready for a big moment with indiana's republican governor that's going to waltz through those doors and take to one of those mikes. his name, mike pence and there he is. he's expected to throw his support behind, do you need a drum roll? we thought this was coming, ted cruz. ted cruz for whom the hoosier state could be a political lifesaver. seriously. it could come down to those 57 after all of this. because after six straight punishing losses in the northeast, ted cruz, i think, it's fair to say now desperate to show he and his newly tapped running mate on the


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