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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 6, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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person. but also, keeping the possibility open that they may not be related, as well. >> why are the schools on lockdown? >> out of an abundance of caution, i believe. i don't speak for the schools. they make that decision but i believe just out of an abundance of caution they have decided to go with that decision. again, as i stated earlier, it is raining. children wouldn't be outside anyway. so we're continuing to communicate with them and they are with us. >> paul, can you -- >> on lockdown. >> -- between the person of interest and the person still here. do you have any information that indicates anything of that description such as body armor -- can you clear that up for us because -- >> i can't -- i can't right now. i'm not able to confirm that right now. >> can you tell us exactly as far as you know what transpired
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in this parking lot? and if you know, what transuperiored outside the giant in aspen hill? >> investigators are still looking, interviewing the witnesses as well as the two remaining victims who are alive. and i should state that the male is in critical or grave condition. and the female from this location has nonlife threatening. two more questions. >> can you give us -- >> what happened in the parking lot involved a carjacking? >> no. >> currently a lead on the suspect's whereabouts right now? >> that is something that investigators would be doing. >> -- public right now? >> something like faced almost a decade ago with the sniper in montgomery county that someone is randomly going around doing this? >> that's certainly a possibility but there are differences here i can't get into.
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the next briefing will be in about an hour. i appreciate your patience and due diligence in only getting out accurate information to the community. thank you. >> -- response of the fbi -- >> all right. we wanted to jump in that. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for watching cnn. the captain, maryland, suburban washington and law enforcement trying to connect the dots essentially of multiple shootings over the course of the past two different days. two people have died, three separate shootings. one yesterday outside of a high school in a parking lot. two today, one outside a mall and one near the giant supermarket chain. again, two people killed. could they be related? sounds like from the police captain they believe, yes indeed, they could be. where's the person doing this? let's bring in jus tn correspondent evan perez and law enforcement analyst art roderick. evan, obviously the question, where is the shooter? what jumped out at me is they do
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believe all of this is related. >> that's right, brooke. now they believe he is responsible for six shootings in all, the shooting of six people in all and now three people dead. two today, one is a male who tried to come to the -- one of the two people who tried to come to the aid of someone outside the montgomery mall. there is at the mall three people shot. one male is dead. another male is in critical condition and a female is nonlife threatening injury according to the police. there was a second shooting about 40 minutes after the first shooting. at a giant food supermarket also in the same area in bethesda, potomac area and in that, a female was shot and she is dead. the shooting at 4:00 p.m. just outside of a high school in greenbelt, maryland. according to the police, eulalio
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tordil is the suspect. and approached his estranged way, gladys, there picking up her kids. he approached her. someone tried to intervene, stop him. he shot that person and then killed her. now we have six people shot in all. in three different incidents all within 24 hours. they're doing an urgent manhunt. this man we should also add is a federal officer, a federal police officer who works for the federal protective service, a part of the department of homeland security. according to the homeland security department, they put him on administrative leave after he was subject to some kind of protective order. they removed his service weapon and put him on administrative leave during this period. this occurred in march, brooke. >> okay. so all these different details. some seemingly unrelatted. perhaps overall gist, art, is that the shootings are related. what do you make of all of this? >> i mean, from purely a law
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enforcement perspective, you have to assume that all these shootings are related. and then eliminate them from that point forward. what we have here is a federal protective officer who's basically his professional and personal life sounds like it was spiraling downward and a lot of -- what happens to a lot of law enforcement officers is when they get suspended, they lose their gun, they lose their badge. there's a loss of status among peers an a lot of times it puts them on the over and sounds like that's what's occurred here. what's really scary is not only gone out and shot and killed family members or individuals that he's related to, but also, the public who's come to the aid of those individuals. so this is a very serious, serious case. you have to assume the extreme here and think he has a bullet-proof vest, probably wearing it. very good possibility that he might have long arms which means
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he can reach out and shoot law enforcement officers responding or general public from the long way away. this case is really tense at this point and i'm sure not only do you have montgomery county police involved but fbi, federal marshals, atf, the alphabet soup of federal agencies responding to this location to help the police out. >> and even though, you know, the snipers from years ago, how it had everyone in washington on edge for days and days, this is nothing like that but i'm sure people's minds jump straight back to that. evan perez, thank you so much. when you get more information, we'll get that. art roderick, thank you. >> thank you, brooke. let's move on from the washington, d.c. area and drop a political bombshell. this may be the ground swell the republican party has been dreading. now a party elder, a conservative powerhouse, announcing he e will not vote
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for donald trump. and that's not all. he also says he's not voting for hillary clinton. he may not vote at all for the next president of the united states. this is a sitting senator, folks. south carolina senator lindsey graham, one-time trump rival for the nomination told dana bash in an interview he is so disappointed with the presumptive nominee he will possibly abandon the civic duty upon which he's built his career and comes one day after the speaker of the u.s. house of representatives paul ryan said he's quote/unquote just not ready to support mr. trump. a number of republicans in the party are ready to support donald trump. former vice president dick cheney just told cnn trump has his vote. but this bombshell coming from senator graham will certainly have fallout. the most visible break yet with the party's presumptive nominee. let's get straight to the woman
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who helped break the news, our own chief political correspondent dana bash, dana bash, what exactly did he tell you? >> reporter: a lot, brooke, a lot. but the bottom line and you laid it out is that he is just so unhappy with the choices he is not going to vote for either of them. and i will let you listen to him explain what exactly he's going to do when he goes into the voting booth. senator graham, you're announcing here you won't vote for either hillary clinton or donald trump. you are a dyed in the wool republican. why can't you get on board with your party's nominee? >> well, it's pretty easy to say no to hillary because i think she's a third term of brahm back. i don't believe donald trump is a reliable conservative republican. good luck to paul ryan finding a conservative agenda with this guy. i don't think he has the temperament or judgment to be commander in chief. a lot of colleagues will vote for him.
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some hold their nose. i can't go there with donald. >> but, senator, republican voters chose donald trump over you and 15 -- >> absolutely. >> -- other republican candidates for president. so are you the one out of step with your party? >> could be. i would have supported all 16 except for the donald. rand paul and i are on opposite poles with foreign policy. i think she is conservative. ted cruz and i have monumental differences at time. i was going to support ted. i don't think donald trump is a reliable conservative republican and quite frankly he lost me when he said my john mccain was a loser because he was captured as a p.o.p. he lost me when he accused george w. bush of lying to the american people about the iraq war. and he thinks putin's a good guy. i can't go there. i respect people who can. to donald trump, congratulation t s. you did a hell of a thing. you beat me and everybody else.
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i believe the republican party is conned here and he is not a reliable conservative republican. >> you know, another one of donald trump's opponents who was quite critical of trump was former texas governor rick perry. he told me yesterday he believes in the process and he said the process has said donald trump will be our nominee and i'm going to support him and help him and do what i can. why is he wrong? >> well, i don't think he's wrong. i think that's what rick perry feels like he should do. i'm just doing what lindsey graham thinks lindsey graham should do. i have a hard time supporting him. i have a hard time supporting somebody for president who spent thousands of dollars of their own money trying to find out if president obama was born in kenya versus hawaii. i think that's crazy. i'm glad we're having the convention in cleveland not area
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51. i think donald trump is going to places where very few people have gone and i'm not going with him. >> now, house speaker paul ryan told cnn yesterday as i know you've heard that he is with holding support for trump and not ruling it out. >> yeah. >> why are you flatly ruling it out? do you actually think -- they can a step back. do you think there's no way that donald trump could change and in any way that would get your support and unify the republican party? >> well, if he said tomorrow he's now convinced that ted cruz's dad had nothing to do with killing president kennedy and president obama was born in hawaii that would be a step in the right direction. i believe the temperament and judgment is not sufficient to be commander in chief of the finest fighting force in the world. >> do you think he has any ability to prove you wrong? >> yeah. he can win. maybe he wins. and i promise you this. if he becomes president of the united states, i will do everything i can to help president trump or president
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clinton. unfortunately, this is a race to the bottom in 2016. the two most unpopular people in modern history. i think we have a slightly faster car and winning the race to the bottom. but when it's over, clearly i ran and i lost, when it's over i will help president trump or president clinton because they're going to need all the help they can get. i'm not going where donald trump is taking the party. i don't believe trump-ism is conservatism. i can't go there and i respect people who will go there. some of my best friends will go there. >> okay. so what will you do? you go into the voting booth. the first tuesday in november. are you going -- are you even going to go vote? >> i'm definitely voting. i'm all in for temps god. donald trump united the party around the idea to vote to protect the republican majorities in the house and senate. if there was ever a time for the country to have conservative leadership in the house and the senate it will be in 2017
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because no matter who wins the president, clinton or trump, we need some rational people up there putting brakes on some of these very bad ideas. >> what box will you check for the presidency or will you write somebody in? what do you plan to do? obviously you have thought this through. if there's no none of the above on the ballot. >> i may just pass or write somebody in. i don't know. i'm enthusiastically behind the south carolina republican team and all over the country helping people if they like to try to hold the house and the senate but i don't believe that donald trump has the temperament and judgment to be commander in chief. i don't think he's a reliable republican conservative. that's just my opinion. i lost to him. congratulations to donald. i hope he and paul can find a common agenda but what i hear from donald trump is the furthest thing from republican conservatism, domestically and foreign policy i've ever heard. we'll see what happens. >> dick cheney is apparently now
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going to endorse donald trump. does that surprise you? >> a little bit. but that's great. you know? dick cheney's a great man. we see the world a lot alike when it comes to foreign policy. i can understand why people want to support the nominee of the republican party. i would like to be able to do that but i just can't. and you know, maybe i'm the outlier here. probably am. democrats will not be able to support hillary clinton and some hold their nose and vote for her or enthusiastically. >> teddy roosevelt just about 100 years ago left the republican party and ran as a bull moose candidate. >> right. >> is that a path that you or somebody else should take now? >> absolutely not. i'm going to -- >> no third party. >> no way. i would advise people not to go down that road. here's what i'm going to do. i'll support the republican team every level but president and then help the next president whoever he or she may be and try
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to rebuild a republican party that can actually win the white house. eating a taco is probably not going to fix the problems we have with hispanics. i think embracing donald trump is embracing demographic death. >> senator, one last question. i mean, what you're describing is even more evidence of a really broken and divided republican party. >> yeah, absolutely. >> do you think that it is reparable at this point? >> yes. absolutely. trumpism is not conservatism. that will be obvious to many people. i hope paul ryan can come up with a common agenda for him and donald trump to unite the party. i don't believe his view of trade, his view of domestic policy, his foreign policy is trumpism not conservatism. yes, i think the best days of the republican party lie ahead if we can reunite the people who vote for trump and the people who don't vote for trump are still republicans. i would have supported rand paul
11:16 am
and ted cruz. i can't go where donald trump takes the party and the country. i'm sorry i can't. i respect those who will go there and to donald trump, you did an amazing thing and you have gotten a lot of people frustrated with government on your side. they have every reason to be frustrated with the system but i can't go where mr. trump takes us. >> as i say thank you, will we see you in cleveland at the convention or not? >> you will not see me there. there's no reason for me to go to the convention. i hope everybody has a good time. i think it would be one hell of a party. i'm not glad it's in cleveland and not area 51. i wish the nominee of the republican party would come to grips with the idea that ted cruz's dad had nothing to do with killing kennedy. that would be a good start. >> senator graham, thank you very much for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you! thank you. >> that's huge. dana bash, huge interview. trademark humor of area 51 and tacos and excellent answers on
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questions of a third party ticket, on what he will do when he steps in the voting booth. so much more to parse through. we have a lot to get to. don't move a muscle. we have a panel standing by. what it means for the republican party and the country moving ahead after this break. you both have a perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7.
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we're back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. you heard dana bash's interview with sitting south carolina senator graham. he will not be voting in good conscioence for any republican candidate this fall. i want to bring in nia-malika henderson and kevin sheridan and former spokesman for the republican national committee. welcome to all of you. dana bash, let's loop back to you. you know, in your entire career, in your many years in washington as a journalist, have you ever
11:22 am
heard of a powerful sitting senator say he's not voting for president? >> no. next question -- i mean, no, not at all. >> no. >> obviously, you know, under -- with the undergirth of that is all of the reasons why not. the republican party is being conned. the fact that, you know, he argued when it came to demographics he believes that it's going to kill the republican party. he said you can't reach hispanics by eating a taco. the list goes on and on. it is not a secret that lindsey graham is not a fan of donald trump and probably the understatement of the year. but you know what? rick perry was the first person to say that donald trump was a cancer on conservatism and he's saying that he is going to support donald trump. so again, this is -- the latest bit of evidence and we're going to probably continue to see it
11:23 am
of how deep and unbelievable the divide is in the republican party. >> so, there's that. we're getting names of folks to go to the convention and won't and would endorse or consider endorsing. healy, now you hear the news, senator graham is not voting for your -- well, really, presumptive nominee, period. do you care? >> i think what this is is it's symbolic of how out of touch -- >> whoa, whoa, whoa. do you care? >> well, i mean, i think it's a problem, yes. i think that senator graham should unite behind the movement, the party. donald trump is the presumptive nominee. he's the only one who can and will defeat hillary clinton in november. he should get on board and be supportive in this effort, absolutely. >> kevin, what do you think? >> i mean, it is not just up to the part of the party to unite
11:24 am
out of, you know, for no reason. donald trump needs to do some outreach to the republicans who have real concerns about the temperament, concerns about the policies and, you know, there's a biggest chunk of those are mostly undecided right now and they can probably some of them could be persuaded and some will never vote for trump but some could. will he attack lindsey graham? call him a loser? >> i don't have his twitter feed on speed dial but interesting to see that nonetheless. to follow up quickly, what about the significance that former vice president dick cheney will endorse snim. >> i think you see people making a personal choice on both sides of this and dick cheney is a respected figure in the party still. he made the call. little bit surprised the foreign policy lines up with donald trump's but because they seem to be on opposite sides of everything on foreign policy but
11:25 am
a personal choice and i think wanting to beat hillary clinton so -- >> i want to move on in a second to get to the next piece, which is paul ryan who, kevin, i know you know quite well, in the last election. nia, i want to hear you voice on the significance of graham not voting for a president. how the republican party feels forward. i feel like the next step is different names coming forward and maybe to kevin's point, a personal choice and some saying yes to trump and no. >> where's the third party option? i thought lindsey graham's interview, remarkable. dana, fantastic job with it. an underlying point he seemed to be making not just the idea he is not a real republican, donald trump doesn't represent republican policies but also doesn't represent republican party values or even american values and seems to be a sort of underlying effort to paint donald trump as so outside the bounds of sort of just
11:26 am
acceptability, not only in just the political realm but just in terms of social decorum, talking about the birtherism and area 51 and donald trump talk about ted cruz's father and alleging that he -- >> tabloid issue. >> so that was -- you know, it was sort of an echo of heard from president obama, too, especially saying that donald trump isn't a serious figure and also i think highlights the argument that you see from democrats and some of these ads that they have out from donald trump where he's saying things like, you know, it is hard for a woman to be a 10 if she is flat chested and the kind of things one of the arguments is that donald trump can pivot beyond those and see an effort now on the one hand by some of the republicans and certainly from democrats who sort of freeze frame him right now and really kind of tattoo him with some of the more outside the bounds things that he said. >> what about the next huge
11:27 am
headline, jake tapper's interview with the speaker of the house paul ryan saying he hopes to back trunk, wants to be part of the unifying process. so, kevin, you know, since you know the speaker so well, what do you think would get him to a yes on trump? >> i think speaker ryan is concerned about policy, also concerned about the tone. he wants to protect his majority in the house. as well as the senate that we're defending and if, you know, if there's any way to come on board i think he will. but, you know, we will have to see how donald trump responds, see how the meeting goes and the public tone is. if he continues to, you know, engage in conspiracy theories and, you know, mock fellow republicans and, you know, keep a vicious tone, you know, i think that's hard for him to do. we'll see. that's up to the speaker to decide. >> dana, how much do you think this is like for paul ryan
11:28 am
political jujitsu? right? like he has the core beliefs and talking about muslim ban is not okay with him and his conservative values. you know, leverage to kevin's point. you know, thinking of the republicans down ballot, can you talk me through what he's probably weighing? >> all of the above. look. my impression and kevin knows the speaker quite well and you can speak to this but my impression is, you know, horrors. he went with his gut. you know? i don't think i'm being gullible in believing that. that he just -- he wasn't expecting this. he was expecting to have a contested convention or at least having another month to figure this out and he just said you know what? i'm not ready to do this. the reasons that he did that or the by-product of that i should say were giving leverage and giving space to republicans in the house and so on and so
11:29 am
forth. but, you know, i think that that's it. but having said all that, he went with his gut, i also think that if he thought that he was going to pay a huge political price within his own caucus, that there was so much of a groundswell of support within the house gop it would have been harder for him to do. he is not just paul ryan. he is the speaker of the party and the caucus. >> this is, healy and kevin, we got this. having -- sounds like the speaker of the house will be meeting with donald trump -- guys, get in my ear. yes, thursday. they will be meeting next thursday. healy, from the trump camp perspective, what do you think this meeting will entail? where might mr. trump be willing the move on policy to finally get that yes from the house speaker? >> well, you know, i can't speculate how that meeting will
11:30 am
go or what things -- >> what are they looking for, though many you're on the inside. >> you know, i think that at this juncture the most important thing is for us to unify and i think that that's mr. trump's goal. i mean, look. he has energized the republican base, the conservative movement. americans are speaking. and they're speaking loudly. and i think that, you know, the goal now is to unite so we can take the white house in november. >> kevin, i want to come to you and glad, healy, you say unify. yes, so many americans are speaking, speaking and they love donald trump. but paul ryan essentially told jake yesterday it's not just about talking unify. it is about taking action. here's speaker ryan. >> saying we're unified doesn't unify us but taking the principles we all believe in, showing there's a dedication and running a principled campaign and that can appeal to a
11:31 am
majority of americans, that to me is what it takes to unify this party. >> that was speaker ryan. let's jump to reince priebus how talking about once that news broke on cnn donald trump reached out to the chair of the rnc. here's that conversation. >> donald trump called you within minutes. >> you're pretty good. i can't ply. no. i wouldn't lie anyway. >> okay. >> that's right. >> what was his mood? >> you know, it wasn't like furious or anything. it was like what do i -- you know, what do i need to do? i know paul really well and i know he's being honest and i know he feels. and so, i'm comfortable with the idea that it's going to take some time and some cases for people to work through differences. >> so, kevin sheridan, reince is
11:32 am
caught off guard that mr. trump called him. what do i do? what do you think looking ahead to the meeting to be a fly on the wall next thursday, what do they need to get done? >> i'm glad donald trump wants his support. you know, we were kind of wondering whether or not he wants conservative support. he was saying he doesn't necessarily need it. >> clearly he does. >> if he's going that way, look. this is going to have to be accommodation on both sides. paul ryan built a very serious agenda for addressing poverty, addressing entitlement reform. tax reform. corporate tax reform. he wants to make sure all of the things are represented in republican presidency and i think his design was originally to hand over his agenda to the presumptive nominee. that's not going to happen in total because donald trump has
11:33 am
run and won on a totally different platform. they have to make accommodations on both sides. >> jump in. >> just really quick. i think one of the things that really illustrates how hard it is going to be for them to find common ground kevin was talking about is how lindsey graham answered the question about whether or not he, lindsey graham, is out of step with the republican party because voters chose donald trump and his answer was, maybe. you know, he wasn't just being, you know, kind of quick or having a quip there. it may be that the two of them are out of step with one another's ideals and philosophies and the direction of the party to go which is why it is -- it is in such a shambles right now as we move forward and as they try to figure out if they can unite. >> i loved your third party teddy roosevelt question and he said no way. finally, just quickly, n ia,
11:34 am
final thoughts. might we have a why from paul ryan as early as next thursday or no? >> we will have to see and i think everyone is waiting on donald trump to kind of fill the chair. right? to make people believe that he can fill the oval office chair and that's what you sort of heard from mitch mcconnell that he has to live up to the obligations of leading the republican party. i think one of the things that we will have to watch is donald trump's behavior going forward. >> thank you all. nia, kevin, healy and dana, great conversation. >> thank you. >> we'll all be watching and talking about it next thursday. as a reminder, as well, democratic side, here on cnn we'll hear from senator bernie sanders. he'll be talking to wolf on "the situation" room 5:00 eastern here on cnn. next, we are following that breaking news out of maryland. man hunt for a suspect potentially involved in three separate shootings in the last 24 hours.
11:35 am
we'll bring you another briefing when we get it. stay here.
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we're following breaking news. essentially su sur ban washington, d.c. authorities investigating the multiple shootings may be connected. three shootings. all of them fatal. happening outside of the montgomery county mall. one nearby outside of a giant supermarket store. those happened today. one person was killed at each scene. a third shooting happened yesterday outside of a high school in a parking lot. a woman died there. in total, three people have died. police say they're looking for
11:40 am
this man. 62-year-old former law enforcement official who was estranged from his wife. police say she was the victim in yesterday's shooting. joining me, cnn law enforcement analyst art roderick. art, what are you hearing? >> well, i'm hearing that, number one, i think we have to realize this is a federal protective officer so there's voluminous information on the background, relatives, cell phone numbers, vehicles, finances. you name it, that's in the personnel file. so i'm sure the law enforcement's already dug into that. and i wouldn't be surprised because of the amount of information that's out there on the individual that they're probably very close to wrapping this particular case up. i mean, once you bring in the troops and i'm talking about the federal law enforcement officers who are used to tracking these types of individuals specifically, the u.s. marshals who are experts at cell phone tracking, communication tracking, i wouldn't be
11:41 am
surprised if they're fairly close to get the individual. another thing, too, brooke is all the shootings occurred in a parking lot. i think probably for two reasons. one, a quick getaway. number two, less people to maybe confront him. so the parking lot seemed to be the best way for a quick hit and get away. >> as we get more information, we'll bring you back in. again, three people have been killed. separate shootings in the last 24 hours in the washington, d.c. area. art roderick, thank you so much. we'll talk again. coming up next, do candidates get enough sleep on the campaign trail? ari ari arianna huffington will talk to me about the sleep and is coverage of donald trump shifting? we'll discuss this and talk about her book next. we needed 30 new hires for our call center.
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welcome bachk. i'm brooke baldwin. when the news came down that donald trump was to be the presumptive republican nominee, huffington post moved coverage to the entertainment section of the website. i have the editor and chief of the huffington post with me and to talk about that and her book, "sleep revolution." it is so nice to have you here at cnn. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming through. i'm not of the ilk is for the dead. i need my sleep and how it factors in on the cam trail. first, dana bash sat down with
11:47 am
senator graham who just broke news saying he is not in good conscious voting for either trump or clinton this fall. >> he actually said that the reason is that trump does not have the judgment or the temperament. and i think this is really in the best interest of the republican party what he is doing. >> for the senator not to vote if. >> absolutely. because nobody can say that donald trump has the judgment and the temperament to be president. >> many americans, millions would disagree with you. >> no one when's actually aware of what he has said, of what he believes, including that the president of the united states was not born here. he remains a birther. including banning 1.6 billion muslims, including inciting violence in his rallies. nobody in good conscious can really say this is the right man to have his finger close to the nuclear button. so anything he can do to save
11:48 am
his own party from the catastrophe that have having donald trump as the president means for the party and for the country is great. good for lindsey graham. >> good for lindsey graham. the huffpo made a decision to cover trump as a ent tan taner the entertainment area. we have a screen grab here today. this is i believe under the politics section now and counted at the time, an hour ago, more than ten pictures of trump on the page. so now, now that he is officially the presumed nominee, that then shifted for you editorially? >> no, no, no. we have been covering him in the politics section since he proclaimed to ban an entire religion from the country because from then on -- >> that was the change for you? >> yes. a clear and present danger. every story we do, every single story there is an editor's note at the bottom that says we want
11:49 am
to remind the readers that donald trump called for the banning of an entire religion. he's a birther. he's an xenofoeb. a serial liar, et cetera, et cetera. we see our responsibility to remind voters every day who donald trump really is so that they stop treating him as an entertaining figure and treat him as the clear danger he would be for this country. >> president obama, he weighed in on this today. here he was. >> this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show. this is a contest for the presidency of the united states, and what that means is that every candidate, every nominee needs to be subject to exacting standards and genuine scrutiny. at some point, there's going to
11:50 am
be a conversation between secretary clinton and bernie sanders about how we move towards the convention. >> on the last note, on the dems, even hillary clinton talked to anderson the other day and she reminded us before she had to bow out in '08 she was on a winning streak winning 9 out of last 10 contests and could be what we see in the future for bernie sanders and yet mathematically, i don't know how that works for him. how do you think hillary clinton should address this and bernie sanders should address the supporters unifying the party? >> it is only a matter of time because the delegate math is the delegate math. i have no doubt that the democratic party's going to get behind hillary clinton. i don't think that will be the issue. i think bernie sanders has run an amazing campaign, has raised incredibly important issues for the country and these issues
11:51 am
will be taken much more seriously on the democratic platform because of his campaign but i don't think they have concerns in terms of coming together. the republican party, that's another story. >> on your book, on the sleep revolution, and on sleep, you fell, stitches on your face because we're all running around sometimes like zombie. we have heard donald trump talk about it, i only get four hours of sleep and hillary clinton being jet lagged and you were pointing out to me about ted cruz bragging about not getting sleep. why is this important to you? >> we have a lot of scientific evidence now, brooke, that makes it clear that when our leaders are sleep deprived, whether political leaders or business leaders, their judgment and their decisioning are degraded. >> impaired. >> we see that all around us. we have scientific evidence. this is not my opinion.
11:52 am
and yet we have politicians like donald trump bragging they get four to four and a half hours of sleep and displaying all the symptoms of chronic sleep deprivation in terms of mood swings, comprehension problems and we see it when ted cruz, you know, two weeks before he should have left and bowed out and sent out an e-mail, a fund raising e-mail i have it here. health and sleep are limited. fighting morning and night and little to know sleep. why should we celebrate that? why should we want -- >> how much sleep do you get? >> i since my collapse i get eight hours. >> eight hours? >> yes. you said seven, perfect. again, the universal consensus is seven to nine hours. so once you get that, you're going to be more effective, be better at your job. you will be happier and be
11:53 am
healthier. i'm much more effective and i believe any leader would be more effective. so my hope is that you know now, brooke, no politician would be seen in public smoking. right? even if they smoke in private. i want politicians to stop bragging in public about how little sleep they get because it's not in our interests. actually, they smoked it would be less troubling for us than sleep deprived. >> it matters for us if they're not sleeping. thank you so much. little factoid, they have sleeping pods. that's how important this is for her. >> two. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, brooke. and now to this. this year's america's latino population will play a key role as it has in the past electing the next president. could donald trump's tweets on sin coe demayo help or help him in a general election? we'll talk to kamau bell.
11:54 am
plus breaking news out of maryland, this manhunt for the suspect who police now say they believe he was involved in the three different shooltings. we're expecting another police update moments from now and now live. brooke baldwin. this is cnn. i wani did my ancestrydna and where i came from. and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from.
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i'm brooke baldwin. we have been watching and listening to law enforcement, montgomery county, maryland, just outside of washington, d.c. where we can now tell you they have a suspect in custody after we have been reporting three different shootings in 24 hours leaving 3 people dead. news conference has just started. >> taken into custody minutes ago. thankfully it was without incident. he has since been taken to our headquarters for further questioning.
11:59 am
we do have reason to believe that this incident and the one in aspen hill potentially the one also in prince george's county and highpointe was, in fact, related. that will obviously be further vetted through the investigative process. chief manager will give away information later with the press conference to follow later this evening. >> can you say anything about the -- >> thank you all very much. >> the circumstances under which he was arrested. talk about the circumstances -- >> members of our tactical team and others conducted the arrest of the individual in question. fortunately no innocent citizens, officers were injured in the arrest itself. >> the victim here and aspen hill related to him? >> that's all still under investigation. >> when you took him into custody, was he driving? walking? how did you encounter him? >> further information is coming
12:00 pm
out later tonight. >> this man has now killed two other people. >> we'll have more details and also there may be a location change for the next presser. but we'll do our very best to give you as much notice as possible about where that will be and what time. that will happen. >> anything about why the mall was not on lockdown? >> i'm not in charge of that he was arrested at the other strip mall, though, in the mall itself? >> in the aspen hill area. >> hiding out close to where that second shooting went down it looks like? >> i don't know whether he was hiding out or not. that's where we located him. that's where he was arrested without incident. we will have more later. >> do you think he was planning -- >> really short news conference. a lot of information still not made public. listen. this is just happened. this is how things work but the bottom line, the most
12:01 pm
significant piece of nows news they have the suspect in custody. we have brian todd on the scene. evan perez, justice correspondent, working this for us. we have the suspect in custody. eulalio tordil, 62 years of age. what do we know about him? >> this is an amazing situation. the takedown, i'll give you more details about the takedown. it occurs just across the street from the scene of the second shooting earlier today. earlier this morning. this is at the giant foods supermarket. that's where they arrested him. so he appears he didn't go very far while authorities in this region mounted a massive manhunt to try to hunt him down. now, we describe him, again, he's eulalio tordil, 62 years old and the first incident of which he is suspected is a shooting outside of a high school in maryland. just outside of -- greenbelt, maryland. it appears his estranged wife was there picking up her kids
12:02 pm
and he approached her and he shot and killed first someone who tried to intervene and then -- sorry. shot a person who tried to intervene and then shot and killed his estranged wife. less than 24 hours later, the first shooting today 0 curls which is outside the montgomery mall. this is in montgomery cown think in bethesda, maryland. three people shot there. similar circumstance. a suspect approaches someone. he shoots those two people and then shoots the third person that he was targeting. one person is deceased at that scene. a short time after that is the third shooting at that giant supermarket. again, in the bethesda area. one woman is shot and killed at that scene. brooke, again, six people in all have been shot. three different scenes. three people are dead as a result of this -- of this shootings. i should add that tordil is a federal protective officer, a federal law enforcement officer. this is part of the department
12:03 pm
of homeland security. we do have a statement from the homeland security department and they say that in march they placed him on administrative duties, after a suspension, after a protective order against him. removed the weapon, badge and credentials and "the washington post" reporting that the protective order issued as a result of the request of the estranged wife. a lot of information still to come about the circumstances of his arrest but now he is arrested. it appears that it was done without incident. nobody else was hurt after the three shootings. >> all right. thank you so much. i think we have video of the takedown and what you led with. bringing this individual in to custody. as we look at that for a second -- i'm sorry. you got to tell me again. we have art roderick standing by. so, you know, we were just chatting about this a couple of minutes ago. you were thinking federal agents
12:04 pm
on the scene that, you know, getting this individual in custody would be eminent. you were correct. >> i'm fairly sure they had him under surveillance of a period of time before the takedown went down with the s.w.a.t. team of metropolitan good morning ri county and making sure that the public was safe, number one. number two, that officers responding to make the arrest would be safe and observing what he was doing. now, whether the tip came in as a result of the vehicle description that had gone out earlier or able to track a communication device at that period of time and then located him basically across the street from where the mall shooting occurred, we don't know that yet. i'm sure that will come out as we hear more pressers from law enforcement. but right now, obviously, they're looking at the vehicle, they're tracking, trying to see who he was in communication with. i'm sure they're executing
12:05 pm
search warrants at his home or apartment. and obviously checking his personnel records to see any other relatives out there. there's still a lot -- quite a bit to do here to wrap this case up but thank goodness he's in custody. very armed and dangerous individual. and law enforcement responded very quickly and able to take the individual down. >> again, this individual, 62-year-old eulalio tordil. a federal law enforcement officer who had been on administrative leave last night. shooting and killing his estranged wife and then two others shot and killed today. brian todd on the screen there in washington, d.c. you were asking a question of that law enforcement officer. i believe that was your voice. asking if any of the victims were related to the shooter. what did you learn? >> reporter: they haven't really said anything about that, brooke. we are trying to determine whether the shooter knew the
12:06 pm
victims who were shot here at this parking lot at the montgomery mall in bethesda and the giant grocery store in the aspen hill area eight miles away from here. not clear if this suspect knew those people or not. we'll try to determine that later. we do have some reporting that he shot and killed his estranged wife yesterday. remember, you have three very violent incidents of a few hours. he shot gladys tordil in maryland. yesterday afternoon. another person was wounded in that incident. then a few hours ago, this is the scene right here actually where these police officers are. there's still evidence on the ground behind me and we're told this suspect approached a woman over here in this parking lot. shot her. two other people came to her aid. at least one of them -- both of
12:07 pm
them shot. one of them was killed. those two were males. one of the males in critical condition. the woman has nonlife threatening injuries and then 30 minutes later according to law enforcement officials, left this area, 30 minutes later at the giant shopping center parking lot 8 miles from this location investigators believe he shot and killed a woman in that parking lot. the question is, as you mentioned, brooke, do the victims at this parking lot and the giant parking lot, did they know this man? you've got at least two survivors from this parking lot. maybe police will have the answers, brooke. >> other people who were trying to intervene. keep in mind all three shooting locations public places, parking lots. some of them presum bring innocent bybystanders, as well. brian todd, you will be there. thank you so much.
12:08 pm
we'll be talking on the other side of this break about south carolina's senator, powerful senator, lindsey graham telling our dana bash just in the last hour he will not be voting in good conscious is how he put it for the next president of the united states. no to trump and clinton. so much to discuss there. we'll be right back. [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
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we are back. watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. a political bombshell from a sitting republican senator, a powerful party elder. south carolina senator lindsey graham saying he will not vote for presumptive nominee donald trump and isn't voting for hillary clinton either. he may not vote at all for the next president of the united states. senator graham, trump's one-time rival, for the republican nomination, told dana bash he cannot support his party's presumptive nominee. this news just a day after
12:13 pm
speaker of the house paul ryan says to jake tapper he is not ready to support trump. let's bring her in, dana bash. dana bash. tell me more about what he said. >> reporter: well, isle give you one of the teasers. he said of donald trump, eating a taco is probably not going to fix the problems we have with hispanics. and it went on from there. senator graham, you're announcing here that you won't vote for either hillary clinton or donald trump. you are a dyed in the wool republican. why can't you get on board with your party's nominee? >> well, it's pretty easy to say no to hillary because i think she's third term of barack obama. i don't believe donald trump is a reliable conservative republican. good luck to paul ryan finding a conservative agenda with this guy. i don't think he has the temperament or judgment to be commander in chief. a lot of my colleagues will vote for him enthusiastically.
12:14 pm
some hold their nose. i can't go there with donald. >> but, senator, republican voters chose donald trump over you and 15 -- >> absolutely. >> -- other republican candidates for president. so are you the one out of step with your party? >> could be. i would have supported all 16 except for the donald. rand paul and i are on opposite poles with foreign policy. i supported rand paul because i think he's a conservative. ted cruz and i have monumental differences at time. i was going to support ted. i don't think donald trump is a reliable conservative republican and, quite frankly, he lost me when he said my john mccain was a loser because he was captured as a p.o.w. he lost me when he accused george w. bush of lying to the american people about the iraq war. and he thinks putin's a good guy. i can't go there. i respect people who can. to donald trump, congratulations. you did a hell of a thing. you beat me and everybody else. i just really believe that the republican party is conned here and he is not a reliable conservative republican.
12:15 pm
>> you know, another one of donald trump's opponents who was quite critical of trump was former texas governor rick perry. he told me yesterday he believes in the process, and he said the process has said donald trump will be our nominee and i'm going to support him and help him and do what i can. why is he wrong? >> well, i don't think he's wrong. i think that's what rick perry feels like he should do. i'm just doing what lindsey graham feels like he should do. i like rick perry. i think rick perry's been a good governor. i have a hard time supporting someone who says that ted cruz's father was involved in the assassination of president kennedy. i have a hard time supporting somebody for president who spent thousands of dollars of their own money trying to find out if president obama was born in kenya versus hawaii. i think that's crazy. i'm glad we're having the convention in cleveland not area 51. i think donald trump is going to
12:16 pm
places where very few people have gone and i'm not going with him. >> now, house speaker paul ryan told cnn yesterday as i know you've heard that he is with holding support for trump and not ruling it out. >> yeah. >> why are you flatly ruling it out? do you actually think -- take a step back. do you think there's no way that donald trump could change and in any way that would get your support and unify the republican party? >> well, if he said tomorrow he's now convinced that ted cruz's dad had nothing to do with killing president kennedy and president obama was born in hawaii that would be a step in the right direction. i believe the temperament and judgment is not sufficient to be commander in chief of the finest fighting force in the world. >> do you think he has any ability to prove you wrong? >> yeah. he can win. maybe he wins. and i promise you this. if he becomes president of the united states, i will do everything i can to help
12:17 pm
president trump or president clinton. unfortunately, this is a race to the bottom in 2016. the two most unpopular people in modern history. i think we have a slightly faster car and winning the race to the bottom. >> that was just a piece of the awesome interview. dana bash, you know, out of the gate you're in journalism for a little more than a minute. you have been around the block. have you heard of a sitting senator, a member of congress, period, say not voting for the next president? >> no. >> no. >> no. and frankly, i mean, i have never heard that i can remember -- i'm sure there have been examples that i'll probably get in about a nanosecond on the twitter feed but a sitting senior senator not supporting the party's nominee and it is kind of amazing. but you know, for all of his talk about, you know, how donald trump is conning the republican party, so on and so forth, we have to go back to the fact that donald trump was voted for by
12:18 pm
millions and millions of republicans. he got more votes than any other of the -- as i said to senator graham, 16 senators and members, every candidate voting, voting against him and lindsey graham. when i asked graham, brooke, whether or not he thinks it's time for a third party, he didn't get me get my question out. he said, no, absolutely not and saying basically from his perspective, we have to ride the storm. focus on house races, senate races and figure out what happens after the election and try to put the party back to together except here's the thing. you know, he's banking on the fact that donald trump doesn't win. and, you know, that's his gamble. >> i mean, he did say it's president trump or president clinton, you know, ultimately he'll support, you know, and work for the american people and also let's be clear. you know, even though he's not voting for a president of the united states, you know, the senator will be voting.
12:19 pm
right? in november. >> yes. probably write somebody in and, you know, that's not unheard of. people do that i wouldn't say all the time but certainly has happened. in fact, you know, on a senate level, there's a sitting united states senator who won her seat based on a write-in. but the point is that he's not calling to galvanize around another candidate. he is just saying these are the options realistically hillary clinton and donald trump. >> let's point the viewers to the entire interview. and look for you through the evening here. thank you so much. >> thank you, brooke. we have a great panel just to parse through all of this including a republican insider who's been meeting with the trump team today. stay here.
12:20 pm
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all right. staying on politics here, the head of the republican national committee revealed today donald trump called him mere minutes after hearing this from house speaker paul ryan. >> so, mr. speaker, you have said that you will support the republican presidential nominee. now you have a presumptive nominee, donald trump. will you support him? >> well, to be perfectly can dade with you, jake, i'm not ready to do that right now. i'm not there right now. i hope to and i want to but i think when's required is unify the party and i think the bulk of the burden on unifying the
12:25 pm
party coming from the presumptionive nominee. >> reince priebus announces donald trump and paul ryan will meet next week. we have now learned from speaker ryan's office that meeting will happen next thursday, that it will be donald trump and the house speaker, a one on one. as well as with republican leadership that day. so let me bring in editor wana summers, jackie kucinich and randy reid. great to see you all and have you on. off of the big news, randy, i went to begin with you with the senator graham i'm not voting for any president headline today. your reaction, first, to that. >> i think it's a bombshell if he said he was going to vote for donald trump. >> really? >> absolutely. i think senator graham was very personal, the comments about senator mccain very personal and president bush was very personal. and really what separates a politician from a leader is ability to separate that personal component of what being
12:26 pm
a leader of your party and i think that was just something he could not bring himself to do and i think it really wasn't much of a bombshell and everybody expected it. those on the rnc and those many of us who serve on the inside not surprised at all to hear what he said. >> you don't think reince priebus will lose sleep over this? >> he has a job to bring together a big tent of group people and when the tent is that big getting anybody to agree on anything is always a challenge and i think he is up to the job and will get the job done. >> let's read a tweet coming in. we played the comments that made news with tapper and speaker ryan from the lead just about 24 hours ago so now we have a tweet from former house speaker, as well, newt gingrich and tweetded, speaker ryan's comments yesterday send the wrong signal. he is speaker.
12:27 pm
he has an obligation to unify the party. wana summers, is he wrong? >> i think that if paul ryan, who i covered as the vice presidential nominee in 2012, if he said to jake tapper yesterday, sure, i support donald trump, i stand by him, it would be contra to everything we have seen of his brand of conservatism and the wing of the party from which he comes. he's spoken out at times perhaps not naming donald trump but had some comments about the tone of the presidential primaries so far. so i hear what newt gingrich is saying and certainly i assume most leaders want to see the party rally around him and for paul ryan to do that would be frankly out of character like the former guest said, out of character to see senator graham come out and embrace trump after endorsing two different candidates and ran against donald trump -- >> rick perry much? he called him a cancer and now saying, ah, if he asked me to be
12:28 pm
a vice president i would consider it. >> it should be noted that speaker gingrich told me he was speaking with speaker ryan and other republicans on the hill a couple of months ago to try to ease them into the idea of donald trump being the standard bearer and he is sort of working behind the scenes for trump informally for quite sometime and while he is the former speaker and obviously has clout there, he also is picked a side here. >> what needs to -- randy, let me -- jump in but ask you specifically, to be inside of this meeting between donald trump and paul ryan next thursday, what needs to happen? where's the wriggle room you think for -- on the trump side on policy for speaker ryan to say, yes? >> well, let me say this. having been the counsel to the two prior republican speakers including newt gingrich, i suspect that newt was pretty -- i was with him just last night and he was as surprised as i was that speaker ryan, who where the
12:29 pm
congressional approval ratings lower than for donald trump, would be the one trying to set the stage. but i think the key point will be entitlement reform and where you see the difference come about. i think you have seen mr. trump take a pretty strong position about holding things in line, holding things where they are. and i think you have a speaker who's committed to entitlement reform and the question is, where can they come together on that single issue? i think that will be the main topic of discussion. >> hold on. let me -- thank you for bringing up the meeting with newt gingrich. i'm listening to you. does the man want to be vice president? >> he was the last person to balance the budget. reform welfare. rebuild the defense. very effective at working with the congress and he would bring home the right. secure the other states. obviously, bring an enormous amount to the table and whether or not he fits the demographics
12:30 pm
and the electoral college map and the other pieces that mr. trump would want to look for in a vp i don't know. i do know that i would be shocked if he isn't on the short list only because of so many things he would bring to the table. >> okay. so you're obviously not going to share anything privately that former speaker shared with you although feel free to tell the national audience. all abusinezz. >> the question that was posed last night was, if mr. trump ask you to serve, is that something you would rule out? there have been those that said, no, i wouldn't consider it. and the former speaker said, listen. as a son of an army brat, my rule of thumb is if your commander in chief, the future commander in chief asks you to serve, you stand up and answer the call. i think that's a good indication he is open to the possibility. whether or not he's the one, i don't know. >> okay.
12:31 pm
i appreciate the candor. let me move on to the president of the united states commenting today at the white house speaking on the economy and weighed in on the current state of affairs in this race. here he was. >> i just want to emphasize the degree of we are in serious times and this is a really serious job. this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show. this is a contest for the presidency of the united states. and what that means is that every candidate, every nominee, needs to be subject to exacting standards and genuine scrutiny. >> who's the president trying to reach there? what is his message with weighing in? >> well, i think he is trying to make the point that this is a real ler serious moment and a preview of what to see from
12:32 pm
president obama once the general election officially begins and some of the more aggressive comments from him talking about the tone of the race. obviously alluding to donald trump there in the comments about reality television, reality show. but i think he was also talking to members of the political press corps, made to members of the media for a statement of president obama on the economy and looking at the speech at another dinner in washington maybe a month ago, president obama's frustrated with the tone of the press in a lot of times. frustrated with the lack of seriousness. i think he's also asking you and i and other reporters to step up the game. i of course have to concede many journalists and many here at cnn and other news outlets asking about those questions. whether or not you get a question is different. >> what made the comments so shocking is where is the president after the paris bombings and every world leader locked arms and walked down the path to demonstrate in how serious was our president who did not even go?
12:33 pm
instead he went and chose to play a game of golf. it is really hard to take that serious. given what he's, in fact, done when the most significant situations have occurred and he's been absent whenever it happened. go become and look therough. there's a list of the times this president was mia at a critical moment. that's when you're serious, when you lock arms with the rest of the world and say no to try terrorists. >> they point to brussels and it was terrorism and point of terrorism to instill fear in every person and wanted to continue on and show to continue on. jackie, final caugthoughts on t? >> it's going to be a heck of a year, brooke, and getting worse before it gets better. i hate to say that but it's a fact. >> okay. do we really want to end on that? it gets worse before it gets
12:34 pm
better? give me something better than that. >> i mean, but look at. to the president's credit, i mean, they were -- he was asked about the taco bowl. at the press conference. the donald trump twitter picture. so, you know, you can forgive him for being disappointed sometimes in the press corps. >> okay. jackie, juana, randy, thank you all so much. i appreciate that. also heads up on "the situation room," wolf blitzer talking to senator bernie sanders. it starts at 5:00 eastern here on cnn. coming up next, she would be the first, first lady to have ever posed nude. my next guest says melania trump would take on a traditional role if her husband is elected president. we'll explain why coming up. es. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good.
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a former supermodel could be the next first lady of the united states. talking about melania trump, wife of billionaire businessman donald trump. so far, mrs. trump has kept a relatively low profile on the trail and now as her husband pivots to the general election, her role is likely to expand. melania trump knows what kind of first lady she would like to be. >> we are in 21st century. i would be me. i will be different than any other first ladies. i will -- i will help women. i will help children. they're our future. they need our guidance and help.
12:40 pm
and also, i'm involved in many, many charities already and i'll choose one or two that are dear to me and work on that. >> let me bring in my favorite go-to on all things first lady, kate anderson broward author of "first women: the grace and power of america's modern first ladies." nice to have you back on. this is fascinating, thinking of who could be the first lady and melania trump, the first lady who's posed nude. yet, you believe she would be an ultra traditional first lady. what do you mean by that? >> it's kind of ironic. i think she would take us back to may my eisenhower. we had a first lady this traditional since mamie. he said she had one responsibility and that's ike.
12:41 pm
i'm the president's wife and mother of his daughter and these women are similar to melania. she talked about not nagging her husband about donald trump never changing a diaper in his life and that's something that is taking us back to a different time and i think it's just ironic because like you said she is the first first lady to have ever posed nude and would be so traditional in the role. >> how else just looking at the other first ladies, how would melania compare? she talks about how help women and children. >> i think they evolve. jackie kennedy before the white house was very traditional and then she found her voice in a way. the same with betty ford. the women come into the role and change. i mean, betty ford coming into the white house, wasn't as outspoken as she became in 1975 amazing interview with "60 minutes" talking about being okay with her daughter had an
12:42 pm
affair and sometimes the women kind of come out of their shells and evolve in the role of firstly day and we could see melania trump change and as of now she is more in the mom in chief kind of role. but less controversial than michelle obama has done with the let's move campaign taking on big food companies so we'll to bait and see but it's an interesting twist she would be so traditional remaining the same. >> it is interesting looking at a trump family. we heard a lot from was ivanka trump, right? melania seems to despite the supermodel past and not straying from the spotlight and seems to stay away from the limelight, allows her step daughter to play an active role in donald trump's campaign and someone said maybe she'll help in the vice presidential selection process. why do you think that is? >> i she he has a thin skin. i think melania trump does. this "gq" profile of her, she
12:43 pm
came out blasting the reporter saying the reporter trying to make a name for herself. i think ivanka kind of embraced the public role of her family. she's negotiated business deals for her father. she's a public figure. and she's incredibly shrewd so you see her on twitter and social media staying away from politics, some of that incendiary language and shrewd about it. i don't think melania is political enough and not interested in politics. neither is michelle obama particularly but they're obviously two very different women. >> what about before i let you go hillary clinton could be the first female president of the united states. what would we call her husband? first man? >> i think first gentleman, right? >> first gentleman, okay. >> yes, yes. he says first laddy wlchlt a great story if that happens. >> totally. we'll see what happens come
12:44 pm
november. thank you so much. congrats on making "the new york times" list. >> thanks. coming up next, north carolina sprum leader making a power play bringing together more than 3,000 communist party elites. look at this crowd. pyongyang to find out the meeting, the likes of which not seen in more than three decades. first "parts unknown" going to the greek islands. ♪ >> i think there was a sending off of a villager to the go to the army. basically a good reason for everyone to, you know, let some steam out. ♪ >> whoa! lamb? >> this is lamb, pork and pork. >> and famous potatoes, of course. >> of course. this is traditional style pork. >> oh! good sauce. like potatoes and pepper.
12:45 pm
>> yes. wine, tomato sauce, pepper and garl garlic. yamos. >> yamos. >> so you make wine? >> i make wine, yes. i make a good wine. >> born here? >> not born here. i came when i was 23 years old. >> from? >> athens. >> athens. very different life here. >> i believe here you live every moment of your life. here you feel really the freedom. >> thank you. [woodworker] i live in the fine details.
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communist nation is holding a once in a generation political gathering. north korea convening a congress for once in 36 years and not surprising high on the agenda nukes. we cannot broadcast from the capital pyongyang, will ripley is there, nice to see you.
12:50 pm
kim jong-un just spoke. what did he say? >> well he laid out what we can expect to see this weekend, which is he's going to get an even more grandiose title that he already has, already the supreme leader and with to be elected to the highest possible position in the workers party. the new party leadership he has hand chosen will be selected. remember a lot of the members of his inner circle including the execution of his own uncle these purges happen, people who oppose his agenda of developing the country's nuclear arsenal and the economy at the same time. they're now out of the picture so there's going to be new party leadership, a new bigger title for kim jong-un which means essentially he's able to move forward with ahis agenda withou any opposition whatever. >> they haven't had this kind of meeting in 36 years. why now? >> he wasn't even born during the last meeting when his father was named as successor.
12:51 pm
in korean culture, brooke, seniority is something that's very highly valued, and his father was in the public eye for 20 years before becoming the supreme leader. north koreans only heard of kim jong-un about a year before his father's unexpected death. all of a sudden there was this new leader and a lot of people questioning whether someone in their early 30s should be running a country full of 20 million people. you've seen the purported h-bomb test in january, the satellite launch in february, all these repeated missile launches, rumors of a fifth missile test and now major congress and new leadership in an effort by this young leader to say he is in control and he's going to do with this country what he wants which is to have a bigger nuclear arsenal and try to grow the economy at the same time though a lot of outside observers you can't have a strong economy and face the heavy sanctions as a result of the nuclear program, not to mention the billions spent on weapons when there are electricity and food shortages
12:52 pm
in the country. >> will ripley, don't often get to say someone is live in north korea. thank you for that report there from pyongyang on that congress meeting. heads up, we are waiting for another update from law enforcement in montgomery county, maryland on the shooting, leaving three people dead, several others injured. the suspect has been taken into custody, just in the last hour. we'll have the latest at the top of the hour. stay with me.
12:53 pm
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. here at cnn we want to recognize people who go above and beyond to help others. chad prograki, cnn's 2013 hero of the year and his organization
12:57 pm
plants trees to support the nation's waterways. recently he planted -- get this -- his 1 millionth tree. >> i started a million trees program from being out here on the islands of the mississippi river. we started planting these trees to create more food for wildlife. they hold back the banks of the river, it helps air quality. the roots actually filter the water, trees are a great thing and i really like trees. what i love about it is, it has a lasting impact. one tree is really good but i think a million is even better. >> too cool. so where was that 1 millionth tree he planted, for the answer and photo go to while there, nominate someone you think should be the 2016 cnn hero. now to a police officer killed in the line of duty, and
12:58 pm
even in death, he managed to save four lives through organ toe nations. cnn's cue young l.a. has the story. >> i have an officer down, wound to the face. >> reporter: february 8.derek gehr trying to arrest an armed suspect in this neighborhood. shot multiple times at close range. >> no pulse at this time. officer down. >> we got to the er. >> reporter: indicate gehr is deputy dehr's wife. >> and i went in to see him. they had him basically on life support but i think in my heart i already knew he was gone. >> that wasn't the end really for him? >> no. >> reporter: it was the beginning of an extraordinary gift from a life already dedicated to serving others. first, the navy, then -- why did he want to be a cop? >> i think he just is a protector. he's a natural protector. >> reporter: protector of his wife, son ian and adopted daughter macy. he donated his time to children,
12:59 pm
and he told kate if something ever happened, he would never stop giving. on february 8th, that moment came. >> he was kept on life support for two more days to harvest his organs for donors. >> reporter: buried without his heart, his liver, or kidneys, deputy gehr's organs would travel to four patients on the transplant list. his death and funeral unfolding on the local news. >> i was watching it and what i was saying to myself was i hope it's not him. >> reporter: watching from his hospital bed 54-year-old alan braunson near death only recently learned whose heart now beats in his chest. >> you realize somebody had to pass for you. i mean that's hard. that's hard to realize that, and sometimes you wonder if you're worthy of it. >> reporter: to the heart recipient who probably would have died without that heart, anything you want to tell him?
1:00 pm
>> you have the heart of the greatest man. his heart was big enough for anything. >> reporter: for one life, and another, that now lives on. kyung lah, cnn, grand junction, colorado. >> goosebumps. "the lead" starts now. thanks for being with me. thank you, brooke baldwin. d.c. area gripped in suspense for hours. and breaking news, three people murdered, three more hurt, one suspect now in custody after gunfire at school, a grocery store near the nation's capital. before he builds his wall, trump may have to mend some fences. republicans planning to bring donald trump and paul ryan into the same room to try to work it out. after the speaker told us here on "the lead" he will not support trump, not yet. celebrating with fireworks of mass destruction, fear