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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 6, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> you have the heart of the greatest man. his heart was big enough for anything. >> reporter: for one life, and another, that now lives on. kyung lah, cnn, grand junction, colorado. >> goosebumps. "the lead" starts now. thanks for being with me. thank you, brooke baldwin. d.c. area gripped in suspense for hours. and breaking news, three people murdered, three more hurt, one suspect now in custody after gunfire at school, a grocery store near the nation's capital. before he builds his wall, trump may have to mend some fences. republicans planning to bring donald trump and paul ryan into the same room to try to work it out. after the speaker told us here on "the lead" he will not support trump, not yet. celebrating with fireworks of mass destruction, fear that
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north korea could at any moment test a nuclear weapon in celebration of their leader kim jong-un. we'll take you live now to a police press conference in maryland for the latest on that shooting. >> one of the plain clothesed officers observed a silver vehicle that matched the description of a homicide that occurred in prince georges county last night. the tag number also matched to that vehicle lookout. we had a description of the suspect from the homicide last night that was in that vehicle, and the plain clothesed officer spotted that individual at the dunkin' donuts in the northgate shopping center in aspen hill. they had this individual under surveillance, and when the individual walked back to his
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car, the plain clothesed officers were able to take him into custody without incident. the suspect's name is eulalio tordil. he is in custody now the montgomery county police department. with me is chief hank stewinsky from the prince georges county police department. we have been working in close communication with prince georges since last night regarding the homicide that occurred in prince georges. they had passed along information last night, passed along further information that we had gotten this morning regarding their homicide and that's one of the reason that our officers were aware of the lookout and aware of the vehicle description from their case last night. and we have remained in contact and been working with prince georges since that time.
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>> good afternoon. i'm very sorry to come before the community as additional violence has occurred, but as the chief said and i would just like to reach out and thank special agent in charge of the baltimore field office and fbi kevin perkins, superintendent of the state police bill palazzi, law enforcement throughout the metropolitan area. since last night our investigators and our undercover apprehensive team have been working diligently to make apprehension on this individual using different methods. it's tragic we are not able to intervene prior to additional victims being harmed but i am pleased with the fact this individual has been apprehended and we can restore some degree of peace. i'll be available to answer questions about the prince georges county incidents and about the overnight but i want to take the opportunity to turn it back to the chief because i believe mr. mccarthy wants to say a few things as well. >> good afternoon, county collective here for montgomery
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county. it's always sad to come before the media when we have a death that occurred in our community but i want to acknowledge and thank overall the community, apologize for the inconvenience for our school kids, but more importantly, to thank our law enforcement officers especially those here in montgomery county who, in cooperation with those from prince georges county and the fbi they've done an excellent jorks, a job we can be proud of but a job nonetheless we hope would not come before you to explain details, the fact we had death and the fact that we had disruption within our community. it pays for all of us to pay attention to the concerns, the challenges that we face but also to recognize the great work that our law enforcement offices do each and every day an i believe we're going to go forward with this investigation now, and i'd like to turn it over to our state's attorney john mccarthy. john? >> i wanted to begin by just echoing comments of mr. leggitt
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about the extraordinary work of the montgomery county police department. obviously we'd not be here today if it was not or the coordination that gave information and allowed us to individual this vehicle in this parking lot earlier today, but because of the events that preceded the apprehension of the suspect in this case, to do this without incident, without additional loss of life is really an extraordinary effort and the people of montgomery county should be proud of the police department. in terms of the charges, i will tell you the suspect in this matter, the events today unfolded very, very rapidly. he is in custody at police headquarters here in montgomery county. we would anticipate that the formal charges against the suspect will be lodged within several hours and the precise nature of those charges will obviously be related to the homicides that have been spoken about out here, and other possible charges. by maryland law, the suspect will have to be brought before a maryland commissioner today on
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these charges. once those charges are lonled. he will not be released from custody. he will be held in custody, the first formal time he'll be arraigned in court is monday 1:00 afternoon in the rockville district court. i'll turn this back over to the chief. i know you have a question, but i'm going to let tom open it up for question and i'll be happy to answer any questions anybody has. [ inaudible question ] >> a little over an hour. >> what was the relationship between the suspect and the victims? >> the victims the relationship between the suspect and the victims today we don't know. i mean, at this point we don't know of any connection but that's still very early on in the investigation, certainly something we're looking at. >> minor point, you've had a number of witnesses tell us he sat at boston market and ate lunch for an hour. >> yes. >> he did do that? >> the suspect was in several of the businesses here, knowing that the suspect was armed,
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knowing that the suspect had made statements about what he intended to do, we needed to make sure that public was safe when we took him into custody. our fear was that he was armed, and since we already shot four people today, we certainly did not want to have any more bloodshed here, and so the plain clothesed officers waited until it was safe to take him into custody and that's what they did. >> you're listening there to police and local officials in montgomery county, maryland, just across the border here from the districts of columbia delivering the news, the relief really that a suspect is now in custody. that suspect is eulalio tordil. he was an officer with the federal protective service. this is the vision of the department of homeland security. he is now a suspect in several shootings that killed three people over the last 48 hours. police saying there that these
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events unfolded very, very rapidly. he is expected to be charged within several hours. he was under surveillance there in that mall where he was captured, for more than an hour, as he visited a number of businesses. they then moved in, crucially they took him into custody without incident. i want to bring in evan perez, our justice reporter. he's been covering this and also brian todd, who was on the scene there. brian, as we hear this, really a remarkable development that they were able to take him after these alleged acts of violence, without incident. >> reporter: it really is remarkable, jim, and police played this very carefully and well in the end. you see what we believe to be one of the victim's cars being towed away behind me. quickly to get patient back to your point on how this suspect was apprehended, nonviolently but dramatically. law enforcement official say they spotted the suspect's car in a parking lot across the street from the giant in the aspen hill area, the giant grocery store in the aspen hill
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area, spotted his car in a parking lot across the street. then they saw him, according to a law enforcement official who spoke to an official, saw him through the storefront window of a restaurant in a shopping center across the treat. the official said they kept eyes on him, he was in the restaurant for about an hour and they were ready to move in on him if he did anything threatening but he came out, he got in his car, when law enforcement officers blocked his car. that's how they apprehended the suspect according to a law enforcement official, this of course after a tragic 24-hour period, three separate shootings in three parking lots, jim, leaving three people dead. >> just incredible, suspected shooter taking the time to go to a restaurant while being chased by police. brian todd on the scene there. i go to evan perez with me in the studio in washington. interesting, this say highly vetted federal law enforcement officer. his job in the federal protective services is to protect federal buildings from violence like we've seen here. >> right. >> was there a failure here?
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>> well it doesn't appear so. it appears shortly after he was subject to some kind of protective order issued by a court, it appears the wife, his estranged wife is who asked for that protective order. shortly after that, the federal protective service, which is a part of vhs, suspended his, both his badge, his credentials and took away his service weapon, and they put him on some sort of administrative leave. there's been a lot of changes, jim, in the last couple of years as a result of the navy yard shooting and other incidents, in which when people who have security clearances, people who have badges and weapons issued by the federal government, when they come up for background checks whenever something derogatory shows up in their background, that that is updated and they will take their weapons away, take away their credentials for this exact reason. >> they did act unfortunately not before the acts of violence. >> absolutely. >> were carried out, thanks, evan perez covering the story
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from the beginning. i turn to our politics lead. he says he won't do it ever, he says he can't do it right now. he says he can and will do it. he says he's all in, too, and would serve as his vp if asked. that thing many republicans are wrestling over right now is whether to back donald trump, since he is now the presumptive republican nominee. cnn's senior washington correspondent jeff he dzelaney n omaha. he said he cannot support trump and now ryan issuing a statement he'll meet with trump, however, next thursday. what do we expect to come from this meeting? >> reporter: well jim, certainly an interesting meeting. he's not only going to be meeting with speaker ryan but also other top congressional leaders. not just that. we're told there will be a private meeting between donald trump, paul ryan and reince priebus, the head of the rnc, sort of the reeferee in all of this. donald trump is moving to take
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over this republican party, but jim, this is a party very divided. ♪ west virginia >> reporter: donald trump's victory lap is looking more like an obstacle course and that's just among republicans. >> i actually wish the primaries were not over. it's no fun this way. i want the primaries to keep going, but everybody's out. i'm the only one left. that's okay, right? >> reporter:is' dispatch the die the party wages on. trump has won the hearts of millions of republican voters but the minds of party leaders remain elusive. senator lindsey graham says he can't vote trump. >> i don't think it's a temperament in judgment to be commander in chief. i can't go there with donald. >> speaker paul ryan told jake tapper he can't endorse trump. >> i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i am not there right now. >> reporter: trump is holding his famously sharp tongue, perhaps taking a stab at diplomacy.
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>> can do whatever he wants to do, it was fine. but i was surprised by it. >> reporter: some republicans are getting on board. some not. >> i don't think we can afford four more years of liberal incompetence. >> as i said many times i support the nominee of the party. >> reporter: former vice president dick cheney said he always supported the republican nominee and will do so this year, too. president obama and democrats are watching it all with delight. >> there is no doubt that there is a debate that's taken place inside the republican party. i think not just republican officials, but more importantly republican voters are going to have to make a decision as to whether this is the guy who speaks for them and represents their values. >> reporter: but trump knows how to fire up any tepid republicans. >> now it's between me and crooked hillary. >> reporter: today he takes his message to a red state, nebraska, and a blue state, oregon. but the withal come mat was not entirely warm. graffiti in letters eight feet
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tall saying "dump trump" were painted on this grain elevator in omaha. it's been five extraordinary months since trump landed in omaha, campaigning for the iowa caucuses when party elders thought he would fade away. >> i love you omaha. i love nebraska. >> reporter: now it's his republican party. and trump is reveling in the moment, even putting on coal miner's hat thursday night in west virginia. >> that is great. my hair look okay? >> reporter: you wonder why donald trump may be here in nebraska. it's because the nebraska primary is still scheduled for next tuesday, and to show how quickly this campaign has moved along, jim, there's still radio ads playing here today that donald trump has taken out against ted cruz saying he can't be trusted on immigration. that shows how swiftly this has moved, but that meeting next week is going to give an indication into how difficult it is to reunite this or unite this republican party. donald trump telling "the washington post" this afternoon, he agreed to meet with speaker
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ryan before we go our separate ways. so jim, a lot of disorder still here to be worked out. >> we should see what comes out of the meeting next week. he has called donald trump a "whacko" and says he is not qualified to be president. now our next guest says he will support trump as the gop nominee for president. congressman peter king, he'll explain why, right after this. when my doctor told me i have age-related macular degeneration, amd we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan. including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula that the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd... after 15 years of clinical studies.
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from chase. so you can. welcome back request "the lead." the growing gop divide over donald trump's status as a republican party's presumptive nominee. jeb bush saying he will not support donald trump as the gop candidate. joining me is republican congressman peter king of new york, who endorsed donald trump for president after his win in indiana this week. congressman king, thank you very much for taking the time today. >> thank you, jake. >> i want to play since we have you here today what you previously said about donald trump. let's have a listen >> sure. >> the view he's taking, the
1:20 pm
statements he's making have nothing in common with the republican party. donald trump now is sounding like a left wing michael moore whacko. he's oblivious evil of the clan and just coming in as somebody flying and say whatever he has to say, george bush is a liar, john mccain is not a war hero, a disabled reporter should be mocked and laughed at, all of this stuff to me make him unqualified to be president. >> congressman king, these were not on the fence statements here, nothing in common with the gop, left wing michael moore whacko. what changed, why are you supporting him now? >> well first of all i made it clear that i would support the nominee of the party so i'm supporting him as the nominee, and i will vote for him. however, i've also said that i will not be able to campaign for him or be part of his campaign effort unless he somehow consolidates or gives some coherence to his statements. i would say my position vis-a-vis donald trump's
1:21 pm
position is the same as paul ryan's, except paul said he's not endorsing him yet. >> to be fair, congressman, that's a big difference. >> yes, it is, but the point i'm making is that as far as the policy differences they're the same. paul has a different obligation as speaker. my position is i want to stay active in the republican party as we go forward. if i'm going to do that, i have an obligation to support the nominee of the party but also an obligation not to be defending policies that i don't agree with but i am a republican. i believe in the two-party system, and again this is a close call but i feel to stay within the party and to have a role to play and to try to frame the policies i have to endorse the nominee of the party but not with enthusiasm and as i've said, i will not campaign or be involved in the campaign unless some of his key positions particularly on national and homeland security, change. >> but i have to ask you, how do you explain to your constituents that you can make such strong criticisms, in fact you dismiss him as a credible and qualified
1:22 pm
candidate for president of the united states repeatedly, and then say today but you know what, i'm going to support him. how do you explain that? why should they believe you now that he's qualified if you've said so many times he's not. >> well i certainly wouldn't have supported him within the republican party and right now he's the only man standing so it's going to be republican i endorse it has to be donald trump and also we are going against hillary clinton and while personally i have a good republican with senator clinton or secretary clinton, the fact is on many key issues i have strong disagreements, talking about benghazi or conduct involving the police, the economic policies, you know, the pivot role she was playing as far as russia is concerned. i have real differences with hillary clinton, real policy differences, including the appointment of a judge to the supreme court. the next justice of the supreme court could well define policy for the next 20 years, so that's why it's important to me that we have republican president. so again this is very pragmatic,
1:23 pm
not the sense of pragmatic politics but pragmatic government. to me the supreme court being so vital, it's important to have a republican president appointing that next justice and also on certain areas of foreign policy. >> you heard the news that jeb bush former governor of florida, former presidential candidate said he will not support donald trump. the two previous republican presidents, george w. bush, george h.w. bush said they will not support him, will not participate in the convention. those are significant forces in the republican party. >> right. >> is this a crisis within the republican party to have this kind of public split? >> yes jeb bush, bush 41, president bush 43, outstanding presidents. jeb bush would have been my first choice for president this year. there's a real -- it is a crisis we're going through. on the other hand, you have dick cheney and rudy giuliani, governor perry who are supporting donald trump at this stage, and i think we have to decide as a party.
1:24 pm
that's why i want to play a role as we go forward. i don't want to take myself out of the game, if you will, as we go forward, as we define our party, because what donald trump has done has really reversed republican policies on trade, on foreign policy, on domestic policy, and these are really key significant changes, changing really the structure of the party for the first time in 50 or 60 years. so whether or not this is a one-off, whether or not this is going to involve the future of the party going forward, i want to have a role to play in that. i can't emphasize how much i respect president bush 41 or president bush 43, and how jeb bush was my first choice this year and then i went to marco rubio. >> congressman peter king thanks very much. >> jim, thank you. one donald trump backer says he could reach across the aisle for his vice presidential pick, a democrat. plus leaving everything behind to save their lives. tens of thousands of people trying to outrun a wall of fire.
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eliminate your monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home and here's the best part... you still own your home. take control of your retirement today! welcome back to "the lead." with an fbi interview still looming over her campaign, hillary clinton may need a boost from president obama. the fbi wants to question clinton soon about the security of her private e-mail server. the investigation is nearing an end however, but it comes as clinton battles trust issues more broadly with voters. can she ride the coattails of president obama's new job approval rating? i want to bring in brianna
1:30 pm
keilar. brianna keilar, senator sanders still pleased to stay in the race. >> yes, it's sort of interesting here. this is coming from a senior adviser to the super pack that backs hillary clinton a former top aide of hillary clinton. paul begala is urging bernie sanders to fight. perhaps it could be a three-front war trump may wage as president obama takes him on as well. as hillary clinton positions herself as the best candidate to protect president obama's legacy -- >> we cannot let barack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's hands. >> reporter: she's getting a little help from the commander in chief, as he took aim at donald trump from the white house today. >> this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show. this is a contest for the presidency of the united states.
1:31 pm
>> reporter: with clinton so closely tied to owe pa ma, his standing in the polls could benefit her in november. his approval holding in positive territory since february, 51% of americans approving of the job he's doing with 46% disapproving. clinton is hoping to define donald trump early. >> we are a great country in part because we are a nation of immigrants. >> reporter: trying to protect her gains with hispanic voters, clinton tweeted out a compilation of trump's remarks about undocumented immigrants. >> you're going to have a deportation. >> reporter: his cinco de mayo tweets how he loves hispanics, accompanied by a picture of trump with a taco bowl. clinton's e-mail controversy is still dogging her. cnn learned that the fbi has interviewed her top aides, including huma abedin. sources say investigators
1:32 pm
haven't found evidence to prove clinton willfully violated the law. bernie sanders is still in the race, though it's nearly impossible for him to win the democratic nomination. he's taking it easier on clinton from the stump and president obama side-stepped a chance to call for sanders to get out saying let the process play itself out but also added this. >> at some point there's going to be a conversation between secretary clinton and bernie sanders about how we move towards the convention. >> that's a little bit of pressure there. president obama was asked about the delegate count that separates clinton and sanders and he said everyone knows what the math is. this is an acknowledgment of course the outlook is grim for bernie sanders but he also commended the vermont senator. he said he's done an extraordinary job raising issues that are important to democratic voters. so he also gave him a little pat on the back. >> he and hillary clinton do not
1:33 pm
want to alienate bernie sanders's devout supporters. wolf blitzer will talk to senator sanders in "the situation room" at 6:00 eastern time, right here on cnn, a giant convoy of cars on the move, fleeing their homes and everything inside, as wildfires spread. flames coming dangerously close to the evacuations. what's with him? he's happy. your family's finally eating vegetables thanks to our birds eye voila skillet meals. and they only take 15 minutes to make. ahh! birds eye voila so veggie good you're down with crestor. alright! now there's a way you can get crestor for $3. adding crestor, along with diet, lowers bad cholesterol. crestor is not for people with liver disease, or women who are nursing,pregnant,
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for your free home care planning guide. welcome back to "the lead" and breaking news. jeb bush now says that he is never trump as well posting on facebook he will not vote for donald trump in november saying "i will not vote for donald trump or hillary clinton but i will support principled conservatives at state and federal levels just as i have done my entire life."
1:38 pm
kevin mad pan, patti solis-doyle and ta in a guertz joins us live from omaha, nebraska, where the candidate is traveling. if i could begin with you, you now have added jeb bush, former presidential candidate, former governor of florida to a long list of prominent republican leaders including the two former bush presidents, bush 41, bush 43, governor romney, speaker ryan who says he's not ready to support donald trump. how much of a concern is this to you so many prominent republican, many of them ruling out even changing their minds on the man who is now the republican nominee? >> well i mean, that was shocking to hear that jeb said that, but you know, when i hear that it's like wow, then you must not be a true die-hard republican like you claim to be. at the end of the day i thought this was going to be about getting behind donald trump to ensure that hillary clinton doesn't get in the white house, but in due time.
1:39 pm
this is all still so new so we'll see. >> kevin, if i could ask you, you heard lindsey graham adding his name to the list of prominent republicans, former presidential candidate this year, he is never trump as well, very quickly has been the style now, donald trump responding right away. i just want to read donald trump's statement in response to lindsey graham. i fully understand why lindsey extra ham cannot support me. if i got beaten as badly as i beat him and all the oerlt candidates i would not give my support either. he in donald trump style can't resist that kind of punch and counterpunch. >> first on lindsey graham and jeb bush it's emblematic of what we've seen already impeerically in the sense they are principled committed conservatives who are now becoming conscientious objectors about both candidates in this race now, donald trump and hillary clinton, and if you look at the empirical evidence in the recent cnn poll that number is about 28% of
1:40 pm
republicans say they won't vote for donald trump so the challenge for the trump campaign is to narrow that number down if they're ever going to have a chance. it's going to be very, very hard, given that on issues and even on temperament and character, donald trump is seen as somebody that people just cannot vote for. so that's i think the state of the race right now. >> the president, he waded into the race particularly the coverage of the race today, saying that reporters need to fully examine donald trump's record. we've heard the same from hillary clinton saying that reporters had not asked trump the tough questions. i just have to say, here at cnn, donald trump has been very available. he's on frequently. my colleagues regularly ask him difficult questions. the thing is, his supporters you can argue don't respond. >> right. >> to whatever his answer is. >> right. >> doesn't hillary clinton need a better way to respond, what has proven a fairly popular
1:41 pm
strategy for donald trump rather than to say the reporters aren't doing their job here. >> i think what president obama is proved himself to be the single most significant and powerful surrogate that hillary clinton is going to have in the general election, and that includes whoever her vice presidential nominee is going to be, because he, better than anybody else, can really speak to the seriousness of the job, of the presidency and the seriousness of this election. so i think that he's going to if out in the general election, once the nomination is settled, and he's going to say to the american people, okay, who do you want to have the finger on the button? who do you want to be able to marshal our military? former secretary of state, the former u.s. senator, or the former reality show host? i think that's what he was more or less trying to get at, the seriousness of this, and that he's not a serious candidate. >> ted, i want to ask you, you're aware that speaker ryan on this show yesterday told
1:42 pm
he's, told jake tapper he's not ready to support donald trump. trump spokesman katrina peerson her response paul ryan shouldn't then be the republican speaker of the house. we know that ryan and trump will meet next week, but they're pretty far apart at this point. do they have to, do you believe they can heal that rift in a meeting next week? >> absolutely. absolutely. i mean it's just a matter of meeting with mr. trump, pushing things aside and just, i mean yes, mr. trump is the best at negotiating, and he knows how to negotiate with these republican leaders to get behind him, and it's just too soon, too early. the wounds are still sore. it will happen. i have all the confidence in mr. trump that people will get behind him. they're saying that right now but we're seeing the support for mr. trump on leaders, republican governors, senators, it's happening. it's happening here in nebraska, where i'm at. mayors, they're getting lined up to be a part of the trump train. this is a movement, and yeah, i mean i understand president
1:43 pm
obama said that about hillary clinton. mr. trump has proven he's more than just a reality star. let's just let the american voters decide and that's what we have been doing and we've been seeing what's been happening. they've been coming out in record numbers, millions of voters, votes have been placed for mr. trump. he's had so many more million than ted cruz, so we're not worried. the american people will decide if they're taking mr. trump serious or not and i'm telling you, i'm on the ground and i know what's happening and they are taking him very seriously. we will see in the general election. >> thanks very much on the ground with donald trump in omaha. patti, kevin here in washington with me thanks very much as well. north korea holds one of its most important political events in the communist nation's hiry, this as the rest of the world is bracing for another nuclear test, possible nuclear test by kim jong-un. ♪
1:44 pm
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and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. welcome back to "the lead." the massive and devastating wildfires in canada continue to grow at this hour. now they are bigger than chicago and boston combined and the
1:48 pm
inferno is showing no sign of slowing down. the wildfires have torched nearly 25,000 acres and growing, tens of thousands of people are on the run for their lives with flames burning hundreds of homes and closing in on more homes. thick smoke making it extremely challenging for fire crews. i want to bring in cnn correspondent paul verkamen on the scene. are crews getting closer to getting the fires under control? >> reporter: no, jim, they're now battling 40 wildfires across all of alberta. >> it was something like armagedd armageddon. >> reporter: evacuees describing the frightening experience of escaping the wildfire. morgan elliott and his family fled their home in fort mcmurray, among thousands at the expo center in edmonton. >> it was like a scene out of a movie, remind me of "walking dead" the of interest show "walking dead" you're going on
1:49 pm
the highway and abandoned vehicles everywhere. >> reporter: fire officials are calling it an extreme and rare event, focused on protecting communities. >> in terms of fighting the large landscape size fire out there that's the most difficult part. we can be successful in the community areas and critical areas, very strategic in the priorities and that's how we fight our fires is we're protecting the values, the community, critical inf infrastructu infrastructures. >> reporter: and more help is on the way to the approximately 90,000 displaced. the government is providing roughly 100 million canadian dollars in emergency financial aid. stranded residents north of fort mcmurray are slowly getting escorted away from the flames. the mountain police organized an evacuation convoy to move approximately 1,500 vehicles along a potentially dangerous route south to safety. but the damage left behind by the wildfires is overwhelming, destroying more than 1,600 structures with some residents returning to nothing but rubble.
1:50 pm
like nathan sheffield. he posted this video on facebook what used to be his home in beacon hill. >> this is my house -- this was my house. nothing left. it's gone. >> reporter: fort mcmurray is the oil sands capital of alberta and obvious devastation throughout this city. many of those residents have been evacuated here to edmonton, at least 1,800 of them overnight, overnighted at a shelter on cots. just an absolutely heartbreaking scene, jim. >> so heartbreaking to see people losing their homes. paul vercamen on the scene of the fires there and from those wildfires to wildly erratic dictator, growing fears that north korea could test a nuclear weapon at any moment. this as the rogue regime holds its most important political gathering in more than three decades, where kim jong-un is expected to further consolidate his power and perhaps flex some military muscle. the her met kingdom defiantly
1:51 pm
conducted four nuclear tests and in the past month alone has fired off four missiles. let's get right to cnn's will ripley, live from pyongyang, north korea. will, what was kim jong-un's message to the outside world today with this address, and with this enormous spectacle? >> 13 hours, jim, after this workers' party congress began, there was a special report here in pyongyang. they broke into regular programming with a 15-minute speech by kim jong-un, where essentially he congratulated himself and the party for accomplishments in the area of nuclear development, and of course missile technology as well, and he also said that they've made strides in improving the north korean economy. it's part of the reason why we have been invited here to see the parts of pyongyang that the government wants us to see, and there are some signs of economic growth here, but there are a lot of questions about whether it's sustainable, considering the pace of north korea's nuclear development, the money they are spending and the sanctions that they are facing as a result of
1:52 pm
these increasingly provocative acts. >> will, as you know, there have been warnings that north korea might conduct nuclear tests tied to this event, to mark the occasion. is there any indication why that didn't happen or if it's possible it's still in the works? >> reporter:y, the south korean government had been saying for a month now a nuclear test was imminent. they believe based on satellite data all of the preparations in north korea's nuclear test site were put in place, essentially all they would have had to do is push the button and a nuclear test could occur. it hasn't happened yet but doesn't mean it won't. this workers' party congress is expected to be a multiday event. test could occur at any time during this event or it couldn't happen and we might not know why. given the tone from the supreme leader of this country, more nuclear tests are inevitable, just a matter of when. >> the u.s. is watching very closely. we no that. will ripley joining us live from pyongyang, the north korean capital. thanks so much.
1:53 pm
hillary clinton did not mention his name once on the campaign trail. how long will bernie sanders stay in the race? we'll ask him.
1:54 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." now our national lead, tis appointing new job numbers out today, the lowest in seven months. the president quick to highlight we are still in a period of job growth. he blamed republicans for the dip. >> if the republican congress joined us to take some steps that are pretty common sense then we could put some
1:58 pm
additional wind at the backs of working americans. >> cnn's chief business correspondent christine romans will crunch the numbers for us. >> jim, job growth slowed in april, weaker than the forecast and weakest in a few months. over the past five years the trend is on average 207,000 net new jobs so you've seen steady job creation for about five years and a little bit of a pause here in april. too soon to say what caused it or whether it will persist in the summer. unemployment rate steady at 5%, even at 160,000 net new jobs still enough to absorb all new members of the working age population who want to work. so that's what we're seeing there. let's talk about the labor force participation rate, you'll hear about this on the campaign trail. 62.8%, dipped a little bit. this is the percent age of the population working, that number
1:59 pm
many say is too low. as the economy continues to recover, perhaps more people will start coming in. look at the sectors, business and information services 65,000. every month health care, mining, crash in oil, lost 7,000 jobs there. overall this is a luke warm report, 160,000 net new jobs by a 5% unemployment rate and 2.5% wage growth, the missing part of the recovery has been wages, your paycheck hasn't been going up, 2.5% of the number there. jim? >> christine romans in new york thanks very much. this sunday, be sure to tune in to "state of the union" at 9:00 a.m. eastern time, jake tapper's guests on sunday, the former republican nominee and vice presidential nominee, john mccain and sarah palin. that's it for "the lead" today. i'm jim shoe toe in for jake tapper. i turn you over it a man you know, wolf blitzer and he is where expected, in "the situation room."
2:00 pm
happening now, breaking news, growing rift, after a stunning refusal to back his party's presumptive nominee, the house speaker paul ryan schedules a meeting with donald trump, but other key republicans are piling on, will trump retaliate? we're standing by. not a reality show, president obama says the election is serious business, not show business and says donald trump's record needs to be examined. is the president jumping into the campaign? shooting rampage. three separate shootings within 24 hours at a high school. shopping mall, and a supermarket, lead to lockdowns, alerts and a manhunt in the d.c. suburbs. three people are dead. the suspect a federal police officer. and city evacuated,