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tv   Smerconish  CNN  May 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> that's going to do it for us. don't go anywhere. nick starts right now. i'm michael smerconish and stop trump to deal with trump. that was the journey this week and the media and america and me with cruz and kasich dropping out, the donald is the last can date standing. the gop civil war continues and several leader swear that they will not vote for him. now the news that mitt romney is trying to get a third party to run against him. is that possible at this point? the ballot could look like this. i will talk to the man that everyone is suddenly going. trump's idea of outreach is
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to eat mexican food downstairs at the trump you tower. the internet went crazy. did it work? after all of the worry of a broker gop convention, surprise. it looks likely for the democrats thanks to bernie sanders. first, did paul ryan hurt donald trump or help him. he stumped them when on thursday he said that he was not ready to endorse trump for president. conventional wisdom says that this harms trump. after all, ryan will preside this summer in cleveland and looks like he is setting the tone for not expecting trump as is. it's a unfixable divide. i think that ryan has don the donald a favor. he has done the opportunity. ryan's announcement followed the news of the two most resent
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presidents and the candidates will not attend the convention and that others including lindsey graham and bush are saying that they will not support him. they say that they will vote for him but not support him. trump needs to improve the standing and not with just the leader but with the voters. he received more than ten million votes, but 24 percent disapprove of trump and it shows that 56 percent see him as unfavorable. he is trailing with clinton head to head. how can ryan rebuke help him if ryan can get him to come around. ryan left open the door for a
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future endorsement and saying perhaps in the future we can work together and come to an agreement on what is best for the american people. here is the thing, ryan is speaking for many whose concern ises need to be addressed for trump to win. if the concerns can be satisfied on issues like nato and trade and entitlements, that might encourage others to take a second look. now for that to work, they have to see why he disapproves of it. his tweet suggests that's not how he sees it. he says that i inherited something, the republican party. wrong. i did not inherit it, i won it with millions of voters. joining me is charlie from pennsylvania. charlie, you heard my thoughts, what are yours? >> well, i said the same thing that paul ryan said a day earlier. i too have concerns about donald
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trump's candidacy. right now the ball is in his court to mend fences, he has a lot to do to unify the party. he said last week that he did not need to unify the party. i think that he does. paul ryan is a very serious, thoughtful policy guy. he is a policy walk, and feels strongly. he is principle and wants to advance it. i think that donald trump has had very were few and sparse policy conventions. i think that's a great concern for the speaker. it's not only a concern for the speaker and then not many others for congress and then a lot of voters around the country. >> well, you're making my point and if he can satsz identify paul ryan, there could be others that come along as well. now, there's a contrary argument and rush limbaugh articulated it. let's listen. >> if trump moves to the
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republican agenda, it's no t good for trump. that would be an error. he is where he is because he is not perceived as part of that. >> charlie, doesn't limbaugh have a point and stating up to the extent that you're in that and he gets what got him this far. >> well with, i would perhaps days green with rush limbaugh on that point. look at foreign policy. donald trump has talked about withdrawaling from nato. that's a huge mistake approximate for the alliance. it's the centerpiece for the national security and foundation and nuclearizing for asia and japan. he has talked about a number of other issues on that regard that are settling to me and the foreign policy and statement a
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week sor so ago and that's back from the 1930s. i think that a lot of o americans and thoughtful republicans you including so many in the base would have the concerns on the policy approximate positions. that's the things that paul ryan wants to talk about and which many of us think is a failed course of action. >> how about the argument that says wait a minute. paul ryan, you're the speaker of the house and then the republican speaker of the house and then the chairman of the upcoming convention. get on board or get out of the way. >> well yeah, his job to a certain extent is that he is playing switzerland. he feels that he has an obligation to be fair, and he was in the process. he at times did speak out against some of of donald trump's comments and then on muslims and after the david
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duke. he felt that he had to do that. file that he is correct and that the nominee needs to listen to the speakers that are very serious about setting a thoughtful message and then not only for the party and the country. that's one of the reasons that i supported john kasich. he had a message and campaign forward looking. donald trump needs to develop that kind of message if he is going to get the su prt and unify the republican party. >> congressman dent, thank you for being here. >> thank you michael. go lee high. >> tweet me. i will read some of them later in the program. can he turn it to the advantage? joining me now is bob and eddie hill. who needs who verses ryan and trump? >> i think that they're both helping each other. both of them answered the
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questions in an honest way. you look pand erring and false and fake and foney. if one second you hate a person and then say that i love him. we don't believe it. if they get together and share and talk and then come out and say that we're supporting each other, that rings true. >> what to russia point and that runs the risk of what brought him to the dance. >> excuse me, the convention wisdom is wrong. we think and we go to the wings where we want to win a primary. we come and want to win the general election. he went to the primary and won. he did though the get the wings, but he is looking for ways to unify america instead of just focussing on the selection of one party. >> bob, i want to show you a map and it's color coded to show
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what happened in the race took place today verses club ton and donald trump. it shows that relative to votes, 347 for hillary and what's the path for trump? >> it's dark and lonely and it does not exist as far as i am concerned. what ryan did was the right thing. he knows that he needs some leverage. he wants to endorse him and get something out of him. they will get it. he is going to be for trump when he gets to the convention. what i did not understand is why he went out and dumped on ryan. i mean that was a perfect opportunity the say okay, i understand. we have not gotten along, let's see if we can sit down and iron out the policy differences and then find some common ground. did he do that? no. he was a lousy speaker. the other thing is that trump looks out of the crowds and thinks that's americans. it's a small sliver of this and
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he has ten million votes and needs 60 or 70 million to win. he has not gotten that. no way. >> here is the problem. that maybe the way that some people look at it. i look at it and i see the union's that are coming out out a and supporting trump. you have the service s international union. the president came out and said that trump would win because of the union support. that's what ronald reagan got. >> you talk about trump going out of the rallies. he has a name for the race and it's e elizabeth war were -- >> i just learned that crooked hillary along with her friend if
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you see her, she is a basket case. >> beckle, i have not heard that since 7th or 8th grade. every time that he does this he goes out and campaigns for hillary. do you realize that all of the people out there are fourouriou with trump and going to be out there beating them up. with respect to the service employees, that's who trump's casinos. no other union is going to tgo with him. he is going to get trump. >> the union worker that work for him are the ones supporting him. that speaks volume. >> why is it so affective when it's lying ted, doo fus, crooke?
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>> there are a lot of americans that have teenagers and they say something and then the next day it's the best friend again. a lot of us take that with a grain of salt. when i look at it, i don't think that, but it made me chuckle. it's silly. >> here is what it made me think. it made me think presuming that clinton is the nominee, it has to be someone that's going to go out there and take it on. you know that bob beckle is on the short list or so said. i just asked him how he would pursue the role. watch this. >> you are the secretary of the labor, and you're here for the capacity. there's a show on tv called dirty jobs, have you seen it? >> no, i have not. >> you have never seen it? >> no i'm too busy working and
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coach my kids. >> it's a television show on people that do dirty jobs. one of the things is having to get in the ring with him constantly. are you up for that? >> well, i have had a lot of times and i am proud of all of the jobs that i have had. what every job is entitled to in the country is dignity. >> he once worked on the back of a trash truck. that could be good practice. >> yeah, i did too. i got fired, but i worked on it. the idea of taking hispanics is so typical of the democratic party. we have to get out of this in politics. there's one person that he needs to to get and that's brown from ohio. he is a pit bull and will take after trump. trump does not have all of these
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munchkins on stage. >> i have to say this to bob's point. i had ale poll on my website and no science but plenty of intuition with. i asked people that listen to the radio program and if you could take obama or any one of the five, 7 0/30 said that i would take pam bobama before an others. do you see obama's numbers rising. >> yeah, but people are are not going to have obama to vote for. it's going to be clinton. clinton is going to have to run to the wing to try to win a general election. it's going to be a disaster. i was thinking about it as she starts to bring up fewer people as the potential for the vp do,
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and you know what what about a trump rice combo. i would like to see someone sling rimud at rice. >> can you see it? >> i don't think that -- the big question is who is not going want to do it? we know a lot of people that don't want to do it. if you have national ask aspirations and want to get with donald trump and that's the legacy. >> she wants to be the adult commissioner. >> my dear friend, that was a good job. you did good as you could. let's face it. it was a tough set. on behalf of myself and party, i feel badly for you. >> you take perez and try to sell why free trade deals are working, and you have a tough job. >> thank you. i'm glad that we solved that. to you at home keep the tweets
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coming. how did trump's taco bowl tweet fly with hispanics. i am going ask the former mexican president. >> taco bowl, are we good now. >> my compliments to the rapests that make the taco bowl. >> excuse me. excuse me. >> i see why he likes them. it's like him, it's a slump inside of an orange shell. i get it. on his farewell voyage over niagara falls... but stood up to any kind of weather... no matter if the forecast is this... or this... or this. if a stain can make your deck beautiful and survive any amount of torture... is it still stain? find arborcoat, only at your benjamin moore retailer.
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they have to come in legally and come into a country legally. >> the wall is going to be built and mexico is going to be paying for the wall. >> you may remember the memorable mmemb hispanic and then the wall building plan. >> i thought i better check in with the former mexican president vincente fox. mr. president, it sounds like you o don't like the septembcon the wall. >> do you have a message for the former president of mexico? >> yeah, get the money ready because you're going to pay for the wall. >> mr. president sound ises ls money aside, you're going to
6:22 am
pay. you don't think that it serves a purpose. >> yeah, let me tell you something is michael. this is a donald trump tie. maybe it's not close enough but it's a donald trump trufr. then you see here that it's made in china, so what is the integrity of this man. what is the consistency of his positions when he is importing a pair of goods, ties, shirts and goods to approximate benefit his business, trump business and a force cancelling u.s. jobs by importing ties from china. this is the worst thing that you can do, and had he is doing it everyday. >> i think that the conversation and debate rises and falls based on his personality, but i think
6:23 am
of the 10.6 americans that believe in trump and they want that wall built. it's not just donald trump, he is mobilized a significant number of americans that wish for him to do this. >> he is appealing to fear. yes, many americans who seen september 11 are acting on the fear. that's why trump show that is he is superman and going to defend the nation and throw bowel movements to the rest of the world. he is going to isolate the nation and protect them. >> mr. president a critic said had not eight million of your citizen crossed on your six year watch, donald trump would not be in the approximaposition today.
6:24 am
>> it's a market problem. we do have problems in mexico that we're trying to solve. first of all we work together with the united states everyday to make that border safe and secure. number two is that we work everyday building opportunities for our people, and this is the reason why in the last three years there are more mexicans coming back into mexico than those coming in. he is going against all economic good politics. so being a good business man is is not being a president. a president you need a compassive leadership and somebody that knows how to do the needs and also when you have to have a big heart and big way of relating yourself with the rest of the world and deplthat'y we outside of the united states do not go along with him. that's why hillary will be the
6:25 am
next president of the united states she's a loving tender mother with citizen. she has a soft compassion inside but is the iron lady. she can defirm when it's needed. >> are you prepared to travel in the united states and campaign for hillary clinton? >> for the moment i'm in california, and i'm going to appear on both conventions, i think. i have to get a room e reserved. i think that it's interesting to be there. >> so you will attend both conventions. not necessarily to speak at the republican convention. i can't imagine that you will be invited nor at the democratic convention, but you wish to be a presence. >> well, you think that they would allow me to speak is. i love that. i love speaking. >> mr. president, i have a room in cleveland and president and
6:26 am
you can bunk with me if you need. >> if i can bring martha my love, i would accept gladly. >> i was raised and there's an expression in the united states and my mother told me and wondering about mexico good fences make good neighbors. >> yes, respect the neighbors. my grandmother was from from cincinnati, ohio. when you see here half of the american blood and half is mexican bladdood. my mexican half is what i see going on in the process. to see a guy like trump convincing millions of people that he is going to make this nation great, is false. that's not him that's going to
6:27 am
do it. the strength is in the people and the corporate world and wall street. it's in washington. it's many in the universities. that's what makes the nation's strong. this other half and the mexican side is offended. i am deeply offended on the way that he expresses about mexico and mexican people. i demand from him an apology. i asked for him on cinco d cinco de mayo. >> yeah, and the day before he said he hated them. he lies and lies and people close to that mexican bowl was made there in the trump tower. he's going to get indigestion because it's not mexican food.
6:28 am
that's why i invite him and learn what mexico is all about. >> president, thank you f your time. >> thank you. >> thank you senor. by the way i know that he said that he never hates them. bernie sanderss cannot win but that's not stopping him from the nomination and taking the fight all the way to the convention. does he have a point? should the super delegates in the state he won be loyal to him? i'm terrible at golf.
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so looks like we still maybe headed for a contested convention. bernie sanderss refuses to get
6:33 am
out of the race despite the delegate advantage and then the number of 23-83. sanders argues that the super delegates should be able to vote for him. >> our goal is to win a majority of the delegates and number two is to make sure that in those states that we have won the land slide victories and 65 or 70 percent that those listen to them and vote the way that they voted. >> joining me now is two super delegates in the states that sanders won and supporting clinton. congresswoman debbie rempresent the 12th district. congresswoman, doesn't he make a point if you voted for bernie
6:34 am
sanders shouldn't the super delegates be on board with him and not her? >> well with, i have a great deal of respect for him and i'm fighting hard to make sure that they're protected when they go to the convention. i think that he should go o all of the way because he's brought a lot of people to the party. as a super delegate, i'm supposed to vote -- by the way bernie never asked me to consider voting him. i have had a good discussion with jan. i know hillary clinton and the personal side of her and know what she is going to fight for. those were created for their in put into who is two candidates are. it becomes a personal vote on that. the rules don't say super delegates go that way. >> i know but super delegates were created to pick a winner. we know that this came post 72
6:35 am
and if you look at the national surveys, they show sanders running stronger against donald trump than hillary clinton. look at the advantage that she has. it's a 16 point advantage and that's compared to 13. isn't that an argument to be made and that's a likely winner the general? >> okay. you're talk to go the woman that thinks that all of the polls are nothing. remember when they said that linton was going to win and then i said before that that that was not going to be the case. i am the one that thinks that donald trump can win. when we get into the very real presidential election, i think that it's going to be very competitive. i believe that she will be the stronger candidate and you're correct that's why the super delegates were chosen. >> respond if you will to the criticism that you have heard and that the very nature of the
6:36 am
delegates is undemocratic. >> well, i would not respond or deny it. i don't like the system as it is. i think that it should be dramatically reformed. i think that congresswoman dingle and others like her that are elected to public office, should be automatic on pledge delegates to the convention, but people like myself and i am a member of the national committee and in minnesota we elect those that are elected -- i was elected by the convention four years ago by the state delegates. i don't think that someone like me should be an automatic unpledged, that's what gives the party so many look, in the end what they do is bless the wisdom and the will of voters. super delegates and i have said that i will never vote to return the win of the delegates, and right now she is leading by 3
6:37 am
million votes and has a lead in pledge delegates and much larger that barack obama. >> yeah, but she did not win your state. i do respect the fact that you say that i'm a super were delegate. let me show for everybody at home the impact of the super delegates of the nomination. this is significant and where are we now 2218 for her and 1444 for him. it's a three hundred delegate difference. this is determining the outcome of this thing. go ahead. i'm sorry. >> no, it's not determining the outcome. 300 is a larger lead that bah r obama ever had. >> it's a much bigger picture
6:38 am
and hen the super delegates that bernie won were for him and not for her. >> but actually i think that you're pointing to the problem here. i don't think that the media should be including the super were delegates in looking at the count because in fact when just looking at them and the poplar vote, secretary clinton is far way ahead. so the only role that super delegates will play at the convention is to bless the will and convention of the voters that put her there. the super were delegates will not be dernl not be determine in the race. >> yeah, that's not why they were created. i will give you the final point on this. >> we need to change these rules. i try odd to change them eight years ago. we're playing along where the rules are. the fact of the matter is that hillary clinton is leading by 3 million votes in the country. nobody has won the nominations since it's been created without
6:39 am
have been the reality of the poplar vote. the super delegates have not driven. last time clinton won eight of the last primaries and then we saw where she ended up. let's lead this in the will of the people and including giving new hampshire and iowa the right to o the go first. we're playing with the rules new. we're going to pull together by the way. >> okay. i am for that by the way. if you were about to advocate mixing it up and doing what the ncaa does. i want to see a primary contest that shifts every four years. >> yeah, help me. i need help doing that. >> okay. on that we agree. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you. mitt romney is trying to find an alternative o the donald. there is wunl. my next guest that has a lot of google searches.
6:40 am
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ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. for those not satisfied with the republican or democratic candidate, there's an alternative. gary johnson is a poplar two term governor of new mexico and received over aa million votes when running in 2012. give me the platform in less than 60 seconds. >> platform with a broad brush struck and physically you conservative and liberal. the government is too big and spends too much and taxes too much and takes away my freedom and liberty. the ability of individuals to make their own choices that only they should be making, and then
6:45 am
with regard to the military interventions i think there's unin tenned. i think that they have the consequence of making things worse and not better. that's not to say that if we're attacked, we're going to attack back. >> i was surprised to see that according the poll, you're in double digit. we can put that up from a month ago. we show it compared to the hillary and donald. you're at 11 percent. if you could win a couple f states, you could thousand this into the house of representatives. what would win then? >> michael, i would not be doing this if there's not an opportunity to win. you just hit on this and that's just being in the poll. the poll that was taken was a month ago. my name has not appeared in a poll since. i think that there's legit way of having my name in the poll.
6:46 am
i hope to be a nominee. that's a claim that no other third party will be able to make. i think that hillary and donald are the two most polarizing figures today. when people are declaring themselves as independenindepen what's that representation. i think that most are, and they do not know it. >> let me ask you the ross question. who are you pulling more. are you a spolier and go for trump and benefit hillary? >> yes. well, actually the other -- it's the other way around in the poll. more votes were taken away from hillary than trump. at the end of the day third parties take from borth sides. like i say the majority of the americans consider themselves independent.
6:47 am
where is that representation? at the end of the day if i'm not in the polls, i'm certainly not going to be able to be in the presidential presidential debate. it's a real chicken and egg thing. y i have to get in the polls. >> if you're at 11 percent, you have to get in. i would love to see that in the stage to make the left and the right defend against the middle. thanks for being here, and i appreciate your time. >> yeah, thank you. the key again is being in the polls. being in the polls. right now i will be at 230 percent. just google gary johnson. meeting with bill crystal to discuss a third party bid for president. is it too late for any other candidate to get on the ballot in all 50 states.
6:48 am
spending the last decade bankrolling and for more presidential candidates including access to the debates that governor johnson just discussed. peter jou peter joins me now. peter, it's to give the americans more choice. is it to late to mount a third party candidacy in the third party election? >> if that candidate is going to run in all 50 states, it's too late. >> why? >> when you go out two months the ballot access deadline is completed for 40-50 percent of the country. >> wow. the deadlines make it impossible. >> all of those considerations are important. if you're not democrat or republicans, you can only race money in $2,700 increments.
6:49 am
the cost of getting on the ballot with everything associated with buying the signatures professionals and the legal requirements is close to eight to ten million dollars. that means that you would have to visit with 80,000 people to have any chance of this happening. that's why no one in history who cannot self-fund the campaign has never gotten on tballot. >> what if there was a michael blumberg that has the checkbook and can write it. can that person mount a candidacy? >> right now he is done in texas. there's no way to get on the ballot in texas. he would have to straight right now and then probably lose most of june and then july. the clock is really running. >> peter, thank you. >> thank you. >> so it sounds like it's too late. that's what i am taking away
6:50 am
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you can follow me on twitter if you can say smerconish. i have to tell you, i was impressed with vicente fox. i'm thinking, we could run him in parts of this country and he'd get elected. tweet number two. "smerconish, sounds like you're starting to lean towards trump. i guess bigs can fly."
6:55 am
dino, the last comment said i was an establishment candidate. i must be doing something right. "nobody wants gary johnson. the guy is as loony as john kasich. i don't agree obviously with that tweet. john kasich gave the most dignified speech this week when he left the stage. he left the stage as he w campaigned for the last year, which was with class and dignity. if you haven't taken a look at what he had to say on the way out of the campaign of 2016, i recommend you google it. follow me on twitter if you can spell smerconish. i'll be part of tuesday's election coverage given and
6:56 am
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i won't talk about lindsey graham. you ever see this guy on television? he is nasty. and then i see him on television knocking me. you're supposed to be coming together. >> i don't think donald trump is a reliable conservative. i don't think he has the temperament to be commander in chief. a lot of my colleagues will vote for him enthusiastically, some will hold their nose. i just can't go there. >> this is not a reality television show. >> certainly secretary clinton and i can sit down and talk and see where we go from there. >> many around the world oppose the