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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  May 8, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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blindsided when talking about the speaker of the house, ryan, when he said he was not ready to support trump's nomination, and trump shrug it off but sarah palin did not, and she said paul ryan ruined his own career and she will run him out of office. >> i think ryan is soon to be cantored, as in eric cantor, and his political career is over because he disrespected the will of the people and as the leader of the gop, the convention certainly, he is to remain neutral and for him to already come out and say who he will not support was not a wise decision of his. i think why paul ryan is doing this, jake, is it kind of screws his chances for 2020 presidential bid that he is
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gunning for if the gop were to win now, that wouldn't bode well for his chances in 2020, and that's what he is shooting for. >> donald trump and house speaker, ryan, are scheduled to have a face-to-face meeting on thursday, and donald trump said i think paul ryan will be fine, and if not, that's okay. here to break it down, boris ebstein, and ben ferguson, and liz mayor, and steven collinson. great to see you all on this sunday, this mother's day. >> happy mother's day. >> happy mother's day to everybody. i want to go to you, ben, about sarah palin and her comments, and is this trying to stay --
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>> i don't think she has very much power and every time she tries to reinsert herself it's like watching a bad movie get better for the second and third sequel, and you need to know when to tap out, and if she knows how paul ryan ruined his career, i might want to tell sarah palin, look at her own career, and she is going to do a reality tv show as a judge and she's not even a lawyer, you might want to look at your own political career and see where you are in the near future. this is her trying to stay relevant and it's sad. >> what do you think, boris, do you think trump needs to denounce this considering he has a meeting coming up with paul ryan and some say he needs paul ryan in the general. >> donald trump does not need to denounce palin statement because she is her own self, and america
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is a free country and she is entitled to say what she wants. as you said, donald trump said, we expect paul ryan to expect donald trump for the presidency and if he decides not to, that's his choice, and that's fine, too, and we who back donald trump are confident that narcotic junot just the overwhelming supporters will get behind trump. >> today, mccain broke his silence over trump saying he was not a war hero because he was captured. >> what he said about me, john mccain, that's fine, i don't require any repair of that, but when he said i don't like people who were captured, then there's aody of american heroes that i would like to see him retrack that statement, not about me, but about the others. >> so mccain actually plans to
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vote for trump, but even they thinks truck needs to make amends of former prisoners of war. what do you think, should he apologize to former prisoners of war? >> there's a benefit to being a nonpolitician for a long time, and of course there is a negative, and as senator mccain is out there saying, the republicans, including himself very importantly are now coalescing around donald trump. >> but should he apologize is what the question is? i want boris to answer that. should he come out and apologize? >> that's up to donald trump, but does he need to? i don't think he needs to. >> here's the thing, it shouldn't be about what is best for the campaign but for doing the right thing for veterans, and some were tortured after
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they were caught and he said i don't like people to get caught -- >> it was an off-hand comment. >> you are running for president, and there's no longer off the cuff, it's not good enough response to when you screw up this big with the veterans. >> go back to a comment made in july or august of last year -- >> i want to bring liz in to get her voice in here. >> if i could just interject. i think this notion that donald trump makes off the cuff comments is bogus, and he is calculated in what he says, and the whole idea of what he said was totally off the cuff is nonsense. he said it deliberately to take -- >> you know that how? >> i watched trump and examined his behavior over many years. >> you have never met the person, right? >> have you? >> yes. >> then you are being duped,
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dude. >> i am not. >> i don't buy that for a minute, boreis. >> liz, you are come into a perspective as the opposition. you said so yourself. if you were objective, maybe you would look at it the other way. >> you are not objective anyway. >> there's nothing i need. >> i am a supporter -- >> you can see from the panel that the republican party is not united and it's clearly illustrated here. so steven on that note, trump says he doesn't need to unite the republican party? >> does the party have to be together? does it have to be unified? i am different than anybody else
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perhaps that ever has run for office. i don't think so. >> if he can appeal to the blue dog democrats, perhaps the bernie sanders supporters or the supporters that stay home. >> this idea that donald trump is going to attract legions of bernie sanders supporters, that's something good on paper or in theory, but probably will not happen. most bernie sanders supporters said they would get in line and support hillary clinton. this general election will come down to five or six swing states. donald trump, if he brings in the new voters, he needs to get a good republican turnout in states like virginia and florida, and he can't do that unless the republican party is united. and donald trump doesn't have a political organization. the clinton campaign has been building an organization for
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over the year, and modeling it on the 2012, and he needs the grassroots organization, and the idea that he can go into a general election with a disunited republican party and win i think can probably be disproved. >> i think it's important to scrutinize the numbers here and look at the organization. the truth is that organization is a grassroots organization and not run through a republican national committee, and they are up to 40% of hard republican y primary voters say they will never vote with donald trump. if he cannot capture something close to 90% to 95% of republican voters, given the way the independents are thinking
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and the way you are going to have a libertarian on the ballot in all 50 states, and he is going to be toast, that's the reality. >> who would that person be? >> boris, you are not done a lot of research about this, have you? >> yes, plenty of research. >> no, you haven't. you are obviously unaware of the fact -- >> liz, listen to boris. >> you are missing basic facts. i would like people to hear what i have to say instead of hearing donald trump talking points. >> we have a likely democratic nominee, and the republican nominee -- >> i am voting for gary johnson or an independent nominee. >> we are going to be seeing in
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the months to come. >> donald trump has attracted more voters than any other republican primary. >> they are not republicans or conservatives. >> they will be voting any way. >> i will go for anybody who is not donald trump or hillary clinton, because i have principles. wow. now still fighting for what he calls every single vote, and that bernie sanders, his immediate struggle against hillary clinton, and the latest poll shows while clinton would beat donald trump by 13 points in a general election campaign, and sanders performs better against trump beating him by 16 points. that poll was not lost on sanders in his speech at rutgers a few minutes ago, was it?
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>> reporter: no, it certainly was not. he said ys this, take a listen. >> i am happy to tell you donald trump will not become president of the united states. he will not become president of the united states because in every national poll that i have seen and in most state-wide polls we beat him by double digit numbers. and if democrats wants to have the strongest candidate against trump, they should look at those polls because in every single one of them we beat trump by a larger margin than does clinton. >> reporter: sanders is aware that the math is against him, and he pointed out that he only
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has 45% of the delegates currently that he needs 50 to win, and that he is going to try and secure the votes all the way up until the convention, and he'll be back on the campaign trail here in the garden state tomorrow morning in atlantic city when he will try to close the gap between him and clinton and a recent poll shows clinton ahead of him 2 to 1, and this is leading up to the primary on june 7th, and another big day of the primary, and it's the day of the california primary. >> a big day in politics. thank you so much for that. coming up on this sunday, live in the cnn "newsroom," a canadian wildfire so massive the smoke is going all the way to florida and a live report on the disparate efforts to contain it. >> i have met more heroes in this experience than i ever thought existed. >> plus, a cnn exclusive. jim scuitto goes aboard a
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the wildfire raging in alberta, canada s. starting to get what firefighters desperately need, and that's rain. a small amount just fell over that region in an area half the size of rhode island has been incinerated and people have had to evacuate. temperatures fall into the 50s,
3:17 pm
this as an army of firefighters continue to battle the flames. help is pouring in to take on what the canadian minister of foreign ministry calls a beast. >> the country has your back. we are standing with you and we will continue to stand with you every step of the way. this is not a local issue, this is a national issue and all canadians will share the burden. >> let's bring in our guest who joins us from an evacuation center in alberta. the firefighters must be exhausted. it's a good thing they are getting help. >> reporter: it sure is. they need help on all fronts, not only from the relief but also from the weather, it's a little cooler, but you can hear it, the wind has been a big problem and that's what pushed the fire into ft. mcmurray and out of it. the fire moving to the east away from the city, but for those evacuees, the people we are talking to here, it was just a
3:18 pm
harrowing ordeal and imagine what it has been like through a child's eyes. let's listen. >> i saw the flames and they were very bad, and, like, the fire, it was made, like, very big, and we saw the smoke downtown and we thought my school was burned down, but it wasn't and we saw the good shepherd school and we thought it was near prairie creek, and we think -- we still think it is, and it's, like, very bad. >> reporter: that young boy also telling me he was concerned because he heard one of his neighbors might have lost a lot of his toys. and on another front, the firefighters we eluded to are getting relief, and firefighters coming from quebec and some here from ontario and some 1,500 on the lines and they are battling
3:19 pm
not just one but some 40 places across very windy alberta. back to you, pam. >> thank you so much. this is horrific for all those people, all those having to evacuate and the first responders. and coming up live on this mother's day, we get exclusive access to a attack submarine on the underwater arms race. >> i am standing on the bridge of the nuclear attack submarine, a rare visit, one of the most incredible things i have ever done as a reporter and if you ever wandered what it's like inside underwater, come with us and we'll give you a view.
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it's a flashback to the cold war, u.s. and russian submarine activity reaching levels not seen in decades and in response the pentagon upping its game to try and have supremacy on the seas, and our reporter went on the u.s. attack sub and the first-line of offense against russian submarine movements. >> the "uss missouri" nuclear attack submarine, on a deep dive off florida and the at hrapb particular on the front lines of
3:24 pm
a new cold war and we joined for an exclusive embark. >> it could launch tore pitot. >> it's facing the most advance threats to u.s. submarine forces in decades. russia is deploying attack submarines in numbers and with aggressiveness and advances in technology not seen since the cold war, and now china, north korea, vietnam, india and others are joining a new arms race under the sea. commodore lewis commodores a squadron of 10. >> we are operating in places where we did not have to rely on an adversary being there to challenge us and that's changing us, and we have to consider
3:25 pm
there's an adversary to challenge us, and underwater superiority is not guaranteed. >> missouri's 135-crew repeatedly trained for anti-submarine warfare. they simulate firing from depth towards targets on sea and on land and they are testing the sub's enormous speed and maneuverability. >> we are going to get to a 25-degree angle, and keep in mind, i am standing up straight now, but as i am leaning forward, that's keeping me vertical in relation to the ground. as the angle of ascent gets sharper. >> the "missouri" has come nose
3:26 pm
to nose with real-world threats, and launched military action in syria, the "missouri" was deployed nearby and when a russian sub turned up off the coast of florida in 2012, it was the "uss missouri" called into action to track it. >> that is just showing where they can go. >> i think it's operational experience, if anything were to happen, they have experience and they know those waters and i don't think it's a political statement on their part at all. >> and maybe its silence and invisible to satellites and inaudible to other ships and subs, giving the u.s. the element of surprise. >> whether there's a sub there or not, they don't know, and the adversary has to take that into account when they make decisions to do bad things. >> and so the "uss missouri" is
3:27 pm
come into port in jacksonville, florida, and that's not something, if you are a submariner, you do very often and their most recent deployment, out for 183 days, and 163 days were at sea, and that's the life of a submariner. that's the action 70 u.s. submarines are getting more and more often. >> let's talk it over from the national security editor, an incredible report and we heard the "uss missouri" commanding officer said he does not believe the russia submarines are a threat, and how do you see it. >> i think it's a combination, and the russians are always testing their capabilities, and i think that every time they have an opportunity, every time
3:28 pm
vladimir putin has an opportunity to flex those muscles publicly, whether it's by buzzing u.s. warships with russian planes or by doing provocative things with any ship in the russian fleet or sub marines, those are the kinds of things that look good for putin back at home and it has the added benefit of expandingi knowledge. i think russia feels more and more like they can use the different aspects of their military apparatus to achieve foreign policy goals in a russian periphery, without massive military intervention, and we have seen this in syria and we have seen it in eastern ukraine, so a more nibble and effective pinpointed accuracy is something they are trying to build up and that's the capability they are trying to ramp up for future operations. >> how concerning is that for the u.s.?
3:29 pm
>> well it's concerning insofar as they are willing to do some things in some places that absence a strong hand to counter them they will get away with it, and we have seen sepl seize c crimea, and there have been very severe and horrific consequences because of russian military actions, not to mention the humanitarian disaster that has been added to in syria by russian actions in and around aleppo, and tens of thousands have fled aleppo knowing russia was helping the assad regime, and their rules of engagement are looser than the u.s. campaign, and so because russia determines what its foreign policy is, and in this case, what vladimir putin and the kremlin determine what is the
3:30 pm
policy, they have an effectiveness there and they have the ability to get away with a lot and the u.s. doesn't want to directly counter them. >> how does the u.s., the navy in particularly, maintain the supremacy on the seas? what else do we need to do? >> certainly there will point to the current size of the u.s. navy as being historically small compared to what it was in the post world war ii era, and part of the debate, it's hard to compare a world war ii battleship with the current capabilities of the u.s. aircraft carriers, and those are the crown jewels of the u.s. fleet, but there are also ways they can be hit and our adversaries that perhaps are looking further into the future are trying to work on the kinds of phamunitionphaomunitions tha the u.s. carrier fleet, and
3:31 pm
there are missiles that create a greater stand off from mainland china or other areas they could be deployed and that's making it difficult, and submarines have the same possibility as being carrier killers, and they are trying to find ways to be able to counter the u.s. navy's capabilities around the world in all the different seas. >> thank you. another nuclear threat, north korea, kim jong-un insisting the country would use nuclear weapons in provoked. cnn's will ripley is in pyongyang with our report. >> reporter: here in the north korean capital, earlier state tv broke in for a three-hour speech from supreme leader, kim jong-un, and he talked about north korea's nuclear arsenal
3:32 pm
and saying they would only use nuclear weapons if they are provoked but there's concern about satellite activities, and what they are seeing in the images could be consistent for a preparation of another nuclear test where they said they detonated an h bomb, and last month four attempted missile launches, all leading up to the seventh worker's party congress, and very important time politically for the north korean leader, so the timing conducting a nuclear test, it could make sense if this country is trying to make a big impression on the world. >> thank you. meantime, donald trump defeated more than a dozen contender for the republican nomination, but in the general election he will have a new nemesis. >> it's surprising, you have a room full of reporters,
3:33 pm
celebrities, cameras, and he says no. is this dinner too tacky for the donald? what could he possibly be doing instead? is he at home eating a trump steak, tweeting out insults to angela merkel? >> those jokes might be a preview of how he will attack trump this fall. we'll talk about it after the break. don't go away. ...ever. get your own 24/7 dedicated business account team. and with double the lte coverage in the last year, you can get more done in more places. right now, get 2 lines with 6 gigs each for just 80 bucks... and for a limited time, get a hotspot free. yeah - free. switch your business to t-mobile @work today.
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don't dilute or mix toujeo® with other insulins or solutions as it may not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. ask your doctor about toujeo®. i just want to emphasize the degree to which we are in serious times, and this is a serious job, and it's not entertainment or a reality show. >> it's not a reality show, but the president could have a starring role anyway, and so could he make the difference in
3:37 pm
a close election. how important is the president in this race? >> i think the president's approval rate something very important for the democratic nominee, because whoever that is, bernie sanders or hillary clinton, and they are trying to win the white house for a third consecutive term for their party so if the president is 51% as he is now, that really helps the democratic nominee, if he has at 42% or 41% as he has been at times during his presidency, that would make it a difficult case for the democrats to win the white house, and president obama is popular still among democrats, and that gives him a role once the preliminary praepb hillary clinton and bernie sanders wraps up, he can get out on the campaign trail and tell democrats why they should vote for the nominee, if it's hillary clinton, especially. >> hillary clinton said this. >> i told my husband he has to
3:38 pm
come out of retirement and be in charge of this, because he has more ideas a minute than anybody else i know, and got to put people back to work. >> for the democrats, you have two presidents that could campaign for their party, and on the republican party, you have people who want nothing to do with donald trump. >> bill clinton played a big part in the obama campaign in 2012, and for donald trump, inasmuch as it shows the republican party is disunited, these big former, you know, presidents and nominees and big party figures are not coming out to campaign for him, and i think that's a disadvantage but it may not affect donald trump as much as it would have a more conventional politician, and the dna of the donald trump campaign is he is an outsider, and
3:39 pm
anti-elite campaign establishment, and i think it would be questionable how much he would use them because they soepbt seem to gel with the message at the root of his campaign. >> and for president obama, if he goes on the campaign trail on behalf of the democratic nominee, to what extent is that about protecting his own league see, and obamacare is in jeopardy if donald trump were elected? >> he has an alternative reason there. it would take the stroke of a pen for a republican president to strike away those executive orders on immigration that the
3:40 pm
president passed last year, and so it really does matter for the president to have a democrat succeed him and i think there's a historical irony in many ways, president obama campaigned in 2008 against hillary clinton, and he was not too complimentary about the legacy of bill clinton during that campaign and yet he is relying on his former rival to secure his own legacy when he no longer has the political power to do it himself. a very interesting twist. >> could there be risks for the democratic nominee if president obama campaigns for them if the economy tanked or there was another terrorists attack in the u.s., could that hurt the democrats? >> sure, anything that hurts the president's approval rating and perception that is he in charge and doing a good job, it will be a bad occurrence for the democratic nominee and look back at 2008, the election of mccain was close until august and
3:41 pm
september of that year, and it made it much more difficult for john mccain to make the case that he would be a safe pair of hands and the republicans could do a good job and he would be the best person to take over the economy and the obama campaign capitalized on that, and so it's a nervous few months for the white house and whoever the democratic nominee becomes. >> certainly an interesting few months ahead of us. thank you so much. you can read more of his column at and an exclusive interview between a billionaire trump supporter, and how he talks about how it's all part of the deal. >> it's like going to a dog park and you have two gigantic pit bulls and one fire hydrant and the way they start the conversation is they both walk-up to the fire hydrant and give it a little bit of their own.
3:42 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore? ♪ donald trump boasts his net worth is more than $10 billion, and according to the tax plan the wealthiest people will get a tax break, but today he said he wouldn't mind paying higher taxes so is he changing his position? >> i don't mind paying more tax, i have done well. >> under your plan you pay less taxes. >> i will be submitting something like what i did in terms of a concept, it's just a
3:46 pm
concept, we are putting in a new policy or statement, and it's a con selt, and the real concept is lower taxes for business and middle class and for everybody and then we will start negotiating so if i want to get lower taxes, which is important to me, i will not put in high taxes but i won't be necessarily what i want. >> in the end will somebody like me or donald trump pay more under your tax -- >> i have a feeling, some may pay more, and the middle class is going to pay a lot less. i wouldn't mind paying more. >> donald trump is not taking a lot of friends on wall street, and one billionaire investor in standing by him. and he says this is part of the world of high stakes negotiating. >> paul ryan said he's not there yet on trump and not ready to endorse him, and donald trump
3:47 pm
didn't build a consensus there, and he said i am not ready to support paul ryan's agenda. how should we read that? >> reading it as two good negotiators setting a president kul for what is going to happen and it's untimely for the conversation to happen now, and donald trump is not the candidate today and paul ryan need not be there for him today and there will be a moment, perhaps, when the two of them need to find a common ground, a common denominator to come to closure with each other and that will be in negotiation, that will be a deal like every element of politics is. >> why isn't it advantageous for them to start talking now? >> it's like going to a dog park and you have two gigantic pit bulls and one fire hydrant, and the way they start the conversation is they both
3:48 pm
walk-up to the fire hydrant and give it a little bit of their own. and then they walk away, and a few minutes later they start nuzzling with each other, this is just an opener in my belief. of course they are going to have a dialogue, but they are laying the predicate for the format for which they will have a dialogue, and to me this is the message, looking at what is happening, the message is, it's a softening, saying we are going to have a conversation, but neither of us really need each other, so it better come from what you have been talking about, consensus and thoughtfulness and the things that i think they will find, but it's just not the time yet, it's just a little bit of patience allowing the system to praofit, and california convention is june 7th or 8th, so there's
3:49 pm
plenty of time for them to have the dialogue, it doesn't matter if paul ryan supports him today or not, doesn't matter to paul ryan or mr. trump, and it will later. >> thank you for that report. coming up live in the cnn "newsroom," jeanne moos on the hottest guessing game in politics, who will donald trump pick as his running mate? but first, remember this? >> i don't think we will end up nominating a celebrity tv star. >> you know why donald trump will not be the nominee -- >> donald trump will not be the nominee of the party of lincoln and reagan. dad, you can just drop me off right here. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad?
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call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. now that he's the presumptive republican nominee donald trump is weighing his options for v.p. and his potential picks of running mate are sparking a reality tv-style guessing game. jeanne moos reports on veep stakes mania. it's time to name that veep. >> gingrich is a very interesting wild card. >> christie is the favorite. >> governor martinez of new mexico. >> ben carson. >> what? >> reporter: or could a guy that's been -- >> little marco. >> grow up to be vice president rubio? >> it could happen. >> reporter: trump veepstakes mania has hit. >> he should run as the first father-daughter ticket to have
3:54 pm
his girl ivanka run with him as v.p. >> prepare for v.p. survivor on vice president island and 20 amazing trump supporters in the battle for the ultimate prize. >> even the current v.p. joked about it. >> the donald seems to drop hints. >> somebody may be a senator. former senator scott brown spent an hour and a half with the donald last month. >> some would-be running mates seem to be running away. >> i'm going to pass, i like my job. >> when yoet the new york times asked a jeb bush adviser about jeb being v.p., this was the written response and john kasich passed the buck to his interviewer. there is zero chance. erin, there's more chance of you being donald trump's vice president than me. >> mary fallon gushed i would be very honored if i were to receive a call saying i need you
3:55 pm
to help to make america great again. >> chris christie didn't say no. >> but what's the donald want? >> someone who compliments me. >> someone who has a different skill set than you? >> no. i mean someone who literally compliments me like donald, you're great. >> get out the popcorn. >> who will advance and who will be kicked off the island? >> gary, you're impeached. >> vice president island and this summer on every cable news channel. >> and every late-night com die show. jeanne moos, cnn -- >> he wants a qualified running mate. when asked why trump said opposites attract. >> reporter: new york.
3:56 pm
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very special mother's day for a family forced to evacuate from that devastating wildfire in canada. kennedy spore was burden weighing in at 9 pounds at edmonton hospital. her parent his just wrapped up a prenatal appointment when they learned they needed to evacuate. more good news on saturday the family heard their house was still okay. incredible. happy for them. and we have a great lineup for you on cnn, at night catch a brand newen so theed of "parts unknown" featuring anthony bourdain setting sail for the greek islands and that's followed by "united shades of america" and in this week's episode w. kamau bell has a look at latinos. >> hispanic? [ laughter ] >> that's the white man's word. >> it's a census word to
4:00 pm
basically put everybody who remotely speaks spanish under an umbrella term to make it really easy to keep tracking people. all right. all right and put everybody in a category. i'm pamela brown, happy mother's day. thank you so much for all of the mothers out there for all that you do and particularly mine who i know is watching right now. have a great week. you should know the whole idea behind this show is that it's a show where a black guy goes places to either places he shouldn't go or you wouldn't expect him to go and we're, like, why don't we go talk to the ku klux klan? that was their reaction and it got quiet for a long time, but i could tell it was that kind of quiet where they said it might be good for ratings, but kamau might die. that might be really good f


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