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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  May 9, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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donald trump, the presumptive gop nominee is taking up a new mantle today. king of debt. in an interview on cnn's "new day," trump expounded on a national debt reduction idea that experts say is doable in the business world, but unprecedented and probably impossible in government. have a listen to what donald trump told our chris como. >> we can buy back debt. people say i want to buy debt and default on debt and these people are crazy. this is the united states government. first of all, you never have to default. so there's never a default. but the point is it was reported in t in "the new york times". >> you would go to creditors and make them take less. >> and other places that i want to default on debt. i'm the king of debt.
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i understand debt probably better than anybody. i know how to deal with debt very well. i love debt. but debt is tricky and it's dangerous. you have to be careful and know what you're doing. but let me just tell you. if there's a chance to buy back debt at a discount, in other words, interest rates go up and the bonds go down, you can buy debt, that's what i'm talking about. >> i want to get some insight from cnn money correspondent christina aleshi. if you're talking about this kind of thing like printing money, defaults not a problem. maybe in the business world, that's right. but in the world of governments, the united states government is considered some of the most pristine product in the world. what happens when that gets questioned? >> many experts both on a sovereign debt side, which is what we're talking about when countries issue debt versus companies issue debt, experts both on the country debt and the company debt do not understand what donald trump is talking about today because as you said, what a company issues debt, what
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you can do is a bondholder or the people that hold that debt, could go and renegotiate it because it's an agreement between two private parties. what we are talking about is essentially trying to renegotiate u.s. debt. that's what donald trump is talking about. that is a very complex and unprecedented move and it basically blurs the line between corporate and country sovereign debt. it's not the same. it's a horse with a different color. >> can i ask you, when donald trump talks about, we'll go back and buy the debt. he said the chinese owe us and all that. if you buy back that debt, they don't have to sell it. and where are you going to get the money to buy back all of that debt? >> essentially, you have to reissue more debt with the same people who lent you the debt in the first place. so you point out an excellent inconsistency, but here's the thing. donald trump is talking about being tough on our trading partners that he's going to renegotiate the trade deals and at the same time, you're going
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to ask these trading partners to take a haircut on u.s. debt? why would they do that? there's no reason they would do it. and the other point here on the screen, the negative reaction in the market. if the u.s. said we can't. we need to pay less than what we owe, which is essentially what donald trump is suggesting, the markets would react very negatively. let's not forget what happened when the s&p, a major credit rating agency downgraded the u.s. debt for the first time, the markets went crazy. okay? credit up. that was a short-term reaction because people came to their senses and the u.s. is going to stand behind its debt. it's not going to try and f
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fanagle some deal but these are ceos making decisions and they're going to be nervous once credit dries up, once you have any panic in the markets and that's going to potentially make the economy weaker, not stronger. >> it's a little nerve-wracking to think the full faith of credit is up for negotiation. that makes, i think, a lot of people get jittery and those jitters, they certainly dribble downhill. >> and ashleigh, this is a real abrupt change from what he said previously about how he would address the debt. remember, he said he would address the debt in eight years. it would be not a problem because he would eliminate waste and fraud. >> that wasn't going to be anywhere near as well but this on top of that, i think that's the beginning of this story and i know you've got your day cut out for you on this one. and then cnn money team as well. david chalian and political
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director for the american union. first to you, david chalian. other headlines i have to get to but seems to be a regular monday. trying to juggle big headlines with a lot of people jaw dropped and shaking their heads. >> right. i mean, i think that what donald trump said about debt obviously is going to get examination. but there are several other policy areas over the weekend that are also going to get examination. his tax policy. i think what we have here is a candidate who is struggling to transition from the victorious moment of vanquishing his republican opponents and emerging as the nominee into how he wants to proceed as the republican party nominee and he's doing that while the party itself is struggling with how to wrap its mind around the fact that where certain quarters of the party are resistant to him, how they deal with donald trump as their nominee. those are happening on parallel tracks at times colliding into each other.
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>> at times like this morning. actually, the hour before this program, david, from bill crystal, one of your colleagues was on the air saying there's about a 50/50 chance that he and others are going to be able to come up with a third party candidate. an ulterior choice, a different choice to the two currently racing, one being donald trump. and mentioned ben from nebraska. is this possible? >> it's certainly imaginable. ben said he won't do it. and standing up a presidential campaign in a matter of weeks because that's what would be an extraordinarily difficult thing to do. but if you understand that what is really being talked about here is a way to provide some exit for those people in the conservative world in the republican party who can't pull the lever for hillary clinton or offended or frightened by a donald trump candidacy. giving them a place to go or rescue the downstream republicans in so much danger
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because of this weak presumptive nominee. then the project makes a little more sense. >> and the project. i guess you could say that with the most recent announcement, i just mentioned it, there are a lot of headlines to chew through today and one that chris christie is going to head up a transition team for donald trump. this is in chris christie's hands now. sort of the financial debt and then the issues with the schism in the party and the possibility of a third party candidate, et cetera. what is chris christie going to be able to do with all of this short of taking juggling lessons? >> first of all, this idea that there's going to be a third party candidate is a fantasy. there's already deadlines in big red states like texas right here at the doorstep. they do not have a candidate and for every conservative, they know what this ends in. if we have another ross perot type independent center right
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candidate, we lose to another clinton. we've done this. we know how it ends. if we divide our coalition, we will lose and hillary clinton becomes the president. so i think what crihris christi has to do is do as much they can to get the conservatives and republicans behind trump to grow. he's not going to get the same numbers that previous nominees have gotten. he's probably going to get less because he's a different kind of a candidate, but let's remember, he got a million more primary votes up to this time than mitt romney who a lot think is some kind of savior. he's got a million more votes. our turnout is 63% higher and even just today, by the time we get to cleveland, he'll be the all time record holder for the most primary votes. i think we have to be careful to tell the trump voters they're not part of our republican family. >> the trump voters were very energized, david chelian. they liked his message.
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what he said is true. but the only thing i wonder about is how the message is changing for all of those voters who went to those rallies and heard about, you know, tax cuts and heard about minimum wage and heard about self-funding. those are three very strong prongs that today are nothing like what they were at those rallies. now, he's great with sweeping rhetoric. but when it comes down to the final details, will his voters be able to catch up? >> of the list you just laid out there, actually, i think the self-funding piece goes right to the trump brand. that so many voters i talked to found so attractive that he wasn't beholden to any special interests. so as he walks through and hammers out how to raise money for the general election, he said it's not an entirely self-funded thing. the way he sets that up is going to be very important to not diminish his successful brand in any way. the other issues like on tax cuts, i think he did a pretty
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good job this morning in terms of explaining himself and sort of untwisting some of the comments over the weekend about whether or not he would increase taxes on wealthy people. he said he wouldn't. he was just speaking about increasing from his initial proposal. but that it wouldn't be a net increase of taxes on wealthy people. so i think he could still hold faith with a lot of his voters there. but you are right topoi point o his voters look to see how he maintains his bond with them throughout the general election as he, no doubt, tries to bring in some other people. that is entirely right. he will not get the same share of republicans as mitt romney did but he may not need it. he's going to bring in new people into this process. >> for those who are upset that maybe things are changing from the guy they believed was different and not the typical politician who waffles or flip-flops, what kind of vice president will he have to
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choose? he wants someone on the inside and knows how to work washington but who do you think could be the person to help him get through some of the muddling? >> i think it will take more than a vice president to solve this problem. no one cares to be presidential nominee 15 minutes after you announce it. at that point, self-funding directs our attention to what is maybe one of the early of the many crises in this campaign. what happens, donald trump, supposing his self-funding has taken the form of loans, often reported, receives donations for federal funds and supposing the first thing, just imagine if the first thing he does with that additional money is not to fund his campaign but to repay himself, the money he put into the campaign. what happens then, to his bond with the voters? and what happens to the image of the republican party and this whole thing looks like an exercise in financial engineering? there's going to be crisis after crisis and i appreciate matt's point about the risks of
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dividing the republican vote, but we are in a landscape of risk where there are not good options. >> it's been such a fascinating story to cover. i never quite know what question to ask of whom these days, but i would love to have all three of you back in the same formation. matt, david, thank you, all three of you. excellent insight. the results of the democratic presidential race too, the one that's not getting so many of the headlines today, it is still contested, folks. it's still on. after a break, we'll look at the primaries still to come and the challenger who just will not say no, i'm not. what does that mean for unity in this party? it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good. you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone.
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life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are facing off tomorrow in west virginia's democratic primary. in the meantime, clinton is also still facing attacks from that gop rival, donald trump, who's just got her now to fight against and bernie sanders, of course. joining us, political commentator with david chalian, back with us, guys. i want you to see what hillary clinton is up against. if she thinks bernie is tough with his rhetoric, this is what
9:17 am
was going on at a trump rally just this weekend. have a listen. >> hillary was an enabler and she treated these women horribly. just remember this. and some of those women were destroyed not by him, but by the way that hillary clinton treated them after everything went down. >> so, erroll, he has indicated this is going to be off-repeated refrain. bill clinton is connected to hillary clinton business of the '90s and she uses loose cannon, but which one is a stronger brand if you're campaigning with those two issues? >> well, when donald trump brings this stuff up from the 1990s, his people told me that this is an attempt to acquaint some younger voters who maybe weren't around for when the impeachment happen with their version of the facts and their version of hillary clinton's connection to it.
9:18 am
whether it will help women voters or back the democrats down. back hillary clinton down from seeking women voters, i think it is an extremely unlikely proposition. on the other hand, i'm not running for president. so donald trump wants to try to throw some disruption into what would otherwise be a very standard democratic play to get women, especially white women on their side. if it starts to move in the polls, then we'll know it's on to something. if it doesn't move in the polls, i suspect donald trump will move to something else. >> and maybe that something else will be the e-mails because that controversy doesn't go away until the controversy goes away. david chalian and just on "face the nation" yesterday, i was surprised when senator clinton, secretary clinton said nobody from the fbi contacted me about doing any interviewing. it almost sounds as though it's not priority number one. >> i don't know that it would be priority number one. >> i meant for the fbi.
9:19 am
heck yeah. because they already interviewed some of the top aides so the fact she said no one contacted me, is that semantics for personally or maybe the context of my campaign or try to set something up, but me, i haven't had a personal conversation. >> there's an entire cottage industry who can parse statements surrounding legal proceedings with the clintons. there's no doubt that that is true. but listen, i read this as saying she knows her staff has already talked to him and campaign went on record last week saying she is more than willing to sit down with any fbi person and answer questions if they want to do a formal interview and cooperate in that way. the other piece of reporting that cnn has last week on this is that up until now, there has yet been no evidence of illegal activity here thus far. so with nothing uncovered yet and saying she's willing to talk, i think at this point the
9:20 am
burden is on the fbi to wrap this up more than hillary clinton and no doubt donald trump will utilize this. he's been out on the campaign trail talking over and over again how he thinks this entire scenario has sort of made her ineligible for the presidency. >> so like i said, she's facing it from two sides at this point and bernie sanders is on the stump against her. here's what he had to say just this morning on the campaign trail in new jersey. have a listen. >> if we can win here in new jersey and win in california, and win in some of the other states and if we can win a majority of the pledge delegates, we're going to go into philadelphia in the democratic convention. and expect to come out with the democratic nomination. >> the chairman of that convention, ed randell, just happens to be the former pennsylvania governor said just
9:21 am
recently that the bernie sanders supporters are going to have to behave themselves in a recent report because he's going to lose the roll call. so it's tricky to sort of navigate between these kinds of messages but is bernie sanders listening to the likes of ed randell, erroll? >> well, i think bernie sanders personally has been in politics far too long not to realize that what ed randell saying is the most likely scenario for what's going to play out step by step at the convention is that if you are a challenger, if you are going in and waiting to get your delegate count done publicly, you are entitled to that and you can have your people stand up and cheer, you might be able to give a speech but then the vote will be over and the convention will move on and ed randell is suggesting contrary to what you just played in your clip that bernie sanders is not being quite straight with some of his followers. the reality is he would have to win every single delegate in california. he would have to win every
9:22 am
single delegate in new jersey. the polls show him behind by double digits in both states. so i mean, yes, lightning can strike, the political revolution can arrive and he could sweep every single delegate but that's not likely to happen. what's much more likely to happen is that he'll go to the convention, he'll have a chance to make his case, he'll have a chance to make his case to the super delegates and have delegates counted and have a demonstration cheering on the floor or maybe even a speech but that all doesn't really add up to capturing the nomination. that's what ed randell was saying, i think. >> but it gives you a lot of oomph when it comes to the party platform. i got to leave it there, guys. thank you. appreciate your insights, guys. thank you. and don't forget, tomorrow, democratic and republican voters go to the polls in west virginia, and republicans are going to vote in nebraska. they're still going. they're still going. presumptive is presumptive for a reason. we're going to cover those all day tomorrow on cnn. in other news, north
9:23 am
carolina has a four-letter word, a four-letter answer or i should say a four-word answer. let's be clear. definitely not a four letter. a four word answer to the justice department and that is it, see you in court. we're going to look at the escalating legal fight over the bathrooms and gender issues, next. rumbily"? why is it all (mimics a stomach grumble) no more questions for you! ooph, that milk in your cereal was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah, happens to more people than you think... try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. good, right? mmm, yeah. i got your back. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you.
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north carolina's transgender bathroom war is getting uglier. in about a half hour from now, governor pat mccrory no doubt to
9:28 am
defend his law for banning those who do not correspond with the sex on their birth certificates and they said it's in violation of the federal civil rights act. it's feds against state, folks. and they gave the governor until the end of business day today to respond. and this morning, that governor on your screen did and boy, did he do it with a lot of oomph, filed a lawsuit against the federal government. martin savidge, what does this mean for the department of justice? >> reporter: there's a lot there. >> i know. >> reporter: initially, what it's designed to do is clearly, north carolina is trying to buy time and it's trying to buy a victory. remember, billions of dollars at stake here, potential federal money that could have been withheld. the department of justice said that the bathroom bill violated the civil rights law of 1964.
9:29 am
north carolina said no. that is totally wrong. this is a gross overreach by the federal government to make such a claim. they also say that transgender is not a protected class and thereby, the bathroom bill, the bathroom law that north carolina has is not violating any kind of federal law. now, they're going to court. let me read you the quote that comes from the governor on this. the obama administration is bypassing congress by attempting to rewrite the law and set restroom policies for public and private employers across the country, not just north carolina. this is now a national issue that applies to every state and it needs to be resolved at the federal level. they are now telling every government agency that employs more than 15 people that men should be allowed to use a women's locker room, restroom, or shower facility. that last line there is an emotional trigger to what is otherwise seemingly a civil rights debate. it's going to go before a judge,
9:30 am
ashleigh. >> yes, it will. and guess what i have in my hands? right as you are speaking, this was handed to me and it's a notice from the department of justice. we don't always pay attention to the news conferences they set up but sometimes, sort of pro forma stuff but i guarantee is something good. monday, may 9th. the doj is going to provide an update on a law enforcement matter. and so happens loretta lynch will be accompanied by the deputy assistant attorney general the head of the civil rights division. so me thinks that's going to be the response to the response today. stand by, if you would, please, for a moment, martin. i want to bring in a guest on this law. it does not necessarily reflect public opinion because we have a new cnn orc poll saying 57% of americans oppose this law that requires bathrooms used by gender at birth. there you go.
9:31 am
almost 60% of the folks out there across the country said, not in our interests. thanks so much. what was really interesting is when you break it down by republicans and democrats, you might think that in that republican line at the very bottom, that it would be imbalanced but look, really half and half. it doesn't seem to be a very strong republican issue either. at least not as strong as some people think it might have been. maybe earlier as this has gotten a lot of attention. i want to bring in paul callan, a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor and a transgender rights attorney as well. paul callan, first to you. the response to the response in a moment, but first, what the state has done. what north carolina has done. i'm going to read a tweet that the governor sent out and the tweet said this. our lawsuit seeks to ensure that north carolina receives federal funding until the courts clarify federal law and resolve this national issue. is that the kind of response
9:32 am
that will protect their money until the courts they ever do will finalize this? >> this is north carolina's hail mary pass to try to delay things and protect federal money because the feds are threatening to cut off federal funds for violation of civil rights laws. if north carolina doesn't accommodate transgendered people. the governor is saying, this is never been decided definitively by the federal courts. you can't and shouldn't be able to cut off our federal funding and hence, they're going to court now to say to a federal judge, hey, could you give us an advisory opinion? it's called a declaratory judgment about whether or not it looks like we're right or the federal government is right in interpreting civil rights laws. >> and until, at which point we might get a declaratory judgment and the money issue is front and center, jillian, there are a number of people and entities that have weighed in on this with the money factor. i'm going to get to the federal
9:33 am
money in a moment but the marketplace has jumped in on this. 120 plus different businesses sent letters to the north carolina governor demanding that the law be repealed. a lot of companies cancelled plans to operate in north carolina. paypal, deutsche, others in various ways said we'll pull our interests there. musicians cancelled concerts. demi lovato, beyonce actually performed but said she was against this. cities said we're going to ban any essential travel to do business and this is a big deal. financially, this could be worth millions if not billions and then there's the federal money, jillian. and as a lawyer, you know full well what kind of money the federal government can pull. i know about title 9 money but what else they can pull. >> the violence against women's act gives money to states to work on issues involving law enforcement in favor of women. that money could be pulled. the u.s. department of housing
9:34 am
and urban development, which handles housing money for states. they are now investigating that. the department of transportation has said that they are investigating whether or not their funds are in jeopardy. there's a lot at stake here. >> and when this is resolved, paul callan, the governor of north carolina is saying in his statements, in his tweets, in his public comments that this is not just a north carolina issue. this is an all states issue. it is, isn't it? once the federal government weighs in, it's not just north carolina, it's everybody. >> yes, and this is going to affect federal funding in all states, in every state, and i would have to say the north carolina governor's not in a very good position here because there was a decision that was upheld by the fourth circuit court of appeals. now, that's a higher federal court right below the level of the supreme court and it covers north carolina saying in virginia that it was a violation of title ix to discriminate
9:35 am
against transgendered people, they are a protected class. >> i have to wrap it up but you said they are a protected class. technically not though. i mean, there needs to be action to add transgender to race and sexual. >> the federal courts can determine based upon who are the protected classes and the federal courts now seem to be going in the direction, the clear trend is that transgendered people are and should be a protected class. but we don't have a national law that's been handed down yet. >> right. and i think the issue is yet because that seems to be where this may have to go to finally get some closure. >> but the key is it's part of sex discrimination. it's not that transgender is added as a protected class but sex discrimination covers transgendered people. if i change my religion, would you say, you're not covered because you changed your religion? if i changed my sex. >> so you don't need the protected class at this point to be able to do it. >> it's part of sex
9:36 am
discrimination. >> thank you so much. paul callan, thank you as well. appreciate it. a lot more to come on in. governor mccrory expected and then 3:30 is expected at loretta lynch. we're going to bring you those live and this breaking news. one of the most notorious drug lords could be headed to our shores here in the united states. welcome. because a mexican judge just cleared the way to extradite el chapo. what will that mean for the governments here? what will that mean for the courts here? what will that mean for justice for that guy? we're going to get that legal view next. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through
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this breaking news. a mexican judge has just ruled that the man on your screen, that notorious drug lord, joaquin guzman better known as el chapo can be extradited to face justice here in the united states. he was moved to a prison just south of the texas border on saturday. for more on what's to come in this story, we turn to cnn's laura sanchez in miami and cnn legal analyst joey jackson. so, first of all, this is a big development he's headed to the united states. cannot imagine, boris sanchez, what they will organize for the man breaking out of high security prisons. >> it is certainly going to be a huge security operation, ashleigh. what we've heard is that on both sides of the border, officials have been working on getting el chapo dextradited to the united
9:42 am
states for months and getting official confirmation that a judge approved the request to have him extradited to the u.s., however, it's not something that's going to happen imminently. there still needs to be approval by the mexican foreign ministry. so there's still a process ahead for el chapo to face a judge on american soil. the belief is that once he gets here, he's going to go to court in brooklyn, new york, where he was indicted in 2009 for a slew of charges. everything from murder to kidnapping and torture and, of course, importing more than a quarter million pounds of cocaine into the united states. and it's not just new york. he's facing charges in several other states including arizona, california, texas, illinois, florida, and new hampshire. so there's a long legal road for el chapo ahead once he does finally get on american soil, ashleigh. >> i'm wondering what kind of budgets new hampshire has for a federal prosecution of this magnitude. i laugh, but this story has been
9:43 am
a movie-making story all along. i just want to remind you and our viewers, i don't need to remind you but the things the prison is doing to make sure he doesn't escape again. he got out of the laundry cart and then tunnelled out. they have motion sensors, dogs trained to detect his scent. prison floors reinforced with steel rods. they've got 400 cameras and were planning just by april to install another 600 to, i think, take it to a thousand cameras and guards that follow him wearing helmet mounted cameras at all times. that is a high security risk, that inmate. i want to bring in joey jackson into this. because as boris reports, it's likely this is going to happen. this extradition is going to happen. i'm picturing the hannibal
9:44 am
lector style. >> the jails in the united states are certainly equipped to deal with the worst of the worst of criminals. so in terms of security, you have the u.s. marshals, the fbi, homeland security. i wouldn't envision some type of scenario he would otherwise be a vulnerable prisoner in terms of leaving and escaping. i don't see that. ironically, if he does come to brooklyn, which is the decision the department of justice will have to make. there's a strong case with heroin distribution, putting him with really like a dozen or more murders, et cetera, et cetera. strong case. it looks like he does go there. there's an underground tunnel in brooklyn. it's curious as to the nature of how he would be shipped there but it's a strong case and even if he's convicted there and boris sanchez mentioned, he's wanted in chicago, san diego, et cetera, i think the punishment exacted from a conviction in brooklyn would not happen to see the light of day again.
9:45 am
>> well, and to that just so i can remind our viewers, he is wanted for drug trafficking. we all know that, the heroin, the marijuana trafficking and then on top of that, the racketeering, money laundering, kidnapping and conspiracy to commit murder. so even if he beats one or two or three of those, new york, arizona, california, texas, illinois, florida, new hampshire, as boris just reported. >> he's looking at a life sentence here and even if there is an acquittal which they indicate the case is quite strong, he has a number of other jurisdictions to disentangle himself from. >> i'm telling you, that's what i picture when i hear about this guy and boris is laughing because he's had to cover this. it's unbelievable to hear how this man has escaped incarceration before. boris, thank you for your reporting. especially so last minute on this breaking news and joey jackson as wualways. this looks as if nothing could stop the monster wildfire that's burning up northern alberta and so far, nothing has.
9:46 am
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that huge wildfire in canada is still burning out of control, but it is showing some signs of slowing down. there is cooler weather descended upon this area and that's a big reason the ft. mcmurray did not and predicted so on saturday. still, it has consumed 400,000 acres and if you're wondering how big that is, it is an area larger than new york city. alberta's premiere will visit towns ravaged by the fire today and met with scenes like this. it looks like a war zone, total desecration and hundreds and hundreds of homes and buildings like this simply reduced to charred rubble and ashes. children who fled the fire are describing what they saw.
9:51 am
>> i saw the flames, and they were very bad and the fire was made very big. we saw the smoke downtown and we thought my school was burnt down, but it wasn't. it's like very bad. >> very bad, to say the very least. cnn's jessica schneider live from edmonton, alberta, with the latest. i am looking at the numbers. up to 90,000 who have had to flee and many of them right there in edmonton, one of the major cities in alberta and further south in calgary. are they able to take people in and there's a lot of wind where you are. is that going to die down anytime soon? >> reporter: yeah. the wind is a major factor, ashleigh. and while the weather conditions have turned a bit better in that they're cooler and there was some precipitation, there's a
9:52 am
bit more humidity, the winds are fanning these flameflames. so a bit of mixed news when it comes to the fire itself. this is a massive blaze but it tracked eastward, which means it's tracked away from the major population centers and now headed towards the densely forested areas near sa sastkatchewan. we are here in edmonton. the people here have such emotions. despair, uncertainty what will happen, if anytime soon. >> that's hard to see those pictures beside you. that's such a beautiful area. it's my old stomping grounds too. jessica schneider, thank you, thank you for that reporting. still ahead this hour, another long buried secret comes to light in that jerry sandusky saga. the earliest known claim of a now imprisoned former assistant to a college football legend and
9:53 am
you will not believe how far back this abuse goes.
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9:57 am
there are startling new revelations from jerry sandusky's oldest new accuser now a 60-year-old man himself who says that sandusky, seen here, raped him in a penn state bathroom back in 1971. and at that time, he was just 15 years old. cnn is not naming him. we do not identify sexual assault victims. but through his story, we have also learned that he received a settlement from penn state university. you will know by now she won a
9:58 am
p pulitzer prize for investigating jerry sandusky. how did we find this man? >> this is a man i've known about for four years. he came forward to an attorney the day after sandusky was arrested, but what's really important to know about his story is that it's not just an allegation of rape against jerry sandusky a long, long time ago. he also says that his foster parents put him on the phone with joe paterno to report his rape and he was told by joe paterno to not make this kind of an accusation. >> he's 15 years old. his foster parents are apalled when he tells them what happened at the hands of jerry sandusky. they call the university. and this man, who's now 60, says i know i was on the phone with joe? >> he would know that voice anywhere and it was joe paterno's voice and this is what makes it sfignificant. in the last week, we learned a lot more about the allegations that penn state's been aware of over the last several years.
9:59 am
there's been a lot of ambiguity and vagueness about what joe paterno knew and what he reported and what he didn't. last week, we learned there was another person in 1976 who told joe paterno. who alleges he told paterno and again, similar situation. there was more incidents from the 1980s where assistant coaches are alleged to have wnlsed some kind of inappropriate behavior between jerry sandusky and a child on campus. >> what's interesting though, i have to say, is that the university is not the least bit interested in acknowledging this yet they're giving a statement today. >> these have come out through the settlement proceedings. in response, eric barron, and i should say the paterno family denied as well but related to knowledge were unsubstantiated and unsupported by any evidence other than by a claim by an
10:00 am
alleged victim. he goes on to say i have had enough of the continued trial of the institution in various media. we have all had enough. and while penn state cannot always comment on allegations that emanate from legal proceedings, i thought it was important to let you know my reaction to the media frenzy that has ensued over the past few days. i am appalled. >> he calls it unsubstantiated but the university thinks it was not to settle. i'm flat out of time but i want to continue this conversation as we continue to uncover these things. excellent work, as always. thank you for that. and thank you everyone, for watching, as well. please stay tuned. wolf starts right now. hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 11:00 a.m. in edmonton. tuesday in py


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