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tv   Wolf  CNN  May 9, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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and unsupported by any evidence other than by a claim by an alleged victim. he goes on to say i have had enough of the continued trial of the institution in various media. we have all had enough. and while penn state cannot always comment on allegations that emanate from legal proceedings, i thought it was important to let you know my reaction to the media frenzy that has ensued over the past few days. i am appalled. >> he calls it unsubstantiated but the university thinks it was not to settle. i'm flat out of time but i want to continue this conversation as we continue to uncover these things. excellent work, as always. thank you for that. and thank you everyone, for watching, as well. please stay tuned. wolf starts right now. hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 11:00 a.m. in edmonton.
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tuesday in pyongyang, north korea. wherever you're watching, thank you for joining us. we expect the governor of north carolina to speak about the transgender law there. we're also keeping an eye on the controversy surrounding republican presumptive presidential nominee, donald trump. he's come under lots of fire from establishment republicans to say they simply won't be able to back him. but he's fired right back by saying he doesn't need a party that is unified. and today, trump moved forward with his campaign and chose the new jersey governor, chris christie, to lead his white house transition team. should he win the general election in november. on the democrat side, bernie sanders was out on the campaign trail this morning in atlantic city, new jersey. next hour, we'll hear directly from hillary clinton with women and families event in stone ridge, virginia. the two will face off in the west virginia primary. nebraskans are also voting
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tomorrow in the republican primary. donald trump is drawing fire for changing stances on republican issues like taxes and the minimum wage. over the weekend, he talked about the reality of getting his tax plan passed admitting he may have to rethink tax cuts for the wealthy talking with our chris cuomo this morning, trying to explain what it meant. >> everybody, of course, businesses, is getting a tax cut. especially the middle class. and i said that i may have to increase it on the wealthy. i'm not going to allow it to be increased on the middle class. now, if i increased it on the wealthy, that means they're still be paying less than now. i'm not increasing from this point. i'm talking about increasing from my tax proposal. >> joining us now is our senior white house correspondent, jim acosta. is this a problem for trump? what are you hearing out there, jim? >> well, they don't see it as a problem inside the trump campaign. you heard donald trump himself, wolf, say that this is not a
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change in terms of raising rates on the wealthy. he's saying that he would potentially, during the process of negotiating with members of congress, perhaps raise taxes higher than where he sets the rates in his own personal tax plan. he's indicating some flexibility, i think here. i think it is a pivot towards the general election, wolf. he's also talking about letting the states do what they want to do on the minimum wage during the primary process during the debates. he was saying he's opposed to raising the minimum wage and then made this comment to chris cuomo on "new day." it can just print more money. so he did say some things during the course of these interviews over the last 24 hours that have raised some eyebrows but, wolf, i will tell you from being out on the campaign trail, you know this. donald trump supporters are very different from establishment republican supporters. they are not by and large christian conservatives. they are not country club republicans, as you might call
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them. they're more of the wall street, excuse me, the walmart moms, harley davidson dads, folks in the middle to lower income brackets out there, perhaps you might call them a reagan democrats back in the old days. so you this is not something that's going to work well with the establishment republicans here in washington. but donald trump voters are sometimes different from those voters. wolf? >> jim acosta watching donald trump for us. thank you. let's dig a little bit deeper into donald trump's economic plans. cnn global economics analyst. the assistant managing editor of "times" magazine. let's start with what donald trump said on the national debt. he told me last week he was the, quote, king of debt, but let me show you what he said earlier this morning. >> if we can buy back government debt at a discount or if interest rates go up and buy bonds back at a discount, if we
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are liquid enough as a country, we should do that. people say i want to buy debt and default on debt. this is the united states government. first of all, you never have to default because you print the money. i hate to tell you. there's never a default. >> does his explanation make sense from your perspective? can the u.s. really buy its way out of the debt by printing money? explain what's going on. >> absolutely not. i mean, this is bringing junk bond logic to federal budgets. basically, the u.s. runs a constant deficit. that means we have to keep issuing debt in order to pay the debt we already have. if we were to endanger the credit rating of the u.s., our borrowing costs would go up and create this terrible snowball where, yeah, you do have to keep printing more money. you get inflation. you get a growing debt bubble. it would be terrible. this is what countries like zimbabwe do or the republic. this is not a club you want to be in economically.
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>> let's talk about taxes for the rich. trump says he wants to bring down their tax rate but maybe not as much as his current proposal says. he's more focused on the lower class. can you cut the tax rate for everyone? how would that impact the economy? >> well, you know, both the tax foundation and the tax policy if you study the plans of all the candidates said that the plan that donald trump has out there right now, which is to cut across the board in all so- socioeconomic groups without proposing spending reductions would increase the deficit by $10 trillion. we're talking about a plan that would actually increase the deficit. the math is simple. when you cut taxes, you have to cut spending but he's not proposing to do that right now and it's similar to the reagan years where you got tax cuts but also got spending increases and that's why deficit grew during that period. >> i want you to stand by for a moment. there's another story that's breaking right now. north carolina's republican governor is holding a news
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conference to explain his administration's decision to sue the federal government in defense of the state's controversial so-called bathroom law that affects transgender people. i want to listen in briefly. >> access to restrooms, locker rooms, or shower facilities be based upon one's gender identity or gender expression. a similar policy was rejected just months earlier by the voters of houston, texas, by 61% of the vote. this caused major privacy concerns about males entering female facilities or females entering male facilities. our state legislature believed this was an unnecessary government overreach into the private sector imposing regulations and impacting one's personal privacy.
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the state legislature and this governor also believe that guidelines then needed be put in place because of this new public topic for government buildings, schools, and rest stops to ensure privacy and expectation privacy for everyone. now just five days ago, the u.s. department of justice sent letters to my office, the department of public safety, which reports to this governor, and to the university system suggesting that having government employees use the bathroom, locker room, or shower facility that corresponds to their biological sex is in conflict with federal policy. the department of justice asked all parties to set aside their constitutional duty and refuse to follow or enforce our state
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law. this was a substantial request with very serious implications. and the u.s. government gave us a mere three business days to respond to this letter. we asked on friday, the department of justice, for additional time. in fact, we asked for an additional two weeks, but they refused unless i made a statement where i would publicly agree with their interpretation of federal law and if i did, they would give me one additional week to respond. i could not agree to that because i do not agree with their interpretation of federal law. that is why this morning i have asked a federal court to clarify what the law actually is. now, i anticipate our own legislature, other private sector entities from throughout
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the united states, and possibly other states to join us in seeking this clarification because this is not just a north carolina issue. this is now a national issue and an issue which imposes new law on every private sector employer throughout the united states of america with over 15 employees. we believe a court, rather than a federal agency, should tell our state, our nation, and employers across the country what the law requires. and let me say something. our nation is one nation. especially when it comes to fighting discrimination, which i support wholeheartedly. ultimately, i think it's time for the u.s. congress to bring clarity to our national anti-discrimination provisions under title vii and title ix.
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let me repeat that one more time to all of our u.s. representatives and the leaders of both the republican and democratic parties in congress. ultimately, i think it's time for the u.s. congress to bring clarity to our national anti-discrimination provisions under title vii and title ix. now right now, the obama administration is bypassing congress by attempting to rewrite the law and set basic restroom policies, locker room policies, and even shower policies for public and private employers across the country, not just north carolina. now, i am still asking the north carolina legislature to reinstate the ability to sue for wrongful termination for discrimination in state court. i encourage them to do this and do it quickly. i also welcome additional dialogue with the city of charlotte and her state
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legislature which has been ongoing for the past week. and i want to ensure the people of our state and our country that north carolina has long held traditions of ensuring equality. the majority of our citizens in our great state and this governor did not seek out this issue. however, the state of north carolina and this governor welcome the opportunity to be part of the solution for all of the states and especially our nation. the greatest nation, the united states of america. thank you very much. >> all right. so there you heard him. the governor of north carolina, pat mcccrory, his explanation o this controversial lawsuit against the federal government in the fight to defend the controversial bathroom bill. you heard him making his case. the law requires, by the way, transgender people to use the
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bathroom of the gender listed on their birth certificate. the u.s. justice department said it violates the civil rights act and they'll be holding their own news conference at 3:30 p.m. eastern later today. we'll be bringing you live the justice department to be reacting to what we just heard from the north carolina governor. cnn's martin savidge has been following this story for us. martin, what explanation did the governor give for the lawsuit against the department of justice? because there clearly is a major fight under way between the justice department and the governor. >> there is. and in fact, it has to do with billions of dollars. that's what the governor did not mention in all of this. the money the federal government has been threatening to withhold if the state did not come into compliance with what they say are violations of the civil rights bill based upon the bathroom bill that north carolina has passed here. but the governor is arguing that transgender is not a protected
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class and thereby, their bill doesn't discriminate because there's no such protection provided. and they're arguing that their bill, thereby, is legal. what they want is a judge to somehow clarify this. in many minds, at least legal experts are saying, this is only going to potentially delay what eventually north carolina will have to do but north carolina is trying to say, it isn't just us. it's the rest of the nation as well. we need some kind of national decision. >> we'll see what the courts decide in terms of clarification. quickly, martin, the majority of americans disagree with the laws like the law north carolina, 57% say they oppose the legislation. 38% say they support it. what kind of state support does it have? what do you see? >> most of what you see is inside the legislature there and clearly coming from the governor, the attorney general disagrees with the governor and you hear it framed in emotional
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terms talking about the state's argument where they're referencing the possibility of men walking into women's locker rooms and showers, what if this was your wife or your daughter? so using very emotional language to trigger some kind of support for this. >> martin savidge reporting for us. thank you very much, once again, 3:30 p.m. eastern. the justice department here in washington will respond to what we just heard from the governor of north carolina. we'll take a quick break. when we come back, we'll get back to the race for the white house. there are new developments in this battle. new reaction coming in to donald trump. much more coming up right after this. ♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪
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♪ no, you're not gonna watch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. in politics, compromise can be a dirty word sometimes but for donald trump, it's not about compromise. it's about negotiation. remember, he's the author of
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"the art of the deal." david gregory, the cnn political analyst, the host of "the david gregory show" podcast and malika henderson. what is causing the rift? >> donald trump doesn't have fixed policy ideas yet. he is still a campaign that's working things out on the fly and he is a negotiator. he said clearly, his words, you have to be flexible. so a lot of voters out there, that's music to their ears. they want one flexible enough to negotiate to get things done. the other piece of what he has to do is unify the party. he may be the presumptive nominee but tried and true conservatives who are not on board. paul ryan is among those. and he is issuing loyalty but doesn't have everybody on board and that takes work when you've got outside of the political arena as he's been. >> over the weekend, we heard donald trump on the campaign trail really going after bill clinton and hillary clinton.
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the sexual transgressions. a lot of us remember covering that in the 1990s. and he spoke about that earlier this morning with our chris cuomo on "new day" explaining why he's getting into that right now. >> why waste time on that? >> she is playing the woman's card to the hilt. she is going, i mean, i watched over the weekend. everything is about women and donald trump raised his voice and, you know, it's all nonsense. and women understand it better than anybody. and watch how well i do with women when it counts, when the election comes. because women want to see strong security. they want to see strong military. they want to see borders where people just can't come crossing, walking across the border like it's swiss cheese. >> then why don't you talk about those issues? >> i do. i do. >> mr. trump. it's not one sentence. you are grandstanding on it. you were working the crowd about it. >> chris, i spoke very little
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about that compared to other things. you took a small amount of the speech and you build it up like it's the biggest thing in the world but it is a big thing. but he was the worst abuser of women. >> you're just saying -- >> in the history of our country. he was impeached. he was impeached and then he lied about it. he said nothing happened with monica luewinsky, and said, sorry, it did happen and impeached for lying. >> all of that can be true. what does it have to do with hillary? >> she can't talk about me because nobody respects women more than donald trump. and i'm going to be better for women by a big factor than hillary clinton, who frankly, i don't even think will be good to women. >> a recent cnn poll, democrats and republicans and independents had hillary clinton with 61% of
10:23 am
the female vote and donald trump gets 35%. if he's going to be elected president of the united states, he has to dramatically improve those numbers. >> he does. he clearly thinks that the way to do it is to appeal to women who are just not that into hillary clinton. unclear if whether or not talking about her personal life and making her essentially responsible and culpable, at least have some culpability, whether that's going to fly. but remember, this is a guy who has said things that most people, many people thought were outrageous and would never fly and they did. so he's a master marketer. and this is something that for whatever reason, he has seized upon. i do think that when chris pressed him on the idea of talking about the issues, about the fact that, you know, what he would do for women or he has done for women in his own
10:24 am
company, what he would do for them policy-wise is the way that we should all go and try to go, but look. it's not easy. we've all been there. we've all talked to him. it's not easy when you have these kind of personal attacks coming from his mouth that you have to try to, on the fly, correct or at least push him back on. >> as you know, the stage is now set for the big meeting thursday here in washington. donald trump, paul ryan. the house speaker yesterday, sarah palin told jake tapper he'll do whatever he can to get paul ryan defeated in his primary in august. what's the anticipation looking ahead to the meeting on thursday? is it going to resolve matters or go separate ways? >> it's funny because in some ways, donald trump already said, listen, this was an idea that we meet and then go our separate ways. i'm sure the hope for the party in terms of party unity is that they come out of here at least with sort of kind things to say about each other and this feud doesn't continue but this is a negotiation. we talked about donald trump
10:25 am
sort of his opening bids and sort of an opening bid saying, donald trump, you have to convince me. i should be in a supportive role. of course, he would typically have a supportive role at the convention. someone asked him whether or not he would continue in that role. donald trump has suggested that maybe he would ask paul ryan to step down and paul ryan apparently said he would do whatever donald trump wanted him to do. so this is going to be something that's ongoing. we'll have to wait until thursday. >> as you know today, chris christie, the new jersey governor named by donald trump to head his transition team. if he's elected president of the united states, he will help and make sure there's a cabinet, a top level officials who are brought in. >> interesting that the statement from the trump campaign says when they take over the white house, this was interesting language but chris christie will have a role. he's one of the few establishment republicans who have fallen in line and a supporter and with regard to paul ryan, i think both want to ratchet back and negotiate. he wants and needs a paul ryan
10:26 am
as a washington insider to help with any agenda that he has and trump has to want to unify the party. he wants to win here. and yes, his voters have to be respected but he's got to get the rest of the party to actually be willing to work for him and there are plenty within the party including conservatives who are actively thinking about some kind of split. >> i totally agree with you, david. and the fact that trump didn't sign on to sarah palin's call to run a republican primary candidate or back the republican primary candidate against paul ryan in his home district of wisconsin, i think, says a lot. this was a couple months ago or a month ago would have said all for it but realizes it's a different stage. i feel like the history of donald trump, in these rifts that happen publicly, is once he has the private meeting, things change. and the tone and tenor changes. >> i thought it was interesting in announcing chris christie was going to be in charge of the transition team and said he's extremely knowledgeable and loyal person. that keyword, loyal.
10:27 am
that's what donald trump very much appreciates is if someone is loyal to him. it's paid back, if you will. thanks very much. a reminder. we'll have coverage of the west virginia and nebraska primaries all day tomorrow here on cnn. coming up, we're waiting for the democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton, to meet with women in virginia about work/life balance. are these the type of voters that prefer hillary clinton over donald trump? [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will be speaking in virginia. her event with women voters comes on the heels of donald
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trump's comments over the weekend calling hillary clinton an enabler of her husband's infidelity. we're joined by cnn commentator. thanks for joining us. do you think she should respond to trump's enabler comments in west virginia later? >> not at all. i think hillary clinton is not going to get in the mud with donald trump. this isn't the first time that someone has lobbed these type of grenades at hillary clinton. and this won't be the last time. however, what people see in hillary clinton is that she's been a strong woman who kept her family together while being one of the most powerful and admired women in the world. so she's going to keep talking about issues like paid family leave and equal pay for equal work. the issues women care about and donald trump has a 60% unfavorable rating with women and i think this will drive it further up. >> listen to what her democratic opponents, senator bernie sanders said during a campaign stop in atlantic city, new jersey, earlier today. listen to this.
10:33 am
>> there are nine more primaries and caucuses remaining tomorrow. one in west virginia. we hope to win there. if we can win a majority of the pledge delegates, we're going to go in to philadelphia and the democratic convention. >> all right. to a great extent, hillary clinton has sort of been ignoring bernie sanders out there on the campaign trail. is that wise? >> well, i think it is wise because it's practice that not to focus and donald trump is the greatest threat we've seen to the country in a while and one election away from the united states president. that's scary. the fact is bernie sanders can't win the majority of pledge delegates going into the convention. he won't win that many. this race is politically over, but as i said, bernie sanders has every right to stay in this race as long as possible but bernie sanders has not been able to expand his base in the
10:34 am
diverse areas and therefore, not going to be the democratic nominee. i think he can mobilize but i would hope that if bernie sanders and tad devine and jeff weaver listen, they focus these attacks and some of their rhetoric on donald trump because that's going to be the fight for the soul of this country. >> those are advisors and campaign chairman to senator sanders. you saw the reports that hillary clinton supporters are courting moderate republicans out there who don't like donald trump as well as some establishment republicans on wall street who don't like donald trump. you think that's going to work? >> well, i'm not sure if it's going to work but i mean, if you have americans out there who don't like the candidate. voters or donors out there who are just turned off by donald trump, you'd be foolish not to at least sit down and listen to your message. i ran for office before and i tell you every vote counts. i hope she's going out there working for every single vote. that's going to be important
10:35 am
going into november. but again, you know, hillary clinton, whether or not it's up in the swing states, we have to get ready for donald trump. we have to take him seriously from day one and that's what we're doing. >> what's the most important lesson you think she should learn from handling republicans and a lot of experience. he crushed virtually all of them. what's the most important lesson you think she could learn from that experience? >> donald trump is a man who is absent principles, who believes in absolutely nothing, but will say anything. that makes him extremely dangerous. and it's hard to put someone in a box who is literally hard to deal with someone like donald trump but remaining true to yourself and by understanding the way in which we win this race. barack obama has shown us not once or twice but with voters of
10:36 am
color and female voters. i think she'll do well with both. donald trump's unfavorability ratings continue to go up and not only will we see victory in the white house but have success in the senate races as well. >> bakari, the fbi has now interviewed several top clinton aides over her use of a personal e-mail server while she was secretary of state. hillary clinton herself is expected to speak to investigators in the not too distant future, although she said over the weekend she has not yet been invited to that kind of interview. will this hurt her campaign if she's seen going into some sort of session along those lines? >> i don't think it's going to hurt the campaign at all. i mean, i think, like myself and many other democrats, we're just sick and tired of this. we're ready for this to be over and from what i'm hearing, it's nearing its conclusion and hillary clinton maintained throughout the entire process whether or not it's sitting down or whether it's whatever leaks
10:37 am
come, she's maintained that she did nothing wrong and they'll find nothing wrong. i'm ready for this to be over so we can focus on this battle in november. and i actually applaud her for being open and transparent in her campaign, for doing that. we're just ready for this to come to a conclusion. i think i speak for many democrats around the country. >> i think you're probably right. thank you so much, bakari, for that and an important programming note. anderson cooper and dr. sanjay gupta will hold a town hall meeting about prescription addiction in the united states. that's here on wednesday at 9:00 on cnn. donald trump asking whether the gop needs to be unified and why the presumptive nominee believes the deep divide within his own party may not necessarily matter come november and who will donald trump pick as his vice presidential running mate?
10:38 am
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now that donald trump is the presumptive presidential nominee, speculation over who his running mate will be shifting into high gear this weekend on cnn, we heard from the former presidential nominee and asked specifically about iowa senator joni ernst. >> i think she would be tremendous. paul ryan was helpful to to rom kn
10:43 am
knee. >> she's fully vetted to be on a trump ticket but palin conceded. she probably wouldn't be the most popular choice. >> i want to help and not hurt. and i am such a realist that i realize there are a whole lot of people out there who would say anybody but palin. i wouldn't want to be a burden on the ticket. and i recognize that in many, many eyes, i would be that burden. i just want the guy to win. >> she was speaking with our jake tapper on state of the union. let's talk about with this our panel. ana navarro and kalie mackanani. let's talk about sarah palin. she seemed to shoot down her being a vice presidential pick
10:44 am
for the trump ticket or did she. kalie, what did you think? >> i think she shot down the idea. palin has been immensely helpful to donald trump. i think she was a big help when he endorsed him and kind of gave the evangelical conservative credentials but i think she shot down the idea and i commend her for admitting she thinks she might be a burden on the ticket but being supported from the beginning. >> what did you think about what sarah palin had to say, ana? >> i think it was very realistic. i think she's gone through this. she's also right now making a lot of money. she's doing very well in the private sector. she's become a national and international brand, highly sought after speaker. i also think that, look, once she came out for donald trump, we remember seeing that kind of rather strange surreal endorsement event where she rambled on for a long, long time. this was not the sarah palin we saw at her peak in 2008.
10:45 am
and frankly, since then, i haven't seen her much by donald trump's side. i think he kind of banished her because it was not a good performance by sarah palin at that point. >> kalie, senator mccain threw out a few other suggestions. he spoke very favorably about the iowa senator, joni ernst. do you think she's being considered? >> absolutely. she's fantastic. she would bring in the midwest vote. something that donald trump could win and perhaps swing in an election and she's a femalenfemale and i think she could go in without pulling the, quote, woman card or the victim card. i think that was really be a huge asset to donald trump to have someone like her on the ticket and i really do need to just take a second to commend senator mccain and endorsing trump, saying he'll be behind trump. a bold move and shows me he's a great man and a great statesman. >> there has been bad blood between john mccain and donald
10:46 am
trump. mccain did say over the weekend that the gop couldn't afford to ignore trump voters. while trump was saying he doesn't think the party necessarily needs to be completely united, can mccain's pragmatism have influence over the warring sides here? >> you know, i don't think so. i frankly think it's up to donald trump to try to influence the sides. he is now the presumptive nominee to the winner's come the spoils but the responsibility. and it is his responsibility to reach out to make this an inclusive party, to make the donald trump candidacy something that other republicans want to back, other republicans feel included. john mccain is running for reelection in arizona. arizona has been a republican state but not by much and when you see numbers like 85% of latinos which make up a large percent of the voters in arizona being against donald trump, if you are a senator running in one of those states where there is a large latino population, you've
10:47 am
got to be worried. so i think mccain is being pragmatic. i think that he is a republican and he falls under the category of republicans who say, i will support the republican nominee, be it who it be but john mccain will have to wage his own very independent campaign from donald trump because donald trump can be and will be toxic in arizona with a large swath of the population. >> let me move on. kayleigh, talk about donald trump's decision to come here to washington on thursday. he's invited to a meeting with the house speaker, paul ryan. some other republican leaders as well. what do you think? is there any real chance things could be smoothed over between the two of them, that they would emerge from this meeting on thursday basically united? >> absolutely. i think there's a great chance. i think donald trump has been trying his best to extend overtures to the other side and the establishment and i think this meeting will be very productive, particularly because we've had leaders in the party like dick cheney and rick perry
10:48 am
and mcconnell saying we support the republican nominee because we don't want hillary clinton. and i would have to disagree that the onus is on donald trump. i think it's the other way around. because paul ryan called donald trump a few weeks ago. they had a great conversation and then completely blindsided him saying he's not ready to support the nominee. that was the complete wrong way to handle it. perhaps a phone call to donald trump first explaining what he was going to do than blindsiding the nominee that voters put there would have been the better right. i think it's on paul ryan, not donald trump. >> you want to respond to that, ana. >> yes, paul ryan has his own constituency. the congressional folks he needs to get reelected if he wants to stay speaker of the house. there are a lot of members of congress, i can tell you from where i live, at least two of the south florida members of the congress republicans say they are not going to support donald trump. i think paul ryan was doing the smart thing and i think he was voicing the opinions of many of
10:49 am
us in the republican party. i think we are not one united front right now. we should be and i think we all want to be but we're not. and this issue about whether it's paul ryan's burden or whether it's reince priebus' burden. no, one guy is the mantle bearer. his name is donald trump. he is the nominee and he is the one that needs to win 50 plus 1% come november. if he doesn't get us united, there is nobody that will bear a bigger cost than he will. when he says, no, i don't need a united republican party. i think the rest of us say, great. thanks for the permission not to have to support you, sir. >> button it up, kayleigh. >> i think it's a myth that there's all this disunity in the republican party. i think that's among the establishment at the top who the voters have rejected, even in states like wisconsin, more than 50% feel betrayed. i think it's at the top and quite frankly, we need the voters.
10:50 am
>> thank you very much. coming up, kim jong-un tightening his grip on power. we're taking you inside north kor korea.
10:51 am
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10:54 am
tighter grip on power. a journalist is expelled from north korea. cnn's will ripley is in pyongyang for us and explains as the worker's party's congress winds down, the first one, the reclusive nation has had in decades. >> reporter: wolf, quite a day here in the north korean capital. a surprise press conference. we thought we would be speaking with a north korean government official but they detained a bbc correspondent just as he was about to board the flight out of the country. rupert winfield hays and his crew were questioned for eight hours and the bbc says they were made to sign apology letters before he was allowed to get on a flight to beijing and leave the country being barred from entering again. at the airport, he said he felt relieved, the reason north korea says is series of reports that hayes filed over the last week inside the country they felt highly disrespectful against their supreme leader kim
10:55 am
jong-un. we were told to bring your passports and get on a bus, a small group of us. we thought perhaps it was another conference and had an intensive security check of 90 minutes and taken to the venue for the seventh worker's congress, the most significant in 36 years. we were walked right in to the room where 5,000 party members were waiting for us. north korean state tv videotaping us and then the leader kim jong-un and the highest level leaders walked on the stage for thunderous applause and then reading off the news that we were first to learn that kim jong-un who has absolute power here in north korea is given an a new title just for him, chairman of the worker's party of korea. became very clear to me, wolf, in that room with all of north korea's ruling elite and most powerful figure in the country he has a clear path forward to aggressively grow the nation's
10:56 am
nuclear arsenal and stated is key priority. wolf? >> will ripley in north korea for us, thanks for that report. that's it for me. thank you for watching. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." for the viewers in north america, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right after a quick break. hmmmmmm... hmmmmm... hmmmmm... hmmmmm... hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. part of the award-winning golf family. ♪ the sun'll come out for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible.
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and catch every live event on your tv with nbc sports live extra. i'm getting ready. are you? x1 will change the way you experience nbcuniversal's coverage of the rio olympic games. call or go online today to switch to x1. all right. here we go on this monday afternoon. great to be with you. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. as the only republican candidate still standing, donald trump is poised to win tomorrow's primaries in nebraska and the head to head challenge is this week, thursday. that's when the presumed republican nominee dow to speak with house speaker paul ry