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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 25, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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clearly broke the rules. the independent for general for the state department putting blame on hillary clinton for her private e-mail server. but the big question, did anything she do break the law? >> senator elizabeth warren sure knows how to get underneath donald trump's skin. plus, falling apart. america's roads and bridges crumbling. a cnn special investigation as 30 million people take off in their cars this summer, how comfortable should you feel driving over that bridge? donald trump is speaking in a anaheim. on the left are protesters and onlookers from where he is speaking. if he says anything newsworthy,
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we will bring it to you. things could get ugly, of course, as they did in albuquerque, new mexico, as protesters broke through the venue where trump was speaking. they threw bottles at police horses and trampled cars. we will monitor anaheim throughout the hour and bring you news as it warrants attention. i'm jake tapper. a potential bomb stopper. a critical investigation by the state department inspector general. she conducted personal business on her e-mail server but one that contradicts claims that she's made about that server. in the report set to be released tomorrow but obtained by cnn, the independent watch dog says clinton did not comply with the department's policies regarding the preservation of e-mails and despite claims to the contrary on her campaign's website, they
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could find no evidence that clinton and her team ever sought legal permission to use the p t private server and whether it complied with policies. the director told them the matter was not to be discovered any further and there were questions about whether her server was ever hacked. despite clinton's insistence to the contrary. she refused to cooperate with the inspector general of the very agency that she once worked and headed even though former secretaries of state, mad line albright, colin powell, john kerry and condoleezza rice, they all did cooperate. evan, to be clear, long-standing systemic weaknesses have existed
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within the office of the secretary that go well beyond the tenure of any one secretary of state. it's a long-time problem but the report clearly singles out hillary clinton in particular. let's go through particulars, things she's said in the past. here's clinton talking about what she did was above board. >> my personal e-mail use was fully above board, allowed by the state department, as they have confirmed. the truth is, everything i did was permitted and i went above and beyond what anybody could have expected in making sure that if the state department didn't capture something, i made a real effort to get it to them. >> so everything she did was above board. what does the inspector general say? >> that this was a clear violation while secretary clinton was in the office and there's no evidence that the secretary gained approval to
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conduct personal e-mail on her personal server. they checked with security officials and could find nobody who approved of this. >> hmm. she also said she turned overall of the e-mails and she didn't provide them to the state department so ultimately she then says she turned overall of the e-mails. take a listen. >> after i left office, the state department asked former secretaries of state for our assistance in providing copies of work-related e-mails from our personal accounts. i responded right away. >> we turned every single thing that was work-related. >> we turned over everything,
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every single thing. >> she turned over 55,000 pages, 30,000 e-mails. but the inspector general reports that no e-mails from january through march or april of 2009 were turned over and it should be noted that she didn't turn them over when she first left. it was only after the lawsuits that came forward that the state department went to her and got this information. >> take a listen to what she has said about the server's security. >> well, the system we used was set up for president clinton's office and it had numerous safeguards. it was on property guarded by the secret service and there were no security breaches. >> what does the report say?
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>> the report mentions a couple of times where she thought she was being hacked and apparently one of her advisers wrote and said we were attacked again so i shut down the server for a few minutes. basically, they unplugged it to solve the problem. >> lastly, is there anything in here -- and this is very important, obviously, for the fbi investigation, that suggests that clinton or any of her top aids, not just policy or law? >> this report does not address whether or not she violated the law. we do know that the kind of violations that are described here, the kinds of things that you would get in administrative sanctions, the former ambassador to kenya was fired for very much the same issue. he had other issues as well. we do know that the fbi is still ongoing and their investigation is still ongoing and we expect that she's going to be interviewed in the next couple of weeks. >> evan perez, thank you so much. joining me now to talk about the inspector general report,
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republican congressman from utah, jason chaffetz, thank you so much for joining us. what's your initial reaction to the report? >> well, it's sorely disappointing that the secretary could have sat with the inspector general and explain what she did if she had nothing to hide. they are able to sit with secretary kerry and previous secretaries but only secretary clinton decided not to do that. i guess on the policy side or the concern is that there was compromise that confidential, if not classified information may have gotten in the hands of some very nefarious characters and you worry about the danger that created in the world. >> i want to read a response from the clinton campaign to this inspector general report. "while political opponents of hillary clinton are sure to misrespect this report for their
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own partisan purposes, in reality, the inspector general documents show just how consistent she was to appropriately preserve and release her records." what's your response to that? >> it was totally unique. to say it wasn't unique is a stretch by any sort. that is absolutely not true. the secretary is the only one who created this convenient relationship with herself in setting up this e-mail. it wasn't some evil republican or conspiracy other than she averted and tried to get around what was law. it was under secretary clinton's administration or e-mail was the first to be fully deployed across the agency. and she had a duty and an obligation under the law. she also had a duty and obligation if she did want to use personal e-mail to get the i.t. people to sign off on that but as the report points out,
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she never sought nor did she get that sort of permission to set up this arrangement with herself. >> did you find anything in the report that suggests clinton or any members of her team violated not only state department policy and practice but violated the actual law? >> it's too early for me to tell. i cannot tell you that i've read every word of the report at this point. we're going to let the fbi continue in its investigation and find out -- see what they find along the way. i want to be cautious and stick to the facts and not try to spin this but the concern is that she created vulnerabilities unnecessarily that created a real danger and security around the globe. >> one of the missions of the investigators looking into this at the fbi is to determine whether clinton or any of her top aides did any of this knowing that it was a violation of policy or, even worse, law. do you have anything in here
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that suggests that she did any of this knowingly in terms of being on the wrong side of the law? >> well, as the secretary, she's supposed to abide by the rules, internal and the federal records act. it's clear that she violated several of those. again, when she won't sit down with the inspector general and answer questions, it's very hard to understand what she did and did not do. but based on just the surface of the facts, that she created her own system and what i've been reading, it's clear that there was a potential for a lot of violation here. >> thank you so much, congressman jason chaffetz, appreciate it. >> thank you. our panel is here to discuss clinton's e-mails. stick with us. we'll be right back. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle?
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that's donald trump live in anaheim, california. mr. trump often says he doesn't start fights, he's just an aggressive counterpuncher. he is currently in the midst of counterpunching three politicians who have criticized
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him publicly. all of them are women. one of them is a member of his own party. cnn political reporter sara murray is live from anaheim. sara, anti-trump protesters were throwing rocks at police horses, they were walking and smashing police cars. they smashed a dcar. protesters outside right now but it seems a little more peaceful. yes? >> reporter: you're right, jake. it appears to be a lot calmer today. donald trump is definitely trying to keep the heat on hillary clinton. he brought up the state department report on her e-mails as proof that his nickname crooked hillary is fitting for her. this comes amidst of his west coast rallies. >> reporter: marred by protesters in new mexico, donald trump is campaigning across the golden state. >> hillary, as i say crooked
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hillary, crooked hillary, she's as crooked as they come. >> reporter: all as he unleashes a spade of attacks against hillary clinton and democratic senator elizabeth warren. >> hillary clinton has somebody to -- did you ever hear pocohontas elizabeth warren. she's probably the senator doing just about the least in the united states senate. she's a total failure. >> reporter: as clinton slammed trump for once rooting the collapse of the housing market. >> and i want you to know that donald trump actually rooted for the housing crash that caused 5 million families their homes. i'm not making this up. he said, profiting off working people losing their homes would be a, quote, good result. so a good result in donald
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trump's world as he gets his and you get hurt. >> reporter: trump is playing defense arguing he was simply speaking as a savvy businessman. >> they have some clip of me from many years ago saying, yeah, if it goes down, i'm a businessman. that's what i'm supposed to do. that's what i'm supposed to do. >> reporter: meanwhile, trump taking a swipe at new mexico's govern susana martinez, a fellow republican. >> she's not doing the job. hey! maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. i'll get this place going. >> reporter: this causing a prompt response from martinez's office saying that the governor will not be bullied into supporting a candidate until she is convinced that that candidate will fight for new mexicans. and tonight, hillary is piling on. >> last night, he insulted the
1:18 pm
republican governor martinez of new mexico. he seems to have something about women. i don't know. >> reporter: now, you can see donald trump is still speaking here in anaheim behind me after he wraps up this event he's going to be headed down to los angeles where one of his first high-dollar fund-raisers as he makes the transition from being a candidate who was self-funding to one who can accept up to nearly $500,000 per donor. jake? >> sara murray, thank you so much. a lot of news today. we've got a stellar political panel here. hilary rosen, katrina pierson and ryan lizza. as the objective political analyst, how big of a deal do you think this report is? how damaging do you think it is for hillary clinton? >> you asked the crucial
1:19 pm
question about whether there was a legal line that was crossed and so far i haven't seen that argument that there is one. that would be the worst outcome if there was any legal jeopardy. but from just a political observation, most interviews when she's been asked about this setup, her response was that it was all approved and okay. the big headline in the ig report is that that wasn't the case. >> yeah. they didn't ask anybody for approval. >> they didn't ask and they didn't get it. and from the clinton campaign, you know, i'm sure hillary will forgive me if i'm wrong, but that's what has been coming from clinton all this time. so i think that is significant. also politically, i think this is the kind of thing that encourages bernie sanders to stay in the race and go to the convention even though he hasn't made this a significant issue, it raises questions and i'm not saying this is the death penalty for her campaign and judicial
1:20 pm
watch which is suing clinton over donald trump just moments ago spoke about the inspector general report. take a listen. >> she's as crooked as they come. she had a bit of bad news today, as you know, reports that came down weren't so good. but not so good. the inspector general's report, not good. i hear they want to put biden in. i hear they are going to actually slip joe biden in and he's going to take bernie's place. i will say, the system is rigged against bernie, 100%. >> you forgot the biden part. but this is fair game. >> look, it's not great news.
1:21 pm
it's not a good report. the good news is, it still does not appear like there were any national security breaches, that there was, you know, no laws broken. there is that one outstanding question and hillary clinton has been open about the fact that she made a mistake, poor judgment on the use of a separate e-mail system and we look at donald trump and we look at what we have done and 150 lawsuits and cheated in business and companies he's bankrupt and workers haven't gotten paid. people are going to have to choose. everybody is going to make some mistakes. people are going to have to decide what mistakes are more of a violation against the values that they hold and where they go with that. >> katrina, i know you're going to slip in a response about the e-mails. i want to ask you something else about donald trump last night in
1:22 pm
albuquerque taking on new mexico governor susana martinez, she's not yet endorsed him and she's been critical of him. she's a republican. we don't have that bite. let's not worry about that. but why go after susana martinez? what's the goal there? >> well, the goal was to let everyone know the state of the state, for example, and he was reading unemployment statics, food stamp statics and they've increased. he mentioned that she's got to do a better job of taking care of new mexicans which is why i said if i run for governor, i'll take care of you. >> why go after a fellow republican in an election season at a time when she should be and he should be, too, coalescing around the nominee. >> if you go after mr. trump, he will respond in kind and that's what he did in this case. if i could get to the e-mails quickly here, there's going to be a choice this november whether it's the mistakes that you've made or the decisions
1:23 pm
that you've made, judgment is extremely important. and with this case, when you've had a woman who has essentially been in public office for a very long time, whether it's secretary of state at this level of her political career still making judgments, essentially put national security at risk, i think that's something that voters are going to take into consideration in november. >> hillary, ryan and katrina, thank you. a democratic senator who has yet to endorse hillary clinton but elizabeth warren may just be her best friend. and it's a system that helps coordinate ballistic bombs and turns out it's all being stored on eight-inch floppy disks. yes, you heard me right. the kids out there, the millennials. you can google it during the break. we'll be right back. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut.
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senator elizabeth warren, democrat of massachusetts, still has not picked between hillary clinton and bernie sanders in the democratic primary. but that's almost irrelevant. the massachusetts senator and progressive darling has been really given the business to donald trump recently and scores a personal and occasionally quite vicious attacks. 33 of her last 34 tweets have been dedicated to tweeting down. warren has so wrangled trump that attacking warren is now part of trump's stump speech.
1:29 pm
>> reporter: elizabeth warren is becoming donald trump's sharpest critic. >> donald trump was drooling over the idea of a housing meltdown because it meant he could buy out more property on the cheap. what kind of a man does that? >> reporter: friends of warren tell cnn she knows she needs to step up and it's good for her own politics. after bernie sanders has eclipsed her as the democrats leading liberal. her words are pointed. >> a small, insecure money grubber who doesn't care who gets hurt so long as he makes a profit off of it. >> reporter: and she's getting under trump's skin. >> goofy elizabeth warren. i call her goofy. >> reporter: democrats have long wanted warren in the race, as first as a candidate herself. but after taking a pass on her own run, she spent months in silence not endorsing clinton or sanders. >> thank you. >> reporter: she still hasn't.
1:30 pm
but cnn has learned she and clinton now communicate frequently, mostly about taking on trump as she did tuesday night in a blistering speech. >> now that he has sewn up the republican nomination, donald trump is dropping all pretense. he's kissing the fannies of the poor, misunderstood wall street bankers. >> reporter: war of wars on twitter escalated again today. if donald trump actually believes every stupid lie he reads on the internet, we're in for a truckload of trouble if he's president. he often shoots back like this. goofy elizabeth warren didn't have the guts to run for potus. her phony native american heritage. >> did you ever hear of pocohontas? >> reporter: her native american ancestry caused an uproar in a
1:31 pm
massachusetts race saying that she tried to get ahead by claiming she was minority while at harvard. warren, one of the most popular faces of the democratic party, is now intent on taking down trump. >> let's face it, donald trump is about exactly one thing. donald trump. >> reporter: jeff zeleny, cnn. >> are there roads and bridges on which you drive safe? one reports say that you drive over bridges more than 200 million time as day. a look at the hidden and potentially hidden danger across our nation, next. fueled up and ready to rock. hey, i bet you're ready to start a great vacation, huh. one last work email. what?! no, let's get this vacation started! laptop close on three, are you with me? one... wait! you're welcome! now get out there and have a great day!
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before i get into this next story, i'd like to thank the federal government for helping in its own special way to promote the cnn series "the eighties." they are, after all, one of the decades that the feds are living in. and a new report issued today by the government in the accountability office says that federal agencies are in some cases relying on i.t. systems dating back more than 50 years. this is today's segment, and
1:37 pm
much of it reportedly slated for maintenance of very outdated legacy systems. according to the report, the pentagon system used to coordinate operations for ballistic missiles and other nuclear forces, that system uses eight-inch floppy disks. that's right. eight-inch floppy disks. that's one of the newest systems in this report. the department of veterans affairs tracks benefits claims and payroll on ibm mainframes that use code from the 1950s. many of the agencies do have plans to upgrade. turning to our buried lead now, memorial day pra additionally marks the start of the driving system. more than 30 million of you will be driving.
1:38 pm
no matter where you're going, the beach or countryside, you'll likely drive over a bridge at some point and while you're on that bridge, try not to think about the terrifying state of our nation's aging highway infrastructure. cnn's rene marsh is here to kick off a new story. you investigated several bridges across the country and you found a troubling trend, i think it's fair to say. >> it's fair to say. not in good shape, many of these bridges 204 million times a day americans are driving over nearly 60,000 bridges that are in desperate need of repair. we're talking about major deterioration, cracks and other flaws that reduced its ability to support vehicles. 68,000 vehicles cross the arlington memorial bridge between d.c. and virginia every day. this is what drivers don't see. >> it's just eroding and the concrete is falling off.
1:39 pm
>> we have to wear masks and gloves inside of the bridge because this is all lead paint. this beam is helping to support the bridge and if you take a look, it is badly corroded. you can see how thin that steel is and you can see holes in the steel. >> reporter: the original support beams from 1932 have never been replaced. >> we're like a third-world country when it comes to infrastructure. >> reporter: federal spending on infrastructure has declined 9% from 2003 to 2014. every state has some degree of bad bridges that need to be repaired. from los angeles where trees are growing out of cracks in this bridge to chicago where netting is in place to protect drivers from falling concrete. >> the reason we have 57,000 deficient bridges is because we have not made the investment as a national government. >> reporter: former transportation secretary ray lahood blames congress for failing to raise the gas tax
1:40 pm
which funds projects like bridges and roads. have you been against raising the tax because it's bad politics? >> first of all, the economy hasn't been great. raising the gas tax doesn't solve the long-term funding problem. >> reporter: as congress needs to figure out this long-term solution, bridges are crumbling. what do we do right now? >> our bill, the fast act, which the president signed into law, we put more dollars into focusing on the critical infrastructure. >> reporter: his republican colleague disagrees. >> it's funded for five years but we use ten years of gimmicks to pay for it. this doesn't make sense. >> reporter: anthony fox is the current head of the department of transportation. >> isn't everyone guilty? i mean, when democrats were in control of congress, this situation is what it is today as well? >> i think every year we go by, the challenge gets that much greater and that's why we don't have a moment to waste. >> reporter: researchers may have a solution. a bendable concrete that can
1:41 pm
heal itself from cracks. >> creating infrastructures that will last 100 years. >> reporter: regular concrete can fail quickly and suddenly. but professor victor lee says the bendable concrete can withstand a force hundreds of times more powerful. this fed-up video shows how it responds to pressure. cracks heal themselves with the help of air and water. the technology lines portions of this bridge in michigan. the hope is that it could help already crumbling bridges like the memorial bridge near the nation's capital. that bridge will be shut down in five years. if it doesn't get the $250 million needed for repairs and a lack of funding to fix these crumbling bridges is an issue, we are seeing nationwide, we do want to point out, although they are in bad condition, they are making sure that they are monitoring them very closely and inspecting them to make sure that there are no deadly
1:42 pm
collapses. the professor that you saw in the piece there, he was just in washington, d.c., meeting with the department of defense talking about his research for that bendable concrete. it just goes to show, even though it's in the research phase, it's got the attention of the federal government. >> rene marsh, thank you so much. tune in for the rest of rene's series right here on cnn. ten states taking the federal government to court over the transgender bathroom controversy. why the attorney generals claim the white house is out of line. and then, donald trump has not been one to say sorry after insulting people. scott adams explains why trump has never apologized. now she's into disc sports. ah, no she's not. since when? since now. she's into tai chi. she found disc sports too stressful. hold on. let me ask you this... what's she gonna like six months from now?
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. donald trump just wrapped up his speaking engagement. there are some trump supporters decked out in trump and make america great again clothing. they are marching towards the
1:47 pm
protesters that are anti-donald trump. while all of this is going on, we should note the larger political story going on, which are that there are a number of political officials waiting for presumptive nominee donald trump to change his tone in the way he campaigns and they might be waiting a very long time as trump told "the new york times," "you win the pennant and now you're in the world series. you going to change?" one trump analyst predicts that trump will never apologize for change because this is all part of his master persuasion strategy. let's now talk to this analyst, scott adams, editor of the comic strip "gilbert." trump attacked susana martinez, the sitting new mexico governor, who has been critical of his tone. take a listen. >> we have to get your governor
1:48 pm
to get going. she's got to do a better job. okay? your governor has got to do a better job. she's not doing the job. hey maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. i'll get this place going. >> so, susana martinez is chair of the new mexico's governor association. do you think this is a wise tactic? >> yeah, it's probably wise. first of all, anytime you attack a professional politician, people think, well, i don't like professional politicians either. but the thing that trump always does, which is a genius part of persuasion, he makes the biggest difference between being his friend and being his enemy and makes sure that you know that difference. if you're a chris christie, you're a great guy now. i love you. chris christie is a great guy. if you're not going to endorse him, well, maybe you're not so great. look at paul ryan. i think the only thing that keeps him from a donald trump nickname is he used the word yet. haven't endorsed him yet.
1:49 pm
that's the only thing protecting him, probably. >> earlier this month, trump talked about a conspiracy theory about the friends of the clintons being murdered. mr. trump traffics in conspiracy theories, whether about obama's birth certificate for justice scalia's death. is there a method to that? >> yes, because it works. if you go to a jury trial and somebody says this is the accused, your brain is already saying, accused. they probably did something. if you hear a clinton and murder in the same sentence enough, that stuff starts to conflate in your brain and you say, well, i haven't heard any details that would prove that to be true but i don't like those two things swirling around together. it's an effective way to keep your opponent off guard and probably affect as few people who are going to believe it. >> you also think that trump's potential rival sl and the
1:50 pm
clinton side of it was, love trumps hate. >> run by another lawyer, it makes perfect sense. it says what you want it to say. if you're a persuader and you've done a little bit of persuading and the first part is literally love trump in very big. the comic strips are running right now. they are auctioning off the originals in ebay to benefit charity homes for troops. i've seen a lot of scott adams' fans criticizing my artwork. what have you received as far as
1:51 pm
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officials from 11 states are now suing the obama administration over the federal guidance which instructs public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom for which they identify. one republican is speaking out publicly in support of transgender rights which directly affect her son.
1:56 pm
i want to bring in congresswoman of florida and her son. you released a public service announcement here's a quick clip. >> it's part of someone's family and should be treated with compassion and discrimination. >> is this psa in some ways your reaction to north carolina's controversial bathroom law which requires transgender individuals to use the bathrooms assigned to the gender on their birth certificate as opposed to how they identify? >> that was purely by chance. we taped these public service announcements about two or three months before all of this controversy but i'm glad that it came out at this time because this is not about bathroom stalls and who goes where. this is about family acceptance. this is about talking to your
1:57 pm
child, about being accepted and loved and the theme of our message is to talk to your child and whether your child is gay or lesbian or trans, i know that it's a shock at first but with communication, that child has got to know that he or she is loved. >> congresswoman man, one mother of a transgender child in north carolina said that the number of phone calls to suicide hotlines for lgbt children has doubled since the so-called bathroom bill passed. what kind of advice do you offer to parents with transgender children having gone through this experience yourself? >> well, it's a shock and it gets some getting used to we've read the literature, jake, and 60% of the transgender youth are
1:58 pm
ostracized from their family. not because they want to be but because their family has literally thrown them out the door. that leads to a life of isolation and suicide and drug use and gang violence and not being part of a family, well, this is our social structure, to belong, to belong to our family, belong to our community. so i encourage parents to talk to your child and love. we were fearful of rodrigo's safety. all of these folks are saying, oh, we're worried about kids going to the bathrooms. we were worried about rodrigo having some acts of violence against him because people were not accepting. but people have a kind heart and we're an accepting society. change is hard. but i think that together we can prove that we come together as a family and we come together as a community and a nation.
1:59 pm
>> rodrigo, what did you say to your mother and father when you decided to tell them your feelings about this, how you truly identified? >> well, i was terrified to tell them. i've been very fortunate that i come from a loving home. my parents were always very clear with my siblings and i are their love was unconditional. i was still terrified to tell them. i had packed a bag and was ready to live outside the home. i didn't know if i would be welcome back. it's heartbreaking. it's not something that anyone wants their child to experience. thankfully, they accepted me and we're here to say this shouldn't be an uncommon experience. this should be a no-brainer that we love our family no matter what. family is everything and that doesn't have to change just because somebody is transgender. >> jake, we still might throw him out. he's a bum.
2:00 pm
if he doesn't clean his room, he's out of there but for totally different reasons. >> congresswoman and rodrigo, thank you. appreciate it. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. wolf blitzer in "the situation room" is up next. a lengthy report says that hillary clinton broke the rules and is the latest in a series of incidents raising fears about both parties nominating in cleveland and philadelphia this summer. and something about women. hillary clinton says that insulting people must make donald trump feel good and after his latest attack on new mexico's female republican governor, c