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tv   Wolf  CNN  May 27, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. here. up first, california dreaming. all three remaining presidential candidates. they're campaigning in the state today. donald trump is holding a rally in fresno this hour a day after clinching the republican presidential nomination. we'll have a live report outside of the trump rally in just a minute. hillary clinton is out on the
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campaign trail in oakland right now and bernie sanders holds a rally in san pedro next hour. for the democrats, 475 delegates are at stake in the june 7th california primary. by cnn estimates, trump now has 1238 delegates. that's one more than the number needed to secure the presidential nomination. cnn correspondent dan simon has covered the trump rally for us in fresno. we're going to get to him shortly. this rally is potentially significant moment for donald trump right now. he's here in california. he's in california specifically to show that he believes, trump believes california potentially could be in play once the general election contest gets going. normally, california is not at play there. dan simon, we're trying to reconnect with him right now. dan, can you hear me? >> reporter: yeah, hey, wolf.
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i got you. >> so go ahead and tell us what's going on over there. we see some protesters presumably. >> reporter: yeah, we have about a couple hundred protesters here, wolf. the crowd has steadily been growing over the last several hours. we are in front of where donald trump will be holding his event probably in a few minutes from now. and fresno, entirely migrant community, a lot of folks coming in from mexico from the agricultural community and not surprisingly, a lot of people opposing donald trump's immigration proposals. in terms of whether or not we can see any violence here, the chief of the fresno police department is optimistic that we won't. and said that's because this is a daytime event. he said usually when you have violence, it occurs at night. we should point out a few days ago in anaheim, we did see some
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problems break out in the middle of the afternoon. if there are any problems, the chief of the fresno police department said they are very much prepared for any eventuali eventuality. they have more than 150 police officers here at the scene and they have police who can respond quickly in full riot gear if they need to but based upon what we have seen thus far, the crowd is very well behaved and at least at the moment, the police is not expecting to see any problems, wolf? >> is there a big crowd inside? >> reporter: there does seem to be a large presence for the trump rally. we've seen hundreds filter in. one of the interesting dynamics you always have with a trump event is sort of the skirmishes, the back and forth you see between the trump protesters and the trump supporters basically yell at each other. one of the lessons they took from albuquerque when we saw the violence happen the other day is that the police made a larger separation area between the people filing into the event and
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the protesters. you can see there's a good space between them. before in albuquerque, they were next to each other, so that increased the tension level and police said that was one of the lessons they learned. >> thank you very much. we'll get back to you. i want to talk a little bit more about what's going on in the race for the white house. donald trump's strategy now that he's topped the presidential threshold. joins us is sean spicer, the communications director for the republican national committee. thank you very much for joining us. >> you bet. good afternoon, wolf. >> you think this is just the beginning? wherever donald trump, the republican nominee for all practical purposes has a rally, speaks there's going to be protesters outside. are we going to see a lot more of this? >> i wouldn't be surprised. i think you've got sort of this professional left that is going out there trying to disrupt people.
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i think, frankly, what i saw the other night what you see today is somewhat disgusting. everybody in america has got the right to express themselves and assemble according to our first amendment but when people on the left destroy public property and attack public officials and police officers, i think that's outrageous. i think that the left should condemn that. i think the silence from hillary clinton and debbie wasserman-schultz speaks volumes about the double standard they have when it comes to this kind of protest and i think we should condemn violence. peaceful assembly, expressing your right to assemble and your opinion is what this country is built on, but causing violence, destroying public property, that's crossing a line. >> the republican national committee, reince priebus, you want to unify the party behind donald trump and are you disappointed that the house speaker, paul ryan, is still not on board? >> not at all. speaker ryan and their
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respective teams have been talking off and on. it's going in a great direction. this wasn't going to be some faux announcement. i think speaker ryan is committed to the solutions and the policies that make the republican party the better party that allow this country to move forward and he wants to work with the trump team and donald trump himself is making sure they're on board with an agenda that's going to be vastly different than the left wing establishment same old same old that hillary clinton offers. it's going to happen. i feel very good about it. i think we saw marco rubio yesterday speaking with your own jake tapper. really talking about how he's willing to go out there for the team. you're seeing our team unify and i think that despite all of the media concern for the republican party, it's all coming around. the polls show it. not just in terms of the republican unify byuunity but t trajectory is up for donald trump and down for hillary clinton but conversely on the left is a huge split for policy.
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bernie sanders saying unless the party moves far to the extreme, they're not going to unify. he's prepared to go with a set of far left ideas whether it's foreign policy or domestic that are dividing that party big time. and as a result, a large amount of bernie sanders voters will not vote for hillary clinton and saying they'll support donald trump and then you take it further, and you've seen all of these calls for the chair of the democratic national committee come down and actively supporting her primary opponent, unheard of in politics. >> what's also pretty unusual, sean, the 2012 presidential nominee mitt romney is by far not on board as far as donald trump is concern. in fact, in an interview just posted in the "wall street journal," romney said this. i wanted my grandkids to see that i simply couldn't ignore what mr. trump was saying and doing which revealed the character and temperament unfit for the leader of the free
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world. he said he wouldn't vote for trump or hillary clinton. hopefully, i will find a name, he said, i can support. if not, i will write in a name. that must be pretty disappointing to you. >> well, to some degree, it is. i have a lot of respect for governor romney. he's been a great supporter of our party and a great job of representing our country well at the olympics but i think governor romney has to respect the fact that donald trump bested 16 other candidates and got the most votes ever. and moderate, conservatives, pro life people, pro choice in our party, they understand that the only way to victory was a united party and coalesced. we need to do the same around donald trump. all of the conservative folks that helped, that might have supported another candidate need to understand that the only way we will win and keep hillary clinton out of the white house is to unify as a party.
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the thing is, and i think what governor romney and others by not supporting our nominee, the person that the most voters and activists chose is that you are helping hick, not just get four years in the white house, add additional spending and left wing socialist type laws but she will appoint people to the federal judiciary, the court of appeals, truly can change the trajectory for a generation and beyond and that is a very dangerous thing. >> you mentioned marco rubio's interview that's going to air sunday on state of the union with jake tapper. donald trump overnight posted this tweet saying, poll data shows that marco rubio does, by far, the best at holding on to the senate seat in florida. important to keep the majority. run, marco. you want marco to decide to run once again for reelection? >> i think senator rubio has done a great job for the state of florida and for a lot of people who have been excited
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about his involvement in politics since he was speaker of the house. it's ultimately up to him to decide. i think we respect his decision to, as it stands, but ultimately, that's his decision. >> one final question, you want a debate to take place before the june 7th, california primary between your presidential nominee, donald trump, and senator bernie sanders? >> it's up to both of them but that would be must-see tv. i'll tell you that. that would draw a contrast in process and policy. the idea that hillary clinton, who talked about debating anytime, anywhere, apparently won't debate bernie sanders as she promised. so it's amazing this could possibly take place. i think it would be great on the policy side because you have donald trump reaching out to more americans talking about the solutions he has to move this country forward and bernie sanders promises more ben and jerry's or something because it's a huge shift in the socialist left wing that sanders has in terms of foreign policy
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and domestic policy and could not contrast greater to see these two individuals great on stage. it it would would be up to them. >> i'll take that as a firm yes from sean spicer. thank you very much for joining us. >> have a great one, thank you very much for having me. >> thank you, have a great memorial day weekend yourself. coming up any moment now, donald trump getting ready to take the stage in fresno, california. his first trip back to the state since clinching the republican nomination. we'll go there live once it happens. you're looking at live pictures. also, hillary clinton defending her use of the personal e-mails while she was secretary of state. she told me she did not break any state department rules. we'll have some of that interview with hillary clinton coming up intel. e you completelr retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now,
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because the hardest part of any trip, should be leaving. expedia. technology connecting you to what matters. that can camp out in between our teeth, if we'll let it. use gum® brand. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. donald trump is on the campaign trail right now in california. this one day after securing the republican presidential nomination. you're looking at live pictures from fresno, california. trump expected to speak any minute. we'll have part of that speech for you. we'll dip in to his speech once it gets under way. stand by for that. hillary clinton meanwhile in full damage control mode following a highly critical
10:16 am
report of her use of a private e-mail server. flatly rejects what hillary clinton claims throughout the season that the state department allowed her to use the private server. she went on sort of a little media blitz thursday evening. i specifically asked the former secretary why she failed to ask for formal authorization from the state department. here's what she told me. >> well, i thought it was allowed. i knew past secretaries of state used personal e-mail. secretary kerry did for a period of time until the rules were clarified. they were not a model of clarity and it seems like there's still more work to do on that. so yes, i believe it was allowed. but that's not the point. i said it was a mistake. >> let's discuss the damage potentially this could have on her campaign. our chief political corresponde
10:17 am
corresponde corresponde correspondent dana bash. she said something in an interview with chris cuomo. >> i have a clip i'd like to play for you to get your reaction to it. here we go. >> heading to the general election? >> i will be the nominee. that is already done, in effect. there is no way that i won't be. >> does that make you mad seeing that? >> just a tinge of arrogance there, i think. i kind of think that on june 7th, people of california will have a message for secretary clinton. >> because the polls in california show it's very close between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> they do. and inside clinton campaign headquarters, they are bracing for a potential loss in california, but they're also looking at the broad map of the night which will be june 7th and they feel confident that even if
10:18 am
they don't actually get a victory in their column in california, that that night on june 7th, she will go over the top. meaning she will get the number of delegates needed to win but if she doesn't get the biggest state, particularly for democrats, traditionally blue, she'll do so with a bit of a limp across the finish line. >> the momentum will be disappointing if she doesn't win california. the polls show she's doing much better in new jersey than california. >> exactly. >> but all of those democratic states are proportionally divided. even if it's close, they basically get the same number of delegates. >> that's why even if she doesn't win california, she'll be quite comfortable when it comes to the real end game which is getting the number of delegates to get the nominees. >> some are questioning senator sanders' loyalty to the democratic party by toying with this idea of having a debate with donald trump. the virginia democratic senator,
10:19 am
joe mansion, minced no words saying the idea was bs. saying why would you expect bernie should be considerate or nice or working? he's not a democrat. >> you were gentlemanly. he didn't say bs. but aggravated with bernie sanders. the same number of people, maybe not the same number but still have a large enthusiastic ground swell of support for bernie sanders. bernie sanders, and we've seen this, wolf, along the way, he's got to keep his supporters enthusiastic and show there's a potential for, if not a win, but something that will come and get them excited. and what's more exciting and what can get you more publicity than having a potential or at least threatening to have a
10:20 am
debate with donald trump? i mean, that's kind of the ultimate, the pinnacle of when it comes to potential publicity. >> all of these years in the senate, bernie sanders has been an independent, although he caucuses with the democrats. what are you hearing about marco rubio right now? because a lot of pressure on him to reconsider and to throw his hat once again to run for reelection as a senator from florida? >> there is so much pressure on him right now. i mean, it's a wonder he actually comes out of his office or answers the phone. whether it is big business or the party apparatus nationally to keep the senate or in his home state of florida, they are working him incredibly hard. i was texting with an influential republican in florida saying if you would have asked me last week, i would have said zero percent chance he'll run for reelection and change his mind to do so and now 35%. and now even the people who are
10:21 am
trying to do this even got donald trump to tweet about it tells you just how all-out the effort is. >> poll data shows marco rubio does by far the best in holding on to his senate seat in florida. important to keep the majority. run, marco. we'll watch that closely. marco rubio will be jake tapper's guest on state of the union this sunday as well at 9:00 a.m. eastern. coming up, donald trump is expected to speak live any moment from fresno, california. we'll bring it to you live once it happens. there's stephen miller doing the warm-up. one of his senior advisors. also, a historic trip. president obama visits ground zero in hiroshima. his emotional moment with survivors. his message to the world. at red lobster's create your own seafood trios you can try something new with every bite.
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71 years ago, on a bright, cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was changed. a flash of light and a wall of fire destroyed a city and demonstrated that mankind had the means to destroy itself. >> president obama speaking in hiroshima, japan, and standing on the soil where the first u.s. atomic bomb was dropped. action spoke louder than words.
10:27 am
>> in confronting the past, president obama made history today. let's discuss this with my next guest. the minister, tamaki kasada. >> great to be here. thank you very much. >> very historic day. first time in 71 years a u.s. president has visited hiroshima. what does it mean for you, the people of japan? >> well, for me personally, i was really moved by his very
10:28 am
powerful and profound statement at hiroshima. he laid the wreath at the peace memorial park. he engage in private conversations with the survivor of the atomic bomb and for good measure. president obama presented a small gift for cranes which he floated himself. i think that was very, very powerful, and friendly gesture on the part of president obama. it was very well received by the people, not just the people of hiroshima but the japanese people at large. and i think the purpose, the visit of this time to hiroshima had threefold purposes. one, this was a manifest commitment of the united states and the other nuclear powers to
10:29 am
achieve a nuclear-free world. secondly, i think this was a testament to the devastation and opportunity for the president to pay respect and mourn the death, not just hiroshima victims but the people involved in the consequence of the war and thirdly, i think this was a powerful testament to the strength of the alliance that we forged over the last decades. >> let me play another clip of the president earlier today. listen to this. >> we stand here in the middle of this city and force ourselves to imagine the moment the bomb fell. mere words cannot give voice to such suffering. but we have a shared responsibility to look directly
10:30 am
into the eye of history and ask what we must do differently to curb such suffering again. >> what do you think was the significance of those specific words to you? >> well, the united states is the most powerful nation on earth. the united states possesses thousands of nuclear warheads. so consequently, united states has the moral responsibility to lead. to show the aspiration, to show the path towards the goal, the ideals of nuclear non-proliferation and the world without nuclear weapons. so i think these words that he just spoke resonated very powerfully with all the people
10:31 am
who are engaged and are working daily on this cause. >> takes years for an american president to make this gesture. is there a vocal group in japan who wanted him to go further and actually apologize? >> well, i think the most important thing for all of us to see was the visit itself by the serving acting president. that gesture itself speaks volumes for the wish, the desire of the people in hiroshima, and the japanese people's general public. i think that would suffice, the visit itself and the powerful message he made. i think that resonated very well with the people. >> minister at the embassy of japan here in washington, thank
10:32 am
you so much for joining us. >> thank you. great. coming up, donald trump expected to speak live any moment now in fresno, california. you're looking at live pictures coming in. we'll share some of that with you when we come back. ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow... ♪ for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever. entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine,
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♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first.
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charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. the fight against isis is not just confined to syria and iraq. isis is now an estimated 4,000 to 6,000 number of fighters in portions of libya's coastline and human smugglers taking advantage of refugees and potential gateway to europe. in this cnn exclusive report, our senior international correspondent nick paton walsh got a very rare look at how all
10:37 am
of this is done. >> reporter: this is the moment when desperate dreams come to an end. we're with the libyan immigration police with hopefuls that raided just on the beach front as turkey and greece close their shores, the libya route to europe exploded again. here among the squalor that a lifetime savings buys. where are you from? >> nigeria. >> reporter: fled boko haram in nigeria whose bombs killed his father and brother. and he survived the desert trek until here.
10:38 am
>> reporter: this is the smuggler's neighborhood but there is a new threat here. smugglers and police telling us that isis hidden fighters among other groups of migrants bound for europe. human souls is bad enough to think isis is using this passage of human life into europe to try and infiltrate the continent with sleeper cells. off camera, they said they've caught different mai graigrants warns us, the threat is real. >> translator: isis can be illegal immigrants on boats and travel without weapons and cause
10:39 am
no suspicion. >> it is a huge unpatrolable coastline where smugglers rule. we talk to one disguised for his safety and say in the past two months, isis has become part of the trade. >> about two weeks ago, left the stronghold and heading to europe but bad weather turned them back and then tried again. i don't know if they got there. about a month ago, i got a call from a devout guy and he wanted a small boat for 25 people and willing to pay 45,000. i didn't take the deal. >> do you and other smugglers feel comfortable moving people who you know may be isis towards europe? >> smugglers are only interested in smuggling. isis doesn't care. only money matters. >> reporter: they are torn apart by infighting and struggling to find boats.
10:40 am
fighting the migrant trade among this. the whole coastline of tripoli just six boats like this. not in particularly good service. you can't imagine how underresourced things are here so close to europe. these are the desperate scenes as they try to rescue some african migrants whose collapsed late last year. smugglers now prefer these di y dingies vulnerable to the slightest weather change. human misery, some flee isis themselves, only to find isis now seek to hijack their deadly journey to spread more suffering. nick paton walsh, cnn, tripoli. >> very powerful report. we want to thank nick for doing that. back to the race for the white house. right now, donald trump is back
10:41 am
in california. after clinching the republican presidential nomination speaking at a campaign rally in fresno. i want to listen in. let's listen in. >> my environmental standard is simple. and i've said it to everybody. i want clean air and i want clean water. that's what i want. clean air, clean water. very, very simple. so we're going to be back up here. i believe me, we'll start opening up the water so that you can have your farmers survive so that your job market will get better. no, but there are some things inconceivable that they happen and wonder. i'm asking why, why, why and nobody can explain why they do this and they do it. your senators are for it but totally ineffective, unfortunately. you know they're for it for you, and then to the other side, they're for it for them. and then you wonder, i wonder why nothing happens but when
10:42 am
you're with the senators, they want you and then go to the environmental side and they want them. and then you say, gee, that's strange. they're for me, we want the water, but the environmentalists just endorsed them. i wonder why. i'll tell you how it works, folks. so they play both sides of it. but they're actually not for you. so we'll see what happens. but we're going to get it done and done quick. don't even think about it. that's an easy one. don't even think about it. so yesterday was a big day. you know, yesterday -- [ applause ] we're going to bring it back, folks. we're going to bring this
10:43 am
country back. you know what it is? look at those red hats, the white hats, the black hats. the gun shooting hats. they do pretty well, i'll tell you. speaking of that, the nra, last week, endorsed donald trump in the earliest endorsement they've ever given. the earliest they've ever given. that was a great honor. and wayne and chris and all the guys, these are great people. these are great americans. these are people that want to see great things for the country. they try to build them, sort of a radical agenda. it's not a radical agenda. it's called the second amendment, folks. now hillary, hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment. remember that. she wants to abolish it. and it's a disgrace. i watched her on television and it's hard for me to watch her, because honestly, it's very
10:44 am
boring. you know, it's very boring, but i watched her last night, and she lies so much, she lies so much, and she was saying last night so many things. donald trump wants to see japan get nuclear weapons. i never said that. donald trump wants to see germany get nuclear weapons. he wants to see south korea arm themselves. i said, i didn't say that. i never even said close to that. donald trump loves north korea. he loves the maniac that's running north korea. i don't. donald trump is a friend of putin. actually, putin did call me a genius and he said i'm the future of the republican party. he's off to a good start. i will say, i will say he's off to a good start, right, folks? and by the way, i'm not a friend of putin. i never met him. he's a strong leader, i can tell you that, unlike what we have,
10:45 am
we have a pathetic leader. pathetic. we don't even have a leader. the word leader. you go leader in quotes, right, but we don't even have a leader, but wouldn't it be nice if we could get along with russia? wouldn't that be nice? we spent almost $5 trillion in the middle east. and we're in worse shape today in the middle east than we were 15 years ago. if these presidents would have gone away on vacation and not done anything, we'd be in better shape than we are today, if you think about it. i was against the war in iraq, totally against the war in iraq. >> we're going to continue to monitor donald trump. he's getting into his opposition. he says to the war on iraq to when it was launched during the bush administration. we're going to continue to monitor what he's saying but we got to take a quick break.
10:46 am
10:47 am
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10:50 am
spoiler alert. that's what the libertarian party could be preparing for this year. playing spoiler as a third party alternative to donald trump or hillary clinton. it was 44 years ago that the first libertarian ticket took part in the presidential election. that was also the last time anyone other than a democrat or a republican won any of the electoral votes. our victor blackwell joining us now from orlando, florida, where the libertarian party is holding their convention this weekend. what are they saying about their chances in this rather unusual political season? >> reporter: wolf, they say they're getting the support and the money. this is the first interview of governors johnson and well together and wide ranging conversation about policy and strategy, from why bill weld is not a member of the never trump movement to whether or not gary johnson would use cannabis in the white house. we started with hillary clinton and that scathing frort treport
10:51 am
the i 2k3g at the state departm >> thank you for being on cnn. >> thank you. >> pleasure. >> we'll talk about your candidacy and potential opponents in a moment. i want to start with the news of the day and president obama's historic vizzic to hiroshima and questions of whether he would apologize. he did not. would a president johnson apologize? do you think president obama should have? >> well, thinking about the decision that truman made, just glad that it wasn't a decision that i would have had to make. but given that so many lives were lost, american lives were lost, and that we were at war and brought an end, i certainly don't want to engage in second guessing and, no, no apology given the time that this occurred. i would not be apologizing. >> let's talk about something else that came out this week. the inspector general of the state department released this scathing report about former
10:52 am
secretary clinton's private e-mail server. donald trump has said that it is an example of a poor judgment, that it's possibly illegal, probably illegal in his estimation. what do you glean from that report and from the secretary's you of a private server? >> you know, i leave this to others completely. i know that these questions exist. it's not something that i dwell on at all or will dwell on at all. like i say, there are plenty of others that are involved in this and at the end of the day i don't think that she will be indicted. i don't see that happening. but like i say, this -- speaking politically, that's not something i'm going to ever engage in is -- look. i'm going to certainly talk about issue differences with secretary clinton but i'm not -- nothing's going to come out of my mouth regarding her e-mail. >> on this topic and others,
10:53 am
both hillary clinton and donald trump have said that the other is unqualified to be president. do you believe they're both qualified to be snth. >> well, i'll leave that to others but exciting for me is running for president of the united states with bill weld and offering up another choice, a clear third choice in this. andali and at the end of the day, we hope to be the nominees here coming out of the libertarian convention, i think there will be a clear third choice. >> governor weld, in 2012 the libertarian party got about 1% of the general election vote. let's say this year with two governors on the ticket and two other candidates who are highly -- have high unfavorables you double that, how do you convince voter that is the libertarian ticket is more than a spoiler? that you have a real shot at
10:54 am
winning? >> well, i think our aspirations are more than higher than doubling 1% showing. gary is polling at 10%. almost sight unseen in the national polls when he's been in the polls and i think our challenge coming out of this convention if we should be fortunate enough to obtain the nominations would be to go around, do what the building blocks of a campaign are. raise money. do as much media as possible and elevate our profile which is pretty high anyway because of the resistance of the electorate to both the other candidates and i think you're talking 10%, 15%. if we can get there, then i think we can make a real showing to be, you know, one of three among equals. not just a footnote. >> how do you reach those disaffected republicans? because there are some libertarian positions that are
10:55 am
just not -- they don't correspond. only with the republican orthodoxy. >> i hope not. i hope not. >> if you think about pro-marriage equality, pro-decriminalization of drugs, abortion rights, as well. >> right. >> how do you win over those republicans who don't believe in those things? >> well, i actually believe that the majority of republicans actually hold those beliefs or if they don't hold those beliefs, if they are social conservative, that it's really secondary to smaller government. >> so you believe majority republicans are pro-abortion rights, pro-marriage equality? >> no, not necessarily. but the majority of republicans really don't care about the social issues. what they care about mostly is small government. and i think both of us having served as republican governors in deeply blue states understand that. that the majority of people in this country really are fiscally conservative and socially
10:56 am
liberal. now back to republicans. if they're not socially liberal, if they're socially conservative, at the end of the day, majority of republicans really don't care about those issues. >> how do you compete -- >> you actually -- well, the way that you compete is you actually give people the notion that you might be able to win. and to do that, very simply, we just have to be in the polls. >> but that's going to be partly my job. i do agree with you that we're going to have to 20 million, 30 million in the kitty just for openers to persuade the media that they want to pay attention but i think that's not beyond reach. there's a number of major donors who are libertarian in orientation and i make it my business to see them. >> are you investing any of your money? >> yeah. that's not going to move the needle believe me. but if necessary fine. >> you were nominated soon after you -- i guess, before you resigned as governor of
10:57 am
massachusetts to be ambassador to mexico by president clinton. what is your relationship with the clintons? >> it's good. i worked with mrs. clinton back in the '70s. we were still in our 20s. that was on the nixon impeachment. fascinating time. bill clinton i got along with very well as fellow governors and i was generally supportive of him as president, as well. >> you ran for new york governor. do you have any relationship with donald trump? >> i knew donald socially in new york. that's all. but yeah. we did see him and melania around town a little bit. >> what is your opinion of him? >> well, you know, that's the donald trump you meet socially and he is a warm person. not an ungenerous person. some of the stuff that he's running on i think is absolutely chaotic. i'm going to do this to mexico. okay. that's a violation of the north american free trade agreement which is the supreme law of the land. it is a treaty. we signed it. i'll do this to china. no questions asked. okay. that's a violation of the world
10:58 am
trade organization laws and we would be the rogue nation. i don't think we want to be the rogue nation. you know? let's let north korea be the rogue nation. not us. >> governor johnson, donald trump is no stranger to name calling. hillary clinton said she's not going to get into what she calls the gutter with him. during the february libertarian debate you called him a word so vulgar i cannot say it on cnn. is that the way you wage this campai campaign? >> no. it was a really poor attempt at humor. it was a total misfire. i apologize and i'm better than that. and you won't see that at all. >> but let me ask you how do you then go after donald trump? because some of the monikers he's handed out, they have stuck and they have worked. how do you go after -- >> you don't go after anybody. i was never a member of the never trump crowd. i declined that invitation. i think he deserves credit for what he's been able to do.
10:59 am
bringing people into the republican party. i think some of them stay in the republican party. >> would you call him a friend? >> no, no. no, no, no. >> the campaign is head quartered in salt lake city, utah. the home of one of the heads of the never trump campaign, mitt romney. he said he hasn't spoken with mitt romney since the second primary debate in 2012. he says that he'll continue to raise that $20 million to $30 million trying to get to 15% to put up a fight on the debate stage in the fall, wolf. >> they formally have to get the libertarian nomination this weekend, right? is that a done deal? >> it is not a done deal. they're the clear front-runners but that officially happens on sunday and then moving forward to try to raise the money and the support to get on the stage. >> victor blackwell reporting for us from orlando, where the libertarian party convention is taking place right now. thank you very much for bringing us the first joint sbe view of
11:00 am
the two libertarian candidates. that's it for me. thank you for watching. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." meantime, the news continues right here on cnn. happy friday. i'm brianna keeler. donald trump defied the party establishment, primary expectations and now all thoughts of primary. trump is going after a state that's not voted for a republican for president since 1988. i am talking about california. and it is part of a 15-state strategy that he just touted to his followers as his path to victory. it's not clear what all the 15 states are but no doubt california is trump's focus today. in a couple of hours, trump will be speaking at a rally in san diego and he said this to a crowd in fresno just moments ago. addressing