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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 27, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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the two libertarian candidates. that's it for me. thank you for watching. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." meantime, the news continues right here on cnn. happy friday. i'm brianna keeler. donald trump defied the party establishment, primary expectations and now all thoughts of primary. trump is going after a state that's not voted for a republican for president since 1988. i am talking about california. and it is part of a 15-state strategy that he just touted to his followers as his path to victory. it's not clear what all the 15 states are but no doubt california is trump's focus today. in a couple of hours, trump will be speaking at a rally in san diego and he said this to a crowd in fresno just moments ago. addressing a major concern in the state, the historic drought.
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>> you know, my environmental standard is very simple. and i have said it to everybody. i want clean air and i want clean water. that's what i want. clean air. clean water. very, very simple. so anyway, we'll be back up here. if we win, believe me, i'll start opening up the water to have your farmers survive. so your job market will get better. >> we have got cnn's dan simon outside of the fresno convention center where protesters have been gathering for hours but first phil mattingly who is inside for donald trump's speech. he's been speaking there, phil. what is he saying? >> reporter: well, mostly, brianna, now just a day after clinching the republican nomination, surpassing that magic 1,237 delegate number, the target on hillary clinton. attacking hillary clinton repeatedly about the experience, the e-mails, the inspector general report critical of her
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e-mail practices and noted interestingly taking a close look at hillary clinton's interviews that aired last night on cnn and other channels and spent some of his time critiquing those. but i think it's an interest point you make. donald trump is in california. an unorthodox place for a republican focused on a general election to be. two stops here today and already been in the state this week. as you said, it's part of his push right now to put new states in play. there are a lot of questions about how he would actually do that. what it would take financially to make that happen but at that point trump not backing off that claim and saying repeatedly here today he plans to come to california again and again. one of those traditionally blue states that trump and his team think he might be able to if not push into the red category at least force hillary clinton to spend money defending, brianna. >> we saw back in 2008, phil, that then senator barack obama was able to rework the math a little bit. a lot of folks looking at the map and the pathway to the presidency think that it may
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favor a democrat over a republican. how realistic do many observers think this idea of donald trump reworking the map is? is he a much different candidate to do that compared to other republicans? >> reporter: look. i think it's great in theory and hillary clinton's team rejects that theory but what's more interesting is republicans also very wary of the deal. still, looking at donald trump's stronghold, middle to lower class voters, pennsylvania or yesterday he spoke repeatedly of winning michigan, ohio always a crucial swing state there. these are areas where the demographics favor what donald trump has won up to this point and he believes he can put the states in play and now he has to prove it, brianna. >> you're inside of the event using the golf commentator voice. we appreciate it, phil. i want to go to dan simon there outside. i know, dan, that protesters seem to be designated to an
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area. right? what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, i'm definitely not using my golf commentator voice out here. definitely a few hundred protest earls outside. you can see several of them have mexican flags. you know, fresno relies on migrant workers from mexico to keep the agriculture economy going. and so not surprisingly seeing a lot of those folks here at this rally if you will. and they're talking about donald trump's immigration proposals. obviously, they're no fans of his in terms of him wanting to build the wall. you're offering -- hearing that. in terms of whether or not to see silence, the police say they're very well prepared far eventuality. usually when you have probables, they occur at night. this started at 10:00 a.m. local time so they're optimistic they're not going to see any problems. that said, they have at least
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150 officers here on site. some of whom are prepared to respond in riot gear and so far no problems. >> all right, dan simon. we know you'll keep an eye on that. thank you. of course, donald trump is not only presidential candidate prioritizing california. ahead of the state's june 7th democratic primary bernie sanders and hillary clinton also stumping there in the golden state. and any moment now, sanders is actually expected to speak in san pedro. california has a whopping 548 democratic delegates at stake. huge prize. i want to turn to chief political correspondent dana bash and juana summers. we have donald trump there in california. it is not a battleground state or ohio or florida. what does this tell you about how he might be looking for a different pathway to the presidency? >> you know, republicans since 1988 with the last time that republican won there have been
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kind of flirting a little bit with the idea of california thinking maybe the demographics are changing or maybe they can find pockets of new voters for republicans. but never really took it seriously. you know this. you're a californian, bri. i think there's a combination of it being early and trump being able to kind of just go and do his thing. a combination of that and california also being a place where he can and is raising money for the party. which is a new part of his job as the presumptive front-runner. so i think that, you know, it's a little bit of a water's testing, little bit of a this is where the money is right now. >> where the money is. which is always important. we know there's a lot of it there in california for democrats and republicans. juana, yesterday donald trump gave an energy speech in north dakota. this was a policy speech. there's politics to it. but is this part of more details
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that you think that we'll be seeing from him moving forward? >> absolutely. donald trump made a lot of promises in the speech, chief among them is energy independence and stated over and over and over again. and as we move closer towards the general election with trump having gotten the 1,237 delegates i think the question is how feasible those plans that he's released are. already just a day after he's given an energy speech, experts said the plan of the united states to have energy independence to get out of the global oil market and could be damaging to the united states and potentially also be very difficult to do in practice. so as donald trump does start to fill out more of the details on his plan, i think that he's going to get more and more scrutiny to get more serious, to talk about the more detail than we have seen from him in the past running in the republican primary. >> i know you guys have been watching when's happening with senator marco rubio under immense pressure to run for
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re-election. he was up here in 2016 and decided not to. a friend, lieutenant governor, now in and says my friend is running but donald trump tweeted this. he said poll data shows that marco rubio does by far to hold on to the senate seat in florida. important to keep the majority. run marco. what's going on here, dana? >> donald trump -- this particular slice of the story to me is more about donald trump behaving like a republican party leader. more than anything else. and this is an indication of that. i know from my reporting that there is a real push and i should say our manu raju is out front on this reporting, but the whole idea of getting marco rubio to run is a group of washington lobbyists. also a group of long-time veteran republican strategists who are working alongside the strategists inside the republican party who are trying
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very hard to keep florida's senate seat in gop hands. and so, they got word to donald trump. this is a big deal. and he tweeted it out. now, i think that is a fascinating part of this. that is probably a subplot. the bigger question is, will marco rubio change course? and decide not to go in to the private sector and come back to the senate. a place where he has made clear he does not like. the answer is -- >> which he took issue with, right, in the interview of jake tapper and he said i didn't like when people said i didn't like the senate. >> he kind of said he didn't like it. maybe not in those specific -- he did take issue with it. you're right. maybe not in that blunt of a way. but he made pretty clear when he was attacked by his old friend jeb bush in the republican primaries that he didn't feel that he needed to go to the senate because nothing gets done there and so on and so forth. putting that aside, the bottom line is that from people i'm
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talking to i was told by one source who kind of has a good sense of what he is going to do is 0% chance last week. and now maybe 35% chance but it's still the betting people are saying it's more likely than not that he stays out 069 race. >> juana, thereon this. this is what marco rubio told jake tapper about speaking at the rnc. he said he would do it if donald trump gave him a role. >> my sense is i'm going to go to the convention. >> you are? >> and i'll -- i don't know if i'll have a role in the convention but a lot of people going there that were supporters. >> if donald trump asked you to speak on his behalf you would do so? >> i would certainly -- yeah. i want to be helpful. i don't want to be harmful. >> will you release your delegates? >> yes. basically technically already has. if we haven't done so already we will. >> wow. juana, is this marco rubio finally falling in line behind
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donald trump? >> this is quite a reversal from the marco rubio we saw tweeting #never trump who's critiqued donald trump on his tone, on his policies. much like any number of other republicans we have seen perhaps senator graham talking to trump a little bit more friendly and nice phone calls. rick perry behind donald trump and rick santorum. a lot of republicans from different lanes of the party and as well as many of donald trump's former rivals in the race starting to come around to the new normal and that is whether they love him or hate him, donald trump has gotten to that magic number. he's the presumptive republican nominee and likely face off against hillary clinton in the general election providing she clinches her party's nomination. the calculus is they may not love everything he says and maybe counsel him along the party orthodoxy and most likely got. doesn't seem to be a third candidate and everyone was
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whispering about, that new person to come out as an insurgent doesn't seem to be that. >> maybe fair weather enemies. all right. dana, juana, thanks so much to both of you. moments from now, bernie sanders speaking live in san pedro, california. amid growing buzz of a hypothetical prize fight. sanders versus trump. a one on one debate. sanders says he's ready. democratic party leaders having none of it and openly criticizing sanders for the move. also, hillary clinton is facing tough questions after a highly critical report on her use of private e-mail while secretary of state. is this going to have lasting implications? we'll talk about that. you both have a perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record.
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technical difficulty with dan's shot there but if we can just take a look seeing the security line behind dan where police are. okay. let's listen in. >> reporter: you can see the supporters are right up against police. basically, what happened is the trump protesters came to this area where they knew they were going to see some trump supporters and a fight broke out between some of the protesters and the supporters. and then the police have rushed in and they're basically set up a line right in front of all of these protesters. so you can see that things have definitely heated up. it just goes to show you how things can instantly turn here. would have been out here all morning and things were very calm and then all of a sudden the group started marching. they came to an area where they knew they could confront some trump supporters. things started to clash a bit and you can see the police lined up in riot gear with pepper
11:18 am
spray canisters. ready to jump in if they have to. as you can see, things looking tense at moment, brianna. i can't hear you. i'm going to toss back to you. >> okay, dan. we know you'll be keeping an eye on this. we'll come back to dan in fresno if it's warranted. there are frustrations inside the democratic party as bernie sanders rallies right now. he rallies right now in california san pedro. he's doubling down on the proposal for a debate to end all debates. we're talking sanders versus trump. trump said he is into it. putting a $10 million charity price tag on it and thanks in part to jimmy kimmel, sanders is getting specifically about the still imaginary prize fight. >> you made it possible for us to have a very interesting debate. >> that's right. >> about two guys who looked at the world very, very differently. >> oh boy, do you guys look at it differently. that would be some debate.
11:19 am
i really think it might be one of the highest rated events in television history. >> well, i think it -- you know, the goal would be to have it in some big stadium here in california. >> yeah. they would be great. >> but some democrats have had it with sanders unwillingness to admit that hillary clinton is on track for the nomination. anger now seeping in to the entire senate democratic caucus. joe manchin of west virginia called it b.s. and didn't abbreviate as i did right there. joining us is joe johns, senior washington correspondent and also m.j. lee, politics reporter. joe, when's the calculus here? >> i heard from a sanders aide saying they're trying to nail this down. haven't heard back from the trump camp yet. sanders, even though he's running second in the race to hillary clinton will get equal footing on a stage bens the presumptive republican nominee. for sanders, it would be
11:20 am
political payback of a sort against hillary clinton who backed out of a debate with sanders in advance of the california primary and coming when polls show the two democrats running neck and neck. potential for public relations boost in there. the last word from the sanders camp was that trump may be chickening out. those are the words of the campaign manager but when you look at this carefully, the political advantage is more certain for bernie sanders than it is for trump. brianna? >> that's a point. m.j. i mentioned joe manchin, west virginia senator, democrat. he called this b.s. he said this to politico. why would you expect bernie should be considerate or be nice or working to bring everyone together. he is not a democrat. obviously, joe manchin is very -- he's in a very different place on the democratic spectrum than bernie sanders, for sure. they're probably would not be a lot for them to agree on.
11:21 am
but does joe manchin have a point that this could hurt the democratic party? >> well, i think what this underscores, brianna, is the fact that the goodwill that a lot of democrats have had for bernie sanders throughout the last couple of months, that that is starting to wear thin. i think for the duration of the democratic primary, a lot of democrats recognize including party leaders and rank and file members, they recognize the value of sanders challenging clinton and the value of him being a part of the conversation. obviously, he has shown he has a massive following and talking about ishlss that are important to progressives, whether it's wall street reform or student loans or campaign finance reform, many people in the party believe that he was sort of turning the conversation in a good direction and in turn bringing clinton a little more to the left and to acknowledge more progressive position. but now that we are in the month of may, in fact, about to head into the month of june, and
11:22 am
donald trump has really nailed down his nomination on the republican side. this sort of anger and frustration of sanders cleeping clinton back of focusing entirely on donald trump, that frustration as you said is really starting to boil over. >> and you hear donald trump saying, she can't close the deal. he's using it against her. we can see that. joe, listen to what bernie said last night on kimmel. this is in reaction to something hillary clinton told cnn. >> i have a clip i'd like to play for you to just get your reaction to it. here we go. >> getting into the general election if you're the nominee for your party. >> i will be the nominee for my party, chris. that is already done in effect. there is no way that i won't be. >> whoa. >> does that make you mad seeing that? >> just a tinge of arrogance there i think. i kind of think that on june 7th people of california will have a message for secretary clinton. >> okay. so, joe, he is calling hillary clinton arrogant. on the flip side, hillary
11:23 am
clinton supporters would say that sanders is delusional that he thinks he can still win. >> that is absolutely right. look. that statement by hillary clinton in response to a question from chris cuomo is not going to win her any sanders supporters, if you will. but i don't think anybody really expected that. and the fact of the matter is the bottom line is if you look at the delegate map, it is difficult for sanders to get there because hillary clinton is fewer than 100 delegates from clinching the nomination. that said, the sanders argument has always been that the polls show he stands a better chance to beat triump than hillary clinton for a variety of reasons and with a debate of trump he could show what he can do head to head and i think the campaign sees this as an opportunity to push those poll numbers higher. >> all right. joe johns, m.j. lee, thanks to both of you. next, president obama makes
11:24 am
history in hiroshima. his message to end the use of nuclear weapons for good. and hear from a man who lived through the bombing there. don't miss this story. we are continuing to watch protests outside of a donald trump protest in fresno, california. your heart loves omega-3s.
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the president making history today. obama now the first-ever sitting american president to visit hiroshima laying a wreath near where the u.s. dropped the first atomic bomb right before the end
11:29 am
of world war ii. >> 71 years ago, on a bright, cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was changed. a flash of light and a wall of fire destroyed a city. and demonstrated that mankind possessed the means to destroy itself. >> well, the president also shared an emotional moment and a hug with a 79-year-old survivor. the japanese man spent 40 years trying to get official recognition for the 12 american prisoners of war killed by that powerful bomb. will ripley has his story. >> reporter: survivors of hiroshima have few physical momentos of life before the
11:30 am
fireball. this is the only picture that survived the blast. memories they have many. when the a-bomb fell, i was on my way to school says shigeaki mori. he remembers mountains of bod dis and american p.o.w.s in this survivor sketch detained 400 meters, a quarter mile from ground zero. this small memorial marks the spot where they died. the old military police headquarters. leveled by the a-bomb. today, an office building. i thought we should have a memorial for the americans who died in the a-bomb, he says. but the u.s. kept hiroshima's p.o.w.s top secret until 1970s when declassified documents gave him a list. 12 american lists, their ages, where and how they died. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: every weekend for more than 20 years he borrowed
11:31 am
u.s. phone books from the library, calling every name that matched until he found the families. they didn't understand why i was doing this at the beginning, he says. they were very skeptical. it took a while to gain their trust. but he pushed on wanting the families to have closure. he continued for 41 years. it took so much patience, i think only he could do that. . the p.o.w.s the crews of two downed american bombers. he gave the families previously unreleased details of the captivity and offered to register their names on the official list of victims. the youngest of massachusetts. just 19. decades of searching and today 12 american p.o.w.s officially
11:32 am
registered at hiroshi manymahir of president. did you think you'd live to see them here? it's like a dream. i'm so happy. he wants president obama to know he and other survivors simply want to share their stories, share their memories so the world never forgets. will ripley, cnn, hiroshima, japan. next, we are monitoring protests live outside of a donald trump event in fresno, california. bernie sanders and hillary clinton also campaigning today in california. we have reporters covering all of the angles. you are watching cnn. ♪
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11:37 am
pedro, california. let's listen in. >> not more important than the future of this planet. and together, we are going to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to sustainable energy and energy efficiency. and together when we do that, we are going to create millions of great jobs here in california and all over this country. but our campaign is not just taking on the billionaire class and it's not just taking on a corrupt campaign finance system. it is dealing with issues like a broken criminal justice system. all of you should know that it is an international embarrassment that our country has more people in jail than any other country on earth.
11:38 am
we are spending -- >> all right. we'll continue to monitor bernie sanders there in san pedro, california. this is what we have been talking about. a possible battle royale. two animated foes and $10 million at stake. not the next pay per view vegas boxing match but bernie sanders versus donald trump in a debate. that was started as late night comedy fodder. it is now snowballing into the realm of plausibility. here's donald trump yesterday. >> i'd love to debate bernie. but they have to pay a lot of money for it. i'm in first place. i have won -- i'd say something over $10 million. >> and sanders who's been game knew just the thing to say to appeal to trump. he tweeted, i'm delighted that donald trump agreed to debate. let's do it in the biggest stadium possible. joining me is stephanie myers, a former contestant on "the
11:39 am
apprentice" and stephanie tish. stephanie, to you first. just paint a picture for us about what this debate would look like. do you think. >> i think this debate would be phenomenal. number one, we're not losing focus on the fact that mr. trump's willing to raise $10 million to $15 million for women's health issues. i think that's a great idea. look. he enjoys and takes care of women. women health issues are very important. also, i think it's a great idea because he can help mentor bernie and push him along. guess what. carry him all the way and crush him in the end. >> is this going to happen, emily, do you think? >> i mean, it might happen. there's nothing that trump loves more than a good media stunt which is what this is. it is a very big media stunt. look. we have been talking about it far number of days. he said he would do it if he can
11:40 am
raise $10 million to $15 million. this seems odd considering he's been strongly under fire, particularly in the last week for the fact he pulled this stunt and said he had raised $6 million for veterans that money never came through and odd to put the price on and not if you forget he's a media master. i would guess this conversation continues, continues, continues. sanders has everything to try to get in it and makes him look legitimate and the math is strongly against him. he will continue to go with it. but then what i would guess would happen is trump finds a reason not to do it. it's punching down. he is the actual republican nominee and doesn't have a reason to do it. >> he would elevate bernie sanders. you mentioned that event that donald trump did in iowa, i believe it was. instead of participating in a debate there which was to benefit veterans he was asked about that yesterday. he said he'll release that information that's something that folks demanding of him.
11:41 am
stephanie, do you think if you're gaming this out you think this is going to happen? >> i think it's going to happen. i think that people need to see what they both have to say. and quite honestly, i think bernie needs the help, the attention and the free press. everybody will always listen to what mr. trump has to say and if bernie needs to ride off the coattails, let him. >> what does this do, emily, for the democratic party? >> i mean, it's a very strange situation where somebody who was still running for the democratic nomination not previously a democrat debate the republican nominee. it is a very strange and unprecedented kind of situation. you had quoets earlier of senator manchin of ridiculous and may have used -- >> it was an expletive, you're right, yes. >> look for democrats, it's a --
11:42 am
for everybody it's a very odd situation and particularly for elected democrats. what kind of precedent does this set? this is actually not the nominee of the party. so why would he be debating the republican nominee? it makes no sense. >> it would be extraordinary. stephanie, emily, thanks to both of you. and next, a report this week by the state department, by the independent inspector general there, has hillary clinton e-mail back in the spotlight. could this report widen the so-called trust gap that she is facing with many voters? plus, we are continuing to watch protests outside of a donald trump rally in fresno, california. we'll go there live. stay with us. i'm getting dark chocolate and a hint of butterscotch. how about you? i taste - whaaaaaaaaaow. wha wha na na na na na na da ba da ba da ba daw! it's good. we don't want to think about it. but i had to. because, you see i was traveling,
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hillary clinton has more than just bernie sanders and donald trump to overcome. polls show the democratic front-runner continues to suffer from major trust issues with voters. this is a gap that may widen following a state department report from the independent inspector general there that is critical of her use of a private
11:47 am
server when she served as secretary of state. the report also found that clinton and several staffers refused to cooperate with the investigation. cnn's chief political correspondent dana bash has more on how the report couldn't come at a worse time. >> oh, thank you! >> reporter: should have, would have, could have. sentiments any candidate is loathe to express on the campaign trial. >> as i've said many times, if i could go back, i would do it differently. i know people have concerns about this. i understand that. >> reporter: yet, for hillary clinton, this week's state department inspector general report about how she mishandled e-mails as secretary state could be especially damaging. >> would you vote for someone that you don't trust? >> well, they -- people should and do trust me. >> reporter: yet all through the democratic primary contests voter that is said the most important quality was
11:48 am
trustworthiness only voted for clinton in three states. >> i do question her judgment. >> reporter: it's vulnerability bernie sanders has worked hard to exploit. maybe not so much about her e-mail issue. but he has spent months accusing clinton of being in the pocket of big business and wall street. her refusal to release transcripts of paid speeches to goldman sachs has not helped. >> i have said, look. there are certain -- there are certain expectations when you run for president. this is a new one. >> reporter: the state department's damning report given donald trump a fresh round of ammunition against her. >> as i say, crooked hillary, crooked hillary. she's as crooked as they come. >> reporter: assuming clinton is the democratic nominee, she already knows trump's playbook. >> bad judgment. skirting on the edge all the time. and you look back at her history and this is her history. >> reporter: but people's views of trump are exactly the same.
11:49 am
64% say he's not honest and trustworthy, either. running against donald trump, will hillary clinton have a big disadvantage if voters don't see her as honest and trustworthy or even matter? >> in most polling, the two candidates run about evenly and sort of awash. neither one is really seen as an advantage there. >> reporter: still, the most likely test for november will be which argument wins. this one -- >> if crooked hillary clinton is in charge things will get much worse. >> reporter: or this -- >> i think voters are going to be looking at the full picture of what i have to offer, my life and my service, and the full threat that donald trump offers our country. >> reporter: dana bash, cnn, washington. and next, comedian w. kamau bell goes to portland to get an up close look at the music scene. coffee shops. and yes, the hipsters. he joins me next live.
11:50 am
don't miss that. plus, we're monitoring protests live. these are outside of a donald trump event in fresno, california. those for him, those against him. we'll go live there. you're watching cnn.
11:51 am
11:52 am
living on mars. sounds like something out of science fiction, right? it is closer than you think. some companies are looking at ways to build colonies in space and cnn money's vanessa goes inside one of those businesses. >> reporter: space exploration is a $330 billion a year industry. it's expensive and it's dangerous. but it may hold the key to our dwindling resources here on earth. >> you know, i have a vision within just a couple of decades where there's going to be over 1,000 people living and working in space. >> reporter: this is tori. running united launch alliance known as ula. for the past decade, ula is responsible for 80% of the u.s.
11:53 am
rocket launches. today, they're planning for the industry's next big challenge. living in space. how? a brand new rocket called vulcan. it stays in space 20 times longer and has a reusable engine. cost savings, $60 million. >> with that new rocket it's going to be possible to actually build things in space. >> so that means that we'll essentially be able to build communities up there? >> absolutely. they have to have infrastructure. places to live. homes. and this new technology is going to enable that. >> reporter: this community will be called s cislunar 1000. and a large portion of that revenue will come from mining asteroids. >> the great discoy rfr of our time that i think has gone largely unnoticed is that water is everywhere. it's going to change everything
11:54 am
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that can camp out in between our teeth, if we'll let it. use gum® brand. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. these days, portland, oregon, known for hipster culture and its progressive life style but in the past the population was much more diverse. what changed?
11:57 am
w. kamau bell sees how gentrification is slowly changing the face of america in this sunday's new episode of "united shades of america." >> okay. so i'm guessing you come here and get sushi as a kid? >> oh, no. sushi was the last thing in the world out here. no sushi. >> not a lot of sushi joints in the old neighborhood? >> no. >> you are trying to tell me when you were a kid, they weren't selling kombucha on tap in your neighborhood? >> no. you didn't have it in the neighborhood. places like where this building is across the street here? >> yeah. >> a little place called the wing shop. >> the wing shop? >> yeah. sold -- three chicken wings, you know, and a couple of slices of toast. >> okay. all right. >> $1.50. >> $1.50? >> yeah. >> how can you push that business out of the neighborhood. >> i'm telling you man. it was crazy. >> that building. >> brand new building. everything is all brand new.
11:58 am
>> and a lot of it is all brand new within the last five years? >> yes. and the buildings that are still remaining, none of the same people. >> so the buildings that have been here, all new tenants? >> all new tenants. i don't think there's one person that had a business here back in the day that is still in business now. >> that's a damn shame. >> yeah. >> that's a damn shame. >> yeah. you wouldn't know you were in the same neighborhood. i mean, it is that different. >> he is with us now live. and you see all the differences there, kamau. why has portland changed so drastically? >> just to be clear, i don't want people to think i'm picking on portland. a lot of major cities, the property levels drop and the artists move in and build it back up and transformed and then people with -- white people with money move in. it's a national story and with portland more severe because oregon has a history of laws that restricted black ownership and also black people moving
11:59 am
into the state and just more severe in portland than other cities. >> you hear people looking at cities. we are also talking about harlem, the bay area in california, atlanta. you see gentrification. people say it's a bad thing. but you see two sides of this, right? >> i mean, i think that it depends on how you move into the neighborhood. you are allowed to go where you want to mostly in this country and it feels like moving into the neighborhood is one thing and moving on top of the neighborhood is what we're talking about where you sort of impose what you want on the neighborhood without thinking about the residents who still live there. we talked to a woman named beverly and like the whole downtown district of her neighborhood has changed. used to be a lot of shops and now one organic food store too expensive for her. >> you are going to be exploring this about gentrification about race, class, politics. looking to that. you can see the journey through portland and really what this
12:00 pm
means across the country on "united shades of america" sunday at 10:00 p.m. on cnn. happy friday to you. i'm brianna keilar. brooke baldwin is off. donald trump defied the party accomplishment, primary expectations and now all thoughts of political convention when it comes to the general election. trump is going after a state not voted for a republican for president since 1988. i'm talking about california. and it is part of a 15-state strategy that he just touted to the followers as his path to victory. it's not clear what kault 15 states are and no doubt california is a focus today and in a couple of hours trump will speak at a rally in san diego. he actually just finished speaking at the fresno convention center where the situation has gotten pretty tense outside. police lined up against protesters. we'll get to that in just a second. but while that was happening
12:01 pm
outside, trump celebrated his milestone thursday, climpnching nomination after earning the needed delegates inside. >> so, yesterday was a big day. you know, yesterday -- right? >> cnn's sarah murray in san diego where trump is supposed to speak coming up here in a couple of hours. first, though, i want to start with cnn's dan simon who is outside of trump's event in fresno that just wrapped up. tell us what's going on there, dan. >> reporter: yeah, hi, brianna. we are walking along a sidewalk here and the trump protesters have basically taken over a street and they're blocking traffic. you can see police, some of whom are in full riot gear. basically the problem has been where the trump supporters have
12:02 pm
been taunting some of the protesters and that's where you see -- and that's where you have seen some of the problems erupt. you can see police moving people. moving people down the sidewalk to try to clear off some of the traffic. for most of the day, things have been peaceful and we haven't seen too much violence break out except for the occasional skirmish of the protesters and supporters. the tension level has definitely risen as you have all the people take over the street, blocking traffic. police trying to do what they can to get the protesters the back off. if you will. but at this point, they're not having much success, brianna? >> how have they prepared for this? when's the different measures they have in case this -- it's obviously pretty tense and what do they do if it gets out of hand? >> well, as you can see, police are in full riot gear. so they're ready to engage the crowd if things get out of
12:03 pm
control. we know that they have teargas and pepper spray canisters and hopefully they won't have to resort to that. we know from talking to the police chief, one of the things the fresno police department did is studied what happened in albuquerque, new mexico, a few days to see how police reacted and could improve upon that. one thing is they separated supporters and protesters in terms of where the protesters were when the supporters were going inside the center and quelled things a bit at the beginning and now that donald trump left, that's when you have really seen the protesters sort of take aggressive measures and try to get their point across by taking to the streets and you can hear police now trying to get the streets cleared but i don't see this breaking up any time soon, brianna. >> from your observation point there, dan, is there a bigger contingency of anti-donald trump
12:04 pm
protesters or supporters? >> reporter: well, certainly, when the speech was going on, you had the supporters outnumber the protesters. but now that the speech is over, we're talking about just protesters in the street and mainly protesters in the street. i would say at the peak, you had about 500 of them and i would say, you know, we are talking about 400 or 500 protesters in the street at this very moment. you can see the mexican flag off in the distance. you can see all of the signs. we talked about it earlier but fresno gets a lot of migrants from mexico because they depend on the agriculture industry and the migrant workers come up here, you know, especially in the grape picking season and so one of the things we have seen and this is typical for donald trump events is you've seen them protest donald trump's immigration policies and i would
12:05 pm
say that's really what they have been talking about all day long, brianna. >> all right, dan simon. you are saying it looks like it will continue and monitoring with you and come back as needed, though. i want to head south now in california there to sarah murray. she is in san diego inside of this next event where donald trump will be speaking. what do you think we're going to hear from him there at the second stop of the day, sarah? >> reporter: well, brianna, i think we have seen donald trump sort of laser focused on hillary clinton, even before he officialed clinched the gop nomination, got to 1,237 he is latching on to the e-mail scandal saying this disqualifies her for the presidency and continued to hit that hard earlier today. let's take a listen. >> even though hillary's caught in another scandal, you know, the inspector general, who's a democrat, did a big, big number on her. i don't know how she can continue to run. i'll be honest with you. how does she continue to run? how does she continue?
12:06 pm
it could be i have to debate -- you know what? in first place, you don't want to debate a guy in second place and could be i'll end up with bernie. >> reporter: now, trump went on earlier today about how much he would love to debate bernie sanders. i still think that's pretty unlikely but gives you an idea of how hard he is going after hillary clinton. relatively complimentary things of bernie sanders. another indication that trump and his campaign believe there's overlap between people who formally supported bernie and people who might support donald trump in a general election. >> thank you so much. i want to bring in the panel to discuss this. van jones, cnn political commentator. ryan williams, the former spokesman for governors romney and sununu and ned ryan, american majority president. trump supporter and columnist for american supporter. i want to get your reaction to something donald trump said in the speech at this rally in fresno. let's listen.
12:07 pm
>> when i watched the speech last night it was so sad. everything she said was like a lie. i wonder, i wonder if i could start instead of saying crooked hillary, which is a very accurate description, i wonder if i could say, you know, remember lying, lying -- i won't say lying ted. i refuse to say it. lying ted. hold that bible high. puts it down and then he lies. lying ted. i'll retire that from ted. i'm not going to call ted that anymore. not going to call him. but i wonder if i could redo it. because after watching her last night with the lies. >> so ned, he clearly felt that lying ted strategy worked so well and looks like he wants to put this on to hillary clinton. is that what you think he's going to be doing and the main push of the strategy against her? >> i think he is pushing the narrative she is not honest and
12:08 pm
trust worty. the inspector general's report basically undermining the claims of the e-mail and the serve. i think it's a thing donald hammers on the theme of dishonesty, lying hillary, crooked hillary f. you start to see more i'm sorries like the inspector general's report coming out, it is a narrative that could gain traction and i think will with some level of the american electorate an seeing it for five, six months ivan, one of the things we also heard donald trump say is skirting everything, always on the edge. has hillary clinton left her open to some of that? >> well, i mean, she herself said she wishes she did it differently. it is a self-inflicted wound but when you look at the ig report, it definitely is not good for her, but also, there's stuff in there that is to her favor. for instance, you know, she said before -- others had done it.
12:09 pm
colin powell did it. you can't find the criminal wrongdoing i think the right wing is hoping you'll find. no intention of mishandling and aware that there was a -- you know, classified information on the server.3 in some ways she is exonerated on the criminal stuff but this is bad for her on the optics side. >> exactly. forget the other issues at stake. it is the perception, the narrative, the stories that come out undermining her credit bltd. trump keeps hitting on that. we'll see where the situation ends up for hillary but again in this situation with people having very short attention spans and five or six-second sound bites, they're hearing the inspector general undermined every claim for the most part hillary made about the e-mails and the servers and not going to be going and reading the entire report of the inspector general. >> well, ryan, i want you to look at this. i want you to listen to this. this is what hillary clinton said when she was responding to
12:10 pm
this independent inspector general's report about her e-mail practices to cnn's wolf blitzer. >> well, i thought it was allowed. i knew past secretaries of state used personal e-mail. secretary kerry did for a period of time until the rules were clarified. they were not a model of clarity and it seems like there's still more work to do on that. so yes. i believed it was allowed. but that's not the point. i said it was a mistake. >> i wonder what you think, ryan. because this is something that she has been saying for sometime. this explanation. but now there's this independent report out. does this explanation fly anymore or does this give donald trump a real area where he can -- a real vulnerability? increased vulnerability on this issue to hit? >> it doesn't work. nobody believes hillary clinton at this point. the ig report very clear this was not a casual oversight by
12:11 pm
secretary clinton. this was a willingness on her part to ignore the rules and repeatedly warned in e-mails over the course of her tenure as secretary of state. personal e-mails were not to be used in the way she was doing it. she ignored it and because she wanted to keep it secret. this is a trend we have seen with hillary and bill clinton of decades now. this scandal is a problem and drudges up bad memories of the clinton scandals in the past and devastating report for her campaign and gives trump quite a bit of ammunition to drive the crooked hillary, lying hillary narrative and seems to be catching on and a good angle of attack for him. >> van, this is the difference. this is the an independent report and we have been talking about the e-mail practices for so long now and i wonder if outside of the beltway regular voters, even democrats say, okay, this is maybe different and not just hillary clinton hit by republicans. this is an independent report.
12:12 pm
>> well, you know, there's -- first of all, things are so polarized i think that there's tendency for the partisans to stick the fingers on their ears for bad news for either candidate and some want to be able to move bapast it. we shouldn't let it go without commenting that we're now normalizing the idea that just blatant name calling is a strategy that we all think is perfectly fine. i refuse to adapt to the absurdity sitting here saying, well, you know, he is calling her lying. crooked and lying and all these names. he's not put forward basic, solid answers on policy and things that mat tore the american people. at some point, these kinds of attacks, they do wear downhill ri. athals begin to wear down the public. we have a zika epidemic about to spread through the country. we have got a super bug thing is about to hit. we are talking about whether to call somebody lying or crooked. i think that's certain point
12:13 pm
there's a danger that the political class gets so excited about all of these little back and forth things between the candidates and we forget the issues that people really care about. >> but this isn't about the partisan voters to vote regardless. either democrat or republican. this is about the growing number of independent voters that are open to this narrative of driving -- that donald's driving and that hillary is maybe not trustworthy. van's right. there are a certain amount of voters that vote democrat no matter what. this isn't about them. this is about the middle -- the independents in the middle who are still undecided at this point and deciding which way to go and if he can drive the wedge and creating doubts in the back of their mind about credibility, i think it's a strategy that can and probably will work coming towards the general. >> and van, you brought up name calling. ryan, something that donald trump called your former boss mitt romney, a choking dog. and he's been very critical,
12:14 pm
obviously, of donald trump. he just did an interview and he said he didn't expect to criticize trump further. he wouldn't rule it out. i know that some people are offended that someone who lost and is the former nominee continues to speak. but that's how i can sleep at night. there's some people who still value my opinion. there were some advisers, you were not among them, urging donald trump in this article to back off of his attempts to take down donald trump. just give us a little context here perhaps to what happened behind the scenes on team romney with this. >> i haven't talked to the governor about this recently, but, you know, he's made it very clear he won't support donald trump. that's his decision. i think that he realizes now that trump's the nominee. the people have spoken. there was a process in our nomination for our party. trump got it. while governor romney disagrees with the outcome, i think he will divert the time and efforts elsewhere. he is a respected member of the party, a statesman and could
12:15 pm
serve a great role helping the down ballot races. retain the majorities in both houses and elect a conservative governors. i think the governor realizes the reality of what's happening and may not agree but he'll divert the time and efforts elsewhere to help the republican party. >> ryan williams, thanks so much. i'm sorry, guys. i have to wrap it up there. van, thanks so much. ned ryan, appreciate you guys being with us. coming up, the libertarian party kicked off the national convention today. could its candidate gary johnson play spoiler to the 2016 race? also ahead, are donald trump and marco rubio calling a truce? donald trump encouraging rubio to run for senate. will rubio endorse trump? we'll discuss that. later, with hillary clinton turning focus to the general election, when's her media strategy? perhaps she's taking a page from the donald trump playbook. we'll tell you how. we have a lot going on in the newsroom and we'll be back after a quick break.
12:16 pm
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12:19 pm
the libertarian party kicks off the national convention today in orlando.
12:20 pm
it's three-day event to culminate with the election of the party's presidential ticket and gary johnson is probably making the ballot in all 50 states, important to note and polling nationally at 11% despite being usually left of the surveys. cnn's victor blackwell in orlando for the convention and spoke with the candidate as well as his presumed running mate, the former governor of massachusetts, bill weld. so, victor, tell us about what johnson told you. does he sort of see himself as the alternative to donald trump or the alternative to hillary clinton or both? >> reporter: well, first, that depends upon how well each nominee does coalescing their party respectively around them. they see themselves as a viable middle with positions the appeal to each nominee's supporters. one hand, gary johnson is against stricter gun laws and gun controls.
12:21 pm
on the other hand, he's pro-marriage equality, pro-abortion rights. and the last two attributes that, of course, are against republican orthodoxy and said there's a large number of republicans not focused specifically on the social issues. listen. >> you know, i leave this to others completely. i know that these questions exist. it's not something that i dwell on at all or will dwell on at all. i think there are plenty of others involved this and at the end of the day i don't think she will be indicted. i don't see that happening. but like i say, this -- speaking politically, that's not something i'm going to ever engage in is -- look. i'm going to certainly talk about issue differences with secretary clinton but i'm not -- nothing's going to come out of my mouth regarding her e-mail.
12:22 pm
>> that's interesting. >> reporter: unfortunately i. >> wonder if he's spoken to any of the anti-trump operatives for any help, by chance. >> reporter: first that sound bite was in reference to a question about hillary clinton and her e-mail server ear heard the answer there and but no he hasn't. his headquarters is in salt lake city, utah, the home of former governor mitt romney, one of the leaders of the never trump movement but governor johnson says he's not spoken with governor romney since the second republican primary debate in 2012. governor weld after comparing trump's plan to deport 11 million people in the country illegally to the night in the 1940s when homes and synagogues burned in germany, he says that he has actually respect for donald trump and has some positive things to say. let's listen to governor weld. >> there's the donald trump you
12:23 pm
meet socially and he's a warm person. not an ungenerous person. some of the stuff that he's running on i think is absolutely chaotic. i'm going to do this to mexico. okay. that's a violation of the north american free trade agreement which is the supreme law of the land. it is a treaty. we signed it. i'm going to do this to china. that's a violation of the world trade organization rules exposing us the united states to sanctions there. so we would be the rogue nation. i don't think we want to be the rogue nation. you know? let's let north korea be the rogue nation, not us. >> reporter: he also during that interview said he is never a member of the never trump group and should be congratulating for bringing republicans to the party and they have said that they will aggressively go after these two candidates as they move toward the general election, but first they have to get the nomination here on sunday, brianna. >> all right. victor blackwell in orlando, thank you so much for that.
12:24 pm
next, he said from the beginning he'd get behind the nominee but even now that it's donald trump? >> you have friends thinking about voting for donald trump. friends do not let friends vote for con artists. >> if donald trump asked you to speak on his behalf, you would do so? >> yeah. i don't want to be hillary clinton to be president. >> what a difference a few months can make. how trump's former rival plans to help and what trump's encouraging rubio to do. stay with us. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it.
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after months of one of the
12:29 pm
more brutal rivalries in presidential primary history, marco rubio and donald trump seem to be calling a truce. now that trump has the number of delegates, cnn's jake tapper asked rubio if he would speak at the republican convention. >> my sense is i'm going to go to the convention and i'll -- i don't know if i'll have a role in the convention. but a lot of people going there that were supporters. >> if donald trump asked you to speak on his behalf, you would do so? >> i would certainly -- yeah. i want to be helpful. i don't want to be harmful. if i can help the cause, i mostly certainly would be honored to be considered for this. >> are you planning to release your delegates? >> yeah basically technically have. it will be irrelevant. if we haven't done so by now we will. >> we can't ignore the rants of a few months ago. check it out. >> we have a con artist as the
12:30 pm
front-runner in the republican party. he runs on this idea of fighting for the little guy. but he has spent his entire career sticking it to the little guy. every business he's ever run that's gone bankrupt, i mean, this guy bankrupted a casino. how do you bankrupt a casino? and the commander in chief cannot be someone that thinks that nuclear triad is a rock band. if he did not inherit $200 million he would be selling watches in times square. it's not how loud and offensive you can be and how many bad words can you say and how many ridiculous things to say on television. it is time. the charade is up. this is a con job. do you have friends thinking of voting for donald trump? friends do not let friends vote for con artists. >> nevertheless, trump now is also softening his tone encouraged rubio to run for senate re-election. here's what he tweeted. poll data shows that marco rubio does by far the best in holding
12:31 pm
on to the senate seat in florida. important to keep the majority. run marco! let's bring back ryan williams, former spokesman of mitt romney. also joining me, cnn political analyst buck sexton. ryan, when's happening here? this is quite the turnaround of these two. >> this is the natural process after a nominee's been selected to the party. comes together. former competitors kind of have a truce. this is different because it was a pretty brutal primary and tough words exchanged. >> unclooding the small hands thing. we should note that that came because of these gentlemen, right? >> that did happen, yes. i think senator rubio real itzs the voters have spoken. the senator is leader in the party and leaving the senate and you have to respect the will of the voters. they made a decision. i think the senator respects that and doesn't want hillary clinton to be the next president. she is untrustworthy. i think he wants to not stand in the way of defeating her and why he is reaching out and good to
12:32 pm
see donald trump reaching back and, you know, building a bridge to senator rubio. >> what do you see this as, buck? is this rubio saying to some republicans who might be wondering if hillary clinton might actually be a better choice than donald trump? hey, she is not. >> i think what you are seeing is beginning of the breakup that you can expect in what's been called the never trump movement from a lot of conservatives in the gop within the conservative base. it's one thing to say that when the primary's going on and previous guest alluding to, it's now a period of consolidation and expected to be expe edexpec. marco rubio is doing what he can to be helpful to the republican future and none of this is the least big surprising to me. should be the expectation. the question remains how many people that have said they're never trump, particularly those with large followings and media,
12:33 pm
writers, pundits, the rest, decide to cross over to the never hillary side of the fences. i'm a recovering cruz supporter. there are a lot of us out there. a lot of recovering rubio supporters and kasich supporters, too, having a tough time with all of this. the fact of the matter is never hillary, get behind the party nominee and that means trump. >> you can't be never both. i guess you could. that's also a possibility. >> there are some -- yeah. some are doing that. >> that's right. okay. listen to more of this interview that jake did. pay close attention here to the word maybe. >> i have a real good friend running for the senate. i didn't run. i said i wasn't going to. he got into the race. he's a lieutenant govern nor of florida. i think he is a strong candidate. he's in the race. i think he put in time and energy and deserves the chance the see where he can take it. >> if you didn't have a friend running, might you consider it?
12:34 pm
an actual friend. >> personal. known him since the dole campaign in '95, '96. as college students. but sure. i mean, maybe. i enjoy my work in the senate. i always did. >> okay. now just to sort of fill in the gap here on this, ryan. talk about this. rubio in the unfortunate situation of up for re-election in 2016 and a lot of times, you know, it is just not customary necessarily to hedge your bets and run for the senate and the presidency at once. or maybe not even allowed in some cases here. but when you heard him say maybe there, is that more than just a maybe to you? >> no. i think that senator rubio will not be a candidate for the senate here. i think he -- many people want him to run again. he would be a strong favorite to retain that seat and made it a promise running for president not seeking the seek and the senate again. his friend carlos lopez the lieutenant governor of florida running. he doesn't want to get in his way so i don't think this is
12:35 pm
anything beyond wishful thinks by some in the senate leadership. to ensure that republicans maintain the majority in the united states senate. >> buck, you see speaking of leadership of republican leadership, the pack that's aligned with the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell behind the idea of rubio getting back in. do you think he will or probably not going to? >> no. i agree with rye i don't know. probably not going to. there are certainly some who believe that the original sin if you will of the rubio presidential campaign was that it was sort of a betrayal of the bush apparatus and that he wasn't supposed to run. he was supposed to wait his turn. and my understanding is that became quite nasty between those two camps and even on sort of a personal level a sense of betrayal. i don't think you're going to see rubio break the word on this and go against as he says a personal friend. i think he is going to sit it out and see where he stands after the presidential election. people have been so wrong so often so far in this election cycle that you can jus put
12:36 pm
predictions out there and people don't remember at this point. >> who knows? fact them all and takes a long time after the fact. all right. buck, ryan, thank you so much. you can catch jake's entire interview this weekend on "state of the union." 9:00 eastern only on cnn. and next, it is a dead heat between the democrats in california. so is hillary clinton's camp rethinking her media strategy? maybe they're even borrowing a page of trump's playbook. we'll break it down next. every ingredient is the main ingredient. the new green goddess cobb with avocado, bacon, freshly made dressing, tomato... and chicken. at panera. food as it should be.
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bernie sanders california
12:41 pm
dream could soon become reality. the california primary just 12 days away now and a statewide poll shows sanders deadlocked with hillary clinton, just 2 percentage points separating them right. that's well within the margin of error in this poll. california has a whopping 475 delegates up for grabs. pledge delegates there. clinton needs fewer than 80 to clinch the nomination, the sanders campaign feels confident he can pull off a sweep. clinton may be confident but she is taking a tanlg out of the trump playbook surprising folks by calling in to not one but two television news shows, this included cnn. i want to talk about this now with dylan biers, senior media and politics reporter. dylan, is that's what's happening? do you think they're rethinking the media strategy and realizing she can call in and get the message out? >> yeah. i think there's a lot to that.
12:42 pm
i think when's going on is she is looking ahead towards the general election and will come out of the june 7th primary with the delegates she needs and she needs to tell a story and that story looks better if she wins california. it doesn't look very good if hillary clinton, presumptive democratic nominee can't pick up a state like california. i think that's a calculation there and same time thinking about the general election and the five or six months ahead. she knows that donald trump is a master at sucking up oxygen and not enough for her to be the non-donald trump candidate. she has to think about how she can be out there, telling her story and sort of driving her own narrative and not just letting every day, every news cycle be about donald trump. going on the shows, doing what he's done, calling in to shows advancing the agenda, that helps her do that. >> she chose to call in on such an important day and he clinched the nomination hitting that important number of 1,237.
12:43 pm
so, okay. so she is neck and neck with bernie sanders in california but then you look, dylan, on the national scale. she's really been honing in on trump. there's two new ads out in california today targeting, who is it, trump or sanders? >> well, look. it can be both of those things mutually exclusive. she is trying to say, look, i am a champion of liberal kautzs and many of the same liberal causes that bernie sanders is fighting for. but she is also putting herself out there as a champion of immigrants. i mean, a lot of ads looking at them are very much targeted towards california's high grant, latino population and that population at a national level and clearly going against donald trump and all of his sort of rhetoric about, you know, building a wall. sort of anti-immigrant rhetoric. she can do both of the things at the same time and i think the ads just like the calling into the shows proven very effective. you talk about how important that day was calling in to the shows the day that he wrapped up
12:44 pm
the nomination and got the 1,237 delegates he needed. that, too, straight out of donald trump's playbook. somebody else has a story and driving headlines, call in and pull attention away by creating your own headlines. >> all right. dylan, thank you so much. really appreciate you having with us today from los angeles. next, just in to cnn. we have a dire warning from 100 doctors. they're saying do not let the summer olympic games go on as planned. next.
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
12:47 pm
12:48 pm
a police officer was inside a store just running an errand when he made the ultimate sacrifice. sergeant robert wilson died shieldi ining others from a sprf bullets and cnn's jessica snider has more on the hero awarded the medal of valor by president obama. >> reporter: dedicated officer and loving dad and grandson. >> it was absolutely incredible what this officer was able to
12:49 pm
do. >> protected like he was sworn in to do. >> reporter: orion march 5th, 2015, sergeant robert wilson was shot and killed at this gamestop in north philadelphia. >> officer was shot. >> shot! give a medic here! >> i say about three, four years old in this picture. >> reporter: constance wilson didn't know what happened to her grandson but racing to the hospital, the details of wilson's actions inside this gamestop began to emerge. wilson stopped into the store on patrol to buy a video game for his son's birthday. that's when she says two robbers rushed in. >> and people in there. and he protected those people. and so he took on two shooters by himself. yep. he stood his ground to, you know, they took him down. >> he stepped away so that shots weren't going directly at them. they were going toward him. >> he saved the people's lives and same time lost his. >> reporter: you are proud of
12:50 pm
him for that? >> yes, i am. very proud of robby. >> reporter: he was awarded the medal of valor last week at the white house by president obama. >> mrs. constance wilson, accepting on behalf of sergeant sergeant williams put himself in harm's way during an armed robbery. [ applause ] >> he said, i'm proud of your grandson. i said, i am, too. above and beyond the call of duty. >> reporter: jess schneider, cnn. >> and now more than ever, the world needs heroes. we are encouraging you to tell us about every day people who right now are doing their best to make a difference. anderson cooper explains how. >> tonight, we're recognizing some incredible acts of compassion and kindness.
12:51 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen -- >> please join me. >> please join me in honoring -- >> in honoring cnn hero. >> cnn hero! >> this year marks the tenth anniversary of "cnn heroes," celebrating every day people changing the world. how do we find these people? with your help. nominate someone at maybe they are caring for children, helping our veterans or protecting the environment. whatever their cause, nominating a cnn hero is easier than ever. go to on your smartphone, tablet and click nominate and fill out the form and tell us what makes your hero extraordinary. be selective. those who are truly dedicating their lives to helping others. you'll see a message that confirms we received it. >> i mean, this is great. yes. >> being recognized as a cnn
12:52 pm
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12:56 pm
i want to head to southern california now and specifically san diego where our paul vercammen is standing by. this is the site of the donald trump trump rally, his second event of the day. give us a sense of what you're seeing there, paul. up north we saw protests for and protests against him. what are you seeing? >> reporter: that law enforcement has done a great job of ceiling off the various
12:57 pm
camps. this is obviously the anti-trump camp. they marched down here at least 400 people in this part right at the edge of the historic san diego area. it's been a peaceful protest. you can bet in due time they will shatter the trump pinata. jordan is going to make a move and excuse the crowds, brianna, those are trump supporters. and then far off to the left, donald trump is going to go inside and speak and then right into the middle of all of this -- and this is why crowd control, et cetera, is so important, you've got the metropolitan system walking right by. if you look to the left, you see san diego police officers and we've seen sheriff deputies and we have seen aid from el cajon and chula vista. obviously, they are very well equipped and have been forewarned.
12:58 pm
they have riot gear and flexible handcuffs as we've seen ready to make arrests if they have to. so far, as we've suggested, it's been a peaceful demonstration and they've sealed off the trump protesters right over here you can see these are the same street preacher who is got into it with people in anaheim the other day. but so far, nobody has punched anybody, thankfully, and the sense is spirited but it has not turned rowdy, at least not yet. >> it's interesting, anaheim is a couple hours drive north there. this is not exactly next door to san diego. i know that what we've been hearing from a lot of authorities is that they are studying the tape from albuquerque where we saw things really get out of hand earlier this week. is that what folks did there in san diego? >>. >> reporter: absolutely.
12:59 pm
they compared notes with authorities elsewhere. you'll remember in ana him. lots and lots of various metal barricades. we'll look back here again. look at the line of officers over there in protected mode and look at the metal barricades and then over here to the right you have the trump demonstrators sealed off by metal barricades. for the most part, they have done a very good job of keeping these two groups away from each other. they are not in direct proximity. there are little squirmishes and shouting arguments like the one to my right but nobody, as i said, has gone so far as to hit each other or that kind of thing. as you said, some of the same characters. but they are well-equipped. out of our view, we saw officers with nonlethal weapons, including the bean bag shooting guns and there's a lot of officers that you cannot see who are ready to be deployed.
1:00 pm
i would say hundreds of them. brianna? >> paul vercammen for us in san diego, thank you so much. i want to send it over now to jim sciutto. "the lead" starts right now. thank you, brianna. could donald trump go full terminator and win california in november? "the lead" starts right now. donald trump unveils his strategy to win states that was supposed to be signed, sealed and delivered for the democratic party. could he really turn both bright red? plus, new video showing u.s. special forces just miles from the center of syria. why the pentagon says why we are not seeing what we're probably seeing. plus, a twister exploding before our eyes. tornadoes, floods and predictions of a hurricane season with some names we may remember for a while.