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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  May 28, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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i'm suzanne malveaux. frederica whitman is off today. >> trump is praising police for arresting at least 35 people tweeting this morning saying san diego c.d., fantastic job on handling the thugs who tried to disrupt our peaceful and well attended rally, greatly appreciated." this all began as protest came face to face after the rally when thousands of trump supporters flooded into the streets. >> usa! >> some altercations became violent.
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shouting matches, punching, shoving, some launching bottles and eggs at each other. you see it there, shields and batons there. some officers used pepper spray. they began moving the protesters down the street successfully dispersing the crowds. i want to talk now with the political editor of right and also a trump supporter and ben ferguson is a cnn political commentator, host of "the ben ferguson show." scottie, we saw over the last two weeks trump spent a lot of time trying to unify the party, meeting with top republican leaders, speaker ryan and the nra. here the question has to be how does he unify the country
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because that's what the president is going to have to do. >> our country was founded in some way with protests. what we're seeing here was actually helping mr. trump when she's folks, who might have real grievances with mr. trump use things like violence and assault police officers and destroy property and show no respect for the law, all that does is reaffirm the problem we have in this country and how the balance of order needs to be restored. they have been successful. instead of showing what mr. trump is showing and the thousands of peaceful people that are gathering to hear him, we're now focused now on what's going on outside in the chaos. until we get people like bernie sanders and hillary clinton standing up and saying i don't approve of these, if you're a supporter of mine, please don't be involved in this type of demonstration, unfortunately these are going to continue to build. >> just a follow-up if i can here. how does trump do that. he does need to say that, look, that's nol tolerated in our
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political discourse here, the violence. but also, needs to say i get it, i understand you have these grievances. we need to bring you into the fold. how does he start to make that happen? >> he has said he does not agree with the violence going on outside. he encourages his supporters not to interact with them or go to other rapies and llies to do th. he does say he's going to build a wall and he does say we need a temporary solution to fix our security system here in the united states. that's how it's going to be. as long as folks are using this way to eget their message across, it's not being met with very much acceptance and saying how do we work with you? this does not work. there's other ways of negotiation that are better. >> let's go to you, hashtags
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trending now, chicken trump, crooked hillary. "based on the fact that the democrat democratic nominating process, it seems inappropriate that i would debate the second place finisher. >> i think this is a smart move by donald trump. th he says, well, he's not going to win this, which is only going to inspire bernie sanders voters to come out and vote for him, which
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extends the fight between sanders and hillary and he wants that to be extended. and hillary clinton was not authorized to set up her private server and she did not ask for permission. it makes bernie sanders' supporters that much more mad that he was called second place guy and it reinforce what is donald was saying and that is, hey, this is rigged, hillary clinton, the democratic national convention, debbie wasserman schultz, they're trying to silence you and you guys need to speak out even louder and they're stealing this from you and taking that and running with it. >> i see paul manafort's
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fingerprints all over this. we heard the former head of the dnc say that sanders would clean his clock if they had a debate like this, sanders himself saying he was going to expose trump for what he called his racist views. do either one of you believe that it was a good idea in the first place for trump to participate in something like this? >> let's remember how it came out. it was a late-night comedian show. he's the one who suggested it. i think he threw it out there not thinking it would get the leg it is did. obviously after it got off air, it did get the legs and then i think cooler heads prevailed and said strategy-wise and etiquette-wise, this is not how we do it. it's not our place to go in and encourage it. >> ben, do you agree? >> i think this really comes down to bernie sanders supporters who are frustrated and irritated. donald trump's point was i won't
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debate him, hillary clinton won't even do it and the democratic party is stealing this from you. it reinforces that messages to bernie sanders supporters and it inspires them and you want them inspired. bernie sanders and hillary clinton should debate. it's not over yet. even though hillary clinton has a mass majority of super delegates, i think bernie sanders deserves one more debate and i think hillary clinton deserves to give the voters one more look at her before they have a chance to vote in california. whether she'll do it or not -- i understand why she's not doing it. i wouldn't want to debate bernie sanders if i'm hillary clinton right now either. i want to keep running out the clock and try to wrap this thing up. >> scottie, one more question for you here. a little bit more time before i let you go. he said there is no drought. if i went, believe me, we're going to start opening up the water, what does he mean by
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that? >> i think he's talking about all the epa regulations. granted, he cannot sit there and have mother nature pour rain down on california but you have to see one of the things happening, you're seeing stars watering their lawns with disregard and get no penalty and he's going to make it equal upon all and remove all of the epa regulations that don't seem fairnessly to some of the ones in california. >> we're not doing the rain dance yet. >> thank you so much. appreciate your time. >> with trump clinching the republican presidential nomination, where does that leave marco rubio? jake, what did he tell you? >> suzanne, one of the first questions marco rubio got after dropping out of the presidential race was whether or not he'd be willing to serve as vice president to donald trump. the senator offer as lot, youth,
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energy. he's from the critical battleground state of florida, he's latino. in an exclusive interview with me, rubio tells me why he will not serve as vp, as well as discussing his plans for the future. >> so you're willing to go to cleveland, willing to speak if appropriate, you want to do whatever you can to defeat hillary clinton and you'll like public service. is the door still closed to being donald trump's vice president? >> it is because in my view it wouldn't be the right choice for him. donald i think deserves to have a vice president, he's earned the nomination and he deserves to have a running mate that more fully embraces some of the things he stands for. >> we should definitely think that those of us who cover politics and those of your fans who are watching this right now, that this is not the end of it for you. you think you will likely run, if not for president again, something that will -- >> i think that's a safe assumption. but i don't know where i'm going to be in two years.
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i don't know. i can tell you i enjoy public service. if there's an opportunity to serve again in a way that i feel passionate about, i most certainly think i'll explore it but i don't know where i'm going to be in two years. i don't know what my life will look like then. >> rubio is leaving the door open to running again whether or not trump wins in the fall. >> thanks, jake. check out his full interview with marco rubio tomorrow morning at 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. i want to bring in larry sabato. good to see you as always. i want to start out with the v.p. question. is there any chance you think that trump is going to offer this to rubio, despite the claims he's not the right guy? >> there's always a possibility,
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especially with donald trump. he can change his mind three, four times a day on the same subject. i don't think rubio would be inclined to accept. it's probably not in rubio's interest, nor would it guarantee florida that republican primary that trump won handily over rubio suggest rubio is weaker in florida than we thought. >> the florida lieutenant governor is going to make a run for it himself, they're good friends. trump tweeting shows that marco rubio does by far the best by holding on to a senate seat in florida. important to keep the majority. run, marco, run. >> he has to listen.
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these are senior majority people. if you cau almost all want rubio to run again because they believe correctly they would have the best chance to hold that seat. he's the incumbent after all. while rubio is citing his good friend in the race, we know how much friendship ask matters in politics.
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it would be a very difficult challenge in the senate. right now they control the senate 54 seats to the democrats' 46. but you have a sizable number of seats coming up in democratic states, in blue states, that hillary clinton is very likely to carry. something tells me this year we're going to have a lot of straight ticket voting. when people start to vote for trump, they'll vote for all the republicans. when people start to vote for clinton, they'll vote for all the democrats. if clinton wins the election, she has a pretty good chance of pulling in a democratic senate with her and that's what the republicans want to start. >> that is why voter turnout is so critical in this election. larry, thank you so much for your time. we' we'll see you a little bit later. >> the libertarian party, will
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this ticket hurt the republicans or the democrats? we'll hear from the likely libertarian candidates up next. >> we'll hope to be the nominees coming out of the libertarian convention. i think there will be a clear third choice. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. the libertarian party is hoping the turmoil around the major parties pushes voters its way, the party holding its nominating convention this weekend in orlando, florida, founded in 1931 as an alternative to the republican and democratic parties. they believe in government's role in economics and social issues and on economics, libertarians believe in slashing government benefits, reducing regulations and reforming or even eliminating the federal reserve. on social issues, they generally lean more liberal, favoring same-sex marriage and the decriminalization of most if not all drugs. but the libertarian party is also very pro gun rights and on
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foreign policy libertarians are non-interventionists. they prefer a military devoted only to national defense and they support shutting down foreign military and economic aid. i want to bring in our own victor blackwell, who was at the libertarian convention yesterday, fascinating. you had a chance to sit down and talk with the very likely candidates from that party. tell us who they are, what they're like. this year people are paying attention. >> they're optimistic. here's why. you have two candidates from the republican and democratic parties who have really high unfavorables and a lot of people looking for that third option. these are the likely candidates. the front-runner, gary johnson, former two-term governor of new mexico, ran for president as a libertarian in 2012, got about 1.23 million votes, the most ever for a libertarian candidate, bill weld, the former massachusetts governor, briefly ran as a libertarian for
8:19 am
governor of new york and was nominate d for the post of ambassador to new mexico. i asked about weld's relationship to bill clinton, who nominated him for that ambassadorship and whether johnson was at one time -- was the ceo of a company selling marijuana products, would he use drugs in the white house? you were nominated before you resigned as governor of massachusetts to be ambassador of mexico by president clinton. what is your relationship with the clintons? >> it's good. i worked with mrs. clinton back in the 70s. we were still in our 20s. that was on the nixon impeachment. fascinating time. bill clinton and i got along very well as fellow governors. >> when is the last time you spoke with the clintons, secretary clinton? >> i don't think i've spoken to her in two years. i've seen her in new york. i lived in new york and i'd see
8:20 am
both of them there. >> do you have any relationship with donald trump? >> i knew donald socially in new york, that's all. yeah, we did see him and melania around town a little bit. >> what's your opinion around him? >> well, there's the donald trump that you meet socially, he's a warm person, not an ungenerous person. some of the stuff that he's running on i think is absolutely chaotic. i'm going to do this to mexico. that's a violation of the north american free trade agreement, which is the supreme law of the land. it's a treaty. we signed it. that's a violation of the world trade organization rules, exposing us, the united states, to sanctions there. so we would be the rogue nation. i don't think we want to be the rogue nation. let's let north korea be the rogue nation, not us. >> governor johnson, donald trump is no stranger to name calling. hillary clinton has said that she's not going to get into what she calls the gutter with him. during the february libertarian debate, you called him a word that is so vulgar, i cannot say
8:21 am
it on cnn. is that the way you're going to wage this campaign? >> no, it was a really poor attempt at humor. it was a total misfire. i apologize and i'm better than that and you won't see that at all. >> how do you then go after donald trump? because some of the monikers he's handed out, they've stuck and they've worked. how do you go after him? >> you don't go after anybody. i was never a member of the never trump crowd. i declined that invitation. i think he deserves a lot of credit for what he's been able to do bringing people into the republican party. >> would you call him a friend? >> no, no, no. i would call the clintons closer to being friends. >> right before you announced your 2016 candidacy for president, you were ceo of a company called cannabis citiva, maker and marketer of cannabis products. you've been very open about your
8:22 am
use of cannabis products. would a president johnson use cannabis products in the white house? >> no, i wouldn't. and i've been on record saying that. i haven't had a drink in 29 years. no, i don't think -- i think i really have a proven record of discipline beyond most people. and, no, i don't think you want to have the president of the united states impaired or potentially being impaired in any way whatsoever. >> now, there was some excitement initially after the announcement of a potential ticket with two former governors, but lately there's been some trepidation about bill weld. political saying he did not do himself any favors, calling libertarian the people that are the unattractive people down the street or in the neighborhood. also said that the u.s. should stay in the u.n., which is
8:23 am
anathema. he was supportive of stricter epa regulations. >> i used to cover him as governor of massachusetts. the libertarian candidate, who does it impact more, hillary clinton or donald trump? >> because of their mix of views, they believe they can pull from both sides. because they are two former governors in traditionally blue states, they believe they can take votes from republicans. we'll see if they can support a ticket. you see here 10% in the polls, they've got to get to 15% to make the debate stage. >> the fact that we're even talking about them here makes this election season just completely different than previous ones. thank you, victor. good to see you. you can catch more of victor blackwell's report tomorrow morning.
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>> a horrifying scene. a vintage world war ii plane
8:28 am
plunges into new york's hudson river. police say they recovered the pilot's body. 56-year-old william gordon was the only one on board. witnesses say they watched in horror as their plane slammed into the river last night. you see the video showing the moment of impact. rachel crane is following the story from new york. i understand that some people saw the pilot struggling to get out of the plane? >> that's right. you have restaurants and running paths on either side so many witnesses saw this crash occur. while there's many questions surrounding this ongoing investigation, the museum that owns plane put out a statement earlier today. they said the faa will determine the reason for the in-flight failure. we know he was a nationally respected pilot and we were lucky to call him one of our own. law enforcement officials tell us that will be using a crane later today to try and recover that plane. it will be the army corps of
8:29 am
engineers and nypd working to the on this recovery effort. so the faa and ntsb can continue the investigation into what went wrong here. suzanne? >> donald trump's campaign might continue to be on the up swing but there are reports of a power struggle inside the campaign. we'll explain that next. it doe. kind of like your echo having a cheeky british accent. hellooo! 'ello! you saucy tart! when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future.
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>> this week donald trump picked up enough delegates to help him secure the republican nomination. it's a big deal of course for a political outsider and for trump 's campaign. but just as they're celebrating, there's a power struggle also going on inside his campaign. tonight fresh off of clinching the republican nomination, the trump campaign is rejecting new reports of more top-level
8:33 am
infighting. the trump campaign announced it was parting ways with its political director rick wylie, wednesday. just six weeks after he was hired. he was originally brought in to organize the ground game. when asked if he was fired, the campaign said he was only hired for a specific role. but some say whihe butted heads with campaign manager corey lewandowski and paul manafort. >> corey, good job. good job. >> reporter: sources attentions between corey lewandowski and manafort have increased. so much so the two are now working on different floors in the trump tower.
8:34 am
>> it's not unheard of but it is unusual that two such top aides are really going at each other and that the rift has shown up in such a public fashion. >> manafort's duties have expanded. >> i work directly for the boss. >> as trump consistently downplays reports of any inner team turmoil. >> paul gets along with corey. they have different functions. but i'm telling you they get along very well. they have separate functions and they're doing great. >> in an interview with the huffington post, manafort said trump isn't likely to pick a minority or woman for a vice president, that would look like pandering. >> we're looking for absolute competence. >> manafort also said it's not his job to change trump.
8:35 am
"you don't change donald trump, you don't manage him, he's going to win unless we, meaning people like me, screw it up. this is not a hard race." >> corey lewandowski denied there was any tension between him and paul manafort. we're also talking to josh rogan, cnn analyst. rick wylie was brought in to strengthen the ground game and hillary clinton's folks, we have certainly seen in the last couple of weeks at least, they have been building there as we're tacking ohio, california, florida, pennsylvania. so now that wylie is gone, who plays that role? who actually does act to make sure you guys are also competitive? >> i think as donald trump said, a lot of the ground game is going to be the function of a combination of the rnc and the trump campaign itself.
8:36 am
let's not forget that rick wylie was hired to mesh the two apparatus. now that that's happened, i don't think we should look too much into why he was let go or left or the situation there. every situation i was involved in from the president down to the town judge, people try to compete for the principal's attention. objectively we can't see this as that unique. i'm sure the same thing goes on if not more or less spoken about in the clinton campaign or sanders campaign but these are not unique to the trump campaign. >> joe, i give you that point but there is something -- wylie did say people report to him in the ground game. who makes sure the ground game is strengthened? >> there's no doubt the trump campaign is working on developing a more robust operation than it is today. but before we play specifics, look at the bigger picture.
8:37 am
if rick wylie was and you happy with the strategy, the the strategy was working. he's tied if not winning in a lot of swing states. his unfavorables amongst different demographics are improving, albeit slowly but faster than people said they would be. the trump campaign is doing fine. to paint the picture it's not would be misleading. >> joe brings up a good point. political infighting is true in many campaigns, i've covered much of these. you've got corey lewandowski on one side and paul manafort on the other side. how does the campaign manage these two camps? >> you're right that it happens in every campaign but this tells
8:38 am
us about donald trump's leadership style himself, which speaks to how he'll be president. we can see the struggle between corey lewandowski and paul manafort is still going on, it seems that corey lewandowski has won this battle but the war is not over. but what you point out, who is going to run all these ground operations? i don't think the trump campaign has figured that out yet but the bigger battle, who is going to signal which super pacs are going to organize the millions upon millions that the campaign needs. >> and joe manafort says he's going to let trump be trump. he's not on the same page as trump recently. he did an interview with the huntington post. it sounds like he's not even aware of the news that manafort made out of that interview so i
8:39 am
want you to take a look at this. >> i don't read the huffington post. i'm sure he was misquoted because it is just -- i didn't think they covered politics, the huffington post. do they cover politics? all right. >> they said you were going to soften your position on the muslim ban. is that true? >> well, we're going to look at a lot of different things. >> reporter: we're told it would be highly unlikely that you would have a minority or woman as a vice president because that would be pandering. >> i think it would be likely. i suspect we'll have many women involved -- i've had it with the campaign. we're going to have many people involved and i think you're going to see that and you're going to see that very strongly. >> joe, can you explain how that
8:40 am
happened. manafort was very clear. trump had to walk him back on a couple of points. >> i would never call diversifying a ticket pandering. people do consider disparate demographics because it meets a need and brings people together. what trump said to clarify is we're going to consider the best person period, whether that person is male or female, white or black, i think he's more focused on picking the best person for the job. >> who does it look like has the most influence, from what you can tell seeing trump's behavior about this? it does seem here he wasn't quite on message, manafort, with what trump was trying to convey or maybe he was trying to change the whole thing as he was going. >> it's the total opposite that we've seen from the campaign. usually it's trump that says the
8:41 am
frank thing and his staff has to clean it up. and here manafort says the frank thing and trump has to clean it up. it served to undermine paul manafort's credibility in the community. he's the guy that is supposed to be speaking to all of the professionals on behalf of donald trump. when his boss overrules him and just sort of totally switches what he said on national television, it makes everybody think maybe paul manafort can't really speak and therefore can't negotiate for donald trump. the bottom line, there's only one person who has influence with donald trump and that's donald trump and everyone ulsel is just talking around him. >> trump being trump, as many people say. >> exactly. >> ahead, a texas official says the state is willing to give up $10 billion with a b on federal education funding. next, we'll talk to the texas
8:42 am
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make sure it's ano maintelligent one.. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ officials in texas say they will sue president obama regarding legislation on how schools should handle students using bathrooms.
8:46 am
joining us now is texas attorney general ken paxton. thank you for being with us this afternoon. can you point out briefly what the lawsuit is meant to do. >> it's meant to stop the obama administration from implementing new guidelines that are in direct violation of current law and it's mainly trying to stop him from doing something that he's not authorized to do under the constitution. >> now, texas receives nearly $10 billion in federal education money. the government could pull those funds, at least some of it, if you don't comply with the administration's guidance on treating transgender students. you have said before publicly on another network that this is a solution in search of a problem, that essentially there is no problem of abuse going on in bathrooms with transgendered folks, so why do you put funding for educating the state's children at risk for a problem
8:47 am
that doesn't exist? >> we're not putting the education at risk. it's the administration that has threatened to take away funding from our schools. there's 100,000 schools in the united states, millions of children. if this policy goes into effect and a school doesn't want to implement it, they risk losing their funding. so it's the administration putting school children at risk. but you know that suit puts in motion the very real possibility that your state, the state of texas could lose $10 billion in education funding for children. if you don't pursue that appeal, then there is no issue here. if you cooperate, the $10 billion, that doesn't become a problem. that is on you. >> not really. we're not the one changing the law. congress is supposed to change the law. they put this in place in the 06s and 70s. there have been attempts to change it overs last 20, 30 years. congress has failed at doing that. if congress wants to change it, they can do it but the president
8:48 am
cannot unilaterally as president chang law. that's what we're saying. he can't do it and so we don't think we're going to lose school funding because he doesn't have authority to change the law. that is not in his constitutional authority. >> you have confidence in your case. you don't believe that you're going to lose the school funding but you do put that school funding at risk, that $10 billion if you move forward with this particular appeal. i know you said before you want to protect the girls in the bathroom from possible predators. there might be people in the state that say what about protecting their education, the resources that are so desperately needed in your state? >> that's what we're doing here. it is the obama administration pushing this policy forward. this isn't a policy we made up in texas. we're trying to defend the rule of law and the constitution in our schools from implementing a policy many of the parents in the state are worried about the impact of the safety on their own children.
8:49 am
>> texas attorney general ken paxton, we'll have to have you back. we have many more questions but we've run out of time here. thank you. we appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me on. >> it is a story that has touched the hearts of millions around the world. this is a little iraqi boy doused with gasoline and burned in a brutal attack eight years ago. we'll show you how yousef is doing now and hear his inspirational journey of recovery up next.
8:50 am
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we first brought you the story of a little iraqi boy named youssif eight years ago. spf. . >> every since he was burned in a attack outside his baghdad home, arwa damon followed his amazing journey to recovery. now youssif is about to start high school and arwa met up with him in california where he now lives to find out how his story is still inspiring the masses. >> hey, look at you! you got so big! >> reporter: youssif has grown in numerous ways. he has has been a hero for many over the years. superman is his. >> so i had a project in my english class. so each person got to choose one
8:54 am
superhero. >> reporter: do you identify with him? >> yeah. >> reporter: in what sense? >> i try to fit in with everyone. >> reporter: is that still hard for you? >> not really. because now i make friends easily. >> reporter: youssif was just 4 years old when masked men attacked him outside his baghdad home. >> [ speaking in foreign language ]. >> reporter: we reported his story. the outpouring of support came from across the globe, and youssif and his family ended up in los angeles. his parents her their son laugh and shriek for the first time since the months of the attack where strangers gathered and parade on the beach moving his mothers to tears. he has since undergone multiple surgeries. the memories all but erased. you were saying you don't remember anything about baghdad? >> yeah, i don't. i don't remember my family that much. only my grandparents. >> reporter: in many ways he's just like any other teen. obsessed with soccer, has loads
8:55 am
of friends, and still wants to become a doctor to help others. but he knows he may not see his homeland in his lifetime. you've been following the news about what's happening in iraq with isis? >> i feel really bad for all the people and all of those kids and stuff. it's like, those terrorists aren't muslims. they're just extremist the. >> reporter: we still can't disclose his father's identity for the security of the family back in iraq. >> i'm trying not to read and see what's going on because whatever i see,s sad there. everything is just sad. >> reporter: and life as a refugee is never easy. washam only able to find a part-time job and looking for more work. >> at the same time as you see so many people looking for job. not only me. >> reporter: all profoundly aware that they are fortunate to have survived and escaped the war zone, thanks to the kindness of strangers, who continue to
8:56 am
finance youssif's medical care. >> every surgery i have is one step closer to the finish line. >> reporter: you're starting high school? >> yeah. i'm really excited, too. >> reporter: arwa damon, cnn, los angeles. good for him. if want more information about youssif and you want to help with his recovery go to estor in vests, i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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. hello. thanks for joining me. i'm suzanne malveaux. fredricka whitfield is off today. following dramatic flooding in texas, it's killed at least two people. three others missing. the area flooded by record-breaking rainfall. parts of texas this weekend under water causing havoc for drivers. >> it stalled out and we started getting our stuff to get out. we were -- crawling out of the car. the water was up in the car. >> wow. live with us in the atlanta weather center. alison, relief that they're expected to get in the days, hours ahead, or more rainfall on the horizon? there will be temporary relief in terms of roadways. the water there will start to recede, it's the rivers, cs


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