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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  May 28, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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trump. mr. trump has got to tell the american people why he thinks it is good for our country that we have a presidential candidate insulting mexicans and latinos, why he thinks it makes sense to insult muslims, to insult women, and veterans. and to insult african-americans. >> dan simon is in santa barbara there. so, first of all, he is hammering this message about billionaires buying elections for a while now. why do you think it resonates with california voters? >> reporter: well, you're talking about ideal is stick young people who are his supporters. they really want to see the money thrown out of politics. these are the people who come to bernie sanders events. we are at a city college here.
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you have thousands and thousands of young people who have stood in line for hours to come see bernie sanders. he is still speaking behind me. suzanne, california has suddenly become a very important state. if bernie sanders can somehow win here and the polls have showed this race to be very, very close, then he will have a lot of leverage going into the convention in july. obviously, the delegate amount seems to be insurmountable for bernie sanders. he seems to want to carry to the convention. now, california has become a very pivotal state. >> how quickly did that crowd respond when he once again asked trump for that debate that he really wants? >> reporter: you can imagine, they went crazy for it. they would really like to see that debate. it would be something to see. as you heard donald trump sayed,
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that is not going to happen. it has allowed bernie sanders to open up a whole new line of attack on donald trump and expect to hear him repeat that line over the course of the day and probably tomorrow as well, suzanne. >> dan simon, thanks, be well. we talk more about this battle for california. joining me hilary rosen and harlan hill, democratic strategist and bernie sanders supporter, joining us from new york. thank you, both of you. good to see you. let's play a little bit of sanders message from a couple of minutes ago. >> we pride ourselves on being a democracy. in many respects, democracy in america is being undermined by a corrupt campaign finance system. democracy is not a very complicated process.
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it means you have a vote and you have a vote and you have a vote. one person, one vote. that's democracy. democracy does not mean billionaires should be able to buy elections. >> so this is something he has been hammering about billionaires buying elections for quite a while now. it seems to me he believes this is a message that specifically resonates with california voters. why do you think that's the case? >> reporter: i think it is one of the most liberal electorates in the country. i would extend the narrative beyond just campaign finance reform to the general dnc protectionism. we've seen before day one, the dnc and debbie wasserman schultz has done everything to advance hillary clinton from coin clips to superdelegates to a manufactured data controversy. she has done everything to
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advance hillary clinton and not give bernie sanders a fair shake. that goes beyond campaign finance reform in my opinion. >> hillary, you want to weigh in on that before we go to something else next. >> it's just factually inaccurate. unlike reince priebus, who declared donald trump the winner from 3/4 of the way in, debbie wasserman schultz has always been neutral and supportive of the sanders campaign. this whole manufactured thing about whether it's debates, which were the highest rated democratic debates in the last three cycles to databases where she was following what the lawyers wanted her to do. look, here is what's going on. in so many respects, bernie sanders is absolutely right, that money corrupts politics. what it really corrupts is the legislative system and we have seen that over and over again. you can't really argue that bernie sanders hasn't been able to get his message out. he is raising more money than
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hillary clinton. he is raising more money than donald trump. billionaires are buying the republican primary. but bernie sanders has had a real voice. so kind of complaining that he hasn't makes no sense. i think what we need to focus on is working together and figuring out how to get money out of the legislative process. >> he has had a voice in spite of the dnc. he has had a voice in sfit pite the dnc. they have done everything in their power to fund hillary clinton and to advance a narrative that she is the only one that can face donald trump in november. bernie sanders is the one that's best prepared to do so. if we're going to deal in the facts, let's be honest. >> this is what we can be honest about, which is that the primary voters are speaking. hillary clinton has almost 4 million more votes than bernie sanders does. if you take the superdelegates out of this race, suzanne,
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hillary clinton still wins. you can get bernie sanders the superdelegates from every state that he won and he still doesn't match hillary clinton in delegates. any which way you cut it, the primary voters are supporting hillary clinton. i don't really like this narrative that the election is being stolen from bernie sanders. people really like the things that he said. i'm a hillary clinton supporter. i like the things he said. i don't like it when his supporters somehow suggest that he has been cheated. ideas matter. trust matters. democrats have to get united and stop with these accusations. >> in his storeic numbers, democrats overwhelmingly distrust hillary clinton as a candidate and as a person. if we are talking about trust, she loses that too. >> you must be having a lot of fun with this today. what can i tell you? the voters speak. >> go ahead, hillary, please.
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>> the voters are speaking. look, democrats are going to be united. the most important thing is beating donald trump in the fall. california is a big, important state in the primary but as we've seen whether bernie sanders wins or whether hillary clinton wins doesn't really change the overall delegate math. hillary clinton, i think, is going to win california but bernie sanders has definitely closed the gap and there is a lot of excitement about his ideas. we have to figure out how to make sure that the party is united. >> i want to give you the last word here very quickly. we are running out of time. what does sanders hope to accomplish with california? >> he is back two points in the average i just looked at. if he wins there, i think that he has momentum that can't be denied going into the convention. i want to see what sort of reconciliation we can have going into the convention. if there is no reconciliation, millennial voters are going to stay at home.
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they were out for obama in 2008, and 2012. >> i am hearing the word reconciliation. we'll see how california plays out as well. hilary rosen and harlan hill, thank you very much. donald trump telling california voters that he is going to solve the state's five-year drought. >> we're going to solve your water problem. you have a water problem that is so insane, so ridiculous. they are taking the water and shoving it out to sea. i just met with a lot of the farmers who are great people. they are saying, we don't even understand it. they don't understand. nobody understands it. i have heard this from other friends of mine in california where they have farms, up here. they don't get water. i said, oh, that's too bad. is it a drought? they said, no, we have plenty of water. i said, what's wrong? >> they said, we shove it out to
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sea. i said, why? nobody knows why. they are trying to protect a certain kind of 3-inch fish. >> trump did not go into detail how officials would open up the water and what science supports this claim. he said, i have received many, many environmental awards and rewards. >> two people, turning to another story, dead and more injured after texas hit with extreme flooding. we have a live report from the ground in texas. that's up next. put some distance between you and temptation with...
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ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. we are following dramatic rescues in east texas where flooding has killed at least 3 people. flooding has already damaged hundreds of homes. this weekend, parts of texas will still be under water. joining me now on the phone is
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meteorologist, chad meyers. chad, tell us about what is happening? texas has been experiencing record rainfalls. the death tolls adding up due to recent storms. the wild weather, is this going to let up any time soon? >> it does let up today. it let's up for the next two or three days. another round of very heavy rainfall comes in on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday of next week, which obviously, there is nothing you can do about the water now. it is already on the rise. in some spots, still rising. this is an area about 40-100, kind of a long, thin line, northwest, miles northwest of houston texas. it has already received between 16-20 inches of rainfall with the latest rainfall on top of flooding we talked about only two weeks ago. no place for the water to soak in. it is just running off, running into the bayous, the creeks and the streams and running into the neighborhoods. people are in their homes, crawling out windows, getting
11:14 am
into life boats, being rescued with these high water vehicles. there are some other things going on. some of the dams and levees in the area are not breaking but weakened. there is significant pressure on the back of these levees. if you are in the area and you hear the sirens or something to get out, it is that important to get out now. they are not going to put these sirens out and warnings out unless there is some type of danger. you can see some of these pictures where well up into the garages of these homes. that's about a 6 or 8-foot door. it is already halfway up into that home itself. water is still rising. a dangerous situation. we focused so much this weekend, suzanne, about the tornadoes. we had tornadoes in colorado, nebraska, oklahoma and we probably had 100 by the time we added them all up. over the week, there was 100 tornadoes. the focus should have been on the dangers of the flooding. the tornado is right now.
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flooding takes a long time. it is not sexy. it is a hard story to cover. a lot of times when you get to the flooding, it is already gone. it is called flash flooding. this is river flooding, significant flooding, where water is still having to get down to the gulf of mexico. that's another 40 or 80 mile run on a river. even if you didn't get a lot of rain, galveston dawn to port aransis, you are not seeing the rainfall totals but you are seeing the water. >> certainly, we are seeing the impact of that now. thank you for your excellent reporting. i want to bring in cynthia jameson. she is the homeland security planner. thank you for joining us. can you tell us how the agency has prepared for this? >> yes. we have called in all of our resources and we stand at the ready, we stay in a continued state of readiness to make sure we are there and available if the residents need us.
11:16 am
they are doing high water rescues and doing as much as we can. >> what do we know in terms of what the residents need? >> at this point, we need for the residents to know that we are available and that they can call us at any time and we can do our best to get to them and get the help that they need. if they need assistance, if they need to be rescued, they need to call 911. >> all right. >> well, we are watching this developing story and we are seeing some of these rescues and people giving each other a hand but obviously, cars under water, some houses submerged, a very serious situation as three people are missing, two people dead at this point. looking at these aerial pictures. clearly, this is a town in an area that's in desperate need of
11:17 am
help. we want to thank you, cynthia jameson, for taking time out of your busy day. we know you have a lot to tend to. in new york, officials have pulled up the wreckage of a vintage world war ii plane that plunged into the hudson river. this happened last night. police say they have also recovered a pilot's body. 56-year-old william gordon. he was the only one on board. the video that is so awful. we see the moment that this plane crashed. witnesses say they even saw the pilots struggling to get out. >> you can actually see the pilot struggling. he was there for about 30 seconds to one minute fwlchlt ask it is very upsetting, because you know you watched somebody die. >> the plane was flying in a photo shoot to promote an upcoming air show. ahead, over 100 doctors agree that the olympics need to be delayed or moved out of rio due to the spread of the zika virus.
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more than 100 prominent doctors and professors want the olympics to be postponed or moved out of brazil, because of the zika virus in a letter to the world health organization. doctors called the zika outbreak unprecedented and insisted it would be inethical to hold the games knowing the risk to public health.
11:22 am
in just a couple of months, people from all over the world are going to pack into rio de janeiro, perhaps the biggest concern is that they could catch zika and take it back home. our ivan watson is following the story. how are health officials responding to this letter and to this call to move this out of rio? >> reporter: it's become a public argument, basically, suzanne, between health care professionals. you have the world health organization responding to this very public challenge coming from about 150 doctors and medical researchers. the world health organization saying, hey, it is okay to hold these olympics here. we do not see a global health risk to holding the olympics here. the w.h.o. says there do need to be some health precautions. pregnant women should not come here and people need to protect themselves from exposure from mosquitoes, wear bug repellant,
11:23 am
long sleeve shirts, et cetera, et cetera. the challenge did come from this group of 150 doctors and researchers around the world and they said this is a big risk. we simply don't know enough about the mosquito born zika virus and having a half million people come in. some of them con trtract the disease and potentially take it back home to their countries, that that would be very, very irresponsible sdpchlt whether ivan, you are there. you are on the ground. what are the people in brazil saying and thinking? there are a lot of people there that have the zika virus who have not felt protected themselves. >> reporter: absolutely. a taxi driver i went with yesterday says his sister caught zika and he knows other people who got the disease. people here are worried about some of it. some of the health advisories is to stay away from poorer
11:24 am
neighborhoods where the water treatment and sanitation isn't as good. there are millions and millions of people in this town living next to open, raw sewage and next to these very precise conditions and exposed to the kind of mosquitos that not only carry the zika virus and also yellow fever and dengue fever. those are really difficult diseases to catch. these are things that brazilians lived with every day. the government here, they say that in the winter months here, it is the winter in the southern hemisphere. the mosquito count goes down. they also say they are trying to exterminate mosquitos right now. there are public awareness campaigns and posters up all over the city warning against mosquitos. this is a reality that the people here live with. it is going to be a reality that both the athletes and the visitors are going to have to deal with as well. >> ivan watson, they have a lot to sort out there in brazil. thank you so much. i really appreciate it.
11:25 am
stay safe snchlt w. >> coming up, the libertarian dream ticket, two former governors could be in jeopardy. we are live in orlando with the details. up next. came out today thousands of people to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time.
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the presidential race shaping up to be a divisive rice. more than half of all voters would consider a third party if hillary clinton or donald trump headed up the major parties. the libertarian party says it is ready for the spotlight. >> reporter: thousands are gathered for the libertarian convention in orlando voting for their presidential nominee, hoping their pick is a viable alternative for dissatisfied voters sgchlt will who are they? fiscally conservative, socially liberty. when it comes to military interventions, i'm a real skeptic. >> johnson, the front-runner for
11:29 am
the libertarian nomination. >> i am all about smaller government. government tries to do too much and in the process taxes too much. living your life, personal freedom, i think most republicans fall in that category. i think most americans fall in that category. a mix of ideas from each side of the political aisle. >> pro-gay marriage and in favor of all drugs. their appeal taking hold. the party says they are seeing a 30% spike in membership. the new poll shows johnson with 10% support across the country. he needs just 15% to earn a spot at the national debate podium next to the republican and democratic nominees. >> just appears in the polls has a self-fulfilling prophecy of what this guy is saying. >> if i'm the nominee, i'll be the only candidate on the ballot in all 50 states.
11:30 am
>> let me check on the libertarian convention. that's happening this weekend. our own phil mattingly is there for us in orlando. phil, tell us about this. we have seen the development over the last couple weeks and months. they are trying to get their dream ticket together, these two former governors. that potentially could be a trouble this weekend. what happened? >> the interesting thing here is we've all been preparing for weeks, maybe even months, for a contested convention in cleveland. we are trying to break down the delegates and want to know state delegate rules and all those things we could count on the floor in cleveland. donald trump made that completely irrelevant. that is happening here. gary johnson, the front-runner, the 2012 nominee for the libertarian party. he thinks he is in pretty good shape to lock up the presidential nomination. the ticket holder that he wants, bill weld, the potential vice-presidential nominee, he is struggling right now. what is happening behind the scenes is what we thought would be playing out in cleveland.
11:31 am
gary johnson's team, about 20 people are working behind the scenes to wrangle delegates to get behind bill weld. this is a struggle for a couple of reasons. one, over the last 48 hours, we have seen bill weld really struggle to connect. gary johnson thinks he is the perfect libertarian candidate. on a debate here tonight, he was jeered. gary johnson making it very clear. he will still run if he is not the vice-presidential nominee. it is going to be hobbled if he doesn't. this is a real opportunity. that's how it is perceived right here. you want your best ticket out there. gary johnson has seen things. if bill weld is not on that ticket, they don't have it anymore. >> little do we know the outcome. is that the end of the weekend? >> that's exactly right. we'll know by the end of tomorrow. there is a big presidential debate tonight with gary
11:32 am
johnson, john mcafee, austin peterson, the other kind of primary candidate that's here. that will happen tonight at 8:00 p.m. by the end of the weekend, we will have our answer, whether or not bill weld is able to persuade that crucial group of delegates right now who at this point, some of whom are preferring to him as republican-like, a bit of a ter rog tor derogatory term at a libertarian convention. if they can persuade that the best ticket they have p to really get them on the debate stage and make an impact on the 2016 election includes bill weld. >> i want to talk about the libertarian party, the possible impact of the third-party ticket. joining me ron brownstein and also with me is basil smikel. is it not kind of significant we are talking about this today,
11:33 am
the libertarian party when we are covering the conference? this means something, right, ron, that we are actually addressing this in a serious way? can they compete seriously? >> the libertarian party has had an interesting kind of canundrum. there is an audience for what they are saying. the challenge they face is they take each of those to an extreme that many people have trouble going that far on the fiscal side. they would, for example, phase out social security and place it with a voluntary system. as i recall their platform, i recall if i don't recall it correctly. they would legalize prostitution and not to mention most drugs on the other side. they take it to a place where not many will follow. they could have an impact
11:34 am
particularly among young people where donald trump faces enormously high unfavorable ratings among millenals. hillary clinton that is struggled to connect with millenals too. >> i want you to weigh in on this. we have polls that show nearly half the voters, not satisfied with trump, not satisfied with clinton. they would like a third party candidate. who should be more concerned about this, clinton and the democrats or trump and the republican sns. >> my guess is it is actually the republicans. i remember the documentary on george h.w. bush, xli. he was asked a question about ross perot. you could tell he was still seething. he blamed him for his loss. i think there is some intellectual and philosophical connective tissue between libertarians and republicans. i don't know that the republican electorate is really feeling
11:35 am
this right now. if that were the case, rand paul would have done a lot better. donald trump was pretty successful at dispatching him. i think there is some road ahead for them. i'm just not sure this is the election year where they make up substantial ground. >> i like the expression connective tissue like that. ron, weigh in here. gather johnson ran on the libertarian ticket in 2012, got just 1% of the national vote. a few current polls showing him getting about 10% in a three-way matchup when you look at clinton and trump. listen to what he says earlier about what he needs in order to compete. >> the only chance of winning is to be in the presidential debates. to be in the presidential debates, you have to be in the polls. just put us in the polls. i think by putting us in the polls, there will be attention drawn to what it is that we are saying. you know what? if that happens, anything is possible.
11:36 am
>> all right, ron, anything possible in this election season. if he is included in the polls and debates, does he rise? >> look, i think if you put alabama have landon, the 1936 republican nominee, this in the polls with hillary clinton and donald trump, they would pull 10%. i don't think informed americas have an opinion about gary johnson that would support him. hillary clinton and donald trump are both starting with unfavorable ratings at around 55%-60%. two nominees that have so much resistance in the electorate. there is kind of a none of the above instinct. if you can get in the debates, you will broaden your audience and get bigger votes. that's what ross perot proved in 1992. i think this ticket does better with less attention, rather than more. as they get more exposure for the specifics of their idea as opposed to being a none of the above candidate, i think their support would narrow rather than widen.
11:37 am
the one concern, the year it may be more concerning for democrats, their ability to appeal to young people on their socially liberal ideas, particularly the legalization of marijuana. >> johnson and his potential running mate, bill weld, do you think that this candidacy, the two of them will pull the votes from trump when you take a look at these two as republicans? this is something they are using to put that out there as more appealing potentially? >> that's exactly right. at a time when even though we are seeing more republicans in the quote, unquote establishment trying to find a way to get xlo close to donald trump and more accepting of donald trump, i do think that over time, you are going to see more and more republican leaders have to get behind him because they are thinking not just presidency but their down ballot races as well, something that the democratic party in new york i think about as well. i think using the -- it is going
11:38 am
on and saying, yes, we are republicans too. so it is okay to sort of vote for us i don't think really helps in the cycle. in fact, donald trump's message is, the system is rigged in what he has been successfully able to do is get republican leaders to sign on to that messaging and try to support the ticket and ballot. >> ron brownstein and bassle smikel. we will see what happens. thank you so much. it's significant we are even addressing it. i appreciate it. ahead, a warning for russia's president, vladimir putin, says countries should not help the u.s. with its missile defense system in europe. hmmmmmm.....
11:39 am
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a warning from russian president, vladmir putin. he said poland and romania should not get involved in the u.s. missile defense shield. >> if yesterday people did not know what it means to be in the crosshairs, today, we will be forced to carry out certain measures to ensure our security. i repeat, these are retaliatory measures. we will not take any first steps. it will be the same case with poland. we will wait until they take certain action. we won't take any action, no action. we won't take any action until we see rockets in areas that neighbor us.
11:43 am
>> i want to talk about this. cnn global affairs analyst, contributor for "the daily beast," kimberly doshier and lieutenant general, mark hurt ling, thank you both for being here. kimberly, i want to start off with you. we heard president putin saying that romania does not know what it means to be in the crosshairs. what do we think he means by this? >> well, it is hard to tell how much of this is for domestic consumption and how much of this is aimed at scaring the people within romania to pressure their government. you've even had commentators within russia talking about turning romania into a nuclear smoking ruin. there is a lot of rhetoric here. this is part of the messaging back and forth. the u.s. has said this missile defense shield is being built with an eye to iran and protecting europe to iran. russia has said, now, there is a treaty with iran. you don't need it. that missile installation could
11:44 am
reach russian cities. they have a point. >> general putin said that russia wouldn't make the first move. why is he making this threat now. >> he has made these threats repeatedly suzanne. this goes back to 2009 and prior to that, there were attempts at building various missiles. initially, it was against iran. in the meantime, you have seen multiple threats against mr. putin about turning various nations and using nuclear weapons against him. this has deteriorated from a long-term or a long-range anti-ballistic missile system into short and medium-range. poland has signed on the ornl cig original signatory with czechs.
11:45 am
we are in phase two that goes up to 2022. mr. putin doesn't want this missile to be placed. he sees threats as a way to counter this. >> he says the u.s. didn't negotiate about russia about where he is putting the shield. what do you make of that? u.s. officials counter russia did not negotiate when it sent thousands of troops na ukraine and annexed crimea. the back and forth is playing out with small chess moves on the ground. the u.s. is having a third combat team, rotating through europe in addition to the ones that are already there and putting them in all of the countries that are friendly toward the u.s. and border russia. the message is if you want to try to gobble up one of these countries the way you did with
11:46 am
ukraine or crimea, you are going to have to take on u.s. troops on the ground, even in small numbers. that symbolism will keep russia as bay officials think. >> what is the u.s. responsibility here if russia decides to take action against romania or poland? >> kimberly hits it right on the head. add to the things that she said, these are countries that have been threatened by russia in the past. all of these countries have asked for protection through nato. they are all, by the way, nato countries as well. poland and romania as well. we have asks from astonia and lithuania. something we fought for when i was the commander over here in europe to maintain, which was degraded. it is now coming back. something you put a heavy presence on the ground to counter these threats. these are all nato countries
11:47 am
that are asking for this equipment, personnel and backing. i think it is our desire not just through nato but other nato countries to provide forces as we well. >> thank you so much for your insights. >> power outages, outdated technology, this is the state of america's train system. what is it going to take to fix it? that's up next. >> the salt is eating away at concrete. it is eating away at the rails. when you airbnb, you have your own home. so, live there. even if it's just for a night.
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you're looking at pictures moments ago. the flooding in the suburbs of houston. the floodwater is rising. we know there is a lake in the area which could be contributing to this. at this point, we know there is no rain in the area. so far, this flooding has killed at least two people, three others are now missing. we're going to continue to monitor the story and bring you updates in the next hour. and switching gears now. if you commute to work by train, or you are using the rail system to travel this memorial day weekend, you may notice this. cracks in america's crumbling infrastructure. around new york city, the rails are outdated and even falling apart. we explain why and what's being done about it. >> deep inside the 106--year-old hudson river tunnel connecting new york and new jersey, the
11:52 am
concrete is cracked and crumbling. of superstorm sandy flooded the tunnel, the situation became your jenlt. >> the salt is eating away at concrete. it is eating away at the rails. it is eating away at the cables that go through here for power. >> amtrak's ceo, joe boardman, calls it one of the most glaring examples of aging railway infrastructure in the united states. >> this is the busiest corridor in the western hemisphere. we got here because we didn't maintain our infrastructure. >> every day, about 2:30,000 riders pass through it. the power cables are 80 years old causing shutdowns and massive delays for days. >> the repair backlog for 450 miles of rail from boston to washington, d.c. alone is $20 billion. aging infrastructure has also contributed to deadly derailmentes. >> amtrak has shut down the
11:53 am
entire northeast corridor. >> reporter: in may, 2015, amtrak 188 traveling more than two times the 50 miles per hour speed limit jumped the tracks. thousands of miles of railway lacked technology called positive train control that can automatically slow speeding trains. >> why has the industry taken so long to put that technology in place. >> it takes time to make sure that works right. across the country, 30 freight and passenger train accidents, 69 deaths, and more than 1200 injuries could have been prevented had that technology been in place. it is not just safety. it is speed. in japan, bullet trains are capable of going almost 200 miles an hour. that speed would cut a six-hour amtrak ride down to 2 1/2. the fastest train in the u.s. can go 150 miles per hour but usually travels at half that.
11:54 am
>> we can have that kind of service along this corridor but you would be talking 15 billion. >> you want to be able to show the benefit of the dollar you invested. >> anthony foxx heads the department of transportation. >> i think members of congress struggle because they actually require a longer than a political term to take route z for the busiest strip of track in the western hemisphere, speed takes the back seat to the urgent need to stop the crumbling. >> amtrak does frequent inspections of track and the tunnels just to maintain safety. it relies heavily on the federal government for funds. it gets about $1.6 billion per year. you heard in the piece the backlog of repairs is $20 billion. it is not enough where they are getting from the federal government. china's government on the other hand in comparison spent $128 billion last year on its rail
11:55 am
infrastructure. renee marsh, cnn, washington. >> big interview coming up in just a few moments. from now on, cnn bob dole goes one-on-one with anna cabrera. he is the last world war ii veteran to lead a major party ticket. that conversation kicks off in just a minutes. thanks so much for joining us. i'm suzanne malveaux in for fredricka whitfield. we'll have much more in the "newsroom." it all starts after this quick break. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration.
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top of the hour. noon in california, 3:00 in the afternoon in new york. i'm ana cabrera. you are live in the "cnn newsroom." donald trump did what donald trump does best on the campaign trail in california. he really zeroed in on one of his audience's most sensitive issues. this was in fresno, california. trump telling a fired-up crowd there that if they elect him, their devastating historic drought, what scientists are calling the worst water shortage in 1200 years will be over. he says, he will end it. >> we're going to solve your water problem. you have a water problem that is so insane, so ridiculous, where they are taking the water and
12:00 pm
shoving it out to sea. i just met with a lot of the farmers, who are great people. they are saying, we don't even understand it. they don't understand. nobody understands it. >> trump didn't offer much in the way of details more than saying he will, quote, start opening up the water. california is the political battlefield this week and next. primary day there, june 7th. it is more important to the democratic hopefuls now that donald trump has that lock on the gop nomination. senator bernie sanders has been all over the state in the past couple of days. he just held a rally in santa barbara. another one is next hour in santamaria. hillary clinton with no problem events planned today. in just a moment, bob dole is going to join me live and we'll discuss a little more about this year's top election comments. he is also going to weigh in on the veterans


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