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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  May 29, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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live in the cnn newsroom. we begin with the tragic and terrifying story blowing up all over social media right now, a little kid, an enormous wild animal and the painful decision made to save the child's life. staffers at the cincinnati zoo shot one of their endangered gorillas this weekend, a 400-pound male dragging a boy who somehow climbed in to the
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gorilla's habitat. the boy has been released from the hospital. the gorilla is dead. you are about to see this shocking video of the gorilla and the boy together. then i'm going to talk to animal expert jack hannah about what happened here and how people are now weighing in from all across the country, either critical of this little boy's parents, supportive of the zoo's drastic measures or outraged at what they are calling the senseless and needless death of a rare gorilla. cnn's jessica schneider first with the story. >> reporter: a day of panic and desperation at the cincinnati zoo. >> this is in a gorilla cage and a 3-year-old child has fallen in to the gorilla cage. >> reporter: a 4-year-old boy slips in to the gorilla's habitat and over a mote wall. suddenly harambe approaches the
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boy. his mother watches in horror as to what happens next. >> mommy's right here. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. >> okay. everybody back up. >> okay. >> mommy loves you. i'm right here. >> the young boy screams and the urgent calls to 911 can be heard on this bystander video. >> my son. >> harambe drag the boy around the mote and up a ladder for ten minutes as the zoo's dangerous animal response team anxiously decides what to do next.
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officials considered the incident very threatening, deciding harambe must be taken down immediately. the reason tranquilizing was not chosingen in an agitated situation it may take a while for the tranquilizer to take effect. the instant he would be hit would have a dramatic response. it would take a few minutes. the child wasn't under attack but all sorts of things could happen in a situation like that. he certainly was at risk. >> they say their only option, a rifle.
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>> oh, my god! >> get the kids out of here. >> harambe was shot and killed. the child was taken to children's hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> we have rescued the child. children have been notified for a trauma. >> it is a sad day all the way around. the right choice was made. it was a difficult choice. >> reporter: she was a critically endangered species. the zoo hoped he would eventually father other gorillas. >> we love the zoo. it is very friendly and everything is beautiful here but when you see something like that and you have the disappointment, because what do you say to your grandchildren? >> zoo officials said they had to act quickly. they released a statement saying we are heart broken about losing harambe but a child's life was in danger and a quick decision had to be made by our dangerous animal response team.
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the 4-year-old boy meanwhile has been released from the hospital and is at home tonight. >> thank goodness that boy is okay. what a tragic situation all around. that video unbelievable. thank you to you. a woman we talked to a few moments ago saw the whole thing with her own eyes and said the massive gorilla became curious after people started to shout at the boy after he dropped in to that animal's tab hat. listen to this. the boy tried to separate himself and he pulled this boy back in, tucked him underneath and wasn't going to let him get
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away. >> on the phone with me now, one of america's foremost zoo experts jarks hannah, tv personality and director emeritus of the columbus zoo. thank you for joining us. i want to ask, what was your reaction to what happened in cincinnati? >> it is a reaction, my heart goes out to them right now. thank god the child is alive. we know gorillas, we have the oldest gorilla living in the world here. we know a lot about them. we have a little house in rwanda where mountain gorillas have. for 30 years i have studied them and know them in the wild and zoo world. the power of this gorilla, no one has mentioned this, i have seen a gore ril lax the silver back, pick up a green coconut and squish it like a marshmallow. it is like a rock. what i'm saying, when i saw the gorilla's face, that is something alarming.
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like the lady said, i don't know if she knows about gorillas or not but that gorilla was not happy. you will see 20, 15 years ago you will see where a gorilla and a child 3-year-old fell in to the mote, the female picked up and held it because it was raised by people. we don't do that anymore. what i'm saying is there no doubt about it. the cincinnati zoo did what they had to do. we have the safety of our people first, safety of our animals, and safety of our employees all come together. when you have to make a decision like this there is not one second to delay. if you tranquilize and hit that animal with a dart, what would you do? when we research in the wild, looking at animals in the wild you may tranquilize an elephant and that i thank you jump. that gorilla could have taken them apart in a second. they are a beautiful animal,
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don't get me wrong but they did the right thing and in a split second. if not you would have had another tragedy on your hand. >> a lot of people may ask how did the child end up in the gorilla habitat. what we learned is he had to go under a rail, went through wires and he dropped 15 feet in to the mote. we do know a couple of female gorillas were able to be called out of that habitat but this male gorilla would not leave and instead approached the child. as you look at the video you say you can tell on his face he was angry. what more can you read in to his behavior? >> okay. it's pretty simple. once you have the child in there, all of a sudden, think of this, what is this thing i have in here. the go gorilla is thinking what just dropped in here. he is a big gorilla and there to take everybody else. studying foreril las in a zoological situation, that animal had something come in there and people are screaming,
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and child screaming. he doesn't know. he's alarmed. he's there to protect his other people, his other gorillas with him. there's no choice to be made. that little kid could be apart in a split second. i can't understand some people. there's human and animal life. there's no animal more important than me. no one loves animals more than the han that family. you don't have a split second to make a decision. okay, let's say they had let it go, and tranquilize it and all of a sudden the boy is slammed on a rock and he's gone. what would people be calling in now. it is a who loses, who wins. at this point a human being if you want to use that term, it is
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the children. i'm losing sleep right now, a lot of us at the zoo, our hearts go out to the cincinnati zoo. we are one big family in this world. >> what a shocking situation, thank you for giving us your time today we appreciate it. >> thank you for calling. thank you. we are tracking severe weather, even deadly weather in parts of the country this weekend. tropical storm depression bonny is whipping up treacherous waves and rip currents off the coast of carolina. rescue crews are searching for a swimmer who got caught in the surf there. check out these images from south carolina. you can see, this is a section of i-95 that submerged. floodwaters have reached the windows on the cars there. look at this. these cars were abandoned along the interstate. west of there, southeast texas area, four people have died in rushing floodwaters. three people are missing. get this, they have had 17
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inches of rain this past week. right now there's an effort underway to get stranded horses to higher ground in houston. residents along the nearby brazos got the evacuation order this afternoon. the river is expected to crest on tuesday when another round of heavy rain is likely. tom sa tom sater is with us. >> we have a break from the rainfall where the flooding has been occurring the next batch moves in on tuesday. moments ago in western texas you can see another severe thunderstorm watch box. that was moments ago. it will be dry until then. the problem is the rivers continue to rise. more mandatory evacuation for some communities. moments ago we reported in the last hour, not one but two federal prisons, prison facilities are being evacuated along the brazos river. this is 2600 inmates transferred
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and evacuated by bus if they can find enough bunk space elsewhere. we will talk about the carolinas. because that was just a depression and causing big-time problems. when we talk about texas, here's what we have got. 17 1/2 inches 0 rainfall on friday. one in 500 year event. montgomery county, 200 water rescues by law enforcement there, first responders. it is fort bend county, as well. one of the rivers to show you the rain they are dealing. there are numerous rivers not just in the danger category but close to all-time record heights. this is of course the sa san jacinto river. the video of the horses, the problem they are having in parts of texas is the loss of cattle. many ranchers have had to try to herd cattle using fan boat and reports of herds roaming freely on the interstate. that's causing a lot of
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problems. more rain but not until tuesday. if we look at the next forecast batch, the next five days will show the last bit of it to reach the houston area. one in 500-year event, not just from this weekend, the same communities last month had a one in 500 event. what is left of our depression shut down parts of 95 north of savannah between exits 18 and 24. it is doing more than dampening the memorial day festivities. it will take a slow boat back to the atlantic. more flooding can occur south and north carolina, two to four inches expected until the system leaves the coastline but not until wednesday afternoon. amazing. >> our thoughts are with those people tonight. thank you for the update. coming up live in the cnn newsroom. actor and passionate supporter of veterans gary sinise with a memorial day message for donald trump. >> i reacted. i was disappointed that he would
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do that and include an entire generation of p.o.w.s as folks that had failed. it's been 28 years since pennsylvania voted republican in a presidential election. now trump thinks he can turn that blue state red. how do the democrats stop him? i will talk it over with bob casey. next live in the cnn newsroom. don'tlive in tokyo. when you airbnb, you have your own home. so, live there. even if it's just for a night. man, it's like pure power at your finger tips. like the power to earn allstate reward points,
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welcome back. you are live in the cnn newsroom. donald trump and his soon to be determined democratic opponent now officially have a third party fight on their hands. gary johnson just nailed down the libertarian nomination. he could be a real curve ball, particularly for trump and hillary clinton because both have huge unfavorable numbers with voters. in fact, a "washington post" abc news poll finds only half of registered voters are satisfied
2:18 pm
with trump or clinton and while 44% said they want a third party option. senator bob casey is a democrat that supports hillary clinton. he is joining me now. good to see you on this sunday. >> good to be with you, thank you. >> your state could be crucial this election cycle. so for those with an unfavorable view of both donald trump and clinton, do you view a third party alternative a bigger threat to republicans or democrats in pennsylvania? >> it is probably too early to tell what the impact of a third party candidacy will be on the election. our state tends to be fairly close in presidential elections, kind of a 52-48 state or a little more. it tends to be a couple points separating. a third party candidacy could have an impact but it is pretty early to tell. i think secretary clinton will win pennsylvania with a lot of hard work by her team and those like me that support her but i think she will win.
2:19 pm
one of the principal reasons is the economic focus she has brought to the campaign. she has identified growing incomes, raising incomes a as the number one economic challenge that we have. i think it is the right focus on pennsylvania and the united states, as well. >> senator, donald trump actually does better on the economy when you ask voters. he seems to be pretty confident that he could flip this state, which we know hasn't voted for a republican since 1988. listen to what he said this week. >> i won the elections in landslides. very important to say. you look at these elections. we go to new york and win 62% of the vote with three people running. we go to pennsylvania, which is going to be i think a state we will do amazingly well. >> reporter: he said he will do amazing in pennsylvania. he did win big in the primary in your state. do you think that donald trump understands the voters in your state? >> well, we will have to wait
2:20 pm
and see. i think he's referring to the primary, of course, which is in our state both primaries are closed meaning only democrats are can vote in the democratic primary and only republicans in the republican primary. now he will be in a general election. instead of having a million or two voting at the most, this primary is a lot less. now he will vote in a population probably of 5 million voters, much bigger electorate. i think when they are matched up, i think hillary clinton will do quite well. not only because of the time she has spent in pennsylvania over the years but principally because she is focused on the number one challenge that he nation has an that is the challenge of wages not greing. one of the studies that was put out in 2015 by the economic policy institute said after world war ii, wages went up for 25 years at a clip of 91%. after 1973, literally for 40
2:21 pm
years, it went from 91% wage growth to 9. that's why you have the economic anxiety even with the low unemployment rate. i think when people look at the candidates, i think secretary clinton will do well. >> people are hurting in pennsylvania and this election cycle. a lot of people say that's why an outsider candidate, like donald trump has done so well. now the presumptive republican nominee. turn from politics to the super bug. arriving in the u.s. the first patient happens to be there in pennsylvania. what are state health officials doing to stop the spread of this potentially deadly nightmare bacteria? >> well, first and foremost, the state officials and the federal officials, whether it is the federal government itself or the centers for disease control are working together to understand what happened in this case. it is one individual. happens to be a woman living in pennsylvania trying to find out
2:22 pm
as much as they can about her case. also, urgently trying to push very quickly to develop a new strategy to confront this kind of super bug. you have in essence a gene and a bacteria which is resistant to any treatment at all. i think there's an urgency to find out what happened in her case, how she might have developed this problem, but also to do everything we can to develop either an antibiotic or a treatment that will confront what is a dangerous threat to health, especially to the individuals that are directly impacted. >> right. very quickly, do you know how that patient is doing? >> the reports indicate that she is doing okay now. i don't have an up to the minute or a diagnosis. the reporting indicates that right now she's not in any danger. >> that's good to hear.
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thank you for joaning us today. >> thank you. coming up, we have a cnn exclusive. marco rubio talking candidly about the highs and lows of running for office including an apology he offered to donald trump. hmmmmmm..... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm... hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. part of the award-winning golf family.
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you know what they say about men with small hands? you can't trust them. you can't trust them. >> moments of the republican campaign marco rubio commenting on the size of donald trump's hands and that led to other comments during a debate. it was a rare moment, though, of a candidate giving trump a taste of his own medicine. in an interview with jack tapper on "state of the union," rubio said he regretted that dig. >> in one way you are responsible for an unprecedented moment when donald trump went on stage and assured the american people there was no problem with the size of his hands. to be fair to him you raised that. >> i did.
2:28 pm
i didn't like what it reflected on me. it is not who i am. it embarrassed my family. nothing was working. this guy is out there every day mocking people and saying horrible things about people if you respond to him somehow you are hitting below the belt. that was my sense at the time. what i didn't realize it isn't who i am. if you are not being who you are it doesn't come across well. he can do that for whatever reason he can do that but i couldn't do that. it is not who i am and what i do. i hurt myself in the end. >> what was the decision like to let loose and unleash. >> it was enough is enough. this guy is out there every day mocking people for their appearance, this and that. and someone needs to stand up to this guy. eventually someone has to step forward and say we will put an end to this. if i had not been the candidate maybe that would have been the
2:29 pm
right thing to do. but in essence, i don't think it cost me the election but i don't think it helped us. here's the interesting thing, after i did that t for four days every one of my speeches was covered on tape. they all broke in to cover my speeches. i don't know. what does that say. still ahead, from president obama's birth certificate to vaccines and autism, even the death of supreme court justice scalia, how donald trump uses conspiracy theories as part of his campaign. do you accept that president obama was born in the united states. >> i don't know. i don't know why he wouldn't release his records, but honestly, i don't want to get in to it. one coat, yes! ♪ there is a day, for every number. ♪ ♪ there is a time, for all my slumbers. ♪
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welcome back. the idea that someone could win a campaign wp conspiracy
2:33 pm
theories probably somed impossible a year ago but somehow donald trump has done it and easily. he launched his political career on the idea that president obama is not a u.s. citizen. the birther conspiracy and as tom foreman shows us that would be the first in a long spring of unproven claims. [ applause ] >> reporter: in 1993, the clintons were scrutinized over a real estate deal called white water. when deputy white house counsel vince foster was found dead. they called it suicide but still some people have suspected murder. and trump's thoughts on foster. he knew everything that was going on and all of a sudden he committed suicide, trump told "washington post" very fishy. >> unbelievable. >> it's not the first conspiracy theory he's liked.
2:34 pm
last fall, he fixated on the widely disproven claim that vaccines cause autism. >> beautiful child went to have the vaccine and came back and a week later got a tremendous fever, got very, very sick. now is autistic. >> then turned to the 9/11 attacks. >> i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. >> reporter: cnn and others could not find any proof. more recently trump wondered about the death of justice scalia. >> they said they found a pillow in his face which is an unusual place to find a pillow. >> reporter: authorities say yes but he was sleeping and died of natural causes. trump moved to the kennedy assassination, suggesting a link between ted cruz's father and lee harvey oswald. again no proof. >> this is nuts. this is not a reasonable position. this is cooky.
2:35 pm
>> it may have started with the birthers in 2011 when donald trump joined the chorus saying that barack obama was not a native born american. his birth certificate proves otherwise. listen to trump last summer. >> do you accept that president obama was born in the united states? >> i don't know. i don't know why he wouldn't release his records. honestly, i don't want to get in to it. >> in some ways, that's typical. trump seldom insist these theories are true. he just throws them out there and gives them room to grow. and if they are proven false or push back is too hard he gives himself room to run. tom foreman, cnn, washington. could the politics of paranoia help trump win the blue states like california for example which has not voted for a republican president in 28 years? >> i have heard this from other
2:36 pm
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he's accused that president obama is not an american citizen and that this clintons had a hand in the death of a whougs
2:40 pm
aide and donald trump said that the five year drought in california isn't really happening. are voters ignoring some of the conspiracy theories or actually embracing them? here to discuss, contributor for "the dale beast. ." >> i'm going to ask you first, trump is pretty strategic when it comes to how the throws out these conspiracy theories and then leaves enough room where people can run in or he can backtrack. what do you think of the tactic? >> i think he will do anything to avoid talking policy. so these things are great. he loves to talk about unsolved mysteries. he should host that show if it ever comes back. he likes to talk about that. and that is his weakness. any of this gets us talking
2:41 pm
about things from 1993, 1995, unsubstantiated claims. that's his genius. >> is that what is going on here? >> i completely disagree as far as policy. the last two months and you will see the next five months concentrating on foreign policy, national security, economy, and then he goes out and makes us feelings heard on certain topics. he has the right to do so. he is an american citizen, running for president and making his positions heard. >> some say that comes with great responsibility. let's talk about the kpirsty theories, death of vince foster, vaccines, linking it to autism, ted cruz and his father connected to the jfk asass naegs in some ways, the obama birth certificate, of course and
2:42 pm
talking about people in the streets after 9/11 cheering. and those in many cases have been disproven to be true. does he really believe in these theories. >> you would have to ask him. not my position. what he generally does on these is say this is up for discussion. he said it is reported. it is up for people to decide for themselves. >> why brick them up? >> because we're talking able them now. >> that's my point. he's a genius. >> i have to say, his strength getting away from his weakness and go to his strength. >> here's what it is. he has $3 billion of free media. so much exposure. you can only talk about policy so much. the other stuff will come out. frg he says is so magnified he has -- anything he says --
2:43 pm
>> let me put this out there. >> sure. >> perhaps it has to do with where we are at in this space and time. there was a study conducted funded by the university of chicago. had to do with conspiracy theories that found 50% of americans believe in some kind of conspiracy theory. dean, is there something about this election cycle that is working in trump's favor when it comes to us talking about conspiracies? >> i'm not sure. i think it is probably specific to certain conspiracies. not everything is a conspiracy. i think honestly -- >> actually, the vince foster thing is not a conspiracy theory. what happened to vince foster. >> the investigation said he committed suicide. it was not nefarious. >> why were the e-mails deleted? >> he gave a speech about energy independence. he said america has more oil reserves than opoke peck.
2:44 pm
he said america has the most natural gas reserves, we're fifth. the idea that -- but when he gives facts he gives mistake after mistake. they are not just conspiracy theories. four-year low in rain in california. >> the members of nato do not spend 2% they are obligated to spend on national security. >> you think -- cher children that are informed. >> obama once said. >> one at a time. one at a time. >> i talked to someone who used to work with him. he doesn't like to do home work. he has a way. >> this is the conspiracy theory. i talked to someone. i talked to somebody who knows somebody. >> he likes to wing it. >> i know the trumps personally.
2:45 pm
i guarantee that a lot of home work is done. these have smart educated people and out on the trail every day talking about facts like the gdp issue, like immigration and issues. in california he is talking about the water issue because that's the key issue in california. you go all over the country and that's why he is expanding the 125i9s he is going to. unlike hillary clinton. >> hold on. sgll talk about his problems. >> donald trump slammed a federal judge, republicans have slammed judges before but not for their own cases. >> justice supreme court justice. >> trump university that is looking in to. >> not allowed to be confident about it. >> it is the a private case. has nothing to do with america. >> civil case. >> he brings up the guy is
2:46 pm
mexican. the judge's ethnic background. a republican governor to be a superior court judge in california. >> did not hurt donald trump in the polls. >> we will have to end it there. >> we will have to end it there. >> some point -- >> i'd love to have you two back on because i know you both -- >> we will continue the conversation another day. gentlemen, thank you so much. thank you. >> as long as trump wins. i'll be happy. >> oh, boy. coming up, actor gary sinise shares with me the special way he is honoring veterans this memorial day and how the role you know him best for lieutenant dan, from "forrest gump" influenced his life to this day. >> where are you boys from?
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gary sinise is best known for his role in forrest gump. he said in that role he formed an enduring connection with servicemen and women throughout the military community and today he works to honor veterans, first responders and their families through the gary sinise foundation. he is joining me now. great to talk to you. we're honored to have you. tell us more about what your foundation does and why you are passionate about veterans. >> thank you for having me. we're actually coming up on our fifth anniversary. i launched the foundation right here in washington, d.c., where i am, for the national memorial day concert tonight. we launched the foundation in june of 2011. it was kind of a natural extension of a lot of work i have been doing to support our military going back to the late '70s and '80s in the chicago area. after i did play lieutenant dan in "forrest gump," that role led me to an association with the dav, disabled american veterans organization and working 0
2:52 pm
support our wounded. after september 11th, i just dove in, volunteered for the uso. started to do what i could to support the men and women deployed to iraq and afghanistan and helping many military charities along the way trying to reach out and fill the gaps and make sure that services were provided. that all manifested itself in to the creation of my own foundation, the gary sinise foundation. we have so many programs across the spectrum. one of our big programs is called rise, restoring independence, supporting empowerment. we build specially designed homes for our wounded. one of the pictures right there is one of our program's called soaring valor where we provide services to wour world war ii veterans. i have a great relationship with the national world war ii museum in new orleans. we take these veterans, many of them, most of them in their 90s down to the museum so they can
2:53 pm
see the special tribute built in their honor and we record them for the national archives at the museum so their stories are preserved forever in time at the museum library there. >> i want to ask you about recent news making comments by one of our presidential candidates. i know you wrote donald trump a letter after he made some comments about senator john mccain last summer. i want to read part of what you wrote to him. it says "i fail to see how you can think attacking and insulting a prisoner of war and turning a group of p.o.w.s from the war will generate support for veterans in general. i had a chance to speak to bob dole and he said he thinks donald trump needs to apologize to john mccain for the comments he made about him being a p.o.w. the trump camp declining comment at all. what is your reaction? >> i was disappointed in that. i'm disappointed whenever i hear
2:54 pm
anyone attack our veterans in any way. i just felt -- that was i think a tweet or something. i just got on the twitter and sent something out. i reacted. i was disappointed that he would do that and include an entire generation of p.o.w.s as folks that had failed. our p.o.w.s served. obviously there were a lot of p.o.w.s in vietnam. they all paid a heavy, heavy price. john mccain was one of them, a ento lump them all together and say that they weren't honorable in their service was disappointing to me. so i just reacted. >> gary sinise, thank you for all of the work you do to help the veterans and for being such a great spokesman on behalf of their issues. you can see how much this means to you. thank you for sharing with us and we hope to talk to you soon and see the action that you are doing really make a difference in these people's lives.
2:55 pm
>> thank you so much. the national memorial day concert is tonight 8 p.m. on pbs. so tune in. we are saluting the brave. coming up here in the cnn newsroom, more of my conversation with gary sinise including whether he feels trump's comments about veterans should disqualify him as serving as commander in chief. ahead a 4-year-old trapped in a zoo enclosure with a 400-pound gorilla. we have the video of the heart-stopping moment. shooking shocking to see this right before the boy is rescued and the endangered animal is killed. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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jen stops working, but her aleve doesn't. hey mom! because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour.
2:59 pm
what will you do with your aleve hours? in today's fit nation, meet the man who had the longest distance. >> andre is a giant in the small but competitive world of long distance skating. >> kind of between cyclist and a runner. >> at 39 years old andras has skated 300 miles in 24 hours. >> there's no books out there of how to skateboard for 24 hours. it was a lot of figuring it out. how to feed the body, your training program.
3:00 pm
>> reporter: se he is a firefighter paramedic in miami-dade. >> it is a physical, demanding job, a stressful job and we need forms of stress relief from that. being out on the long board and racing was my answer. i love the competition, the sport and pushing yourself past the limit that you didn't think you could do mentally or physically. the human spirit wants to be challenged. >> you are live in the cnn newsroom at the top of the hour. thank you for being here. this word from the director of the cincinnati zoo. heart broken. he is talking about the entire staff at the zoo in mourning after the death of this endangered gorilla. the zoo staff made the on the


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