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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  May 30, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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repal them. >> thank you so much. the opposite of the beer is the opposite of my life in beer and politics. thank you for joining us. >> that's it for the lead. i turn you over for pamela brown. she's in the situation room. third party threat. an impressive independent candidate take on donald trump. donald trump calls them a dummy and warns it could hand democrats a victory. tells the rolling thunder bikers that undocumented immigrants are treating better than military veteran is it time for him to change his behavior? i'll ask a trump senior advisor. u.s. allies launch multiple attacks against isis and american forces are playing a key role. what role is iraq playing? could lead to bloody conflicts
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in the region? and japan and south korea going on alert to head of a possible north korean missile launch. could kim jong-un soon have a missile that could reach the united states? wolf blitzer is off today. i'm president obama wiamela bro. you're in the "situation room." now trump may be facing a real threat and he's lashing out once again. a prominent conservative weekly standard editor william kristol is hoping an independent candidate will enter the race. that candidate will have a strong team and a real chance. donald trump is calling him a dummy and a loser and warns that republicans better rally behind his own candidacy or face defeat. and u.s. allies are putting
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their militaries on alert. what's looking like another north korean missile test. there's growing concern that kim jong-un is getting closer to a weapon that could reach the u.s. his regime is trying to score points by showcasing the sons of an american defector. donald trump may be feeling the heat. and he's going after those he feels are putting him under pressure including supporters of a third party challenge. we begin with cnn's phil madingly. >> reporter: look at this way. four months ago donald trump decided to skip a republican debate and hosts what he said would be a fund-raiser for veterans. $6 million. that's how much trump said and his team raised for veteran's
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organizations. a big question as to how much was raised and which groups got the money. that, according to trump, changes tomorrow, behind me at trump tower. donald trump plijting he'll reveal the specifics of cash he pledged to raise and donate to u.s. veteran's organizations. >> all of the groups that have gotten the money will be announced on tuesday. we're having a big press conference. >> the full accounting of the $6 million trump claims he raised in january when he skipped the fox news debate just before the iowa caucuses expected to be providing tomorrow for the new york press conference one day after memorial day. >> we just raised almost $6 million for the vets. i didn't do a television showing. >> since that event questions about how much money was raised have followed him on the campaign trail. trump, on sunday, vowing to do right by veteran's groups. >> we have to take care of our vets. in many cases, illegal
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immigrants are taking much care -- much better care, really, by this country. taken care of by our veterans. >> and taking a swipe at his general election opponent hillary clinton and the veteran's fairs department in the process. >> hillary is -- she doesn't know anything about jobs. she thinks the va is doing good. >> even as the new york billionaire sounded disappointed by the crowd size. >> i thought this would be, like, doctor martin luther king. where the people would be lined up from here all the way to the washington monument, right. unfortunately they don't know. >> this as republicans still oppose to trump continue to push for a possible third party challenge. conservative commentator bill kristol teasing that an impressive independent candidate is on the way with a strong team and a real chance. trump firing back in a string of tweets calling him a, quote,
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dummy, embarrassed loser going on the gop to mock any third party effort saying the party has to, quote, be smart and strong if they want to win in november. trump's push back coming as another problem emerging. the libertarian ticket featuring two former governors. gary johnson and bill well. johnson pledging to take on trump directly. >> taking him on to build a fence across the border. that's nuts. taking him on when he says that mexicans are rapists and murders. >> reporter: trump and his team target the ethnicity over the trump. >> when i have a judge that is hater of trump. he's a hater. so what happens is the judge, who happens to be, we believe, mexican, i think that's great. fine. >> reporter: as they seek to
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play down the rivalries and tensions that beset their own campaign as it struggled to pivot for the general election. >> this is media hype. this team is very cohesive. it's small, lean, a fesht and going to come at hillary clinton for the presidency come november. >> reporter: it's a lean team. donald trump's campaign 70 people. hillary clinton's more than 700. another way the campaign is bucking traadditibuck ing tradiadditions how campaign are run. it makes operatives nervous. but one that trump cites why they are different but will be successful in the fall. >> all right. we'll have to wait and see. thank you so much. let's bring in cnn correspondent dana bash. how serious is bill kristol? >> very serious. he's been serious for months in trying to figure out how the people who simply will not tolerate a donald trump nominee
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at the top or somebody like him at the top of the ticket how they can find an alternative. going from being very serious to actually finding a candidate and doing it properly is the very different things. for example, what they have to do is find somebody who is palatable to people. and not just palatable but recognizable. kristol said before it doesn't have to be somebody with huge name id. but to get somebody -- for somebody to get attention who is not a clinton or trump would be difficult. they have been told by people familiar with their process. they have been doing polling. they have been looking at data. they've been talking to big money people, which is an important part of this, to be able to fund a process where they would have to get people on the ballot. they would have to, you know, fund campaign. these are huge, huge hurdles to get over. again, he is insisting by twitter in this very mysterious
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tweet he put out today they're close to finding somebody. we'll see who that is. because we haven't been able to find them. >> one of the big hurdles is many potential candidates have ruled themselves out rather than in for a third party candidacy. >> the number one person who a lot of never trump forces have been hoping to recruit is mitt romney. of course, was the nominee for the republicans last time around. he has said no. he doesn't want to do that before. i've talked to a couple of sources close to him today say he doesn't want to do it. one actually said, no, no, no. i promise you. no. [ laughter ] >> point clear. >> and another interesting potential candidate was adam kins ger. a well respected young republican illinois congressman. he's been in the air force. at least the reserves. a source familiar with his thinking was interested in
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considering it. quote, literally to save the union. because both trump and clinton, i'm told, scare him. but he doesn't see how the effort actually comes to fruition. how there's a path to getting on the ballots in all the states. then there's ben sasse who is a never trumper. respected senator from nebraska who said no. retired military, retired republican senators, you know, we don't know if somebody has finally been convinced by, again, finance people, by political people. you name it. the waybill kristol suggested. >> right. wait he suggested it made it sound like there's somebody willing to do it. we don't know it yet, right. we don't know. >> we have to wait. >> it's a holiday. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much, dana bash. we appreciate it.
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joining me now tanna gerts. talk about the fact trump has been calling weekly standard editor bill kristol a quote, embarrassed loser after he promised an independent candidate will soon announce a run for president. trump boasted about knocking out candidates in the primary. why does he sound so concerned about a third party challenger? >> well, first off, pamela, thank you for having me here today on memorial day. a day where we honor and celebrate all of our brave men and women who have served this country. so thank you for that. and the answer to your question about bill, mr. trump, more or less his philosophy is that bill has all the answers he should run for president of the united states. >> okay. dana bash was reporting that senator from illinois. do you trump -- the ongoing concerns about candidacy. clearly there are people in the
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republican party who are he assistant to coalesce around him. >> they will coalesce around him. of course they will. he's the nominee. he's going to win this thing. so of course the party is going to get behind mr. trump. and many have. i just saw recently and we were in our state convention in iowa and people who thought they would never come aboard have come full circle and are supporting mr. trump. at the end of the day, they want donald trump in the white house and they do not want a hillary clinton in the white house. so they will do whatever it takes and they will rally behind mr. trump. >> it makes it that more difficult, tana by going after bill kristol and so many in the party he'll need to win in november. >> no. he's not making things difficult. he's just reacting to them. they're attacking him and he's a counter puncher, as we know. if you don't want to be attacked, don't attack trump doctor. his supporters, the american people who vote for him love
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him. they love the fact that mr. trump will not lay down and take it. that's what we need. we need strength. we need a strong president of the united states. that's why so many million people have gone out to vote for trump already. >> okay response i want to talk to you about what went on in washington, d.c., yesterday. donald trump speaking at rolling thunder at this event for veterans. less than a year ago donald trump had this to say about former prisoners of war. john mccain he's not a war hero, he was a war hero because he was captures. i like people who weren't capture. has donald trump changed his stance on this? >> absolutely. mr. trump respects an admires anyone who served our country. including mr. mccain he respects all soldiers. anyone, any veteran. that's why he's doing so much for the veterans organizations. i've been with him since day
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one. he raised almost $6 million, and i've been a part of that. i personally handed over hundreds of thousands of dollars to organizations like 22 kill who are bringing awareness to the fact that 22 veterans are committing suicide every day. before trump none of us knew anything about the serious cases and serious issues that our veterans are facing. >> age li think a lot of us kne about the serious issues. before we get to the donations and nearly $6 million. i want to follow up on the fact that donald trump said this about john mccain it's memorial day. should he apologize to senator mccain you're a senior advisor. would you tell him to apologize? there have been calls from mccain himself. >> mr. trump has mentioned senator mccain in his tweets before. he said he respects his service. admires him. this was back in june or july.
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i don't recall of last summer. we're almost a year later. let's talk about the great things that mr. trump has done for our veterans. i mean, who else -- name another person who has done as much for the veterans of the united states of america than mr. trump has. he's not even yet in office. >> no doubt about it, he has done good things for the veterans. we want to talk about that after the break and dot nations he raised. we're going to talk about which foundations are going to do. stick around. we'll continue this discussion after this break. the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready. giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t.
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fact that tomorrow donald trump is expected to announce what happened with the money that he raised back in january at that veteran's charity event. a big question among people why did it take him almost four months to do this? >> well, you know, pamela, it takes between six weeks to six months to properly vet the organizations that came to us. when they realized mr. trump wasn't going to do a fox debate and we were going to be raising money for veteran's organizations. there are many organizations out there that are worthy of the money. but we wanted to make sure they were properly vetted and the homework was done and we had done the work and now they're a great organizations that have been on the other end receiving this wonderful money and they are so thrilled. i've talked with lots of the organizations that said we were closing our doors before mr. trump came along. we were turning veterans away. veterans were going home and committing suicide. none of this could have been possible without mr. trump. >> you're saying it's taking so
2:20 pm
long because of the vetting. it was last week that trump personally donated $1 million to the marine corps. law enforcement foundation. he donated there in the ored at year. what was the hold up there? >> i mean, the hold up is a million dollars a lot of money. mr. trump said that night yard line what it was but i know it was before february 1st. >> but the washington post came out on social media and held his feet to the fire reaching out to veterans groups saying have you received the money from trump? it turns out shortly after that trump donates a million dollars to dot nation he's been a part of for longer than the last few months showing he didn't have to vet the foundation before donating. >> right. that organization was not vetted, but mr. trump's $1 million was in the veteran's fund that evening after he left
2:21 pm
des moines, iowa. that $1 million that mr. trump gave to the veterans for united states of america. that money was already allocated and it was in the pot waiting to be distributed. so it's not like mr. trump went i think i'll write that check. he was always writing the check and the money was there. it was being distributed. and like i said, i can't wait for tomorrow. we'll finally put this all to rest and people can actually be saying wow. he did this! he's got -- i don't care if it was $500,000. once again, show me the candidate -- what does hillary clinton done for other veterans of the united states of america? nothing. we should be saying way to go mr. trump! i don't care if it was $500,000. it is $6 million or close to that that he's giving to veterans of the united states of america that make our lives easier. or i can say i'm free and i didn't have to serve our country. they did if for us. >> can you give us an idea of the precise amount that is being donated and some of the charities, the foundations that
2:22 pm
is on the receiving end of the money? >> i do not know the exact number. that would be the accounants and the attorneys. i know like i mentioned early the 22 kill organization where they bring awareness to the fact that 22 veterans a day commit suicide because of post-traumatic stress syndrome. we have given money to patriots for pets. an organization that allows veterans to have pets that direct them around their home. also, organizations that build add ones to veteran's homes that are disabled. veteran wheelchairs, i know a gentleman from iowa that mr. trump has personally helped rebuild his home so he can get around in his wheelchair. the organizations are all fantastic and they're all deserving. none of this would have done without the help of donald trump, the man that will be our next president of the united states. >> all right. and we will find out tomorrow the details of the money donated at the press conference. of course, we'll be following that here on cnn.
2:23 pm
tana goertz, thank you very much for coming on the show. we appreciate it. >> thank you! and coming up on this monday, the chances of a three-way race for the white house and hillary clinton's troubles locking up her party's nomination. also, new worries that north korea's dictator may be trying to put the final touches on a missile that could strike his enemies. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european.
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donald trump is lashing out at a prominent conservative who is promising to reveal the name of a credible independ candidate. is a three-way race for the white house possible? let's bring in our cnn political commentator dana bash, david,
2:28 pm
and our political commentator former south carolina state lawmaker bakari sellers. congressman, i want to go to you, first. you have a new reporting about the possibility of a third party candidate. we've been hearing donald trump go after bill kristol for suggesting this is going to happen. how serious is this? is it really a possibility? >> it's only a possibility if bill chris toll can find the candidate, which has eluded him and the other people in the never trump, now calling themselves never trump never clinton camp. the answer is we'll know when we see it, basically. but, look, we also know that it's not just trump who maybe uses more colorful language than other republicans but genuinely the republican party chair and others who are not thrilled with the trump think the idea is a bad one. they do believe no matter who they find it will splinter the
2:29 pm
party and hand the keys to the white house to hillary clinton. >> another scenario, david, could be if the third party candidate comes in the race, no one gets the majority it could go to the house of representatives. could it be part of the strat guy? >> i think the kristol effort is about getting an individual to 270 electoral votes. i think it's clear how late in the game we are trying to find somebody who play in a couple of key battle ground states to the point of success and keep everyone below 270. you're right. that would go to the house, obviously. there are more state delegations controlled by republicans than democrats. that is one way people are talking about this. let's go back to dana's point. nobody has emerged yet. so -- and we have been hearing this never trump movement inside the republican party for two months now. and nobody is stepping up. i think at a certain point if you don't have a vehicle for this, it seems to me in looking at this election and observing
2:30 pm
it and reporting on it for the last year having a strategies with some funding and some polling is like the last thing the voters said they wanted. somebody trying to figure out a way to produce something. >> have you gotten a call? >> no. >> but let me say it serves another purpose. in addition to giving voters like me someone they can support, it also looking forward imagines a world in which democrats and other voters say you guys you conservatives you nominated trump. you elected trump. and people like bill crokristoln say we didn't. we nominated so and so. it's preserving the integrity of the conservative movement and the republican party going forward. while getting nominated and getting elected seems impossible, there's more at stake here. there's more of a personal vested interest. >> and if no one steps forward to be the third party candidate, there's a libertarian candidate, gary johnson, a former governor.
2:31 pm
how much of a threat is he to trump? >> it's an interesting -- if the idea is to appeal to democrats who don't like hillary clinton and republicans who don't like donald trump. this is not the ticket. if you have heard of gary johnson, you have heard of him for wanting to legalize weed. bill weld, his running mate sound like a democrat. he is liberal to guns on abortions. i -- and abortions. >> we have seen situations where the third party candidate has impacted the race. should hillary clinton be concerned at all bakari? >> i don't think so. you look at gary johnson running for president for the united states as a libertarian, i'm not sure what person would jump over let's say bernie sanders supporter would jump over to hillary clinton to vote for him.
2:32 pm
you have john kasich who runs for a third party who has shrewd competent consultants like john weaver and others. it we have to remember he won one state in his primary. that was ohio. the republican party has a small window to get to 270. democrats start with an advantage. we start with about 240 electoral votes because of demographics and the more donald trump talks it looks like it may be an electoral landslide regardless of who runs as a third party. >> i think he's right in some ways but the other thing the question we don't know the answer to yet is how many people out there i are saying i don't want either of them. and i'm looking for another box to check. they might say i want government out of my business and, you know, maybe want to legalize pot or whatever it is. a protest. >> or a likable candidate. >> like ross perot and al gore.
2:33 pm
>> the libertarian box might be one they check. maybe it's a write in. maybe it's a phantom person that bill kristol. you never know. or there might be, you know, enough republicans that cross over and say i'm going for hillary clinton because i don't want to throw away my vote. and, by the way, there might be some former bernie sanders supporters. >> yeah. who would it hurt donald trump or hillary clinton with the libertarian candidate? >> i think it's not so clear. i think gary johnson and bill could probably pull a few from each side without major impact. but, again, you're in a close race and a key state even not a major impact can be an impact. but here is what i think we've got to remember. right now where we are in this race, donald trump has been able to largely consolidate republicans right now. i know not the bill kristols of the world. not the se cupp of the world but
2:34 pm
he's been largely able to consolidate his party. that's why his he's so competitive with hillary clinton now. >> if i may -- >> hillary clinton has an ongoing democratic fight. >> bakari. >> if i may, i think trump is hoping to turn up the number of white voters in this country. we realize that he's trying to drive up the number. and those voters simply aren't there anymore. the reason gary johnson would not get to play because of the fact that gary johnson does nothing to expand the electorate. what we've seen from 2008 and 2012 the lek rate in order to get to 270 goes through voters of color in this country. unless you have someone -- john kasich proved he can do that in ohio. unless you can have someone that can do that. it's null and void. you're not going into arizona, florida, or pennsylvania to win these things. >> he was the governor of a state with the most hispanics in the country, new mexico. for gary johnson at the libertarian national convention he was booed by libertarians for suggesting that the government
2:35 pm
should require at least basic competency to drive a car. this is the problem. he's not getting -- >> all right. we'll take a quick break and back with our panel after this. stick around. i hate the outside. well, i hate it wherever you are. burn. "burn." is that what the kids are saying now? i'm so bored, i'm dead. you can always compare rates on oh, that's nice, dear. but could you compare camping trips? because this one would win. all i want to do is enjoy nature and peace and quiet!
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see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at a week over the multiweek show down that -- both hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders had their eyes on next tuesday's big prize, california. i want to bring back our
2:40 pm
political experts to discuss. so david, sand -- does senator sanders chris crossing california. he seems to think he has a shot of winning the state, or at least giving off that perception he thinks he can. and at the same time you hear diane feinstein, the senator, saying his campaign is all but over. does he show any signs of bowing out soon? >> no. he has a week to go here. he's working the ground hard in california. you talked to california political professionals in the democratic party there. he is doing more than most statewide candidates have done there. he is working it. polls show it's close. here is what would be surprising for bernie sanders was able to pull off a win in california. in 2008 the electorate was 52% white. it will be a minority white electorate this time around in the california democratic primary. he'll have nearly 35% if not more latinos. if he wins in california, he's making inroads into groups he hasn't been able to make inroads
2:41 pm
and doing it at the end of the process. that's a warning sign for hir hillary clinton. not about the nomination but how she's going to emerge from this end of the process where bernie sanders was wracking up something. >> do you sense any concern from the clinton campaign. she's going to spend more time in california. spending time there, put ads up. look, they don't want an embarrassing loss. like david said, would it matter big picture long-term for what she's tried to do here is get the nomination. probably not. almost definitely not, mathematically. but if she ends up losing california, she would be limping toward the nomination. it's just the bottom line. california is the biggest bluest state, and it should be something she should be able to use to consolidate the base and not, you know, fight bernie sanders until the end. >> how much does california matter, bakari? >> well, i mean, california matters. hillary clinton has been fighting, you know, every single state, every vote. i have to remind dana and david,
2:42 pm
i guess, back to 2008 when barack obama lost nine out of the last 12 primaries and he limped to two terms in the white house. so i don't think it's as devastating as people make it out to be. i think bernie sanders has shown the inability to expand his base if he's able to win next tuesday in california. he will have shown he can expand that base and he'll be even more of an asset on the campaign trail moving forward. as you have a bernie sanders, and joe biden, and hillary clinton fighting for the white house. i think bernie sanders is going to be an asset. as new jersey comes in, hillary clinton will be the first female nominee of a major party in the history of this country. i'm excited about that. i'm excited to talk to my daughter about that. >> thank you to our political panel. we appreciate your perspective. coming up new details about how u.s. special optieration forces are helping with a battle against isis.
2:43 pm
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iraqi forces entered the isis held city of fallujah. isis is under attack in northern iraq. the u.s. military played a key role in the offenses. let's go live to barbara starr. >> reporter: as iraqi forces with u.s. backing make their move on fallujah, this is a remarkable turn of events. it appears there's a bit of a new strategy in the works here. isis under heavy pressure on
2:48 pm
multiple battle fronts in iraq and syria. u.s. special operations forces ho helping local troops inching closer to front lines. the iraqi military announcing its beginning the battle to clear fallujah, attempting to take back the strategically important city just 40 miles west of baghdad. isis tunnels already discovered nearby a sign of the tough fight to come. the u.s. providing air strikes and watching the iraqi forces closely. >> we're seeing everything from iraqi security forces to the regular army to the police to even their elite counter terror service participating in this action. >> less discussed but involved is iraq and the shia militia it backed joining the fight to knock isis from the city. raising concerns as they move against the heavily sunni populated area. it could all lead to more
2:49 pm
sectarian violence. to the north, a kurdish offensive underway around mosul. iraq's second largest city. an attempt to squeeze eisis and force it to fight in multiple locations. >> we recognize the value of simultaneousty when we go after this enemy here. when we present them with multiple dilemmas, then we generally see more success with them. >> reporter: across the border u.s. special forces are accompanying and advising syrian rebel forces fight on the doorstep of isis' self-declared capital. during a recent visit to iraq and syria, general joe votel he's looking at what more the u.s. can offer. >> as the conditions continue to change and we continue we'll continue to reevaluate that and where we identify the need for additional capabilities we'll ask for them.
2:50 pm
>> reporter: u.s. special forces on full display in tampa, florida over the weekend during an exercise drill that showed why the elite forces are now constantly called to action. military officials do point to some measures of success, loss of territory by isis, for example. they've lost an estimated 20% of what they once had inside syria, but after traveling with general votel, i can tell you there's a lot of caution and careful planning going on. no one at this point considers isis down and out. pamela? >> barbara starr, that you can for that reporting. meantime, south korea is in alert mode ahead of what's seen as a likely north korea missile test. there's growing concern that kim jong-un's regime is closer to having a weapon that can reach the u.s. cnn's brian todd is looking into that. >> reporter: u.s. and south korean officials are watching kim jong-un's military closely.
2:51 pm
a ballistic missile test could be in the works. u.s. officials are worried every time he tests a missile, he is closer with posing a major imminent threat to america. the north korean dictator showing new signs of once again trying to perfect a missile that can strike his enemies. the south korean military says it is now so concerned about a possible launch, it is in a quote full readiness posture. a u.s. military official tells cnn the pentagon is closely monitoring the korean peninsula, coordinating with allies, calling on kim jong-un to refrain from provocation. but experts say kim appears obsessed with the idea of expanding his fire power and the influence it would bring him on the world stage. south korean media reports say he may test intermediate range missile that could strike as far as guam or the aleutian islands
2:52 pm
in alaska. experts are concerned they'll start to test longer range intercontinental missile, a far greater threat to the u.s. and its allies. >> it may have new fuels that give it far greater energy and range. with that range, the kn 14 can possibly reach washington, d.c. >> reporter: even more concerning, several u.s. officials told cnn they believe north korea probably has a miniaturized nuclear war head that could fit onto the missiles. experts say right now the only standing in kim's way is the quality of his technology. >> they haven't proved they can launch a missile that could reach the united states in more than one out of many cases. the re-entry vehicle will have to survive. and as far as we know, they haven't tested the re-entry vehicle and actually fight. >> reporter: meantime, kim's regime is launching a 200 day
2:53 pm
campaign of loyalty to boost agricultural production in the countryside. analysts say that likely means forced labor, indoctrination. one possible example of that indoctrinati indoctrination, the new anti-american propaganda featuring americans. this interview in korean features these brothers ranting against the u.s. they're part american but born in north korea after their american father defected to pyongyang in 1962. >> translator: i want to advise the u.s. to drop the hostile policy against north korea. it is time to wake them up from their delusions. >> reporter: one of the brothers is a captain in the north korean army. analysts say the brothers are being used by kim for propaganda. >> to send a message to north korean people themselves that oh, look, the caucasians, these americans, these barbarians that we have been taught since we were little to fear and are the
2:54 pm
enemy can actually with proper education understand our glory, understand our system. >> reporter: it is not clear if the brothers were forced to make the comments or if they believe in what they're saying or some combination of both. u.s. intelligence officialers not weighing in on this tonight, pamela. >> what more can you tell us about the brothers and their parents? >> reporter: the father was a gi that defected in 1962. he is reported to be in his 70s and bad health, still in north korea. their mother, analysts say, was romanian and victim of north korea's notorious system of abductions. she's said to have died in the 1990s. analysts say both brothers likely would have received heavy indoctrination, gotten intense monitoring since they were in their early teen years. >> brian todd, thank you for that reporting. coming up this monday, a leading conservative hints at a third party threat, donald trump saying an impressive third party
2:55 pm
candidate will come in. he warns a spoiler candidate could give the democrats a victory. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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happening now. mystery candidate, a leading conservative says the never trump movement found someone to take on trump with an independent bid for the white house. is time running out for a third party campaign? big enchilada. bernie sanders battling hillary clinton for california. suggesting it is a must win, but vowing to fight to the
3:00 pm
convention. now he says it is clinton's job to unite the party if she's the nominee. we will talk about that with a top california democrat. explosive gas lines. deadly blast from aging, leaking pipes claiming dozens of lives in the last decade. the threat and crisis level in cities across the country. where might disaster strike next? and remembering the fallen. america honors its war dead on memorial day. president obama marking the somber occasion for the last time as commander in chief. we want to welcome viewers in the united states and around the world, wolf blitzer is off today. i'm pamela brown. you're in "the situation room." a political shocker on this memorial day. anti-trump conservatives announce they found someone to launch a third party campaign. weekly standard editor welco welcome -- william crystal
3:01 pm
saying a real chance is coming forward soon. donald trump called him a dummy and embarrassing loser and warns the supreme court is at risk unless republicans unite around him. we are watching democrats and the fear spike bernie sanders and hillary clinton have in california which has the primary in eight days. both candidates are barn storming the state, clinton announcing a five day swing ahead of the vote. and we are learning disturbing details of the deadly threat posed by tens of thousands of miles of aging natural gas pipelines across the country, they're responsible for ex-ploplosions that killed dozen recent years. we are covering that and more, including our guest congressman john gar mend ee from california and our experts are standing by. let's begin with the announcement that anti-trump conservatives will put up an independent candidate.
3:02 pm
cnn chief local correspondent dana bash is working that story for us. dana, the never trump movement believes it found the right person. do we have any idea who that might be? >> we don't. bill crystal said the announcement isn't imminent but is teasing that someone has come forward, is waiting in the wings. if you want to make a splash, send a mysterious tweet on a holiday weekend. there will be an independent candidate, an impressive one with a strong team and real chance. kristol, editor of the weekly standard, has been working hard to find that third party candidate. in an e-mail to cnn, he said an announcement is not imminent, but his tweet got a lot of attention, especially from donald trump who responded if dummy bill kristol gets a spoiler to run as an independent, say good-bye to the
3:03 pm
supreme court. cnn is told that kristol with other never trump republicans did extensive polling and gathered private data, talking to potential candidates and backers. they point to public polling as proof there's an appetite. in a survey earlier this month, little more than half the respondents, 51%, said they would be satisfied with trump, clinton matchup. 44% said they want a third party option. as for just republicans, target voters for kristol and others, 39% say they want a third party candidate. the open question is who. fraud.ald trump is a phony, a >> reporter: two sources close to mitt romney tell cnn the 2012 gop nominee will still not go so far as to run as an independent. never trump forces have also been trying to recruit nebraska senator ben sass or retired general jim mad us.
3:04 pm
sass sources say he is still a no. jim mad us said thanks but no thanks. he also floated congressman adam kinzinger. he would have considered it, quote, to save the union because both clinton and trump scare him. but he doesn't think the infrastructure exists to get on the ballot. on the stump, trump mocks kristol. most agree it would be a disaster for the party and help elect hillary clinton. >> they can try to hijack another party and get on the ballot but look, it is a suicide mission. >> reporter: even those not big fans of trump. >> absolutely not. >> no third party. >> no way. i advise people not to go down that road. >> reporter: separate from kristol's efforts, two former republican governors won the
3:05 pm
libertarian party nomination this weekend, the most experienced candidates ever for that party. >> the libertarian party is already on state ballots across the country. one of many challenges for the kind of independent run that bill kristol is envisioning is getting on the balanlotsballots. the deadline for texas has passed. a source working on this says they can stage a write in campaign or file lawsuits to solve ballot issues which they can do possibly with enough money, and pamela, the right candidate. that's the combination that has eluded the anti-trump forces for months. >> dana bash, thank you so much for that. meantime, trump scheduled a news conference about benefits for veterans. there's no shortage of questions about how much donald trump raised but where that money that gone. have these questions tarnished his campaign? >> think about it like this. this is what i was told from a
3:06 pm
republican operative that worked on the 2012 campaign for mitt romney. imagine mitt romney pledged a certain amount of money to veterans organizations and four months later you weren't sure where the money went, how much of it was actually there, and what the details were of the entire process. he said romney would have eviscerated his candidacy, up in smoke. donald trump won the republican nomination, is tied in polling with hillary clinton. as to the impact on veterans groups themselves, pam, veterans groups raised concern about the process. veterans themselves, not so much. take a look at what he was saying this weekend to the rolling thunder crowd, a crowd filled with veterans. >> illegal immigrants are taking much better care by this country, taken care of than our veterans, and that's not going to happen, okay? it is not going to happen. we're not going to allow that to
3:07 pm
happen any longer. >> pam, an unorthodox pitch but pitch that donald trump is making repeatedly on the campaign trail. when it comes to the issue of money raised for veterans groups, it is one that's clearly bothered donald trump. he mentioned it repeatedly on the campaign trail and twitter, even in an instagram post, criticizing news media for trying to figure out what happened. he will try to clear all of that up tomorrow at the press conference. a lot of questions remain. donald trump trying to clear it up tomorrow at trump to your. >> they're saying it took that long because they had to vet the foundations and charities. thanks. turning to the democrats, bernie sanders and hillary clinton battling for california and have the primary a week from tomorrow. that fight is under way for the delegates. >> that's right, it is the biggest for the democratic
3:08 pm
primary. the clinton campaign added a five day swing through the state starting thursday. a sign that hillary clinton is taking california seriously. >> reporter: hillary clinton taking part in a chappaqua, new york memorial day parade. a reminder her march to the democratic nomination is not yet finished. clinton is facing road blocks in her on-going primary battle with bernie sanders. >> nobody doubts which campaign is the campaign that has the energy and enthusiasm that is our campaign. >> reporter: still laser focused on next week's california primary, one of the last big delegate prizes. >> california is the big enchilada, so to speak, enormously important and we want to win it. >> reporter: the vermont senator
3:09 pm
showing no signs of giving up the fight, laying out what he sees as three possible paths forward, including trying to sway superdelegates that already sided with clinton. >> there are over 400 superdelegates that came onto secretary clinton's campaign eight months before the first ballot was cast, before anybody else was in the race, before they could get a sense of what the campaign was about. >> reporter: as edition in, sanders is facing pressure from high profile democrats like clinton supporter dianne feinstein. >> he ought to be able to read sign posts as well as anybody else. if he did that, he would know that it is all but over. so the question comes, you know, why doesn't he do those things which bring all democrats together. >> reporter: making it clear, he doesn't think that burden is on him. >> if secretary clinton is the nominee, it is her job to reach out to millions of people and
3:10 pm
make the case as to why she's going to defend working families. that's the candidate's job to do. >> reporter: sanders is beginning to layout what steps he would like to see clinton take if she becomes the nominee, including a type of running mate she should pick. >> i would hope if i am not the nominee that the vice presidential candidate will not be from wall street, will be somebody who has a history of standing up and fighting for working families. >> reporter: sanders wouldn't entertain the idea of party unity ticket and becoming clinton's running mate, saying his focus right now is on winning the nomination, and adding he will see what happens afterwards. >> sunlen serfaty. thanks for that. let's get more on this with democratic congressman from california, member of the armed services committee and backing hillary clinton. thank you for coming on this holiday, congressman. we appreciate it. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> the question is on the heels of that report, clinton changed
3:11 pm
her california plan. she plans on going out there thursday, staying through monday. is this a sign that there's concern in the clinton camp that she could lose your state? >> i don't think she's going to lose, she's always been very, very strong in california. certainly the race is tightened as you would expect in a contested situation, but she's going to do well here. she will probably win this state. even if the vote were to go 50/50, she still moves very, very close when you take into account pennsylvania, new jersey and the other couple of states that are in the primary on the 7th. she will be very close if not over the top with the number of pledge delegates and superdelegates add on, she will be the nominee, she's an extraordinary strong individual. we have seen that so many times over the years, most recently when she spent 11 hours in the hearing room, carrying the day. >> you said historically, she
3:12 pm
won california, but there are other states clinton was supposed to win and didn't. this is a close race, no doubt. are you confident she can pull off a win in california and are you worried about the percept n perception, the optics of everything between her and bernie sanders when donald trump has clinched the nomination essentially. >> you mention michigan, certainly that was a significant issue but then take a look at washington state, bernie won the caucus 2-1. hillary won the vote by 53%. she has 3 million more votes than sanders. he laid out important issues, all of which are part of the base of the democratic floss fee for deers and decades. where we are going from here is it is almost impossible for him
3:13 pm
to win the nomination. hillary will be the nominee, likely to win california. she's going to spend time here. her message will clearly be heard. it is a strong message, a message about economic reform, about growth, about education. it is about our infrastructure. it is a message about tax fairness, a message about reigning in wall street in a realistic way. she's the kind of person that can be a terrific president because she's got experience not only as first lady in the white house but also as a senator and then also secretary of state. so understanding the international scene, understanding the way in which congress works and also taking a look at what it is just to be strong and capable and with the demeanor that's sound. >> clearly you're a big hillary clinton supporter. >> yes. >> why isn't california governor jerry brown coming out and supporting clinton? >> well, jerry brown, i served with him way back in the 1970s, he is very, very rarely
3:14 pm
endorsing anybody. and he will i suspect after the convention, but he's always one of the last to get on board any canoe paddling down the stream. i wouldn't wait for jerry brown at all. >> so going back to what's going to happen in california a week from tomorrow, how is it going to look if clinton loses the california primary but wins the democratic nomination the same day, how does that unify the party? >> it's going to look exactly the way president obama looked. he lost the california primary went on to become president for eight years. california is an important state and when it comes to the general election, california will be strongly behind hillary clinton. yes, she does have to reach out to the bernie sanders supporters but also bernie sanders also has to reach out across to hillary and then together go forward making certain that we have a democratic president and along
3:15 pm
the way, bring in along the u.s. senate and as much of the house as possible. there's an enormous number of things in play. you take a look at the kind of leadership we want to have, it certainly isn't somebody with trump's demeanor. this man is just not the kind of person we want. this is not an eisenhower or roosevelt, this isn't even a george h.w. bush. trump simply is not capable of having the appropriate demeanor to become president of the united states. hillary clinton on the other hand is perfect for that job zblchlt i just have to ask you, there's been reporting about the fact that there's a question within the clinton camp about how to respond to trump, they haven't quite nailed down the best way to respond to the unconventional candidate who is unpredictable. how do you think the clinton camp should respond to donald trump? >> i think it is a matter of good solid policies first and she's done that from the very outset, right at the beginning
3:16 pm
of her campaign, she put out an economic reform program that had all of the elements that we need, specific tax policies to help the middle class, to change the wage gap that exists between women and men in the same job, in the same workplace. she laid out an environmental program, infrastructure program. all those things are absolutely center to the economic policy and will undoubtedly be part of what we see going forward. then how do you explain those to the american people. you don't do it with calling people names, the way trump is even today saying his opponent is a loser and mr. kristol is a loser, that isn't allows in first grade classrooms. >> he has been doing that all along and he is a presumptive nominee. >> there's a part of this like
3:17 pm
reality tv that's interesting. we are talking the president of the united states of america, the most important country in the world. who is going to be the spokesperson? who's going to be the person out there that will be presenting to the entire world the american agenda, the american people. donald trump? are you kidding me? no way! >> congressman, stick around. we have a lot more to discuss after this break. ♪ some people know how to make an entrance... ♪ to thrive under pressure... ♪ to reject the status quo...
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>> reporter: he is not qualified
3:22 pm
to be president. why is clinton having a hard time expressing that in a way that resonates with voters? >> she doesn't want to get into the bed with him. she wants to be above that. that's the kind of person she is. she doesn't want to get into a mud fight with anyone. she's strong, very aware what it takes to be president. the demeanor, the way you handle yourself, the way you interact with international leaders and with members of congress, some of whom are on your team, others who are not. you don't go around calling people losers. you can't do that. you've got to be respectful and that's the way she is. i'm quite sure others will point out donald trump's problems of which they're numerous, the fact that he had multiple bankruptcies, the fact a couple of businesses are charged with fraud, you can go down the list, spend an hour and a half going through all his problems. i'm sure by the time september, october rolls around, we'll all
3:23 pm
see those things. and those will be pointed out. but hillary won't do that nor should she. she should be talking about things that need to be done in this country, her economic plan, talking about details of it. how we can rebuild transportation, how we can educate our children. and meet the challenges of the international world. >> she's been talking about that, laying out her policies, talking about the issues. why are her unfavorables so high. you said this is a close race, it is a clear choice. why isn't she up 20 points? >> she has been attacked for 25 years, for 25 years under attack, beginning way before her husband was elected president and then throughout that entire time, then beyond. certainly all across this nation the number of attack ads on her are so numerous and a lot of money behind those attack ads. you would expect under that
3:24 pm
circumstance to find the kind of negative rating. when this primary season is over, the democrats will pull together. bernie sanders i am certain given the nature, he's a good person, doesn't want the republicans to win, that's not his agenda, and he will be out there working hard for hillary clinton when the time comes. right now, he is trying to finish up his race as strong as possible. i understand that. i had nine statewide races in california, and it is hard to quit, even though you know you're headed for a loss, but he will come around and with him will come his supporters, not all of them. some of them won't, most of them will, and they'll line up behind hillary and there will be an overwhelming victory in california in november. and that's when it really counts. we will see the same thing in pennsylvania, new york, and quite likely florida which should also be in play, given the nature of well, that's
3:25 pm
trump. he likes to think mar-a-lago, running around in his fancy house, it doesn't match up with the needs of working men and women in florida or anywhere else in the nation. >> congressman, thank you very much for coming on. we appreciate it. just ahead here. >> have a good day. >> thanks, you too. just ahead in "the situation room," more on the never trump movement's mystery candidate. who might it be, when will he or she come forward. plus, the explosive threat across the u.s. can these leaks be found before the next blast? and you're on thl day long, it's exhausting. holiday inn has been a part of the team. you're on the fourth floor. it makes life on the road much easier. book your next journey at
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3:30 pm
a potential shakeup in the race for the white house, leading conservative bill kristol announcing that the never trump movement found a candidate for the third party bid for the white house. sunlen serfaty, dana bash, and david chalian, and "the washington post" editor david swerdlick. thank you so much to the four of you coming on, appreciate it. how serious is this. is there someone waiting to come out as a third party candidate? >> he certainly is suggesting on this sleepy holiday weekend that there is somebody out there, whether or not that person really is as close to coming out
3:31 pm
there, you see them put the tweet on the screen there, whether or not that person will come out tomorrow. >> time is ticking. >> yeah. time is ticking. and that's been the issue. not that there hasn't been desire among people who are disgusted with the idea of a trump candidacy on the republican side to find an alternative, it has been who is that alternative, slowly but surely people who are potential candidates have been taking themselves off the list. >> so what's the strategy, game plan for a third party candidate? >> the strategy is to find a credible person who can make a stand in one or two battleground states to stop donald trump or hillary clinton from getting 270 electoral votes. that's the strategic plan here. depending on who emerges will depend which of the states might make the most sense to make that
3:32 pm
play, but this is not a play to find someone i think at this stage of the game to be elected president in november, this is about preventing trump or clinton from getting to the white house in hopes from bill kristol's point of view of finding a conservative alternative. >> you've seen others say with ralph nader he won enough to prevent al gore. could the libertarian or third party candidate deny trump a win? >> potentially, but the way i see it is that libertarian nominated on second ballot weld and johnson, the idea that they can be more relevant than past years. i sense that because of foreign policy especially they draw voters from democrats and from trump at the same time so i think it would be hard to say they're going to throw any of the big swing states to one or
3:33 pm
the other now. the other problem the libertarians have, just one of those things, people remember that in 2012, 2011ohnson was in the first republican debate and he was not a good debater. even though there is interest in the ticket. >> the libertarian candidate, tough to tell who it would help more. if there's a third party candidate, couldn't that potentially help clinton? >> conventional thinking is that if there's a credible third party candidate, someone that steps up, is a credible contender, it has the possibility of splitting republican votes, making it a much easier go for hillary clinton. that's why we've seen some response, especially those inside trump circle and from donald trump himself responding to this, some level of concern, lashing out about the potential at that time where donald trump is trying so hard to consolidate his party support. >> and reince priebus calling that a suicide mission, not just
3:34 pm
in the trump campaign, sunlen is right, they realize the threat it poses, but there are republican party officials who haven't been the most enthusiastic donald trump supporters who see this as a serious problem if indeed a credible person emerges. >> if you don't get some of the republican donors, like paul singer or koch brothers to bless a third party run, it will be hard. >> talk about the strategy for donald trump. he had a big week, he reached that magic number 1237. you would think he would be taking a victory lap, david. instead he seemed to be going on a grudge tour, lashing out at people on both sides of the aisle. what do you make of that? >> i make of that that donald trump is a candidate who is seeing work through the nomination and wanting to repeat
3:35 pm
that behavior because it has been working for him. what he hasn't fully adjusted to, i say fully, he has done some things differently of late, hasn't fully adjusted to the context of a general election audience, growing beyond what worked in the nomination season because nobody can win the presidency just -- >> right, like a primary candidate. >> you need more votes than that. you need to expand beyond what you appealed, what people found appealing in the nomination season and donald trump is very committed to sticking with what worked for him the last year. >> that's right. look, it is a tough balance for him because it has worked for him and he has his core supporters who very much are committed to him because of things that he talked about and the kind of candidate more importantly that he was back in the primaries. but you're right, david, he does have to understand that he's got those people, and we saw through the entire primary season they
3:36 pm
were really committed to him and he did grow them, but beyond that, he has to change a little. >> stand by. we have a lot more to discuss. we will be back after this break. at cancer treatment centers of america,
3:37 pm
every patient gets their own care manager. it's a long journey, and we try to help them through that. the care manager coordinates all of the patient's appointments, scans, chemotherapy... one of the great things we do is help them manage their symptoms at home. we are available 24/7. we want to take as much stress off the patients as we can. my name is mena... collette jodi stacy learn more at appointments available now.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. 475 democratic delegates are up for grabs in next week's california primary. even if bernie sanders won them all, it would not be enough to
3:41 pm
overtake hillary clinton's delegate lead. i want to bring in the panel to discuss everything going on. i want to go to you first, david. we were speaking to the congressman, i asked what will it take for hillary clinton to stave off bernie sanders and donald trump come election day. he said she needs to stay the course, stay above the fray, focus on the issues and policy, but she has been doing that. her unfavorables are pretty high. do you think that's enough in response to donald trump? >> they're pleased in brooklyn that his unfavorables are higher. they like the matchup that they have. i don't think she's just been staying the course. i think we have been seeing hillary clinton trying to engage donald trump much more aggressively than they imagined she would be doing. >> for her it is aggressive. >> yes. but her campaign to me for the last couple weeks has been almost completely dedicated to framing donald trump negatively as a risky, unacceptable choice
3:42 pm
for the american people. much more so, her message of the day, than has been what she was talking about through most of the democratic primary season. >> has that been effective, dana? >> we'll see. >> is it resonating with voters? >> the problem that she has is right now not only is she fighting a two front war, even though they say she moved on beyond bernie sanders, he is still fighting her, fact of life. and then the other issue that she's up against already a guy in donald trump who is incredibly effective at taking her most vulnerable spots and turning it into a trumpian phrase. she has to figure out and calibrate who she wants to be and fight back against the monster marketing. >> and talking about bernie sanders, he is really focused on california now. at the same time, you hear senator dianne feinstein saying
3:43 pm
he needs to throw in the towel, that the nation would be better off if he acknowledged he doesn't have a chance at the nomination. what are you hearing about what his plans are? >> i'll defer to sunlen on some of this. she was out there campaigning, talking to sources inside the campaign in california and beyond, but my understanding is that they're going to wait and see what happens. i think the biggest question mark around the democrats is whether or not bernie sanders ultimately, whether next week or beyond, does what hillary clinton did for bernie sanders which is i'm out, i did what i need to do, now message to the people who supported me, you need to get behind the other person. that's what she did. the question is whether he'll do it. >> is california within bernie sanders' grasp? >> i think it is. you see clinton ramping up the number of events she will have, spending money in the state to try to win it. i think clinton missed an
3:44 pm
opportunity here to when the debate with sanders was on table to get into debate with him. one thing sanders supporters don't like about clinton is the idea she feels the nomination is hers and she will be core nated and democrats fall in line behind her. best thing would be for her to win it. but that's not guaranteed. best thing is to go down swinging, not losing to sanders and losing a string of states. >> we will have to see what happens. sunlen you have been working your sources. thank you to the four of you for coming onto share your perspective. america's dangerous aging infrastructure, one of the biggest threats, thousands of miles of natural gas pipelines and leaks. is this a nationwide program? >> these pipelines are out of sight, out of mind, but there are thousands of miles of these underground lines and they're at high risk for failure.
3:45 pm
tonight we have never before seen video of a natural gas explosion. the story starts in baltimore but it is something many cities nationwide are dealing with. there's a warning, the video you're about to see may be disturbing. >> reporter: justin worthington and his friend seen in surveillance video were walking home from school in 2014 when an explosion shook their baltimore neighborhood. justin's mother, cynthia edwards. >> got about halfway to the house, you can see them look at the house and see them running. >> reporter: justin escaped, 8-year-old troy douglas was killed. >> it is like a bomb blew up beside them. >> reporter: the utility company responsible for the pipes, baltimore gas and electric, could not determine the cause of the explosion. maryland state investigators blamed natural gas, a six inch pipe from the great depression ran adjacent to the building, it was corroded, cracked, and leaking gas.
3:46 pm
records show the pipe was repaired for leaks twice in months leading up to the incident. transition secretary anthony fox oversees pipeline safety regulations. >> the pipe was repaired but not replaced. something seems wrong with that, doesn't it? >> yeah, it is a tragic situation. unfortunately we are seeing these types of tragedies occur in far too many parts of the country. >> reporter: there are more than 90,000 miles of pipe in the united states considered high risk. that's like traveling from the east coast to west coast 28 times. from 2006 to 2015 pipeline incidents caused an average of 13 fatalities and 59 injuries per year. >> we have several blocks on fire at this time. >> reporter: in 2010, a 62-year-old gas line exploded, killing 8 in san bruno, california. next year in allentown,
3:47 pm
pennsylvania. >> massive 20 foot high flames. >> reporter: five were killed when an old pipe cracked. >> two of the most significant rules that are in process now that would focus on the standards for pipelines and raise standards for aging pipelines so that the industry would have to respond and fix some of the pipes that we know need to be fixed. >> it took more than five years o come up with the rece making. >> yeah, and i am glad it wasn't six. >> reporter: stanford and boston university professors rigged this vehicle to detect gas leaks. in boston, manhattan and d.c., they found spiked levels of natural gas. here in baltimore. >> we just passed a leak. >> reporter: we discovered 35 leaks in a span of 7 miles. >> 79. i think we have to call it in. >> reporter: 79% means what? >> 790 parts per million gas,
3:48 pm
extremely high level. >> reporter: the natural gas industry says it is actively replacing aging pipes. but for the families of justin worthington and troy douglas, too little, too late. >> he was walking home from school and his life is gone. >> reporter: baltimore gas and electric settled with the douglas family for an undisclosed amount. the natural gas industry is responsible for paying for and replacing old pipes and the expenses passed on to consumers. the industry says there's a limit on how fast it can work since there are caps on how much it can raise customers' rates to pay for replacements. but anyone that sees what happened to the family in baltimore would say more needs to be done and fast. pamela? >> truly frightening, rene marsh, thank you for that reporting. we will have much more news just ahead.
3:49 pm
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see, my undertaking for might country but brazil is struggling especially hard as it prepares to host this mere summer's olympic games. we're in rio de janeiro with the
3:55 pm
details. ivan? >> reporter: this has been a particularly rough run up to the olympic games scheduled to start here in rio in just over two months. a whole set of challenges facing not only rio, the host city, but brazil as a whole. it's hard not to be seduceded by rio de janeiro. this spectacular city soon to be the host of the 2016 summer olympics. two months before the start of the games, construction crews are putting in the final touches at the olympic venues. >> everything is goi to be ready on time. we're going to deliver the 24th of july. >> reporter: but despite rio's beauty, the city and brazil as a whole are facing some pretty daunting challenges. a whole series of set backs, leading some to wonder are rio's olympics somehow cursed? just days ago, a warning from more than 100 international doctors, calling for the games to be postponed or moved, because the mosquito borne zika
3:56 pm
virus could threaten an expected half million foreign visitors. that view rejected by the world health organization. which does advise pregnant women to avoid the olympics entirely. because of the risk of severe deformities to unborn children. and then there's the political and economic crisis. turmoil after congress suspended brazil's elected president in an impeachment process last month. and high-level corruption scandals during the worst economic recession in generations, which has left more than 10 million brazilians unemployed. the economic hardship aggravated rio's endemic problems with violent crime. daily gun battles between police and drug gangs in the city's impoverished, as well as a surge in robberies.
3:57 pm
month, members of the spanish olympic sailing team mugged at gun point. >> we just turn around to see what was happening. we saw the pistols. >> reporter: olympic sailors also worried aboutrio's notoriously polluted bay, a dumping ground for much of the city's raw sewage. >> we don't want to swim in it. >> reporter: rio's mayor warns this isn't a first world city. >> don't come here expecting that everything will be, you know, perfect. we live in a country that has an economic crisis, a country with lots of inequality. with all the problems we have seen concerning corruption, bribes. but the city will be much better than it was when we got the games. >> reporter: but even one of the mayors new infrastructure projects is now a deadly failure. this brand-new spectacular cliffside bike path was supposed to be a showcase project for the olympics. instead, it became a tragic
3:58 pm
setback when the waves took out part of the trail, killing two people last month. in the turbulent run up to the olympics, a virtual storm of bad news. that leads you wondering what could possibly happen next. pamela, despite all these setbacks, organizers of the games, city officials, they insist this will be a big success for rio, come august. and they're extending invitations around the world to come and experience the world's biggest sporting event. >> thank you to ivan watson in rio. meantime, president obama led the nation in observance of memorial day at arlington national cemetery. he paid tribute to, in his words, those who never lived to be honored as veterans for their service. ♪ [ taps ]
3:59 pm
the americans who rest here and their families, the best of us, those from whom we asked everything, ask of us today only one thing in return. that we remember them. ♪ and on this memorial day, our thanks to all of those who have served and sacrificed. i'm pamela brown. wolf blitzer will be back here in "the situation room" tomorrow. thank you so much for watching. anthony bourdain, "parts unknown" starts right now.
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