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tv   Americas Choice 2016 Super Tuesday 5  CNN  June 7, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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happening now, breaking news. restating the case. donald trump weighing in late today on the judge he's been slamming even as republicans slammed him or say they can no longer supupport him. >> hillary clinton has made history as the first female presumptive nominee. where does that leave a race that bernie sanders says he does not want to leave. >> i'm wolf blitzer and you're in "the situation room." we begin this hour with donald trump's latest word on the judge hearing two cases involving the operation known as trump university. as you know he's been taking the kind of heat from within his own party that normally makes a political candidate think twice about whatever he or she said or did to earn it and tonight a
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fresh republican declared he cannot support donald trump this fall. sara joins us from outside new york where donald trump will be speaking later tonight. she begins our coverage with the breaking news that new statement from donald trump. tell us what he's saying. >> reporter: that's right. donald trump had a very lengthy statement. he slammed the media saying it was members of a media who were misconstrueing what he had to say about the judge and some ways he tried to walk back the comments and other ways he seemed to double down. one thing missing from the statement was an apology to the judge. it may not be enough for those distancing themselves from donald trump. donald trump should be celebrating the end of primary season. instead he's trying to put an end to a firestorm over what some are calling racist attacks
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against a judge. >> i don't care if the judge is mexican or not. i'm going do great with the mexican people. we're being treated very unfairly bill. >> tonight trump released a statement saying his comments have been misconstrued as an attack against people of mexican heritage. that's after the presumptive nominee claimed the judge in the lawsuit involving trump university is biased because of his mexican heritage. trump added i do not feel that one's heritage makes them incapable of being impartial but based on the treatment i have received i request whether i'm i'm to have a fair trial. >> saying a person can't do their job because of their race is the textbook of racist. >> it's time to quit attacking
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various people you are competing with. >> reporter: senator lindsay graham telling cnn that trump's comments are over the top. >> you may not think it's unamerican i do. you may not think it's racist i do. but if he continues this line of attack then i think people need to reconsider for the future of the party and the country whether they should support him. >> reporter: trump's latest statement comes a day after he encouraged campaign staffers and supporters to keep up attacks on the judge. even as trump tried to dismiss the idea that his criticism has anything to do with his background. >> i want him to give me a fair shake. >> reporter: today at least one supporter is leaping to trump's defense. >> i know donald trump. i've known him for 14 years and he is not a racist. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie insisting trump has a right to argue his side of the case. >> people are going to express their opinions. those are donald's opinions.
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he has the right to express them. >> some republicans are reevaluating now if they can support donald trump, right? >> reporter: that's right. we saw very large criticism from the illinois senator who said he cannot support trump. he said trump does not have the temperament to be president. he saw tough comments from the nevada governor who said he's not sure if he's going to be able to vote for trump. so it's a historic moment at a time where donald trump is finishing out the primaries. instead of celebrating that moment even though he set up for a victory party here he's still trying to unite the party behind him and we've seen some of the toughest comments against him. >> thanks very much. anderson over to you. >> the panel is back this hour to talk about it. it's interesting that donald trump is saying that's not going
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to talk about it anymore but yesterday there was that conference call where he had told surrogates to keep moving forward on this. >> that conference call was misconstrued. donald trump never ordered anyone to do anything. i've criticized his remarks at times and i've never been ordered to do anything and that's unlike most presidential candidates. donald trump does not nor did he do that in that phone call. this is what he needed to do today. he needed to say i do not feel that one's heritage and this is what he said makes them incapable of being impartial. he needs to clarify based on the rulings he thinks the judge is unfair. he clarified where he stands. he needs to move on. he doesn't have a racist bone in his body. it's time to talk about issues. >> you have paul ryan certainly didn't seem to be echoing donald trump's sentiments and his statements came out before
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donald trump's statements. >> i think people feel they need to especially someone like paul ryan who is interested in reaching the audience he was talking to today. he will continue because he is -- he's not been the -- he is happy to be racist in that. sometimes yes it will be like i'm missaid something. here's the thing and this is what the people looking at this election is calculating, it's like the grizly man. you can do it for a while. you might tame them but they are still going to be grislies and they can still hurt you. >> the grizly man ended up being mauled. >> i've got to say donald trump doesn't look good on this either.
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he's not the only one that looks bad i believe. i mean john f kennedy wrote this great book it would be hard to write that book today about the republican leadership for sure. if you look at paul ryan and mitch mcconnell these people said i disagree with everything he says,th is racist but i'm still going to vote for him. they don't have any principals. they're really putting the party or the hatred of hillary clinton over doing the right thing. >> i think what mitch mcconnell said today was right, which is why are we -- he said why are we talking about this civil fraud case in the middle of a presidential campaign. today in donald trump's statement and he's right he did try to walk it back. i'm not sure he did successfully, but he was relitigateing the case before he said let's stop talking about it now. he's the republican presidential
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nominee. if he wants to talk about issues great, i'm all for that. don't relitigate the case in the middle of your public statement. just say okay now it's time to talk about immigration policy or trade policy or jobs policy but that's really not what he did today. that's because it's business and he really cares about winning this case. >> he said the media has misconstrued a lot of what happened in this case and here's what happened and here is my side of the story. >> yes he does. >> it's hard to be misconstrued when you're in a seemingly endless interview with jake tapper who gives you opportunities to walk it back. jake wasn't all over him. double triple on this thing and then comes back today and give you a little bit on the front and then i'm going to relitigate
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to continue to make my point. stop talking donald. >> in the cable news across the board and in newspapers have spent a lot of time playing the negative statements from people who went to trump university. why haven't we seen the positive statements made by the plaintiffs. the media keeps bringing it up and donald trump said last night i go into an interview and i'm set to talk about jobs and we talk about trump university. >> just for accuracy's sake it was trump who brought this up initially in speeches. donald trump was touting his record of never settling lawsuits. he has repeatedly brought up trump university. it's not as if this is all completely media driven. donald trump himself in speeches is touting what a tough guy he is in lawsuits even though he settles plenty of lawsuits.
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>> a lot of was addressing media coverage. if people don't ask questions donald trump is not going to talk about this. why is he headlining a civil case when in every interview -- >> let's watch when he first brought it up. >> i can judge curiel should be ashamed of himself. i think it's a disgrace he's doing this. the judge who happens to be we believe is mexican which is great. i think it's fine. i think the mexicans are going to end up loving donald trump. >> he brought this up in a speech. >> prior to that pundit after pundit has sat on panels and brought up trump university. we were talking about it back in february. it's been the media bringing up trump university. he has been reacting to it. >> nobody has ever brought up anything about the judge being mexican. the judge is not mexican. >> his career as a businessman
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is part of his rational so that is part of -- this is a real question -- it continues to get in the way of his own message by talking about the heritage of the judge. >> maybe we're talking about it because he doesn't have a political background he doesn't have a record he has his business record and this was a big part of it and he bragged about how good it was that he wasn't taking any money torefor it. this was a public service that he was providing to this university. it was phoney. >> go look into clinton global initiative university. they did exist and bill clinton got $16.5 million and the state department did a lot of favors for this university. so everyone should look into that if we want to litigate universities on air. >> david. >> we can laugh but it exists. >> it's there. i think you actually have a point about the people who went to trump university who liked
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the experience not being on television much but i must tell you this reflects a weakness in the donald trump campaign. he's trying to run a one-man campaign. hillary has an army that's going up against him right now. the trump campaign has no clue as far as i can tell how to make their case through surrogates and by bringing on all those people and buying advertising -- you have to run -- every republican faces tough press criticism. everybody that gets up to the top does. so do most democrats. the clintons hated the new york times for a long long time. >> they still do. >> the state department general is out to get her and don't believe anything about my e-mails. we cover when the state department general gives the report, we cover it because she's running for president. everything is fair game. >> conservatives can get a fair break in the media if they know what they're doing. that's why reagan was so
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successful. he understand the media. he didn't hate the media the way trump did. he made them -- he worked with them. he respected them as professionals and what do we get sydney bloomenthal so called to hillary clinton he wrote a book called "on bended knee" it can be done but you have to do with professionalism professionalism. >> when asked about trump university he should say you want to talk about trump university i only care about jobs because that's what people care about. that's the strategy he needs to take but the media needs to step back and ask itself what it's doing when you ask hillary clinton in a press conference the first one in seven months, how she feels about winning
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puerto rico, all of them not as hostile -- >> don't you think the clinton people feel like the e-mail controversy has been overplayed? don't you think they are angry about that? this is what happens in the big leagues. welcome to the nfl. >> the media treats donald trump very differently than it treats hillary clinton. hillary clinton gets -- people should look it up -- >> you're a hillary clinton supporter. do you believe she gets a pass from the media? >> are you serious? no not under any set of circumstances. she's an adult and she's used to it. she's been on the field for a long time. she's been in the nfl for a long time and beat up by the republicans for decades. she doesn't whine or complain
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and she knows how to respond. >> the media from the beginning of the year until may devoted 4:38 to hillary clinton's foundation scandal. they tributecontributed 38 minutes to donald trump alone. there's proof. look at media research. you see a minute-by-minute breakdown. the media treats hillary clinton very differently than trump. >> if you look at the numbers of hours of coverage that donald trump has gotten for his rallies, for his speeches one night we didn't even break to take hillary clinton was speaking i think it was in florida. we didn't take break to take her. we stayed on donald trump. i'm telling you -- he wouldn't be where he is today without all the free media.
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>> we'll have more on this. we have hours ahead. kelly brought up how the media never brings up the positive reviews of the trump university. coming up we will. we'll have those and other factual claims that donald trump makes. the final super tuesday of the primary season. ♪ before it became a medicine,
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breaking news as you know a fresh statement from donald trump on the judge hearing two cases involving the operation known as trump university. because it's a lengthy statement
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we wanted to see how it stands up to some scrutiny. drew we've heard trump's statement on trump university. you have some information on the points that he made. >> yeah and it's one of those cases where where do you begin? there's a lot of fact checking you have to do with these, but let's start at the top when he says this circumstanceum for trump university was developed by high-end professors. he mentions well known university and university professors. the fact is we know that some university professors and real estate quote, unquote, experts did meet early on to develop the circumstance lum. donald trump couldn't remember exactly who they were or which names went with which schools. he had trouble remembering what was said in the meetings other than generally they were talking
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about real estate and these professors bringing expertise to it. what's important is the people that taught the actual classes were not real estate experts. some didn't have high school edge educations and those were the people delivering whatever education was delivered to the students who are now suing trump university. the second one he made the second case was talking about this person who was the lead plaintiff in the california case the lawsuit out in california. she is no longer the plaintiff. she got off the case. she begged the court to get off the case. she says it's because she couldn't handle the stress after six years of being attacked by donald trump and at one point being counter sued by donald trump for deformation. reading from the court here at at hearing she present medical records which shows that she corroborated her claim she had suffered significant health problems since the case was filed. the judge granted the motion to
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allow her to leave the case because of the stress and the financial concerns it was causing in her personal life. she's a yoga structure in california. that's why she was legally removed from the case. trump says she was removed because she was a horrible horrible witness for the plaintiffs. art cohen and bob guillo these are two people trump keeps talking about loved the course. these were these forms that were filled out after these seminars took place. these were sessions and then you would fill out these forms. i want to tell you what one of those people who filled out a form told me. george in california told me he said this was like after you go to a really really expensive restaurant and the chef comes out and services you this great meal and he says how did he like it and you say it was the best food i ever had and then you go home and start throwing up.
3:24 pm
george says that's what this was like for him and nobody asked him when he was throwing up in his toilet how he liked trump university. he is part of the lawsuits out in california. that's a similar response we've gotten from several have these people who were involved in these. finally, donald trump said in his statement that refunds were available. he had a refubdnd policy. you could get a full refund during or up to the three days you took this course. 10,000 people paid for this course. the fact is 2,539 so more than 25% of the people who signed up and paid for this course asked for and did get a refund. so 25% of the people didn't like it and wanted their money back. what our records have shown is many more people tried to get a refund but they couldn't. so those are kind of the fact checks that we went through very briefly on the statement that donald trump again talking about
3:25 pm
trump university released this afternoon. >> so to drew's point trump poiptd pointed out to the students because they liked their program does that mean there wasn't fraud which is what they're alleging? >> no not necessarily. this is a point trump has made repeatedly is the students gave it good evaluations, there couldn't be fraud. that's not the law. the law is about what induced, what got students to become -- to sign up for the university. if they were lied to, if they were misled in important material ways that is fraud. now, if later they express some satisfaction with the class, that may reduce their amount of damages, that might mean that they're not entitled to much money, the judge has already ruled that but it doesn't mean there wasn't fraud in the first place. >> we'll have more on this ahead. want to take a quick break but
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senator republican withdrew his support for donald trump over remarks about the federal judge gonzalez curiel. he said he's concluded that the republican presumptive nominee doesn't have the proper temperament to be the commander in chief. there's a report out tonight that nevada's governor also a popular republican is no longer sure he will support trump. other top republicans are slamming trump's remarks about judge curiel while still vowing to vote for him in november among them senator bob corker who is potentially a vice presidential running mate we're told for donald trump. >> i don't know who is telling you those things by the way. >> has he said anything to you about that at all? you're name is supposedly on the short list. >> no discussion. >> trump issuing this lengthy statement you've read it. he says i do not feel one's heritage makes them incapable of being impartial but based on the rulings in the trump university civil case i feel justified
3:31 pm
questioning whether i am receiving a fair trial. he's not apologizing at all in this lengthy statement. should he? >> the comments that he made cannot be condoned and it's frustrated a lot of people that realize if we want to see a change in trajectory in our country he is the only instrument for that and so people -- there's a lot riding on this. the comment shouldn't have been made. i thought today's statement was the beginning step and a pivot. >> should he have apologized though? do you believe his comments were racists. >> those comments should not be condoned. in every race there ends up being things said and people try to classify what they are or aren't. they don't have a place in today's society and don't have a place any time and should not be condoned and it's made people question and it's made people wonder whether the campaign can step to the next level.
3:32 pm
my sense is this is a very important time for him over the next period of time the primary ends today. he's got an army of people who would be willing to help with commerce and treasure functions and all those things his positions aren't as firm as someone like secretary clinton who has been around forever. >> paul ryan did not mince any words at all. listen to this. >> yeah. >> i disavow these comments. i regret those comments he made. i don't think -- claiming a person can't do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. i think that should be disavowed. it's absolutely unacceptable. >> a textbook definition of a racist comment. do you agree with the speaker. >> i agree these comments should not be made. i was one of the first people to come out and reject them along
3:33 pm
with the total ban on muslims coming to our country period. so i don't condone those comments and i think that what you've seen today hopefully is the beginning of a pivot towards a campaign that is representative of what a general election candidate should be about. >> we know the democrats think of donald trump. what's the mood on the hill as far as your fellow republicans are concerned about the presumptive republican nominee. >> the mood is this they know that our country is on our downward trajectory. they know that he is the only person that can change the direction fiscally and economiciclyeconomic economically and foreign policy wise and people are concerned. they want to see him step into another phase. i'm concerned. but the same time when they see that pivot they're willing to get mind this effort.
3:34 pm
it's raised some questions. >> you say he has two or three weeks to fix this. >> he's going to be leading up until the convention in the middle of july and i think it's a period of time where he's got to demonstrate a different level of professionalism. his team has do that. we have to move away from these personality based statements and move to real policies. people want to hear about that and i think this is a very important time. he has to pivot and step up. what an incredible opportunity and i don't think anyone wants to see it slip through his fingers by continuing to make the kind of comments he makes. >> if he doesn't step up you won't support him. >> i want to watch and see. i've always planned to support the nominee. i've done everything i can to encourage when he gave a speech that i felt had some substance and pointed in directional he was going, i gave encouraging comments. i want to continue to encourage
3:35 pm
but i think all of us candidly are owed a sense of we want to support but we also want to see a campaign that's also to step up and conduct itself in a way that american politics needs to be done today. >> one final question. should he have apologized to this federal judge who has a stellar reputation. >> i know he made some comments last night on one of the evening programs. he sent this statement out today. i'm not talking with them about this except through the camera like i am right now, my sense is this is the beginning of maybe a series of steps to try to right something that is obviously fundamentally wrong in the united states. >> senator, thanks very much for coming in. >> thank you. ahead, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are within sight of the finish line tonight. second clinton poised to declare a victory after securing the delegates to make her the presumptive democratic praerm nominee. .
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she vi wroe. she ikis sh “io wed 'reenfo x1eseao fihau vellgoindito onitin just a little bit more than an hour from now the first polls on this final super tuesday will close in new jersey. all states six of them they're voting today, including california with 475 delegates
3:40 pm
at stake. cnn will be bringing you the results as they come in. at this moment hillary clinton is poised to declare a victory. she began the day with enough delegates to make her the presumptive nominee but hasn't officially declared victory. it's been a long road to this moment a fiercely fought battle with bernie sanders who is still not giving up. here is brianna. >> reporter: hillary clinton acome accomplishing what she could not in 2008 becoming the presumptive democratic nominee. >> i have to tell you according to the news we are on the brink of a historic unprecedented moment. but we still have work to do don't we? >> reporter: a very different story than eight years ago to the day when she suspended her run for the white house. >> although we weren't able to shatter that highest hardest glass ceiling this time thanks to you it's got about 18 million
3:41 pm
cracks in it. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is worried some of her supporters in california might stay home thinking the mission is accomplished. as they fund raised off of the news so this just happened an e-mail asking for donations reads, they also told supporters but this primary isn't quite over as the campaign urges voters in six states casting ballots today to give clinton a strong primary finish. bernie sanders is neck and neck with clinton here in the golden state and fighting to win as many of the delegates as possible criticizing clinton's climate policies. >> it is a global crisis that is why we need a ban on fraking. i sincerely hope secretary clinton will change her view on that issue and join us. >> reporter: despite clinton about to declare she has reached the magic number of delegates,
3:42 pm
the sanders campaign is not ready to concede yet. >> super delegates are supporting hillary clinton but there's a long way to go until the convention. >> reporter: clinton picked up an endorsement from the house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> i'm a voter in california and i have voted for hillary clinton for president of the united states and proud to endorse her for that position but i hasten to say it's not over until it's over. >> reporter: the first woman to be speaker of the house she says she likes the idea of clinton picking elizabeth warren or another woman as her running mate. >> we've had two men over and over again for hundreds of years so i think two women, whoever they may be, that would be fabulous as well but hillary clinton will choose a person that she feels most comfortable with. >> brianna how optimistic is the bernie sanders campaign about
3:43 pm
california? >> reporter: they know that this is going to be a tough race that it's up for grabs. in fact the senator touching upon this just a couple of hours ago saying we have a good shot. at other times he sounded more confident, perhaps an acknowledgment that this is a very close race. you look at the polls. hillary clinton and bernie sanders within the margin of error but this is for bernie sanders to continue that push to the convention as he has said that he wants to do winning in california very important to that. if he loses tonight in california in new jersey he's going to face even more pressure to get out of this race. >> thanks very much. anderson. secretary clinton are holding a victory celebration in brooklyn brooklyn. it will include a video of the history she's making as the first female presumptive nominee. we want to play a little bit because it gives some insight on what her campaign message might be against donald trump. >> i'm a feminist growing up to
3:44 pm
help women with equal rights. >> dare to compete, dare to compete. >> women and men, young and old, latino and asian, african-american and caucasian, rich, poor and middle class, gay and straight you have stuck with me and i will continue to stand strong with you. >> a partisan video no doubt about it. a history making moment. what do you expect to here from hillary clinton tonight and how much is about the position she finding herself and how much do you think she's going go after donald trump. >> i would expect first she's going to thank the millions and millions of people who have participated in this entire process whether this he voted for her or senator sanders. it's been an incredible experience. the timing this date very different experience than literally eight years ago and i was with her then and with her
3:45 pm
today so there is a history but also an emotion that goes with that and i'm sure she's going to talk about as well. politics is very very personal. there has to be i would expect i know also outreach and expression of praise to senator sanders for what he has done in this race and what he has brought to it the people he's brought, the issues he's brought and he's run for president of the united states of america and that needs to be recognized as well. i don't know what she's going to say possibly about donald trump. it may just be the night for the democrats, for herself, for supporters there's always many many days going forward to do -- say whatever you want about donald trump. >> for senator sanders some tough days ahead in trying to figure out what he wants to do moving forward. >> first i want to echo something the mayor said this is the night the history books are going to be talking about. we are going to see tonight and i think she has every right to seize the moment and recognize
3:46 pm
the significance of this moment of a woman leading a major ticket in this country. i think bernie sanders may have a more difficult role. when you win, when you don't quite make it you have to figure out what is your message going forward and i think that's where senator sanders has a right to take a little time and do what hillary did in 2008, take a couple of days or a week and figure out where he wants to go. i know he'll be behind secretary clinton. i know this party is going to be united going against donald trump. the question is when and how i believe it will be before the convention but that's the senator's decision to make. >> the fact that you have president obama perhaps coming out as early as tomorrow to endorse secretary clinton that puts pressure on him as well. >> he's not waiting very long. he's wanting to get out there. this does his legacy on the line. he believes hillary clinton is the person to carry that legacy forward and i think he's always believed it. he's had to restrain himself.
3:47 pm
i think the difficult thing for bernie sanders to do and tell me if i'm wrong bill is that he has to figure out a way to get his devoted supporters to believe that hillary clinton will actually represent them because right now about a quarter of his supporters say there is no way they're going to vote for hillary clinton. we know that can change. we saw that in 2008 when obama was running against hillary clinton, but he's got to do that and so what he needs is proof. so he needs proof from team hillary that he's going to be able to say to change the process of the nominating process or they're going to be for raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. those kind of things at the convention might get his supporters on board but it's up to bernie sanders to figure out how to do that. >> both have to. >> in talking to some folks in the clinton circle one of the things they're most concerned
3:48 pm
about is how bernie sanders communicates to his supporters that this is a nomination that hillary clinton earned that the system wasn't rigged that the system wasn't unfair that he didn't lose it because of some deal. that's something they are concerned about. it's also true that a lot of people in the clinton ask circle they were on the losing end last time. they know what it means to come together. some of them were on the jessie jackson campaign in '88. they know what it means to be a candidate that has to come together with the victor. to have a woman ascending these heights it's nothing like an electrifying moment when barack obama broke through but still there's a warmth about this and something good about the country, if she can take advantage of that and stop writing an anti-trump campaign and start delivering a positive message what the next clinton years would be like this is the time to make that pivot.
3:49 pm
i don't think she had a theme that draws people together. mostly anti-trump. >> you watch a snippet of the video it is instructive. we talk about the people think republican strategists why won't donald trump change. from if it ain't broke don't fix it he's winning. the democrats have won the last two presidential elections in overwhelming electoral college sweeps. if we can protect the obama coalition she can win again. >> she's also not well liked. donald trump isn't well a moment to present herself on the political scene for decades and her forth tuesday and te nas sit
3:50 pm
well-known to everybody but she has to present her positive view already presented her negative view donald trump will get plenty of that. >> didn't mean to interrupt you. couple thoughts here. it's a storybook ending for hillary clinton but for many people in america an uninspiring dishonest storybook. its we shouldn't expect on either side the coming together of the parties to be conventiontal, 2016 has not been a conventional year and in both cases the outsider candidate has essentially joined the party apparatus recently to run for president. donald trump still refers to the gop as "they." their first priority is not necessarily party unity. that might look different as in the past. >> she has come back eight years ago, delivering a different kind of speech and so
3:51 pm
to gloria's point the tenacity of sticking with it and america does love a comeback story and the second is in a general election you get to present yourself to a wider array of people and they get to know her better. >> i thank everybody on the panel. coming up what to watch for in tonight's results. lot more ahead. my experience with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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the first polls close in a little or so hour from now.
3:55 pm
david joins us now. you broke the numbers down by gender. tell us what you're finding about who voted for these candidates. >> we looked across all 27 states exit polling throughout the nomination season to take a look at what are some of secretary clinton's strengths. gender you noted right there, she split the male vote in democratic primaries with bernie sanders. she has an overwhelming advantage with female voters. the democratic electorate is different than what it will be in november for the general tlekorate but that advantage will be huge for her but clearly she is going to have to work on support among male voters. let's take a look at the next demographic, young voters. this has been an unbelievable strength for bernie sanders across all 27 states where we have exit polling he averaged 71% to her 28%. this is going to be critical
3:56 pm
mission number one for her when she formally wraps up the nomination process to bring young voters on board, a key piece to bring together sanders part of the party in her fold to be in a position to head into the fall. then we look at independents voting in democratic primaries, so it's a little different than what we see in november but a deficiency for her and a strength for sanders. 64% for sanders, 34% for clinton. mitt romney was able to best barack obama among independent voters and barack obama still won the election. but this is something that hillary clinton is going to pay close attention to in a race against donald trump, making sure to run even or not lose by much that independent vote and you can see throughout the nomination season it's been a struggle for her among these democratic primary voters. >> social has. david, thanks very much. we're standing by to hear an
3:57 pm
historic speech by hillary clinton and donald trump and bernie sanders as well. >> tonight, clinton is playing the title of presumptive democratic nominee even as she and bernie sanders fight to the last vote. >> announcer: right now from the california coast to the jersey shore it's the final super tuesday battle to the america's choice. >> we are going to unify the democratic party and stop donald trump. >> and voters in six states weigh in the democratic front-runner has finally locked up the nomination and is ready to spar with her republican rival, full time. >> donald trump is a fraud. >> lying hillary, she is a liar. >> tonight, in the democratic race hillary clinton eager to put the bruising primaries behind her hitting the presumptive gop nominee
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