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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  June 8, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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we've reached a milestone. [ cheers ] first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party's nominee. >> if i'm forced to fight for something, i will never, ever back down. >> we will continue to fight for every vote and every delegate. [ cheers ] >> donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be president and commander in chief. he mailbox a reporter with disabilities -- he mocks a reporter with disability. >> hillary clinton turned the state department into her private hedge fund. calls women pigs. >> putting the security of the entire country at risk. hello, i'm john berman. >> hey, every, i'm kate bolduon. hillary clinton got herself a nomination, dromp got himself a tele-- dromp got himself a
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teleprompter. hillary clinton making her mark as the first female nominee of a major party and seeming the major victory over bernie sanders last night. overnight, john berman got to call it in california, all while sanders is still promising to fight on. >> and donald trump on the teleprompter says he understands the responsibility of carrying the mantle. in this breaking news just moments ago, house speaker paul ryan spoke to republicans on capitol hill behind closed doors. these people inside that closed door room left with the impression that paul ryanless calling for -- paul ryan was calling for unity, unity with the nominee, donald trump. now the timing here might confuse you. it might be striking to you because just yesterday the house speaker said that donald trump's attacks on a judge were the texas textbook definition of racism. want to bring in senior political reporter manu raju on capitol hill. what was said behind closed
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doors? >> reporter: that's right. this is the first time that paul ryan has met with republicans since he made the jennifer westhoven -- made the endorsement last week. and his criticism of a mexican american judge not being able to do his job fairly. what paul ryan said in this meeting is he explained why he made the comments criticizing donald trump. he also stressed the important of party unity. he talked about how it's important to unite. when we talked to members who came out of the meeting afterwards, several of them -- this is what they believe they heard including tom price of georgia, bill florez of texas, and florez, i should note, is not a donald trump supporter. they heard the speaker made it pretty clear to them that it's time to unite behind donald trump. that donald trump is the party's nominee. the party is better when it's united against hillary clinton in the fall. now the speaker's office that's he did not explicitly urge
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members to unite. he just talked about how important it was for unity heading into the fall. so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. clearly the message overall is that all this quibbling is not good for the party. the party is stronger when it is united even if they don't agree with everything donald trump had to say. now, i have to say we talked to a lot of republican members, and a lot are not quite ready to get behind donald trump, including ones in very difficult re-election races and some who are more moderate. one of those moderates, adam kissing injury of illinois. i -- kissingger of illinois. >> and i haven't endorsed him yet and each day i say i want to get to where i can endorse the republican nominee, this makes it hard. >> do you think that this was a racist comment? >> sure, yeah. of course. yeah. >> reporter: i mean, how can you get behind someone who makes a racist comment?
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>> i don't know how to answer that. it's the question of what's it going to take for you to get behind trump. i guess if i see it i'll know it. >> reporter: it really shows how conflicted members are up here, even knowing that donald trump will be their party's nominee including paul ryan, the house speaker who grappled so publicly with how to deal with donald trump and eventually endorsing him. and you know, the things that he says carries a lot of weight. folks thinking -- he's telling them it's time to get behind donald trump, but instead he's saying, his office is saying we're talking about uniting the party, heading into the fall. we need to be united headed into fall. we'll see if they're able to do that. >> yeah. what is your definition of unification i sges where this is headed. let's talk about and more, manu, thank you very much. let's talk about this with senior adviser to donald trump. cnn correspondent, phil mattingly, and political commentator and senator ted cruz's former communications director, amanda carpenter. and tim miller, he's also here,
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jeb bush's former -- ran communications for jeb bush's campaign. how about that? amanda, paul ryan, what do you make of it? >> he needs to get his head screwed on straight. we need to look at the evolution of paul ryan over a short period of time. a few weeks ago he sat down and said he was not ready to endorse donald trump. even though nothing changed, he said he's ready to get on board. yesterday he stood before a press conference and said donald trump committed textbook racism. now he's behind closed doors telling people to get on board with the nominee? no, paul ryan, you are the messaging leader for this party. that's what you wanted to do. we put a legislative agenda on hold so you could teach us how to message. teach people how to message this problem because we are not going to get to a poverty agenda. we're not going to get to any of those items until we get our heads wrapped around donald trump and what we're going do with him. and by all of paul ryan's actions so far, he has no clue. >> tim miller, we should say that among other things you worked a lot for a never trump
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superpack. to call you -- super pac. to call you not a fan of donald trump is an understatement. to amanda's point, what changed from yesterday? donald trump did not apologize at all for his attacks on this american judge who he said could not be impartial because of his mexican heritage. on the contrary, he said that he feels like his comments were misconstrued. it's our fault that we understood his comments about this judge to be racist. he gave a speech where he did stick to the teleprompter. it was a different tone but he didn't talk about the judge and didn't apologize. for paul ryan, what changed? >> i don't know -- nothing's changed. i feel like i'm in the movie "groundhog day." we talk about the donald trump pivot every week. like i'm going to behave better this week, next week. nothing changes. nothing's ever going to change. he's been the same donald trump for 70 years. you know, i think paul has a tough job trying to keep the republican caucus together. and i'm sensitive to that. from my per itspective, i --
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perspective, i think the best thing is for them to not support donald trump, gone to the convention, and keep open the possibility that delegates at the convention could vote against donald trump because this guy's not going to change. if anything, as the poll numbers get worse, his behavior will get worse. >> i'll bring you in. as the poll numbers get worse, his behavior will get worse. what do you say? >> absolutely not. the reality here is they are all going to get behind mr. trump because this is going to be -- this has already been the election of all elections. this will be the convention of all conventions. everybody wants to be there. mr. trump is the nominee. he has done what no other candidate has ever done. he has set every record. they'll all get behind him, and this is just craziness. this is absolutely craziness. >> tanna, as a point of fact, mark kirk doesn't want to be there. he just unendorsed donald trump. lindsey graham doesn't want to -- >> guess what, folks, we're going to do it without -- >> jeb bush who tim miller worked for said donald trump
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needs to apologize. that didn't happen. will more not be there? phil mattingly, what are you hearing? does the trump team feel somehow like they've turned a corner here? >> i think they felt like last night was a good step forward. but to tim's point, the idea that some massive pivot is going to happen and donald trump is going to turn into general election donald trump, i think when you talk to donald trump's advisers, they knock that down pretty consistently. there was a recognition yesterday, and kate and i joked about. donald trump was off twitter for 18 hours. donald trump was meeting privately with chris christie. rnc sources say donald trump had a phone call with the rnc. yesterday was a reality moment realizing you can't keep doubling and tripling down. this is a real problem. members are publicly speaking out. donors are losing their minds over it. the reality of losing a robust house majority, slim senate majority were on the table. therefore, donald trump needed to do something about it. donald trump put out a 700-word
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statement and did not apologize and seemed diskcombobulateddisc. for trump maybe facing a low bar, he went above it based on the five days prior. the difficulty when you talk to republicans is as tim's talking about is what happens next. where does he go from here? can we trust that in 48 hours he will be on the pathway, or are we going back to where we were? >> we know he's not -- racial divisiveness is -- from donald trump's perspective, a feature of his campaign, not a bug. he got into the political limelight by saying the president's from africa. he announced his candidacy by saying mcs are rapists. -- mexicans are rapists. throughout the campaign he's talked about illegal immigrant. over and over he's done this and been rewarded in his mind. his poll numbers got better in the primary as he said more and more radical statements. so why would he change now?
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there's no reason to believe he's going to change when he's been consistent in demeaning and divisive racial comments for over half a decade now. >> he didn't say he was sorry in his statement or in the speech. he didn't apologize. do you think he feels -- does he feel sorry? >> mr. trump was just bringing up that there's a conflict of interest with the judge's ties to laraza. that's bottom line. we've been down this road a million times -- >> no, that's not the case. and you know that. he's the one who first brought up the fact that he says i believe he's mexican. that's okay. and then he said -- >> i'm very aware of how it went down, kate. and the reality is is that mr. trump does not run from issues. he will not run and cower and hide and retract and retreat statements when he knows he's right. the american people love that about him. the american voters who have gone out, the millions of them
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who have gone out, who just did when we finished our gop presidential primary, yay, we -- they have gone out in millions to go vote for this man because it's not his words, it's his actions. he is a businessman who will supply jobs, who will secure our border and strengthen our military. that's the bottom line, it's not his words, it's his actions. >> don't listen -- [ all talking at once ] >> and then -- >> no one should listen to what donald trump's saying. >> you're nodding. in agreement? >> it's what's expected from the trump camp. she's doing a good job representing the candidate. to see that a presidential nominee's words don't matter? this has tremendous impact on the market -- >> actions -- >> you said his words don't matter. we should look at his actions. that's what you said. actions. you said don't listen to his words, look at his actions. when you are a presidential candidate, there are no actions to look at. you're not president yet. >> policies, we should open up people from mexico's mail and
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confiscate their money. ban muslims from coming into the country. >> hey -- >> the president's from africa. >> secure our borders so we can get jobs. >> can we look at what's happening on the republican side and the democratic side yesterday? hillary clinton is bringing everyone together. we're stronging together. they're all if -- stronger together. they're all going to fall in line in a way that's around policies and go forward. tanna told us on the air that we don't need them. people can stay home. we don't want you at the convention. that is no way to go into a general election. nobody from their side is making any overtures to unite the party. it's get over it, get on board, and there are many people like me, like tanna, saying no thanks, we're not getting on that train. >> i never said that people weren't welcome. don't put words in my mouth, please. >> but -- you -- >> roll the tape. >> we'll welcome anyone. but you were asking about specific people that don't want to come and don't want to get aboard. that's fine. we're doing it with or without you. we'd love to have you --
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>> you said -- >> we're doing it without you is saying we don't need you. don't -- don't come -- >> that is not, no, that is not what i'm saying. not at all. and we'll take all the supporters that don't want an -- an insider, as well, and all those bernie supporters that don't like the establishment are going to come over to mr. trump's side. you'll see how well we -- >> real quick, you -- you are going to -- you don't need them to come? all the -- >> i never said that. never said those words. >> we'll do it with them or without them, you said. >> we are going to the convention. i did say we are going to the convention with or without them, yes, i did say those words. >> shouldn't the nominee, though, be trying to be putting an olive branch out? >> he is, he is trying. >> to republicans who don't like him instead of pushing them away? >> he absolutely is. absolutely. >> how? >> he will not run from the issues. mr. trump's welcomed everyone. he said last night on his
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wonderful press conference, at his victory speech. he said, we will welcome all of the bernie supporters. he is welcoming any of the republican leaders that want to come aboard. those that want to go out and say negative things about him, that's okay. everybody is entitled to their opinion. that's why your shows are so popular. that's why people love to come on and share their opinions because everybody's opinion wants to be heard. so mr. trump is all about the more the merrier. >> phil, i'm sorry, would you like to have a final thought before we go? >> i think what tanna's saying and this discussion underscores the tension that's not just within the republican party but the trump campaign. they want unity. they want people to come on board. donald trump is not going to change what's been so effective for him in the first 12 month of his campaign. he's not going to back down when he's attacked by a democrat or republican -- >> by his own party -- >> that's not the case. >> the difficulty, you see
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what's happening with paul ryan. his calculation is i have a better chance of moving my agenda forward as a house republican speaker next year if there's a republican in the white house. that republican has to be donald trump -- >> he's the presumptive nominee -- >> or paul ryan -- >> hold on. >> i do think this is the entire tension that they're facing now. paul ryan's looking at that as the reality and just trying to get his head around it and work day by day. >> donald trump, i welcome you all to agree with me. all right. guys, thank you very much for being with us. >> thanks. >> is that accurate? you're saying yes? i welcome you all, the donald trump message? >> i was going to say, kate said that, you know, even within the republican party, mr. trump doesn't have any problems with anybody in the republican party. they're the ones that are saying they may have a problem with him. mr. trump's not making any attacks. he's actually wants to unify the republican party -- >> factualy -- no. factually he has problems within his own party. not necessarily that donald trump, he -- >> he called ted cruz --
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>> that's not what i said. we're done. we're done. we're done. we done here. thank you, tim, tanna, as always, thank you. we're done. >> thank you. and a report coming up later. hillary clinton will be on with wolf blitzer in "the situation room" at 6:00 p.m. here on cnn. donald trump doing a lot these days. among other things in the speech last night, he promised another speech. this one he says is going to go after the clintons. all issues surrounding the lit including her time at the state department. we will discuss what might be in the speech ahead. deep cleansing breath. and a possible running mate tells trump that he's got two or three weeks to right the ship. what needs to happen. and new information in about tomorrow's meeting between president barack obama and bernie sanders. when the -- and when the president could endorse hillary clinton. sfx: climbing sounds duracell quantum lasts longer
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♪ ♪ that can camp out in between our teeth, if we'll let it. use gum® brand. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. big breaking news out of the world of tennis now. the international tennis federation announced just a short time ago it has banned maria sharapova from playing for two years for doping. two years. the russian athlete tested positive for a banned substance in late january.
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she claims she had been taking the drug for several years to deal with health issues and did not realize the drug had been banned -- two years, though. just a big penalty in the world of tennis. i have never heard of such a large penalty for such a big star of the game. this will send shock waves throughout the tennis world. the bernie sanders campaign, in political news, cutting its campaign staff in half today. sanders, though, says he's still vowing to fight for every vote and every delegate. after a double-digit loss in california, he's running out of arguments to stay into the race. many waiting to see if and when he will fall in line behind hillary clinton. >> the word is senator sanders has asked for a meeting with president obama, and the two will be speaking at the white house tomorrow. let's get -- let's go there. more details coming occupy. cnn -- coming out. cnn's michelle kaczynski with more. >> reporter: what sanders said last night was not necessarily that he will stay in the race up until the convention, but he will continue the struggle.
8:22 am
what exactly will that mean? obviously they're working on their strategy, and the white house is working on its. they're also waiting to see what sanders will do. the white house is trying to be as tactful, as delicate about this as possible. even though it's the worst-kept secret in the world now that the president is going to put his support behind hillary clinton. as soon as that opportunity arises -- they want to maximize the situation. they don't want to alienate everybody. they want to unite the party and make this be a situation where there's not a winner and a loser. it's kind of like, well, everybody's a winner. we can work together on this. this meeting is happening tomorrow between bernie sanders and the president. sanders asked for the meeting. remember, the white house has been in contact with both campaigns. the president just spoke to sanders first on sunday night, then last night, and now tomorrow we're going to see this big meeting. will things change after that? that is the question that nobody
8:23 am
right now knows the answer to, including the white house. they want this to be a broad discussion. it's likely to be a long meeting, at least an hour. and they're really going to talk about what this looks like moving forward. this doesn't mean necessarily, too, that if sanders stays in the race a while longer that the president will wait to endorse hillary clinton. it means that it could be a sort of softer rollout of an endorsement. it could look like something different for a little while than the president standing up on a stage, you know, with hillary clinton. this is very much fluid, and the white house want to hear sanders out. >> all right, michelle kaczynski at the white house. thank you so much. let's talk about this and more now. i think someone who might know some of the answers to those mysterious questions that michelle posed. joining us, chief strategist for hard-working, joel bennettson. we know you know the answer, we'll ask flat out, when will
8:24 am
the president endorse hard-working? will we hear those words -- hillary clinton? will we heard those words out of his mouth today or tomorrow? >> when he will endorse hillary clinton. i think he's approaching this in a way that -- the leader of the democratic party right now, president of the united states. let these conversations take place, let the dust settle on last night and what happened which was a pretty big win for hillary clinton, getting to a majority of pledge delegates. they'll have those conversati , conversations, and i think we'll leave the t to the.and conversations -- leave it to the president and conversations with the bernie sanders. >> one of our reporters caught up with the vice president on the hill and asked about bernie sanders. he said something to the effect of we need to allow him to do this with grace. we need to allow him to do this. what does that look like at this point to you? >> we've said all along, kate, that we want and need senator sanders to bring the energy and
8:25 am
enthusiasm that he did to the campaign to the general election because the stakes are high with donald trump. he's just come through what is pretty much the end of the road. we've got d.c. left. but the results are final pretty much and determined with hillary clinton being the nominee. let him take the time to have that time today with his family and his wife and his staff -- >> do you think that's the timetable, today? >> then he's going to meet with the president tomorrow. let's see how these play out. i don't think we have to rush. he's just finished a tough race last night. and you know, he deserves credit for running a very good race. let's give him time to get there. i'm confident he will because he said and he believes that we have to defeat donald trump. what we've seen from donald trump in the last few weeks with the bigoted comment he's made about a judge who's an american and referring to his mexican heritage, his mocking of disabled people, his ridiculous, outrageous comments on national security. this is a man who is temperaturemently and total -- temperamentally and totally
8:26 am
unfit to be president of the united states. i think bernie sanders believes that. i believe there's an economic argument made it how bad trump would be to people's lives. i think he'll join the fight and do it in the right way and right time. >> you made the pivot from dealing with bernie sanders to dealing with donald trump. >> did i, john? >> exactly. >> last night donald trump spent time trying to deal with hillary clinton, right? he gave his victory speech after the primaries and made a series of charges. he talked about the emails, donations to the clinton foundation. let's listen to a little sound bite of what donald trump said. >> hillary clinton turned the state department into her private hedge fund. the russians, the saudis, the chinese, all gave money to bill and hillary and got favorable treatment in return. >> your response to that? >> look, i think donald trump was trying to deal with donald trump last night. he's trying to sdprakt what has been a disastrous week or two -- distract from what has been a disastrous week or two. these are charges that are old, that have been dealt with, that
8:27 am
he's been making his entire campaign. what he's trying to do with last night, when i say trump, is the bevy of republicans saying i'm unendoersing him, you shouldn't be for him. the speaker of the house, although he says it's a time to unite, yesterday saying his comments, saying a person can't do his job because of his race or heritage is racist. i don't know how call on people to endorse someone a day after you -- a day after you say he's making racist comments. we're not going to deal with what he throwing out every day when he's trying to distract from the train wreck that has campaign has become. we're going to talk about why he is unfit and unqualified for america. the damage he would do to us in terms of national security, as well as the people's economic lives. pronouncing himself the king of debt, wanting to raise debt in this country so high that republican economists say he'd put us in perpetual recession. that's not what the american people want. they want a president who will make a difference in their lives, particularly on the economic front, and keep us safe
8:28 am
from the challenges we face. >> you say he's temperamentally unfit to be president. let's see what the voters are saying at the polls. when you look at -- working off the quinnipiac polls. when you look at them, hillary clinton has almost the same unfavorable rating. hillary clinton loses with independents to donald trump. hillary clinton loses on the question of honest and trustworthy. hillary clinton loses on who is more inspiring, joel. what are you going to do about that? >> did you read about who fights more for people in the middle class? >> you don't care that she's more inspire something. >> i want the person at the end of the day that she will fight to make their lives better. that's going to be the most driving factor for voters in this election, who will keep us safe. who will make our economic lives better. that's hillary clinton. and -- >> what does it say that a person you said is temperaturemently unfit to be president is rated as more honest and trustworthy than hillary clinton? >> look, let's see the democratic party consolidate here, which i believe it will. hillary clinton was also leading
8:29 am
in that poll, i believe. i -- correct me if i'm wrong. >> fact. >> the question you should be asking -- i think as analysts is why is hillary clinton leading? she's leading because people are making decisions based on things that may not be asked in that poll. which one of these people is really going to make a difference in my life. which will help my kid get an education? who will get rid of the crushing problem of college debt that's holding back not just millennials and people coming out of college and going into college today, but people up into their 40s and 50s who are paying off college debt. people are voting on things that are front and center in their lives when it comes to personal security, their economic security, and our national security. and all of those fronts, hillary clinton is winning because she's the preferred candidate. >> joel, thank you very much. >> thanks for the help with the questions. appreciate it. >> exactly. these are the questions you should ask. i wasn't taking notes. thanks. this reminder to all of you -- hillary clinton will be joining wolf blitzer live today in "the situation room,"
8:30 am
tonight, 6:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. coming up, republican leaders just can't quit donald trump. one senator pulls back his endorsement. will other follow his lead? the house speaker saying we need to unify. plus, we have brand-new information about donald trump's speech last night. who convinced him to deliver it like that, and by like that, i mean on a teleprompter. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. . donald trump trying to douse the flames over his racially charged comments about a federal judge, no, he did not apologize. he said his comments in his
8:35 am
words were misconstrued. last night he delivered a speech that some believed was different. he did it on teleprompter. didn't apologize there either, by the way. let's get the latest from what's going on in the trump campaign. senior white house correspondent jim acosta live outside trump tower here in new york city. what is the word you're hearing from inside the trump campaign today, jim? >> reporter: hi. that's right. it was a very different sounding donald trump last night. he was on teleprompter. he was scripted. his rhetoric was toned down, as john mentioned. there was no apology in the speech. i'm told by a trump source when you talk a look at the speech, listen to the speech he delivered, and then the statement that was issued by the trump campaign earlier today, according to the source, this was the hand of paul mannford, campaign chairman, who is a much more careful manager than cory lewandowsk lewandowski. they feel paul manafort had a
8:36 am
hand in it. we heard about a conference call where donald trump told his team to keep fighting, keep up the criticism of judge curiel. i've heard that paul manafort had a hand in the writing of the statement and it was a team effort that went to the speech last night. moving forward, i'm talking to one trump source who tells me one of the big focuses from the campaign, what they're urging supporters and surrogates to say public she that they want to reach -- publicly is that they want to reach out to bernie sanders supporters. after last night, hillary clinton essentially wrapping up the democratic nomination and giving that historic speech that she gave in new york city, that they understand inside the trump campaign that they're going to be bernie sanders supporters who are not going to be enamored with hillary clinton, not attracted to her campaign. the message coming from the trump campaign today is to go
8:37 am
after those bernie sanders supporters. they don't want them to be attracted to the hillary clinton campaign. they want them on board the trump train. now, obviously donald trump has other speeches coming up later on this week. he'll be talking to christian conservatives friday. monday, he apparently has a speech. he said it's probably monday. early next week we'll call. he's expected to go after the clintons and their personal financial dealings. you heard him say last night that he believes that hillary clinton turned the state department into the clintons' personal hedge fund, talking to sources inside the trump campaign. you can expect to hear more of that line of attack in the coming days, guys. >> road ahead. that's what it looks like. thank you very much, jim. here to discuss this now, cnn politics executive editor mark preston, washington bureau chief for "the daily beast," jackie kucinich, commentator errol lewis, from time-warner cable news, and senior politics writer at "u.s. news and world report," david catanese, sorry,
8:38 am
makes me emotional that you're here. so sorry. let aep's play our favorite gam. jackie, what is different today? hillary clinton woke up this morning and said -- >> hooray! no, this was a hard-fought battle. i don't think anybody thought it was going to be this tough for her to secure this nomination. now i guess the ultimate answer we were talking about off air is bye felicia. you know, bernie sanders is not finally done, there needs to be concessions, and there will be diplomacy at hand. there's a lot of relief in that campaign. >> we'll get to bernie sanders and bye felicia in a second. thank you for that. david, i want to ask you about donald trump. donald trump woke up after a few hours sleep, because he doesn't sleep much. he woke up this morning, and you suspect said what? >> ready for hillary. he's ready for hillary. last night's speech was boring for the press. we went to west chester, and it
8:39 am
was a scripted donald trump. as your reporting pointed out. i think we assumed this was paul manafort's hand. he's been the guy to soothe the tensions that he's had on capitol hill, has tried to tone it down. it looks like he won. the problem is there's no consistency. can we count the days until the next time trump decides to fly off the handle? so when will there be ever discipline in this campaign? but i think what trump is going to do from now on is going to train all his fire on hillary clinton. that is the great uniter for him. there's always going to be the paul ryans and mark kirks who have problems with his comment. the one thing they can get on board with is bashing hillary clinton and trump starts that campaign in his speech on monday. i think it will be tough stuff that republican like. >> very different wake-up call maybe for bernie sanders this morning, errol. bernie sanders woke up and said what this morning? >> it ain't over. that's the message that you hear from him in every way that he
8:40 am
can make it clear. now he's got -- i think he's probably also thinking, and i'm going to have to go into the white house and say that to the president of the united states today. because you know, they've talked more than once. this won't be his first conversation with president obama. but you know, when you're in his house literally and he's sort of making clear that this is something that's important, not just to the party, not even necessarily the country, but to the president himself, it's real serious stuff at that point. we have seen damaging articles about, you know, utter turmoil in the sanders camp. you've got layoffs, he's got to do a lot of different things. but this is sort of the summary of his life in politics. and i think we should take him seriously when he says i'm hanging on until i see some of the change that i want to see happen. i don't think he has any reason to think that has happened as of this morning. >> if errol's right, mark preston, reality woke up this morning and said what? >> and said it's a new day, right? and it's something we've been
8:41 am
looking for or certainly have been discussing, will we see a hillary clinton/donald trump general election match-up? we will see that. now the question is, how dirty is it going to be? will it go into the gutter immediately? some would argue we're already in the gutter at this point. but to errol's point it bernie sanders, he needs time, i think, to figure out how he wants to proceed forward. we heard vice president biden tell our owned at the barrett a short time ago on capitol hill that, you know, give this guy some time, give him respect, breathing room. it's worth saying that in an hour or so in washington, d.c., the dnc platform committee will meet figure t-- will meet for te first time. this is something bernie sanders has talked about. he want to influence it, push the matter more to the left. his representatives are on that committee, as are hillary clinton's representatives. we'll see how they get along. but within the next hour, i think we'll start to see whether there's a unification of the democratic party in an easy way. >> do you think that's -- do you
8:42 am
think the course of what's happening in a meeting that's obscured to most americans, that can really change how gracefully or not bernie sanders -- >> i talked to these folks all the time. i can't tell you how focused the sanders campaign is on the platform committee, as well as what role bernie sanders will play in the democratic party post primary. absolutely. they see this platform -- we all know what the platform is. it's a written document that absolutely means nothing, that pushes out the democratic principles. but bernie sanders' principles are little bit different than hillary clinton's principles. and he wants to try to drag it over to the left. >> let's tune in in an hour and see how the meeting goes and how friendly they are. that will be interesting to see. mark, jackie, david, errol, thank you very much. >> thanks, guys. paul ryan just one day after calling donald trump's comments textbook definition of racist. paul ryan holds a meeting with republicans who lead the meeting
8:43 am
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back to the breaking news. a day after paul ryan said that donald trump's comments about the judge in the trump university case were the textbook definition of racism, he's holding a meeting with republican lawmakers, and he is talking about the important of unity right now. a lot of people thought that meant unity lining up behind donald trump. >> still, some republicans are backing away from donald trump as we've been discussing even after we heard from republicans, even after this meeting. manu raju reporting they do not
8:48 am
plan to endorse donald trump or are pulling back their endorsement. that's word from some republicans. let's discuss this now with matt lewis, cnn political commentator, and senior contributor for "the daily caller." matt, you have interesting perspective. you sat down just yesterday in an snuf with the top you -- in an interview with the top republican, mitch mcconnell. before the interview with mcconnell, what do you make of where things stand now with house speaker paul ryan? the endorsement, his biting criticism of donald trump yesterday, and then saying in the closed door meeting with republicans this morning we need to unite, though it's unclear exactly how he was -- what he was directing his members to do? >> yeah. look, there's no way around this. i mean, there's dissidence, inconsistency. it doesn't make a lot of sense. i think we can all appreciate that paul ryan is in a bind now. druch has put a -- donald trump
8:49 am
has put a lot of republicans in a difficult spot. i think that paul ryan has to make a choice. does he want to be the conscience of conservatism? the guy who if donald trump goes down in five months, somebody has to be the leader of the conservative movement in exile that can reemerge in the post-trump air. i fear that paul ryan has advocated that role. and you can either be a good, loyal, partisan republican soldier, or you can be the conscience of conservatism. paul ryan can't do both things. >> let's talk about mitch mcconnell. what about mitch mcconnell and where he stands? you had an interesting conversation last night with the senate majority leader and what he thinks donald trump needs to do. let's listen. >> i think it's time for him to look like a serious candidate for president which means that you need to think before you speak, you need to apologize when you make a mistake, and get on script.
8:50 am
he's running for the most important job in the country, some would argue in the world. and i think there's a certain threshold of credibility that needs to be met. this could be a winnable race. >> now, as you know, mitch mcconnell chooses his words very carefully. that was quite a smackdown in a prepared smackdown from the majority leader. is that how you took it? >> he had to know i was going to ask him that question. we had a great discussion at the american enterprise institute. this is another prime example of the senate majority leader who was also in a very difficult position. i mean, a lot of people don't realize that mitch mcconnell has been quietly a civil rights leader in the party of lincoln. he voted against barry goldwater in 1964 because goldwater opposed the civil rights act. mitch mcconnell stood up to
8:51 am
president ronald reagan as a freshman senator over the issue of apartheid in south afterkricd now no, ma'minally supporting d trump who said racially insensitive thing and a savvy, shrewd political operator and sees donald trump going off script. so clearly, i think this was a warning from the top republican in the senate that donald trump has to get in line. he has not sealed the deal yet. >> a warning of what though. that is the thing with the republican leaders. get on board. get on message. or what? that's what everyone has to ask. matt lewis, great interview. good to see you. trump tells republicans to get over it. those are his words and they shouldn't be so angry. so can republicans do just that? and get behind their candidate? we'll discuss.
8:52 am
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if untrumpian was a word,
8:56 am
maybe that would describe last night's speech. off remarks are the staple but this was trump on teleprompter. it came after releasing a statement aiming to put his racially charged attack on a federal judge overseeing the trump university case to put that to rest. trump last night claimed he had been misconstrued. let's discuss. but first, flash back to original remarks. some of which were with jake tapper. >> this judge is of mexican heritage. i'm building a wall. okay, i'm building a wall. >> if he can't do his job because of his race, is that not the definition of racism? >> i don't think so at all. >> no. he's proud of his heritage. i respect him. >> we say those in the original comments. it was the speech in san diego, and out of the blue for ten minutes started talking about the case saying the judge was mexican. he said mexican heritage.
8:57 am
carl, donald trump did not apologize for those comments. he put out a long lengthy statements and say they were misconstrued. i don't understand. what was misconstrued? he very clearly pointed out repeatedly and without prompting that this judge was a mexican, incorrect but saying that. what aren't we getting? >> look at the fact this judge has direct ties to la raza. >> that was not his original argument. >> it begs the question of his commitment to the mexican heritage over someone like donald trump's candidacy. can he be neutral? >> someone with mexican heritage cannot preside fairly over the case. >> not one committed to hillary clinton that's financially committed to hillary clinton and backing the fact they helped illegal immigrants in america and want more people here that are undocumented. this is what this judge believes in. >> you just said the mexican
8:58 am
heritage. not only were they not misconstrued, but defended what a lot of people thought, including paul ryan, that the textbook definition of racist. you said, yes, his mexican heritage does taint his views from the bench. >> the fact what he believes though. his mexican heritage is rooted in the fact he supports illegal immigration. >> it's rooted in the fact his parents are mexican. they're not rooted in beliefs. it's a fact. his parents were mexican. >> that's what we're talking about though. this judge is rooted in the beliefs that he believes in illegal immigration, supported illegal immigration. >> all people with mexican heritage believe in illegal immigration. >> not all of them. this guy does. >> how does one believe in illegal immigration? >> look at the past. he's been supported la raza of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. this is common knowledge. >> this is not the argument that
8:59 am
donald trump originally made though. >> that's what he brought up in relation to it. >> let's weigh in. >> i don't know. maybe i'll just pass it back to carl. a couple things. one, unless you were native american, you're not from here. my parents are from ireland. if you were to ask them, are you irish or are you a citizen of the united states, they'd say they're a citizen of the united states. they're not irish. they're of irish heritage or what have you. the problem is with this is that donald trump did not make that case initially. and we now have a lot of republican senators, okay, if we're going to get a political football, coming out in defense of this judge and it's also a slippery slope with the three ren branches of government and a direct attack on one, one supposed to be very fair and impartial. >> but it's not. >> he's showing a record he hasn't. >> he attacked the judge's heritage. it's not just me saying this. it's the leader of the
9:00 am
republican party. >> it's mark kirk saying this. mitch mcconnell saying this. >> we know exactly what donald trump. and we need to do a little bit of background. it wasn't a racist comment. it was in relation to his -- >> i don't think so. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you so much for joining us at this hour. >> "legal view with ashleigh banfield" starts right now. thanks to you, we've reached a milestone. >> the last thing we need is hillary clinton in the white house. >> donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be president and commander in chief. >> to all of those bernie sanders voters, we welcome you with open arms. >> the american people in my view will never support a candidate whose major theme is bigotry. >> we're only getting started


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