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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  June 9, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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politics of personal enrichment into an art form for themselves. >> this is a serious job. you know, this is not reality tv. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. breaking news, the white house today feeling the bern like it hasn't since the british set it on fire in 1914. >> too soon? >> probably. we have live pictures from the white house right now. look at this, bernie sanders set to arrive any second now for a highly anticipated oval office meeting with president obama. the president wants unity. hillary clinton wants unity. the question is what does bernie sanders want? >> regardless of the answer, bernie sanders is still in campaign mode and forging ahead to next week's primary in d.c. he has a rally kescheduled ther tonight but will he come with a
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new message after today's meeting as we look at the white house. cnn's michelle kosinski is live at the white house. first question is why have they still not cut back those trees, michelle, when it really blocks our shot when we want to see what's going on? >> reporter: a very good question. you can really feel the excitement. it's almost like a state visit or maybe even more than that. there's a crowd of the world's press gathered, all eyes are focused on that western gate. we know he's arriving here any minute, which is quite early for his meeting, but bernie sanders tends to do that. remember he was here back in january for another lengthy meeting with the president, and that kind of came at an awkward time as well. he had been criticizing the president's key trade deal, the transpacific partnership. the president seemed to refer to certain candidates including him, as bright, shiny objects, but they came out of that meeting talking about how productive and constructive and cordial and respectful it was. this, of course, is a much
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different scene and publicly the white house has been saying it's all about respect, respecting sanders and his supportsers who, of course, the white house would like to see ultimately supporting hillary clinton. so the white house says that the president wants to congratulate sanders, wants to talk about how to build on the progress he's made on the issues and how to keep on engaging in the debate moving forward. privately we know the president wants to hear him out and they're going to forge a path forward, and this meeting is expected to last about an hour. the big question though is how long is sanders staying in the race and we shouldn't expect the white house necessarily to hold off endorsing hillary clinton, but because they're so interested in maintaining this respect, they might do something a little softer first. maybe some kind of a release on social media before we see that big campaign-style event that would be a full endorsement with president obama and hillary clinton. >> michelle, we got this breaking news just in. we've just been told that bernie
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sanders is on the white house grounds along with his wife, jane. the meeting with the president has not started yet, so obviously they arrived perhaps somewhere else besides where we're looking right now and arrived as you so correctly note early. the mealing not schedule e meet start for 15 minutes. our thanks to michelle kosinski for that. >> while the big meeting is at the white house, what is hillary clinton doing to win over the legions of bernie sanders supporters and can she? they shis s she thinks so. here is what she told anderson cooper. >> i do intend to reach out to his supporters. we have a lot of same goals. now, we may have approached it somewhat differently, but our goals are the same. >> all right. want to talk about this more now. we're joined by cnn's senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny. jeff, kate bolduan is a big fan of your work and she noted you
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covered the unity event between barack obama and hillary clinton way back in 2008 you have vast experience on the issue of party unity. what is the clinton team intending to do right now? what is the sanders team intending to do? >> i remember that day very well actually. there was so much tension on that airplane between then-senator barack obama and senator hillary clinton, of course, flying to unity, new hampshire. it was such a forced marriage almost, about you they went through, they got through with this. and i remember talking to people at that rally, hillary clinton fans who said, look, we're not going to support barack obama. we can't do it. it was very divisive. i remember writing that story for "the new york times" where i was at that time and we thought, wow, are these people ever going to come together? the reality is this is a process. i think that's what we're seeing right now you be folding today. bernie sanders, yes, he's been running as an outsider but he also is a member of the washington establishment whether some of his supporters like that or not. he's been on capitol hill for a very long time. he is falling into line today.
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i think it may take several days. he is likely to not step aside until after the d.c. primary next week, but all indications we are getting is that he is -- he knows that he lost his primary but he did very well. won 22 states. that's what we're seeing happening today but give him his due. he wants to meet with the president here. he'll be going up to capitol hill and, frankly, that's where democrats want him, on capitol hill, not out there on the campaign trail. >> so tell me, elizabeth warren, she's back in the headlines. you're picking up new details on when she might be coming out to finally back hillary clinton as everyone has been -- not everyone, but as especially hillary clinton and democrats have been waiting to see when and if that would happen. >> i talked to someone who is close to her just not that long ago and they said she's waited a year and a half so she's not exactly missing out by not doing this urgently. she wants to meet with senator sanders herself and that could come later this afternoon when he's on capitol hill or could
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come in the coming days. there's nothing scheduled i'm told at this time or at least they're not advising us there is. she is going to offer her endorsement and then go right back into attack mode. she is sort of becoming the leading democrat to attack donald trump and try to tie him to all the republicans who are running for senate, for the house, for other races. look for that endorsement at some point. it's all but a foregone conclusion she's going to do that. she wants a little bit of cover. once the president endorses, i believe she will probably go after that here. a lot of her grassroots fund-raisers and others won't be thrilled with this because they share a lot of supporters, but the reality is it's her only option. she's already been campaigning for the democrats and she will endorse at some point. >> jeff zeleny, great to see you, jeff. thanks so much. >> thank you. let's bring in democratic congressman from arizona. he was the first member of congress to endorse bernie sanders. he's joining us from capitol hill.
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congressman, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you very much. appreciate the invitation. >> thank you. have you spoken to bernie sanders? what's his state of mind right now? >> well, the last opportunity we spoke was on sunday and that was when we were in california. then i came here to d.c. i'm looking forward to some discussions today after he finishes his meetings with the president and senate and house leadership on the democratic side and i think that's appropriate. i think that the theme is unity, how do we bring the party together, and i think those conversations will have a lot to say as to what the next steps forward are for both bernie and his campaign. >> congressman, we just learned that bernie sanders, the senator, has arrived at the white house for his meeting with president obama along with his wife jane. that meeting should kick off any minute. you wrote an op-ed among other things but you said you know bernie sanders will do the right thing. what is the right thing,
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congressman? >> i think the right thing right now is to -- i think part of the right thing is to understand that bernie got into this race to fundamentally bring his themes and his message that i support very much to the american people, and he did great. he didn't -- he raised money differently from anybody else and away from pacs. he challenged the establishment, both of our party and of political leadership in this country, and he's going to go to the convention with 45% of the delegates pledged to him. i think that's significant. it's historic. and where theme and message became the key thing. so i think -- i really believe that dnc and the democratic leadership in this country and certainly the clinton campaign have to accommodate, have to integrate, have to deal with the platform and the message, and
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validate to some extent the themes, the message, and the candidacy of this man. and i think that that's what i mean by a two-way street. >> in that two-way street, when you're talking about the two-way street and the right thing, does it also include him exiting the race? >> well, i think that's a decision bernie is going to make. you know, i have been circumspect about an answer to that simply because i think the man needed his space. it's been a grueling campaign and he and his family needed time to think. i think bernie is coming to conclusions and part of it will be how we keep alive the movement that he generated because it has great value to the democratic party and to this country and how do we do it in such a way where our party, not only inherits that movement, but makes it a focal point and integral part of everything that moving forward. >> congressman -- >> i think bernie wants to do that. >> the president is giving him space, hillary clinton has given him space, what does your heart
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tell you? do you hope at some point in the near future, i mean days, not months, do you hope he endorses hillary clinton? >> yeah, i hope it's a seamless transition where the issues that we fought for and that bernie fought for and the delegates are both respected, dignified, and give their place. if all that happens, then i think that transition will occur and it will occur rather quickly. >> congressman, do you still have reservations about hillary clint clinton? >> you know, i approach this race and i will be very honest with you, i approach this race not a lesser of two evils. i didn't approach the race that way. hillary did something historic, and first woman nominee of a major party. that's historic and important to this nation's history and to its present, and she's a capable person. the themes we raised about economic justice, environmental justice, racial justice and equity in this country are
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themes that we're going to continue to be strong about because, you know, the legacy of this campaign is not that bernie is going to get off the stage but that there's a movement here and that's going to continue to influence the party and i hope that we'll be able to influence if it's a hillary administration, influence that with those same themes and messages. it's not a lesser of two evils. the evil is looming, and that's trump, and if there is an underlying, unifying factor in this whole thing for both bernie supporters and hillary supporters is the specter of having a trump presidency that would be devastating to this nation. >> congressman, thanks so much for being with us. we appreciate your time today, sir. >> thank you for the invite. appreciate it. >> thanks. we continue to keep our eye at the white house, outside the white house. despite the fact we know bernie sanders is already there and not likely in that picture right now. he's arrived -- >> i just enjoy the suspension. >> it's nice and scenic.
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>> to guess who is walking in between the leaves. >> he's due to meet with the president any minute and his wife jane is with the senator as well. so that is interesting. 11 minutes after the hour. never trump, never stopping. a new rebellion perhaps looking to change convention rules and stop donald trump from getting the nomination. is this a real, genuine option? we'll discuss. >> seriously, is it? plus, he's the governor of a crucial swing state and the state that is hosting the republican convention. moments ago trump's former rival governor john kasich opened up about whether he will support donald trump, and trump has taken to twitter. (man) oh, looks like we missed most of the show. (woman) and there's no way to restart it. (jon bon jovi) with directv there is. ♪ you see, we've got the power to turn back time ♪ ♪ so let's restart the show that started at nine ♪ ♪ and while we're at it, let's give you back your 'do ♪ ♪ and give her back the guy she liked before you ♪ ♪ hey, that's the power to turn back time. ♪
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8:17 am
outside the four seasons hotel here in new york where the donor meeting is about to take place. jeremy, who is attending? what's going to happen? >> reporter: that's right. well, we're expecting donald trump to show up here with some top fund-raising officials both from his campaign and the rnc as well as some of the top donors to the victor fuy fund. this comes as donald trump is starting to do a lot more fund-raising. he's kind of really ramping up even though as you mentioned he would not commit to raising a billion dollars. he doesn't think it's necessary. we also know that reince priebus is in the mix today. we saw him walking into trump tower a little bit ago. that's where donald trump is powwowing there with some donors, some fund-raising officials first, before heading over here to the four seasons just a couple blocks away. of course, donald trump is trying to calm some of the jiters in the republican establishment elites, among donors, among party officials
8:18 am
such as areince priebus even. we're seeing donald trump try to calm some of the jitters, try to bring some of the donors on board so that he can, in fact, mount a real legitimate campaign, one that can compete with hillary clinton who is already on pace to raise a billion dollars for the general election. kate, john, back to you. >> all right, jeremy diamond. thanks so much. let's talk about this. let's bring in barry bennett, a trump supporter. cnn's political commentator doug heye, former communications director for the rnc, and cnn political commentator margaret hoover who worked in the george w. bush white house. when we hear this from donald trump, this is what donald trump, dramatic reading, said in an interview, there's no reason to raise that, a billion dollars. i just don't think i need nearly as much money as other people need because i get so much
8:19 am
publici publicity. which is it? do you need a billion dollars or don't you? >> i don't think the amount of money is going to determine the outcome of this election. and his message is very powerful. it resonated well with people. there's a reason he only spent $18 million in the television advertising in the primary and became the nominee. i think he's got a point there, that money is really not going to make a difference in the fall. >> margaret, hoov hoover, you been inside the finance operation of presidential campaign campaigns. does donald trump want billions of dollars? >> donald trump may not think he needs a billion dollars. maybe he doesn't need a billion dollars, but guess what, it's not just about donald trump. this is about the republican party. this is about down ballot, all of these senators that are in blue states, all of these house members, it's about the congressional majority. it is far bigger than just donald trump, which, you know, maybe sort of a new concept to him, about you at this point in the campaign in 2012 mitt romney was raising a million dollars a
8:20 am
day. his fund-raising apparatus has been well established long before he had secured -- become the presumptive nominee and he was doing a joint fund-raising effort with the republican national committee and they were locking in all these dollars and beginning to hire -- they had already long before hired field staff in all of these states. the reason you need the money is to pay for the field staff to organize the volunteers to do the get out the vote efforts. if you're going to compete in all these states against a well-oiled clinton machine, you absolutely have to have the resources. >> margaret -- >> it goes beyond publicity what margaret is saying. margaret, real quick, you have also been in these types of meetings donald trump is walking into shortly. what is happening in this meeting or what should be happening in this meeting? >> look, what should be happening is donald trump should be meeting and thanking all of his loyal supporters who are then going to go out and just phone bank all of their vast networks of contacts who will begin to write checks for him.
8:21 am
what they need is basically to have a hundred money trees, telephone trees of people who will write check andi be loyall devo devoted. what he's probably going to have to do to talk many of them back to a place where they're comfortable to him. many people have been signed on to this fund-raising apparatus, have been made leadership members of the fund-raising committee but are quite uncomfortable with him, quite uncomfortable with his recent remarks and have basically said they're doing it because they were asked but they were asked by people related to the rnc, not donald trump himself. and so what he needs to do is he needs to shore up his ranks. he needs to give people a reason to make the case for him to their networks. >> doug heye, on the subject of discomfort, the man who seems to be experiencing the greatest level of discomfort on earth right now is house speaker paul ryan and he can't quite figure out how to treat it. two days ago he was saying that donald trump's comments -- >> there's no ointment for that? >> i don't like where you're
8:22 am
going here. >> a few days ago paul ryan said the comments were the textbook definition of racism. yesterday he's suggesting the party needs to unify and by that the connotation was behind donald trump, and today in a radio interview paul ryan just said of the comments being made by donald trump over the last week or so, do i think these kinds of antics are distracting and give us a campaign that we cannot be proud of? yeah. i have spoken very clearly of it. a campaign we can not be proud of. >> double negative. >> a campaign he continues to support, doug heye. you know, the hamlet of the house here is, you know, jor rati orating again. >> i think there are a lot of macbeths out there too saying out damn spot. it's not just about a campaign you can be proud of. it's about an agenda you can campaign on. when we saw his comments from earlier in the week he was talking about poverty. today's talking about national
8:23 am
security. he knows that the down ballot races, the senators running for re-election in tough states, members of congress who are running for re-election in tough districts that margaret referenced need something they can run on. what we've seen from the past couple dayins and the past few weeks is donald trump makes it very hard for republicans to get behind that. mitch mcconnell said he needs donald trump to get back on message. i think the reality was donald trump was on message. he talked about the judge exactly how he wanted to talk about him, how he wanted his staff and supporters and surrogates to talk about him. and that's why so many people were troubled. he wasn't off message. he wanted to focus instead on a damning jobs report that really speaks to the troubles and the concerns that so many trump supporters have. he wanted to talk about the judge and his fake university lawsuit. that's what's troubling to so many republicans. >> barry, i want to get you to weigh in. while paul ryan is not one of these folks talking about insurrection, there are folks now talking about insurrection, revolt on the convention floor
8:24 am
being presented with a vote and not voting for donald trump. does that make trump nervous? >> no. they've been talking about this for a year. i mean, it's ridiculous. it's not going to happen. these are fantasy theories. you know, i mean, the same breath they talk about how we need to unify as a party and they continue to talk like we just heard. there's a joint finance agreement with the rnc. we are raising money for the rnc. the rnc has more field staff across america than ever before. all these things are being done but you wouldn't believe it if you listened to what you're hearing. >> all right. barry bennett, doug heye, margaret hoover, thank you so much for being with us. kate bolduan, thank you for the first mention of the word ointment on the 11:00 broadcast. >> does cream sound better? coming up for us -- don't worry, guys, i'm not asking you any more questions on that one. she called trump a fraud, thin-skinned, and nasty, and tonight elizabeth warren is expected to call him racist
8:25 am
during a speech, but is she at the same time auditioning to be clinton's running mate? >>. plus the breaking news, bernie sanders at the white house in the building right now that you're looking at. >> show us the tree shot! >> meeting with the president right now. you can see reporters aligned waiting for the senator perhaps to come out, perhaps to tell us what was said behind closed doors, perhaps to give us news about what he intends to do the rest of the campaign. that just ahead perhaps. stay with us. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate
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breaking news. the bernie summit is under way we believe. live pictures. we're looking at the white house right now where president obama is set to be meeting behind closed doors with bernie sanders. this as sanders is still vowing to fight on. >> we've been told the president will not directly ask senator sanders to exit the race but there could be a gentle nudge in that direction. party unity is something that the president very much wants as they meet in the oval office. i'm sure it's what hillary clinton wants too if it means getting a bernie sanders endorsement at some point soon. now, hillary clinton is the presumed nominee. one of the things she obviously has to think about is a running mate, and a lot of people are wondering will the first woman to be the presumed nominee of a major party, would she consider picking a woman to be her running mate? clinton is not ruling that out. here is what she told anderson about her search.
8:31 am
>> i'm looking at the most qualified people and that includes women, of course, because i want to be sure whoever i pick could be president immediately if something were to happen. that's the most important qualification. >> one of the people she's obviously -- one of the women obviously mentioned is elizabeth war reason, the one woman that's talked about so much. let's get to that in just a second. i think we have tape right now of president obama and bernie sanders. let's just be quiet and listen.
8:32 am
>> all right. they are -- >> it looks like there were two jokes told there. >> i have to say, dissecting that walk is fascinating. first of all, we learned that bernie sanders arrived on the south side of the white house. he was taken into the residen residence -- >> that's the walk you see when the president gets off marine one. that's the walk that you see. that's the side of the white house that he walks into. >> in that walk you just saw through the colonnade in the rose garden is the walk you see when the president is with heads of state. >> that's a picture. >> these are courtesies being extended right now to bernie sanders. i saw at least one back slap from the senator to the president. >> and then a back slap from the president to the senator. >> what does it mean though? >> let's discuss this now with nia-malika henderson along with matt advivisor. i do recall, nia-malika, you
8:33 am
covered the white house. your thoughts on that image you're seeing, this video. >> i mean, it's the image that bernie sanders certainly wants. this is a meeting he asked for, and, you know, one of the things i think that bernie sanders has always wanted is public affirmation of his historical place in the democratic party, right? and i think that image essentially says bernie sanders is a player, bernie sanders has arrived in many ways, and we know this was a meeting that will eventually lead to him being eased out of this race, but, my goodness, they are giving him every courtesy and every image and every platform that he could want at this point. >> that's bigger than that quick shot that you can get of him walking into -- bernie sanders walking into the white house solo. this is very different. >> this wasn't any shot. that was more than just any picture. matt, your thoughts? i wonder if this is the friendliest part of the conversation or the friendliest
8:34 am
part of the meeting that will perhaps happen, the public part, and if behind closed doors it might be different. >> the question is what comes next once they enter this meeting, how tense is the meeting, how strongly does president obama urge bernie sanders to think about getting out of the race and trying to unify the party? also what's next for bernie sanders? he has had an amazing campaign, far stronger than anybody expected him to have and what does he do next? how does he return to the senate and does he sort of try and capture this movement that he has started with these big crowds? >> and, nia, the senator has a big rally planned in d.c. tonight. i mean, i think everyone is going to be trying to listen to is there a message? does he tone change? what is his tone at this gathering? what we can decipher from coming out of this meeting or maybe we'll hear from bernie sanders coming out of the meeting ourselves, who knows. >> they had a meeting a few months ago at the white house
8:35 am
and after that happened bernie sanders did come out and talk about the meeting, talk about his relationship with the president. but this i think big rally, again, we've got this contest coming up, the last contest on tuesday in d.c., and people meeting in d.c. now also to talk about the platform, the dnc's platform going into philly. we'll see what he says in this rally. he has -- he hasn't really criticized hillary clinton much. he certainly didn't in that last speech he gave in california, but, yes, all eyes on bernie sanders. >> matt, i want to get one quick question in about elizabeth warren, the senator from the state your paper works in, boston. elizabeth warren, the senator from the commonwealth of massachusetts. your colleague wrote she is planning to endorse hillary clinton at some point soon and is intrigued by the possibility, intrigued by the pockssibility e could be picked for vice president but not so sure it makes sense for her. what is going on here? >> it's not a shock that warren will endorse hillary clinton. the presumptive nominee at this
8:36 am
point. there's a lot of chatter about elizabeth warren potentially as a unifier, somebody who can bring the bernie sanders' wing of the party along in the general election, something that hillary clinton has struggled mightily throughout the primary to do. so warren is very attractive for that reason to the clinton campaign. warren is also xa auditioning for this role. she's been a chief attack dog. she's going to attack donald trump even harsher this afternoon in a speech. so warren is really, you know, sort of, you know, kind of auditioning for the role, but it's something that in terms of the vetting and how far along things are is something we don't know at this point. >> all right. nia-malika henderson. matt vizer, thank you for being with us. so bernie sanders in the oval office right now. the question is will he approach those microphones right there outside of the west wing and talk to reporters?
8:37 am
it will be very interesting to ste what he says. one of donald trump's former rivals, i man you right recognize there on the left, he's refusing to say whether he will support the nominee. he's not ready to commit. is this the beginnings of a revolt? ♪ get ready for a gratitude adjustment america. you're about to get thanked like you've never been thanked before. t-mobile is giving you a piece of the company just for being a customer. you'll own the place! and that's not all... download the t-mobile tuesday's app and get thanked with free stuff... every week. get t-mobile tuesday's and get thanked. now you can't spell nutriam i right?t nut, i mean whose to say it's pronounced nu-triton, anyway? my mixes contain delicious nuts, specially blended for your optimal nut-rition. that's right, i just changed a word in the english dictionary, forever. planters. nutrition starts with nut.
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governor john kasich blasting donald trump's comments about the federal judge, judge gonzalo curiel, but also still on the fence when it comes to supporting his party's presumptive nominee. this morning kasich in an interview said that he might even go to the convention without endorsing trump because this. he says, quote, why would i feel compelled to support someone whose positions i kind of
8:42 am
fundamentally disagree with? >> so this is how donald trump feels about john kasich's indecision, which by the way, has been going on for a few weeks. donald trump retweeted this, john kasich, the voters have spoken. we want donald trump. you agreed to support nominee. get on board or leave the gop. again, donald trump on twitter retweeting leave the gop to john kasich. let's bring in our panel right now. margaret hoover along with miami beach mayor phil levine, mark preston is here and john j. lavalle, also an official with the state republican party in new york. john, let me ask you flat out, donald trump retweeted that message, leave the gop to john kasich. do you want john kasich out of the party? >> we don't want him out of the party but we need to unify the party to a serb certain degree. one, donald trump didn't run with all the endorsements of all
8:43 am
these individuals, he didn't run with the support of the establishment, so while he's not necessarily looking for it, we all need to move together because the alternative is hillary clinton, and it's getting to a point with certain people in the republican party, they have to understand it's not about them. it's about who we are as a republican party -- >> but, john, does it help unity if donald trump is retweeted something that says support me or get out? does that help unity? >> well, i watched the registrations changing dramatically. like in the county that i'm chairman of, larger than ten states, there are democrats moving over to the republican party in regard numbers. we're outregistering the democrat party for the first time in like eight years and that's because of donald trump. the people have spoken. the average americans have spoken. a lot of them jumped off their couches and they went to the voting booths, and they've spoken clearly, and people have to get the message. it's not about the individual candidates. it's about the republican party. it's about the men and women that live in our communities. it's not a top down.
8:44 am
it's a bottom up, grassroots effort. that's what making america great again is all about. >> so, mark preston, john kasich is not calling for an out an out insurrection but there are plenty of republicans who are. including on the show. steve lonegan, amanda carpenter saying time to vote your conscience at the convention, don't vote for donald trump. is there actually any real machinery for people who want to stop donald trump to do it now at the convention or is this just shenanigans. >> i think it's a pipe dream at best. you know what's interesting about john kasich right now, you're talking about the sitting ohio governor who is hosting the convention in his state saying that he is going to walk into the quicken loans arena and he is not going to endorse the nominee. this is why it's a problem right now. and it's a problem on both sides. it's donald trump's problem and it is the republican party's problem. one is donald trump needs the support of everybody in the republican party in order to defeat somebody like hillary clinton who is a very strong candidate whether you like her
8:45 am
or not, she's a very strong candidate. they need the republican party base behind them. every vote counts and they need the independents. it's a problem now for the republican party because they have donald trump who is out there saying some things that is very difficult for them to reckon with. we're seeing the likes of mark kirk in a difficult race in illinois saying i can't endorse him anymore. i can't be with him. there needs to be a coming together where donald trump acts more like a political, yes, i said it, he needs to be more of a politician, and the republican party needs to get behind their candidate because what it comes down to is the supreme court and that's what we're not talking about. >> despite the unrest among the gop, you do hear from trump people, and others, don't underestimate the unifying effect of hillary clinton. mayor, hillary clinton, she's now going to be giving a big speech taking on donald trump, another big speech after the one that -- the one on foreign policy. this one focused on economic issues. is this the new playbook for hillary clinton? >> no, i think what she's going
8:46 am
to be doing, of course, is calling out the differences between herself and donald trump. now, of course, we don't really know the economic policies of donald trump. i mean, we've been trying to study the course book at trump university and we're learning, of course, misrepresentation, fraud, scams, and so on and so forth, but besides trump university, what are the economic policies of donald trump? we know what secretary clinton is about. she's about equality, about breaking down barriers b raising the middle class, raising of course the minimum wage for all americans, but when it comes to understanding what donald trump is about, it's very, very challengin challenging, very difficult. the american people don't know but secretary clinton is about the middle class. i think it's important for her to come out there and explain how would her presidency help the american people? and that's what she plans to do. >> margaret hoover though, you want you in on this whole idea, hillary clinton is giving a speech going after donald trump on the economy. hillary clinton -- donald trump is giving a speech going exclusively after the clintons. do you think -- and i know you
8:47 am
were wavering on donald trump and i think that's an understatement, but do you think the more hillary clinton engages with donald trump and they go after it that it can prove unifying to republicans like you that don't want hillary clinton anywhere near the white house? >> no. to be honest, john, i don't know if that's -- look, what we're going to see is this back and forth. frankly, i know a lot of republicans, myself included, who frankly acknowledge that her faux foreign policy speech was just a donald trump takedown. she didn't speak in hyperbole. she used his own words. she made a very reasoned case about sort of his preparedness for the presidency. look, back to his tweet, the voters have spoken, now it's time to unify behind me. i mean, let's just remember who those voters are. they are republican primary voters who represent less than a quarter of the republican electorate broadly, all right? and he won a plurality of them, not a majority of them. so this is not a unified field win, and there are people like
8:48 am
john kasich, like ted cruz, many, many republicans like paul ryan who believe that there's an important role to play in a principled contrast to donald trump so that the republican party brand nationally doesn't sink even lower than it continues to sink every single day. >> a couple quick questions on this. governor scott walker, also a former rival, he's now putting a condition on his endorsement saying he needs to renounce the comments on the judge and basically get on message with the rest of the republican party. john, to you. percentage chance donald trump is going to apologize about the judge remarks? >> probably about zero. >> okay. so margaret, we'll give you this question, margaret hoover, what percentage chance that scott walker sticks to his guns and actually doesn't endorse if donald trump doesn't apologize? >> maybe the same answer. look -- >> but that shows you what's going on here. >> exactly. and that shows you the moral bankruptcy of republican leadership right now, and that
8:49 am
is my real beef and the real beef of many republicans out there right now. and the truth is it doesn't matter what scott walker does. it matters what donald trump does for the rest of this campaign. the ball is in his court. it's his to win or lose. >> one quick question to the mayor on this. bernie sanders is meeting with president obama right now. if you can give me a two-word answer, when people say he needs space to decide his exit, how many days are you willing to allow him? >> i think he should take as long as he wants. the convention is not until the end of july. bernie sanders is going to support secretary clinton. president obama is going to support secretary clinton. we're going to have an incredibly unified party. it's moving in the right direction. >> all right. all of you, thank you so much for being with us. really appreciate it. at the white house right now, bernie sanders meeting with president obama. that is their walk to the oval office. we saw it moments ago. what's going on behind closed doors? we are waiting for bernie sanders to emerge from the oval, perhaps speak to reporters at any moment. also happening at any
8:50 am
moment, donald trump is getting ready to meet with dozens of his top fund-raisers in new york. i think you're looking at chris christie walking into the building right now. we'll take you there. you both have a
8:51 am
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8:54 am
a whole lot of action on capitol hill on which member is still supporting which presidential candidate and by how much. >> cnn senior political reporter is live from capitol hill where it is all happening. what is going on with paul ryan? it is like the daily paul ryan saga. >> paul ryan has been last couple of days preaching how important party unity will be going into the fall. today he is unveiling, paul ryan is, national security agenda that brings together key republican principles, long standing republican principles but expressed concerns on a radio program about donald trump's antics hurting the republicans going into the fall. >> do i think that these kinds of antics are distracting and give us a campaign that we cannot be proud of? yeah. i have spoken clearly about it.
8:55 am
i think and hope and believe that he can fix this to the point where we can run a campaign that we can all be proud of. i control what we do here in congress. >> now, on the other side of the aisle democrats have their own issues to deal with, namely bernie sanders. i had a chance to ask nancy pelosi whether she thinks bernie sanders should drop out ahead of the july convention as a lot of democrats want to unify behind hillary clinton. pelosi would not go there. she said she thinks bernie sanders will be constructive but sympathized with how hard it is for bernie sanders supporters to let go and realize that it is over for them. so she is like a lot of democratic leaders giving bernie sanders some space. we'll see how long that lasts. gl the line of the week. >> giving them space. >> thank you so much. >> breaking news right now. bernie sanders is meeting with president obama at the white
8:56 am
house in the oval office. we are watching. the image on the left is them walking in. the image on the right is what we are watching now. will bernie sanders come to the microphones and spill the beans on the meeting? we'll see. details ahead. it's red lobster's new lobster and shrimp summerfest! with the lobster and shrimp... love in so many new dishes, you're gonna wanna try... ...every last one. like the new coastal lobster & shrimp. with a wood-grilled lobster tail, ...wild-caught red shrimp crusted with panko, ...and shrimp fresh off the grill and brushed with... ...summer ale bbq sauce. or try the new lobster & shrimp overboard, ...because when a dish can wow you like this, ...overboard's the only way to describe it. but hurry, this ends soon. [phone buzzing] some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection. beautiful day in baltimore
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this is cnn breaking news. >> hello everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to legal view. to be a fly in the wall in the white house right now but also at the four seasons hotel in new york city because there are two pivotal meetings taking place at those two locations right now. on your left the gathering at the oval office between president obama and senator bernie sanders. the one-on-one potentially winding down after this walk


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