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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  June 21, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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yesterday it was over 100 degrees out here. you also have winds which can drive the flames and then you add the fact that it is low humidity here. it's the perfect situation for fires. so that is why they are concerned that there could be more in the area. >> stay safe. turning it over to wolf blitzer and the situation room. thanks for watching. trump change. hillary clinton crushing donald trump in the fundraising race. tens of millions more dollars ahead of republican rival. then she is under attack. how is trump responding? trump's children tremendous influence in their father's white house bid playing key role in firing of his campaign manager. can they help turn around his troubled campaign? armed and angry. breaking news in the orlando massacre, new details of what the gunman did in the hours
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before the attack. his wife is telling investigators he left their home in rage and carrying guns in a bag. why didn't she call the police? new signs that north korea's kim jong-un might be ready to test a ballistic missile provocative move. it would be the fourth such test in three months. will this launch succeed? i'm wolf blitzer. you are in the situation room. donald trump's presidential campaign is facing a cash crunch with just $1.3 million on hand compared to hillary clinton's 40 million plus. the campaigns detailing their finances in reports to the federal election commission. the news is sparking more anxiety among republicans already uneasy about their presumptive nominee.
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that has prompted trump to send a fundraising e-mail promising to match donations up to $2 million. trump is coming under sharp attack from hillary clinton in an economic speech she took repeated jabs at trump saying his plans would be disastrous for country. trump's proposals would result in 3.5 million lost jobs. and there is breaking news in the orlando massacre. sources telling cnn that gunman omar mateen went to pulse night club and left before carrying out the attack. his wife telling investigators he was angry carrying a bag with guns. she said she pleaded with him to not leave but didn't know he was actually planning the attack. we are covering all of that and more this hour with our guest
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including katrina pearson and correspondents and expert analysts are standing by. let's begin with the race for the white house. our political reporter has the latest. donald trump's campaign facing a serious cash crunch. >> reporter: and donald trump spent a lot of the day pushing back on attack from hillary clinton taking to twitter to defend himself. one thing that can hamper him in a head to head matchup are the truly awful fundraising numbers. but in true trump fashion he has been shrugging aside the problems all day today. >> look at that. today donald trump is brushing aside his latest round of setbacks from abysmal fundraising numbers. >> i spent a tiny fraction what other people spent. >> reporter: to dismissing his campaign manager, corey
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lewandowski. >> i spent very little money. i wanted landslides and won in landslides and corey was absolutely perfect for that. >> trump is down playing his sharp disadvantage in the money race. >> let me tell you this. i understand money better than anybody. >> reporter: the billionaire businessman ended with $1.3 million in the bank compared to hillary clinton's $42 million war chest. today he blasted out a fundraising e-mail promising to match small donors dollar for dollar up to 2 million. trump insists if things were desperate he could bank roll his campaign as he did in the primaries. >> i can just spend my own money. i have a lot of cash. i can do. many people think i do better that way. >> reporter: all of this as the presumptive gop nominee faces
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skepticism from his own party and makes the dubious suggestion that some democrats have been better boosters than those in the gop. >> i will also tell you this. i need support from the republicans. in some ways i get more support from the democrats than republicans. >> reporter: not exactly. a new poll shows clinton leading trump 47% to 42% nationwide and draws support from 90% of democrats. trump's odds look better in key battle grounds. the candidates are neck and neck in ohio and pennsylvania. trump may have made head way with conservatives wooing religious leaders in new york, some of whom had deep reservations about trump in the primary. >> it is not our job to judge other people's spiritual journey. we respect him for who he is
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now. >> reporter: one thing to remember is donald trump has been building his fundraising operation from scratch. there is reason to believe that his june finance numbers will look better. they ramped up fundraising efforts. even donors helping him raise money acknowledge they are likely to get beat by hillary clinton and potentially beat badly. >> he said he raised $12 million in that recent swing through arizona and nevada and california for that matter. we will see how he does in june. thanks for that. hillary clinton is warning of dire consequences for the economy if donald trump becomes president calling his proposals dangerous. our senior washington correspondent is in columbus, ohio. hillary clinton gave a speech there and challenged trump's policies one by one. >> reporter: she aggressively challenges policies. she went right to the very
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essence of donald trump, his business acumen as she keeps trying to define him. >> we can't let him bankrupt america like we are one of his failed casinos. >> reporter: hillary clinton delivering a blistering take down of donald trump's business record. >> just like he shouldn't have his finger on the button, he shouldn't have his hands on our economy. >> reporter: her latest effort to brand trump as a dangerous menace, this time on the economy. she spoke from the floor of an auto plant in ohio, a critical battle ground where she hopes to limit trump's appeal. >> every day we see how reckless and careless trump is. he is proud of it. well, that's his choice except when he is asking to be our president, then it's our choice. >> reporter: trump offering his
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real time response on twitter refuting one point after another. how can hillary run the economy when she can't send e-mails without putting the entire nation at risk. as she tries defining him the clinton machine is overwhelming him. first in fundraising a staggering 42 million to 1.3 million in the bank and in organization. her speech. >> he has written a lot of books about business. they all seem to end at chapter 11. >> reporter: paired with a web video. >> ever heard of -- >> what happened to trump airlines? >> the united states of america doesn't do business trump's way. >> reporter: she is hoping this campaign will turn around numbers like this. trump leads by eight points on the economy, a new poll finds. trump even shot a video on
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instagram defending his business acumen. >> hillary clinton is right about one thing. i understand debt and how to handle it. >> reporter: clinton has advantages on other measures including temperament to serve as president. clinton shows 24 point edge over trump. cnn learned clinton is studying prospects. publicly it is all trump seemingly taking delight in mocking him. >> trump ties are made in china. trump suits in mexico. trump furniture in turkey. trump picture frames in india. trump bar wear in slovenia. and i could go on and on but you get the idea. >> reporter: now, that message could resonate here in ohio, a proud made in america state. what hillary clinton is trying to do is challenge and question his very success. she is also pointing to history
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here. she said the election of donald trump would be a historic mistake. she said alexander hamilton would be rolling in his grave. >> thanks very much. let's get more now with national spokes woman for trump campaign. thanks for joining us. as you just heard hillary clinton delivered a scathing speech today taking direct aim at donald trump's entire economic record. i will play another clip for you. >> over the years he intentionally ran up huge amounts of debt on his companies and then defaulted. he bankrupted his companies not once, not twice but four times. hundreds of people lost their jobs. shareholders were wiped out. contractors, many of them small businesses, took heavy losses. many went bust.
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but donald trump, he came out fine. >> what is your response? >> my response is this just goes to show you how little hillary clinton knows about business in general taking a couple of entities and comparing that to the 500 plus that donald trump has been very successful in goes to show you that hillary clinton has no idea what this country is about. this country is about having an idea, going out there and fighting for your dream and building something. hillary clinton has built absolutely nothing in this country. it's donald trump that has created tens of thousands of jobs over the last few decades. >> let me interrupt for a moment. he has created a lot of jobs and been a successful businessman. you have to admit there is a whole long list of companies that have failed where he has had to file for bankruptcy. >> it's actually not a long list when you are looking at all of the businesses that mr. trump has been in. look at walt disney.
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he wasn't successful in all adventures. look at henry ford. these are successful business people who tried things who are entrepreneurs. small businesses employ 50% of the people in this country. in fact, 65% of the new jobs created since 1995 were from entrepreneurs. to criticize one or two companies that did or didn't make it goes to show how hillary clinton has no idea what it is going to take to make america great again. >> we did a study here at cnn, no major u.s. country filed for chapter 11 more than trump's casino empire alone in the last 30 years. those are facts. >> you talking about major u.s. corporation and the trump organization is a private entity. he has done several things with regard to businesses whether casinos or real estate development or other things. this is not something that should be looked down upon.
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this is the united states of america where people come to start their own business, to create their vision and to be successful in life. that is what mr. trump represents. it is also why mr. trump is leading when it comes to the economy. people today can't go out and get a loan because of things to start their business. that's what acquiring debt used to mean in the country. you take out a loan and start your business and build an empire. mr. trump wants everyone to do what he did. >> let's move to another area where he is getting severe criticism not just from general public but a lot of republicans. according to the latest filing trump's campaign has $1.3 million in the bank as of play 31. hillary clinton's campaign is $42 million in the bank. why is trump having such a hard time raising money? >> he's not having such a hard
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time. if you look at the money for her only being five points ahead in the polls is astounding. mr. trump was not fundraising the entire time. he was self funding his campaign. of course he is behind a little bit in the fundraising. we had a great successful last couple of weeks. he decided to work with the rnc to do a joint effort to raise money for the down ballot races because it is important to help candidates running for congress. it's a great thing moving forward. we are talking about the number of employees that hillary clinton has versus the trump campaign and the amount of money that she has been spending and the simple fact that she is neck and neck with donald trump in swing states i think that is astounding. look at those numbers and make a judgment based upon the old political paradigm where we were being judged for the same things we are talking about outcomes. >> he wrapped up the republican
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nomination early may. now we are approaching the end of june. why has he only now started some serious fundraising? >> because now he is joined in effort with the rnc. >> why not over the past six, seven weeks? >> that's what they have been doing. they have been having discussions and conversations and putting together a team to do just that. that is one of the things that you and i have talked about over the last couple of months is transitioning into the general election outcome. mr. trump was convinced he wanted to self fund his campaign from the beginning. over time he learned there are people who don't have time to get out there and make phone calls they want to contribute their money. this is his of allowing those people to invest in his campaign. >> why isn't he self funding now? why not use some money to self fund as he did through the primary process? >> he said he would. what i just told you is there
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are a lot of people all over this country who are involved in politics and their money is their way of supporting. there are people who want to financially invest in the campaign and want him to be successful. there are a lot of people who can't make phone calls and can't knock on doors. they can't do anything other than show financial support and we welcome that. it is very important to many people in this country that they help with their money. that is how they talk and work. we welcome that. there is a ton of small donors for mr. trump and we wants to welcome them into the campaign as well as continue the joint effort with the rnc to fund raise. >> stand by. we have more questions. we will get your answers right after a quick break. ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow... ♪ for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow
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donald trump scrambling to refocus his campaign. we are back with katrina pearson. we looked at the numbers filed with the federal election commission. take a look at what we found. trump is spending money on hats, $5,000 on signs. $694,000 on t shirts, mugs and stickers. compare that to $5,000 in print ads. is this the most effective way to spend your campaign money? >> i think moving forward you will see numbers shift. we are just now transitioning into a fundraising mechanism because donald trump does want to help rnc. everyone loves their hats.
2:22 pm
those are big commodities for the campaign and a way for people to show their support. >> yesterday the trump campaign fired corey lewandowski. is there a short list who will replace him? >> i think the campaign is functioning just fine now. i think mr. trump runs his campaign the way he would run a business. he and corey broke history, made history in the primary cycle and now moving into the general. paul manafort is moving full speed ahead. you will see a lot being spent on ads. >> paul manafort has replaced corey lewandowski? is that right? >> paul manafort is the campaign chairman and moving us forward with the convention process and general election. >> can you clarify where donald
2:23 pm
trump stands when it comes to allowing people on the terrorist watch list or no fly list to buy guns? he tweeted the other day i will be meeting with the nra who has endorsed me about not allowing people on the terror watch list to buy guns. when is that meeting taking place? >> he has had one meeting and will meet again. mr. trump stands with the nra because there is no due process involved when trying to take away someone's right to buy a gun. this wouldn't have mattered with the orlando shooter because he wasn't on a list to begin with. this is what we run into with the left and the solutions that they propose aren't solutions. they are a driven goals that they have. we need to talk about ways to prevent bad people from doing these bad things. >> he clearly disagrees. he has moved away from the nra on sensitive issues. they don't agree when he says
2:24 pm
not allowing people on the flow fly list to buy guns. he moved closer to democrats on that specific issue than to the republicans based on the votes yesterday and on what the nra is saying. does he still believe that? >> you can look. he tweeted last week that high wanted to have a meeting. he didn't change his position. just last night he reiterated the fact that he stands strong with the nra on this issue. he wanted the meeting because the nra are experts. they have been through policies and proposals out there. he wanted to see if there was anything that had to do with due process. this -- >> i want to clarify because there is confusion. does he want to ban people on the terrorist watch list or the no fly list from purchasing guns in the united states as he suggested in that tweet last week? >> the position of mr. trump is that he does not want terrorists
2:25 pm
to buy guns. >> that's not the question. >> there is more to the question. there is more to the question, wolf. there is more to the question because they are having meetings. the position of mr. trump is he doesn't want to infringe on second amendment of any americans and doesn't want terrorists to buy guns. this individual was not on a watch list so that policy would have done absolutely nothing. >> people on the hill are voting on this as compromise legislation introduced. they want to know does he believe people on the terrorist watch list or no fly list should be able to purchase guns in the united states? >> he believes that terrorists -- >> forget about terrorists. >> mr. trump does not want to remove second amendment right from americans without due process. that is your answer. >> he changed his position from what he tweeted last week? >> he has not changed his
2:26 pm
position. his position was tweeting about having meetings. that was not a policy change, wolf. >> i will be meeting with the nra who has endorsed me about not allowing people on the terrorist watch list or no fly list to buy guns. in subsequent interviews he made it clear he doesn't believe people on the terror watch list should be able to purchase guns in the united states. you are saying what the nra says that terrorists should not be able to purchase guns. >> and the purpose of the no fly list no one really knows. how do you get on or off that list? if that was the case how did this individual not be on that list. there is conversation that needs to occur. >> we will clarify it directly with him next time we speak with him. thank you for coming in. trump's children set to be among his most trusted advisers. are they helping his campaign or
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♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. we are following new developments in the presidential race hillary clinton taking aim at donald trump's business record as trump's campaign is behind in polls and scrambling to make up a huge fundraising deficit. with us cnn political commentator, contributing editor and dana bash, mark preston and real clear politics rebecca. we have them all. dana, donald trump has a five-point deficit nationally in
2:32 pm
our new poll, minority of independent and republican women say they will support him. how bad potentially are these numbers for trump? >> look, it is always better to be winning but considering the kind of two weeks or three weeks donald trump has had, very bad blunders politically having his own party leaders turn on him openly and those who hadn't gotten behind him keeping a distance and those who had saying the way he spoke about the judge that is dealing with one of his trump university fraud cases went after him in a controversial way and him doubling down on muslim ban, those things combined with what we know today which is the fact that his organization is proven to be very lean and mean, maybe more lean than mean, we will
2:33 pm
see. given all of that, he should be further behind probably than he is right now. but i think the fact that they are about five points apart shows a couple of things. one is this is a polarized nation no matter who is on the ticket on both sides. both candidates, republican and democratic presumptive nominees are polarizing themselves. that speaks to why hillary clinton is doing well but maybe not as well as she would have or could have given any other year and opponent than donald trump. >> five points within the margin of error. maybe she is not doing as well as she would like to be doing. the poll shows other serious vulnerabilities. trump beats her on the question of honest and trust worthiness and who is best for the economy. those are among the most important issues for voters.
2:34 pm
not all of these poll numbers are good for hillary clinton. >> it's true. the fact that donald trump leads on honest and trust worthy given the fact that his ratings of statements made are far higher than any other candidate in the primaries in either party is a testament to hillary clinton's weaknesses. it will be interesting to see what happens. the clinton campaign embarked on an effort to try to paint donald trump negatively in a way that primary opponents couldn't, in the way the obama campaign did to mitt romney. and the advantage they have is much more money at their disposal. they are advertising heavily already. donald trump is not advertising at all. it is interesting to watch the numbers. >> on that issue hillary clinton has $42 million in the bank.
2:35 pm
he has $1.3 million in the bank. why is he having apparently so much trouble raising money? >> i spoke today, wolf, with two people asking them this very question. a former top adviser to jeb bush's superpack and the former national co-chair of ted cruz's campaign so two very different campaigns but both raised a lot of money. i asked them what are the big problems. they each named the same three factors. they said donald trump had spent the whole primary campaign bashing donors and now he expects them to give him money. it's not going to happen if he is maintaining that tone. second, really he needs to begin to tailor his public comments, his tone to a more presidential tone. he needs to change what he is saying to appeal to republicans and he hasn't been doing that. third, he has only loaned his campaign money. he hasn't given his money to the
2:36 pm
campaign and he had said he would self fund but no indication he is going to do that. donors want to see that he is committed to this campaign and going to invest in it himself before they come forward and start raising money. >> on the fundraising issue can he turn it around? >> he can turn it around but the question is he willing to turn it around? is he willing to write a rather large check to encourage donors to help contribute to the campaign. it is hard when donald trump talks about being worth more than $10 million and asking people for money. it's not something he likes to do. we have seen his first fundraising e-mail just released a few hours ago. he can do it. the question is can he get to that number in order to run a very efficient, very strong campaign? that number can be upwards of $1 billion. perhaps donald trump doesn't need to get to 1 billion. >> spent a lot less than 16
2:37 pm
other republicans and got that republican nomination. we are counting down to tomorrow night's cnn libitarian town hall. that will be interesting. more details about some of the most important insiders in donald trump's campaign, his grown children. be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization.
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this week's major shakeup in donald trump's campaign revealed the important role being played by his family. the children have a huge role. >> we are seeing something we have not seen before inside a major presidential campaign. the children have just won a major internal battle in the trump example, a signal that they are going to leave an indelible imprint on the direction of the campaign and very likely on the outcome for their father. the consensus couldn't be more clear, if donald trump's children wanted corey lewandowski to stay with team trump he would be there tonight. his son said he was in the room when his father sacked his campaign manager. >> i think things had to change. it was a good splitup. >> reporter: cnn reported ivanka was critical of lewandowski. the ouster spot lighted the role
2:43 pm
now wielding influence among children of presidential candidates. >> he trusts them more than anyone else and respects them. as donald said to me he doesn't respect very many people but he respects his children. >> reporter: a campaign official would not devolve the specific roles of the children. ivanka has tried to get her father to scale back personal body blows. >> reporter: it has fallen to ivanka to play role of protector when a woman claimed donald trump groped her. >> he is not a gropper y. have known my father my whole life. he has total respect for women. >> they can be important witnesses to his character. they can help humanize him. >> reporter: experts say a
2:44 pm
possible draw back for the trump siblings, their significant lack of campaign experience. they have admitted they have never done anything like this. >> it was our first time. we didn't realize how the system works. >> reporter: another potential pitfall to having children so close to a candidate is inability to take emotion out of the daily. >> there has to be a clear command and control structure where the campaign manager is making decisions about fundraising, personnel and travel. when those worlds intercept or collide campaigns tend to have big problems. for now the outward signs indicate the trump children get along with paul manafort but if that goes south trump biaug raefr says he does not believe trump has power to -- he has the
2:45 pm
advantage of having known donald trump quite a long time. >> in addition to children ivanka trump's husband. >> he has been building his role in the campaign. one source told cnn cushner was involved in the decision to fire corey lewandowski and would be helping trump adjust to fundraising that he needs. look for him to play an important role in the months ahead. tomorrow here in the situation room my exclusive interview with paul ryan. he will join me tomorrow. 5:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. up next, troubling signs north korea is getting ready for another missile launch. grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy.
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we're following breaking news in the orlando terror attack investigation. the shooter's wife told investigators her husband was angry and left home with guns on the evening of the attack. let's bring in our correspondent. what else are you learning? >> reporter: we're learning the wife saw him leave the house carrying a bag with guns. she said he was in rage and she begged him not to leave. she said she didn't know he was going to carry out an attack but she was worried enough that she tried during the evening to send him text messages and call him. we're learning on saturday afternoon the family bought plane tickets, the plan was to
2:51 pm
fly to san francisco in july. now the question investigators have if he was planning an attack why make travel plans. >> is it likely the wife will be charged. >> we know that the fbi still has her under scrutiny. she's hired a lawyer after several days of questioning but the fbi still has plans to go back to her and ask more questions. we know that any possible charges are still some time away. >> you've learned that the killer showed up at the pulse nightclub earlier in the evening, left and came back. >> that's right. this is adding more to the context of that evening. he went to the nightclub earlier saturday night and left. the fbi is using surveillance video and cell phone tracking to build a time line of his whereabouts on the evening of the attack but they're working to determine what he was doing for a two hour period between the time he left the club and
2:52 pm
carrying out the attack. >> i'm sure they'll find out that information. thanks very much. we're seeing new and troubling signs that a of a string of failures north korea is getting ready for another attempt of launching a ballistic missile. let's go to barbara starr. they're taking this seriously aren't they. >> reporter: indeed. nerves are rising across asia. japan tonight on high alert, deploying missiles following a new assessment from western intelligence services which detected signs north korea might be getting ready to test a ballistic missile. >> we have concerns if the north koreans were to conduct another missile test. it would be another violation of u.n. resolutions. >> reporter: the latest move by
2:53 pm
kim jong-un seen here holding a cigarette in the middle of a north korean anti-smoking drive. the lunchers are harder to detect in war time but so far have been hard to detect. making the missile work has been a top priority for the regime. >> this is a message that north korea has very strong and dedicated intent to acquire this capability. repeated failures are not going to stop them from moving forward. >> reporter: this would be the latest attempt to laurj a missile. they attempted to launch three in april and then another just last month. in each case the launches appeared to have failed. if successful u.s. officials believe it could have the capability some day to potentially reach gaum and the most western islands off alaska. >> they're going to get it right
2:54 pm
sooner or later. we've been surprised in the past. unfortunately that means that the u.s. and its allies in the region are going to have to prepare for that. >> reporter: u.s. officials tonight now are monitoring reports that in fact a launch of some type of north korean missile did happen within the hour. they do not have confirmation yet of what type of missile and whether the launch was successful. wolf. >> all right. thanks very much. barbara starr with the latest on the north korean missile test. coming up donald trump's fundraising report, he's behind hillary clinton. why hillary says trump would be dangerous for the u.s. economy. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our
2:55 pm
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trump in desperate need of campaign cash as he gets blown away by hillary clinton's money machine. why is trump spending more on caps, t shirts and mugz than ads. clinton warns voters that a trump presidency would plunge the u.s. back into we session but tonight polling shows americans believe he's better to handle the economy than she is. we're told clinton is narrowing choices for a vice presidential running mate right
3:00 pm
now. we're learning more about the orlando attack's movements in the hours before the attack. his wife said he left the house with guns. w you're in "the situation room." hillary clinton is casting donald trump's claim that he knows a lot about money as a sham. in a speech clinton warned a trump presidency would be dangerous for the u.s. economy and throw the u.s. into a verb. this as trump faces a huge fundraising deficit. his campaign has tens of millions of dollars less than the clinton campaign. trump is polling in a new poll that shows the democrat's presumptive nominee ahead by five points.
3:01 pm
but clinton and trump are neck and neck in ohio and pennsylvania. breaking news in the orlando terror investigation. cnn has learned that the killer went to the pulse nightclub earlier on the night of the attack posing as a regular paying customer. he left and returned two hours later to carry out the massacre. our correspondents, analysts and guests will have full coverage of today's stories. let's go to jim acosta. trump claims he's not worried about the cash deficit right now because he can tap into his personal wealth if necessary, but the numbers are pretty stunning, right? >> reporter: they are. donald trump is trying to reassure republicans he is capable of mounting a credible general election campaign despite those numbers from last month. there is an anti-trump protest up the street as i speak so i'll try to get through the rest of this.
3:02 pm
his campaign is showing a new sign of life hitting hillary clinton like never before. despite a lifetime of cutting deals that made him billions of dollars donald trump is so short of campaign cash gop jaws are dropping. don't worry he says. >> we had a big fundraising weekend. we raised a lot of money. >> reporter: still consider the numbers. according to federal campaign filings hillary clinton finished may with $42 million in the bank around trump ended up with $1.3 million. 17% of the campaign spending was dished out to trump related entities like when the campaign rents space for an event and $35,000 went to draper sterling, a name reminiscent of the advertising agency in the show
3:03 pm
madman. trump says his appeal to donors are beginning. if need be there could be unlimited cash on hand as i would put up my money. earlier in the day he blamed republicans who haven't rallied behind his campaign. >> they don't want to come on. if they don't come on it's fine. i can win it either way. >> reporter: nothing to see here added the rnc. >> i appreciate everyone's concern over the state of our party. we're doing great. >> reporter: there are other worrying numbers for trump. he trails hillary clinton in a new poll and trump is down eight points in florida while running neck and neck in ohio and pennsylvania. trump is signaling a more aggressive stage of the campaign is ahead. his campaign is blasting out e-mails and hitting social media to hit counter attacks responding faster than it has before. trump advisors are hopeful it's a change for the better, the firing of campaign manager corey lewandowski, the candidate was
3:04 pm
also out shorg up support among evangelical leaders in new york. >> i have incredible children but the evangelical vote was mostly gotten by me. >> reporter: donald trump will continue his attacks to hillary clinton with a speech set for here in new york tomorrow and we should point out in the last several moments as we were talking to you a couple of minutes ago a protest just cropped up outside trump tower. it's a gay, less bthere's one s that shows the christian conservative leader that says my
3:05 pm
hatred kills and they're in front of the entrance of trump tower carrying out this protest that we had no idea this was happening until a few minutes ago. >> we'll stay in touch with you with that protest outside the trump tower. thanks very much. now we have more on hillary clinton's attack on trump's financial record and economic policies. while she's targeting his bottom line she's trying to boost voters' confidence in her ability to keep the economy growing. let's go to correspondent. this is another area where hillary clinton is portraying donald trump as very dangerous. >> reporter: it is. she's trying to undercut what many voters consider a strength for donald trump, the economy. it's what voters say is the issue of concern to them so hillary clinton has a lot of work to do. hillary clinton hitting donald trump on his experience as a businessman. >> he's written a lot of books about business. they all seem to end at chapter
3:06 pm
11. >> reporter: taking aim at him for going into bankruptcy and for once killing himself the king of debt. >> the king of debt has no real plan for making college debt payable or making college debt free. this is a crisis that effects so many of our people. he has no creditable plan for rebuilding our infrastructure apart from the wall that he wants to build. >> reporter: but trump is embracing it tweeting i am the king of debt. that has been great for me as a businessman but bad for the country. i made a fortune off of debt. many voters agree. in a poll when asked who would better handle the economy 51% said trump, clinton trailing him by eight points. her campaign is trying to change that putting up a new website in
3:07 pm
conjunction with her speech the art of the steal and releasing a video about trump's unsuccessful business ventures. >> have you ever heard of trump steaks. whatever happened to trump airlines. trump travel. >> trump magazine which folded. >> trump mortgage. >> reporter: as clinton trails trump on the economy she's crushing him on fundraising with $42 million to trump's $1.3 million. that's not her only advantage. the latest cnn poll also shows voters see clinton as having the better temperament to serve as president by a 24 point margin. clinton today seeking to connect those doubts with putting trump in charge of the economy. >> just like he shouldn't have his finger on the button, he
3:08 pm
shouldn't have his hands on our economy. >> reporter: as clinton's anti-trump rhetoric heats up so is speculation about who her running mate will be. some of the names, elizabeth warren, housing and urban development secretary and one senator from the state of ohio who hillary clinton has a good relationship with. so who is it going to be? we might not find out for about a month when the republican national convention happens here in the third week of july. >> we'll see what happens on that front as well. we'll see who they both pick as their vice presidential running mates. joining us is the senator from virginia. thanks for joining us. as you know hillary clinton delivered this skathing speech against donald trump today. this was her second speech we've
3:09 pm
seen her take direct aim at him on his policies. the first time on national security and now on his economic policies. should we expect to see more of these kind of attack speeches by hillary clinton. >> i hope so because there's a lot of ammunition. i've been in business longer than i've been in politics. to think that mr. trump is trying to lay out this proposition that he's a successful business guy, he's failed and bankrupted four businesses and he has a record of slow pay to small vendors. the fact that he's gone out and has been obsessed about our nation's balance sheets he's the only figure that said he would try to renegotiate the national debt, nobody at a national level in politics would have that -- think about making that kind of statement but he's made it so there's a lot of ammunition here
3:10 pm
to point out that this guy does not have a record in business that has been responsible and doesn't have any understanding overall of the mack row budget and quite honestly he has no real proposal about how to jump start the economy in terms of infrastructure. >> whether or not he had some divisions or whatever, by all accounts he's a billionaire whether he's worth $10 billion or $5 billion so he must be pretty successful. >> we don't know that because we've never seen his tax returns. tell me a presumptive nominee that's not laid out his tax returns. we don't know how much he's really worth. what we know he's left a mount of wreckage of failed businesses behind him and he's got a reputation that says this is not somebody you do business with and he makes these statements that might work as a real estate guy, but does not work as the
3:11 pm
leader of the greatest nation of the world. >> so when he filed that net worth statement with the federal election commission stating that he was $10 billion you don't buy that. >> i'd buy a lot more if we got a chance to look at his tax returns. >> i want to move on, but are you questioning whether or not he's a billionaire. >> i think how much donald is actually worth or not worth, how much his actual liabilities are, we don't know. i don't have the foggiest notion. >> why is hillary clinton behind him on the question in who would be better dealing with the economy? he gets 51% according to new polls and she gets 43%. if it's the economy stupid that could potentially carry him over the top. >> i think there is a presumption that he must have done well as a business guy. there were a few former republican opponents he had many
3:12 pm
of them i wish they had the chance to point out he had a checkered business background and when he does weigh in on proposals he's talking about a tax and spend plan that would add $4 trillion to the national debt and no specific plan about infrastructu infrastructure. he's got a series of one liners that may have played well for a certain segment of the republican electorate but i don't think is playing well as his record gets more exposed and most business folks, i know very few business people democrat or republican that are supporting him. >> his supporters point out that he's created thousands of jobs over the years that hillary clinton hasn't created any jobs to which you reply? >> i reply he's left four
3:13 pm
businesses in deep bankruptcy, how many of those jobs actually ever ended up being a full time entity as opposed to a flash in the pan. look at the trump university, he may have hired folks for that but records show most of the people that attended that university felt it was a rip off and the only guy that made money was donald trump. >> cnn is reporting that hillary clinton has narrowed her short list for vice president one of the names is senator tim cain. should he be a running mate. >> i would absolutely recommend him. i've known him for 35 years. he was my lieutenant governor when i was governor. there's nobody that's more honest, straightforward, trusting and somebody that actually brings i think both the experience as a governor, as a chief executive but i think would supplement her skills. >> is he the leading contender based on what you're hearing.
3:14 pm
>> i'm not going to make that kind of presumption. i hope she picks jim cain. >> as you know your name has frequently been mentioned. would you be open to being the vice president of the united states? >> wolf, what i'm open to is being here in the united states senate, hopefully being able to put together the kind of by bipartisan coalitions. in congress we've not been able to forge the coalitions in terms of debt and deficit in terms of infrastructure that we need. i think i have a good reputation up here so i think that's where i can be the best value. >> so you're not open to thinking about it. >> i'm not being vetted nor do i expect to be but i hope tim cain is. >> you're a good friend of tim cain.
3:15 pm
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3:19 pm
we're following senator some breaking news in the orlando terror investigation. i know you're up to speed on that. our justice correspondent reporting that the actions of the killer the night of the nightclub shooting we're learning that when he left his house he was carrying a bag of guns and then he visited the club earlier in the night, he left and he returned and he carried out that mass murder. is there any new indication
3:20 pm
you're getting that this attack was directed, that he had help, or does it still look like this was some sort of lone wolf attack. >> it's an ongoing investigation and we were briefed today. i'm not going to go into those details, but there are questions. we've seen the 911 call put out into the public. he may have been self radicalized but if he were he was fairly confused since he was claiming al qaeda and nusra. he made comments about a shia group. i think there's more investigation to be done to see what was the motivation and whether there was any particular reason why this approximapartic got targeted. clearly it was a hate crime. whether it was a hate crime against america or the lgbt
3:21 pm
community i trust the fbi to get to the bottom of this. >> what about the wife. >> i think there are still a lot of questions i have and that the investigation has about that wife. >> so they're going to continue that investigation. >> yes. >> let's talk about guns in america for a moment. a lot of conversation in the aftermath of the orlando mass murder. your colleague senator chris murphy is getting criticism about the failed gun votes in the senate yesterday. he said we've got to make this clear case that republicans have decided to sell weapons to isis. do you agree with the senator or did he go too far? >> what i would say is after the tragedy in orlando, which we know see these tragedies not once a year but every few months, when we have 30,000 gun deaths a year, i think americans, i hear this, they
3:22 pm
don't want to hear they're elected officials say we offer thoughts and prayers to the victims, they want us to do something. as somebody who remains a supporter of the second amendment there are things we can do. we should say if you're on the watch list you shouldn't be able to purchase a firearm. if we're going to make sure we close the gun show loophole so if you buy a gun at a gun show you go through the same background check as a gun shop that's supported. i do think there are a number of folks in the congress who say they want to do everything they can to stand up against terrorists but when you have every law enforcement organization in america say let's close this terrorist loophole i think that would be smart policy and i was disappointed the senate didn't act yesterday. >> did the senator go too far when he said republicans have
3:23 pm
decided to sell guns to isis. >> i think he was the person who got up and said he's not going do go through this again without bringing the senate to a halt with i think the filibuster which i was proud to participate in, you'll have to ask him that but i understand the notion that you can't continue to say that you want to fight terrorists and not be willing to then do what law enforcement has said which is say let's make sure if you're on one of these terrorist watch lists you don't purchase a firearm. >> do you agree with his sentiment? >> i agree the senate ought to act on this. i'm anxious to see this bipartisan effort. if we can get something moving forward that would be a step in the right direction. >> thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. can donald trump close the enormous fundraising gap with hillary clinton and does he need to in order to win the white house? can hillary clinton convince
3:24 pm
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oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. tonight our new poll shows hillary clinton leading donald trump nationwide but neither presumptive nominee appears to be stirring up a lot of excitement. joining me is the national political reporter for real
3:29 pm
clear politics and our political commentator and david challengeon and ryan liz, the washington correspondent for the magazi magazine. break these poll numbers down for us. how bad are the numbers for donald trump right now? >> there is some good news for donald trump in the sense that if you look underneath, he's losing the national race by five points to hillary clinton. there's no doubt about that. he'd rather be on top. you know how he likes to be leading in the polls. he talked about it all nomination season long, but there are a couple of silver linings for him. he bests hillary clinton by eight points when if comes to who do you trust will handle the economy better. you see 51% to 45%. among who be better at handling terrorism he bests hillary clinton by three points. there are clear warning signs. hillary clinton has a 12 point advantage over him about
3:30 pm
commander in chief, who is best equipped to be commander in chief, and a 13 point advantage over who has the judgment to handle a crisis. those are some core presidential values, presidential characteristics if you will and she has a big advantage there in di addition to her five points lead. >> there's a new poll that shows donald trump in florida she gets 47% and he gets 39 in florida but in ohio he's tied with her and tied in pennsylvania. they each have about 40%. she has 42% and he has 41%. can trump win this race without carrying florida if he were to take ohio and pennsylvania. >> his path would be very difficult. if you just used -- let's go back to the romney/obama map of 2012. obama won 332 to 206. if trump wins pennsylvania and
3:31 pm
ohio, but loses florida, and hillary clinton gets all the other obama states just the way they were in 2012, trump would lose by 50 electoral votes. so to win under that scenario he would have to sweep all three states and then he would win by eight electoral votes. that assumes that hillary clinton doesn't break through in arizona or utah where the polls have been close or north carolina which obama in 2008 but lost in 2016. so for that scenario donald trump has to win pennsylvania, ohio, and florida. >> she's trouncing him in the fundraising department in the most recent filing with the federal election. he's got $1.3 million in the bank and she has about $40 million in the bank right now as of the end of may. why is he having trouble raising money. >> he has about as much money as
3:32 pm
a congressional campaign and one republican i spoke with called it a shockingly awful haul he's had so far. he's spent the entire primary bashing republican donors who were donating money to his rivals so these donors are weighing whether they want to donate money to donald trump are thinking why do i want to donate money to this guy. he hasn't pivoted to a more presidential tone. he still sounds like he's in the republican primary and every few days says something controversial that panics republicans all over again and third he isn't donating money to his own campaign. he's loaned himself some money during the primary process but he says he has billions of dollars and he's worth $10 billion. donors want to see him investing his own moan in this campaign. some republicans put that number
3:33 pm
at $100 million to $200 million and they haven't seen that. >> michael bloomberg put about $100 milli $100 million of his own money into the campaign. can he turn this around. >> can he turn his campaign around and then turn the fundraising around. people don't want to throw money away. i don't care how rich you are. if you are going to throw a million bucks away you should do it on a boat or good trip bp i think there are a lot of good people that did line up with donald trump people like woodie johnson who he did bash ding the primary but they have to be having a tough time because donald trump keeps putting his foot in his mouth and keeps saying stupid things. we were at the romney retreat. there were a lot of donors who told they they wanted to put their money in congressional races and senate races, protect those candidates, maybe in the
3:34 pm
party structure, but not give it to donald trump himself. >> david, money talks in politics as all of us have known over the years but donald trump won the republican primary contest probably spent less than any of the 16 other republican candidates. he showed maybe money doesn't talk as loudly as it used to talk when you have the name recognition, identity, the brand he has. >> that's true. it's one more sort of rules of politics that he upended this cycle. he certainly spent less to win the republican nomination than the past several republican nominees did and we shouldn't ignore that. you're right. however, this is still such a huge gap and he has said he's going to rely on the rnc for all the infrastructure, for all that staffing on the ground and clearly if there's going to be television advertising having
3:35 pm
1.3 million in the bank is not going to be enough to do that. the rnc said today he can change this and even it up with hillary clinton with just the signature -- his signature on a check and that's true, but we haven't seen it yet. so until he actually does put a big chunk of money in and $55 million if that's what he spent on the primary season that's not going to cut it for the general so we have to see if he's willing to put in his own money the way he says he has the ability do so. >> he was on morning shows today and he was really irritated with republicans, he said at one point he's being treated better by some democrats than by republicans out there. he's pretty frustrated about the lack of support he's getting from some of those republican fat katsz. >> i think a lot of republicans are frustrated that donald trump is their nominee and the donors frankly, what are the donors like? everyone knows what donors are like. they want to be made part of the
3:36 pm
campaign, they want phone calls from the candidates, they want access and frankly one of the hallmarks of trump's primary campaign was that he wasn't going do that. remember, he said he was going to self fund. the fact that he's talking about sucking up to donors and doing fundraisers is a switch from his promise in the primaries that he can't be bought and that the whole -- one of the main premises of his campaign was he can't be bought, he's a wealthy person and he'll self fund. so this conversation is cutting against one of his strengths in the primary. it's going to be an odd situation to see donald trump going to high-dollar fundraisers and sucking up to the sheldons of the world. look, trump's not -- i don't think trump wants to do that. for all those years he was on the other end of that, he had politicians coming to him with their hands out and he doesn't like being on the other side of that. >> he has a big fundraiser in
3:37 pm
new york. everyone stand, tomorrow in "the situation room" an exclusive interview with paul ryan, 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. much more political news coming up after this. nice to meet you! today we're going to talk about the all-new 2016 chevy cruze, but here's the catch. you're only going to answer me in emojis. so, this cruze has built-in 4g lte wifi® with 24 gigs of data. wow. (message sent sfx) strong! it also comes with 24 months of siriusxm satellite radio. (message sent sfx) like, word, chevy. that's the way to go. pick the one emoji that sums up the car. a crystal ball... i can see the future. that was deep. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast.
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3:42 pm
information. i want to play a little clip. he spoke to abc news about self funding his campaign. listen to this. >> i'll be honest, i've never raised money before for this because i've never done it before. i think i'd be very good at it. as far as i'm concerned i'd be happy to continue to self fund. >> are you going to continue to self fund. >> i may. >> how much. >> i don't know. i can do whatever i want. she's going to spend 1 $1.2 billion on an election. remember this, i spent $50 million and i won. >> what do you think about those words? >> i think he's holding out the option that he can write a very big check, i think he's -- he's trying to give republicans some comfort with all these headlines about his fundraising deficit against her that he will open up his wallet if need be. when he says i don't know what
3:43 pm
you spent that money on, but we know one thing that hillary clinton and her allies are spending that money on and that's a lot of television advertising in these key battle ground states where donald trump is spending no money right now so she has the air waves to if he is going to get in there in these living rooms where voters are watching tv, clinton and her allies are defying donald trump and he's letting it go on the air waves in terms of pushing back on her. >> today he sent out his first fundraising e-mail if you will. >> he said that he'd be the best fundraiser ever. it's almost july. the general election is in full swing and he hasn't raised any money. i think there's a real question as to whether he is liquid enough, in other words if he has enough cash on hand, to sell fund. he didn't actually self fund in
3:44 pm
the primaries. i know we used that word to describe what he did. he loaned his campaign money and he can pay himself back. that's not self funding. he raised 6 or $7 million from the sell of merchandise. he promised to give those veterans $1 million earlier in the year and he didn't write the check until the media made it into a national story. so far in this campaign i think there's a real question about how much cash on hand donald trump has. he won't let us see his tax returns. to me those raise questions about whether he's actually in financial -- well enough shape to self fund. >> what do you think ana? >> he has assets and he has access to credit. i think he can put in some money, enough money to show some donors that he's got confidence in his own abilities and that he's willing to invest in himself. you've got to believe in yourself and invest in yourself
3:45 pm
but particularly if you've got that much money as he claims and is such a part of his persona and of what he's trying to sell himself as to the american people, if you've got that much money, if you claim that much money, put some up because people don't like cheap candidates. >> i assume you agree. >> yes, that's what i've been hearing from republicans i have been speaking with today that have their finger on the pulse of the donor community. donors want to see a sign that donald trump is committed to this campaign. even mitt romney didn't self fund his campaign but he loaned his campaign money he made a personal investment in his campaign. >> the other thing that donors want to see is they want to invest in a winner. if the poll numbers keep being low for donald trump, if folks start losing hope that he can win ultimately in november, the numbers will dry up. >> a poll shows five points nationally, the margin of aerro
3:46 pm
is three points. it's early. >> he's not stepped up his game. a month has gone by. five, six weeks have gone by and i think a lot of people were hoping that he would become a presidential candidate, grow into the position. they are not seeing that. so it's hard to convince folks to put money into a campaign that is not stepping up. >> there were actually some donors who were ready to donate to donald trump's campaign when he locked up the nomination, wanted to see what he did in these past few weeks and have been put off by how he has performed and the tone he's taken so it hasn't been a productive period for him. >> look at bernie sanders on the democratic side. he built this small dollar machine that was funding his campaign to the tune of tens of millions of dollars a month. donald trump won 45% of votes in the primaries, why did his
3:47 pm
campaign not build a similar grassroots small dollar donation machine. i don't know the answer to that. >> i want to get david's thoughts because he studies these polls very very closely. there are a lot of vulnerable points in our latest poll as far as hillary clinton is concerned as well. >> well, there's no doubt about that. she is still battling a trust deficit on honest and trust worthiness and we discussed on the issue of the economy she's going to have to work because i think if you take her deficit on the economy and you look at those polls in ohio and pennsylvania, it is that white working class that of course hillary clinton would not be expected to win by any stretch of the imagination but in trying to keep the margin narrow enough to keep donald trump out of the game so the economy feeds into those voters in a really palpable way. there are some signs here of work that hillary clinton needs to do, never mind her favorable
3:48 pm
ratings are still not that great. we know both candidates are largely not liked. >> all right. everybody stand by. more news coming into "the situation room" including an angry killer, a bag of guns and a visit to the crime scene. stand by, all the developments in the orlando terror attack investigation after this. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico®. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them.
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we're following breaking news in the orlando terror investigation about the killer's final preparations for the attack and his state of mind. let's go to our justice correspondent pamela brown. what are you learning? >> law enforcement officials are telling us that the wife of this gunman watched as he left his
3:53 pm
home the night of the shooting angry and armed with a bag full of guns and sources say his wife told investigators she was very concerned and begged him not to go, but she didn't call police. sources tell cnn the wife of omar mateen watched her husband storm out of the house angry carrying a bag full of the weapons he ultimately used to kill 49 people and injure 53 others. noor salman said her husband was angry when he left the house and sources say salman told investigatiors she pleaded with him not to leave and grabbed him by the arm and maintains she didn't know his specific plans. salman told investigators she tried to reach him by phone and texts but they say she did not call police. today the attorney general refused to discuss what mateen's wife is saying. >> we won't speak about anyone else's role in this now while we're investigating the matter.
3:54 pm
>> reporter: cnn is learning more about what mateen did after he left his home. he went to pulse nightclub in the hours before the shooting possibly to case club security. sources say he posted as a regular customer paying the cover charge and getting a wrist band that allowed him to come and go. law enforcement officials say he left and two hours later returned and began shooting. investigators want to know what the gunman did in between the time he left the club and returned. tonight, sources say one piece of the puzzle doesn't seem to match mateen's motive. the day before the attack he apparently bought three plane tickets for a july trip to california for himself, his wife and his child. investigators are interviewing his associates to see what they may have known in advance and whether mateen had other plans in the works. and changing stance on the details after taking heat for refacting parts of the 911
3:55 pm
transcript released to the public. attorney general loretta lynch is considering releasing audio. >> we're looking to be as transparent as possible and provide as much information as possible. over the course of time, we certainly are open to that. >> we have learned the wife of the gunman hired a lawyer after initially answering questions from the fbi but we haven't been able to locate her attorney. wolf, any possible charges are still some time away we're told. >> pamela, thanks very much. joining us now chris cuomo who was in orlando covering the attack. there is controversy about the timeline of police moving into the nightclub three hours past before they intervened, got the issue resolved. you were in orlando and have been doing a lot of reporting on this. what have you learned? >> look, wolf, i think what we're seeing right now are the original questions that were raised in orlando coming to fruition. not so much about the 911
3:56 pm
transcripts and redafacti redac didn't they go in right away? how did the shooter enter the nightclub in orlando and what were the phases of dealing with this active shooting situation? those were real questions from the beginning because of what seemed to be gaps in the timeline and that is what the review something right now because obviously the concern in these situations is twofold. one, how to you mitigate the loss of life and take shooters out right away? second, is how do you do that while not exposing your officers, your first responders to unequal firepower, which was the concern, and the reality in orlando. >> chris, as you know, the orlando shooter, he threatened that he had the same type of suicide vest as the french attackers had, the paris attack. you got a new documentary airing tonight about those attacks in november in paris. what did you learn about the
3:57 pm
differences in how police respond? >> you know, that's a fundamental question driving this. we started this when we were in paris, wolf and added on what we learned from what happened in belgium and now we have orlando. the key difference is that obviously you were dealing with a cell in paris. there were multiple attackers and attacks. it happened in waves. it was timed. it was orchestrated. it was field led by unzsomebody the ground. however, there was a dynamic about the theater, the bataclan, what works and what does not work and the united states was seen as an opportunity for improvement. why? because the police in france at the time were trained to wait for special operatives, for swat types to go in to the bataclan. they are also dealing with superior firepower there. the men that went in paris only
3:58 pm
had revolvers. we thought at that time that god forbid something like this happen in the united states, we would be better off because all of the officers have swat-type training and are trained to go in and take on, however, that wasn't the reality in orlando. what we do with this documentary is take you through what happened there and lessons learned. here is a look. >> 20 minutes after they first arrived at the bataclan concert hall, there are two local police who got a call that something was going on, there was violence inside, they needed to go there as quickly as possible. >> armed only with handguns, the two police officers enter the venue. >> when these two police officers come in, they engage in a fire fight with one of the hostage takers. they managed to kill him as he falls to the ground, rolls on the floor, he blows himself up with his suicide vest.
3:59 pm
>> i remember the terrorists blowing himself, the ringing in your ears. >> you heard the guy explode his belt? >> yeah, yeah. >> the officers are forced to retreat and wait for help. the attackers move to a more secure position, deep inside the building. >> at that point, the attackers, the two surviving hostage takers take a dozen or so hostages into a corridor, an l shaped corridor as described by eyewitnesss where they barricaded themselves. >> and what we'll do there, that's paul crook shank, we'll see the lessons learned. >> i'm looking to the cnn special report later tonight. chris, thanks so much for doing it. it's called "terror in paris" and area tonight 9: oc00 p.m.
4:00 pm
eastern. he's also hosting a cnn town hall with a libertarian presidential nominee tomorrow night. i know the viewers will want to tune in wednesday night 9:00 p.m. eastern. thanks, chris. >> appreciate it, wolf. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. >> "outfront", breaking news, hillary clinton crushing trump in the race for trump. trump asking for for money. >> the delegate revolt, another republican backing the idea could there be a convention coup. and details on the orlando shooter inside the nightclub hours before the massacre. let's go "outfront." good evening. tom erin burnett "outfront"


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