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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  July 2, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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we heard three really large gun shots. there were like reports all over people saying there was like, an attack on the restaurant. >> this neighborhood is one of the most, if not the most secure neighborhood in dhaka. >> there was a huge bomb blast which we heard. >> it's a very posh neighborhood. it's always been very secure. everyone is just stunned that something like this could happen here. >> good morning, everybody, i'm
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christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. this is "cnn newsroom." we now know that a student from emery university from miami, florida, is among 20 civilians who were killed in that terror attack in bangladesh. >> emery university released a statement a short time ago. saying that she was in bangladesh visiting family and that their prayers go out to her family and her friends for strength and peace at this unspeakable sad time. also saying that they are offering counseling services for the community there at emery who is feeling her loss right now. but the drama that was unfolding after gunmen seized a cafe that's very popular with westerners in the diplomat zone of dhaka ended hours ago. this was an almost 12 hours long siege. they took hostages and threw grenades at piece. commandos stormed the restaurant to end the siege.
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an army official says they were able to rescue 13 hostages and kill six of the attackers. isis has claimed responsibility for this attack. if that is true, it would make it the second deadly act of terror this week attributed to the tear group. >> in turkey investigators are getting new information about the terrorists behind the attack at the istanbul airport. u.s. officials tell cnn that an isis lieutenant from chechnya is likely behind that plot. let's get the latest from bangladesh first though. what have you learned? >> reporter: we now know that of the 20 victims, nine were italian, one was an indian student from berkeley university, all 20 bodies have been taken to a military hospital for autopsy. according to the military there, most of them were found with slit throats. also some new information it
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happened around 7:30 in the morning and it was sanctioned by the prime minister around the time. that's when the commanders stormed into the restaurant and within 13 minutes they had killed six of those terrorists and were able to capture one. now, this military intervention, of course, happened about 11 hours after the gunmen stormed into the restaurant. we've heard from eyewitnesses, witnesses, a cafe worker who said they came in with guns, they were shooting in the air. they weren't shooting at any people at the time. they weren't hitting anyone. really trying to instill fear. here's what the cafe owner or cafe worker had to say. >> translator: when we got out we were on the roof. when they threw the bombs, the whole building was shaking. more than 10 or 12 bombs. they kept throwing and throwing. it felt like they were progressing forward. so when we thought they were progressing forward, we thought
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it wasn't safe anymore and jumped from the roof. >> reporter: it gives you a sense of how armed they were and how vicious they were according to the military. they had i.e.d.'s sharp weapons and they had walkie-talkie as well. the prime minister of bangladesh has just spoken to the public in bangladesh announcing two days of mourning. >> let's talk more about the claim of responsibility here from isis. which came very early on. and there are still u.s. officials who question the validity of that claim. first, is isis in the business? is it their m.o. to claim responsibility for attacks that they have no affiliation with? and why are we seeing this question from u.s. officials?
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>> reporter: well, in the context of bangladesh, isis has often claimed responsibility for quite a number of attacks. these were attacks against individuals in the past two years individuals like bloggers, athei atheists, hindu priests, writers. for instance one italian expat as well. it's not uncommon for isis to claim responsibility in bangladesh. but every time they've done so, the bangladeshi government has come out and said that isis is not present in bangladesh. that's exactly why the u.s. officials that also voiced some concern are saying that isis doesn't have a presence in the indian subcontinent and bangladesh. in effect the al qaeda, the subcontinent version of al qaeda has a much larger presence in the region. in fact, there's a group, a local militant group, which is linked to al qaeda. they've claimed responsibility for a number of attacks.
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there's a lot of confusion right now as to who exactly is responsible. but hopefully through that one captured terrorist there will be more clarity. >> all right. thank you so much. again, this is a siege that lasted a little more than 12 hours. what happened in that siege and in that 12 hours is disturbing and it's frightening and our andrew stevens has more on exactly what we know happened. >> reporter: an unidentified man carried from the scene. teams of police and bomb disposal experts. and ambulances lined up waiting for the worst. >> two shots were warning shots which were fired in the air. that's the initial two shots i heard. >> reporter: the sounds of terror rocking the streets of dhaka. gunmen targeting a cafe frequented by foreigners in an
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upscale diplomatic corner. >> my cousin has four friends who are inside being held hostage right now. it's very tense. we're very worried. you have to remember it's also ramadan right now. so this is the time when people go out to eat, especially on a friday night. so the restaurant would have been more crowded than usual i would think. >> reporter: the siege went on through the night. hour after hour, with no word of what was happening inside the holy artisan backry and then this. >> woke me up and within five minutes i started hearing gunfire. >> reporter: a gun battle followed by an eerie silence. the silence broken by explosions as security forces swept the restaurant. the military says troops rescued more than a dozen hostages, shooting dead six gunmen and capturing at least one alive. but then, the shocking news that the military had also found 20
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bodies in the restaurant, all hacked, all stabbed to death. isis claims responsibility, even before the siege had ended. but u.s. officials say there could be other players involved. >> what's happening in bangladesh is disturbing because effectively it's become a battle ground for the isis affiliated group and the al qaeda affiliated group. >> reporter: terror has struck dhaka in the past. bloggers and minority religious leaders have been hacked to death by islamic extremists. the government launched a nationwide crackdown. authorities haven't faced anything like the scale of this terror on bangladeshi soil before. >> i think we are seeing a rise in radicalism in this country. it's so close to home. no one really expects to see something like that take place. >> reporter: andrew stevens, cnn. >> new developments in the search for answers into what brought down the egyptair flight back in may.
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the committee investigated the crash says the cockpit voice recorder is in good enough condition for them to try and pull some of the data from it. it was put back together in france and is on its way back to egypt for analysis. information from the flight data recorders released earlier this week indicated possible smoke in the front of the plane. egyptair flight 804 plunged into the mediterranean on may 29th. killing all 66 people on board. these pictures are something to see. dangerous amounts of algae plaguing florida beaches and prompting a state of emergency. do you see all that green? it's not just what it looks like. people say the stench is so bad they can't go inside and marine life suffocating underneath that thick blanket of sludge. florida is known for pristine waters to see this blue green algae covering the canals and rivers, it is simply heartbreaking.
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people are angry. they want answers. not to mention it's a holiday weekend where people are known to get out on the water quite a bit in this state. we'll have a full report coming up. plus, speculation ramping up over who donald trump will pick to be his running mate. there is one name not on the short list that some would have expected. >> they call themselves the never hashtag whatever. okay. whoa. whoa. i just call them republicans against trump or r.a.t. for short.
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attorney general loretalynch says that she regrets meeting with former president bill clinton while speaking at the aspen ideas festival. this is what she said. she's vowing to take the advice of the fbi and the career prosecutors over whether charges should be filed because of hn hillary clinton's use of a private server. chris frates is following the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, you're exactly right. attorney general loretalynch saying she's accept the recommendations of the fbi. they're weighing whether to bring charges against hillary clinton for her use of that private e-mail server, something that has dogged her for over a year now. it's important to remember. lynch made that announcement
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yesterday. as she came under fire this week for meeting with bill clinton in phoenix when both their planes sat on a tarmac there at the airport. republicans immediately jumped on that meeting. they argued here's proof that lynch had a conflict of interest and she couldn't possibly be in partial in her department's investigation into all the clinton e-mail stuff. so lynch says that bill clinton's visit, it was simply a social call. where they talked about grand children. >> i viewed it in a certain light. the issue is how does it impact the work i do or the department of justice does. i wouldn't do it again. and you know, because i think it has cast a shadow over what it should not. over what it will not touch. >> now, the attorney general says she made the decision this spring to defer to her staff on these recommendations on how to handle the investigation. but she wants to avoid a conflict of interest because, obviously, she's an employee of a democratic president who is out there campaigning for
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hillary clinton. victor? >> chris frates, thanks so much. you know one of the big campaign questions remaining is who will be vice president on the democrat side hillary clinton is whittling her list of potential vice presidents. political favorites include elizabeth warren. she's been an attack dog for clinton against donald trump. and she's popular among bernie sanders supporters as well. julian castro rumored to be near the top. he's the secretary of housing and urban development. there's also speculation about tim cain. the senator from virginia since 2013. one of her earliest supporters. has affluent spanish speaker which will help with latino out reach they say. >> donald trump is pushing against reports that members of his party are hesitant to take the rnc stage weeks from now. tweeting this morning, quote, let's put it up. the speaker spots are totally filled with a long waiting list
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of those that want to speak. one of those spots is likely reserved for his vice presidential pick, and leading that list right now according to reports dark horse contender indiana governor mike pence. a meeting between the two has some political watchers wondering if a trump pence ticket could be in the works. jim acosta is following that story. >> reporter: donald trump doesn't have a running mate yet but he has a short list. a senior advisory tells cnn, new jersey governor chris christie, newt gri ging rich mary fallon are under consideration. conversation is swirling around pence and is described as a dark horse. mr. trump is meeting with a number of republicans in the run up to the gop convention. adding he has a good relationship with governor pence.
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it's a surprising development as pence endorsed ted cruz before the indiana primary and seemed to tamp down expectations this week. >> i haven't talked to him about that topic. my focus is in the hoosier state. >> despite trump's previous statements he would announce it at the convention, aides say it may come sooner. trump didn't say much about his vice presidential search. he gave a shoutout to sessions. >> i love my children. i love my children. my children are going to be speaking at the convention. my wife is going to be speaking at the convention. we're going to have a great time. >> campaign officials hope the veep stakes will send the message that many republicans are rallying behind the presumptive nominee. despite the never trump movement. >> that game they call themselves, the never hashtag, whatever. okay. well, i just call them
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republicans against trump. or r.a.t. for short. >> reporter: as trump's warm up speaker sarah palin ripped into his critics. >> it's funny for me to see them exploding their heads. trump wins, america will win because voters are so sick and tired of being betrayed. >> reporter: and trump trying to remind the party of what they're up against pointing to bill clinton's meeting with loretta lynch as hillary clinton is under an fbi investigation over her private e-mail server. >> i said you're kidding i don't believe it. i thought somebody was joking. but it's not a joke. it's not a joke. it's very serious thing. and to have a thing like that happen is so sad. that could be a mexican plane up there they're getting ready to attack. >> reporter: they're nervous that sometimes his rhetoric is
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taking the party in a wrong direction. >> why aren't we putting our retiree, military retirees on that voters. get rid of the hijobs they wear. >> sessions and gingrich may only by on the list as a courtesy. they may be too tall to be tapped as a running mate. jim acosta, cnn, washington. a major city in the west bank sealed off after two deadly attacks in three days. authorities are sending in more troops. we're live from jerusalem. >> we've seen closures like this one behind me. barricad barricades, we've seen end blocks and piles of dirt. all in an attempt, the severe measures to fight the uptick of violence at the end of ramadan.
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federal authorities are looking into a fatal crash involving a tesla in autopilot. regulators are trying to find out what went wrong. >> we're showing you some video from last year. the man you're going to see in this video here is joshua brown. he's the very man that was killed in this recent accident.
7:23 am
what you're seeing here in this video is him lats yest year giv demo of how autopilot works. we have the details on his crash and the questions that are now being raised. >> reporter: victor, christi a cloud over autoonymous driving. we've heard warnings about the technology and how it's used for years. this makes it real. here's what happened. a tractor trailer was making a left turn in front of the tesla, and the autopilot system didn't recognize the trailer because of its height and the white color against the bright sky. now the system never triggered the brake. and neither did the driver. the car slid under the trailer, killing the driver. tesla is taking this very seriously. expressing sadness. 40-year-old joshua brown died in the accident. he was a tesla enthusiast. here's him showing how autopilot works. >> if you don't take control the car brakes.
7:24 am
it starts to abruptly slow down. >> reporter: tesla wants to put this into context saying it's the first fatality in 130 million miles of using autopilot. it's also making the point that drivers should keep their hands on the wheel at all times. but the software does not require hands on constantly. now, tesla says that it tells customers the technology is still in beta which means it's in development. but experts are already taking issue with the company. they're saying if the system has any kind of blind spot drivers should not be allowed today use it, especially at high speeds. it's one of the reasons the government is now investigating the accident. and the main issue for many critics at the end of the day is that these features lull people into a false sense of security. ist it's easy to check your text messages quickly or get something from the back seat. to put it into context for the industry the quest for self driving cars has been a race for
7:25 am
companies. they believe firmly it will improve safety and reduce the number of deaths on the road. and also by the way, they really want to get people excited about buying new cars. in fact, the government is planning to release rules for testing oug testing autonomous vehicles this summer. christi, victor? >> christina, thank you so much. this is an important and pretty big problem anytime it happens. especially on the fourth of july weekend. people are headed to the beach, headed out on boats and a green slime is blooming along parts of the florida coast.
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we heard three really large gunshots. there were like, reports all over from people saying there was like, an attack on the restaurant. >> this neighborhood is one of
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the most if not the most secure neighborhood in dhaka. >> there was a huge bomb blast which we heard. >> it's a very posh neighborhood. it's always been very secure. everyone is just stunned that something like this could happen here. you've been watching this attack for hours in bangladesh. and this morning, we have breaking news that emery university is saying one of its students, the emery university here in atlanta, one of its students was among the 20 killed in the terror attack in bangladesh. the school says he was an undergrad student at the oxford college campus in georgia. she is from miami, florida, was visiting friends and family in dhaka. emery tweeted this our thoughts and prayers go to her family for peace at this sad time. they said in the wake of the
7:30 am
loss the university is offering support to members of our community through counseling services. >> let me jump in here, because there is a breaking sad addendum to this. a second emery student has also been killed. emery tweeting out just minutes ago. second student has been identified among those murders in the bangladesh terror attacks. two students at atlanta's emery university. one was from miami. we'll find out more details about the second student. two students from emery university, two of the 20 killed in the attack in bakery in dhaka. we'll get you more as soon as we get it on the details of the hostage standoff that happened 12-13 hours overnight. check out the latest on our website north carolina legislators have reserved a small part of
7:31 am
the legislation requiring cha transgender people to use the bathroom according to the sex on their birth certificate. supporters and opponents of the bill have rallied to the capitol. the latest change, lawmakers didn't touch the law dealing withri rest rooms. they reinstated the ability to sue for wrongful termination. >> his excellency the governor of north carolina. >> reporter: on the steps of the state capitol the governor of north carolina walks with purpose. some might call it balancing act. >> undo hb 2! >> reporter: the governor has been caught in the middle of the state's republican party and critical business leaders over a controversial law focused on transgender people. the new state law requires trans people to use the public
7:32 am
restroom corresponding to the gender on their birth certificate. in the 100 days since the law passes it's been so controversial, the nba has threatened to move next year's all-star game from the state. a handful of entertainers, including bruce springsteen have canceled north carolina tour dates. the economic pressure has been so fierce, republican legislators are in the works to modify. >> the issue of sex reassignment. which so ever is more recent. >> reporter: that's a leading transactivist in the state. reading the modified version of the law for the first time. >> the problem with this is you have to undergo sexual reassignment surgery. we cannot require you to do something. that's not something that people have to do. >> reporter: we wanted to better understand the proposed modifications, so we asked the
7:33 am
house bill's co-author paul stan. but he didn't have much to say. where do things stand with house bill two? north carolina's governor also declined to speak to us. but behind the scenes, state democrat chris gros said the governor is meeting with adversaries to get enough votes to get the bill to pass. >> it's tenuous around the non-fix we've heard that does something to change house bill 2. >> reporter: for those like candice cox uaffected for the law, there is no compromise it's repeal or nothing at all. >> to ask whether or not we could compromise or is there something outside of repeal i would say you cannot ask me what level of discrimination is okay. >> reporter: by some estimates house bill two could cost the state up to $5 billion a year in lost revenue. republican lawmakers have said
7:34 am
economic threats aren't enough to change the law. now however that seems to have changed. nick valencia cnn, raleigh, north carolina. >> this fight over hb 2 continues, north carolina voters are being introduced to an ad opposing the bill. >> all of us take pride in our wo work. >> i remember when i learned zeke was transgender and transitioned from female to male. i was uncomfortable at first. >> i get that. >> i've heard a lot of people are concerned about restrooms. >> when you stop and think about it everyone needs to use the bathroom. a law that forces zeke to use the women's restaurant is inappropriate. >> hb 2 goes so far when i use the men's room i could be thrown in jail. >> it took away protections for gay and transgender people. >> hb 2 is already hurting our
7:35 am
economy. businesses are leaving and they're taking jobs with them. >> conventions have already canceled and it's costing us millions. >> hb 2 goes against who north carolinaens are and the kind of state we want to live in. >> zeke joins us live from ashville. i want to come back to the ad in just a moment. let's deal with what's on the governor's desk right now. this new bill has restored the right to sue for wrongful termination in state court. but your thoughts on this not dealing at all with the restroom and identity portion of hb 2. >> sure. well i think it's very important to note that it's not restored fully the rights that were there previous. the reporting time is drastically limited from what it used to be as far as, you know, early and wrongful job termination. there is still an unfair burden that's placed on every citizen
7:36 am
in north carolina in regards to reporting discrimination. so that's first of all. second of all, i think, you know, the restrooms is actually one of the smallest features in the dangerous legislation. we still as cities and municipalities do not have the right to set our own local non-discrimination ordinances and also there is definitely issues with living wage and being able to assess what we think is fair wage in different localities around the state. as far as the impact that is being placed on transgender individuals, it's huge. you know, we've had a surge in our -- surge in calls to suicide hotlines for people who are just feeling so victimized and criminalized by this law. a lot of us feel like we have targets on our back and that's our basic daily bodily functions are being policed by everyone around us. this legislation has basically
7:37 am
mandated everybody to imspenspes going to the rest room. >> there's a shot over your shoulder as you're standing between the men's room and the women's room. take me into that moment here. all right. we apparently had a problem with our skype there. i'd love to continue to have that conversation. if we can get zeke back up. do we have our next -- okay. let's continue this conversation now. we're going to start with hb 2 but broaden the conversation with misty snow, a candidate for the u.s. senate. i should say nominee. she's the first openly transgender woman to win a nomination at that level. misty, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's pick up right where we left off where technology got in our way with zeke. your thoughts on the hb 2 bill out of north carolina. all the pressure that was placed by businesses.
7:38 am
by the nba, by individuals who protested and these are the changes that were made. your thoughts on the potential for what is now law in north carolina to be overturned at some point. >> i think it needs to be overturned. you know, like zeke was saying it's law that's fairly dangerous and puts a target on the back of trans people. trans people they have to use restrooms like anybody else. you know, making them use a restroom that's incompatible to their gender appearance creates more problems than it solves. the law doesn't solve any problems, it's creating a lot of problems. i think businesses are right to put pressure on the lawmakers because it's a bad law and it needs to be repealed. >> all right. so that's a state issue. you're running for federal office. let's talk about federal issues. pentagon announced it would drop one of the last major barriers by allowing transgender men and
7:39 am
women to serve openly in the military. that prompted backlash from former marine and family research council president tony perkins. he said this is another example of president obama using america's military to fight culture wars instead of fighting real wars against the enemies of our nation. what's your response to that? >> i think you know it's a right move by the military. there's no reason why a trans person couldn't serve in the military. i think it's long overdo. you know, the comments from more conservative people. if we need soldiers, why deny qualified people for any reason if they're willing to serve. >> let me ask you about your campaign. you are obviously an historic nominee. how do you turn an historic nomination into a historic win. your state hasn't elected a democratic senator in 40 years.
7:40 am
how do you get there? >> well, you know, we're trying to get our message out. you know, my opponent has a 38% approval rating in the latest poll. that same poll shows i'm actually polling better than previous democratic nominees for u.s. senate. those numbers are encouraging. i'm hoping we can make up that gap over the next four months. you know, and i think one thing we could do is by trying to just raise money. by historic nature of this has been good for fund raising, it's giving me a lot of attention. i think i need to keep getting my message out there and make the case with the presidential nominating contest winding down. those people who supported bernie sanders, it's time to start supporting progressive candidates around the nation. and you know, even like just 50,000 donate $20 each to me i would have, you know, a comparable amount of money to what mike lee has. >> misty snow democratic nominee for senate in the state of utah.
7:41 am
misty, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> all right. let's go back to zeke. do we have zeke back? >> hey. >> all right. we fixed the skype situation here. let me come back to you with the fight that's going on as i mentioned to misty snow a moment ago, the pressure that came from major businesses that are headquartered in charlotte and other parts of the state. the sports teams from individuals, separate campaigns, do you believe there is potential to overturn that portion of the law that requires using the restrooms that are assigned to the sex at birth certificate and not sexual identity? >> i think the support that we see is overwhelming and incredible and it's rightly placed. i think the monetary burden that's being placed on the state for full repeal is what's really going to be the thing that turns the tide here. and i think that is what it's going to take for repeal in order to get that economic support back to our state.
7:42 am
>> okay. what's been the response you've received after this ad has been across the state? >> i was pleasantly surprised to get overwhelming support. i haven't had any negative feedback whatsoever. and it definitely took some personal soul searching to figure out whether or not i wanted to be out there as publicly as i have decided to be. i've had, you know, friends, colleagues, people who i haven't heard from in years or decades. people from around the globe that i know contacting me and thanking me for putting that ad up there. it's been very successful and incredibly gratifying. >> zeke, thank you so much for working through the technical issues with us. and spending a few minutes to talk with us about this important issue. >> thanks for focusing on basic every day rights that every citizen needs, i appreciate it. >> christi? another big issue that's bubbling up along the florida coast, take a look at this. it's prompting a state of
7:43 am
emergency. toxic green algae is blooming in the water here. jennifer gray is actually there. jennifer, i know you're just right on top of it. what is it like? give us a sense of that. >> reporter: christi, it's unbelievable. i saw somebody on social media describe it as sticking your head in a trash can of meat with rotting with cat litter times ten. it smells horrible, looks horrible. people are angry and wanting answers. we'll have a full report coming up after the break. travel season for nothing. it ♪ this summer at choice hotels the more you go the better. now get a free $50 gift card for staying just two times. so go. book now at
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and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. emory university has just confirmed two of its students were killed in the terror attack in bangladesh. a student from miami was a sophomore at the oxford college. the other was a rising junior at
7:47 am
the university's business school. emory mourns the loss of two members of our university family. our thoughts and prayers go out on behalf of them to their family and friends for this unspeakably sad time. we'll have more on this as we get it. >> it's a developing situation as is this one. do you see that behind me? those are toxic amounts of algae floating along the top of the water on florida's east coast. it's being compared tod guacam e guacamole. the stench, you just heard jennifer talk about it, is so bad that people say they can't go outside. think about what's underneath here. the marine life experts say they're suffocating in the thick blanket of sludge. here's a manatee struggling to swim in that algae ridden canal there. senator marco rubio says the disaster will have an economic
7:48 am
impact as well as environmental. >> the impact this is going to have on tourism and property values, the impact it's having on small businesses, i met a captain on a small sail boat that hasn't been able to go out for two weeks. he's not going to make any money for two weeks, who can sustain that? this is beyond an ecological disaster, it's an economic disaster. >> several counties along the state's treasure coast are under states of emergency this morning. jennifer gray is there. she's surrounded by the mess. she's standing a couple feet above it. help us understand, as you just did, but even a little more. help us understand what it looks like, what you're smelling. do you feel like you need to step back as we heard people say they can't even go outside? >> reporter: it gets worse and worse because the sun marinates it. it gets more smelly and more disgusting. you can see just the flies even gathering on it.
7:49 am
it's incredibly thick. you can see just stirring it up, it smells like sewage, it smells like just rotten meat as somebody described it on social media. it's nearly unbearable. it's incredibly sad. people are furious. this is all a water management issue. it's become very political. you know, they're constantly trying to regulate the levels of lake okeechobee especially during the rainy season, hurricane season, they don't want it to get above a certain level. if it over flows you have a flooding problem around lake okeechobee. as they're releasing water, it has a lot of fertilizer from the agriculture industry, urban runoff. it has a lot of chemicals and pollutants, not to mention it's fresh water being filtrated in and out of these rivers, canals, that are salt-water estuaries, you're messing up the estuaries down here in south florida. and you're also like you said, you're suffocating the marine
7:50 am
life. it's depleting the oxygen out of the water. not the mention the disgusting sludge. it's fi it's filtering the sun light. people are furious. the economy is reliant on the fishing and tourism. nobody wants to come when there's algae like this. so people are demanding answers and hopefully they will get some very soon. they're quickly if i can mention there was an amendment a couple years ago that voters passed 75% that said to buy out some of the land south of lake okeechobee to use that to store some of this water that's polluting. and it passed but nothing's been done to buy the land. they're basically stuck here with pollutants in the water. the algae blooms and they're not getting any answers. >> thank you so much. we appreciate that description. big time pay days for some big time nba players. we'll have more on the free
7:51 am
agent frenzy. among those celebrating independence day this weekend, refugees who escaped a war torn home countries hoping to build a better lifer here. the transition, as you can imagine particularly for children who struggle to fit in. that's something that luma, this week's cnn hero understands and is trying to do something about. >> there are so many things stacked against them. for you to be successful you're competing all these people that are already ten steps ahead of you. how are you going to catch up and stand out and how are you going to contribute successfully? we're getting people from all over the world from all different faiths to come together to do something great. >> and now for the kids she helps, it all begins as you saw there on a soccer field to see where it goes from there watch the story at
7:52 am
nominate someone you think should be a 2016 cnn hero. we'd love to learn about them.
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there is a lot of money moving this weekend in the nba. >> it ain't moving here. >> no. >> rashawn ali has more. the amount of money is just unfathomable to most people. >> it really is. it's pretty fantastic. >> yes, it is. >> for certain people. and i'll tell you all about it. you talk about an economic stimulus, reportedly more than $1.5 billion were handed out to 27 players. the salary cap has gone up giving teams more money to spend. mike connelly agreed to a five years $153 million deal to stay with the memphis grizzlies. that's the largest contract in
7:56 am
history for now. the two biggest names, lebron history and kevin durant are still on the market. the thunder are the favorite to bring back durant for one more season. king james declined his player option for next season with the nba champion cavaliers. the finalalist mvp said he had no intention of leaving cleveland. looks like an injury might keep this man from competing in the olympics. he withdrew from the trials with a ham string injury. he could get a medicexemption. the dual in the pool between michael phelps and ryan lochte lived up to the hype. at the end, it was phelps, edging out his biggest rival in inches. lo loch lochte, second place owned him a
7:57 am
spot in rio. >> how many people are standing around going mike connelly, $153 million? really? >> everybody else. >> the grizzlies. >> everybody, who? what? when? huh-uh. >> all right. >> i love it. thank you. >> all right. i know, it's fine. before we go we want to let you know former nfl star heinz ward who is the newest member of the cnn sports family has completed his first assignment. jumping out of a plane. >> better him than me. >> yeah. >> and you. >> i did it once. >> you did it once? >> a long time ago. >> he's praying, he jumped with the golden knights army parachute team. tomorrow you'll find him with major league baseball where they're honoring military families hosting an mlb game on an active military base. hines will be live tomorrow to
7:58 am
tell us about that. we tip our hats and salute the military families as well. we know the sacrifices you make. thank you for watching today. >> the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts right after this quick break. ng terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. don't miss the lowest prices of the season sale, with the c2 queen mattress now only $699.99. plus 36 month financing. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store.
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