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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  July 15, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm anderson cooper. france, reeling from yet another terror attack. we want to warn you, some of the video is shocking and difficult to watch. a large fright truck became terrorist's latest weapon of choice. people run in all directions, many simply cannot get out of the way. 84 people now dead. at least 100 more injured. many of the dead, injured are children. the rampage stretched for a remarkable 1.3 miles. the beach area was packed with locals, all gathered for bastille day. the driver was shooting as he
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mowed down the crowdsme. he was shot to death by police. we are waiting for francois hollande to speak. we're going to bring that to you live with translation when he does. cnn has mobilized correspondents and experts around the world to cover every angle of this developing sorry. i want to begin with clarissa ward. what's the latest? >> reporter: hi, anderson. we're here just at the end of the promenade des anglais, one of the major tourist attractions, one of the most popular tourism destinations. not just in europe, but even in the world. people from all overcoming here, also many french people. they would have been gathering by the thousands to watch the fireworks display. as you can see now, the promenade has been blocked off. there is a heavy police presence here. they're essentially forbidding journalists from moving any closer into the area. they even got angry when people were trying to get to an
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elevated spot. they don't want anyone looking at what is behind that screen, and that's because it is an active crime screen. take a look at how the attack went down. a scene of horrifying carnage, bodies strewn along nice's famed sea side promenade. after this truck plows through a crowd of hundreds, watching bastille day fireworks. a witness says the driver, first started shooting into the crowd from inside the truck, right after the fireworks ended. >> i wondered is that fireworks, but it definitely was not fireworks. and you heard screaming and then you just seen masses of people fleeing. >> reporter: the truck slowly approaching people on the promenade before the driver accelerates, hitting one after another. >> it was complete chaos. people were running away.
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one lady fell on the ground and everybody was running over her. >> the music was so loud, we couldn't hear anything. he didn't see a truck, but just people running and screaming and crying. people carrying their children. >> reporter: those who survived the attack, describing the chaos and confusion. >> i was walking amongst bodies, dead bodies, and wounded people. families of the people, just on the bodies. >> reporter: the path of desstruksde destructi destruction, a mile long, before stopping in front of this witness. >> he was moving inside like this, and like this. i saw he is like holding something like a cell phone. >> reporter: police, circling the truck, and shooting and killing the driver. >> his head was out the window. >> reporter: survivors desperate for help. >> i wasn't sure what it was, and tried calling the police. the lines were completely
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jammed. >> i think it took like 10, 15 minutes until, you know, there were like first signs of ambulances. >> reporter: police say they found a handgun and several fake rifles and fake grenades. french president, francois hollande raced back to paris after the attacks. telling the world france is strong, and will always be stronger than those who want to attack the country. now isis has yet to claim responsibility for this. so far, no real indications as to who carried out this hideous attack. it is being called an act of terrorism. we know an i.d. card was found in the truck. that belonging to a 31 year french tunisia. he had a rap sheet for petty crimes, and no connection with
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terrorism. french authorities really trying to go over that area behind me with a fine-tooth comb. there have been raids, according to french media on the home of this french tunisia, you can hear sirens behind me, you've been hearing them all day, as they try to answer more questions about how this attack was carried out. anderson. >> clarissa, obviously we don't know this yet, and it is not clear from investigators, whether there was a wider network involved in this. whether this was just one person get beg hind the wheel of a vehicle and doing this, or whether others were involved. >> reporter: well, that's right. that's always the difficulty, anderson. because the concern, of course, for authoritities is to prevent anything else that could possibly happen, to try to essentially cut off the nexus or network that may have facilitated this act. what we don't know yet is was this a sort of isis inspired lone wolf attack. certainly, the fact that he was carrying fake rifles and fake
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hand grenades might indicate that he was not operating with a very sophisticated network. but at this stage, still a lot of questions and not many answers yet, anderson. >> clarissa, thanks. we'll continue to check in with you. andy mccarty was working near the attack. he watched as hundreds streamed into the restaurant where he works. he joins me on the phone. where were you and what did you see? when did you realize something terrible was happening? >> well, i was working last night, and all of a sudden, there was at the end of the fire work display, we heard this -- a lot of screaming, gunshots, and then people just sort of running in all directions. a lot of them headed into our restaurant, trying to find an escape route. it all happened in a flash. then i'm standing now, inside the area that your people can't get into it i'm on the promenade
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where the restaurant is. the van that caused all the problems is still here, and there is about 50 meter as way from me, still a crime scene apparently. we don't know what the position is, whether we'll be able to open, when they'll reopen the promenade. it was just how they left it last night. >> so your restaurant is very close to where the truck ended up? >> yeah, 50 meters. >> wow. did you see or -- how it actually came to a stop? >> no. because it all happened so quickly, literally passed here in a flash, and we heard the gunshots and that was it. it was pandemonium. everyone was running in every direction. >> in terms of security last night, obviously this was a major event in nice. was there a heavy security? and the promenade was for pedestrians last night. were there barricades?
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>> yeah, the promenade was closed, because it was a night of celebration with live music, live bands, but before that, they had the bastille day parade, the army, the navy, and there was a noticeable presence of security for that. and you got the feeling that after that the same level of security was not there. there were barriers at the end of the promenade, where the music actually stopped, but obviously not secured, because that's where the guy with the van crossed in onto the promenade and started to kill everybody. >> and how long did -- i think about -- i think you said dozens of people came into your restaurant to seek safety. how long did you stay there? >> they must have stayed for two hours, before the police -- the police came and said nobody was to move. they stayed in the back of the building, and eventually they
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were told they could go. it was a long wait for everybody before the police said it was secure enough for them to return to their hotels or homes. >> andy, i appreciate you telling us what you saw and experience. thank you vech. andy mccarty, from nice. last night, thousands of people were packed along the promenade des anglais. this video shows you before it was, and gives you a sense of how crowded it was. a lot of people celebrating bastille day. bands playing. moments later, the same sidewalks becoming triage centers. more than a dozen people are in critical condition fighting for their lives. 84 people have died. some of them children, including 11-year-old american, brody copeland of austin, texas. their family was in nice for a vacation. it is a picture of brody, hours before the night's horrific
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tragedy. joining us by satellite, so ati atika, tell us about what you've been seeing and hearing. >> reporter: we're speaking to families, victims and doctors. it has been a long and difficult night. we're in front of the children's hospital. this was actually the hospital closest to the scene. >> atika, i've got to jump in. francois holland has begun to speak. let's listen in. >> translator: dealing with this act, where by man got hold of a truck and used it for deadly purposes. why nice? because it is a town famous across the world. the beautiful town, one of the most beautiful on the planet. why the 14th of july? because it is the celebration,
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bastille day, freedom. and it was to effect france that this individual carried out this terrorist attack. with the prime minister, the minister of the interior, the minister of social affairs, elected representatives who came with us, we wanted to first of all take into account the organization of today to see what we need to do for the whole region and the town to have full safety, security. so if there were accomplice, there shouldn't be any threat at all to the population. but also, we wanted to express our compassion with respect to the victims, the families. as i'm talking to you, 80 people, 84 people are dead.
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and there are about 50 people still in a critical state between life and death. among those victims, there are french people, also many foreigners. once again, coming from all the continents and many children. young children. who had come to see a fireworks display as a family to experience joy, to share happiness. stunning beauty. and who were thus struck, a deadly strike, simply to satisfy the cruelty of an individual. maybe a group. so we've also seen the injured, many of them, who have in their
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mind still horrifying scenes, and in their flesh, they suffer more than the psychological wound, and even people who haven't had any trauma, physical trauma, but who for a long time, their whole lives, will bear trauma for those images of horror, which unfortunately, they had to share. as we say, they couldn't remember anything about what might have caused their injuries, but on the other hand, they did remember there was bodies torn apart that they saw before them. that's why france as a whole has to share this emotion, this solidarity, with the victims, with the people close to them,
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their families. and then there is the commitment, the courage that once again, we have been able to see among the forces of law and order, or active who took all the arrangements necessary so as far as possible, this fireworks display could be protected, as was the case during the euro cup here in nice. and the security forces committed themselves to neutralize the assassin. i still have in my mind these young police officers who acted so that the killer could be dealt with and put an end to the carnage, and the forces of law
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and order fully committed, not being able to do any more with respect to what is happened in the last few months, and particularly the attacks of january 2015, and november in paris. so i wanted to render homage to all those forces here, the police, the intelligence services, working for france and working in the investigation, and to identify and they have done extraordinary work with the emergency service, to evacuate, and to take to the hospitals at the town and even beyond the town, because the certain plan was triggered, and many establishments welcomed victims.
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i have been to the hospital, which once again, with the emergency services, did what i had to do. doctors who came even though they were off duty. they came to operate, to act, to treat, to save lives. others couldn't be saved until the very last moment, everything possible was done. i would like to congratulate the staff of those hospitals, whose devotion was exemplary. you have all the volunteers, the associations, organizations, which immediately got involved. getting involved. that's something, a lesson, another lesson we draw from this tragedy. this terrorist attack. one more after already several others in the last five years. we're dealing with a struggle which will take a long time. because we have an enemy who is
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going to continue to strike all the people, all the countries who have freedom as a fundamental value. there, we have to count on the commitments of our forces, public services, the state as a whole, with the prime minister for many months now, i took decisions that were necessary to strengthen the number of people unfortunately which had been reduced in the past, but we haven't finished with this. and we will continue to extreme vigilance and protection to serve the french people. and commitment is that we should be strong. the world as a whole is looking at us once again, expresses its solidarity to us, tells us with
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words of great friendship, great affection for france, what the world thinks of us. it thinks we are a strong country. a country able to overcome all trials, and there have been trials in recent months. and we have given a great example to the world, because we've been able to show unity, cohesion, that's my role, my responsibility, not to let myself be deviated to protect the french people, not to lower myself to whatever kind of excess might be thought of, we have to respond and respond in the right way to the challenges, using all necessary means. it is this unity, this cohesion,
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this force, strength that i call kontemes, so france may be stronger, with those who hope to injure it, because we are france as one. thank you. >> france's president, francois hollande, praising first responders. also, saying that not only are 84 dead, but he said 50 people are in critical condition at this point. many of them, he said, children. that's larger than the number that we had previously known. 50 people in a critical state, he said. many of them children. atika shubert is outside one of the hospitals there. atika, that's one of the headlines coming out of what is france's president had to say. the large number of children who are among the critical.
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>> reporter: that's right. in fact, we're right outside the children's hospital, where 28 of those children remain in intensive care here. some of the very serious injuries. part of it was not only that of the children that were actually in the way of the truck that were hit, but also caught in the stampede to get out afterwards. so we're seeing horrific injuries, catastrophic fac tures, the things you would see in a car accident for example. doctors have been up all night trying to treat many of them. they have special pediatric surgeons on-site. overnight, two of the children did pass away. seeing these high numbers of children as victims is very unusual in these kinds of attacks that we've been seeing in france. the reason we see so many children victims, this was a family event. it was like the fourth of july. everyone was out to see the fireworks and they were just about to leave when the attacker
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plowed through the crowd with his truck. >> also, one eyewitness was saying that because it was so crowded, it was very difficult to get out of the way of the truck. you could sort of try to -- this man, whose account i was reading, he and his wife were able to dive behind some cars, but they were in an area that didn't -- there wasn't as densely packed, but for people who were close to each other, you know, they couldn't run as fast. they couldn't get out of the way. >> reporter: absolutely. in fact, i spoke to two victims. one of whom, he actually broke his arm trying to dive out of the way. he hit the cement on the promenade. he said he quickly got back up, but he would have been injured even further if he hadn't. because it was the stampede of people to get out. another man that i spoke to was still really in a state of shock. he had blood on his shorts, he was limping, he had his ankle injured, and he kept saying over and over the truck kept going through the people. he said in the rush to get out, he lost his daughter, his teenage daughter.
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he was still looking for her as well. so a lot of terrible stories of families becoming separated in this horrible event. >> atika, france has mobilized, and nice has mobilized any hospitals, anybody on reservi reservice -- reserve, the keep was so long, it must have taken quite a long time for paramedics, for emts to get to all those who had been injured, just given the length this vehicle was able to travel. we saw early videos where it was civilians trying to care for and help those who were among the living strewn in the streets. >> reporter: absolutely. i mean, you can't overstate just how horrific a scene it was. some of the earl yes videos a--
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videos are too graphic to show on the air. it was a crime scene more than a mile long. he drove to where people were gathered to the most, trying to hit as many people as he could. he swerved several times, according to eyewitness accounts. so the first problem was trying to figure out what was going on. and then when first responders get there, how to deal with this 1 points 8 mi 1 1.8 mile crime scene. >> thank you, atika. we'll be right back. beyond has a natural
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there has been an out pouring of shock from world leaders on this attack. president obama responding quickly, saying on behalf of the american people, i condemn in the strongest terms what appears to be a terrorist attack which killed and wounded dozens. our thoughts and prayers are with the families and other loved ones. i've directed my team to be in touch with french officials and have offered our assistance and bring those responsible to justice. we stand in solidarity and partnership with france, our oldest ally, as they recover from this attack. we want to bring you breaking news. chr >> the name of the tacker, we can confirm a french government source and a french
6:29 am
anti-terrorism source in the government has told me that the name of the attacker is mohammed bohel, whose name was out there among some of the french media immediately in the aftermath of this terrible attack. but who now we have confirmed as the attacker, he was killed, as you know with a shoot-out with police. he is described as a 31-year-old french tunisia. as we've been reporting all morning, this person has been known to police, but did not have a jihaddy record, a record. that's what we know right now. >> yeah, a source close to the investigation told kentucky tcn
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said, not on the radar for jihad, for extremism. >> well, exactly. and you know what, this unfortunately is part of a pattern as we've seen over the past several attacks, whether in france or elsewhere. many of these people, whether it was others involved in the deadly shootouts, were known but not known as jihad sympathizers, and that's what is causing this amount of sort of -- this among law enforcement, yes, they know them as petty criminals, but not someone who should be swept off the street and treated according to the emergency laws that france has enacted now. they've been in place for eight months, since the friday, 13th attack, and now they're being extended for another three
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months. in the words of one key senator, who spoke to me today, she spoke also on cnn, what more can we do. yes, we know these people. we are in a maximum state of emergency. we've deployed the maximum resources that we have. nice itself, she told me, is one of the safest and secure cities in towns in france. mostly because the mayor and the president of the regional department there are very security minded, and have enacted many measures such as surveillance cameras in the city, facial recognition technology, increased local police on the streets. and yet this still keeps happening. so that, you know, is the next step, the french authority i guess have to decide. how do you keep your eye on people who you know to be petty crimina criminals, but you know, who the past has shown certainly in these attacks i'm talking about have gone on to commit heinous crimes.
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>> stay with us, i want to also bring in cnn's nic robertson who is outside the attackers apartment in nice. nic, what are you hearing from people in the area? >> reporter: well, we understand that the attacker's name, a 31-year-old french tune -- due nay tunesia, they searched this vehicle and spent several hours sifting through. neighbors described the man believed to be the attacker as a bit of a loner. they described him walking up the street to go to a café to have his coffee, not really talking to anyone. he lived separately with his wife and three children. they live not far away in nice. where we are located, it is about 10 or 15 minutes from the
6:33 am
promenade des anglais from where the attack took place. it is not a poor neighborhood. there are a lot of small stores and businesses. there is a big super market behind the apartments here. it looks and feels reasonably pr prospero prosperous. the hills begin to rise up steeply from here. the man who is now at the center of this investigation, whatever it was the police were searching for in the vehicle here, whatever his relationship to that vehicle is, we still don't know. the police have now taken it away. but before they took it away, what we were able to see was police and forensic protective clothing, masks on their faces, literally painstakingly going through the vehicle. at one time, pulling out a stack of what paired to be paper receipts, putting it in big brown envelopes, potentially evidence. that's what it would appear. and taking it away. but they were working in a sort of relaxed atmosphere, although
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they sort of blew out the windows to gain entry initially. most of the work here was quite relaxed. it didn't appear they felt there was any threat emanating from the vehicle, but just searching through it thoroughly, anderson. >> christiane, the president's state of emergency will be extended for another three months, supposed to have ended july 26th. what does that allow french authorities to do? i mean, i know on subways, they can approach french police can essentially pull anybody aside, check their identity documents. how powerful an instrument is that in france? >> well, you know, it is powerful, but clearly, you know, powerful enough to stop this particular kind of -- i mean i want to say random or lone wolf. we don't really know right now. we don't have all the details. but you know, again, these people who are not on the
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counterterrorism or jihad watch list, they may be suspicious, but under the laws and under the state of emergency, they are allowed, they are allowed to place under house arrest any person whose behavior is considered, quoted, a threat to security and public order. they are allowed to search homes at any hour, without involving the court. so they've given themselves extra power, but because of the nature of what is going on, and i have to tell you, even speaking to the leaders in france, whether it was, you know, in the immediate aftermath of the last two major attacks in the last 18 months, you know, them and as well police say, look, it is becoming almost impossible for us to keep up with the pace of radicalization or turning an ordinary criminal into a deadly jihadi because of
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the dark zone of the internet, and in the past, we were able to trace people, see them act differently, keep an eye on certain people. but now it is done in the shadows, done in their home, where ever they get hold of the internet and they literally, it can be turned in a matter of 20 minutes. that may be some rhetorical flou flourish, the deadly acting on the instinct has simply out foxed the ability of not just the police, but also the community. the masks and the others to react. when these things happen, we always got to the mosques, and ask people, why didn't you know, why aren't you keeping an eye on your congregant. look, it is just happening way too fast. that coupled with the younger
6:37 am
generation, the angry, young generation, they tell me, who are feeling dis affected, they do not want to listen to quote-unquote the old sensible guys of in the mosque or elsewhere. they don't want to listen to their elders any more. this is a serious issue that we're seeing played out over and over again. and i remember, anderson, when we were all in paris after the bataclan massacre, you know, i asked secretary of state, john kerry, so, sir, is this the new normal. he totally rejected that contention. no, it is not. no, it is not. we will not allow it to be. of course, we've seen it turn up over and over again, since bataclan and now in nice. >> the third major attack in france. christiane amanpour, thank you. nic robertson, stay with us, we'll be right back. the economy, with creative new business incentives,
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fear, defiance, ripple across france for the third time in 18 months, the nation is reeling from a terror attack, the weapon this time, a freight truck plowing through the crowd in nice. many children are among the 84 dead, and 50 other people have critical injuries. the driver, identified as a french tunisia, he drove down the path, trying to hit as many people as possible. let's go to cnn's evan perez in washington on what the intelligence community in the u.s., and what sort of intel we're getting this morning. >> reporter: this has become a familiar drill for u.s. investigators. right now, they're going through communications and other databases to learn what they can about this terrorist. so far, investigators know that
6:43 am
he only has a minor criminal background. he wasn't on the radar as a possible extremist, and they believe that he rented this truck, just in the days before the attack. it gives you a sense of how difficult it is to prevent an attack like this. this morning, we know the security is being beefed up, prominent locations in new york, andrew cuomo said he has ordered more security at airports and mass transit, tunnels. the homeland security said you're going to see visible security and not so visible as they try to guard against copycat attacks. president obama said he has offered the assistance of u.s. investigators to the french government. right now, u.s. law enforcement officials are reviewing their ongoing cases of suspected extremists here in this country. you have to look to see who has large access to large trucks through their work. who is under surveillance who may rent a vehicle like this. is not a new tactic, but an attack leak this means there is
6:44 am
renewed emphasis on these factors, as they try to make sure something like this doesn't happen here. >> evan, thanks very much. joining me now, the director of the program on extremism, peter bergan. peter, let me start with you, we heard yet again this killer was essentially a petty criminal. weapons possession charges, was not on the radar of french intelligence or french police as being a jihad or extremist. we've seen this before, haven't we? >> yeah, i mean, what is interesting of course is he is married, although divorced, he has three kids. this is not a young hot head. this is something who has a family, is an ordinary french citizen and unfortunately we've seen this in this country, where again and again, the people who carry out these attacks in the
6:45 am
united states are, you know, they're average ages, you know, in their late 20s, often married, and seemingly stable lives. what happens is, you know, as we dig into this guy's background, we'll probably find that he had some personal disappointments in life. these grievances fastered, and it makes his mark in a spectacular way as a way of dealing with your own deficiencies. it is obviously early, and we still don't know much about this guy, but i think that's the pattern we've seen again and again, anderson. >> lorenzo, do you agree with that, these people are kind of, i hate to say it like this, but life's losers, who is latching on to this ideology, religious underpinnings to make themselves into something which otherwise their life hasn't turned out
6:46 am
like planned? >> yeah, we see the different dynamics with different individuals, but it is quite usual to see for one reason or the other, they have problems in life, some kind of traumatic event. in this case, we're speculating, it could be the divorce. another case, losing a job, some kind of major disappointment in life. as is normal, people find solace in something. it could be religion, but obviously in this case, it is extreme verse of religion, it is more political ideology than religion. it is a sense of anger at society, anger at the world, and the availability, accessibility of the extremist isis ideology. it is so readily available, and mobile, so easy for people to access it, make sense of their dis en franchise.
6:47 am
>> so peter, for law en fobsm t enforcement, what do you do about that? some petty criminal who wants to bolster their credentials and make themselves into something with, you know, a veneer of they want to become a martyr to a sick ideology, how do you prevent somebody from doing this? >> unfortunately, sometimes you just can't. we've seen the decision cycle from sort of this, you know, to actually the attack is very compressed. that seems to be the case here in nice. that was certainly the case in orlando, where omar mateen, the perpetrator acquired automatic weapons very close to the time of the attack. until we have a machine that can read men and women's souls, this is not something you can prevent. obviously, in our lifetime, we will not find a machine that can read people's intentions. you can certainly say, well, are
6:48 am
they exploring jihad material, and some people are careful, if they are planning an attack, you think about the san bernardino attack, they were careful about the social media profile before the attack, in order to sort of fly beneath the radar. >> lorenzo, in previous generations, would, you know, are some of these people would have been attracted to some other form of ideology, and this is the latest sort of iteration? >> oh, yeah, absolutely. at this point in time, there is nothing more antisystem, antisociety. we have seen for example a lot of converts are attracted. it is not uncommon to see people convert from other religions to islam. but it is not to islam. it is to ideology. we've seen people in the states who have had no contact whatever with islam and converted straight to the extreme
6:49 am
ideology. it is mostly people who have personal issues in some cases, i'm not sure about this case, of course, some mental issues, and basically, this is the ideology that today, embodies and gives power to people who have a beef against society. a beef against the world. >> lorenzo, i a appreciate you being with us, peter as well. the presidential race being impacted. details ahead. .
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i heard a lot of loud noises and people were screaming and so to the west a big moving truck was driving on the promenade just barreling over people and running people over. >> for donald trump and hillary clinton, the tragedy in nice, just the latest challenge of
6:54 am
their leadership as they're forced to respond to another terror attack. cnn politics reporter sara murray joins me from trump tower. sara, good morning. >> good morning, anderson. donald trump actually delayed announcing his vice presidential pick although cnn has confirmed it will be mike pence but he's not making that announcement today. instead, he's been focusing on the terror attack in nice. he says attacks like this keep getting worse and he said if he were president he would ask congress to declare war against isis. >> would you go to congress and ask for a declaration of war? >> i would. this is war. if you look at it, this is war. coming from all different parts. frankly, it's war and we're dealing with people without uniforms. >> now, hillary clinton took a different approach in how she's been responding. she says the u.s. needs to work more closely with its allies. that the key here is better intelligence gathering.
6:55 am
take a listen to what she had to say. >> very different kind of war. we could be easily misled. we've got to be smart about this, not, you know, not get pushed or pulled into taking action that doesn't have the positive effects it needs to have. >> now, this is really highlighting the difference we're seeing between the two presidential candidates. both of them want to seem like they're taking a muscular approach, especially at a time when the ripple effects of a terror attack in nice can obviously be felt here in the united states. there's, you know, an intense sense of concern and caution heading into cleveland. but while donald trump is calling for a declaration of war, hillary clinton is still saying we need to be cautious about the use of military force and there are other ways we can be strong in the face of terror without putting boots on the ground. >> is it clear when donald trump is going to announce his vice presidential pick? >> they've not announced when
6:56 am
they're going to reschedule the announcement. on cnn this morning saying they still expect to do this before cleveland so we expect to see it some time during the weekend. one wrinkle, anderson, it's possible ivanka trump and jared kushner won't be there because it's sabbath of course and they're both observing jews. >> the next hour of "newsroom" after a short break.
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thank you for joining us. a lot to get to this hour. just minutes ago, we learned investigators in france identified the man who drove a truck through a crowd along the french riviera. a 31-year-old french tunisian and resident of nice where last night's attacks took place. investigators are still collecting evidence in the
7:01 am
french riviera town of nice. we want to warn you, some of the video is disturbing and difficult to watch. as you know, a massive truck plowed through a holiday crowd. people running in all directions. many simply couldn't get out of the way. 84 people killed in all. we learned in the last hour from france's president another 50 are still said to be in a critical state, critically injured. many of the dead and injured are children. the rampage stretched for 1.5 miles it the beach area was packed with tourists and families all gathered for bass ste bastile day, a holiday celebrating france's independence. some saying he was shooting as he plowed through the crowd. that has not been confirmed. he was finally shot to death by police. cnn has correspondents and
7:02 am
experts covering every angle. let's begin in nice with cnn's nic robertson. nic, you're outside the killer, the terrorist's house, what have you learned? >> we've learned from neighbors he was a quiet man, he lived separately from his wife and three young children. we know neighbors describe him as a man who would come out of his apartment on the street, walk up the road to a nearby cafe, have a coffee by himself. as you know, going out for a coffee here in france, very normal sort of thing to do. but he wouldn't talk to anyone. that's what the neighbors remarked upon here. he would go out, come back. the police just in the last sort of 45 minutes here have finished a forensic examination of a small delivery truck parked just across the road here. the neighbors say they're not sure if it was his delivery truck, what his connection was to it, but the police blew out the windows of the vehicle when
7:03 am
they began the search, then police and forensic protective clothing masks on their faces began a very, very detailed search of the vehicle, lasting about three to four hours. they pulled out what appeared to be stacks of paper, possibly receipts. they were putting that in brown forensic evidence bags to take away. the police appeared to be quite relaxed during that procedure. they didn't appear to be feeling that there was potentially explosives in this vehicle. the vehicle of course now has been towed away. this neighborhood here, not poor, not terribly affluent but reasonably prosperous in the outskirts of nice just where the hills, mountains, begin to go up. about 10 to 15 minutes drive from here to the promenade des anglais where the attack took place. what do we know about this man? at the moment, is merely the thinnest of details. 31 years old. french tunisian national according to french officials
7:04 am
here. slightly odd enough that the local community here could notice he was a little bit of a loner. but apart from that, very, very few details, concrete details so far, anderson. >> a source close to the investigation told cnn, nic, he had a record, sort of a petty criminal record, was not on french police radar as an extremist, as a jihadist. >> those are the details that we have. the police have yet to go on the record, if you will, or at least announce that publicly, but that appears to be the case. in france, if you're believed to be a radical or suspected of wanting to plan a terrorist event, the police take out what they call a fish-s on you. this is a record keeping device, if you will, that they will then begin to investigate you. this hadn't happened for mohamed bouhlel. he was only known, as you say, for those petty crimes.
7:05 am
we've heard it reported that they were small gun-related crimes, petty criminality. nothing, as far as we know, to do with terrorism. and, indeed, tunisian officials have been reported as saying that he last visited his home in tunisia, family home of course, four years ago, that they have no record of him having an association with terrorists in tunisia either. that, again, not something that police here are confirming to us yet. but these are details here that are beginning to emerge in some reports. >> as we talked about in the past hour, a number of the people we've seen taking part in these islamist jihadist attacks, the charlie hebdo, were petty criminals essentially, without a long record or a lot of association with islamic groups.
7:06 am
nic robertson, we'll continue to check in with you. will ripley is near the senior attack. will, it's been cordoned off now. police are still treating it. there's a lot of evidence to collect still at the scene. >> yes, and there are police barricades around this area. normally it might take you five minutes to get somewhere. today it might take you 30 minutes or an hour. i'll show you what the police have done. you can see how they've completely blocked off our view of the entire beach front promenade here. they don't want necessarily the media or anybody to see what has really been a gruesome scene, that we saw in photos and i havos on social media when this truck came and traveled for more than a mile aiming for specific groups of people. we were hearing over the police scanners that they were still transporting people to the hospital. we know that those 28 children very critically hurt because a
7:07 am
lot of people were out here, families, students on school trips, coming to the french riviera is a dream vacation for a lot of people and this is a popular destination. inside, it's the bastille day weekend. there was heavy security in paris and events there were not interested. down here, we're also told there's intense security. police were looking for improvised explosive devices, not for somebody with a truck. they just hadn't seen anything like this before. >> i was in nice on the promenade a couple weeks ago. for someone who hasn't been there, that is really the key kind of avenue in the city. if you're going to go anywhere, that's where you go, because it's along the water, it's where there's cafes and restaurants and some of the best hotels as well. >> and especially last night, because it's the fireworks was here. those who, you know, reported also hearing the gunfire, they say it began simultaneously with
7:08 am
the fireworks display. obviously those two sounds are virtually identical. we'll hear more in the coming hours. it seems as if there was a deliberate attempt to conceal the sound of gunfire before the truck started moving down the promenade. this is, sadly, becoming really a fact of life for the french people. this country in particular is vulnerable because there's the easy access in the european union in and out. so people from outside can cross relatively easily. whereas it would be harder to access the uk which would be a desirable target and certainly the united states, a much more difficult target for terrorists. here also this is in the heart of europe, the epicenter of european/western values. it's a secular country that jihadists despise the most. last 19 months, three major attacks and a number of smaller attacks as well, some successful. dozens of ongoing terror investigations now. how do you police somebody who's never been on the jihadist radar until they commit an attack like this. people are having to accept the
7:09 am
reality that this could become a more regular occurrence not only here but elsewhere. despite thousands of extra police officers on the streets who have been working during the euro soccer tournament, during the music festival in paris last month. during of course all of the celebrations yesterday. and yet still this one individual, whether he was a lone wolf or had accomplices, was able to kill so many people and injure so many more, including those children. >> the state of emergency now extended for an additional three months. it was to end on july 26th. will ripley, thank you. mark is an american staying about a half mile from the scene of last night's attack. he had been to the fireworks show and had gone back home. we saw crowds of people fleeing in panic. mark joins us now from nice. mark, when you realized something terrible was happening, were you already back home? what did you see and hear? >> yes, i was, i was at the fireworks down on the promenade
7:10 am
and the wife and kids and in laws didn't want to come, they were too tired. so i just went. and when it was over, even though there were musical performances continuing, i just headed home. we're only a couple of blocks away from the promenade. and as soon as i got into the apartment, the street that our apartment overlooks, there's a pedestrian mall that has cafes and stores and stuff. as soon as i got in, started hearing screaming, people, you know, running, knocking things over, knocking tables over, glass breaking. it was almost like something out of the movies except it was a real thing. i didn't know what was going on. obviously there was some kind of attack or fear of an attack. my kids were all gawking at the windows. i told them to get away from the windows. and, you know, then only little by little did i learn what had happened down here. >> in terms of the security that you had seen while you were out, how was it?
7:11 am
>> well, you know, beforehand, the fireworks, it was just like fireworks in the united states, you know, fourth of july. lots of foreigners because it's a big tourist town. you know that. people with kids on their shoulders, the whole thing. then afterwards, one thing settled down right in front of my apartment and there was no more actual screaming and running, i went out to see what was going on. i was able to get down to the police line which, you know, was a good ways away from where the attacks were but you could see where they were. and even two hours later, there were still ambulances streaming in to the, you know, into the restricted area. and, in fact, the grimmest thing was a whole convoy of minivans from the nice coroner's office, come to do their grim jobs. >> mark, appreciate you talking to us. i'm glad you and your family are okay. our atika shibert is at a
7:12 am
hospital in nice. >> we've been speaking to doctors and victims at the attack last night. what doctors have been telling us is the scene last night here was eerie. that patients were being brought in. very young children. suffering from these catastrophic injuries. the kinds of injuries you would see in a terrible car accident. chest injuries. limbs being twisted around the wrong way. quite a number of very serious head injuries as well. there are now 28 children at this hospital here still being treated. at least three are still in very serious condition. one of the problems that doctors have had here is simply identifying children. because so many of them were actually separated from their parents. and they were unconscious. they didn't know who the kids were. they have now been able to identify most of them. one still remains unidentified. we've also had the chance to speak with one 14-year-old girl
7:13 am
who's just come out, fortunately. her injury was relatively light. but the psychological trauma from simply witnessing this event will stay with her for the rest of her life. she broke down in tears as she told us what she saw. the mangled bodies. people being pushed, trying to escape any way they can. and she just curled up into a ball trying to protect herself as the stampede ran over her. it's those kinds of horrific experiences we're hearing about here. that kind of trauma is going to stay with them. >> those poor kids separated from their family members for hours while they were in the hospital. ati atika shubert, appreciate you being there. cnn has learned that the trump campaign will make the announcement some time today. cnn's sara murray is outside trump towers. it seep seems like there will e sort of announcement today?
7:14 am
>> that's right, donald trump will announce that mike pence is the pick today, but they will not appear jointly until tomorrow morning, likely in new jersey. now, there was an element of surprise of course that was already gone. cnn confirmed yesterday that mike pence was the pick. and today they have to file the paperwork to withdraw from the indiana governor's race. so there was going to be an element of surprise that was lost at any rate today no matter how they sort of handled this, so it looks like the trump campaign will confirm mike pence is the pick and then tomorrow they'll have their event that was postponed today in the wake of the terror attack in nice, anderson. >> sara murray. sara, thanks very much. of course the convention begins on monday. we'll be there starting sunday, sunday evening broadcasting. still to come, france now coming with the painful reality, three major terror attacks in 18 months. why has it become such a target? what can be done to stop it from
7:15 am
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7:19 am
president obama says he's willing to do whatever he can to help france in the wake of this terror attack. i want to go to evan perez who's in washington on what intelligence the u.s. is getting this morning. evan, what have you learned? >> well, anderson, at this stage, investigators here don't really find any connection with terrorist groups. it appears this is a lone attacker. obviously it's early in the investigations. right now those investigators are going through the communications and other databases to learn what they can about this terrorist. so far, they only see that he has a minor criminal background. he wasn't on the radar as a possible extremist. they believe he only rented this truck a couple of days ago before the attack. which really gives you a sense
7:20 am
of how difficult it is to prevent an attack like this. this morning, security is being beefed up at prominent locations in new york city. the new york governor andrew cuomo says he's ordered more security at places like airports and mass transit and tunnels. as you mentioned, president obama said he offered the assistance of u.s. investigators to the french government. right now, law enforcement officials are reviewing ongoing cases of suspected extremists here in this country, you know, does someone have access to large trucks through their work, do they have a commercial driver's license is there anyone under surveillance trying to rent a vehicle like this. we've seen these types of attacks using large vehicles. it's not a new tactic. but this attack mean there's going to be renewed focus on this issue. >> thank you very much. it's hard to believe this is france's third major terror attack in 18 months. the question of course is why has the country become such a target. i want to bring in law enforcement analyst art
7:21 am
rodderic. author of "inside the army of terror" michael weis. also michael newman, kings college. michael, you know, it's so interesting, what we hear about this individual now, petty crimes, the leader of the mosque in nice saying really he has no history of being in mosque or association really with religion. didn't seem like a devout person. we've seen this time and time again. it seems these are kind of life's losers who often latch on to this, kind of give them some kind of depraved glory. >> right now it seeps like he has the early cv for potential graduate. was he watching anwar al awlaki videos, was he reading magazine, that kind of thing. the founder of aqi, same kind of background, a pimp running around in jordan, had tattoos,
7:22 am
was an alcoholic, used to get in fights, was thrown in prison. his mom sent him to a mosque. that's when he started to imbibe the radical ideology. >> obviously this person committed an act of terror. a horrific event. does he want the label of a terrorist? does that give him some identity? >> i mean, you know, before we went on the air, i said what's the difference between a mass murderer and terrorist? it's a declaration of allegiance to some organization. so far, we haven't seen that yet. he didn't post anything on social media pledging to abu baghdadi or osama bin laden or amman ayman al zawahiri. i've seen reports he was married, three kids. he went into a deep depression. who knows. it's hard for the western imagination to understand this. when you interview people who join isis, you ask them why did you join, a lot of them don't
7:23 am
say it's because, you know, i want heaven on earth or i believe in the mission of the caliphate, looking to usher in the end times. often it's, you know, i wasn't getting what i wanted out of my current affiliation. whether with a rebel group or activists. they were giving me a reason for joining. they gave me a banner, you know, could be the same thing with this guy. >> peter newman, what stands out to you about this attack? >> it's really shocking to see that 84 people died in a relatively simple attack. we know that isis has been calling for these attacks at least since september 2014. in fact in december 2014, there were a number of cars that were being driven into christian markets in france. on none of these occasions did one person die. the fact that 84 people died in a very simple car attack, it must be sending a signal to other potential lone wolves that
7:24 am
you can potentially kill a lot of people with a very simple and almost unpreventable type of attack. >> that certainly raises for law enforcement, you know, a very concerning specter. if somebody who is not on the radar as a jihadist, who's just a petty criminal with some weapons charges i believe this individual had, chooses to get behind a truck, you know, how hard is that to prevent? >> it's almost impossible. we know if you're willing to die for a cause, it's almost impossible to stop the individual. but using the truck is unique over there in europe, but as a deadly weapon anyway. but we've had some experience over here at least using a truck as explosives. you go as far back as '93, the first world trade center bombing. the bombing of the federal building in oklahoma city. and the u.s. government established certain setback
7:25 am
guidelines to prevent that type of incident from occurring. i think what you're going to see here with the two conventions coming up is also an exterior perimeter that will be hardened, based on this particular attack. again if somebody's willing to die for their cause, regardless of what that cause is, had we seen these same type of individuals recruited not only by al qaeda and isis but also white supremist groups here in the u.s. and by cults. they look for disenfranchised individuals to bring on board. once that individual makes that commitment, it's almost impossible to stop them. >> michael, how well versed are these people usually in the koran, in ideology? >> it's funny, i just interviewed a guy who deserted from isis. he was arrested and imprisoned for 3 1/2 months as an isis fighter. they accused him of fighting for the coalition. he said he was being taught by a 25-year-old from tunisia who
7:26 am
probably couldn't cite one hadif. he said this is back to basics. he said, i'm already a muslim. why are you telling me things i know, the pillars of islam and all of that. one of the more interesting aspects of isis is they are self-inventing an ideology. one that doesn't even exist with the salafi jihadism. they're creating whole cloth justifications for it. throwing homosexuals off rooftops for instance. a lot of jihadis have said we don't even have this as a form of punishment. we haven't accepted this as a viable form of punishment. isis created an entire theology around it. they're creating their own clerics to promulgate this stuff. it's a brainwashing exercise, you know, trying to mold people, get them young -- >> michael weiss, art rodderic, peter newman, appreciate your expertise. much more after the break. we'll be right back. lped one min business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start
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want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm anderson cooper. french investigators now say they know the name of the man who drove a freight truck through a holiday crowd killing dozens. he's a 31-year-old french tunisian, a resident of nice, where last night's attack took place. we also learned last hour in addition to the 84 killed, another 50 are critically injured. many children are among the dead and the injured. the driver continued his rampage for 1.3 miles along the french riviera before police shot him dead. there were reports the driver may have been shooting at people alongside his truck as he tried to hit as many people as possible in his path. the french riviera in every way
7:32 am
embodies the definition of a soft target. the third major terror attack in france in just 18 months. will ripley joins us from the scene in nice. the entire area you are standing in front of, that's now been cordoned off, correct? >> it has, yes. as i showed you earlier, this police barricade that is set up is a visual barricade in addition to the layers of security to keep people from actually getting to this area. the reason for that is simply from the images that have been coming in. pictures were so gruesome. people who were laying there with either catastrophic fractures, they're now being treated in hospital. there were people being transported as recently as earlier this morning. then also even as early as this afternoon neighbors on the scene said there were still some bodies on the street. we don't know if they've all been cleared. we would assume they have been.
7:33 am
we're just not able to get close enough to see. >> in terms of -- obviously this investigation now is in full force, both for finding out what happened last night exactly and how this person was able to commit this act of terror. but also the investigation moving forward to see if there was anyone else involved in the attack. >> that's right. that's why you saw the police raids and they're actually ongoing. because france is under a state of emergency that was set to expire july 26th but has now been extended for three months, allowing police to conduct these raids without having to go through a court process first. they were able to go to this apartment in nice where the suspected attacker, a 33-year-old man, a father of three, accord to reports, someone who neighbors described as a loner who we actually learned is not affiliated with any mosque here in nice. that's some new information. also indicates he may have been separated from his wife. there were reports of domestic
7:34 am
violence charges and some other petty crime. and we do know that according to one local affiliate, his ex-wife is being questioned. we're not sure if that's the wife that he is separated from currently, if there is another ex-wife in the picture. all of these pictures are still coming together. we certainly don't want to pay too much attention to the person that committed this atrocity, took 84 lives including children. families who were here together. but it is critical for investigators now to search the apartment, to find out if there were accomplices and to also find out what motivated this. as of right now, no terror group has taken responsibility. >> yes, will ripley, thank you for the update. now with me republican senator dan coates of inindiana, a memb of the select committee on intelligence. welcome. i'm sorry it's under these circumstances. in terms of preventing something like this, whether it's in the united states or europe, this is an extremely difficult thing for law enforcement, for the intelligence community. if you have somebody who's not on the radar as a jihadist, as a
7:35 am
radical extremist, who's a petty criminal who suddenly decides to turn in this direction. >> we have a lot of people that seem to be inspired by what's happening in the middle east and by the publications and stuff that goes over the web and the internet from isis. i really -- what you said is true, i mean, it's very, very difficult to pinpoint. i'm told there are 10,000 terrorists affiliated people on the french list and only 5,000 people that can keep track of them. inevitably, someone's going to be able to be successful. particularly if they use means where they're not part of a conspiracy. not part of a larger group. but are inspired to do this kind of thing. it's going to be very, very hard to stop. in my opinion, until we go and stick the dagger in the heart of isis and eliminate that core there, we're going to keep
7:36 am
hearing about these things and unfortunately these massacres are occurring on an ever occurring basis. >> do you think heading the head off isis essentially would actually stop these attacks or would some other group, some other form of the same ideology just take its place? if a lot of these people are self-radicalized just watching stuff on the internet, does it matter whether or not isis is controlling territory in iraq, in syria? >> well, i think it does matter because they've had the resources and they've had the physical geographic ability to in a sense put an organization together. you're right, there are affiliate groups out there that might want to keep going but they're going to be easier to track i think than isis. the inspiration, this whole jihadist mentality wrapped in theological basis has emanated from isis and i think it will send a great signal to these
7:37 am
other groups that we're coming after you but we have -- we've hit the core in taking them out, so you don't have someone to lean back on or somebody that's going to continue to inspire you to do these type of things. we've been doing this incrementally here, but we really haven't taken the step of declaring all-out war against isis and doing whatever we need to do to stop this. this incremental piece by piece is just going to continue to lead to what we've seen in the massacre in nice. >> you believe there should be an actual declaration of war? >> i would support a declaration of war. i think western civilization is -- should be at war with this radical islamic terrorist operation. until we declare that and then take what is necessary to win this war, we're going to continue to have breaking news, more of these massacres occurring on an ever increasing basis. so i think it's time to stand up
7:38 am
and say enough is enough. >> dan coates, thank you. still to come, hillary clinton, donald trump, now responding to yet another terror attack. what they are saying, next.
7:39 am
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welcome back to our continuing coverage of the terror attack in nice, frampnce. let's go to clarissa ward standing by in nice. we have seen france's president francois hollande make a public statement last night very soon after the attacks, extending the state of emergency for another three months, pending approval by the french government.
7:43 am
he's now actually in nice. his motorcade i understand actually passed you by. >> yes, that's right, anderson, so he made a speech at the police prefecture here in nice a few hours ago, essentially saying we're strong, we're united, we won't let them attack us, we won't be demoralized by this, but what was really interesting is just a while ago, his motorcade came right past the live shot position here, heading to the promenade behind me, which is where the attack took place. there's quite a gathering here of people who are just watching because they're curious, there's a makeshift memorial that's starting to take shape over there, and a lot of those people actually shouted out at the motorcade. it was interesting to see some real expressions of anger, anderson. a couple of people shouting, you're a murderer. other people shouting things that we can't say on television. i think what this speaks to is a lot of people here in france are actually feeling quite resentful against president hollande. they feel like three attacks in
7:44 am
18 months is too much to bear. not to mention the number of smaller scale attacks. there's a real sense here that the security in this country is not at a level that people feel comfortable with, and there's growing resentment at the political establishment as a result of that. and i don't remember the last time i've seen a president come to the scene of a terrorist attack only to have his own countrymen shout he's a murderer, anderson. >> it is extraordinary. one of the things he talked about earlier today in nice, besides sort of thanking all the first responders, was updating us on the number of patients who are still in critical condition, as many as 50, and he said many of them are children. he's now at the scene of the attack, at the promenade? >> we don't know if he's still here. i'm guessing actually that he already left. it would have been a pretty quick visit. because security is really tight here, anderson.
7:45 am
i don't know -- you can't see but there are police all around us. the media have been penned off into this area beside -- on the edge of the road on the end of the promenade. there's kind of a stage structure nex to us. a few journalists came to stand on that. police came with heavy machine guns, stood on the stage, and said nobody is allowed to stand on this stage. clearly, they are trying to block and obscure all view of what is behind that scene behind me. that is essentially now an active crime scene. an active crime scene that stretches more than a mile long. so this is a massive undertaking for authorities here. >> a grim task indeed. clarissa ward, thank you, live from nice. president obama we believe may address the nice attack this afternoon at a diplomatic corps reception. that should be in the 3:00 hour. we'll try to bring that to you live. the impact of the terror attack in nice having clear impact on the u.s. presidential race.
7:46 am
donald trump delayings vice presidential pick announcement. we now understand the trump campaign will be making some sort of announcement later today. both donald trump and hillary clinton weighing in on the attack last night. in calls, donald trump, to fox news. hillary clinton who also spoke to fox news, i spoke to her last night on "360." both with very different responses. >> would you go to congress and ask for a declaration of war? >> i would. i would. this is war. if you look at it, this is war coming from all different parties. >> it's clear we are at war with these terrorist groups and what they represent. it's a different kind of war. we need to be smart about how we wage it and win it. >> joining me now is david gergen, former presidential adviser to reagan, clinton and
7:47 am
nixon. david what do you make of the response by both candidates? >> anderson, i think most americans right now are both sad and bewildered by this series of attacks over these months but they're also looking for tougher and more effective leadership. i think both candidates are trying very hard to respond to that. both saying this is war, donald trump, always donald trump, going two or three steps beyond, saying he wants a formal declaration of war that you know is quite rare. i do think, anderson, what's missing is any plan of action on their part that people can rally to. people don't know what they actually stand for yet. i would think that what's going to come in the next few days may be more important than their initial response. that is trump with his con convention coming up i would assume -- the first night would have a couple of speakers who do take on this question of terrorism and that would be a major theme in his own
7:48 am
acceptance address later in the week. also anderson, i would imagine the trump people are thinking about he needs to go overseas between the convention and the first presidential debate. he needs to go to europe to talk about terrorism, to talk about brexit. to middle east, to israel. but he needs to get himself better informed and on top of these issues so when he calls for a declaration of war, it's coming from a more thoughtful place. >> that's been a tricky thing for some candidates though in past years, you know, who lack foreign policy experience when they do try to go overseas. >> it is tricky but on this situation we're extremists in many serious ways. europe could be pulled apart. by both the economics and the politics of what's going on. and then the terrorism itself on top of it. italy is in terrible shape. you know, the presidential candidates both need to be well informed. hillary clinton of course has spent years doing this. so she's prepared but she may want to make a trip as well. i think trump's issue is can you
7:49 am
go there and be well received? there's been a lot of shunning of trump. under these circumstances, i would think he would get a more respectful hearing and have a chance to talk to leadership. >> trump was there during the brexit vote, he was at his golf resort in scotland, made comments about it, which many people were surprised by his focus during some of those comments. >> yes. >> the challenge of course is, you know, a, these are two people running for office, they're not in office. so in terms of concrete steps, it's not exactly clear concretely what can be done in the short term to prevent something like this. >> i agree with that. that of course, the short term is up to the obama administration. as in france, i'm sure they'll be stepping up their security measures even tighter. but, you know, it's not clear we're trying to win the war against isis. you know, we're not going all out.
7:50 am
there are people in the pentagon, the state department, who would like a more robust response. we just sent in more troops obviously to help capture mosul. but there are many in the administration chomping for a tougher response. i don't know whether we'll see that. >> david gergen, thanks very much. they were on vacation celebrating a birthday. up next, what we are learning about two american victims killed in the terror attack. my advice for looking younger longer? get your beauty sleep and use new aveeno® absolutely ageless® night cream with active naturals® blackberry complex. younger looking skin can start today. new absolutely ageless® from aveeno®. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. just one of the many features that comes standard
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and donald trump has made it official. tweeting out that mike pence is his vice presidential pick. i want to show you the tweet. donald trump tweeting out moments ago. i am pleased to announce that i have chosen governor mike pence as my vice presidential running mate. initially, there was to have been the announcement made today at 11:00 a.m. but the trump campaign decided to postpone that in the wake of the terror attack out of nice.
7:55 am
and this is obviously something we have been watching for quite some time, but governor mike pence of indiana is the vice presidential pick for donald trump. they'll be a press conference soon with both of them tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. a lot more to tell you about of the terror attacks in nice. 84 people we know killed. 50 more remain in critical condition, many of them children. among the dead we now know at least two americans. this is 11-year-old brody copeland, his dad shawn from austin, texas, on vacation with family celebrating a birthday. a photo of brody taken just hours before that massacre. i want to go to cnn's jean casarez. we're learning now, just beginning, who some of these victims were. >> that's right, only two americans at this point, but they are, anderson, from texas, just as you said, the heart of texas, shawn and brody copland,
7:56 am
brody was 11 years old. he was a member of the hill country baseball team. i think we have a picture just released from the family of father and son. father actually coached the baseball team. but they were in france for, as you said, a family vacation. there was an aunt and two cousins that were there also. they started out according to the austin american statesmen in spain and wanted to celebrate bastille day. we have a statement from the family that came out early today, the family, that some of them still remain in texas, we are heartbroken and in shock over the loss of brody copeland an amazing son and brother who lit up our lives and sean copeland, a wonderful husband and father. they are so loved it and, anderson, according to the statement, they are from lakeway, texas which is right in the heart -- it's out from austin, it's the hill country, right next to lake travis, and the father, sean copeland,
7:57 am
worked at lenmarks corporation, he was a vice president. >> our hearts go out to all the victims. want to go back to sara murray standing by outside trump tower. sara, donald trump has made it official, mike pence, his vice presidential pick. >> he has made it official. not necessarily in the way that donald trump was hoping to. but fittingly, he is announcing the news on twitter. he said i am pleased to announce i have chosen governor mike pence as my vice presidential running mate. news conference tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. anderson, it is likely that news conference is going to be in new jersey but of course it hasn't been advised yet. with donald trump, these things don't tend to be set in stone. of course this is a decision that donald trump sort of wrestled with. he had a number of people, including many people he's known for much longer than mike pence in his short list in the final tier. cnn confirmed yesterday he had made the offer to mike pence and mike pence accepted.
7:58 am
but there was still a lot of nervousness. i think probably even on the part of those in mike pence's camp as they were awaiting for the official announcement. of course by noon today, mike pence has to withdraw his name for the race for the indiana governor's battle and so i think he'll feel a lot more comfortable doing that, now that donald trump has put out the tweet and made it official. >> do we know -- the press conference tomorrow, i assume they're appearing together at that? >> yes, we are expecting them to appear together. and of course mike pence is already in new york with a number of his senior aids. those are the aides we believe will work with him as he becomes vice president. it must have been a tense 24 hours for pence. he arrived in new york yesterday. he's been sitting in that hotel as donald trump has been out there saying "i haven't made my final final pick." and as don jr. saying there are still three people under consideration. all that was happening while mike pence was here in new york
7:59 am
under the impression the deal was done and he had been picked. so this has to be a weight off his shoulders today, anderson. >> is there going to be any campaigning over the weekend or are they just preparing for the convention which begins monday? >> that's one of the things we have been waiting to hear. usually when you announce your vice presidential pick, you do a fly-around to battleground states, maybe go to their home state. that's something we saw mitt romney do with paul ryan in 2012. this is obviously a tighter time frame because the convention begins on monday. i think that's one of the things the trump campaign is going to be gaming out. we know they were supposed to sit this evening for an interview with "60 minutes" together so it's likely that will still happen. the campaign schedule going forward has yet to be released so we will see. >> all right, sara murray, appreciate it, thank you. a lot going on, it is a fast-moving day. as you know, the death toll in nice now stands at 84. 50 according to france's
8:00 am
president still in critical state. as he said, critical condition. many of them according to france's president are children. thank you for joining me today. "at this hour" with berman and bolduan begins right now. hello, everyone, i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. we want to welcome viewers in the united states and around the world. we want to get straight to our breaking news. the capital of the french riviera becomes the latest target of terror. the main promenade in nice littered with bodies, stained with blood. overnight 84 people are dead. another 50 people are critically injured. many victims are children. that information coming just a short time ago from french president francois hollande. >> witnesses described the driver of


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