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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  July 30, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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hi, everyone, i'm poppy harlow in new york. we're following breaking news out of texas. a ter ishl accident has left 16 people dead. the sudden fire and crash of a hot air balloon near the town of lockhart, 30 miles south of austin. local and federal first responders are on the scene right now the sheriff's office has confirmed there are no survivors of the 16 on board the balloon when it went down at 7:30 local time. you look at this extremely high loss of life makes this the
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deadliest hot air balloon crash ever in the united states. i know it's early hours now but are they saying why it went down? >> there's been no official cause made. that's a ruling that will be made by ntsb investigators as they begin arriving on the scene and beginning their investigation essentially as a official for that organization said a while ago, treating this almost as a crime scene. as they photograph and collect evidence there from the scene. that's an extensive process. however, we are hearing from a law enforcement source here in texas saying that if you look close at the pictures in the video image, you'll see a long line of power lines in that area. that perhaps it appears at this point that the balloon made contact with those power lines igniting the fire there before it crashed to the ground. obviously those power lines will play a significant role and big part of this investigation trying to figure out exactly how this hot air balloon might have
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come in contact with those lines and why and that sort of thing. that's one of those key pieces of evidence that investigators will be looking towards. >> and ed in a moment we're going to speak to someone from the ntsb to get more information about what could have caused the 16 people. what do we know about the victims? >> no, at this point, no, we are waiting to hear just exactly who was on board. 16 people, it's not exactly clear did everybody on board this -- was it just a large group, one large group who knew each other or combination of smaller groups maybe a two or three friends who had gone on this hot air balloon ride on this early morning ride. we're still waiting to hear those kinds of details and the personal stories who was on board this hot air balloon. >> absolutely. what a tragedy. we're waiting for a lot more as you just heard from ed, thank you so much. stand by because we have this statement now coming to us from the governor of texas.
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greg abbott writing cecilia and i extend our deepest condolences by those affected by today's heartbreaking tragedies. thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families as well as the lockhart community and goes on to say this investigation into the cause of the tragic accident will continue and i ask all of texas to join in praying for those lost. with me now, renee marshing, our aviation correspondent and christopher o'neill, director of public affairs for ntsb. chris, we just heard what ed said about the possibility this balloon collided with some power lines causing a fire bringing it down. is that official? >> well, from the ntsb's point of view, we're early in the stage of the investigation and gathering information and evidence. so it's far too early to speculate about sequence of events or causes of the accident. >> what about weather? looking at these images the weather looks clear. was there any concern about the weather? i assume they wouldn't go up if
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there was. >> well, yeah, part of our process is looking at all of the contributing factors, all of the circumstances surrounding an accident, weather conditions and wind conditions and speeds and direction, all of the things that are present at the time of the accident leading up to the accident. those are all of the facts that we seek to gain through our investigation. >> 16 people in this balloon. for an average person like me, that stounds like a lot. is that a lot? >> it's my understanding that that is the maximum number of passengers allowed under the federal regulations governing those operations. >> and how do you go about investigating this? what are the first things your team is going to do on the ground there? obviously, first of all they are taking care of the victims, notifying family members but then as they try to decipher what caused it, what steps are they going through?
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>> so certainly we want to get on scene and have evidence preserved, document that evidence, there will be gathering of witness statements, try to gather any imagery that's available, video and photos of the accident site or accident as it occurred. we'll interview people involved with the company and strive to gain all of the information and data and evidence that we can while we're doing our field work for the accident. that field work usually last several days. when it's completed, all of the data and analysis and all of that information brought back to our headquarters at d.c. and we'll analyze that information. about 7 to 10 days, a preliminary report is released and that's basically a snap shot of what facts do we know at that point in time. the preliminary report doesn't
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contain probable cause, doesn't speculate as to contributing factors, it's simply a summary of what we learned at that point in time. >> stand by for me if you can, christopher. thank you for that. i want to bring in renee marsh. when you look at the regulations for operating these balloons, what kind of restrictions and regulations are they under? what kind of training do pilots need to have? >> well, we do know that the faa is very much a part of the regulations when it comes to these hot air balloons or the last guest was saying, one of the things they are going to be looking at in in investigation is the pilot, you know, they'll look at the couple of considerations and look at was this pilot error or mechanical issue that led to whatever went wrong there. so besides the experience and maintenance records of the balloons and also want to know was there something wrong with
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the mechanics of this thing. those are all things the not only the faa and ntsb will look into, were all regulations being followed at the time but ntsb will try to hammer down exactly what caused this. as we have been reporting, poppy, there are thee reports of this fire possibly on board before this crash happened and while we don't know and it is too early to know what caused it, you talk to anyone who knows about flying a hot air balloon, they will tell you that a fire on board is probably one of the most dangerous situations. the only way to escape is essentially jumping over board and as you have people jumping over board the balloon makes it lighter and makes it more dangerous because it flies even higher, poppy. >> right. >> so we do know this fire did operate on board according to the faa, again, we don't know the sequence of events. >> renee, thank you for the reporting, i'll let you get back
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to. i know you're in the midst of talking to your sources, good luck down there, we appreciate it. of course as this develops and we learn more in the hours ahead we'll bring them to you. 16 people lost, mass fatality situation there in texas. a lot ahead this hour, federal officials investigating a hack involving the clinton campaign. also donald trump going all in. >> i'm taking the gloves off, right? yes. taking the gloves off. >> the general election race heats up with the battle for critical swing states. will they go blue or red? which one matters the most on the road to the white house this time around? also, bernie sanders supporters making themselves heard all week, even booing hillary clinton during her acceptance speech. she wants to win them over. the question is, can she? all of that straight ahead. stay with us. one coat, yes!
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ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs, walgreens and rite aid. 101 days, that is all that stands between now and election day. in this race, that has already been full of surprises to say the least, here is another one. federal officials now say they are investigating whether a computer program used by the clinton camp was breached, possibly as part of the same cyber attack that led to those embarrassing dnc e-mails being linked online over the weekend. here's how the trump campaign responded, this seems to be a problem wherever hillary clinton goes, hopefully this time there wasn't classify or top secret information that puts american lives at risk. that is a clear reference to clinton's e-mail scandal involving the private server she used. this for the clinton campaign is
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a very busy weekend and on a bus tour through the battleground states of pennsylvania and ohio, part of a fight to win over white working class male voters, voters that donald trump did so well with during the primary season. cnn's senior political correspondent brianna keilar, part of the karavan joins me on phone. let's talk first about this hack. the clinton camp is going along ways to make a very clear distinction between what was hacked and not hacked. >> they are, they put out a statement yesterday and put out ood one to add more clarity to that. dnc hacking, the e-mails were breached and released by wikilea wikileaks. the campaign wants to be clear that what the issue is is a voter anl lit ticks --
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including -- [ inaudible ] >> it's still alarming, this is still a hacking. [ inaudible ] >> hey, brianna, i'm so sorry, the phone is cutting out. we will try to get reconnected and she's on bus, we've all been through it. as we do get her back on the line, let's bring in the political panel talk. joining me now ron brownstein of atlantic and "washington post" columnist josh rog an and andre bauer, trump supporter. let's first begin with the hack. this is not good optics no matter that distinction brianna was explaining the clinton camp
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saying no e-mails were hacked, this is an analytic server. how do they get around this one? >> look, i think her own e-mails is a major issue, has been a major issue and will be a major issue in the campaign. these clearly taken on a lot of damage because of that. i don't see this as part of that. looking at the partisan implications of this is really missing the forest for the trees. the core issue as john brennan said yesterday in aspen, we appear to have foreign actors trying to manipulate an american election. and all of the national intelligence officials are saying clear indications are this is russia -- russian intelligence services, pursuing a systemic attack on institutions of the democratic party. i don't think we know whether they are doing this to help donald trump or throw the election in chaos. the core question is a national
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security question of what are the implications and how do we respond to this extraordinary escalation of hostilities if in fact it is proven that russian intelligence are directly trying to manipulate the results of our election for whatever purposes they have in mind. >> all right, i also want to bring hillary rosen in here, a cnn political commentator and hillary clinton supporter. when you look at this and i want you to listen to what the founder of wikileaks said about this specifically to our anderson cooper last night and get your response on the other side. sounds like we don't have it -- >> more material related to the hillary clinton campaign. it is correct to say that. to be very precise in reporting the statements, which are always very precise. and yeah, those are extremely interesting and we will see what
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will become of them. >> hillary, he said we have more material related to the hillary clinton campaign. as a clinton supporter, the notion that that information could drop at any time, how much does that concern you? >> well, i'm not concerned about the content because political campaigns have on both sides of the aisle have the same kinds of discussions. what i am concerned about is what ron was just talking about, this just unbelievable violation of our systems our political systems and you know, julian assange didn't do the initial infiltration although the fact that wikileaks exists an an outlet to distribute it doesn't help. the people who are infiltrating these campaign systems and these political systems are doing it for long-term political gain and that is scary. i think back and ron will
12:18 pm
remember this to the 2000 gore campaign where the chinese government was discovered to be trying to finance multiple events and so people are saying that the chinese are trying to buy serp tishs influence into our government. that was before all of this technology existed. so we know that you know, there are other ways to infiltrate the government, other ways to have impact on the political outcomes today because of technology. it's very frightening. >> so let me bring andre in here as a trump supporter. some have pointed at this and said, look, this is russia trying to medle in the u.s. election and help donald trump. trump tweeted this week i have no association with russia. he's clearly trying to draw the line but also said flattering things about vladimir putin in past and tried many times to build trump tower in moscow, et cetera. say what you will, but is this bad optics for your candidate?
12:19 pm
does he need to come out more forcefully against this? >> i think the democrats have done a majorly good job of trying to pin him to it in some ways. most advanced countries spy. but i've been told if the russian government were doing this, they are so good they wouldn't leave a trace that we even knew they got in there. who knows who's doing it or for what purpose. the opposition could help him do it and only throw nug gets they wanted to know and the trump campaign is the one doing this. >> do you think trump should come out more forcefully against it? >> the clinton foundation took $500,000 in speaking fee for bill clinton, got a personal call from vladimir putin. so there's plenty of dots to connect on other side. as americans we should be more concerned to do everything we can to protect the data in this
12:20 pm
country. >> i want to get josh in here and move onto the important bus tour of swing states of pennsylvania and ohio. josh, you pointed out that kaine and clinton are using in phrase, make it in america as they go through the critical swing states. how tough of a sell is that for clinton? especially the fact she was pro-tpp before she flipped on it and everyone knows a lot of manufacturing jobs that have left those states are not coming back. how does they walk the line honestly with the voters and yet sell this made in america pitch? >> yeah, poppy, i think it's a very tough sell for clinton and kaine as they tour pennsylvania and ohio by focusing on the fact that donald trul p has been considered for outsourcing. the polls show clearly, trump is up 5 points on when it comes to
12:21 pm
who do you trust on the economy. with white males it's 30-something points. what they've done is come up with this 37-point economic plan, trillion dollar of new spending and infrastructure and taking care of families to go to work and train for higher paid jobs. it's very complicated. the problem they are facing, it's too complicated and when trump goes in and said trade bad and manufacturing is coming back and i'll take care of it. that resonates with these types of voters. she's trying hard to layout a detailed policy. it may be too detailed. >> i think it's interesting ron, you wrote about this in the atlantic and said, the democratic party open to all immigrants races and gender and sexual orientation have enough room for less educated white voters. explain that? >> the democratic party has been
12:22 pm
losing white voters without a college education for a long time and managed to win the popular vote in five of the past six elections. but that doesn't mean you can lose by infinite amounts and win the election. centered on millennials and socially educated whites and that is the principle target of the democratic convention over the four days. several analysts have noted the biggest blindspot, there wasn't that much reflected -- there were few, but not many speaking to white working class voters. pennsylvania and ohio are different. ohio may be the single toughest state to hold among the states that president obama won in 2012 because it tilts so far towards the noncollege white voters. in pennsylvania, it's a bigger share of the vote are college educated white collar white voters where donald trump is struggling more. no republican nominee in the history of polling has lost
12:23 pm
college educated white voters going back to 1952. those kind of vote ares in the suburbs of philadelphia make pennsylvania a tougher hill. if he climz ohio and doesn't get pennsylvania, he's still looking kind of behind -- still looking uphill at that point. >> that's why you called pennsylvania more critical for clinton than ohio. before we go, we want your take on this. today a little earlier today, donald trump tweeted about the debates, not happy, as usual hillary and dems are trying to rig the debates. two are up against major nfl games same as last time with bernie, unacceptable. as a trump supporter, here's the thing, there's a bipartisan group that comes out with this debate schedule, a year ago, a year ago before we knew who the candidates were. how do you square that? >> i can understand his frustration because the very people to be watching these football games are the very voters he's going after. >> but calling it rigged. there's a difference between frustration and rigged.
12:24 pm
saying this is against him. >> i don't know his perspective on that. i can see where his concern would come from. the voters that they are fighting over tending to go towards him will be watching football games earn they have to compete with that. >> hillary rosen, final thought? >> final thought, plenty of democrats watch football games and it's worth noting that the debate schedule that was up some concern last year actually had the highest rated debates in democratic history. people are going to be interested in these debates and interested in watching how hillary clinton and donald trump square up. she is full of solutions and he is full of hypocrisy and despite josh's view it's too complicated for the american people to understand, i think they will. >> all right, well, nfl games are must see tv i think these debates are definitely as well. thank you all. stay with me, program note for you tomorrow morning, our very
12:25 pm
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you're looking at live pictures of a group gathered in johnstown pennsylvania, at wire technologies, hillary clinton
12:29 pm
and her husband bill clinton touring the factory right now, part of the multistate bus tour of ohio and pennsylvania where they have specifically set out to go places where things are made, trying to make a play for those white working class voters there in johnstown, pennsylvania. much more on that in a moment. donald trump making a few jaws drop, more than a few days ago when he appeared to challenge russian computer hackers to try to find hillary clinton's 30,000 deleted e-mails. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> that comment poured fuel on democrat's fire who say comments like that make trump unfit to be president. trump fired back and said he was just kidding. >> i obviously was being sarcastic. the people in the room were laughing and found it very funny, everybody knew that. >> there's a context here that's really important.
12:30 pm
donald trump has made numerous comments about russia and his respect for president putin. we want to know what exactly is his relationship with putin and with russia. here's more. >> wouldn't it be nice if we did get along with russia. >> reporter: donald trump trading compliments with russian president and adversary, vladimir putin. >> even putin. >> reporter: their relationship under knew scrutiny with u.s. officials now saying it was russia that hacked 20,000 e-mails from the democratic national committee. wikileaks released the e-mails on the eve of the democratic party convention. the timing raising questions about whether it was an attempt to influence the u.s. election perhaps in trump's favor. director of national intelligence james clapper told us while it's too early to tell with certainty it was russia kremlin does have an interest in
12:31 pm
undermining the u.s. political process. >> is it your view that russia has the intention of if not influencing this election undermining confidence in the u.s. political process? >> they see a u.s. conspiracy behind every bush. they believe we're trying to influence political developments in russia, their natural response is to retaliate. >> that is a very serious concern for the u.s. government. >> was this just to stir up trouble or was this ultimately to try to influence an election? of course, this is a serious, serious proposition. >> reporter: when asked by erin burnett, the campaign manager discounted the theory that russia leaked the documents to help put trump in the white house. >> it's absurd. you may know it and if you do you ought to expose it. >> reporter: trump maintains he has no connections to russia whatsoever and cnn has not been able to findny current business
12:32 pm
operations there. >> i have nothing to do with putin. never spoken to him. >> reporter: when he brought his miss universe pageant to moscow in 2013, trump said he spoke personally with putin. >> i was in russia, in moscow recently and i spoke indirectly and directly with president putin who could not have been nicer. >> and now trump's favorable comments about russia has u.s. allies worried whether the u.s. would defend them against russian aggression. >> it's very bothersome to our foreign partners. and i hear that from my counterparts. >> cnn, washington. >> jim, thank you so much for that. coming up next, we continue with politics and bernie sanders supporters were loud and loyal until the end. you heard this this week at the democratic convention. is the battle lost for them or can clinton still win them over? can she get them to the polls to support her?
12:33 pm
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can you manage being a delegate at 18 years old? probably not but i'm going to introduce you to an 18-year-old bernie sanders supporter who played an important role this week in hillary clinton's nomination. >> how do you cast your 26 votes? vermont passes. >> vermont passes. those words from astra o'leary at the microphone on tuesday night. state part leaders instructed her to pass when it was vermont's turn during the vote for roll call. the move forced the democratic convention to circle back to vermont at the end. that allowed sanders himself to personally and symbolically and
12:37 pm
unanimously support clinton. she joins me now live. thank you for being with us. >> thank you so much for having me. >> i know i can't keep you very long because you told us when we were booking you for the show you have to go to your job at the ice cream shop, right? >> yes. >> bosses, if you're watching, she's busy if she's a few minutes late, cut her some slack. in all seriousness, thank you for being with us. did you recognize the historical magnitude of that moment when you came to the mike and said vermont passes? >> that whole moment was very, very surreal for me. i think it's just beginning to hit me now that i've had time to reflect on my experience at the convention, the historical significance of all that went down and i'm just so grateful that i had that opportunity. >> it was very significant because by doing that, they circled back to you guys and vermont is a state and bernie sanders unanimously supported
12:38 pm
hillary clinton. i know you would have liked to see sanders accept the nomination but now that it is hillary clinton, are you on board with her? >> you know, i'm getting there. i'm a very strong bernie supporter but i really appreciate how she's adopted aspects of bernie's platform. i'm plan on supporting her in november. >> you're one of many, many young voters, young millennials and even the generation younger than that that got on the bernie sanders train, that felt the bern this primary season. do you believe that your peers in that group will ult natalie support clinton or do you see them staying home instead of casting votes or supporting trump? >> you know, of all of the young delegates i met at the convention, i can confidently say none of them will be supporting trump. i think that we're all on same page as far as need to do all we can to prevent trump from taking
12:39 pm
office. and i think that voting for clinton is the most -- is the best way to do that. >> tell me about the first time you met bernie sanders. what was that like and what was it about the 75-year-old man, senator for a long time if you talk about an established politician, he is one. what is it about him that appealed to you and so many other young democrats? >> well, the first time i met bernie sanders was actually when he came down to join our delegation for roll call. so the first time i met him was on national television. but before that, i think that just his integrity really inspired a bunch of young people because speaking -- i can only speak for myself when i say this but i really think that the establishment needed a revitalization of sorts and i think bernie provided that. >> there was a moment that stood out so much from comedian sara silver man.
12:40 pm
let's roll it. >> can i just say, to the bernie or bust people, you're being ridiculous. >> what was your reaction to that as such a strong sanders supporter? what did you make of it? >> i honestly didn't know how i felt about that because a lot of members of the delegation you know -- i respect them -- bernie or bust, i personally have never been bernie or bust because i see the importance of party unity. but she's entitled to her opinion, i guess. >> yeah. it was interesting to see the sort of mixed response to that. a aster, thank you so much for joining us. one day you'll be able to telling your kids about it at 18 as a delegate. get to the ice cream shop.
12:41 pm
>> thank you so much. >> good to have you. we're going to take you live to rio the summer olympics six days away. are rethey ready? a lot of headaches making rio. we take you there next. the wolf was huffing and puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol
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ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!" >> all right just six days until the summer olympics officially begin in rio and the first
12:45 pm
headaches, polluted water and construction delays and 100 athletes or officials evacuated after a fire in a parking garage. an official close to the investigation telling cnn the fire is being investigated for possible arson. on top of that, major concerns about the spread of the zika virus. let's go straight to our brazil bureau chief as she joins me live in rio. we've been talking about this for months and months and we're days away. the australian team initially refused to move into the olympic village because they were concerned about the conditions, right? >> reporter: exactly, poppy, there's a bit of sad coincidence here if you will. they were rushed out of the building when there was smoke. firefighters went in and what they found was a couple of card board boxes in the basement that had caught fire. now the head of the australian delegation herself thinks that
12:46 pm
it could have been a cigarette but the bigger problem is that the fire alarm didn't go off. the fire alarm had been turned off because of construction in an apartment building nextdoor. so now the australian delegation is asking that all workers be stopped from smoking, they pick up rubish and put a fire marshall on each floor until they get a fire alarm system back up and working. >> this is just one headache of many for the olympics there. there's major concerns that the construction is not going to be rds. there's huge concerns about the zika virus and the president of the country has been impeached, won't even be leading right now. does it feel for where you're sitting this country is ready for the eyes of the world to be on it? >> reporter: poppy, it does not feel like they are ready but it does feel they are getting ready to be ready if you will. we're already seeing lines of people in front of the olympic rings taking selfies. there's a bit of enthusiasm
12:47 pm
growing but at the same time, that enthusiasm isn't translating into ticket sales, just to give you an idea six days out there are more than a million tickets still left up for grabs. a lot of that has to do with two years of recession and all of the political chaos you mentioned, but with the enthusiasm, we're just beginning to feel it. let's see if that can really translate into ticket sales for next six days. >> six days to go. a huge challenge ahead, no question. shasta, thank you. coming up next we'll talk more about zika, a major concern at the olympics. looking here at home, health officials in southern florida four people have been infected by local mosquitos, not bringing in the disease from brazil per se but being infected at home in florida. how they are trying to stop the spread, a live report up next.
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all right. you are looking at live pictures right now out of downtown pennsylvania. that is an event where tim kaine, vice presidential candidate, is speaking. you see former president bill clinton and candidate hillary clinton right behind him. the democratic ticket fresh off their democratic convention skprksz campaigning in those critical swing states of pennsylvania and ohio. we'll monitor that for you. more live in just a moment.
12:52 pm
meantime i wanted to take you to south florida. that's where officials are trying to zero in on the zika virus, be more aggressive in terms of blood testing and mosquito strai spraying. why? because the cdc has confirmed the first local transmission of the elevators by mosquitos located in the u.s. officials are going door to door in two counties testing residents for zika. this after four cases surfaced in miami-dade county and also broward county. nick valencia is there and joins me now from miami. i can't overstate the significance of the development that these are mosquitos from florida that infected people. these aren't people coming from brazil into florida already infected that changes the game. >> reporter: it does. absolutely. that this has long been aeched not just by the cdc but by
12:53 pm
florida state health officials. they are underscoring that the state has done a lot to prepare for this moment. spring in this area, earlier this -- they have been spraying in this area, earlier they put insecticides in the atmosphere. they have been getting rid of outstanding water. there is a myriad of ways to contract the virus, but state officials here believe these four who contracted this virus all from this winwood area got it by being bit by a mosquito. though we should mention all those mosquitos that have been trapped, none of them so far have tested positive for the zika virus. a huge concern no doubt. >> what are people telling you. i no you are later on speaking with a couple that is trying to get pregnant. obviously they are concerned, right? but what about other people that aren't pregnant or trying to get pregnant? because the big concern is zika is what it does to unborn fetuses. >> reporter: the concern seems to be isolated to that group of
12:54 pm
people, either pregnant women or couples that are trying the get pregnant right now. you would be surprised to learn that the majority of the people that we talked on the streets here in winwood they are not that concerned about it. tourists and residents alike. just a while before coming on camera i asked somebody who was walking on the street. she was wondering why all the cameras are here. i said this is the news about the zika virus being transmitted here. she said oh,s that it? that's the reaction we have been getting. tourists saying this is not going to stop them from seeing miami. state health officials say they hope to have stopped the virus so far that it's just these four people. they will continue to go door to door to get the tests done and make sure that no one else here has the virus. >> because there is no vaccine and no cure for it right now. nick, thank you so much. i want to take you back to johnstown, pennsylvania let's listen to vice presidential candidate, tim kaine. >> she has just about the best
12:55 pm
life partner that you could imagine if you are trying to serve others. please i have a round of applause to president clinton. you know, for all of us on stage, and frankly for anybody who has their values straight, it's not about title. it is not about money. it is not about prestige. it's not about popularity. it's about what you can do to help folks out. and that's why i'm so excited to be here on this tour with hillary, bill, and my wife, anne. for us to just be sitting on a bus shooting the breeze with hillary and bill clinton, i mean i've got to tell you i'm still sort of pinching myself. yesterday we have a boy in the marines who deployed over seas earlier this week. and we were to -- and i know that nick is a marine. we were able to get him on the phone and have him talk to our running nats. and, man, that just blew him away. that's something that he felt so good about many time zones away. but, look, we are here because the convention was great, and
12:56 pm
pennsylvania did a superb job. we think we know hospitality in virginia. but philly in pennsylvania did a superb job. but this is the -- this is the part of the campaign i like best. >> foand millions moremericans lwho feel its effects.s, let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. find your walk near you at
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. these babies are in the nicu but months at a time. when a child is going to be in the hospital for a long term stay, you think of all the medical expenses and things of that nature. but when you end up with the reality that this parking is going to cost you so much money it's not something the people expect of it's definitely a significant burden on families and there are a lot of babies who are alone a lot of the time. this is cnn breaking news. >> top of the hour, 4:00 p.m. eastern i'm poppy harlow joining you from new york. we join you this hour with breaking news. an early morning accident in texas leaving no survivors. a hot air la boone appears to have hit a power line, caught fire, crashed to the ground. 16 people were on board. all of those lives we're told were lost. ed


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