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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 1, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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call now! you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin, thanks for being with me on this monday afternoon. count them with me, 99 days until you decide who the next president of the united states will be and donald trump begin this is week trying to emerge from a pile of controversies. his talk of putin not invading ukraine when, p.s. putin already has. he's called to move the presidential debates for reasons never cited before. most intensely, here, his response to the parents of a fallen muslim american soldier. the outrage against trump regarding the khans has come from actually his own party's leadership and, moments ago,
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president obama said this about families like the khans, families who have lost ones killed in action. >> because i understood that our gold star families have made a sacrifice that most of us cannot even begin to imagine. [ cheers and applause ] they represent the very best of our country. they continue to inspire us, everyday, every moment. they serve as a powerful reminder of the true strength of america. is. >> so just a second ago captain khan's father was here, he was on "new day" this morning. we'll see that in just a moment talking about why he called out mr. trump during the democratic national convention last week in philadelphia. he said trump had sacrificed nothing and that he offered his pocket constitution for trump to read. trump called khan a hero but to his father trump tweeted this, let me yet. "mr. khan, who does not know me, viciously attacked me from the
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stage of the dnc and is now all over tv doing the same. nice." trump also said this about sacrifice sacrifices. >> i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, i've built great structures, i've done -- i've had tremendous success. >> let's begin with our political director here at cnn david chalian. let me also say that the veterans of foreign wars want an apology saying trump's "history of lashing out after being attacked is out of bounds." trump held a fund-raiser instead of attending a debate a couple months ago. if he does not apologize how
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will this affect him? >> i wouldn't expect an apology. that's not donald trump's style at all. i would be very surprised at that. listen, i think that we have seen this cycle a few times now where donald trump said something, gets into a controversial political battle, there is blowback from his own party on it then they are in a bind to continue to support his candidacy but admonish him for the controversial comments and trump tries to blow throw it. and that's the cycle we're in right now, brook. what is different here is that you're dealing with one of the most sacred portions of america and that is our gold star families whose loved ones gaye t -- gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving to protect us. >> a lot of people jumped on mr. trump when he criticized john mccain and i want to read a portion of this powerful statement that senator john mccain put out today but to your point i think this is different.
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this is what john mccain had said today. let me just read a portion of it. "in recent days donald trump disparaged a fallen soldier's parents, he has suggested that the likes of their son should not be allowed in the united states to say nothing of entering its service. i cannot emphasize how deeply i disagree with mr. trump's statement. i hope americans understand that the remarks do not represent the views of our republican party, its officers or candidates." he goes on "i claim no moral superiority over donald trump. i have a long and well-known public and private record for which i will have to answer the final judgment and i repose my hope in the promise of mercy and the moderation of age. i challenge the nominee to set the example for what our country can and should represent. arizona is watching. it is time for donald trump to set the party -- set the example for our country and the future of the republican party while our party has bestowed upon him
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the nomination, it is not accompaniedunfettered license to defame those who are the best among us." i'd love to have you speaking to the statement because when you read in full it's incredibly strong. it's senator john mccain saying "mr. trump, you're wrong." and to the point about how this is different, because this is sacred ground here, what sort of support could mr. trump lose? >> well, he doesn't lose john mccain's support, which is worth noting. so, yes it's a strong statement and he charges mr. trump to lead the country and the party away from this kind of rhetoric and what it does not end with is a repudiation of the trump candidacy or john mccain saying he sees no way to vote for donald trump in the fall. so in that respect it's not different but i do think that what you have to watch for -- and this is the stage of the campaign we're at right now. we know donald trump has an
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unbelievably loyal base of voters and yet that base of voters is bigger than in the primaries because there are americans that didn't participate in the primary process that due subscribe fully and support donald trump's philosophy. but that will not be enough to win an election so you have to start looking for where does donald trump add voters to his coalition and i think moments like this make it very difficult to see where he adds coalition. he may not lose anyone but i don't see where he adds. >> in these key final 99 days. david chalian, thank you so much as always. we mentioned gold star families. a band of gold star families are demanding mr. trump apologize. they wrote this letter to trump posting it on the web site and this is what they write to mr. trump. "your recent comments regarding the khan family were repugnant and personally offensive to us. when you question a mother's pain by implying her religion not her grief kept her from addressing an arena of people, you are attacking us.
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when you say your job building buildings is akin to our sacrifice, you are attacking our sacrifice. you are not just attacking us, you are cheapening the sacrifice made by those we lost. you are minimizing the risk our service members make for all of us. this goes beyond politics. it is about a sense of decency, a kind of decency you mock as political correctness. we feel we must speak out and demand you apologize to the khans, to all gold star families and to all americans for your offensive and frankly anti-american comments." my next guest signed the letter. his brother army sergeant shane duffy was killed in 2008 fig fighting the war in iraq. kevin duffy is also with which is a non-partisan pac that has publicly denounced donald trump and so, kevin, thank you so much for joining me.
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>> thank you for having me on. i personally appreciate all that you have done for gold star families and veterans. >> i know we played in softball game together at fenway, massachusetts softball heroes. so appreciate you and my condolences all these years later with regard to your brother. but let me begin, before we get into -- >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. before we get into the back and forth about all of this, i want to remember your brother and the phone call. do you remember that day, the words when shane was killed? >> so i was actually -- i was living in rhode island at the time and i remember all i could hear from my sister when she had called is that there were two people at the door and it's about shane and i was at the time -- i was -- i wasn't driving at the time so i actually ran from are providence
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to our house in massachusetts, i got picked up about halfway and got home and found out that there was a casualty officer there and -- it was -- to be honest, you know, it was the worst day of my life i hope ever. i don't wish anybody that news and as some gold star family member says, this is not the club that you want to be a part of. i love that my brother was willing to sacrifice his life but i wish that he was here with his daughter, to be honest. >> you just mentioned the word "sacrifice." i wanted to ask you about that. this word kevin has been tossed around and as the brother of one of our nation's heroes how do you personally explain sacrifice? >> well, it's not donating to foundation. it's not giving people jobs. if you're making money off of the thing that you call sacrifice, i think that is --
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and i understand soldiers get paid, right? but it's not the same, you know? creating jobs is not a sacrifice and not to personally attack mr. trump because i don't want to become twitter fodder, but to say that -- to defend your comments against mrs. khan, captain khan's mother, with the fact that you've also made sacrifices and who are they to -- it's not the same and it's just ignorant. it is, it's absolutely ignorant. and for other people that have come on, commentators, to say that, you know, mr. khan's attacks were vicious attacks and that -- and he was being manipulated by democratic powers is ludicrous because they also had a gold star mother of one of the benghazi victims and you
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keep on hearing these comments, is it a guilty conscience? are they feeling guilty that they exploited somebody and hoping the democrats did as well? i mean, the fact -- to think that gold star family members are blank sheets of paper are so naive that we can be manipulated by whatever populist politician that decides to run for president is -- it's -- that's -- it goes beyond the race for the american presidency and it's as -- i believe kristen cavanaugh, who was a marine that spoke at the dnc, this is no longer a judgment of donald trump's character, this is a judgment of the american character and are we will to elect somebody that will question a gold star mother's grieving and try to exploit their religion as a reason as
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for her mourning over him -- i have an accent. her mourning over her lost son. it's disgusting and it's disgusting that people are willing to get up and go on all of the tv shows which i've been watching today and say things like -- mchughes is her name? mchughes, one of the people had said that she speaks for all gold star family members and that the khan's don't speak -- you know, the idea that the khans are talking about mr. trump specifically in that standing up for the khan's is standing up against mr. trump and that we want hillary clinton to be elected is also a family. you can support not attacking gold star family members like john mccain did and not support hillary clinton. the thing is is that you have a gentleman that attacks a gold star mother that previously had
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said that people that get captured are not heroes or that's not heroic. well, as a gold star family member, when you belittle a gold star father and mother and question their sacrifice or question their constitutional right to say what they want, whether it's on a dnc stage or not. and you're willing to throw under the bus john mccain who is -- you might not agree with his policies. i don't agree with everything that john mccain does but i tell you what, he's an american hero, just like bob dole was and to attack them -- and he's in your same party. to attack them and say he's some type of -- he's not an american hero and to put that out to the american psyche, is that where we want to go with this country? is that the type of message that
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the gop wants their presidential candidate to be putting out there? >> and that's a piece of the question and i'm glad you mentioned whether it's the dnc stage and rnc stage and i just wanted to sit here and listen to you. >> i'm so sorry. >> no, appreciate you. i want to tell our viewers, we'll speak with a mother who lost her son in benghazi who spoke at the rnc just to hear both perspectives, both people irked at the other candidate but bottom line, you know, just hearing from so many people, including yourself, it's not okay. keavin duffy, thank you so much. i really appreciate all of your time. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> in addition to all of this with mr. trump and these gold star families, you have this -- he says vladimir putin will not invade ukraine even though putin already has. now trump is trying to clean it up. we have the back-and-forth for you. we'll discuss that, also ahead, the "washington post" giving hillary clinton four pinocchios for her remarks on a sunday
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welcome back, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. a little confusion today about what donald trump knows with regard to the russian occupation of ukraine. it all started on this answer to this question on abc news about vladimir putin. >> i have my ideas. he's not going to go into ukraine. just so you understand. he won't go into ukraine. you can mark it down, put it down, any way you want. >> he's already there yet, isn't he? >> well, in a certain way but i'm not there yet, obama's there. and that part of the world is a mess with all the strength you're talking about and the power of this and in the meantime, he takes crimea, he's sort of -- i mean -- >> but you said you might recognize that. >> i'm going to take a look at it. but the people of crimea from what i've heard would rather be with russia than where they were.
11:20 am
>> his comments bringing about a wave of ridicule saying this is more evidence that mr. trump doesn't have a handle on foreign policy. trump is trying to clairefy his position. his tweet "when i said in an interview putin is not going into ukraine, you can mark it down" i am saying if i am president. already in crimea. so that's the response from mr. trump. joining me now, carl hig bi, conservative pundit, donald trump supporter, former navy seal. peter beinart is also with us today. cnn contributor to the "the atlantic." so gentlemen, good to see both of you. beginning with you. what was that with george stephanopoulos? was he misspeaking? you can understand why people are jumping on this and saying he doesn't know what he's talking about. >> we always look at how trump says things. he doesn't always say things perfectly. he speaks from the heart, from the gut emotion that he has right there but what we saw hire was the fact that trump says "when i'm president." he cleared it up in a tweet. he's done this before. when i'm president putin's going
11:21 am
to get out of ukraine. >> do you think he was speaking from the heart and his gut and that's what he meant? >> well, he said "putin is not going to go into ukraine" and i think if you look at the larger context on his statements in foreign policy in general, he didn't know what brexit meant, he didn't know what the nuclear triad was twice. so the evidence based on donald trump's record suggests it's likely in fact that his understanding of what happened in ukraine is quite thin. >> well, i think here's another thing, too. he said broader picture. let's look at the broader picture. why did putin go into ukraine? putin has been subsidizing their natural gas. so it will take a tough negotiator like donald trump to get out of there -- >> how would he know how to do that? >> this is a negotiation. it's a business negotiation. putin wants to protect his assets in the natural gas industry in the crimea peninsula. so you bring someone like donald trump in there who understands business, especially the petroleum industry, he can come in and say, look, let's work out a deal that will be profitable
11:22 am
for you, profitable for ukraine if they want to break away and have economic freedom from your natural gas, let's find out how we can make it worth it but let's get you out of there. >> isn't negotiating a deal, let's say -- he's a successful businessman negotiating a deal over property or real estate. that's another thing than negotiating with the leader of russia over, you know, ukraine. >> but putin has always projected strength and i think he'll respect strength. donald trump does that. barack obama doesn't. so with the red line in the sand in syria, putin felt he could walk over obama, any foreign poll six any ideas he had. he won't do that with donald trump. >> what are your questions? >> the strange part of that answer to me is that trump is suggesting he's going to recognize wrurussian annexation crimea. you say he's going to get russia out of crimea. the series of statement us that pine has made and the history of paul manafort very close to pro-russian oligarchs in ukraine, the removing of the language in the platform about arming the ukraine in opposition
11:23 am
suggests that donald trump wants to pursue a softer line not the harder line you're suggesting. >> well, i think we need to look at the fact that donald trump here has been committed to the fact that he's willing to use force on certain things but he's also a fair negotiator. he will negotiate wherever possible. he's not in the military -- didn't vote for iraq like hillary clinton did. he wants to completely mandate that any type of thing, go through negotiations first and he's been successful in the private sector through negotiations. >> we could debate whether with the six bankruptcies he'd be a richer man -- >> how many successful businesses did he have? >> donald trump? >> yeah. >> i don't know how many he had. >> over 900. >> and if he had taken his father's money and put in the the s&p 500, he'd have more money than he does today. >> and 10,000 people would haven't jobs. >> negotiating with other real estate companies in new york is not the same as negotiating with foreign leaders and negotiating with foreign leaders, knowing something matters and donald trump has shown again and again
11:24 am
he doesn't really even know basic things about the world. that troubles me. >> it's funny, you talk about knowing basic things, you just sat here and smashed donald trump for seven bankruptcies -- >> i said six, you said seven. >> it is seven. but you didn't know the fact that he had over 900 companies, successful companies. >> i'm not running for the job of expert on donald trump's real estate. donald trump's running for the job of commander in chief. he needs to know something about other countries, doesn't he? i mean, doesn't it bother you he didn't know what the nuclear triad was and six months later when he was asked again he still didn't know? >> doesn't it bother you that hillary clinton -- >> why don't you answer my question? >> why don't you answer mine? >> i'll talk about hillary clinton as much as you want but first answer my question. does it bother you? >> not really. this guy has been a politician for a year. hillary clinton has been a politician for 35 years. she still doesn't know a great deal of things. donald trump is learning quickly and he's going to make the right decisions when he's in office. >> i have lots of concerns about hillary clinton, but it seems to me no longer how long you've been a politician, if you're running for president you should
11:25 am
know what the nuclear triad is, you should know where we have our nuclear weapons. >> okay, peter and carl, appreciate it very much. both perspectives. you want to hear them both. coming up, breaking news now, zika virus now spreading in florida. in a rare move today, the cdc is suggesting women avoid this one section of miami where the zika virus is found. dr. sanjay gupta is there in rio de janeiro, brazil, how unusual is this, sanjay? >> i don't know that i've ever heard of this happening before where the cdc basically because of an infectious disease has told people to avoid a particular american neighborhood. i don't know that that's ever happened before. this is a big deal. no question about it. frightening as you might imagine, brooke, if you are someone who is pregnant living in that area. or if you're someone who has been pregnant and traveled to that area since june 15.
11:26 am
that's also what the cdc is saying is that going back to june 15 they suspect that these mosquitos were circulating so if you're a pregnant person and traveled to this area, hopefully you're looking at a map and seeing where we're talking about specifically, if you traveled to that area since june 15 and you're pregnant you should get tested as well. this hasn't happened before, brook, in terms of these types of recommendation bus as you and i have talked about this is not unexpected. we have known for some time that the mosquito that transmits the zika virus is present in the united states, south florida, south texas, louisiana, other areas as well, that the zika virus was going to be here and was going to start transmitting locally as we call it, meaning transmitting by mosquitos. so not unexpected but still, you know, pretty -- what somewhat remarkable development in the world of health and infectious diseases. >> it's a big deal. once upon a time we were talking about maybe where you are and
11:27 am
now we're talking miami. we have the details and we threw the map up for people watching. go to and you'll know precisely what part of miami we're talking about. dr. gupta in rio, thank you so much for now. i know we're talking later. coming up next, more leaks are coming. that warning from the founder of wikileaks julian assange who says his organization is getting ready to publish more material related to hillary clinton's presidential campaign. also ahead, clinton's comment that fact checkers at the "washington post" gave four pinocchios, their worst possible rating. soon donald trump holding a town hall in ohio. ohio one of three key battleground states. his campaign plans to focus there over the next 99 days. stay with me.
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hillary clinton is making a surprising stop in the republican stronghold of nebraska and the man giving her a sfwhoost tboost? the oracle of omaha himself. warren buffett is expected to make the case for hillary clinton's economic plan. but she is coming under
11:32 am
criticism from fact checkers for this remark. >> director comey said my answers were truthful and what i've said is consistent with what i have told the american people, that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the e-mails. >> "washington post" fact checkers gave clinton's comments four pinocchios. that is the worst rating the newspaper hands out. let's go to brianna keilar in washington with more on this. how, first of all, is the clinton campaign responding to that? >> well, they're on cleanup detail because what she said obviously doesn't pass muster. she said that director comey said "my answers were truthful." let's break this down. she says he says her answers were truthful well he said he had no basis to believe she lied to the fbi. but she also said that he said what i've today the fbi is consistent with what i've told the american people. it's quite the opposite.
11:33 am
at first he tried to side step that but he was asked a few things. she said there was -- i do not e-mail classified e-mails. there were no classified e-mails. he made it clear she did. she also said she did not send classified material nor receive any that had been marked classify and comey made it clear to had been a few. so her carefully parsed words over the months to the american public, some of the things republican asked about it, it was clear she was not accurate in her statements. and while comey did say that as he could tell she had not broken the law with her setup of the private e-mail server, she didn't let her off the hook. he said she and her aides have been careless and he questioned her judgment on that. >> so add to that then we had julian assange of wikileaks write on new day this morning saying they have information on the clinton campaign that there
11:34 am
will be more coming from them, yes? >> that's right. and he said there are some things that are very interesting. of course in this very polarized election cycle where everyone is so engaged in what's going on, they're very curious about what this holds. what the campaign is saying is that this hack got into a voter analytics database that the dnc operates and that other democratic organizations share including the clinton campaign. they are stressing that their cyber security experts are saying the internal communication systems at the clinton campaign, according to these cyber security experts, were not infiltrated. at the dnc we know they were, that's why we saw the e-mails come out that created so much fallout that led to the resignation of party chair debbie wasserman schultz but right now the clinton campaign says that's not the case for them but at the same time, you know, we don't know unless wikileaks releases something else, we'll see what he's talking about. >> brianna keilar, thank you very much. >> you bet.
11:35 am
coming up next, her son was killed in benghazi and now patricia smith is speaking out, her response to the family of the fallen muslim soldier who spoke at the dnc and why she thinks their speech was received any differently than her own. that was at the republican national convention one week before. we'll talk to her live coming up. americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare,
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donald trump's controversial back and forth with the family of a fallen muslim-american soldier is escalating. trump being accused of using anti-muslim rhetoric after he questioned the mother's decision not to speak there on stage last week in philadelphia.
11:40 am
but he isn't the only candidate facing backlash here. hillary clinton being criticized again by one of the most vocal parents in the slain american -- of the slain americans in benghazi, patricia smith's son sean was among the four americans killed in the september, 2012 attack. since then, she has made her voice heard, doubling down again at the republican national convention in cleveland and prompting a response from secretary clinton. >> i blame hillary clinton personally for the death of my son. that's personally. how could she do this to me? how could she do this to any american family? >> my heart goes out to both of them. i understand the grief and the incredible sense of loss that can motivate that. >> and i also want to play you some sound from hillary clinton when she was participating in a
11:41 am
debate back in march asked about this. >> you know, look, i feel a great deal of sympathy for the families of the four brave americans that we lost at benghazi and i certainly can't even imagine the grief that she has for losing her son. but she's wrong. she's absolutely wrong. i and everybody in the administration, everybody she named, the vice president, susan rice, the president, we were scrambling to get information that was changing literally by the hour. >> she was asked if she lied to this woman. patricia smith is joining me. pat, thank you for joining me. i'm so sorry for the loss of your son. >> thank you. >> let's just begin with do you think what mr. trump has said about the khan family -- do you
11:42 am
think it's acceptable? do you think it's okay? >> i think that anybody that loses a child should be allowed the grief that goes along with it. when you lose your child, that's all you can think about and you shouldn't have anybody telling you that you can't think that way. >> as a mother, when you saw mrs. khan up on the stage in philadelphia and it was mr. trump who sort of questioned initially why she didn't speak, was it perhaps because of her religion, she says she didn't speak because she was too emotionally distraught. as a grieving mother all these years later, could you relate to that? >> of course i can relate to that. when somebody cries other their child like i have many, many, many times that's what you feel. there's nothing wrong with feeling like that.
11:43 am
that comes with the territory. i don't agree with hillary, though. >> before i ask you about secretary clinton, do you think it's okay -- whether it's dnc or the rnc, whether you like hillary clinton or donald trump, you know, for any politician or any candidate to criticize or say anything other than their own condolences for a family in grief? >> i'm not going to tell anybody what they should say. they should say the way they feel. if that's the way he felt, that's his business to feel that way and to say that ch. >> his being mr. trump? >> yes. >> we know, though, because of this, ms. smith, that all -- so many republican leaders condemning his words. i mean, do political leaders have any kind of right to
11:44 am
publicly question a grieving family? >> no, i don't think anybody should say anything about that. the grieving family is grieving because they are grieving. no other reason other than that ch. as i was grieving. >> do you think he should apologize as these gold star families are asking him to do -- mr. trump? >> no, i don't. that's what he believed. >> but did you just say that it's not okay to say those things if a family is grieving? do you not agree that that was inappropriate. >> i'm not going to put any words into donald's mouth. he is saying what he believes that he should say. i don't see anything wrong with that. they haven't jumped on hillary for anything she has said and she has said 90 times more about things than the donald has.
11:45 am
i'm not going to knock him for that. >> i wanted to have you on because i think it's absolutely fair to criticize -- equal criticism of both donald trump and hillary clinton but i have to ask you personally at the rnc when you spoke, your speech was incredibly emotional, cnn took you live the entire time and when you were speaking, patricia, on that stage, mr. trump called in to fox news channel to have a conversation about why he should be elected president instead of listening to you. does that bother you? >> not a bit. i don't know what he does and why he does it or anything. i do know that i like donald trump and i do believe in what he says. not every piece that he says, because i don't know. he didn't tell me in advance
11:46 am
what he was going to say, i'm not going to comment on it. >> okay. i know you've been involved in this campaign season. you're a mother whose voice should be heard. we have 99 days to go until election day. how do you feel about the tone, both parties, the divisiveness? >> well, that's absolutely crazy. that's not what america is supposed to be about. i don't agree with most of the stuff that gets thrown around on tv i don't agree with half of it. i do complain mightily about, well, you're not saying it but i've -- i'm very much against the way i was treated. i was treated like dirt i don't think the khan family was treated that way but i was treated like dirt, i was called a liar. she went on tv many times, nodding her head thinking that she is so wonderful and she
11:47 am
knows everything and i know nothing and i was just imagining this i don't imagine my son getting killed. i don't imagine that at all. but why would she say that to me and what would say she to the khans? i don't know. i'm still -- >> i cannot begin -- >> we have a rotten government. >> i cannot begin to understand what you're walking through. and i wanted to make sure we continue here your concerns and your voice final question, you said this is not what america is about with regard to this election. final question, what should this election be about? what is america about? >> it should be about honesty. if you say something, mean it. if you don't mean it, don't say it. it was told so much bull crap about benghazi and most of it, most of the things i heard were
11:48 am
lies, absolute outright lies and the government never got back to me like they promised. hillary promised she would get back to me and tell me what happened. i don't know why my son is dead. i don't know why he was there and i was told i was not a member of the immediate family and i do not deserve to know. i don't know if the khan's were told the same thing or not. you bring me out here to say things that i don't know. i want answers and i want answers about why my son is dead and why she made the decisions that she made. i don't like her decisions. i don't think she'll make a very good -- any kind of good preside president. i don't like her decisions. she kills people. >> patricia smith. strong words. i cannot begin to understand your grief appreciate you coming on. i understand that you had wanted to come on or the trump campaign so we appreciate you taking the
11:49 am
time to come on ms. smith. thank you again so much. i am so sorry all these years later about your son sean and i hope you get the answers that you so, so deserve. thank you. >> thank you. >> moments away, donald trump donald trump holding a town hall in ohio. one of the three states his campaign plans to focus on over the next 99 days. we'll listen for mr. trump coming up. t-mobile's lets you m video and music -- for free! and we doubled our lte coverage. the other guys can't say that! we got you covered. with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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11:53 am
a new report finds that the country's largest rape university may have threatened rape victims after they reported their attacks. baylor university does not allow alcohol, drugs or premarital sex. according to an investigation by houston law firms, students felt afraid to report rape for fear of being found to have violated that code. investigators from the houston law firm of pepper hamilton are representing the victims. they found some of the women were threatened with violations of baylor's honor code if they were to speak up and report
11:54 am
them. and the associated press, which communicated with some of these victims, found that they were coerced into accepting alcohol conduct violations when they reported sexual assaults, otherwise they feared they would be accused of violating the code of sexual conduct. drug or alcohol use, as we mentioned, can lead to expulsion. baylor's handling of the rapes on campus led to the firing of the university's president, firing of its football coach. the coach has denied all -- any allegations of wrongdoing. six women who say they were raped at baylor are now suing the university under title ix alleging civil rights discrimination. with me now their attorney, chad dunn. chad, thank you for taking the time with me. let me get straight to it. you have six women as part of the lawsuit, i understand it's soon to be eight. you say a number of women coming forward with accusations. what are they telling you? >> well, i've personally talked
11:55 am
to more women, frankly, than anybody would want to acknowledge and the problem at baylor university is for many years, going back more than a decade at least the university didn't have what we call a title ix office, an office in place to receive reports of sexual misconduct and what is worth the university didn't pursue any of the rights and remedies for its victimized students that universities and institutions of higher education across the country are obligated to do. so in the process of investigating the claims on behalf of our clients, we've spoken with them and spoken with other victims and we've learned over this troubling history that a number of women when they went to the university to report the incident were instead grilled about what they were doing, where they were at. one young lady, for example, was given discipline for having consumed alcoholic beverages that evening in violation of the honor code. >> a woman who came forward and said she was raped was then
11:56 am
disciplined for drinking alcohol, according to what she's saying to you? >> exactly. i mean, she was asked questions about what she was doing and where she was at and after admitting to drinking alcohol faced discipline for that. on top of that, she and other women report that they were told that if they came forward and reported the details of the sexual assault that their parents would then be told about their relationships, where they were, what they were doing as a way to further discipline them it seemed and, of course, as this message gets around campus it causes an environment to set in place where victims of sexual assault don't feel safe coming forward. >> let me read the statement we got from baylor. they publicly released this amnesty finding following the independent review by pepper hamilton and is already working on a revised policy that lists sexual conduct violations with others under the existing amnesty provision. we are on a course to continue wally improve all our processes and policies following the
11:57 am
recommendations of the investigation. that said, what do you think these women talking to you would say? >> i would say it's too little too late for them. now, it's important to take these steps moving forward and to give baylor credit they have started to take the right steps but there's a lot of work to do. and one of the things i learned in my institution is that when institutions of higher learning get the message and take sexual assault seriously, we see a spike in reports. it's not that there's been an increase of sexual assaults on campus, it's that victims are feeling safe to come forward. that's certainly the case here. if i can take a minute, what i'd like to tell folks about baylor or any other institution of higher education, if you've been a victim of sexual assault, the justice system does work. step up, speak out. i know that's easy for me to say not being a victim myself but it won't get better without a report and perhaps that's the best way forward for baylor is
11:58 am
for the voices to come forward about what occurred? >> chad dunn, thank you so much for coming on. let's stay in close contact with you and see where this thing goes and if these women are listened to. >> thank you. any minute now. we keep talking about this town hall in columbus, ohio. mr. chairman trump will be stepping behind that podium and we want to hear what he has to say. we'll take it live coming up.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
12:01 pm
top of the hour, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. donald trump will be speaking after a rough past 72 hours. precious time since the presidential election is now just 99 days away. i just heard trump will be taking questions at a press gaggle. stay tuned. we want to take the whole thing. people are wondering how he will emerge first talk of vladimir putin not invading ukraine when putin has. he's called to move the presidential debate for reasons never cited before. most intensely mr. trump's response to the parents of a fallen muslim american soldier. humayun khan, khan's father spoke today about how trump has clashed with him. khan spoke at the democratic
12:02 pm
national convention saying donald trump has sacrificed nothing. he trumped to read the u.s. constitution. trump has responded saying that khan has viciously attacked him but khan told cnn he just did what republican leaders should have done long ago. >> we have been patiently been subjected to the maligning of this candidate for a whole year. enough is enough. every decent republican has said -- i apologize if i am emotional about this. every decent republican has rebuked his behavior yet nobody stood up and said enough, stop it, you will not be our candidate. >> let's begin in columbus, ohio. jeremy diamond, we're waiting and watching for mr. trump how
12:03 pm
are trump supporters responding? >> well, i've heard different things from trump supporters here so far. some saying he could have been better. others dismissing it out of hand saying it's a media created controversy but one thing is clear, it's not dissuading them from supporting donald trump. this is what we've seen time and again from controversies that have bubbled up from donald trump's own words. donald trump just gaggled with reporters very briefly and he had a few words to say, nothing to say about the khan family or that controversy, simply complaining about the fact that there are thousands of people outside who said they weren't able to get in for political reasons. we have not been able to independently confirm that.
12:04 pm
we shouted questions to him about the khans and he didn't say a word. so going to the cameras about the people who are not able to come in for this event for political reasons but not addressing anything new yet about the khan family and that controversy. brooke? >> we'll be listening to and we'll take it live in full. meantime, we heard from president obama within the past hour or so issuing an implicit rebuke of donald trump and his comments about the family of captain khan. cnn's white house correspondent michelle kozinski joins me now on what the president had to say. michelle? >> he's speaking to disabled veterans so he's bringing up health care and homelessness but then the president wants to very specifically mention and emphasize and emphasize again
12:05 pm
gold star families. at no time did he mention donald trump's name but it's clear what he's referencing and why. listen. >> no one has given more for freedom and security than gold star families. [ cheers and applause ] michelle and i have spent countless hours with them, we have grieved with them. there's a reason why last week in philadelphia i was humbled to be introduce d by a gold star mm from ohio whose son tom, a lieutenant colonel in the army, gave his life in afghanistan. i requested sharon to introduce me. because i understood that our gold star families have made a sacrifice most of us cannot begin to imagine. they represent the best of our country. they continue to inspire us
12:06 pm
everyday, every moment, they serve as a powerful reminder of the true strength of america. we have to do everything we can for those families and honor them and be humbled by them. >> you see how the president is care to feel do this. he's not criticizing anything last week we heard the president take on donald trump directly, mention his name but many, many times prior to that we see him address it similar to today's address. he doesn't mention the name but he'll bring up something so specific there's no question what he's talking about. the white house doesn't like to get into a back around forth with donald trump. god forbid a twitter war. the white house likes to stay above that kind of fray the way
12:07 pm
the president mentioned this today, the fact that he mentioned it at all tells you how important that is to him. >> michelle kosinski, thank you so much. we all should support, obviously, the gold star families, whatever side of the isle you are on. since trump's comments about the khans, multiple republican leaders have had words from mr. trump. gold star families have asked donald trump to apologize. veterans of foreign wars have come to the defense of the khan family. this quote is from brian duffy, the new national commander of the group saying this today "election year or not, the vfw will not tolerate anyone berating a gold star family member for exercising his or her right of speech or expression. there are certain sacrosanct subjects that no amount of wordsmith canning repair once crossed." he me bring in some voices here. cnn chief political correspondent dana bash is with us. matt slap is here, chairman of the american conservative union
12:08 pm
and brad woodhouse who once served as the communications director of the dnc committee and head of the pro-clinton pact "correct the record." so welcome to all of you. dana, let me begin with you first. there's a pattern, right? there is a controversy involving mr. trump, he doubles down, trimp ls down. i'm wondering about the vfw's words, sacrosanct group of people. do you think this is different? >> it could be. i am one of many of our colleagues and other political observers, people working in politics for their adult lives who have stopped guessing about what works and doesn't work politically for donald trump. but if i had to this would be one that is potentially different. but it's hard for know
12:09 pm
understand and i'd love to know matt especially because i used to cover the bush white house when he was political director what he thinks just on the purely political strategy here. purely politics. >> matt, she teed you up. >> what is the benefit of playing on hillary clinton's you are the? >> the more he responds, the more he talks about it, it's more focused on what hillary clinton tried to do for an entire week which is question his temperament, question his stability and whether he is able to be the guy with his finger on the nuclear button so certainly it worked for donald trump during the primaries, we know that. he is the nominee but i'm not so sure about the general election. we'll see november 8. >> matt, what say you? >> i would say captain khan is a hero and donald trump ought to keep saying that and he needs to give a zone to his parents who have suffered the ultimate loss.
12:10 pm
when it comes to the war on islamic terror, i don't think it's a strength of hillary clinton. if you pivot off the people, which i think is hard to do, but talk about the larger policy goals here, i think the american people are with him. it's not that all muslims are bad, clearly that's not the case. it's not the case that muslims are unpatriotic. there are wonderful members of the armed forces who are muslim and allies overseas who are muslim but they have a huge problem with fighting this and we have got to face this reality without calling each other racists? >> why didn't he just say that and make that point versus get into it with his parents including talking about the wife who is standing there questioning maybe because of her religion. >> he said that -- this gentleman said that donald trump had never made a sacrifice ever and that he had a dark soul.
12:11 pm
that's over the line as well. even though he is' a grieving father you could say things that are over the line. you should be more respectful with each other, that's a fair admonition and i think if all of these parents of people who have died in this terrible war that will continue to go on, that's america and we ought to respect that. but there are larger policy questions that must get addressed and donald trump will address them. >> brad, what do you think? >> well, look, matt and other republicans want to change the subject. if you want to change it to the subject of policy goals we can talk about the fact that donald trump wants to get rid of nato, wants to take putin's side in the ukraine. you can talk about that type of policy if you want to. >> i'd like to. i'd actually like to. >> but these four examples just over the week end suggest a lack of temperament to be president
12:12 pm
of the united states. brooke, i've been in this business a long time. i fought to get barack obama elected over john mccain, i fought to get barack obama over mitt romney. i was never scared to death of either of them becoming president. someone in the oval office who would potentially act like this scared me to death. >> are we losings matt or is it just my screen? >> can you hear me? >> i can hear you. >> dana said that she covered the bush white house. boy, i sure don't remember all those nice things that were said about president george w. bush and dick cheney. they were called war criminals, the worst epithets were out there. people said they were living under their tyranny. if you go back to policy goals, it's hillary clinton that had the missteps when it came to russia. it was under president obama's watch they went into crimea and had larger plans. by the way that was largely for energy goals and political
12:13 pm
goals. islamic terror and isis is under obama/clinton. let's get to the policy. their record is spotty. >> matt, can i -- >> go ahead, dana. >> this would be a great conversation to have -- >> i remember covering george w. bush just as the opposition to the iraq war started growing bigger and bigger and louder and louder and i remember -- i'm blanking on her name, somebody can remind me, the mother -- >> cindy sheehan. >> cindy sheehan. her son was killed in iraq and she camped out in crawford texas for weeks and weeks and weeks. she was aggressive and said nasty things about george w. bush but the president didn't respond with personal comments the way donald trump has. now, that was a different time, it was a different war, it's a
12:14 pm
different topic maybe we and you as an advisor to george bush didn't get what donald trump is getting right now about where the country is. >> let me hit pause on this conversation. this is a great conversation stand by because we're watching mr. trump getting ready to speak in columbus, ohio. and we're watching on what he said about vladimir putin saying he won't invade ukraine even though he has. trump is trying to clean it up. we'll show you how he's doing that. will it be effective? why all of this matters. stay here.
12:15 pm
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we're back, you're watching cnn here. any minute now we are waiting to see donald trump. he'll be speaking at a key battleground state, ohio. he's in columbus today. but moments ago he addressed the press, not at all touching on sort of this current conversation we've reason is having about this controversy involving his back and forth over twitter regarding captain khan's parents. instead he said this. >> we've had thousands of people outside, thousands that were turned away by -- purely for political reasons. they said in this massive building you're not allowed to have any more than a thousand people and that's nonsense. we could have had four, five, six thousand people. they've all been turned away. you saw them, that's a disgris. that's for political reasons, they were turned away. so we have a thousand people in there. they won't allow any more. the fire marshal said he's not allowed to allow any more even
12:20 pm
though the building holds many thousands of people. so i want to tell you that. that's politics at its lowest. you ought to check it out but it's politics at its lowest. let's have a good time. >> so there you have it, quick comments from mr. trump about the crowd. so there's that. let me bring my panel back in. let's get to hillary clinton and specifically hillary clinton's comments about how she characterized the director of the fbi, james comey she said he said -- this sounds like "who's on first." she said what she said about the e-mails was truthful. here's hillary clinton. >> >> director comey said my answers were truthful and my answers were consistent with what i have told the american people that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the
12:21 pm
e-mails. >> so the "washington post" fact checker has come forward and given her sort of the worst ranking of all, four pinocchios, dana bash, for how they say she mischaracterized comey's remarks. >> that's right. and in that article in the "washington post" it talks about the fact she only mentioned the retroactively classified e-mails but that comey, the fbi director, said seven e-mail chains concerned matters that were classified as top secret special access program level when they were send and received so as this article said she cherry picked what was and wasn't said by the fbi director but i think more important ly just as we were talking before the break about donald trump's back and forth and rant against the khan family this also speaks to a major trouble spot for hillary clinton never mind the
12:22 pm
substance of the e-mail server and whether she classified information, it's the way she responded. totally anecdotally, i bumped into somebody out running errands who said -- >> forgive me, dana, donald trump is on stage talking about hillary clinton. let's dip in. >> i'll say a few words but outside i met two gentlemen from pi piketon who were represented very badly by president obama and they're going to come up. i just met them. con on up, fellas. because we're going to bring back up jobs. we won't let our jobs go to mexico and all these other countries. we'll renegotiate the horrible nafta deal which is maybe the worst deal ever made from an economic development stand point, not just in this country, in the world. we're going to bring back our
12:23 pm
jobs and we're also -- [ cheers and applause ] we're also going stop radical islamic terrorism. we're not letting the people come in. we're not letting them come in. and they can play all the games they want but we're not -- you know, hillary clinton wants a 550% increase from syria coming into this country over obama. [ boos ] and you'd actually say what is she doing? so here's a letter from president obama to these two gentlemen that have worked so hard and are having a hard time and maybe in just a little while you can just say exactly what's going on. >> my name is jeff albrecht, i'm from portsmouth, ohio. we have a plant just north of portsmouth in piketon that
12:24 pm
enriched uranium and for seven years evan and i have been going to washington and talking to politici politicians about saving the plant that enriched europe. there were hundr -- uranium. it was the only plant in the united states that enriched uranium. i also have the hotel -- the holiday inn in portsmouth and then senator barack obama, who was running for president, came and stayed at my hotel and he said i'm going do get up at 5:00 in the morning and i need breakfast but you're not open yet. so i says all right, two things, you have to promise me something and you have to get your picture taken with me. so i fixed him six eggs, six strips of bacon, a big pile of home fried potatoes, four whole wheat toasts and a big bowl of oatmeal and i asked him "how do you eat all that?" "only meal i'll get today." so he had his picture take within me, lived up to that promise.
12:25 pm
and then i said "we have this plant in piketon that we want to continue enriching uranium, lots of employees. we need the government's help and we also need the old site cleaned up. how do you feel about that project in piketon?" and the man looked me in the eye and he says "i support the piketon project." so i want to thank donald trump -- [ cheers and applause [ cheers and applause ] he's here in ohio. i don't know him personally but i feel like he's the man that if he says "i'm going to do something," i'm going do it. [ cheers and applause ] so let's all support donald trump. >> so huge applause in columbus ohio, these two men clearly wanted to keep the plant up and running in piketon, ohio. i want to have my panel weighing in it's worth from like a 20,000
12:26 pm
foot view the significance of ohio, if you picked up the "new york times," there was a piece about how they were reporting that the trump campaign is honing in on three state, ohio being one of them over the course of the next 99 days to ultimately win the presidency. how much of an uphill climb do you think that will be? >> look, i don't thin without carrying ohio. it's that clear. and with the economic displacement ohio has seen, i think there's a lot that matches up with what donald trump's message is. they've clearly lost a ton of coal jobs. this particular plant, the piketon plant, has been a politically sensitive question for many cycles and i think donald trump matches with these people who have economic insecurity under obama -- let's be clear, under obama for a lot of these people in these sectors their economic prospects have gotten worse especially with coal jobs and manufacturing jobs and if they have a jobs their wages have been stagnant for a
12:27 pm
long time and haven't improved under the idea. the idea of a minimum wage doesn't interest these people, they want to make a living wage. those are the types of messages in ohio and pennsylvania will that will resonate and i think donald trump is in the hunt to win them both. >> as we say, ohio and pennsylvania, we are watching hillary clinton and tim kaine board the bus and leave for their tour through pennsylvania and then on to ohio. >> hillary clinton is not going to creed any territory in ohio and pennsylvania. and, look, donald trump will have to have something beyond a message. matt keeps talking about his message. we saw a republican convention where he didn't put a single policy in play about how he would help these people, how he would actually get the economy turned around, actually create more manufacturing jobs. he's trying it sounds like to wiggle out of these debates probably because he doesn't have policies to put on the table to
12:28 pm
match with the rhetoric he has to somehow plans he wants to get things done. >> matt, just respond to the wiggling out of the debate comments. >> well, the wiggling out of the debates comment is -- donald trump will need the debates. the last thing he wants to do is wiggle out, he just doesn't want to put them against nfl football games and other marquee events. let's let the american people watch these debates. trump wants to -- we have the highest corporate tax rates on the globe and trump wants to lower those rates. if corporations can go back to increasing jobs instead of just hiring lawyers our economy could get going. we have trillions of dollars on the sidelines that aren't investing in these plants, we have to stop the regulatory burden of this climate change fantasy and we have to make our tax rates competitive with the world and we can compete with the world. we have the greatest workers on the globe, let's start competing. >> you know what, matt, before we start talking about tax
12:29 pm
plannings, how about we have donald trump release his taxes? how about we see those taxes? >> oh, come on. >> before we go there, gentlemen, hang on, hang on, gentlemen, let me bring dana. let me bring dana back in. i don't want to talk about tax returns although it's a valid point. finally on the debates because it has been a piece of conversation about mr. trump and he's saying hey the issue is these debates are up against mega nfl football nights. he was saying i heard from the nfl and the nfl is saying actually we didn't send anything to mr. trump. what's -- has anyone tried this before? to move them? >> i'm sure they have just not in a public way as both of our friends who are also on with us know there is massive negotiation that goes on with both campaigns, both candidates and the presidential debate
12:30 pm
commission. generally it's not the date, it's things as mundane as the temperature in the room but still there are a lot of negotiations, i think donald trump is doing what he has done very successfully in his life, he's trying to get himself leverage for whatever it is he wants in the future and the nfl is up against a marquee event, as matt said, is as good as any but one quick thing i want to say about ohio and that is that maybe donald trump hasn't given a multipoint plan about how he plans to fix the job issue in ohio, but no question about it, and even privately, the democrats who are very staunchly in hillary clinton's camp will tell you he is hitting a nerve, he is reaching out to people who are very, very upset and the clinton campaign in private people are very concerned about whether or not they can win ohio for that reason, the trade issue and the jobs issue is very potent and donald trump does a -- has done a good job of that
12:31 pm
reaching not just republicans in the primaries but democrats who are fed up. >> let's go back to ohio and hear from mr. trump after this quick break. thanks to all of you. we'll be right back. one coat, yes! ♪ there is a day, for every number. ♪ ♪ there is a time, for all my slumbers. ♪ ♪ and i can see, that i can't run and hide. ♪ one coat guaranteed marquee interior. behr's most advanced paint. come find our top rated paints, only at the home depot.
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12:35 pm
welcome back, i'm brooke baldwin. here we go, 99 days and counting. that's when donald trump and hillary clinton face off officially for the general election and for donald trump it's an all out blitz of battleground states. right now he's campaigning in ohio hosting the town hall in
12:36 pm
columbus which we'll listen to here in a second here but it's an effort to hone in not only to ohio but as we mentioned a moment ago pennsylvania and florida, key swing states. his campaign considers them must-wins to put him over the top in november. could he pull it off? let's bring in political director at cnn david chalian. i was just talking to matt schlapp who said you can't win the presidency without winning ohio. how likely do you see that happening? >> those three states are the mother of all battleground states. that's where -- what they say about bank robbing, right? you rob banks because that's where the money is. so, yes, you go to the big states to get big electoral prizes. 29 electoral votes in florida, 20 in pennsylvania, 18 in ohio. so that would be the quickest path to put him in contention of 270. not the only path. there are different permutations of the map that you can do that
12:37 pm
if he doesn't win florida that he can maybe steal rust belt or other midwest states but that would be the quickest path and it's where as you said his campaign is focused, where his time is being focused and where the super pacs on the air supporting him right now, that's where they're advertising. >> okay, what about hillary clinton? what about her math? >> her math is recreate the obama 2012 map. remember, he won that election so she has to play a little more defense. she's got to make sure that she hangs on to the ohio, the pennsylvania, the florida wins that barack obama had twice in a row, she has to play defense against donald trump, that's a big part of the map and then that should be easier for her but to protect states that have been -- the obama coalition has emerged them as battlegrounds and they've been almost leaning
12:38 pm
democrat, states like colorado, virginia with tim kaine on the ticket. she has to make sure not to give up anything in the newer battleground states that we've seen in the obama era but mission one for hillary clinton is the same as mission one for donald trump. he's trying to pick off those battlegrounds and her mission has to be to defend them. >> speaking of ohio, let's go to donald trump. let's listen in columbus. david chalian, thank you. >> as an example, i gave a very good answer over the weekend to one of the shows on russia going into the ukraine. i said very simply they're not going to do it on my watch, essentially. i saeaid russia will not go int ukraine and the next day the story comes out -- and we let it roll a little bit. actually i think it was "usa today" a couple of them covered it accurately what i said but a couple of papers said "donald trump doesn't realize that the crimea was already taken." i know it exactly. two years ago approximately.
12:39 pm
approximately. it was taken during obama's watch. so when i said believe me, russia's not going into ukraine, all right? they're not going into ukraine the person said but they're already in ukraine. i said yeah well that was two years ago i mean, do you want to go back, you want to have world war iii to get it back? that was during obama's watch? so during obama's watch -- you know all the tough guy statements, right? so he talks about donald trump is not strong on russia. first of all, i have to say this, wouldn't it be great if we got along with russia? am i wrong in saying that wouldn't it be great? [ cheers and applause ] you know, russia, like us, has nuclear weapons, folks. it would be really nice if we got along with russia and others that we don't get along with right now and wouldn't it be nice if we teamed up with russia and others, including
12:40 pm
surrounding states and maybe nato and we knocked the hell out of isis and got rid of these people? wouldn't that be nice? [ cheers and applause ] but even beyond that, even beyond that putin said some very good things about me. people say oh, trump's going to be weak with putin because putin is saying nice things about me. okay, all right. and i said he's a strong guy, they immediately say oh, trump likes putin. look i don't like or dislike, i just say this way, wouldn't it be great if the united states and russia got along combined, knocked out isis, maybe did other positive things? you know, we forced them through stupidity into an alliance with china you know why? because of oil, because china needs oil. we were driving them both crazy, they formed and from the time i was a young guy i've always learned don't ever let china and russia get together.
12:41 pm
we forced them together. obama forced them together. because he didn't get along with either and they eventually -- china came in and said let's make a deal on oil. they're together. in fact, they're doing naval exercises together some place and you look at china, they're building one of the largest military installations in the world right smack in the middle of the south china sea and then they talk about donald trump and russia or donald trump and -- believe me, folks, somebody can say anything things about me -- he did call me a genius but these are minor details. [ laughter ] somebody can say nice things about me, it makes no difference, it makes no difference, all right? i've been dealing a long time, a lot of times i'll make much better deals with people that say terrible things about me. i don't care what they say about me, i want the deal. you know on trade one of the
12:42 pm
people that's standing back there, one of the dishonest media, well, what's your definition of trade? i said well, you have fair trade, you have all sorts -- you have so many different types of trade but here's my definition of trade -- >> so we wanted to make sure we heard some of what donald trump was saying and he initially alluded to this conversation he had with george stephanopoulos over the weekend which has been all over, as he mentioned, a lot of headlines. i also want to play you what he said over the weekend and now how he is clarifying coming up next. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake.
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just before the break we listened to donald trump talking. he was addressing the controversy from over the weekend over his comments on russia and ukraine. in case you missed it, i want you to hear this. this is the original statement he made on abc. >> i have my own ideas. he's not going into ukraine, so you understand. he's not going to go into ukraine. you can mark it down, put it down. >> he's already there, isn't he? >> well, i'm not there yet, you have obama there and frankly that whole part of the world is a mess under obama with all the strength that you're talking about and the power of nato and all of this in the meantime, the way he takes crimea he's sort of -- >> but you said you might recognize that. >> i'm going to take a look at it. but the people of crimea, from what i've heard, would rather be with russia than where they were. >> so his critics saying that answer is just more evidence that donald trump doesn't have a proper handle on foreign policy. trump trying to clarify his
12:48 pm
position with this tweet. he said "when i said in an interview that putin is not going into ukraine, you can mark it down, i'm saying if i'm president. already in crimea." joining me now, the senior fellow at the council on foreign relations and juliette kayyem with me in new york, cnn national security analyst and author of "security mom." ladies, first to you and again we just heard him in columbus, ohio. he was saying russia won't go into ukraine on my watch so he's saying if i'm president looking ahead instead of looking back, when george stephanopoulos said isn't he in ukraine? did he misspeak? >> let's just all be real here which is he didn't know crimea is part of the ukraine. there's no way to parse it. that's one problem with what happened yesterday the other is then once he realizes it he
12:49 pm
takes the wrong side in this conflict. to say we're going to be in ukraine and the crimeans want to be with russia, that's 60 years of post-world war ii history. so i think it's just him not being curious and we'll speak off the cuff. he can retract it. each saw what he said on george stephanopoulos. he can parse it whatever way he wants but he didn't know. >> what did you think, gail? >> it's fascinating. you have a television interview that sparked a twitter battle between ukrainian leaders and donald trump and really over a russian land grab and i think we're at this fascinating moment where on the one hand you have the largest movement of nato forces to its eastern borders and on the same moment you have a republican presidential candidate really talking about upending what had been a
12:50 pm
bipartisan consensus about nato and what america would do to support its nato allies and just the other day estonia was talking about how it's quite concerned about russian activity on its borders and i think you see nato activity to answer that so we're finding this moment where the entire u.s. foreign policy establishment, both republican and democrat, is seeing everything up as down and everything >> let me just throw something at you gayle, from trump's own mouth and his critics have come forward saying would be cozy with putin and that's an good thing with the u.s. and russia relations and he was say together crowd, wouldn't it be great if we got along with russia. would that necessarily be a bad thing? how would you respond to that? >> i mean, it is an entirely reasonable thing to say in isolation and if you look at what happened when obama took
12:51 pm
office, there was this reset in u.s./russian relations. now we will see a reset to a reset. if you see a trump election administration. but the real question i think is how you've seen this fascinating change in republican orthodox. four years ago, mitt romney was saying about russia as geo-political phone number one. here you have donald trump really opening this idea of, we can talk and we can all get along and so far it has not worked for the united states. but the question is, what does he actually have of his consensus, saying we will protect nato allies and what does he mean by good relations? how much is the u.s. willing to give up with that? >> moving on, a piece of this, we heard harry reid weighing in on this last week, i don't know, semi facetious, talking about briefings, and you were part of the obama transition team. you know what these briefings are. and there are folks saying, i
12:52 pm
don't know. should it be briefed. harry reid saying he should get fake briefings. i mean, he should get the briefings. >> he should get the briefings. >> what does that process entail? >> despite what trump says about criticize sizing fire marshals for making statements about too many people, there are bureaucracies that actually judge things on objective criteria. our intelligence agencies now how to do transition. when i was on the obama transition you get some of these briefings. i was lower level and higher level. they will be top level briefings to trump as the nominee about, you know, various themes, concerns and intelligence. issues that he may want to know about at this stage. i don't know how they would be with someone so well versed in relations already and so if he and his team, and he will determine who his team is, well we want to know what is going on in brazil with zika.
12:53 pm
say if that information is not readily available, that intelligence officer will take it back, called a get-back and find out more information. the intelligence officer is not allowed to give opinion. if you say, what do you think about putin? they know how to get out of stuff like that. >> okay. that is happening, i believe, this week. julia, thank you. gayle, thank you so much. up next, donald trump in a heated feud with the parents of this fallen muslim american soldier. now the vfw is joining here in this chorus of people reacting and watching mr. trump to apologize. that's next.
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
you think about this for my parent. baby in intensive care and family's life is upside down. in certain cities, the financial challenge adds it stress. this is a problem this krp hero set out to resolve. >> these babies are in the nicu for not days but months at a time. when your child is in the hospital for long-term stay you
12:56 pm
think about all of the medical expenses or you know, things of that nature. but when you end up with the reality that this parking is going to cost you so much money, it is just not something that people expect. it is definite lay significant burden on families and there are a lot of babies who are alone a lot of the time. >> make sure you look at her entire story. go to we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile.
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99 days. 99 days until election time. but who's counting? "the lead" starts now. we've been here before. republican nominee condemned even by republicans after controversial comments. every time previously his poll number he went up. but what's going to happen now after he took on a gold star family? she said/he said. hillary clinton put in words in the fbi director's mouth claiming he said she was truthful in public statements about her e-mails. now fact checkers are dropping more po