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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 2, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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here we go on this tuesday afternoon. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me. you're watching cnn. to get you caught up, a short time ago president barack obama called out republican leaders for their ongoing support of donald trump who the president says keeps on proving that he is, i'm quoting him now, "woefully unprepared" to be the president of the united states. >> yes, i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as
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president. i said so last week, and he keeps on proving it. the notion that he would attack a gold star family that had made such extraordinary sacrifices on behalf of our country, the fact that he doesn't appear to have basic knowledge around critical issues in europe, in the middle east, in asia, means that he's woefully unprepared to do this job. >> this is just the latest volley in the fallout mr. trump is facing for his clash with the parents of the fallen
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muslim-american soldier humayun khan. trump said khan's father viciously attacked him saying trump had "sacrificed nothing." since then, republican after republican has decried trump's comments siding with the gold star family. and as the president now piles on the criticism of donald trump, the polls are stacking up against him as well. here are the new numbers at cnn, cnn/orc polling showing her party's convention propelled hillary clinton ahead trump. she now has an eight-point lead over him. let's begin this hour with our white house correspondent, michelle kosinski, on, yes, the headline the "unfit to be president." but the second line was what the president said about republican leadership. >> reporter: yeah. he called them out, too. i mean this is much more than kind of just the latest hit in the endless back-and-forth between donald trump and the obama administration. this really felt like the gloves coming off.
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the president feeling much more free to be much more harsh and blunt in his criticism than we've heard before. he was asked a very simple question -- do you feel like donald trump's recent statements make him unfit to be president. you heard the president say, yeah, it makes him unfit. but he didn't want to stop there. he launched this more than five-minute stinging criticism saying that it's much more than just his recent comments, and he's much more than unfit. you heard the words that he chose there, woefully unprepared, calling into question donald trump's basic decency and common sense to use more of the president's very direct language there, and questioning his knowledge of domestic and foreign affairs, the rule of law and the constitution. and then he extended it out to not only republican leadership, but the party as a whole. listen. >> i think what's been interesting is the repeated
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denunciations of his statements by leading republicans, including the speaker of the house, and the senate majority leader, and prominent republicans like john mccain. and the question i think that they have to ask themselves is, if you are repeatedly having to say, in very strong terms, that what he has said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? there has to be a point at which you say, this is not somebody i can support for president of the united states. the fact that that has not yet happened makes some of these denunciations ring hollow. there has to come a point at which you say -- enough. >> interesting setting there, too. this is the president not at a campaign event on the road. this is him in the east room of
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the white house standing next to another world leader, answering questions but feeling like he can speak his mind on this. brooke? >> michelle kosinski, thank you so much. in the very same hour where we heard president obama, there was another news conference where donald trump -- calling donald trump unfit to be president. donald trump was also at a podium trashing president obama. >> nothing's working out. nothing's working out. look at libya. look at syria. migration. what a mess. look at iraq, what a mess. look at everything. if we didn't do anything with iraq, if our presidents went to the beach would be much better off if they just went every single day to the beach and took it easy. let obama go to the golf course.
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but you know what? we'd be better off. then the way obama got us out of the war was a disaster. we're going to get out on a certain date. enemy sat back and said nobody can say that. nobody. actually they thought it was a form of camouflage. right? actually, they didn't believe it. until it happened. he actually said when they're getting out, but they laid back, and then after we left, you see what's happening. so, look. we have people that don't know what they're doing. hillary clinton will be worse. she will be worse. hillary clinton will be worse. she has bad relationships with people like putin. give you an example. she has terrible relationships with putin. this is a nuclear country we're talking about. russia. strong tnuclear country. >> after that rally trump's campaign released a statement saying hillary clinton is "unfit to serve in any government office" citing her prichvate e-mail server and decisions on
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the middle east. let's have a bigger conversation. kevin sheridan, kaley mcinnerny. welcome to all of you. let's bounce back for a second to the president beyond the headline of him saying donald trump is unfit. i'm looking at you. because i'm coming to you first. saying he's saying to these republican leaders who every week have to do some sort of verbal jujitsu to distance themselves from this man, yet still support. he says enough should be enough. would any of them take their endorsement back? >> let likely now that barack obama's told them to do it. >> that's lofty rhetoric. you see a president who's trying to -- he's acting as a political agent here. he's trying to tie those leaders to donald trump even more so than they already are. it's going to be tougher now for them to back off of donald trump. i think he knows that and that's
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what he's doing. >> do you agree with him that because -- republicans, they don't exactly love on the president. and so now that the president has done this, if anyone was teetering on taking an endorsement back. >> well, i hope that the issue is a lot bigger than the extent to which republicans hate barack obama. you know, american parties have faced moral challenges a number of times in our history. the wiig party fell apart over the issue of slavery. that's how the republican party was born. the republican party seems to be facing a moral crisis. and you can see that in the words, not of barack obama -- let's leave those words aside. the words of the speaker of the house, of john mccain, of all the republican candidates who are walking away from mr. trump at this point. and the question a lot of them have is, what do we expect of a commander in chief? what kind of language do we expect that commander in chief to use, not simply with regard to gold star families -- that
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alone should be understandable -- but with regard to our treaty obligations around the world. when you start not only misunderstanding the nature of the challenge to european security, but even saying we're probably not going to be able to live up to our obligations under the nato treaty, you're actually undermining not only the united states, but your very ability to command those forces that the constitution gives you authority over. >> i want to have you respond. >> tim references republicans hating barack obama. it has absolutely nothing to do with that. the point is that barack obama and hillary clinton might have memorized their international relations textbooks, they might know all of the specific wording but they have no judgment. a u.s. ambassador died on the watch of this president under the tutelage of hillary clinton. she put national security at risk with her e-mail situation that i believe should be denied a security clearance if we were an ordinary citizen going further. she could have are put cia assets at risk in addition to losing a u.s. ambassador on the job. libya, iraq, syria, isis growing
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to 40,000 strong under the watch of barack obama. these republicans understand that four more years of this is unacceptable. we can't take it as a country. >> may i respond? we can't go into it debate or seminar about u.s. foreign relations and we may have disagree -- i'm certainly not here to carry water for the obama administration but i know something about the nato treaty and something about treaties that are not simply a product of the president or united states presidency. they are all three branches. when you have a candidate that's undermining the nature of our treaty obligations, that's a much bigger deal than benghazi. >> he's setting the stakes, saying people need to pay their fair share. 4 of the 30 something odd countries actually live up to the requirement. he's setting the stakes you need to live up to your obligations. we will protect you but that doesn't mean you can't -- >> what about the overall trump strategy? we heard through the primaries saying the system is rigged. we all know he bashes the media, bashes cnn a lot.
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but the notion that telling these voters, the system is rigged, i'm wondering -- i'm pinging back to you, kaley. what is his strategy? >> i think there are a lot of voters who don't have trust in political institutions right now. you look at dnc which was in the tank for hillary but they were purportedly unbiased. you look at voter intimidation by the black panthers. that happened. irs was used to intimidate tea party groups. that's supposed to be an unbiased branch of government as well. there is a lot of lack of faith in political institutions. i think when he mentioned a rigged system, those events give credence to what he said. >> kevin, what do you make of him talking about the rigged system as well. >> voter fraud is something we should take seriously and it is something that the parties -- when i was at the republican national committee we took very seriously.
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that's a real issue. what i think i heard is somebody saying, well, if i lose, that's not my fault. it's a dangerous thing to be doing because now he's undermining the legitimacy of the election three months before the election. >> you are nodding. why? >> i agree. one of the reasons why we have peaceful transitions government is because, whether you like it or not -- go back to the year 2000. a lot of fefolks didn't like it especially al gore. you accept the outcome. he is saying, i may not accept that outcome. he's actually preparing his supporters to lose which means he's saying this is a country you can't believe in, this is a constitutional order that you cannot respect. that's very dangerous. >> kayleigh, can you understand why some people say that? >> he's never said he won't accept results of the election. i think he will win the election so we'll gladly accept those results but i think there is a lot of lack of faith and we finally have a candidate who is willing to expose the obama administration and those things
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that have undermined america. when you target tea party groups, yet lois lerner gets away scot-free. >> calling hillary clinton the devil. is that someone you want to sit in the white house? >> there's context. he said bernie sanders made a deal with the devil. he clarified by saying his met f metaphorical devil is hillary clinton. >> kevin, kayleigh, tim, thank you so much. i appreciate it. just ahead here, donald trump and his son definitely raising some eyebrows with their comments about sexual harassment in the workplace. fox news anchors today are weighing in. we'll have that conversation. and, we are getting new word, another high-profile republican is announcing she
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will vote for hillary clinton. who it is and who she used to work for. and 16 people killed in a hot air balloon crash and just in, we are learning the operator has quite a run-in with the law. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. we'll be right back. >>psst. hey... where you going? we've got that thing! you know...diarrhea? abdominal pain? but we said we'd be there... woap, who makes the decisions around here? it's me. don't think i'll make it. stomach again...send!
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welcome back. this is cnn. three days to go before the start of the biggest sporting event in the world. the 2016 summer olympic games in rio de janeiro. but, the beautiful south american landmark city is still plagued with myriad health concerns. top of the list -- zika. the games opening as zika virus is sparking new fears here in the united states. the cdc is issue is this historic and unprecedented warning, particularly to pregnant women. do not travel to the wynwood neighborhood of miami. another ten people have been infected by the location the mosquitos in downtown miami, they highlight the fears surrounding the olympics overall. our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta joins us live from rio. sanjay, i know we talk about brazil, it is wintertime where
11:19 am
you are so not quite the concern it once was, but people in miami are sort of saying -- what's going on? >> reporter: well, you know, brooke, in some ways this was not unexpected at all because we've known that the mosquitos that transmit the zika virus already lived in certain parts of the united states, including south florida. so this was expected. but i can tell you that when it happened here in brazil, they had no idea that this infection was coming, they had no idea that it was associated with these birth defects. but they've learned a lot of lessons along the way. zika, with water, and with other things as well. take a look. you are looking at an image from just last month. body parts on copacabana beach. it was a scene that couldn't have been predicted seven years ago when copacabana beach erupted. the games were to be a legacy for rio. in its bid, brazil promised to clean up at least 80% of the sewage that was flowing into the city's notoriously dirty water.
11:20 am
>> translator: this is a challenge for us. and you can be sure that we will not waste this chance at history. >> reporter: in fact, some of the city's most dilapidated quarters had been turned into green spaces. here, public art is being spray painted on walls. but the rest of the world is more concerned about this spring. we know that brazil is the epicenter of the zika epidemic and as numbers continue to increase in florida, experts are continuously looking here to try to find some answers. for example, we know that more than 1,700 children have been born with zika associated microcephaly, a birth defect. we also know 150 public health experts called for the olympics to either be delayed or moved because of concerns about zika. but i want to be clear about something -- the weather is starting to cool here. even as it warms up in the united states. and as a result, the threat of infection is pretty low. according to the university of cambridge study, out of the hundreds of thousands of
11:21 am
tourists likely to visit the olympics, there will probably only be one or two infections. but that still hasn't kept some of the athletes from dropping out of the games. >> honestly, if my wife wasn't pregnant right now, i would be going to rio. i mean my biggest concern is for -- is for the baby on the way. >> reporter: now remember, even if he went, and then didn't show any symptoms, he could still be infected and potentially pass the virus on to his wife. after all, only 20% of those infected have any signs of the disease. but when it comes to athlete health, the concerns here are not just about zika. those promises of clean water, not in the bay where sailors will be competing for gold and where trash and sewage continues to litter the surface. every time you've got some water in your face, it feels like there's some alien enemy entering your face. so i keep my nose and my lips closed. >> reporter: his teammate
11:22 am
believe the waters of the source of the multiple infections he contracted last year after racing in an olympic qualifying event. just last month brazilian scientists detected a superbug, cre, in these waters. >> translator: very little has been done in the measures that were taken were not done the way we would have liked them. >> reporter: brazilian officials say the waters have met international standards, but then just one month ago the w.h.o. said that athletes may become ill from this water. and u.s. olympic doctors are prepping their teams for such a situation. >> we have a number of medications that they can take, prophylactically to avoid those illnesses, and then also to take -- to treat it the illnesses as well. >> reporter: doctors on the ground have another concern. >> if there were a big catastrophe, an attack or a brawl, we don't have the infrastructure to deal with it. . >> reporter: political and economic crises have burdened local hospitals, even under normal circumstances, waits for emergency surgery can be as long as six days. but rio's mayor says the game's legacy will not be a shadow on
11:23 am
rio. >> don't come here expecting that everything will be perfect. we live in a country that has economic crisis, a country with lots of inequality. with all the problems that we've seen. but the city will be much better than it was when we got the games. >> reporter: so, brooke, as you mentioned, zika, probably not as much of an issue because of the cooler weather. as beautiful as that water looks other here mind me, a bigger issue than zika. then this concern, do they have the medical resources and capacity necessary should there be some sort of what they call mass casualty event, some sort of terrorist attack. that's where a lot of preparations are focused at this time, brooke. >> i'm looking at your shot, it is so absolutely stunning. it is tough to think of all of these issues they're dealing with still. sara gan . coming up here, back to politics, donald trump and his son creating some concerns about some comments they just made
11:24 am
about sexual harassment in the workplace, should a women be expected to up-end her career because she ended up in the crosshairs of some harasser? we'll discuss that with my panel next. and it was a call to action just days after the deadly police ambush in dallas. >> as a part of the solution, serve your community. don't be a part of the problem. we're hiring. >> we wanted to follow up on this for you today. when the police chief there in dallas, david brown, said we're hiring. apparently a lot of people were listening. an update for you straight ahead.
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donald trump causing some questions today after saying, if her daughter ivanka were sexually harassed at work, he hoped she would quit, find a new career. he made the comment in a context with a conversation with a usa "today" writer about former fox news ceo roger ailes who stands accused of harassment. gina loudon, a trump supporter. and rachel sklar, founder of "the list." ladies, thank you so much for being with me. g gina, when you heard the quote, trump -- "i would like to think she would find another career or find another company if that was the case," the case of being sexually harassed. when you read that, what did your -- what was your first thought? >> my first thought was that of
11:30 am
course any father faced with the situation of his daughter being sexually harassed would want her to get out of that situation. but i also think we have to be careful not to put the burden on the target of the harassment if there is harassment going on in the workplace, it needs to be diligently pursued. i think that same diligent pursuit needs to happen in the case of false accusations as well. so this is a really complicated issue. i'm really glad that we're talk about it because i think it is hard to define and most of the people that experience it don't know exactly where to turn, or even for sure if it happened to them sometimes. >> i think your point is precisely why we are talking about this today. because what was missing in the comment was -- do something about it. >> it is too bad that she's not speaking directly for donald trump, because that's the point. right? which is the fact that the burden should not be on the target of the -- >> to quit and go find another job. >> of course. most americans can't just say,
11:31 am
oh, i'm going to quit my job and find another one. it is just yet another indication that donald trump is in an elitist bubble that he hasn't even bothered to think outside of. >> i think what really got a lot of people was, from his son, on "cbs this morning," this is what eric trump said. >> what you're saying is ivanka is a strong, powerful woman. she wouldn't allow herself to be objected to it. by the way, you should certainly take it up with human resources. i think she definitely would as a strong person. at the same time, i don't think she would allow herself to be subjected to that. i think that's a point he was making and i think he did so well. >> gina, wouldn't allow herself to be subjected to sexual harassment. i'm sorry, but i lear that and i'm like -- what? >> well, certainly women need to do everything they can to stand up to such injustices in the workplace should they happen. and i think that any father would advise his daughter if she
11:32 am
could to get out. and so i think that when we look at things like power -- because that's what this really comes down to. this is about power. this -- doesn't matter if you are republican or democrat, doesn't matter what line of work you're in, if you're gay or straight, sexual harassment happens in about -- i think statistics are 50% of women report it. >> should 50% of women quit their jobs then? should 50% of women then quit their jobs? are 50% of women powerless and not using their power as eric donald trump and donald trump are saying? because that is bananas. >> no. i think what they're saying is that any family member, when asked if it was possible, would want their person -- their loved one to flee that situation. but i also think this comes again down to power. it is interesting, i think many supporters of donald trump's would submit that it is power like what happens in an establishment bureaucracy that lends itself to this sort of
11:33 am
unfettered power that can be very dangerous in the workplace, even -- >> okay, okay, hold on, hold on. here's the deal. i thank god i never found myself in a situation where i've had to deal with any sort of sexual harassment. but when i think of women who i know who have, many of them are strong, powerful women. notion that someone would say well, she's got it together and she's strong or she would never be susceptible to that is i -- bs! am i wrong? >> you're not wrong. >> hello! no, i'm not wrong. i don't think i'm wrong. >> no. i think when you consider that, again, 50% of women say they have been subjected to it, i myself have been subjected to it. but i don't think that everyone can just walk away necessarily from a job. some women don't even know exactly if they've been sexually harassed. is a pat on the back sexual
11:34 am
harassment? is leaving your office and having a conversation unwanted? that's why we need to talk about the definition, we need to talk about what hr is supposed to do. we need to talk about aggressive pursuit. >> that's actually not what we're talking about right now though. it's great that we all agree that sexual harassment is bad. what we are actually talking about is the crazy way that donald trump responded to the notion of what women should do if it happens to them. >> let me add to that. as part of this whole -- the context was roger ailes and was happening, or not, over at fox. two anchors have weighed in, megyn kelly, for one, who has been pretty much -- who hasn't said anything since the allegations. she responded to all this on twitter with a simple word -- "sigh" and retweeting someone else with regard to what eric said today. and gretchen carlson, no longer at fox who is accusing ailes of
11:35 am
sexual harassment -- sad in 2016 we're still victim blaming women. trust me, i'm strong. and then #standwithgretchen. >> that allows us to take a step back and look at the fact that this was also about donald trump's reaction to -- about roger ailes where he said that, oh, well, it's kind of weird that women that roger ailes has helped are now turning around and attacking him. i feel really bad for roger ailes. he's a great guy. he said that on "meet the press." this was donald trump's first reaction and his first reaction when asked about if ivanka was sexually harassed and what she should do, she should just get another job. his first reactions are the wrong reactions. they are emblematic of why he is completely unfit to be president. he is in a bubble. he has no idea what it is like to not have power -- money, independen independence. and frankly, most americans
11:36 am
don't have the privilege of being able to just leave their job if they're treated badly. i think the goal is for americans to be treated well on the job, and that includes women. why is that so hard for him to understand? >> gina, i want you to respond. >> thank you. thank you. i would submit that, some people would see hillary and the way she bullied the women that her husband harassed and abused as a -- >> no, no, no. >> i think there's something tangible there. mr. ailes may have been accused but he has not been convicted of anything. i think that mr. trump pointing to the fact that he's been helpful, mentored a lot of women was perfectly apropos in that moment. i think we need to just as aggressively pursue false being a sakaccusations and truth. so that we have a better workplace environment for everybody considered. >> okay. thank you both. i appreciate it. good conversation to have. thank you so much. coming up next, quite a
11:37 am
change for the police department in dallas, texas, weeks after five of its officers were ambushed and killed. the police chief issued a challenge to the community. we're hiring, he said. hear what's happening now inside that police department -- coming up.
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it has been nearly a month now since the deadly police shootings in dallas. but that tragic event is now spurring a huge surge in interest from people who want to join the force, to join the dallas police department. you know the story here. five officers were killed when a sniper opened fire during a protest against police brutality, and in the days following that event, the dallas
11:42 am
police chief issued a passionate plea to those protesters, essentially telling them, if you want change? join our force. >> become a part of that solution. serve your community. don't be a part of the problem. we're hiring. we're hiring. get out of that protest line and put an application in. >> those words appear to have resonated with the public. joining me now, dallas deputy chief jeff kotner who oversees police training at the department. first and foremost, my condolences to the fallen five officers, and thank you for taking the time today. let's get right to it. i know you know precisely how many people since then have applied to join you all. that number is? >> 467. >> how about that.
11:43 am
467. and specifically hearing from the police chief and how he was saying, talking to those black lives matter protesters saying get off the protest lines, we want you, have you all seen -- are you getting diverse applicants? >> we are. out of the 467, we're not sure exactly how that breaks out in the metrics and demographics but we are getting tremendous input of potentiatential applicants. a lot of individuals are calling with interest. they do represent a spectrum of our community. >> when you say "interest," i'm curious, do you even know, is it because they feel passionate about wearing the badge? is it they feel passionate about protecting those in neighborhoods where we have seen the violence that we've been covering? why is it, do you think? >> well, the unfortunate circumstances put dallas on the national stage.
11:44 am
they were able the see the support of our community, the leadership of our city and of our department. if they were seeking a career in policing, they saw the bravery, the courage, the integrity and professionalism of the dallas police department and that's attractive. on the other side, if you are looking for a way to help your fellow citizens in this country, law enforcement is one of those occupations which you can actually accomplish something. >> so with these 476, i think that was the number you gave me, how many can really get through the process? i imagine it is grueling. how many do you think will actually make it? >> our percentages for the last couple of years is about 15%. we're optimistic that this call to service that chief brown issued, you don't know what your net will be. maybe it is a little bit more. if the right people come to this occupation, we'll put them in charge. >> who are the right people? here is your opportunity.
11:45 am
we're talking to some folks who watch this show each and every day. whether we're talking dallas or beyond, who are you looking for? >> brooke, we're looking for somebody that is willing to serve, puts themselves before others, want to fundamental just help people and make a difference, a positive difference. that's what policing is. that's what community engagement is and that's what making a difference is. if you aspire to do that and you are looking for an occupation to do that, then policing is one of them. we certainly welcome you here on the dallas police department. >> final question, chief cotner, i know the media presence, cameras, have packed up and left dallas, but i have to imagine your heart is still hurting. how is the police department doing? >> we're healing. we're still on the path towards healing. we've got a tremendous amount of support from our dallas community. to be honest with you, without
11:46 am
that, we would be crippled. our leadership was able to demonstrate who they are every day. that was supportive. and it continues to this day. this outpouring of support has sustained us as we continue to heal. >> thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do. chief jeff cotner, dallas police department. thank you. coming up next -- he had a number of run-ins with law enforcement and had been sued over a crash landing, did you know. new details today emerging about that hot air balloon crash over the weekend that killed 16 people, and the man who was at the controls. we're live at the scene of the latest on the skregs. investigation.
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just in to us here. just weeks after a "star trek" actor died in a tragic accident involving his jeep, his family just filed a lawsuit against fiat chrysler.
11:51 am
their attorney says the accident was a result of a defect which led the cherokee to roll down the driveway crushing him to death. and now to the hot air balloon crash. experts on the scene there say that this deadly hot air balloon crash investigation is just beginning. we know all 16 people on board were killed when this balloon piloted by this man, skip nichols, collided with some power lines there in a rural area south of austin, texas. why it was anywhere near, let alone, hit those power lines, that's unclear. however, some troubling new details are emerging now about this pilot's past. ed lavendera joins us from maxwell, texas there near that crash site. what have you learned, first and foremost, about this pilot? >> reporter: well, this is the scene where all of this unfolded saturday morning. as you mentioned, the background of this pilot is something that investigators will be taking a much closer look at.
11:52 am
from 1997 to 2007, skip nichols was involved in four dui charges, as well as having his driver's license suspended in 2010. all of this background very important to look at, but also they will be taking a much closer look at the question of whether or not he was under the influence when this accident happened. that is something that will have to be determined through toxicology reports and autopsies. of course given the conditions of the bodies, not exactly clear what they would be able to garner from that. we spoke to a friend with nichols who says he was a very safe pilot, safety was of utmost concern to him. but at the scene, a memorial growing. this is pictures of two of the victims that was left behind, including a little baseball from a family member that said "we love you, uncle brian and aunt tressy," the couple from san
11:53 am
antonio. just beyond the fence line here, you can see the charred part there on the ground where the gondola and basket here fell just underneath the power lines where investigators -- ntsb investigators believe this hot air balloon collided with those lines. very top lines are about 140 feet tall. it is up there where investigators believe that the gondola, the basket carrying these 16 people, collided with that. they say that along that stretch of line, about a 30-foot stretch, there are signs that the basket hit there, then ran along it for some time. balloon separated, severed from the basket and landed three-quarters of a mile away. eight ntsb investigators until late yesterday afternoon had been working this scene. but it's been cleared out. they've collected some evidence, like cell phones and ipads, all taken to washington, d.c. for analysis. >> awful, awful, awful, ed lavendera at the scene, thank
11:54 am
you. today president obama issued his mt direct criticism, rebuke, of donald trump yet from within the white house, there speaking no to a world leader from the east room. hear why he says trump is woefully unfit to be president, and hear his challenge to republican leaders -- next. ♪ ♪ only those who dare drive the world forward. introducing the first-ever cadillac ct6.
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you just wait. ♪ could it be? new yorkers becoming more social? pokemon go -- yes, we're doing this -- is bringing crowds together from all over the city to bond over some friendly competition. cnn money's laurie siegel halls the story. >> reporter: this is new york. lots of people, and lots of screen time. and even though we are surrounded by thousands of people a day, us new yorkers, well, we don't exactly talk to each other. but, something is happening lately. i would go as far as saying
11:59 am
something's changing. this is not exactly what happens in front of the plaza hotel in new york city. this is pokemon go. i got to get in. i got to go to the belly of the beast. we're going to go play pokemon. >> yeah. >> with facebook and all that. this is the only app you can't play at your house. >> you're out here with your whole family playing a video game. >> i love this. we need this right now. >> deactivated my facebook. sometimes you want a break from the monotony. you don't want the madness. this is simple. it's not black, it's not white. >> and everybody says he looks like trump. >> oh, yeah. >> with everything happening in the world right now, being out here, it is so cool to be out
12:00 pm
here and see everybody talking to each other. doesn't matter if you're black or you're white, or gay or straight. it is awesome. it is really, really special. >> oh, my god! >> i think i've earned my cred here. what team are you on? >> hey! >> you found it here? >> yeah. >> come on! are you serious? you know what? top of the hour, you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin.
12:01 pm
president obama today calling out republican leaders for their ongoing support of donald trump. been mired in controversy now with 98 days remaining until election day. president called trump unfit and woefully unprepared to lead the nation, and he also decried trump's clash with the khans, the parents of fallen muslim-american army captain. multiple gop heavyweights have decried trump's comments against the family and the president is now pressing republicans on just what it takes for them to say they have had enough of donald trump. >> the question i think that they have to ask themselves is, if you are repeatedly having to say in very strong terms that what he has said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? this isn't a situation where you have an episodic gaffe. this is daily. and weekly where they are
12:02 pm
distancing themselves from statements he's making. there has to be a point at which you say, this is not somebody i can support. there has to come a point in which you say, somebody who makes those kinds of statements doesn't have the judgment, the temperament, the understand iin to occupy the most powerful position in the world. >> joining me now, our chief washington correspondent jake tapper who hosts "the lead" and "state of the union." now that you have the president calling out these republican leaders for week after week denouncing trump's words, but not quite stopping short of not taking back that endorsement. do you think now that's definitely not going to change? >> i doubt it's going to change any time soon. i mean we'll see what the landscape looks like in september or october.
12:03 pm
certa certainly the idea of mr. trump being a drag on the ticket potentially is something that republican leaders discuss and talk about and what to do come september or october might tually be a reality. but as of right now, i don't see anybody distancing themselves. but what the president is doing is first of all, he's able to do this because his approval ratings are around 54%, 55%, which is pretty high for a president at this point in the second term of his presidency. so he has some standing with the public to do this. he's putting pressure on republican leaders. this is something that kwo have an impact with independent voters. we've talked a lot about the importance of independent voters and how poorly hillary clinton has in the past done with them. here we have president obama trying to push them, and that would theoretically in this world view appeal to independents. the idea that there is pressure being put on these leaders to be
12:04 pm
independent themselves. >> so that was the president today standing in the east room right next to a world leader when he made these comments. then you have donald trump at a rally in virginia. there was a moment i just want to play where a supporter of his walked up and handed him his purple heart. >> something very nice just happened to me. a man came up to me and he handed me his purple heart. now i said to him -- i said to him -- is that like the real one or stlais that a copy? he said that's my real purple heart. i have such confidence new. and i said, man, that's like -- that's like big stuff. i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. >> then you have the moment
12:05 pm
where that veteran who gave him his purple heart walks up, shakes his hand. this is in the state of virginia where the khan family is from. of course this is all in the wake of the sort of controversy that he's embroiled himself in with back and forth tweets and comments over the weekend. you are dear friends with, i know, a number of veterans. how do they feel about all of this? >> we should point out that's lieutenant colonel lewis dorfman who gave his purple heart to mr. trump. and i have asked the gold star families with whom i'm friends, both in private e-mails, in phone calls and also on facebook i've asked thim whem what they . and you may not be surprised to hear they are all over the map. there are those who are conservative and think that the khan family is being used and exploited by democrats and they note that at the democratic convention, some of these supporters there of bernie sanders booed individuals such as a medal of honor recipient
12:06 pm
and others. so these are conservatives and they're just not buying it. there are kevz who conservatives who, like donald trump, think this is a bad moment for him. one said mr. trump is a genius when it comes to business but he's ignorant when it comes to what it means to sacrifice in the way that he and his family had sacrificed. he also said, and i pray that mr. trump remains that ignorant, not wanting that pain to be visited upon that family. and then there are a number of people who think that this is horrific and that mr. trump really is demoralizing and hurting a lot of gold star families by not understanding the tradition in this country of politicians respecting what gold star families say and not getting into a back-and-forth about it. there was a time in the '90s when bill clinton was confronted by a father of -- a gold star father who had lost his son in mogadishu and the president
12:07 pm
tried to charm him, then ultimately just stood there and was hurt in the situation, just took it, just took the abuse. on my show we aired yesterday, we saw george w. bush saying about cindy sheehan, she has the right to think what she wants, and paying respect to her grief and her loss. hillary clinton has disputed what patricia smyth, who i know you interviewed yesterday who lost her son in benghazi, says hillary clinton told her. but otherwise says she can't imagine the grief. that really is what a lot of people, a lot of gold star families think is the appropriate response. what is curious just on a political level is, why keep this story alive? i know that that's something that a lot of top trump advisors are saying. why keep it alive? it's not a story that's good for you in any way. just drop it. but, mr. trump feels the way he feels and he wants to defend himself so here we are on day --
12:08 pm
whatever -- five of this, still talking about it. >> yeah. yeah. jake tapper, thank you so much. i appreciate it. we'll see you at the top of the hour on "the lead." as the president piles on to the criticism of mr. trump as he spoke from the white house today, look at polls with me. polls are stacking up against the republican nominee, the latest here, cnn/orc poll showing the democratic national convention pro tellpelled clint past trump. let me bring in the founder of the muslim coalition and a supporter of donald trump. also cnn political commentator, amanda harper with used to be senator truzed cruz's communications director. amanda, how damaging would it be for let's say john mccain, a paul ryan, to totally withdraw an endorsement? or because the president has now touched this, they will never do
12:09 pm
that? >> i don't think it would be too damaging. we've watched a lot of republican leaders tie themselves into pretzels going through this whole dance of i endorse bute support but i don't endorse him saying this. we have choiced. but voters, i promise you, whether it is president trump or president clinton, i am going to hold them accountable. we've been seeing this movie from the last year from donald trump. he's going to say something and you're going to be forced to defend it if you say you support him. there are things that are just simply indefensible. they shouldn't put themselves through this. that should be the answer for the next 90 days. >> do you think mr. trump would care if if he lost endorsement? >> no. i think he won the primaries and republican nomination without any of their endorsements. he would like to see the republican party united but i don't think he's going to lose
12:10 pm
any sleep about losing any endorsements. at the same time we hope that going forward, republicans will stand solidly with all servicemen of this country. we have thousands of muslims serving in the armed forces and we do respect all of them and we hope donald trump will possibly meet with the khan family and acknowledge their sacrifice. >> let me follow up on that with you. just on a personal level. when you saw the interview with george stephanopoulos over the weekend and mr. trump questioning why mrs. khan wasn't speaking pointing potentially to her religion when quite simply she just lost her son and she was emotionally distraught. back and forth for days now. were you offended by that? >> well, i understand. i think he was just assuming that muslim women stay silent. but i think yesterday there was quite a bit of a campaign to though shah muslim women speak out quite a bit zp. >> isn't that a bad assumption in 2016? >> of course. right. that's why we're trying to engage with the republican party and especially with the donald
12:11 pm
trump campaign. i hope to see more muslims involved and we hope to see muslims in his administration, especially muslim men and women. think we all need to change the mindset of republicans when it comes to muslim and islam. we need religious diversity and we hope to see him change his mind on all of us. >> amanda, what if -- just back to the president -- speaking the optics of it all. it is in the east room. this isn't at a rally. he doesn't have hillary clinton next to him. he's at the white house in the east room standing next to a world leader saying donald trump is unfit an calling out these republican leaders who denounce his words almost every week but stop short of pulling back their endorsement. don't you think this is firing up those who love donald trump and potentially even those who are trying to make up their minds? >> oh, definitely. if you're a trump supporter you're going to say they're trying to divide and conquer us, this is a campaign against us. i don't know why president obama's trying to play it this way if he really wants to bring
12:12 pm
people over to hillary clinton. i think it really pains me to say this but hillary clinton has a lot of opportunity this election if she decided she wanted to go to republican voters and say, listen, i'm going to keep your taxes low and i'm going to keep us safe. maybe i'll bring some republicans you trust into foreign policy in this administration, she would have a big opportunity. i don't see her going there yet. right now i just see these rhetorical graces that don't mean anything. question for me is, donald trump calls hillary clinton the devil. the devil's beating him by eight points right now. but what's wrong with hillary clinton that she can't bring people over when faced with someone that republicans are just so aghast watching every single day? >> 98 days to go, ladies. >> yes. >> that's plenty of time. plenty of time for both of them. thank you so much. i really appreciate both of your voices there. next, we'll talk to one of the captain khan's closest friends about the man, about his
12:13 pm
life and his service and what she thinks of the remarks over the past couple of days. we are getting new word of another high-profile republican is announcing she will vote for her. she will vote for hillary clinton this november. who is this and who did she work for? interestingly here. also, the hillary clinton campaign will join me live to react to trump calling her the devil. this is cnn. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets, no accidents...
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12:17 pm
did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. all of this recent back-and-forth between donald trump and the family of this muslim-american war hero, it's been all over the news. i know. we're getting more insight now into exactly who captain humayun khan was as a man, as a leader was as a supervisor, as a friend. joining me now, lacy walker with be she served under -- served as a sergeant under captain khan's command in iraq.
12:18 pm
lacy, thank you so much for your service. welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> i read you said he was the most amazing officer i ever worked for. why? >> absolutely. there's no doubt in my mind, he was the most incredible man to work for. he was easy to understand, his orders were concise and clear, and you always knew what he wanted. >> tell me the little things, the generosity, the story about the tuna fish sandwich. i want to hear more about just the man. >> okay. well, we were actually in training getting ready to go to iraq. and he was in shop office where i worked and he had a -- he always had a container of mayonnaise and a container of pickle relish in his office drawer. and then a loaf off bread on top
12:19 pm
of a shelf and tuna in the shelf. i don't know why he didn't just keep them together. but if we had to work through lunch, he'd always make us all tuna fish sandwiches. he was very kind, all the time. >> everything from something as simple as a sandwich to his gra bravery to his generosity. i understand you even have some ink on your body. >> he was the most respected man i've ever come in contact with -- and of course, my husband and father, too. but he was the best leader and i was devastated at his loss. i definitely have a tattoo in his honor. >> and to then suddenly see your friend, your supervisor, a man who you honor each and every day, sort of suddenly thrust into this back-and-forth involving the republican nominee for president, what do you make of it?
12:20 pm
what do you think he would make of it? >> personally, think it is irritating. he didn't wear his heritage on his shoulder. he wore the american flag like all of us did. he was a soldier. he was a man. he died honorably. he didn't die because he's a muslim. he didn't even -- he didn't shout out that he was a muslim. he was just proud to serve his country and proud to serve with his troops. and i don't like the fact that at the's being honored because of his heritage. he should be honored as the man he was, the soldier he was, and this is like -- they say rest in peace for a reason. this has been 12 years. it's ridiculous to me, my personal opinion. >> wanted to hear your personal opinion. counts very much. let me play some sound. this is donald trump on air appearing this morning on cbs, responding to this controversy now involving his dad.
12:21 pm
>> they want an apology. would your father be willing to apologize in the wrong? >> i think that's a great question for him. i think he has by calling them a hero. in terms of the one question whether you've made a sacrifice, think my father has. that's certainly not the ultimate sacrifice. the ultimate sacrifice is a soldier dying for are this nation and dying to protect the three of us. >> is it difficult for him to apologize on anything? >> my father's a fighter. my father's a fighter and i think this country needs a fighter. i think he was attacked the other day and viciously. by the way, that's politics. you're going to get attacked. >> now i don't know, some of these gold star families i talked to would say that that equates an apology calling captain khan a hero. i don't also know if mr. trump will apologize. i have the feeling from you, you want this to go away and he want him to be honored as the man you knew and respected. what do you think mr. trump should do?
12:22 pm
>> realize that just because of someone's heritage doesn't make them a martyr, realize that, yeah, everyone makes sacrifices every day of their life. sacrifices come with living. and no sacrifice is as infinite as giving your life for your country. and maybe if he just realized that, he would be a better person. i don't know. i don't get into politics. politics and religion are -- >> but you want to speak about your friend. i appreciate you taking the time and doing that. sergeant lacy walker, thanks so much for your service to this country and thanks for taking just a couple of minutes with me. have a good day. thank you. >> you, too. coming up next here, hillary clinton. she is pumping millions of dollars into ads in the battleground state of ohio. but, donald trump's campaign has yet to spend a dime. a closer look at the strategy on both sides.
12:23 pm
big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift?
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12:27 pm
let's hone in on a couple key states. this year's presidential election will likely come down to a handful of battleground states. none more important than the swik state swing state of ohio. what exactly is at stake. >> i do believe that my vote matters. i want it to matter. >> so goes ohio so goes the country. yeah. >> reporter: these are the voters hillary clinton and
12:28 pm
donald trump hope to capture. no republican has ever won the presidency without winning ohio. the last time a democrat took the white house without the state -- john f. kennedy in 1960. both campaigns are fighting hard for the battleground. hillary clinton and tim kaine traveled by bus through the state as part of their post-convention push. >> we'll be back. we'll be all over ohio. >> reporter: donald trump rallied in columbus monday. >> i'll be back so much you'll be sick of me. but november 8, you have to go and vote. >> reporter: 7.6 million voters are up for grabs. but there is a push and pull over registering even more. federal judges have struck down voter i.d. laws and those reducing early voting time as unconstitutional and now the state's purge of voters who haven't cast a ballot in six years is under review by the courts. >> the ground game really matters. particularly in a year where both of the major candidates have a lot of negatives.
12:29 pm
>> reporter: clinton's team has field offices sprouting up around the state. her camp counting on courting suburban women. >> i think there are a lot of women, especially in suburban ohio, who may have voted for mitt romney last time. they're going to be turned off by the toxic rhetoric of donald trump. they're going to look this way, take a strong look at the two candidates and i think they're going to come our way at the end of the day. >> reporter: ohio gop officials say offices will open next week, insisting they haven't lost any ground. >> i think the clinton campaign is compensating a lot for a week candidate. with donald trump we have a candidate taking his message right to the people with his rallies, through twitter around the media. >> reporter: but gorer john kasich refused to appear at the cleveland convention after taking on trump during the nominating season. >> you nominate the wrong republican candidate who divides the country? we'll lose the united states senate, as well as the white house. they will not win ohio.
12:30 pm
>> i know the trump team isn't happy and it looks like neither side is happy right now. but while the bridge wasn't crossed, it also wasn't burned. >> i'm not sure about trump. i'm not sure about hillary. and i don't know -- i think i'm going to make my decision that day. >> so on ohio, the importance of money also definitely plays out here. hillary clinton and her super pacs have already spent $13 million on tv ad there. the trump campaign in contrast has has yet to spend a dime in ohio. our cnn national global reporter, let me bring you in here in terms of pennies, nickels and dollars and in terms of this major discrepancy, what's the strategy here? >> this is a discrepancy that we're seeing in ohio but also around the country i know from polling those numbers right before the convention that you have clinton and her allies
12:31 pm
spending sometimes six times or more what trump and his allies are spending in some of these battleground states. what it tells us is that trump ran a very unconventional campaign during the primary, and now his team is racing to catch up. just before the convention they told us that over the next month they're going to be ramping up their ground game in states like ohio, pennsylvania. we haven't really seen evidence of that yet. so far the republican party and the state party in places like ohio are really shouldering the burden of identifying those voters and going out and doing the door-knocking. so trump is really taking a big gamble here. we'll have to wait and see if he really puts those boots on the ground. >> i don't have to tell every one, you have to win ohio to win that white house. i know that is equally important this year. but what are the issues? maybe what is issue number one? i have to imagine it is economy when i think of ohio and plants and jobs. who's leading?
12:32 pm
>> well, mostly the polls in ohio that we've seen have been basically a tie. it will be really interesting to see whether the convention bounces that both candidates got have really affected the polls in those battleground states. but i know just going out door to door when we were in ohio talking to voters that certainly economy is still the top of mind concern for voters. but there are a lot of swing voters out there who were talking about trying to parse out the differences and who they think has better judgment in the white house. you heard a little bit about in jessica's piece just now. but a lot of them say they're nervous about what comes out of trump's mouth. they're not sure who he would surround himself with in the white house. at the same time, they have a lot of issues with hillary clinton's judgment because of the e-mail scandal, of course. there are a lot of voters out there that are just trying to figure out who they feel most comfortable with in the white house and we'll have to see how the campaign rolls out over the next couple months. >> 90 days for figure it out.
12:33 pm
maeve reston, thank you so much. just a quick heads-up to all of you -- do not miss general john allen in an interview in "the situation room" today. you saw him pretty powerful speech there in philadelphia at the dnc. the former commander of forces in afghanistan, as you know, supporting hillary clinton. he has warned that a trump presidency could cause a military crisis. don't miss the interview on "the sit room," 5:00 eastern here on cnn. coming up, a top dnc official steps down over the wikileaks e-mail leak. reaction live from hillary clinton's press secretary. plus, what he thinks about donald trump calling hillary clinton the devil. stay here. crohn's disease,... ...i was always searching for ways to manage my symptoms. i thought i had it covered. then i realized managing was all i was doing. when i finally told my doctor, he said humira was for people like me who have tried other medications,... but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease.
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hillary clinton, not on the campaign trail today. she's actually tending the funeral of a friend, but her name and her party surely making news. clinton's press secretary, brian fallon, is with me now from clinton hq there in brooklyn. nice to see you, brian. >> thanks for having me, brooke. >> let me begin with the news of top dnc officials leaving over the wikileaks e-mail scandal. we learned about the ceo, she's out, along with the cfo, communications director. all in the wake of debbie wasserman schultz out. were these moves today necessary? >> i think this is quite natural since have you a new chair coming in. donna brazile has taken over on the heels of debbie wasserman schultz stepping down. so naturally we're building a leadership team over at the dnc under new chairwoman donna
12:39 pm
brazile for the stretch run here of this campaign. some people will remain in place. for instance, brandon davis who's been the chief of staff that joined the dnc a couple months back when we clinched the no many nation. he's going to continue running things. i think there is a strong sense of stability there. we're confident the democratic national committee will be in great shape to help us get over the hump and win this race in november. >> let me move on to we saw president obama speaking today in the east room. he was talking about tpp specifically. he indirectly referenced his good friends, one of whom we well know is hillary clinton, and how she falls on the issue of tpp. she's changed positions. the trance spacific partnership. she was for it as secretary of state, we now know she is against it. let me play a bit of what the president said. >> well, right now i'm president, and i'm for it.
12:40 pm
and i think i've got the better argument. and i've made this argument before, i'll make it again. we are part of a global economy. we're not reversing that. and i've got some very close friends, people i admire a lot. but who i just disagree with them. and that's okay. >> can you respond to that for me? >> well, obviously secretary clinton has the highest regard for president obama. i think you saw that last week on the convention stage in philadelphia. she has the greatest respect for him but this is a place where they have an honest disagreement. it is not the first friend of hers with whom she disagreed on this issue. last week governor mcauliffe of virginia also staked out a very strong position in favor of tpp. she disagreed with him as with el. >> he said last week, and that
12:41 pm
made news. john podesta jumped in and said she was wrong. can you explain to me, terry mcauliffe, a very, very good friend of hers, why he would say that? >> he had no basis for saying it and actually in the days after he made those comments he acknowledged that at the's never had any conversation with her to that effect. the reality is she's against the tpp now. she'd be against it in a lame duck after this election and she'd be against it in january as president. her running mate, tim kaine, agrees with her on that. she's been very clear about the tests that she will subject any potential trade agreement to. in this case the tpp falls short of that test when it comes to ensuring that we get wages rising again in this country. >> let me ask you about syria, brian. we know that there are reports of two new chemical gas attacks activists are saying that it was chlorine gas used on innocent civilians and a doctor's toll cnn that at the has treated
12:42 pm
patients to the effects of chlorine grass. government is blaming terrorists, and actually a second attack in aleppo. these are the types of attacks obama said were a red line. how would hillary clinton handle today's situation if she were in the white house? >> i can't accuracy of those reports. i don't know who might be responsible for that. but obviously the situation in syria continues to worsen. hillary clinton has called for a no-fly zone which would, in part, among other utilities of having a no-fly zone, two give a safe haven for some of those that are being targeted by the assad regime in this ongoing conflict in syria. there is a number of steps that she has laid out. she's given speeches at the council on foreign relations, at the hoover institute at stanford, university, laying out her plans for dealing with, one, the they that we face from isis,
12:43 pm
both here and abroad -- >> brian, excuse me. but would she then say that the obama administration isn't doing enough? >> i think she's called for an intensify case of what the obama administration is carrying out right now with respect to syria. she has called for added special forces, and indeed after she called for that a few months back, the obama administration adopted that very approach and increased the number of special forces that were operating in that region. >> finally, mr. trump calling her the devil. response? >> this i think is just the latest sign that donald trump's candidacy is unraveling. he's coming off of a convention that turns out was a net negative for him. a gallup poll came out that showed a majority of voters are less likely to support him having watched his convention. he spent the last fivg days on his heels defending this fight he's needlessly picked with a gold star family, the khans.
12:44 pm
just in the last 24 hours he's even lost a sitting republican member of congress, richard hanna from new york, has come out and crossed partisan aisles to endorse hillary clinton. and for our part, i think you've seen in the polls that have come out in the aftermath of our convention that we have momentum. hillary clinton's numbers are up, including a favorability levels. we just announced new fund-raising totals for last month that show that we have 54% of our donors were new donors last month this this campaign. we have a great sense of momentum connelli incoming out convention. donald trump has resorted to name calling. coming up next, chris christie has long, long been one of donald trump's fiercest defenders. now this long-time member of chris christie's inner circle is breaking ranks with republicans, announcing exclusively to cnn why she plans to vote for hillary clinton this november. do not miss this. scover that inv
12:45 pm
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12:49 pm
just in to cnn -- another top republican advisor splitting with her party over donald trump's candidacy. a big name in the republican party, maria camella says she is now throwing her support behind hillary clinton. this is important because she was a former top aide to new jersey governor chris christie who goes way back with donald trump and supported him ever since he exinterted the presidel race. joining me with details, cnn's special correspondent jamie gangel who just finished this interview. spill it. >> literally, literally moments ago. this is really stunning because we have yet another well-respected republican strategist who is breaking ranks and saying that they are not going to vote for trump. we had sally bradshaw yesterday. what is i think even more
12:50 pm
interesting here is that obviously chris christie endorsed trump so publicly. and maria is part of his inner circle. was really -- >> has been for a long time. >> for a long time. since to the national stage. so it is a big deal for her to do this. she said, i want to quote, she said i'm voting for hillary clinton in november and i'm voting for her because i don't believe it's enough to say you're not for donald trump. my participants were republicans but they didn't always vote republican. we have to be okay with acknowledging that. she says she has thought about it a long time, but it was a
12:51 pm
cull min nation of trump fanning the flames and i just want to read a little bit of what she said from that. she said i wish i could say i'm shocked about what he said. he has been praying on people's anxieties with loose information. drumming up fear and hatred. he picked fight to use it as positive news coverage. it may make him media savvy, but not qualified or ready to be president. so like shally bradshelly brads not mincing words.
12:52 pm
>> did she talk to governor christie? >> no, she thought he would respect that she is her own person and she has her own opinions. >> two republican win, interestingly enough, read the entire interview online on lets me bring in matt cats. what do you think? >> that is a huge deal. this is the most important person in the governor's office to take on a role which was a chief messaging officer. the cable tv news hits,
12:53 pm
everything that we know about chris christie, and maria cabella has had a hand in. so it is big news in trenton. i think it is so important for the republican party in general. >> thank you, it is a wow. thank you as well. read the entire interview at we'll be right back. before taking his team to state for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages.
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12:57 pm
we know that a hillary clinton victory come november 8th would make american history but also dramatic change in the western world. right now the leader in germany, chancellor angela merkel. you have the new pm, teresa may in great britain, and if clinton wins, that would mean three women in three of the world's
12:58 pm
most powerful positions. carol lee, let's share we were chatting at a convention a few days ago. that is history, that is a first. >> so europe is going through a dramatic crisis, and tehe alliance between the u.s. and europe are being tested in a way that we have not seen in a long time. now it could be these three women, and that is just not something we have seen before. and it is different from the roll that women played, they were asked to go back in the home, most of them did, but there was a real sidelines kind of position. >> you pointed out in your
12:59 pm
piece, winston churchill, and others, tell each of us the issues for each of these women. potentially hillary clinton. >> well you have europe dealing with a migrant crisis. you have new terrorism threats that are significantly rattling europe. and you have the nato alliance being tested by russia in a way that it has not been in a long time. so they're all swirling together. and there is a political dynamic there that is very different. they're all happening at once
1:00 pm
and it is a real challenge for anyone elected in november. >> what a neat place to be in in 2016. thank you very much. i'm brook baldwin, thank you so much, have a wonderful tuesday. stay right here "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. >> thanks, brook. president obama today laying into donald trmp aump. >> unfit, president obama charging donald trump as being so woefully unprepared today be kander and chief, the government might stop functioning. and he didn't let hillary go without a touch of trade related shade. and the candidate