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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 2, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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hear from libertarian candidates in a townhall tomorrow night at 9:00. i now turn you over to tlsmt wolf blitzer with breaking news in "the situation room." thank you for watching. happening now, breaking news, not quite there yet. in a turn of events, donald trump turns on his own party leader saying he is not ready to endorse paul ryan in the upcoming primary. he is also saying he will not support john mccain in his reelection campaign. unfit and unprepared. president obama unloads on donald trump, slamming his attacks on a gold star family and saying the nominee is not informed on key issues and is woefully unprepared to be
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president. >> house cleaning at the democratic national committee. three top officials are out amidst the controversy of hacked e-mails. travel warning, u.s. health officials offer a warning for a miami neighborhood where the zika virus carried by mosquitos hold risks for pregnant women. this is cnn breaking news. >> breaking news just two weeks after the republican convention, donald trump is lashing out at his party's leaders refusing to back paul ryan in his bid for reelection. donald trump saying "i'm not there yet" he also tells the washington posthe is not
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supporting john mccain mccain. president obama unleashed a police t blistering attack on donald trump. trump approves that every day citing attacks and missing like a basic knowledge of issues. the president said that trump is woefully unprepared to do this job and he asked gop leaders why they're still supporting him. i will speak with don allen, he endorsed hillary clinton in last week's convention. let's start with donald trump's stunning attack today on leaders of his own party. jim acosta is joining us now.
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did he just turn this campaign on it's head? >> i think so. this may be the most extraordinary day of this campaign thus far. now we have donald trump saying that he is not ready to support. in an interview with "the washington post" donald trump was asked whether or not he was ready to support paul ryan. he says i like paul, but these are horrible times for our country and we need very strong leadership. i'm just not quite there yet. it is element word for word. he told jake tapper in may that he was not ready to endorse
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donald trump. and it flared up that and indirectly took issue with donald trump's issues saying that muslim americans serve this issue. it was at this event where donald trump tweeted that he appreciates the kind words coming from paul neeland. so one week before the primary, he seems he is throwing his support behind the channeler to paul ryan. >> that primary as you say, one week from today, next tuesday, and out of the blue, donald
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trump is suggesting maybe he will not meet with him. >> that was a big win. he said very good things about mike pence, it seems the controversy is not over. he went after republicans as well. john mccain, back in 2008, he didn't mince many words, he is faces a tough reelection himself. >> this controversy seems to have brought this to where john mccain just recently yesterday sharply criticized him saying it
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did not reflect what the beliefs are for those in the republican party. here is what donald trump says about john mccain. he says i have never been there with john mccain. he has not done a good job for the vets and i always felt he should have done a better job. kelly ayott who is running for reelection for senate in new hampshire. that is a state that donald trump would like to win. if you want to talk to republicans here in washington, there are some that will never be here, but they want to hang on to the senate. they want to hang on to the house. so to hear him go after paul ryan, john mccain, and kelly ayott, it has to be jaw dropping. >> trump saying i don't know
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her, i know she has given me no support, zero support, and i'm leading her in the polls. we need fighters in the country, we don't need week people, we have enough of them. kelly has given me zero support and i'm going great in new hampshire. >> i can tell you i was just in new hampshire recently covering donald trump. there are ads being run in new hampshire that don't talk about donald trump. that may have been what has gotten under his skin. he says that in the article, but he doesn't appreciate that she has not come out and supported him. she has been very cool towards him in the process in is another big question for republicans in washington. >> it is fair to say this is extraordinary, even a bomb shell at this point.
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thank you very much jim acosta. now to president obama's stunning take down of donald trump saying he is woefully unprepared to take on the white house. the president pulls no punches today. >> that is exactly right, president obama is using the believe pulpit to target donald trump. he said the republican criticism of trump rings hollow and they should stop backing his candidacy. >> president obama opening fire on the nominee. >> i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. i said so last week and he keeps on proving it. the sharpest criticism yet. >> somebody that makes those kinds of statements doesn't have
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the judgment, the temperament, the understanding, to occupy the most powerful position in the world. >> ticking through his objections including his recent criticism of the participants of a muslim-american soldier killed in combat. >> it went viral last week. >> the notion that he would attack a gold-star family. that made such extraordinary sacrifices on be vaf of our country, the fact that he doesn't appear to have basic knowledge around critical issues. >> the president questioning why trump's own party supports him.
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and if you are repeatingly having to say in very strong terms that what he said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him. this is not a situation where you have an episodeic gaffe. this is daily and weekly where they are distancing themselves from statements he is making. >> there have been republican presidents that i disagreed with. but there has to come a point where you say enough. >> and they both oppose the transpacific partnership, president obama doubled down on height signature trade pack. >> right now i'm president, and i'm for it. and i think i have a better
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argument. and i made this argue before and i will make it again. we are part of a global economy, and we're not reversing that. >> and aides indicate that she will not be changing her mind. the bath support has become a liability in pennsylvania and ohio. >> donald trump was very busy campaigning today, operating on the theory that the best defense is a strong offense. let's go to our national kor
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into dent. >> late this afternoon, they received the endorsement of a father whose son was a former navy seal killed in benghazi. all of this despite some missteps. >> domd trump out on the trail in virginia today steering clear of his controversy with a family of a slain soldier. instead trying to draw attention to his military support. >> a man came up to me and handed me his purple heart. i said to him -- is that like the real one or a copy.
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and he said that is my real purple heart. i said man, that is big stuff. i us wanted to get the purple heart, this was much easier. >> the purple heart is rewarded to those in combat. swift reaction coming from hillary clinton saying "this from a man who says he sacrificed for our country." saying trump had not sacrificed for his country. following the rally today, he said he was fortunate to not have served. >> i regretted in serving in many ways. >> amid the bipartisan backlash, trump's son, eric, says he has
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apologized. >> i think he has been calling them a hero. >> and the trump children saying they're willing to speak up and speak honestly with their father. >> will you tell your father she wrong? >> we can tell him he is wrong. >> listen, we go back and forth as a family, and i think that is, having children be part of this process. >> trade, immigration, and her ability to improve the economy and his character. >> this woman is a thief, a courtroom, and a temperament of a loser. >> trump gets side tracked by a crying baby. >> i love babies, don't worry about that baby. i hear that baby crying, i like it. what a beautiful baby. >> actually i was only kidding,
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you can get the baby out of here. that's all right. don't worry. i think she really believed me that i love having a baby crying while speaking. >> trump's comments continuing to be a concern to gop leaders. and while i disagree with her on many issues, i will vote for mrs. clinton. not the only comments from trump raising eyebrows this week. and how his daughter would respond under similar circumstances, drurp said i think she would find another career or company if that was the case. eric trump backing up his father with these comments. >> does he stick by what he said? >> yes, no doubt it should be
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addressed, ivanka is strong and would not allow herself to be objected objected to it. today at this rally in virginia, we heard a young boy who must have been about 11 years old using the b word in reference to hillary clinton. these are the type of things that get the crowd going. it is a real concern that in order for trump to secure the win here, he has to lure in independents and people still on the fence. the rhetoric at these rallies is not what needs to be done to reach out to these groups. >> thank you, joining us now, a four-star general john allen who commanded u.s. forces in afghanistan and delivered a
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speech in the national convention. i want to get your immediate reaction to what we just heard from donald trump in this interview, going after senator john mccain saying "he should have done a much better job for the vets." are you surprised that trump is now going after mccain just a few weeks before his primary reelection day in. >> by any standard, he is a hero. he is an eye coicon. he has been a great american leader in the senate pim not sure priz -- i'm not surprised he is being attacked. he stands for principal. he stands for everything that we have all treasured for so long. the value of being an american service member. he stands for all of those things. >> you're now a veteran, and you have studied the impact on veterans, do you think john
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mccain has failed veterans? >> no, of course not, he has been a great supporter of veterans. he has been a great supporter of the department of defense. i watched him with great admiration supporting both of those things. >> i want to take a quick break, we have a lot to discuss. john mccain is one thing, donald trump, is he qualitied or fit to be president of the united states? this is how you apply the first paint that kills bacteria. sherwin-williams paint shield continuously kills 99.9% of bacteria. totally breakthrough. surprisingly the same. and it's only avaiblble at sherwin-williams. i thodid the ancestrydna toian. find out i'm only 16% italian.
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that's liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. he wrecked the rec room this summer. his stellar notebooks will last through june. get back to great. this week, these items just one cent each. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. our breaking news, only two weeks after the republican convention. donald trump is clamming gop leaders. he is refusing to back house speaker paul ryan in his reelection bid, turning his own
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words against him saying "i'm not there yet. we're back with john allen, former commander of u.s. and allied forces. is donald trump, if he were commander in chief, will troops disobey his orders? >> as i said, wolf, we have been trained from our earliest moments to obey legal orders. . to nurn the orders are legal. the problem they think your question implies are public statements about if we find ourselves involved in torture or the murder of the families of alleged terrorists, or being engaged in indiscriminate carpet
2:24 pm
bombing. i hope we never find ourselves in position will we be first to oblige that order is illegal. >> so if you're a four-star general, if you were still on active duty, if he said go ahead and do water boards or do -- kill not just the targets, the terrorists, but if necessary family members, you would regard them as murder. >> no question. an illegal order like that, i have an obligation to the constitution of the united states. that is the rural of law about who we are. i would not obey that order. or to attack the families of alleged terrorists and do them
2:25 pm
as well. >> you would tell marines to disbo bdi disobey them. >> i hope would be that this conversation that we're having more broadly would potentially change his views on that issue. this is why people offer their advice in campaigns, to try to walk people away from the positions that are untenable later when that individual may become president of the united states. >> you have seen the criticism that you received from general martin dempsey, for your decision to speak at the democratic convention. >> i would be very careful about using the word integrity. i would say that dempsey is a
2:26 pm
terrific soldier. i understand why he felt it was necessary for him, and in his previous and current roll, to offer that view. i have to tell you i agonized over this. it was not a decision that i took lightly. and with the comments about the potential, or the potential that he knows more than all of the generals know, those comments require me to come forward and make these remarks and offer my support for secretary clinton to become president of the united states and commander and chief. it is not something i made lightly, but i felt i had a horrible obligation to under take. >> many of the marines you mentored are still serving. do you fear you're encouraging them to become more politial in. >> no, there was never a moment
2:27 pm
that i believed i had any responsibility to be political at all. i think the institution of the united states military. the strength of the current senior leadership, i believe that we're fully in tact. we will beat any force, so the subservients to the military, it is the concern about the politicking objected into the conversation, about how we employ the military, marly in an illegal manner, gives me concern. >> was it a mistake to be introduced as a military general as opposed to a private citizen? >> i don't have any regrets as being into deuced as general allen. >> were you invited to speak or
2:28 pm
did you ask for it? >> i felt it was an opportunity for me to speak. >> but you agonized over it? >> i did. >> tell me about it. >> it talks about what you said, whether or not a retired officer has a responsibility to speak about politics or not. and the conventional wisdom has said for many years that we should hold our peace on this issue. many former and retired senior leaders have come forth at particular moments and become members of administrations or supported administrations. colin powell is one that comes to mind. george marshall. the marshall plan perhaps one of the most decided factors in the war. so my guess would be that for them, as well, these were not easy decisions to make. and it was not an easy decision for me to make, wolf.
2:29 pm
>> a lot of your friends say you are soft spoken, like in this interview right now, and they were surprised to see you as angry as you appeared to be at that convention. what made you speak in that manner at the convention? >> first it was my loyalty to the american people, the american public. also to be heard over the crowd, which it was very loud. i could not believe how enthu enthusiastic that crowd was that day. the many messages they were receiving. i also felt very powerfully, an obligation to get out several messag messages. one is that we will observe our obligations. so those many mess ans, i felt, was important. and it was key that we got those out, and that night was the right forum to get them out. >> as you know the president of
2:30 pm
the united states said that donald trump is unfit to be president of the united states. wo woefully unprepared for the presidency, what is your biggest concern if he is elected president of the united states? >> was many candidates who do not have direct experience with the military or government, it required -- it's not insignificant to become familiar with all of those many dimensions with successful leadership in the white house. leading the country or the forces as the commander in chief. so my concern is for any candidate to be elected. but the enormity of the information and the enormity of the work it takes to be confidence. so i think she really understands it. she understands that america
2:31 pm
exerts it's influence, she understands the employment, all aspects of american power, and also understands the employment of american force at manifested and embody ied by the american president. >> then senator barack obama in 2008 was said to not be qualified because of his lack of experience, you remember that criticism he went through. >> he also had a superb national security team, and i think hillary clinton has as access to quite a number of really exceptional individuals who are experts in national security, experts in our treaty relationships, experts in our over seas relationships. i have confidence that she, at a personal level as the experience and capability, but she will
2:32 pm
also surround herself with experts as well. >> thank you for your service. >> thank you, wolf. good to be with you. >> coming up, i will be joined live by the trump campaign national spokes woman katrina pierson. also, an unprecedented health warning. pregnant women and their partners should not travel to a major u.s. city because of the virus carried by mosquitos. it actually evolved into a business. from our blog to video editing... our technology has to hang tough with us. when you're going to a place without electricity, you need a long battery life. the touch, combined with the screen resolution... a mac doesn't have that. we wanted to help more people get out there and see the world. once you take that leap, that's where the magic happens.
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we're following breaking news, donald trump has just refused to back paul ryan and john mccain. both facing tough challenges in their upcoming campaigns. the washington bureau chief for the daily beast, and ron bronstein. you just heard donald trump, the g.o.p. presidential nominee tell "the washington post" he will not endorse paul ryan and john mccain in their reelection bids, at least not yet, how unprecedented is this? >> we are so far into uncharted waters, it is nothing like this in terms of what we are seeing within the party. it reminded me of a moment ago
2:38 pm
when you had general allen on there making the case for hillary clinton, there is no one of that stature that will go out and vouch for donald trump at the convention. and p they didn't say they viewed him as someone that they would be proud to have as president, and now you're seeing the flip side. i think we are in a cycle here. a spiral that will continue, and the question becomes ask the gop leadership get all of the way to november without a full and open breech with their presidential nominee that would be unprecedented. >> it is clearly pretty amazing. trump says he is not endorsing paul ryan. he says he is not quite there yet. that is almost exactly what paul ryan told our own jake tapper when donald trump was the nominee. is this sort of pay back? >> it certainly seems that way. i believe that's what the kids
2:39 pm
call a burn. he did not like that paul ryan completely -- it came from left field. trump values loyalty. chris christie has never broken ranks with donald trump. the fact that he views someone like paul ryan and john mccain, and kelly ayott, not being completely on the trump train, watch out. at a sensitive moment like this, he is not showing party unity. >> he is essentially saying even if i put you in an impossible situation, i expect loyalty from you. we have seen that from people who support him, and especially this criticism when it comes to the cons and he is taking on a family that lost a son, serving
2:40 pm
the united states in a way that even if they get on stage, the fact that their loss inoculates themselves against criticism for voicing what they think. and he had someone at his convention that did that. i think there are republicans saying there is no way i can get behind these things that trump is saying. paul ryan, that is not the only thing he is issuing a statement about, but the mud limb ban, all of these things despite an endorsement, he has broken with trump on these things and he is being hit because of it. >> he is trying to be careful and it's not paying off at all. >> can i add one point? this really underscores the extent to which the trump victory was a hostile takeover. he mobilized the coalition. and the real question here is not so much what happens between now and november, but if he won,
2:41 pm
could the republican party in congress pull together as a coherent unified entity. or would you see factions develop very quickly. a panel i did in cleveland, tom kohl said if donald trump was elected and tried to mass deport 11 million immigrants, the house republicans would try to stop him. what we're seeing here is how deep of a fissure he represents. if it got past november it would be even more turbulent. >> you have seen the division in the republican party -- it is in the majority, but in some ways it hasn't been. the division between the tea party establishment republicans. it could make that look like child's play. >> a sensitive issue. and ron, donald trump said senator mccain who was a vietnam
2:42 pm
war hero as we all know, in his own words has not done a good job for the vets. how do you see this playing out? >> i think it is very hard for donald trump to have credibility against john mccain who contrary to his characterization was a war hero, but mccain and paul ryan are in a difficult position in that. in that they chose not to disavow donald trump over his muslim ban, the criticism of the kahn family, and mccain's own war record. now can they say this is the off ramp that i needed? they're a little boxed in for their personal position. i'm guessing after this you will hear more support from other republican elected officials if
2:43 pm
the more of these figures from michael bloomberg to sally bradshaw, who say it is okay for people who usually vote republican to go the other way, that helps explain why she has a ten point read over people who are usually voting republican, a structure is being created to allow voters to in this case go against my usual inclination. >> we heard the president of the united states say that donald trump is really unfit to be president, commander in chief, and he is unprepared. strong words. how uncommon is it for a sitting, out going president, to level these accusations against a challenger. >> not only is it highly unusual, but the place he did it was in unusual. in the white house. with a foreign leader next to
2:44 pm
him. not an interview. it was not a campaign stop. he didn't have his sleeves rolled up. it was a formal event. and as ron said, this is a way for hig to c-- him to signal, i not acceptable. >> he was standing right next to prime minister lee of singapore. he kept saying i don't want to interfere in american politics, don't get me involved, but the president was very forceful. >> and he just kept going. that was the thing. there was so many statements. not just that he came out with a seasons that he was unfit, woefully unprepared, asacking him in all of these areas.
2:45 pm
he said he seems to lack knowledge on things. it was a litany of things he wept through. and you definitely heard him. i think that was his point. and it became the word of the day. >> and you know, bofl, it is just another example of if there was a geneva convention when ronald reagan said i will not pick on invalid. and that was a way of saying he had under gone a treatment for depression in 1988. so president obama who is relishing the idea of getting on the battlefield with donald
2:46 pm
trump, this is an escalation of the partisan wars, and what i said before that if you think of all of the other voices, there is nothing like that on the republican side. maybe for some voters it is a sign that hillary clinton is part of the brichment and trump will bring the change, but for a lot of these center right, they're getting a strong message that this is a time they can break from the way they have usually voted. >> more coming up, other news we're following, very worrisome developments. the zika virus sparking scares. and claims about a poison gas attack. can syria be trusted? more after this. get back to great.
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go long. the zika threat has led u.s. health authorities to an unprecedented travel warning. they're saying don't go to a certain area of ami. ryan todd has been looking at this. >> a short time ago the florida department of health confirmed that there is now a 15th case of nontravel-related zika virus in miami-dade county. those are cases where people are getting the virus from local mosquito bites. tonight office of miami-dade county's mayor is saying they're taking extraordinary step of ordering aerial spraying in areas of downtown miami where more than a dozen cases of zika have been identified.
2:52 pm
they're even distributing mosquito repellent wipes to people in that area. officials are concerned this could get worse before it gets better. emergency response teams in miami trying to kill a dangerous parasite. they're going after a breed of mosquito, and pert say, that is good at hiding in places we all walk by without even thinking. >> you can see the organic matter. you get the water pooling and you have water for the larvae mosquitos. >> this type of mosquito is the cause of a travel warning never seen before. the cdc for the first time cautioning pregnant women and their partners not to travel to an american neighborhood. a one square mile section just north of downtown miami. the agency says the zika virus transmitted by that mosquito is circulating in that yard with more than a dozen cases and counting. >> i would not be surprised if we start seeing additional cases
2:53 pm
in this area as well as in perhaps other areas. although we hope and i believe ultimately will be successful in containing this. it may get worse before it gets better. >> zika which spreds from pregnant women to their fetuses can cause brain malformations and other birth defects. tonight experts are warning pregnant women who live in that neighborhood to get tested. how did zika spread in that area? it is very likely that people who had zika came into the u.s. some who had the virus and were in that neighborhood of miami were bitten by mosquitos which then bit other people. the mosquitos themselves can't travel very far, experts say. only a few hundred yards in their lifetime. but they're prominent all over the and u.s. could trigger a wider spread of zika. >> there are many other people coming back from the caribbean and central and south america to all parts of the united states and we in public health expect
2:54 pm
that now and again there may be other introductions and small spread across the country. >> tonight officials are warning pregnant women and their partners, stay inside where there's air conditioning. if you're outside, wear long sheefs and apply repellent with the ingredient deet. >> you're going to spray it on the hand. rub and it then apply to the case. you don't want to spray it directly on the face where you're going to inhale it. >> and get rid of standing water. even tiny amounts of it pooled on children's outdoor toys. what experts are concerned that tonight is that this type of mosquito is a tough mosquito to stop. resist tent to some insecticides. they say if they don't bring it under control soon, especially in that region of miami, this virus could spread for weeks if not for months. there's a lot of concern tonight. >> i understand tourism is taking a hit in that area as well. >> that's right. we're seeing signs of it. this section of miami, a very
2:55 pm
popular restaurant and bar and activity spot. that's closed 98 response to all of this. but miami-dade mayor carlos jimenez insists tourist areas are safe because they're far enough upwind from where the virus was found. also, beach areas they say, which have, of course, wind and breezes are safer. these mosquitos are not considered strong flyers. you can use a fan to keep them away. >> very disturbing developments. thank you. coming up, our breaking news. the truly extraordinary move, donald trump is turning on republican here's and telling reporters, he's not ready to endorse the house speaker paul ryan in his upcoming primary. trump is refusing to support john mccain in his re-election and calling him unfit and woefully unprepared to be president of the united states. with my moderate to severe crohn's disease,... ...i was always searching for ways to manage my symptoms.
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happening now, breaking news. fractured party. donald trump is refusing to support the house speaker paul ryan in his primary election next week. trump is using ryan's own words against him, telling "washington post," quote, i'm not quite there yet. is it payback for ryan's delay in endorsing trump? and president obama delivers a stunning rebuke saying there has to be a point where republicans stop their support for the presidential nominee. what impact will the president's words have? walking away, a form he top aide to chris christie tells cnn,
3:01 pm
she's breaking with the dnc saying she'll vote for trump. is this the beginning of a republican exodus. and a major shake-up in the committee. the cyber attack that led to an embarrassing lead. two level high level staffers are out. are more heads about to roll? >> i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." breaking political news, a dramatic new sign of the turmoil donald trump has unleashed within the gop. the republican nominee has told the "washington post" he's not supporting house speaker paul ryan and senator john mccain in their upcoming elections and trump use the exact same words about ryan that the speaker used in describing his reluctance to
3:02 pm
endorse trump earlier in the campaign. quote, i'm not quite there yet. and president obama is calling on republicans saying, trump is unfit, em, to be president. mr. obama delivered a razor sharp censure calling trump woefully not fit to be president. we're covering all of that. much more with our guest, including the national spokeswoman, katrina pearson and our analysts are also standing by. let's get straight to the breaking news. our chief political correspondent dana bash is working the story for us. what did donald trump tell "washington post" about speaker ryan? >> well, he used probably not a coincidence, very similar language about ryan that ryan initially used about him when he declined to immediately endorse trump, when he became the presumptive nominee. here's what trump said about paul ryan who has a primary race
3:03 pm
in his house district a week from today. i like paul but these are horrible time for our country. we need a very strong leadership. we need very, very strong leadership. and i'm not quite there yet. i'm not quite there yet. so those again are the terms, the words that paul ryan used. tapper initially talking about donald trump. we should say since then ryan has endorsed donald trump. obviously went to the convention, presided over the convention, despite his obvious misgivings. just in the last few minutes we've gotten a statement from ryan's campaign back in wisconsin. basically saying that neither speaker ryan nor anyone on the team has ever asked for trump's endorsement and he feels confident he will win his primary a week from today in wisconsin. but let's just take a step back about why we are doing breaking news. it is not just because it is a tit for tat among republicans. this is most senior republican
3:04 pm
elected official right now, period. ends of story. this is something you don't see even in the worst of time. especially after the convention, we thought that they would at least all begin to come together. i spoke to a house republican about this a short while ago, this is someone who endorsed donald trump. he said he thinks this will back fire on donald trump within the house republican caucus. because ryan has a pretty good reservoir of support and people who might not always agree with him on policy like him as a person ask that there are a number of republicans, in the words of this congressman, hanging on by a thread in their support for trump. especially after the back and forth with the khan family and this might tear the party party even more. and ryan put out a tough statement about that. >> but paul ryan did endorse donald trump and go to the convention. last night donald trump was
3:05 pm
tweeting positive things about paul ryan's challenger for that house seat. >> he was. he was definitely doing that. and his challenger tweeted back. this is something that you don't see. the man at the top of the ticket openly applauding a primary challenger within the republican party. basically, trying to beat the drums of the divide within the republican party. now we know the reason. this is personal. he is upentity the fact paul ryan and others including john mccain released these statements that were very, very critical of donald trump and the way that he appeared to go after these gold star parents who speak at the democratic national committee. and let me say what he said about that while i'm on that subject. he said the same thing about mccain who also has a primary in his home state of arizona next tuesday. i've never been there with john mccain. he has not done a good job for
3:06 pm
the vets and i've always felt that he should have done a much better job for the vets. so i've always had a difficult time with john for that reason. our vets are not being treated properly. they're not being treated fairly. so that is donald trump about john mccain who had a very lengthy, we reported it all day yesterday, lengthy, very, very tough statement about the kind of back and forth that donald trump had with these gold star parents. in a way that mccain didn't do when trump questioned mc's own service, who was a prisoner of war at vietnam. and kelly faces her own tough re-election bid from new hampshire. >> this is, the fact that he, in this interview, went after all these republicans who have been tough on him gives you a sense of where he is right now. and i'm going to read you what he said about it. i don't know kelly. i know she has given me no support, zero support.
3:07 pm
yet i'm leading her in the polls. i'm doing very well in new hampshire. we need loyal people in this country. we need fighters in this country. we don't need weak people. and in the polls we've seen, in conversations with republicans in new hampshire, she actually appears to be doing better than he is with regard to her race in the senate and how he is faring in the presidential race. but it is obviously early. the bottom line is that he is clearly not happy with the fact there isn't kumbaya to this minute within the republican party coming behind him and he's lashing out in a way that really, i don't know about you, wolf. i have never seen in this situation. circling back to paul ryan, i think it is possible there will be pressure on him to take back his endorsement. i don't think that will happen. >> that's pretty extraordinary. i don't remember anything, especially two weeks after the republican convention, anything like this happening. thank you very much for that.
3:08 pm
these extraordinary developments come just hours after president obama's truly remarkable rebuke of donald trump. our white house corn michelle kosinski has the developments. this was the president's strongest denunciation of the republican nominee. >> reporter: this felt like the gloves were off. even the words president obama chose. there he is in the east room of the white house standing next to a foreign leader and having his say about donald trump. do you feel trump's reason words criticizing the parents of a fallen muslim soldier make trump unfit to be president? president obama went way beyond unfit. calling him woefully unprepared and well beyond recent comments, questioning in his words trump's knowledge, his common sense and basic decency. >> i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president.
3:09 pm
i said so last week and he keeps on proving it. >> a blunt answer to a simple question. but president obama didn't want to stop there. unleashing a more than five minutes smackdown. >> the notion that he would attack a gold star family, that had made such extraordinary sacrifices on behalf of our country, the fact that he doesn't appr to have basic knowledge around critical issues means that he is woefully unprepares to do this job. >> extenting his pointed words to include top republicans and the party as a whole. >> what's been interesting is the repeated denunciations of his statements by leading republicans. including the speaker of the
3:10 pm
house, and the senate majority leader and prominent republicans like john mccain, and the question i think that they have to ask themselves is, if you are repeatedly having to say in very strong terms what he has said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? what does this say about your party that this is your standard bearer? this isn't a situation where you have an episodic gaffe. this is daily. there has to be a point at which you say, somebody who makes those kinds of statements doesn't have the judgment, the temperament, the understanding to occupy the most powerful position in the world. there has to come a point in
3:11 pm
which you say, enough. and the alternative is the entire party. the republican party. effectively endorses and validates the positions that are being articulatedbly trump. >> a warning there. the president had words for the current democratic nominee. hillary clinton opposes the tpp. the massive trade partnership with asia that obama has been pushing so hard for. >> right now i'm president. and i'm for it. and i think i've got the better argument. hope any after the election is over and the dust settles, there will be more attention to the actual facts behind the deal and it won't just be a political symbol or a political football. >> donald trump put out his own statement blasting what he called president obama's failed leadership. and both republican leaders in the house and the senate through
3:12 pm
spokespeople declined to respond to what the president said today. >> thank you. donald trump himself appears unswayed by all the controversies swirling around his campaign right now. even as new ones explode by the day. our senior corn correspondent is with us. >> it is hard to keep track of all these controversies. donald trump tried on turn it around after the dispute with the khan family. but the critics are only getting loud order both ends of pennsylvania avenue. >> dubbed unfit to be president, donald trump punched right back. >> he's been one of the worst presidents in the history of our country. for him to be calling me out is almost an honor. he currently doesn't know what he's doing. >> underfire for his very public battle the appearance of a fallen muslim american soldier, trump tried to show he still has
3:13 pm
plenty of military support. introducing a crowd in virginia to a self-described veteran who offered a medal to the gop nominee. >> a man came up to me. and he handed me his purple heart. >> i said, man, that's like big stuff. i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. >> but i tell you, it was such an honor. >> so far in his rallies, trump has stayed clear of his incendiary comments on the khan family who scolded him. trump is attempting to change subject back to hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton will be worse. she has bad relationships with people like putin. i'll give you an example. she has terrible relationships with putin. she wants to play the tough one. she's not tough. >> but trump is having trouble outrunning his war of words with the khan family. mike pence was challenged by a military mother to rebuke trump.
3:14 pm
>> trump has disrespected our nation's armed forces and veterans and his disrespect for mr. khan and his family is just an example of that. will there ever be a point in time when you're able to look at trump in the eye and tell him, enough is enough? you have a son in the military. how do you tolerate his disrespect? >> it's all right. it's all right. >> folks, that's what freedom looks like. that's what freedom sounds like. >> some republicans have had enough. one gop congressman richard hannah wrote an op ed. while i disagree with her on many issues, i will vote for mrs. clinton. the trump campaign and his son eric have accused the media of blowing the khan story out prof portion. >> the it's a great question for him. i think he has called him a hero. >> and eric trump seemed to stand by his comments about how
3:15 pm
his daughter ivanka would respond to harassment in the workplace. eric trump said strong women don't get sexually harassed. >> there is no question that obviously it should be addressed and addressed strongly. and ivanka is a strong, powerful woman. she wouldn't allow herself to be subjected to it. so far the latest trump controversies haven't dampened the energies of the rallies where supporters seem to be enjoying every moment. even when the candidate talks about out crying babies. >> i love babies. i their baby crying. i like it. i like it. actually i was only kidding. you can get the baby out of here. >> now, one of donald trump's top surrogates chris christie said today, it is inappropriate to criticize the khan family. i've spoken to two support here's said privately the gop nominee should apologize to the khans right away. of course we have not heard from
3:16 pm
donald trump. >> let's get more on the breaking news right now. joining us, the trump campaign national spokeswoman. katrina, thanks for joining us. >> great to be here. >> why has donald trump decided to go after two of the most prominent republicans in his party? paul ryan, the highest ranking republican in the u.s. congress. he endorsed donald trump. what was behind his decision to make this public, to go after john mccain and paul ryan today? >> well, i don't know what the question is even about. every time mr. trump speaks, he is going after or attacking someone. i have yet to see the tafbattac. he was asked whether he would endorse and he said i'm not ready yet. mr. trump doesn't like endorsing in primaries. he has said he's not ready to endorse. there is no attack. >> this isn't just any republican. this is the speaker of the house who endorsed donald trump, went
3:17 pm
to the convention, even though he had some reservations. he was there. he said he would vote for donald trump. work for donald trump, support donald trump. yet donald trump said he is not quite ready to do the same as far as paul ryan is concerned. exactly one week before his primary. >> well, if paul ryan's role as speaker is to chair the convention. so he's doing his job. and mr. trump appreciated paul reason doing what he did at the convention. at the same time, it is still a primary and donald trump simply stated he is not ready to endorse. that's not an attack. >> why is he tweeting nice things about paul ryan's challenger for the republican nomination? >> well, paul ryan's challenger has said nice things about donald trump. as you know, donald trump returns the favor. there is really nothing to see here other than what's making the headlines in the media is some orchestrated attack that never occurred. >> what said to donald trump
3:18 pm
trying on unite the republican party two weeks after the convention? >> we're still talking about uniting the republican party but we have yet to hear about the disarray at the dnc with debbie wasserman schultz leaving her post and now staffers are fleeing. i haven't seen that in the headlines. donald trump is still committed to uniting the party going into november. the party is united. you have individuals with different policy positions like the congressman just mentioned who supports hillary clinton's policies. so he is supporting hillary. not against trump. >> what's going on in the dnc has been in the headlines. we've been reporting on it extensively. >> not 24/7. >> well, what's happening in the dnc is an important story. when the republican nominee is saying what he's saying about john mccain, paul ryan, kelly ayotte, who is up for re-election as well, you have to admit that's extraordinary. >> well -- that's not an attack. he says we need strong leaders.
3:19 pm
>> he is suggesting that -- he is suggesting that kelly ayotte is not a strong leader. what does that say to new hampshire voters? >> he is saying that we need strong leaders. number one. number two, he is saying he is not ready to endorse. and number three, he said early on that he didn't want to endorse in primaries. >> but as you remember, he went to the house. he asked for speaker ryan's support. he seem to be mocking speaker ryan when he says, i'm not quite there yet. those were the words paul ryan used when jake tapper was questioning him about whether or not he would endorse donald trump. you remember that. >> absolutely. and mr. trump is not toward endorse paul ryan. again, this is something he said early on. he didn't want to toors in primaries. this is a primary. paul ryan did not endorse trump until after the fact in the primary situation. there is nothing really here other than this talking opponent to orchestrate an attack that
3:20 pm
never occurred. >> timing of this is suspicious. let me tell you why. donald trump's comments to the "washington post" with speaker ryan, about senator mccain, about kelly ayotte. they come a day or so after they were very tough on him as far as this whole battle that has been going on between khan family and donald trump. you understand why the timing is suspicious. he seems to be retaliating against them because they made those tough statements. is that what's going on? >> well, if he was asked the questions tomorrow, it would be tomorrow. if he was asked the questions a week ago, they would have been the same. we're talking about questions that mr. trump responded to. this isn't something that he just touchdowned to go out there and say. this was during an interview process like many things that have occurred. many trump answers a question and the media headlines it that he's lodging an attack when he is just responding. >> it was an interview.
3:21 pm
he didn't to have say what he said. he could have said something he will. he didn't say i'm not quite this yet. he dchblt to go after senator mccain for supposedly -- >> you are right. wolf, you're right. he could be leak your tip establishment politician and lie. that's not donald trump. he wants to tell you the truth. he told you how he felt when he was asked the question. this was not an attack. he has already said he didn't want to get involved in primaries and now we are coming up on paul ryan's primary. was asked the question and said i'm not toward endorse. >> how is senator mccain not supporting the vets? he himself is a veteran. he spent six years in a p.o.w. camp during the vietnam war. >> well, i think you have to look at the fallout in the v.a. something hillary clinton ignores and says doesn't even exist. when you've had 300,000 vets die
3:22 pm
waiting for care, that's a problem. and that is very disturbing to mr. trump. we see them all the time at the ral business their families coming in. for senator mccain who has been in office long enough to have challenged that, that is a cause for concern and that's probably why he's struggling today. >> if donald trump doesn't endorse the speaker, they both win in november, how will they work together after he is president of the united states? >> well, you would hope that any elected official based upon the election would understand that the policies that donald trump has been putting out considering he would defy all odds, not just the primary that youbut the gen election. we are a republic, not a democracy. sometimes people forget that. >> i want to you stand by. we'll take a quick break. much more with the national spokeswoman for the donald trump campaign right after this. 98,352
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3:27 pm
we're following the breaking news. donald trump has told the "washington post" he's not backing the house speaker paul ryan or john mccain in their upcoming primaries. an extraordinary sign of the turmoil and the division rocking the republican party right now. we're back with the trump campaign and national spokeswoman, katrina pearson. president obama called donald trump unfit to serve as president. he said trump's comments on the khan family have proved that. what is donald trump doing right now to try to reassure his critics, including those within his own party that he is in fact fit to be president? >> well, first, let me say that
3:28 pm
donald trump not envolving himself in primaries doesn't mean there is turmoil in the republican party. these are primaries after all. secondly with regard to the president, this is strange coming from a man in 2008 who could potentially be named one of the most unqualified people to ever run for president. he had never run anything in his entire life. never created a single job and it really showed throughout his tenure as president. they have killed millions of jobs under obamacare and rushed this bill down everyone's throats. the economy today is $2.2 trillion below average, wolf. and he single handedly destabilized the middle east. hillary clinton unleashed global terrorism. so this was which is a cal projection on the president's part. >> we can discuss those other issues. i'm sure a lot of people would totally disagree with you, katrina, but let me get on this. >> i'm sure. >> eric trump this morning, the soften donald trump, he said that mr. trump has apologized to
3:29 pm
the khan family. has mr. trump called the khan family and apologized? has that happened? >> i think you should rerun the tape. what eric trump says is, i think he has apologized by honoring the soldier. he commended them. he didn't say it was an outright apology. he said i think he has apologized by honoring the family. that's a big difference than what the media has been reporting all day. >> so he has apologized? he has apologized to that family -- >> by honoring the family. by honoring the service of the son. that's what eric trump said. >> has he said something along the lines about, i'm sorry about all of this? i regret what i said? i apologize to the family? has he said any of those things? >> he has honored the service of the son. that's what eric trump was speaking about. >> but he hasn't apologized to the mother or the father of that fallen -- >> just out of curiosity, what
3:30 pm
exactly mr. trump supposed to be apologizing for? so that i'm clear. >> he raised questions the mother, for example, why she didn't speak. this was a woman who is grieving for her son and he was raising all sorts of questions about why she didn't speak alongside her husband at the democratic convention. was that -- >> well, if you watch that interview though, wolf, it came up because of the reports that he was discussing that had come out about mr. khan having this fee for service of bringing in muslims. and writing law briefs for shari'a law. how is that a farfetched assumption? >> wasn't he disrespectful to that gold star family? >> disrespectful by defending himself? he didn't say anything about the son. in fact, he honored his service. the only thing he said is this man knows nothing about me. why is he criticizing me? how is that an attack? >> most people would have just
3:31 pm
that, this family has lost a son. a hero fought on the battle. prevented his fellow soldiers from dying by going into that car bombing, if you will. i am not going to get into a discussion back and forth. i praise this family. i praise the son. he didn't have to go back and forth and respond to all of the -- >> surely you can understand, surely you can understand the confusion, considering how donald trump never voted for the iraq war. hillary clinton did. and then she didn't support the troops to have what they need. it was under barack obama and hillary clinton that changed the rules of engagement that probably cost his life. so i don't understand why it is so hard to understand why donald trump was confused about why he was being held responsible for something he had nothing to do with while hillary clinton had everything to do with. >> as usual, thank you so much for joining us. >> great to be here, wolf.
3:32 pm
>> we have more on the breaking news coming up including reaction of donald trump's refusal to back paul ryan and john mccain in their primaries. must, an aide saying she will vote for hillary clinton over donald trump. ♪ ♪ only those who dare drive the world forward. introducing the first-ever cadillac ct6.
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3:37 pm
. we're rocking a new donald trump bombshell. he said he's not the house speaker paul ryan or john mccain in their primaries. jim acosta is back. this is a pretty jaw dropping development right now. go i don't remember anything like this happening. this is a time when he is supposed to be uniting the republican party but that clearly is not happening. >> the obvious question is what is his strategy? i've been texting and e-mailing with a lot of republicans and the answer was almost to a person, there doesn't seem to be one. that this is personal. paul ryan not only took months and months to endorse donald trump even when it became pretty obvious he was going to be the nominee. then when he was the presumptive nominee. more importantly in the last couple days, issued a strong
3:38 pm
stadium condemning that trump challenged the gold star parents who spoke at the dnc. one thing that katrina pierson said to you that i thought, that is a good point is that, you know, there are times when leaders in the republican party don't endorse when it is a republican primary. and i put that to a top republican who said, okay, but this is the speaker of the house who introduced and nominated donald trump's vice president at the convention. this is like a whole different thing. so this is incredibly unusual, given the contexts of where we are. and a lot of republicans are not happy about the fact that once again we're discussing interrepublican warfare instead of hillary clinton's issues, about the economy that is sluggish, the issues with jobs, things they think trump should be talking about. >> paul ryan's primary is a week from today and john mccain's is at the end of the month and all of a sudden, donald trump is
3:39 pm
raising questions that his help for veterans. it comes at a time when he's had this feud with the khan family. wouldn't you think that he would want to union white senator mccain at this moment and spent message to veterans that they're all on the same page? >> absolutely. and donald trump has tried carefully cultivate this relationship with veterans. it was not that long ago where trump that h that event at trump tower where he rolled out all the veterans groups to talk about the money donated to the organizations. to get into another fight with john mccain seems to be something that would infuriate his campaign staff inside trump tower. i talked to a couple trump support here's go out on the airwaves and speak on his behalf from time to time who said privately, we just wish he would apologize to the khan family. we don't know why he hasn't apologized. as for the fight with paul ryan, he said it feels like he's playing games with the speaker of the house.
3:40 pm
he has people inside his own camp scratching their heads. >> the development, all these developments come as the fracture between trump and other high profile developments continues to deepen. just today, richard hammond said he would be voting for hillary clinton. i understand you have some reporting on another republican backing away for donald trump. >> this is not a good week for donald trump. what we reported today is exclusively to cnn that a long time republican, marimaria came in support of hillary clinton. she is one of the top strategy i haves in 2009 for none other than new jersey governor chris christie who of course has endorsed trump. so the fact that she is breaking with her former boss so vocally is a big deal.
3:41 pm
especially following on the heels of sally bradshaw, long time adviser to jeb bush. and just to quote what marie said, we asked her why and she said, quote, i think it is watching donald trump play to our worst instincts and fanning those flames. if those of us who believe donald trump shouldn't be president don't say anything, we're just part of the same problem. so you're seeing one very influential, very respected top republican after another, sally bradshaw yesterday, maria comella today, announcing that they are not going -- not only not going to support trump but vote for hillary clinton. and i think the question now, wolf, is that you know, a lot of republicans have been seeing sitting on the side lines saying, what are we going to do?
3:42 pm
is there going to be a more public tidal wave now of both elected and unelected people in the party who will come out very strongly, they were both very tough. they didn't mince words saying republicans can't just stand by. they both said, donald trump can't be president. you have to go out and vote. >> is it almost unprecedented to see so many high profile republicans not only say they won't endorse their candidate, the republican nominee donald trump burk say they'll vote for the other party. the democratic nominee. >> i don't know fits unprecedented but in a sense the way it is rolling out. yesterday i believe bradshaw was noted as saying trump is a narcissist and a racist. throws strong words for a republican. after reporting that marie a
3:43 pm
comello. an aide that she is well respected by everybody in the party. i feel like this is reminiscent of gold water versus rockefeller. that was over ideology. this is personal within the party. >> all right. everyone stand by. we'll take a quick break. ♪ he wrecked the rec room this summer. his stellar notebooks will last through june. get back to great. this week, these items just one cent each. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. everyone loves the picture
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i quickly want to fact check one thing that the trump spokesperson said a few minutes ago in the situation room. i asked her about whether trump should apologize to the khan family she said that it was, quote, under barack obama and hillary clinton that change the rules of engagement that probably cost the life of army captain khan. just to clarify that captain khan died in service in iraq in 2004, five years before president obama took office. president bush was then president of the united states. let's get back to our political panel and talk about something else the president said today. he made it cheer he strongly supports the trans pacific
3:49 pm
partnership, with the many countries of asia. he said he will work hard to make sure that it gets passed. even though hillary clinton, the democratic nominee opposes it. tim kaine now says he opposes it. pretty unusual for the president to be that blunt. >> that's right. it does reveal a split between president obama and hillary clinton. he lately he's been saying if hillary clinton becomes president, she'll change one comma in that agreement and then say she changed something in the trans pacific partnership. if you talk to people in democratic circles, there is an understanding that hillary clinton has taken this position largely for political reasons. with you it is something that donald trump will continue to exploit. when he talks about trade on that campaign trail, almost more than anything else, that's when the thunderous applause comes in. it is one of the things that
3:50 pm
republicans did not really appreciate during the primary process. inside the republican party there is a deep discussion of these trade deals. >> that's what donald trump should be talking about over and over again. what president obama said about tpp today. it is such a positive for him on the campaign trail and someplace where he has the opening, at least, to lure some of those, maybe some of those bernie sanders democratic voters or more importantly, more of the working class voters who just kind of by their dna, have always that would -- president obama said is what he feels and obviously he was at a press conference with a leader from asia so he had no choice, but to say that, but it certainly did not help with voters who were very upset about this deal. >> a lot of burdeny sanders supporters who don't trust hillary clinton on this issue of trade.
3:51 pm
they will hear what the president says after the election and i'll push that through. they're going to be upset about that. >> it's striking that you have the republican and democratic nominee for president and you have the speaker of the house for it, wolf. >> and work together. >> the challenge for clinton if she wins the election and if she feels she has to flip-flop is take another example like president obama flip-flopping on same-sex marriage and he flip-flopped back to where his base wanted it to be and she would wind up going in the opposite side. >> the democratic national committee out with donna brazile in the new chair. this is a disturbing development if you're a democrat. >> it is, but it's more of a fallout with what happened with the e-mails with the wiki leaks and everything that was put out there and these are people that are lifelong democrats and many of them were not connected to debbie wasserman schultz in particular, but they are people who clearly saw the writing on the wall and it was not a place
3:52 pm
that they could say based on the embarrassing e-mails out there. >> breaking political news. thanks very much. just ahead, donald trump's plan, to defeat isis. >> they're going to pay nothing. we could get russia to help us get rid of isis. if we could actually be friendly with rush a wouldn't that be a good thing? well she loves to say, "well, fantastic!" a lot. i do say that, you see... i study psychobiology. i'm a fine arts major.
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disturbing new images from syria suggest the regime of president bashar al assad may have launched another chemical
3:57 pm
attack possibly for the downing of a helicopter. elise labott is working the story for us. elise, you are learning more information? >> that's right, wolf. tonight a senior u.s. official tells me the administration is growing confident that a chemical attack, likely chlorine, took place near aleppo. the russians are blaming the opposition, but the official said the claim is not critical because the opposition does not have air power and the attack took place from the sky and it's all raising a lot of questions tonight about whether moscow can be trusted. >> if we could get russia to help us get rid of isis, if we could actually be friendly with russia, wouldn't that be a good thing? >> donald trump's solution to defeating isis in syria hinges on warmer ties with russia and its leader vladimir putin, but on the ground russian air strikes are helping regime forces tighten their grip on aleppo and today u.s. officials are investigating claims of a poisonous gas attack on
3:58 pm
u.s.-backed rebels. chilling video footage shows men gasping for breath. >> if it's true, it would be extremely serious. >> russia denies any involvement, but the gas attack was eerily close to the downing of a nearby russian military helicopter hours earlier. rebel forces cheering around the flaming wreckage of a chopper which russia says was delivering humanitarian aid. they decimated a third hospital in aleppo and with more than 6,000 dead or injured in the last few months and another 300,000 trapped without aid a humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding. >> it is critical, obviously, that russia restrain both itself and the assad regime from conducting offensive operations. >> nobody's going to sit around and allow this pretense to continue. >> hillary clinton has backed president obama's plan to fight isis in syria with air strikes
3:59 pm
and aid from moderate rebels, but allegations and russian intelligence hacked democratic party computers and meddled in the u.s. election are fueling fresh concerns that moscow cannot be trusted and could derail a controversial deal in the works for the u.s. and russia to share intelligence on isis and other terrorists in exchange for russia shutting down strikes against opposition targets. president obama says his eyes are open, but the alleged hacking isn't his first concern. >> if, in fact, russia engaged in this activity, it's just one on a long list of issues that me and mr. putin talked, that i've got a real problem with. that's not going to stop us from trying to make sure we can bring a political transition inside of syria that can end the hardship there. >> and growing concern tonight that a russian offer to let residents of aleppo leave the city is just a ruse to attack the rebels as they flee.
4:00 pm
growing concerns tonight, wolf, that moscow's promises across the board aren't anything that the u.s. can count on. >> elise labott at the state department, thank you. thanks very much for watching. erin burnett "out front" starts right now. "out front" next, the breaking news, donald trump refusing to support john mccain and paul ryan in their reelection bids as president obama calls on republicans to pull their endorsements of trump. he accepts a vet's purple heart saying he always wanted one. the zika virus spreading in florida, and governor rick scott. let's go "out front." good evening. i'm erin burnett. "out front" tonight, trump drops the gop in an unprecedented development refusing to support house


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