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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 3, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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prison if convicted. important story we're following. that's it from me. much more coming up. i'll be back later today 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." lots of news happening today, and it continues right now right here on cnn. wolf blitzer, thank you so much. great to you with you on this wednesday. i'm brooke baldwin. this is cnn. heads up -- donald trump is set to speak live a short time from now as the republican nominee is under pressure like never before because, in case you missed it moments ago, his own vice presidential nominee contradicted trump's latest decision, his latest headline here in the last 24 hours. we'll get all into that here in just a moment. but first, keep in mind, this comes as sources say his own staffers are growing frustrated with trump going off message, a
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claim, by the way, trump denies. and also some members of his staff, as dana bash is reporting. party leaders are outraged at this latest trump firestorm. refusing to endorse two party candidates. this is all part of an interview with the "washington post" when asked about ryan's re-election bid. "i like paul. but these are horrible times for the country. we need very strong leadership. we need very, very strong leadership. and i'm just not quite there yet." i'm not quite there yet. in quotes. now, contrast that to some news made minutes ago as trump's running mate, indiana governor mike pence, calls in to fox news, voicing his support for speaker ryan. >> it takes time to have relations together.
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i'm strongly supporting paul ryan, strongly endorse his re-election. he's a long time friend. he is a strong conservative leader. i believe we need paul ryan in leadership in a congress of the united states. >> having the presidential nominee, maybe not being as forthcoming with that same view, leads some to believe that the republican party is a little out of step with each other. is that the case? what are people to make of it? >> no, not at all. i talked to donald trump this morning about my support for paul ryan, a long-time friendship. he strongly encouraged me to endorse paul ryan in next tuesday's primary. i'm pleased to do it. >> let's bring in dana bash, our chief political correspondent who has all these different breaking details on the trump campaign today. you have fascinating quotes, i know. can we just first begin with what we just heard and what donald trump said or didn't say to the "washington post"? what's up? >> reporter: with paul ryan and the fact that mike expense
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endorsing paul ryan and donald trump isn't? >> yes. yes. yes. >> you know what? put this in the long, long list of things that are very unusual in the 2016 race. just add that to the list. i do think it is actually more simple than maybe at first blush two appear. and that is, mike pence is genuinely a good friend of paul ryan. they served together in the house of representatives. they have been friends for 15 years or so. paul ryan said nice things about mike pence as soon as pence's name was even floated as trump's running mate. so it is not a surprise that pence would take a stand in even a republican fight next week. certainly you have paul ryan tearing donald trump's convention and kind of going through the motions. but paul ryan also, you know, ticked donald trump off in not endorsing him right away, and more recently, in issuing a very
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strongly worded statement about the way donald trump handled the khans. i think if you read the transcript of phil rucker, "the washington post's" excellent interview with donald trump, it is pretty clear because he asked about the ryan primary. donald trump gave kind of a mundane answer. then called him back with like a twinkle in his eye apparently and said -- >> like, do you want a line on paul ryan? like i'm not ready to endorse him yet, intentionally echoing what ryan said about donald trump a few months ago. >> precisely the same phrase. so you have that. then you have your initial reporting that some of the trump campaign staffers are frustrated with the nominee himself because he's been going off message. but then you followed up and apparently the staffers, including at the top, paul manafort, saying no, no, no be with we're frustrated with you, the media. tell me about that conversation. >> i think what was most fascinating that -- certainly i was trying to follow up and get
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some on-the-record quotes and more reporting. but what's most fascinating is they called me today to push back on the notion that i was reporting, which i stand by, that paul manafort and others were expressing to others in and around their orbit that they were frustrated and they felt like some felt like maybe they were wasting their time. so this was a call to push back on that. essentially saying, point blank, we're not frustrated, do we sound frustrated? when i say the "we," paul mane for the, rick gates, his top aide and associate for a very long time, jason miller, hope hicks, jeff miller, excuse me, the -- excuse me, steven miller -- i've got too many millers and too many jeffs. in any event, the point i'm trying to make, i have never had such a situation where the entire senior staff of a campaign is in a room calling to say, i was frustrated?
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we're not frustrated. but as you can imagine, they blame the media. but also said that at 3:00 when donald trump gives his next big rally speech, they promise that he is going to be much more focused in the areas where republicans want him to focus, hillary clinton and all of the problems that she might have on the issues of honesty and tru trustworthiness and the iran hostage deal. >> dana bash, thank you very much. now here in the hot seat, guy who was white house press secretary under george w. bush, ari fleischer, welcome to cnn. you just heard we played the sound of mike pence. we talk about lack of unification within the republican party on trump. i'm thinking is the ticket
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unified? you have trump not endorsing paul ryan and his own vp nominee saying, yes, strongly endorse. >> the key was the second part of what mike pence was he talked to donald trump this morning, he checked with trump and he said i want to endorse ryan and he got the go-ahead. it wasn't as if he said i'm 180 degrees opposite the boss on my ticket. >> but they're still not on the same page. >> but donald trump is a negotiator on everything. i think trump is comfortable saying you say that, i'm going to move the goal post. i want him to work to get my support. i can see him playing this game. it is not a big meaningful game because the american people are not going to vote on the basis of what politician did not endorse another politician. they're worried about other things. >> this isn't just another politician though. >> no, this is inside business. >> this is a man on the republican ticket for nominee for president, and the speaker of the house who ultimately took on hot water as to whether he
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would ultimately endorse donald trump. and he did. i wonder what do you think is donald trump's motivation to not quite go there? >> to send a signal to paul ryan that i'm bigger than you, i'm more important that be you and when i become president you better remember it. it is classic negotiating with. you always negotiate with the speaker. you want him to think i have leverage on you. trump is all about leverage. i think that's all this is. >> is that a good way to go into the white house? if you're going to have to negotiate you have to get things out of people. there are two schools. you go in through accommodation and hope people give you things because you earned them. sometimes that works in politics, sometimes it doesn't. the other is you go in with a strong hand. i do think you have to stop judging donald trump through a traditional political lens. for a year now we've known there is nothing traditional political about him. >> what about what dana bush was reporting initially hearing about this frustration with trump and inner machinations of
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the campaign. then all of these staff advisors calling her around saying, no, no, no. a lot of times the trump folks are throwing media under the bus. he has plenty to talk about with hillary clinton yet he is taking to task this gold star family. it's wrong. >> after the week donald trump's had where he's made so many self-inflicted errors, if his staff is not frustrated, i'm frustrated. they should be frustrated. i can tell you something, despite their rallying and calling dana, they're frustrated. there is any way anybody in communications on the campaign is not frustrated when the boss doesn't take advice and goes after a gold star family. they are frustrated and they have a right to be. i think what's wrong is the story that paul manafort is not pushing back against trump any more, that is not true. i assure you the inside top people on the campaign are trying to do that, and it is just very difficult because donald trump does what donald trump does. >> that's i think part of the issue. we also had heard that the trump campaign was reaching out to his
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long-time friends, newt gingrich, chris christie, as someone who perhaps he would listen to. what do you make of that? >> i think they're in a very bad spot. there are only 14 weeks left and he's had two bad weeks in a row. you cannot win if that's your pace. what donald trump has done, he's become such a good counter puncher that at the's about to knock himself out. he's got stop counter punching people who are not running for president. he needs to focus on hillary and only hillary. he can throw in a little bit barack obama because that would be hillary's third term. but last week when the government validated everything he was saying about the weak economy, 1.2% growth -- >> that's not what he was talking about. >> is exactly right. he what's having one of those rare moments where government statistics back what donald trump is saying, what did he do? totally off track. this is communications 101 and donald trump is supposed to be good at communications. he's hurting his own cause in a race where he can win. he's going to blow this if he keeps this up not only for himself but for others.
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>> what about your former boss, george w. bush, who spoke to a crowd of 400 last night in cincinnati, donors, this is for rob portman, a senator in ohio, and he was -- he never mentioned trump by name. let me just be precise. he critiques his policies of isolationism, nay tivism and protectionism at this private fund-raiser. a lot of republicans listen to president bush. why do you think he a he not more publicly vocal about his feelings toward donald trump. >> for the same reason he doesn't criticize barack obama. he looks at this very seriously and thinks the office of the presidency should be respected and former presidents are formers and they should not weigh in on everything little thing. >> if he feels so strongly, why can he not speak up? >> because you can also feel strongly about the continuity and the people who come after you have the responsibility and burdenen of figuring it out by themselves. and a former president should let them do that. now i have a problem with president obama if he constantly
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jumps into politics from the presidency, i can see at the convention, but if president obama is constantly becoming a spokesman for hillary clinton in this campaign, he is lowering the office of the presidency. >> his approval ratings are pretty strong. >> compared to recent times. compared to president bush, yes. but low 50s, that's good enough for the democrat base but not good in you have for republicans. there is also right or wrong. there is a graciousness to standing out as a about to be former president and let the two people fighting for successor to show their own mettle and see what they can do. that's the spirit of george w. bush. i have to wonder if donald trump were to win if barack obama would stay silent or chirp in and chime in every day. i sis expe-- success expect the latter. >> cnn libertarian town hall this evening. anderson cooper moderating that with gary johnson and william weld. tonight 9:00 eastern, only here
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on cnn. coming up next, we will speak live with john mccain's would-be general election opponent and get her reaction to all of this. then trump's lack of endorsement also for the senator from arizona. and breaking news for the first time, an american police officer is charged with helping isis. hear what the feds say this d.c. transit officer actually did. and, $400 million in cash put on a plane to iran. did the u.s. pay ransom? we need to talk about this. explosive details ahead. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now, you would think your insurance company
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar. welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. donald trump is refusing to endorse a pair of republican heavyweights, both house speaker paul ryan and former presidential nominee and current senator in arizona, john mccain. but why does it matter? well, mccain, the incumbent
11:18 am
senator in arizona, is in a pretty tough race in a traditionally red state. the last time arizona went blue was actually in 1996 for bill clinton. arizona now an unlikely battleground state in this current presidential election. the sound bite that we watched play out between senator mccain and donald trump paving the way for my next guest. republican anne kirkpatrick, a democrat who would face potentially mccain in november assuming senator mccain wins his primary this month. congresswoman, good afternoon. nice to have you on. >> thank you, brooke. thanks so much. >> so, first up here, just on the news today, we know john mccain has endorsed donald trump, a man who insulted senator mccain's service as a prisoner of war, as a hero, and is now refusing to endorse john mccain. what's your response to all of that? >> you know, it's very interesting, isn't it. you and i were just talking about what an interesting election season this is. you know, i guess what surprises me most is that john mccain
11:19 am
continues to support trump in spite of the fact that donald trump insulted john mccain's service. i stood up for john mccain. but, brooke, what i hear most from people as i travel around the state of arizona is that they're surprised that john mccain won't stand up for himself. here's what they think. if he won't stand up for himself, he's not going to stand up for us. that's what's really surprising. >> but he did in that statement. in that powerful statement on the khan family on monday. >> you know, he continues to say he supports trump over and over again. over 50 times he's continued to say that. look, my heart goes out to the khan family. they deserve our respect. i'm a mother. i'm a grandmother. i can't imagine, especially mrs. khan, the grief, that loss that she feels and will feel the rest of her life. they deserve our respect.
11:20 am
but again, john mccain comes out and says he supports trump, in spite of the very -- >> but, forgive me for interrupting, that statement senator mccain released, multi-paragraph -- it was powerful. do you give him some credit for that statement, for how emotionally charged it was and how he was standing up for himself and the khan family? >> he's trying to have it all ways. he can't walk away from donald trump. he's continued to say, in spite of. i mean donald trump's been saying, hey fuateful racist, insulting things for quite a while, and john mccain continues to say he supports trump. as recently as just a couple of days ago. take a stand. >> congresswoman, let's talk about your party and the democrats. why didn't you go to philadelphia? why didn't you attend the democratic national convention? >> i've never had the
11:21 am
opportunity to go to a convention. i've always had really tough elections in arizona. and i've won them. and we're going to win this election. we're out everywhere in the state of arizona talking with people about what they care about, about education and building a world class education system in arizona. >> so it was a scheduling issue. >> it was about creating jobs for rtthe 21st century. >> it was a scheduling issue. >> it is a campaign issue for me. i've always been in arizona during the conventions talking about arizonans. that's where the voters are. that's what this campaign is about. >> okay. john mccain is trying to link you to hillary clinton with this ad. i'm sure you've seen it. let's show it to our viewers. >> i did not send classified
11:22 am
e-mail. >> 110 e-mails contained classified information. extremely careless. >> she served very well as secretary of state and i'm a hillary supporter. >> congresswoman kirkpatrick, i understand you're fighting a tough fight and campaign reasons you didn't get to philadelphia. but is there any reason related to that ad and how he is trying to link the two of you that you did not show up in philadelphia? >> well, you know, my opponent will do what he has to do to try to win. but i'm talking with real people in arizona. meeting them where they are. and this is a serious election season for arizonans. people really are concerned about the direction of our state. >> forgive me, but did that have anything to do with you not showing up and supporting hillary clinton in person in philadelphia? >> no, it didn't. it didn't. it did not. >> do you think hillary clinton is trustworthy? >> i'm sorry, what was that again? >> do you think secretary clinton is trustworthy?
11:23 am
>> oh, i support hillary. i've taken a public stance on that and i think she's the most qualified to lead this country. look, there is a lot going on. she has the experience and the knowledge to be president of the united states. >> congresswoman ann kirkpatrick, good luck. thank you so much. >> thank you, brooke. thank you. coming up next, $400 million. cash. delivered to iran in an unmarked cargo plane. this happened as we have now learned the very same day iran released four detained americans they were holding in tehran. was this in any way a ransom payment. white house facing tough, tough questions about that today. >> no, it was not. it is against the policy of the united states to pay ransom for hostages. >> would those prisoners have been released had this payment not been made? isn't it essentially a ransom payment then?
11:24 am
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so the united states sent an unmarked cargo plane filled with $400 million cash to iran on the very same day iran released those four american hostages. president obama approved the deal. hostages including a washington post reporter, jason resian, he was set free back in january. white house is insisting the $400 million cash was not ransom money. senator john mccain former prisoner of war himself is slamming this covert delivery.
11:29 am
senator mccain saying, "it is clear that this payment was a ransom for americans held hostage in iran." cnn white house correspondent michelle kosinski grilled the white house president -- press secretary for the details. >> it's been called a ransom payment by iran. that's not surprising. but would those prisoners been released had this payment not been made at the time that it was? >> isn't it essentially a ransom payment then even if the u.s. does not view it that way? >> no, it is not a ransom payment. united states does not view it that way an it is not accurate to describe it that way. this $400 million is actually money that the iranians had paid in to a u.s. account in 1979, as part of a transaction to procure military equipment. that military equipment as it
11:30 am
relates to this $400 million was not provided to the iranians in 1979, because the shah of iran was overthrown. >> so, joining me now, "wall street journal" white house correspondent kara lean first reported the details this morning. ladies, kara lee, to your piece first. just begin with the nitty-gritty details of it was $400 million. in what currencies, and where was it stashed? >> it was $400 million in euros, swiss francs and other currencies that we don't know precisely owhich ones. they stacked it in these wooden pallets then loaded on to a swiss cargo plane and loaded into iran. >> to be precise, john mccain called this ransome.
11:31 am
the white house is is saying, no. >> if you step back, this agreement, this $1.7 billion settlement was agreed to and announced in january. at the time there were charges that there was some sort of ransom going on and the white house denied it then. now it is being -- those charges are being renewed because of the timing and method in which some of this first installment of this settlement was delivered. the white house and administration had refused to say since january despite being asked by congress and by reporters. >> so, you can see though how critics can say it looks curious as we have these four american hostages who were freed right around the same time. >> right. so let's explain what "right around the same time" was. it is not just 1979. there is a 72-hour period in january of this year in which three major things are being negotiated. the iranian nuclear deal which is by one team, the hostage deal
11:32 am
which is by another, then the settlement of this debt, which is a big deal because what your viewers should understand is that our failure to pay off the $400 million in court would have meant a lot more. it was basically to pay off a debt from '79 because relations were being normalized. obviously they are all sort of related because you are having a detant moment with iran so all three are related. as the white house says, you can disagree with the iran nuclear deal, but that's a different argument than money for hosta s hostages. there is a bipartisan belief that you don't pay money for hostages. why is that? it is not because we're cruel. it is because if we start doing it you have the problem that the french have. you start paying for their hostages, guess what? there's 14, 20 more hostages. i understand the method issue like sending the money this way -- >> you work in the obama administration. you can understand how this looks. >> right. in other words, i understand how
11:33 am
it looks in the sense of 72 hours, a lot was going on. right? a lot was going on in terms of the hostages, the nuclear deal that had been withering for mornts months on end and the settlement of this debt. iranians can call it whatever they want. i think we have to separate the means by which the money was s disbursed, as the "wall street journal" is reporting, and there is actual proof that says, okay, if we give you this $400 million we're getting these four hostages. anyone knows in any country you give $400 million for hos sthajs, they are going to take more hostages. that's why we don't do it. >> why the $400 million in cash, in different currencies, in an unarmed or unmarked cargo plane. >> that's where -- >> is that risky? >> yes. that's where i think there should be an explanation. you can't send u.s. dollars to iran. there is still an exhibition. >> why the method and the cash
11:34 am
in the pallets on the plane? >> because of u.s. sanctions. because you can't pay iran in u.s. dollars. in order to get around the sanctions, it is very difficult for iran to gain access to the international financial system. so the u.s. administration officials went around and gathered various forms of currency and cash from different banks in europe and stuffed it all together. you couldn't necessarily go to an american bank and say give me $4 million and send it over to iran. if they had gone electronic routes it would have taken some more time. one thing that's clear here, iran wanted some sort of deliverable as all of these three things were going down, the nuclear deal, release of the four prisoners around the settlement of the debt. >> i imagine this will be part of what we'll get into later.
11:35 am
next, stunning developments out of washington as the department of justice says it has now arrested a washington, d.c. transit officer for alleged ties to isis. how fbi informants helped take him down.
11:36 am
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welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. here's a quote for you -- "i'm just not quite there yet." those words from donald trump when a reporter from the "washington post" asked him if he would be endorsing speaker of the house, paul ryan, in his re-election campaign back home in wisconsin. they also ran the words of paul ryan himself as he struggled to throw his support initially behind donald trump. >> i'm just not ready to do that at this point.
11:40 am
i'm not there right now. >> so that was back in may with jake tapper. meantime, we are learning, rnc chair reince priebus is pretty furious at trump's snub of speaker ryan who is also a close personal friend of his. so got a lot of great voices. talk show host and author, charlie sykes. republican national committee member and attorney, randy evans. kristin tate is with us today, conservative columnist and author of "government gone wild." welcome to all of you. kristin, first appearance on cnn. welcome. let me just begin with you. the news in the last hour, too, is that even though donald trump didn't quite, at all actually, endorse house speaker paul ryan, you have mike pence, his vp nominee, strongly endorsing him within the last hour. why are they not on the same page? >> i think they're kind of keeping it real. right? mike pence and donald trump are two different people, two different types of
11:41 am
conservatives. i think trump is kind of aligning with the american people when he doesn't fully endorse paul ryan. the american people are fed up with the political establishment. they want change. that's why we're seeing such a strong support behind donald trump from voters. so i don't think that it is a bad thing that pence and trump are not both fully endorsing paul ryan. it just speaks to how authentic donald trump is. he's not just reading the scripted gop lines. >> charlie, kristin's line -- they're keeping it real. how does that sit with you? >> yeah, they're keeping it dysfunctional and crazy because what happened yesterday of course was that donald trump threw a hand grenade into his hopes of winning wisconsin. you can't overstate what a personal and political embarrassment this was for reince priebus for for scott walker or the other republicans who have fallen in line behind donald trump. it is rather extraordinary when you think about it, that you have the vice presidential nominee going in the different direction from a nominee but it
11:42 am
is an indication of what a dumpster fire the trump campaign has become in the last six days. >> dumpster fire. back to that in a second. kristin, we know reince priebus has been on the phone the last few days through all of this with donald trump. what the heck do you think those phone conversations are like? do you think there are colorful four-letter words being used? what do you think? >> no, i don't. but i actually think this is not unique to the republicans. both parties have a lot of intarnt contradictions. if you think about it, the democratic convention had barack obama say continue to a third term whereas bill clinton said we have a changemaker here. they kind of have the same problem we do and the republican side which is we have donald trump who is anti-establishment, non-traditional, going to do it his own own. >> randy, i hear you on the anti-establishment. but at the same time, we're talking about the nominee for president on the republican side not endorsing the most powerful
11:43 am
republican in congress. >> let me give you this example. do you know what it was like to try to tell mickey mantel how to hit? mickey mantel said -- wait a minute here, let me get this straight. you want -- >> donald trump is no mickey mantel. >> oh, i would go the other direction. i think he's won every single contest. he swept through the primaries, he's built a successful company. he is a home run king and he knows how to win. really the question at the end of the day is which is more important, the method or the result? he's a proven winner. he does it in a very unorthodox way. he doesn't do it by the rules. he does it in ways that people really don't care about. but he does get the job done. think that's where the real problem is because i think the democrats can't have that kind of record on their side. they're going to have to talk about the method, the process, how it's done, because they can't talk about results. >> charlie, let me ask you this. i'm wondering what ted cruz is thinking right now? what do you think?
11:44 am
>> well, i have no idea what ted cruz is thinking. but i would suggest to the trump supporters, look, you guys need to get a clue here. people keep thinking you can't get worse, you a it does get worse. there is a reason we are talking about having an intervention. donald trump is not on message, he is not helping his cause. he is making his strongest supporters really, really nervous about whether or not he's ever going to change. here's the reality and here's what guys like paul ryan have to think about, because they've been optimistic that somehow he was going to make this turn, that he was going to grow, that he was going to become responsible, and he's not. that's what's settling in for people, that he's not going to get any better, that it can get worse. i do think the reason why in the next 24, 48 hours, either there is an intervention or you're going to see a lot of republicans just saying, you know what? we are not going to stay on this train. we're not going to continue to support donald trump. and the trump supporters -- >> let's let kristin respond. >> you know, there's all this talk about there being a
11:45 am
dumpster fire in the trump campaign and all this division in the republican party. there is some of that, but which are i see the real divide is in the democrat party. hillary has right now a 47% unfavorability rating among democrat voters. she's struggling to get the sanders supporters on her side. >> why isn't donald trump then staying on message, with jobs report recently, this $400 million, even though the white house is saying it wasn't ransom, i know republicans are jumping on it, he's had items that he could discuss and instead he's sort of stuck his foot in it with what he did with the khan family. >> oh, yeah. trump has got to stay on message. he's got to stay focused on the issues and he should stay focused ond attacking hillary clinton because hillary clinton is a very weak candidate. she's struggling to get those sanders supporters on her side. i'm a millennial. my friends were all bernie sanders supporters. they do not like hillary clinton. a lot of them are going to trump. some are even going to the independent candidates like gary johnson or jill stein.
11:46 am
trump has to refocus his message. the fact that hillary is so weak presents an opportunity for trump to shift the focus. >> he is speaking down in florida momentarily. we'll take it live. thank you all so much. quick break, back after this. only one network gives you more than just great coverage. t-mobile! only t-mobile's lets you stream video and music -- for free! and we doubled our lte coverage. the other guys can't say that! we got you covered.
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farmers face mounting pressure to feed more people with less farmland as earth's population continues to surge. cnn money checks out the future of farming. >> reporter: farmers are facing a scary reality. their land size is decreasing, soil is eroding by 1.5 billion tons per year. it's becoming harder to predict the weather, and harder to predict how much they'll grow. corn farmers get, on average, 168 bushels anz acre. but with better measurement tools, they could be getting a lot more. >> so between this optimal conditions where a grower can produce 530 bushels an acre across all 90 million acres you end up at about 168.
11:51 am
that's the opportunity. okay. what's going on is it's saying that the corn plant is capable of very, very high yields. yet all these different variables affect that corn plant on many, many acres that drive the yield average much, much lower. >> reporter: mike stern is the ceo of the climate corporation. the company helps farmers like keith increase their production. in two years, he's increased his yields by 10%. he went from about 180 bushels per acre to 200. what would you be checking out this morning? >> we'll check to see if there is any red spots in this field that are not usually there. >> reporter: the technology shows keith what's happening live on his 10,000-acre farm, whether it be a germ infestation, too much water in a certain part of the field, or lack of nitrogen. red means bad, green means crops are growing. >> we begin to get a complete digital picture of their farm. >> how precise is this really? >> we can begin to farm, you
11:52 am
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in just two days, the eyes of the world will be on rio de janeiro for the 2016 summer olympics. but one american athlete is already making history. cnn's special correspondent jamie gangel spoke with a muslim-american fencer about her olympic moment and so much more. >> reporter: under that star spangled mask lies a fierce competitor. who's lightning fast with a ferocious yell. >> i enjoy having to chase my opponent down the strip in order to score a point. >> reporter: but the 30-year-old is no ordinary member of team usa. the rio-bound saber fencer is making history becoming the first american-muslim woman to compete in the olympics while weari ining a hijob. >> i wish that wasn't the case. i wish there had been tons of
11:58 am
women before me who had achieved this. >> reporter: getting to this point wasn't easy. she grew up in a big family in maplewood, new jersey and as a devout muslim only allows her face and hands to show. >> my mom was always changing uniform for me by adding long sleeves or adding long pants where my feteammates will wear tank tops and shorts. >> reporter: in most sports that made her look and feel different. then one day while sitting at a stoplight with her mom she saw something that would change her life forever. >>thy had on long pants, they had on long jackets and they had these masks on. i clearly remember my mom saying, i have no idea what that is, but when you get to high school, i want you to try it out. >> reporter: she did. with huge success. >> it was the first time in my athletic career that i could remember being seen solely for my skill set. >> reporter: muhammad went on to compete at duke, a three-time
11:59 am
all-american. and win gold as part of team usa in the 2014 world. fencing championships. but she couldn't change how people looked at her off the fencing strip. >> when you walk down the street, when you travel, when you go through tsa, what is your reality? >> nightmare. i mean tsa is a nightmare. i'm sure it is a nightmare for everyone. almost randomly selected for a special search. always. >> always randomly. >> always randomly selected for like special screening. when you travel as much as i do as an athlete, that can be frustrating. >> the current political environment also frustrates muhammad, driving her to do something most olympic athletes usually avoid. talking politics. specifically, she's taken on republican presidential nominee donald trump. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the
12:00 pm
united states. >> reporter: starting with his call in december for a temporary ban on muslims entering the u.s. tweeting, friends don't let friends like trump. >> i say friends donald trump, and you say -- >> i don't know. what do you say? where do you start? >> you think he's dangerous? >> i think that his words are very dangerous. when these type comments are made, no one thinks about how they really affect people. i'm african-american. i don't have another home to go to. my family was born here. i was born here. we've -- i've grown up in jersey. all my family is from jersey. it's like, where, where do we go? i'm hopeful that in my efforts to represent our country well as an athlete that they change the rhetoric around how people think and perceive the muslim
12:01 pm
community. >> reporter: that's one of the reasons she was invited to the islamic center of baltimore this year for president obama's visit. >> i told her bring home the gold! >> reporter: and much to her surprise, being different has now made her one of the celebrities of the u.s. olympic team. with a stream of profiles, photo shoots, and lucrative endorsements. >> i'm soley focusing on just preparation. >> train, train, train. >> train, train, train. yeah. >> and hopefully, gold. >> i always say that if i'm blessed to win a medal this summer, that it will be icing on the cake. blb. we continue, hour two with me, brooke baldwin. in a few minutes we are watching and waiting to hear from the republican nominee, donald trump
12:02 pm
himself there in daytona beach, florida. listen, he is under pressure today really like never before because sources are telling cnn his own staffers, some of his advisors are frustrated with him, although in a follow-up phone call it sounds like they're frustrated with the media. we'll get into that. leaders of his own party are outraged against him though. and then just minutes ago his own vice presidential nominee, governor mike pence, contradicted trump's latest decision. trump did not endorse two powerhouse republican leaders in a "washington post" in view in the last couple hours in their upcoming primaries, speaker of the house paul ryan and arizona senator john mccain. this is what donald trump's response was, "i like paul. but these are horrible times for our country. we need very strong leadership. we need very, very strong leadership.
12:03 pm
and i'm just not quite there yet. i'm not quite there yet." but, flashforward to just about an hour ago, trump's running mate, indiana governor mike pence, voiced his strong support for speaker ryan. >> takes time to have relationships together. i'm strongly supportive of paul ryan, strongly endorse his re-election. he's a long-time friend, he is a strong conservative leader. i believe we need paul ryan in leadership in the congress of the united states. >> having the presidential nominee maybe not being as forthcoming with that same view leads some to believe that the republican party is a little out of step with each other. is that the case? what are the people to make of it? >> no, not at all. i talk to donald trump this morning about my support for paul ryan, our long-time friendship. he strongly encouraged me to endorse paul ryan in next tuesday's primary. i'm pleased to do it. let's begin with cnn national correspondent jason carroll standing by at that live
12:04 pm
event in daytona beach. jason carroll, what are you hearing from the trump campaign? what's his message today? >> reporter: well, i think part of his message is going to be what we've already heard. he hasn't even taken the stage yet and already we've heard several speakers take to the stage and blame the media for all of this discourse that we've been hearing out there. so we expect that to be one of the points that donald trump talks about as well. we heard him mention it yesterday when we were in virginia. he talked about the media being on the side of hillary clinton, not on the side of trump. one of the other points that i think he is going to bring up is that $400 million payment to iran. that's going to be another point he's going to hit today during his rally. so much has been said about donald trump. the republican party, unity, who he's endorsing, who he's not endorsing. i spoke to one woman, her name is pat. she's sort of symbolic of what a lot of people in this room are feeling, they feel as though this whole back-and-forth with
12:05 pm
donald trump endorsing or not endorsing those within the republican party is inside baseball. one woman said, look, maybe he doesn't say the right thing in the right way all the time but you look at the totality of this candidate and we are behind him. a few things once again we'll hear at this rally when donald trump takes the stage. one will be the media. we've already heard speakers talking about it, the media which they believe is tilted toward hillary clinton. another theme is going to be about that $400 million payment made to iran. expect donald trump to hit home on that point when he takes the stage just a few moments from now. >> i hear the crowds over you. we'll take mr. trump when he takes to the podium any minute now. let's have a bigger conversation on reports of the turmoil within donald trump's campaign, within the top ranks of trump's party. our chief political correspondent dana bash has been all over this story beginning with the initial reporting of the fraustration among these advisors. talk to us about the call you
12:06 pm
received from top members of his campaign. >> reporter: frustration? there's no frustration. that was the tongue in cheek but actually quite serious reason for the call, was to say, look, the idea that senior trump aides, including and especially paul manafort, who was one of the people who called me earlier today with several other members of the trump senior staff, that the frustration that they have is with the media, with sort of everything and everybody but their candidate. having said that, they also -- and paul manafort specifically acknowledged that they are, and need to, focus on hillary clinton. he insisted that they were in the past, that we weren't covering it, but he certainly signaled that at this rally that we are waiting for donald trump to begin, he is going to be more on message and more focused candidate in the areas that they hope, which jason carroll just laid out, whether it is about
12:07 pm
her e-mail situation or about the money that the u.s. allegedly paid for -- to get the hostages back, this new explosive story in the "wall street journal." there are a whole host of issues that they hope that donald trump stays focused on and doesn't veer off into other areas that will get party leaders, including and especially the chairman of the republican party, very annoyed with him about intentionally withholding endorsement of the house speaker, paul ryan, and his republican primary. >> reince priebus is really irked. this is personal for him. he goes way, way back. he was chair of paul ryan's first congressional campaign. >> exact lly. >> for now, dana bash, thank you so much. again we are waiting to hear from donald trump in florida. meantime, the republican party presidential nominee not endorsing the top republican in congress. what is that really all about? what might be the motivation here? i have ari fleischer on set with
12:08 pm
me a little bit ago, served as white house press secretary under george w. bush. this is what he thought. >> to send a signal to paul ryan that i'm bigger than you, i'm more important than you, and when i become president you better remember it. it is classic negotiating. you want to make the person you are negotiating with -- and you always negotiate with the spe speaker -- think i have leverage on you. trump's all about leverage. that's all this is. >> cnn political director david sh shalian, angela rye, jim garrity, senior political correspondent for the national review. welcome to all of you. david chalian, on my conversation with ari. i said is that smarting to going into the white house? say mr. trump wins with that sort of message to the top republican in congress. you need to listen to me.
12:09 pm
is that what this is about? >> i do agree with ari's point that donald trump does love looking for how he gains leverage in any circumstance. this is a lot of what "art of the deal" is about that i'm sure a lot of folks have read. but that's a key point, too. it is also a bit of payback, let's be clear. he is using almost identical language to what paul ryan said to jake tapper back in may when he wasn't yet ready to endorse donald trump. there's certainly a little bit of payback there as well. if indeed donald trump wins this election and if indeed paul ryan as expected is re-elected by his colleagues as the speaker of the house, they're going to undoubtedly have a working relationship that will, at times, bend towards the white house and to pennsylvania avenue, and at times bends toward the congressional end of pennsylvania avenue. that's sort of the give-and-take in that relationship. >> i'm listening to you and i'm seeing boris nodding a bit out
12:10 pm
of the side of my head. let me ask in folding in the mike pence -- we heard him say, listen, he called mr. trump or mr. trurmp called him. there was a discussion over whether he could or should endorse paul ryan. mr. trump gave him the green light to go for it. still, the fact that these two men who are on the top of the republican ticket are not on the same page, is that not worrisome? >> not at all. governor pence and speaker ryan know each other, they served together in the congress. donald trump said it is up to you. donald trump is choosing not to endorse anyone in the primaries. this is not gop versus democrat. this is a primary within the gop. donald trump is saying for next tuesday's primary in the case of wisconsin he's not going to make an endorsement. it is in a few days. >> but of all republicans, you know, speaker ryan. the most powerful republican in all of that end of pennsylvania avenue. >> it's not just speaker ryan. it is across the board. donald trump is not making an
12:11 pm
endorsement across the board in the gop primary. that's the decision he made. no matter what happens going forward when donald trump is president and if speaker ryan is re-elected they will absolutely have a working relationship and it will go back and forth just like they've done with presidents and speakers of the past throughout history. >> do you think this matters? do you think voters care? >> the fact that trump is not endorsing in primaries is big news to the congresswoman from north carolina who lost her primary earlier this year. i think it is a much simpler explanation. you love donald trump because he is a counter puncher. if he feels like he's been attacked, he punches back. no matter how small the slight, he can't let anything go. he has to punch back. he clearly felt insulted that paul ryan didn't endorse him out of the gate. that's how he's going to get him back. >> paul ryan did not endorse him in the primary. >> he said he wasn't quite ready. his exact same words. >> that was after the primary
12:12 pm
was over. >> he got there. >> and donald trump used his same verbiage to say -- >> i'm curious -- >> when donald trump is president and if speaker ryan gets re-elected -- >> i'm just curious about whether or not trump surrogates have conference calls because you are all saying something differently. this is the first time i've heard donald trump is not going to endorse in the primary. kayleigh's saying something different. you're saying something different. >> that's a guess. >> no, no. do you all have talkers calls? that means no. you guys can't you because you guys don't have calls. they can't be on the same page -- let me finish my sentence. the candidate and the running mate aren't even saying the same thing. >> what did kayleigh say?
12:13 pm
you can't answer my question. >> there is no empty point here. >> there's that. the second bit is on the fru frustration within the campaign. dana was all over the reporting. amid all the top brass within the trump campaign calling her up saying they're frustrated with us, the media. the bupushback is stop blaming e media all the time. but he needs to stay on message. right? what are we going to hear from him today? >> you will hear the message of national security, economy, you are going to absolutely hear about the $400 million, part of $1.7 billion given to iran a state sponsor of terrorist. >> let me stop you there. david chalian, i was talking to carol lee last hour who broke this story for the "wall street journal." for people not familiar, talk to me about the 400 million dollars
12:14 pm
in swiss francs, in an unmarked cargo plane to iran in. january. why is this a big deal? >> listen, ever since the sort of hostage release deal was put into place, this has been an avenue of criticism of republicans because quite frankly they've been totally opposed to the iran nuclear deal from the beginning, many republicans. this is a big deal though because the white house has insisted time and time again that this was not ransom, that there was no quid pro quo, these are simultaneous actions that happened on simultaneous tracks that hostages were released, and this payment came to fruition as part of the iran nuclear deal. it is impossible to know if they completely stayed on separate tracks. clearly there were different teams negotiating this, brooke. but learning today of this airlift of money, this gives
12:15 pm
donald trump fuel and fodder right now. the opportunity to veer back on message on the national security plank and express not just this moment of payment and when this payment arrived but the larger, broader argument against the iran nuclear deal because of the belief that it makes america less safe. so that is a message that donald trump should be sort of saying every day. it is one that appeals to not only his supporters but has the potential to appeal beyond his loyal base. >> let me actually just pivot to angela and pose this to you. you have the optics of this, timing of this, john mccain came out today and said, yes, it's ransom even though the white house isn't. they're under fire. >> i think they are under fire. >> trump's going to take this on. >> especially because i think the facts are too challenging for him to digest. the fact that this is an age-old dispute. 1979. the year i was born. i'm old. >> me, too. >> the fact that this is how old
12:16 pm
it was and the president said, just like he normally does, it's time for us to end this, too, at the same time that they're dealing with these other critical issues. i think it makes a ton of sense but the optics, to your point, are not great and donald trump -- >> that in no way makes sense. >> it is totally coincidental that they released the hostages when we sent these giant pallets full of cash. the plane just happened to arrive in europe. it is totally coincidental. the obvious hanging softball for trump today is if you feel like this administration keeps lying to you, if you feel like this administration never tells you the straight story an always has these secret deals going on with shady regimes that hate us, if you want to end that, vote for are me. if you want more of the same, vote for hillary clinton. >> the iranian budget, there is a line item for $1.7 billion. that money going to the iranian military. iran is a state sponsor of terrorism. the government again is lying to the american people.
12:17 pm
hillary and obama have a life-long history of this. hillary clinton's been lying to the american people for 40 years and again, how can -- >> he has the softball. like the rally taking the baby out, the whole purple heart -- >> paul ryan, mccain. >> were a straight face, how can josh earnest stand up there and say it is not ransom. >> quick break. stay here. this is so good. we're waiting for donald trump in daytona beach, florida. we'll take him live coming up next. they're delicious side dishes with the protein of beans, whole grains.. ...and veggies! mmm good. my work here is dooooone! bird's eye protein blends. so veggie good.
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. welcome back. this is cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. live pictures, daytona beach, florida, waiting to hear from donald trump holding a rally there. keep. mind, florida, 1 of the 3 key battleground states his campaign believes he has to win in order to reach the white house. but it is turmoil, not tactics,
12:22 pm
dominating the headlines today about the donald trump campaign. sources tell us that his staffers are growing frustrated with their candidate going rogue and not staying on message, a claim that trump denies. so my panel is back, david chalian, let me just begin with you. on the reporting, what is this about the trump campaign reaching out to mr. trump's good friends, chris christie and newt gingrich, on helping them help him? >> right. dana bash, jim acosta, others have said that people from trump world have reached out to these folks that donald trump has listened to in the past, especially in the last couple months as he went from presumptive nominee to nominee, and trying to get some help in getting the candidate back on message. but just listen, brooke, to what newt gingrich -- can i just read
12:23 pm
you what he said to the "washington post" today on this very topic of what is the very palpable sense of concern and anguish inside the republican party over the state of the trump campaign right now. "the current race is which of these two is the more unacceptable, because right now, neither of them is acceptable," gingrich said today. "trump is helping her to win by proving he is more unacceptable than she is." gingrich went on to say, he only has a couple of weeks to reverse course here. this is one of his most ardent supporters, somebody who was a finalist for his vice presidential pick, who is out there saying today that trump is helping hillary clinton win by proving himself unacceptable. just to express, we can't really overstate the level of concern that's going on right now, even among people who are very, very close to the candidate. >> boris? wow. >> donald trump has done something that newt gingrich and rudy giuliani did not do. donald trump is the nominee for
12:24 pm
this party. rudy giuliani and newt gingrich have their opinions and they are free to give them. donald trump is the nominee and we should all be united to make sure he is elected on november 8. newt gingrich is entitled to his opinion. i disagree. i think donald trump has had a strong campaign. every campaign has bumps. this is someone who's only been a politics for a year. this has been a huge up side. on national security hillary clinton has not kept this country safe. on the economy, 1.2% gdp growth last year, donald trump will continue to make the case that he is the only one to truly turn this country around and he will do it once elected. >> the word out of the camp on twitter a while ago, there is no formal intervention going on. i guess that means no black tie. >> jim's just full of them today. >> basically, everything we've said here -- look, you have
12:25 pm
these big issues you can talk about, iran deal, state of the economy, isis, florida has zika breaking out. there is this constant sense things are unraveling in this country. let me talk about what i'm mad about that guy khan again. >> if you want to about the iran deal. let's talk about the fact that it shouldn't have been a deal in the first place. people say it is a larger part of the deal, we owe money from 1979. >> i think part of what we have to remember is that in an election year when you're right after the conventions, folks driving the news cycle are the two candidates and we can't help but talk about what the republican nominee is talking about. talking about crying babies. talking about captain khan. we're talking about what he's not talking about and that is the iran deal and the only entity that is talking about that is the white house proactively addressing that. we're talking about his tweets because hillary clinton said he can be baited by a tweet. >> that's just incorrect. >> it is actually factually
12:26 pm
correct. he goes after twitter followers. >> what he's got to do -- >> this is what he just kept stepping in over the weekend. i'm sure he'll talk about what we were just discussing with the $400 million with iran. >> his campaign hopes so. >> when george w. bush was running for governor said i have four issues i talk about. they said there is a fifth plank, so let's talk about the other four. if you stay on message, you have a chance of winning this. >> the media does choose the narrative it pushes. it has certain people -- anderson cooper had mr. khan for half-an-hour last night. half and hour. we could have been talking about the economy. >> or we could have mr. trump for who knows how many minutes. >> he will talk about the iran deal, talk about the economy, talk about zika. >> sure hope so. >> he hasn't been, according to
12:27 pm
the campaign and dana. meantime, let me ask you this. jamie gangel has fascinating interviews with interestingly all three republican women, not meg whitman but she is the most recent, most high-powered republican woman to sigh this. maria comello, long-time advisor of chris christie and shelly bradshaw with jeb bush. all three republican women in the last couple days changing course saying they are not voting for mr. trump, they are voting for hillary clinton. what do you make of that? >> to be fair meg whitman has been anti-trump from the get-go. >> she's a republican. >> now she's voting for hillary. >> she's been anti-trump from the get-go. that's not a change of course. she is entitled to her opinion. >> are you worried though from the trump perspective these three women who are coming to the forefront and saying we're voting for hillary clinton? because there are a lot of republicans who are still sort of trying to figure out what to
12:28 pm
do when they walk into that voting box on november 8th. >> am i worried about those specific people? >> no, no. many republicans in this country. >> we tawant to appeal to every voter out there, man, woman, whatever their background, across speck trumtruspectrums. that's the goal of this campaign. we will continue to do that moving forward. we have about 98 days. we're very confident when november 8 comes, no matter what individuals are out there saying they are now anti-trump, millions and millions. voters making a binary decision for a woman under whose leadership has failed under hillary clinton and a man who's been successful throughout his life and has offered new ideas, actual change, america will choose donald trump. >> maybe boris has a point. we are just talking about thee three republican women. >> i think one more we haven't talked about that's not vote are for hillary clinton, but even
12:29 pm
jan brewer is concerned about his ability to stay on message. i think that republicans should be very, very concerned, not just because he is literally distracting from what his campaign messaging should be, but also the overall republican message. you don't just have a presidential election. you have congress. you have a senate that could flip. you have a house that's less likely to flip but you could very well lose some key allies for what would have been a trump administration. there are some serious concerns on the table and i think they're right to have an intervention. to jim's point -- i'm not finished, boris. i didn't talk the whole time you filibustered. so the one thing i would say, to his point, there may not be an actual formal intervention but that doesn't mean there's not going to be a family conversation literally maybe with the trump kids today. i think it's time. >> you wouldn't have been having that public conversation. you have the newt gingrich of the worlds saying what the heck is he doing. these three republican figures by themself -- if it happened in
12:30 pm
a vacuum, you'd say with be with fine, that's three. traditionally republicans don't do as well among republican voters but each year women become a larger chunk of the electorate. you have to be sweating bullets right now. you have to be nervous about this. if you're losing the meg whitmans of the world, they're nominal republicans, the fact that they're not even saying when i'm alone in the ballot box i'm voting hillary,hillary, the saying it to the world. >> thank you for now. waiting for donald trump, daytona beach, florida. hang tight. coming up next, could it be a sign of things to come? dr. roger marshall joins me live next to share why he thinks voters in his state turned out for him and why he wants donald trump in the white house. mistak. the check they sent isn't enough
12:31 pm
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welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. there's all kinds of different political pundits are observing, analyzing and making predictions about this unprecedented campaign of donald trump, the term anti-establishment keeps resurfacing and many, like trump himself, are calling it a movement. it seems its effects are already trickling down ballot. my guest just pulled off a major political upset in the kansas primary beating out the three-term republican incumbent in his district, the winner
12:36 pm
here -- dr. roger marshall joins me now from kansas. congratulations and welcome. >> thanks, brooke. thanks for having us on. >> as far as your special sauce in winning, do you think that publicly supporting donald trump helped you win? >> that's really not come up, brooke. i think this race was all about agriculture to kansas. we've not had a voice on the house ag committee for three years. we think agriculture is what pushed us through to victory here. >> in a race though, and in many races, and really in this movement, whether it's been bernie sanders or donald trump though, a lot of americans have latched on to this anti-establishment sort of candidate. i know you've publicly supported him. do you think that played any role whatsoever? >> i really think it would be way down the list.70% of our ec a culture. we have more cattle in this state than people.
12:37 pm
i think it still came down to agriculture is key. >> you created a website that called "lyin' tim." we think back to the days of "lyin' ted," which was from donald trump used to label his/poephis opponent. did you tailor that after mr. trump? >> when someone speaks ill truths to something what is near and dear to my heart like pro life and pro second amendment, those are both yes and no answers. no one's worked harder for pro life than i have in my personal practice. we wanted voters to know we're pro life, pro second amendment. >> i was reading the kansas paper this morning trying to get a local senls of how this race went down. there was a quote from patrick miller, a professor at the university of kansas, he said this about your opponent -- "i think his personality is the underlying issue. he is a combative, often
12:38 pm
controversial, sometimes divisive approach to politics that doesn't sit well with some republicans." i know you mentioned agriculture. you're downplaying any sort of support of donald trump. but what about personality here? >> certainly we're two different persons. the opponent and myself. i'm a leader, i'm an effective conservative that brings people together. my opponent seems to be a person who threw gasoline on this fire of left versus right. >> final question. you're in favor of repeal and replace obamacare. as a doctor, what would you replace it with? >> brooke, i've met with other position leaders in congress and we have very much an incremental approach, very simple steps. we would want to let health insurance be bid across state lines, we want to expand health care savings accounts. we need tort reform. i want to get rid of the federal mandate that you have to purchase health insurance. for some reason, pharmacy costs
12:39 pm
are going up exponentially and we need to figure out why that's happening as well. those are a few of the steps i think we can start working on. >> dr. roger marshall, congratulations again. we'll be watching you in kansas. thank you so much. and that from kansas to colorado, let's go. hillary clinton touring a plant there that employs refugees. she's talking colorado and she's talking donald trump. let's listen. >> as i was walking through, of course i was thinking to myself, i wish donald trump could meet all of you and see what you are making here and hear the stories of people who have come together to produce products and create more opportunity for more people. i really would like him to explain why he paid chinese workers to make trump ties -- this is one of them.
12:40 pm
it's got his name on it, of course -- and instead of deciding to make those ties right here in colorado, with a company like this. but it is not just his ties. donald trump makes his suits in mexico. not ohio where he could. his furniture in turkey, not pennsylvania, where he could. his picture frames in india, not wisconsin, where he could. as i've said over this past week, in many different settings and factories across pennsylvania and ohio, and i mean this, because if he wants to make america great again, he should start by making things in america. and there's a lot he could learn by coming here. unfortunately, when asked about this, he basically has said -- this is a quote -- they don't
12:41 pm
make this stuff here, meaning they don't make ties or suits or furniture or barware here in america. well, you know, that's just not true. and i want him, and i want more americans to know, it's not true. we have done a quick survey across america. and you can go to our wesh site a website and you can see across our country places where everything donald trump makes in china, mexico, turkey, slovenia, elsewhere in the world, bangladesh, could be made right here in america. you can see that for yourself at it here. and so i'm thrilled to be visiting this facility. i am very proud of what jeremy and mark have built here, what the designers and employees are
12:42 pm
doing here. the outreach to refugees and what that means to so many people's lives. i don't know how you can talk down american -- >> that was hillary clinton moments ago speak egg at a factory in colorado. meantime, we are waiting to hear from donald trump speaking at a rally in daytona beach, florida. we'll take it live momentarily. quick break, you're watching quick break, you're watching cnn. o but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. ♪ one♪coat, yes! one coat guaranteed marquee interior.
12:43 pm
behr's most advanced paint. come find our top rated paints, only at the home depot.
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12:46 pm
we just heard from hillary clinton moments ago on the trail in colorado. we are still waiting to hear from donald trump speaking in florida. but we are getting word on something that he is apparently going to go big on today.
12:47 pm
the headline, that the united states sent an unmarked cargo plane filled with $400 million in cash and currencies to iran, on the very same day iran released those four american hostages. they include "washington post" reporter jason rezaian who was set free in january. the white house is insisting the $400 million in cash was absolutely not ransom money but republicans, including senator john mccain today, a former prisoner of war, slammed this covert delivery. he said it is clear this payment w was for ransom for hostages in iran. >> it's been called a ransom payment by iran. that's not exactly surprising. but would those prisoners have been released had this payment not been made at the time that
12:48 pm
it would? so isn't it essentially a ransom payment then even if if the u.s. does not view it that way? >> no, it is not a ransom payment. united states does not view it that way and it is not accurate to describe it that way. this $400 million is actually money that the iranians had paid in to a u.s. account in 1979 as part of a transaction to procure military equipment. that military equipment as it relates to this 4$400 million ws not provided to the iranians in 1979 because the shah of iran was overthrown. >> let me bring in senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny. let me just read this line from carol lee that broke the story with the "wall street journal." wooden pallet stack of euros, swiss francs, other currencies flown to iran in an unmarked
12:49 pm
cargo plane. when you look at the optics of this, as you are hearing from critics, they are saying it is questionable. >> no doubt about it. that story in the "wall street journal" has so much intrigue in it in terms of the types of cash that was sent and the timing of all of this. i'm not sure josh earnest there at the white house answered all of the questions about this. because michelle kosinski went on to ask if the money had not been paid would the hostages have been released. that is something that we still don't have a clear answer for. but look, it is at the very least, opened the entire iran debate up again in a new political contest. donald trump has been hammering this for weeks and for months about the administration. he said they got a bad deal on there. we do expect him to talk about it today when he's spaining there in florida. we'll see if he can stick on that subject or not. many republicans would like him to drive a message and stay on this. he's had somewhat of a challenge doing that in recent weeks. but look, optics of this certainly aren't good because of the timing of this.
12:50 pm
we yet don't know all of the details in terms of would the hostages have been released if this money had not >> jeff zeleny, thank you. coming up next, you mentioned donald trump, will he take this on in daytdaytona beach, florid. he refuses to endorse paul ryan in his race, back home in now wisconsin. now, wisconsin's leading newspaper will join the call to have the house speaker disavow donald trump. we'll talk live to the editor of the milwaukee journal sentinel opinion page.
12:51 pm
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these types of plans let you pick any doctor or hospital that takes medicare patients. depending on you needs plansand your budget. so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long. by, and waiting for donald trump to speak there at a big rally in daytona beach, florida. meantime, the headline over the course of the last 24 hours in the interview with the "washington post," he refused to endorse the top republican congressman, speaker of the house, paul ryan. in fact, today, wisconsin hometown paper is calling him
12:55 pm
out. david haines is with me, editorial page editor with the "milwaukee journal sentinel." welcome. >> thank you. good to be with you, brooke. >> you called on a piece to disavow trump. he believes he can have it both ways with trump and support him and manage the billionaire's frequent eruptions of ignorance. he cannot. what exactly are you asking for paul ryan to do? >> well, we have a tremendous amount of respect for paul ryan. we've disagreed with him on issues from time to time, but it is an issue based disagreement. we have a lot of affection for paul ryan. but we think that he needs to stand on principles and not party in this case. it is really time for him to say i was wrong, and take back that endorsement. we think trump has crossed many lines, but this final line was
12:56 pm
his essential denigration. >> you need to say enough, wouldn't it make him look weak? >> i think actually it makes him look strong. paul ryan has a great deal of respect within the conservative movement and his own party. polling in wisconsin, nationwide, shows he is still very popular. it certainly isn't going to hurt him in his election in the primary. he has a primary challenge this year. but all polling we've seen shows he is doing quite well. and what it says is that he is standing up for his own conservative principles, but beyond that, for the idea that there is a certain baseline that a person has to meet in order to be qualified for the nation's highest office. >> and let me -- it is fascinating, talking you to you there in wisconsin, because of reince priebus, he is in a
12:57 pm
curious place, the chair of the rnc, but good buddies with paul ryan. they go back to he chaired his first congressional race, and you know, we know he has been on the phone back and forth with donald trump in the last couple of days. what do you think reince priebus is thinking right now? >> we have heard that reince priebus for a number of weeks has been tearing his hair out, because there is very little he can do. i understand reince priebus continues to support the candidate. i think he has to. but paul ryan is in a different position. it is an odd election, i understand that, and this would be an unusual mood for a house speaker to essentially disavow a candidate from his own party. >> david haynes with the "milwaukee journal sentinel." let's go live to daytona beach, florida.
12:58 pm
what a crowd. what a crowd. florida, we love florida. and we love nascar. right? we love nascar. what a great crowd. so you have 3,000 people that are coming in as we speak. this place is packed. thank you. thank you. thank you. so i just want to tell you, the campaign is doing really well. it has never been so well united. we started on june 16th. i would say right now, it is the best in terms of being united that it has been since we began. we're doing incredibly well.
12:59 pm
we're leading in the state of florida. you saw the polls. we're leading in ohio. we're about tied in pennsylvania, but i think we're going to be leading the next time. so i think we've never been this united. i just want to thank everybody for being here. this is incredible. this is incredible. so remember this, and it is really pretty incredible. i got up this morning and i picked up the papers. then i turn on the news. i see $400 million being shipped in cash, and they didn't want dollars. it is being shipped in different currencies, and it is being shipped overnight to iran. $400 million. you know, we have a president
1:00 pm
who frankly is incompetent, okay. incompetent. we've been humiliated by president obama, and his policies. we've been humiliated by the iran deal to start off with, where they get back $150 billion. we've been humiliated as a country, when they took our sailors. they forced them to their knees. and the only reason we got them back is because we hadn't paid the money yet. and that's the only reason we got them back. otherwise, they would have had to wait until i became president. believe me, they would have come back fast. they would have come back very fast. you look at our numbers. take a look at the numbers. home ownership, the lowest number, the worst number that it