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tv   New Day  CNN  August 4, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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haul in july. he is closing the gap with the hillary clinton fund raising machine. all this as a new national poll shows hillary clinton expanding her lead over trump. now ten points in a two-way match up. let's phil mattingly joins us here in new york. >> reporter: good morning, john. solid fundraising numbers. a series of stories about hillary clinton that trump advisers feel like they can take advantage of. now if only they can just keep their candidate on message. >> the campaign is doing really well. it's never been so well united. >> reporter: donald trump pledging unprecedented unity within his campaign after days of turmoil. >> i would say right now it's the best in terms of being united that it's been since we began. >> reporter: it's a message echoed by his top advisers, at least publicly, who tell cnn trump's team is under control. >> the campaign is focused.
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the campaign is moving forward in a positive way. >> reporter: though sources insist there is frustration within his staff with the candidate. getting back on message, trump putting hillary clinton directly in his crosshairs, attacking her record as secretary of state. >> it was hillary clinton that she should get an award from them as the founder of isis. that's what it was. >> reporter: and touting his latest fundraising haul. >> and we just took in this month, i think it's 80 or $82 million. >> reporter: despite closing the gap with clinton, it's difficult to collect checks from the country's top donors. his campaign war chest trails clinton by $20 million. >> we're raising a lot of money for the republican party, and the money is coming in. we're just doing great. but small contributions -- i think it was $61 each. and few republicans can do that. maybe no republican can do that. >> reporter: and with several republicans now saying publicly
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they won't support trump, including rising gop star adam kinzinger, there's still great cause for concern within the party. >> donald trump, for me, is beginning to cross a lot of red lines of the unforgivable in politics. i'm not going to vote for hillary either. in america, we have the right to write in a vote. >> reporter: trump's decision not to endorse speaker paul ryan in his primary battle, infuriating the party. even trump's running mate mike pence splitting with him over ryan, giving a full-throated endorsement. >> i'm strongly supporting paul ryan, strongly endorse his re-electi re-election. he's a long-time friend. he's a strong conservative leader. >> reporter: and the controversy is leading some top supporters to question trump's perceived self-sabotage. newt gingrich, a finalist to be trump's running matd, telling
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"the washington post" trump is helping hillary clinton win by proving he is more unacceptable than she is. >> in the last couple weeks, he has been remarkably underperforming. >> reporter: gingrich later backtracking, telling politico he's, quote, 100% for trump. and guy, newt gingrich actually calling the trump campaign yesterday to congratulate them on two, as he said, very good rallies for donald trump down in florida. so backtracking a little more but really underscoring the idea here that republican officials right now are very concerned that while donald trump has never been the most on-message candidate at all, that he has completely gone off track. still, his campaign advisers making it very clear they think there are a lot of opportunities and a lot of time to get him back on track before november. >> okay, phil. thanks so much for all that reporting. stay with us, if you would. we want to bring in the rest of our panel. cnn political commentator, errol lewis. cnn political analyst and washington bureau chief of "the
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daily beast," jackie kucinich. jackie, it sounds like trump yesterday was able to sort of right the trump train. he had these two rallies. the first 11 minutes of which went well. maybe all of them went well. >> so you're saying there's a chance. >> i'm actually not trying to be facetious. he stayed on message, then he veered off message, but the crowd liked it. he was sort of complying with f we believe the reports, his top lieutenants who want him to keep hammering at hillary. >> you know, the crowd is donald trump's problem. when he can stay on script, when he's not getting that reaction, he does fine. but it's that fuel that the crowd, the lock her up chant you hear at trump rallies, just how excited the crowd is by some of his rhetoric, just takes him off path. i don't think we're going to see trump ever really stick to the script all the time because time
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and time again we've seen him divert. he can't help himself. he also said hillary clinton created isis or something yesterday. she went from the devil to the isis -- so maybe that's dialing it back. i don't know. >> you heard newt gingrich, phil reporting that newt gingrich was happy about yesterday's rallies. the trump team was happier with how things went yesterday. maybe they're grading on a curve. he didn't do anything to hurt his campaign as he had done the days before. but they did have genuinely good news not on a curve. they brought in a ton of money. $82 million brought in, in july, compared to $51 million in june. a lot of it in small-dollar amounts, which is key. that is important. phil was saying, you know, the trump people feel like they have a lot of days left now to right the ship. now they have a lot of money. >> and it's not just the money. it's the type of money. the small-dollar donors, that $10, $20 donation, it's not just that you've got the money, although that's nice, but you've also locked that person in. you can also go back to that
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person again and again and again. it becomes really a voter mobilization strategy. people are much more psychologically set. where they held the rally, jacksonville, i've got a lot of family down in jacksonville. that was bush country. i remember going to a rally down there. in fact, back in 2004, he landed a chopper in the middle of the jaguar stadium. it's really more like the south down there. it's more like alabama, georgia. so they're doing what they're supposed to do. i think jackie makes a really good point, which is that we assume when people throw out words like demagogue and associate trump with that, that he's leading this crowd in some dangerous direction. it's just the opposite. the crowd is leading the speaker. he's feeding off their fuel. he's taking their cues from them. and that's when people say, hey, there again, i have to disagree. the man is the message in this case. trump is doing what works for him. he's doing what has worked for
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him. he again was in trump country yesterday. if you're talking about tampa, if you're talking about the panhandle, the northeast of florida, he's raising the money. he's doing all of the things that he thinks are going to work for him. the only question is whether strategically he should be going yet again to the same base over and over and over again, digging in that same well, when there's a possibility that he's making an error because he needs to broaden the people who are supporting him. >> the one thing i want to add with the fund raraising is he's done a lot of that through direct mail, which is expensive. so we don't know how much he's spent on that. he's sent a lot of letters and fundraising asks to people that will never give him money. we'll have to see how much he actually spent. >> what do they say about that, phil? >> i think what they're happiest about -- and jackie is right. if you watch republican party in
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general when it comes to direct mail, they tend to spend a lot of money and a lot of consultants to make a lot of money off direct mail, and the campaign tends to not make as much money off drek mail. ben carson's campaign is an example. i think they're happiest right now with their digital operation, which was almost nonexistent fundraising-wise before june. this is the excitement behind their numbers. again, they trail hillary clinton by a substantial amount when it comes to money. but their ability to raise small dollar, online with an infrastructure that didn't exist two months ago, their ability to meld with the rnc and figure out a way digitally to raise money via e-mail is big for them. >> are they worried about top contributors? >> look, you want those $2700 checks, hard-dollar checks. these aren't super pacs. there are limits to what they can raise. that's important. but i think errol makes an important point. what drove bernie sanders was their ability to go back to the same donors over and over again.
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so if you're getting people that are donating $10, $15, $25, that means their max is 2700. you get to keep going back to them every month and getting another 25, another 50. that's what drove bernie to record-setting numbers. $27 was the average we heard. that's an opportunity. no question about it, you need the max-out donors. >> errol brought up the idea there are two tracks with donald trump. one trump here, one trump there. i think we know there's one donald trump, it's just a question of how much of the one do you hear during a time. last night in these rallies in florida, he was more on message. he was talking about the iran deal, the $400 million and the pallets to iran. he did focus more on that and hillary clinton, but there were still moments when he couldn't help himself, still the moments when he couldn't help but talk about hperceived injustices don to him. he was talking about "the new york times" reporter who he's
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been criticized for, for making fun of his disability. i want to show you what he said yesterday compared to what he said initially when this controversy started. >> written by a nice reporter. now the poor guy, you got to see this guy. oh, i don't know what i said, i don't remember. he's going like, i don't remember. oh, maybe that's what i said. i didn't know who he was. if i did and he was handicapped, he had a problem with something and he was handicapped, must be a nice guy, didn't speak to him. >> it was pretty clear donald trump knew exactly who he was talking about. >> how is it clear? if he said, i didn't know that reporter, how do we know he knew that reporter? >> back when he initially said it, he referred to the reporter as if he knew him and it was someone who covered him over the years. >> reporter says he knew him. >> the issue is, why is trump bringing this up at all? why bring this up in a rally? >> that's where you can make the argument, okay, now you're getting off message. i remember watching because it was on cnn. i remember my wife and i were watching when he made that other
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comment about blood coming out of her wherever. we looked at each other and said, did he really just say that? that was a year ago. that was in august. >> he circled back to that yesterday also. he said what he meant to say was her nose or her mouth. >> he's seeing these comments in ads. he wants to refute them. >> that's where he needs to resist the temptation to engage and hit back. that's one of his instincts. he says it's one of his best instincts. it worked for him in commerce. it's worked for him in politics, frankly. but you got to let some of that stuff go. when the gold-star parents say something about you, you got to let it go. when people are running ads against you, you got to let it go. you have to sort of either pivot or counterstrike in some other kind of way. it sounded kind of crazy. i don't know if he fully realizes, donald trump, that a lot of people are tuning in for the first time. they don't remember what all of that was about. they don't even really know what the ad necessarily was about. they're just trying to piece it together for the first time. when you come up with these
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ludicrous explanations -- because what he said was false. we know what he did with serge. that's why the ad is so effective. he needs to get off that and find something else to talk about. >> all right, guys. stick around. a lot more to discuss. we have some breaking political news about someone not running for office. a new national poll reveals that donald trump and hillary clinton are not the only ones getting a bounce in the polls after the conventions. with about five months left in office, president obama's approval numbers are up. our cnn political director joins us now with more on that. >> john, you know nothing matters more than a president's approval rating. take a look at this. 54% approve, 45% disapprove. this is the highest approval rating of his second term. if you asked hillary clinton to dream up what month she would want barack obama at his highest of a second term, it would be now. it would be august, september, heading into the fall because their fates are inextricably linked. let's put him in context of
3:13 am
history. obama is near a record. 30% is where the approval was for george w. bush at this time of his presidency. 57% for bill clinton who was still riding that post-impeachment bounce. and 54% for ronald reagan at this point in his second term. so barack obama is near historic highs in the modern era. let's look at how hillary clinton and barack obama are tied it together. we asked folks, would clinton's policies be a continuation, the same as obama, or would it be different from obama? nearly two-thirds of the country, 64%, say her policies will be the same as president obama. 33% say different from obama. this is after the convention where he went out there and was a huge validater for her. now let's look at how people feel about the direction of the country. this is an important number. 46% say well. 54% say badly. remember, how can barack obama be at record-high approval and a majority say it's badly? because some of these folks who think the country is going in
3:14 am
the wrong direction, they're obama fans. they're frustrated by gridlock in washington. so they're in here as well. and there's a big partisan divide. take a look at this. things are going well in the country. the people who think things are going well, 76% of them are democrats. 42% are independents. 17% are republicans. so it depends on your partisan i.d. as to whether or not you think the country is headed in the right direction. then finally, what is this impact on how people vote? among the very enthusiastic, the extremely enthusiastic, those people who tell us they're ready to vote, 51% of them think the country is going well. only 38% of the most enthusiastic voters tell us it's going badly. this is a warning sign for donald trump because the more motivated voters are the ones that think the country is headed in the right direction right now. alisyn? >> interesting numbers, david. thanks so much for giving us a preview and break down of all those. we want to talk about it. how will president obama's new approval ratings impact the 2016 election? we go inside those numbers next.
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donald trump, hillary clinton not the only ones with a post-convention bump. this new cnn/orc poll shows president obama got one too. now enjoying his highest approval rating of his second term, 54%. so what does this do for the people actually running to be the next president? back with us to discuss, errol louis, jackie kucinich. er 54% for president obama is good. it compares to ronald reagan back when he was at the end of i had second term. of course, that's the last time you got a quote/unquote third term. george h.w. bush was able to be elected for three consecutive republican terms. you know that's what the democrats hope is happening here. >> that's right. let's keep in mind that second term for ronald reagan was mired
3:20 am
in scandal. the iran contra deal was pretty serious stuff. it's got interesting echos with this new thing about 400 million in currency being shipped to iran. it shows you can survive a scandal. in the clinton case, you can survive impeachment, and voters won't necessarily abandon you. they might think there's a lot of stuff wrong with the country, but they can blame that on the marketplace, blame it on congress, blame it on themselves. >> jackie, how do you see the numbers? you think this bodes well for hillary clinton? >> it does, but it's not foolproof. remember, al gore didn't win in 2000 even though clinton had 57%. so it's not foolproof. in particular because voters overwhelmingly think she's going to carry on his policies. this isn't a done deal by any stretch of the imagination. voters are just tuning in. there's unforeseen things that could happen. but yes, does this bode well for
3:21 am
her going into the general, absolutely. >> the only thing is al gore, of course, did everything in his power to try to remind voters he had nothing to do with bill clinton and he barely knew him. >> who? >> hillary clinton put barack obama on her convention stage. >> very true. >> in a very prime spot. it was all about endorsing hillary clinton. so they're, i think, more attached than gore wanted to be to clinton. i agree, it's not foolproof. but the correlation, it is a very strong correlation to candidates doing well. >> this is what david is talking about right now, part of that correlation. if you approve of president obama, 94% of people who approve of president obama are for hillary clinton. just 3% are for donald trump. if you disapprove of the president, 85% of them are for trump, just 9% for clinton. you can see, as goes president obama's approval rating, so goes the election. >> what does that mean for who wins? >> so goes hillary clinton support. we don't know about -- to
3:22 am
jackie's point, i don't think it's a clear sign to say obama's up, so hillary is going to win. if it were the reverse, if they were at the lowest point of his second term, she would be in a world of hurt right now. so this is a very good sign for her campaign. >> and you see her separating herself from the president more than she was. >> like by giving him a giant hug. >> certainly wouldn't have been on the stage. >> so last night was the libertarian town hall. the libertarian ticket sounded off on donald trump and hillary clinton and the problems with both. let's listen. >> i think he's a showman. he's a pied piper. he's the music man. but more recently, it's got an little more serious. the noun that comes to my mind is a screw loose. >> they're making money off of this. as secretary of state, bill goes out, does a million-dollar speaking gig, and then the next
3:23 am
day hillary signs an agreement with the sponsor of that speaking gig. that's not good. that's beholden, if you want to say that. it smacks of pay to play. >> so errol, there is so much dissatisfaction with both candidates among the electorate. why is the libertarian ticket only at 12%, not higher? >> you just saw it. it always sounds to me a little bit fringy. i don't know any better word to use. i've interviewed bill weld. we've talked with governor johnson. it always sounds a little bit like the unfounded accusations he was just making. hey, it smacks of pay to play. give us dates. give us amounts. give us accusations. make it stick. tell us why it's important. tell us what it means for the future. round the thing out. for all the criticism donald trump has gotten about his campaign and whether or not they have their infrastructure
3:24 am
together, multiply that by ten for a really small third-party effort where there aren't a lot of policy experts and there isn't a lot of infrastructure there to sort of make this stuff work. i think what it ends up smacking of is sort of a complaint rather than a real campaign. so yeah, there are lots of people who have complaints with the major parties. you can find a home with the libertarian party. you can tell yourself you didn't vote for a democrat or a republican. is that really going to get you the next leader of the free world? i'm not so sure. >> if they're double digits going into election day, that could definitely affect -- if we're talking about a close race, as we expect, this could really make an impact. >> the number is really 15. if they get to 15% and get themselves on the debate stage -- >> that's the game changer, absolutely. >> they're not there yet though. i don't see where it moves between now and september. maybe it will. you were saying that they seem kind of fringy. to me what's interesting about gary johnson and bill weld is they're trying to have it both wa
3:25 am
ways. they want the benefits of not being part of the system, but clearly they're saying we also have a lot of experience. we were genuine politicians who led states, massachusetts and new mexico. so while they're trying to attract the mainstream, they may be turning off some of the more rabid -- i use that word -- the more committed libertarians, david. >> that's true because they don't -- well, gary johnson is more ideologically in line with them. lots in bill weld's record can be pointed to that isn't exactly in line with libertarians. here's what i heard last night. i heard people who don't sound like the rest of the politicians we hear. they just talk differently. so if you are a disaffected voter who really doesn't like either option and you hear somebody say, well, you know, in response to a question about black lives matter, you hear somebody say, i had my head buried in the sand on this. >> gary johnson said that last night? >> gary johnson said that. these are things that all the sudden your ears perk up and this doesn't sound like a typical politician. >> all right, guys. thanks very much. coming up in the next hour, we're going to speak with the
3:26 am
libertarian candidates, gary johnson and william weld, in case you missed them last night. we'll check out their morning versions. meanwhile, we have to tell you about this bloody night in london. a man with a knife slashing his way through a crowded shopping center, killing a woman, wounding five other people. we have a live report from the scene next. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours.
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remain calm and vigilant after a stabbing attack in central london. one woman was killed, five others injured. cnn is live on the scene. what are we learning? >> reporter: well, it is of course at the site of one of the most gruesome terror outrages in london's history, the 77 russell square underground bombing. so of course any high alert here is always going to raise tensions across the capital and across the country, notwithstanding the general level of high alert across europe. london's police commissioner has come out and said they are not ruling anything out, although a substantial part of their investigation is into the mental health of the individual who carried out this attack. what is really noteworthy given the current climate across the continent, john, is how quickly police responded. five minutes. within five minutes of the distress calls coming in from the public, police were here on the scene. that gives you a sense, again,
3:31 am
with this increase of armed police across europe and across the uk, that this is now unfortunately, these concerns, these alerts are the new normal, john. alisyn? >> concern everywhere. thank you for that reporting. we'll check back as you get more developments. well, damage control at the white house over a previously undisclosed cash payment to iran. did the u.s. pay ransom for the release of four prisoners? we take a closer look at that next. i approve this message.
3:32 am
donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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"the wall street journal" is reporting that senior officials in the justice department objected to sending a plane filled with $400 million to iran at the very same time four american detainees were being released because they feared it would look like a ransom payment. white house press secretary josh earnest denies that connection. >> no, it was not. it is against the policy of the united states to pay ransom for hostages. >> would those prisoners have been released had this payment not been made? isn't it essentially a ransom payment then? >> no, it is not a ransom
3:36 am
payment. the united states does not do it that way. >> all right. joining us no discuss this is cnn political commentator and contributing editor for "the atlantic," peter beinart. also, donald trump supporter andre bower. great to have both of you here. governor, let me start with you. the white house says this was the culmination of a long-standing financial deal between the u.s. and iran that dates back to the 1970s. back then iran gave the u.s. $400 million in exchange for equipment, military equipment, that they never got. this was the u.s. finally paying it back. why do you think it was a ransom deal? >> i mean, of all days -- just give them the benefit of the doubt. of all days they could have picked, the exact day, it just smells of improprieties. it's exactly why people are so turned off from governmentand so turned off from washington because of deals that look like this. again, i don't know if it happened or not, but they had, what, 3,000 days, i think,
3:37 am
between when it happened and this day, and it just happened to be this exact day. it's a terrible message for us to send to other countries around the world where we may have a hostage situation. >> peter, republicans can't get past the timing. and the timing is dubious, that it happened on that very day. even if there was no ransom, why did the white house -- why would the white house agree to something they knew would raise questions like this? >> remember, they were scrambling to meet this deadline for the iranian deal more generally and tie up all of these loose ends. i mean, i agree, with the details, it doesn't look good. i think you have to look at it in context. donald trump likes to talk about being a great deal maker. the larger question is, was this deal good for the united states? as you said this wasn't even our money. iran had given this money in return for weapons that we had never given them. iran had taken us to the hay and very well might have got an settlement where we were forced to give them more.
3:38 am
as part of this deal, iran gets rid of 98% of its enriched uranium, accepts the toughest regulations on its nuclear program, and we get hostages. that's a good deal. >> isn't this different than that deal? this $400 million predates the iran deal. this is from the military equipment deal from the '70s when the sha was in control. >> right, but it was part of meeting the implementation day in january in which we were going to certify that iran had met its obligations and we wanted to get the hostages out by then. >> president obama says this was not secret. he announced it back in january. he talked about this and the motivation for it. so let's listen to him in january. >> the united states and iran are now settling a long-standing iranian government claim against the united states government. iran will be returned its own funds, including appropriate interest, but much less than the amount iran sought. for the united states, the settlement could save us
3:39 am
billions of dollars that could have been purr pseudoby iran. with the nuclear deal done, prisoners released, the time was right to resolve this dispute as well. >> governor, either way, hillary clinton was not at the heart of this. that's what donald trump is saying, that hillary clinton screwed this up, hillary clinton paid ransom for this. she wasn't involved in the 1970s when this was a deal with the shah, nor was she involved on the day that this transfer happened. >> well, i think it's a bigger picture of the regime that's in there. she's tying herself to president obama, that it will be his third term. again, the messenger isn't right, and she wants to be a part of that message, which in fact the american people distrust. right now he's riding incredibly high poll numbers. i think things like this will diminish his poll numbers. i think you'll continue to see this, and she'll distance herself because this is why people have such a distaste for where our american government is going now. >> peter, is it fair to say hillary clinton was secretary of
3:40 am
state, they were dealing with iran, she initiated the iran nuclear deal, so she's somehow connected to this. >> look, if the republicans want to debate the iran nuclear deal, i think hillary clinton should have that debate very forthrightly. the truth is, it's been an excellent deal for the united states. even top israeli security officials are saying iran is clearly further away from a nuclear weapon. again, 98% of enriched uranium, the toughest inspections any country has ever submitted to, its plutonium program, it poured concrete into that reactor. all without war? i think hillary clinton can defend that proudly. >> why does donald trump hate it? >> he hates it more than anything for the image. what does it say to other countries that we're concerned about that it looks like a pay to play. >> you're talking about the ransom. you two are talking about two different things. >> it's part of the larger iran deal. donald trump doesn't even know the details of the iran deal. he keeps talking about 150 million payoff to iran. in fact, it was 100 million. it was already there, frozen assets. the reason donald trump can't
3:41 am
win this debate is because he doesn't know the basic details of the deal. >> i don't think most american citizens know the details. >> shouldn't the guy who's going to be president? >> well, everybody should know. the american people should know the details, but it shouldn't be thrust upon them. oh, the day we give this money up is the day we get the hostages. so the timing is just so poor. the president could have said, look, let's wait a week or two, let's wait a month or two, but not the exact day. >> this is the optics that we always talk about in washington. the optics, i think everybody agrees, are bad, but the devil is in the details. if people want to learn more about the origin of this deal, they certainly can. it's on our website. you can go and read all of that. also, president obama, we should mention, will be speaking this afternoon. this is likely to come up. we'll talk more about that as well. thank you, gentlemen. up next, we have dramatic video of that emirates plane crash we first showed you yesterday. it landed and burst into flames at the airport in dubai. we'll show you the chaotic scene
3:42 am
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police in phoenix are linking another shooting to a serial sniper still on the loose. police say the shooter targeted a man and young boy in a car on july 11th. this brings the total number of incidents to nine since march. seven victims have died. a reward for the shooter's capture is being raised to $50,000. president obama setting a single-day record for commuting federal prison sentences. the president granted clemency to 214 inmates. 67 had life sentences. he's commuted the sentences of 562 inmates in his presidency. that's more than all of his nine predecessors combined. we're now getting a look at the frightening moments inside that burning emirates jet as passengers tried to evacuate. watch this. okay. you can see the chaos. people screaming and getting very crowded in the aisles. they were trying to grab their
3:47 am
carry-ones. then they jumped down the slide, which you'll see in a moment. they caught a brief glimpse of that engine on fire. moments later, this happened. there was a huge explosion. dubai's government says one firefighter died while saving the others. all 282 passengers on board and 18 crew members did evacuate that plane safely. 13 people suffered minor injuries. the opening ceremonies for the olympics not until tomorrow, but the u.s. women's soccer team already started its quest for a fourth straight gold medal. the team beat new zealand 2-0. u.s. goalkeeper hope solo, who was booed during the second half. fans chanted "zika" whenever she got rid of the ball. not very friendly. solo has been outspoken about her concerns about zika in brazil. also, violent protests broke out as the olympic torch weaved through rio. police used tear gas and pepper spray on folks upset over the high cost of hosting the games.
3:48 am
>> okay. so not all going welt or smoothly. all right. put down that dental floss. all the fuss over flossing may be overrated. in today's "new day, new you" the dental guidelines quietly dropped its recommendation for daily flossing. dental groups acknowledged the evidence behind flossing is weak. this is a scandal. >> i floss for like three days before i see the dentist because i don't want the lecture. have you been flossing? sure, for our day and a half. the supreme court steps in with an emergency ruling on transgender bathroom use. what the justices said and how this could affect the legal battles going forward. we're going to break it all down next. ♪
3:49 am
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3:53 am
a divided supreme court blocked a ruling that would allow a transgender student in virginia to use the boy's bathroom. so what exactly does this mean? let's discuss with a cnn legal analyst and supreme court biographer. thanks so much for being with us. thing is confusing. there are really two issues that were brought up in the last 24 hours. one has to do with the makeup of the court. the other has to do with how the supreme court will address, i think, transgender issues going forward. first, simply, in 15 seconds or less, tell us exactly what happened. it was really justice steven breyer who stepped in yesterday. >> no, it was the whole court, but justice breyer was the key vote because it takes five justices to block any lower court action. yesterday justice steven breyer, who you singled out rightly so because he's usually quite liberal on these issues, flipped over with the conservative justices to block the effects of a lower court ruling, which would have allowed this
3:54 am
transgender student in virginia to use the boy's bathroom, as the student wants to do. what the justices said was, first of all, that they were blocking it and that they were signaling that they have an interest in taking up this issue. now, just so your viewers know, they didn't say they would take the issue, but their cry tier for deciding whether to intervene as they did yesterday involved a test of whether it's likely that they'll want to take up the issue and even whether it's likely that the challengers might win. so this was a very big deal because it was the first time the justices were coming in on a case involving transgender discrimination. >> hinting that it's likely or possible that they will look at this further because this issue of transgender students, which bathroom they use, has come up in state after state. there are a lot of things at play here in a way that it makes it likely that the u.s. supreme
3:55 am
court and the federal level will have to make a decision. >> that's right because here's the situation. the department of education and department of justice earlier this year, as you know, issued guidance saying that under title 9's prohibition of sex discrimination, transgender students are also covered because they're essentially being discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation. so it's a big issue. we saw it in north carolina. there's a case pending there, a federal government challenge to that state law saying that students must use the bathrooms that correspond to their biological sex, not the way they identify sexually, in terms of their sexual orientation. then you have several states in other jurisdictions suing the federal government. but this case was the first one to come in about an individual student. so this individual student, a 17-year-old by the name of gavin
3:56 am
in virginia, had wanted to use the boy's restroom. the supreme court action yesterday blocked just him from doing it. again, when i refer to the standards that the court used to decide this, one of them is that they felt like there could be irreparable harm to the school district if this young student had been allowed to use the boy's facility when school starts probably just in a couple weeks. >> again, not to harp on justice steven breyer, but it's a 4-4 split in the court right now after the death of justice scalia. everyone is waiting for a ninth justice to be at some point approved by the senate, whether it happens before the new year or not is anyone's guess at this point. but my reading of what justice breyer said was, i'm not making a statement about what i think about transgender students using bathrooms forever. this is not me weighing, siding with the conservatives forever. this is me saying that i think for now we should wait until the whole court can weigh in on this
3:57 am
decision. >> yeah, let me address that. i'm going to tell you to look at justice kennedy a bit too. with justice breyer, you're absolutely right. they needed his fifth vote to block this. what he was saying was i'm giving the conservatives essentially a courtesy vote here because it takes four justices to agree to hear a case. but it takes five to block this lower court action. so justice breyer said, look, we already have four justices who want to hear this case. as a courtesy, we'll put all this action on hold right now. we'll block the student from using the boy's bathroom until the issue can be heard on the merits. so yes, it was a key move by justice breyer, but i just want to add, another justice made an interesting move here. that would have been justice anthony kennedy, who, as you rightly understand, is normally with the conservatives. when it comes to cases can of sexual orientation, he has been a swing vote himself. he wrote the gay marriage decision last year. he obviously was firmly with
3:58 am
conservatives to say we want to stop what the lower court did here. we don't want this young student to be able to use the boy's bathroom until we decide whether we want to take the whole thing up on the merits. >> every reason to believe this is an issue the supreme court will be dealing with for some time. joan, thanks so much for being with us and helping us understand what is a complicated issue. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> what's your take on this? tweet us @newday or on i would say right now it's the best in terms of being united. >> i just don't see how i get to donald trump anymore. >> what trump has done is just very self-destructive. >> the turmoil. >> this is another clinton narrative being put out there. >> trump is unqualified to be president. >> the less r of two evils. that's still evil. >> president obama enjoying his highest approval rating of his second term. >> this is a warning sign for donald trump. >> we paid $400 million for the
3:59 am
hostages. iran sent us the tapes, right. >> it is not a ransom payment. the united states does not do it that way. >> hillary clinton and barack obama put a price tag on the head of every american traveling abroad. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." chris is off this morning. the hardest working man in tv news is here, john berman. >> godfather of news. >> great to have you here. >> nice to see you. >> donald trump denying any turmoil in his campaign, saying his campaign is more united than ever. this despite reports that some members of his team and party leaders are frustrated with some of his messaging on the trail. >> donald trump is now touting a big fundraising month, a very big fundraising month. he brought in about $80 million in july. that's the good news for donald trump. the not-so-good news, a new national poll shows hillary clinton expanding her lead over trump to ten points. let's start our coverage this morning with cnn's phil mattingly. phil, give us a sense of what's
4:00 am
going on. >> good morning, john. dru donald trump's advisers are very clear. there are big opportunities. you mentioned that fundraising number. they feel like they can capitalize on their attacks on hillary clinton. now if they can only get their candidate on message. >> the campaign is doing really well. it's never been so well united. >> reporter: donald trump pledging unprecedented unity within his campaign after days of turmoil. >> i would say right now it's the best in terms of being united that it's been since we began. >> reporter: it's a message echoed by his top advisers, at least publicly, who tell cnn trump's team is under control. >> the campaign is focused. the campaign is moving forward in a positive way. >> reporter: though sources insist there is frustration within his staff with the candidate. getting back on message, trump putting hillary clinton directly in his crosshairs, attacking her record as secretary of state. >> it was hillary clinton that
4:01 am
-- she should get an award from them as the founder of isis. that's what it was. >> reporter: and touting his latest fundraising haul. >> and we just took in this month, i think it's 80 or $82 million. >> reporter: despite closing the gap with clinton, it's difficult for trump to collect checks from the country's top donors. his campaign war chest trails clinton's by $20 million. >> we're raising a lot of money for the republican party, and the money is coming in. we're just doing great. but small contributions -- i think it was $61 each. and few republicans can do that. maybe no republican can do that. >> reporter: and with several republicans now saying publicly they won't support trump, including rising gop star adam kinzinger, there's still great cause for concern within the party. >> donald trump, for me, is beginning to cross a lot of red lines of the unforgivable in politics. i'm not going to support hillary, but in america we have the right to write somebody in
4:02 am
or skip the vote and vote for mark kirk in illinois, for instance. that's what it's looking like for me today. i just don't see how i get to donald trump anymore. >> reporter: trump's decision not to endorse speaker paul ryan in his primary battle, infuriating rnc chair reince priebus, trump's most stalwart establishment backer. even trump's running mate mike pence splitting with him over ryan, giving a full-throated endorsement. >> i'm strongly supporting paul ryan, strongly endorse his re-election. he's a long-time friend. he's a strong conservative leader. >> reporter: and the controversy is leading some top supporters to question trump's perceived self-sabotage. newt gingrich, a finalist to be trump's running mate, telling "the washington post" trump is helping hillary clinton to win by proving he is more unacceptable than she is. >> in the last couple weeks, he has been remarkably underperforming. >> reporter: gingrich later backtracking, telling politico he's, quote, 100% for trump. and guy, newt gingrich actually
4:03 am
followed up those public comments with a private phone call to the trump operation, according to one adviser, where he complimented donald trump on two very solid and on-message rallies down in florida. john, that's really the big issue here. people obviously recognize that discipline for donald trump might have a different meaning than other candidates. but if he can stay on message, there are real opportunities going forward. >> it's the big if. that if has lasted several months now. phil mattingly, thank you so much. let's discuss with cnn political commentator hilary rosen. and trump campaign senior adviser, kelly ann conway. you have told me within the last 24 hours that donald trump has a great opportunity if he continues to talk about hillary clinton, if he talks about isis, if he talks about law and order issues in this country. yesterday he seemed to be doing more of that. yes, he said that hillary clinton, you know, should get an award for founding isis, which is factually questionable given
4:04 am
the timeline. well, it is hyperbolic. but he's talking about hillary clinton. he's talking about isis. this is the donald trump, kelly ann, you want to see every day. >> no question. and this is the donald trump that really has been very competitive with hillary clinton in most of the polls up to this point. this election, as hillary knows, will be fought mostly in september and october. i'm really pleased that mr. trump got back on message yesterday. in addition to training his focus on hillary and the obama administration record, whether it's the iran ransom, the disaster that's obamacare with 16 of the 23 co-ops already failing, millions of people expecting coverage and not having it, others who had coverage and no longer have it. all of these things he touched upon if his convention speech really provide a road map for the issues and the substance that many voters want to hear. so we're thrilled to see it. i'm here in raleigh today with vice presidential nominee governor pence. you're going to hear more substance from him.
4:05 am
we feel like we're going to have great days ahead in the trump campaign. >> that's the road map. but there are still indications, even on what you call a good day, that he can't follow the yellow brick road, if you will, because as part of these events yesterday, he still brought up "the new york times" reporter he'd been discussing. he still brought up comments he made about megyn kelly that are now part of a clinton super pac commercial. let's listen to what donald trump said about this. >> those commercials were so false. just like hillary's commercials. they're so false. they're so false. like she's got the one with blood coming out of her eyes. i meant her nose or her ears or her mouth. but these people are perverted and they think it was another location. unbelievable. and you know the truth? i cut it short because i was talking about either taxes or economic development, so i said or whatever. i wanted to get back on the subject. >> now, that's not talking about isis.
4:06 am
that's not talking about terrorism. that's not talking about the iran, you know, payment either. that's talking about the type of thing that in the past has pulled donald trump off the message you would like to hear. >> well, i mean, that's a cherry picked snippet of a very full day of rallies and conversations. remember that donald trump also does best when america thinks that he is defending himself, and that silence has become acquiescence. look at the way many presidential candidates have been quiet about the critics, never punching back or explaining themselves. i also want to say something else. there are two candidates in this race. i know it's much more fun to cover donald trump because she is boring and many people believe hillary lies for a living. but she's irrelevant. she makes comments like this constantly that don't get covered, calling pro-life republicans, quote, terrorists. i think that's terrible and worthy of a breaking news alert for three days. she insults donald trump
4:07 am
constantly. when she doesn't, elizabeth warren does her bidding for her as her attack dog. let's not pretend there's one-sided assaults going on here. >> live by the sword, die by the sword. donald trump has begged for tv attention for months and months. now that he gets it on negative issues, you know, there's a little bit of complaining. oh, cnn is terrible, the media is rigging the election. >> i didn't say that. but there are two candidates. >> here's the issue. normally if you're running a campaign, you look around and say, do i have the team that can have the focus and the discipline to work for the next few months to get us to the finish line, to grow the electorate, to expand the base beyond where i am in the primary. you're figuring that out. who are all the pieces, what are all the players we need, how do we do that. but john, as we all know, if the candidate is actually the problem, where the lack of focus and discipline is, there's not that much you can do about it. what you have is kind of this
4:08 am
constant to-and-froing between substance and process. donald trump just can't seem to get through the day without being his own political analyst or without, you know, whining about how people are hurting him. look, there's nobody in america who has had more negative attacks and more negative focus than hillary clinton. and what does she do? she focuses on what matters to the american people. she goes out every day in these communities, in rallies and town halls and small meetings and says, how can i help make your life better? donald trump's focus is consistently about his own feelings. >> just to be clear, first of all, the democratic convention was a lot about donald trump, much of her convention speech was about donald trump. she talks about donald trump a lot, including yesterday on the stump in colorado when she went to a tie factory. granted she was talking about where ties are being made. >> but it's about where you're going to get jobs. >> i understand, but it was about donald trump. her campaign very trump focused.
4:09 am
you're also painting a picture of a trump campaign in disarray. i am unfamiliar with any campaign in addition array that's ever raised what they raised in july. $82 million they brought in, in july. they have 74 million on hand. granted, the clinton team was able to bring in more, but donald trump just brought in a lot of money in one month in ways that republicans haven't been able to do in the past. so he may be running a campaign that's self-destructive in certain ways, but in other ways, he's doing things other candidates haven't been able to do. . >> yeah, and i'm in the in the camp, by the way, that says this is a runaway. they're smart folks. i very much believe that donald trump in the next couple weeks is going to take a look at these sinking poll numbers and he will get his train back on track. this election, in my view, will stay close, will be close up to
4:10 am
election day. we have third-party candidates that may appeal to disaffected voters. there is no question in my mind that this will continue to be a very, very close election. >> on that note, kelly ann conway, someone who knows polls very well, there's this new fox news poll that came out last night that has hillary clinton up ten. there are some state polls, pennsylvania, michigan, and new hampshire, that came out just this morning that show a widening lead. those are key states too. widening lead for hillary clinton. kelly ann, i'm curious -- and you're not going to tell me what you have in your internal polling, but have you see slippage, or do you accept there has been some slippage for donald trump over the last week? >> well, what you see reflected in these polls is i think the state version of hillary's convention bounce. the democratins had a very good convention. donald trump's name was front and center almost the entire time. hillary clinton delivered the eighth or tenth most dynamic speech at her convention.
4:11 am
a lot of stars were out there. it reminded many people she will have the full force and effect of the current president and a former president and the like. but that fundraising haul cannot be understated. "the new york times" gave us the first positive headline in as long as i can remember because numbers don't lie. the $80 million haul in july, john and hilary, really showings you how many americans believe enough in donald trump's candidacy and don't want hillary clinton to be president, that they're willing to send in this money. a lot of small donors. just as you see all these folks supporting donald trump at rallies, standing in line for hours, these are the kinds of folks who have now donated to the campaign. they think he can win. i agree with hilary. we've been around a long time. you see these ebbs and flows. you know the polls will go up, they'll go down. but i think nothing trains the mind and focuses one's attention quite like being behind. >> all right. we're going to leave on agreement, since you agreed on one thing. we'll leave it there.
4:12 am
thanks so much for coming on this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> you were just going to keep going until you found that one agreement. wow. >> absolutely. we got it though. >> well done, john. all right. what do hillary clinton, donald trump, and president obama all have in common? they're all enjoying a bounce in the polls after the convention. a new cnn/orc national poll gives the president his highest approval rating in his second term. cnn political director joins us now to break down those numbers. >> good morning, alisyn. you're right. this is his highest approval rating in his second term. 54% approve, 45% disapprove. it happens to be barack obama's 55th birthday this morning. i think he probably wants to keep his polling where his age is at from here on out. this is quite a birthday present to wake up to. take a look at how this fits historically with other presidents at this point in their second term. again, president obama at 54%, president bush at 30% at this point in july 2008, 57% for bill clinton, who was still riding
4:13 am
that post-impeachment bounce, and 54% for ronald reagan in july of 1988. so you see barack obama is in historic territory, historic highs for this point in a second term. and how does this impact the presidential election? well, it does a lot because take a look in the public's mind about how tied hillary clinton is to barack obama. we asked, would her policies be the same as barack obama or different? nearly two-thirds of the country, 64%, 42 her policies will be the same as the president's. only a third say they'll be different. this comes after a convention where she tied herself very closely to barack obama, which is why him being at a high of a second term right now is so critical. and now we also want to take a look at how things are going in the country. this is what we asked people. are things going well or badly? 46% say they're going well. 54%, a majority of americans, still tell us that things are going badly. so how can that be if the president is doing so well? well, remember, some of that 54%
4:14 am
that say it's going badly, they support the president. they think it's going badly because the gridlock in washington, they blame others, congress, elsewhere, not just the president. and look at the partisan divide here. 76%s that say things are going well are democrats. 42% are republicans. 17% are independents. it depends on your party i.d. and again, what about the impact on november? this, i think, is one of the most interesting numbers in our poll. among the extremely enthusiastic, the very enthusiastic voters, 51% of them say things are going well. only 38% of them say it's going badly. this is a warning sign for donald trump because he's trying to sell that things are going badly, but the most motivated voters, the ones most enthusiastic about the election, they think it's going well. this is a bit of a warning sign for donald trump. >> really interesting stuff. david, thanks so much. we have some breaking news.
4:15 am
we have just learned the woman killed in a london stabbing spree, she was american. cnn is live at the scene with this new information. what have you learned? >> reporter: john, we now know that two americans were caught in this horrifying attack. one woman in her 60s was killed. she died at the scene. already passers by have begun leaving flowers and memorial. a second american has been injured alongside a brit, an australian, and an israeli. police say they believe this attack was entirely spontaneous. a norwegian citizen of somali origin. there's no evidence currently that he was radicalized. john, they're continuing to search his premises. they're speaking to neighbors and family. this is an ongoing investigation. the reality of where all of this happened, russell square, so close to the russell square underground station, the site of horror that unfolded here
4:16 am
previously. so of course police are taking this all very, very seriously and refusing as it stands to fully rule anything out, john. >> thanks so much. alisyn? >> all right. can donald trump and house speaker paul ryan mend fences? up next we talked to a wisconsin congressman who is close to ryan yet supports trump about the candidate's rift with the gop. with kindness" playing) play it again. (selena gomez's "kill 'em with kindness" playing) play it again. (selena gomez's "kill 'em with kindness" playing) play it again. (selena gomez's "kill 'em with kindness" restarts) play it again. (announcer vo) however you use your data, verizon has the best deal. now, get up to four free samsung galaxy phones, four lines, and 16 gigs for only $150. switch to verizon now for the best deal on america's best network. only on verizon. i'm not a customer, but i'm calling about that credit scorecard. (to dog)give it. sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit.
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4:20 am
this morning donald trump and his vp pick, governor mike pence, disagreeing over whether to endorse house speaker paul ryan. so how is that working? joining us now is wisconsin congressman shawn duffy. he has endorsed donald trump. good morning, congressman. >> good morning, alisyn. >> great to see you. what do you think of donald trump thus far refusing to endorse house speaker paul ryan? >> well, first off, paul ryan hasn't asked for donald trump's endorsement, but obviously this has become a little bit of a controversy. it's important to look at wisconsin as a whole. paul ryan is loved in our state because he's a conservative who
4:21 am
has advocated for conservative policies. donald trump coming out saying favorable things about mr. ryan's opponent doesn't add to the number of voters in wisconsin that'll support donald trump. he did the same thing in the republican primary. he went after scott walker. scott walker is loved in our state because of his conservative view points and policies he's implemented. you go after a scott walker and a paul ryan, you don't add to the number of voters you need to win wisconsin. you detract from them. big mistake. paul ryan will win and we'll get beyond this after next tuesday. i don't think it's smart on the front of donald trump. >> so why is donald trump doing it? >> i'm sorry, what was that? >> so why then is donald trump doing that? >> listen, i can't tell you why. i think he was concerned about some of the things that paul ryan has said about him and his campaign, but it doesn't make sense because this is a guam of addition. we need to add people to the republican party, those
4:22 am
independents who can swing either way. this is only detracting. and so i can't tell you why it doesn't make sense. maybe it was just a lack of understanding of what we are in wisconsin and how we feel about paul ryan and scott walker. alisyn, i can't get in the mind of donald trump and tell you why he's doing it because it makes no sense. and alisyn, wisconsin is a swing state. donald trump can win it. we're up here in wisconsin right now, the northern part of our state loves donald trump. what he needs to do is win southeast wisconsin, which is around milwaukee. and statements like this about paul ryan hurt him the most in southeast wisconsin. >> but it sounds like what you're saying is your hunch is that it's not policy based. he doesn't disagree necessarily with paul ryan on something. it's payback. >> it could be. but it's interesting because that comes after both paul ryan and scott walker speaking on
4:23 am
donald trump's behalf at the convention. the donald has to move beyond -- i don't know if this is petty politics. i don't know what you want to call this, but move to the game of how do i win in november. that's bringing people on board and playing personal politics never goes in the direction of winning elections. it actually costs elections when you do that. >> congressman, do you think this puts mike pence, vp nominee, in an awkward position because he is so close to speaker paul ryan? >> no, listen, i think mike pence is a guy who always marches to his own beat and will do what he thinks is right. he's also a conservative. the two of them have worked closely together, meaning paul ryan and mr. pence, together in the congress. i think mr. pence knows how effective paul has been advocating for conservative budgets that actually balance at one point in our history. it's that kind of leadership we need in america if we're going to save america and we're going to reduce that $19 trillion debt. mike pence gets that. i think that's why he came out
4:24 am
and endorsed paul ryan. listen, i got to tell you this. i couldn't reject donald trump's statements more effectively. again, paul ryan is the gold standard for conservativism. i don't know what donald trump is doing. >> you know, we have seen some republican leaders come out and say that they can't in good conscience vote for donald trump. i'm thinking of ceo meg whitman, congressman hanna of new york. where are you right now with support for donald trump? >> well, i have a choice, alisyn. i have a choice for donald trump or for hillary clinton. i know there's been some angst and heartburn over some of the recent comments about the gold-star parents this week from donald trump. but the bottom line is those are just words. you have to look at the other choice, which is hillary clinton, and what she did with the four men in benghazi. she didn't lift one finger to save those men over a 13-hour period of time. not one plane wheel rolled, not
4:25 am
one chopper took off, not one drone left over 13 hours to save those men. and they worked for her. a home-brew e-mail server that exposed american secrets to our enemies puts americans at risk, puts hillary clinton first and america second. the middle east is burning. she was the secretary of state. we have isis on the rise, a bad deal with iran. our reset button that failed with russia. all of these things sit at the feet of hillary clinton. when you look at donald trump's words but you compare them to hillary clinton's failed action, again, i think hillary clinton is unacceptable. those are the only choices that you have. so i ask those who aren't going to support donald trump because of some concerns that you might have that i'll share with you, but the alternative is hillary clinton. she has failed through and through with regard to foreign policy. so the only choice left, i think, is donald trump. again, alisyn, we have the two
4:26 am
most unlikable primary candidates that we've ever had in our history. so we're picking the best of the worst. i think trump is better than clinton through and through. >> congressman, on a lighter note, i can't help but notice your shirt this morning. i believe it's called lumber jack chic that you are sporting. what's going on out there? >> we're up here in hayward, wisconsin. this last weekend was the lumber jack world championships. people from all over the world come in and compete in these skills of the all-time lumber jack. you caught me up here. i'm only having my flannel, no jacket and tie. you got to forgive me. but it's a great weekend. the olympics of the forest here in wisconsin, not brazil. >> and we see that you won the speed climbing competition a year ago, i guess, or a couple times you've won it. so just impressive, congressman. >> it was a few years ago. i was a little thinner, alisyn,
4:27 am
and a lot stronger. but it's a great competition. i think espn 3 at 4:00 in the morning. >> i like it. congressman sean duffying thank you so much for joining us on "new day. >> thanks, alisyn. >> monty pi on this said he's a congressman and he's okay. the libertarian ticket hoping to get your attention and land on the presidential stage this fall. gary johnson and william weld join us live. what they want you to know, next. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake.
4:28 am
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4:31 am
i think he's, you know, a showman. he's a pied piper. he's the music man. but more recently, it's gotten a little bit more serious. the noun that comes to my mind is a screw loose. >> that was libertarian vice
4:32 am
presidential candidate william weld slamming donald trump. that was during cnn's libertarian town hall last night. weld was joined by his running mate, former governor, gary johnson, who may have a real chance. they may have a real chance at making the national debate stage. they need to get to 15% in the polls. right now they're at 12% in the latest national poll. just a few points away from that magical 15 number to get on stage. to two governors are joining us right now. gentlemen, thanks so much for being with us. you know, alisyn camerota just had a fine interview with congressman sean duffy of wisconsin who said something interesting at the end. this is congressman duffy, who reluctantly is supporting donald trump because he says that hillary clinton is so bad, but he doesn't really like donald trump. he essentially says, we have to make a choice between one of these two unsavory choices. you need to breakthrough to these people. why are you having difficulty convincing people there are more than two choices? >> well, john, 60% of americans
4:33 am
don't even know we're actually in the race. based on your interview, alisyn, he's acknowledging two candidates in the race. there are three. i thought last night's town hall, again, just a terrific opportunity to be able to express what we're about, where the democrats and republicans aren't. >> governor, what do you say to people who say, well, you know, i don't like hillary clinton, i sure don't like donald trump, but i'm going to have to choose between those two? basically, their argument is that they're the two viable candidates. one of those has the chance of winning. at 12%, you guys don't. >> you know, i think the two-party monopoly in washington has gotten to the point where it's kind of run out of gas and it's even bad for the country. it's almost like traumatizing for people to hear the democrats and the republicans who exist for purpose of killing each other, it's like kids when their parents are heading towards a divorce. the kids get traumatized. they can tell that the grown-ups aren't getting on. i think that monopoly in washington is not serving the country well. we do offer, i think, quite
4:34 am
appealing alternate paths. >> it's interesting because you're critical of both candidates in both parties in your own way, but it seems you go an extra step when it comes to donald trump. you said donald trump has a screw loose. you didn't say that about hillary clinton. >> no, no. no, i don't think donald is temperamentally suited for the job of president, which is why i said not without affection that maybe he could consider a different line of work to pursue the real estate business, the laundry business, anything except president of the united states. >> but a screw loose goes beyond not temperamentally fit. what do you mean by a screw loose? >> you know, how people handle credit and blame is often very revealing about them. in donald's case, he seems to want all the credit and seems to be pretty liberal about dishing out the blame when things don't go his way. that's not so good for a president of the united states. maybe you can run a business empire that way as long as you don't care what people think of you out there in the
4:35 am
marketplace, but president of the united states, we've got allies, we've got constituency groups in the united states. that's just not going to work. >> governor johnson, cnn holding another town hall next week for jill stein, the green party candidate, the fourth party candidate, if you will. you've made a plea to bernie sanders spoerts, people who supported bernie sanders who may not have fallen in behind hillary clinton. why should bernie sanders supporters go for you and not green party jill stein? >> we just want a look from bernie sanders supporters. we think about 75% of what we've got to say really ties with bernie sanders supporters. but look, government is not capable of income equality. peter taking from paul, that's an equation that peter really loves and government is incapable of overseeing that. if bernie sanders supporters are looking for equal opportunity, i think we deliver that in spades. and that is something that government can accomplish. i think it's what most people
4:36 am
are looking for. >> specifically, what do you offer that neither hillary clinton nor donald trump can? >> well, a unique combination of being small government, proven small government. two republican governors serving in heavily democratic state, getting he elected. what's that all about? being fiscally conservative and socially tolerant, socially inclusive. who cares what you are socially as long as you don't force it on anyone else. so allowing people to have choice in all cases except when those choices put other people in harm's way. then i think unique is, look, whenever we get involved in regime change, these military interventions have resulted in a less safe world, not a more safe world. so how about a couple of skeptics at the table when it comes further military action. i thought it was interesting last week that the -- there was a poll active military personnel, who would they vote for, for president? 39%, johnson/weld, 31%, trump,
4:37 am
20%, clinton. i think that speaks volumes about judicious use of u.s. power. >> another thing that we offer that brand x and brand y don't offer is we can say we've done it. we were both republican governors in blue states. we cut spending and got the fiscal house in order. nobody can say we didn't change our states. we instituted a more conservative, fiscal policy with balanced budgets. the record is there. i cut taxes 21 times. gary cut them 14 times. we never raised taxes a penny. you think that's going to happen in the united states if the democrats win the election? i don't think so. >> and our pitch is either trump or clinton get elected, look, it's going to be more polarized than ever. what if you elect us in that office? hiring democrats and republicans, a really bipartisan administration. all of them will be libertarian leaning, but absolutely bipartisan and really being able to call both sides out, saying
4:38 am
come on to the table, let's deal with the issues we have. >> can i ask you one thing you guys brought up last night that i thought was interesting. you presented the idea of a co-presidency. you'd be working together with a shared staff. this is something that was sort of discussed in 1980 when ronald reagan was considering gerald ford as his running mate. how does that work? can that possibly work? >> well, you're the president. you've got to endorse the idea. >> you like it more than he does. you love this idea. >> no, no, i love the idea. bill weld is a role model to me. having him as a running mate is just beyond my wildest dreams. i think it's two for the price of one. right, no divided staff. bill did this as governor of massachusetts. >> my lieutenant governor and i shared a staff and did not have an argument in seven years. everything worked very smoothly. >> but you were in charge. i mean, there's got to be one president. >> no, no. paul said bill -- privately -- i
4:39 am
think you might be wrong in this. he knew a lot of stuff i didn't. i came out of the world of prosecution and finance and law. different backgrounds, but we got together before the campaign to run as a ticket just as gary and i have. we'd known each other for 20 years. we were good friends as governors. >> john demands complete an tomy on set, so he doesn't understand what you're saying, but i do. i get it. gentlemen, thanks so much for being here. great to talk to you as always. well, the u.s. revealing that it sent iran $400 million on the very day that american prisoners were freed. some are calling this a ransom payment. we'll debate that next. before te for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra.
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4:43 am
"the wall street journal" is reporting senior justice department officials did not want to send a plane filled with $400 million to iran at the same time four u.s. prisoners were released. krcritics say the money amountso ransom. the white house says, no, it doesn't. here to discuss, cnn political commentator and former cia counterterrorism analyst buck sexton and former assistant secretary at the department of homeland security, julia. i want to start with the idea of what we've actually learned in the last 24 hours. because the day that the deal was announced or the day it went into effect in january, president obama said, we're sending money to iran. let's just remind ourselves what he said. >> the united states and iran are now settling a long-stand g ing iranian government claim against the united states government. iran will be returned its own
4:44 am
funds, including appropriate interest, but much less than the amount iran sought. for the united states, this settlement could save us billions of dollars that could have been pursued by iran. with the nuclear deal done, prisoners released, the time was right to resolve this dispute as well. >> that was in january. "the new york times" reported $400 million had gone to iran. so in your mind, what was different, what was significant about what we learned yesterday? >> well, the report from "the wall street journal" makes it clear that there were pretty considerable lengths that the administration went to, including transferring are from u.s. dollars to other forms of currency, and that's something they didn't tell us about. to have done it in u.s. dollars would have been a violation of u.s. law. so they weren't being up front with the american people about that. and that's something that i think automatically raises questions. then you look at the timing of this and the reality is that much of the iran deal is phased out over a number of years. i don't think that anybody was supposed to get the impression that we were going to get these
4:45 am
hostages back -- i mean, these are prisoners being held by iran for no reason, and giving them cash on the same day. saying we've resolved this dispute, it made it seem as though, yes, there will be wire transfers, it will all be done on the up and up, when the reality is this was like a payment to a mafia don. this was protection money. hey, we're showing up with all this cash for you, which is completely untraceable, we're doing it in a way that tries to evade or get around existing u.s. law, and there's a reason they weren't up front with the american people. >> if you're trying to hide a $400 million cash transfer, a good way to hide it is not to tell the american people that i'm giving iran a whole lot of money. you do agree with that? >> i'm sorry. >> well, if he was really trying to hide it, the white house was trying to hide the fact they were paying iran this money, why would they have announced it? >> why would they speak about it in a way that it was clear they were deciding to send a cargo plane full of cash to iran? >> he did not say that. >> and there's a reason he did not say that, which we have to
4:46 am
keep in mind. there's a reason why people say, wow, this looks like a ransom payment for hostages. to say it's coincidence is insulting to the intelligence community. >> all right. julia, about that, the white house hates the word ransom. any chance they get, they say it wasn't ransom. however, they really have a hard time answering the question. they don't really answer the question when asked if they did not get the money, if iran did not get the money, would these hostages have been released. >> the reason why is let's just go back to january of this year. so there's three different negotiations going on simultaneously. i call them past, present, and future. past is the debt we're talking about. present is getting the hostages who were then being held in iran out. and the future is the nuclear deal. they are done on three different tracks simultaneously because of course we're in a new era with iran. so it would be very hard to say, well, if you take one piece away, hard to know what would happen with the other piece. so this idea that something that was announced in january is now somehow nefarious because the administration did not want to
4:47 am
violate u.s. law and the means -- i mean, maybe you'll criticize the means by which they sent the money there. fine, whatever. but the idea that because it was the same time period that that somehow shows this administration violated u.s. law is, you know, sort of beyond the pail. there are three concurrent negotiations going on at the same time. that's because a deal is being made with a nation that we did not have relations with for a couple decades. >> this feels like the type of thing where the u.s. government just can't admit that sometimes they give money for hostages or there is -- it seem like it happened. iran got money. hostages were released. without the money, the hostages wouldn't be released, but we just can't speak those words out loud because of diplomatic protocol. >> no, no, no. that would be true. i would agree with you, if this 400 million came out of nowhere. this was a litigated sum of
4:48 am
money based on an agreement we made in 1979 that we essentially abandoned because they took our hostages. it's not like this number came out of nowhere. there was litigation going on that we needed to settle. if out of nowhere we find out that the administration sent 300, 400, a billion to iran, it would have been different. >> the timing tells you differently. the timing is preposterous. we've owed them money this holo, and it happens the same day there's this $400 million cash transfer, we get these hostages. no way that is, in fact, what the administration was trying to get accomplished. >> thanks for being with us. alisyn? cases of zika, john, in florida have officials taking action today. what miami is now doing, and there are 15 people that have contracted the virus there. we'll have the mayor of miami-dade county on next with what you need to know.
4:49 am
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4:53 am
on the zika virus in miami. an aerial spraying operation is underway to help bring down the mosquito population. 15 people in one miami neighborhood have contracted zika. officials are taking steps to combat the outbreak. the mayor of miami-dade county, mr. mayor, thank you for being here. >> a pleasure. >> explain what you're doing to combat this. >> well, this is -- we're doing aerial spraying which basically helps control the adult population of mosquitos, and then we're going to follow that up with larvacide that may be around which then obviously then prevents them from becoming adults. there will be four cycles. today was the first mission, over ten square mile area, and we'll follow-up with a two square mile area, and we'll do that four times, once a week for
4:54 am
four weeks. >> are you confident this spraying that you're doing of insecticide is bad for the mosquitos, but okay for humans? >> well, this kind of -- this insecticide that we use is being used all over the state of florida and has been for a number of years. there are a number of other counties that spray on a regular basis in the state of florida that control the mosquito population. frankly, they didn't do that, it would be very, very uncomfortable to live in certain parts of the state. so it is not something that is unusual in this state, and it is epa approved. so we're very confident it is a safe product. like i said, it has been used all over the state for a number of years. >> how confident are you that these 15 years will remain at just 15 cases? >> look, you can't be assured that that's going to be the case. we are constantly looking. we are giving the message to our residents here that prevention is the key. if you're going to go out at certain times of the day,
4:55 am
especially during the early morning and early evening hours, when the type of mosquito that may be carrying the virus is active, then you know, wear long clothing, socks, mosquito repellant so you don't get bit. that's the am he is sage we've been sending. and so we think it has been, you know, pretty successful. but again, this is -- we have 2.7 million people in miami-dade. we've had 15 cases. it is isolated to one square mile area. we haven't had any new cases in a couple of days. we also haven't found any mosquitos that are carrying the virus, because we are a trapping thousands of mosquitos everyday. we haven't found one yet that has that. so hopefully this is an isolated case, and then we can contain it, and we're doing the best we can to make sure that is the case. >> mr. mayor, this is not connected to you, but i want to give the viewers an update, because we also understand that
4:56 am
41 military service members have also contracted zika, including one pregnant service member. now, most of those folks are serving in the caribbean, not in your neighborhood, but it shows the numbers are higher than the 15 known cases in your neighborhood. are you confident in the federal government, do you believe that the feds in terms of funding and everything have done all they can? >> well, i think, look, what we want from the feds is funding so that we can get a more research so that we can develop a vaccine. that's going to be the ultimate outcome of the feds. you know, we have sufficient money here in order to do the things that we have to do. could we use a little bit more and to reimburse us for the expenses, sure. we can certainly, you know, that would be good for us. b but we're doing everything we can and following all the recommendations of the cdc and also our state department of health, so the issue is not one of funding for us for the things
4:57 am
that we have to do. but research, that's the key to see if we can, you know, basically make zika a nonissue. it is really, zika is, the problem with zika is 80% of the people that actually get it don't even know they had it. it is that mild. but it does affect a small number, certain percentage of the population. it could affect, you know, pregnant women and their fetuses, and so that is the big concern with zika. but for the average person, even though they contract it, they don't know they had it. it makes it difficult to track, because we have some people here that may have had it, and didn't know they had it. so look, my miami is home to a lot of people that were born elsewhere, puerto rico, the south america, et cetera, there is a lot of traveling that goes back and forth between miami and their home countries, and so that's the reason we had so many travel related cases. we've known that for a while and
4:58 am
we've stepped up our prevention and education efforts for some months. it is unfortunate we did have that little pocket and hopefully that will be the end of it. >> last, mr. mayor, we only have a few seconds, $82 billion industry is the tourism into florida. have you seen any drop in tourism dollars, given there is that cdc travel advisory against the miami neighborhood of wynwood? >> remember, this is one square mile of 2,400 square miles in miami-dade county. this a distance away from the major tourist center, which is basically south beach, miami beach. this kind of mosquito is not really prevalent there, because of the ocean breezes. it is another type of mosquito that may be there, but not this kind of mosquito. so we are going to put that message out. it is safe to come to miami-dade. it is this one square mile. we have a handle on it, but we'll continue our best efforts, and hopefully, you know, it will
4:59 am
not have an effect, but you know, it may. >> okay, mayor carlos gimenez, thank you for being on "new day." we're following a lot of news this morning. let's get to it. >> every time it talks, it is clearly a mistake. >> by the way, the people that knocked down the world trade center under the trump policy wouldn't have been here. >> he has crossed so many red lines. >> the campaign is doing really well. >> it has never been so well united. >> they may not like it, but we're prepared for the fight. >> anyone who can be provoked by a tweet should not be any where near nuclear weapons. >> president obama now enjoying his highest approval rating of his second term. >> this is a very good sign for her. >> the noun that comes to my mind, a screw loose. >> president obama sent $400 million to the iranian regime, at the same time hostages were being released. >> it is against the policy of the united states to pay for
5:00 am
hostages. >> where is it going to end? in is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. good morning, it is thursday, august 4th. chris is off. john berman joins me. >> great to be here. >> donald trump insists his campaign is more united than ever, despite reports that senior advisors are frustrated with his repeated self-inflicted wounds. >> back on the campaign trail, and he is talking about good news for his campaign. they brought in $80 million in donations last month. that's the good side. the downside for donald trump is his poll numbers heading in the other direction. new numbers, showing him trailing hillary clinton by double digits. let's begin this hour with cnn's phil mattingly. what are you learning? >> we know this for sure. the escalating concern bordering on freak out among some top gop officials is very real. but so, according to trump advisors, is donald trump's path back on track.
5:01 am
one key thing here. he just needs to stay on message. >> the campaign is doing really well. it has never been so well united. >> donald trump, pledging unprecedented unity within his campaign after days of turmoil. >> i would say right now, it is the best in tems of being united that it has been since we began. >> it is a message echoed by his top advisors, at least publicly who tell cnn trump's team is under control. >> the campaign is focused. the campaign is moving forward in a positive way. >> those sources insist there is frustration within his staff with the candidate. getting back on message, trump putting hillary clinton, directly in his crosshairs. attacking her record as secretary of state. >> it was hillary clinton that she should get an award from them as the founder of isis. >> and touting his latest
5:02 am
fundraising haul. >> we took in this month, i think it is 80 or $82 million. >> despite closing the gap with clinton, it is proving difficult to collect checks from the top donors. trailing clinton by $20 million. >> we're raising a lot of money for the republican party, and the money is coming in, we're just doing great. but small contributions, i think it was $61 each. and few republicans can do that. maybe no republican can do that. >> and with several republicans now saying publicly they won't support trump, including rising gop star, adam kinsinger. >> donald trump for me is beginning to cross a lot of red lines of the unforgiveable and i'm not going to support hillary and we have the right to write somebody in, mark kirk in illinois for instance. i just don't see how i get to donald trump any more. >> trump's decision not to
5:03 am
endorse paul ryan in his primary battle in few battle in fewer rating reince priebus. even mike pence, splitting with him over ryan, giving a full throated endorsement. >> i strongly support paul ryan, strongly endorse his reelection. he is a long time friend. strong conservative leader. >> in the controversy is leading some to question his self-sabotage. newt gingrich, a finalist to be the running made, telling the "washington post," trump is helping hillary clinton to win, by proving he is more unacceptable than she is. >> the last couple of weeks, he has been remarkably under performing. >> later backtracking, telling politico, he is quote, 100% for trump. >> and that was a message reiterated in a private phone call to the trump campaign by newt gingrich, according to a person familiar with that call. also stated on that call, very complimentary of donald trump's two rallies in florida
5:04 am
yesterday, where for the most part, trump's advisors say he stayed on message. that really is the issue. with money, with a series of negative stories about hillary clinton. they feel like they can take advantage of. the opportunities are there, but alisyn, it is a question of whether or not donald trump can take advantage of them. >> all right, phil, let's talk about all of this with trump's national co-chairman, sam clovis. >> has there been frustration that mr. trump hasn't always stayed on message and has been diverted sometimes with some issues that haven't necessarily helped his campaign? >> well, i think for all of us, we have an idea of where we ought to be and what we ought to be doing, and every once in a while, we'll have occasions when, you know, personally, you'll sit there and say well, this is something we'll have to deal with.
5:05 am
but i think by and large, up in new york yesterday myself, i think everything is on track. pt we've got a lot of support from people. and you know, i've always, i am a sports guy. i put a lot of baseball analogies out there. what you have to take a look at is the season is a long season. you have to make sure that you go out and try to win more than you lose. and if you win more games than you lose, more likely to be in the playoffs. we're in the playoffs, and we have to get ready for the world series. we'll get there labor day and start pushing it in then. >> even i understand that sports metaphor, sam. thank you for dumbing that down. there have been reports in the campaign that you have been frustrated that your candidate can't stay on message. we hear this outside of the campaign as well. republican leaders, even newt gingrich who was on the vp short list. let me play for you what he has said about donald trump's lack of focus.
5:06 am
listen to this. >> trump is still behaving like as though it was the primaries and there were 17 candidates. he has no made the transition to being the potential president of the united states. i think somewhat of trump has done is very self-destructive. >> what is your response, sam? >> well, i know mr. trump. i've been around him a fair amount. i will tell you that there are moments for a candidate and i've run for office myself, that there is oftentimes a recognition that finally, there is something that's different. something has changed. and i think that we're in that process. we've come out of the conventions, i think that we see a lot of things that are settling in. we're out here trying to raise money. we're trying to build coalitions. we're working on our get out the vote effort. we have a very strong team that is out here doing a lot of these things. i think what will occur, what will occur is that this -- there will be a recognition, and then
5:07 am
we'll start to a see the prize. the prize is november 8th and we'll focus on that and i think this is exactly what is going to happen. >> when you say something has changed or something will change, it sounds as though you're admitting mr. trump has at times had problems focusing on issues that you might want him, to but you think that now he is going to buckle down and do that. >> well, i've seen it. i've gone through this process, you know. when we first started the campaign and i joined the campaign, i have still vivid memories of meetings where mr. trump comes into the meeting and you can see in him the notion that, yes, we can get it, we can go to the top of the polls. yes, we can win these early primaries. yes, we have a chance to run up the score in delegates. yes, all of these phases take place, and then finally, indiana happens, and boom, here we are. then we go off to the convention, and now we're off to the races, and we still have the summer to go. i mean, this is something that a
5:08 am
lot of people, you and i worry about this stuff, because we look for fourth decimal place clarity in everything we do, alisyn. you and i talk about this all the time. but i think that maybe the american people are still waiting to settle in, and i still think labor day will be the -- we'll start to have -- pay attention closer labor day. >> sam, do you think we'll see mr. trump endorse paul ryan? >> i think there will be strong support out of the campaign for all the strong republicans that are out there, and that's really, i think that we want to be careful about endorsing in any primary race, because it casts a shadow overshoes, and right now, we ought to concentrate on our own campaign. >> but i mean, he is the highest ranking republican in the country. he did come out and endorse donald trump. so why wouldn't mr. trump return that favor? >> well, i think that's something that we'll have to look at as we get closer. the primary is next week, and we'll see what happens over the
5:09 am
next few days. >> what is the hold up? what are you still looking at? >> i think that we're reluctant to endorse in any primary. we have a strong opponent in kelly ward out in arizona, going up against senator mccain. there are strong races in louisiana and other places that where we have strong field of primary candidates. a lot of people have approached the campaign, asking for help. i think it would not -- it is not an appropriate move on our part to endorse in these primaries, because it simply isn't what we ought to be doing. and because we worked through the primary process. we went through 16 other candidates. this is, you know, we have to take a look at those things, and we probably ought to let these things run their course. >> sam, i want to ask you about something that katrina pearson said on the air yesterday. she was talking about connecting hillary clinton to some of
5:10 am
the -- many of the deaths that we've seen in the wars in iraq and afghanistan. let me play this sound bite for you. >> account cat tree -- katrina, acknowledge you were wrong probably cost their life? >> that's why i used probably. i was going through the timeline. since then, we have had tens of thousands of soldiers that have been lost. 1 million wounded. $6 trillion later. how can we possibly put any of the onerous on donald trump. >> so sam, those numbers were wrong that she was using. the amount of people killed, soldiers killed in iraq are 4,424 in afghanistan, 2,349. obviously staggering numbers there, you can see them on the screen, of wounded and killed. but they're not in the millions.
5:11 am
>> no. and honestly i didn't see that. i have no way to comment on that. >> where does she get her information? >> you have to talk to katrina about that. i know where i get mine. i don't know where katrina gets her information. >> sam, look, you're part of a concerted campaign effort. are facts important to your campaign? >> facts are important to me. i think that, you know, i do my own research. i know that we have the rnc is helping with the tremendous amounts of information that we have outflow there, and honestly, i have no idea. i'm not throwing katrina under the bus, but i have no idea. i didn't hear the report. i didn't see the report. i have no idea where she got her information. >> i understand. i know you're not responsible for katrina, but when something like that happens, and there are erroneous facts, what happens? >> i guarantee that won't happen with her, that's for sure. it won't likely happen with anybody else, because when you do go out, you have
5:12 am
responsibility and i'm not, again, i think as a person who spends a lot of time on your show, i think it is important to come on here and have accurate information, and present our case in the best possible way we can. and to be as firm and assertive as we can be. the truth always helps you. that's always where we ought to be. >> sam clovis, we appreciate you coming on "new day." nice to talk to you. >> good to see you, alisyn. donald trump got a bounce from his convention. hillary clinton from hers. president obama got one, maybe from both. the president's approval rating at its highest level in the second term. new cnn national poll shows that. david chalian to break it all down. >> 54%, in the new cnn/orc poll, that's his high water mark of his second term so far. no doubt, a good birthday
5:13 am
present for the pressed to. take a look at where he is historically. 54%, president obama now. 30%, how does that compare with george w. bush. 30% in july 2008. bill clinton, ronald reagan, 54%. barack obama is near historic highs in the modern era for two term presidents. how does this impact hillary clinton? take a look at the perception among people. two thirds of americans tell us hillary clinton's policies will be the same as barack obama's. only one-third tell us they'll be different from barack obama. him at a high water mark in his second term in two-thirds of the country she'll head down the same road, that's a good sign for hillary clinton. now, let's take a look at how things are going in the country. are they going well or going badly. we askedhis question to get a mood of the country. 54%, majority, say things are going badly. but remember, in that number are people who support barack obama. so they may think things are
5:14 am
going badly because of frustration with congress or just the gridlock in washington. 54% badly, 46% well. it also matters where you stand in terms of partisanship. take a look at this. among people who say things are going well in the country, 76% of them are democrats. 42% independents, and only 17% of them are republicans. so it really does matter what your party i.d. is in terms of how you see sorts of where the country is headed right now. and then, finally, perhaps most importantly, this number about the people who are most enthusiastic, very enthusiastic about voting, take a look. among those folks, 51% say things are going well. only 38% say things are going badly. a warning sign for donald trump. he is trying to paint a picture of the country headed in the wrong direction, but the most motivated voters who are really enthusiastic about this election, they believe things are going well. he has got to work on that messaging with much of the country. >> okay, david, thanks so much
5:15 am
for all of that. we want to dive in deeper on the numbers and find out how president obama's approval ratings will impact the 2016 race. so we'll talk about the effect on hillary clinton and donald trump, next. ata say? our customer is a 21-year-old female. heavily into basketball. wait. data just changed... now she's into disc sports. ah, no she's not. since when? since now. she's into tai chi. she found disc sports too stressful. hold on. let me ask you this... what's she gonna like six months from now? who do we have on aerial karate? steve. steve. steve. and alexis. uh, no. just steve. just steve. just steve. live business, powered by sap. when you run live, you run simple. dog chow for 36 years now.d i've been making my dog girlfriend is 17 years old. she's been eating dog chow from her very first day and she can still chase squirrels. she can't catch them, but she can still chase them. after 17 years i'm still confident in feeding her
5:16 am
dog chow because i see the high quality ingredients that go into it. i'm very proud to make dog chow right here in edmond, oklahoma.
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5:18 am
campaign is more united than ever. big unity in a big fundraising hall in july, but that comes with new polls showing a big and widening gap.
5:19 am
he trails hillary clinton nationally. it is a new key state polls as well. this amid continued reports about angst inside the republican party, maybe inside the trump campaign. let's bring in phillip rucker, and political director, david chalian. i want to start with you, this story has been hard to keep up with. where are we this morning on unity versus dis-unity. newt gingrich, there was stunning quotes in your article from newt gingrich about his thoughts yesterday about where he thought the trump campaign was going wrong. he may have changed his mind. where are we today? >> there is a lot of concern among republican leaders. people want to see trump really reset the campaign. they feel like he has had a week of missed opportunities, of gratuitous attacks of very damaging self-inflicted mistakes. and there is a call for him to really hit the reset button, to start over, to try to recast
5:20 am
this race, take that change mantle, talk about national security, talk about jobs. stop talking about the kahn family. you know, get behind paul ryan. do the things that would help bring the republican party together. remember, the convention was only two weeks ago, and that was supposed to be the moment of party unity, and here we are, divide in a party as deep as it has ever been. >> david, we had sam clovis, co-chair, and he said yes, we're hitting the reset button, not in so many words. yesterday, he had rallies that pundits say went well. are we seeing a shift now? >> he stopped picking fights with republicans yesterday. that was a good first step for donald trump. to phil's point about, remember the convention. it was supposed to be the point of unity you see how fragile it was, because it disappears as soon as donald trump does something against the grain of his own party. so for instance, i thought one of the most unifying things we saw in cleveland is when they took the fight to hillary clinton, right.
5:21 am
all that stuff about hillary clinton is really what animated the -- all the delegates on the convention floor. that's what donald trump wants to be doing. that's what republicans are looking for each day to go out there and take the fight to hillary clinton. and not be distracted by anything else. >> one of the problems in politics is losing breeds losing, right. so you have republicans looking at the polls, looking at the fox new poll, ten points gap, cnn poll from a few days ago, new state polls out this morning, showing donald trump trailing by nine in michigan, 11 in pennsylvania, 15 points in new hampshire. you know, phil rucker, based on the republicans you've been talking to, how nervous are they right now that trump is slipping so far behind that it could start dragging the party behind? >> they're very nervous. take new hampshire for example. he is 15 points behind there in the wb poll. kelly ayotte is running forr
5:22 am
reelection. that's trouble for her and republicans, and that's why there is so much urgency among republican leaders in washington to get trump to change the direction of this campaign. >> if trump is going to change, would it involve endorsing kel ee -- kelly ayotte, he doesn't want to endorse them, because he has had issues with them. >> i'm not sure kelly wants donald trump's endorsement right now if he is 15 point bess hind hillary clinton in the state of new hampshire. i think what you're seeing here, donald trump understands he is not of the party. in fact, that's one of his calling cards, one of the things his supporters love the most. i don't see him becoming a party man, like chairman of the rnc and getting behind every candidate. he just has to stop -- just boggling their minds with the things he says. he has to stop the internal consternation and hand ringing in the party. he can do that, if he stays consistently and taking it to
5:23 am
hillary clinton. phil's point about the senate is critical, but so too are these states if new hampshire is out of reach, if michigan is actually off the table. if pennsylvania is slipping away, he is path to 270 is narrow, if they are not a post convention bounce, if this is the new reality for the next 96 days, his path to 270 has just narrowed tremendously. >> those are the bad numbers for donald trump. the less bad numbers are 96, david just brought up, 96 days until election, and 82 million, which is how much he raised in july. he did bring in a lot of money in july. small donations, the type the republican party hasn't been able to tap into as successfully as democrats, president obama and bernie sanders have in the past. signs of encouragement for the trump campaign, yes? >> very encouraging. remember, two months ago, trump wasn't even raising much money at all, and there were real
5:24 am
doubts whether he would be able to fund a serious general election campaign. he has flipped the switch. that's very powerful for him. it will keep him funded through the november election. and you know, one of the few sort of bright signs right now for the trump campaign. >> hey, david, let's talk about the polls you just took us through. the new polling shows, talks about president obama's approval numbers. it is at 54%. you pointed out that's exactly the same as ronald reagan at this point in his second term. it is also president obama birthday today. i want high approval ratings for my birthday. >> now that he is 55, he wants it to match his age. >> 29 is not a good approval rating. >> what effect will this have on hillary clinton and/or donald trump. >> listen, hillary clinton would much rather have barack obama at 54 than at 45, 96 days out. there is a strong correlation when the incumbent party
5:25 am
president is popular to help the person of that party trying to succeed him. not always. al gore is an example where that didn't happen, but al gore was running away from a popular bill clinton. hillary clinton has completely tied herself to barack obama. you said it in philadelphia last week and you're going to see it through the fall. he is critical to her success because getting that obama coalition out, african-americans, hispanics, young people, single women, that's how hillary clinton will win this election. having a popular barack obama makes a big difference for her. >> david. >> david, phil rucker, thanks for sharing. $400 million in cash to iran, at the same time american prisoners were freed. some call it a ransom deal. we debate it next. his stellar notebooks will last through june. get back to great. this week, these items just one cent each. office depot officemax. gear up for school.
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5:29 am
"wall street journal" is reporting senior justice department officials did not want to send a plane with $400 million to iran at the same time the prisoners were released. critics say it amounts to ransom. the white house says no it doesn't. joining us to discuss, former
5:30 am
republican chairman of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers, host of the cnn show "declassified." and analyst and contributing writer for "the daily beast." mike, mr. chairman, congressman, talk to me about what you think the key issue is here. we knew that the iranians were getting money when this deal was struck. so what is the key issue now to you? >> well, two things. so the deal itself had some release of funds that were iranian funds to begin with. this is to me very, very different. to some notion that these were independent events that all coincided on the corings urse o days is just not plausible. one, it is dangerous to set this precedent that there will be money exchanged, either through a wink and nod and a black bag in the dark of the night for american hostages. that's dangerous, not because of the message it sends to iran,
5:31 am
but to countries in the region that have an appetite for cash like this. two, this may be in violation of our own sanctions rules that there can be no significant cash transactions that helps materially support iran's other programs, including their missile program. they are still the leading state sponsor of terror. the judgment is god-awful, and that's exactly why they did it with an unmarked airplane, with foreign currency, to pay off something that if this were true, they wanted to do this in a way that was up front about a legal case, you wouldn't have done any of that. you would have done it open, full disclosure, both to congress and the committees of jurisdiction -- >> but the president did say it was happening. he did say $400 million. he said money was going there. we did not have the details about the plane, you know, the euros, things like that. kimberly, your response to chairman rogers? >> well, the problem is the timing. yes, the u.s. had been holding $400 million ever since the shah
5:32 am
of iran paid it to the u.s. as a down payment to weapons back in 1979. the u.s. had to pay a lot more according to the caseworking its way through the hague. this $400 million arrived before the hostages were released. so it is even been seized by some members of the revolutionary guard corps as a quote-unquote ransom payment. it looks bad. at the same time, within iran, you have this competition between the revolutionary guard force and the iranian foreign ministry and the liberal government that negotiated this deal, liberal in relation to the guards force. they wanted a sign of good faith, and they told u.s. negotiators they needed this. >> i hear from critics or supporters, saying the criticism is unfounded. correlation is not causation.
5:33 am
>> in dip sdiplomacy, we have t? >> someone had to do that good faith or that leap of faith, and the u.s. did it with this plane load of cash. now, the white house spokesman is saying this wasn't ransom. it all depends on where you sit, how you look at it, how you label it. they're going to have a hard time getting the republicans to let this one go. >> chairman, you wanted to jump in there. i saw you nodding. >> well, i mean, again, the whole problem here is if this in fact was the settlement of a legal case, which the case has not been settled and was working its way through the court doesn't mean an adversary position. the argument, it could cost us $10 billion. i give them that, a fair argument. but the times is so completely wrong and way they delivered the cash and the transaction that happened, it is not plausible to look at this deal in the order of which it happened in the way they delivered the cash, it just doesn't pass the smell test. the problem is, when you have the irgc who is out there saying
5:34 am
it is ransom, guess what, in the reality in the business of diploma diplomacy, it is ransom. that's where the problem is. and in fact, we're going to have to look at, i hope congress looks at they may have violated their own sanctions regime for a cash transaction that is illegal that they put in their own administration put in place on the iranian missile program. this is the problem. it is working across purposes, and again, i think that's why they did it in the dark of night and tried to not disclose the fact of the transaction itself, and how the transaction occurred, and what was the purpose of the transaction. >> but isn't the key to diplomacy, everyone gets to declare victory. the fact, don't you strike a deal where iran can say one thing happened the united states can say the other thing happened and everyone can be right or wrong at the same time? >> absolutely. and yes, that's what happened here, until someone disclosed the timing of this deal.
5:35 am
the ironic thing is that the cia director and others have been talking about the fact that iran in general has been having a hard time getting ahold of the cash from the financial markets that it was supposed to be a wind fall from this deal. and that the iranian guards force in particular, the kuds force, not enough of a cash windfall has gone to them. >> kimberly, mike, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. former refugees from war torn countries are preparing to vote for the first time in this u.s. presidential election. why they take that responsibility so seriously, and their message to donald trump, next. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake.
5:36 am
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during this combative presidential race, much has been said about refugees. should the u.s. welcome them or guard against them as potential threats as trump has suggested. well, i recently sat down with two former refugees who call america home. they fled their home countries of butan and rwanda and jen s e
5:40 am
>> 1994, as the world knows, there was a genocide, where one million people perished. i had lost most everyone during the genocide, and after the genocide, i survived, i barely survived, and as a single mother, with three sons, it wasn't easy. it is very hard. even to find food, to put food on the table. but most of all, i wanted peace, and when i came to america, when i was granted asylum. i felt safe. i felt safe for the first time. i said at least i have a country where i can sleep and where in the long run, maybe my sons will come and have a future. >> let's talk about your story. so what was your lifelike in
5:41 am
buta in. >> we were hindus, the country has been ruled, so people who do not fall on their policy, were evicted, forced out of the country using martial law. we were tracked down by the forces to nepal border, and then we were in the refugee camps for 18 years. >> oh, my gosh. you lived in the refugee camp for 18 years. >> yes. >> what was lifelike there? >> life was very difficult. many ways. you cannot work. the biggest problem is you are not allowed to work. you have to stay in the hot from dust to dawn and that's 12 months, 24 hours. >> so you know, the concern of many here in the united states, i'm sure you've heard it, who are these people. who are the refugees that are coming. how can we even know. if somebody shows up without documentation and we don't know their backstory, how can we
5:42 am
trust who they are. how did you prove that you were a good person? >> so we screened, we given identities, cards. there is a process. then most of us, we are running away from violence. so when we come here we feel that we are safe. >> in screening process, in the back refugee camp, it is intense screening process. first you have to apply for it, then you have to wait. because they will do the study and they have to do background check for the people who applied. then after that, dss, they will be doing their investigation of our background. >> we don't know where they're from. they have no documentation. we all have hearts and we can build safe zones in syria, but you know what, we can't let this happen. but you have lot of them settling in rhode island. lock your doors, folks. >> what do you think about some
5:43 am
of the things that donald trump has said about refugees? >> i would strongly recommend and request in fact them to come to our house and talk to us and see. i am working. i am contributing to this community. and i'm every single day, i'm doing exactly same thing all other people in this country are doing. >> refugees and other muslim refuge refugees, i think they're running away from their own people. the people who are hunting and killing them, they are muslims too. >> now that you're here in the u.s., tell me what your life is like, nora. >> i feel that america has given me so much that they have built me. i went back to school. i finished degree in 2013. so i feel that i've been given a chance that i would never even dream to have. >> wow. and what is your lifelike? >> i mean, when people ask in the morning how are you. i say perfect. because there is no complaint
5:44 am
from me. >> so you're very excited about voting. what will it mean to you to vote? >> it means to me that i have a voice. that my vote can be my voice. that i can speak out for myself. and as well speak out for the communities that i've been helping for the last 11 years. >> what will it mean, norah to be an american? >> it means a great deal for me. it means to have a country where i have rights. where i have security. i'll be protected. which is number one on my list. so i feel so excited again to be a citizen, to have a great country like america. to be an american. >> and what does it mean to you? >> to american, it means i have a place called home. forei for entire my life, i never had a place of my own.
5:45 am
to me, america, i belong to this land. this is my country. this soil belongs to me and i belong to the soil. i am part of it. >> i gotta tell you, talking to them was some of the most patriotic things that i ever heard in a long time. they are so happy to be here. they're so proud to be american. norah is about to become a citizen. they made me proud talking to them. it was wonderful. >> taking nothing for granted. that's what i love. >> that is how they feel. all right, donald trump, what makes him tick? what drives donald trump, and how much is he willing to change? we're going to speak to a man who has covered him for 30 years. a biographer joins us next. n] hs merv around? [reggie] merv moved out. [motorcycle man] aw, man. [brad] plenty mervs in the sea, just post for free on you could get a great new tenant.
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5:49 am
donald trump rewritten many of the rules in politics. our next guest, 30 years of covering the businessman. he is shedding light on his personality and the rise to the nomination. david k. johnson, the book, "the making of donald trump." he joins us now. david, great to have you with us. >> thank you, john. >> one of the keys as we sit here this morning in this presidential campaign, establishment republicans asking themselves can donald trump change, or can donald trump keep himself in line for the next 96 days in a way where we think he can win the nomination.
5:50 am
there is a quote from your book, which i think is ill -- he disms those who do not see him as he sees himself. in this, he is a world class narcissist. at the end there, that's something we've heard other critics call him before. but to me, the idea that he doesn't care what other people think, that could be alarming to republicans who are trying to get him to stay in line. >> well, donald is all about donald, okay. you only exist either to worship him or recognize his greatness, and if you don't, loser. he doesn't know anything about the constitution. in my book, i quote testimony that he has given any graduate business or law student would know. i teach. his answers are gibberish. he doesn't know what the nuclear triad is. he doesn't understand why we
5:51 am
don't use nuclear weapons. he doesn't know the casino business. they joked about how he didn't know anything. >> why doesn't he knowing anything. he is described as a successful businessman. by any definition, he had a highly successful career, he has to be smart. >> he hasn't had a highly successful career as a businessman. what he is brilliant at, extracting money from -- donald's company came in either dead last or almost last in every category. among the first casinos to fail in atlantic city were donald's because they were badly managed. donald has two great geniuses. he understands the conventions of journalism, and how to manipulate journalists. secondly, he understands how to extract money from a deal. those are his to -- >> there has to be a third thing. he won the republican primary by a lot.
5:52 am
he has tapped into something in the american consciousness right now. working class whites, blue collar, particularly in the rust belt, people frustrated with the status quo. >> john, i spent 20 years of my life at the new york times and after, writing about how government policies are creating the problems donald has gotten people to follow him over. there are all these hidden government policies that i wrote about in a series of books that take from the many and give to the rich. and it is the reason that these people feel this way. but what donald offers, he has no capacity to solve their problems. he thinks the president is a dictator. listen to what he says, the thortarian way he discusses things. no bill moves in congress unless the speaker of the house to move it. he doesn't understand how government works. and yes, donald is a wealthy man. no question that he is a wealthy man. but remember, he spent his whole life dealing with con artists, swindlers, he goes out of his
5:53 am
way to do business with people like this. i think he has cheated on his taxes. >> what do you think his taxes will reveal. >> three things. he probably hasn't paid income tax nin the last 30 years. >> meaning he is able to craft it in a certain way where he devalues, how does he do it. >> there are special rules for full-time real estate investors that allow them to live tax free if they own enough real estate. secondly, a tax return that donald's tax guy disavowed. he said my name is on it, but i didn't prebear it, it showed zero income from his come sunsu business, that, plus a lawsuit in new york, shows he has cheated. strong evidence he has done this. and so i -- we're never going to see donald's tax returns. never going to see them. they would tell us a great deal. ask hillary clinton, i reverse engineered her tax returns 20
5:54 am
years ago and showed she and her husband paid double the number they should have paid, and the next year, they did their returns in the article implied would be smart to do. >> again, i want to go back to the presidential race right now in donald trump's ability to speak to voters, because he is speaking to voters. there are people -- >> absolutely. >> who are understanding -- >> absolutely. a lot of people who support him and believe that he will take care of them and solve these problems. solving these problems is a very difficult complicated matter, because we've created this massive legal structure in congress and state legislatures that takes from the many and gives to the few. there are just hundreds of rules that i've exposed and written about that work. they're all subtle. they're not terribly easy to understand. crime will stop on the day i'm elected. he doesn't making any in america. how are you going to make change without congress. we don't have a dictator in this
5:55 am
country. we don't have an autocrat like vladimir putin. we have a congress. we have a very conservative system that makes change difficult and slow. donald doesn't know how to navigate that system. >> david j. johnson, if you want to read more about these thoughts, the book is out now, "the making of donald trump." thanks for being with us. the good stuff is next. his stellar notebooks will last through june. get back to great. this week, these items just one cent each. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. perfect. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record.
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time now for the good stuff. i want you to meet 12-year-old aid d aiden davis, homeless veterans, so he sent letters and give cards to give away. in a week, $2,500 in support poured in. >> i hope they feel happy. i hope they feel that sort of have their faith restored in humanity. >> amazing, a child so young to be that selfless. to just reach out to people. and try to help, you know, homes ve vet -- homeless vets. it touches my heart. >> he completed his project in
6:00 am
june, but still helping veterans on a go fund me page. >> john, thank you very much. great to be with you all week. tlan thanks for joining us. it is time for "newsroom" with carol costello. thanks. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," trump touting unity. >> it has never been so well united. >> putting the past aside. >> i just visited with some incredible folks. some really amazing gold star families. >> back on message, and attacking clinton. >> she should get an award from them as the founder of isis. >> while trump's opponents target his temperament. >> he is a showman. he is the music man. it is a screw loose. let's talk in the cnn "newsroom." good morning, i'm carol costello. thanks for joining me.


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