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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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hands? >> is that because your little fingers can't reach all of the letters on the keypad? >> jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> and thank you all so much for joining us. we'll see you back here, same time, same place tomorrow night. "ac 360" with anderson begins right now. good evening, john berman here in for anderson. we have breaking news on a big news night. a new poll from nbc news and the wall street journal shows hillary clinton now up nine points nationally versus donald trump. this is the third poll in the last 24 hours with an average lead of clinton plus 11 1/3 points, to be exact. and there's other new polling. swing state by swing state that has to be an eye opener for the trump campaign. john iking will join us for tha, but there is so much more. president obama weighing in on $400 million in cash landing in iran on the same day american captives are released. donald trump talking about a
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secret video of it that he says he has seen, but by all measures simply does not exist at all. there's hillary repeating a factually challenged claim concerning her e-mails and new questions about melania trump's immigration status. no shortage of news. we begin with president obama's news conference at the pentagon today. he gave a progress report on the fight against isis, but he was also asked to expand on his remarks earlier this week about donald trchl's fitness for office. >> at the end of the day it's the american people's decision. i have one vote. i have the same vote you do. i have the same vote that all of the voters who were eligible all across the country have. i've offered my opinion, but ultimately it's the american people's decision to make collectively, and if somebody wins the election and they are president then my constitutional
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responsibility is to fully transfer the power to that individual and do everything i can to help them succeed. i would ask all of you to make your own judgment. i've made this point already multiple times. just listen to what mr. trump has to say and make your own judgment with respect to how confident you feel about his ability to manage things like our nuclear trial. >> with respect, mr. president, it reflects that you're not confident. >> i answered this a few days ago and i thought i made myself very clear and i don't want to keep on repeating it or a variation of it. i obviously have a very strong opinion about the two candidates who are running. one is very positive and one is not so much, and i think you will just hear any further questions that are directed to
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the subject, i think you will hear pretty much variations on the same thing. what i can say is this is serious business, and the person who is in the oval office and who is our secretary of defense and our joint chiefs of staff and our outstanding men and women in uniform report to. they are counting on somebody who has the temperament and good judgment to be able to make decisions to keep america safe and that should be very much on the minds of voters when they go to the voting booth in november. >> speaking of november, the president was also asked about donald trump's allegations suggesting to the insinuation that this election might be rigged. >> of course, the elections will not be rigged. what does that mean?
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the federal government doesn't run the election process. states and cities and communities all across the country, they are the ones who set up the voting systems and the voting booths and if mr. trump is suggesting that there is a conspiracy theory that is being propagated across the country including in places like texas where typically, it's not democrats who are in charge of voting booths that's ridiculous. i think all of us at some point at this point in a school yard or a sandbox and sometimes folks if they lose they start complaining that they got cheated, but i've never heard of somebody complaining about being cheated before the game was
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over. or before the score is even tallied. so my suggestion would be, you know, go out there and try to win the election. if mr. trump is up ten or 15 points on election day and ends up losing then maybe he can raise some questions. that doesn't seem to be the case at the moment. >> no, indeed, he is down 10 or 15 points at the moment, and something the president was saying with glee. john king and former assistant secretary for homeland security, juliette kayyem, and david gergen and former senior obama adviser david axelrod and you can download his podcast to
5:06 pm >> when the president of the united states says everyone should make their own judgment about whether donald trump should be trusted with america's nuclear codes he seems to be saying i hope you take my judgment for whether donald trump should be trusted with america's nuclear codes. >> without a doubt. he was standing at the pentagon and his language was not as political as it was just the other day when he was at the white house and you didn't have to listen to the president's words and you could see it in his body language. he's made the case against donald trump and when he's out campaigning with hillary clinton, he will make it in more official terms when he's not in an official government setting. the republicans disagree with his plan. the clinton campaigns believes it has momentum right now and they think that what is shifting in these polls is not just outside of the democratic convention. they think of trump's detours from discipline in recent days they think that more and more
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americans and smart republicans are saying when they close their eyes can't see donald trump as a president and he's trying to help his friend, secretary clinton, without a doubt. >> david axelrod, there is no security test for presidents, if he wins he gets the nuclear codes whether president obama likes it or not which is a point he seemed to acknowledge today where the other day he was murky on it. >> i don't think he was murky on it. the president understands that we have a constitutional system and when someone gets elected president that there is a transition to that person. i think what he has consistently made clear and yes, he was more muted today, though and it was at the pentagon and reminds me of the old thing as subtle as a screen door on a submarine. he made his feelings pretty clear. he doesn't feel that donald trump is equipped to handle the awesome power that a president has to handle to make those
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kinds of decisions and, you know, in terms of the polling i think this is -- this is really the key question. this is the one that they hit very hard at the convention and donald trump went out and he seemed to prove their point by having this awful five days in which he seemed very erratic and reactive and this is precisely what maykes people nervous abou this issue of can he handle the nuclear triad. >> juliette, if don adtrump's past statements on national security suggests he thinks there's cause for concern, but donald trump supporters don't feel that way. donald trump supporters like the way he talks about national security. they think it sends a message of strength. >> it's been interesting in the last couple of months and there's been a shift for the democrat, at least. normally we talk about safety and security and now what you hear opponents of trump saying actually is stability and sanity. that's become the new safety and security. is that do you actually trust
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him? and for those that support trump one of the challenges they have at convincing the american publics, for presidents that i've liked and presidents that i've disagreed with like president ronald reagan, what they both had was the ability to take the longview and look past the immediate insult or the baby crying and the media pull and trump is finding it difficult to sort of look at the longview. so you will see lots of people talking about sanity and stability, much more so than safety and security. >> david gergen, the president says that both donald trump and hillary clinton they will get their classified intelligence briefing and it's up to them to guard the information carefully. it seemed like the president was weighing about the way he talked about that carefully and hillary clinton was handling e-mail and once they get them i suppose the debate ends. >> they continue on so you never know quite all of the way up to
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election day who will say what and sometimes candidates do either abuse or ignore what's in the briefing, famously john kennedy got intelligence briefings back in 1960 and he said there was no missile gap with the russians and he continued to insist during the campaign, we have this terrible missile gap and it magically disappeared after his election. what was important about what president obama did today it was not what he said. it was the contrast he presented and just his gravitas. he was subdued and he was muted as david axelrod said. he was measured, but there was something reassuring about a man who handles complexity the way he does, who is even tempered and doesn't fly off the handle and tries to carefully parse his words so he has the truth as precisely as possible, and i think that he's benefitting and the president is benefitting and so is hillary clinton from a certain nostalgia for president obama is starting to set in because people are looking at the alternative and saying he looks pretty good. >> the highest approval ratings of his second term right now.
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>> you know president obama more than most people. how do you think he wants to engage trump going forward? because today was more muted certainly than he was at the convention. when he gets back from martha's vineyard, how is he going to act? >> well, look, john king was right that this was at the pentagon. it dictated a certain sobriety that he brought to us, but he's clearly going to be out there, and i think this is the issue that he's going to hone in on, this fundamental issue of temperament, and i think also of divisiveness is something that personally is offensive, but temperament is the key to this election. when hillary clinton said if you get -- if you can't handle getting gigged on twitter then you can't handle the nuclear codes. that is the fundamental argument that is disqualifying donald trump and it is true that his supporters are impervious to those arguments. the problem is they're not numerous enough to win an
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election. he needs to add supporters and what's happened over the last five days has created greater concern about whether he is equipped to handle this office. >> all right, guys. stick around. we have to take a quick break. next, how president obama has handled one of the hotter topics of the campaign. the cash payment of $400 million that landed in iran just as american captives were helpeded home. was it ransom? a coincidence or literally old news? what about the video of it that donald trump says he has seen, but nobody else has because it doesn't really seem to exist? we'll talk about all of it tonight. later, hillary clinton again repeating a line about her e-mails and her honesty, a line that isn't true. that and more when "360" continues. the ability of a lexus master craftsman... to turn an ordinary experience into an extraordinary one.
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donald trump has been advised many times to stay on message briefly did today. he hammered the administration for paying back in january $400 million in cash to iran. the money, you should know, was part of an arms deal with the shah, an incompleted arms deal however, the allegation is it became part of a cash for captives deal with the republic. donald trump hit it hard today and president obama hit back. >> we announced these payments in january, many months ago. it wasn't a secret. we announced them to all of you.
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josh did a briefing on them. this wasn't some nefarious deal, and at the time we explained that iran had pressed a claim before an international tribunal about them recovering money of theirs that we had frozen that as a consequence of its working its way through the international tribunal it was the assessment of our lawyers that there was significant litigation at risk that we could end up costing ourselves billions of dollars and it was their advice and suggestion that we settle. and that's what these payments represent. and it wasn't a secret. we -- we were completely open with everybody about it and it's interesting to me how suddenly this became a story again.
5:18 pm
that's point number one. point number two, we do not pay ransom for investages. we have a number of americans being held all around the world, and i meet with their families and it is heartbreaking, and we had stood up an entire section ofho experts who devote their te to working with these families to get those americans out, but those families know that we have a policy that we don't pay ransom, and the notion that we would somehow start now in this high-profile way and announce it to the world even as we're looking into the faces of other hostage families whose loved ones are being held hostage and say to them that we don't pay ransom defies logic. >> right back now with julia
5:19 pm
kayyem and david gergen and former cia counter terrorism analyst buck sexton. the president echoed what secretary of state said earlier that the united states does not pay ransom for hostages. ransom is a loaded word, so leave that aside, but the idea that there was no quid pro quo, do you buy that? >> i think this will come out entirely in the eye of the beholder and people who do not like president obama will say there was a ransom and they'll say there was quid pro quo and there was secrecy all along. it wasn't quid pro quo. we were paying them back money we were going to pay anyway and it was a good deal and it was all wrapped up and the iranians had another view and they think it is ransom. they've been telling the world. we demanded this as part of the negotiations and they paid up. look at what the deal we got. i don't think this is going to go anywhere because it's a muddied situation. the best argument, two good
5:20 pm
arguments going for president obama, first, they did announce way back in january and "the new york times," david sanger, four paragraphs down the administration announced they're paying this money. the second argument is that the nuclear agreement has worked better than people expected. it hasn't stopped terrorism, but a has, and even the israelis are saying this has worked out well in term of the nuclear deal. >> the bad argument is the u.s. paid $400 million and they got the hostages all at the same time. >> that's yet justice department didn't want to do this. the optics say it was ransom. >> the optics tell us more than that, because if you look at the time line the administration had to be aware of how this would look when people figured it out not just that there was going to be a payment, that the payment occurred within 24 hours or within the same day as the release of the hostages, why would they take that risk to such a crafted and stage-managed situation unless it was a pre-condition for the release, meaning that even if it was
5:21 pm
within a matter of hours if the money was necessary to get to this phase when the hostages were given back to us, then that is, in fact, a ransom and to say it was not a ransom they made this enormous mistake after all of this negotiation, they didn't stop to think that a time line that had these two things coming too close together that defies belief. earlier in the day they were saying it was coincidence and they're saying we announced it. if you look at thshgs realistically the iranians must have said without this money there will not be a deal on this day and you're not getting hostages back. call it what it is, but that is what it is. >> the appearance of it is all that really matters especially when you take into account the foreign actors looking at this and saying american hostages can get you something and the iranians have taken additional hostages since this occurred by the way, so the lesson they seemed to have learned is it's a great bargaining chip. >> the president did announce it that day and the iranians,
5:22 pm
juliette it's ransom and the timing of it is sort of new here. >> it should not shock you that the iranians will create a deal that would benefit the iranians. it's irrelevant, to buck's point, people who are criticizing this are pretending like this $400 million just sort of came out of the blue and oh, what a funny number and we'll hand it to the iranians and get the hostages fact. this is a well-known, litigated since 1979 payment that we owed iran based on sort of a deal, right? in 1979 that fell apart because of the iranian hostage crisis. it's not like this number came out of anywhere and buck says the money shows it. the money was known for many, many decades and let me just say, base solely on the speculation. there is another way to look at it which say much safer way to look at it for the millions of
5:23 pm
americans that work and live abroad that serve in our military and serve in our intelligence agencies which is that simultaneously there were three different negotiations going on. you look at the negotiations going on over the last year, and i call them the past, the present and the future negotiations, right? the past was the payment we're talking about. the present was the hostages and the future was the nuclear deal and they're going on simultaneously because guess what? we didn't have negotiations with iran for many decades and the idea that we're going to call it just because there is a coincidence of timing and the coincidence of timing is that we're finally talking to iran. it's incredibly dangerous. i want to make that clear. this is not just politics. to now say that this administration is now willing to put up dollars to get americans including our military and including our intelligence agencies out of hostage situations is incredibly dangerous because guess what countries do? they take our military. >> people would say it's dangerous to do that more than
5:24 pm
to say that the administration has done it. they're setting a precedent. >> by the way, the administration does negotiate and this administration has negotiated with terrorists and others have as well and that's a guideline, not a rule. >> no, i understand that. you see with beau bergdahl and the negotiation with the taliban, was there a hostage swap in place here and the idea that this all happened on the same day and there were different arms of government negotiating, this is too much for any normal person to take just based on common sense and the administration is trying to change the messaging about this. >> you are in between here, david, a little bit. the idea that there are three separate tracks and not connected that's hard to take and without the money it's hard to imagine which indicates there is some quid pro quo here, but on the other hand, this is business and how things are done at this level. >> it is business, and i come back to the point, they gave us money back in 1979 $400 million which we put in escrow and the deal fell apart and we refused
5:25 pm
to give the money back to them. they wanted $10 billion in interest payments and plus the $400 million and out of the negotiation we agreed we'll give you $400 million and plus we'll give you $1.3 in interest and the administration said it was a good deal, and you can argue that one way or the other. it's different if you owe the money and you come up with fresh money and by the way, we've come up with the money now give us our guys back. there is a difference in degree and frankly, countries do things like this, in the cuban missile crisis what was famous in part of about that was that we cut a side deal. the administration cut a side deal with the russians and kept it secret and six months later came out and people squawked, but given the crisis we handled it pretty darn well. >> buck, david, juliette, thanks so much. it shows hillary clinton widening her lead, and john king breaks it down for us and donald
5:26 pm
trump on the campaign trail in maine today slamming hillary clinton and the cash payment we've been talking to about to iran and refusing to let go of this claim that he's seen a video of the cash being delivered, a video that we said by all measures doesn't exist. ♪ ♪ only those who dare drive the world forward. introducing the first-ever cadillac ct6. craso come dive into disheser like the new alaska bairdi crab dinner with sweet crab from the icy waters of alaska. or try crab lover's dream with tender snow and king crab legs. love crab? then hurry, crabfest ends soon.
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as we said, a new nbc news "wall street journal national poll shows hillary clinton has nearly double the lead she had from before the conventions. in a head-to-head matchup clinton is up nine points and that's up five points since before the election. for days now top republicans and his own advisers have been urging trump to reset his message to in effect stop shooting himself in the foot. over the past 24 hours he has appeared to be listening, to a degree, focusing his attacks on hillary clinton for the 400 million cash payment that the united states made to iran on the same day they freed american prisoners. trump also couldn't stop talking about a secret i havvideo of th payment that by all measure does
5:31 pm
not exist. here's jason carroll. >> reporter: donald trump looking to steady his campaign after several rocky days by taking aim at hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton, furthermore, can never be trusted with national security. >> reporter: and attacking the obama administration's $400 million payment to iran, but still repeating the false claim that he saw video of the transfer taking place. >> the tape was made, right? you saw that with the airplane coming in. nice plane, and the airplane coming in and the money coming off, i guess, right? that was given to us, has to be by the iranians, and you know why the tape was given to us? because they want to embarrass our country. they want to embarrass our country, and they want to embarrass our president. >> reporter: this as the gop nominee tries to reassure voters and republican voters wary of his recent series of missteps that his campaign is moving in the right direction, helping him make the case, a big july
5:32 pm
fund-raising hall. >> 80 or $82 million, we're raising a lot of money for the republican party, but small contributions, i think it was $61 each. >> reporter: trump's running mate mike pence broke ranks with him when he strongly endorsed paul ryan a day after trump said he was not ready to do so. >> ryan today shrugged off trchl's non-endorsement. >> the only endorsements that i want are those of my own employers here in the first congressional district. >> ryan also opening the door of potentially not backing trump in the future. >> none of these things are ever blank checks and that goes with any situation in any kind of race. >> reporter: there was also new evidence of frustration with trump's candidacy among republican, colorado congressman mike kaufman who is facing a tough re-election released a tv ad vowing to take on trump. >> so if donald trump is the president i'll stand up to him. >> reporter: a frsh round of poll numbers today show hillary
5:33 pm
clinton leading donald trump in three key states, up nine points in michigan, 13 points in pennsylvania, and 15 points in new hampshire where that deficit could also spell trouble for republican senator kelly ayotte's re-election bid, but trump campaign chairman paul manafort says the dip is no surprise. >> we had a bounce. we knew the democrats would have a bounce. >> jason carroll joins us now. jason, on the subject of the security briefings, the classified intelligence briefings that both candidates will get. do we know when trump will start getting his? >> reporter: i think it's safe to say that it will be some time soon, but really i have to say it was stunning to hear the president mention that whoever gets these briefings needs to act like a president, clearly that was a shot right at donald trump who as you know, oftentimes responds to criticisms like this pretty quickly. we went to look at his twitter and no response from him there and a big thank you to the people of portland. so what we may be seeing here is
5:34 pm
a different donald trump, one that uses more restraint. we'll see which donald trump shows up tomorrow at his rally in wisconsin. john? >> today and tomorrow often very different for donald trump. jason carroll, thanks so much. more on the new straight polls showing donald trump trailing hillary clinton by big margins in several key states like pennsylvania long considered a must-win for donald trump. john king here to break it down by the numbers. the national numbers bad for donald trump today and not much solace in the state numbers. >> not at all, john. you heard jason carroll saying it was just a bounce. when you talk to republicans it's worse than a bounce. let's look at some of the numbers and let's look at pennsylvania. most people, even inside the trump campaign, they think he needs to win. there is an 11-point lead right now for secretary clinton in the key battleground state. remember that, 11 points in pennsylvania. if he can't get pennsylvania or dependent on the rust belt, he would need michigan.
5:35 pm
a healthy lead and nine points there for secretary clinton. in the detroit news poll, two midwest battleground polls there, new hampshire, only four electoral votes and in a close election that can matter. you see a healthy lead there for secretary clinton, as well. up here in the north, florida, donald trump says this is his second home and 29 electoral votes and hard to get donald trump to 270 if he can't get florida. this is the closest state between obama and romney in 2012 and it's closer here, john. four for four and these four battleground state polls and donald trump is in a bit of a ditch here. >> if you dig deeper beneath the lines, what do you see? >> this is where it gets interesting and let's take a book at this. i'll start in pennsylvania, but you will see a pattern here. number one, clinton consolidated the democratic party and we just lost that. that disappeared and i'll see if i can get it back while we talk and one of the things that happened in the election is clinton consolidated the support and she's getting 80% in some places and in florida it's lower
5:36 pm
among the voters and we'll see if it powers back up for me here, and the fight with paul ryan and i won't endorse john mccain and you see him lagging behind republicans and in these states she leads in michigan, pennsylvania and new hampshire, and it's a small lead among independents in florida and she's largely consolidated the democratic party when donald trump has a problem, that's a big piece of it. >> without pennsylvania and without florida, without michigan and without new hampshire those polls that came out today does donald trump have any reasonable path? >> no. the answer is no. we didn't even take in tim kaine's home state of virginia and hillary clinton's running mate. i saw data that shows trump in ohio, as well. donald trump is in a bit of a ditch and we'll see how long it lasts as we go forward. if you look at it right here, john, i'll quickly go here and one of the states we were talking about, if she holds michigan, wins pennsylvania,
5:37 pm
wins new hampshire and wins florida she wins with 19 to spare and that doesn't even bring in virginia and tim kaine. the answer is no, donald trump needs to turn that one around and the that one around and florida, and pennsylvania, if donald trump doesn't turn that around, game over. john king, thank you very much. >> up next, our political panel's take on all of this. the question is how worried should the trump campaign be about this polling? with my moderate to severe crohn's disease,... ...i was always searching for ways to manage my symptoms. i thought i had it covered. then i realized managing was all i was doing. when i finally told my doctor, he said humira was for people like me who have tried other medications,... but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief... ...and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections... ...including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,... including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems,
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the breaking news tonight, two new polls showing hillary clinton currently showing a sizeable lead in head-to-head matchups against donald trump, and a mcklatchy/marist poll puts her at 13 points and those are two polls with the average lead for clinton of 11.3 points. that's a lot. there's that and all we heard on the campaign trail from both candidates, plenty to talk about with clinton supporter and former bill clinton senior staffer richard socarides and joseph burrelly and david gergen is back with us and katie
5:42 pm
mcmainy and atlanta contributor peter bien art, full tables for you. kayleigh, i want to start with you, very little good news for donald trump and virtually no good news in these polls today, as a trump supporter how worried are you? >> hillary clinton has the advantage right now and so worrisome are the state polls particularly in the rust states and states where donald trump as the republican nominee has an advantage at winning over someone like ted cruz. he resonates with these working class voters and we see him dragging behind double digits and the really good news is when you look at the fox news poll from yesterday on the economy, he's up by five points and on who can handleisis, he's up by nine points. if this is an election about issues that americans care most about which are terrorism and
5:43 pm
the economy he wins and if it's about his judgment, he loses. >> it's august, right? it's not the end of october. however, and you're no trump supporter and you have your finger on the pulse of other republicans right now, when they look at these numbers in august they get nervous, and they may run away from donald trump which only xexacerbates the problem. >> yes. the mcklatchy poll reflects t t that. white male voters have been trump's bedrock and in the mcklatchy poll he's also lost white male voters, lost support and last month he was up 14 and now with this recent point he's down eight points. so that is his bedrock support when you look deeper into these polls and you see what's going on here, people are starting to say, hold on a second, even if they think yeah, he might be bet or these two issues, but does he have the judgment and the temp rach rament? the fox news poll said 67% of the people polled wouldn't be
5:44 pm
okay if trump was president. you're going to cast a vote for the punish that doesn't have the temperament, judgment and -- one last thing in florida there was another poll taken where he is shown to have 13% hispanic support. he thinks he's going to win hispanic voters, he's not going to win that either. >> today donald trump was going to go after hillary clinton with the cash exchange with iran which people think is a good subject for him which kaylee would like to see the campaign going, but he kept on bringing up this video that doesn't exist of the cash, which he said the iranians filmed and turned it over to embarrass the united states. why does he keep doing this and before you tell me by answering about hillary clinton's e-mails, just know richard is getting the
5:45 pm
next question about that. >> did i mention hillary's e-mails? objectively, even donald trump has to realize when he stays on message and when he punches up to hillary clinton and barack obama and politicians in generl goes up. when they saw the video and if you look at the chyrons and the news media it was unclear what you were looking at and it was an innocent mistake. >> that was the first time. >> right, but here you go. it's about staying on message and you know, you look at some of the polls and the swing states and a lot of that is indicative of the bounce that we expected and you have the bounce in pennsylvania and, you know, for example, michigan, you didn't see a poll between the republican convention and the democratic convention, had you, you would have seen a bounce in the polls and ohio and it was a big bounce for hillary. you agree that he's talking
5:46 pm
about something? that he keeps on making a mistake. [ indiscernible ] >> what happened, i want to point out that that did not happen while hillary was secretary of state. >> let's talk about the e-mails, richard socarides, since i promised that. >> we learned about it today and it was introduced today, she double dipped on this notion, she keeps saying that fbi director james comey said she was truthful with the american people in her explanningmraplant the e-mails and i want to remind you what director comey said in his testimony about what hillary clinton told the american people. >> secretary clinton said there was nothing marked classifies either sent or received, was that true? >> that's not true. >> secretary clinton said i did not e-mail any classified material on anyone on my e-mail and there is no classified material. was that true? >> there was classified material e-mail. >> fbi director james comey says that hillary clinton was truthful with the fbi. that's one thing.
5:47 pm
he did not say -- he did not say she was truthful with the american people and hillary clinton keeps on using language to suggest that he did. >> well, i think both those things are true. i think what she said is true and what i think we just heard may have been true also, mind you, director comey is talking about three e-mails that were not properly classified that may have had markings within the e-mail which he then went on to say that a reasonable person with knowledge of the classification system could maybe not have understood that. >> there were others that were classified. i think the thing on the e-mails is that hillary clinton has said she made a mistake with the e-mail server and we have some sense of proportionality and some sense of what is equivalence. we are basically talking with hillary clinton and what e-mail server she used and this has been investigated. she's been cleared of wrongdoing otherwise director comey's findings would have been different. >> but -- >> he is clear that she was truthful in her remarks to the
5:48 pm
fbi and to him, and so people will just have to judge. she said that it was a mistake in judgment. >> david -- david, when she says -- >> there are no lying involved. >> her statements that she's made in the interviews, not true? >> her statements to the fbi were true. what she said to the public, comey said was not true. >> david, he didn't say that. >> no, no, no. he did not say that. >> we just saw it. >> you have to take it in its entire context. >> we can't play the whole tape, john. >> i think that was enough. he said -- you can analyze this back and forth and the truth is people are splitting hairs about this. there were, what this comes down to. >> the washington post gave her four pinocchios. >> the three e-mails that were wrongly classified and they did not have classified written on top of them and you this to see a marking. >> the bottom line is three were marked classified although they
5:49 pm
were small -- >> and mismarked and misidentified. >> special access program. >> let's talk about the political issue because she keeps on using this explanation for which "the washington post" fact checker gave her four pinocchios and the explanation she's giving in interviews is not true, so why keep on going back to that? >> if you look at the whole history of hillary clinton's career in public office going back to tof the 1990s and picay and whitewater, she's always had a trouble of coming clean and it's always tended to serve her badly and i think this is part of that. >> richard -- richard -- [ indiscernible ] >> i'm a hillary clinton supporter who is willing to criticize her, okay? >> i criticize her all of the time, but i will not criticize her about this. >> what i was going to say about this -- richard -- richard, what i was going to say is where she's lucky is that she's running against a candidate so
5:50 pm
incompetent that he totally failed to use this gift that he gave her by spending his time instead attacking the khan family. so this -- this >> i know you have more to say. the good news, you're coming back. hold on to it for a little bit. just ahead, a new controversy for the trump campaign, centering now donald trump's wife, melania and whether she came to the u.s. legally two decades ago. new questions about her visa status sparked by nude photos of her taken in 1995 and plastered across new york tabloids this week. it's time to discover that in a lexus suv... ♪ ...there's no such thing as adverse conditions. ♪ come to the lexus golden opportunity sales event this is the pursuit of perfection. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through
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donald trump as you know is making illegal immigration the centerpiece of his campaign. his wife melania, a native of sloven slovenia, has spoken about being an immigrant and now a proud american, making a point of saying she came to this country legally and followed all the rules. but tonight there are questions about those claims, questions raised in part by nude photos taken of her before she became mrs. trump. the story from cnn's jessica sidner. >> reporter: the photos fanned across the cover of the "new york post." the 25-year-old melania trump posing provocatively for a french magazine. but the photos that raised a few eyebrows are now raising questions about melania's immigration history. >> i came to united states, to new york, in 1996. >> reporter: 1996 is the year
5:55 pm
she stands by, telling cnn's anderson cooper and numerous other publications that's when she came to the u.s. but these photos were snapped in new york city in 1995, according to the author of her recent biography. so what difference does a year make? possibly the difference between mrs. trump breaking immigration law or not. to understand why, listen to melania trump's own words. >> i came here on visa, i flew to slovenia every few months to stamp it, and came back. i applied for green card, and then after few years, for citizenship. i obeyed the law, i did it the right way, i didn't just sneak in and stay here. so i think that's what people should do. >> reporter: trump insists she got her visa stamped every few months. if that's accurate, it would mean she had a type of visa, possibly a tourist visa, that needs to be updated periodically. but that type of visa does not allow working in the united states. the type of visa that does allow
5:56 pm
work is called h 1b and the man who discovered melania tells cnn he didn't responsibsponsor her until 1996, a year after the photo shoot. but there's a caveat. the photographer behind the camera at the shoot says melania was a young model waiting for a big break so she didn't get paid which mean she didn't violate any immigration laws. >> this exposure was bringing you to catalog campaign and everything. >> reporter: so melania was not paid for this photo shoot, you say? >> no, no, no. nobody's paying. nobody's paying. >> reporter: if that nonpaid photo shoot was the only work she did before getting the h1b visa she wouldn't have broken any laws. melania trump isn't directly answering whether she was first in new york in 1995 instead of 1996 like she's previously stated but could it be an honest
5:57 pm
error. she wrote this on twitter. let me set the record straight. i have at all times been in full compliance with the immigration laws of this country, period. any al gilegation to the contra is simply untrue. in 1996 i proudly became a u.s. citizen. over the past 20 years i have been fortunate to live, work and raise a family in this great nation and i share my husband's love for this country. it's a sentiment she expressed in her cleveland convention speech. >> i was very proud to become citizen of the united states. >> reporter: melania trump got her green card in 2001 and today i talked to an immigration attorney who tells me any previous visa issues would have likely have had to have been addressed back during that process, during the green card process. he says any visa issues that emerge now almost 20 years later would likely be forgiven. >> thanks so much. much more ahead, including president obama on donald trump's fitness for office.
5:58 pm
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