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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 5, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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the presidential candidate john kasich. that is on "state of the union" at 9:00 a.m. when noon eastern. u now throw to "the situation room" where we find one wolf blitzer. >> happening now, breaking news, amid a gop revolt, donald trump reverses course. he will endorse speaker paul ryan after refusing to do so earlier and trump is backing off claims of seeing a video of a $400 million cash payment being unloaded in iran. and trump is a agent for vladimir putin. >> hillary clinton may be digging a deeper hole for
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herself when it comes to her e-mail controversy. now she says she may have mischaracterized or short circuited about the truthfulness. is she keeping the story alive by fumbling her explanation. and nuclear codes, the next commander and chief will have control of the nuclear arsenal. we'll take you for a closer look inside. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." >> this is cnn breaking news. >> our breaking news as fellow republicans panic and poll numbers link, donald trump is backing off of his earlier refusal to back paul ryan. he is also backtracking on his clad that he saw a video of a u.s. cash payment being unloaded
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in iran. clinton is again trying to explain the differences between her public statements and what the fbi director said about her private e-mail system. she now says she may have "short circuited when she claimed the fbi director james comey said she was truthful about discussing the issue. whoever becomes the next commander and chief will control the nuclear arsenal. they will always be huddling near by with nuclear codes and communications devices. i'll speak with a congressman who is a trump supporter. and our correspondents, analysts and guests will have full coverage of the day's top stories. let's start with jason carroll. what is this all about? >> well, wolf, you may be seeing
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a different version of donald trump. when have you known him to backtrack on anything. hearing now that donald trump will, in all likelihood, endorse paul ryan when he goes to wisconsin later this evening. >> donald trump is taking a step toward yun citying the republican party at a rally in wisconsin tonight, trump caused another interparty rift. gop presidential nominee mike pence split with his nominee. >> he said do you mind because he says i like paul ryan. paul ryan today saying he has not spoken to trump, and suggesting his endorsement of trump is not set in stone. >> there is never a blank check.
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i see no purpose in the fit for tat back and forth with him. it serves no good purpose. >> trump moving today to clean up his false claim they he saw video of a u.s. cash payment made to iran. >> a tape was made, an airplane coming in, a nice plane, and the money coming off, i guess. >> the gop nominee saying the plane i saw on television was the hostage plane in geneva, switzerland. tim kaine looking to capitalize on trump's mistake. >> have i no idea what he is talking about. >> that video doesn't exist? >> no. >> saying he slipped when he
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missed up the virginia governor with tom cain who was a republican. >> you think he is confused? >> i absolutely think he is confused. >> the clinton campaign also blasting trump on foreign policy today. >> it if he governors consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i will be very frightened. >> all of this as clinton picks up the endorsement of mike morrell. even adding that trump's praise of russian president vladimir putin turned him into an agent. >> people who know donald trump
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know that he knows how to stand up and he will in a trump-pence administration. >> so hearing him speaking in des moines i noticed a different tone. there is less shouting, screaming, less name calling, more focus on the issues. more focus on hillary clinton. at one point he did go off topic at one point relitigating this whole thing about a joke he made earlier this week about throwing a baby out of a rally in virginia. it seems to be an attempt to turn a page in the way that trump aggressing the crowds. >> donald trump may be backtracking on some things, but she not necessarily backing off of his attacks on hillary
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clinton. he just had a rally in iowa. trump is all out right now against hillary clinton. >> the top of this event in des moines, iowa. they refer to hekt as a dangerous lie dangerous as jason caron was just mentioning here. in the last couple moments, just over my shoulder, donald trump was saying he loves babies. he didn't mean it when he had her throw that baby out at that rally. as for the expected endorsement of paul ryan, i'm told by some ryan aides they don't have anything to say about it at this point. perhaps inside the ryan campaign they believe it when they see it. you're right, when it comes to
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hillary clinton, you are hearing hillary clinton getting back on message. >> if hillary clinton becomes president, you will have -- you will have terrorism, you will have problems, you will have really, in my opinion, the destruction of this country from within. she is close to unhinged. you have seen it a couple times, but people in the background know it. the people who know her know it, and she is like an unbalanced person. >> wolf, in another example, it was something of a amazing statement that he made a few moments ago, sort of concedes
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how the public is feeling about the state of his campaign, how it is in perhaps trouble right now. he told the crowd if you don't like me, that is okay, vote for pence. a sign that perhaps donald trump understands in the republican party there are misgivings about this candidate even though there is plenty of people in the party that like the bottom ha half of tick. >> he said that she is unstable, dangerous, and a liar. a lot of people in the crowd scream "lock her up." he restrains himself in responding to that lately, right? >> yes, and he has been taking it to hillary clinton all this week. one of the things we noticed about his rallies all week long is that yes, every rally he goes
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after hillary clinton. he goes after her in ways you don't normally hear. he called her the devil on monday night in pennsylvania. he has a tendency to go off the rails and he creates messy headlines for him and his campaign. throwing the baby out of the rally on wednesday. talking about meghyn kelly and what she was doing asking him questions. he was relitigating that in florida. he has a tendency to get off message. we saw less of that today at this rally here in iowa, but he wanted to go back and correct the record, saying he loves babies, he wanted to make that clear here in iowa. >> him and his vice presidential running mate are both walking out now.
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joining us now, ted of florida who is a trump supporter. >> why do you think it took donald trump so long. he will finally endorse the house speaker. the top ranking republican paul ryan, why did it take so long to do it? >> mr. mr. is a businessman that is used to negotiating. i think you're seeing posturing. i think it is a posturing thing, and i think it got the results that he wanted. i don't put a lot into it. i think as he said, he will come out and endorse mr. ryan. >> he irritated a lot of colleges in the house, and a lot of the republican leadership, what was he trying to achieve when he said he is not yet ready to endorse paul ryan? >> i think you pointed out a
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very good point that he irritated a lot of people. this is something we have never seen in our country before. you have someone like donald trump that wins a primary through the tough season they went through, against 16 seasoned politicians, and the american people brought him to that stage and that is okay. i think we have to adapt to the dmimps politics. donald trump is a fighter, he is used to being in the ring and it is a different style. we go down this path way, and he is going to say he knows what he is doing. >> a lot of people say he was responding to serious pressure from within his campaign, from within the republican party leadership. mike pence endivorced paul ryan yesterday, the day before, he made no bones about it. >> and the thing i like about this is donald went ahead and changed course. just like on that video when he
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said he saw that. one of the signs of a quality, a good leader, is being willing to say that i made a mistake and apologize for it. so i think you will see more of this in the coming months going up to november 8th. >> i don't know that he apologized, he just corrected the impression he left. >>ly correct myself, you're absolutely right, he did not apologize, he said he made a mistake. >> there will be a lot of noticeable absences there at the rally. senator ron johnson, the republican party chairman, apparently none of them are going to be there to demonstrate their support for him. what do you make of that? >> i don't fwhee their schedules
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are. i don't know if they're in other parts of the country politicking. we saw people there in support and people who didn't show up. this is a different campaign than i have seen in my years, but the american people put him there resoundingly without any questions. >> you have to admit that he is the republican presidential nominee. he was elected, he beat others decisively, impressively. after the convention, he is out there campaigning, do you really believe it would be scheduling perhaps that prevent others from visiting the state. >> he informs daytona the other day, my state, and i didn't maybe that one there, but i was in jacksonville. the crowd was phenomenal. i know people can't make
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everything. i refer you to those guys to ask why they were not there. >> how many of your colleagues asking donald trump to get involved and help them in their own campaigns? >> i have not heard anyone ask at this point, but he came to the republican conference 3 1/2 or 4 weeks ago. there was a lot of rumblingrumb. donald came in and he was humble and gracious. he stayed there for an hour and a half answering questions until everyone was done. he talked about one of the most important things for a president to do in the next election nap is the point, conservative supreme court justices. he laid out his plan and what he had done jetting the supreme court nominees. he talked about national
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security, tax reform. growing the economy. raising the quality of life in america. the people around me said this is unlike what we thought he would be. we're very impressed. and i think you will see that jupty continue to grow. >> congressman, we have much more to discussion. i also want to get your thoughts from the former acting director of the cia who says trump may be an agent for vladimir putin. the number of units we'll make next month to maximize earnings. that's a projection. no, it's a fact. based on hundreds of proprietary and open data sets folded into a real-time, actionable analytics model. nine. eight. three. five. two. you're not gonna round that up? you don't round up facts. powerful analytics driving decisions for the world's most valuable brands. hewlett packard enterprise.
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breaking news, donald trump
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now backtracking. he is also stepping up his attacks saying if hillary clinton was elected she would bring about the destruction of this country. we're back with the republican congressman. member of the house foreign affairs committee. congressman as you know the forer acting cia director. he wrote this and let me put it up on the screen, i will quote him. he said domd j. trump is not only unqualified for the job, but he may pose a threat for our national security. how can they address this for other high ranking national intelligence officials. >> i think the majority of americans already feel we're at risk. i had the opportunity to speak with 80 different ambassadors. there was a reception
2:22 pm
afterwards. i had a group of ambassadors come up to me and this is what i found interesting. donald trump talked about restructuring nato and putting more pressure on them. they said we are not good members. one of the countries said we're going to become current. other countries said we put it in the budget for when the new president takes charge. i think this is a great sign and i think it comes strictly from donald trump. i agree, i think it should happen. he has people's attention because there is an unknown factor. he is a businessman. people worry about the way he is with women and i think if you look at the tapes of his kids at the convention, there is no question about where his values
2:23 pm
are. i worry about national security with where we're at and if mrs. clinton gets in there, i know where we will go. i sat there with benghazi hearings, the iran nuclear deals, those were her concoctions. >> that was. >> remember mike morrell served 30 plus years. worked his way up to be the acting director. he also says this and it is very significant. he said the russian president vladimir putin played on trump's vulnerabilities making him an unwitting agent of the russian federation. i want your reaction to that. that is a blistering indictment.
2:24 pm
>> it is if you believe in conspiracy ther rows. and we can go down the list and compare one to the other, and i think if vladimir putin is saying this, maybe she a little intimidated by donald trump. i feel more confident of the people in my district. we ran a poll last night, and 72% of the people voted for donald trump in that poll. >> what evidence is there he might be intimidated by mr. trump? >> he knows he is a businessman and a negotiator. they say we're going to get our dues current for the new teacher or the new principal coming into town and that is mr. trump. in this administration, if we look back, we raeted a void on the world stage for national security. that has been filled by vladimir
2:25 pm
putin. just the other day when assad launched those barrel bombs, vladimir putin said oh, that is the american press spreading pa paranoia and fear. i think he is afraid of donald trump and he has been emboldened by this administration and the lack of resolve of our country. and donald trump will fill that void. if america is not leading, the world is not a safer place. i think we can look around the world at the middle east, north africa, south america. look at what is going on in the china sea. that void is there and this slide void will be filled the next president, donald trump.
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we're following breaking news, donald trump launching a new round of controversy. joning us here in the situation room. we have our panel here, thank
2:31 pm
very much for joining us. david you said she could lead to the destruction of this country from within. she is untable, she lacks character. she is dangerous, a liar, she is close unhinged. she would be a disaster as president and he said that very quickly. he was really going after her. >> he is now trying to take the frame that hillary clinton is building around him and his temperament and flip it on it's head. that clearly ere mind whether or not it is getting under his skin or not, he wants to call into question her fitness for the office as well. he does not want this to be a one-sided conversation. >> it was an effort to change the conversation and focus on hillary clinton. instead he has been in interparty squabbles. finally moving in the direction that most republicans want. >> what does that say that he is
2:32 pm
finally moving in the direction that the republican leadership here in washington and in the campaign, that they want today do this. >> is sounds like they persuaded him to go after someone other than the parents of a man that died in war, and paul ryan. >> speaking of paul ryan, tonight in wisconsin we expect that he will do what he refused to do earlier in the week, formally endorse paul ryan. >> our sources say that is the current plan, let's see when donald trump gets on stage to make sure that happens. you saw him endorse him. mike pence had his blessing. so he got an onslaught from so
2:33 pm
many inside the party that trying to embarrass paul ryan a week before the primary is not the root to go. an reince prebus was really personally upset about this and he and trump have been trying to forge a relationship. trump understands there is no path without a unified public party. so to stop this intra party fighting. >> earlier in the week he was tweeting nice things about paul ryan's challenger. does that mean he was suck coming to this kind of pressure?
2:34 pm
>> i think so. not just nationally. they were saying why are you doing this? the political class is behind paul ryan. donald trump is not particularly popular in wisconsin. he does well in western wisconsin, northern wisconsin, the rural parts, but not in the population centers. he will need to do well if he wants to win there in november. who can help him? paul ryan. scott walker, folks that he alienated by the comments he made. >> none of them will be there tonight. >> and charlie sykes told me last week before trump came out, mike pence met with him in person and talked about how do we shore up support for trump in
2:35 pm
wisconsin. so i just had a great conversation, and trump blow torched it. it is great that he is endorsing paul ryan, but way later. >> we have more breaking news. we have to take a quick break, we'll be right back.
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hillary clinton today tried to explain drerchss between her statements and what fbi director
2:40 pm
said about her server. let's bring suzanne malvo. take us through her latest explanation. >> it was interesting, wolf. this was before about 1400 journalists, hispanic and african-american journalists. she said as president she would put forward immigration reform. she would gale with black and latino unemployment. the questions came fast and furious and it was all about her authentici authenticity. here is how she explained it, a tortured explanation. >> he said my answers in my fbi interview were truthful. that is really the bottom line here. and i have said during the interview and in many other occasions in the past months, that what i told the fbi, which
2:41 pm
he said was truthful, is consistent with what i have said publicly. so i may have short circuited, and for that i will try to clarify. i think chris wallace and i will probably talking past each other. of course he could only talk to what i had told the fbi and i appreciated that. now i have acknowledged repeatedly that using two e-mail accounts was a mistake. and i take responsibility for that. but i do think having him say that my answers to the fbi were truthful, and that i should quickly add what i said was consistent with what i said publicly. and that is really, sort of in my view, trying to tie both ends together. >> so wolf, quite a bit to unpack there. she was trying to do so. we didn't hear anything new
2:42 pm
regarding explanation. dulling down what she said before. saying it was a short circuited explanation there. i think there are answers to be questioned there. sheo make the case that she is trust worthy in other ways. that she has done good things for the american people, she has been entrusted with those duties and jobs. >> suzanne, thank you. the e-mail controversy follows her, but does it matter to voters based on all of the evidence that we're getting. >> i think it does matter to voters and we have shown that in the course of the last year. i don't know that it matters more going forward. i think the story is fully baked in. her honest and trust worthy
2:43 pm
numbers are not improving. so to me that means she is where she is going to be on this. there is not more damage to be done except as a distraction. so today, this is the hillary clinton story that gets talked about because she is still talking and parsing language and going in detail about this instead of just sticking to the one line of "this was wrong and i would not do it again." once she gets into the comey stuff i feel like she lost the argument because she is not sticking to the top line of "i would not this again if i had the chance." >> the national polls, states and battleground states, georgia she has a four-point lead over trump in georgia. you see it right there. she may have the e-mail controversy, but in the polls she is doing well right now. trump is just ased f bad as
2:44 pm
hers. they will be competitive in some of the red states. arizona, maybe outside chance of utah. there are polls that say she is close there. i agree with david. her explanation was so tortured today about this e-mail controversy, there is no person watching that hearing, i was at that comey hearing and it was a blistering critique of her practices and that she could have damaged national security. so it will hurt her and under mine her credibility and truthfulness. >> he said she was negligent. that was a specific word he used on that. a jobs report came out today.
2:45 pm
4.9% unemployment. good numbers there. politically how will that impact this contest? >> it helps clinton, but she needs all of the help she can get. the clear average, upwards of 70% think it is on the right track. there was numbers this year that were really ugly. but what clinton is running on to carry on the obama legacy and unless the numbers stay well and get bet ter is tough for her to make a case based sewly on the perks of the status quo. >> they revised some of the previous months up, and it seems like everything in that direction -- >> i think en though his ratings are so high, most americans don't think that the country is going in the right direction. >> yeah, really a real inkent si. >> yeah, it is always very very
2:46 pm
key. stand by, we have other news we're following, donald trump's critics say he can't handle nuclear codes. we look at what is known in the case known as the nuclear football. the newly released and deeply disturbing body cam videos that is sparking outrage in chicago. you both have a perfect driving record.
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donald trump has expressed concerns about the security of u.s. nuclear weapons. critics say trump can't be trusted with nuclear weapons meaning the command codes and communications devices that are always carried by a military aide accompanying the president. bryan, what are you seeing when it comes to that briefcase? >> got some fascinating new information tonight on how this nuclear briefcase worked. we spoke to a former marine who for three years carry what had they called the president's emergency satchel. it enables the commander in chief to set an emergency strike. just a few feet from the president no matter where the commander in chief happens to be, a military aide carries a briefcase. it's nicknamed the football and the power it can unleash is legendary. >> immense, unprecedented power.
2:52 pm
the united states deployed approximately 900 nuclear warheads that are on the order of 10 to 20 times more powerful than the weapons that destroyed hiroshima. >> five military aides work in a rotation carrying the football. for three years, as a young marine major, pete carried the football for president reagan. the responsibility can be nerve wracking. >> i wouldn't say i was on edge but i was very focused on what i was going to do. the time is so short between alert and execution, you have to be ready any time for any moment. that's why one of us was always in close proximity. there's a separate football for the vice president. inside the case there's communication equipment. he won't discuss the other
2:53 pm
contents but it was described four crucial components inside. a so-called black book listing strike options for retaliation. if the u.s. is attacked with nuclear weapons. a book listing bunker locations where the president can be taken. a manila folder listing procedures for the emergency broadcast system and a small card with authentication codes to verify it's the president setting a nuclear launch. hillary clinton says donald trump doesn't have the right temperament to be trusted with the nuclear launch codes. >> anyone can be provoked by a tweet should not be near nuclear weapons. >> reporter: to carry the football, he had to undergo rigorous background checks by the military, secret service and fbi. it included extensive screening. >> the result of the decision the president would make, it
2:54 pm
would change the face of the earth, it would change humanity, it would change mankind. i guess when you're on duty, you try not to think about the import of that, but you're fully prepared to do so if you have to. >> reporter: if the president decides to use the football and launch a nuclear strike, is there anyone in the chain of command that can stop the order? the white house won't comment on that but pete and other experts say unless there's a full on mutiny, no one can stop that order. >> the security surrounding this briefcase is incredible. there's been missteps with it, haven't there? >> sure have. around the year 2000, an aide to bill clinton lost that biscuit. the aide had no idea where the card was for a period of months and the pentagon didn't find out for months. it problem happened without
2:55 pm
president clinton's knowledge. >> coming up, donald trump reverses course. sources say he will endorse the house speaker paul ryan for re-election. trump is staying the course with his attacks on hillary clinton saying she bring the destruction of the u.s. from within. chicago authorities have released video of that fatal police shooting of an unarmed black teenager but why are investigators missing a key element in this case? ♪ he wrecked the rec room this summer. his stellar notebooks will last through june. get back to great. this week, these items just one cent each. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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happening now, breaking news, reversal on ryan. cnn has learned donald trump will flip on supporting house
3:00 pm
speaker paul ryan in his re-election bid. trump is expected to offer his endorsement just days after snubbing ryan and igniting a gop fire storm. russian doll. a former cia chief warns vladmir putin is using his intelligence training to make him an unwitting agent of russia. hillary clinton ignites the e-mail controversy dogging her campaign by repeating misleading statements that have been widely debunked. how much damage is she doing to herself? hail of bullets. chicago police release video showing police officers firing 15 shots at an unarmed young man. will it lead to civil unrest? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer.
3:01 pm
you're in "the situation room." we're standing by for a donald trump campaign rally where the republican presidential candidate is expected to make a rare and major reversal. trump will endorse the house speaker paul ryan in his re-election bid after publicly snubbing him just days ago. trump has backtracked that he saw video of a massive u.s. cash payment to iran. a former cia chief says trump is being played by russian president vladmir putin. in an op-ed endorsing hillary clinton, michael moral said putin is exploiting trump's weaknesses making him an unwilling agent of russia. breaking, graphic and disturbing video of a deadly police shooting. it's just been released. the victim, an 18-year-old
3:02 pm
african-american shot in the back by chicago police in violation of department policy during a chase. tonight, police are warning of possible civil unrest and violence against police in response to the video. we're covering all of that and much more this hour with our guests. our correspondents and expert analysts are standing by. let's begin with donald trump's expected endorsement of house speaker paul ryan. a major reversal from his position days ago. jim acosta is in des moines, iowa. i take this endorsement as an attempt to get the campaign back on track after a very difficult week. >> that's right, wolf. it was day of backsliding for donald trump. he's backtracking to correct all of that. we expect donald trump later on this evening to go ahead and reverse himself and offer that endorsement for house speaker paul ryan. he said he was not ready to do
3:03 pm
so. wolf, this comes as donald trump wrapped up rally here in des moines, iowa as he tries to refocus his attention on the topic that unites all republicans. that is hillary clinton. for a candidate that rarely admit a mistake, it may be the most untrump moment yet. he will back the house speaker in his re-election campaign. the move comes after trump gave his blessing to his running mate mike pence to get behind ryan. >> he came to me, called me the other day. he likes paul ryan. paul ryan is a good guy. he's a good guy. >> reporter: the change in course follows days of panic inside the gop over trump's tanking poll numbers and concerns he could go serious damage to candidates down ballot. top republicans were furious that trump appeared to be
3:04 pm
playing games and double crossing ryan who already endorsed him. the speaker was barely containing his own feelings. >> heck if i know. i'm not going to try to psyc psychoanalyze this stuff. i'm not going to get involved in some petty back and forth. i see no purpose in doing that. i'm going to be me and do my thing. >> reporter: trump has also walked back his claim he seen video of that u.s. shipment of $400 million to iran that happened around the time american hostages were freed from tehran even after his own staff was telling news outlets that trump was mistaken, he was repeating the claim. >> it's interesting because a tape was made. you saw that with the airplane coming in. nice plane. the airplane coming in and the money coming offer, i guess, right? that was given to us, has to be, by the iranians. >> reporter: in the morning, a correction in a trump tweet. the plane i saw on television was the hostage plane in geneva,
3:05 pm
switzerland. tim kaine says there's a pattern of confusion. >> he might be thinking about iran contra from like 35 years ago. he criticized me saying i was a bad governor of new jersey. >> confused you with tom cane. >> he was governor of jersey 26 years ago. >> he tried to make the case that it's clinton who is erratic. >> she's unhinged. the people in the background know it. the people that know her know it. she's like an unbalanced person. >> reporter: also raising questions is trump's comment on whether he is considering any women. he could only think of his daughter, telling a local station, well there are so many different ones to choose. i can tell you everybody would say put ivanka in. put ivanka in.
3:06 pm
you know that right. that prompted a zinger to hillary clinton. re we know a guy with a binder, he might not take your calls though. aides to paul ryan say they are unaware of any plan for a donald trump endorsement. that's coming up in wisconsin later on . they will believe it when they see it. donald trump referenced that crying baby that he said he wanted to toss out the rally in virginia earlier this week. he said he loves baby and was only kidding. at one point he seemed to acknowledge all these negative feelings he's getting from people inside the republican party about him, his kamg pacam. he said if you don't like me, vote for pence. he still wants people the vote republican and consider his running mate is still a good option. >> good point. thanks very much. let's go to wisconsin now.
3:07 pm
paul ryan's home state where donald trump is expected to endorse him. jason carol is on the scene for us. trump will be taking the stage in about two hours, is that right? >> reporter: yes just about two hours from now. what we expect to hear here in wisconsin is much of what jim acosta heard there in des moines. what's interesting is when you listen to that speech that he gave, some of the adjectives that he used to describe hillary clinton are some of the same ways that trump's critics have used to describe him. i've written them down here. unhinged, dangerous liar, unbalanced person. lacking integrity. lacking temperament. these are the same criticisms we heard lodged at donald trump. this is what works. going after hillary clinton and staying after hillary clinton is what those of the gop says that what donald trump needs to do. they need to have them stop going off message. trump wouldn't be trump if he
3:08 pm
didn't go off message at least once. that's what he did in des moines. you heard jim acosta refer to it talking about that incident with that baby and the comments he made at that rally in virginia. listen to what he said in des moines a short while ago about that. >> one of the events, a beautiful baby was crying. i mean crying like you wouldn't believe. this baby could have been pavaratti. i'm going to find out who that baby is. i'm going to make a deal with the parents. we can take that baby to training school and it will be the next great pavoratti. the baby was crying. i jokingly said, let the baby cry. we love babies. something to that effect. then about two minutes later, it didn't stop. it just went on. i'm trying to speak in front of thousands. we had thousands of people in the room. i believe, all right. i said the first time, keep the baby here.
3:09 pm
don't worry about it. after two minutes i said, you know what, i'm going to counter act my order. beautiful baby, if you take her outside that's okay. the press came out with headlines, trump throws baby out of arena. so dishonest. i've heard so much about that beautiful baby, beautiful parents. so much. i don't throw babies out, believe me. i love babies. i love my children. i love babies. i don't throw babies out. we have a very, very dishonest media. i do want you to remember that. when you read, you'll read this story tomorrow. you'll hear it very different like the baby. like that beautiful baby. i love that baby. i love that baby. >> yes, the beautiful baby.
3:10 pm
i was in that room at that rally in virginia. i believe it was on tuesday when trump initially made that comment. he says it was a joke. i want you to listen for yourself. make your own judgment. >> don't worry about that baby. i love babies. i love babies. i hear that baby crying. i like it. what a baby. what a beautiful baby. don't worry. don't worry. the mom's running around like don't worry about it. it's young and beautiful and healthy. that's what we want. actually, i was only kidding. you can get the baby out of here. that's all right. don't worry. i think she really believed me that i love having a baby crying while i'm speaking. >> reporter: you can see there are a number of folks there in the audience. we all heard them. a lot of folks were laughing. trump trying to make the point
3:11 pm
this is the media bias against him. at the end of the day, trump wouldn't be trump if he didn't go off course a little bit. obviously, those within the gop establishment want him to stay on course all the time. perhaps he wouldn't be himself if he didn't go off the course a bit. some of those folks, this is what they like about the man. they like when he goes off course but just a little bit. wolf. >> maybe that's why he got the republican presidential nomination because he's willing to go off course. he did throughout the primaries and the caucuses. thank you very much. let's get a little more on this. darrell issa of california is joining us. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> what do you think happened between tuesday and today that helped donald trump change his mind about endorsing the house speaker, paul ryan? >> i think it's the mike pence factor. mike is a solid conservative,
3:12 pm
thoughtful, and i think he went to his running mate and told him the real story of paul ryan is a uniter and a key element in bringing together a very diverse party. the one thing that i think people do like about donald trump is that he does and is willing to change his mind. he's made not great at admitting it publicly but he has evolved in a lot of his thinking. i would suspect in days to come he will announcing some cabinet officers including talented women. >> you believe he will change his mind and endorse republican senator john mccain, republican senator kelly ayotte of new hampshire? >> i think he will. i think he recognizes these are important leaders in the party. they represent two very different states and they both been stall words of the republican party.
3:13 pm
both have campaigned around for a lot of people over the years and done a lot of good for the party. i think tonight the paul ryan endorsement will be a beginning of that unity that his team needs to bring to the party. >> trump still doesn't have the endorsement of the ohio governor, john kasich. that's a key battleground state. any republican candidate needs to carry ohio if he or she will win the presidency. can he win in ohio without governor kasich's support? >> well, i think there's a couple of things and you know a lot more about politics than many of your viewers, all of your viewers. john kasich needs to endorse the nominee. he also needs to help rob portman. ohio is a swing state. we have to be united to be there. john kasich was at all the fund raising parties around the convention. i ran into him a couple of times just a few miles from the convention. it is time for him to put behind him the hard feelings and do
3:14 pm
what you do to move a movement, in this case, toward liberty, something he strongly believes in. >> he told jake tapper he's not yet ready to endorse donald trump. we'll see if that changes. as you also know, the former cia acting director endorsed hillary clinton. he wrote an article sayi ining donald trump would be potentially dangerous as commander in chief. you know this subject well, has donald trump shown the temperament to prove officials wrong when they say trump doesn't have it? >> it is interesting that somebody who leaked secrets publicly this texas one time. i remember it very vividly is supporting hillary clinton somebody who mishandled highly classified records. i take this as a partisan endorsement. i'm not surprised that hillary is getting a number of
3:15 pm
endorsements by people who like her politics even if they don't agree with her handling of national security and foreign affairs. >> what secret did mike leak in texas? >> he declassified on the fly along with the ten texas chairman. to be honest, i don't want to get into the particulars he felt he could talk about that has been previously exposed to us in classified sessions. this is a political atmosphere. this is a political endorsement. when you look at the endorsements, you should take them as that. they are really endorsing or picking political sides. i think they are picking political sides. >> was he ever charged with any crime by leaking classified information, any rebuke? >> he said the administration can choose to declassify at any
3:16 pm
time. it was rather shocking to those of us serving on the committee. having said that -- >> you talking about the intelligence committee? >> yes, sir. the fact is that one of the challenges we have is the administration can play down classified material any time they want. the president the obama even went on national television and said there's classified and then there's classified. well, if somebody he didn't like had mishandled classified information, it wouldn't be classified and classified. it would be secret and top secret and you're going to jail. there's no question there's a double standard based on how the executive branch wants to treat somebody's activity. >> i think the president was suggesting there's various levels of classified information. there's confidential -- >> no. >> there's secret. top secret, secure, compartmented information. various levels of classified information. >> wolf, i normally agree with
3:17 pm
you. i took it as he was denouncing that these documents -- many of them turned out to be secret and top secret. i think there were eight that turned out to be at a very high level. mishandling of documents at any level is wrong. the president making might of it was a terrible statement. the fact is a lowly second lieutenant or army captain like i was, you mishandle confidential information and you will lose your commission. the president denouncing that is just not right. i'll tell you one thing from experience, we had thousands and thousands and thousands of documents that was denied to my committee that had been subpoenaed. some didn't reach the level of confidential and yet the u.s. congress was not able to see them or make copies of them. that's the double standard this fast and furious, they are still with holding documents today that are classified below
3:18 pm
confidential meaning they're not official classifications but the administration is with holding them. there's a double standard. it's one of the things the american people will have to decide are the rules the same for everybody. overclassification may immediate to some of that where somebody says that's not classified but that begs the question of why do that so often overclassify. >> i need you to standby. we'll take a quick break. much more information that we need to discuss. we'll be right back. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake.
3:19 pm
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sources telling cnn donald trump will endorse paul ryan's re-election bid at a rally tonight in green bay, wisconsin
3:23 pm
trump outraged a lot of leaders when he said he wasn't ready to support paul ryan. we're back with darrell issa of california. poll numbers show donald trump in a clear deficit nationally but also in some swing states of florida, for example. he's behind by six points. look at georgia. usually a very loyal republican state. he's down by four points in g g georgia and a new poll shows he's trailing hillary clinton by 15 points now. what does he need to do to make that up? >> i think you mentioned earlier, kelly ayotte. the senator there is popular. they need to run together. they need to run on the same principles of jobs, economy and national defense. that's something the senator believes in and campaigning on. they need to work together. that's one of the challenges of bringing together a diverse party is you need to have all
3:24 pm
these factors pulling the same way. i think we can do it. i think tonight with the endorsement of paul ryan he's going to have pushed together, if you will, what was previously unnecessary strife, one in which the most admired person in the house of representatives needs to be on his team. >> he made a mistake earlier in the week when he really attacked kelly ayotte of new hampshire? >> she's a great senator. i was in new hampshire quite a bit. i also worked with her in the senate. she's one of those people that i would think anybody would be happy to have on their team and in their cabinet. the same as if you wanted a cia director, you could go to heather wilson, former congresswoman and a very distinguished national security expert. there's a lot of very talented women and men. they need to be part of a united team that talks about what the
3:25 pm
republican party will do if given an opportunity to fix what's wrong in our government. >> carl paladino said yesterday that president obama is not a christian. that he's a muslim. speaker ryan's opponent who donald trump praised said there should be a discussion on whether or not to deport all muslims from the united states. are these kind of statements in line with what donald trump actually believes? >> i don't think so and i hope not. i've traveled overseas, met with our marines in afghanistan and iran over the years. there's muslims fights with us that are not marines and muslims who are americans among the marines. as somebody who signed more than a hundred letters to the loved ones of lost marines, i think we have to realize that we're a nation of christians, jews,
3:26 pm
muslims and many other faiths and they fight as americans. they live as americans. that's what america's all about. it has been for 240 years. >> thank you for joining us. just ahead, a former cia chief says russian president is using his intelligence training to exploit donald trump's weaknesses. the moments around a deadly police shooting caught on tape. it keeps us comfortable and asleep at night. can i take a nap now? (vo) change your sleep, change your life, change to tempur-pedic. ♪ ♪ ♪
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we're standing by for a donald trump campaign rally in green bay, wisconsin. sources are telling cnn trump will endorse paul ryan who he publicly snubbed a couple of days ago. let's dig deeper with our senior political analyst. he's a senior editor at the anoth atlantic. also contributor for politico magazine and a columnist for foreign policy magazine. was this a missed opportunity. he knew he was going to be in green bay. he had an opportunity to endorse the speaker paul ryan from wisconsin. didn't do it. >> donald trump invited a headache that he didn't need this week because he launched some infighting among republicans. it caused consternation inside the party about full confidence in donald trump being
3:32 pm
disciplined moving forward. i think there's any real impact on whether he endorses, no. what we have seen is critical for trump. we have seen a fully unified republican party. picking a fight with the house speaker is not the way to get it. >> i disagree. i think the signal of this unity is there. we have this constant feud between trump and republican leadership make it easier for the clinton forces -- it amplifies the impact of the clinton forces able to drop these one after the other. one after the other. >> those folks aren't doing that because of the endorsement. >> i'm saying it backdrop creates the image of a republican party that is splintered in an unusual way. i think what the clinton people are right about is the idea that all of this is creating the
3:33 pm
phrase that people use all the time, a permission structure. particularly those college white men who usually vote republican. they feel more comfortable saying this time you don't have to. >> is trump doing this flip on the speaker because he's under so much pressure from republican leaders? >> i don't know why he's doing it. i would have to say it plays well with his base. he's sticking it -- he's flipping the bird to the republican establishment. he's doing exactly what his voters have always wanted him to do. how many times have we been sitting around this table or reading hot ticks about no, really we need trump to get disciplined, get behind the party or have the party get behind him. this is the late motif of this whole election. >> he's doing now what he did for a year in getting the republican nomination. it worked well for him. he thinks it will continue to work well. >> it's an entirely different
3:34 pm
electorate he's trying to court. he's not running to win republican primaries. he's running to win the presidency. that's why the khan controversy is far more complicated than this kind of in-fighting that's an unnecessary distraction. >> this is a personal tit for tat. >> ryan came aboard. >> so trump is about to as well. >> the brand has changed. the brand is someone who will go and rattle the pillars. that allows him to appeal to a certain portion of the electorate. all of this tension, all of these fissures within the republican party, saying i still don't know who i'm going to vote for or the procession of republican or independent figures saying they are not going to vote for donald trump. all of it sends the same message to voters that they can break
3:35 pm
from the usual partisan inclination here. >> or they can continue voting for trump because he continues to be the outsider candidate. he hasn't gotten it. >> take a look at the new national polls. you look at them closely, all of us look at them closely. clinton is up nationally by 15 points. that's a pretty significant number coming out of these two conventions. >> i don't think the clinton campaign could have asked for a better position to be in after the conventions for this august period and trying to set the stage for the fall campaign. we'll see if she maintains that margin after the fade of the convention but this is now a new world order for donald trump. when he decides to go up with television ads, to get more serious about a ground game with the rnc, he's doing it from now a further back position of weakness than a month ago. this is the best position for the clinton campaign.
3:36 pm
>> stand by. we have a lot more to discuss. we take a quick break. we'll be right back. his stellar notebooks will last through june. get back to great. this week, these items just one cent each. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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3:40 pm
hillary clinton doubling down on that she was distruthful about the e-mails.
3:41 pm
this happened in a rare question and answer session with reporters. >> reporter: that's right. it was nearly seven months since she held something close to a press conference and about 1400 black and hispanic journalists gathered there. as soon as the questions were fired, there were questions about her authenticity, her honesty and what she is now calling her short circuited explanation regarding the e-mail. >> america is better than donald trump. >> reporter: hillary clinton laying into donald trump today at a conference for black and hispanic journalists in washington. >> we need to stand up as a country and said that donald trump doesn't represent who we are and what we believe. >> reporter: clinton was asked about her claim in pair of recent interviews that fbi director james comey said her
3:42 pm
public answers about her e-mails were truthful. >> i was pointing on in both of those instances that the director comey said my answers in my fbi interview were truthful. i may have short circuited. i think chris wallace and i were talking past each other because he could only talk to what i told the fbi. i appreciated that. >> reporter: clinton addressed questions with her struggles with voters who do not see her as honest and trustworthy. >> how would you lead a nation where majority of americans distrust you? >> every time i have done a job, people have counted on me and trusted me. i take it seriously. it doesn't make me feel good when people say thaz things. i recognize that i have work to do. >> as the democratic nominee
3:43 pm
picked up another high profile endorsement. in a new york times op-ed, former cia director said he would be voting for clinton and november and warned of trump's impact on the world stage and said mr. trump has no experience on national security. even more important, the character traits he has exhibited during the primary season suggests he would be a poor, even dangerous commander in chief. he slammed trump's praise of russian president saying in the intelligence business, we would say that mr. putin recruited mr. trump as an unwitting agent of the russian federation. the clinton campaign also releasing a new television ad featuring conservatives critical of trump's foreign policy views. >> if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. >> nationally clinton's lead over trump continues to widen. an upswing by president obama's
3:44 pm
rising job approval rating and positive jobs report. >> reporter: hillary clinton seeing a significant lead in key battleground stays including michigan, pennsylvania as well as new hampshire. this is central to trump's campaign. the latest poll is showing 44% for 40%. that's within the margin of error but still just a smidge ahead. that's significant. the last time that georgia actually voted for a democratic nominee was bill clinton back in 1992. >> he won that election as we all know. what can donald trump do now because he's way behind nationally and in these key battleground state, including state like georgia which few thought was a battleground. >> they move together. they're affected by the same things. this race is acquiring structure. donald trump, in most polls, is still performing well among his
3:45 pm
core of blue collar white voters. he's struggling enormously among minority voters. republicans don't win a lot of them. democrats have won between 78 to 82% of the vote. donald trump will struggle to hold hillary clinton to 82. there were polls where he was at zero among african-americans. the critical third piece are the college educated white voters who lean republican, especially the men. donald trump is significantly underperforming with him. they view him as unqualified and many see him as racially divisi divisive. it's hard to make the numbers add up. >> when we see more down ballot candidates runni inning for re-election. >> i think we have a perfect example of that this week in new hampshire. when that poll came out that showed kelly ayotte ten points behind, that was a clear warning sign that the donald trump
3:46 pm
effect could be problematic down ballot in a serious way. you see kelly ayotte is not embracing donald trump in any way but doing her best not to reject him because she needs some core of the trump supporters. it's a very tricky position. in these senate races it's going to be hard for the candidates to distance themselves from donald trump. >> you're an expert on russia. when you see the former acting director of the cia write in the new york times op-ed that putin recruited mr. trump as an unwitting agent of russia. you study this all the time. is there reason for concern based on what he's just charged? >> i think there is. there was a lot of speculation the last two weeks about whether or not trump is a kremlin stooge. i think that's pushing it too far. the facts don't really support it. i think that trump has always
3:47 pm
sought putin's approval when he went to russia to host the miss universe pageant. he tweeted he really wanted to meet vladmir putin and be his best friend. he's doing everything he can to suck up to him. he is being a useful idiot. we ran a really interesting piece in "politico" about a russian journalist who wrote a piece about the kremlin. he said they something along the line offense what morale said which is putin is a trained kgb on the pa operative, you don't immediately ask them to do something. you don't saddle them with baggage. when the time is right, they'll come to you. they'll do what you want without you having to ask. >> it's a pretty serious charge. >> it's one of the most serious charges. when i read that this morning, it was like woe.
3:48 pm
that's as serious as it gets. part of the doubts that trump faces is on foreign policy. he leads on terrorism often but hillary clinton had a big lead among the college educated white voters. it's really important how difficult this may be for republicans no matter what they do to separate themselves from donald trump. the last four decades we have seen a steady decline. the correlation the way people vote has been growing. maybe they can separate but they are running against four decades of history. >> much more coming up. stick around. stay with us. another story we're following, have dramatic video. an unarmed african-american man shot and killed by police. there's graphic, new video raising troubling questions about why the police officers opened fire.
3:49 pm
3:50 pm
3:51 pm
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
[ shots fired ] >> more breaking news. chicago police have released body cam video of the deadly police shooting. the victim, a young, unarmed african-american man who was shot in the back following a car and foot chase. police officials say the incident violated department protocol. let's dig deeper right now with the former fbi director tom fuentes. i want to show a little bit of the video to get a sense of what's going on. it's pretty graphic and it could be disturbing to some true viewers, but let's play some of it right now. >> i can't. i can't. [ indiscernible ]
3:54 pm
[ gunshots ] >> all right. tom, from what you see, you've looked at this video very closely. did police officers act appropriately? >> i think, wolf, when it's told that they violated department policy it probably has to do with shooting at the vehicle in the first place. normally it's against policy to shoot at a vehicle when it's leaving because it's almost impossible to stop the car, the tires are made like kevlar like the bulletproof vest and you don't want bullets sprayed all over the neighborhood. in this case, the first shots you see the subject vehicle is lateral so it's passing the officer that's shooting. so it is possible to shoot through a side window and stop that car which has just rammed a police car which has deliberately been used as a weapon against the police. so the first couple of shots may have been justified later as the vehicle's fleeing.
3:55 pm
it's pretty much, at that point the adrenaline of the officer to not stop shooting. >> that can endanger passersby to shoot at a fleeing vehicle. >> absolutely. even if it's legal to try to stop that vehicle, departments ban the policy because it's just dangerous to the rest of the public. >> was it an 18-year-old that was shot and killed. so what happens now? they've got the video. what happens next? >> there is an independent review group in chicago that looks at police shootings. so it will be up to them to do the rest of the investigation, and there is a great deal of investigation to do in this case. you know, were any weapons in that jaguar? the stolen vehicle? did anybody shoot from the vehicle that may have created the impression on the officers that when they took off running they possibly had a gun with them? >> the new police chief in chicago and the mayor rahm emanuel are getting a lot of praise for releasing this video, but you agree with them it should have been released? >> the longer you delay and it
3:56 pm
looks like you're covering up. however, they need to say that there's a lot of investigation that needs to be done still into the whole matter and not the fatal shots of the subject, but the vehicle, the theft of that vehicle and the three subjects involved that they have records. obviously, they're resisting arrest when they rammed that car into a police car. >> tom fuentes, thanks very much. >> you're welcome. a former cia chief who says he's always remained silent on presidential campaigns is speaking out decisive against hillary clinton and warning donald trump could pose a threat to national security and also says russian president vladimir putin is using trump as an unwitting agent of russia. our global affairs correspondent elise labott is at the state department. this op ed by mike morel is an indictment of trump and it's about as serious as we've seen. >> that's right, wolf. mike morel says that trump is not fit to be commander in chief, but he goes on to say that trump's flirting with vladimir putin and his
3:57 pm
pro-russia policies could be the work of putin himself and he's not alone. >> i think i would have a great relationship with russia and with putin. >> vladimir putin has been labeled one of the greatest threats to u.s. national security, but donald trump continues to double down on the russian strongman. >> putin has much better leadership qualities than obama, but who doesn't know that? >> reporter: tonight, new questions about whether trump is being played. in a new york times op ed endorsing hillary clinton former cia director mike morel warns putin, a former kgb officer is using his intelligence to identify and exploit trump's weaknesses making him, quote, an unwitting agent of russia, and writing, mr. putin played upon mr. trump's vulnerabilities by complimenting him. he responded just as mr. putin calculated. a fear expressed by members of trump's own party. >> you have vladimir putin pull
3:58 pm
out the old kgb playbook and it appears he's fallen right into it. >> reporter: putin has made no secret of his preference for trump telling reporters, he's a brilliant and talented person without a doubt. he back peddled slightly in an interview with cnn. >> translator: i only said he was a bright person. >> reporter: but trump has happily taken the compliment and embellished it. >> he said i'm a genius. trump has attacked nato. >> nato is obsolete. >> he suggested he might break with u.s. policy and recognize crimea which putin seized by force. >> the people of crimea would rather be with russia than where they were. >> russia hacked the democratic party, trump urged moscow, jokingly, he said to go after hillary clinton. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> reporter: in turn, putin's
3:59 pm
propaganda machine has welcomed the russia-friendly stance to improve ties with russia and one former cia operative calls the strategy right out of the kgb playbook. >> everything that i've seen from the hacking to trump's statements to putin's statements that this is some sort of concerted intelligence operation against the united states and frankly, i've never seen one of this magnitude. >> reporter: now trump's running mate mike pence shot back today saying that trump is a strong leader who will stand up to putin, but the clinton campaign is seizing on the controversy with a new ad about trump's connections to putin, drudging up his old statements about putin, and questioning whether russia is interfering in the u.s. election, wolf. >> there's a bunch of other top national security officials and former officials including a lot of republicans. you speak to them all of the time who agree with mike morell, right? >> reporter: there are a lot of people that are concerned about these statements back and forth
4:00 pm
between the two leaders and saying pointing to the kremlin's intelligence operations and saying that as a former kgb officer putin knows how to play trump. >> elise labott reporting for us. thanks very much. that's it for me. thanks for watching and erin burnett "out front" starts right now. out front next, breaking news. donald trump about to rally a big crowd of supporters in wisconsin expect lead to suddenly reverse course and endorse paul ryan. what changed? plus a former cia chief calling trump dangerous and a threat to national security as critics question trump's mental state and our special report coming up. new video tonight, stacks of cash in actual wooden pallets. the first look at the money america released to iran the day iran released american hostages. let's go out front. ♪ ♪ good evening. i'm erin burnett. "out front" tonight, b


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