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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  August 9, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> are you kidding me? shut up. >> the old ketchup packet. pro nounsd dead at the age of four for a full minute. a five-time olympian. he said his team will shock the world. >> i'm still wondering why he was shaving your head. thanks so much, coy. thank you for joining me to day. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman & bolduan" starts now. she's the candidate of the past. ours is the campaign of the future. >> donald trump tries to kick start his campaign but instead gets a kick in the teeth.
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>> our system has produced a candidate who is fundamentally unfit for office. >> susan collins of maine says she cannot vote for the party's nominee, citing his constant stream of cruel comments and lack of self-restraint. >> don't be fooled. there is no other donald trump. what you see is what you get. >> donald trump gets it. he has courage. he has candor, and he has the guts to make america great again. hello everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> she is kate bolduan. >> that's a way to start a tuesday. >> i'm john berman. donald trump says he wants to build a big tent. whatever he builds, what happens if he can't get any people inside? this morning more republicans are fleeing that tent out the back door or flap, as the case may be. republican senator susan collins of maine announced she cannot
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support her party's presidential nominee 789 she wrote, he lax the temperament, self discipline and judgment required to be president. >> senior republican foreign policy officials are also lining up against trump now. 50 of these top experts signed a blistering letter declaring the gop candidate a threat to national security. cnn's jason carroll has the details on that, not looking down at his notes at inappropriate times. hi, jason. >> good morning to you. first we heard from senator mark kirk from illinois. he was the one who came out in june and said i can't endorse this man for president. now hearing from susan collins on the issue saying that donald trump is the type of person who can't admit when he's wrong, can't apologize when he should apologize. she has come out basically saying, quote, i've become increasingly dismayed by his constant stream of cruel comments and his inability to admit error or apologize. so this is susan collins now coming out saying she cannot
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endorse donald trump. this coming on the heels, as you mentioned, of that -- those 50 people -- national security experts who have come out basically saying he is the wrong person, does not have the temperament to be president. so this is turning out to be not the day that donald trump thought he would be having. a day of giving this economic speech in detroit, we were there listening to the speech. the campaign was thinking today the narrative would be about his tax plan and the other plans he laid out during his speech in detroit. that would not be the case. we heard donald trump say over and over again that this is a party that is united. today it appears as if this is a party still very much divided. kate, john. >> jason, thanks so much. let's bring in crisco baugh, secretary of state of kansas and donald trump supporter, david ger ginn, cnn senior political analyst, former adviser to presidents nixon, ford and
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reagan. angela rooi from the congressional black caucus. and alice stewart, former communications director for the ted cruz campaign. david gergen, i want to start with you, not because of your age, but your wisdom. 50 national security republicans who have served in administration over the last 30, 40 years say they won't vote for him. this is unusual, not something i remember seeing in any election in my lifetime. >> it's unprecedented. i don't think it has happened in your lifetime, nor mine. the fact is that these are really substantial people, too. of the 50 national security people, i've worked directly, personally with about 20 of them, i can tell you, these are substantial people. they're among in best we have in the country. bob sel lick commands respect all over the world. the fact they come out on this national security issue so hard
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saying he's too reckless to be president is damaging. susan collins commands a lot of respect in washington as a bridge builder between republicans and democrats. she's often the one -- if you're a democratic president, you can reach out to susan collins, would you come on board on this, she's one of the best you can get. she has weighted, too. a lot of these people are now saying publicly what they've been saying privately for a while. the events over this last week, after the convention, this worst week he ever had, worst week any campaign has ever had has brought this continuing flow of bad news for him. i don't think we've seen the end of it. >> alice, david brought up susan collins. ted cruz publicly came out and said i am not for trump on the stage. he faced backlash for that. what is the risk-reward for someone like susan collins coming out new like this? >> a small point on
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clarification, ted wut went on the convention floor and volted people to vote their conscience. >> code for not trump, by the way. >> i want to make that point quite clear. susan collins is a rather moderate republican. the fact she is not jumping up to endorse donald trump is not a huge surprise. the concern is the language in her op ed and questioning her judgment and the way he deals with issues and the way he deals with people in terms of pay back. and we're seeing similar language with the 50 gop foreign policy leaders, and that's the concern. a lot of folks can disagree on his policies and agree with a majority of his policies. the continued drum beat, questioning his reckless behavior, that's going to cause a con serb for people. and it flies in the face of the trump campaign saying that the party is united. that's something they really need to work on the they want to get back on track and get these poll numbers to tighten up quite a bit.
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>> i'm curious to kate's question, alice, is there a risk politically speak? a lot of politicians aren't risk takers. you get the sense they won't flee from donald trump if they thought it would hurt them politically. >> clearly susan collins doesn't appear to think this is a risk. a lot of these people in washington, a lot of the folks here will stand on principle. if it's not in hair heart -- >> what? really? >> absolutely. believe it or not. that's the point. they feel more strongly to stand her ground and maybe she feels it will be -- come back against her with her constituents in her district. a lot of folks feel at this time more than ever, it's important to stand your ground on your principle and let your voice be heard. regardless of the backlash from those in the trump world and certainly the rnc, it's worth it to stand your ground. >> secretary, how many defections can you take? >> it depends on who the defections are. as far as the letter from the
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national security experts, those names are not known to most americans. the only people who recognize those names are political insiders like us who already made up our mind whom we're voting for. similarly the susan collins -- >> some are cabinet secretaries. >> i know. you poll most people, will they remember who the first homeland security secretary will -- >> in pennsylvania they will recognize tom ridge. >> in pennsylvania, maybe. but a governor from many years ago, i think these endorsements or non-endorsements have zero effect, especially when they're from people in office so long ago. i don't see that as having a big effect. among washington insiders, oh, my goodness, yes, it looks earth shattering. most voters don't know and don't care. >> i think this is a thing for us to point out, though. i think it is interesting that those who are on the ballot where donald trump did particularly well in the primaries, they are supporting donald trump.
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the folks who have no dog in this fight who are either no longer in an administration or no longer running for re-election this term, they are not supporting donald trump. what you normally see as a former hill staffer are folks who all of a sudden remember their conscience when it's time to go out and retire -- we saw republican congressman hannah earlier on saying he can't support donald trump. you remember your conscience. it's important to note these folks continue have a dog in the fight. there are trump supporters saying they want positions in the clinton add stragsz. i don't think that's what it is at all. i think this is folks bkz in touch with their conscience saying at some point, partisanship aside, this guy is unfit and unqualified. >> angela, can we ask you about a strange chapter in this campaign. during hillary clinton's event in kissimmee which i've been saying wrong for dozens of years. they see in florida, hillary
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clinton did an event and sitting behind her on the stage, that's the father of the orlando shooter. he says he went to the event. he essentially says he likes hillary clinton. >> member of the democratic party. >> you know from being a political operative, people who sit behind the candidate are often placed there by the campaigns. i would be shocked if that happened here. still, a very unusual and perhaps unsettling picture for people in the orlando area. >> i've never seen that. just now my stomach dropped when you said that. i would say that this is probably not good staff work on behalf some of the team or volunteers with the campaign. a lot of times they place people based on ensuring there's diverse representation and they don't necessarily go and look up folks' backgrounds. unfortunately this is a terrible mistake. of course, the dad is not at
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fault. this is not what you want at this point in an election. >> alice, as someone who has been high up in campaigns, and you understand optics, you know kind of how these rallies are kind of setup, did someone screw up here? >> that is a major advance team failure right there. when you set up an arena like this, there's often, you can have flags in the background, a big tractor in the background, depending on what your message is. when you have people setting your backdrop, as angela said, you want to show diversity, men, women, young, old people. for that man to get back there and get past the advanced team's carefully choreographed background is not a good sign. certainly not his fault, not hillary's fault. it brichngs to mind the tragedyn orlando and the tragic worst mass shooting we've had since 9/11 in this country.
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it's something they should not be talking about. the fact that happened, i'm sure someone is sitting down right now and getting a tongue lashing because that's something that should not happen in these kind of events. >> senator, i want to shift gears again. there are some presidential debates scheduled, three presidential and one vice presidential. hillary clinton says she's going to all three. do you think donald trump should say today that i agree to the three debates set out by the presidential debate commission? >> i absolutely think he should say he agrees to the three, whether he says it today or whether they have more squabbling about schedules, that may still happen. i think actually the debates are probably going to work in donald trump's favor. one of the things that helped him in the republican primary and caucus process is he's actually interesting to watch. you hang on his every word, in part because you don't know what he's going to say next.
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we've seen hillary clinton speak for decades now. we kind of -- she's very predict lk. i think the debates probably will work in drum's favor. it's going to be hard for the clinton team to prepare for them. i think he's absolutely going to accept them and it's probably in his interest to have as many debates as possible. >> john podesto saying the only issue now is whether or not donald trump is going to show up. what would happen if you did not debate him? >> can't happen. >> he needs debates more than she does. he has to find some way to shake up this campaign. i think shh a very smart tactical play. puts him in a position -- either he says yes and gives up his point about moving the dates of the debates off football games and things like that, which is an important point, or he keeps squabbling about the debates. this is like playing chess or
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checkers, you jump and take the bait. >> i want to remind everyone, he did bow out of a debate in the primary. he did so at his own peril. he bowed out of the debate because he didn't want to talk about the issues, he wanted to instead insult his challengers. i think in this case he should accept the debate and not fight about the schedule. in a four-year presidential cycle, there are four general election debates, including the vice presidential and 1,000 nfl gates. you can imagine the struggle for the commission to find dates. he should accept the debates and let's see the two duke it out. >> is the clinton campaign playing games? >> i don't think some i think it's a good tactical and strategic move. if he can be baited with a tweet, he's going to be baited
8:15 am
with a statement. i'll tweet it right after this. >> shenanigans -- >> i said strategic tactical move. >> we will leave on that note. thanks so much. coming up, he's got a tough hill to climb, and by hill i mean like everest. a new candidate has jumped into the ring and does he have a real chance of disrupting trump's path in at least two states. an interesting story. we'll speak live with the adviser behind this new effort. a new bombshell inside the drama at fox news. there are now report audio tapes that could prove accusations against ceo roger ailes. this keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. ♪
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so relax you wear many hats, at our 1000 americas and canadas best value inns. enjoy free internet and instant rewards at most locations. clock. polls are open there with all eyes on the state's first congressional district where house speaker paul ryan is up for re-election trying to fend off a primary challenge. the outcome could offer insight into how voters feel heading into the national election in november. >> this is a race that drew national attention because donald trump at one point tweeted something kind about ryan's challenger paul nehlen.
8:20 am
manu raju is in jamestown this morning. what do you see? >> reporter: a steady stream of voters at this polling location. an uptick from past august primaries we're told by an election official here who says perhaps this is because of the attention between ryan and paul nehlen. it's an open primary system. that means democrats, independents could vote if they choose to vote in the republican primary. we'll see if that upsets the balance at all. we're not expecting that to be the case. there's no evidence so far to suggest that paul ryan is in any serious danger. one reason why is that trump flap that happened does not seem to have hurt paul ryan politically. largely because donald trump isn't particularly popular in this district. in fact, the april presidential primary, ted cruz won this district overwhelmingly. so this is typically -- not donald trump country. that's one reason why donald trump changed his mind and
8:21 am
decided to endorse paul ryan and one reason mike pence will be here campaigning in southern wisconsin this weekend, realizing this is an important part of the state where they need to get votes, if they want a serious chance of winning. yesterday when paul ryan was campaigning, he did not talk to reporters in the last couple days, but he was asked about donald trump by a voter and said, well, maybe i'm not so happy you asked me this question about donald trump, but he said donald trump is a nominee. he won the votes, and there's no way you can challenge that. so not particularly a ringing endorsement from paul ryan to donald trump. that's the way the relationship has gone, guys. >> manu raju for us in janesville, thank you. let's shift gears back to the presidential race. lesley rutledge is a member of the rnc rules committee and the attorney general of the great state of arkansas. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. i am not a member of the rnc
8:22 am
rules committee. i was counsel at the republican national committee in the 2012 presidential cycle. just a little correction before we get going. >> love being correct. thank you for the correction attorney general. >> sorry about that. >> no reason to be sorry. evan mcmullen has jumped into the race, calling donald trump since he's jumped in, i'm human, weak and that donald trump seeks to divide. what do you say to evan mcmullen? >> i think evan mcmullen is wrong on a number of issues. particularly he is wrong if he thinks getting on the ballot is easy. i was counsel at the rnc as i mentioned. it's an overwhelming task to be on the ballot, to seek the presidency of the united states. i think evan is a non-factor in this election and, quite frankly, even in this news cycle. the american public has not heard of him very much at all and will not hear of him as we go into november. >> one of the things -- i talked
8:23 am
to evan last night, he did call donald trump in450u78 an, doesn't think he has the temperament to be president. he was asked out right, are you going to change your temperament to try to improve your standing in the polls? >> my temperament has gotten me here, he said, i don't think it's appropriate to change when you have been winning. do you think there's any room for improvement for donald trump when it comes to 'em personality? >> we can all improve our temperament. certainly when we look at secretary clinton as she was discussing the lies about director comey, she said, i short-circuited. do the american people deserve to have someone short-circuit when they have their hands on the nuclear codes. she has a lot of room for improvement and is quite frankly unfit based on her lies on top of lies. so when we talk about temperament, we need to be talking about hillary clinton's temperament and lack thereof.
8:24 am
>> she said she short-circuited her answer, which isn't to suggest the answers she gave the last week were completely truthful. she said she short-circuited her answer. >> to john's original question, you think donald trump has room to improve when it comes to his temperament? >> again, i think we all have room to improve. as we've seen, donald trump has gained 14 million votes in the primary. those are the sort of numbers we should be talking about. yes, got those as he was talking directly to the american public. he's speaking to americans across the country. that's how americans talk. he's never been a politician. he's never run for office, whereas hillary clinton has spent years in public service and doing the public a disservice, as such. so he's learning how to be in the public eye as candidate and hopefully as the next president of the united states. >> no question he crushes the primary. he did win the primaries, surprised a lot of people there. you know because you've run for
8:25 am
office your zen self. it's a different electorate than in a general election. does he need to be more sensitive to that? >> i think donald trump needs to continue talking about his economic plan to grow jobs across the country. while he's been growing jobs all these years and has experience doing so, hillary clinton has been growing lies and hurting americans. that's what we need to be focused on. i think we have seen donald trump improve as a candidate. again, it's his first time on this stage. quite frankly, americans are sick and tired of this same old same old out of washington, d.c. and washington, d.c. inside. americans don't care about 50 washington insiders. they care about whether or not they will have a job and whether or not they will be safe. when it comes to jobs and national security, donald trump wins every single time against secretary clinton. >> when it comes to the 50 national security experts, as
8:26 am
well as susan collins, you say american public doesn't care about what they have to say. when it comes down to it in politics, in elections, you know, wouldn't you prefer to have their endorsement if they've all worked in republican administrations than having them coming out against your candidate? >> well, certainly you would love to have everyone's support. quite frankly, no candidate will ever have 100% support. who donald trump has support of, that's the american worker, the american people across the entire united states. people came out in droves to support them and will do that again in the general. what we're not seeing as reflected in the national polls are the polls that are much closer in swing states. in ohio and pennsylvania, across the country people have come out to support donald trump and they will continue to do so because, quite frankly, again, they care about jobs and security. hillary clinton represents dishonesty and the same old, same old in washington, d.c. quite frankly, she would be secretary of the same if she was
8:27 am
elected president. the same old policies, the same lies, the same failed economics of barack obama. >> that would involve expanding the government to create a cabinet office for the same. i know you're opposed to big government. attorney general lesley rutledge, great to have you with us. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> i'm just saying, there's no cabinet department of the same right now. >> that is accurate. you're keeping it true. >> coming up, see that guy right behind hillary clinton at her rally in florida. turns out he is the father of the orlando nightclub shooter. why was he there? did the campaign know about it? >>. plus secrets, spying, payoffs and, quote, twirling, whatever that means. accusations against fox news former ceo including alleged audio tapes of alleged harassment.
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some current and former fox news staffers tell cnn they were worried former chief roger ailes was listening to their phone calls, even monitoring their e-mails before he was ousted. employees were tight lipid about sexual harassment since gretchen carlson made her story public, others have done the same. >> latest is andrea tantaros who said she complained several times about ailes' behavior. according to "new york magazine" she says she was demoted and taken off the air. fox continues to pay her. joining us to discuss cnn senior media correspondent host of
8:33 am
reliable sources brian stelter and former federal prosecutor laura coates. i want to start with andrea tantaros. this gets more than just to roger ailes. she's accusing others of knowing what was going on. >> i spoke with her attorney last night. he said tantaros went to other executives to report this harassment and her reports were not taken seriously. she's targeting bill shine as well as diane bran any, the head of rn at the company. there have been reports about whether other executives will be embroiled in this scandal. so far fox has said no. they said it's only ailes, it's all about ailes. there's been a drip, drip, drip of other stories now implicating other executives. we should say clearly, shine denines being told by tantaros that he also harassed her. >> there's also talk that there are recordings, laura, when it
8:34 am
comes to a case against roger ailes or any other executive or fox, what does the presence of recording do to a lawsuit? >> it's a game-changer. you have an issue where you have proof. sexual harassment claims are very, very difficult to prove. it's usually he said, she said. now you have documentation or proof of an audio recording that says here is what he was saying to these employees and here is how he created this hostile work environment. brian is dead on, if this is a drip, drip, drip, it's turning into a flood. if there were other execs who were knowledgeable about this work environment, about this open and nefarious comment, fox news is in a lot of trouble. >> laura, there's one lawsuit right now, only one lawsuit from grich en carlson, and it's not against fox news. it's gretchen carlson against roger ailes. that's what i'm confused about. "vanity fair" overnight saying fox wants to get roger ailes to
8:35 am
pay some of this out of his own pocket. >> offered a settlement, yes. >> isn't he the only person being suit. what's the liability? >> the liability would be with the shareholders. it's a corporation. you have roger ailes using corporate funding to promote and advance his personal objectives. one of those may, in fact, be the harassment of employees at this corporation. if that's the case, the liability is more of a shareholder issue. but remember, fox has a very unique makeup of their voting, even though the family only owns 15% of the corporation, they have 40% in voter power, so they have to actually decide whether or not roger sails' conduct, his corporate spending and the action he took against gretchen carlson and perhaps other people was in the interest of the bottom line for fox. foksz is very much embroiled even those ailes was named. >> that's the story here -- >> when it comes to the drip, drip, drip you were talking about, it's not over.
8:36 am
they're still investigating. >> that's right. >> this is still on going. what happens next? >> we're on a rooil network, on cnn talking about fox news. this isn't about a television channel. it's about a giant corporation. i think that's dead on about the company and about responsibility that the company had to shareholders. ultimately everybody had a boss. rurp pert murdock and his sons. what do they know, if anything, about the harassment claims. if they were in the dark, you have to wonder if they were willfully blind to what may have been going on at fox news. ultimately this story is about a corporate culture, a workplace culture that sounds nixonian. we know he had consultants doing dirty work for him. i confirmed that five of those consultants were let go last week. there are repercussions for the story. another repercussion, victims of sexual harassment. gretchen carlson says she hopes this case will help other women
8:37 am
come forward. that ultimately is the most important part of this story. >> brian stelter, lauren coates, thanks so much. reckless with a lack of self restapt. a leading republican senator says she cannot vote for donald trump right now. ahead, an exclusive interview with senator susan collins. our next guest doesn't just want trump to lose, he wants him to suffer a humiliating defeat, wrote an op ed littered with words we can't even say on tv. now he's advising the newest candidate in the race for president. ♪ ♪ only those who dare drive the world forward. introducing the first-ever cadillac ct6.
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8:42 am
military equipment after an attack in afghanistan. >> let's get to barbara starr at the pentagon. what are you learning? >> reporter: this has been a tale floating around for a few days. now some facts are emerging about a photograph we want to show you. this is a photograph isis' news agency put out over the weekend of u.s. military gear it claims to have captured in afghanistan during a fight with coalition fighters. what you see there, you see a mortar launcher, an american flag. you see american ammunition, what appears to be american-made military gear, including a military i.d. of a u.s. soldier. now we know more about how isis got all of this. it was july 25th in eastern afghanistan. u.s. troops had been battling isis in a place called nan ga har province. here is what happened. the u.s. gathered a number of troops in what they call a casualty collection point. it was a point where they were gathering up u.s. wounded,
8:43 am
getting ready to evacuate them out when that collection point for the wounded american troops came under enemy fire. the u.s. military openly saying it was an, and i quote, effective enemy fire. basically u.s. troops had to bug out very quickly and leave this material behind. has it happened before in a fire fight, they change position and leave some gear behind? yes, absolutely. but very interesting to note, this was a place where they were going to collect up u.s. wounded. there had been some wounded by all accounts, and this is the spot that came under enemy fire. isis now putting these photos out of what they collected from that very unusual fire fight back on july 25th in eastern afghanistan. john, kate? >> propaganda war continues. barbara starr, thanks so much. so three months before election day there is a new candidate in the presidential race, evan mcmullen says it's never too late to do the right thing.
8:44 am
he says he's an option american people can vote for instead of clinton and trump. he called trump inhuman last night. >> joining us, rick wilson, adviser to the mcmullen campaign. great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> very little sleep for the next three months it seems. >> don't sleep much anyway. give us numbers, how much money you've got in the bank? >> we are raising money at a roaring clip. we are adding followers, adding folks to our e-mail list. we added over 50,000 people to our e-mail list since last night at 6:00. we have people pouring out of the woodwork asking to be involved, asking how they can work at our state level organizations. we have a ballot acquisition process going on. we'll push to be on the wall ba widely as possible. we can either appeal some things, be on a third party
8:45 am
line, independent line, legal recour recourse. i'm not a ballot attorney, but we have hired all the best ones. they are out there kicking butt right now to get us on the ballot. >> you know it's daunting. >> of course it is. >> we're not making this up. >> one of the reasons, when they came to me and said would you like to meet with evan and talk to this guy, he understood this from the beginning. he knew we're at a point right now in our country where the voters are sick and tired of both of these candidates from the major parties and the republican candidate they view as crazy and the democratic candidate they view as elgticily challenged and corrupt, folks in 2 country have no one to talk to, no one to be proud of and this is where they can wake up the day after the election day and say i voted for this guy and i did the right thing. >> you wrote a scathing piece about donald trump over the weekend. >> i do. >> you don't hold back. you want him annihilated.
8:46 am
you said we need to ensure he is on the business end of a decisive humiliating defeat so the terribly difficui have sive. >> is this candidate see more about eviscerating trump or is it about winning? >> evan's campaign is about winning, about offering america something different than what they've got right now. i wrote this piece before i became involved in the campaign, but i still completely agree with everything i wrote. this is a guy who has been so destructive in this country. if you're a republican right now, donald trump is doing a great job of losing to hichb without evan in the field. he was doing a great job of driving his campaign into the ditch every single day. every promise trump pivot turns into a pratt fall. every time they say he's about to improve, he does something else crazy. >> a lot of focus on utah. the ballot access there is
8:47 am
fairly easy. for another reason, evan is a mormon, maybe better known there. utah is a state where trump might be underperforming. >> he's underperforming in the entire mountain west. >> but utah specifically. if all you do is keep donald trump from winning utah, will that be a success for you? >> look, we're in this to win. we're in this to push this debate in a different direction, to make it something broader and more accessible to americans and not be in the two lanes we have right now of hillary clinton -- people voting against donald trump for her side and on the republican side, people voting against hillary clinton. we want to give people something to vote for, something to aspire to. we want to show somebody who has come out of ten years of public service as a cia undercover officer, fighting in some of the worst places in this country against terror and willing to sacrifice his life for that, is willing to offer himself up as a public certain vant. it's dafrpt thing, not a career politician --
8:48 am
>> let's talk business. zero to 100% chance you get on the ballot? >> i'm not an expert on ballot access. i've hired all of them. >> what do they say? >> we're going to work our tails off. what about florida. will mcmullin be on the ballot in florida? >> yes. >> one of the biggest prizes of the battleground states. we'll do a deep dive into what's going on there. ...there's no such thing as adverse conditions. ♪ come to the lexus golden opportunity sales event this is the pursuit of perfection. craso come dive into disheser like the new alaska bairdi crab dinner with sweet crab from the icy waters of alaska. or try crab lover's dream with tender snow and king crab legs. love crab? then hurry, crabfest ends soon. ♪ ♪
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prize. but the difference between winning and losing is often really small. >> in 2012, obama just won florida over romney by 0.9%. this is a fiercely fought-for state. >> reporter: there are currently roughly 4.4 million registered republicans and 4.6 million
8:53 am
democrats. what both campaigns want are the nearly 3 million independents. who are they? they're young, part of the new influx of new resident drawn to work rather than retire. >> if you take the millennials which are the 18 to 34-year-olds, plus the gen xers, they make up around 47% of florida's registered voters. >> reporter: gone are the days a candidate could only talk social security. younger voters have other concerns, jobs, the environment. >> i would say the issue of student loans. >> reporter: the swing voters include hispanics, not traditional right leaning cuban-americans, but port recue ricans with different politics. their numbers growing fast. >> have to look for opportunities. >> reporter: republican organizers say they have been
8:54 am
paying close attention to these new arrivals. >> and the republican party, we're focused on the economy and really how we can help them really achieve that american dream that most puerto ricans are looking for. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign also is making a big push for hispanic voters in the state, relying on hispanic volunteers and selecting a running mate, tim kaine, who is fluent in spanish. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: the democratic ticket holding its first appearance together last month in miami. one last thing about these critical voters. they all love in roughly the same area, going from tampa to orlando and daytona. the i-4 corridor. it's the battle ground of the battleground state. >> about what a crowd. florida, we love florida. >> reporter: donald trump was there just last week, clinton was there monday.
8:55 am
>> to go themselves -- >> reporter: since early june, more money has been spent on tv ads in florida than any other state. with clinton force outspending trump and his allies 12:1, that is 20 million versus 1.6 million. >> i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> reporter: but republicans say the key to florida isn't going big with tv, it's going small, identifying what they call turfs, pockets of 6,000 to 7,000 voters where they focus hundreds of local volunteers. it's grass roots politics 101. straight out of the obama florida playbook. the clinton campaign is also trying to rewrite the playbook going after republican voters. >> we had a lot of republicans particularly in south florida who are not happy with their
8:56 am
nominee who we're having conversations with. >> reporter: wooing voters is one thing, but it takes organization to turn out the vote. rmc says it currently has over 70 paid staffers with plans for at least 20 offices statewide. democrats say they're aiming for at least 100 offices. they ever over 200 paid staffers on the ground. >> thanks to martin savidge for that. big new, susan collins says she's not voting for donald trump. an exclusive interview next. s, she's not voting for donald trump. an exclusive interview next. (vo) a lifetime of your dog's nutritional needs... all in one. purina one.
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i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome for "legal view." 91 short days before americans elect a new president. or 91 long days depending on your outlook. another republican senator has


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