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  CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 10, 2016 12:15pm-12:33pm PDT

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e-mails from judicial watch. before we do that, the man himself, donald trump is now at the podium in virginia. let's take a listen. >> and i fully understand that. but it's been an honor. we just met with some of the folks really representative -- i would say representatives from every aspect of the business. it was amazing. it was really amazing. these are great people. they're great americans. they love this country. if i get in, if i get in, i mean -- it's if i get in, this is what it is. okay? and -- and, all forms of energy. all forms of energy. but what they've done to the miners is incredible and the obama administration. do you remember -- you might have just seen it. no, what they've done and -- nobody knows.
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clean coal? nobody knows. look what's happening with china. the amount of energy they are producing and what they're using coal for, tremendous amounts of -- just tremendous. it's like incredible. they're not cleaning it. believe me, they're not cleaning it. that stuff is going up and they're not cleaning it. and here we produce great stuff and we're not allowed to use it and it is getting worse and worse. they're going to be out of business soon. hillary clinton will be worse than obama. you know it, she'll be worse. when she made the statement essentially going to puts mines and miners out business, going to put them out business. i guess she forgot about west virginia, right? she was going to west virginia. she forgot about virginia, too. in all fairness. you know.
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she had west virginia short time after that. remember when she went into west virginia she met with that wonderful family and the man, a miner for many years, and he was trying to explain to her and she was trying to say, well, you know, i really want to -- she was groveling. she was groveling. she didn't know what to say. i don't think he was going to be easily convinced. do we agree? because she said it. just like she said -- she said it was a mistake that she's going to raise taxes on the middle class. you saw that one? maybe she misspoke. but it did come out awfully loud and clear. hopefully it's not going to matter. what i told the folks before we
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were over at peterbilt, the plant -- incredible. what i told the folks before is you have to get out and vote. the miners, to a certain extent, they're so down and they've been treated so badly that they haven't been voting like they can. that includes members of their family that have left the mining business. members of the family they've left coal. they've left everything and they've gone into something else. that's fine, that's great. but they live in virginia an they vote. their paeshrents are still in t coal world where they want to be. that's where they want to be. but everybody has to get out and vote. if you get out and vote, we're pretty close in virginia. she's spending a fortune in ads. friend of mine said he can't see television without seeing anti-trump ads. they're not even true. my friend actually said they're not true. i said, i know. i could go over those ads one by
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one. it's fraudulent actually, but what are you going to do. she's spending wall street money on ads. it is just one after another after another. this guy just kiddingly said, i just want to see one ivory soap ad. just one. and we haven't spend anything yet and we will be because we're doing well but we haven't spent anything yet. we're holding it. but it's really a shame that they can say whatever they want to say, they try and demean and defame. then you look at what she's doing with her i mails. 33,000 missing e-mails. 33,000. [ crowd chanting "lock her up, lock her up ] >> it's very sad. then i guess yesterday a thousand came out, some fairly
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vast number. i want to see the ones -- what i really would like to see though, we have to see the 33,000. can you imagine? remember she said, i think it was for her wedding, the wedding of chelsea. and it was for yoga classes. 33,000 e-mails. that's a lot of yoga. that's a lot of yoga. but a couple of very bad ones came out. it is called pay for play. some of these were really, really bad and illegal. if it's true, it's illegal. you pay and you're getting things. i watched yesterday because of the apprentice, blagojevich. right? governor blagojevich. 14 years in jail. some people think, okay, some people think it is crazy. look at what she's done. nothing. she's running for president. but it came out that her people pay for play.
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and very big stories today. the problem is it will be big stories for about two minutes and then they're going to drop it because the media is so totally dishonest. if that were me, if that were me, the story that just came out this morning, and really hidden from some of the major newspapers, hidden, if that were me, that would be the biggest story in the history of the various papers. they'd go quadruple spacing. but with her it's just terrible. i mean some of them covered it big-league but some of them are just really refusing to report the facts. i think it is going to get worse and worse though because i assume more stuff will come out. but this was big stuff. pay for play. it is illegal. i mean it is illegal. and we'll see what happens with it, folks.
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we'll see what happens with it but it is very serious stuff. very, very serious. i don't know that it can be any more serious than deleting or getting rid of 33,000 e-mails and all of the other things, the server, the server, which not allowed to have the information gotten off that server by who knows who. probably many people. many countries potentially, secretary of state, to put us all in that position. so i think it is a very sad thing. and they get a pass on everything. give her a pass. it's so sad when i watch that. it was point after point after point. everybody was saying, wow. they're really going to do it. then they go, however, as soon as i heard -- when you hear the word, however. but it's just -- it's just so incredible that a thing like that can happen. let's see what happens. let's see what happens.
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in the meantime we're doing very well. you saw the polls over the last day or two have really tightened up a lot. i think we're going to have a great victory. i really feel that. one of the things i suggested is your ballots. you go and sign -- do it early so you don't have to -- because on november 8th we have our big day. if you go in and sign, we have some people in the room now that i met before that are going to be pushing hard. but put in your ballots. they have certain requirements and you live by those requirements perfectly. make sure they don't lose your ballot. make sure they don't lose your vote which i'm sure -- i just left a great place, north carolina. they just had a tremendous loss. voter i.d. voter i.d. they lost voter i.d. how do you lose voter i.d. you mean you don't have to show identification? you don't have to show that --
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hey? i've been talking about the rigged system for a long time. i get hammered in the press, i can't believe he'd be talking about the rigged system. meantime, voter i.d., you don't have to do. i'm sure none of those folks would be voting ten times during one day. right? really, a big part of the rigged are system is the press itself because they can take a little story that isn't a story and make it into a big deal. happens so much. happens so much. speaking of that, remember this, we have so many things that we have to protect in this country. we have to protect our second amendment. which is under seeniege. remember that. remember that. it's under siege. thank you. thank you. thank you.
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we have to -- you know, i see -- by the way, we have a lot of unity in the republican party but nobody talks about it. if one senator says we're not voting for trump, never trump, some people are beaten so badly that they just can't get -- and i understand that. i can see that can happen. they've won throughout their lives politically. then they lose an election by a lot to a guy that never ran before. okay? i never ran before. never thought i'd be doing it this time either but i watch what's going on and i say, it's time. it's time. boy, is it time. right? i look at the iran deal. how about the $400 million in cash. how about that. how about that. the $400 million. you know what that is? does anybody know what that would even look like? 400 -- did you see iran?
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actually finally did do what i thought they were going to do. they released pictures because they want to embarrass the united states. just like they took the ten sailors and they made us look so bad. they made us look so bad. it was like a humiliation of our country. okay? this is horrible. we keep going and going. you saw what their so-called leader, somebody would say the supreme leader. i refuse to use that term. president obama would say the supreme leader. what is going on, folks. what is going on with our leaders. and with our leader in particular. he is grossly incompetent. okay? grossly incompetent. so there are $400 million in cash going. it happens to be the same day as the hostages were released.
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the hostages were in the airport for massive amounts of time. i guess one of them said they wouldn't let us go because they were waiting for a certain plane to come in. i just can't imagine what was on that plane. right? we can't imagine. sure it had nothing to do with the $400 million. but isn't that unpleevl? then he'll stand up and he'll say that one thing had nothing to do with the other. it practically, i guess you could say, there is a 1% or 2% chance that what he said is right. but that's about it. they would practically -- they are waiting for something else and a plane to come in. right? they were at the airport forever. and they say -- president obama said, no, this had nothing to do with the hostages. if you remember with obamacare, you can keep your plan, keep your doctor. he said it 28 times or
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something. many democrats approved that disaster. it is a disaster. we're going to repeal it and replace it, by the way. but many, many democrats, many with being many democrats -- the margin was almost nothing and a lot of democrats approved it, they didn't want to approve it. but with the doctor and the plan and over and over again a lot of pressure put on and it is out of control. premiums are going up at a rate that nobody has ever seen before. in texas, through blue cross/blue shield they almost just had a 50% increase. big increase is now going to come on november 1st. they're trying to delay it until after the election because it is cat strong. it is going to be an increase like never before. i'm hearing numbers that i don't even want to say because the
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press will say, oh, that's terrible, he exaggerated. it is not going to be an exaggeration. it is going to be election changing. and we can't let those numbers be released on another date some time after the election. because it will show what a total disaster obamacare is. so important. i just say to all the politiciapolitics in the room and your great congressman. where is he? oh, congressman, stand up. stand up. vote for him, he's our guy. come on, senator. stand up, senator. good. we have great people here. right now they're swimming uphill. but with trump we'll be just sliding beautifully down. it will be a whole different deal. it will be a whole different deal and it can happen quickly. it can happen. we discuss that.
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we had a big meeting and it is going to happen very quickly. it doesn't need to go through congress. doesn't need to go through lots of different things. epa is very important what they've done. we want -- everybody agrees -- we want clean air and we want clean water. i want. so i very much appreciate the meeting. it was a great meeting. i just want to say that virginia has lost 1 in 3 manufacturing jobs since nafta. now nafta was signed by bill clinton. nafta is a disaster. it's been a disaster not only for virginia, but for every -- virtually every state. up state new york, it looks like a war zone. that's why i want so much and i got the upstate vote in numbers that nobody's seen before. upstate new york, you go to new england, you see the factories. there's beautiful old factories. you see, they were once
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thriving. thousands and thousands of people working. those people now are doing part-time jobs. they're working two jobs. they're making less money than they made 18 years ago. don't know if you saw that statistic where people -- people in this room, too. but where people are make being less money now in real wages than they made 18 years ago. and even longer. and they've gotten older. gotten older. and they're working harder. not supposed to be that way. hey, of course i've gotten older and i'm working harder, too. hey, i didn't need this. could i have enjoyed myself. a lot. we're all getting older around working harder. it's supposed to be the other way. right? we're getting older and starting to relax. no, i don't know if i'd like that. i love what i'm doing. i have been all over this country. we have the greatest people anywhere in the world.
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the greatest people. and i have the greatest supporters. we have the most loyal supporters. and the smartest. you know, they always like to demean everything. they try and demean supporters, they're always trying to put a -- little shots. boom, boom, boom. we've got the smartest, we've got the most loyal, we've got the hardest working, we have the best people. they like to demean. but we have amazing, amazing people. i've seen this all every country. we can start making apple computers in our country. okay, folks? we can start doing -- we can start doing that. we go to china. you think even the shipping costs -- just think of the shipping costs. how much of a difference -- you've been in all different states and you'll get the good deal from somebody. just keep it in our country. when they close plants and they move to mexico, then a company builds in mexico, whatever product they're making, then they think they're going to sell the product back into the united states, all of their people have
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been fired. every single one of them have been fired. they're now using people from another nation to make the same product. you know what? they think they're going to sell it across our border which will become a very strong, very powerful border. not going to be a piece of swiss cheese. they think they're going to sell it across the border. no tax, no nothing. sell it to wherever it came from. let people that got laid off buy it. now maybe they're unemployed, maybe they're working two jobs and making less. right? as we said. not going to happen, folks. i've watched for years as our government which is -- i guess you could say stupid but honestly not so stupid. they're controlled by special interests. when you see