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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 11, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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like seem to be coming at the great expense of old school department stores. macy's announcement follows other big closures by walmart, target, jc penney, and sears. happening now, the founder of isis, donald trump steps up his attacks calling president obama the founder of isis, and hillary clinton the cofounder. even when asked if he really means it, he insists it is not a mistake. and trump takes heat from gop leaders. but trump says he prefers his style and refuses to tune it county. a russian cyber attack.
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officials are blaming russia for what the to democrat is calling an electronic water gate. hillary clinton slammed donald trump's tax cut and that it would help millionaires and trump would pay a lower rate than middle class families. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." donald trump may be going for broke right now despite repeated calls to tone down his campaign. he is calling president obama the founder of isis and hillary clinton the cofounder. asked by interviewers if he really means that, trump refused to back down. he said today that he will keep doing what he is doing and if he does not win in november, he will enjoy "a very, very nice long vacation."
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republican leaders are concerned about the direction of trump's campaign. dozens of former g.o.p. officials and staffers have now signed a new letter to the national committee chairman saying trump's recklessness could spark a landslide. they are urging he i ddiverts a from trump. democrats are focused on the signer attack in their national committee. they say e-mails tied to the clinton come back were hacked. nancy pelosi is calling it a electronic watergate. and michael cohen and our correspondents, analysts, and guests have full coverage of today's top stories. donald trump stepping up attacks on president obama and hillary clinton repeatedly calling them
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the founders of isis. jim acosta is on the campaign trail in florida right now. trump didn't always take that stance, but update us on the latest. >> that is right, wolf. after a year of ridiculing his opponents with nicknames, he came up with new tacks. he said they are the founders of isis. but that accusation and others from trump have opened him up to criticism that he is being hypocritical. >> it is fast becoming a go-to line of attack for donald trump. that president obama and his former secretary of state hillary clinton gave birth to isis. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. they're the founders. in fact, i think we'll give hillary clinton the you know, if you're on a sports team, most
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valuable player. mvp award. >> he says the president's withdraw from the iraq war created the conditions on the ground for them to rise to power. >> he tried to kill them. >> the way he got out of iraq was the founding of isis. >> trump once advocated a speedy pullout from the war as well. he said in 2008 i'd get out of iraq right now. hillary clinton came to his defense saying barack obama is not the founder of isis. trump first called mr. obama the founder of isis last night and he referred to the president by his full name and slammed the white house on it's handling of russia. we will find out, it was taken during the administration of barack hussein obama. >> continuing that soft on terror theme, trump also alleged that the father of the nightclub shooter was at a rally for the
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them. how did you like that picture, him sitting, 49 people killed. other people will never, ever, ever be the same. and that guy is sitting back there, and of course he likes hillary. >> what trump did not know is sitting right behind him was disgraced former congressman mark foley who resigned for sending explicit text messages to under age pages. former new york mayor insists that trump will take place in the debates. >> all three debates? the negotiations which, the federal commission is always allowed between the candidates, is going to happen about, you know, i don't know, how big is
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the podium, do you wear red ties or does she wear a blue suit. >> cnn learned that reince prebus talked about the campaign's effect on other congressional races. trump says he is not doing a thing. >> i'm going to keep doing the same thing i'm doing right now. and it's either going to work orly have a very, very nice long vacation. >> now once source close to trump say there's is a "war going on inside the rnc." if congressional candidates should think about going their own way in their own races. state by state races, this afternoon donald trump says he has a tremendous problem with the state of utah. that is a reliably red state. if he is having problems in he lots of places. breaking news we're
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following. sources now say dozens of republicans including former lawmakers, officials in the g.o.p. administration. former party staffers have signed a new letter to reince prebus saying the party must divert resources away from donald trump and other candidates, republican candidates. dana bash has a copy of this letter. >> the letter has not yet gone to the rnc. they're still collecting signatures. as last i saw, there is 75 on it, some former members of congress, most of these people were already anti-trump officials. but the whole focus is they say in the wrong place. it should not be on trump. they think he will close in a landslide and they should try to save the house and senate pebs who are on theba ballot.
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let me show you this part of the letter. we believe that donald trump's unpleasant feelings towards trump and resources should be put towards the house and senate reelections. the pressure is coming from other places, too. some rnc committee men and others i'm told have saying please, we don't think this is winnable on a presidential level. let's save the senate. >> is it plausible? >> i'm glad you asked that question. plausible? it could be difficult but doable for a lot of complicated reasons. most importantly i'm told that
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rooi reince prebus is not there yet. he doesn't think this is the right thing to do right now and doesn't think it will work at this point. and there are lots of reasons, but one interesting reason is that a lot of the vulnerable senators, republican senators, are in battleground states. and he believes there are not a lot of ticket splitters. if you say we're not going to focus on donald trump in, say, ohio. if you put it towards rob portman, it will suppress voters and hurt rob portman and donald trump. i'm told by sources familiar with his thinking that, you know, we'll see where the polls are in a couple weeks. maybe september, to see if things change. >> after labor day, that is when the battles really begin in
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these contests. joining us now is michael cohen. he is in the special council to donald trump. give me your immediate reaction, michael, to this letter now circulating to chairman reince prebus saying don't fund trump any more, keep it for down ballot candidates. >> you're talking about former g.o.p. individuals. what would have been nice is if in the past that these people would have united for a cause to help the american people to the same extent they're uniting now against donald trump. i think that they're all out of their minds, and i think they're wrong. i do not see this as a loss for mr. trump. i think she wildly more popular than what the media is giving him credit for. i mean on most of these shows, you talk about words like jaw dropping comments by donald trump. or clinton slams trump, i mean the negativity coming against
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donald trump from the media, along with the $20 plus million a month that the clintons are spending against donald trump doesn't seem to be working. >> this is not the media, these are republicans, lifelong republicans -- >> former. >> they were in the republican party -- >> no, they're still republicans, they have not become democrats or independents, their republicans who simply say they can't support trump. here is a follow up question -- >> i'm pretty sure i could find 75 democrats that can't support hillary. >> let's get to the sensitive issue. vulnerable republicans out there. how many are asking donald trump to help them out there on the campaign trail. when he goes to some of the states, the vulnerable republicans state away from him. >> i'm not part of the campaign, so i don't know the answer to that. i know that mr. trump receives a lot of phone calls from a lot of
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these down ballot candidates for financial support and for his personal support. they have for many years and they still do now. >> okay, let's talk about isis. he created quite a stir by saying that president obama is the founder of isis, and hillary clinton is the cofounder of isis. what does he mean by that? >> i think he made is crystal clear. for me to repeat his words, this is a product, a sprinter off of al qaeda. which is the direct result of the pullout of iraq. it was done improperly by the estimation of many military individuals with a lot of knowledge. i don't have that knowledge on it, but i will say that isis came out and we all know this is a splinter of al qaeda. mr. trump holds barack obama and hillary clinton as insiders responsible for this. >> but you're right, isis is the
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group that emerged from al qaeda in iraq. al qaeda in iraq was created after the u.s. went into iraq in 2003 to get rid of saddam hussein. so would president obama who ordered that invasion, is he the founder of al-qaeda in iraq that became isis. >> mr. trump made it clear the m.v.p.s and founders are president obama and secretary clinton. >> he is calling them the founders because they supported a withdrawal, a complete withdrawal which was negotiated by president usual. >> many of the things that barack obama did that was not in lean with the bush administration he took on. and i happen to be a democrat and you know, i personally did not want to see a fast withdrawal. i wanted to see a smart and proper withdrawal so we would not have a situation like isis.
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people don't realize that -- just how they're growing at an exponential rate, putting the united states as well as all of our allies around the world in some serious trouble. unfortunately we see it on a daily basis. >> this issue came up in an interview that i did with donald trump back in 2007. i'm going to play the clip for you because it will have a eari impact. >> this country is just getting furthered dogged down. they're in a civil war. there is nothing we can do with a civil war, they're in a major civil war. >> he was opposed to the war in iraq, he said just get out, declare victory and get out. >> you take a small clip. what she is referring to, number
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one, he didn't want to be in that war in the first place. i think he was speaking more about the economic disaster that the united states, by supporting these wars that cost us trillions and trillions of dollars, forgetting about the countless american lives lost. i think what he would really like to talk about right now is the e-mail scandal and the fact that hillary clinton probably, in the clinton foundation, probably took money from the same people in iraq and saudi and other places. >> he was in favor of a fast withdrawal in 2007 and now he criticizes president obama and saying he is the founder of isis because he supported a wra withdrawal by the end of 2011. >> we financially can't afford it. we have to wake up and
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understand we have a $20 trillion debt. what we're doing to our children, our grandchildren, and the future of this country is ir reputable. as a result of these wars where we're fighting for every other country, with no return to the united states, of any competition, that is what mr. trump is talking about. when he says if people, or other countries want us to protect them, you have to pay for the service. you can't have it for free. it doesn't make any sense. and that is what he is talking about. we are $20 trillion, as a deficit. i saw on one of these programs, someone was talking about the magnitude of this debt. if the u.s. government cut a billion dollars a day on this deficit, it would take us 40 years to pay it off. this is some serious numbers. i think that is what mr. trump is talking about.
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>> i read the whole transcript of that interview in 2007. a lot of it is consistent with what he says nowadays the war was a disaster. he blames president bush, condoleezza rice, he says get out of there, declare victory, withdrawal right away, and presumably in part because of the lives lost and the money spent. we have more to discuss, stick around, more coming up after this. you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond.
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officials have signed a letter. ta they say they want reince prebus to stop funding trump's election campaign. as you know. tim kaine announced today that he and hillary clinton will be releasing their tax returns. kaine for ten years, hillary clinton for last year because she already released others. donald trump says no because they are under audit. and that explanation doesn't involve all of his tax returns. >> as special counsel to mr. trump, i have been on your show, i have watched you bring on some
2:23 pm
of the most well known and sophisticated individual that's have worked in the irs that also follow what i'm saying. i personally will not allow him to release those tax returns until the audits are over. there is not a lawyer on the planet that should give advice other than what i just gave. if they do they would be suffering mal prpractice. >> even the ones not under audit. >> i would not give any until the audit is over. that is the same advice that you had experts on on the shows saying exactly the same thing. >> is there any kind of letter from the irs or anything you want to release not news media to confirm he is under audit. >> he is telling you is under
2:24 pm
audit. he has been under audit so often it is out of control. you always want to question his honesty and voracity, when it is hillary clinton that has a 26 -- and this is by your own poll, 66 or 67% unfavorable when it comes to being trustworthy and honest. let's go back to the clinton foundation, things that are attacks. the way that everybody in the media is attacking mr. trump in terms of words, slamming him. nobody is slamming trump. you will be very shocked when it comes time that people have the pull the lever for the name of the individual they trust, for the person they know that can do something with the economy and not have their speech writers give them some of the greatest lines. i watched hillary clinton's speech in michigan and i'm wondering who is saying this
2:25 pm
stuff? she calls mr. trump pessimistic and negative. he is the most optimistic man you will ever meet. he just wants to build this country and put people to work. she is using his lines thinking that because she says it people will believe it. no matter how many time you or others say it. >> i don't know if you know it, your tax return, do you know what his tax rate is? >> he has said, and i will repeat the same thing. he has the finest tax attorneys in washington. as a businessman, it's his obligation not just to him, himself, his family, he plays the least that is legal. he has the best tax attorneys making sure that he does that because that is what businessmen, that is what they do, and for him to do anything
2:26 pm
less than that would make no sense. >> we have more questions. unfortunately we ran autoof time, michael, we hope you will come back soon. >> i will always come back for more abuse. >> it's not abuse, these are good serious questions. >> they're serious questions, they're important, that the american people -- >> but you're missing the entire point. >> he wants to be president of the united states. >> you're missing the point, there is only one man that can build the economy, build jobs, save the country. he wants to make america great again. the rest is written by hillary clinton speech writers, that's all there is to know. >> michael cohen, thank you very much. >> always. >> coming up, more on donald trump's new strategy of attacking president obama and hillary clinton as the founders of isis and refusing to back down.
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we are following developments in the race for the white house. we have our panel here with us now including mark preston, dana
2:32 pm
bash. david, donald trump doubling down on his attacks against president obama saying he is the founder of isis. what is your reaction to this? >> you just heard michael cohen stumble all over the place trying to explain it. it is unfathomable. trump called for a complete withdrawal in 2008. president obama had a phased withdrawal, ending it on the date that it was called for. how does that make him the founder of isis? the thing that -- let me speak, not as someone that worked for president obama, but for someone that worked in 150 campaigns and several presidential campaigns. i don't understand the strategy of the guy with the worst numbers of any major party candidate in mistire in terms of his favorables deciding it is
2:33 pm
smart to attack a popular president and that is the path to victory. it thrills the people in the rom in front of him, that doesn't help him grow his support. >> trump is always under a lot of scrutiny, but now republicans are coming out and they wrote a letter to reince prebus, don't waste money, in effect, on donald trump's campaign. save that money for down ballot republicans. >> that is right, and this is part of the growing concern based on what is happening in the last two weeks with donald trump's campaign. not just the controversial things he said, but more importantly that this is just the hard data. people looking at numbers and in key battleground states concerned that he will hurt not just himself, but drag down
2:34 pm
senate republicans. most of the people that sign on to this letter, most of them it looks like were all right in the never trump camp. as i said earlier, my understanding is that it is just a nonstarter. >> is there a serious number of vulnerable republicans up for reelection in the house that are asking trump to campaign for him. >> we have not seen that where he goes into a state like new hampshire, and campaigns with kelly ayotte, in fact he was very critical of her. he went out and attacked her as
2:35 pm
well as john mccain. the reason being is that there is a core group of support that she needs in november, so a lot of times, with the exception of mark kirk, a lot of them have to be careful what they say not to offend the trump supporters. >> i just happened to be talking to a long time analyst noting that very thing. those that we covered, they fought the local officials off of the stage. now the opposite which is one of donald trump's calling cards. >> it is not trump people wanting him to come cam bane, but in ohio there was a report today that rob portman's people are showing up about hillary clinton rallies to edge courage
2:36 pm
them to cross vote. it is something that i have not seen and it is pretty unique. >> it is interesting, david. you hear the reports that reince prebus, who is the chairman of the republican national committee, he is on a growth mindset. senior members of trump's campaign, that he has been trying to tone things down a little bit. we have not seen trump tone down, if anything he is doubling down on the notion that the president of the united states and hillary clinton are the founders of isis. david? >> to me? yeah, he has toned down. he is speaking in more muted tones. the language is as incendiary as it was before. i think one has to kep that donald trump is donald trump. the things that got him to this point, that ability to say that
2:37 pm
willingness to say the outrageous thing, that is what got him to this point. the problem is that it doesn't have broader appeal and he can't, as i said earlier, grow his support by doing this. but i don't think they can stop him. this is his nature. i don't think it will stop. >> what are you hearing about the conversations? >> what i heard is that there was no, reince prebus did not call him and say by the way we will reallocate resources unless you get your campaign in order. what i have heard is that there was a phone call, and there was harsh words said, and i think he took it very personally when trump came out and said very nice things about paul ryan's opponent in wisconsin. they are very close friends, that was on the table, and i think that reince prebus was
2:38 pm
very upset with how they handles the controversy. they should be talking about how they're going to attack hillary clinton. >> that is a good point. stand by, we're following new developments in the hillary clinton campaign today. she turned to the sports pages to find a new put down for trump's plans to cancel trade deals, and tax imports. >> if team usa was as fearful as trump, michael phelps and simone biles would be cowering in the locker room, afraid to come out and compete. inside, they're winning gold medals. america is not afraid to compete. with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty
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2:44 pm
michigan. >> likt is drawing a sharp contrast with donald trump on the economy. >> he talked only of failure, poverty, and crime. he is missing so much about what makes michigan great. >> speaking at a manufacturing plant outside of detroit, she charged that the proposals would benefit the wealthy. >> he nas not offered any solutions for the very real economic challenges we face. >> i will make the economy work for everyone, not just those at the top. >> the setting is macomb county. she is looking to appeal to blue collar workers that might be swayed by trump's populist
2:45 pm
rhetor rhetoric. >> a lot of people feel no one is on their side and no one has their back. >> her speech comes three days after trump addressed the detroit economic club. >> hillary clinton has supported the trade deals tripping this city and this country of it's jobs and wealth. >> clinton responding to trump's criticism today. >> he may talk a big game on trade, but his approach is based on fear, not trenstrength. fear that our country has to hide behind walls. >> talking about his failure to release his tax returns. >> he refuses to do what every other presidential candidate has done and release his tax returns. >> donald trump is firing back saying his record doesn't match
2:46 pm
her rhetoric. >> when it comes to the handling of the economy, the latest poll shows clip ton with a narrow advantage over trump. 68% say they trust trump. clinton is hoping to expand that by undercutting trump's core message on the economy. >> there is a smith out there that he will stick it to the rich and powerful because he is really on the side of the little guy. don't believe it. >> and the campaign advisor tells hillary clinton she will release her 2015 tax returns as early as tomorrow -- and a coordinated effort to keep the pressure on trump. coming up, a huge challenge facing the u.s. secret service. keeping the presidential candidates safe when protestors
2:47 pm
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2:52 pm
violence. the secret service this year is dealing with a unique set of challenges. in the middle of hillary clinton's rally, a protester rushed the stage. the secret service quickly responded. the woman was subdued, hustled out. in march, man rushed donald trump's podium in dayton, ohio. trump was startled. the agents quickly handled the situation. this year the challenge of protecting candidates has reached new heights from man using suction cups to climb trump tower to two party convention with fence jumpers and other security headaches. a multitude of candidate who is attract passionate crowds. at a bernie sanders event in california, he was rushed by several people. what's that moment like for a secret service agent? >> you want to get between them and the protectee and cover their hands and make sure that you've got an area to touch and reach and feel for anything
2:53 pm
inside a coat or jacket. >> reporter: at that moment, one or two agents have to go to the threat, take down that person. another agent secures the candidate and other agents immediately check for other threats. >> others are running to other areas. you have 360-degree coverage at all times in an instant. >> reporter: the secret service is constantly training for these scenari scenarios. sometimes role-playing with a fake candidate. this year another challenge. candidate's whose rallies are marked by fights in the audience. a candidate who sometimes incites violence himself. >> like to pun ch him in the face. see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them. i'll pay for the legal fees. >> is trump frustrating the secret service by inciting these people and saying the things he says? >> 100% that protecting donald trump is a challenge, but so was
2:54 pm
president obama as the first african-american eight years ago. >> it creates a unique challenge for sure. look what happens to presidents when they're in a war footing and start talking about the enemy. >> reporter: former agents say each event is a super bowl for the secret service and losing that super bowl isn't an option. with everything that's happened on the campaign trail, is the secret service under particular stress this year? a secret service official said absolutely not. former agent larry johnson said now that the conventions are over and there's fewer candidates to protect, the agency probably not quite as stressed as it was earlier this year. johnson says there's still almost three months left and in this climate, anything can still happen. >> secret service does an amazing job. those are really solid professionals. i worked closely with them. my at goes off to these secret service officer and agents.
2:55 pm
thank you very much. coming up, even as he calls president obama and hillary clinton the founder of isis, donald trump takes heat from gop leaders frustrated with his campaign. dozens call on the party to divert resources from trump to other republican candidates.
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happening now, president obama founded isis. donald trump is repeatedly claiming the president founded the world's most notorious terror group. trump trying to link the president to isis has republicans worried, could it backfire? the never trump movement is drafting a new letter to the
3:00 pm
republican party chairman warning trump may lose the election and take house and senate candidates down with him. he's urging the rnc to stomp spending money on trump saying he's undermined the party at every turn. will officials heed their warning. russian hackers targeted personal e-mail accounts, including members of clinton campaign. congress's top democrat is comparing it to watergate burglary. will more damaging material be released? we need action. a desperate plea to president obama from doctors in syria warning they could be wiped out in a month leaving hundreds of thousands of civilians living in jeopardy. they're message to the president, we don't need tears or sympathy. we need action. will the u.s. respond? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."
3:01 pm
donald trump is not backing down. he's claimed that president obama founded isis along with hillary clinton. he's gone onto say they are two of the terror groups most valuable players trump's cascading controversies prompted leading republicans to draft a new letter to the party chairman urging him to stop spending money trump's campaign. they say he's increasingly unlikely to win. also tonight, the personal e-mail accounts of clinton campaign and democrat party officials are now believed to have been among the target offense that massive cyber attack on the dnc. house democratic leader nancy pelosi calls it an electronic water gate that's blamed on russia. we're covering much more of that
3:02 pm
this hour. our correspondents and expert analysts are standing by. let's begin with the trump campaign. donald trump keeps repeating this claim that president obama and hillary clinton founded isis. what is the latest? >> reporter: you know, wolf, donald trump has repeated those claims in five different settings over the past 24 hours. most recently this afternoon in orlando, florida. when trump was given the opportunity to clarify or explain what he meant by founders of isis, he said it wasn't a metaphor. he meant exactly what he said. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. they're the founders. >> reporter: donald trump refusing to back down from his incorrect claim that president obama and hillary clinton created isis. >> i think we'll give hillary clinton, the most valuable player, mvp.
3:03 pm
you get the mvp award. isis will hand her the most valuable player award. her only competition is barack obama. >> reporter: trump first made the claim at rally in sunrise, florida wednesday night. when given the chance to clarify on conservative radio show he took it a step further. >> i know you meant. he lost the piece. >> i meant he's the founder of isis. he's the most valuable player. i give her too, by the way. >> he's not sympathetic to them. he hates them. >> he was the founder. theway he got out of iraq, that was founding of isis. >> reporter: trump called for the u.s. to get out of iraq in a 2007 interview with wolf. >> how do they get out? they get out. that's how they get out. declare victory and leave. >> reporter: hillary clinton rebuked trump's charge today tweeting, no barack obama is not founder of isising adding anyone willing to sink so low so often should never be allowed to serve
3:04 pm
as our commander in chief. wednesday night trump shamed the clinton campaign for having the father seated just behind her at a rally this week. trump made this in prime position behind him. a former representative from florida resigned in 2006, amid allegations he sent sexually explicit e-mails and messages to underage teenage boys working at the capital. >> when you get those seat s you sort of know the campaign. >> reporter: the trump campaign has not responded to requests to comments about foley being in attendance. reince priebus has expressed concerns about the direction of his campaign and impact on down ballot races. trump insisted this morning he didn't have plans to change his approach despite recent polls show him trailing in battleground states.
3:05 pm
>> i just keep doing the same thing and in the end it's either going to work or i'm going to have a very, very nice long vacation. >> reporter: donald trump may be trailing in some of those swing states but new poll out of iowa shows he's neck and neck with hillary clinton. a poll shows donald trump up 41% to 40% with 17% of undecided voters. donald trump indicating today through rudy giuliani that he will be participating in all three presidential debates this fall. wolf. >> thank you. there's also breaking news tonight. c cnn has learned that top republicans are circulating a draft letter urging priebus to divert resources from trump warning his campaign is going down. our chief political correspondent, dana bash, is working the story for us. 75 leading republicans have signed this draft letter.
3:06 pm
what do we know about it? >> it's about a handful of former members of congress but also people who have worked on presidential campaigns and on campaigns for house and senate. what they are arguing, and i should say that, most of them are already in the never trump camp. they are taking that opposition a step further and formally asking the rnc chair to move resources away from the trump campaign into the down ballot races, senate and house races because they believe that's the most important. i'll read you part of the letter. we believe that donald trump's divisiveness and record breaking unpopularity risk turning this election into a democratic land slide and only the immediate shift of all available rnc resources will prevent the gop from drowning with the trump em blazened anchor around its neck. this hasn't gone to reince
3:07 pm
priebus. they are still collecting signatures. >> is it plausible that the republican national committee could do something so drastic? >> it's an important question and the answer at this moment in time is no. i was told by a couple of sources who are familiar with priebus' plans and where he is right now on that very question. the answer is no for several reasons. one of them is the fact of the matter is there's a lot of vulnerable senators, in particular, republican senators on the ballot in battleground states. they feel at this point they're tied with donald trump even though many of them are kind of going out on their own, campaigning on their own. many of them like rob portman has very strong name id back home that he feels kind of cut the head off the funding for the guy at the top of the ticket, it could backfire and there could be voter suppression or
3:08 pm
republican voters who might not go to the ballot who they need for people like rob portman in ohio, kelly ayotte in new hampshire. i'm also told it's early. it's still august. they're definitely watching carefully to see where donald trump's numbers go nationally and in the key battleground states. >> thanks very much. let's get some more on all of this. jack kingston is with us. >> thank you. >> you heard about this draft letter saying he's going down. this could be a land slide. take the money you're giving to his campaign and move it to these down ballot house and is that the republicans. your reaction. >> a couple of things opinion number one, you got to keep in mind that these politicians are at their political prime in the days of beanie babies and disco. they're seeking relevance again
3:09 pm
by being the great contrarians. it's the height of elitism to say that the nominee of the republican party isn't good enough for them. he fought through a very tough primary, beat 16 well qualified candidates and they're saying he doesn't meet their muster. the american people doesn't accept that. >> which vulnerable republicans are urging donald trump to go out there and campaign with them or even showing up when he shows up in their respective states? >> politicians always do a two step. depending on what their district politics looks like and in some areas, it's better not to have barack obama, better not to have newt gingrich, getter not to have nancy pelosi visit. this is not anything new. politicians very first instinct is always survival. >> some of these republicans are going so far as to denounce
3:10 pm
donald trump. >> yes but some of them don't -- it's looking pretty bleak for my friend mark kirk in illinois. he's distancing himself. it's a political calculation. i think it's one of self-survival. here is somebody who won a 17-way primary. you have to respect the system. if you have a problem with the system, change the system. they should take a lesson from the bernie sanders supporters. i saw them walk off floor. i know how mad they were. most of them, including bernie himself, have now come home to their party. i wish republicans would think in terms of party loyalty as well. >> what do you say about all these reports that so many republican, including priebus are urging donald trump to tone things down, not go off the cuff and not say some of these things he's been saying. donald trump does what got him to this dance. he's continuing to do so. >> he's an unusual candidate. he is making that transition
3:11 pm
from the private sector and the business sector where bravado rules the day to the public sector where you have to watch what you say. he makes washington establishment unkmcomfortable. he's not talking to washington. he's talking to the guy out there struggle. >> do you agree when he says that president obama and hillary clinton are the founders of isis? >> you know what, i think he's driving a point. he's doing it rhetorically. the reality -- >> he says he's not doing it rhetorically. he said he's serious. >> the reality is when barack obama left iraq without a statement of forces and collapsed the international coalition, it gave rise to isis. i think there's an argument to say it would not have been there without the hillary clinton, state department and the barack obama white house. >> this was president bush's
3:12 pm
timetable as you know, the end of 2011. listen to this. back in 2007, when i interviewed donald trump, he was calling for exactly the same thing that he's now accusing president obama of doing unilaterally pulling out of iraq too early. listen to what he told me back in 2007. >> they have a civil war going on. >> who do you blame? >> there's only one person and that's our current president. other people that are giving him advice have been a disaster and condolezza rice is a decent woman but she doesn't make a deal. she gets off the plane and waves. they do the camera shot. she waves again and gets back on the plane. no deal ever happens. >> you got to close the deal at some point? >> you got to make deals. the world is dying to make deals. we don't have the right people doing it.
3:13 pm
>> the vice president, dict chan chanch dick cheney. >> he's a hawkish guy. i don't know if they're bad people. i don't know what's going on. i just know they got us into a mess. the likes of which this country has probably never seen. it's one of the great catastrophes of all time. >> how does the united states get out of this situation? >> they get out. that's how they get out. declare victory and leave. this country is just going to get further bogged down. they're in a civil war over there. there's nothing that we'll be able to do with a civil war. they are in major civil war. >> that was back in 2007. he said just get out of there and declare victory. would that have been smart? >> i think those comments were consistent with his opposition to the war to begin with. donald trump was against our action in iraq. number two, this was in '07. he's saying cut a deal. a statement of forces is cutting
3:14 pm
a deal with the international team to say we're going to get out but here are the rules of engagement. >> he said the whole war -- you voted for the war. what you did is a disaster as far as donald trump is concerned? >> colin powell said if you break it, you own it. we underestimated the war. >> you acknowledge that was a blunder to support the war back in 2003? >> i think at the time we based it on our best intelligence. >> it was a blunder? >> it's not gone the way it should have. >> that war created, as you know, al qaeda in iraq. the precursor to isis. those who supported the war, are they the founders of al qaeda in iraq? >> you had the taliban which was very aligned with al qaeda and al qaeda was there in afghanistan and operating in other places in the middle east. the idea is we have the go to
3:15 pm
war against them. what donald trump is saying, i was on the armed services committee of appropriations, when the president left iraq without a statement of forces, the rules of engagement fell apart. it left -- >> donald trump said they should have done that in 2007. >> he was a private citizen at the time. i would say he did not have the intel that -- >> how does that make any difference? he was obviously intelligent man. he studied situation closely. he said the war in iraq is a disaster. the u.s. is losing a lot of young men and women. it's costing the u.s. taxpayer a fortunate. declare victory and just get out. >> i think he still was reaching back to his historic stance against the war which hillary clinton and john kerry -- >> and you. >> and jack kingston and other people said we should do this. the reality is i was not for leaving without a statement of forces. a statement of forces would have probably headed off an isis kind of creation.
3:16 pm
we're fighting terrorism all the time. as long as we're talking about this, it's important because if you look at -- >> he's now accusing the president of the united states of founding isis. you don't agree with him on that? >> i would say that barack obama was contributor by not having a statement of forces. i would further say hillary clinton was contributory if you look at the foreign policy under the two. >> that's a different statement than what donald trump said yesterday, last night and today. >> when he's speaking, he's so often speaking to the man on the street, the woman on the street who can identify with clear language. >> isn't it dangerous when he says the president of the united states is a founder of isis. people hear that. you know there are crazy people out there who take those kinds of statements very seriously and there's a lot of concern that that could generate some serious problems out there. you understand the concern that the secret service, for example, has when they hear that kind of
3:17 pm
tone? >> when hillary clinton in may of '08 was asked to quit the campaign. why don't you quit the campaign? she eluded to senator kennedy getting killed. that's really scary language. you didn't hear the anything about that. hillary clinton said that in may -- >> there's a lot of coverage in 2008. i remember she later apologized. i remember that very vividly. you agree, i think you agree with most people, it's time to tone down the rhetoric. this is getting pretty dangerous. >> i think the rhetoric is always going to be part of a campaign, but as somebody who did the funding for the federal law enforcement training center where the secret service trained, i don't believe the secret service went to either campaign and advised them on their rhetoric. they say watch the ball kcony. i don't believe secret service has intervened with either campaign on the rhetoric.
3:18 pm
i also think the american people understand so much of political rhetoric. most of it is dismissed either way. >> it's getting heated out there as you well know. i know you'd like to see things toned down a bit. we have more questions for you. let's take a quick break. much more with jake kingston right after this. rs, real fruit, wholesome nuts and crunchy flakes. good things come together to make one great thing. great grains. why be good when you can be great?
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he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. cnn obtained a copy of a draft letter signed by 75 top republicans urging reince priebus to stop spending money on donald trump's campaign.
3:23 pm
they say his chances are evaporating by the day. we're back with trump campaign senior advisor jack kingston. hillary clinton saying she'll release her 2015 tax returns. she's released earlier years. tim kaine will release ten years of his returns. she's challenging donald trump to do the same thing. any chance we'll see his tax retur returns? >> i don't know that a decision has been made to it. i hope she puts her e-mails on the table as well. we found out recently now that the clinton foundation was, defense a quid pro quo. we're not demanding she put her taxes on the table but we believe she should put the e-mails on the table. >> we'll have a full report on that coming up.
3:24 pm
all presidential candidate s hae done this since the '70s. >> the decision will be made. hillary is doing what other candidates have done. release yours first. if we're talking about releasing things, we'd like to see her release the e-mails. get it done and stop lying about it. >> you mean the 33,000 that she said was deleted. she doesn't have them if they were deleted. >> the e-mails show a record of access because of donations to the clinton foundation. we'd like to see everything. >> those are state department e-mails being released under the freedom of information act. those are state department e-mails that are still available. >> seems like wikileaks has
3:25 pm
better information on hillary clinton than she does. we would love to see more about her e-mails. i don't know why she is living with this scandal. she should have dumped them on the table a year ago. >> do you have any idea what his tax rate? >> i don't. i'm sure he's paid a lot of taxes over the years. i know he's created a lot of jobs which is something that hillary clinton can't claim. she's not created jobs. he's a job creator. in the private sector that's what we need are private sector jobs and not government jobs. that's what we heard from her today about her economic plan is more government spending, a third term of barack obama. >> jack kingston, thanks for joining us. >> thanks. just ahead, more on donald trump's claim that president obama founded isis. why is he suggesting that? soon, she'll be binge-studying. get back to great. this week sharpie singles now twenty-five cents.
3:26 pm
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donald trump's newest attack is targeting president obama as well as hillary clinton. he's claimed repeatedly over the past 24 hours that they founded isis. he called them the terror group's most valuable player. let's dig deeper. washington post assistant editor, cnn chief political analyst. gloria, let me play a few of the
3:31 pm
sound bites, the clips donald trump accusing the president and the democratic nominee of founding isis. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. he's the founder. he founded isis. i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton. he was the founder, absolutely the founder. in fact, he gets the -- in sports they have awards. he gets the most valuable player award. he and hillary. >> last night you said the president was the founder of isis. i know what you meant. >> i meant he's the founder of isis. i give him the most valuable player award. >> barack obama and hillary clinton, these are the founders of isis. these are the founders of isis
3:32 pm
because of bad judgment. these are founders. >> gloria, why is he doing this? >> he's trying to appeal to his base. he's trying to get out the base voters who don't like president obama. who were not in favor of the war in iraq. he knows the gop voters vote on the terror issue. it's either at the top of their list or number two on their list. he wants to remind people that isis is still around. even when hugh said i understand you created the vacuum and that's what you're talking about. he said no, no. i'm talking about barack obama founded isis. it's very simple. he does this over and over again during the campaign to quite some effect and if this election is going to be about mobilization, getting your voters out there, this is really one way for him to do it and it could prove to be effective. >> he gave him an opening to
3:33 pm
back away from that. isis is the world's leading terror organization. to accuse the president of the united states and hillary clinton of founding isis, that doesn't get more serious than that. >> i think we can all say that hugh is no fan of barack obama and hillary clinton. by offering donald trump that plank to walk it back a bit and donald trump not using it shows that he is not giving a dog whistle. it's a loud whistle to the base of what he's trying to do. there's something to be said to a television commercial needs to run six times before it penetrates into the voters head. saying this and saying this is powerful to his base. however, it's going to alienate those in the middle who think not only was that egregious and
3:34 pm
he also said they were honoring barack obama. >> he's got to reach out and bring in independents and democrats. >> he's sounding this message that president obama is culpable to say maybe obama should not have gotten out and left a reserve force of troops in iraq. he's going the full way and saying the bumper sticker that obama is the founder of isis which will alienate voters in the middle. >> it strikes me he's going one large leap beyond referring to any sort of vacuum of power that was created in the middle east by u.s. foreign policy. in fact, i asked his informal but close advisor about this this evening, what was trump getting it. why didn't he take this lifeline on the radio today. roger stone said it's because he believes just as stone himself
3:35 pm
believes he's advised trump on this that hillary clinton and barack obama supported isis with weapons and with their policy. this is something that's a con conspiracy theory. obama sent weapons through benghazi. >> he's implied in the past that the president is soft on isis. that's a legitimate gripe against president obama. you can take that down that road and republicans do every day.
3:36 pm
this, as rebecca is saying is, you know, is a step further which trump does all the time with a lot of success, i might add. >> donald trump at a rally coming up in next hour in florida. you see a confederate flag already up there with trump's name on it. i'm sure that will generate some commotion as well. go ahead. >> i saw a lot of confederate flags still flying. i don't think we can blame donald trump for that gentleman. it all depends how donald trump will address it after the fact. if he is asked the question what do you think about the flag being flown. is it offensive? should it have place in a museum as the governor of south carolina came around after this terrible shootings. >> a lot of people are pointing
3:37 pm
last night for the first time in a long time, all of a sudden donald trump is referring to the president as barack hussein obama. that sort of came out of blue. >> right. it's the same dog whistle that mark is talk about. this is about mobilizing people who don't think that barack obama was born -- is an american citizen. that think he's soft on isis. this is mobilizing his troops. it's what he's got to do. the problem is he's got to appeal to independent voters and the polls show, bloomburg had a poll that showed him down seven points. >> we've been told that the advance staff at this donald trump rally have asked that individual to remove that confederate flag. they removed it but put it back up again. stick around.
3:38 pm
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3:42 pm
clinton dubbed it the trump loophole.
3:43 pm
our senior washington correspondent has more. there was a direct rebuttal to trump's speech earlier in the week. >> reporter: it was a direct rebuttal to that but also a full floated rejection of his entire economic populist argument. she to do on this factory floor here in michigan, a critical political battleground. looked workers directly in the eye and said don't believe him when he said he's for the little guy. >> stronger together. let's go out and build the future. >> reporter: hillary clinton offering an upbeat view of the economy. >> i want you all to work with me to build the kind of progress that america deserves to see. >> reporter: it's a different picture than the one donald trump painted this week in detroit. >> he talked only of failure, poverty and crime. he's missing so much about what makes michigan great.
3:44 pm
>> reporter: the economy is at the heart of a bruising tug of war between clinton and trump. she made clear she feels the pain of working class voters. >> how can you not be frustrated and even angry when you see nothing getting done and a lot of people feel no one is on their side and no one has their back. >> reporter: even while bluntly admitting trade deals have hurt american workers. >> it is true that too often past trade deals have been sold to the american people with rosy scenarios that did not pan out. >> reporter: trade is the pillar of trump's populist argument against electing a second president clinton. >> hillary clinton has supported the trade deals stripping this city and this country of its jobs and its wealth. >> reporter: she warned against accepting trump's isolationist solutions. >> mr. trump may talk a big game on trade but his approach is based on fear not strength.
3:45 pm
>> reporter: she also coined a new phrase to use and his plan to lower corporate taxes. >> he called for a new tax loophole. let's call it the trump loophole because it would allow him to pay less than half the current tax rate on income from many of his companies. >> reporter: they're fighting over the same terrain. >> i want so ask those of you some people call reagan democrats to join with me and come home with me today. >> reporter: trump believes those voters offer his best shot for winning the rust belt and the presidency. we talked to former michigan governor james blanchard who says times and candidates are different. >> there's still a lot of people
3:46 pm
fond we reagan. he was optimistic. that's a stark contrast with a sad, sad, deranged spectacle, really. >> reporter: the election is a choice. >> there is a myth out there that he will stick it to the rich and powerful because somehow he's really on the side of the little guy. don't believe it. >> reporter: wolf, clinton also called on donald trump yet again today to release his tax returns. he's not yet agreed to release any tax returns. the first presidential nominee not to do so since richard nixon. i'm told by someone close, she intended to release hers tomorrow. tim kaine will also release ten years of his returns trying to keep the pressure on donald trump and to highlight the fact he's yet to release those tax returns. wolf. >> thank you very much.
3:47 pm
tonight we're also learning that the cyber attack on the democratic national committee compromised the personal e-mail accounts of clinton campaign and democratic party officials. the top house democrat nancy pelosi is calling it an electronic watergate. jim is working the story for us. russia is strongly suspected of being behind this. >> that's right. this is the first time anyone in the u.s. government has definitively fingered russia for the dnc pelosi said she's sure that russia carried out this attack. the only question she says is who the russians have shared those e-mails with. tonight the hack of democratic party e-mails now includes the private e-mail accounts of some democratic party and clinton campaign officials. the hackers are going after
3:48 pm
everything they can to the point that both party vs been warned to assume all e-mail correspondence could have been compromised. for the first time, the alleged culprit, publicly identified by a top ranking democrat. >> this is an electronic watergate. this is a break in. >> reporter: nancy pelosi who received classified briefings on the hack pointing the finger directly at moscow. >> the russians broke in. who did they give the information to, i don't know. who dumped it? i don't know. >> reporter: so far the white house has not blamed the russian government for the hack of the dnc or earlier cyber attacks suspected of russian involvement. intelligence and law enforcement officials have told cnn it's the most likely suspect. as first reported by the new york time, the cyber intrusion targeting democratic party organizations including a breach
3:49 pm
of private e-mail accounts of several democratic party officials. some with direct ties to the clinton campaign. according to a u.s. official familiar with the investigation. tonight, the head of the dnc has written to all dnc staffers to say they will be informed next week if their e-mails have been compromised. she wrote, quote, we understand this incident is alarming to all who may be basiced and i share your anger at those who committed and abetted this act. wolf. >> what a worrisome development that is. thanks very much. just ahead, a desperate cry from doctors in syria. they are pleading to president obama for help warning thousands of lives are in jeopardy. mountain guide the surface pro 4 is the most powerful computer i've ever used everything that i do is really fast, and this is the best tool for running my business.
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are pleading directly with president obama for help. they're warning that thousands of lives could be at risk unless the united states moves to end the siege of aleppo. our global affairs correspondent elise labott joins us. elise, the white house confirms it has received this open letter. >> they did, wolf, and officials call the attacks against aleppo laid out in this letter appalling, but the doctors tell the president in his desperate plea that they don't need his tears. they need action. aleppo's last remaining doctors, just 15 who remain in the besieged city are issuing a desperate plea to president obama, begging for a lifeline and slamming the u.s. for failing to stop the horrific bombing. writing in an open letter, quote, we have seen no effort on
3:55 pm
behalf of the united states to lift the siege or even use its influence to push the parties to protect civilians. russian air strikes helping regime forces have decimated aleppo. hospitals are a frequent target. the doctors write, last month there were 42 attacks on medical facilities in syria and 15 of which are hospitals in which we work. right now there is an attack on a medical facility every 17 hours. at this rate our medical services in aleppo could be completely destroyed in a month, leaving 300,000 people to die. what pains us most as doctors is choosing who will live and who will die. >> imagine you are trying to work in a hospital with no clean water, no electricity, no medical supplies and all those civilian victims coming over? >> the doctors' urgent appeal comes as the u.s. is investigating another poisonous attack in the neighborhood in aleppo. chilling footage shows victims in the hospital as aid workers sift through the rubble.
3:56 pm
this man describes smelling gas and gasping for breath. the raid, despite a pledge for military action to allow for desperately needed humanitarian aid. last week president obama acknowledged the challenges of trying to solve the conflict in syria. >> i've been wrestling with this thing now for a lot of years. there is not a meeting that i don't end by saying is there something else we could be doing that we haven't thought of? >> but aleppo's doctors warn we do not need sympathy, tears or even prayers. we need action. and that will come for this first responder who colleagues say died today. >> and, wolf, officials say they're working around the clock to try to get an agreement with russia to end the violence and allow life-saving humanitarian delivery into places like aleppo, but the doctors on the front lines tell us that by allowing this violence to continue including the attacks
3:57 pm
from rush a the u.s. bears some of the responsibility here, wolf. >> elise labott at the state department. thank you. i want to dig deeper with our correspondent clarissa ward. you were in aleppo a few months ago and you gave a speech to the united nations security council about the situation there, alongside two of the doctors that delivered the letter to the white house. what else can you tell us about this horrible situation in aleppo? >> wolf, what i always tell people is i first went to aleppo in the summer of 2012 and i thought this is hell on earth. this situation cannot get any worse and every time i go back to syria it does get worse and on this most recent trip there were entire areas that looked like the moon. there was nothing but gray rubble, destruction all around. many, many people displaced from their homes. people dying every single day, hospitals, bakeries, fruit markets being targeted by
3:58 pm
relentless bombardment and here we are a couple of months later and the situation has gotten worse because the rebel-held part of the city has been under siege by the regime for nearly a month and the doctors who wrote that letter they don't have life support machines, they don't have ct scanners. they don't have oxygen for babies. they don't have good water to use, even. they don't have diesel that powers the generators that keeps those hospitals running. so you're looking at a humanitarian crisis here, and it doesn't seem that the world is really listening, wolf? >> so how much frustration is there on the ground toward the united states? >> there's a huge amount of frustration because people feel like they've been calling for years now for some kind of help. they feel that the u.s. is the one country that has the ability to stand up to the russians, to the iranians and to the assad regime. the reality, of course, on the ground is that the u.s. has very little leverage in syria. it simply doesn't have, wolf,
3:59 pm
any skin in the game. so it's very limited in terms of how much it can dictate terms to russia and the regime of bashar al assad who is spending hundreds of millions in blood and freshure in keeping the assad regime going and the u.s. is limited as to what they can do and for people on the ground in syria, what you will hear again and again, inaction is a form of consequences, too, and by doing nothing to avert these massacres you are, in fact, complicit in these war crimes, wolf. >> so what the united states can do right now is very limited? is that what i'm hearing? >> with the current white house policy with regards to syria, there is very little that the u.s. can do to influence events on the ground. there are many other policy courses of action that president obama could have chosen to take, but you've heard him say over and over again that he feels pretty confident in the situation that he did take. the irony in all of this, wolf
4:00 pm
is the people who have become heros on the ground are the islamist rebel factions who have the siege in aleppo. >> clarissa ward, thanks very much for that report. a horrific situation in aleppo and elsewhere in syria, as well. >> thanks for watching. erin burnett "out front" starts right now. out front next, donald trump digs in saying president obama is the founder of isis literally. will he back down tonight? new details about the relationship between hillary clinton's state department and the clinton foundation. did it cross the line? an exclusive investigation. and donald trump's spiritual adviser on how he battles his inner demons. our interview. let's go "out front." ♪ >> good evening. i'm erin burnett. we begin "out front" tonight with the breaking news. donald trump about to take the stage at a rally in florida expected to


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